Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 27, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 27, 1839 Page 3
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mm mjn 1 M awn mi (Q) ps. G-4 English Merinos. 70 ' 3-l do do Just received bv Vilas, Looansfc Co. Sept. 20i. i(!39. 100 doz. Spelling Books. 30 Gross Almanacs lor 1JJ10, for Bnlo by S-pt. 22. '30 Vilas. Ldiimis & Co. 2000 lbs. Maple Sugar, for-sale by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Sept. 22. 1039. gross Wood Pocket Combs. 300 Tin faced Paiitnloon Billions, just received by Vilas, Loomis & Co. Sept. 22J039. GIVES milieu in Ina friends and custo mnrs, that ho lias just returned from Now York with largo and beautiful Biportmont of rich, seasonable and fashion' nbla Goods, such as: Rich fig'd Silks do plain do Rich Glasco (changeable) do Ileal Irish poplin or Tabinct, a very durable and rich articlu for dresses, plain and figured. A groat variety of Mousolino do laine and Chaly dresses ; among thorn aro sonic small fig'd for children. English, French and American Calicoes. Cloths, Coseimeros and Vesting.", With a great variety of othor Goods, usually kept in a Country Store, which will bo frocly shown and sold very cheap for cash. Srpl. 26. dT GOODRICH has just recoived a Vy. largo supply of paper, and lias on hand 400 Reams, consisting of Superfine Demi writing, do English bank Post do Fnho do do blue and wbito laid Cap do do do do Letter do Satin Vellum do do Wove do Cap nnd Lotter do Satin Letter paper, gilt edge, do Nolo paper, gilt, various sizes do Commercial post. A variety of common Cap, Lotter, Envoi ope, blotting, colourod Paper, &c. fiic. Having made an arrangement with 1 tnanvfaclurer in Massachusetts for a suddIv of hand made papor, by which he receives it the usual commission, guarantee, boxing nnd freight cheaper than if purchased in New York or Boston, he is enabled to offer it on 8f good terms to dealers and others as it can be purchased abroad. Burlington. 26th Sept., 1839. THOMPSON'S FARMER'S ALMANAC I'OK 1 8 4 O JUST published and lor sale in any quantities, Merchants, Paper Makers Pedlars and all wanting quantities, supplied on the beet term. C. GOODRICH. Burlington, 26tt Sept. Jireh Isham's Estate. WE the Subscribers, having been ap pointed by the Honorable tho Probate Court for tho District of Chittenden. uommis, inners to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of all per sons, ngninst tho estate of Jireh Isham, late of Shclburne, in said District, tie ce pd, represented insolvent, end also 'i.ll claims and demands exhibited in offset therein; and six months from the day of tho dam nereot, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notico, that we will attend to tho business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Genrgo B. Isham, in St. Gcorgf,. in said District, on Monday the 23d day of Match next, at 10 o'clock A. M., nn snid dav. Dated, this 23d day of September A. D. 1839. JOSEPH MARSH, ) Commit. ISAAC IHGBEE. ( sinners. STRAYED FROM tho enclosure of the subscriber, on 1 ho night of the 24th intt., a large J year old steer. Said steer is red. with large high horns, and cross.oycd, Who ever win deliver the said steer or give information where he may be found, will be suitably rewarded by D. A. KIMBALL Burlington, Sept. 26, 1839. Administrator's Sale. THE heirs, croditors, and all persons interested in tho estate of Alfred Day nro hereby nolifiod that the administrator flfsaid estate, will, on the second Mnndav of October 1 030, at one o'clock, P. M., at the dwelling house on the premises, soli at public vendue to the best bidder, tho mcs sunge and lot appurtenant, for f,evoral years past occupied by the Into Widow Day, situate near the bridge ot Onion Rtv er lower falls in Burlington. Tho prnmis es will bo sold m gros3 01 in separate par cols as will best suit purchasers. ALSO, said Administrator will at the same time tell all the interest of said astate in n certain lease of wnter ond privilege at fcaid Tails. Wm. B. MUNSON, AJm'r. Burlington, Sept. 17,1839. WM. C. STXMPSOZtf 6c CO rilHE Co-partnership horetoforo existing uiiuui ' 11 10 11 a 111 u bi muru liu. o anil - south sido Fanieul Hall, Boston, was dis uolvod Julv 12, last, and EDWARD BRINLEY, Liiii4 junior rarinor in said concern luring been duly appointed legal successor to tho same, will continue tho business the old stand as formerly, and liquidate all copartnership oolintions. In uddition lo his present extensive stock, he will constantly be receiving large importations ol Drugs, Medicines, Paints ' DYE-STUFFS, Which will ho offered at pricos lower than elsewhere in the city. Tho Patrons of the old firm, the friends of the subscriber nnd the public in general, may be assured ol ins best exertions to ploaso alike in qual itv and prjeo. And are respectfully solici ted to call, when wishing to purchosu, us hislenimaro more than commonly inducing KM WARD JJKINLUY, No. 3 and 4 south bidn old Funieul 3m 90. 10, Hall. Boston BEER. npiIU Burlington Brow ory having been rebuilt (luring I ho past season, will In nut in operation nn I'licMluy next, nnd will, 111 a few days, be prepared to answer orders for BEEA, to nny extent, Tho apparatus is all now, and nl tho most approved construction : and if a first rato brower good matnrials, nnd n firm resolve on tho part of tho pro prictor to furnish a superior article of beer, can nvnil nny thing, my custrmcrs shall find no cause of complaint. Tho public are respectfully invited to give tho new establishment a fair trial. GEO. PETERSON. Burlington, Sept. 20. 139. Leather & landing Store. 13. 0. LOOMIS HAS rolurncd from Now York with Leather, Moroccos and Findings ol all kinds. Solo Leather from 16 to 25 cts. a lb. Oak & Hemlock Hnrness Loulher. Oak & Homlock Skirting and Bridle Leather. Upper, Top & Band Lcathor. Calfskins, Horse Hides and Hogskins. Thick & thin BOOTS STIOES, all kinds. A low duz. prs. Ladies Slips & French Ties, latest fashion. With many other articles in hi lino of business. ,1LSO, From 2500 to 3000 first rate HORNS, and tho best assortment of Lasts Sf Bool Trees, that he has ever b c fo r 0 offered in this market. Burlington, Pearl Street, September 20, 1839 Cof- CORDS of good HEMLOCK &mW BARK, for which 43, in cash will be paid if dolivcrcd by the 20th of Oc tober next, by E. C. LOOMIS. Pearl Street, Sept. -20. 1H39. Thompson's Eye Water. BY request we hove brought on some of this celebrated Eye Water, said to be the best in use. Also, a few bottles of Godfrey's Cordial for children. Sept. 20. PANGnonN & BuiimiAm STRAY STEER. CAME into tho possession of tho sub scriber, on the 18th inst. a red, line backed three year old steer, with some white on other porta of the body, and a mark with tar on the loft hip. The owner is requested In pay charges and tako him away. NATHANIEL GAGE Siielburnc, Septenber 20, 1839. O Zr Bbls. Nova, Scotia PLASTER, for sale by P. DOOLITTLE. 20, 1839. Burlington, Sept. Elnathan Iligbcc's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DlST. OF CniTTKNUEN. 6S ( A T a Frobato Court, holdcn at Burlington within and for said DiHrict, on tho 6th day of Seplembor, A.D. 1839., an instrument purporting to be tho Inst will and lostamenl of Elnathan Iligboo, late of Shclburno, in said district, deceased, was presented to tho Court here for probate, by Isaac Higboc, the k,xcculoi therein namod. Thcreforo it is ordered bv said court, that public notico be given to all persons concerned tncrcin to appear bulore said Court, at ascs sion thereof to bo holden at tho Romstcr oflico in, on the second Wcdncs' day of October, ..., 839, and contest tho probate ot said Will, and it is further ordorcd that this order bo published thren weeks sue ccssivciy, m 1110 troc rrcss, a newspaper printed at Burlington, in this State, tho last ot whcili shall bo previous to tho day assigned as morcsaiu lor heating. Given under my hand at tho Rctristcr'i Offico, this Cth day of September, A . D. 1839, Wm. WESTON. Register Jonathan Gillett's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District of Chitthmikn. ss. I A T a Pwbalo Court holdcn at Burliiiirlon XjL within nnd for said District, on tho 4th day ol facplcniucr A. D. 1839. An instrument purporting to bo tho IorI will and testament of Jonathan Gilletl, Into of Charlotte, in said District, deceased, was prc souted to the court hero by Heman Hasford tho executor thorem named. Thoroforo it 1 dercd by said court that public notice bo give to all persons concerned tharcin, to appoar ucioro sam uourt, at a session tticrcol lo bo holden at tho Register's oflico in Burlington 011 1110 second Wednesday ot Uctobor, A. 1) 1839, and contest tho piobalo of said will, and it is further ordered, that this order bo pub lished threo weeks successively, in tho Frco Pross, a newspapor, printed at Burlington, in this btato, tho last of which shall bo previous loino day assigned, as alorosaid for hearing. Given under my hand at tho Rciristcr's Offico, this 4th day of September, A . D. 1039. Wm. Wcston, Register. WALTOWS' DAILY JOUR NAL. piIIE subscribers propose to print, du ring the next sctsion of tho legisla ture, a daily newspaper, on a half shoot of imperial paper, and to conloin tho fullest reports of the proceedings of both houses. From tho fact that tho political partios will be nearly balanced in tho housn, tho procco. dings will be unquestionably uf more than ordinary inlorust and importance. It will ho our purpose to give a fair exposition of those proceedings, embracing, should the support renderod us warrant it, ckctchce of too debates. 7'erwi $1 per single copy i 6 copiee for $5 i 12 copies for 10 Names and payments may bo forwarded by members of the Legislature. E. P. WALTON &. SONS. Montpelier. September 10 11139 NEW GOODS. P. DOOLiITTIiE HAS just received a general assortment nfNEW GOODS, which nro offer ed ut tho vory lowosl prices. Those wish, ing lo purchase, may find it to their iid vsnlngo to call and oxnmina Ilium. liurlington, Sept. 20. 11139. Cw BUFFALO ROBES. AI'I'IW bales upper Missouri Buffalo r? intl I om.I ', cln 1, l;. Sept, 20, 1830. by P. DOOLtTTLU. FARM FOR SALE. A Valuable Farm lying dircctlv in tho pleasant nnd flour idling village ol West port, Essex county n.v, containing nbout two hundred acres border ing on, nnd command. ing nn extensivo view of Wostport Bay. l licrn is 011 the premises a wharf, used for the reception of lumber in tho winter, to which bunts can come nt all seasons ; the laud is of good quality, nbout one half un der cultivation, the residue thickly covorcd with hard timber. Tho commanding sit notion of tho property, its proximity to Lako Champlain, and susceptibly of rent improvement, nnd the Inrgu quantity of hard wood upon it which is daily becoming more valuable offer uncommon inducements to a former about to locate, or to nny purchaser, ns a safe investment. 'itlc indisputable. For terms apply to S. Myiiicii, West port, Essex co. N. Y. tf STO lbs. mixed Tins. I case Amoncnti do I ' London do 1 German do 25 gross Hooks and Eyes 100 4 Bono Evlelts, just, received by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. August 22. mas. Anti-Slavery Earthenware, a now pattern wall adapted to remind free. men of their own rights and eninymcnts. Phe above with a general stock of CHINA GLASS 6f EARTHEN WARE, offer, od for ealo at wholesale to country mor- chants on as good terms as nny house 111 the city, nt 07 Water st. FIELD S; Co. New York, Auguil 30, 1039. w STATE OF VERMONT, ) DtSTKICT OP ClItTTENDKN, H8 rilHE probate court for tho District of JL Clnttonilon, to all persona to whom these presents shnll come. Greeting. Sally Tracy of Essex, in said district, guardian of Emily M. Tracy of said Essex, a female minor under the age of eighteen yenrs, hnving represented to this court that the Baid Emily is seized in her own right in fee of the following described piece or parcel of land lying and being situate in snid Essex, viz: all tho land deeded by Amanda Spencer to Griswold W. Tracy, on tho 31st day of Decembor 1836, ond is part of lot No. 31, as by said deed recorded among the records of deeds in said Essex will appear, reference thereto being made, and is supposed to contain eight acres, and that a sale of said land would be conducive to the best interest of her said word, and praying snid court to license and empower her, the said bally, to sell said land. It is hereby ordered that said application be heard before said court, at a session thereof to be holdcn at the Register's office in Burlington, on the second Wednesday of October, 1839. and that notice thereof be given by publishing this order, containing the substance of said petition, :n tho t ree t'ress, a nevspapcr printed at Burlington two weeks succes sively, tho last of which publications to be not less than two weeks previous to said day. Given under my hand at Burlington, thi 31st day of August, 1839. Wm. WKSTON, Register. Have you a Cough? TO.OOO DIE OF CONSUMPTION ovcry year in tho United States, and millions suffer from troublosomo coughs and cold, that can ho cured by Dr. il. Hitchcock's Vcgcta. bio Virgin Cream Coush Diops, asafo mcdi cai prescription, containing no poisonous drngs, and usod in an extensivo practico for several years, will most positively allord re lief, and savo you from that awful discaso pulmonary consumption, which usually sweops into the grave hundreds ol the young, the old tho fair, thu lovely and the gay ? Have you a couch ? Bo persuaded to pur chaso a bottlo of tho Cough Drops to-day ! 1 o-morrow may bo too late. Have you a couih ? Dr. Hitchcock's Vcg otable Virgin Cream Cough Drops is tho only remedy you cliould tako to euro you. For this plain reason; That in no one of tho thousand cases where it has been used has it failed lo relieve. I'rico, 75 cents per bottlo, 1 or sale, wholusalo and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co. No. 117 Goneseo st., Utica, N. Y And by their agents throughout tho United btatcs and Canada. In liurlington only by J. & J. II. Peck & Co., in Vcrgcnnes by J. II. Bowman, in Milton by Whitney, Landon & Co., in Georgia by Lorenzo Janes. WORMS! WORMS riO removo theso troublcsomo and danger. JL ous inhabitants ol tho stomach. and bow els, which so often impair tho health and de stroy the lives children and adults, USE Doct. M. Hitchcock's WORM TEA a. certain and safe preparation for tho removal of tho vari ous kinds of worms that infest tho human sys tern. Wo say USE Dr. M. Hilchcok's Worm Toa, for this plain reason that in no ono of tho thousand casscs, where it hau been used agrccnblo to tho printed directions, has it ever failed. N. B, Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's Wonii Tka, as thoro aro many nostrums abroad for the destruction of worms. For salo wholesalo and retail by A. Hitch, cock &Co,, solo proprietors, 117 Gcncsoost., Ulicu.and by thuir agents throughout tho United States and Canada, In Burlington by J. & J. H. PECK ifc Co., in Vcrgcnnes by J, H. Bowman, in Milton by f'hilnoy, Landon & Co,, in Georgia by Lorenzo Janes. nugg SILK AND FANCY At vive per cent, advance on the cost for CASH. fill IE subscribers would apprise Mer A chanls, visiting I ho city ol New York for the purchase of Goods, that owing to the difficulty nf making collections, and thu high rate of exchanges, they have come to the conclusion of confining their sales hereafter exclusively tu CASH, Ah nn itiductMiinnt to purchasers, they offer their large nnd well selnctod assort, mom nfSM and Fancy DR Y GOODS, at nvi: per cout. advance on tho cost for Cusli. From their long experience- in the bui nuns and the facilities they havo in procti ring goods at the lowest pricei, purchasers may have a guarantee that their interests will bo promoted bv I'xnmining Iheir Htock. ADDOMS & CUNNINGIIAM, No. 225 Pearl, corner of Piatt sis. AVw York, Sep t 10,1839. im APPRENTICE. A LAI) from 14 to 16 yrnrs of'nge may ZA. hid n situation as nn npjireulicu this Oflico. September 20, 1839. JAMES MITCHELL DRAPER te TAILOR, Corner of Church College'slreets, IIUHLINOTON, JUNR, 1839. Murray's Travel's in North America, just received and for solo at the Book Store. D. A. BRAMAN. Sept. 12. Walking Sticks. SOME beautiful little canes just received for 37 ond 50 cts. Sept. 5. PANOiionn & BniNSMAtn. SOME benutic for 55, also Bags for P 50i $2, JI 50 and $1 25. Many Goods opening. Sept. 5 PANGnonN & BniNtMAin. MOHAIR CAPS. A few Mohair Caps at $1 each nnd nets at 3" cents, at tho Variety Sloro. oept. 5. FANononN ot Huinsmaid. Now Goods, New Goods, N all their splendid varieties, now open ing. Our friends and Customers, nil far and near orn politely invited to walk into tho Variety Store. Sept. 5. Panoborn & Biunsmaid. MILITARY. WE have just returned from Now York, and bavo purchased a groat variety Military Goodi, and hare mado arrango inputs fnr liirnishinP'. SWORDS, SILK SJlSIlUZi, EPAU LETTS, BELTS, PLUMES, PLATES, WINGS, BUTTONS, CIIA PP EA US, LA CE, and CAPS ; To Companies or individuals, os low ns ihi-v can get them in Now i orK, or Boston. We have many articles making for us, now and all who wish are invited to call imme diatelv. in order to rive us timo to get from New York any article, which wo havo not on hand. Wc have sample Chap penus and Caps, and of other kinds of mill. tary articles a protly good assortment. Sept. 6. "ANGnORN & UnlNSMAIO. WOLCOTT'S U n charts e able Blue WRITING FLUID Or supEmon splendor and nuiiAuiMTr THIS recently invented composition for writing, is confidently recommended lo the public as being superior to any im nortcd article of like kind. It will never loose anv of tho elements of its color, and is warranted lo remain permanent under anv exnosure whatever. It con bo had ot tho Book Store of the subscriber at whole sale or retail, and at a very low price. Spt. 12. 1). A. 1JKAMAN. Eli Thayer's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, District or Chittenden, ss. i The Hon. the Probate Court for the Dis tricl of Chittenden, To all persons con cerntd in the Estate of Eli Thayer, late of thelburne, tn said District, deceased GREETING. lriIERnAS. Lyman Hall, executor of T T tho last will and testament of said do ceased proposes lo render an account of his adminiitration, and present his account azainstsaid estato for examination and allow. anco at a session of tho Court of Probate, to bo holden at tho Register's offico in Burlington on tho second Wednesday ol October noxt. TiiErtEFonc, Yon arc hereby noliflod to ap pear before said Court at tho timo and placo aforesaid, and show causo, if any you havo, whv tlio account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my hand at Burl'iglon, this sovcnlhday of Soptcmber A.U. lojy. Wm. WESTON, Register, Sherman's Worm Lozenges, Are the greatest discovery ever mndo, for dispelling the various kinds of worms, that so frequently ond distressingly annoy, both children ond adults. They are an inlalli bio remedy, and so pleasant to the taste that children will lake them as readily as common peppermint Lozenge. Many (lis cases arise from worms, without its being snspectud. Sometimes a very troublesome cough, pains in tho joints or limbs, bleeding at the nose, &c. &c, are occasioned by worms, aad will be easily cured by using this celebrated medicine, Tho following symptoms indicate the presence of worm viz: headache, vertigo, torpor, disturbed droims, sleep broken off by fright and screaming, convulsions, fevcrishnees, thirst pallid hue, bad fasto in the mouth, offensive breath, cough, difficult breathing, itching at tho nose, pains in the stomach, nausea, equcamistincss., voracity, leanness, tenes mus, itching nt the anus towards night, and at length dejections of films and mucus. One is a dose for a child two years old two for ono four years three for eight years and five for an adult, nnd should be repeated every morning, or ovary othar morning until relieved. Read tho following letter: Now York, March 3. 1839. Dear Doctor, According to your re quest, wo have uied your Worm Lozenges in several cases nf worms, and found them uniformly successful. We hnve no diflicul ty in getting children tu take them, as thoy arc perfectly pleasant. Wo shall uso them in our prod ico whenevor occasion offers, believing the in to bu tho best vermifuge modicinu in Die. We have also wed your Soda Lozenge vory extensively, and find l hem fully lo answer the purpoacti you re commend them for. We aru yours. reprclfully. 'V. WGBKS. M. D. W. SHADDOCK. M. 1). G. R. GRl'Jl'lN, M D. Sold wholesale nnd retail, nt Dr- Slier innn's medicaid) Lozengu Wareh(iun, 10(5 Nuiasu st. New York, and ut the Variety Stun?, Burlington, Vi. PA.VGBOnN & BlUNiJlA,!).. Dit. siip.uMAN'.'s r.oiron ARE the mlo-l. ihonI hiiio nml i fl'i'diiiil medy for Coughs, Colds, Consumptions, Whooping Cough, Asthma, Tightness of the Lungs or chest, S(c. (fc. Tho proprietor has never known an instanco where they did not give perfect satisfaction. Several thousand boxes have been snid within the last threo months, restoring lo health, per. sons in almost every stage nf consumption, and those laboring under tho most distres sing colds and coughs. 1 hey do not check and dry up the cough, but render it easy, promote expectoration, allay the tickling or irritation, and remove the prnximato or exciting cause. They iiro mado from a combination of tho most valuable expecto rant, or cough medicines, and are undoubt- Ily superior to every thing in uso for those complaints. Hundreds upon hun dreds ol certificates havo been offerod of their wonderful virtues, from thoso who have boen saved from on untimely grave, and restored lo perfect health, by using them. Where there U muoh pain in tho breast or side, one of Sherman's Poor Man's Plasters should be applied ovor the part, and worn till relieved. If attended with costivoncss, a few cathartic or laxative Lozcngos, or any mild cathartic medicine, should be used ns occasion requires fix-Shcnlt Parkins was cured in two days, of a most distressing cough. Mr. Button of Providence, Mr. ohalor of Bos ton, Mr. Rivers, Mr. Combs, Mr. Wnllace, Judge Peters, Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Rich erdion, and hundred of others of this city, havo called to express their euiprisu and commendation of the speedy relief nnd cures effected by thesu truly wonderful Coui'h Licences Doctors Smith, Vandenburgn, Lomstnck. Harris BrighBin, and several othors of our most distinguished physicians, have used those Lozenges, in their practice, with in variable success. The medical faculty uniformly npprnvo of them, as thu best cough medicine in use. Mr. Kendall from Vermont, visited this city Tn Jt fall, intending to go South, hopes of mitigating a severe cough and pul monary nffecimn, that he hnd been troubled with fnr several innnlhs. He hnd tried, ns ho supposed, every popular remedy, with out any relief. Ho wns induced by a frind to purchase a box of Dr. Sherman's Cough LOZENGES, which to his surprise, affir. ded him great relief in a few hours, and in three weeks restored him to perfect health, 60 that he returned home to his family re- jnicuig. UTbold ol faherman s medical ed Lezengo Warehouse, 10G Nassau st., New York, and in Burlington, Vt at the Variety Store, sept. I. by Pangiiorn & Bbinsmaid. 25 Males 4-4 brown Sheetings 5 " 3.4 " Shirtings 7 " Tickings, just received by Aug. 22. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. 200 doz. Gorman Silvnr Toblo ond Ten Sfonns 50 doz. potent Brass Combs 40 gross Iron Sido do Just ree'd by Vir,A9, Loomi Si Co. August 22, 1B39. dnz. Tambo' Muslin Collars 75 pieces Pongee Hdkfs. 15 doz. black Italian Silk Cravats 30 dnz Gincham do Just ree'd by, Loomis & Co. August 22, 1039. SILVER WARE. 50 SeU plain and ewnyed Table Spoons. 100 do do do Tea do Cream Ladles. Sugar Tongs and Salt Spoons, for salo by Aug. 22. VILAS, LOOMIS & Cn. I.YMAN CUMMINGS, ATTORNEY AT AW & SOLICITOU IN CHANCERY, Office south west corner, second Jloor of strong's liuilding, on Court House square, BURLINGTON. VT. SURVEYING. A FIRST ralo Compass, nnd other sur . voying apparatus just received from Now York, Notico by Mail or otnerwiso promptly attended to. J. HEWFS. Milton, Vt.Aug. 23, 1839. 3w Dll. JOSEPH MARSH BEING about to leave town for thn winter has mado nn arrangement with DOCT. A SJVXXTXL who will occupy his office, and whom he lakes pleasure- in introducing to his friends and the public. INTENDING to remain permanently in thib place, tctulcrs lite services to the inhabitants of Burlington ond Vicinily, in the practioe of medicine and Surgery. 18 Cases English and American Prints 1 Furniture do 2 ' bleached Sheeting I colored Cambrics 1 Broad Cloths, jiiRl re coived by Vilas, Loomh it Co. August 22, 1 039. ABOUT livo or hx weeks ogo, o largo bay horse, 10 or 12 years f ttv, hud tho glanders when hu left, he came from the vicinity of the Connecticut river. Also, between two nnd three monihs since, a darkish groy mare. The said mara is spiivmrd ond hns very sharp tcelh, Who ever will return said horses or give infnr matinn where (buy may bo found, shall be suitably rewarded, J. POTTER. Burlington, Sept. -, 1839. W a t c h Hep a i v ing. Xi. CURTIS HAVING resumed his format huMiickS nf WATCH REPAIRING, Has taken thu stand on Chuich street, opposite It. Moody', whew he will givo hispaiticular aud personal ejloulion to tiro busmey. Hev. 1. Cohorts' II A MI OF JUIFE. ANEW AND VALUABLE IIEMEDT for thoo who nro afllieted with euand chronic disoasos of the Lungs' and Windpipe This medicine is suited to all climates and to persons of nil ages and soxes, will keop for any length ot time, and may be used wttu pot feet safely by persons in tho most feeble stalo oi ncaun, as it contains no mgrrcuiuiKa mat can impair the constitution utidorany olicum. stances. It will ba found greatly sorviesahlo in nil diseases of the Lunijs nnd Broclii3, such as phthisic, asthma, whooping cough, croup, acute and chronic inflammation of tho lungs and wmdpipo. Ily the dyspeptic, it nas been used with docked advantairo, and lit serviceable in persona laboring under debility of any kind, if used nccording to the direction. To tho consumptive, it has invariably affordod almost immediate roliol, and in several instan ces has wrought a permanent euro. It is not, howovor, expected lo otlocta euro upon luori as arc in tho last stages of the disease; bow even lo such, it will bo found to give tntich. rolicf.and greatly ptolong that remnant ofllfo which has becomo so noatly oxlinguitbed tjy the dread destroyor. Tho subscriber having witnessed wan pata tho great destruction of the health and llto of so many of his follow beings by the abovo enumerated and their kindred diseases, nas with much study, care an)J consultation, pte-. pared bis valuable medicine, which ho r wil ling lo submit to the most scrutinizing test of Urn medical faculty, and lorosl its reputation upon their decision. Ho is alieady assured. upon their testimony, that it is superior to any thing yut in continuation of tho nbovo rmark, ICi llie following certificates from highly rwpeot. ablo physicians bear testimony. To all whom it may concern. This May certify that I havo examined tho Ror. Itaao Coverts' ingredients compounded under tiia nainu of thu Balm of Life, and btliova sahl compound is happily calculated to rcliava perrons of nil ages and sexes afllieted with acute and chronic diseases of the lungs and windpipo, as indicated by coughs, diftidu It breathing and pains in different parts of tho chest if administered undur suitablo olrcuuu stances and in apprnprialo doses. Auburn, Aug. 3t, 1839. Josmn Tfl'iTNEY, Physician & Surgeon. To all whom il may concern. This may certify that I have examined Rev. I. Coverls Balm of Life, and helievo it to be ono of the best medicines fnr coughs, consumptions', chronic ir.ilummatiotiH of the lungs nnd wind- pipe, and most hrarlily recommend its use to all alllictcd with thoso diseases. Fayette'ville, Sept. 27, 1C38. Jons O. Siiipman, M. D. This may certify that 1 have examined tho component parts of Rev. I. Coverts' Balm of Life, and think it a valuable remedy for what it is recommended, and considor il parfecfty safo and judicious in such cases. Auburn, Aug. 31. 1833. N. Weavcr, M. D. This may certi'y that tho Rof,. 1. Covetto has exhibited lo tno tho formula by which ho prepares a mcdicino called tho Balm ofLi:, a preparation well suited bh an expectorant in coughs, consumptions, kc, and thereforo would have no hesitation in recommending ft as a safe and gouil mcdicino. Qalina, July 12, 1833. A. II. Newcomb,M.D.,N. Y. This may certify that I have examined Rev. I, Coverts' Balm of Life, mid am of opin ion thai its combination and ingredients aro suited tn n great variety of chronic affections of the lungs and bronchia, Auburn, Aug. 31, 1833. Doct. E. HiiMrmtuvs. This certifies that hnving cxnmiucd llie Ret, I. Coverts' Balm nf Life in all its component parts, wo do boliove il to be ono of the best compounds for conghs, consumptions, chronio inflammations, &e. of which wo have any knowledge, and do nioM corJ'.illy recommend its uso to nil afllieted with ilia abovo named diseases. J W Damfi.s, m,Yj, Salin. W J Lovcjot. M. palinn. G Nekduau, M. D. Onondagt. E Lawuknor.M. D. Baldwlnsvllle. This may certify that I havo examined tho Rev. Dr. Coverts' receipt for making his Balm of Life, nnd from my acquaintance with Ihfe influence of its several ingredients, should think it well calculated to givo satisfaction la thn diseases for which it is recommended. Utica, June 21, 1639. Wm. Morris, M. D. I do hereby corlify that I havo examined the formula of tho Balm of Life, and view it e a mcdicino well calculated for tho relief of Chronic Coughs and Catarrhal affections. Albany, Juno 2J, 1839. John Wilson, M. D. I havo examined tho formula of tho Rev. I. Coverts' Balm of Life, and approve of its com. position. As an expectorant it is calculated! to bo efficacious in Chronic diseases of tha Bronchia, and also in indigestion. S R Kirbt, M D New York City, July 1, 1039. I corlity that I havo examined tbo formula nf the Rev, I. Cverts' Balm. kc. and viov It nn an expectorant, well calculated for Coughs, Chionic affections of the Lungs and Win Jpipe, and asasafotud usoful remedy. Albany, 25th June, 11)39. C D Townbeno, M D I have examined a receipt for a compound called the Balm of Life, in tho hands of Rev. I. Covert, ond havo to stalo, that I consider it a safo and useful combination of medicine calculated to bo very beneficial in Chronio dhiv cases of tho Lungs nnd Air passages. Troy, June 27, 1639. Avurv J Skiltsm, Physician Si Surgeon. fully concur in the above rccomraondatien. T S Hahrktp, Phys. & Surgeon, N Y city. Wo certify that wo havo examined thoreeipe for preparing tbo Ror. !. Coverts Balm of Life, and bslive it to bo a safe andjuditlena combination, woll calculated to relieve tha complaints for which it is recommended. Troy, N. Y. A & L Streetes,, M D. This may certify that 1 havo examined a recipe presented 'o mo by I. Covert. lluppears lo bo well calculated to rellnvo irritation of tho bronchial cells andnftVelloD of tho Lungs and plum and all Chrome disea ses of tho Chest. As nn expectorant it might with propriety "bo prescribed in jnost oasts where an Biticlo of that kind was indicated. R. Ci.ovEii, M D New York, Joly 9, 18.19. Sold by J. St .. . BECKtl Co., Rurtitif ton, Vermont. SINGLE. DOUOLE. UMBILICAL TVTARSH'S TRUSS, for oil who nonl" J'tX will bo found on trial, the most use ful, and tho moil comfyrtable article for tha purprw intended, ovoy introduced Jdly20, J, & J.'ll. Peck &. Co,.eaU

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