Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 6, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 6, 1839 Page 3
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h.nigli, Esq. Iinvo been cnt from England U Ihn purpose oi in.ikiiijjn l)ii;r.ipiiciil cxiiiiiin.ilion of,,0 n'r'Si ,''lM,l''rilor.5''or '"u "n,!i Sir John Harvey d.iro not nfloiv lifm.elf to enter. Wllllnslv co.oper.Uo wl,h .iMl of ?Z prot'hnin doing 'wIi.ii mny depend iipnn ihem inPecii..yi ol only loprevcnl any niim option being oflVird lo procpciiingH nfa cliiirneicr m entirely ninicbio und ,mri, r,.,cmmi:, u,u .IIMIIO lor It 1IIIV iis'ijiiince uliicli may lie rrqniied lv n commission", Iho i of hIiojb Inquiries m.iy liiio n, tn.i i cr i.i I mi influence in cxpediiinj; ifm (PCi,j0l, r ,le licndin? npgiiil.iilnii, mid wliii h imisi, ihercfoie, la iiiiuuu iin .hi iiju.ii octree. 01 uttcicst l)y bolh Milic. Tlie cnininiP.ionerp, wlio nrenov here, purpose to commenci; ilieir journey iihont tlu 20lli iii'iiml, nun io piocreu in no inn injinrce lo llie. (irial I'al'd, and llience, perhaps, in n westerly diicciion. Executive Department, Saco. August 10, 1S39. Sir I have the honor in at knowledge the leceipl of tour Excellency' note of the lOih instttht, in foniiins ma of the appointment by the. Ilriliidi Gov ernment of IMo,sr?. Mti.-j;e unci 'e.ilheisioaliaugli, "for die purpose ol inalinj a txanii. ii.ilion of pari of I tie deputed lerrilorv, for lliu nun nnd informatinii of her Majesty's Gotcrnment," &c. &c. lieinj; fullv onnvinenn llial llie difficulties suppn Fed by llie Britidi Government lo be involved in lie pending question of boundary would vanish bofoie a coiree.t lopogrupldcil knotvlcdgo of the leiritnry, 1 shall not only oiler "no inieniiption lo llii! proceedings of (lit cuinmiinoiiei.s," uliirli you describe as "rniiit-ly nmic.ible" and "pnrel,- seien. liiit:," .ind lliu iejiift ol ttliiih ou iippitlieinl may li.iwi "a material iiifluene.R in (.'xpi'dilin the deci sion of llie ending iifiintialion," but 'will, with pleasiirc, afl'oid lliu cuiuiuissiouci!) nil ie.iui. nble I'acilitics'in my power, for llie piojeCiilion of tliisir design. I hate the honor lo I p, very respectfully, your ExcullenctV obedient seitani, John Kaimi'ikmi, (iotrinnrof Maine. His Exeellencv Ala j Gen. .Sir John Haitcv, Lieul.Gov. 1'iov. of i. U. Mn. Sxacv: Tlic brilhiint display ex tiibited Inst evening by the Aurora Bnrcalis exceeded any thing 0f of the kind winch lias fallen untlor my observation for n con siderable time. To nltcmpl a description of it would be ns futile as it would be pre Kinnpi tioui ; and alike vain would be nny attempt lo represent it with the pencil Tin; mccs.-ant ant rapid change! 0f form mid color rendered it impossible to cnlcb the whole at any given point of lime. Uui n description is the less needful since it oc enrred to early in the evening as to allow nearly all an opportunity ol witnessing it The amount of light proceeding ff0ni the meteor was not, remarkably great, although it was frequently no intense.from particular points, us to cau-e bodtts lo cast a distinct shadow: yet there were come things in its oppEraiice worthy of note. Aboul 9 o'.' clock, tthile blreamers were shooting up from different points of ,C horizon, the r-ky in the south eust began gradually to tifsume a dark red. or bloody hue, which rupully deepened nnd extended particularly towards the east, where tjJU llH.e()r Jln7, assumed a hue of dnzl rig white. There ot length it iiiinrn,.i.g;,.,l nd for a time the whole eastern porliou or iho heavens ap jienred bountifully btripod uiH. white and red. At .i qiinrtur pnst nine Hie main body f 'hem-Mnor wns Mill i thc hhiiIi cast. !)n.i -r mic form of an immense dome with u'.",x about 10 degrees to thc south east of the zenith, nnd its base extending nbr.ut 90 degrees along the At tins instant, pencils, or streamers of light, shot forth from llie vortex of the domn m every direction, and extended down nearly to thc horizon all around ; and fnr iilmut one hour, during which time I carefully waiehcd tho meteor, the streamers all con. verged to this point, about 10 degrees S. G. of the zoniih as to a focus. During the whole tune observed the meteor, it" motions were extremely rapid, and its col. rs continually varying from a dazzling white to the most dark and snmbru red, nnd tho imagination would require but little aid from superstition to convert it in. to mi omen of direful war and fields of blood. ' While gazing upon it, was nt times disposed to regard it as a mere lumi niiiuru, designed io mock tho meagre ol fints of man, at fireworks and illumina. tioue, and pour contempt upon that plnloso phy which expects to rob nature of )Cr mysteries. Sept. 4, f)39. T. Mit. Enri'oit, have never bnnn considered one of tho grumbling soil, or have I often complained of tho char ges fioinctimes made upon travellers, by lirillilirr nvi.-n-l.-r..w...,. --3--J- is -"-wi-jiuiijiuia, uo never ex pect to sco their faces again. Hut 1 was inade the victim of a demand, (ho other iiy, so outrageous and bareiitced that I (Aiink tho demandant deserves a little y?)Vic on that account. flook tho line boat in thc evening accompanied by two ladies, for L'latts biirgh, whero wo nrrived a little before eleven. When wo got to Fonquelt's in that plaVc 'ho ladies under my care, ex pressed wish to go on to tho Cumber land Springs six miles from tho village, which wak,Ilu P'o of our destination, and whithe some friends of the ladies had preceded them. I accordingly or dered it carriage, got tho ladies on board, nnd asked tho iWkccper what his charge was for taking uk vcr. And what think you M. Editor, t's tho" modest demand of this civil and rannahle gentleman? Only, Five Dollars! And this for taking Ihrco persons six mf's over a good road, 011 ., ,.ni '.' ' 7 ," i. i( i", ' r"-U!""11 inuumiiii '"o"" Tllu wm-ingo could not have been gotio lnOIO tllllll two hours from tltu StCM of I 0U(lIJC,tS ..11(1 yet I WIS SUbjuctcri lo .1 tax equal lo tho cluirgo usually inailo in AT v i - i numum -Now-York city lor tho uso of tt similar cstblishineiit for half a day ! I do nol dispute the gentleman's right to charge what ho please but with your permis sion, I am determined that the readers of your paper shall ho apprized of what they may expect at the hands of the per sonage who holds in his power Iho tem porary destiny of travellers going through IMattdbnrgli. VIATOR ' "" i i t ir 1 1 m iim i it MKXIOO. itie ncnooner Uamaudie, nt IVew Orlcaiin, brings Vera-Criiz dates to the oin ami ciiy ol Mexico to (he -1th mi (l..,t a.,,... t . . "M""1 j-iiliu was no iritiii m i n. r.i,i-t umutmiu-miiiii was assassinated The return of Hiislnnimifn in m.,. I,.,.. juunhi-uuiizod nytwoaefs which, n our opinion, arc a bitter satire on llie policy of Santa-Anna. The liist of these acts restore the press all the rights and privi leges which it formerly possessed. The second uniuil.4 tho celebrated contract torn man concluded by the hero of Ta maulipas, which would have been extre mely burdensome to Mexico. Thede. mand for its being; annulled tins ,,.. ented lo the senate by commiltco of the chamber of deputies on the 20 of iulv ............ vy JLltlliy lYon l (,;CSIH1, is desired ny the chamber, a decree i sonioriiwy tliereol was published. The contract lor the loan had been effected at lionuon lor L. 130,(J(JO. urn united-plates schooner Hoxer, Com. -Nicholson, belonging to the sipia dron in the I'acifie Ocean, minlmm,! ;., the port oI'Maziiflan on the 27th .func noma cruize along the western coast Ul ITIU.MCO. xnc uamanclie brings $10,500 in njiL-uiu, iiiui several passoii"crs. VrVll.f'.fll- f , 1 l r .... , uon jgnacio Mora, general of engineers, arrived here iu "ay. i to lias brought with him work men and tools, for repairing our mole, -"""1 1114 luniucations. c'ii!l of Alcviro, 30A Jul,. Gener- .11 w ianzo lias asked to be relieved nom .tic command ol the Northen divi sion ol the army, in consequence of the j.m .-n.uu 01 nis neaith. The factious leaders, Senilis and Ca nales, eonfiinie their career as freeboot ers, without daring to face tho troops of 1 10 government. Captain Vidigary left them, and went to Montgomery to ob tain his j.ardon. Tn Talisco 92 insurgents had come to obtain their pardon. in Valladolid the famous Ronda and other insurgents had t-lso arrived to nsk for pardon. ,n A u it I n I) On luciilay eve l,iSI, ,v in IcVi K Coiiteo.c, Mr. Enoch I'aok of CIioioii. Vt. iu Win Jakk h. Moui.TUitoe, of this In Cr.ilu.lmiy, mi Hi t?Si!i nil., ,v ev. ,llr. Uells .Mr. William Kawsuk, of Luunikin. Ocorgi.i, 10 Mi. Julia Koot. i) i i: i) In Cli.irlotle, on iliu 23d nil., .Mr. acii.viii.iH :UKTls,ii (.toliitiiui.iiv enlilir-r, ,n,i 79 1 nnins !n tivw Voik, ,M:i?,n:hiisi.H, Ohio and, ii iu mpie.-iwl to in-ci i iliu idinte. '" SUeUi , on il. L'nil in.., Elnatiian IIiauKi:, iinl Sj tens A inn; t'.iiriut of '(. Anti-Shivery Earthenware, a new pattern w-ll adapied in remind free, men of their own rights nnd enjovioenu I'lii! nhove tvilh n (rciu-rn I tnrlc oi CUhY.') GLASS Sr EARTHED WARE, oiler. i:dfor-ale at tvlioluMile to country mer chants on ns gootl terms ns any hou-o m the city, nt f!7 Wnier st. FIELD Sj Co. mcio ,,;,,, stuguu -M. i!39. ll w Walking Sticks. QOMB beautiful liitlecanes juu received Sept. Panohoiin & liitiNSMAin, tiu.tir, uenulies tor $f,, ,, iJirt, for S;550, g2, gi 50 and $ 25. Many Goods opening. Sept. 5. PAMinnitN & BitiNs.ti.un. MO f J AIR CAPS. A few Mohair Caps nt j rued imd nets x-- at 37 cenls, at ihe Vanetv Store. Sept. PAisr.noitN Ii HIIN-M in. New Goods, New Goods, N all their splendid varieiies, now open. mg. Our friends and Customers, nil lr nnd near nro politely invited to walk into the Variety Store. fi" I'N'1I0IIN &, BlllNFMAII). jff HUU 1' five or six weeks llir,, n ln, E3 hay horse, 10 or 12 years of ao-e, hud the glanders when ho left, ho came from tho vicinity of the Connecticut tiver. Also, between two and three nmnilis ui,.e., udnrkish grey mure. The said 11, pro is spavined and has very sharp teeth. Who ever will return mid horses or give inl'or- maiion where they may hu found, shall be suitably rewarded, J. POTTER, l!ttrlintnri, Sept. 4 1l!39. A PRW DORSES will bo ink.'ii to PrU-k ir my r-,1 .ibiit-h-uieiil Nn. I. North Hi. Good euro taken ofihem - nnd good tails or no pay. CALEB RICHARDSON. Sept. I. 105 Hoxcs Tin PJato l-IJ X. 32 Bundled Wiru from Number 0 to 17 just ree'd by Vilab, Loomis &. Co. ' STATU OF VERMONT, ) DfS'tUICT Ol' CtllTTIINDKN. FS. nnilh probate cotirl for iho District of -iiL Oliiiietnloii, io all persons to whom iiiesi! presents shall c.ome. Gkkktim bally Irney of Ese.v, in said district. Stinrdian of Umily ftl. Tracy of said Ksscx, n lemali! minor under Iho ago of eighteen years, having represented to this cotiM that thn said K.tnily is seizod in bur own right in fee of Iho following do-cribod piocn or parcel o land lying and being situate in said Essex, viz: nil the land deeded by Amanda Spencer to Grmvnhl W.Tracy, on Ihelllst day of December ItltfG, ami h part of lot No. 31, ns by said deed recorded among the records of deedp in said Essex will appear, reference therein being made, and is supposed to coiilmn eight acres, and that n miIo of said hind would be conducive to the best inieto.-t of her said ward, ant! praying .-aid court to license and empower her. the snnl Snllv. to sell said land. It is hereby ordered I lint said application be heard before said court, l n bossion thereof In ho holden nt the Register's office in Iliirliiigton. on i he second Wednesday of (October, 11)3!), and that notice iherool ho given bv publishing Ibis order, containing iho MilHtnuue of said peiitinn, :n Hie Free Pres.-, ,1(.v.p.,.r primed at Uurltiigiou two weeks Pieces sively. the Inst of which publications to In not less than two weeks previous to mn day. Given under mv hand nt Hurl ugton, tinh 3 let day of Augn-t, I rjf) Wm. WESTON, Jl-thlr. ARE ihe sai , , . ,. a, 1 , ; remedy for Cnuwh. Calth (-,,.,.,, irionmur Ci)n;h Asthma Tigtttnesi ,f(he ....,.,.., ,,. , c,,,. MllJ pr(),)Ml.,l)r ha-never ko.ittu an instance wh(!f(. tlev did nol g-ve perfect sat tsluel ion. Several 'hou.-and boxes have been sold within the laM Ihrei; months, restoring lo health, per MUN in almost ,very Mage of consumption", and those laboring under the most disires. sing colds nod conhs. Thev do iu.i nU.i- and dry up the cough, but render 11 easv promote expectoration, allav ihe iinl.-l,n.. or irritation, und remove Ihe proxunaio tir exciting cause. They are mad.. fr.,m coinbinntion of tho most valuable expectn- rani, or cougn metiicincs, nnd nro noilonln. edly superior to every thing in use for those complaints. Hundreds unnn lnm. drcds nl ccnificates have been offered of their wonderful virtues, from lho?o who have been saved from an unliinclv rrrneo and restored to perfect health, by using Where there is much pain in the breast side, one of Sherman'-i Pi,,..- Mn., Piasters should be annlieil over il... n,i and worn till relieved. If attended with cosiivmiess, n few cailinrim ..r i,.. Lozenges, or any mild calhartie mn,!,,.,,,,, should he used ns occasion requires. ijx-oiioriu i-arums was cured jn two days, of u mo-l di-lres,p,r r.ou"li. Mr button of Providence. Mr Slialer of 15m... ton. Mr. Rivers. Mr. Comb,. Mr. Wallace. juoge i-eters. itlrs. t;,,!,.,,,., M) ;ts nrdson, nud hundreds of others of this ciiy have Clllled ,.Yres llmir 1.,... i comincndaiion of the speedy relief and : cures rfTectcd hu iho. .rl i...i..,i. j v.uir XUIIUUIIUI ui'i'L'ii it .'.eii'res. Dociors Smith., r.dt. Hurri- Unghnin, and severnllnliera ..r 1 ilisliiiguifdied physicians, have used e.-e tjir.enges, m ilt..r ornni if?. urn I vnr.ahlo success, 'j-j,,, XIK ,-.lcl), timn.rmly npprove of ihcin, aa the be-t coiinh ined cine m use. Mr. Kendall from Vermont, visile,! H.i oily last fall. inlenduiL' lo 00 South. 10 hopes ofnutigaiirig u ,,evere coun-li nml ,,.,1 monary nfTeciioo. that In; had been troubled with for several months. He had tried, as ho supposed, every nopnlnr nmedv will,. out any reliel. Ho wn- induced iiv .n I, ..,! to purelm-e n box of Dr. Sherman's Cawh ' LOZENGES, which 10 his surprise. alVor. j (led him great relief , n few hours, and 111 three weeks re-tored him io perfect health, so Hun he returned home to his I'amilv reJ Uj ClOIII nl hlieriiino's iop,lipnin,l !.,... r nreoouse, lUlj I:i-SHII W.u, V...I. and in BiirliMgiou, Vi ,,t the Vunetv Store ri'li. I. by P.vNfinortN & Biilnsmaii). l.JL A k,ni r B B Bl A LAD from 14 m ic venrn of nc may Ii id 11 SltliallOO II- Mil fllirirn.,1 .,. IhlsOllioe. Aug. 29. 1339. 1000 Kegs Fall River nails, for sale by Ihe subscribers. The Nail.s ar" a new article nnd the Machinery by winch the nails aro made beino- perfectly now, the consrqueucu is ihat the nails are all purred, and wo believe the nails to be "''P''M(ir lo any other nail to he found in lie pl'ice. All who wish to buy nails will f I ,ri,,"!lr '"lorost to call mid examine mo fall River nail before piirchnsucr else where, ns iho qnnliiy and prico of ihe nails can not fai t MH(. KERN & WALKER. August 20, 1!!39. 25 Hales 4-1 brown Shoe )tinrs 'l " Shirl ings Tiekings, ju-i ieceived by vilas. Loomis & Co 7 " Aug. 22. g',(s Gill Coat Buttons, lfl do 1K1 V,,,t ,'-5 'I" List mg Cent do 10 do Sal in fig'd do ,l 5 ih Velvet do do do 000 do Pearl Shirt do Ju.t ree'd by Vilas, Loomis &. (j,,. August 22, 1339. NOTICE. "j" II AVE tins day given my son, Elieha 1. Rounds, his iiniu, with full hheny 10 iransaiH business tor himself, nnd I will hereafter chum nothing from nny ono for hit BurvieiH nud shall not be holden for nny debts of his cunlruclini: niter this dale LINNS UOUNIKL Wiliicss. A FKiinusoN Slarksborouzh, Aug. ICth, 1339. mmmm IT-MH.IW.M .IIMI. ..T , I I I I III FIRE! FIRE!! FIRE!!! H!P',,v ""Jin"orof iho Vermont Mutual -H- 1-ire Insurance Company nro hereby nolified (hat the following assessments have been made by ihn Directors on all Nov. Dec. Jan. ,i Fob. Mar. Alay of 1 per cent. Making 5 pCr C(,ti nsseFsment for the yenr; said percentage to be cast on the original nmoiint of Iho premium mile, without relerencc to nuv einlorho uieiils. and lo be paid lo the Treasurer, nt hi- office in Monipolier, on or before llie Ifiihdny of Oct. K.39, being the day ofihu iinuunl meeiing of said company. An opporiiiuiiy will bo presenied to for wnttl nssei-smenis by the incmberH of the Eegi-lature. nod I hose who neglect In for ward their assessment!! then, nro reli.rn.d to the Dili section of the Act. nltnched to eacli policy for tin- coiiMMoence?. MAIIHV VA1U Treasurer elontpflipr, Aug 12, lti::y. 3 SEIiECTION of articles from tho i ''""bnal--, now for sale nt the I e:-l tlllll most rmrtn In r V.nron.m,, tool.- Stlnrn of Ihe Milncrilier. A rri, ,,,, 1 been made by which individuals and fami lies limy procure rendy access to all ihe principal Reviews and Magazines pub lished in this country and Europe nt an expense tmt greater (ban the average costs ol one of ihem, several specimen" copies now at the store Tor inspection. Likewise the Girl's and Doy's Rending Hook, a new work designed for tho use of schoola, bv Mrs. S. II. Sigournev. D. A. BRAMAN. August 27. TSt d(.z. Gorman Silver Tuolo & und Tea Snooos .00 doz. patent Brass Uombj 40 gross Iron Sido do Just ree'd hy Vilas, Loomis &. Co. Annus' 22, Ut?,Q. doz. Tambr.' Muslin Collars 7.0 pieces Pongee Udkfs. 15 doz. black Italian Silk Cravats 30 doz Ginrjhniii do Just ree'd by Vilas, Loomis & Co. August 22. 1!139. SILVER WARE. ..1 x7 " i'""" uiio ewnycii 1 nine Spoons. 100 tl,. do ,) ',. ,) I Cream Indies, Sugar Tongs nnd Salt , ftioons, for sale hy Aug. 22. VILAS. LOOMIS & Co. X7 I dez. Raworlh's Sd.k.I 'I'lirnnil 300 lbs. colored and white do Jn-t received by Vilas, Loomis & Co. Aug. 22, 11139. FEMALE SEMINARY. rnilJEFnll term of ihe Seinmarv com. .11 indices September lllih. a 23. LYMAN CUMMINGS, SOLICITOR IS CHANCERY, lcc s""'h WKtt earner, SlronS's HuitdinS, an Coi scennd Ihor nf Court House Square, BUR7.J2JGTOIT. VT. SURVEYING. A 1' I US F rate Compass, niid other sur. voying apparatus just received from iNow lorl;. iNoiico by Mail or otherwise promptly attended to. J. IIEWES. Milton, Vt. Aug. 23, 1839. 3w CLA P-BOARDis. 'lor sale by IIickok &. DK. Y KING joseph'marsh about to leave town for the J1J tv Wllller finx Dial O nn nrrnurretunnl tuiil, BOOr. IL. S SMITH, who will occupy Ins i.iliee, and whom ho lakes pleasure 111 intioducing lo his friends and the public. TTNTENDIM; to remain permanently , .il. ibis phice. lenders his erviee . tl,.. lenders his serviees to tho nil.nbiian'sof Huilingtou and Vtctnitv. m . the nnieliee nl nii.ili,. .... . It- '- i i n os burg Ii A ctuloin y. ''.nilE ainuiuoui . nil , ht ,ns, ,.,, A will commence on Moik'uv. Hie 2Gih. 11. si., under the tlirectron ol r.' Iloinor II. B 'OS hi. lute prineiMl of ihn Aendeiiiy m Haverhill. N. tl. Tho Trustees lulte li'cnsoro in nnooonnrig to 0 public Ilieir coiifidcnee iu Mr. Benson, whoso past ex perience and success betoken goud lor the luuire. Il is intended, Ihat the course of iuslrue. tio.i slmlibe such 11s will lend Inform 1 he highest degree of mural and inlelledu. nl clmniclnr. Priiliculnr titieniton will ho bellowed ipon those in preparation for leaching. Lessons will hu given in Drntv. mg if desired. Board can he had as low ns iu other places in this Vicinity. Aug. 23. Fiumms Wilson, Sec. 2w 18 Cases English and American Prints 4" Fiirnituro do 2 ' bleached Sheeting I ' eoloied CainhricK I ' Broad Cloths, just 10 ccived hy Vit,At, Loumis Co. Anii6t 22, 10J9. 10, mart 1.2 1.2 20, ' M2 31, " 1 4 0, U139 I 2 11. " I . " I 4 2, 4 , ' 1 4 II I I H rilHHI HARRIS & ST AN WOOD, No. 2, Tremont Row, opposite Savings Banlc, Boston. Epnnleiis: Cap Trimmings of every dcscriplion. "" ' "" WWB & poble noucel'y TtmmH' cxuculCl1 in cst manner and nt the shortest The above comprise one oMhn best assortments to be found in the citv Persons in JiU, 111 addition 10 the above, n first rnip nssorlrncnt of HOUSE FUUNISITTNO nnnnc fliinBiclin, nf err 1 nr TIAYenUA:2'V , , "A 1 .7 . ...... . . wouury, ami oilier metal Ornaments. Rich I ' aim v Joseph Jones' Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, DtST. OK ClIITTEMIKN. SH THE Probate Court for the district nl Chittenden, to all nnrsons concerned in the estate of Jo-eph Jones, late of Un derbill 111 said district, deceased. GliEETIMi. Truman Sheldon, Executor of ihe la-t will and testament of the said deceased, having made application to said court for license tn sell tho real estate of said de ceased, representing that n sale thereof is necessary tor Ihe payment, ol the debts, and charges of administration, nnd propo. so- to render an account of Ins odminisirn. lion, and to present his account ngainst said estalo for examination and allowance. Whereupon the court aforesaid doth nsign the second Wednesday of September l.')39, for a hearing in tho premises, and doth order thai the heirs and nil others interested in said estate be notified thereof bv publi cation of this order three weeks succes. ively in tho Free Press, n newspaper printed in said Utirlingion. the last of which publications to be previous to said second Wednesday of September. 1339. that they may appear at tho time and place aforesaid and show cause why licence to sell said land should not he granted, and why the account of the said executor should not oe allowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington this lotli day ol August A P. 11539. Wm WESTON Rrziler. Copartnership Notice. nnilE Copartnership heretofore exist in JL under the firm of WAIT & TABOR was dissolved on thc 10 August inst. All persons indebted to llm late finn are heieby notified lo make immediate pnijmenl, nml iiiosi; having demands against ihem will present (hem for settlement lo Joseph Wail, who is duly authorised 10 adjust the tame. JOSEPH WAIT. GIVES notice Hint he has bought nut the interest of In? lute Partner Mr. JOHN P. TABOR, and will continue the Maple and fancy dry goods Business, at the old stand, west side Church st., 2 doors above the square, wheru will be constantly kept a lull supply of French. British nnd American Goods of Ihe best quality, which win oe at all tunes Ireely shown and sold uncommonly cheap for' cash he has on hand a good gssoriment of Plain nnd fig'd Silks Dark nnd light Calicoes Silk, Kid and Th'd Gloves Silk mid Hose Ribbons, Ik-Its, fancy Ildkr?. Net nnd Embr'd Scarfs Edenlior'o and Tnrinn Shawls Lace and Gauze Veils Emhr'd Collars. Laces, &c. Sic. Gents. Cotton Hose Cot ion. Silk. kid. & Th'd Gloves Silk, Botnbazin, Sutin und Hair Cloth Stocks Cheap Silk Crnvntts Best Italian do 311 and 40 inclica Cloths and Cnsiniera Umbrellas &e. &c. O'jnon, Au. IG, 1f)39. Watch 11 ' . . 1 II L p U I, V I, . g . JL. CUBS. I1 S p X. n,,rt. . j i'iiimii., 1.11 us mujf oavo uecomo nc- -;- Ol 'IAUN(r resumed his quainied with Iho inorils of this tooh pow v" 'tWr ;'7""rl,''"im'f!i,l' hler. havu inado uso of it as wo havosold. 1" '. CU JtM'AIRING, within a short time, about 20.000' boxes of J ..;! l!? ue, M;,mi P" hSur - v ' -AiSsi .ll"r.(:h r,rocl' "Pl''to ! to lliu business. i- 1.11 umuiutsouai auutlllun j ltuiliiitoi, August 9, lf:,'f, FoTflC53 CI ASM will ho paid 0r WOOL nt the ' Burlington Mill Company's Factory, SIDNEY PAR LOW, Agent. SASII FACTORY. r3lHE subscriber would respectfully inform A Iho inhabitants of Hurling ton that by tho earnest solicitation or a number of gentlemen residing in and adjacent to said town, he has been constrained to establish a SASll FACTORY, at Colchester Falls, (eim milu fiom tho Couil House, in Burlington,) where ho will bn happy to supply n i1I)M, who ma v wish to purchase II oulow Sash or Winds. Pis m,g uxpnrionco in llie abovo business warrants him iu assuring nil Ihosu who may f.i vor him with their patron, ugc, that thoy may depend upon a fust rate article, as hu is itciorminud to employ nonu but first rate workmen nud his stock will bo 01 the very best materials. Orders from a distance addressed to the subscriber at Bur linglon, VI. will bo thankfully received and promptly attended lo. SIDNEY SMITH. l o'ehesltr Falls, Augmt .,, 18.19. IV B All woik warranted lo ho good. or no sale. Any mo or quantity of Sash.fur. l" VIUll, HAVC recently opened nnd intend cnnsiuntly lo keep a first rale nnd com plcle nsmrtniPiit of MILITARY GOODS. Among which are (jih nud plated Scabbard, nnd Gilt, nnd plated mounted swnntu, UELTS, Clasps. CHAINS ; gold gilt, nnd plated Laces, lirnidB. Cords. Epauletts, Tassels, Stars. Grenades anil Aigucletts: Army, Navy, Revenue nnd militnry f BUTTONS of all sizes: PLUMES anil Pompons of all styles nnd Colors; Silk nnd worsted . w-ftJ) ''Z?:J''q'!t'ps PARLOR CLOCKS. uui i iJiji,n WARE BRAJVCHPi n rl le eo f... ..... ..... e. o. ,,,, otCi oiC- ew JAMES MITCHELL DRAPSH & TAILOR 5 Corner of Church College-streets BurtLiNOTON, June, 1C39. lbs. mixed Pins. I case Aoierican do 1 ' Loudon do 1 ' German do 25 gross Hook- and Eyes 100 ' Bone Evletts. ioci bv VILAS. LOOMIS &. Co August 22. 1839. II A I II ...II A I R. BALDNESS. IinportantDiscovery. THE GREAT MYSTERY FOUND OUT AT LAST. DR. STEIUIY'S HAIR REGENERA TOR. Dr.Sterry.afior much attention to the important suhjccl of preserving tho hu man hair, has, after many experiments, chemi. cal and physical, been ablo to discover an arti ele, which is now offered with thc greatest confidence for iho toilet, as iho host thing ever discovered, from its sofleuitig and penetralinn quaiity, to produce a good head of hair t"s prevent it from falling oil" when baldness 1. apprehended toresloio it when baldness has taken place, and to prevent it from turning gray. It is moro nourishing than pomatum, antique oil, or cologne water. It is ,1 beanti ful article, foi ladies curls it makes the hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brill ancy. Thousands have tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in overy insiano it stands unrivalled. It isan infalhblu cure in all aflcctions of tho skin t,0 head nw dandruff", &c. &e. Every family should be; supplied tvilh a bottle of this oil, that by its-, application to tho head and hair of their chil dreo. the beautiful and ornamental appendage of a fine head ofluir, which nature has sup plied us, may bo preserved. From tho numer ous certificates and recommciidalions rcceiveii ofits salutary influence, tho Doctor feels firm ly persuaded ho has succeeded in producing and article which will meet the desired wishu and approbation of ihe public. For sale, wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK k. Co., 117 Gencseo street, Uliea. In Burlington only by J. & J . Peck & Co , in Venrenues bv J. H. BOWMAN, in Mili,. by WHITNEY, LAN DON & Co., iu Georgia by LORENZO JANES. jvV. INCOMPARABLE TOOT IE PREPARATION ! rriHE Utopian dreams of the alchymist an; JL realizicd, and a remedy discovered for tho TOOTHACHE, and preserving those, important and beautiful appeiidagc3nr tho liuman system, by tho uso of tho MAG NETIC qnONT'tCA. which by its attract ive, puiilyiiig and strengthening qualities, removes all extraneous substances from thn teeth, rud preserves them in their natural brilliancy, and tho gums in sounduoss and licauly. It is ascertained from experience, thai when used, tho teeth will never decay, but remain till tbu lalestagoof man, with their natural wear. (Then they aro decayed, its progress will be arrested, and the teeth preserved and prevented from acldjng.-' All this lias been done in a niuliitudcof ?ns.tan- ees ami more, in tnousands ot cases, nervous toothiicho (ihat climax of pain) has at oiico tit oii cfi'oetually rjincil by tho use of 'this lliu """" l"Jlmlar Jfu'rifrico in America. Aiiii the Odonlic.a. And, in conclusion where and who is the young lady or genllcnianj'ayo, the individual that values a beautiful set of teeth, sound gums, and a siveot breath, mora than fifty cents, that will bo longer destitute of :i box of Dr. M. Hitchcock's incomparable Magnetic Oduutica? For ealu, wliolesoln and retail, hy A. HITCHCOCK & Co., No. 117 Gencseo street, Utiea, N. V. And by their agents throughout the U. Staler and Canada. Jn Burlington only by J, & ,1, II. PECK & Co., iu Vergcniies by" J. H. How. man, 111 Milton by friiitney, Landon it Co., in Georgia by Lorenzo Janes. m -aint$5Y Tho subscriber has been receiv ing lor tho lost two weeks, tho largest ami bust sclrcled nssnttment of HARD WARE, SADDLER YSe COACH WARE, Saw milt, Crati-cut, nnd Circular 3AWS. TRIMMINGS. LOOKING GLASSES, LOOKING GLASS PLATE, Sc. Ho has over heloro nflered lo ihe public nil of which hu will bo happy t0 dispose oi nt wholesale and retail on iho best lertn, lor cash or short credit. Rohkrt ftJooiii. Stove and Fireplace HOLLOW WARE Wagon. Carl and Pipe IIOXES; GUNS, Pocket and tabic CUTLERY, Plated, German Silver. St llritlania Ware CABINET TRIM.u1.1vns

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