Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 4, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 4, 1839 Page 2
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he a crime agoinst t ho laws of nations, I connected as it ia with tlio slavo trade. The Court said ilmt us they purccivotl there wem nolo Inkers proenl, I hoy Imped t hoy wiiuld bo cnroful lo make n true rep resentation of ilio decision. The Court dnos nnt undertake t decide Hint those parlies have iw right to tlieir freedom but leave that matter lo litigation in the Dis trict Cuiirt, subject to nppcal. And for rcosons assigned deny thi- motion. One of t ho counsel lor 'ho prisoners then nsked the Court if they niennt to express the opinion that n foreigner coming lioro with n slave enn call upon the U. S. Courts to enforco the plnim ol the loreigner to the slave. Judge Judson, in reply, said he did nnt wish to decide now upnn the district question. As u judpn lie did not feel called upon to decide it. Thu Court was then adjourned sine die. The District Court "-as opened. The judge said he should direct that the U.S. Attorney should repair to Montauk I'oint, in the Itovcnnn Culler, with n gentleman on the other side, to investigate the fncis, ascertain where the seizure was actually made, &c; that the Court would be ml jnurncd to ninit in this city on the 3d Tuesday in November next; and thai ineaniimn it would bo the duty of the Marshal to see that the prisoners were comfortably s'uuntod, and provided with clothes suited to the seinon, that they be prepared with sufficient food, medical at tendance &.C. The Court would, it is presumed, allow the prisoners to be dis charged ou giving bail, but as it must be nn appraisement their counsel would not consent lo it. The prisoners will probably be rcmnnded to the jail in New Haven Kit I I) AY MORNING, OCTOBER 4. WHIR STATE CONVENTION. ISursuanl lo h vote of die Whin Contention hoh den nt Woodcock, on llio 27ili June last, noiicn is heicby given that n coin cm ion ol llio Wilis of vciinuut, will ho holilen at ilontpe.lier on Wed nesday die lCih day of October, 1S39, fur t lie pur pose of appointing five delegates to llio National Coiiveniioii, which is lo inert at Harrisbuigh in December neM ; nnil nlsn lo adopt such meiiMiroa ut may be deemed necd-saiy id niaintnin the polit. ical integiily of Vermont, lis n puiiiulic mill .tend, fist whig stale. It is desirable ilmt n delegation fiom eteiy town in llio mute should lie pirtent, nnd the vvhigi of the scleral towns which are nn. represented liy friend of the cause in the legisl.i. line, are earnestly desired to send a full delegation lu the pioposcd convention. Wm. UPHAil, 1 V.. P. WALTON, z II. BRADLEY, ; G T HODGES, o O PAINE. J C HOPKINS, 1 TOWN MECTINgT" Of? Tho Whigs of Builington ma rrqttcslcd to meet at Howard's, tomorrow, (Saturday; evening, nt seven o'clock, fir die purpose of uppointing del gules io the time contention at )ontpeier on iliu lCiili intit. H. MIAULF.Y JOHN JiAllSTOlV, C. BAXTER, Oct. 4, 1839. Committee We publish to-day the opinion of Judge Thompson in the case of the African cap lives. This decision is, that the Circuit Court has no jurisdiction on the charge oi piracy nnd murder. Ho docs not decide upon the claim set up involving the ques tion of properly. Tho cause is to be cariied to the District Court. Whether it will bo decided, in the end, that men havo a right lo fight for freedom, remains to be teen. A letter from Greenfield, Mass., nnnonn cesthe deo'.h of ihe Hon. Ja.mi:s C, Al vor.D, member elect to the next Congress, from tho district formerly represented by George Grenncll. A most significant nnd disgraceful fart is elated in the Woodbury N. J. Constitution. It appears lli.u not ii single locofoco member of tin; piesent council ofiliai time toied in fatnr of the law pro. viding lor ihefice nnd muesli icied light of stifl'i age to die ipvoliilionnry soldier. The tcteraiH of ihe itvoluliuu in New-Jersey can vote, whether they have iiiiitl ii i;x or not. lint in give them ihii light not a sing Is one of llio Van ISiuen members of council consented. This u specimen of the milliner in which the vthigs of the levoliiiion sue treated liv I lit modem pretenders lo democracv. And jet these are the samo men who lull; of llio estensinn ol t lie elective liuiirhisc anil ol hem; layor of the larecsl liheilv. The whig veterans of ihe revolution, many of whom me poor anil entiicly dependant for fiipporl upon the mull pensions llicy i (coiie fiom l tie covet iinicnl, mo indebted to ihu whig majorities inboih bianchea of ihe legislature oflNcw Jersey for the privilege! ofcxeicising their voice in the public ulfaiis of the state iiinl nation. Troy Whig i he Tories in this town coincide with their brethren of New Jersey. They enn t.end that a class of citizens who are exemp ted by law from military duly and a poll tax, nro thereby debarred fron voling, and nn abortive attempt is now making to con test a seal in the Legislature ou this ground. Our lories dare not ot present go the whole hog, and shut out the old solders ; but t hoy avow the doctrine that taxation forms an essential ingredient in the qualification of the voter. What think ye, Old Soldiers of surrendering the right of suffrage in con eideration of on exemption from a two-pen ny poll tax ! or having the ballot box closed against ye, because you do nomililary duly Tho Worcester, (Moss.) papers, give the particulars of an extraordinary case of abduction, in that town. On tho 12th till two men calling themselves Shearer end Dickenson, and professing to bo rcsidont of Palmer, Mass., took from his homo colored boy named bydney O. Francis with tho consent of his parontB, to whom t hoy represented that they wished cngago llio boy to go lo Palmer as domestic in Shearer's futility. The Btory they told was so plausible, that the parents of the boy readily assented to, the proposal but n few days ofter, tho father hearin uoinu unfavorable accounts of Shearer clinrnctcr, wont to Palmer to make inqui! ties Mud thenco proceeded farther in search, ofhiin. Ho has not yet relumed, A few days mnce, n letter was received from tho Mayor of Fredericksburg, in Virginia, 15eu jnrnin Clark, E?q. lo tho postmaster of Worcester which throw light on tho fate of tho boy and (ho motives which had influ enced those who had enticed him away from his home. Tho Mayor in his letter soya: "On tho IGlh inst. a man calling himself Dickenson Shearer, arrived here, and had with him a negro boy whoso name ho called Franklin, and whom he called his slave. Ho parted with this boy Inst night, and it is feared sold him to a trader. The circumstances were so suspicious as to lead to inquiries and to hia arrest. On his ex amination ho admitted tho boy to bo free, that he came with him from Worcester, where his father and mother resided, that he did not know their names, and had never seen them before, and then for nn hour only, and they permitted Ibis boy lo come with him admitted that he did not tell them ho was bringing the hoy to Virginia. The story ia so absurd as to create a strung impression I hat lie is a kidnapper ; and in formation is sent to you that proper inqui ries may be made, and if possible, evidence sent here to procure the boy's freedom, and to identify him." Two residents of Wor cester havo proceeded to Fredericksburg to identify and reclaim the boy, if ho shall have been recovered, and to furnish such evidence as may be necessary for the deten. tiou of the person arrested, that he may be brought before the proper tribunals. The Nnw Yomccit. as wo learn by the prospectus, has jti?t commenced the eighth edition of its Quarto form, under tho most encouraging auspices. It is by far tho best literary weekly periodical in the United Slates. Pakk Dcnj AMt.v, by tho unwea ried exercise of his firm talent6, has placed it on a stand, which no other journal of a similar kind, has yet reached. He is a writer ofgrcat btrcngth and ability, and a critic of the most discriminating and uneorn. promising character. Genius and merit, in whatever station, and under whatever form, ever receive from him the warmest and most enthusiastic encouragoment ; while stupidity and imposture arc qnito ns sure of meeting tlieir merited rebuke. His very name is the terror of milk and water poets, and of stupid correspondents, whoso only ambition is to see themselves in print, and whose only talent is tho ability to render themselves ridiculous, by the needless ex posure of their silliness. For his upright and fearless criticism, he has been most vigorously barked at, by curs of high and' low degree; evon from Count Louis Fitz- erald Tasistro, in tho Evening Star, down A. Z.' in tho Sentinel. The former gentleman" undertook to "kill him entire. ly" by half a column of high minded" black gunrdism and abuse on account of a most unfortunato personal deformity; and tho latter by calling him a "stupid booby '." Ave Maria" shield him well! In its political department, in chronicling with impartiality the duingsof both parties, for the accuracy of ils statistics and the cundor, justice nnd ability of its political essay?, it has not its equal in the United States. Thoso who have any acquaintance, either personal or other, with its editor, lIorucE GriEEi.v, Esq., need no other as- urancc of this fact. We would most hear tily commend the New Yorker lo tho pat ronage of every one who wishes for a jour, nal of literaturn and politics, useful and iestructive, as well as agreeable and enter taining; free alike from the insiniditv of most literary weeklies and the fierce spirit of the pnrty press. We beliivo that II. J. Raymond, of tho University, is their agent at Ibis placrn Fi:vi: at Tin: South. iiiMii. 2-lth Sent. I'lic board of health renin t ilneo deaths in iliociiv and two in the coiinliy liom fever dm ing the pie viom twenty four lioum. At New Orleuin lo tho 20ih llieio una no favoralilo Hinnue ipiiorled (il'thu piemiling epileinic. 'I'lio , Mobile Register of tho ' 20ih suite "Wei have no moio favoinhlo account to give of ihe healih of the city. Tim iiiorinliiy is cull fiighlfnl in proportion to ihe population of the city, nnd though our table phmv ;i singular lluclii- ill ion liom day lo day in llio uiimlicrol unci nieiits, there is, we fear, no i psipoii to hope the disease is miligiiled in violence, or le.-seneil in extent. Tho number of deaths ninro our last publication, in which nut-table was m.i'le in, lo ihe llihinsi. uplo Wednesday night of this week, N 90, iiiui Hie total intciiueuls since lliclet lo the lSih inclu five, 271. Chemjka, Oct. 1 Tho Ornn-rn Cnuniv Hank. localed in ihis village, una broken open last Sun. day night. The thieves vioimcd their niiiceeilin..- on reaching I he inner duor of the vault, it lining io laigo nun Miugiy tit lei iliev could not sccuie u pur chase An iion bar was fuiiud in Mm liauk wiili fotne wood. A tinall tiuiik, conluininu a dozen dollars, perlnps, willi some papers belonging to Kineiuoii & Hatch, it all lliulilio thieves took. Vnnor.N.NEs, On. 2 A Squajh, measuring fctcn leet in itH larucst ciicuiiifcieuce. and tteinli. ing 130 poiindi, may bo n'en nt ihu sloro of ', iliiilliiigtoii, lq. It giew in lilt garden of W lute, hiij. of tins coy. VerKcnncd iigaiusl the slalo lor Kpiaehes. V ermonter. DouoH IUlllKS, Horn sun. dinla nnd wnnilen nuiinegs ! hide jour diminulied licnds ! jo are no longer itoruiy io uo named. Accoiiling lo a pub. licilinii in l lie New llauinrliiio Patriot, eisueil liv l)r, Abcl.of LiMiiijer, oua of the inoji baiufaceil fiaiulu was nlicinplcd lu bu plaved olf in Urufton Coiiniy a few weeks since, in (orcii n young phy. uician into man iuioiiv. or in default take fiom him a liberal turn of money. Thejoiiiig lady, (itho must have had accomplices,) in the lust resort pic. pared u flour dough btili'l, with nails ol mngl.ifs &c. but the fraud Ijciiil' delected, t m left her bed liit an unuiual icaion, and decamped, THE VERMONTER IN MISSISSIPPI. I No two sections of earth nro more diverse Irom each other than Vermont and Mississippi, nnd tho native of the lormer while n pilgrim in tho latter must often picture in memory's sketch book tho land of rock nnd torrent and cloud and inoun. tain retracing the scenes of his boyhood and living over again tho halcyon days of his youth. The scenery of Mississippi, for the most part, is comparativoly a dead level once the floor of the ocean gulf, swept by its waves, and given to tho etui only when those waves receded ; while tho Fccncry of Vermont is a thousand mountains, linked together by ridges of rock and chnins of mounds, heaving and sombre with the hemlock, tho epruco nnd the pine. Tho former owns its creator in tho deep and boiling world of waters that 8wcep3 along its boundaries ; tho latter worships a. its throne of mountains, and before it can lay its offering on the summit of the VJtive altar llio drapery of tho cloud must be lifted. The former is burdened with an exuberance of vegetation, teeming with exhalations from rich ulluvions; the latter is bleak and frightful with rocks and preci pices deep down where tho cataracts hse themselves in the night of distance. The former is spicad on, beneath a glorious sun, and the "sentinel stars" gaze out with their largo earnest eyes from a hecven of Hie deepest blue upon a world cf groen fresh wood?, stretching away in level per spective until the oyo wearies with the vision; the latter glooms underlie scowl of the storm, and Irom mountaii to moun tain reverberates tho howl of strange, almost unearthly, thunders, nnd the treasu ries of the hail and the snow unburden their vast resources upon the terraced hills and roll their glaciers into the vtllies; the latter is the mother of crystal vater3 that boil n p from a thousand mountain veins, coo) transparent geysers, spoutirg Irom the fissured caverns nnd tumbling in white foam from rift to rift in hasto lo pay tribute to the cheerful Viceroy of the cast, the Connecticut, or tho tullcn Sa.rap of the west, tho Hudson. Rut oh, the eternal mountains those sublime "hills of fear" that prop tho Veru mont heavens I'Hlfose arc the images that dwell the longest nnd the most vividly in the mind ot ihz wanderer from such a home. Although in this clime of tho sun. every prospect carries to the heart the impression of limitless resources and unbounded wealth, yet will llio pilgrim sigh ni the going down of the day, and recal to nind the far mountain home of his youth. He will think of tho vast pyramid of graiite piled up against the western sky the masonry of the Almighty ; he will t link of the lofty elm, standing on an island io the brook that for years 6ung his lullaby at night, babbling over bright and pearly pebbles, while the zephyrs whispered with the long armed branche?; he will th'nk of the rounded knoll where tho young com panions of his boyhood sported; ho will think of the classic Deorfield, rollitnr its waves of silver through romantic glen and tcooping out from the embraces oi the mountains such quiet nooks such tweet nnd sequestered lawns, ns would temft the most turbulent spirit to repose; ho will think of tho groves of fir trees, and that lone inclostiro of the dead where his a.ices tors, "tho rude forefathers of tho hunlot sleep;" ho will think of those far eastern scencF, and even in the gorgeous sjiith, the land of Ihe magnohn and the ornnjc, he will sigh for tho groves and the graves, for tho rocks and cmaracts, for tho church-going bell and tho academic balls of his father land. Natchez Free Trader. FLORIDA. A letter from an officer of the army says: "An evil genius seems to preeiilo over all our efiorls in Florida, and however Halter ing nppearaiices may bo, we find in the end nothing but disappointment and vexations ns for my part, I despair boinir of nuv servicn. hope itself has lied, and left nto with nothing but tho will to lie useful. To add to my difficulties there are no officers, and some of tho posts of my command aro under Seijeants. Another officer closed hw caraer not long since by committing suicide. "We arc indeed in a situation to cause the young and buoyant to resort to any means that will finish their exile from houiu nnd happiness; but I look forward lo the efforts of our guardians ut Washington lo stnko on some new plan for our relief. We can do nothing in our present miserable condition. Should you know any ouu who wishes to throw nway his hfo uselessly, loll him to coma to Florida. Wo ore further in dread thai the Indians will before long tako tho field nnd mnko n foray on the Hetllcmoiil, destroying tho people as usual." FIRE AT NKW YORK. On Monday afternoon, about 5 o'clock, soma of Ihu persons employed in tho Na tional Theatre, corner of Leonard und Church streets, discovered a firu in tho vicinity of tho gns room, which they en doavored lo extinguish with n small forcu pump, hut woro soon obliged to relinquish it, nnd muko good their retreat. Thu building was eoon Enveloped in flames which communiculcd to the adjoining reur of the French Episcopal Church, "Do St. Esprit," corner of Frauk.'in and Church streets, and to (he African Church opposite, on tho corner ol Church nnd Leonard slrcelH. The inside of the building with their conlentH woro entirely destroyed. Tho renr gublo nnd a part of one of the side walls ol the Theatre fell, destroying tho rear part of tho two story brick front dwelling, No. M, Leonard street, and selling fire to the slnnu Dutch Reformed Church in Franklin htreet, between Chanel and Church streets, Ihu inside of which, together with the roof of tho two fctory school houo next adjoining nnd belonging to t lie Church, woro destroyed. The walls of the French Church ami of tho Dutch Reformed Church do not appear to be injured, particularly llio former, tho walls and pillars of which nru of white marble. The walls of the African Church nnd Theatre will probably havo tocoinu down The thentro was owned by Messrs. Aymar iv, (;., nnd O. Wnuriin, niul leased by Mr. JnmcH Wallack, whose loss is cstiuia'ed at nbout $25,000 no insurance. Tho build. ing was valued at about 00,000, and insti red in this city for fylO.OUO Jv. Y. Jour. Cum. FIRE AT PHILADELPHIA. The Philadelphia Sentinel and Herald of Thursday, says; "One of the most destructive fires that wo havo been called upon to record for some time, took place ycstciday morning, about three o'clock. The largo Calico Factory, belonging to ftlr 1'aul lluous. siluatco in Sotitliwark, near tho Navy Yard, together with about one hundred Icet ol Mr Thomas' Ropewalk, woro entirely consumed. The loss is esti mated at about 100.000, a larcc portion of which will bo Mistnined by Mr Hubbs, who estimatos his loss at 45,000 at least, as there was an insurance of only 15,000 upon I ho property. Nearly one hundred persons are by this unfortunate calamity deprived of employment. The manner in which the fire originated is as yet un knuwn." i O'CONN ELL'S WIFE. Wo hnve rarely men any thing more beautiful than the following reply mnde by O'Ciinncll, when, nt n dinner given to him at Newcastle, his wifo was toasted. "Thcro nro some topics of so sacred and sweet a nature, thai they may be com prehended by those who are happy, but they cannot possibly be described by any liumnn bning. All that I shall do is to I honk you in the name of her who was the disinterested choice of my early youth ; who was the ever cheerful companion of my manly years ; and who is the sweelel solace of that 'sear and yellow leaf ngc, at which I have arrived, lu her name I thank you, and this you may readily believe, lor expo nence, I think, will show to us all, that man cannot battle and struggle with the malignant enemies of his country, unlc.-s his nest nt home is warm and coin for t a bio unless ihu honey of human hfo is com mended by a baud that he loves." A HASTY MARRIAGE. A young lady, only fifteen years of age, eloped from her farther's house, in Wash ington, D. C, a few days since, io company with a gentleman who was not out of hit teens, and to whom she was married. After the mariiiige ceremony was over, the happy couple, uccouipanied by the brides maid and groomsman, walked towards the capitol. when the two ladies wcro seized by the father and brother of I he bride, nnd placed in a carriage, which conveyed them to Alexandria. The groom chivalrously undertook to rescue his pretty nintu from the clutches of her "pawpuw."' hut that hard-hearted individual knocked linn, and before he recovered from Hie shock, the lady had vanished. We don't know what will be the result ol the afi'air, but it mmmiis hard that the youthful parties should be divorced in the very huney union. No Mistake. Rev. Mr Miller, under date of Aug. '-'1, 11139, .-"ays. in a letter to his "dear brother Cole," i hat bin faith is a.- sirong as ever in Ins prophesies. "Y (lie saysl I am more and more convinced of the truth and certainly thai his (Christ's.) coming draws nigh at hand," "that we shall see linn coming in Hit clouds of heaven on or ubout 1 0411." The awful calamities of 1039 woro n part of his proph ecy, yet the year seems likely to pass oll'aa have other years that are gone. Anvicn to Youmg Mp.n. Shun the dcspicablu character of a political brawler. 15 ii t let nothing, except being bed-rnlden prevent you Irom exercising that inestima ble privilege the elective franchise. Never disgrace yuurseii uy un tuuenco irom kiu polls, under the unjustifiable, fallacious plea that vour mni'lo votn is ot no consequence Some of tho most important measures of legislative bodies, hero and elsewhere, liavu been carried by majorities of one.two or three. The vote on the abdication of Jnmcs II., and the elevation of William and Mary to the throne of Great Rrilain, was carried bv a majority of two 51 to AO ! ! ! Lot this be nn unceasing warning to you of tho importance of n vote or two, cver have to reproach yourscll, that o prolligato man has been elected, or a bad meufiire adopted through your nbsence from tins sacrod duty. Jlatincw t,arey. A Soi.niun's Claim. If Nohemioh Nowuns (alias Newinnnhvill cnll or send to tho Editors of the Miltonian, Milton, I'u. he will receive the original discharge he received from the War Department dated 20th September, 1703, for three years lour months and twenty days service in the 3d Pennsylvania regiment. Also an order from Tiuiulhv Pickering, Secretory of War, for the donation of 100 acres of laud ; this is dated 23 January, 1790. Editors of uowspupers might do an act of iusticu by copying tho ubove--if the old soldier is dead tho information muy reach Ins heirs. According to tho N. Hampshire Courier Mr Muzzv. who shot Mr Stonu, had just married u Kentucky lady of "high notions," who told her hiuhnnd "that notli inir but the blood of Stonu could wneh out llio dis race" (tho cow-hiding) and further that her brother declared ho would chastise Stono if M. did not and that llio high minded parents were withdrawing their children from the school. So Muzzy bo'l pistols killed his man pleased his wifo and her friends, and expects tu havo a crowded echool again. So t hoy do up things in old KentucU! RANK OF MONTPELIER. At a meeting of tho Stockholders of Ihe Bank of Montpelior, convened at. their Ranking house, on the 25th itist., for the purpose of deciding tho question whether they would accept tho Act of rccharter, passed at tho last session of tho Lcgula- turc. tho lollowing Report, presented by a conimittco to whom the subject was re fened, was adopted llio former pnrt, up lo the words "rccharlcring tho Hank," unanimously, and tho remainder with throe dissenting votes : To Ihe Board of Stockholders, noxo in session: Your committee, to whom has been re ferret! the subject relating to tho rc charter of the Rnnk, REPORT : That, the original charter was granted by the Legislature in 1025. It conferred privileges that were intended to he suffi ciently liberal to invito real capitalists io bpcumc the owners and managers, without affording a prospect of profits so extrava gant as to allure the cupidity of speculati rsj the opinion of that day beiup, Hint a bet ter currency and greater safety to tho pub lic wero ensured by (curing the banking institutions of the country in the hands of men of subalanstial properly, than by any paper guaranties contained in their nets ol incorporation, llnw In r Hits opinion has been justified and tho objecie of the Legis lature nltnineil, in llio enblipumont ol the Hank of Montpelier, its hi.-tory will testify. Ils stock, as designed, was taken at the commencement, by men ot independent means, nnd has been held by such to the present tunc, with hut comparatively few changes, for tho profits it nfiorded them. I'licse have been moderate, hut faiiefncto- ry. 1' or inn lust nine years rney amounted, on an average, to about eight, per cent, per annum, and for the past five, to a Irani ion over six. after paying taxes and the contri billion to the btalc 1 reosury; nnd Ihe cur. rencv the institution has afforded i he people has been equal to specie all over New England. In saying this, it is hardly tie- cc-sary lo add I hut Us management has al way? been pale and satisfactory Its ope rations will terminate on the first of Janu ary next, unless continued by the acceptance of the act of re ctiaiter, passed at ihe lusl session of the Legislature. Tliis Act, your cominittoe find, makes various alterations in tne original charter, some of which, in tlieir opinion, would en danger the usefulness and safety of the in stitution; and others, by the additional burthens they impose, must reducu very materially the profits of the stockholders. Of the first class named, is the section re quiring t ho President nnd Cashier to pub !isb in some public newspaper, semi-annually, n statement made by them under oath. pccilying the average amount ot tpecie the Until; has in possession each month, during the six months preceding. This would enable every evil disposed person to measure with precision the nmount of bills of ihu institution that would be necossnry for him to puss cs in order to sponge or ills grace it. isesuies, sucn a publication: would produce iinncccfnry suspicions uml alarm in the minds of those who are nunc, quaitited Willi banking opera' ions, vvithoiii eili'Oting any possible gmui. ion country batik, which redeem-: Us bills at the priuei pal marl of trade of tho section in winch II H located, a- well ns at its own counter. nnd ihu-gives a general currrncv to ii- bills, but a small amount of .-pecie is rcijuir ed io b'' kep' in its own vaults, for the p.-ompi ruleilip'ion of I's pnp-r. in propor tion lo thu amount of avai'ab 'uti'l- r" quired elsewhere. This will be apparent trom 111'' :oll(iwing statement : Tho Hank of Montpelier, during the year ending the fir-t of September inM.. redeem eded nt it - agency in Rostoii ( t tin (Jlobe IifliiK) four hundred and twenty Jive thmn and and seventy one dollars ol its own bill ; while I he amount presented for redemption at Us own counter, in the same lime, did not probah'y exceed iter thousand: Thus showing, thai it is neces?ary, for a Rank thus conducted to keep exceeding l wo hundred fold more of its ready funds else where than in ii own vaults. 01 the additional burthens which the act of rechartor imposes, your committee would name the increase ofthe contribution to the Slate's treasury required, being raised from six per cent, to ten of all the gains of the institution ; nnd also the requirement sub jecting the Rank to the operation of the Safety Fund Law, by winch it is compelled to contribute largely to tho payment ot the billaot other banks becoming insolvent. 11, ns appears from the statement made in the former part of this report, the stockholders have been unable, for several years past, lo realize but n fraction over six per cent upon their stock in the original charter, which was free from the exactions here named, it is most evident, that incumbered with these additional burthens, there would be no probability that the irMitution could wilh safe management, divide profits equal to what tho law allows for interest on money otherwise invested. Consequently, there is no inducement for the stockholders lo prolong the existence ol the corporation under the conditions imposed. For the rensons above stated, your com mittee recommend to the meeting ol stock, holders, that they do not accept the Act passed at the last session of tho Legisla ture, rcchartcring this Bank. And there is anntiier reason, nod one your committee will not forbear to mention, winch ol itselt would inlliicnco them to make the same recommendation, even were the act ol rccharter ever so liberal in its provisions. It is notorious that for several yenrs pnst thu subject ol banks has been mado, by demagogues, n topic for political agitation. And in their attempts to excite the popular preiudico against them, they have not ccos, oil to npuly every opprobrious epithet the language ufiords, as well lo tho managers! and stockholders, as lo tho institutions themselves. This might nil hnve been endured wilh patience, had tho whole body of respcclnblu citizens who knew the injus. lice nnd falsehood of tliH nbuse, rebuked the cnlumniulors, nud (mis loll ihcir infiu nice to operuto on tho public mind unaided. It., I il 1.1 I.. Iin Inmnnlnl tlml Hllf-ll linS HOt been tho fuel. Mony who luivo influence in society for their moral worth, and eoinuj oven who havo nn inntcresl and an official connection with Ranking institutions, cither ou account of their party attachments, or their hopes of political advancement, or sorno more unworthy motive, Imvo given countenance to these detractions when ut tered in their presence and hearing, cither by significant approbation, or silent acnui esccncc. And, by tho support thus given to tho calumniators, the public mind has gradually becorno cmbucd with tho poison of tlieir nspcrsons; until it has become dis. reputable lo havo any connection with a bank, either ns ajmanagor or stockholder, however useful tho institution or honorably conducted. Such being tho cose, your committee believe that tho Stockholders nnd Officers ofihoRonk of Montpelior, owo no such duty to community os requires them to prejudice tho influence tlieir individual merits entitle them to in society, by contin. uing a relation which imposes a penalty 60 much to be dreaded as disgrace without crime or immorality. They therefore fur. iher recommend that tho business of tho bank bo brought to ns speedy a close aa can bo done with a due regard to nil con cerned, And as this may not bo possible within the period limited in tho act of in corporation, they also recommend that tho Honorable Legislature be potilioned for on extension of tho charter for tho period of one year, for the purpose of closing up tho concerns of the institution. All of which is respectfully submitted by your Commit lee. i'AjUEYJTSCifnVma(i. An agricultural society has been formed in Paris, which communicate with more than two hundred local socieiies in different paru of Kruncn, nnd has cot respondents in every part of die kingdom, besides more than fifty correspondents In every part of tho wo i Id. New local socieiies arc in course offorma. lion, daily ploughing matches are introduced, a steam plough has been interned, and ngriculiural schools arc established in different parts of France, The Fiench possess several experimental farms, nnd the propriety of establishing agricultural colleges, for the iu.'lruclion of youth, is strongly urged by lha bcit rilers of the day. At Peters burg and Mo-cow, agi iculiuial colleges arc estnh lislicd. In Prussia the king especially palronlz'iig agiiculluie, and the academy nt I'r.inkford upon ihe estate called .Moegelin, under (he superinten dence of M. Timer, the most scientific agricultur ist in the world, is well known. If wo plume ourselves upon our superior knowledge, and regard wilh indifference the exertions made by our neigh bors, we shall by nnd by discover lo our disgrace and shame, nnd loss, that, ns in the case of llio Scotch agriculturalist, we shall have to "go abroad for information," nnd, Jt'e may add, for BREAD ! London 'm-men' Magazine. ALEXANDER'S WEEKLY .MESSENGER. iMk. Stacv : The 10th of June last, I for warded to Mr. C. Alexander forty dollars, and requested him lo send ou his paper to forty subscri bers, whose name- were at the same time sent to him. On die ljlhofJuly, having received no uiHvter or papers, I wroie lo Mr. A. again, infor ming ii of the $-10 being sent, nnd again tent tho list of name-'. I have copies ol both tellers in :i Manifold Writer, in which the fiim lo which 1 belong Keep n copv of all business letters. I wailed until about llio middle nt August, and then obtained a certificate (of Mr. E. .Mill-", our Pnst Master) that I lit moiiej as sent dht-cted lo .Mr. 0. Alexander. Allicnium Uiiililiiig-i, Philadelphia, I'enn. I og.iiu rem on ihe list of names and llio contents ol mv foiiuei letters. This lenei I mailed ul New Voi k, diiecied lo Jame-i N. liennctl, and icqiic-teil him In send it to Mr. A. Upon all these Icliei.s of com. (! die po-lage u .13 piid. I hate never he, oil a iiUird in aii-wei lo one of them, ueii her li is a paper been u ceiud. I am informed liv Mr. S S. liiwn-ini1 thai he ha mailed lo .Mr, A. (il dull. ii- ihi- -umiiier, an 1 ha- uiii'cn In him since, i j.i d i!f- p .11.151' im lid letters, an ! i fi her i.ij - .- . .in,tti r Ii i lie i ec." w I. it,, j Ii I'm i In iiilin in inc ihat he has uiiiien Mr, A. ilucu or four U'lieii and paid the po'inges, but lias leceivil no a.uuri'. I lake ihis method uf can. tinning (lie public against tending inuiiey lo .Mr. C. Alexander of Philadelphia, 1'iuiii this place, for die inniiev if received iheie, is not su kimwledged. Can .Mr. A. infunn his fifty nilj-crihers here 1 J. E. UltlNSM All), ill A It It I E I) In ihe City of New-Voih, on the 23ib nil. by Rev. S. A. Crane, Ceouce P. Marsh, Esrj. of this place, lo Miss Caroline Ck an g, of Ueik ly, Mass. At Champlain, on the 25ih ult. by Rev. A. D. rSrinkeihofl", Uaktlktt Nye, Eq. to Misa Matilda L. daughter of Noauiah Moore, E.-q. all of dial place. III this lovvn, onilic 3d rust. George II, Shep heid, aged 31 jears. Primers in New-Hampshire and Massachusetts are requesied to notice. In this lotto, on the 2Clh oil. of consumption, ilrs. Eliza P, wife of S. .11. Parsons, Esq. aged 39 je.irs. Primers in Connecticut and New Yoik uic rerpiesled lo nonce NOTICE. nn HE nntuinl meeting of tho members JL of the liurliiigton Volunteer Engine Company will be holdeu at E. C. Loomis' Leather Store, on Monday overling next, at G o'clock. A punt'liinl attendance is requested. H. HYDE, Secretary. Oct. 5. lfiGO WHEREAS Clurisrii, my wile, bus left my bed and bourd without anyjtist provocation, therefore I forbid all persons iiarboriug or trusting her on my account, 1 shnll pay no debts of her contrHcnng after tin date. ZERAH UURDICK. Wot ford. Sept. 30, ir.39. FOUND, IN my parlor, between the lonth ami twentieth of Sept. last past, a sma 1 1 sum of hard money, all half dollars. Tho owner may hove' it by paying for (hid advertisement. JOHN HOWARD. Hurhngton. Oct.. 11139, STRAY STEEli. STRAYED from tho pasture of Jed Sawyer in Milton, on or nbout tho 1st of July last, a dark red thrco year old steer, smallish 6ize. Whoever will givo nforniation where said steer may bo found will be suitably rewarded on application to tho subscriber in Wobtford, or Jed Sawyer in Milton. ISAAC CHASE. Wrrtford, OtL 4. 1339. boxes Canada Iron, just received by Vilai, Loomis & Co. Sept, 22, 1030.

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