Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 23, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 23, 1839 Page 3
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VOTES since that time. Hut present Hum;v Ci.av and Martin Van Rurcn to jlio people of Tennessee as candidates for the officii of Frcsicnt of the United Stales, and the Great Western would sweep the stale 1 1 1 c n tropica! tornado, and llic little Dutchman would be blown "shy high, sir, fky high." THE LIFE OP NATHAN SM1L1E Tim Vermont Patriot lias been encaged, for tli3 last three or four weeks, in ushartiiy into an astonished world the life am! ex plolls of the renowned Nathan Smilic. And does any one nsk whnt Nullum SmilU has done '.n entitle him In I his h'gh honor? What ha Nathan Smilic done! Why he lias been engaged fur the Inst eight or ten years, in endeavoring in persuade the stupid and refractory Legislature of Vermont to adopt I ho following amendment to Hank charters, viz: "Thai llic pinpcrty of die President, di rerun mid Hl. cKli'ililcis of edit rnipnriilinii, flmll I).! huldeii 10 ictli cni llio bill?, or notes tiy tliom tefiiod, timl lie enhject lo altacliii.ciit, on mesne pmccs, ulicnou'r said nil (ni niion -li . 1 1 Mispeiul , or iclii'0 p iwiient, in sold '""I "'vnr "' ("r ""Y of us tioicf.'bills or obligations." That's what Nathan Smilio lias done ! But Nathan Smilic could'nt prevail upon the Legislature t adopt this sago amend ment, because .10UN SMITH of Si. Albans, and WYLLYS LYMAN of Bur- linginn, and THOMAS EMERSON of Winder, and JOHN S. PETTI BONE. the Fan Ihtrcn candidate last year ftr Lieutenant Governor, and scvcrnl other leaders of the Loco Foco party in Vermont voted against it ! Dm notwithstanding the great exploits of Nathan Smilic we fear the Freemen of I his state will prove as refractory as their Legislature; and os the General Assemhly has been so si lipid as to refuse to adopt his amendment, we shrewdly suspect the People will be so obstinate as not to elect htm Governor. Iru'y Re publics are ungrateful. Hut although Nathan Smilic can't bo Governor of Ver mont tin- year, he can have tin; high satis faf'iion n( -Teing his life spread before the pnb'ic in Hie columns of the Vermont Patriot, and his minio primed in flaring capitals in all the Loco Foco papers in the stale, which will be no small honor for a p'ain Democrat like Nathan. gj "Those who tall us ignorant, point to the bright constellation of genius and lcar, ing Irving, Cooper, Everett," S;c. S"C. Sentinel. The Loco Fococs of New York city lately nominated Washington Irving as their candidate for inavor, but he refused to nllow the rag-inufiins lo vote lor him tltii showing that ho wa not n Loco Foco. Since .lames Feunimore Cooper became n Loco Foco, he has been constantly en gaged in abusing his country and slander ing his country women. He fays "Merc are not three ladies in America," And if the Sentinel wishes to know .Alex ander II. Everett's opinion of .Martin Van Rurcn, we commend to his careful perusal the following oxtaaeN from his writings. " Throughout these proceedings we sec dis tinctly the character of the mum a narrow, sordid, selfish spirit, pursuing little ends by little means: no loftiness of purpose : no now- rr, depth or reach of mind: no generality of J retina ; no principle : oj course, no Jaith in the existence oj tiny melt qualities in others, lief ii u-r !- mi die Inli and sacred concerns of (iov. eminent in tlio same temper, in uliich as n i 1 1. 1 laujer he fill down lo pl.iy All Fours at llie ale. Imii-e, anil is just as ready to employ any nick ill inneasc his bluicof the SPOILS OP VICTORY." And in describing 1 1 1 a Cabinet qualities, he TliE PRESIDENTS CALL. Mr. Von Huron lauded on our wharf front the steamer Whitehall on Wednesday about half past six P. M- A committee consisting of Charles Adams, (!) Guy Cut lin, Willys Lyinnn, and one or two others met him at Whitehall and attended him to this place. We understand the Loco Focos made ((into a respectable turn out. on the occasion in point of numbers. Hut it was prudently thought best not lo form any procession An escort of horses nnd colls however had been drummed up for tho oc casion from the neighboring towns. On the whole, tho reception was not n "fail me" no, not by any rncana. ITcnrij Clay's reception was n "failure." This was quite the reverse. Does the Sentinel understand us? We cheerfully concede, however, as wo have said above, that, tho Loco Focos made quite n respectable rally in point of numbers. We also understand that quite n number of Whigs thought proper to pay the Ptesidcnt the respect which is due to his office And wo ore hapyy to learn that they met liini without dodging with that respect which a President of ihe Untied S'aios ought always to command, but with i ho firmness of men who wore determined to oppose Ii i tn and i ho desl ructtve measure" of his Administration until he ceases to be come tin; Ptcsident of the Loco Foco par. ly and begins to servo his country. The President remained hero obout two hours, and received those who called upon him at the American Hotel. About eight in the evening he left bv the boat for Port Kent. Query. Does Ihe Sentinel think it was quite proper that that old Federalist, Charles Adams, should have been one of the committee to receive the Democratic chiel ? sisting of about Four Hundred scholars, wilh their teachers, arrived in llic steam boat Wmi'inkl, ii ml proceeded ill prncon sion to Ihe church, whero ihe eenoldr and teachers of tlio Methodist, mid Presbyterian schools of this village, had already iisseni. bled and were wailing to give thorn a wol. coma reception. I ho order observed by our youthful guests as t hey moved front the wharf lo the church is worthy of great praise. An Address was delivered In tin1 scholars bv tin; Rev. Mr. Fisk, of E-"--ex, to the teachers by the Rev. Mr. Prindall of lii place, anil lo the put'tiis by tho Hey, Mr ('(inverse, of Burlington, Refreshments prepared fur the noeiisinu. were served to the children. After ihe exi'rcMrst at th" church had c'nscd a procession was formed by Ihe different "chiiols and marched In Ihe Canl'iiidlioni where the rlnldren were permuted to tun at Inriro until the lioa' hove in sighl when they again resumed their former tilac mid proccedi d to tli wharf at which place the boa' had already arrived and waiting to r'ceve Imt youth ful passengers. The number of solii'liir. Irotti all I he scli'ml- iiui-i have beet! riV"r Six Hundred Tins intcM'siing occasion which wa- celebrrod bv so uiiinv of our Vnirli b-eli nt homo mid abroad, will ever bo reiuemberril by nil those who were present wiihj'iy and sai is-lact ion. 11 WHIG MEETING. The Winns of Burlington arc reminded thatthcir mcctinjr stands adjourned to Saturday ivvening nkxt, IMth nist. at Russell's. A full attendance is very desirable. Aug. 21 meant lo have been hereal commencement but was so much engaged, I could not leave horn". .If. Oh thero never was fucIi n good liinens wo had here at cninuiencenietii. the Town was filled and literally thronged. (J. Ye, souii! of i n y neighborrt wore hero and told tun so, nnd my Son said your Store was a great attraction the night be fore. .If. I cntne in for my full share, in deco rai'.ng with i ln emblems of the Green Monntaiti Slate, and illuminated for wlueh Hie long lutul and In n r" y elieers of lie Cnva'cade, in irori of ihe lion. Henry Clay in Ins qii'irters, resounded for t tit ro epect shown, nod probably Tor the long tried r ii"!tent coors'! pursued by tho Cheap cvu STORE, which rrsnltrd in on over ll iwmg traily from tho vast multitudo tho in xt day. C. I rejoice you bad so good a lime, it would have given me plenMire to have !) en here, i hen. tnust have been a nreal any peuplo in town, I hear everything p'dfi'ii nl that lrnupired that tiny. I would like to haviseeii our great Western Orator and Siaie-inau. .'If Yo-i, Sir, all wont, on very welt in- ileeil, remarkably so, did any of your family come won you to day ; V. Ye-, inv Wife and DntK'hter came to trado a little, what do you waul lo sell me. J1I. A good pifce of Hroad Cloth, a Carpet, New Houiiet-Fine Shawl, Silk for a dres, nr any other goods that you wi-h lint 1 moy have to sell. O. I soo vmi have everything, and I he rlicles naineil are just what we wart, nnd go unil have Mrs. and my Daugli tor come and if you can sell cheup will buy. i ou luKo mils I suppose ? .ill. Ha, Ha, Ha, Yes, rather than spo e. all but Windsor. C. Ha, Ha. and no charge for $400 .If. Good, not any, my Taxes are paid. "Ills lalenls, as far as he powers anv, fit him to arl upon this llirntrn, II Ift I.I I 1 1,1. i AR ROW, SORniD SOUI. IS AT UOMK IN IMP. UITI.K ARTS, TIIK l.ITI I.I, IN THICJUKS. THE I.I I'TMi, M ISP.R WU.K, wisniinvnus. monki:y trh ks. i ii r MAY UK tsUI'I'O.sni) TO DRCI UK QURS - 'I'lONS IN A COUNCIL OK CIlAWUKR WA1IW." And tliis brilliant Luininary of Lncnfo coistn discnurseth after this wise, of Hi:.n- ny Ci.av. CHARACTER OP HENRY CLAY 15 Y A. II. EVERETT. Tho qoalifioalioii'j and tetvices of llcsnv Ci.av are loo well known to require ihu aid of our lustimiinv. .'7 a statyman, advocato and nr.iinr, lie li is hern from mkiiIi iiptvanN llio priilo nl (inr nun Ik nnil Icijiri.iine lialU. An iirdcnl, fe,irle-s, nnd con. Mem fiieml of liheity republican iiiMiinuoiH, he Ii.ih cnilcaied him sell lo llieir IriPniN I lironqli ihe urn Id. Ili dein lion lo lids great rniife, finni-lies ihe fnreiO "iiaian- IV lhal In! will, on all ncc.i.-iniH, auri'il llie Mi)ii ni liny nl llic laws, anil ili.ii I.xpimiiiv "THE GUARDS DIE 'I'll EY NEVER I SURRENDER." 1 We arc happy in being able lo assure all those of our friends who have not been frightened to death during the last lew days, by the wild shouts and unbounded e.vulta lions of the Loco Focos, re-echoed in timid disconsolate croakings by some in our own ranks, that wc still have a fair prospect before us of fighting many mote battles, and that we are not only not in llio least discouraged by recent events, but that we have full and implicit fail h that we shall, by union KNcnfJV and i'Kn-i:vKisi:.Ncr. in the good work, drive the eneicy nt last from llio field. Those, lo bo sure, who thought I lint, the victory iva ulrraoy wim, noil who were (littering themselves with tho easy triumph of their political favori'cs, ant! ihe conco- queni easy accomplishment of their own political aspirations, may bo disposed to ground amw, and tamely and disgracefully surrender theni-elvcs prisoners of war. Hut the rank and filoof the parly, the lion et and itnbought yeomanry of tho country, who l avo enlisted for the whole war, and who aim only at the I r'umph of the good cause, regardloss of any personal objects of their own : these, the bone and inu-clo of the Whig party, have no cause whatever to be discouraged. Indeed they will find in the late reverses new and fresh incen tivc to vigorous action. Let the Philitinc, then, come upon us. Let tho rabid L 'co Focos, boih Southern and Northen, with a ferocious fury against all who are more industrious, and therefore more prosperous, than themselves, elated with triumph, aim a desperate nttack at the foundation of our social prosperity, and endeavor to reduce us all to the cominan level ofihoir own idle and licentious indul gence. Let them aim lo strike the tool Irom Ihe hand ol I he mechanic, and to c!"-r the shop of the trader, by destroying thai credit which alone enables the mechanic or trader not born to an inheritance to enter upon the business to which he has been educated, and by which he hopes tn live and thrive. Tho great mass of the Whig party arc ready to meet them, and to do their duty and maintain their princi ples to the last. They have sworn uncom promising hostility to an administration Hint is (driving to grind them to powder, and there will be no retreating. Tho liar- .ii a ii it i i: i) On Monday Morning last, by tho Ri:v. .1 K. Convi-asi:, Capl. P.uttci. Dni:ssi:.v, nl Michigan City, to Miss M.wiy Ann of this vilIa!o. i) 1 1: u In this town on tho 7lh inst., Dci.iii.mi:, wife of Moor Ilussni.i., hq. aged HI years In Esos, i Y. on the dth inst., Mrs Ja.niitt li.Mt.tlv. wife of Rev. Phitieha lev, aged 47. Printers in Ohio, Vermont and New York, are requested &c. F E A LE S liJUN ARY. nn H E Fall term nf the Seminary cm inences September lOUi. a !3. SURVEYING. A filial rato ioiopa-'-i, anu stir. r'o. vnyiog just received from New York. iNntieo by Mail or othorwi promptly attended lo. J. HEWES. Milton, Vt. Aujr. '.'J, 183D. 3iv " ' CLAP-BOAllDSr fTSil F-et seasoned Cla( (SKJa HnnuN. mostly el. 'lor sale bv Ilincoic & DK. J OSI.CPI I M AIW IT ITS jiU alinot to leave town for ih Ji-js winter ha madn an arrangement with l- iajivii. A'iAi who will occupy ins i-ince, a no whom he lakes plea-ure introducing to his friends and the public. IT NTENDLNti tn remain permanently ,u. ihi- pi ice, tendeis Ins scrvieeti to I inhabiian's of Uurliogioii and Vicinity, the practice of modicum nnd Surgery. and asasafu und useful remedy. Albany, Siilh Juno, !t!3U. C I) Towmckmi, M I) I have o.vnmined a receipt for a compound called the Ibilni ofl.ife.iii llui hands of Rev. I. Covert, and have lo stale, that I consider it a sad) nnd tiie.ful combination nf medicine, calculated lo ho vety lienelleial in Chronic dis. eases ol'lhi) Lungs and Air passages. Troy, Juno U7, I8.J9, Aviuiv .1 Skii.ton, Pliysleian Surgeon. I fully concur in Ihe above recommendation. T S ll.unii'.Tr, Phys. fc Surgeon. N Y city. Wo certify that wo have examined therecipo for preparing llio Rov. I. Coverts' Il.ilm of Life, and liuhvc it to be a safe and judicious comlimalioii, well calculated t rolirvo llu coioplninla for which it is recommended. Troy, N. Y. A & I. STitr.trrnn, M D. Tin? may certify thai I have examined a recipe ptnsentcd to' mo by f. Covert. Jlnppoarn to hu well "calculated to rulievo irtilation n' tlio bronchial colls aod airectinns of llio Things and plura and all Chronic disca pes of tho Chest. As an expectorant it might with propriety bo prescribed in mot cases whero an article of that kind was Indicated. R. Gr.ovi:!i, M D New York, July J). 1R30. Sold by & J." II, PECK Si Co., Hurling. Ion, Vermont. NOTICE. CASH will ho paid for WOOL at the Rurlinoiii'i Mill Company's Paciorv, SIDNF. Y HARLOW. J) sent. ' $25 "flSeward. TOST, in this town, on Wcdnesdoy tho Lj inst. a Calf Skin Wnllet, contointnpc from !iO to 40 dollars in money, nnd between three and four hundred dollar in Notes. Whoever will return mid Wallet with eonlen s, or give information where it may he louud shall receive Hie above reward. A. W. BUTLER. Eex. Aug. 13 lf!39. Copartnership .Notice. fFPUlE (Copartnership heretofore exiting JL under the firm of WAIT & TABOR woh dissolved on tho 10 August inst. All persons indebted to llie late firm nro hoteby notified to make immediate payment, and ihn9c having demands against them will present iheni for settlement to Joseph Wait, who is duly authorised lo adjust tho same. the pou er in nn i . , , i , ,i, i I.,.m!s, will be their (..iilifnl iinxdi.i.y. As one of, ,,Br I'"-"' moro uniuiy am. llie principal fiiiindeis, anil fiiipnrleis of llm vigorously Will they carry on lho contest for the great cause in which lliey oro mil Anirriean Kyutein, ho i ealilleil to llic uniiii tup pint nf nil rle ilnsoe llm piofperily ol the -peat caiire of diur.c'tic iiiilnsiry and iniernal inipine. ini'iit. The sienal nici'Prs uiih u liich lie eonilnnii'il llie affairs of ihe Drpai lineal of h'laio evinces liii rapacity fur lho actual liiifincsn of iidniinnliatiun ; while die ReiiProm fninkiipps nml eaplhalin,' uannlli oriiis in.inncrs, eminently lit him for a sim. ation, uhcie, in mdn- lo bo useful, ii iicrrffiuy to rnnniliiile ihu piililie fiver as well as lo transact wilh ability llic. public laziness. He Jins aliculy been designated In vnrlons ivnjs, and in nil ipnn. ters of die coiinliy, us llie coiiilul.ilie ol llm nppodi linn, and ue consider it llie duly of nil goml cili. vena lo use all I lie means in iheir power fur tlio purpose of securing his elect ion. So much for t lie "bright constellation nf genius nnd learning." Try i'. again, Mr. Sentinel. 0We understand the Supremo court of this stale have sustained tho decision of Governor Jonnisnti in lho case of Holmes, nnd Hint ho U to bo surrendered to tho Canadian Authorities. Chief Justice Wim.iam) is understood to linvu been ab pent on account of illiices ntul Jtiugc uen kett dissented. ted. Such is the dnteriinnai inn of the Whigs of Massachusetts ; and such wo may say is lho spirit which unimates oM New England. In the language of tho Imperial Cuards,''Tiu: Wiiku dik tiii:v m: kh suiiiiuMinu "Roilim .lllai 11 i n osl) urg It Academy rfTUIE autumnal term nf ihu iiistiitiiioii -Ii. will couimerico on Mondne. the Cf5il, inst., under the direct inn ol Mr. Homer II. nensoii. lato principal of the Academy in Haverhill, N. II. Tho Trustees take pleasure in annoonciiig to the public Iheir commence in it r. ncu-on, whose past ex perience and success betoken good for tho lot ore. It is intended, that tho course of instruc tion such as will lend In form the highe.-t degree nfmornl and intellrcin al character. Particular atieoiioii will be bestowed unnn 1 1 1 o r-r in .preparation for Iravhin''. Le.-sniw will b"j lmvimi in Draw- mg it de-ired. P. iard can be had as low as in oilier place" in this V cinuy, Aug. 2.J. Fit. , -sen Wii.som, Sec Cw SABBATH SCHOOL CELEBRATION Wo take the following from tho Plaits burgh Republican of lost Saturday. ThoSnbhnth School Celebration, held on Wednesday, in this village, at thn Pros hylerian Church, exceeded not only in iiumborB, but in intorcM, lho oxpeclations ol all present, colobratinn of this character I am aware, was never before held in this place, nnd navcr was our villago visited by u oumpaoy ui so many yoiiin, as woro pres. ent ou this occasion, According to tire vious nrrangemcnts, the Sabbath Schools connected with thn Con2renlioiial church of Burlington, and with a small church 1 luilo cheaper Hum usual. lately oraini'.cd tit Burlington Falls, con j (J, I havocotno in a good tunc llien, I 20th August ISM. orijraj) (Ca.olj Stove .Merchant (J nod morning, Cmlom'r How do do, .1, Well, very well, thank you. C Fme weather, ,1. Be'iuiiful charminr; most delii'hlful gi ml for en H. C. Yesju.-t about rigiit for us Farmers nml good fur ni too, 1 sno you have n a pleuiy nl guild- yet. ,M. Farming is a happy noblo indepen dent employment in which wo are nil in terested as being the ground principal of every oilier occupation. You say I have a plenty of goods, I havu an excellent as sortment. C. Sell as cheop ns ever I suppose. Jl. Jii't now a little cheaper. O. Why so? ,M Tlio wool and dairy bring good prices and trade is brisk, C. Does I hut inako ti difference .1 Yes, can always sell cheap where n gned deal is sold. C. Then you enn sell as cheap 03 any. body. Jl. Thank you sir, that is just what 1 like, always up and doing, ready to anuci. paio and supply tho wants of cuctonierB, ami an I am just off for New York again, like In look over lho goods to soo what may bu wanting, nnd nt such limes sell u Ilcv. 1. Coverts' BALM OF MFE, A NEW AND VALUABLE REMEDY "A. lor those v, ho aro nillicted wilh acute and chrome discards of the Lungs' and WiNurir I his medicine is suited to all climates and to persons of all ages and sexes, will keep fur any lenstli of tune, and ma v ho used wilh nor teei saieiy oy persons in lho most feeble stale of health, as il contains no ingredients that can impair llio constitution under any circum stances. It will bo found irrnatlv serviceable all diseases of the Luiil's and Brochia. such as phthisic, asthma, whooping cough, croup, acute and chronic inllammatioii of Tho lungs and windpipe. By the dyspeptic, it has been tit.ed with deciced advantage, and is serviceable to persons laboring under debility oi any liinu.ii used according lo the directions I o the 'on.-iiiopltve, it has invariably afforded alinosi iiime d-.iln relief, and in several iinlan has wtnuglii a permanent euro. It i not however, expee'ed oeilecta euro noon Mich as are in Hie last Maos of the di.-easi! ; bin will he found lo irivn muih rolief.aml greatly ptohmg thai remnant of life which has beeouio so neatly extinguished by inoureau oeMroyet. 'I'heMihsc.-ilier bavins witnessed with tiain the great destruction ol'thu health and life of o ineny cl his Icllow beings by Ihe above enunierated and their kindred diseases, has with tnnen study, earn and consultation, pre pared his valuable medicine, which he is wil ling to submit lo the most scrutinizing test of Ihe medical faculty, and lo rest its reputation upon llicir decision, lie is altcadv assured upon their testimony, that it is superior to any inuig yet discovered. lo continuation of the above remarks, lat the lu-llnwuig certificates from highly respect auie pnysiciuns hear testimony. I ii all whom it may concern. This may cerlily that 1 luivo examined the Rov. Isaac Coverts' ingredients compounded under the naino of the Balm of Life, and believe said compound is happ ly calculated lo roliev persons of all age and sexes adlietcd with aculo and chronic diseases of tho lungs and windpipe, as indicated by coughs, difficult breathing and pains in dilYorcnt parts of lho cIipsi if adminisiered under Miilablo circum. stances and in appropriate doses. Auburn, Autr.'dl. I8J3. .Iositii T. PiTNi-.v. Physician & Surgeon. To all whom il may concern. This' may certify that I havo examined Rev. I. Coverts' Balm of Life, and believe it lo bo one of tho best medicines for coughs, consumptions, chronic iiillaininations of tho lungs and wind pipe, and most heartily recommend its iil to all alllieied with those diseases. Faynttcville, Sept. 2", HUH. John- O. Siiicman, M. I). This may certify that I have examined lho component parts of Rov. 1. Coverts' Malm of Life, and tliiul; it a valuable remedy for what it is recommended, and consider it perfectly safe and judicious in sneh cases. Auburn, Aug. 31. IS.)!!. N, M. D. This may certify that lho Rev. I. Covcrls has exhibited I i ino the formula by whir 1 1 ho pieparesa ined. emu called thu Balm of Life, a preparation well suited 'is an expectorant in coughs, consumptions, Sin. and therefore would have no hesitation in recommending a as a safe and good medicine. Salma, July I'.1, JS.i!!. A. II. NuwcoMii, M. I) . N. V This may certify thai I have examined Rev. I. Covcrls' Balm of Life. and am of opin ion thai its coinhiualiou and Ingredients aro suited to a great variety nf chronic atl'eclions nf llio lungs and bronchia, Auburn, Aug.31, llj.'lil. Duel. E lluMruitKis. This certifies that having examined lho Rev. I. Cover's1 Balm of Ltd) in all its component parts, wo dn believe il to bu oun of lho best compounds for coughs, consumptions, chronic inflammations, Sia. of which wo havo any knowledge, and do most cordially rccoiniuond its use lo all aillieled wilh lho above named diseases. J V Dampi.s, M, I). S ilma. W .1 Lovi jov, M. I). Salinit. O Nki'ihiam, M, I). Onondaga. E Lawuknui:. M. D. Bahlwlnsville. This may certify that I havo examined lho Rev. Dr. Coverts' receipt for making his Balm of Life, and from my m quaintaneo with lho inlluiMico of its sevoral ingredient, should Ihink it well calculated In give satisfaction in the diseases fur which it is recommended, Utica, Juno'Jl, lltfO. WM.Munitis.M, D. I do hereby certify lhat I havo examined tho formula of Ihu Balm of Life, and view it as a medicine woll calculated for lho tolipf of Chronic Coughs and ("ntarhal afflictions. Albany, Juno CM, Ibd'J. John Wilson, M. D. I hive examined lho formula ol'thu Rev. I. CovoiU-' B.ihu of Life, and approve of its com. position. As an expectorant it is calculated to bo cincacioos in Chi on io diseases of tho Bronchia, mid ulso in indigestion. S R Kittov, M D Now York City, July , 1039. I certify lhat I havo examined the formula of lho Rev, I, Covcrls' Balm, &c. and view it as an expectorant, well calculated for Coughs, t'htonic affections of tho Lungs and Windpipe, SASEff FACTOK.Y. rllP, subscriber would respectfully inform the inhabitants nfUurlmgton that by the earliest soheilation of a number of ''onllemen residing in and adjacent lo said town, lie has been constrained to establish a SASFl FACTORY. at Colchester Palls, (one mile fiom tho Court Burlington,) where ho will bo happy o supply all those who may wmi lo purchase Window Sash or Ulnah. His loog experience in lho above business warrants him in assuting all those who may favor him with their patron, ago, that they may depend upon a first rato article, as ho is Determined to employ none but first ralo workmen and his slock will bu of lho very best materials. Orders from a distance addressed to llm subscriber at I5ur linglon, Vt. will bo thankfully received and promptly attended to. SIOjVEY SMITH. Co'ckcsUr Falls, .lumt u, IS.'J'J. N. B. All work warranted lo ho sood.or no sale. Any mzo or quantity of Sash, fur. n.ishcd to order. fc-Svv; biish.fiyc. 1000 do. Com. 2000 do. Outs, for which cash will bo paid on delivery, by I'or.i.tvrr & Bruui.r.vs JOSEPH WAIT. GIVES noiico that, he has bought out the interest of lit late Partner Mr. JOHN P. TABOR, ond will continue the staple and fancy dry goods Business, al the old stand, west side Church St., 2 doors above the square, whero will be constantly kept a lull supply of French. British and American Goods of the best quality, which will be nt all times freely shown and sold uncommonly cheap for cash he has on hand n good assortment of Plain and fig'd Silks Dark and light Calicoes Silk, Kid and Th'd Gloves Silk nnd Hose Ribbons, Belts, fancy Hdkfs. Net and Embr'd Scarfs Edetilinr'ti and Tartan Shawls Lac nod Gauze Veils F.mbt'd Collars. Laces, &c, ike. Geuls. Ooiiini Hose Cotton. Silk. kid. &. Th'd Gloves Sdk, Bombazin, Satin, and Hair Cloth Stocks Cheap Silk Cravatts Rest Italian do 3U and -10 inches Cloths and Oasinicrs Umbrellas A'.o. &c. Burlington. Aug. 10. 1839. HARRIS tfc ST AN WOOD, No. 29, Trcmont Row, opposite Savings BanJt, Boston. MAVL recently opened and intend constantly in keep a tir-t rate and com plete nssririnient nf .MILITARY GOODS, Among which are Gilt ond pluted Scabbard, and Gilt and dated mounted 'ivnriDs, BELTS, Clasp-. CHAINS; gold gilt, and plated Loces, Braids, Cord-. Epaulette, Tassels, Stars. Grenades ond AiL'iieleits ; Army. Navy, Revenue and military BUTTONS and and worsted Sashes; worsted Wings Si. Epaulotts ; Cap Trimming.'' of every description. Orders for nny s.iyle of Trimmings executed in the best manner and at the shortest possible notice. Tho nbove comprise one oftho best assortments to be found in lho city. Persons in waul of such aiiicles, are invited to calf, os they arc offered for sale at wholesale and retail, on favorable terms. ALSO, In addition in Hie above, a flr-t raie assortment nf HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, Cnnsistinrr nf SILVER and PLATED WARES, LAMPS PARLOR CLOCKS. TRAYS of all description. Table Cot'ery, RRITTANIA WARE, RRANCI1ES and oilier metal Ornaments. Rich Fancy articles for presents, &c. &c. 6w W -i-WAa ' ' -'V 0 olaliMzesi PLUMES Pompons of all styles . xtttyJW8Z?- Colors; Silk and Burlington High School. npHEucxt term in this iosti'ui ion, will ti- cotnmence on Wednensdav. Sept. d'h and cenliuue eleven week--. The Priuci pin will receive n few pupils into his own lamily. Jos. B. Estmn, Principal. Burlingtcn, Aug. I". IUJ9. STKfAEB $& n 1 1? f).l the siihsenhnr -fs ' w iu : ';j JL on the 7Ui inst., n ,y"'l small dork brown, half v i french mare, henvy main rjim----niid tail. 'J or 3 wluto feet, a small star in Hie ton head, supposed lo be 10 iiirs ("Miierlv owned by Rev. Charles F.irtar uf Reading, in this blute. whoever will give the necessary informal ion, or re turn said Mare will conlor a favor and be liberally rewarded. Hkman Baustow. Shclburn.Aug. II, IB39. if. Joseph Jones' Esfate. STATU OF VERMONT, DisT. or Cm i'ti'.mii'.n ss rlHE Probate I'oun lor the dislrict nl -it- Chittenden, in ail nersons coiicerncd in tho esiate of Jo--epb Jones, late of Un derbill in i u nl district, deceased. GllUUTlNO. Truman Sheldon, Eveenlor of tho last will and le-tameni of lho snul deceased, having made application in said court for license to sell tho real estate of said tie. censed, representing that a sale thereof is ncces.nry for tho payment of the debts, and charges of adiniuistrntinu, and propo ses to render an account of his odmiuislra. lion, and to present his account against said I'sialo for examination am! allowance. Whereupon Hie court aforesaid doth n-sign lho second Wednesday of September lf!30, for it bearing in llio premises, and doth order that the heirs and all others iiiieresicd hi said estate be notified thereof by publi cation of this order three weeks stieces. sively in tho Free Piess, a newspaper printed in said Btirling'ou, the last of which publications iu be previous in said second Wednesday of September. IlKiO, that I hoy may appear at thu limo and place aforesaid ami show cause why hcencu lo sell said land should not ho granted, nml why the account of tho said executor should not Do allowed. (liven under my hand nt Burlington this 15th day uf August A D 11139. Wm, WES PON, Rcgulcr LYMAN CUMMINGS, SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY, Office south wp.4 corner, second Jhor of Strong's Ruilding, on Court House Square, Bunr.zreG-i'OH. VT. J AMES Jl I T C II E 1 Ii & TAXLOU, Comer of Church Sf College-streets. Doui.iriTON, Junb, 1 539. JERICHO ACADEMY. nnilE FALL TERM will commence JL Hie first Monday nt September next. Special effort will be made In qualify young ladies and gentlemen to be able and efficient School Teachers. SAMUEL KINGSBURY. Jerichn, Aug. 3. IIS39. Phkcki'toh. W a I c h R e p a i r i n g . I,. C5JRTIS HAVING resumed his termor otisiuoss oi X sujr5s Has laken lho stand on Vji!-555 t, Moody's, whom hu will give his particular and personal attention to tho business. Jlurltngtan, August 9, 11539. BLANK BOOKS. QUIRES or Blank work, m books, containing from one u six Quires each. Persons wishing to buy, lu sell ngnin, will find it lo thoir advantago to cill at lho Book Bindery, on College eUect, whuro they will find s'aid Books for sale law at whulesulo or retail bv S. 11UNTINUTON. Burlington, July 17, IU3D. Gecso Feathers of a superior quality for sale bv VILAS, LOOMIS&.C0. July 30, H139. CORN WANTED. CI ASH will bo paid Tor INDIAN CORN, J delivered at tho Grist Mill Onion River Fulls or at thoir Store, bv July','0. IIK'KOK iV. CATLIN.

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