Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 20, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 20, 1839 Page 3
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nil Ihii occasion, ll id picinned that fnnic few ill least, in (he emol'mns nf ilicir licnrtf, will icfpond lo the following. Sweetest infant, luvclirat l ilip ! Must thou too no soon dcpait 1 CouMm iliou here nn lonucr tiny ! Doft lliy Mntliei ci II llicc now 1 Wherefore didst tlioti wander liiihcr 1 What could have been thy crrnnd here 1 Was it to wound uficli niireouls 1 Thine wnt a holler errand, 8ent liy nn AiircI fioin above Thine wrie menaces o( love, Thai limn ueit meel for such nn errand In t ti v cmiiitoii.inro did appear. Hut how conldst thou wander liiihcr ! Would! thou not hac rather staid And mingled thy ihisl willnhy mother's? TI1.1l thy pure spirit loo in'alii leave Win re tiers took iis happy IliRlit.' Hpitils ficul cm know no sp'aco When llicy cninc lo meet in lleacn, To muiial tleah it mallei not Where il lin ns lo niflllier e.nlli. H111 hern too thy (1eli shall flail Kindled dual lo mix willi thine, Whose fpirils too inctlihikj ihou 'll meet In a happy slalo aliove. Ulcsacil Saviour lake this infant, lr,ae not when pin pollulis, Take il lo ihy kind cinbnicea, To iis lumber's nrim icsioie it. Fondly we li.ut hoped 10 keep it, Wc would keep il lr her take As 11 tuken nf her love. Itut nn jie'd it to lliy will, Tuistinz thai lluai ilo?l best know When 'lis finest for lliy praises. Communicated. IMPOSITION. "A VI NO rrcunlly been imposed tipnn li V u folli.w named Geo. soiver, ot Danville, who is trn vi-Uinr ulinul I lie conn irv with a pretended antidote lor tat:', deem il my duty to caution tho public onanist both It i 111 and his medicine. 1 have given ti 13 "ointment" a fuir trial, nnd found it utterly worthless i nun now, in compu once Willi my promise, I thus publicly pro nonce the vendor iiforcsoid a grocclo-i impostor, who ought to bn 'trailed" nut ol the country. 1. cuiN :n rat. liurlingtan. Sepl IP. 1039 .Administrator's Sale. rjnilE heir, creditors, nnd nil person. JL nitercs-teii 111 the estate nf Alfrcd l)nv aro hereby nuliliyd lliat the iidtniuisltuior if said estate, will, on the second Monday of Or' h r l,X. r,t one o'o'ick. 1'. M.. m 1 1 1 13 dwelling li'U.-o on the promises, sell ni public vendue 10 the best bidder, the tne niai!0 and lot nppiiitennni, lor evrii years pnt occupied by the lain Widow Day. tilunte near Hie bridge at Union 11 iv ur lower tails in Rii'lingtuii. The prcniti s wtil be sold in gross or ill separate par eels as w ill best pint purchasers. ALSO, Raul Administrator will nt the panic tune tell all the interest ol said estate in n certain lease of water nnd nrivilogc at Enid falls. Wm B. MUNSON, Adm'r. Burlington. Sepl 17. 1039 27 SW GOODS. ' P. DOOIilTTLiE HAS just rrce vil a general assort mnnt of NEW GOODS, which are offer rd nt the very lowest prices. Those wMi. ing In purchase, uniy iiud il to their ad vantage to call nnd examine them. Burlington. Styil 20, 1 039. Gw BUFFALO ROBES. A I''EW hairs upper Missouri Butl'ilo ItoliPs. ju-t ree'd and lor sale 010, Cw Sept. 20. 1039. by P. DOOL1TTLE. SiH IS It MAN'S POOR MAN'rf PLASTER. raillH heot slreimtheniiiL' n'nsler in lite JL wnrld, nnd a sovereign luinedy, for pains or weaklier in the back, 1 1 1 1 1 .- . sides, breast, neck, limbs, joints, rheumatism, lumbago &c, &. Oiie million n year will not supply the dctnand. They rctiuire a lillle wnrnuiirr before applicalton. -Warranted superior to all others, nnd for one (juitrtcr the usual price, inakiuir not only the best, lint llio cheapest plaster in tnu wotld. ll ait irds reliel 111 u lew bouts, nuu innkcri anliiiiisbiui; cures. In liver eoinplaint and dyspepsia, it should bo worn over the rojiion of tho liver ol sliiiiinch, and il will all'ird ureal und aslon bill'' relief. In cnu"li3, colds, ii'ilhrnn, d llleuliy of brealbini;, oppression ol the ehuft or stomach, they will immediately soul b, and reotly benefit the piitteut. I'er oiifl of srdeuiary hnbilc, or those obliged lo stand much, will receive decided support I r 0111 one oftliese tiuly slrcngtlunwg plus' Icrs. Physicians renerally recoiniuonil hem, in preference to all others, becniisn they elicit, or adhere belter, cud nfl'inl "renter reliuf. In their operation, they are Bliinulant, tonic, and anodyne 1 hoy arc composed of entirely dillorcnl ingredients Iroin any in her, and known Irom the c.tper lence millions, who have used them, as well as tin.' united testimony, of all the eel uraled and digtininiislicd cleruy and phy iciniH, to bn 1 he most usclul nnd hihly inedicalrd plaster, ever invented, or olVured 10 llio iKibl c. Sevetul persons have called nt the waro limine, lo expre-s their surprise und thanks nt I iic nlinn-ti mir jciiIoiis cures ihes.! plas ters have fl' eted. One man who had been so ufll cled willi rheumatism, as lo be una ble lo dress Iniinel!' without assistance, was enabled nlier wenriii'' one, only one nii'lit lo ot up alone iiHho morniui;, put on Ins clothes, and call at our oflico willi eyes beaming With joy, and his I n n i 11 0 pourui forth Ihe "ladness ot his henrt, at the ud den nnd si'Minl relief he had received from 1 1 1 i -a best of all remedies, A-k for "mi a.n's eoou .man's im.a.ti:k " It isso called, because the price iilaces it in 1 In power of all lo purchase, belli;; only 12 I 2 ccnis Id at U icnnaiH nii'diualiil j ."iiij Wnrehonn' 10G Nas'ii st., New York, nnd at the Vnriol V Store Hurliuluu Sep', lo hv Pav(!I!'i! &, llui.v-MAii). EhuitTiiui Ilibco's Estate. STATU OF VERMONT, ) 1)i-t. nt' U 11 1 rTi:.MKS. ss A T a Probate Court , holdco at I5urIiii'rlon within and for said District, on tho Cth day of September, A. I). 1U39., an instrument purporting to bo the last will and testament of Kliiathau Ilighcc, lato of Shclbiirno, in said district, deceased, was presented lo tho Court hero for probate, .bv Isaac 1 1 iirbco. the ,' Hxcculot therein named. Therefore il is ordcied by said court, thai public notice bo given to all porsons concerned therein to appear before said Court, at a ses sion (hereof to bo holdon nt the Register's oHioo in Burlington, on Ihe second AVednes duv of October, a. d., 1C39, and coulost llio probate of said Will, and it is further ordurcd lhat this order be published three works suc cessively, in thu Free Press, .1 newspaper printed at !iiirliU''toii, in this blalu, tho last of wheih hlmll he pluvious to tho day assigned, as aforesaid for heating. Given under mv band at llio Resistor's Office, this Gib day of September, A . Ii. 1U39. Wm. WESTON, Roister. WAIPONS' DAILY JOUR NAL. rDlHH -iih'Cnbeis propose lo print, d 1- -3- (iiiii 1 lie next session of ihe h'L'ldn- lure, n dully newspaper, mi a half sheet of tnpurial paper, and to contain the fullest reports of 1 lie proceeding ufbolli houses. From the fact Ihnl the political parties will be nearly balanced in l lie liuus'i, I he procc dint;-will be utHuestionably of more than oriliiinrv interest nnd luipnrlnnce. ll will lie our purpose to ive a l'a',r exposition of tlioe prococdiiiir, nmhrneiiig, (linuld the .support rendered us warrant It, skolchcs ol the debutes. 7'ohh. J? I p"r sinjile copy ; G copies fur g5 s 1 1 copies for 10 panics and pnvtucnli may be fotwanh d by ntuuibctR of the IjpijWIiiIuu!. Yi p. wa i j i on sorss. Nnntpclicr, September 10. IH39 apprejnttcl:. AIjI) from M lo 10 yenis of age niiiy li id a Hituation as an appteniieu nt tin- Ollice. September 20, IIS39. 3 A SI E S M I T C 11 I) li I DRAPER to TAIIORs Corncv of Chunk $ Cut lege strcits. liuni.iNflTON. .Tom:, H!39. .S7V7 77J OF I'EIIMOjYV, ) DlSIKIOT 01' ClIITTr.MIC.N, ts. s ririlll'! probate coutl for the District ol .u. (Jhilteuiicn, to nil persons to wnom ihnso presents shall come. Gni;rt iNO S.tlly I rncy ol risox, in said iIMpc', nunrdinn of Muiilv M. Tracy of paid Hssex li inule minor under tho ago ol cighiern years, iinving represeiitru to tins cuti t that the said hinily is se v.vti in hur own right in lee of the following de-ended piece or parcel of land lying and being situate in said rscx, viz: all Ihe land deeded by Ainnnda Spencer to Grig wold V. Tracy, on the 31st ilnv of December IK3G, and is part of lot No. 31, as by said deed recorded among lite records of deeds in said I'sex will appear, reference thereto being made, and is supposed to contain eight acres, and that n. tale of eai.l land would be conducive to llio best interest of her snid ward, nnd praying said court lo licenpo and empower her, the said Sally, lo ell said land. It ii hereby ordered that said application be heard before said conn 11 1 a session 1 hereof to be holdeti at the Register's office in Durliiiglon. on th second Wednesday of October, 1039. and that notice 1 hermit be given by publishing this order, containing the subsiancu of said petilion, in the Free Prcsj, 11 nev spapcr printed nt Iliirlingtou two weeks succes sively, ihe last of which publications lo hi not less than two weiks prevkus to said da v. Given under my hnnd at llurlington, tiii Slot day of Augu-l. 11139. Wm. WESTON, niitrr. Murray's Travel's in North (nierira. jitEt received and for sale al the JOli S ore. I). A. Ult AMAIN. Rent. 12. Wallviii"; Slicks. JOM Vi beautiful little canes jiM received J for 37 and 50 fits. Sep'- 0. Pamjiiohn &, BitiNSMAin fHhVtrt t IF l rTh JOMH buantie-' for S5, nlso Uags for 50. ii, i 50 and 81 So. Many much opening. Sept. 5. I'ANfiimnN St BnisMAiiK WoUAHt'CAPS. A ftw Mohair Cain nt sil each and nets ni 37 cent-1, ni lliu Vnrieiy Store. Sept. 5. Paoiioun & Isius-mxid s llbls. JYuvu Suitia PLASTER, lor sale by P. DOOLITTIiU. Hurlinglon, Sept. 20, 11139. 250 Leather & Finding Store. TTJ AS reiuriied from New York willi fln Leather, Moroccos and Findings ol nil kind". Solo liPnther fmrs 10 to 25 cts. n lb. Oak &. Ilemloek Mariipss Leallicr. Oak 61 Hemlock Skirting and Bridle Lent her. Upper. Top &. Band Leather. Calfskin, Horse HkIkj nnd ITngskins. Thick & thin BOOTS & SHOES, all kinds. A lew dnz. prs. Ladies Slip3 &. French Ties, latent fashion. Willi many o her niticles in hi- line of business. ALSO. From 2500 to 3000 first rote llORJYS nnd the best assortment of Lasts $r Root Trees, that he lias ever before offered in this market. Burlington, Pearl Street. ) September 20. IB39. S Jonathan Gillett's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, District or Ciiittknokk. ss. A, T u Probate Court holdeu at Burlington, IM. within and fur said District, 011 the -lib lay ot auptciuber A. I). lliSU. An instrument purporting lo be tho last will nil testamont of Jonathan Gillctl, late of Charlotte, in said District, dcccjscd, was pre scuted to the court hero by Unman llasford, tho executor thorciu named, rhereforo it is lercd by said court lhat public nutiec !o civen to all persons concerned therein, to appear before said Court, at a session thereof to bo holdon al tho Hegistur's offieo in .Biirlinglon, on Ihe fcconu Wednesday of October, A. D 11139, and contest tho piobatc of said will, and it is luriucr orilcicu, that this order bo nub lished three weeks successively, in tho Free Press, a newspaper, printed at Hurlinglon, in this state, the last of which shall ho previous to llio (lav assigned, as alorcsaid loi hearing. uivcn unilur my hand al llio Register s Office, this4lliday ofSeitenibcr, A. D. 11)39 Wm. WnsTON, Rtgnter. tf CORDS of good HEMLOCK V DARK, far which p, in cash wm oe pain 11 uciivcrcu ny uiu v:uiii ot uc tobnr next, by E C TOOJIIS. Pearl Street, Sept. 20, 103.9. Thompson's Eye Water. TJ V request we hove brought on soma of JkJ this celebrated Eye Water, said to h ihe best in use. Also, a few bottles of j od Trey s Cordial for children. Sepl. 20 PANfitlOllN & BltlNSMAIl) STRAY STE1SR. C1AME into tho possession of iho sub seriber, on the 1 0l It insl. a red, line backed three year old Bteer, with sniuo while on oilier parls of 1 lie bodv. and mark with tar on the lelt bin. Thu owner is requested in pay charges nnd lake him away. NATHANIEL GAGE. Shelburne, September 20. IU39. BEER. Sgltl rilllB Burlington Btcw cry having been rebuilt (luring lliu past season will be put in operation mi Tuesday next, and will, in a few days, bo prepared to answer orders for BEER, to any extent, Phu apparatus is all new nnd ol the most approved construction nnd il a firet rale brewer -good materials and a linn resolve nn tho part of llio pro niietor (0 furnifh a superior article of beer ran ivnil any tiling, my customers shall find no cause of complaint. Tho public ore respecilully invilcd to ivo the now establishment a lair trial. GEO. PETERSON. Burlington, Sept, 20, 1 030. Ilaoc you a Cough ? 74MMJO DIE OP CONSUMPTION every year in the United States, and millions sutler from troublesome coughs and cold, tlul can ho cured by Dr. M. Hitchcock's Vejrcta bio Virgin tJicnm Cou.'li Diops, a sale ineili cal prescription, containinir no noisonotu drugs, and used in an extensivo practico for several years, will most positively aliord re lief, and savoyou from thai awful disease pulmonary cousiinplion,whicli usually swoops into tbo grave hundreds ot llio young, the old llio fair, the lovely and iho gay ? Have you a cough ? Bo persuaded lo pur. cliasna bntllcol the Cough Drops to-day I o-niorrow mav tic too lato. Have you n cough ? Dr. Hitchcock's Veg. otablo Virgin Cream Cough Drops is Ihe on remedy you should tnlio to euro you. For this plain reasuu ; That in no oim the thousand cases where il has been Used ha il failed lo relievo. Price, 75 cents per botll l or sale, wholesale anil retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co. No. 1 17 Gcneseo st., Utiea, N. Y. And by their agents throughout llio Uml StalOR and Canada. In Hurlttiglon only Si J. II. Puck & Co., in Vergcnnes by J. Bowman, in Milton by Whitney, Laudou Co , in Georgia by Lorenzo Janes. WM. SlffllttPSOW fi; CO rip HE Go partnership heretofore existing m. under this name al .Store No. 3 and Ti south side Funieiil Hall, Boston, was dis solved . 1 1 1 1 v 12, Inct, and EDWARD BRINLEY, LATE Junior Partner in said concern having been duly appointed legal successor lo the same, will continue the business nt llio old stand ns formerly, and liquidate ull coparuiersuip uune nuon?. in nuuiiion 10 nis present extensive Mock, he will constantly be iceeiviiur Inm imporiritii us of Drugs, Medicines, Points ty DYE-STUFFS, Which will be ollered nt prices lowo than elsewhere in the city. Tho Patrons ol tho old firm, the friends of the subscriber nnd the publ.c in general, may bo assured ol his bi'sl exertions lo please alike in final ll V anil price. And ore respect full v eolici ted lo call, when wishing to purchase, ns nis lerins are more tlinn commonly inducim' EDWARD BRIN LEY. No. 3 and 4 south side old Fanicul 3m Sen. 10. 1 1 h II. Bosum Anti-Slavery Earthenware, a new pattern well adapted to remind free, men ol their own rights and enjoyments The above with a general slock of CllLY.1 GLASS Sf EARTHEN WARE, oiler cu mr saiu ai wholcsnlo to countiy titer uuniim on us gnou tonus as any house (he city, nt 07 Water st. FIELD Sf Co, JVcio York. Augmt 30, IU39. ( II w IIOWAIID r 'i ('"op Cash (rami Hir.zir hiore, returned homo with his NEW GOODS last evenini? : tbev are being put in condition for display and division, some Goods more beautiful than evnr brought before. Burlinioii, Sept. 12, 1039. 8 S W W W Only Twcnlij-fiDc Cents ! ! Ml. M, HITCHCOCK'S NEWLY IN ff VENTED SNLTP Tho best articlo ever discovered by scientific men, in Eurnpo I or America, for Iho cuio and ahsolutu leliet oi New Gootlj;, New Goods, N nil their splendid varieties, now open iiil'. Oui friends and Customers, all lar and near nro politely invited lo walk into tho Variety falnrc. Sept. 5. P ANGUOnN & BniNSMAIt). Ehave iust returned from New York nnd huvo purchased a great variety of Military Goods, and have made arrange ineuls for furnishing, SWORDS. SILK SASHES EPAULETTS, BELTS, FLUMES, PLATES, WLYGS. BUTTONS, CUAPPEAUS, LACE, nnd CAPS ; fo Companies or individuals, as low ns th'y can get lliein in INew x orn, or uoston. We have many aruclcs making for us, now and nil who wish ore invilcd lo call mimo liatelv, in ordf r to give us lime lo go from New York onv article, which we have nut on hand. We have snniplo Chop penus and Gups, and ol other kinds of null tii ry articles a pretty good assortment. S pt.C. Paguok.n & Bri KM All) WOLCOTT'S U n changeable J3 I u WRITING- FIX IB Or surr.ninn srt.KNuou and it. siii:miAN's c i;;h , AU.E ilniMile-t, must sine nml 1 1 t; 1 1 1 u 1 niiidy for (Jnuxlis, Colils, Consumptions Whooping Cough, Asthma, Tightness if the Lungs or clust, SC. Sfc, The proprietor has never known an instaueu whine lln'y did not give perfect fnlisfnol ion Kivernl thousand boxes have been sold within the last three months, restoring to henlih, per. sous in almost 4 very stage of consumption. and iIkkc labutiug under thu moil ilinires sing colds nnd cough. They do not check and dry up tho cough, but render it ray, piomote expectoration, allay the licklmg 1 r r 1 1 a 1 inn, and remove the proxiinaui or xciting cause, l iny are made Irom n combination ofthc most valuable e.xpido rant, or cough medicines, and are urnloubl I !v superior to every thing in tuc for those complaints. Hundreds upon huii Ireds ol ecnilientcs have been offered ol their wonderful virtues, from tho.o who hove been saved from an untimely grave, nnd restored lo perl'ccl health, by ueing llirm. Where there is much pnm in the b'onM side, 11110 of Sherman'-! Poor Man'i Plasters sbou'd be applied over the part nnd worn till relieved. If attended wilh eostivencss, n few cathartic or laxativ L 'Zenges, or any mild cnthartic mcd cine fchonld be lived as occasion requires. Ex Sherili Parkins was cured in two la.'s, of o most distressing cough. Mr Bottoo of Providence, Mr Shaler of Bo ton, Mr. Rivers. Mr. Gonibs, Mr. Wallac Judge Peters, Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Rich nrdjon, and hundreds of others of this city have called to express their surprise and commendation of thu speedy relief nnd cures effected by these trulv wonderful Cough L zpnges. Docuir.i buiitli, Vaudenhiirgh, Com'tock Harris Biigham, and several others of our must distinguished physicians, have used iheae Li-zenges. in llioir practice, wilh in vnrmblo success. Iho medical luculiy uniformly approve of them, us the best cough medicine 111 tne. Mr. Kendall from Vermont, visited I hi cily last fall, intending to go Smith, in hopes of mitigating 11 severe cough and pul tnonary nfi'ection, that be had been troubled with lor several months. lie had tried, ns he supposed, every popular remedy, with out any relief. He wa-. induced by a friend In purchase n box of Dr. Sherman's Cough LOZENGES, which to his surprise. iifTr. ded him great relief in a few hours, and in three weeks restored him to perfect henlih, 0 lhat be returned home to Irs family re joicing. C fljbold at bherman s medicated L'zmige Warehouse, 100 Nassau St.. New York, and in Uinlington. Vl at the Variety Store. sept. I. by Panghohn & BniNSMAii) finHIS recently invented composition for JL writing, is conlideniiy recotnmenue to Ihe public as being superior to noy ported article ol like kuiu. it win never looM-any ot 1 lie dements m us color, nnu is warranled lo remain permanent und onv exposure whatever, ll can be hail iho Book Sloro ot tin: 6iiuscnuer ni wnuic sale or retail, nnd al n very low price. Sept. 12. D. A. BR AM AN 15 1 i Thayer's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. I Distinct or Ciiittk.nien, ss The Hon the Probate Court for the Di trict of Chittenden, To all persons con terncd in the Estate of Eli Thayer, late of Shclburne, in said District, deceased CgJIIERP.AS, Lyman Hall, executor T Y tho last will and testament of said de ceased nronoscs to render an account of hi administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allow, inco al a session of llio Court of Probate, to bu holdeti at the Register's offico in Burlington on llio second Wednesday of October next. TiiKrtt'Fonn. Yoo arohorehy notified lo ap Bales 4-1 brown Sheetings 5 " 3 4 " Shirtings 7 " 'Pickings, ju.'l received by Aug. 22. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. dt.z. German Silver Table nnd Ten Spoons 50 di z. patent Brass Combs 40 gross Iron Side do Just ree'd hv V11..VS, Loomis & Co. Angus' 22 1039. d"Z Tamlio' Muslin Collars 73 pieces Pongee Hdkfs. 15 tloz black Lilian Silk Cravats 30 dnz Gingham do Just ree'd by Vilas, Loomis & Co. August 22, 1(539. Catarrh, Dizziness oflho Head. Weak Eyce. j p(,ar ut0 saiu Courl !lt ttic time and place Nervous Headaches, I alien sickness, Pits, and ,., foresaid, and shew cause, if any you have, in 1 a ins iiuuuicu wuu cuuiues, imriiai shocks of Palsy, fcc. For sale, wholcsilo 'ind rf tail, ov A. Hitch. cock Co., solo proprietors, 17 (Jeneseo strcnl, Utica, and by their agents throughout tho United Slates and Canada. In lurling- loo only by J.&.J. II. PECK JfcCo., in Ver. gennes tiy J, 11. iiuvAiA., 111 oiiiion oy WiiiTNi:v, La nuon iV Co., 111 Ucorgia by Lorenzo Jauca, nu2 WORMS! WORMS! fHO remove theso troublcsoino and danger. JL oils inhabitants of tho Ktomach and bow els, which so often impair lliu health ami de stroy I II c lives children and adults, USE Duct. M. Ilitchooctrs ll'Ull.U TIWIvl certain and Eiifo preparation for the removal of tho vari ous kinds ol norms thai lulesl thu human sys loin. Wo say USE Dr. M. Hitchcok's Worm Tea, for Ibis plain reason that in no 0110 of llio thousand casscs, whnro il has been used rccablo to thu printed directions, has il ever I ailed. N. IJ. Ask for Dr M. Hitchcock's Woiim Ti:a, as there aro many nostrums abroad for tho destruction ot wormi. For salo wholesale and retail by A. Hitch. whv the account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given undor my band at Burl'cgton, this seventh day of September A. D. 1839. Wm. WESTON, Rtghler. Sherman's Worm Lozenges, Aro the greatest discovery ever made, fur dispelling the various kinds of worms, that so frequently nnd distressingly annoy, both children nnd adults. They aro an infalli ble remedy, and so pleasant lo the taste that children will lake them as readily ns a common peppermint Lozenge. Many dis eases n'isu from worms, without its being tnfpecUd. Sometimes 0 veiy trnubl, home cough, pains in the joints or limbs, bleeding at thu iiiisu, ttu &.C., aro occasioned by worms, nad will bo cnsily cured by using this celubiated medicine. Tho following symptoms indicate the pretence of worm-, v.z: headache, vertigo, torpor, disturbed dreams, sleep btnlen oft' by (tight and screaming, convulsions, feverisiiness, thirst, pallid hue, had taste tu the inoiilh, olleiisive brcalh, cuugh, dillicult breathing, itching at the nose, pains in the stomach, nausea. f qneniiiishiH'ss, voracity, leanness, tenes r-nru Pn.. knln iirnnrintnrc. 117 f!nrinci i.t Utiea, and by ihoir agents throughout tho IU8. ichin at the anus lowurds night, United Staloinnd Canada. In Hurlinglon by n"u ui lengin ujcnuns 01 nuns nun mucus. J. tv J. II. 11. UK (Jo., in Vcracniies bv J. uue is a nose nir o cniiu iwo yean oiu H. Bowman, in Milton by f'liituoy, Luudou ic Co,, in Ceorgia by Lorenzo Janes. au2 SILK AND FANCY " Al five per cent, advance on the cost for CASH. Tin HE subscribers would npp'isis Mer JL chants, visiting the cily of New Yo.k for iio purchase of Guods, lhat owing in the difficulty of mulling collections, and iho high rnio of exchunges, they have coino to tho conclusion of cor, fining their sales hereafter exclusively in CASH. As nn inducement to purchasers, liiey d'er their huge and well selected assort, ment of Silk and Fancy DR Y GOODS, at riVK par cent, udvnnce on thu cost for Cash. From their long experience in tho bui nee and tho facilities I hey hnvo in pructi ring goods at tho lowest prices, purchasers may huvo a guarantee that their interests will bo promoted bv examining iheir slock. ADDOMH it CUNNINGHAM, No 225 Pearl, corner o'Patl fls. Nuv York, Scjil 10, 1039. i, two for ono four years three for eight years and fivo fur an adult, and should be repeated every morning, or every other morning until relieved, Read the following letter : Now Yoik, Mutch 3. 1039 Dear Doctor, According In vour re quest, wo have ued your Worm Lozenges in several cases of worm-, nnd found Uieiu uniformly successful. Wo have no dillicul ty in gelling children totakc them, as they are put ft cily pleasant. We shall usulhein in our practice whenever occasion offers, bolievmg them lu bo the best vermifuge medicine in mo. We have also im il your Sudu Lozenges very extensively, und find Ihetn luiiy lo answer t lie purposes you re commend I hem for. We nro vonrs, respectfully. 'V. WEEKS. M. D. W. SHADDOCK. M. 1) G. R GREEN, M- D. Sold wholesale and retail, nt Dr. Slier man's iiiedicnled L'izeiigo Wiiroltuiisn, I0IJ Nassau st. New York, and al tho unetv Store, liuilinginn, Vt. PAKOI1UIW & UlllNSlIAII) SILVER WARE 50 Sett plain and swayed 'Pablo Spoons. 100 do dn do Ten do Cream Ladles, Sugar Tongs and Suit Spoons, for sale by Aug. 22. VILAS, LOOMJS & Co LYMAN CUMMINGS, ASTOfRWSIT &T SAW & SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY, Office south iccU corner, second jlmr of Strong's Building, on Court House Square. BURLINGTON. VT. SURVEYING. A FIRST rato Compass, and otl.ur sur. voyiug apparatus just received from Now York', Notice by Mail or otherwise promptly attended lo. J. HEWES. Milton, Vt. Aug. 23, 1839. 3w Di. JOSEPH MARSH for Ihe T& HI NG about tu leave town JO winter has madn nn arrangement with 00 T. A- SMSTI-r, who will occupy his office, and whom he Ink- s jdea;ure tu iniioducing lo bis friends nnd lliu public. INTENDING tu remain permanently in this pi ice, lenders his services to the inhnbitan's of Boiling'on nnd Vicinity, in the practice of medicine nnd Surgery. Cases English and American Prints 1 Furniture du 2 bleached Sheeting I ' colored Cambrics I Bioud Cloth?, just ic, Loomis &, Co, ceived by Aneiisl 22, 1039. BOU'P live or six weeks ngo, a large iSda bay hursu, 10 or 12 yeors of age. had iho glanders when ho left, he came from Ihe vicinity of the Connecticut river. Also, between two and three months since, a darkish grey mare. The said mare i spavined and has very sharp teeth. Whn uver will return said burses or give infer motion uhero t hoy may bo found, shall bi suitnb'y rewurded, .1 POTTER. nurtingloi, Sepl. 4 1039. W a t c h 11 e ,p a i r i n g . ylS. HAVING resumed his 'NjjMrf7 fonuer husincis of 'Si'rt. watch ni;i:iuuAu, 'fjt& lias taken lliu stand nn i.nurcn sirnui, iippusiiu li. Moodv's. whoio he will give his pailieulur and personal attention Uu iho business, Hcv. 1. Covorts' BJJAffxM OF JLilFJE. A NEW AND VALUABLE REMEDY 1. for ilioso w ho are nlllicted with acute and hinnit diseases ol'tho LuNns' aiid Wi.NUriri:. This medicinu Is suited lo all climates and lo persons of nil ages and sexes, will keep for any length of time, and may ho used with per. led salnly by persons ill tho most Iconic stalo of health, as il contains no ingredients that can impair Ihe constitution under tiny circiim. lances. It will bo found crcatlv servicealilu in all diseases of thu Lungs nnd Brochiu, such as phthisic, nRtbiiin, whooping cougn, iroiip, acute and chronic inflammation ol Iho lungs and windpipe. By the dyspeptic, il ba been used with flecked ndvantnge, and is serviceable to persons labming under debility of any kind. if used according to thn dilcclions. l o the consumptive, it has invariably ullordeu almost immediate ruliof, and in several Instan ces has wrought a permanent cure, his tint, however, expected to ctlect a euro upon sueli as are in the last stages of thudi.'eusc; but. oven lo such, il will bo found lo give muell rclief.and greatly prolong that remnant of lifu which has beeoino so utaily exliiiguishud by tho dread destroyer. The subscriber haviiiL' witnessed with pain the great destruction ol'thc health and life of so many of his follow beings by lliu abovo enumerated and their kindred diseases, lias with much study, caro and consultatio'n, pre- patcd bis valuable medicinu, which lie is wil ling lo submit to the most scrutinizing lest of tho medical fucully, and lu rest its icpulu'Gbn upon their decision. Ho is uheady assured, upon their testimony, that il is superior to any thing yet discovered. In continuation of tho abovo romatks, let tho following certificates fi oiu highly respect able physieians b"nr testimony. To all whom il may concern. This may certify lhat I have examined Iho Rev. Isanu Covorts' ingredients compounded under Iho naiiio of llio lSulm of Life, and believe said compound is happdy ealeiihiled lo relievo persons of all ages and sexes uuTioted wilh acute and chronic diseases of tho lungs ami windpipe, as indicated by coughs, dillicult breathing and pains in different parts of tho chest if uduuiiistcrcd under suitable circum stances and in appropriate duses. Auburn, Aug. 31 , 1H39. Jost-rii T. Pitncv. Physician Surgeon. To all whom it may concern. This mav certify that I hnvo examined Itev. I. Covcrtn' Halm of Life, and believe it (o be ono oflho best medicines for coughs, consumptions, chronic inflammations oflho loogs and ivimL pipo, and most heartily recommend its use lo all allliclcd wilh those diseases. Fayelluville, Sept. 27, 1030. John O. Siiipman, M. D. This may certify thai I have examined Iho component paits of Itev. I. Coverts' Balm of Life, and think it a valuable remedy for what it is recommended, and consider it perfectly safe and judicious in such cases. Auburn, Aug. 31. 1830. N. Wcavuu, M. D. This may certify that tho Rev. I, Coverls has exhibited to inc tho formula by which Im prepares a medicine called Iho Balm of Life, a preparation well suited as an evpectoraut in coughs, consumptions, iic , and thcreforu would have no hesitation in recommending it as a safo and good medicine. Salina, July 1.', 1831). A. IL Nkwcomd, M. D., N. V. This may ceilify that I havo examined Hcv. I: Coverts' Balm of Life, and am of opin ion that its combination and ingredients aiu suited to a great variety of chronic aflectioiiH of the lungj and bronchia, Auburn, Aug. 31 ( 11133. Doct. E llujiniiicvs. This certifies that bavins examined tho Rev. I. Coverts' Balm of Life in all lis component parts, wo do beliuvo it to b ono of lliu best I compounds for coughs consumptions, chronic itillainmations, izc. ol which we have any knowledge, and do most cordially iccommciill its use lo ull nfllieted with tho above named diseases .1 W Danilm.s, M. I), Salina. W J Loviuov, M. D, Salina. G NfcmiAM, M. D. Onondaga. E Lawuknou. M. DV Baldwiusvil'e. This may coitify that I havo examined lliu Rov. Dr. Covcits' receipt for making his Bului of Life, and from my uequainlance with lliu influence of its several ingredients, should think it well calculated to givo satisfaction in tho diseases for which il i.s recommended. Ulica, Juno 21, 1039. Wm. Morris, M. D. I do hereby certify that I have examined the formula of Ihe Halm of Life, and view it us a mediciuo well calculated for the iclief of Chronic Coughs and Catarrhal affections. Albany, Juno 2.1, 1839. John Wilson, M. D. I huvo examined tho formula of tho Rev. I. Coverts' Balm of Lifo, and approve ofils com. position. As an expectorant it is calculated lo bo efficacious in Clnbnic diseases of tho Bronchia, and also in indigestion, S R Kiunv, M D New York City, July 1, 1039. 1 certify that I havo examined the formula of the Rev. I. Coverts' Balm, &c, and view it us an expectorant, wall calculated for Coughs, Chronic affections uf llio Lungs and Windpipe, and as a safo and useful remedy. A!bany,2jth Juno, I0J9. C D TowNsuxu, M D I have examined n receipt fur a compound called the Balm of Life, in tho hands of Itev. I. Covert, and havo lo state, that I consider it a safo and useful combination of medicine, calculated lo bo very beneficial in Chronic dn eases oflho Lungs and Air passages Troy, Juno 27, 1839. Avmiv J Skilton, Physician & Surgeon. I fully concur in lliu nbnvu recommendation. T S I1.iiiii:ti', I'hys. ifc Surgeon, N Y city. Wecurtifv that wo have examined therceipo for preparing tho Bov. I, Coverts' Balm of Life, and buhve it to ho u safu am) judicious combination, will calculated lo relievo lliu complaints for which il is recommended. Tn.y,N. Y. A & L SiituuTUit.M D. TIiij may certify that I havo examined a tceipo piusunled to mo by I Covert. II appears lo ho well calculated to relievo iriitalion of tho brouchiul colls nml affections of tho Lungs and plnra am! nil Clirunie disca ses of Ihu Chest. As nn expectorant it might wilh pioprioly bu prescribed in most cafes where an kind was Indicated. It. Glovch.MD New Vmk, July 0, 1839. Sold by .. k.f. 1 1. PECK Si Co., Hurling. Ion, Vermont. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. MA IIS ITS TRUSS, for nil who neo.l will be found on trial, tho most use. ful. und llio most" cotnfurtat Ic article for thu kpurpose intended, ever im induced July 20, J, & .1. 11 & Co,.Vs

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