Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 30, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 30, 1839 Page 3
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wavering political principles. In this as sertion wo think the editor of the Sentinel has hit neorcr ihu truih limn he usually docs. Wo nro tint nwaro Hint Mr Burgess ever possessed any fixed political principles nnu lor this reason it mnv he truly i-nid of him that ho is fixed and unwavering Some ten years ago he camo nut, merely as n cit. izen, under tho National Republican ban ner. How long ho kept his post and clung to his banner wo do not know; however lie was not missed when liu deserted the party. In conclusion will vou ask the Sentinel I when it was that Lyman Burgess represen ted tho town of Milton in tho assembly of Vermont? Now, had it been the truth, that Lyman Burgess had over represented the farmers of Milton, it would have been , , ... iiu uiihiiiuusi cm Ol nil" ni lllld (10V. 10 accuse us of it. It would have been an net in our nrnRPPriiim. n,l, . i. 1.1 , fa ...w rimuiu hove wished tho famed expunging resolu tion forever to havo blotted from our re cords and our memories. But Mr. Stacy, the assertion is not true. Lyniau Burgess never did represent tins town in the Vor mum Legislature, and unless some great mistake is nindo never will represent The Fa list en op Mii,t ryr. HENRY CLAY 10 tlic Sinie? 111:111 gieni and wise ! The rati iot liui! anil bold .' Where'er our t repined E.iglo (1ie., His inline willi piide is told; From Maine's pines, Hint cra;s of snow To where iniiRnnliiiii lireeze lilow " O'er rich Floridian (luwers : From hilly E.ift 10 prniried West, We hail lii in as our mightiest Rejoice in liim aj ours. Twice, when llic tempest o'er us hung, And io,(r'd de;lriiclion's wine, Like light liom il.irlinc." fonli lie sprung guide us imd to e.ue : In the lieice flashings of iho storm We caw his pinud uiiilaiin ted fuim Upon ihe qiiivei iiia deck, As, Willi 1 1 1 n eje mi Union',) star, I3y hi imsHoi vinj arm, ai'ar We cliunn'd 1 lie threatening wreck. His heart has heat in sympathy Where'er, ilirmighmn the world, r The oked li.ue fiuidii for liberty Willi fietdomV flag inifiirlM. Sny, Girece ! when nations eaw you bleed, Who, lrunipe.loiiuwl, proclaiin'd jour need 1 And clitnei of Anile, say ! That templed l.unl with answering shout, Ami those stern summits thunder out, The name of II EN hy Clay. A foiiI, where patriot love intense Anil frankest feelings dwell, A splendid matchless eloquence A courage naught can quell ; IVo paltry limit hound Ilia fame, An Empite's scaller'd mjriada claim On mountains wild and lone, In the thronged city's liusy streets, In ihcgreen forest's calm retreats, His glory as their on. What llioiigh delraclinn has essay'd To cloud his noble brow, Down from llio height himself has m.ldo (Ic smiles upon it now. The oak, while gio.ving, may he stirr'd 13y the light tontli of breeze and biid, (is IhiiU each insect slime ; Manned though whirlwinds sweep the sky, It lifts, unbow'd its head on high In conscious strength sublime. Welcome bis way his steps beneath I.pi proud green wreaths bespread: Oh ! how our proudest greenest wreath Would heighten on Ins head ! Familiar as a lion.-elmld word, In aficr ages will be heard (When ours has passed away) A ilieme for song in b.ippy hours, A irumpetb'ast when d inger loners, The name of IIENIIY CLAY. Albany, August 17tli, 1839. a. b, s. ICrWhen Thomas Jekfeuon visited his friends in Virginia, from whom he had long been separated, in discharging his high duties ot Washington, ho went on horse-back, rarely ailonded, except by a friend or acquaintance, and u faithful tcrvaiit. He paid his own bills When John Q,uifcv Adams, during his Presidency, visited his friends in Mnssachu setts, he went on hoard sinees and steam boats, like other private citizens, unatten ded by any retinue, not even by a servant. He paid his oxen bills. When Anukf.w Jackson, the much vaunted chief ol democracy, came in, the forms and ceremonies of nreroative bo. gan to influenco his intercourse with tho world. 1 he travelled, ho had n troop of iciuinurs wnerovoi- no went and thepopu lace were trained to follow and shout at the heels of thu chieftain nnti the people paid Ihe expense. And when Martin Van Buiien visits his neighbours in his native State, ho seeks to imitate the pomp and pageantry of a royal personage and goes about bowing and scraping to tho people, whose interests he has botrnyed, and with whom ho has no fellow feelings wit? the people have to fool Ihe bills. JV. York Winn. APPRENTICE. A LAD from 14 to 16 years of ago may f. find a situation as an apprentice at tbisOfilco. Aug. 29, 1839. NAILS. 1000 Kegs Fall River nails, for salo by Iho subscribers. Tho Nniln are a new article and Iho Machinery by which the noils nrc made being perfectly new, the conscquenco ih that thu nails are all perfect, and Wo heliovo the nails to be euperiorto any other nail to bu found 11. finVi, ri A.".w' wish to buy nail will p.h n-,IOIr ",,?,.e61 ,oc'1" ' cxammo wh.t L ,V.6r !eroro P'"cba8ing else where, a tha quality and prico of tho nails con not fail 10 suit. a....... o Jm & WALKER. .ujurv lujy, 25 Wales 4-4 brown Sheetings 1 u rp 1 . . "'"'ngs a? ,,.c,lon''s' J,18t received by Auff.28. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. ill A II It I , v rvpninj i,vi, iv the unmoniliy evening Nov. ninlinp I ""imins, air. BIVrtON SlonsE a, 11"". ,' . . , I,, it S'K' l l" il.mnrn"'S.' -7I" niivi, .nr. IIUUACK LOOK. ,Mrr of T. IV. Gibh, K I) I 1: i i Druuioi.i, on the lS.h iusi., Mr. Thomas u V 1. ' !!e" !J- Ah" " tl10 I"'" I'i'i Mr Wm. I'ickett. aged 68. .In Simon, lltl, insi., IJktsf.V. wife of Kenji. imn Campbell, mid daughter of Ezckiel aiul .S...-..I. W illson, ngrd OC. In Monklon, on the 9lb inst., Mrs. Asseneth IIlowELL.aged 43 years. lbs. mixed Pins. I case American do I " London do 1 " (jcniinn do 23 ro-s Hooks nnd Eyes 100 " Bono Evlotts, just received VILAS, LOOM IS & Co. by A iirii! 22. iti;)9. Z) g'oss Gilt Coat buttons, I no Vest do do do do do 125 10 rt COO Lasting Cuat Satin fig'd do Velvet tin do Pearl Shirt Just ree'd by, Loomis &. Co. Anirn.t 22. lf!39. FIRE! FIRE!! FIRE!!! rriHE members of tho Vermont Mutual JL Fire Insurance Company ore hereby notified that the following assessments hove been made by the Directors on all Nov. 11 Dec. Jan. ti Feb. Mnr. May of 1 per cent. Making ner cent, assessment lor the year; said percentage to he cast on the original niuouni of tho premium note, without roforcncu to any endorse omuls, and to be paid lo the TrmMiror, at hiw oflice in Moijipfhi r, on or before llif 1 13 th day ofOct. lf.39. b-iu.' tbo da-. of tin; annual meeting of said company. an opportunity will be presented in 11 ward assei-sinents by the iiieinbeis of the Legislature, and those who neglect to for ward iheir assessments then, ore referred to the 3th section of the Act. attached to each policy for llm consequence. tlAUKY VAIL, Treasurer. Montpelier, Aug 12, 1839. 3w btilihOriON ol articles from tho latest and most Iionolnr F.nmnnnn Periodicals, now for solo 01 iho Book Smro of Iho subscriber. A naonenieiiis hnvc been made by which iuthvidciila and fami lies may procuro tondy acci!.- to all the lirincipal Reviews and Magazines pub hslied in this country nnd Europe nt nu expense not greater than thu average costs ol 0110 of 1 Item, several specimen copies now at iho store for inspection. Likewise the Girl's hiiiI Rny's Rending Book, n new work designed Cor the use of schools, bv utrs. &. 11. 3l'ourllev. D A. I1RAMAN. August 27. 18 Cases F.iigli.h and American Prints 1 " Furniture do 2 " bleached Sheeting I " colored Cambrics 1 " Broad Cloths, just re ceived by, Loom is &. Co. August 22, 1 839. 200 doz. Gorman Silver and Tea Snoons Table 50 doz. patent Brass Combs 40 gross Iron Sido do Justrec'd hv, Loo.mis & Co August 22. 1839. s doz. Tambo' Muslin Collars 75 pieces Pongee Ildkfs. 15 doz. black Italian Silk Cravats 30 doz Gingham do Just ree'd by, Loomis & Co. August 22, 1839. SILVER WARE. 50 ''t I'lnm and swayed Table Spoons. 1 00 do do , 'j'oa dn Cream Lidles, Sugar Tongs and Salt Spoons, lor salo by Aug. 22. VILAS. LOOMIS & Co. NOTICE. I HAVE this day given my son, Elisha Rounds, his lime, with full liberty to transoct business for himself, and I will hereafter claim nothing from any ono for his eorvices and shall not be holden for any dobt8uf his contracting alter Ibis date. LINNS ROUNDS, Witness, A Feiicuson. Starktborough, Jlvg. UGth, 1039. 10, 1830 -2 22, " 1 2 20, " 112 31. " 1 4 6, 1039 1 2 11, " 1 n. " 14 12, 14 8, ' 14 if 1 if' MAGAZINE. M) A loss Rn worth' Snnnl Thrnnd 300 IIh. cnliirril niu! wdii,. i.. IJii-l. received by Loumh & Co. Aug. 22. IH39, FEMALE SEMINARY. IIILfnll tpfin df Seminary cum uii'iiiTf. ocpir inner mm. n 23 SURVEYING. FlltST rnlo Compass, mid other sur. VOVIIIL' nnmir.ltus iusl rcreivml frnm Now York", Notice hv Mail or otherwise iiiuiiiuy niicuiieu lo. J. 1JEWES. Milton, Vt. Aug. 23, 1839. :5w CLAP-BOARDS. )h(7 seasoned Clap IJnaitls. ni'isilv clear lnr sale by Hickok &, CmiN Di. JOSEPH MARSH iut.j aiioiit to leave town for Ih win!ir hn-) mado an arrangement with pOO T. A- SHrllTH, who will occupy his olhco, nnd whom hn takes plcnsuro m iiuiouociiig to ins irientls and the public. INTENDING to remain permanently in llll-i plncu, IfOdi'rB Ills Nlruirnd In I lin mliabilaii'ri of Biirlingion ond Vicinity, in uiu pniciicc 01 nieuicino and Surgery. II i n e s b u r 2 h Academ v THE autumnal term of this institution will commence on iMooilnif. iho nnn. inst., under thu direni inn ni' Mr. rr....,. 11 nenson. Into principal of Iho Academy in Ilnverhill, N. (1 Tho Trustees take pleasure in aiinounniug 10 iho public thmr uiiiiiinciice in air. lieton, wlio--e past c. penence otiu success betoken good for the luttiro. It is intended, that the course ofinstrnrv i on end) os will tend 10 form tne uigiiesi tJegroo of moral and intollpnio ol charnctcr. Particular ntiention will he ue-loWOU upon those in urennrnlSnn fV.r leaciuns. Jj-jssoiih iv w. mum. n... 11 uesireu. lioartl can in nw nJ Imu as in oilier places in this Viciniiv. Aug. 23. Francis Wh.son, Sec. 2 20th August 1839. SCEjYE .ot Gljtau GCnoIj Stove Mcrchnnl, Good morning, Cutlomer How do do, JIJ. Well, very well, thank you. C Fine weather. J)I. Beautiful charming most delightful good for crops. C. Yes just about, right for us Farmers and good for jou too, 1 see you have a a plenty of goods yet. Jll. Farming is n happy noble indepen dent employment in which wo arc nil in terested as being the ground principal ol every other occupation. Vou say I have d p' tit y f goods, I have an excellent as sort inept. C. Sell as cheap as ever I suppose. .. .Tu-t now a ,'ittlu cheaper. C. Why so? JI The wool nnd dairy bring "ood prices and If ride is bn?k. C. Does that make a difference. M Yes, can always sell cheap where a goed deal is sold. C. Then you can sell as cheap a9 any body. M. Thank yon sir. that is just what I like, always up and doing, ready to annci. pate and supply thn wnnts of cu-tomcrs, and as I am just tiff for New York again, like to look over tho goods to tec what may bu wanting, and ai tuch limes sell a little chenper than usual. C. I have come in 11 good time then, I meant to have been hero at commencement but was so much engaged, I could not leave home. JI. Oh thnro never was such a good lime as we had here at commencement, the Town was filled and literally thronged. C. Yo, ntu! of my neighbors were here and told me to, and my Son said your Store ivas n great attraction the night be fore. .If. I enmt) in for my full thare, in deco raimg with Iho emblems of tho Green Mountain Slate, and illuminated for which Hie long loud and hearty cheers of the Cavalcade, in e.-enrt of t tic Hon. Henry Clay to his quarters, resounded for the re spect shown, nnd probably for the long tried cons'Ment ennrso pursued by the "cheap cami STORE, which resulted in 11 11 over flowing trade from the vast multitude the next day. C. I rejoice you hnd 60 good a time, it would huvo given mo pleasure to hnvu been here, thero iniift have been a great many people in town. I hear everything well spoken of that transpired that day, I would like to Imvo seen our great Western Orator and Statesman. Jlf. Yes, Sir, all went on very woll in deed, remarkably so, did any of your family come with you to-doy ? (J. Yes, my Wife and Daughter came to trado a little, what do you want to sell mo. 1. A good piece of Brond Cloth, a Carpet, Now Bonnet Fine Shawl, Silk r... . ,!... ... . . . . .... mutts or any oiner goous ttiat you wish that 1 tuny have to sell. C. I see vou have cvorv(hinr. nml Mi.. articles named are just what wo want, and win go ami have Mrs. and my Daugh or coinn and if you eon sell choup will buy. Yon takn bills I Mipposo? M. Ila, Ha, Ha, Yes, rather than spc cio. all but Windsor. (' Ha. Ha. and no chnnm fur d.inn M. Good, not any, my Taxes oro paid. Itov. 1. Coverts' BAJLiM OF tilFE. ANEW AND VALUABLE REMEDY for Ihoso who aro afflicted with acute and chronic disoasos oflho Lunos' and Windpipe. This mcdicino Is suitod to all clinmlcs nnd to porsonsof nil ages nnd sexes, will keep for any length of limo, and may bo used with per feet safely by persons in tho most fceblo stalo of health, , us it contains no ingredients that can impair the constitution under any circum. stances. It will ho found grcatlv serviceable in all diseases of llin Lungs Imd Brocliia, Mich as phthisic, aslhina. whoopin-r ,.nug,, eroup, aento ami chronic inflammation ol'lhu tings and windpipe. Ry H. clyspcpiic, it has been used with lucicnrl advantage, and is serviceable to persons laboring under debility (llnnv Iti.wl ir..L..wl i. . J -J I- utuoruing to inn directions, l o tlio consumptive, it has invariably nflorded almost immediate relief, nnd in several install, ccs lins wrought n permanent euro. It is not. However, expected lo eflcctn euro upon such nu nro 111 tho last stages of Iho disease ; but ...... .0 men. 11 will )u found to give much rc Mifniid grcally p,ng that remnant ofllfo lTdLW; extinguished by Tho subscriber having witnessed with pain mo great destruction oflho health and lifo of so many ol his follow beings by llm above cnutneralcd and their kindred diseases, has with niucnsludy.caro and consultation, pre. pared his vn hinbln mn,ii,.;.. ...t.:i. i. ng to submit ( (10 n)nsl Rcruiinizing test of ho medieal faculty, and lo rest its reputation upon I her decision. Ho is already assured, Ullon thnlr tool .!..!. .. J. ,. '"ji 11 is suporior 10 any thing yet discovered. J In coniirinatinti r.filin i... , . llm rli,.,:.. ... " '"I abio v ; n-:h""'?' .71'" ",g" rcs',ccl r..iir .1 i . cuccrn. iius may ami 1 oayo examined tho Itov. Isaac w.y., 1 orcoionis compounded under Iho uiu jiaim or Lire, and bcliovo said compound is happily calculated to roliovo persons of nil ngos and sexes nfflirtn,! w,il. aculu and chronic diseases of the lungs and windpipe, as indicated by coughs, difficult UrCllMlllir mill l.nlm. :.. .I'n' . . . . r. .. uuioioisicrcu under suitablo circum stances nnd in appropriate doses. Auuurn, auet. 3 .18.59. Joseph T. I'it.nev, Physician ic Surgeon. ccriify that I hnvo examined Rev. I. Covcrls' Halm of Life, and heliovo it to bo ono of the ocst medicines fnr r.n..l.0 . w uii .v iiiiiii II mnu ffinpnrn Tl.:., chronic inflammations ofriio 'lungs and wind. 1 . "ea(lly recommend its use to nil afilietcd With llinsn disnncn.. :n. Sept.27, 1038. Jon.v O. Siiipman. D. ' I Ins may certify Hint I have examined' ihn component pans of Rev. I. Coverts' Balm of "i.u, .,u (nunc 11 a valuable remedy for what ... ,..uii miiuuucu, anu consider it pcrfcctlv - j..u.iuu 111 sucu cases. Auburn. Aug. 31. 1831,'. N. Weaver, M. D has exhibited to mc the formula by which ho prepares n mcdiciuo called tho Balm of Lifo a preparation well suited as an expectorant in coughs, consumptions, &c. and ihereforo would have no ncsitntinn in r..f.nmmo.,,i: .. iiii9iii.iv curl v in 1 in Hn.. 1 r ... as a safo and good medicine. Salina.Julv 12. This may certify 1 1 n t I !,,.! 1!.'.:' .1 .".v. 1. oovens tiaimol Life, and am of opin ion that iln r. .it, ;.,.:.... .. . ' suited to a irrcat vnrinlu r)rnT.n nfr.: of the lungs ad bronchia, Auburn, Aug. 31, . . . uoci. lu. MUMninuvs. T hisccrtifiesthathnvii,prnrninnHii,n n . UOVerlS JJalm of Lifo in all Its nnmnnnonl compounds for coughs, consumptions, chronic u uuiicvc II in tin nnn nl lh ,111.... inuiions. tVc. of which wo havo any Isnowlcdgcmd do most cordially recommend Us use to nil afflicted with tho abovo named dtsciscs. J V Daniels, M. I). Salina. J Lovejov. M. D, Salinn. G Needham, M. D. Onondaga. K La wkp.noe, M. D. Baldwinsvillc. TI111 may certify that I havn nynminrH n.n I"v-i1r' c'v.t:rlB' f'cuipi for making his Halm il Life, and Irnm mv ncnnaininnr.o will. il. illfltli'lICO of lis several in.rrn(li,..,ic cl.m.M think it well eslculatcd lo givo Katitfuelinii in the diseases fur which i! is recommended., Juno 21. Ifi;i0. Wm. Morris, M. D. I do hemby Certify that 1 imvn nrnmlnJ Iho formula ofthc Halm of Life, and view it as a mcdiciuo well calculated for Iho relief of Chronic Couhs and Catarrhal nir,.niin..B. Albany.. lunu2J, 1839. John Wilson, M. D. I havo examined tho formula nfthn U.-v. T. Covortc' Balm of Lifo, and approve ofils com position. As an expectorant it is calculated' lo bo efficacious in Chinnio diseases of the uroncliia, and also in indigestion. S R k'umv. M n 3Vcw York Citv, July 1. lfino. I certify that I'havo oxtiniined tlm fnrmnli, f Iho Rev. I. Coverts' Halm. .tc. and view it as an expectorant, well calculated for Conri,s Chronic affections oftho Lungs and Windpipe nnd a8a safu und useful reincdv. Albany,25 Juno, !l!39. C U Townsend. M D Ih I havo examined a rccoipl for a compound called Iho Balm of Life, in thn hands nf liny. 1. Covert, nnd havo to stale, that I consider it a salu nnd uclul combination of medicine calculated to be very boncficial in Chronic dis cases ol tlio Mings and Air passages. Troy, June 27, 18J9, AVcnv Jskilton, Physician & Surecor. 1 fully concur in Iho abovo recommendation T S I!aiiiu:ti', I'hvs. it Sunmon. N Y Wn certify llint wo havo examined the recipe lor propaiing llio Itov. I. Coverts' Balm of Mlo, and balivc it to bo a safo and judicious combination, well calculated to roliovo Iho complaints Tor which it is recommended. Troy, N. Y. A & L Stkiietcii. M D Tins may certify that I havo examined a recipe picscnted to mo by I. Covert. It appears to bo well calculated to roliovc irritation of tho bronchial cells and affections 01 tlio Mings nnd plura and all Chronic disca ses oflho Chest. As an cxnccloront it min-ht with propriety bo prescribed in most cases wiioro an uilicloorihat kind was indicated. It. Glover, MD New York, July 9, 1839. Sold by J. & J. II, PECK k Co., Hurling. ion, rermont. SASH FACTORY. rnilE subscriber would respectfully inform JL tho inhabitants nrilurlington that by tho earnest solicilalion of a numbor of gentlemen residing in and adjacent to said town, ho has uecn coiisiiaiiied to establish a SASH FACTORY. at Colchester Falls, (ono milo Horn tho Court iJiirhnglon,) whoro ho will bo happy lo supply all those who may wish lo purchuso Window Snsh nr lilimh 111. I..,. J...: in Iho abovo business warrants him in assuring all ihoso who may favor him with llioir patron, ago, that thoy may depend upon a first rato arliclo, as ho ia uotoriiiincd to employ none but first rato workmen und his slock will ho of iho very best materials. Orders from a disianco addressed to llm subscriber at Bur lington, VI. will bo thankfully received and promptly attended lo. SIDJfEY SMITH. Co'chcsttr Falls, .Jihj. fl, 1839. N. B. All woik warranted lo bo jjood.or no salo. Any tizo or quantity of Sash, fur. nislied to order. Burlington High School. rpIIE next term in Huh instituiion, will commence on Wcdnnnsdav, Sept. 4ih and continue eleven weeks. The Princi ple will receive a few pupils into his own family. Jos. B. Eastman, Principal. Burlington, Aug, 12. 1039, TOW WkTCT SU'QJfflfte HARRIS ifc ST AN WOOD, . 29, Trcmont Row, opposite Savings Bank. Unt&. No Epaulctts ; Cap Trimmings of every description. he" ' VVOrs,C,J VVinSs & P2fi;2fc"y S'y,e 0fTrimmin3 i ! bes, manner and nt the shortest retail. n favorable terms. y C 0,To,C(J for talc 01 "holcsaie anil .ioiy, in addition to Ihe obovp. n first HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS Consisting of SILVER TRJ1YS of all description. Table Cu.lery and other metal Ornaments., Pnnfc STRAYED TROAI 1 lu; subscriber J- on the 7th inst., n small dark brown, half french mare, heavy main and tail. 2or 3 whitn frm. 0 small star 111 the forehead, supposed to be 10 years formerly owned by Rev. Charles Farrar of Reading, in this slate, whoever win give the necessary information, or re turn said Mare will cooler n favor and be iioeraiiy rewarded. Hi:man Baiutow onewurn, Jiug. 14. 1339. tft Joseph Jones1 Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Dist. of Chitt rFWlE Probate Court for the district of Chittenden, to all persons concerned in the estate of Joseph Jones, lain nf tin dcrhill in said district, deceased. GncETiNii. Truman Sheldon, Executor of tho Inst will and testament of the said deceased, having made application to said ennrt fur license to sell the real estate of said do. ceased, representing that a sale thereof is necesary for Iho payment of the debts, and charges of administration, and Drooo. ees to render an account of his odminiMra. lion, nnd to present his account against said cstote for examination and nllownnrn. Whereupon the court aforesaid doth assirrn tlio second Wednesday of September 1!!39. for a hcarinn in the Dremises. and (huh order that the heirs and all others interested in said estate be notified thereof bv Dubli- cation of this order three weeks "succos. sively in the Free Press, a newspaper printed in said Burlington, the Inst of which publications 10 be previous to said second Wednesday ol September. 1039, that they may appear at the time and place aforesaid and show cause why licence to sell said land should not be granted, and why the occount of the said executor ehould not uc allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 5lh day of August A D. 1H39. Wm. WESTON. Register. Copartnership Notice. TIIE,Copnrtnership heretofore exi-iinrr under the firm of WAIT &, TABOlT was dissolved on the 10 August inst. All persons indebted to ihe Inie firm ore heieby notified to make immediate payment, and llmst' hnviug demands against them will present them fur settlement to Joseph Wait, who is duly authorised to adjust the same. JOSEPH WAIT. he has hoiiL'ht out rfl IVES notice that Iho interest of his lain Pnrlnor Mr JOHN I. TABOR, and will continue the floplo nml fancy dry goods Business, at the old stBiid, wpst'sido Church St., 2 doors above the square, where will bo constantly kCnt U lllll Milinlu (if Prnxnl. I Aninrirnn llnmL nf 1 1. i 1..-1. will bent nil lime freely shown nnd sold I nnroniiuonly cheap for cash -he has tiauii n good nsaf.rtinent nf Plnin ami fig'd Silks Dark and light Calicoes Silk, Kid nnd Th'd Gloves Silk and (lose Uibbnns, Belts, fancy Ildkfs. Net and Embr'd Scarfs Edcnlior'o and Tnrian Shawls Lace and Gauze Veils Embr'd Collars. Lnces, &c., &c. Gents. Cotton, Hose Cotton. Silk. kid. & Th'd Gloves Silk, Bombtmn, Satin, and Hair Cloth Slocks Chean Silk CrnvnttR Best Italian dn 3li and 40 inches Cloths and Cussimers Umbrellas &c. &c. Burlington, Aug. G, 1039. W ate h R e a i r i n g . Ia CURTIS HAVING resumed formor business nf his WATCH REPAIRING, nas taiicn tlio stand on Church street, opposite 11 Mnn.l..v ...i..' ... ... , tviiuiu no will l'ivo his particular nnd nersnnnl nii..n,.. to tho business. Hurlnigton, August 9, 1839. LYMAN CUMMINGS. ATTORNEY AT LAW & SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY. y'mcc south toeti carntr. imml Strnn'n lluil,!!., i- , rr Jn J o - ..,.,, v,0(iri Jiuuse anitam. BURLINGTON. VT. JVOTICJE. c amii wi un nam lor wiini. nt ii.n will bo paid for WOOL at the Burlinnion Mill Cotnnanv' ..,, ' SIDNEY BARLOW, Jlgent. ern wi' r u nr nnr fill opposite Savings Bank, Boston. HAVE recently opened and intend constantly 'o keep a first rote and com plel" ns.rirtmpiit of MILITARY GOODS. Among which nro Gill ano plolcd Scabbard, ond Gilt nnd plntcd mounted swonns, BLLTS. Clasps. CHAINS; fjnld gilt, nnd plated Laces, Braids, Cords. Epauletls, T assels, Stnrs.Grenadns nnd Aiguelelis: Army, Navy, Revenue nnd military BUTTONS nfallsize; PLUMES ond Pompons of all styles ant! Colors; Silk ond worsted rnip nssorltnonl of BRITTAM BrUclcfuV , vi.. ut, i;, 0Wr JAMES MITCHELL DStAPEBr & TAILOR, Corner of Church College-streets. BurtMNOTON. Junk. 1839. JERICHO ACADEMY. THP rPA1 TERM wl" commence tT .H"1 ftIl,n,'y ' September next. Special effort will be made lo qualify vnuiirr ladies and gentlemen to be able and efficient Sschool Teachers. . SAMUEL KINGSBURY, Jericho, Aug. 3. 1839. Prbceptoh. HAT It II A I It . BALDNESS. Import a ntDiscovery, THE GREAT Mi'STEliY FOUYD OUT DAT LAST. RS,7ERl'S HA,a rtEGENERA 1UU. Dr.Slerry.aftermucliatlcntioa to the important subjeet of preserving the hu man hair, has, after many experiment's, chemi. cal nnd physical, been able lo discover an arti cle, whiih is now offered with the greatest conhdenco for the toilet, as Iho best thing ever discovered, from its softening and penetrating quality, to produce a good head of hair-ta provent it from falling off when haldncss is apprehended to restore it when baldness has taken place, and to prevent it from turnmr gray. It is more nourishiny than antique oil. or cologno walcr. It is a hcauli lul nrticlo foi ladies curlsit m-i.-.. n.n (,-i. soft and lively, and produces uncommon brill- um-y. i nousanus havo tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in ovory instance it stands unrivalled. It i..roii,i.i all affections of tlm skin on tho head as dandruff, &c. &c. Every fnmilu .i,n.,i.i i. supplied with a bottle of this oil. that by its applica tion lo tho head and hair of their chiU drcn. Iho beautiful nnd ornamental appenda of a fine head of hair, which nature has sup plied us, may bo preserved. From tho numer ous certificates and recommendations received 01 us saiuiary influence, tho Doctor feels firm, ly persuaded ho has succeeded in producing and articlo which will moot the desired wishug and approbation of the public. or salo, wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co., 1 17 fifing,.., vi,i r r : In Burlington only by .1. & J. (. pEC'K & c'0 inVeriicnncsbv J. II. liOvVM a v i m IJTCO M P A R A B L E T O O T II PREPARATION ! r1IIE Ulopinn dreams oftho alchymist nrn M. realiztod, and a remedy discovered for tho TOOTHACHE, and preserving those important nnd beautiful appciidngcs"nf tho human system, by tho use of tho .MAG NETIC ODONTICA. which by its attract ive, purifying and strengthening qualities removes all extraneous subitancos from tho teciii, rnu preserves tiiein in their natural "i" Hums III snundnnxM nml Tlh n,1., i''?"?'" fr.?,m MPcr,ic". j ... w..,,,,u ...uiutviii never oecaVi but rcmnin till thu latcci ago of man, with their natural wear. Iflien they arodecayed, its progress will bo arrested, and thu teeth prccrved and prevented from nchintr. All tins lias been done in a inuliitiidniir insin,,. i-o. am, niuii.-, in muusui'us oi cases, nervous toolhacho (that climnx of pain) has nt onco beon cllectually cuicd by ihu uso of this llm most popular dentrifrico in America. And the public, so far as they hnvo becomo nc quainlcd with the inerils of this tooih pow dor. havo mado uso ofit as wo havo sold, within a short limo, about 20.000 boxes of IhoOdontica. And, in conclusion, wheroand who is iho young Indy or gcntluman, nyo.tho individual that values n beautiful set of tcclh sound gums, and a sweet breath, moro lliau fifty cents, that will bo longer destitute or a box of Dr. AI. Hitchcock's incomparable Magnetic Odontica? For salo, wholcsoln and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK A: Co., No. 117 Genesee street, Ulica.N. Y. And by iheir agents throughout Ihu U. Stales and Canada. In Burlim-ion only liu 1 jC i H. I'ECK k Co., in Vcrgcnnes by J. H. Bow man, in Milton by Wiilnoy, London & Co. in Goorgia by Lorenzo Janes. nUg2 Tho subscriber has been receive ing for iho last two weeks, the largest and best selected nssnriment of HARDWARE, SADDLERY COACH WARE, Sato mill, Cross cut, and Circutur" , SAWS. Stove and hire place HOLLOW WAREt Wagon, Cart and Pipe UOXES; OUJ'St Porkcl and table CUTLERY, Plated. German Silver. Sc Brittania Ware. CAHIJVET TRIMMIJYGS, LOOKING GLASSES, LOOKING GLASS PLATE. .W. &r Uo has ever before ofleied to the public, all'ftfwhich ho will bo happy to disposo of " ;t". ",v" ,,v "" "u 1 .iio csnio anu retail on tho brel term tor cash or thort credit. Konmir Mnnnv. Burlingtcn, June 25, li39.

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