Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 4, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 4, 1839 Page 4
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FARM FOR SALE. 4 Valunblo Fa r in )' noittn in int; nbntit two c-yJ.s,5, C) hundred acres border W;JSir 0( all, cnm,nm. ing nu extensive view of Weslport Bay. Thoro is nu lhu promises n wharf, used fur Ihn rccopliun nf lumber in the winter, In which bonis can cntne nt all seasons; the land is (if pom! quality, about one half un der cultivation, the residue thickly covered with hard timber. This commanding sit untinn of the properly, its proximity to Lako Chauipluin, and susceptibly ol jf rent improvement, and the large quantity of hard wood upon it which in daily becoming mnto valuable offer uncommon inducement to a farmer about to locate, nr to any purchaser, ns n safe investment. Title indisputable. Por terms apply to S. RIviuck, West purl, Essex ro. N. Y. tf Hs. mixed Pins. I case American do I ' London do 1 1 Germnn do. 25 gross lloolfj mid Eyes 100 Bnno Evloits, just received bv VILAS. LOOMIS & Co Anti-Slavery Earthenware, a new pattern well adapted to remind free, men of Ihoir own rights and enjoyment?. Thu nbnvu with a ei-upral slock of CHINA GLASS Sf EARTHEN WARE, offer, ed for sale at wholesale to cuuntry mer chants on as gm '. terms as any linu'O in the r:uy. m M V atcr st FIELD S Co. New Yovk, A msiiU ;!0. IHr.9. Rw STATE OF FEU. MONT, ) Dr- TiucT or Cihttendek. ss. TJT HE probate court for the District of JL Chittenden, to all persons to whem these presents shall come. Greeting. Sally Tracv of Epx, in said district, guardian of Emily iM. Tracy of said Escx, a female minor under the ago of eighteen year having represented to tin cnu't thai the said Emily is cm zed, in heir own right in fee of the following de-eribed piece or parcl of land lying an:i being situate in ?:m1 Esex, viz: all the land il iled by Amanda Spencer to Griswold Vv Tracy, on tlie3Ist day of December 18f!G. and is part of lot No'. 31, as by said deed recorded nmnng the records nf deeds in said Essex will appear, reference thereto being made, and is supposed to cnniain eight acres, and that a sale of saiJ land would bo conducive to the best interest of her said ward, and p'aying said court to licen-'o and empower h"r, I he said Sally, to tell said land, it i- hereby ordered that Faid application be heard bi-fnn. t.aid court, at a scssion i hereof to be hnlden at the Register's office in Rnrlmgion. on the second Wednesday of October, 1031). and that notice thercol be given by publishing this order, containing the substance of said petition, in the Free Press, n newspaper printed at Burlinj'ton two weeks succes sively, the last of whidi publications to be oot less than two weeks previous to said day. Given under my hand nt Rurlington, this 31st day of August. IfifJQ. Wm. WESTON. Register. Ha do you a Cough ? 70000 E OF CONSUMPTION every year in the United States, and millions auffur from troublesome coughs and cold, tint can bo cured by Dr. M. Hitchcock's Vcgeta. bio Virgin Cicam Cou?h Dtops, a safo mcdi. cal prescription, uontuining no poisonous drugs, and used in an extensive practice for several years, will most positively afford re. lief, and save you from that awful disease, pulmonary consum ption, which usually sweeps into tho grave hundreds of thoyoung, tho old, tho fair, tho lovely and the gay"? Have you a cough ? Ue persuaded to pur. chaso a bottle of tho Cough Drops to-day ! To-morrow may be too iate. Have you a cough ? Dr. Hitchcock's Vcg. ctablo Virgin Cream Cough Drops is tho only remedy you should tako to cure you. Fortius plain reason; That in no ono of tho tiiousand case3 where it has been used has it failed to relieve. Price, 75 cents per bottle. For sale, wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co. No. 117 GencBuo st Utica, N. Y. And by llicir agents throughout tho United Slates and Canada. In Rurlington only by J. Si J. II. Peck u Co., in Vcrgenncs by J. H. Bowman, in Milton by Whitney, Laudon & Co., in Georgia by Lorenzo Janes. WORMS! WORMS! rilO remove theso troublesome and danger. JL ous inhabitants of tho stomach and bow els, which so often impair lhu health and de stroy tho lives children and adults, USE Doct. M. Hitchcock's WORM TEA a. certain and safo preparation for tho removal of tho vari ous kinds of w orins that infest tho human ry s tern. Wo say USE Dr. M. Hitchcok's Worm Tea, for this plain reason that in no ono of tho thousand casses, whero it has been used ngrccablo to tho printed directions, has it ever tailed. N. B. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's Wo km Tka. as there aro many nostrums abroad for the destruction of worm. For salo wholesale and retail by A. Hitch, cock &. Co,, solo proprietors, 1 17 Gcnescu si., Utica, and by Ihoii agents throughout the Unitod States and Canada, In Rurlington by J. & J. II. PECK &. Co., in Vcrgenncs by J. H. Bowman, in Milton by Phitucy, London A: Uo,, in ucorgiaoy Lorenzo Janes SILK AND FANCY Jkl five per cent, advance on the cost far CASH. THE subscribers would apprise Mer chants, visiting the city of New Yo. k for the onrcbaso of Goods, that owing to the difficulty of making collections, and thu high ralu of exchunges. they have come to tho conclusion of confining their t-ule? hereafter exclusively to CASH. As 1111 inducement to purchasers, they offer Ihfir I t"i) ond well selected assort, tnrnt nf Sil'; .ml Fancy DRY COOPS, at riVB per cent. u. vaiicion Ilia com lor Cn-h. Piom 1 heir Inn vpei "tice in ihn busi ness m! Mia families they havn In procu ring g' ds at the lowrst prices, purchasers incY have a guarantee tha' their interests will he promoted by examining their stock. ADDOMS & CUNNINGHAM, No. 225 Petri, cornnr of Plait Ms. JVcio York, Sept, 10,1839, irn &$t yn" (ll,co,lv 1,1 tlm pleosant am! flnur- W 1,J flP'W iiimi IJ-CVA IIJIIIIIV 11,1. 25 Bales 4-4 brown Sheetings 5 " 3.4 ' Shirtings 7 ' Tickings, just received by Aug. 22. VILAS. LOOMIS &. Co, f6 do.. Gorman Silver Tabic mH9 and Tea Spoons fit) dnz. patent Brass Combs 40 gross Iron Snln do Just ree'd by, Loomis & Co. Angus! 22. tft39. tloz. Tnmbo' Muslin Collars 75 pieces Pongee Hdkts. 15 dnz. black Italian Silk Cravats 30 doz Ginghom do Just ree'd by, Loomis & Co. August 22, l!339. SILVER WARE. 50 Sett plain and swayed Tabic Spoons. 100 do do do Tea do Cream Ladles, Sugar Tongs and Salt Spoons, for salf by Aug. 22. VILAS. LOOMIS & Co LYMAN CUMMINGS, ATTORNEY AT &W fit SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY, Office south weU corner, scrond Jloor of Strong's Building, on Court House square BUHXINCrTOJ?. VT. SURVEYING. A FIRST ralo Compass, and other sur voying apparatus just received from Now York. Notice by Mail or otherwise promptly attonded to. J. IIEWES. Milton, Vl.Au-r. 23, 1839. 3w DR. JOSEPH MARSH BEING nbout to leave town for the winter hns made an arrangement with BOOT. A- SrVZITH. who will occupy l 1 1 i fiiee, and whom he tak"s pleasura in in'iDilucing to his friends and the public. INTENDING to remain permanently in I Ins place, tenders his services to the inliu bitnnis of Rurlington and Vicinity, in the Dractic" of medicine and Surgery. JLu Cases English and American Prints 1 ' Furniture do 2 blet.chcd Sheeting I colored Cambrics 1 ' Rioad Cloths, just rc ceived by Vilas, Loomis & Co. August 22. lf!39. JJk ROU'P livu or six weeks ago, a largo ifiSi bay horse, 10 or 12 years of age, bait the glanders when ho left, lit? came from lhu vicinity of the Connecticut river. Also, between two and three months since, a darkish grey mare. The said mare is spavined and has very sharp teeth. Who. ever will return said hor-os or give infor mation where they may be found, shall be suitably rewarded, " J POTTER. Burlington. Sept. 4 1C39. DIt. SHERMAN'S COUGH si ARE lhu sulust. most piiru anil effectual ri-mcdy for Coughs, Colds, Consumptions. Whooping Cough, Asthma, Tightness f the Lungs or chest, 5j-tr. Sec, The proprietor has never known an instance where they did not give perfect satisfaction. Spvernl thousand boxes have been sold within 1 lie last three months, restoring to health, per. sons in almost i very stage of consumption, and thore laboring under the most distres sing colds and coughs. They do not check and dry up tho cough, but render it easy, promote expectoration, alia y the tickling or irritation, and remove the proximate or exciting cause. They are made from a combination of the most valuable expecto rant, or cough medicines, and arc uudoubt edly superior to every thing in use for those complaints. Hundreds upon hun dreds of ceriificates have been offered ol their wonderful virtues, Irom Ihoso who have been saved from an untimely grave, and restored to perfect health, by using them. Where there is much pain in the breast at side, ono of Sherman's Poor Alan's Plasters shou'd be applied over thu part, and worn till relievod. If attended with costivoness, a few cathartic or laxative Lozenges, or any mild cathartic medicine, should bo used ns occasion requires. Ex-Sheriff Parkins was cured in two days, of a most distressing cough. Mr. Rutton of Providence. Mr. Shaler of Ros- ton, Air. Rivers. Air. Combs, Air. Wallace Judge Peters, Mrs. Coleman, Airs. Rich' ordain, and hundreds of others of this city, have called to express Ihcir surpriso and commendation of thu speedy relief and cures effected by these truly wonderful Cough L' zenges Doctors Smith, Vnudenburgh, Comstock, Harris Rrigham, and several others of our must distinguished physicians, have used the.ic LozeiiL'es, in their practice, with in variable? success. Tho medical faculty uniformly approve of iliein, us thu bust cou.'li medicine in use. Air. Kendall from Vermont, visited Ibis city last lull, intending to go houlh, in hopes of mitigating a Severn cough and pul monary affection, that he had been trnubled with for several months. He had tried, as he supposed, every popular remedy, with out any relief. He was induced by a friind to purchase a box of Dr. Sherman's Cough LOZENGES, which to his surprise, nfior. ded him great relief in 11 few hours, and in threo weeks restored I11111 to perfect health, so that hu returned homo to Ins family re joicing. ICPSold at Sherman's medicated Lozenge Warehouse, 100 Nassau si.. Now York, and in Rurlington, Vt nt lhu Variety Store, Sept. I. by Pangiioiin & Riiinsmaid. Insuriinco Notice. fM HE members of tho Vermont Mutual JL fire Inturanco company aro hereby notified that the annual Meeting of the Company, lor the choice of Directors, and to niter or amend tho by-lows, will be holdon at the Court House in Alontpolicr, on Wednesday, thu Ifith day of October next, at ono o'clock P. Af. Ry order of tho Director. J, Y. VAIL, Secretary. Sept, 16, 1839, Rev. 1. Coverts' BAIiM OF LiIFJB. ANEW AND VALUABLE REMEDY far lliofo who aro afflicted with acute and chronic diseases of tho Lunos' and WtNonre This medicino is suited to all climates and to persons of all ages and 60x09, will keep for any length of time, and may bo used with per feet safety by persons in tho most feeble slato of health! as it contains no ingredients that can impair the constitution under any circum. stances. It wilt bo found greatly serviceable in all diseases of tho Lungs and Rrochia, such as phthisic, asthma, whooping cough, croup, ocuto and chronic inflammation of tho lungs nnd windpipe. By tho dyspeptic, it has boon used with decided advantage, and is serviceable to persons laboring under debility of any kind.ifuscd according to tho directions. To tho consumptive, it has invariably a Horded almost immediate relief, and ia sovcrnl instan ces has wrought a permanent cure. It is not, however, expected to effect a cure upon such as aro in tho last stages nf tho discoso; but even to such, it will bo found to give much rclicf,and greatly prolong that remnant of lifo which has become so neatly oxtinguiihod by the dread destroyer. Thosubscribor having witnosscd wi.h pain tho great destruction of tho health and lifo of so many of his follow beings by the abovo enumerated and their kindred diseases, has with much study, caro and consultation, pre pared bis valuablo medicine, which ho is wil ling to submit to tho most scrutinizing test of lhu medical faculty, nnd to rest its reputation upon ill ci r decision. Ho is already tssured, upon their testimony, that it is superior to any thing yet discovered. In confirmation of tho above remarks, lot tho following certificates from highly respect ablo physicians bear testimony. To all whom it may concern. This may certify that I havo examined Iho Rev. Isaac Coverts' ingredients compounded under the namo of tho Balm of Life, and bcl.'ovo said compound is happily calculated lo relievo persons of all agos and sexes afflicted with acute and chronic diseases of tin lungs and windpipe, as indicated by coughs, difficult breathing nnd pains in different parts of tho chest if administered under suitable circum stances and in appropriate doses. Auburn, Aug. IM, 1839. Joseni T. Pitney, Physician & Surgeon. To all whom it may concern. This may certify that I havo examined Rev. I. Coverts' Balm of Life, and beliovo it to be 0110 of tho best medicines for coughs, consumotions, chronic inflammations of the lungs and winds pipe, and most heartily recommend its uto to all alllieted with tliotc diseases. Fayctlovillc, Sept. 27, 1838. John O. Siiipmam, M. D. This may certify that I have examined tho component parts of Rev. I. Coverts' Ihlm of Life, and think it a valuable remedy fo' what it is recommended, and considor it perfectly safo and judicious in such cases. Auburn, Aug. 31, 1838. N. Weaver, M. D. This may certify that tho Rov. 1. Coverts has exhibited to mo the formula by which ho prepares a medicino called the Balm cfLifu, a preparation well suited as an expectorant in coughs, consumptions, fee, and llicreroro would have no hesitation in rccommcrding it as a safo and good medicino. Salina, July 12, 1830. A. H. NcwcostB, AI. D., N. Y. This may certify that I havo exiinincd Rev. I. Coverts' Balm of Lifo, and am of opin ion that its combination and ingredients aro suited to a great varioly of chronic affections of the lungs and bronchia, Auburn, Aug. 31, 1!I38. Doct. E. HuMriMHYs. This certifies that having examined tlie Itcv. I. Coverts' Ralm of Life in all its component parts, wo do belicvo it to bo ono of tlio best compounds for coughs, consumptions, (hronic inflammations, &c. of which wo lia'o any knowledge, and do most cordially rccorimeud its uso to all afiliclcd with tho abovo lamed discuses. J W Daniels, M. D. Salina. W J Lovejov. AI. D, Salina. G Nekdham, AI. D. Onondara. E Lawiienoe. AI. D. Raldwhsvillc. This may certify that I havo cxamired tho Rev. Dr. Coverts' receipt for making lib Balm of Life, and from my acquaintance with tho influence of its several ingredients, should think it well calculated to give satisfaction in tho diseases for which it is rccommondtd. Utica, Juno 21, 1839. Wm. Aloniiii, M. D. I do hereby certify that I havo cximiucd tho formula of tho Balm of Life, and vitw it as a medicino well calculated for tho relief of Chronic Coughs and Catarrhal nffectiins. Albany , Juno 23, 1839. John Wilso M.I). I have examined Iho formula of llioRcv.I. Coverlr' Ralm of Life, and approve of, Is com. position. As an expectorant it is calculated to bo efficacious in Chinnic diseases of Iho Bronchia, and also in indigestion, S RKinov.AI D New York City, July 1, 1039. 1 certify that I'havo examined the formula of tho Rev. I. Coverts' Ralm, fee. and viuvv it ns an expectorant, well calculated for Coughs, Chronic affections of the Lungs and Windpipe, and as a salo and usclul remedy. Aluary,2jth Juno, 1839. CD Towksend, M D I have examined a receipt for a compound called tho Ralm of Life, in tho hands of Rev. I. Covert, and havo to state, that I consider it a safe and useful combination of medicino. calculated to be very beneficial in Chronic dis cases of the Lungs and Air passages. Troy, June 27, 1839, Aver v J Skilton, Physician & Surgeon. 1 folly concur in the above recommendation. T S B An u et r, Phys. &. Surireon.N Y city. Wo certify that wo havo examined Iherccino for preparing tho Rov. I. Coverts' Ralm of Lite, and bslivo it to lio a safe and judicious combination, woll calculated to reliovc tho complaints for which it is recommended. Troy, N. Y. A k L Stueeter, M D This may certify that I havo examined a lecipo picsentcd to mo by 1, Covert. It appears to ho woll calculated to relieve irritation of tho bronchial cells and affections nf tho Limes and plura and all Chronic disea sus of Iho Chest. . As an expectorant it might with propriety bo prescribed in most cases where an article ol that kind was indicated. R. Glover, AID New York, July 9, 1839. Sold by .. kJ. H. PECK Si Co., Hurling. ion, t ermom. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBIUCAL. TtTARSH'S TRUSS, for all who need ill will bo found on trial, tho most use., ful, and the moil comfortable article for tha purposu intended, ever inttoduced July 20, J, & J, II, Peck & Co,Ageatf FIRE INSUfilANCE. TO MANUFACTURERS & OTHERS. (ffpHE Providenco Washington Insurance Company( in Providenco Rhode Island, continue to Insure against loss or datnngoby fire, on Cotton, Wollcn, nnd other Alanufactnries, Buildings, and Aler chandisc. on favorable terms. This Company is well known to the Manufacturers of New-England, and pus sesscs their full confidence. The Company was incorporated A. D. 1800. The Capital Slock is g200,000, all paid in many years since, and well secured in Bank Stocks and Ileal Estate. The Directors ore. SULLIVAN DORR. BENJAMIN IIOPPIN, MOSES R. IVES. HENRY P. FRANKLIN, ROBERT II. IVES, EL1SHA DYER. CARLO MAURAN. CHARLES JACKSON, WILL1AAI BUTLER. AInnuracturors and others wishing for Insurance, nrc requested to direct their ap plications (which should be accompanied with a particular description of the prop erty,) per mail, to the President or Secre tary of 1 he Company, and the same will be attended to promptly. SULLIVAN DORR, President. Waiiren S. GnEENE. Secretary. Providence Washington Insurance 1 Company s UJu:e, Providence, R. I. 1839. 5 ly.f. WINDOW SASH. vrziwvijiisr 1 JTJST received 15 20 & 24-7 by 9 casements of sash, n first ralo article, at 34 and 3 cts. per light. Also, all kinds and sizes, furnished lo order. Ticondcroira Black Lead, a first rato article, for sale very low. Inirnllinr tvilll n irrnnt V.irictV of OtllCT articles. ascheap as cano found at any other cstab- lishmenl m tho place. uco. i'eterson ConartncrshiDlJissolveu. THE Copartnership heretofore existing under the name W. C. Stimtson & Co. was dissolved by mutual content July 12th. All nnranns indnhted to said firm, am 10. quested to make payment to Edward Brin lou. Imn Junior Partner, who is authorized to liquidate all Copornerhhip concerns. And all persons who nave ciaims oguinsi said late firm, will present the same to said Erlwnrd Brinlcv for navmcnt. bv whom the business will be continued ns usual. W. C- Sh.mpson. Edward Biunley. WHOLESALE DRUG STORE. nnllE subscriber recently of the firm of JL V. C. Ktimnson Xi Uo., Having ta ken the stock and stand lately belonging to the same, now olters lor sale on inosi l.l..ol n u,rv liirnn nssortnieilt of DRUGS MEDICINES PAINTS AND DYE STUl'l'S. Prnm nrrnnnnninllls hu llOS entered into, lie will constantly be receiving full lmportn lions of Eni'lish, French and Indin Drugs, which, with the following, will bo oltercd unusually low. 5000 Camphor 2 cases Turkey Opium 10 do Liquorice Paste 5000 do Liquorice Root 300 do Calomel 300 do Red Precipitate 500 do Tartar Acid 1000 do Eng. Sup. Curb. Soda 100 Boxes Castile Soap 200 oz. Sulp. Quinine 2 Cans Es. Lemon 2 do Ess. Burgamot 100 oz. Firs. Benzan 200 do Oil Peppermint 20 Casks Sal Soda 2000 do Arrow Root 1000 do Turkey Gum Alyrrh 50 Bbls. Epsom Salts "O Bales Rottlo Corks 100 Packnees apothecaries Glass-ware 50 Rules India Sncna Casks White Lead. Cases Shellac do Copal India Kegs Paris Green Ilhds. Aladder Bbls. ground Camwood do do Dye Woods do Blue Vitrol 25 20 15 20 6 50 200 10 100 Carboys Oil Vitriol. llpnlors io Drills. Alanufacturnrs. Phv slenns &c. are resueel full v invited to cull when wanting to purchase, or forwurd their orders which will receive the most prompt oltentinn. EDWARD BRINLEY, No. 3 iS' 4 SoufVi Side Old Fanieul Hall, Awrust 2. 1889. Boston. jut ,,-in,,fr.'rr,'j3MSB3a CLOTHING, &C. rilHE subscriber acknowledges past fa A vers with gratitute, and would say that ho continues the Tailuring Trado in ull its branches. Ho has for sale a great variety of READY MADE OIL V1B!X RIB suitnblu for lhu present season; also, u great many other tiselul nrticles. Ploasu coll fur that which cannot bo bought else where. Cloihes vory Neatly CLEANED and REPAIRED on Fhort notice, Clothing exchanged or taken for Pay HRNNS GR INDSTONES & PLASTER AL irgo assortment of Water and Hand Grindstones, and Piaster in any quon lily, constantly on band and lor sale by Soui.k, Whitney & Co., 4, South at. New York, anil by tho subscribers al No. 7, L Wharf, Boston. SPRAGUE, SOU LB & Co. Juno n, iOm UNEXAMPLED I MAMMOTH SCHEME. I THE following details of a Scheme of a Lottery, io bo drawn in December next. warrants us in declaring it to boUNPARAL- 1 LELED in the history of Loltcrios. Prizes lo Iho amount have never before been offend to tho public. It is true, thoro aro tnanv blanks. , but on tho other hand, tho extremely low cnargo 01 $zu per TicKct tho value and number of Iho capitals, and Iho revival of iho good old custom of warranting that every Pnizn shall de Drawn and Sold, will, wo aro suro, givo univeisal satisfaction, and cs. pocially to tho Six Hundred Prise Holders. To thoso disposed to adventure, wo iccom mend eatly application Lcing made lo us for tickets when the Pri.os aro all sold, blanks only remain the first buyers havo tho best chance. We. therefore, omnhaticallv sav DELAY NOT! but al onco remit and frnmmit to us your orders, which shall always receive our immcdiato attention. Loiters lo bo ad dressed, and application mado lo SYLVESTEU&CO., 150 Broadway, New York. Observe the number, 15(j, $700,000 ! ! ! $500,000!! $25,000!! C prizes of $20,000!! 2 prizes of 15.000!! 3 prizes of $10,000 ! GRAND REAL ESTATE & BANK STOCK LOTTERY OF PROPER I'Y SITUATE IN N.ORLEANS. Cr'iVie fuhest and most Magnificent Sihtme ever presented lo the public, in this or any other Country. TICKETS ONLY 820. Authorized by an act of the Lcgislativo As sembly of Florida , and under the diicetions of Iho commissioners, ncliiur under the same To be draun at Jacksonville, Flor. Dec. 1. ll!39' SCHMIDT & HAMILTON, Managers. SYLVESTER & Co., 156 Broadway, New York, Sole Agents. NO OOMRINATION'UMRERS ! ! ! 100,000 Tickets, from No. 1 upwards in suc cession. The Deeds of the property and the stock transferred in trust to tho commissioners ap- pointed by tho said act of tho legislate of r lorida, lor tho security ol iho prize-holders. SPLENDID SCHEME ! ! 1 Prize Tho Arcade 20G feet, 5 indies, 4 lines, on Magazino St.; 101 feet, 11 inches, on Natchez st.; 12G feet, 6 inches, on Gravicr st. Rented al about $37,000 per ami. Dollars. valued at 700,000 1 Prize. City Hotel 102 feet on Common street; 1 4G feet, 6 inches, on Camp st. Rented at $25,000 valued at 500,000 1 Prize dwelling Houso (adjoining tho Arcade) No. 16,2.1 feet, 7 inch es front on Natchez street, rented al $1200 valued at 20,000 1 f nze do (adjoining tho Arcade) No. 18,23 feet front on Natchez st. rented at $1200 valued at 20,000 1 Prize do. (adjoining tho Arcade) No. 20, 23 feet front on Natchez st, rented nt $1200 valued at 20,000 1 l'rizo do. No. 23, iMorth cast corner of Rasin and Custom house streets 40 feet front on Rasin, and 40 fect on Franklin street, by 127 feet deep in Custom Houso street, rented at $1500 valued at 20,000 1 l'rizo do io. 24, south west cor ner of Rasin and Custom-iinuso sts 32 fect, 7 inches on basin, 32 feet, 7 inches on Franklin, 127 feet, 10& inches deep in front of Custom house street rented at $1500 valued at 20,000 I i'rizc do. io. SSJ, ' l tcct, t: inches on Royal street, bj 127 feet, 11 inches deep rented at $1000 valued at 15,000 1 Prize 2o0 shares canal bank stock $100 each 25.000 I do 20(1 do commercial do do 20,000 1 do 150 do Mechanics' Si Traders' do do 15,000 1 do 100 do Citv Rank do do 10.000 1 do 100 do do do do 10,000 t do 100 do do do do 10,000 1 do 50 do Exchaugo Rank do do 5.000 1 do 50 do do do do 5,000 1 do 25 do Cas light Rank do do 2.500 1 do 25 do do do do do 2,500 1 do 15 do Mechanics' and Tradeis' do do 1,500 1 do 15 do do do do 1,500 20 do each lOsliares ol theLousiana stato Rank, p 100 each, each prize $1,000 20,000 10 do each 2 shares ni $100 each, each prize $200, of tho Gas Liaht Rank 2,000 200 do each 1 share of $100, of tho Rank of Louisiana 20,000 200 do each 1 share of $100, of Iho New Orleans Rank 20,000 150 do each 1 share of $100 of tho Union Hank of Florida 15,000 COO PRIZES $1,500,000 TICKETS $20-NO SHARES. Tho wholoof tho Tickets, wilh their num bors. as also thoso containing the prizes, will bo examined and soalcd by tho cominisfiniieis appointed undor Iho Act, picviously lo their being put into the wheels. Ono wheel will contain the wholoof tho numbers, ihoolhcr will contain tho 6V.r Hundred Prises, and tho first COO numbers thai shall bo drawn out, will bo entitled to such Pnizn as may bo drawn to lis number, and tho fortunate holders of such Prizes will havo such property transferred lo thorn immediately after lhu drawing, unmcum bered, and without any Deduction I SASH FACTORY. rHHE subscriber would respectfully inform X tho inhabitants of Rurlington that by the earnest solicitation ol a numbor ol gentlemen residing in and adjacent to said town, ho has been conslialnod in csiauhsii a SASH FACTORY, at Colchostcr Falls, (ono milo from tho Court roiise,iu Rurlington,) whoro ho will be happy lo supply all Ihosa who may wish to purchase Window Sash or Blinds, llis long oxperionco in the nbovo business warrants him in assuiing all thoso who may favor him with their patron age, that Ihoy may depend upon a fitbt ralo article, us ho is uclcrmiiicu to employ nono but first ralo workmen uud his stock will bo of tho vory best materials. Orders from a distance auurcsscu to iiio suuscriucr ai mir hngton, Vt. will bo thankfully received and promptly attonded lo. SIDNEY SMITH. Colchester Falls, August 5, 1839. N. B. All woik warranted lo bo good, or no sale. Anv size or ouantitv of Sash, fur. msbed to order. (1 DR. HULL'S Utcro Abdominal Supporter. rilHIS now Instrument for the radical X euro of Prolopsus Uteri or Palling of the Womb, by external application, super seding the use of iho objectionable Pcsary, U confidently recommended to the afflicted ns the means of a perfect restoration to health, it never having failed of performing a cure even under the most aggravated circumstance?. It has received the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of LON DON ; Sir Renjamin C. Rrodioj Sir Jamca Clark, Physician to the Queen ; Dr. Ash- well, Lecturer on Midwifery lo Guy's Hoa. pital; Dr. Rigby, Lecturer to St. Rarthol ome9s; Dr. Griffith, Lecturer to Westmin ster Hospital; Dr. Ramsbotham. Lecturer to London Hospital: Robert Fernusnn. Lecturer to Westminster Lvinrjr-in Hospi tal. Dr. Swratmnu. Lecturer to Middlesex Hospital, nnd senior Accoucheur to Queen Charlotio's Lying-in-Hospital; also by llcnry IJavics, Conquest; Blundell, Lee, Merriman, Surgeon Keates &c. by Dr Morenu President of the Acadcmie Royalo do Mcdecinc, PARIS and Accoucheur to (he Duchess D'Orleans; Professors VeU pcau Marjolin, Paul Dubois, Sanson ami others; and in New York by Professor J. W. Frnncis ; G. S. Bedford, M. D. Profersor of Midwifery in University Ihe city NEW YOKK; Professor Delafield, Professor Francis U. Johnston. President County Med. Sociely; Laurens Hull, pres. Medical society, slate of Now York; piof. James McNangbton nf Albany; profesor March, prof. Cyrus Perkins, prof. Donne Drs.Thos. Boyd, Gilbert Smith, Hosack, Stearns, Ludlow, Cbsnm, Voche, Power, Groyson, Von Ren-snlaer and mnny other distinguished Physician in (he U. Slates. A. G. HULL ; Office 4 Vesey-st, Aslor House, New York. 03 A constant, supply of I he above Instru. ments, with Dr. Hull's Improved Truss for Hernia will In- kept by ROBERT MOODY, Druggist, Burlington, Vt. E. VV. Browser Middlebury. E. II. Prentiss Montpelier. James Porter Rutland. jy 1 . 1 y FROM OGDENSUURGIl TO BUFFALO IN fJCJ-30 HOURS !.C0 MKS 037T.&RXO..-1S39. STEAM-BOAT JOHN EVANS, Esq.. Commander. THIS splendid now Boat of 4100 tons burthen, propelled by two powerful low pressure engines, will mako two Trtirs rr.R wrck through the Lnko from ooDKNsuurtnii to lewistown, slopf ing up and down al the in termediate ports, as follows : UPWARDS Leaves Ogrirnthurgh, Mnnil.iy nnd 1 lutrsday nighlt do. Monisiown, do. do. do. A lexniulrm Buy, do. do. do do. Fiencb Creek, Tuesday & Friday mnrniiigs do. .Siii liel'n llaibor, do do. al 12 noon, tin. O.-uego, do do. in 5 p. ni. arming al Lewislon nn Veilneibiy and Sntiud.iy muiniiigs in time fo ilie moi nine Cms fur Hufl'alo. DOWNWARDS, Leaies I.owislon, Wednesday &Saimd.iy nt 5 p in do. Oswego, 'I'luiii-day ami Sunday ;u 6 a m do. Sackei's do at 10 a. in. do Ficiiili Creek, do. do ai 1 p. in. do Alexandria Buy nnd .Mnrrifiowii, nfieinoon, arriving al Odcnsbuigh on Sunday and Thursday evening1". fJCj'l'aFSPiigcis by ihis Boat can reach N. York or Alonuejl on i lie e eniiig of I lie second day from Lewision. The fit. I.iiwrcnre has eleven large and commo dious Slale Rooms independent of her cabins, in which gentlemen with their families can b comfort ablv accommodated. TlicgiiMt spied of llils boat wilh her excellent accommodations, cniin-Kil lo the cue of one of I lie niorl experienced and skilful navigaloi ?, will future lite traiclling publicum only a pleasant bul a more expeditions passage limn hitherto known nn the Lakci. Ogdensburgh, June 10, 1S39. Balsom of Liverwort. 7S. LOVELY Sc CO. AGENTS FOR selling Doci, Taylor's Balsom of Liv cnrnrl, for Consumption, Liver Com- plaints. Coughs. Colds, Spilling of Blood, Pain in tho iside, or ltrcasl,.'lslltma,l'leurisy,&liort 7iess of Breath, Palpitation of tho Heart, Z)e liilily, Nencumets and ull diseases of the Lu.Nfis and Liver. Tho virtues of Ibis celebrated articlo has but recently been tested in Ibis region suffi cient however, has been usod, in Chittenden and Addison conunlies, to givo it justly a namo nbovo any medicine, hitlicito offered as a remedy and euro for consumption and liver complants To show what cures may bo ex pectod from its uso, we insert a single case as published in tho New 1'ork Daily Express, Novcmber4,163G "Tho Balsam ofLivorwort has found hundreds of adocatcs, and has produced so largo a number of testimonials in its favor as perhaps to render further approba tion uniiccessaiy. I cannot withold my small meed of praise, knowing myself pic-disposed lo consumption, both fur peculiar formation and hereditary transmission, I souybt all means to obviato this calamity, and lecovcr a naturally weak constitution, I spent two years al Pisa, in Rome, two years in Florence, and another in tho south of Franco, seeking mean timo Iho advico of tho best Physicians. Lust summer I returned to this country, not recruited in health, and perhaps not much, if any worse, than when I left, 1 had seen in tho Reading Rooms in Europe, American nnws.papers, containing advertisements of tho Balsom of Liverwort, and resolved upon trying its boasted virtuo. As soon as I arrived in this country, I used it, and in threo months I was so well that I concluded I could safely pass iho win(er hero, ond accordingly did so. I havo used a boltlo now and then, through Iho past summer. Iain now in as good health as 1 can wish lo bo; my cough has wholly subsided, and my lungs havo every fooling o't health. 1 shall bo pleased lo receivo any per son, who may wish for further parliculars, at my lodgings, City Hotel. A. A. DELAFIELD. Watch Repairing. Ii. CURTIS HAVING rcsumod his former businoss of WATCH REPAIRING, Has taken the stand on Church street, opposite n Mnmli'i. whnrn hn will give his particular and personal attention iu ino oumueei. 0k

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