Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 6, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 6, 1839 Page 2
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an(lloriJal Burlington, as my reason fur not making sumo trifling imi rulmsua. lie nt once advanced me fifty dollars by endorsing my draft tut Now York, nml presenting t lie bill to thu Burlington Hank. "The Fecund instance wliich I shall (imtc wan in tlio purchase of thu Intllnii puny. Mr, C. nf Moiilpelter understand it tr tlmt it wiuilil lie inconvenient, f ii r mc lo pay lit" nrino out of my traveling pocket minify, offered nl unci' to accept tny ilrnft on New York fur I It o sum, in which matt nor tlio purchase was made. Neither of i lies o aontluinmi liml ever scon or heard of nit! before, neither nf llii'tn asked lor a lot tor of introduction or oilier papers I" cut. ify thotn tit lo nny particulars riipncl lug ino, n ml fur nil duo nml modest nlhiwaiico for my own gentlemanly n)wamcp, I very much iliiuht whether 1 should hnvo mot with tho panic liberal treatment iiuilor similar circumstances tit ti country town in Yorkshire or Lancashire. "Annllicr thing I mil also bnunil in con ilnur to say, namely, I lint tho descriptions hitherto given by travellers, of t ho accotnn ilnlious nt tho taverns in thu iniiro rcini)io parts of thu ciiiititiv, havo bron highly coloured to their disadvantage. In travel ling for iho ln-t lortnight with my own horse and wngnii. i havo stopped nt tliren or lour dilli-rent tiluces in ilia course of each dny, and Imvj gone through n great portion of tho most nn-eltled cmiutry in New York. Vermont and Now Ilaiup-hire: in manv ins'nnoes tho invents havo boon verv small; but I hnvo never had reason to complain of want of cleanliness good vie tualf, or civiliiv. I have ask' d at tho most unseasonable hour.--, both early and late, for breakfast, dinnor and support and in tho course often minutes have always boon supplied with a beefsteak, potatoes'. Iirenil and choc-c, butter, eggs nml tea or colter tlio beds have boon clean, ami whenever 1 netted lor two or three towels, instead ot tho one placed in the room, they have been furnished without anv hosi'atinn or extra charge. All that a traveller requires I n Fufiicient knowledge of Iho worh'.to pre vent his mistaking manners for intention and a sufficient hind of good temper in himself to keep htm from being irrtlntod by triilcs. Upon entering or driving up to n tavern, the landlord will siunetimes con tin lie i-mnkinjr his pipe wit limit noticitij your entrnnco; and if von ask whether vnti can havo dinnor, ynu may ho told 'dinner i over, but I guess yon can havo smndhing. Jfyou are Into John 15uM, yon will fret and Folk ; and silently comparing thU with tho tiu&t Impr attpiition and emprcssmcnl ot an j-jiigu-u waner, or uoms. vou wam annul by yourself, chewing the hitter cud ol wrath; hut if ynu area traveller, or formed uy nature to become one (which J nil n Hull is not ) you will lake this reception as you lind ii and as the usage of the country." Mr. McniiAr was a keou sportsman. On bis passage, under the direction of an old sailor, he pot a rifle hall into the heart of a Whale that wan ploying about the ship. In this country he hunted all kind? of game, Irotn the Wild Turkey to tho Buffalo. On a bunting exenrsion near the Allegany Mnunia'tis in Pennsylvania, he met with a Countryman (Mr. Munn.w iF a gtnuine Scot) who, in casting his lot in America, had got what Jennie Deans would call a 'shoulJor to thu hills,' or in other words had located on a spot bearing a resemblance lo his native Highlands. Here the Traveller, 'warming to the tar. tan' indulged in n (lections alike eloquent and patriotic: 'One of my long rambles led mo to tho house of Mr. Chisholiu, one of a large and respectable family who emigrated from the noigeborhoed ol Inverness, and are now mining thotno't wealthy nod thriving len nantsoflho glade. As I drew near lo the farm I overlook a man whom I imino. diatoly guessed by his appearance lo be the laird. Ilu did not hear mo coming nlong the grass, nml when close behind him 1 colled nut, in Gaelic, 'It is a line dny, to. day ' lie started with surprise at this salu. tation, answered it by welcoming mo lo his Iioufo, nml soon mndo me rogrot that my knowledge of Gaelic, confined ns it was lo n few phrnses, did not enable inn to carry on the conversation in that language; however, wo 'cracked' long over scenes"of mutual intcrert and recollection tho wilds of Bndenoch, tho woodlands of Iuvcrtsliie, and the ducal mansion ol Kinrara, and tho neighboring abode of Rothiomurkep. 'With many mingled emotions did I li,-teti In the tongue Hint, in native accents, Fpnko of those well known fcoiiof. They may bo of little interest to others, they may he unknown to fame; but when one who has highland blood in his veins whoso early fool tins trodden tho heath-covered mouti tain whoso young memory wus impregna ted with tho wheeling (light of tho eagle, tho timid eye and freo bound of tho Top, tho hnarso plash ol iho wnterfall and tho slumbering Inch, its pebbled margin Iringod wilh weeping bitch, and its bosom reflect ing the rugged ami dusky forms of the cliffs mid pfomontnries by which it is indented when such n one feels his heart unmoved, his spirit unstirred by these recollect ions, lot him doff that tartan which has well earned its green and crimson glory in many n field from Batinuckburn to Waterloo lei him doff it, "Aad hang a calf-skin on his recreant limhsl" 'In no other part nf the world has my national pridu been moro gratified than in this couotry ; which, abounding as it docs in jolliers from every nniion in Europe, affords n fairer opportunity than can ho ("mi nil at homo ofenmparing llirir respective characters under similar circumstanced. I think I can nllirm with cquol truth and pleasure, that the Ranchmen who have Fettled in the United Stales, bavo earned for theniFolves a higher uvervge character r honesty, persovorfince, and enterprise, ban their rival ect tiers from any other I part of the old world,' New llnuNiwicK. Tho Boston TrntiB scrtpt stnlci that another dreadfully exieu. stvo firo has token place at St. John, by wliich abuut a hundred houses were burnt down, and properly destroyed, to the esti mated amount of gUOO.OOO. -uwiai-wii THE SUSPICIOUS SCHOONER. Wo nro indebted lo the editors of the .Yew York Gazelle (or n slip ennta ining tho following intcreiling particulars relative to tho capture and condition of tho strange vessel that for several days has boon hov ering on our const n ml has excited eo much of the public attention. It appears thnt tho Fcbooncr in question was the " Anns tad," Captain Ramonfltics, from Ilavou- na, hound to Port Principe in the West Indies that tho crew, consisting of fifty four fIovcs, lour nights after they were nut, ro.-u and murdered the Captain and throe other persons on board and that tho slaves took pnscsesstnn of the vpfoI, witli the intention of returning to Africa. The remarkable incidents of the perilous voy age of the "Ami6tnd," until her capture by Lieut. Godncy, near New London, will be found below. U. S3. Brno Washiiwjtov. ) New London, August !2Git, 1 039. " While this vessel was sounding this day between Gardner's and iMontnuk Point. n schooner was seen lying in shore off Cullnden Point, under circumstances so suspicious ns to authorize L'. Com. Ged ney to stand in to see what was her char acterseeing a number of people on the beach with calls and horses, n ml a boat passing lo am! fro, a hoit was armed und dispatched with an ofiicor to board her. On coming along Fide n number of nr groes were discovered on hor deck mid twenty or thirty mure w re on i no beach two white men rami forward and claimed I ho pro'ertion of theofficpr Tins echoo. ner provt d lo bo the " Aini-tnd." Cant. WauuMillue--. from the llavannah bound to Guanain. Port Principe, with 54 blacks anil two pos-pngcrs on hoard; tho former, lour nights aftur they were out, rose and murdered the captian ami throe of the crew; they then took possession of the vom-oI with iho inteiiiion of returnmtr to the coast of Alrica Pedro Monies, na1- Fonger.nud Jose Rues owner of the slaves and a part of the cargo, were only Faved to navigate tho vessel. After boximr about for four days in Bahama Channel the ves sol was slppred for the Island of St. An drows, near Now Providence, from thence she went to Green Key, where tho blacks laid in a supply of water. After leaving ibis place, Iho vessel was steered bv Pc" dm Monies fur Now Providence, the nr groos being under thu impression that she was steering lor the coast of Africa they would not, however, permit her to enter iho port, but anchored every night off the CO.TFt. The situation of tho two whites was n this time truly deplorable, being treated with ihegreatest severity, and Pedro Mon ies, who had charge of the noiigalinn, was puttering Irnm two sevoro wounds, one tho head and one in the arm, their lives threatened cverv instant. Ilo was order oil in change tho course again for the coast of Africa, the negroes themselves steer ing by tho sun in tho day time, while at night he would alter tho course so as to bring them back to their original place of de-tination. 1 hey remained three days off Long Island, to tho eastward of Prov'i donee, after which time they woru two months on the ocean, sometimes steering In tho eastward, and whenever an occa sion would permit, Iho whiten would alter the course to the Northward and West ward, always in hopes of falling in with borne vessel of war, or being enabled to run into some port, when they would bo relieved from their horrid situation. Several tunes thoy worn boarded by vessels, once by una American schooner from Kingston. On iIipso occasions lbs whites were ordered below, while the no groes communicated and traded with the vessel; the scliouuer from Kingston sup plied them with a demijohn of water, for the moderate sum of one doubloon this schooner, whoso name was not nscertnin- od. finding that the negroes had plenty of money, romaineii laotieii alongside the "AniMad" IV, r twenty-four hours, though they must havo neon aware that all w"as not right on hoard, and probably suspected tho character of tho vessel that was on the Idtli of tho present month; tin. ves-el was steered to tho northward rind we-t-ward, and on the 20ih instant ; distant from Now York 55 miles, the pilot bout N. 3, canio alongside, and gave the te foiuc apples. She was also hailed by No. 4 ; when the latter boat came near iho negroes anted themselves, and would not permit hor to hoard them ; they were so exasperated -with t lie two whites for bringing them so much out of tho. way, that they expecied every moment to he murdered. On theS lih they made Monlauk Light, and hteered for it in the hopo of running the vosfol nslrire, but the tide drifted them up the bay. nod they anchored where thov wero found by tho brig Washington, off Cullnden point. The negroes wore found in coinuiunicaiion with jthey laid in n fresh supply of water, and were on the point of sailing ogam for tho coast of Alricu. They had n good supply of money with them, some of which it is liKety as token by the penplo on the beach, after t hoy worn disarmed and Font on board front tho beach, tho ringleader jumped overboard with threo hundred doubloons about him, the properly of iho Cap'.nin. nil n which ho succeeded in Inns tug from his person ; and then permitted himself to be captured. The sch onner ivn. taken in tow by thu brig, and carried into new uoniiou." Tuksdav, 12 o'clock, A. M. Wp haveju.-t relumed fruiii a vtMlloiho Washington mid hor prize, which are rt ding at anchor in tho hay near the fori. On board the Ibimor we saw and eon versed with the iwo Spntiish gentlemen, who were passengers on board Iho schoo ner, as well as owners of tho negroes and most of tho cargo. Ouo of them, Joso Rups, is a vory gentlemanly and intelligent young man, and speaks English fluently. Ho was the owner of most of tho slaves and enrgo, which ho was conveying to his estute on tho Inland of Cuba. The other, Ptedro Montcs, is about fifty years of ngo, nml is tho owner of three slave?. Ilu wua formerly a ship master, mmwrMmi" "TTnwW"-irTIIII1 and has navigated the vessel, since her sci' I zuro bv the blacks. Both of them ns may he naturally supposed, nrc most unfeigned- ly thankful for their deliverance. Jose Pedro is tho most striking instance of coin placcncy and unalloyed delight we have ever seen, and it is not strange, since only yesterday, Ins sentence was pronounced by ihc chief of the buccaneers, and his death song chanted by the grim crew, who gath ered with upliltcd sabres around his devo led head, wliich. ns we.'l ns his arms, bear thoFcarsof sevorul wounds, Inflicted at ihu time of tho murder of tho ill fated Captain and crow. Me sat smoking his Havana on the deck, and to judge from tho martyr like serenity of his coutitonunce, his emotions arc such as rarely stir Iho heart of man. When Mr. Porter, the prize master, assured him of his safety, he threw his arms around his neck, while gushing tears coursing down his furriwcd cheek, bespoke ihc over flowing transport of his soul. Every now and then he clasps Ins hands, and with up. lifted eyes gives thanks lo " the Holy Vir gin" who had led him out of all his truu. hies. Sennr Rues has given us two letters for his agents. Messrs. Shpltmi, Brothers & Co., of Boston, and Peter A. Harmony & Co. of Now York. It appears that the slaves, tho greater portion ot whom wen his, were verv much attached to lnni 1 1 it (I determined nllur reaching Hir coast Africa, to allow him to seek his home what way ho could, whtlu his poor cumpaiiiou was to be sacrificed On board the brig wn also saw Cingtics, the master spirit and hereof this bloody tragedy, m irons. Ho is about five feet eight inches in height. 55 or 2G yenrs of ago, ol creel figure, well built, and very active. He is said to be a match for any two men on board the sc'iooner. His coun tenance for a native of Africa, is unusually intelligent, evincing ticcommou decision and coolness, with a coinpusure character istic ol truu courage, and nothing to mark Ii im as n malicious mat.. Ho is a negro who would command u N. Orleans under the hammer, at least ;500. Ho is paid to havo killed the captain and crew with his own hand, by cutting their throats. lie also has several tunes altcmp ted to take the life of Scnor Mnntes, and the hacks of several poor negroes are scored with the scars of blows inflicted by his lash to keep them in submission. He expects lo bo executed, but nevertheless manifests a sang froid worthy ofaStoic un der similar circumstances. With Capt. Gedney, the surgeon of the pnrl. and others, wo visited the schooner. which is anchored within musket shot of the Washington, and there we saw such a sight as we never Faw before and never wish to see again. The bottom and sides of this vessel nrc covered wilh barnae'es and sea-graFs, while her rigging and sails present an appearance worthy of the Fly ing Dutchman, after her fabled cruise. She is a Baltimore built vessel nf matchless mo del for speed, about 120 tons burthen and about six years old. On hor deck were grouped, amid various L'oodn noil aroi!-; llin remnant of hor Eihiop crew, Force decked m the most fan tastic manner in the silks and finery pilfered from the cargo. while others in astateofnu dity, emaciated to mere skeletons, lay coiled upon the docks. Here could bo seen n negro with white pantaloons and the sable shirt which nature gave him, and a plan ters broad-brimmed hat upon his head. with n string of gewgaws oround his neck ; and another with a linen cambric shirt, whose bosom was worked by the hand of some dark.eycd daughter of Spain, while his nether proportions were enveloped in a shawl of gau.-e or Canton crape. Around the windlass were gathered the three little gills, from eight to thirteen years of age, tho very images nf heallli and gladness. Over the deck were scattered, in the mot wanton profusion, raisins, vermicelli, thrpnd, rice, silk, and cotton goods. In the cabin and hold wen- the marks of the same wasteful destruction. Hor cargo appears lo consist of silks, crapes, calicoes, cot ton and fancy goods of various descrip lions. glass and hardware, bridles, saddles, holster-, pictures, looking glasses, bonks, fruit, olives and olivo oil, and "other things too numerous lo mention" which are nov mixed up in a strange and funiadtie med ley. On the forward hatch wo unconsciously rested our hand on a cold object, when we soon discovered it to he a naked corpse, enveloped in a pall ol block bombazines. On removing its folds wo beheld tho rigid countenanco and glazed eye of a poor ne gro who died last night. His month was unclosed nnd still wore the ghastly p.vpres t-mu of his last Ftrngglu. Near by him, like some watching fiend, Fat the most hor rible creature wo ever saw in human chape, an object of terror to the vory blacks, who said he was o cnnnibal. His teeth projee ted nt almost right angles from his irouih, while his eyes had a tuna savage and de moniac expression. Wo were glad Ir. leave I his vessel, as Iho exhalntiniis from her hold and deck, wero like anything but "gales wnfled over the gardens of Gaul " Capt. Gedney has despatched an express to the U. S. mar shnl, ot New Haven, while ho has made the must humane nrrangeinenis for Iho health nnd comfort oft ho prisoners, and the purification of tho prizo. There nro now nlivo -I'l negroes, three of whom nro girls; about 10 havo died. They havo been at sea (53 days. The vessel and cargo were worth jl-10,-000 when ihey left Hovaiin, exclusive ol the negroes, which cost from 20 to 30,. 000. Vessel and cargo wero insured in Havana. dipt. Gedney, when he first espied the Ainistad, was running a line of Founding towards Montnuk Pou t. IJo had heard nothing nf this vpstel being on the coast till nfier h'.s arrival in this port. LATEST FROM FlToiUDA. t. AunusTiNi:, Ait,'. 15. I'hom Titr. SouTii.-.Mnor Ilcmieit, 1'uyimuter I'uited Slate,- Aimy, arrived hero on Wednesday from Key lliseayne, in Iho steam boat Cineinali, who informs us that Lieutenant Colonel Harney had reached (hat place, ullur luakiiitf hi- e.-eapo from lieuifr mannered ,y thy Indian-, at Caloiva hnteliie, with Ihu soldiery, and Mr. Dallam and eitizeus under his employ, amounting to seventeen or eighteen in all. Colonel Harney wa. lauded nt that place, on his return Irom lainpa Hay, but a few days previous to the attack. He had been huniiHB wild hogs Bammi.-.jiiJi'iuinawai lor provisions, and returned Into at nitfht verv much f.tti'sued, and Immediately retired lo re-i, nnd believes tlni Indians wero not nppri-ed ol his return, juiout mo ureal,' ot day. lie was uroiied by the llrina of pins, and, on ruling out of his tent, loiino mat mo iiiuians liail uiinu a monitor or men and wero pursiiiiii? others who had Hod to tho water, lirin nt them ; ho soon discovered any at tempt on his part would l.o fruitless, and olleoled aw o.-eapo witn ouo mini by means ol a eauoo somodKlmico from tlio eninp. The soldiers who look to tho water mndo their escape by swiintnins; to n small boat some di-iaiico Irom 'tlio shore. ('ol. H. met with tliein, and returned lo tho coast that iii'.;lit, and procured some bread loft by tlio Indian whioh enabled them to subsist. H'avins met with a boat lhat conveyed him to Kov ilii cuyne, ho -oat apart of his men to Tampa 'flay to report to d'cii. Taylor. Major liciineli also informs us that Chilto I iMcnimfrco, with his Jamil), wero nt Key Hi cayiic, together with a niim'l er of Indium, who were detained by Col, Harney, who sent Chitto Tti.-tenugi'ce for Sam Jones to meet him; that Sam Jones canio to Tort Lauderdale, and that both Chilto Tiislcmifa'eo and Sain Jones denial linvina; any participation in that iitKu'r, or even a knowlcdgu of tho intention to make an attack, (siiyhi!? they wero tho Spanish Indians) and ox-prev.-ed their willint-ue-s, in the presence ol the eommandiiii ollicor at Port Lauderdale, and Maj. lieniietl, to tro and fiirjit them. Iloth Sam Jones and Chitto Tu-tennwo declare that it is their wih to comply with the treaty, and Sam oilers to (jivo up his son as an evidence of bis sincerity. Col. Harney arrive I at Port Lauderdale just a Major Bennett left, wIiom: intention was to make some arrangement with the-e chiefs to go aRain-t I lie Indians who mado tlio attack-; no arranneiiifiit wuri- nuwi.-Yi.Tj was iniulo previous to major u.'s no , and partiue Irom Fort Lauderdale, as ho canio direct istofi'VV" 111 lnu tJmeinnii, the boat which lirouh . j t;1l- Harney to that place; the colonel detained th miwever, was iniulo previous to Major U.'s ilo- uirect- ht letninod tlio steam boat Sautce at Port LaiulerJalo to aid him in Ins operations. Major ChiMs detained at Fort Pierce threu In dian", one male and two females, and sent them to St. Amru-tiue m the Cineinali. Captain Mao, with tlio steamer Pnin-elt, was at Key HKcavnc, haviin received Ins supply of men, with boats and provi-ion-. He left that place on Mondav, iho I2th iu-t. fi r Key we-t, in tending to e-tnlili-h a pot at Caloo-aliatehie, to prevent -upplie- bei'iiu taken to the In-liau-', and no inteiKleJ cruisimr around a-.lar as lumpa liny, F It I D A V M O It N I . G, SEPTEM BEIt G. THE ELECTION. We have the satisfaction of again an nouncing to our political friends the Iriuin pliant success of the whig ticket in Bur lington, in Chittenden county, and, wo doubt not, in the state. In this town, it will bo observed that we have preserved our usual wholesome majority of between 30 and 40 on the state ticket, ond elected our representative by a majority large enough to satisfy any man of ordinary ambition, liut however this may bo, it must amply satisfy the public as lo the political character of the town of Curling, ton. The Van lluren candidate, has been eighteen months in tho field, a man of note. and one of the most adroit political mana gers in the state. In addition lo litis he had formerly been n distinguished advocate of Whig principles, and coold even now pernaps cs'nii'tsli Ins orthodoxy in this particular; wb. e at the Fame time ho has been hacked 111 tins campaign by the com bined influence of two regular nominations and ail thu government pntronago in this part of tho state. Marshals, Custom house officers, post masters, breakwater agents, and all their train of mentals and hangers on. have come and gone at his bidding. The treasury of the nation has, for all practical purposes been at his com mand. On the other hand our candidate was, in farmer's phrase, an "untamed colt'' a young man, put into the contest against his own wishes, a man but recently a citi zen among us, personally unknown to one (lunrter of the voters in town, nnd in his fortune and circumstances perhaps not the man most likely to catch the popular breeza. And although a man of fine talents, nt,d of irreproachable character, lie has had to encounter the seven vials of administrotion wrath. Personally, politi cally, and morally, has ho been assailed and vilhficd, and for the first time in the history of our elections has tho haggard demon of sectariati bigotry boon invoked nor has she been invoked in vain though wc trust in God, soon to be laid. And yet, under all these adverse circumstances have wo triumphed, nobly triumphed; for winch we ascribe unto the "sober second thoughts of the penplo" and the abiding integrity of the wbigs of Durlitigton ull honor and praise. In the county wo havo lost ono member. Williston, which lost year elected a Whir by a majority of one, has this year elected a Van Huron man by a majority of to0l Huntington not represented. So that wo "land in the county 15 Whigs and 0 Van lluren members, und probably one wlii" nnd one V. II. Senator a whig majority of two on joint ballot. THREE CHEERS EOR FRANKLIN. With no ordinary satisfaction wo niu nounco the political redemption of Prank tin county. Last year, Iho county stood 10 Tories, and 1 whigs. This year the whigs have elected tho ten, and the loco focos have consented to put up with four. Gov. Jcnison's gain in four towns in this county is 200, Even in.Swanlon ho received a majority. That portion of the state from which wc have returns, it should be borno in mind, includes the headquarters nnd stronghold of Toryism. Addison, Rutland, Windsor, and Windham counties, will tell tho Biury. Wo have lost tho sonators in Orange county, but there is some renson to believe that ivc have made it up in Franklin. GOVERNOR. The following is oil the returns for Gov cruor that wc havo been able to obtain. Gov. Jonison is undoubtedly re-elected. . though perhaps by n reduced majority, ' owing to the nealigcnco of the whigs, 1 Jnnison Smilin. Orango 113 114 Huntington Ti DO Milton 102 15,5 South Hero UG mnjorily Ilurlinglon 310 310 E Poullney 1 1 G IG Richmond 92, 123 Esex f)2 17G llrnndon 202 13!! Muldlehury 202 212 Alburgh 119 51 Windsor 339 125 Irasburgh 99 !!l llevidero 7 33 Eden 59 Gl Elmore 29 44 Hydepark 49 115 Johnson 103 150 Mansfield 5 47 Morristown 101 1G2 Sterling ig 20 Siowe 115 22G WolcoU 5B r,i; Rockingham 2G0 2lU VOTES FOR SENATORS.. Cl'k. Alarth. Has. Hiirgcss 335 333 301 307 114 111 17 17 I0f 10U 142 142 94 94 I7G 17G 144 144 JIG !IG 74 73 77 77 50 60 197 195 149 150 92 92 IAI 121 O'i 92 5li 5!l 23 23 7 7 C2 G2 125 125 84 122 96 97 HI) 118 134 134 0 G 45 45 Burlington, Ilolinn. Charlotte, Colchester, Essex, llinesburgh, Huntington, Jericho, Milton, Richmond, Shelhurn, St. George, Underbill, West ford, Williston, Mansfield, REPRESENTATIVES. Burlington, Carlos Baxter, Bolton Jos. Smith. Charlotte, Colchester, Essex. llinesburgh, Huntington, Jericho, Millun, Richmond, Shelhurn. St. George, Undertill, Weslford, Williston Mansfield South Hero Cambridge Orange Washington Calais Middlesex Mnntpelier Randolph WiUiavistoicn Roynllon llrtmlcjietd liar re Berlin Waihjield Duxburij Walerbury R Poullney Brandon St. Albans Weybridge Middlebury Castlelnn Pnullnci Alburgh Vergcnnes Swanton Ilighgalc Sheldon Enotburqk Fairfield Berkshire Georgia Franklin Windsor Fairfax Fletcher Baker sjield Chester Starksboro Rutland Cornwall As 10 Haven Bristol PnnUm Ferritburgh Walt ham Monklon Bridporl Shoremm Addison Bridporl Belvidere Eden Elmore Hydepark Johnson Morristown Sterling Slnwc Walervitle WolcoU Albany Barton Coventry Craftsbury Glover Irasburgh Jay Lowell Newport Salem Troy Weslfield Rockingham Westminster S. H. Barnes Arnd Merrill Danl Littlefield Jed Byington, none Andrew Warner D H Onion J H Umphrey E W Spear Ishatn E F Hutchins Artemas Allen N Parker Luce Corbin Willard Griswold L F Pen body Pnllip Sargent Alonzo Pierce Thos Stowcll IL Wheeler Liren Gr.swold n,a. I Wh-ock A fi Bigelow N Kinsman V Sprague Richardson Turner Paul Dillingham A Bailey E Jackson S S Brown Jewel t Goudv Higby Leonard F Huntington Foster Culler Keith Kendall Soulo Smith Warner J II Hubbard C Coolidgo L Hawiey J Kinsley A Corse II II Henry A Atwood G T Hodges Jesse Ellsworth, )r. Warner II Needham Silas Tnppan Win. Hazard E. Betitou, L. Smith II. Smith Davis Rich, Hayward, II Smith M Shatttick Clark Fisko J N Perly Lucius Noys Alber. Stone John Ferrin not represented O W Dutlur M Fisko J Pen nnc k W Allen H Pierce Clenvcland Osgood Dwinnoll T P Rcdfield W Garlton S Scott J Froet not represented. Bard not represented Asa Wontworth Alvan Gnodalo ALL HAIL RHODE fsLAND! Wo have had of lalo so little cause lo cry '-all hail" in tho result of Western elections, lhat we arc doubly rejoiced at being able to eay to our readers that little Rhode Island has elected the two whig members of Congress, and in a close vole for Speaker two whig members may (urn the scale, l lio Providcnco Journal savs: "Never diil vvn i.iLniir ... tutil, r,rn... r-l;.,,. of cxultuvioo than we djj til ihis inonieni, to record another triumph of tlio pcopln. Cranston mid Tillinoiiast are re-elected. T,0 freemen of 7 , """" oieir couiiiry nnd honor lo llicinsidvrs, Without rrgnrding tlio ''"I1;" of ,1.'.Rr HiaiM. nr only rprdim: it mm .iuu 1 1 loiiii 1 HiirnuiiM 10 iiic pcriuruianco nf their dntv, they havo come up 10 iho polls manful. tutr hllfc S isce.i like Hint iigningt lha tn-ueiires of ihc admin ignition ; tliey have stood up n wall of iron against the onward progress of locofocoiem, miJ if nerd u,uu lie, iijraiiui the backward current of treachery and defection. If 1 tic whig-, drltrn by an ndvancing nnd inxilt nig tnc,li,ivc fallen back upon the Gibraltar of It., uehavB -Imwn thcin liut Ibat forlrcn is impiigiMble. Ilho.le ,,,j jg a ,,,nfl State, 11 yciv finall Siaie, bat fIio ha-pioved herself largu cuoiinli 10 secure Hie election of a whig Speaker to llie next House ol l!eircscniaiivcs ; large enough 1.1 im h im. u, me nei.niMtions nnd prolligacv ol the iimsi corrupt iiilinuiHiraiiun that ever disgraced and lulf ruinr-d any country. We coiigraliil.ue our friends throughout tlio whole country, upon ilii mn-t auspicious result." OUR TOWN ELECTION. The following is the result ortho election for Representative in this town, for Baxter. (Whig, I 317 Lymoti, (Loco Foco,) 30U Scattering, 5 E' Majority for Baxter, 4 Of the scattering, three were for Whiga and two for Loco Focos ; adding the three bcattering to Baxter's 317 and it makes the Whig vote lorVown ReproFOii- 1 tutivc 320. Give the other two spfttir.r,n 10 Lyman, and it makes the Loco Foco vote 310. thus giving the Whigs a major ity often votes on the Representative tick, ot. This majority might have been swel led lo tinny or forty if certain disaffected Whigs had come to the Polls and voted for Uie regulaily nominated candidate of iheir party. We cannot omit lo mention in this place the unprincipled and profligate manner in which the Loco Focus have conducted in relation to the election in this town. There can be no doubt in the minds of all candid men, that there is in the town of Burlington a clear Whig majority of no less than 40 to 50 voles, hut owing to tho desperate means made use of by the Loco Focos, this majority is reduced to the mea. gre one of only 30. Nathan B. Haswell, a man who has grown fat from Government dribbling, the Breakwater agent in this place, who procloims openly, as we under stand, that no man shall bo employed to work thereon, unless a thorough going Loky, and himself the Loco Foco candidate for Senator in this county, led up or caused to be led up to the polls on the day ol elec. tion. some 30 or 40 individuals who voted tin' L-j Foco ticket throughout on that c ,. . Wo wish th,. freemen of the '"s.i o, llnriington to ponder well Lpon 'ln--e tacts. Candidates for office were formerly a lit- tlo more modest. km Mr u....nii throws ofi'all disguise in this matter, one urlice under the General Government is not enough for the man. But he must need? mike iisu of the powers thus temporarily. and we know not but eternally ceded bun by the General Government, to secure still another place of trust in our Slute Govern. incut. We call upon the freempn of Chittenden county, one and all to reflect for a few moments, upon tho immense Government influence with which they have had lo contend. And yet this is the man, who is so verv tenacious of his own rights (his right to a seal in the Senate Chamber at Montpeher, we Ftippose he means when he speaks so pompously of "my rights" and "my privi leges") lhat ho would debar a portion of the quiet and inufi'ensivo residents of this town of the most sacred of all rights, the right of exercising the elective frnnchiso where they properly and legally belong. On tho present occasion, however, wo havo triumphed gloriously triumphed over all the deception and frauds of nur adversoriea, over Government patronage, and over n cabal both by habit nnd inclination corrupt. lis a triumph, not of correct principles alone hut a triumph of honest men over old and intriguoing politicians. Tut BouNiunv Wo understand that Mr. Fursyth. Secretary of State, ha- transmitted to Governor Fairfield, tho. communication of Mr. Fox to the Govern- ment of the United States, relating lo. tho. mission of Col. Mudgn nnd Mr. Feather, Btonhaugh, by wliich it would seem iliac ' Ihe object is substantially what has been 1 alleged in the English papers. The Bri Jlish Government apprehending that ttict negotiations respecting tho establishment : of a joint commission for running the lino J might nut bo terminated until near tho I closp of tho present year, it was ihouht the mean lime might bo profitably spent by lhat Government in making a topo graphical survey, and ocquiring n, moro intimate knowledfo of tho territory in diiputo. Still farther since writing tho foregoing, we have obtained copies of the following: correspondence which has taken plao between Sir John Ilurvey and Gov. Fair, field. Suco Democrat. Governnirnj House, Piiedeiuckton, V. S,, Aug. 10, 1639, Major General Sir John Harvey has the honor In acoiiainl Gsternor fiiirflpM. ili.n f"l m...i of lite Royal Kngiaccrs, and W, G, Feailicrato-

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