Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 23, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 23, 1839 Page 2
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the ndinmistration of Mr. Adam?, with which liu was connected. In this part ol the speech ho was exceedingly happy - showing with t he punoil of sat ire. and with inimitablu effect, t In; differences in regard to the financial ndmini-trations of Ailuins, mul Jackson nnd Van Buren. I lie uilniiu istrotinn of Mr. AiIiuhh. with an expondi Itiro of twelve millions anil a hnlf per an nnm, was hunted down hy the cry of extravagance, while the economist1 who succeeded hun, hud nil the n n nun I expen dilures (Iipwii frnin thirteen to thirty nine millions per annum ! But wo have not room to sketch the points even thai hnve been retained by memory. 'I'lie nub Treasury system was farther dt-cussed, nvd the beauties i hereof illnslraied in t he examples of I'rice am Swnrlwnut. Next in order he discuscd the deranged slnto of the cirreucy- viewing i ho course, thn experiments, and the quackery uf Jacksotiism in whose footstep his successor huil promised lo walk. The war upon the Nation! Bank was reviewed, and the result th 'roof. In connexion with tins siihjec', ho drew n glowing i hough gloomy picture of the existing condition of things in our cntnmer cial cities New York 10 pntttcu'nr where our own national hank having heoii de stroyed, for the want thereof our merchant's nnd hankers, with riiriinted and t rt-inbliny iinxicly, are from week to week nwniting the uioveinents of our foreign motors, the thirteen gentlemen in the green pnrlor of the Jin nk ol England, lie avowed hi be lief that aiioiher national bank was neces sary, but he hoped it would be proposed by no one, until n should he sternly demanded once more by the people. lie next discussed the conduct of the present and late executive in their general course of Usurpation their appointments to ofiicc rewards of friends and punching of enemies appointing to office, almost invariably, I hose who have been discarded by the people, and those who have bpcn treacherous to Ihrm. Facts in illustration were given of the most startling character, 'which we have not space lo enumerate. In conclusion, Mr. Clay pressed upon the audience with great eloquence nnd power the necessity of re term, and a change nf rulers to secure ihat reform. The Whig-s, ho knew, am! wo all knew, hail the numbers, and the powi'r, to effect the change, and savo the country, nnd all that was required was union, lie thanked the audience in fooling nnd eloquent terms, for the manner hi which they had received, and the patience wild which they had lis tened to hun, and ho Fat down amid shouts of applause, deafening nnd univer-al. On ascending the piazza, a wreath of flowers, bright and beautiful, twined by some fairy hand, descended upon his brow, dropped by a silken ilucad from the win dow, where sat, amid a group of beautiful jrirls the widow of the ilio.-lrious Clinton. No sooner, however, had the wreath touch ed his head, I linn he lore it from hun. ex claiming "No ! no! no!" and hastened into the hall. Throngs of ladies and gentlemen were then presumed to him among whom was the gallant Scott. The meeting of the two great men was cordial and happy. In the evening a mo-t splendid hall was given for the oce.i-iou, far transcending any pa geant nf t ho kind ever given in Saratoga. The whole count rv and the gardens nf Albany, had been laid under contribution (or wreaths and garlands of flowers, and the spectacle of bright eyes, and beautiful forms, and flowers and music, and nil that is captivating and gay, transcends our humble powers of description. But we must hold up for to-day. MR. CLAY'S VISIT. Hr.Nnv Clay, the distinguished Ken tncky Orator and Statesman, on his way through this City, received the attentions and civilities due lo eloquence and patriot ism. H was known for the Inst ten days that Mr. Clay would pass through here on his return home from Hie Springs. Dot in obedience to his withes, no preparatioiih were intended to bo made for a public Re reption. On Friday afternoon some of our Young Men, unwilling that Albany should withhold from an enlightened Statesman the demonstrations of respect which he was receiving elsewhere, urged the call of n Meo'ing. Wo therefore threw out nn intimation that our Iriend- would meet in formally that evening. Ths intimation drew together some t wo hundred citizen by whom a Committee of five from each Ward wa appointed to meet our Guest ai Troy, and a Committee ol three font each Ward to mak" i-neh brief arrangements as might bo decreed siiituble lor the occa-mn. Mr. Ci.AY left Troy at halfpusi 5 o'clock in the afternoon of Saturday, with Mr. John Townsknd. the lion I) D. Barnard and Alderman Bav, in a Barouche, pre ceded by the Committee of Reception. At West Troy a large number of Carria gos and c'Uizmis on horseback joined. The balcony of a Public lIoue in Gibbunsville was thronged wPh Ladies, by whom, as the Procession pas'od, a shower of Gar lands, Wreaths and Bnqiiets, were thrown into Mr. Clay's Carnage, amid the waving of handkerchiefs and III J accluinat ions ol the people. All the way from Troy, the Procession kept augmenting its number of Horsemen nnd Carriages, until, when its ndvanc" reached the Patroon's, the linu extended almost back to the Gate, or nearly two miles. At the Patroon's Mr. Clay was greeted by the citizens in waning with three henrly cheers ; and from lliencu lo Ins lodgings nt the Eagle, the scene was one of genuine, spontaneous, "boarl-felt enthusiasm. Vho proccfcsion acquired volume oh it progressed, oud from the Mansion lloiisu to the Eagle, Market street was wedged full nf People, who rent the air with acclamations. Nor on this occasion wero the l a u i i:s nnmiiid. lul of the hnniago vMiicb beauty renders lo virtue. They waved their graceful wil cornea from every window. Arriving in front of the Eagle, Mr, Clay, in a brief, but most feeling and eloquent manner, tendered his grateful acknowledg ments for the enthusiastic and gratifying demonsi rations of respect from the citizens of the copilol of the Empiro Stale, which was responded to by loud and reiterated acclamations. Those who saw both the reception given to Mr. Van Bonr.N nnd that given to Mr. Ci.av, will be. at no loan to determino how each stands with ihe citizens of Albany. The former was given to the President ol the United blntes the lalter to a citizen ol Kentucky. The former was in the course, of preparation for four weeks. the latter was the result of ono ilnyV nntieu. The former was nu Official nnd Military Pageant iho lalter an on rising of the people. Tho one wns artificial Hie olhur was natural. Tho one wus a', form the other till feeling. Tho one was cold nnd henrlles3 the other cordial, t-pbnionuuus and enthusiastic The Martha II, Gen J. F. Townsend, with Messrs. Wat. llLoniKioot), It. II. PtiOY.N. Samuel Van Veciiten and II. F. Townsend, who neled upon an hour's no tice, us Assistant Marshall's, deserve- much credit for the fine eflect and excellent order preserved throughout. Mr. Clay, pacing the Sabbath in this city, left in t Ik; Steam Boat. Erie, Capt. Hr.NsoN, at 7 o'clock. Hi's morning. The S'cam-Bnat Ruiiert L. Stevens, with a large number of ihe citizens of Ulsler county, mil receive Mr. Clay near King ston, and proceid to Poughkeepsie. where he pa es I ho day. To-oiorrow he visits Newborgh, nnd on Wednesday reaches New York. Alb. Eve. Jour. WHIG AO MI A ATI OAS. FOR GOVERNOR, For Lieut. Governor, DAVID M. CAMP. For Treasurer, HENRY F. JANES. SENATORS (HI CUITrnNDEN COUNTY JOSEPH CTjAIMC, JOSEPH MAKSH. GRAND ISLE CO,. DEMOCRATIC WHIG CONVENTION. August 15, Ili39. Tho delegates from the several towns in the countv, assembled at the Court House, in North lleio, agreeable to adjournment. The Hon. Joel Allen in the chair, and Win. A. Burnett and S. J. Davis were appointed secretaries. The object of the meeting being briefly stated by the chair, it was resolved, on motion of Frederick Ilazen, E-q., that the convention proceed to ballot tor a candidate for the office of county Senator, to repre sent this county in the Slate Senate the ensuing year, and on counting the votes, Samuel Adams I. ad a very large majority (nil except 3) whereupon, on motion of Hector Adams, E q. it was unanimously Resolved, that SAMUEL AD A.MS, of Grand Isle, be presented lo the Democratic Whig of this county, as their candidate for county Senator at the ensuing election After which the following preambles and resolutions, were severally read and unani mously adopted. Preamule, Whereas, the course pursued oyiilartin Van linreii as President, de. clnring lis determination lo abide the will of tho people a" the Mipretno law of I thn Innil, nnd when ihat w II has twice di-approvcd his wild, though favorite men-ure, ho still urges it upon the nation, with determined energy (his p, umise lo I he contrary notwithstanding) ami wnoroas we nave trie most convin cing proof, from his messages from his proclamation, hurt from Ins electioneering speech at New York, Ihat he is opposod t:i the spread of Republican principles, and withheld his protection from us on the frontier, therefore Resolved. That we have no confidence- either in his cuiisis lency or pn' not ism. Reiolved, That if there be a British in terest in th united Slates, it has its centre in Martin Van Huron. Resolved, That ihe Banking system, as at pre-eui cnn-tntited, needs reform. Resolved, That the sub-treasury is the grand question before Ihe people, and not a Il'ink. Resolved, That we hold tho sub treasury as a iinetly parly meusii'o and most dan gerous to our Iree tn.-t it ut tons, inasmuch as it uniies the purse wuli the sword, in tho ha nils of the Prr'idnt. Reiolved. Thai the suh-treaniry is n lerr tren-ury, and d-po-ites our money loo far "I- Resolved, Ihat it i- tho duty nf the DeiiMCfniie Wines of Vermont, in present no undivided front in ihe eominnr contest. Preamule, W h-teas iinuniniity anion" otircelves is only wanting to entire fuc cess and a triumph of ihowj great princi ples, for which we have been long sirti". ghug and which as honest, cnnVi-tent, patriotic men wo can never abandon, nnd also the prostration of a power that is partial and tyrannical, ut war with the great interests of Iho whole, subversive of ihe principles of primitive democracy, and dangerous to liberty. Therefore, Resolved, That prefering the interest of the wholo to thnt of tho"few, wo will lay nsido all personal consideration for Ihu public good, and earnestly, jealoiH.. ly, and unanimously, support the individual who has received thu nomination of this convention. On motion of Hector Adams, Esq. enm mittecs were appointed in the several towns, to moro cfl'eclually carry out the oh. jccl of the preceding resolutions. Resolved, I hat tho p'oceedings of this convention be signed by the chairman nnd secretaries and published in thu Burlington Freo Press, Rcwlvcd, That this convention adjourn sine die. .IOEL ALLEN, Chairman, Wm, A. Buknutt, '( r. . . S, J. Dav.s, Secretary. Piom I lie Vermont and .St.ue "BLACK LIST." Under this imposing title, in hold and black antique, the paper which belongs lo "ihe gentleman from Wilmington," parades the iinuies nf sundry Whig members of Ihe legislature, averring that they "voted In recharter banks on ihe old'ONsiiiLt'. system, and ngnlnsl. subjecting acls of in corporation tn the control of ihe Legisla ture, to ho nltered or nmended as the public good might require." A similar gairo has been played in this quarter, and solid col umns of unities have been displayed by the False Informer, the Scorpion, the Patriot, iV,e. &.C., We have been led to look into the journals of I ho Hoi'se, too, and now Mesrs. Loco Tocos, upon you we TURN THE TABLES! We tnke the loco foco iieKel for Slate Senators, Caledonia nnd Grand N'e eoun lies excepled, as we have not. Ihe nniue of the candidates in iinmiiin'ioti lit those eoun lies. The period we select 'In try iheni by h from 1H2-I lo lilS'J inclu-ivc the very tune when what is now termed ''the old irresponsible bnnl'ing system" was in exis lence. OF tho 27 candidates on the loco foco licket. nine only were members of the House during the period named, viz: John Woodbury of Windsor coiiuiy. P. C Tucker of Addison county, Lrncl Goodwin of Washington cnimiy, Jonnthnn ,Iouess, Daniel Cobb and Lehbru- Egcrton ol Orange county, Jonas Clark of Rutland county, John S. Robinson of Bennington couniy, and EbenczT Huntington ol Wind, ham county. And the&e nine patriarchs ol loco focoism these loco foco candidates who arc nominated by those who make their vows nt the shrine of 'Sinilie nnd Bank Reform' how have they voted? We nnswer and lei the False Informer put ot: sackcloih nnd ii'hes let the Wilmington oracle hide himself within the strong box of a turnpike corporation lot the Scorpion bury its sting within its own vitals, when we answer OZfTH AT EVERY MAN OF THEM, save one, VOTED FOR BANKS on the "old irrll! RESPONSIBLE SYSTEM :"tai Hero is Ihe list, and we reler to the Jour nals from 1!!2-1 to 1 033 for our authority. John Woodbimj, loco foco candidate in Wiud'or (o. In 1031 he voted for the bank of Middle bury and for the bank nf Bellows Falls; in l!)30 he voted to reconsider Sinilic'3 private properly amendment. Philip C. Tucker, loco candidate in Addt-on Co. In 1830 he voted to undo what the Whig House had done, by adopting Snnl r's pri vate properly amendment. Mr. Tucker voted to reconsider thu vote of adoption. Israel Goodwin, loco candidate in Was-h iugton Co. In U)30, he voted wit h Tucker, adverse to .Dir. Smilie's amendment ; nnd in liUl he voted for the hank of Middlebury, and also for the bank of Bellows Falls. Jonn- Jcnnesi, loco candidal-, in Orange Co. In U127 he voted for ihe Orange Co. Blink, and ITuguinsl Smilie's private pro. perlij amendment ; in l!!3l ho votid lor the hank of Middicburv und fur llic bank ol Bellows Falls. Daniel Cobb, loco candidate in Orange C In 1 112-1 ho voted for the haul; of Rut land; in l!J2.r lor the bank of Montpelier, and for ihe hank of St. Albans. Libbeui Egcrton, loco candidate in Or ange Co. In 1!!2") he voted for the bank of Mont pelier, and in 1020 for tho bank of Ver gennes. John S. Robinson, loco candidate in Ben nington Co. In 1032 he voted for the Oj"E-sex Co. bank. Ebcnezcr Huntington, loco candidate in Windham County. In 1021 he voted for the bank nf Rutlnnd. Making eight of thu nine who wore members of the IInuc in Ihe years named Gen. Jonas Clark of Middleiowu being the solitary one whoco name is not recorded in favor nf Innks on the i Id system ! In addition we may state, that is under slnod thnt Hon. O. C. Merrill, the loco candidate for Lifnt. Governor, voted lor hunks when Councillor ; H. E. Ilublicll. in nomination in Franklin cotin'y, voted for the St. Alhms bank at n sub-i qoent perinl, viz. in 1037; and Nathan l. thiswell, in nomination in Chittenden Countv. who was a member of I ho Hmi-e snb-i quenl to tli.i period mimed, was both a ban!; muii and a bank Director. Thus wo see. that every man on the loco I'oeo Senatorial ticket, tavu one, who was'in the legi-hit ore at any tune fiom 2d to 33, voted lor bank-' on Iho "old irre.-pon sib'o sv-tem." Wlm I capital fellow for "reformers!" how verv becoming is it. for the loco loco lenders to pubh,-h "black I'sts!" Let ih, mii dress their uckot in black, nnd label it ".' black hank liumbwr." THE TRUTH. Judge White, in his speech ai Knoxvillo, lays ii down na a principle, that ever ad ministration will impress its own character upon its inferior officers. This is as true as holy writ. If officers find there U to bo a strict accountability, nnd no excuses taken, there will be few defaulters j but whenever they find, as they havo done, that it will end in n lew vile threats, nnd a good letter or two, certifying that ihey are good Democrats, and good electioneer ers. we shall havo lit 1 1 u savo defalcations, to expect Irom Ihom. Tho truth is, nays the Judge, we are mining tho country by excessive modern politeness; a public officer purloins the money he is paid lo handle and tnke care of.and if he can oniy innnag to keepenouh to give good dinners, he is considered and broken o as n kind, good fellow an un fortunate mnn--n defaulter and is consid ered n lit associate and companion for our Dei society. This is nil wrong. Whenever ho is called a thief, pointed at as one, and scon led from society because ho is dishonest, wo shall check this alarming and growing mischief, but not until thou. 0"Tho dilTeruncc between the Rocention purchased for Mr. Van Huron nnd I fiat A'l'eeu to Mr. Clay, said a Whig to a Loco l' nco, is that ono was rot un and the other got itself ifv -Evening Jour.. j !' II 1 D A Y M OIININ U, A U O U S T 2,t THU PI.UNDKKERS Of.' TUB PEOl'l.l.l. The following facts collected from offi. cial documents will exhibit the utter ml lenncss of Iho administration nt Washing ton and t he corrupt means by which power succeeds in obtaining its temporary tri umphs oyer thu Pkoi-lk. These fads nstoundiiig ns they are, nrc the legitimate results of the avowal, by William L. Marcy, on iho floor nf the United Slates Senate, of thnt monstrous doctrine, that "To the vietors belong the spoils of the vanquished." On thu doctrine the Tory party which John O. Calhoun, in his better days, do clarcd to bo "cemented together by the cohesive power of the public plunder" has been acting for Iho last ten years. We call upon the Whig presses in this state to give these facU to the Pkoit.i:. L"t the FnnuMRN ni'" Vermont read and reject upon these astounding disclosures s "On the 30ih day of September last, at n time when the Government pretended to he so poor that it had lo borrow money to the amount of millions, or what is tho same thing to issue Treasury notes, bearing interest to that amount, thrc wns, in the hands of Office-holdors, under Martin Van Burcu, unaccounted for, public money to the enormous amount of nearly FIFTEEN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! That this statement is true appears from document No. 2, furnished by the Government to Congrc&s at the commencement of iho last session. ' 1st. There was in tho hands of the offi. eers and agents of tho Quarter master General's Department and unaccounted for, on the 30lh day of September Inst. EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN DOLLARS. 2d. On Ihe same day t here was in the hnnds of the agents 'of the Medical Do nariment unaccounted for, FIFTEEN THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED and SIXTEEN DOLLARS. 3d On ihe same day there wns in the IhikN ol t In; agents of the Paynia-ter G- nernl's D 'parlment unnceotliiled fur EIGHT HUNDRED and TEN THOU SAND SIX HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR DOLLARS. rSee Due. No. 2, p. 142 'I'll. On the same day there was in the hands of the Comtni.-sary General, nnd unaccounted for. TWENTY-NINE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED and TWENTY-FOUR DOLLARS. See Dnc. No. 2, p. 140 5th. On the same day there remained in thu hands of the agents of the Einim-oMng Department unaccounted for. TWO MIL - LIONS NINETY-FOUR THOUSAND! DOLLARS. See Doc. No. '2, p. 11171 Gtli. On i he same day there remained in tho hands of the agenls of the Topographi cal Bureau, uiineeouoied for, FORTY FIVE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN DOLLARS. Sec Doc 'J, p. 35 1 .J 7th. On Ihe tame day there remained in the hands of Ihe agents of the Ordnance Department, and unaccounted lor. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED and SIXTY -ONE DOLLARS. See Doc. No 2, p. 395 tJih. On Ihe same day there remained in the hands of Ihe ngent-i of Iiid'itn Adair, nod nnuceoooied lor. TWO MILLIONS FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FOUR DOLLARS See D 'C. No 2. p. 505 9th. On Ihe same day there remained in the hands of another set of agents attached to the Deportment of Indian AfTurs, nunc counted for, SIX MILLIONS FIVE HUNDRED AND FORTY-SEVEN P HOUS AND FIVE HUN D BED AND SIXTY-ONE DOLLARS. See Due. Ni' 2. p. 507 Thu--you see, that while the Government was acti.nlly borrowing money, it had in the hiind of i's agents, unaccounted for, near FIFTEEN MILLIONS OF DOL LARS on the 30' h September, 1B3U " Such, Freemen of Vermont, is tho char acter of thu men whom Martin Van Buren has placed in office to aid him in his work of Reform and to bolster up P,wer in its encroachments upon tip rights of tbo Pi:o. PLK. FIFTEEN MILLIONS OF DO L LARS OF THE PEOPLE'S MONEY IN THE HANDS OF A PROFLI GATE BAND OF PUBLIC ROBBERS ! And yet pot one of this desperate gang of plunderers has been removed from office- by the President. Theso aro the "victors," and these arc the "'oi7" they have strip, ped from a "vanquished" Peoplo. Such aro tho instruments by which the Adininis (ration is resolved to perpetuate its power and sustain the Crown ngainst the gallant attacks nf an insulted and outraged Coun try. Such is thn character and such the principles of tho party upon which thu hardy sons ofthe Green Mountains will he called upnn on tho first Tuesday of next September to pronounce their verdict. Such nro the men whom tho Tory party in thin slata now call upnn you to sustain by placing Nathan Smilic in the Executive chair of Vermont. And whilo they seek to glosa over such monstrous corruption ns wo havo here exposed, they denounce Iho Administration of Governor Jettison as oppressive and aristocratic, and stigmatize him as a Bank hireling and Federalist! Whoso blond docs not boil in his veins at tho brazen audacity of llicso brawling demagogues? uy smvu u tureen troni mo eyes nf the Peoplo tho gross frauds nnd deep seated corruption of tho General Govern inont, they nro splitting their throats with' cries of "Federalism" and "Aristocrncy." Yes, in n slate of universal liberly, when every citizen feels and knows he is a frcc nnn, they rend the air with shouts of "Privilege" and "Monopoly." But wo defy the wholo tribe of Tory papers in this state to specify a single act of Governor Jenioon, which is jiibtly censurable. We defy them to point to n single measure of his four yenrs Administration which is anti. republican or nristocrntic in its tendency. Wo do nnt. indeed, claim for him tho pro round wisdom, vast learning, and polished manners which eo eminently distinguish Nathan Smilic, nor can he, like the illus trious Nathan, boast of being iho author of resolutions on Bank Reform which have been sneered at by all the leading men of his own parly, nnd voted down, by over, whelming majorities, for ten successive years, by ihu Legislature and Pi:opm: of Vermont.. But we do aver that he is a man of sound common senso and perfect integrity, and that he has administered thu Government of this Mate, for a series of years, in a manner entirely satisfactory to a majority of the Fcoplc. Wo therefore call upon ihe Sons of the Mountains to sharpen their spears and gird on their armor for the coming contest. Wc invoke I he Freemen of Vermont to rush to thu rescue of Ihe "Farmer Governor" against the desperate attacks of tho PLUNDERERS OF THE PEOPLE. Wc exhort ihe friends of liberty, in every section of the state, to rally, in solid columns, against the trained but mercenary bands, and Priutonan cohorts of Power. TORY ECONOMY. Let every voter read the nriicle on our first page headed Mr. Van Buren and the public uxp. nditures, m. I; en from the New York Conner am! Enquirer. It is a complete and triumphant rtttitalion of the sophistical argument of the Washington Globe Van Buren's mouth piece which is now going the rounds of the Administra tion papers in this state, and was copied into the Sentinel a short time since. The Editor ofthe Globe is paid hy ihe Govern ment, two iiuNini:D tiiou-am) dollars ei:r. annum, for laboring to itialiu the Pe p . He, i. ve ibai ihe Administration of ! Miir'iu Vno Huron who sne-ds FOI.'TY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR m.ire cconomica ilmo i I -. i nf l.,,i Ciui.vcv Adams, who spent only thirteen millions. And the petitioned pre.-scs in Ihisoiate, place so low an estimate on the capacity of their readers, as lo supposo they will believe this monstrous falsehood. But we exhort the People of Vermont' to remember that when Mr. Adams was president, he expended onli; thirteen mill ions per annum -jut half a million a year more than the annual expenses of his pred. cce.-sor President Monroe. And wc nlso exhort them to remember that the Jackson papers, from Maine to Georgia, denounced Ins Administration for its extravagance and stigmatised him ns a prodigal and spend thrift. That they calied on Ihu People lo turn him out of office, and elevate to pow cr Andrew J'ck-on, who promised to re form thu abn.,.- nf Mr. Adams, retrench I llu; n,llll"' expenditures, nnd administer the Government i n more economical prin ciples. Wo furl her exhort the Freemen of Vermont, lo remember how these pledges were redeemed how Jackson and Van Bu rcu have cut down tho annual expenditures, from thirteen to FORTY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. This is what the Globe calls Economy. This is what the Van Bu ren presses in this slato call refro.m ! and if you will oniy elect the illustrious Nathan Smilic for your Governor, they promise to reform ynur Bunks in the same way. Surely no one can be so unreasanablu as to vole against Natha;-. the reformer, RECEPTION OF MR. CLAY AT SARATOGA SPRINGS. Wo refer our readers to an article from the New York Spectator, which we have placed on our first page, fur an account of the rccoption ot tho Great Orator and Statesman of tho West at Saratoga springs. This is what wo suppose the Sentinel would call another failure. But in truth how nobly docs the spontaneous, enlhiisinalic welcome, every whero extend ed to the votoron statesman of Kentucky, contrast with thu invariably lortnal and. chilling receptions of Martin Van Ruren. Tho respect paid to tho President m his progress through the country, is yielded ts a matter of course, to Iho oflico which he holds. Thoru is nothing voluntary or cor. flial about it it is all an artificial show, got up for pnlitical ellect. Surrounded when ever he moves by tho glitter of cpaulctts, and gold lace, plain republicans stnro in utter amazement at the splendor of his cquipngo. To add to the magnificcuco of ho pageant, in cities awl largo (owns, lie' I calls H)c military around him nnd bands of servile office holders follow in his (rain His countrymen gazo in ostoniihrnent at thu rcgnl pomp which surrounds Inm, but neither their sympathies nor aficctions nro wild hun. How different tho truly unos tcntatintiB, republican movements of Hen. iiy Clay. His course is the triumphal inarch of the Patriot. No royal tinsel, no glitter of stars nnd gators announce his presence, no martial bands surround him, no hordes of political retainers and office holders wait his bidding but tho HKAriTa or tub Pkopi.e arc with hun. And whore, ever nro seen the tall and manly form, and silvery locks of the Legislative Veteran of the West, the toiling millions throng a round him, and the voluntary homage that every whero is offered him, is the iponta ncous outpouring- of the gratitude of rn.Ei MCN to Hie KlUENI) OP THE PEOPLE, to high personal worth, to transcendant ge nius, and lo long-tried and devoted Patri- OTISM. GLORIOUS sain THE PEOPLES HALL EXORCISED. "Now lot tho Kettle to the trumpet speak," "Tho Trumpet to the cannoneer without," "The cannon to the Heavens !" It is with the greatest pleasure that we are at length enabled lo assure aur readers that (he next House of Repre.-entatjves will in all human probability, contain a majority of Whigs. The People have triumphed gloriously over the Office holders. For weeks and months previous lo iho lato Western Elections, the Globe flittered its readers with the most positive assurances that the Administration would preserve ita majority in the House. But the People, thanks be to Heaven and a good cause, havvjigurcd out quite a different result It is now pretty well settled, that Ihe most Democratic Department ofthe Government will be whig lo the core. The Augean stable of corruption at Washington, will now be thoroughly cleansed. Ni.e Cheers foii the Dkmociucv or Numbers! Subjoined is a faithful estimate of tho strength of parties in tho next House of , Reprcaetitati ves Whigs. Tories. 6 Maine New Hampshire flldf-'UChu.-ultS Connecticut Vermont New Y'ork Ohio Illinois Indianj Kentucky Tennessee .Missouri Louisiana Georgia South Carolina North Carolina Virginia New Jersey JI ichigan Delaware Pennj-ylvania Arkiin-as Alabama O 0 10 c 3 21 3 1 I 7 0 3 9 o C !) C 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 7 7 Z 0 I 1 17 1 Total elected The following Representatives, I2t 109 sla'ea are yet to elect viz: Rhode Island, Mis- I 6lSj,!'l" 11,llJ Maryland. Theso slates wero represented in ihc last House as follows. T, , , Whigs. Tones. Rhode Island 2 0 Misoissipi g o Maryland 5 3 Should tho Whigs retain their strength 111 these stales the next Housu of Repre sentatives will stand thu. Whig. Tory. 130 112 112 Whig majority IB Tho last Congress was thu composed Thigs. Tories. 114 1 215 1 14 Tory majority 11 This shows a WHIG GAIN since tho last election of THIRTY TWO MEMBERS IN THE M03P DEMO CRATIC DEPARTMENT OF THE GOVERNMENT! ltirluid Plcicliernml Rico Garland, havo re Mnt'd ilieii-feata, but they will tiniiii'tlioi).tbly bo uiicu uy ,1 iiis, .inn wc 11, ne eo jujeeu uicra. VOTES ! VOTES ! ! VOTES ! ! ! Are the town committees hi this county provided with voles for state and county officers, for the approaching election? If not they ennnnt sand in their orders too soon. Let this business be attended to in season. All orders should bo sent to us in thu course of next week in order that we may know how many to strike oft", Jamt.s K. Polk has been elected Gov ernor of Tennessee, by a majority varying from ono to three thousand voles. When Gen. Jackson, was elected President ho carried this stato by forty-four thousand majority. According to tho present returns thcrohasbeena WHIG GAIN OF UP- WARDS OF FORTY THOUSAND

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