Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 13, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 13, 1839 Page 4
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miiu ii iiimii wg.m'u Fi KJB JLNS5J RANGE TO MANUFACTURERS it OTHERS. (fflftlll'2 Providence Washington Insuranco 4k Cumpnnyi in Providence Rhode Island, continue to Insure against loss or dntnnfjt! by lire, tin Cotton, Wullen, rind other Manufactories, I5u 1 1 d niftt? , and Mer chandise, on fnvornbtu terms. This Company is well known In the Manufacturers of Now England, and pus eesscs llit'ir full cmitltlciico. The Company wan incorporated A. D. 11100. The Capital S'ock is g-IOO.OOO, all paid in ninny yciiM mucin and well Mjcutcd In Rank Stocks and Real Estate. The Directors are. SULLIVAN DOUR. REN.IAM1N I10PP1N, MOKES P. IVES, HENRY P. FRANKLIN, ROP.ERT I. IVES, ELIKIIA DYER, CARLO MAURAN. CHARLES JACKSON, WILLIAM HUTLER. Manufacturers iitnl others wishing for Insiirnne". are rc quesh-il In direct ilieir np. plications (which t-lionlil be accompanied Willi n particular dveripliuti of the prop t;ity.) per mail, to tin; President or Secto Inry ( f the Company, and the same will bo intended to promptly. SULLIVAN DORR, President. Waiskkn S. CinKUM:. Secretary, rroviilem.c Washingln Insurance. Company's QJice. s Providence,, R. J. 1 1130. ) ly.f. 5 WLNDOW HASH. JUST received lo 20 k 2-1-7 by 0 casements of s.ibh, a first rale article, at 3. and 3", ets. per light. Also. all kinds and sizes, furnished to order. Tioondcroga Black Lead, a tlrst rate article, fur Kale very low, to-rclher wilh a great variety ofothcr article.", asfhnap as can be found at any other cMab. lishmcnt in tbu place. Ceo. Pr.Tr.i-.soN LOOKING-GLASSES ITU mahogany and Gill frames for sale Cheap at July 5. JiATiinniNii I'dtwin s. BLANK BOOKS'. ?(1M!) QUIRES of Clank work, in (LS'Mi'vlJ i,05!! remaining (mm nun to six Quires each. PerMins wishinir to buy to sell aain, will find it to thoir advantage to call at the Bunk Utudery on Collnex1 rtjct'l, where they will linil said Books for a'lo low at wholesale or r-tail bv S. HUNTINGTON. Burlington. July 17, III39. Gcesc Feathers of a superior quality fur snip bv VILAS, LOOM IS & Co. July 30, 1039. CO UN WNTED. CASH will bupaid for INDIAN CORN delivered at thoGrist Mill Onion River Falls or at their Stum, by Jul.y2G. 1I1CKOK & CATLIN. QHA Rbls. Western Sail jusl received and jUU for sale by IIickok &, C' V2 Bundles Eng. & American Sheet IKHI. 75 lh. Copper Bolt, just ree'dbv July 3130 Vir. Loomis &. Co. Important, to llio Ladies. JUST rrriMveil. iitnl for sale by . St .. . PECK Co . Burlington, a lew boxes ol R vnoliU iV Paniiplv'.- releli'ul'-d PKMAI.C REdTOimiVK. It is designed pari intilnny lor lliu disease peculiar to die Fnnnle eoiislitution. A iiioro cflicacii'us remedy of this kind, ha lull", been wnuicu, as many of those dinas. c-s have bo filed the skill of'thc most eminent physicians, and nil the remedies heretofore drive privod ineffectual, in thousand-, ol cases. This medicine invariably remove nlisi riipiimii. rculates in iiiot cases of painful, too friqucnt, or profuse inniolrua lion, and has cured I he iwM obtlinale cases ol Fluor AlblH or wind"), ami nn n iikiI lior' relief, it is not equalled by any other medi. cine. It is recommended by many of ibe iiio.-t eiuincnt nbysiciaus m the United Hinles. Duct. J. .Mnrison, frrm Colcraiu, Mas. who has prncticed medicnii! some tWHitiv years ul Oneida, N. Y. Miys lit relation to it. 'That it H the uca inedi cine now in use. In cases of retnilion, or Mippressinn of the ininscs, 1 think it will Mistnin llio appcllalion of specific. I have tried it in thn worst caros, with admirnble success, anil I wii-h for the ood of tuftVrins fi'innles. that all physicians would introduce it in their practice, and 1 have confidence to belicvo liny would find happy results, ns I have found the pills to answer fully their recommendation." Docl. R. R. Dnvis, of Syracuse, lolls n similar siory, niiil many others For furl her information, you are referred to the persons whose names arc annexed to our showbills, and nlso to pamphlets, left wiiV our ncenls for ;rntituoiis distribution, price $apcr box, conlniuiiiK nearly 100 pills. Prepared and sold wholesalu and retail by Reynolds & Parmuly. Pillsfurtl, Monroe Co.. N. Y. sold nlso by F. lluntintun, Verenues i Mnody & Adams, Middlcbury Jackson & Ketch am, Ilrandnn; S & T. White &, Co., Holland) I). II. Mcacliom.M. D., Walliuj;. lord; A. R. Vail & Co.. Danby, I). An lri)tvs, Mnnclicstur ; Merrill & V. D. Kiieol, l!entimlon j and Williston Si Tyler, Rralllebnrnuuh. ati7-ly 105 Uoxos Tin Plato ;. 3a Biindle.1 Wiru I'ruin Number fi lo 17, just ree'd by Viias, Lodmih iv. Lo i I :J .IRON &G. I STRONGS & CoJ Alin now receiving n heavy stuck of Iron and Steel, consisting of 10 tons English Wngnn and Cart tire of all t he various hisc-v, 5 tuns Russia 0. S. Iron 3 do Swedes tin Cast, Gorman, Spring, Ainuriran and Eng. Blister Biccl. English Hoops, JJrnziortJ rods eye. Also, on Consignment, 500 Kegs assorted cut Nail?, 3d to COd and floor Brads. 20 tons Peru manufactured Iron round and square of all sizph. Rand Iron, Shoo Shaped etc. etc. .limn (5. UNEXAMPLED MAMMOTH SCHEME. riTIIin following details of n Scheme of a JL Jjottcri,U bu drawn in Dcrcmbur next, warrants us'iii declaring it to bo UiNTARAL LKLIU) in tlio history of Lotteries.' to the amount have Hirer biforc hun offend to tlio public. It is true, thern aro many blanks, but on the other baud, the extremely low char;;o of SSO per Tickel lliu tatiic and number of the capitals, and the revival of the rood (lid Cll&toni Of WAr.HANTINfi THAT l'VI'.UV l'nizr. miai.i. r.c Drawn and Sor.n, will, wc ate Mire, give uiiiyeisal Milfofautinu, and cs. pecially to the Six Hundred Prize Holders. To llioso disposi'd to nd venture, wc icoom incnd early aiinlicaliou Lciur made to us for tickets when the Prizes are all sold, blanks only remain the first buyers have lliu best chance. Win therefore, emphatically say DELAY NOT! but at oneu remit and liansmW lo us your orders, which shall always receive our immcd'mtu attention. Letters to bu ad drcstcd, and application made lo SVI.VKSTMK & CO., 1515 llroadicay, iVoio York. fyj'Obscrvc the number, 15(5. $7m,m 1 1 1 $50"0,Q00!! S 2 5 , 0 0 0 ! ! G prizes of 820.000 1 1 a prizes of $15,000!! '3 prizes of 10,000 ! Git AND REAL. ESTATE & HANK STOCK LOTTERY OP PUOrEUrYrSlTUATH IN N.OHLHAr lUr'Ac ulust and most .Magnificent Sihtmc enr presented lo the. public, in llusur any other Country. TICKETS ONLY 620. Authorized by an act ul the Lejrislativo As cenibly of Florida . and under the diicelions of the commissionerf, aclinir under the same lo be drawn at Jacksonville, Flor. Dec. 1. 11)39 SCHMIDT & HAMILTON, Managers. SYLVESTER & Co., 15(5 Droadieaij, J'cw Yor!:, Sole Agents. NO COMIJ1NAT10N NUMBERS ! ! ! 100,COO Tickets, from No. 1 upwards in suc cession. Thn Doeth of the property and tlio stock transferied in trust to tbu commissioners ap pointed by tbu said act of the legislature of l'lorida, for llic security of the prize holders. SPLENDID "SWJF.MK!! 1 Pnizc Tbu Arcade 2!JG feet, 5 iiit'lics, 1 lines, mi Magazine St.; 101 feel, 11 inches, on Natchez sl.j 1'JG feet, G inches, on Gravier st. Rented at about $J7,C0O icr ami. Dollars. valued at 700,000 1 Prize. City Hole! ICC feet on Common street : LIG ft:ct,G inches, on Camn si. Rented at 5'.'5.O0O valued at I Prize dwelling llouso (adjoininir the Arcade) No. 1G, 21 feet. 7 inch es front on Natchrz street, rented at .jlCOO valued at 1 Prize do (adjoining iho Arcade) No. 10,23 feet front on Natchez st. rented at $1200 valued at 1 Prizo do. (.idjiiiuiii!; iho Arcade) No. 20, 2.1 feet from on Nntchcz st, routed at 1200 valued at 1 Prize do. No 23, North rasl corner of ISumii and Cu.-tom house streets '10 feet from on JiaMn, and 40 feet on l'rai.klin street, by 127 feet deep in Custom House street, rented at .$1500 valued at 1 Prize do No. 2-1, Soulh west cor ner of llasiu and Custnin-huUFo his 32 feel, 7 indies on llasiu, 32 feet, 7 inches on Franklin, 127 feel, 10i inches deep in front of ( ustom house street rented at .$1500 valued at I Prize do. No. 339, 21 feel, 3 inches on Royal street, h) 127 feet, II inches deep rented at $1000 valued at 1 Prize 250 shares canal bank stock 500,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 15,009 8100 each 25.000 do 00 do 150 do 100 do 10(1 do 100 do SO do commercial do do 20,00!) do Mechanics' fc Traders' do do do Cily Dank do do do do do do do do do do do Exchange Hank do do do .i ,i., ,).. 15,000 10.000 10,000 10,000 5.000 c (IP'I 2.500 2,500 1,500 1,500 do do do do 50 25 do Gas light Hank do do 25 do do do do do 15 do Mcchaiiics'and Tiadeis' do do 15 do do do do 1 do 20 do each 10 shares of the Lousiana stale Rank, $100 each, each pri.u $1,00(1 10 do ouch 2 t-Iinrcs of$IOOnacli, each prizo $200, of tlio Gas Light Hank 200 do each 1 shnro of $100, or tlio Rank of Louisiana 200 do each 1 sharo of $100, of Iho New Orluaus Dank 150 do each 1 share of.$l00 of tlio Union Rank of Florida 20,000 2,000 20,000 20,000 15,000 (SOOIMMZICS TICKETS i0-NO SHARES. Tbu whnloof the Tickets, with their num bers, ns also thoso containing Ihu prizes, will be examined and scaled by the cominiskinneis appointed under Iho Act, picviously to their being put into the wheels. Ono wheel will contain Ihc whole of the numbers,) ho other will contain ho Six Hundred Prises, and the first COO numbers thai shall bu diawn nut, will bu entitled to such Pni.E ns may bo drawn lo lis iiuinbur, nnd tho fuittinatu holders of such Prizes will havo such propoity transferred to them immediately after Iho drawing, tinincum. lurid, anil without any Deduction ! bush, Rye. 1000 do. Com. .jijPOO do. Oats, for which cash will bu paid onvJciivcry, by 1iu.ett & Hiuei.i.'vu DR. HULL'S Utcro Abdominal Supporter. nn IIR! new Instrument for tlio radical JL cum of Prolapsus Uteri or Fnllinr of the Womb, by external application, super scdinc the use uft he objectionable Penary, in confidently recommended to lliu nfll'cted n the menus of a perfect restoration to health, it novcr having failed of performing ni'cnru even undor the must ncrrrnvntcd circumstances'. It tins received I he deemed approbation of Sir Aslley Cnopor of LON DON i Sir Rety'omin C. Rrodic; Sir .Ininca Clark, Physician to I he Ojicen ; Dr. Ash well, Lecturer on Midwifery to Guy's IIos pitnl ; Dr. Ribv, Leclutcr to St. llarthol omc?; Dr. Griflith. Lecturer to Westmin ster Hospital; Dr. Rnmshotham. Lecturer to Lnndun Hospital! Robert Ferc'ison, Lecturer to Westminster Lying-in Hospi tal, Dr. Swrnlman, Lecturer to Middlesex Hospital, and senior Accoucheur lo Queen Charlotte's Lying.iielluEpitnl ; nlso by Henry Davirs, Conquest; IJluiulcll, Lee, Mcrrnnan, Surgeon Kcalca &c. by Dr Moreau President, of the Academic Roynln du Mi'dccitio, PARIS and Accoucheur t' the Ducheps D'Orleans; Profoor3 Vel ncau Mariolin. Paul Dnboin, Sausrui and others ; nud in New York bv Professor J. W. Francis; O. S. Redfoid, M. D. Profcrsor of Midwifery in University the city NEW YORK: P'off-sor Delafi;ld, Professor Francis U. .lobnston. Prosu'ont Couiiiy Med. Society; liniircns Hull, pres. Medical society, statu of New Yntk; ptof. James McNaujjhton of Albany; pi-ofcssor March, prof. Cyrus Perkins, prof. Doane-- vDrs. Thoi. IJoyd, Gilbert. Smith. Ilosack. biennis, Ludlow, Cisau, Vnchn, Power, Grnyson, Van Rcn.salaur and many o'her distinguished Physicians in the U- S:ates. A. G. IlULL;--Onice 4 Vesey-st, Jlstor House, New York. VjTA constant tuiply ol the above Inslru merits, wiih Dr. Hull's Improved Tru?s for Hernia will be kept bv ROBERT' MOODY, Druggit. Burlington, VI. Fj. W. Rrcw.-trr, MUkllcbunj. ). II. Prentiss. Mmtpcliu: .lamos Piirier, Rutland. jy FROM OODUNSUUliail TO IHiFFAl.O IN CCJ-30 HOURS: fi 1 -t'ft:,?dpiz .10I1N EVANS, Esq.. Com.mam.cii. nnillS splendid new Real of OD tons JL burthen, propelled by two poweilul low pressure engines, will make two trim it:n wi:i:k through the Lake from oodi.nsbuiioii to i.r.wis'rows, t-toppng up and down at the in lermediate ports, as follows : UPWARDS I.e.nes Ojilcnhbnrgli, Momkiv aad 'I fitiifd.iv niiilils du. Mori iriuwn, do do. Ali'Xiuidi in liny, do. do, do du. pu nch (Jii'tk, Tue.-d.iy Si Pi iil.iy mornirj do. Hat'ket's llni bur, !o do, st t 12nmn. do, O.uego, do du, at 5 p. in. iiriMni; ul l.' u i.-lon nn Wednesday and rSaiuulay inuiuiii'is in t i t n i lo die mnininu' Cats I'm Hud'alu. DOWNU'AIIDS, Leaves i.-lnii, U'eilne.-d.iv & Saltiid.iy nt 5 p in tin. (h-wi'so, Tlmiril.l) .mil Siind.ij al (i a in du. K.i i kfl's lliu lior.du do id du I'iciicli Cieck, du. du ai 1 p.m. du AicNandria 1 J . i anil Mm I i.-lowii, alieinoun, an iviii' at Oden.-liugli en Sunday unit TIiiiimI.u cm ninyj. (JCj-Piiei'Sets by this Honl ran u'.idi N. Yoil. or Moaiieal on die c(iiini; of die mcoihI day fioin l.evt i.-lon. The Si. I.awienre h i clevrii l.nye and runiino difiiis Sinn llooiii inilepciiileiil of lici (abiiH, in uliicli nciiileini n ilh llieii fuinlies can he couilui I idilv ai'i'iiniiuod.ileil. 'i' .,,,,.,1 ,.r i, . i i,.- ,.v.nit....i acfommed.iiloi.ciiliiHid lo I lie cue of on- (,1'ihe mo. i cspi-t iriiccl tiiil skilful mii. i-j.iioi s, will eii-me' tlif liincllii ,ulilienol uiily a pica-am Inn a nioie expeditions i-.i-t-.ttio ill. in liiilieilu l.niiun on i lie ',(". U''(luut)Ur!;U, June ill, Is.Jl). Ogdimburi'Jh Jane 10, ISoD Bahom of Liverwort. 17. iovEr-ir & co. jic-zni-s 'pOR selling Doct, TaylorV Bahom of Lie JL erirorl, tor Consumption, Lirir Coui plaints, Coughs, CoW, Spilling of lllond. Pain in tho Sid e, or Breast, A ilh ma, l'lcvriry, Short ness, of Breath, Palpitation of the Heart, Jc hiljy, Xuicusness and all discatcs of the Lungs and Livm;. The virtues of this celebrated article has but recently been tested in this region tulfi cient however, has been used, in Chittenden and Addison conunties, to givo it justly u iinmo above, any medicine, hilheilo oli'eted ns a remedy and enru for consumption and liver coiiipIautE l o show what cures may on ex pected frr m ils use, wc insert nsiujjlo case as published in the New Voik Daiiv Express, Noveuibcrd,1830 "Tho Ualsnm ofLivorwort has found hundreds of aiUocalos, and has produced so large a number of testimonials) in ils favor -- !'' i. rrudor fuithfl1- .i'i"l.a. tiuu uuuceessaiy. I cuuiiul wilhold my small meed of praiso, knowing myself piu-disposcd lo coriMiinplion, both for peculiar formation and hereditary traiifin! ision, I nought all means lo obviato this calamity, and recover a naturally weak constitution. I spent two years at Pita, m Roino, two years in Florence, and nuollier in lliu soulh ol France, seel; in mean time thn advice of Ihu bet Physicians, i ..,..,.,.. i .,,,,...,., i i ,i.:.. , , recruited in health, and perhaps noi much, if! any worse, than when I left. I hud seen J,, j tbu Reading Rooms in Europe, American nows.p-jpcrs, containing advertisements of the Raluom of Liverwort, and resolved upon trying ils boasted virtue. As soon as J arrived in thiscotiulry, 1 used it, and in three mouths I was so well that 1 concluded 1 could saluly I have used a bottle now and then, ihrougli Ihu past summer. I mil now in nsgood health as I can wish to bo j my cough has wholly subsided, and my lungs have uvory feuling ol health. 1 shall bu pleased to receive any per son, who may wiih fur further particulars, at my lodgings, Cily Ilolel, A. A. DELAFIELD. $Sfi Reward. r OST, in this town, op Wednesday Ihc inst. a Calf Skin Wallet, containing from 30 to 40 dollars in money, nnd hot ween three und four hundred dollars in Notes. Whoever will return said Wullct with cotitcii h, or give information where it tuny be found Ehall receive tho above rewind. A. W. HUTLER. Essex, Aug 13 1030 2?1&RM FOB. sffli, A Valuable- Farm 'ia-WI 'yl11''' mrccl'v fSi llto. Pleasant and flour k$WffiWffi Villnao of West- '"5iS- W d&ffl port, Essex county n.v, jl containing about two ---tttsbw-(.;,. bnndrcd acred border-'..VMii-il'J j,lf, ol)i nn( comninui). ingnn cxleiisivo view of Wcstport Ray. Tlicro is on the prciniserf a wharf, used for the reception of lumber in tho winter, to which boats cnti comu tit nil ecosous; the land is of good quality, nbotit one half un der cultivation, the residue thickly covered with hard timber. The commanding sit uation of tbu property, itn proxunitv to Lake Chnmplain, and susceptibly o" great improvement, and the large quantity of hard wood upon it which is daily becoming more valuable oiler uncommon inducements to a farmer nhout to locate, or to any purchaser, ns a safe invest mcut f l ille indisputable. For terms apply lo h Mvisicir. Wcstport, Lsscx co. N. . tl n r- in m ip.t i tutt a tt urio r? TOT AVE just received Irmn New Yol;, Jl.U. n large and rplendid nssorini'Mit ol rich mid fashionab'e, lutnei unit Staple: DRY GOODS if GROCERIES, bought for Ca-h at the prosent vnr.v low prices, which, in connection wMi their former tncl. comprised nun of the largest and best as-orliniMUs ever i Ib'red in this market which will be sold for cash or approved credit at a very small advance from cost. We do not pretend that wc have more, better and cheaper ooots than can be found in any storu in Chittenden County, but perhaps ns many, as good and as cheap as somu or any of our neighbors. We will leave that for those to judge who may favor us with a call. ' Wo beg leave to tender our sincere hanks lo the generous public for Ihoir libu Ira patronage thus fur, and hope by uwen ried pains and exertion on our pari to buy and sell cheap, and to plenso customers that wc may continue to receive n generous and increased patronage, wo would just say to our old friends and customers, and in short to all who may wish to buy good cheap, lo call nt our ,S oru on Church-sl. where they will find an entire stock of ino Goods and some chaps who are ever ready and willing to show them free of charge, and at a tate which we hope will induce them lo buy. Our Mock of Goods is composed of a large and well se'ecied assort incut of Slit, pie ij- Fancy DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY. GLASS WARE, cy CUTLERY, all of which will be sold nt wholesale or retail as cheap as the cheapest, no .mistakk. Mo-i kinds ol farmer's produce taken ii exchange for goods and the highest market prices paid. Burlington, July 20, 1039. Diseases of the Lungs. Decidedly tho mot popular remedy ever known in America. BAI S.O.'Sii is the most valua ble remedy now in use (or coughs, colds, asth ma or phthisic, consumption, w hooping coub and pulmonary affections of every Kind. Its sale U steadily increasing, and Iho proprietors are constantly receiving thn most favoiablo account of Us efl'ecls. Tho following new certificate are olfered for public examination. AN INTERESTING CASE Extract of a letter from Mr.C. S. Clay, King. sion, Ulster co, N. V., to the proprietors. Yours oI'lliuOih'inM. was duly received. A remarkable cure was effected by "the Vegetable Pulmonary HaUiun in Ihc winter and spring of Mini. The person, Mr. Moody, had been sick a Ion'' time with the consumption. His , pnyMcians uao .ven imn o, . , o was rcoo- ecu so luwaslo oe iimiDie lo lulp lnm.-ell, anil was ran-inga large iiiantily of blond when no commenced using the JJalsam. which has ell'ec ! led a lonndetc cure, and he i now us Imlu and hearty as evi r he was, Mr. Moody has re moved from this town, but he has promised mo a mere detailed account or his case, which I will forward you. C. S. CLAY. Kingston, N.Y. June 25, 1030. E?:lract of a letter front Dr. Jacob Myers. Tho Vegetable Pulmonary Ilalsam hashrnn sold in Ibis county fur two years, and the medicine has gained an uncommon celebrity, for it scaicoly in one instance failed of having tho desired ell'cct. I am by no moans in favor of the many nostrums, most of which aro mi positions upon a credulous public, but that which 1 know by use to bo effectual, I cannot but help givo my approbation thereto. A counterfoil preparation has been offered hero by a travelling Agent, of Coinstock, N. Y, and there is another article vended here that is blrongly suspected to be spurious, JACOR MYERS, M. D. Milllincton, Juniata co. Pcun, May 3, 1037. Prom Dr. Samuel Morrcll, to the Proprietors ol the Vecotablu I'ulmonnrv Hnlm I ..,;-;;, I ilmi tin, Vvgutablu Polmona, n I In tM m is vnlniib n inedii'im. Il been used in this place with eompluto success in an obstinate complaint of the lungs, alien- (led with a sevnru cough, lossof voice, and the raising ol inucu niouu, which nan previously resisted many approved prescriptions. Afle'r using tho Ralsaui onu week, tho patient's voice relumed and he was ablo to speak audi lily. This case cccuried somo time since, nud !,lu ,'" iH ,,0.w ""Sagfil not only in acli but laborious business. 'ogeJul)y. &o. active S. MORRELL Il Is now more than six years since 1 was brought very lew by an nll'cctioii of tho lungs, and my complaint wasdeclaicd lo boincuru. blu by a council of llireo physicians. I was then restored lo as "ood health as I had en. joyed for many years, by using tho Vogetublo , """""" "-' ", -""' have recommended the Ilalsam !u n great ma ny cases ol Jung complaints, and so far ns 1 can learn, ils uso has invariably been followed by much benefit, and hi many instances it has clfcctcd euros which were wholly unexpected, SAMUEL EVERETT. Roston, March 2, 1037. For sale, wholesale and retail, by J.& J. II, PEUKkCo.,niirliuglon, Vt. GRINDSTONES. & PLASTER AL'irgn assortment of Water and Hand (jriiid.stoucs, and Plaster in nny quan tity, constantly on bund nud fur sale by Soui.i:, Wiiitm'.v & Co., 4, South 81. New York, und by the bubderiburd ut No. 7, L Wharf, Rosion. PRAGUE, SOULH & Co. Juno 17, i G CLOTHING. AO. nnilti 8iibtcribur auknowlcdgcs pact fn vers with gratilule. and would say thai ho continues tbu Tailoring Ttnde in all itH branches. He lias for tale a great variety of ILEA MY MADH stii'nhli! for the present season; also, n great many other useful articles. Plcnse cull for Hint which cannot be nought else where. Clothes very Neatly CLEANED and REPAIRED on short notice, Clothing exchanged or taken for Pay. C. RENNS. Pearl St.. Nov. 1C30. Copartnership Dissolved. THE Copartnership heretofore existing under the name W. C. Stimpson & Co. was dissolved by mutual content July 1 2th. All persons indebted to Enid firm, nro re. quested to make payment to Edward Rrin loy, late Junior Partner, who i? authorised to liquidate all Coparncrslnp r concerns.--And all persons who have claims against -aid Into linn, will present the same to .-aid Edward l'riuloy for payment, by whom the business will be continued ns usual. W. C- SriMr-i..s. Edward RniM.r.v. WHOLESALE DRUG STORE. THE stibtcribcr recently of the firm of W. C. Stimpson & Co., having la ken the stock nnd stand lately belonging to the same, now oilers for sale on iinint liberal terms, a very large artoriinetit of DRUGS .MEDICINES PAINTS A JVj DYE STUFFS. From arrnngemcnls be has entered into, he will constantly be receiving lull Impnrtn lions of English. French and India Drnus,; which, wiih ibe following, will be ofl'ercd uniiMinlly low. 5000 Camphor, 2 casts Turkey Opium, 10 do L'quorico Paste 5000 do Liquorice Root 300 do Calomel, 300 do Red Precipitate 500 do Tartar Acid, 1000 do Eng. Sup. Carb Soda 100 Iloxcs Castile Soap 200 o',. Snip. Q,uinino 2 Cans E.-s. Lemon, 2 do Es. Rurgamot, 100 oz. Firs. Uuiizin, 200 do Oil Peppermint, 20 Casks Sal Soda", 2000 do Arrow Root. 1000 do Turkey Cum Myrrh, 50 Rbls. Epsotn Salts, 20 Rales Dottle Corks, 100 Packages apotlu caries Glass-ware, 50 Riles India Snena, 25 Casks While Lead, 20 Cases Shellac 15 do Copal, India, 20 Kegs Paris Green, 0 II lids. Madder, 50 Rbls. ground Cnmwood, 200 do do Dye Woudd, 10 do Rlue Vurul, 100 Caiboys Oil Vitriol. Dealers in Drugs, Manufacturer!, Phy sicuns &c. ore respectfully invited lo call when wanting to purchase, or forward their orders, which will receive the most prumpl attention. EDWARD RRINLEY, JS"o. 3 St 4 South Side Old Fmdiul Hall. Button Aagud 2, 1030. 2)i FAMILY GROCERIES and PROVISIONS. N. .1. MORSMOBJSE At the A'orlh'Casl Corner Court Houst Sipiarc. Basement Story j 6trong Budding. fi I1' "ivo ir '?, ni 'r''a " nhsori. ineiii ol excellent ainiiy uroceries ami Provisions, Consisting of TEAS, MUSCOFADO St LOAF SUGARS, jafa cor r EE, PORTORICO JMOLASSES. PORK, FLOUR, .MEAL St VINE GAR, CLOVES, MACE AND CASSIA, PEPER, SPICE and GINGER, LONDON MIXED PICKLES, PEPER SAUCE, PRESERVED GINGER. FINE, TABLE and WESTERN SALT. POLAND STARCH, FIG BLUE St SALERATUS. LAMP OIL and WICKING, SOAP AND CANDLES, CROCKERY St GLASSWARE. BROOMS, BRUSHES and RLACK- I NO. Aim, Stnwart'd Celebrated Steam re ' IIM''' Landy. I Burlington, July 12, 10 I 39. Thursday morning, July II, 11139. BY daily arrivals havu recently re ceived, oud are ofioring lor sale at Wholc.-ab) and IL tail, more, belter uud cheaper Goods Until can bi found in any store in Cuilteiideu County, (ourselves being judges,) As Mr Stney'a Free Press is too hmtill to insert even the detnils of such an cxien. sive assortment, and we have such constant sales of goods we cannot find limn to wrbu advertisements, make country excursions, or even lo grutify ourselves by a Sleain llout trip with lliu Ladies. In ml il tt in u to our stock, nro 30 pieces English, Scotch and American Carpeting. 0 pieces Rush, and Damask do Oil Cluths fur lluoru. &c. 30 pieces Mouecliue de Lane, Tout de' Lane, &c, English, French and American Prints, Silks of every variety, Farwell's Roots and Shoes a constant supply. but to attempt, an enumeration of our stock would bo usclctiij. Wo say to purchasers call and examine for yourselves no char gen for bhowiug goods. We bell for cash 3000 lbs ol Uooti sweet yellow nutter ml wauled. IS Lev i' i v 6i Co. E&lDlflHR & KENS! Af Reams Cap and Luttur paper, difTor ent qualitirs, ruled nud plain. 150 Dottles of Rlack and Rluc fluid and Ink, fur sale nt Rook IJtndcrv by SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. College Street, ) Riirlingtun, July 19, 1039. Ucv. 1. Coverts' H5AL.M OF LIFE. ANEW AND VALUARLE REMEDY for thoso who aro nfllicted with acute and chronic disoasos of tho Lunos' and WiNDrirn. This medicine is suited lo all climates and to persons of all ages and sexess, will keep for any length of time, and may bo used with per fect safely by persons in the most .feeble state of health, ns it contains no ingredients that can impair the constitution undcrany circum stances. It will bu found grcutly serviceable in all diseases of the Luligs 'and Rrocliia, such as phthisic, asthma, whooping cough, croup, acute and chronic inflammation of the lungs and windpipe. Uy llio dyspeptic, it lint been used with deciccd advantage, and is serviceable to persons laboring under debility of any kind.ifused according to the directions. To the consumptive, it has invariably a flu riled almost immediate relief, and in several inslan- ces lias wrought a permanent euro. It is not, however, expected (o effect u curo upun suclr as nro in llio last stages of the disease j but oven lo such, it will bu found lo givo much relief.and greatly prolong that remnant of lifo which has become so nearly extinguished by tho dread destroyot. The subscriber huvlnir witnessed with pain the great destruction of ihu health and lifo of so many of his fellow beings by Iho above enumerated and their kindred diseases, haa with much study, euro and nunsuliatidn, pre pared bis valuable medicine, which ho is wil ling lo submit to llio must scrutinizing test of the medical faculty, and lorest its reputation upon their decision. lie is already assured, upon their testimony, that it is superior lo any thing yet discovered. In continuation of tho abovo remarks, lot the following certificates from highly respect able physicians In ar testimony. J o ail whom it may concern. This may certify that I bavo examined tho Rev. Isaac Uoverts ingredients compounded under thn name of llio Palm of Life, and believe said compound is happ ly calculated lo relievo persons of all ages and sexes afflicted with acute and chronic diseases of the lungs ami windpipe, as indicated by coughs, difficult breathing and pains in different parts of tho chest if administered under suitable circum. stances and in appropriate doses. Auburn. Aug. 31,1839. Joslth T. Pitnky, Physician i- Surgeon. To all whom it may concern. This may certify that I havu c.amin(l Rev. I. Covcrls' IJalin of Life, and believe it to be ono of tho best medicines fur coughs, consumptions, chronic inflammations of the lungs and wind, pipe, and most heartily recommend its use to all afllietcd with those diseases. Fayetlnville, Sept. 27, 1030. John O. Siiitmas, M. D. This may certify that I have cxaminod iho component pints of Rev. I. Coverts' Halm of Life, and think it a valuable reiiicdy for what it is recommended, and consider it perfectly sale and judicious in such cases. Auburn, Aug. 31. 1830. N. Weaver, M. D. This may certify that tho Rev. I. Covcrta has exhibited lo me the formula by which bo prepares a medicine called tho Rabn of Life, a preparation well suited as an epeetoraut in coughs, consumptions, &o., and thereforu would have no hesitation in recommending it as a safe and good medicine. Salin.i, July 12, 1S30. A. II. Nuweojin, M. I)., N. Y This may cettify tjiat 1 have examined Rev. 1. Coverts' Halm of Life, arid am of opin ion that ils combination and ingredients aro suited to a great variety of chronic affections of the lungs and bronchia. Auburn, Aug. 31, 1030. Docl. E lle.iiriir.Ers. This certifies that having examined the Rev. I. Coverts' Halm of Lifo in all its component parts, wo do believe it to be one of tbu best compounds for coughs, consumptions, chronic I inflammations, tcc. of which wo have any knowledge, and do most cordially recommend ils use lo all afflicted with (be abovo named du-cise. .1 W Dami'i.s, M. D. Saliua. W J LovEJor, M. D, Sabua. C NEnuiA.M, M. D. Onondaga. E Lawiie.nue. M. D. RaldwiiiKvillc. This may cettify that 1 have examined tho j,(,v- !)ri c,lVri,. recoJpl for makii.-his IJalui i : .IMI rtnm ,IU. nrnniiniiinni. with ilm influence of its several ingredients, should think it well eulculaicd to givo tati.-faetiou in lliu di.-eases for which it is recommended. Utica. Juno 21, 1039. Wjj. Monnis. M. I). I do hereby certify that I have examined the formula uf llio llahn of Lifo, and view il as a iiiedicinu well calculated for tho relief of Chronic Coughs and Catarrhal affections. Albany, Juno 2.t, 1539. John Wilson, M. D. I have examined the formula of tho Rov. I. Cuverlf' Halm of Life, and approve of its com. position. As an expectorant it is calculated lo bo elficaeious in Chifmitl diseases of the Bronchia, and also in indigestion, S R Kntnr, M D New York Cily, July 1, 1039. 1 certify that I havu examined the formula of llio Rev, J. Coverts' Halm. Sic. and view it as un expectorant, well calculated for Coughs, Cluonic affections of llio Lungs and Windpipe, and as a safe und useful remedy. Albany, 25th Juno, 1030. C D Tow Ms EM', M D I havo examined n rccoipl for a compound called llio Halm of Life, in thu hands of Rev. 1. Covert, and havo lo state, that Ijconsidcr it a safe and useful combination of mcdicino, calculated to be very beneficial in Chrufnc dis. cases of tho Lungs and Air passages. Troy, June 27, 1839, Avcitr J Skim-on, Physician Sz Surgeon, 1 fully concur in Ihc above recommendation. T S lUiiiE-rr, Phys. &. Surgeon, N Y city. Wo certify that wuhavu examined the recipe for preparing thu Rov. f. Coverts' Halm of Life, nud be live il to bo a safe uud judicious combination, wull calculated to relievo tho complaints for which il is recommended. Troy, N. Y. A & L Strceteh, M D. This may cortify that I havo examined a recipe pinsented to mo by I. Covorl. It appears lo bo woll calculated to relievo irritation of the bronchial cells and affections of tho Lungs and plura and nil Chronic disea ses of Iho Chest. As an expectorant it might with propriuty bo prescribed in most cases where an article of that kind was indicated. R. Glover, MD New York, July 9, 1839. Sold by .. & .. II, PECK Si Co., Burling. ton, Vermont. Wale h 11 e p a i r i n g . Lf. CURTIS HAVING rosumod his former business of WATCH REPAIRING; Has taken tho stand on Church street, opposite It. MnoduV tulinL. l, win give ins pariicumrniulnorsonal altontion lo the business.

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