Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 13, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 13, 1839 Page 2
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TUB SPANISH SLAVE SHIP. Tho New York Sun has a long account of the Slave Schooner from which vc make the following extract : Llctita. Porter and Meade then irnmedi. ntcly look postession.darnied die negroes, nnd took tho schooner in tow. Joseph on seeing this went below, and lying some gold about lits perton, ho leapt out of the main hatch, and at onu bound was over tho Fide, While under the water ho disengn (jed the doubloon?, and came up obout 100 yards from the vessel, having been under water at leant fivo minutes. The boat was instantly manned and sent in chase of him. When the boat marcd Inin ho would stop, but just as it came within reach he would dive down and come up again funic yard? behind her stern, lie thus employed them nboiit 40 minutes, when seeing further ritleimpls useless, he gave himself up. When pulled on board tic boat ho smiled and pulling his hands in his throat, intima ted that he was going to ba hanged. Joseph was t lip ii tranferrrd to tho Wash ington. but ho seemed so uneasy, and dis played so much anxiety to return to the schooner that ho wan humanely gratified. On once more joining tho Amistcad the poor wretches clustered around him, ma king tho most extravagant demonstrations of joy. Some laughed, some (creamed, some danced, and soma wept. Joseph stood in the midst, but did not riven smile. When tin; noise had t-ub-idcd, he addressed them in Congolese, winch wan translated by Antonio as follows: "Friends and Brothcs We would have returned but the sun was against us. I would not soe you serve the white man, so I induced you to help me kill the Captain. I thought I should be killed I expected it. It would have been better. You had belter be killed than live many moons in misery. I shall be hanged. I think, every day. I!ut this dors not nam me. I could lie happy, if by dying I could save so many of my brothers from the bondage of the white man." Uy this time the excitement had risen to such a pitch that the officer in command had Joseph led a way bv force and returned to the Washington. liven this tlio hero bore with stoical dignity while Ins poor countrymen uttered the most piercing yells. On board the Washington ho was mana cled to prevent his leaping overboard. Even this lailcd to elicit I he slighlo-t per ceptible emotion. This was on Tuesday. On Wednesday ho signified bv rcoiions that if they would take him on board the schooner again, he would show them a handkerchief full of doubloons. He was accordingly sent on board. 1 is manacles weri; taken off ond he once more went below to receive congratulations, even more wild and enihusia.tic than thoe of Tuesday. Antonio wn- told to watch and listen to bun. Instead of finding tho doubloons, he again addressed the negroes, which according in ilio interpretation of Antonio to Spanish, nnd from SpanMi to English bv John ,lty Hyde, Esq., editor of the New London Gazei'to, was as follows: "My broihers, I am once inoro among you, having deceived the enemy of our race by saving 1 had doubloons. " I earn to them to tell yon ihnt yon have only one chance for death, nnd none for liberty. I cm sure you prefer death, as I do. 'You can by killing the white men now on bnard, ond I will help you, make the people here kill you. It is better for you to do tins, and then you will not only avert bondage yourselves, but prevent the enlailrnent "of unnumbered wrongs on your children. Come como with me then" Antonio made the signal and tho unsub dued chief was dragged from the hold, strain manacled, and put on board the Washington. While making this speech, his check shone, and his eye was olten turned to t lie sailors in charge. The negroes yelled and 'ooki d as fiercely as ho did. They leapt about and seemed like creatures under some tnlismanic power. On his way to Ihn Washington, the hern moved noi n muscle, hut jLpi qvu fixed on the Echooner. On hoard the Washing ton he made n thousand gestures and motions to he taken on deck, us if on some urgent nnd important errand. Hut when led up ho only looks at the schooner, and remains with his eye fixed upon hor till taken bolow again. He evinces no emo lion, and had ho lived in the davs of Greece or Rome, his name would have been handed i down to posterity as one who had practised I those most sublime of all virtues disinter ps'ed patriotism and unshrinking courage. Now most probably he will be hanged as a murderer and pirate. " On Wednesday night, Cnpf Gcdnev dispatched nu express to the U. S, Marshal nt. New Haven, who gave information to h'P Honor A. T. .ludson. U. S. District Judge. On Thursday mr.rning hntli these gentlemen nrrived, and aficr careful delib eratinn. concluded to hold iheir court, on board tho Washington, then lying off the Fort, within musket shot of tho schooner Lieut. Wnlcolt kindlv offered the services of the U. S. Cutter Experiment to take all interested on board the Washington. Tho U. S. Marshal politely took 'us" under his protection. From tho N. V, Commercial Advertiser. THE AFRICAN CAPTIVES. Aamuch interest and euriotiiy exists in the community, respectmr the Africans now confined at New Haven. pleasure in laying before our readers the following letter from a I'cntleman who was appointed to visit them, and make ro port of their fcitualiun. To the commiilee on behalf of the Afiicui prison ers nt New Uuen. Gentlemen- Having been deputed to visit Iho company of African captives now in confinement ot New Haven, I hasten to lay before you a few particulars respecting lliuir situation. I found them occupying four nr ftvn npartrncntw, nnder the care u( the U. S. Marshal. N. Wilcox, Eq nIU) his assistant, Mr. Pendleton. They seem to bo made as comfortable as is consistent with thfiir situation, excepting that they peed opportunities for exercise in the open air. This, I hope, will bo secured as soon as tho marshal returns from New London, where ho hag gone to take nn inventory ofl the slaver ond its contents. A faithful and accomplished physician, Clins. Hooker, M ).. of New Ilayen, is devoting to them all the professional attention Iheynecd. Five nr six of ihctn am in the hospital apart ment, nnd some of tho rest nro slightly affected with bowel complaints. They have nil been decently clnlhcd in cotton shirts and trowscrs by the earn of the mar shal, ond will have flannel provided as soon as tho physician shall direct. Care ,is also taken as to their food. They wore not as destitute of clothing when tnken near our shore as lias been represented in the papers, but had cloth. Inif, probablv found on board the stover, which they did not wcor in consequence of the inlolernblo heat when confined in the bold of the slaver. Great curiosity is felt to see these victims of the slave-trade, the first that have been known in Conncc ticnt for a great many years. Multitudes visit tho prison, the keeper charging each ono a New York shilling, the avails of which, utter n tust compensa lion for his trouble, he purposes to expend for the benefit of the prisoners, or for some other charitable object. Objections have been made to tins course, but 1 Ion ri il soine of the mot intelligent nnd humane of tho citizens satisfied that tho sympathy produced bv it is rather favorable than otherwise to the prisoners, and also useful in raisins their spirits, &c. Joseph Cinnuez, the leader, is in the cell with other prisoners; his countenance bcarsn resemblance to the prints that nre hawked about our streets. Ho is les cheerful than many of the others. They all appear to be persons of quiet minds ond a mild and cheerful temper; there aro no contentious among them; even the poor children, three girls nnd one boy, who nro in n room by themselves, seem to be inn fnrmlv kind and friendlv. I took along with nin an old African man. who said he could speak the Congo language, in hopes thereby of attaining the means of communication with them, ns i he newspapers said ihoy speak the Congo ; but they all say they arc not Congocs Many of I hem say Mantling, whence it is supposed i hey are Maiidingocs, though it is not unlikely there arc persons o! several tribes among them. Unremitted efforts will be made to ob lain the means of communication with I lies" unfortunate person, who have been committed to prison and bound ovor to be tried fur their lives, without an opporlu nity to sav a word for themselves, and without a word communicated to them ex planatory of their situation. They ore detained by the marshal on two processes; ono the commitment for trial on a charge of murder, and the other tho claim upon them ns property, by the Spaniards who pretend to be their owners, arid by the American captors who have libelled iliem lor salvage It is believed there ore a number of Africans in this city, of various tribeF some of whom wiM be able to communi' cate with them. Very respectfully JOSHUA LEAVITT. 143 Nassau si. Friday evening, ) September 6ih. v P. S. It is expecicd that, somo of thoe native Africans will go in Nw Haven this evening with a member of Iho committee. VERMONT MILITARY CONVEN TION. The adjourned meeting of the Military State Convention, assembled in the village meeting-house, at Norwich, Vt., on Wed nesday, the 21st of August, 1330. The Convention was called to order by Capt. A. Partridge. (Gen. Udell, tho president, being absent) Gen. T. B. Ransom, on motion, took the chair. The proceedings of the meetings held at Norwich on (he 4th of Joly were then rend, after which Capt. A. Partridge made some remarks in explanation of the resolution in relation to the 08lh Article of the Rules and Articles of War. On motion, Resolved. That a Committee of five be appointor! In prepare nnd present resnlu lions for the action of (he Convention, to wit: Col. N. B. Culling, Hon. D. Cobb. Capt. A. Partridge. Dr. Plastridgo, and Col. Wentworth. The committee then retired, and having returned, reported the following resolutions : Moved. Thot the resolutions be acted upon separately. Whereas, an efficient system of National' Defence is absolutely necessary for preser ving tho Independence of every Nation, ond whereas it is of tho highest importance thai the system of Military Defencn adop ted by tho United Slates should ho in per fed accordance with the Republican Insti tutions of the country. Therefore, Resolved, That n committee of seven members be appointed by this Convention, to propose a general plan for tho Military defence of tho United Slates, accompanied by n memorial nn Ihn same subject, nnd present tho soma to Congress at nn early period of iho next session. The Committee to propose a General Plan for tho improvement of the Militia, &.c. were: Capt. A. Partridge, Gen. Daniel Bowen, Wralhcrsfiuld ; Gen. T. B. Ransom, Gen. Hopkins. Rutland; John Wright. Esq., Col. N. B. Cutting, Claremont" Gon. 0. L. Newton. Moved, that two bo added lo the ubove, Hun. I). Cobb and Col. S. B. Ilozollino worn appointed, By Capt. A. Partridge. Rcsnlvod, That in case any mombnr of ni's vjonimiuoo iiecune ncting.sucli vacancy shall bo filled by a majority of tho remain ing members. Roeolved, That it bo recommended lo tho Militia of Vermont, to elect dolegrties, nt the Trainings or Muster of tho several .Militia Corps m the State, in iho month of Sept. next, to assemble in Military Con volition at Monlpelier on the day preceding tho next session of tho Legislature, (in October) for the purpose of proposing to tho Legislature such revisions of tho present Military Law of this State, as their experience may dictate to he ncces fory, and also to transact such other busi ness as bail Convention may deem proper. Resolved, That it bo recommended to the delegates to the proposed Convention, to attend in the full uniform of their ro spectivo Corps. Resolved, Tlinl tins Lonvontion elect even delegates to nttcud the proposed National Military Conventional the city nf Now York, on the first Monday in Octo. ber next, nnd alfo that, it bo urgently recommended to tho Military Corps in Vermont, to elect delegates at their train ing nnd musters in September, to represent them in said Convention. Tho committee appointed were, 1 1 is Excollency Silas II Jenison, Copt. A. Partridge, Hon. Nathan Smilie, Gon. F. W. Hopkins, Col. Potter. Gen. Daniel Kellogg, nnd Gen. Jacob Woshbnrno. Resolved, That when this Convention adjourn, it adjourn tn meet at this place, on the 'It It nf July, 1 040, nt 10 o'clock, A. m. Resolved, That the editors of the several newspapers, friendly to n well organize! and well disciplined Militia, be respectfully requested to publish the proceedings of this Convention. By Col. Wentworth, Resolved, That the inefficiency of the regular troops, in suppnrtjng the liberties of our country, has recently been manifes ted in the lato slaughter of Col. Harney's command, and other events connected with the Floridn wnr. The Convention was addressed by Gen. Ransom, N. Robinson, Esq. and Moj. J. Davis. Then, nn motion, the Convention adj. lion. I . U. RANSOM, Prest pro tern. War. E. Lewis, J. Svvett. Secretaries, To New Ena land Editors and Pun msiieivs :-The publisher of the JJoston Almanac furnish for that publi cation for 1 840, a complete list of oil news papers, magazines, etc., printed nnd pub lulled in New. England In oraer to get the desired information, he rrqueststhe Editors or Publishers .to send him one number nf their respective publications, for which he will send them in return, (when published) a copy of the IJoston Al manac, for 1840. Will Editors in thcNevv-England States please give this an insertion, and send a copy of their publication to S. N. Dick inson, 52 Washington Street, Boston. Riu'TAr. Inhumanity. A woman, who has resided for some time in Eliot street, left this city yesterday in the cars for New York, thence to proceed In Ireland, leaving behind her an infant child, thrown upon the world for its subistence. On leaving her lato residence, she locked the child in a vacated room to which some passers by were attracted by its cries, and on learning the facts from the neighbors, hastened to the Depot, but did not arrive till after iho departure of the cars which bore away the unleeling mother. Jioslon Courier. Fond or BEnntEs. Tho editor of the Bunker Hill Aurorn toll rather n tough story, which illustrates the fondness of the sober inhabitants nf Nantucket for tho berries which grow on tho continent. Ho says "ihey actually pay more money in the puichaso of berries than they receive lor tho wool produced on the island. They receive something like gOOOO for all their wool and tho steamboat alone, we nro informed, ha9 carried lo the island bat ween six and seven thousand dollars worth of whortleberries and blackberries. Ilis a singular fact, that tho island naturally pro duces the very finest berries, and the only trouble is, that the sheep cat the bushes." If this be so, they would do well lo kill all their sheep, and cultivate whortleberries and blackberries. A Melandholv Accident At Rel liville, on the 2nd instant, while Hie Ar tillery company, commnnded by Capt. B Chapman, were going through wiih the exerciso of firing tho ennnnn, ihn Infantry company, commanded by Capt. R. fitur.ER on the left, tho two companies made a hall, wheeled into line, with the intention to Ihcu about before firing. As tho corn mand was given by Capt. C. lo face about, a young man in the ranks, by the iinmo of Thomas McCon.nei.i., n substitute (not accepted) for David Smith, gave the order fire. At that instant. Wait, of the Artillery, in passing by t lie muzzle of I he piece, wa Stint literati; in two! He continued to breathe for about ten or fif teen minutes, when he expired. Sackctls Harbour Journal. FRANKLIN COUNTY COME TO THE RESCUE! It i with no ordinary degroo of pride and pleasure, that we havo lo announce to our political friends, the triumphant success of iho whig ticket in this senatorial district, nn Tuesday nf hist week. The Whi"s of Franklin County have nobly done their doty. They have comu to ihn rescim at this important crisis! Important crisis. wo may say: because in other portions of our state, through tho remissue-H of the whigs, the election has resulted adverse to the triumphant success of the Whig cause, and had the election resulted in this county n bad ns it did last fall, possib'y Iho Van Burcn party would havo had n majority on joint ballot in thu Vermont Legislature ! ! Uut we trust the Legislature is now safo! Much praiso is duo the Whigs of Franklin county. They will be remembered with grntitude by their brethren throughout the stato nnd tho union. Last year tho Van Burcn senatorial ticket succueiied in this district by about 330 majority ovor tho opposition; or, in other words, the highest voto on the for mor ticket was 1733, and tho highest vote on tho whig ticket was 1373. This year the highest voto on tho Van Burcn ticket is about 1771, and on tho Whig ticket the highest voto is about 1922; thus showing that the Van Buret) party havo polled but a email number morp votes this year than they did Inst, and the wings havu polled nioro than 500 inoro giving their ticket o handsome majority. Lat,t year the Loco Focns elected 0 representatives, and (ho Whigs 0; this year, the Whigs 10, nnd the Loco Focos 4, and two of tho latter by small majorities. Whir; gain, 3 senators, and 4 representatives. On joint ballot, in county convention, 3 Whigs, 4 Loco Fo cos; whig majority, 0. Huzza! for the whig triumph ! The contct was opened by our opponent? with unequalled energy, nnd carried on1 with unabatou zeal. A new press was ex prcssly established to support their party, But this was not enough. A little sheet, called 'Loco Foco,' was started at Swan, ton, to n id the 'Vt. Republican' (of their character we need not speak) and the 'Scorpion,' published at Johnson, and tho 'Reformer nnd Democrat,' published at Montpelicr, all, nil of which, havo flooded this county ns did the locusts in Fgypt of old. Notwithstanding all th'n all their ofiorts to deceive nnd mislead tho minds of the people all the political hobbies which havo been raised to influence the electors all their r.rts ond intrigue, tho uncorrup ted nnd incorruptible freemen have come up to the Ballot Box, nnd told them in language not to bo misunderstood, that they nro not n people to be humbugged that they prefer light to darkness that they reverence Iho democracy ot Jcllorson morn than the democracy of Van Burcn, tho Whiff principles of '70 more than the Tory principles of '39. It is n triumph of mtficirr.Es over men the rights of the people against the encroachments of power, It will be seen from tho foregoing stato ments that, notwithstanding the unusual efforts of the tory party, their strength lias not materially increased, while the whig strengtli has increased more than 500 votes It is owing more to the rcmuness of the whigs than any thing else, that they have ever suffered tho tones to succeed in this county. Now that tho whigs, alias, the people, have taken the matter into their own hands, wo doubt not that in another year, they will give a majority as big with triumph as tho present nno is joyous and complete. hranklin Messenger. FUIDAV MORNING, SEPTEM BER 13 THE ELECTION. The returns for Governor como in slow, and are necessarily more or less imperfect Enough is known, however, to render it certain that Governor Jenison is re-elected but by a reduced majority from lost year This falling off, however, it is veiy evident is not attributable to any disaffection on the part of tho Whigs, for, in some 30,000 votes returned, we observo that Smilie vote is not materially larger than that of Bradley in the same towns last year. The truth is, three or four thousand Whigs have omitted going to the polls, and the result is seen not only in the diminution of Gov. I JeniBon's majority, but also in the election of an unusual number ol Loco Focos to tho House. Tho withdrawal of an average of ton to fifteen Whig votes from each poll, has enabled the Van Buren men to elect their candidates in most of the towns where parlies have heretofore been nearly divided, and we shall not bo surprised to find the contest for Speaker in the next House, a very close one. Wo are confident, however, that there will he a small Whig majority six or eight. Tho Watchman contains returns from all but twelve towns, and setting these down (he same as last year, the parties will stand 1IC Whigs, 2 Conservatives, nnd 110 Locofocns. Mor tifying as this result most assuredly is, yet it affords no ground for discouragement. The cause is too obvious to bo misunder stood, and the r:mody is at hand. Another year will set the matter right. In the Senate, wo have maintained our usual majority of about two to one. Wo hive lost three Senators in Orango, one in Orleans, and ono in Bennington; and have gained throoin Franklin, nnd one in Essex. Nineteen to eleven, will bo the probablo standing of parties in the Senate. To our friends abroad, we say, give no heed to the idlo tales of the Locufocos about Vermont. We havo indeed been caught nnping but another year will find every whig nt his post, nnd prove, what we now assert, that Vermont is sound to the core immovable as her everlatting hills. Not more surely does tho morning sun dispel the mists of night, than shall the first Tuesday in September next, scatter to tho four winds of heaven tho murky vapors of Locofocoism, which, for the time being, hover round ourmiuntain tops. FREEDOM OF ELECTIONS. We would direct the reader's attention to another column for the particulars of an unprecedented outrage upon the person of an honest citizen of Richmond, on Satur day night last. Perhaps wo Ehculd not say unprecedented, for wo aro credibly in formed that a humble citizen of this placo, who had the presumption to voto the Whig ticket, was subjected the night uflor elec tion lo an infliction of two quarts of Break water TAR, administered by a gang of ruffians who, it seems, had access to tho "government materials," Let every honcBt man pause, and ask himself vvhothor such a stato of things is to be endured! Wo aro indeud treading on dangerous times! when a profligate administration, having seized and corruptly tquandcrcd tho treas ure of the nation, now senda its minions forth with tar and feathers lo eoorco those thoy cannot buy. Tins U Van Buren de mocracythis is "correcting those abuses that htvo brought the patronage of the government in conflict with the freedom of elections" a Mr. Van Buren "under" stands it." Wo repeat, let the peoplo pon dd well llicae things, for tlio end is not yet. Grand Isle County is a porfoct Gibraltar to Tory principles. Steadfast and immo vable sho maintains hor integrity against n combination of government influence and patronage that would havo swept almos any other county by tho board. Three. of her five representatives are stnunuh whigs, and we are rejoiced to learn that she has returned the Hon. Samuel Adams to the Senate, by n very handsome majority. Mr. Adams ia a practical man, of fine talents, much legislative experience, nnd would do honor to any deliberative body Tho majority for tho Whig Senators in Frohklin county is about one hundred and fifty. Majority for the Loco Foco ticket last year, 360. Jcnisnn's mnjarity in the Franklin senatorial district, is 203. The same towns last year gave Bradley u major ity of 317 Whig gain five hundred and twenty five. To how many towns in this county was tar furnished for tho recent election ? and was it the same material furnished by the government nt this place ? Tho inquiry is worth making. Tho trial of Joseph Roe for burning the White Churcli was in progress when our last wcnl to press. The evidence in the case was abundant and conclusive, forming a perfect chain of circumstantial proof, which it was impossible for nn unbiassed and unpledged mind to resist. An intelli gent jury, after having oil the evidence and the arguments of counsel on both sides, wero perfectly satisfied of the prisoner's guilt, nnd brought in at once their verdict of 'fiutr.TV.' Il was hoped that all concerned would rest satisfied with this verdict. But this reasonable public expectation is disappoint ed. The counsel for Roe, it seems, ore not satisfied with this verdict and the cvi. donee before them. They have appealed for a new trial. They havo filed their bill oCcxceptions, and appear determined, if possible, to screen from merited punish ment n man, whom on inteligent jury, with unhesitating unanimity have pro nounced guilty. Docs the principle of professional fidelity to their client demand this ? and if it does not, and if tho outrage with which our town has been visited. should be continued, will not some of the responsibility attach to them.-' Roo has been removed, by order of court to Monlpelier jail, for safe-keeping, until the decision of tho Supremo Court can be had on Iho exceptions. RIOT AT MONTREAL. Another attempt ha? been made nt Mon t real to 'try Jalbcrt.for tho murder of Wier. The jury wore out several days, and finally. on the last day of tho session, came into court disegrecd, nnd were discharged : whereupon n mob fell upon the jury in open court, and beat several of them severely. The violence appears to have proceeded from tho loyalists, nnd been aimed at those of the jury who were for acquittal. Among the jurors wa Edwin Atwntcr, formerly nfthis vicinity, who, we regret to learn received a severe blow on the head. The jury stood 9 for acquittal, 3 for convic ting. Jalbcrt has been remanded to prison. Tho scone on Tuesday night is spoken of by a person present, as one of indescribable confusion ami horror. ICrSevcral articles prepared for this week's paper, am necessarily omitted, hut shall receive due attention next week. COMMUNICATION. M It. EniTOli : A signal instance nf llie regard for law, justice and equal rights, which charaneri y.e.s ihe self-xljled "democratic parly," and which an unconcerned reader of their papers woul I think constituted ihe prime molivo and "first great cnine" of all llieir actions, occurred in this invvn last nighl ; mid lieiuz such 11 daring ami nefarious aliark upon llie peisoual liberty and securiiy nf the citizens of Ihis stale, 1 siioulil deem mjseu wanting 111 my duty to llie public, should 1 withhold from litem n recital of ihe facts. A man by the name nf Samuel W. Hunlcr, somo time l.t fall, moved inlo this, from nu iiiljoinin: town, and entered inlo (he employ of a member of I ho Vim Buien parly as a labour by tlio inonih, with the supposition on the pari of his employer llial he was In favor of tho iidminisiralton, tind would vole wiih party at the fall election. Some timo during the summer however, this honest and liberal emplojer heard iiniiiialinus that his supposed tory was a "true blue" whig, and would cast his vole iigaiust the cor 111 pi faction who have borne the sway iii this town for several years. Ho Ho immediately attacked his man upon llie subject, who confirmed the reports without hesitation. A ficr vainly endeavoring to "convirt Mr. Hunter from the error of his ways" he ponied upon his devoted head all the seven vials of lory wrath, coupled witli tlio assurance that if he ilid not vote the Van Burcn ticket, he would bo tuned and feathered ns a rewnul for his obstinacy in main, laining his right to freedom of opinion. To ihis Mr. II. paid no attention. Freeman's meeting came on and H ue 10 his piiuciplcs, he went up lo tho polls and voted against the pseudo. democrats, nnd for iho true ones, Four days passed over, and ihe excitement of tho election was lulled asleep. Tho Vans had mostly ceased lo crow over their victory, and ihe vVhlgs 10 lament llieir ilefenl. When about 9 o'clock Inst night, Mr. Hunter was seized at his own fireside by fivo ruffians, who dragged him out nf his house, and across 11 stony road barf fooled, took him behind n horse barn near by, tho better (0 shield themselves from observation, and there proceeded 10 their diabolical work of tarring and feathering a free, man of Vermont for daring lo exercise the elective Iranchise, against Iho wishes or a parly which claims tho exclusive advocacy of equal rights nnd privileges. I saw the old man to day, and he pre. sealed n spectacle worthy llie best days of Vicks burgh or of Alton. Tiie perpetrators of ihis deed will he ferreted out in a fnw davs. mid visitrd with tho inmost rigor ol ihe law ; imt tho effect slops notnere tne law may puniin me individual olten. ders us ihey deserve but if public opinion is noi Jarouml 10 die fearful danger oftuch highhanded outrages upon tho rights and privileges af freemen, how Innj will it bo, ere the gibbet, the guillotine nnd tbe faggot will be called In to carry out the work of proscription for the rake of opinion ? How lone will h bo before the honest but dumb e onno- ncnt of the minions of power will he frightened irom t no permrmance oi ma uui.v 10 nts rounlry, nr Iho ilircnis which no sees 100 oucn executed witli hmiunitv iiiioii Ins liicllireu ,' It behooves cverv inun lo look, well lo his own safely, when a differ ence of opinion willi the "powers thnt be" may iudjcri him to a imil.irnr even worse outrage than tint of which stir peaceful lown has been made the inc. ore. iinuA, Richmond, Sept. 8th, 1S39. CT5" We have concluded not lo publish die re. (urns for Senators this week, ns wo shall be able next week lo give die official iclurns, According lo Ihe returns we li.ivo received, Iho Wing Sena torial litkel Ii;h ii majority of about one Handrtd and fifty over ilio Van lluirn. The WIiIr sena inrs huve received about nn criial of voles, lluhhel, on tho Van 15m en lickfl, In? received iho largest number of vote?. SI. Albans Messtngcr. Tho election return do not come in so favorable as wo coulil wish. We feared tlmt the Whig would loose, inasmuch ns llie I.ocofocos wern making nn unprecedented ((Tort lo curry ilia slate, and some of our Whig colcmporaries of ihs ptess have not manifested n corresponding teal. Wo believe that in almost every couniv in ihs stato the Loco Focos lute increased their strength inoro or les. In Orange llie Loco? have gained " Senators, one in Orleans, and one hi Bennington. Tho Whigs have gained one in Esh-x iin'd 3 in Franklin, which will not vary the parlies in tfm SViiale n.urli fioiu last 5 ear; probablv il will slnnd I'J Whigs ami 11 Loco I'ocos, (hiitenuen 1 again divided; Marsh, whig, and Burgess, loco, are elected. AJam, whig, is elected in Grand Isle county : by majority wo do not learn definhely--3 jif t lie fue representative in lliat county mc whigs. Tho only change of Uepreaen' lalivcs in Uiiuemlou county, m one wing lost in W II llslon, making S whigs and G Van Buren members. Baxter, whig, is elecied in Biirlinglnn by a email majority, lh whigs gave Jen!on GO majority. The Watchman and Slate Journal of Monday says : " The returns fur Guvernnr ( majorities only being given in some instance) nre received from nboui half the stale, embracing llie Mrong holds of iho enemy, which shown loco foco nelt Eain of 2000 voles. Slmuld the remaining towns come in eqoallv as had Jenison'." majority would he reduced to 1500. On ihe whole, however, we eslimnlo the result lo be 2300 majority for 1 lie whig ticket, and .1 im ill whig majority in both blanches of tho Legislature. The Incns havo done, their utmost iho whigs have done, wiih hero nnd there an exception, absolutely nnlliing." The Watrhniau has received returns of Repre sentative? t-lecled fiom all the towns but twelve; of these, year S wero whigs, 4 loco focos. Shou'd 1 hey return the same, the Ilmi'e will stand, nccording to the calculation of the Watchman, 11G whigs, 2 conservatives, 110 Loco Focos. .Franklin Messenger. From ihe N. Y. American. Mnsinnns of CuNGnEst noi lo be Cor.,, tractors. Tho New York Tunes re pub lishes the annexed section of 11 law ol Con gress, passd April 21st, 1808, and nsks whether il has not been most grof ly vio lated by iho linn Governeur Kemble, owner "in the whole or in part," of the Cold Spring Foundry, opposite West Point. Mr. Kemble is a member of Congress, and ha, it is believed, contracted for sundry work at sundry times with officers of (he Government. "From ond nfter the passage of this act, no member of Congress shall, directly or in directly, himself or by any person whatso ever, in (rust fur liirn or for his benefit, op on his account, undertake, execute, hold or enjoy, in Ihe whole or in part, any contract or agreement. hereaftPi to be made or en tered 11110 with any officer nf the United Stales, in 1 heir behalf or with any person authorized to mnke contracts on the part of the United Slates; and if any member of Congress shall directly nr indirectly, himself or by any other person whatsoever, in trust for him, or for his use or benefit, or on his account, enter into, accept of, or agree for, undertake or execute, any such contract or agreement, 111 the whole or in part, every member so off.;nding shall, for every such offence, upon convict inn thereof, befure any court of tho United Slates or the territories thereof, having cognizance of such ofT'nco, be adjudged guilty of a high misdemeanor, mid shall be fined three thomaml dollars ; and every t-uch contract or agreement as foresaid shall, moreover, be absolutely void ond of nn effect." MonE Defalcations. .Mobile Post Office, In a recent notice ot certain' re ports, and statements concerning Ihe Mo bile 1'iHt Office, one of which was, that tho Depirtmcnl hnd overdrawn it, the Admin istration naper of that city the Register says: "Upon inquiry, and on authority, wo are enabled to deny this charge unequivo cally. Tho Department has nut vet drawn for nil I hat is duo to it, by sevehae thou sand doi.i.ahs ! !" Remarking on the above, the Mobile Advertifcr of next, day says: The Register is authorized to deny this charge. Well then, what follows? That draft in tho office to nn ntnount exceeding 'twenty thou sand dollars have already been protet-ted, is not denied, and according to the Regis ter. "SUVEn.tL THOUSAND DOLLARS" (IrC still due, "not vet drawn for." Tho only inference thai can he drntvn from this statement of the Register i. that the late Post Muter in this city is a DEFAULTER ta the moderate amnmt of about THIR TY THOUSAND DOLLARS ! Oh tho beauties of the sub. treasury system ! ! ! M A U U I E D In this town on Wednesday evening last, by ihe Rev. J. K. Converse, Mr, Alvan II. Tullkk of Hi. Albans, to Miss Saiiau A. Smillkt, of ihis place. D I K I) In ibis town, nu llie litis inst,, Ememsia, Hooker, daughter of Mr. John Lewis, aged 1 1 months. In Orwell, on tho morning of the Sill insl., of Consumption, Alis. I.ovicy B, wifo of Sknkca Austin, Esq, formerly of ihis town, aged 40 years. In Willision, on iho Dili insl,, Mrs. Ikkmb Miller, consort of Hon. Solomon Millkr, in (he 7(illi year of her Hge. At 11 companion, mother, neighbor nnd Chris linn, sho has long maintained 1111 important relation, in all of which she was gieatly esteemed, nod her departure will be greatly lamented, Sustained by (ho arm of un Almighty Saviour, she cheerfully submitted her soul lo her God and her body 10 Iho dusl, "Mark the perfect man und behold ilia up right, for tho end ol that man is pence." 37 Now Goods, New Goods, IN all their iplendid varieties now open ing. Our friends and Customers, all far and near nre politely ioTited lo walk inlo the Variety Store. Sept. 5, Pamubork & Urinemaid.

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