Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 13, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 13, 1839 Page 3
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ri uwou 1'irznt WALTONS' DAILY JOUR NAL. THE subscribers propose to print, tlj rhifi the next sersion of tint leu'isla- lure, a doily newspaper, on n hnlfHliuot of nnpcriol paper, ami to contain i lie luncsi reports of the proceedings of both houses. From the fnct that the political parties will bu nearlv balanced in the house, the procco. dines will be unquestionably of more than ordinary interest and importance. It will bo our nitronsc to nivo n fair exposition of thoe proceeding, embracing, should t ho. mipport rendered us warrant it, sketches oi the debates. Terms. $1 per single copy ; G copic for g.i ; 12 copies lor $10 Names ami payments may be forwarded by members of i In Legislature. E. P. WALTON & SONS. Montpclier, September 10. 1U39 NEW GOODS. WE nrn now receiving a variety of gold Watches, gold Chains, gold Krai & Kcvs, cold Spectacles, Eur Jewels. Pins & Rings, and silver Watches. Accordions, Bugles, and other Musical Instruments; Slocks, Collars and Bosoms, Sliver Cnps, Cards. Razors, Pencils, &c. &c. The Variety is increasing at the Variety Store. Sept. G. PAsanonN & BntNSMAtn. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Murray's Travel's in Americo. just rccoivcd ond for foIc ot the Bonk Store. U. A. liltAJl.MN. Sept. 12. amoral FROM this plnce. three weeks eincc, nn old red HORSE, with short mane end tail, and spavined in both hi'.id feet. Any information concerning said Horse, will be thankfully received and (suitably rewurded on application to Jeiikmiaii Put. ti:ii, Burlington, September 12 Ifi39. Grand ltnzzir Sinro, rolurnnd home with Ins NEW GOODS last evening ; they ore being put in condition for display nnd division, some Goods more beautiful .than ever brought before. Burlington. Sept. 12, 1G39. vrm. c. siraaspsoMT & co mHE Co-partnership heretofore existing JL under this name at Store No. 3 and 1 south Bide Fnnieul Hall, Boston, was dis- eulved July 12. last, ond EDWARD BRINLEY, LATE Junior Partner hi said concern having been duly appointed legal successor to ihe same, will continue the business at the old stand as formerly, and liquidate all copartnership obligations. In addition to his present extensive clock, he will constantly be receiving large imoortatmns of Drugs, Medicines, Paints $ DYE-STUFFS, Which will be ottered at prices lower than elsewhere in the city. Tho Patrons of the old firm, the friends of the subscriber nnd the public in general, may be assured of his bet exertions to please alike in qual ity and price. And are respectfully solici ted to call, when wishing to purchase, as liis terms arc more I ban commonly inducing. EDWARD BRINLEY, No. 3 and 4 south side old Fonieul 3m Sep. 10. Hall, Boston. Eli Thayer's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, District nr Cuittunhcn, s. C The Hon. the. Probate Court for the Dis triclof Chittenden, To nil persons con cerncd in the Estate of Eli Thayer, lat of Shelburne, in said District, deceased, Disinter of Cihttknukn. fb nnllE probate court lor the District of ' JL Chilientleu. lo nil persons to whnui ihesi! presents shall come. Gkkbtino. Stflly Tracy ol E-wx, in said ili-trict. guardian of Emily M. Tracy of said Essex, a female minor under the ago of eighteen years, having represented to this court that the said Emily is seized in her own right in lee of the lollowing ili!crilicu North l),mr or Parc,,l of lnnd lying nnd being SIIUI11C 10 Slllll CjSSrx, Via. nil III'- llliiu deeded by Amanda Spencer to Griswold W. Tracv. on the 31st day of December 1!J3G. anil is part of lot No. 31, as by said deed recorded among the records of deeds in said Essex will appear, reference thereto being made, and is supposed to contain oiffht acres, nnd that a sale, of saiJ laud would be conducive to the best interest ot 'lu('e her said ward, ond praying said cotitt to license aoo empower oer, inu sum omi), m ell said land. It is hereby ordered that Nov. 10, 1U3G J. 2 " 22 " 12 Dec. 20 ', " 112 " 31, " 1 4 Jan. G, 1030 I 2 " 11, 1 Feb. ft, " 1 4 Mar. 12, I 4 May 8, 1 4 Making 5 p riEREAS. Lvman Nail" executor' of '!"1 " eiid beforo said court too lust will and testament ot saw oc ceased proposes to render an account of his administration, and present ins account against said estate for examination and allow. unco at a session of the Court of Probate, lo ho holdon at the Register's office in Burlington on tho second Wednesday of October next. at a session thereof to be hohleii at the Register's office in Burlington, on the second Wednesday ot uctoncr, i.ijy. anu that notice therool be given by publishing tins ordsr, containing iho substance ol said petition, :n the Free Press, a newspaper printed nl Burlington two weeks succc 'J'lieiiBronn. You arc horohy notified to ap- sivcly, the last of which publications to be pear boforo said Court at tho timo and plauo tl(H lees limn two weeks previous lo said oloresaut, and slicw cause, it any you navo, day. whv the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my band at Burl xzlon, this seventh day of September A. I), lo.iU. mi. whs t ufli lugiticr. Given tinder my band at Burlington, thi 31st Uoy of August, 1U39. Wm. WESTON, Register mt. siircioiAN's oougii FIRE! FIRE!! FIRE!!! rjTUIE members of the Vermoiil Mutual JS- Fire liistirnnce Compiniy nre hereby itified that tho following ns-usstncntH have been made by tho Directors on all notes in force on the following days lo wit : of 1 per com. for the year: said per ccntagc to bo cast on the original nmount of the premium mite, without reference to any endorse inrnltf, nnd to be paid lo the Treasurer, at hi-' office in Montpclier, on or before the 16th dav of Oct. lf.39, being the day of the annual meeting of said company. An opportunity will be presented to lor ward assessments by the members of the LpgUlaturt;, nnd those who neglect to for ward their assessments then, nre referred to the !!ih section of the Act, attached to each policy for the consequences. HARRY VAIL, Treasurer. Montpclier. Aug. 12. 11139. 3w Sherman's Worm ljozengos, Aro the greatest discovery ever made, lor dispelling the various kinds of worms, that to frequently and distressingly annoy, both ARE i In: snleM. mori Mire and effectual children ami adults. They are an inlalli- remedy lor Louirlts, Lolas, Consumption. blc remedy, and bo pleasant to tho taste Whooping Cough, Asthma, Tightness if the that children will take them as readily as u Lungs or chest, 6ic. fyc. J ho proprietor common peppermint Lozenge. Many dis-1 has never known au ii'stnneo where they cases arise Irmn worms, without its being did nut give pcrlect satisfaction. Several suspected. Sometimes a very troublesome thousand boxes hove been sold within the cough, pains m thojoints or limbs, bleeding last three 11100111". restoring lo health, per. at the nose, &c. &.C., are occasioned by sons in almost very stage of consumption, worms, 11 ad will be easily cured by using and those laboring under the most llistrcs- this celebrated medicine. The following sing colds and coughs. They do not check symptoms indicate the presence of worm-, and dry up (he cough, but render it eosy. viz: headache, vertigo, torpor, disturbed promote expectoration, allay tho tickling dreams, sleep broken off by (right und or irritation, and remove the proximate or screaming, convnlsions, (everistincss. thirst, exciting cause, lhey arc made from 1 pallid hue, bad taste in the mouth, offensive combinuliou of the most valuable expecto breath, cough, difficult breathing, itching rant, or cough medicines, and arc undoubt at the nose, pains in the stomach, nausea, cdlv superior to every thing in uso for equeatnisbness, voracity, leanness, tones- those complaints. Hundreds upon hun idus, itching at the anus towards night, dreds ol certificates have been offered of and at length detections of films and mucus. 1 heir wonderful virtues, from thoso who Otis is a dose for a child two years old have been saved from an untimely grave, two for one four years three for eight and restored to perfect health, by using years ond tive tor on adult, and should be thrm. ffoyifljj I W' MAGAZINE. HARRIS & ST AN WOO!?, No. 2i, Trcmont Ron', opposite tiacings Bank, Boston. TTTAVr. remit ly opener .nTlt anil nlend constantly lo keep a lir-i ,n'o und coin plcte nsMiriwnt of MILITARY GOODS, Among which are (Jilt and plnled Scabbard, and Gilt und plmed mounted nvonns. BELTS, Clasps. CHAINS ; gold gill, and plated Laces, Utaids, Cords. Kpniileiiu, Tnsrr Is, Stars. Grenade ond Aigoeletls ; Army, Navy, R veruin and military 'iLV. of all 1 Epnuletts ; Cap Trimming1' of every description. Orders for any stylo of Trimmings executed in the best manner and at the shortest pos-ihle notice. The above comprise one oflhe bent assortments to be found in the cilv. Persons n want of such nilicles. are invited lo call, as they uru offered for sale at wholesale acil retail, on favorable term-'. ALSO, In addiiion to 1 In nbnvn. n fir-t, rate assorlinent of lIOUyE FUUJNlSI-JlINli liUUlJS, CotisisUn of SILVER and PLATED WARES, LAMPS. PARLOR CLOCI1 77?.41',S of all description. Tuhlo Cotlery, RRITTAjYIA WARV, P.RAjY 'KVS and other metal Ornaments. Rich Fancy nrticlcs lor pricnts, tec. &c. Gw U1 ,5 r-m(4il',-''LY "f all siz..-.-: plumes ; ami jfct'MP and-wors.e.1 JZZOi;?..-S-- - -r. x.Kr.iir.-- Satliesi worsted Wing'j tt A SELEC'I'ION Inlnsl of articles from the and most popular European 'erindicals, now for sale at the Book Store f the subscriber. Arrangements have been made by which individuals nnd fami lies may procure ready access to all the principal Reviews arid Magazines pub linked in this country and Europe at ai expense not greater than the average cois ol one of them, several specimen uopi now at the store for inspection. Likewise the Girl's and Buy's Reading Book, a new work designed for the use ot schuold, bv Mrs. S. 11. Sigourncv. D. A. BRA MAN. August 27. SILK AND FANCY At fivz per cent, advance on the cost for CASH. THE subscribers would appriso Mer chants, visiting tho city of New York for Iho purchase of Goods, that owing to the difficulty of making collections, and the high rate of exchanges, they have come 10 the conclusion of confining their sales hereafter exclusively to CASH. As un indue men!, to purchasers, they offer their l.irge and well selected assort. ment of Silk and Fancy DRY GOODS, at tive par cent, advance on ihe cost lor Loflu From their long experience in the busi ness and the lacililics lhey have 111 procu ring goods at the lowest prices, purchasers may hove a guarantee that their interefts will be promoted bv examining their stock ADDOMS & 'CUNNINGHAM. No 225 Pearl, corner of Piatt sis Ntw York, Sept. 10,1039. In repeated every morning, or every olhor morning until relieved. Read the following letter : Now York, March 3. 1839. Dear Doctor, According to your rc- Whcre there is much pain in the breast side, one of Sherman' Poor Man's Plasters should be ripplied over the part, and worn till relieved. If attended with costiveness, a few cathartic or laxative quest, we have uned your Worm Lozenges Lnzcngcs, or ony mild cathortic medicine, in several cases ol worm, and found 1 hem should be ued as occasion requires unilormly successful. We have no difficul. Lx-bherilt Parkins was cured in two tv in getting children to take them, as they days, of a most distressing cough. Mr. are perfectly pleasant. We shall use them Buttoo of Providence. Mr. Shaler of Bos- our practice whenever occasion offers, ton, Mr. Rivers. Mr. Combs, Mr. Wallace, believing them lo be Hie best vermifuge Judge Peters. Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Rich- medicine in use. We have also used your ardson, and hundreds of others of this city Soda Lozenges very extensively, and find have called to express their surprise and them lully lo answer the purpobcs you re- commendation ol the speedy relief nnd commend I hem for. We are vours, respectfully. 'V. WEEKS. M.'D. W. SHADDOCK. M. D. G. R. GREEN, M. D. Sold wholesale und reloil. at Dr. Slier man's medicated Lozenge Warehouse, 10G cures eitected uy tiiese truly wonderlul Cough L zenges. Doctors Smith, Vandenburgh, Comstock Harris Brigham, and severnl others of our mot distinguished physicians, have uset Lozenges, in their practice, with variable success. J he medical lacnliy Notice to the Afflicted. ' A T E RM AN S W E ET. JV rtftn-n bone Setter, ha- ariived 111 Burlington on b spcciul call, and finds it necessary to remain a few days. If any others should be dcsirdus of his advice or services, tiiey may obtain them by calling 011 him or leaving their nddre-s at Mr. Howard's Hotel after leaving this place, at the lintel in Middlehury for 0 few days, and then ot Rutland, at W. Y. Ripley's, a short lime. Mv practice extends even to old cases of Dislocations and Lameness of long Handing. My residence is in Florulo, Montgomery county. N. Y. Thi! editors 111 Middlehury and Rutland, will please give the notice. Sept. 13. Iw Nassau st. New York, and at tho Variety uniformly approvo of them, as the best blore, burlingion. VI. cough medicine in use. J'ANCiuonN & Biunsm aid. Mr. Kfrulall from Vermont, visited this r.ilv last fall, intendin" to no South. Anti-Slavery Earthenware, a hopes ofmitigating a severe cough ami pui new pattern well adapted to remind free. men ol their own rights and enioyrnents. Phi! above with a general stock ot CHINA GLASS EARTHEN WARE, offer. eu tor sale ot wholesale to cnonitv mer chants on as gond terms ns any house the oily, at 87 Water st. FIELD $ Co. New York, AuzmtaO, 11)39. (5w 200 dez. Gorman Silver Table and Tea Spoons 50 doz. patent Brass Combs 40 gtoss Iron Side do Just ree'd by Vir.As, Looim & Co August 22. 1G39. doz. Tambo' Muslin Collars 75 pieces Pongee Ildkfs. 15 doz. block Italian Silk Cravats 30 doz Gingham do Just ree'd bv Vilas. Loomis Sz. Co. August 22, 1G39. Joseph Jones" Estate. STATE OE VERMONT,) Dist. or CiiitTi:.Ntn:N. ss SILVER WARE. 50 plain und swayed Table Spoons, 100 do do 1 Tea do Cream Lidlcs. Sugar Tongs and Salt Spoons, for sole by Aug. 22. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. LYMAN CUMMIN GS, &T SAW & SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY, Office smith iceU corner, second Jloor of Strong's Building, on Court House Square, BURLINGTON. VT. rffTHE Frobato Court, for the diMrict ol -H- Chittenden, to all persons concerned othc estate of Joseph J'incs. late of Un derhill in taid district, deceased. Gnr.r.Ttso. Truman Sheldon. Executor of the last will and tcftomcnt of the said deceased, having made application to said court fr license lo sell the real estate of said de. ceased, representing that n sain thereol is necessary for the payment of I In. debtr, anil elinrjnv of adrn'tn'straiion, and propo ses lo render on account ol bu outuniri.a. tion. nnd lo present his account agsinil aid estate for examination and allowance. Whereupon the court aforesaid doth a?s go tho second Wednesday of K p'ember 1039. for a hearing in the premises, and doth order that the heirs and oil other" injere trd in said estate bo notified thereof by pubtt cation of this order three weeks succcs. lively in the Free Pre-s. 0 newspaper printed in said Burlington, the last of which publications lo he previous 10 said second Wednesday of September, UI39, ihal they may appear ot the time and plocen foresaid ami show cause why licence to sell said

land should not he g'anted, and why the account of Ihe said executor should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 15lh day of August A D 139. Wm WESTON Rfsislrr. Walking Sticks. CJOME beautiful little canes just received KJ ior 37 and 50 els. bepi. l(ANcnonN& BntNSMAin. CJOME beatiliei for Sa, olio Bugs for p 50, 2, gl 50 and $) 25. Many Goods opening. Sept. 5. I'ANRnon.N & BniNMAin. 'E have just returned from New York. and havu purchased a great variety of Military Goorf.aud havo made arrange, 'incuts for furnishing, S WORDS, SILKS A SUES, EPAULETTS, BELTS, FLUMES, PLATES, WINGS, BUTTONS, CHA PP EA US, LACE, and CAPS ; To Companies or individuals, as low as they can get them in New York, or Boston. We have many articles making fur us, now, ml all who wish are invited to call imme diately, in order lo give us limu to get from New York any article, which we have nut on hand. Wo have sample C Imp pen us ond Caps, and of other kinds of mili tary articles a preliy good assortment. Sept. C. Panghokn & BnmsMAin. MOHAIR CAPS. A few Mohair Cops ot l each mid nets nl fl7 ppiiIb. nl Ihn Vnrif'tv Storo. Sept. 5. Pangdohn Sl BniNSMAtn. WOLCOTT'S U n chang eabl e Blue WRITING FliUID, Or supimon n.endqr and nuiUBiuTir, THIS recently invented composition for writing, is confidently recommended to the public as being superior to any itn ported article of like kind. It will nevur loose ony of tho elements of its color, and is wamnicd lo remain permanent under nnv expoiuro whatever. It can bo had at the Book Store of the subscriber ot whole talc or retail, nnd at n very low pnee. Bert. 12. D. A. DRAM AN. mnnary affection, that he had been troubled with for several months. He had tried, as he supposed, every popular remedy, with out any relief. Ho wn- induced by a friend to purchase n box of Dr. Sherman's Can LOZENGES, which to his surprise, afl'ir di;il him great relief in a few hours, and in three weeks restored him to perfect health, so that he returned home to his family rejoicing. iLTholil at bherman s medicated Lngo Warehouse, 10G Nassau si.. New York and in Burlington, Vt at Iho Variety Sioru, Sept. I. hy Panghokn & Biunsmaid. APPRENTICE. A LAD from M to 1G years of ago may li id a situation us an apprentice at this Office. Aug. 29, lt!39. SURVEYING. AFIItST rata Compass, and other sur voying apparatus just , received from Now York, Notico hy Mail or otherwise promptly attended lo. J. 1IEWES. Milton, Vt.Aug. 23, 1839. 3w DR. JOSEPH MARSH . LT EING about to leave town for tho I'JLJ winter ho made nn arrangement with BOOT. H. S3VIITK, who will occupy his office, and whom he lakes pleasure in introducing lo his friends and the public. IN I ENDING to remain permanently in 1 Ins pi ice. tenders his serviees to the inhabitau's of Burlington ond Vicinity, in the practice of medicine am) Surgery. BOUT livu or six weeks ago, n largo ii hay horse, 10 or 12 years of ago, had the glanders when ho lelt, lie came from the vicinity of the Connecticut river Also, between two and Ihreo months since, a dorki.-h grey inare. The said mare spavined and has very sharp teeth. Who over will return said horses or give infor ma'ion where lhey may be found, shall bu suitably rewarded, .1. l'UlTMt. Burlington. Sept. 4. 11339. 2i5 Hales 4-1 brown Sheetings 5 " 3.4 " Shirtings 7 " Tickings, just received by !fl ' "I LAS, LOOM IS iV. i;o gi'oss Gilt Coat Buttons 100 do do Vest do J 25 do Lasting Coat do 10 do Satin fig'd do do 5 do Velvet 1I0 do do GOO do Pearl Shirt do Jut ree'd by, Looms &. Co. August 22. 1(139. A Sept. 1. NOTICE. HAVE this day given my sun, Elisho ltoom U. h is time. Willi lull llherlv to FEW HORSES 1 1 T u rii-n r;t business for himself, and I will will bo taken I'M hereafter claim nothing from ony 0110 for his services and shall not holdon for any doblHof his contracting oiler this dale. LINNS ROUNDS. Wilncss. A Fk.hguson. Slarlcsbornugh. Aug. QGlh, 1039. Prick, a', my establish ment No. 1. North St. Good cara taken of them ond good tails or 110 pay. CALEB RICHARDSON. NAILS. 1 000 eKd ivor a1'8' or (!a'e 1WU by Iho aubicribars. Tho Noils are a new article nnd tho Machinery by which the nails nro made being pcrlectly new, the consequence is that the nails are all perfect, and wn believe the nails to be superior lo any other nail to be found in the place. All who wish to buy nails will find it for their interest to call and examine tho Fall River nail before purchasing else where, as tho quality and price of the nails can not fail to suit. KERN & WALKER. AugU6t 20, 1039. CLAP-BOARDS. fg F'lct BCn8(lllel Clap mkjmJJJ Boatds, mostly clear. 'fur sale by Uickok & Lati,i,n. doz. llaworlh's Spool Thread 300 lbs. colored and white do Just received by Vir.As, Loomib & Co Aug. 22, 1039. BURLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY. fill! K Foil term of the Seminary com JL mi'iiccs Duplcinucr mill, a ?3, Copartnership Notice. THE Copartnership heretofore exi-ting under the firm of WAIT & TABOU was dissolved on the 10 August inst. All persons indebted lo the late firm arr heteby notified to make immediate payment ond those having demands against ihem will present them for settlement to Joseph Wail, who is duly authorised to adjust the same. II i n c s b u r g h Academy. rpnilL autumnal term ot this institution, JL will commence on Monday, the 2Glh. inst., under the direction of Mr. Homer II. Benson, late principal of the Academy 10 Haverhill, N. II. The Trustees lake pleasure in announcing lo Ihe public their aoiifiduiirn i" M'- Hciii'iui, whose piiii ex perience and success betoken good for the tut nro. It is intended, that the course of instruc tion shall bo such ns will lend to form Iho highest degree of moral and intelleciu. al character. Particular attention will he bestowed upon those in preparation for teaching. Lessons will bo given in Draw ing if desired. Board can he had us low ua in other places in this Vicinity. Aug. 23. Fiiancis Wilson, Sec, 2w JOSEPH WAST. GIVES notice that he has bought mi Ihe interest of l'i late Partner Mr. JOHN P. TABOU, nrd will continue the staple and fancy dry goods Business, at the old stand, west'side Church ct., 2 dour above the square, where will be constantly kept a lull supply of Fruich. British and American Goods oflhe best duality, winch will bo at all times freelv shown and sold uncommonly cheap for cash he has on hand a good sssi.rimeiit of Plain ond fig'd Silks Dork nnd light Calicoes Silk, Kid nnd Th'd Gloves Silk ond Iloe Ribbons, Belts, fancy Ildkfs. Net and Embr'tl Scarf Edcnlior'o and Tiiriati Shawls Lace ond Gauzo Veih Embr'd Collars, Laces, &c. &c. Gents. Coilon Ho-o Coiton, Silk. kid. it Th'd Gloves Silk, Bombnzin. Satin and Hair Cloth Stocks ('heap Silk Crovaiis Best Itulian do 30 and -10 inches Cloth nnd Cassimers Umbrellas &c. &c. Burlington, Aug. 10, 1039. NOT5CK. " CASH vill ! r-id i-r WOOL al Ihe Burlington Mill Company's Factory, 18 Cases English and American Prints 1 ' l'lirniluro do 2 ' blenched Sheeting I ' colored Cambrics I 1 Broad Cloths, just ri ceived by, Loomis &. Co. August 22, 1039. JAMES MITCHELL DRAPER, & TAILOR. Comer of Church Sj Collcgc strctts. Bunt.iNn roN, Junk, 1039, lbs. mixed Pins. I case American do 1 ' London do 1 ' German do 25 gross Hooki and Eves 100 ' Bono Eylelts, just received by VILAS, LUU.MIS iV Co August 22, 1039. SIDNEY BARLOW, Agent. SASffI FACTO El Y. TjlllK subscriber would respectfully inform JL tho inhabitants of liiirliugloii that hy the earnest soliuiiatiou of a number of gentlemen residing in and adjacent to said town, he has been constrained to establi-li a SASIl FACTORY, at Colehcslcr Falls, (one mile from tho Court Burlington,) where ho will lie happy lo supply all tho'o who may wiidi to purchase Window Sash or Blinds. His long experience in tho above business warrants him 111 ossuiiug all those who may favor him with iheir patron, age, that limy may depend upon a fitst ralu article, as he is aetoriniued to employ nono hut first rate workmen and his stock will bu of Iho very best materials. Orders from a distance addressed to tho subscriber at Bur lington, Vt. will bo thankfully received and promptly attended to. SIDNEY SMITH. Co'chesttr Falls, August ,r, 1839. N. U. All woik warranted lo bo good, or no sale. Any eizo or quantity of Sabh,fur. uished to order, IT A 1 I? II AIR. BALDNESS. Important Discovery. THE GREAT MYSTERY FOUND OUT AT LAST. DR. STEP.ltY'S HAIR REGENERA TOR. Dr.Storry. after much attention to the important tuhjeet of preserving tho hu man hair, has, after uratiy experiments, chcini. cal and phy.-ieal. been aide to discover an arti cle, width is now offered with the greatest cnnlidonen for t lie toilet, as thn host thing over discovered, from its softening and penetrating quality, to produce a good bend of hair to prevent it Ironi tailing oil when tialdncss is apprehended torestoieil when baldness has taken phce, and lo prevent it from ttinimrr, gray. Ji is more nourishing lhati pomatum, antique oil. or rlu2iio water. It is a benuti ful uiticln fin ladies curls it nukes thn i soft and lively , and produces iiueominoii aucy. ' ''!-" -d- Sv" teste ', .is 'up. , virtues and r u nd in uvc:y in1'.' it stands u.. .vulirO. u an wilalliblj e.urc all ulfcclions ot Uk on thu head- as dandruff, &r:. &e. Everv fuinily shoul 1 be supplicil with a b..ttl r'" HiN oil. that by i' j application to the lieuu at . hnir ol llicirc!1' dren, the beautiful and r . .icrital appemlu of a fine head of hair, .vblch mituro has sun plied us, may ho preserved. From ihe niimi . -ous certificates unit rceomr.irndatioiis received, of its salutary influence, the Doctor feels fin 1. ly persuaded hu has sue :eeded in piodi'Pi" r and article which will meet 'hi ' -l.ea w.ohej and approbation oflhe pubtn . For sale, wholesalo ond re . bv A. IIITCULUCK&Co., 117 Genetic "it' Utitu. In Burlingion only by . I. & .1 II. I 11 (c Co., in Vcr"enne bv .). 11. BOWMAN. 111 Milton by WMITNi.V, I. NDON k, Co., in Georgia, by LORENZO JANES. jy2(i INCO M P A R A B L E TOOT 7jT PREPARATION ! 'jIIE Utopian dreams of the alchyniist aro, JL ium:;; eil, and a remedy discovered for tho TOO i IIACI1 E, ami preserving lliosu important and beautiful appendages of tluy human system, bv tho use of the MAG NETIC ODONTICA, which by its attract ive, purifying and strengthening qualitin, removes all e.traneou subrtances from tho teeth, rnd pricrves them in their natural brilliancy, ami the gums in soundness and beauty. It is aseertained from experience, that when used. thu Iceth will never dceayv but remain till tho latest ago of man, with their natural wear. Hum lhey arodecaved. its progress will bo arrested, and tho teelli preserved and prevented IV nn aching. All. this has been done in 11 muliitudeol' instan ces : und more, in thousands of cases, norvoin toothache (that elitnax of pain) basal onco been effectually cuied hy tho use of thi- tho most popular deutrifrieo in America Ihe public, so far as they havo becon ac quainted with the merits of IhU Moh p dor. have undo uu of it a1 we hmi. within a short iluie, about 20.K)i' boxc if the Odontica. And, in conclusion, v. hen a whoN tho young lady or geulh 1111111, aye. individual that value- a beautiful set of teeth, sound gums, and a wcel breath, inorolhan fifty cents, that will bo longer deslitoto of a box of Dr. M. Hitchcock's incomipaiablo Mn;r.elic Odonliea ? For sale, wholesole am! retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co., No. 117 fiene-eo birect, Utica. N. Y. And by tneir agPiit throughout thu U. Stales and Canada. In Burlingion milv hy J. fc J. I. l'l'.CK tc Co.. in Vcrjjeuncs by J. II. Bow man, in Milton hy f'hituey, Loudon & Co., in Georgia by Lorenzo J.iucs. aug2 The subscriber bas been receiv- iiii; lor the loi-i werl;, the largest nnd best teli'Cii'd n-snrimeot of HARDWARE, SADDLER YS( COACH WARE, Saw mill. Crnsi cut, and Circular SAWS, Stove and For place HOLLOW WARE, Wagon, Carl and Pipe BOXES; GUNS, Pnrhct and Inbie CUTLERY. Plated ( In win Silver S? Rritlanm Ware, CA P.INET TRIMMINGS, LOO FIYG GLASSES. LOOKING GLASS PLATE. Sc .Sc. lie has ev. r bel'on' tillered in the public, nil of which he will bo happy to dipuH of ut wholesalo and rulnil on tho best tonus for cash or short credit. Uohuht Moojiv. Ilurliulcn. Junu 25, I It30. BLANK BOOKS. &r4fc4fc niiiat'o i' in.,i. 1, ; 3W bonks, cnomlnliiR from one to Wharf, ,'l,,n' six Quires each. Persons wishini; to liny j ol IlAUUh, GRINDSTONES & PLASTER AL rye assortment ol Water ond Hand Griiitl-tones, and Plaster 111 ony quan tity, constantly 011 hand and fur sale by So'uix, Whitm:v & Co. ,4, South st. New York, nnd by the subscribers at No. 7. lo sell again, will find it to their advantage to cull at thu Bonk Bindery on Culleoo stjeel, wheto they will find said Books for alo low at wholesale or retail by , HUNTINGTON, Burlington, July 17, U'J9. June 17. SOULK & Co. i G m, 105 Hoxos Tin Plate 1-3 X. 32 Bunilles-Wiro In 1T1 Number fi lo J7r ym ree'd by Vila-, LoyMts & (Jo..

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