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Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 11, 1839 Page 2
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FRIDAY M O Ft N I N G, OCTOBER 11. From the Albany Argus, of Tuesday, Ocl. 8. Wo discharge a melancholy oflico in an nouncing tho death of another of our most respected and valuablo citizens. Judge JESSE RUEL expired at Danbury, Ct.. nt 3 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, in tho 63d year of his age. In consonance with tho general torrow, and as a tribute to tho character of tho first proprietor of this journal, our columns appear in tho habilia ments of mourning. Having accepted invitations to deliver anniversary nddrcfcscs before the Horticul tural and Agricultural Socicticsof Norwich and New Haven, Conn., on the 25lh and 27th ultf., he left homo about n fortnight eince, with that view. At Donbury, ho was Boized on Sunday een'night with bilious cholic, of which he was relieved in the course ol the iwnnly.four hours ; but bilious fever supervened, and he sank under it after on illness of more than a week receiving, during tho time, every attention, and unre mitted medical attendance, from the bands of strangers. It was not until Friday last, however, soon after his son had left him on his return to Albany to request the attendance of his family physician, that the disorder assumed an alarming aspect. He was accompanied on his journey by his only daughter, of whom he took on affecting and final leave, in the full possession of his mental faculties, a few moments before he calmly breathed his last. Intelligence was brought yestcrdoy morn ing by express, announcing the expected fatal termination of his illness. It was a melancholy surprise to his anxious family on reaching tho 6team boat wharf in tho afternoon, on their route to his place of illness, to be among the first to learn that his remains had been brought up by the Columbus, the day boat from New York, which arrived before the departure of the afternoon boat. Tho body had been bro't from Danbury to Poughkcepsie, and thence to this city. For i he lost thirty years, Judge Buel has occupied a wide spaco in the political and agricultural world. In If! 13, he re moved to this city from Ulstci county, and established the Albany Argus. In the following year, he was appointed Printer J to the State, and discharged the duties of that station, and of the editorship of the paper, until 1821, when ho retired to the farm in the suburbs of the city, Eince so widely ond favorably known ostho 'Albany Nursery.1 After Ins retirement from his editorial labors, ho represented the city for successive years in tho popular branch of the legislature, und at the period of his death was a Regent of the University. His last appearance in political lite, was as the gubernatoriol candidate of the opponents of the national administration in 1030. But it is as an Agriculturist, in tho great and broad sense of the word, pracii. cally and scientifically, that he has built his fame as a public benefactor. As such, he was known throughout this continent and in tho old world ; ondno man has con tributed more as a writer and in practical life, to elevate, inform and improve the Agriculture of his age. Nearly six years ago, as an auxiliary in his plan fur the dif fusion of knowledge on this subject, Judge B. established "The Cultivator," a monthly publication, of tho highest value, and of great ond varied information, ond which has aitninod a vast circulation thrn'oul the American continent. His labors however were not confined to his monthly publico, f ion, onple as were its pages. His pen was in constant requisition upon nearly every subject connected with the culiivou tion cf the soil, and his correspondence, throughout the Union, and obroad, wos extensive. In exumple, not less than in precept, ho may be said to have conferred blessings upon the times in which he lived blessings that will continue to fructify, nnd lipen into fruit, long nfter his body shall have mingled with his favorite earth. A6 a neighbor and a citizen. and in all the relations of domestic life ho was with, out reproach. He was esteemed not less for his integrity than his intelligence and worth for tha unaffected affability ond simplicity of manner in his intercourse with his fellow men. Ho may bo said to havo lived for utility; and to have died in the prosecution of his favorite employment. II is denth is a public bereavement, which nil will mourn, as irreparable. MARYLAND ELECTION. From tho Baltimore Chronicle wo learn that the congressional election has resulted in the choico of tho following candidates: 1st District, John Dennis, (W.) , 2d do P. F. Thomas, iL. F ) 3d 4i b 5th 6th 7th do do j do do do J. T. Worthingtnn,(L. F.) j. Carroll, i. ' S. Ilillon, (L. V.) Win. Cost Jnhnsnn (W.) Francis J'honiot., (L. r,) David Jenifer, (W) As far as beard from, 44 locofocos and 22 whirrs had been elected to tho house, of I delegates; 42 mnkes a majority of tho house, and that number has already been claimed by the Incofocns. At the last Congressional election in Maryland, which took place in October 1037, the Whigs elected 1 members, nnd the Administration 4. During tho session of 1033, Mr. McKim, (h. F.) died, and soon nfter a special election wos held, when Mr. Kennedy, (whig) wos elected to fill the vacancy. In tho next Congress tho delegation of Maryland will stand Whigs 3; Loco 5. Turnips and Potatoes.--Mr. C.Good rich has sent us a btipcrb English turnip, weighing nine lbs. It wnsrnised on worn out pine plain land, manured with swamp muck only. Mr. G. has also raised a bushel of Ilohan potatoes from a single tuber, and we have now belore us a specimen of their sire, weighing about two lbs. Our neighbor Pcasleo also informs us that ho has roised threo bushels from three po tatoes planting. Whether this extra yield is the result of superior productiveness in tins variety of tho "Murphy" tribo or not. wo ore not quite sure ; uur is it material. Tho Rohan is doubtless n very excellent pototoc, and lika most its kindred, pays well foroorf cultivation. Squashes. Howatd of the "cheap cash store," line got his windows decorated with the finest specimen we hove seen in this line, They are not, to bo sure, quite os large as the Vcrgcnne3 Fquash, but they exceed in beauty, we venture to 6ny, any thing that can bo produced- They aro worth looking nt, to every man who can appreciate tho substantial reality of a dish of corned mutton nnd its appropriate ac companimenK GRIEVANCE.; It is indeed mortifying to ask on indi dual that would resent the insinuation that he was not a gcntlcmun,o refrain from petty misdemeanors which would subject a common loafer to the penitentiary. But we are under this necessity. We allude to tho individual wtio is in the habit of purloining from our reading room the N. Y. Herald, and other papers. The griev ancc is too great to be longer endured, ond if the personage in question would avoid o public exposure, he must mend his ways in this particular. To prevent oil misapprehension, we could here repeat that no person is ot liberty to take a poper from the room, under any circumstances what ever. And for tho information of another class it may not be amiss to remark, that the establishment, is designed exclusively for tulscribcrs nnd such persons from abroad as they may introduce. Fiom llic Albany Daily Advertiser, October 7. The Do Witt Clinton arrived about 4 o'clock this morning. We are indebted to Mr. Kcmpton of the De Witt for a copy of the Sunday Morning News, from which we extract the particulars of another dis.. osirous conflagration which occurred at N. York early on the morning of yesterday. After giving an account of a lire in Eld. ridge st. by which two buildings ond number of small tenements were destroyed, "the News" proceeds: TERRIBLE CONFLAGRATION! ! Another ! While tho above firo wn in progress, the bells and illumination announced n second in Water sirect, bn. I ween Fulton street nnd Burling slip. It caught in 109, n five story brick store, occupied by K. A. Haley as a fur and skin store. At two u clock, this present wri ting, it is spreading with great rnpidiiy. All the engines are nt I he other fire, nnd fear an extensive conflagration. The adjoining stores, on either hide, occupied severally by Gilbert &, Jessup as a paint store, and A. U. Cou'er & Son, seem t be fullv in flames. The dome of tho U Slates Hotel (late Holt's,) is on fire, but it will bo probably extinguished. Ten minutes after two! Tho oiljoinin buildings mentioned nro n heap ol ruins. J he tiro has crossed the street nnd ha consumed the upper Mory ol Ihu store occupied by Stephen King and James A Kissam, as a tin shop. It mud go to Bur ling slip. Tho hotel is more seriously threatened thnii ever. TERRIBLE! 3 A. M. Almost the whole square between Fulton, Water and Pearl streets and Burling slip is in Jlamcs In addition to the stores already givcn- nn Water street. S. Dunn & Co., A. II Levy. Dewy &, Everett, and o lint and cap t-iore on Burling slip, every store of the squnre, viz : John Hunt nnd Co.. No. 19. Hick Tibout William Callender. David Keys & Co on Front street. Mitchell & Co.. 170. It M. Dermic, P C. Allen, Charles C. Fow Inr, Jewell, Son & Co., Hicks fc Co., W E. & J. F. Crafts, ore wholly consumed Across Water street, S. Pearce, James A. Kissom Storms, largo navigation store ond one or two others aro also totally consumed ! 1 he wholo vicinity is threat ened; the cinders fall in thick showers tho firemen nro but ob n drop in the bucket notwithstanding their tremendous efforts Thn sight ib awfully grnnd ! Ten minutes after 3.' 11 has crowd Front street inward tho water! Four storca arc rapidly consuming on that block, The hotel is protected by wet blankets. The shipping arc hauling out. Wo must reluctantly go to press; what tho full result maybe, we shudder to conjecturo! GREAT FIRE IN PHILADELPHIA. Tho Philadelphia papers of Saturday morning bring the intelligence of a most destructive firo which occurred in that city on Friday night. It broke out about half past 11 o'clock in Mr. Prcscotl'a large provision stores, on South wharves, be tween Market nnd Chcsnut 6trcets, and burnt for several hours. Tho adjoining stores in tho same block, (says the Philadelphia Inquirer,) all three story brick buildings, were soon on lire nnd the worn house of Messrs. Si roup, Prcscott, Hording, nnd (we believe) Chccscborough, burnt with incredible fury -nnd wero nil either much injured, or reduced to a heap of ruins. From the same paper wo copy the on nnxed postscripts, announcing the further progress of the flames, 2 o'clock, A. M Thcjlames still rasing The conflagra tion has increased. Up to this time, from 32 to 35 buildings have cither been de stroyed or are now burning. They cm hroco threo stores on tho wharf above Chcsnut street, and south of the building occupied by Gront & Stone; 9 houses on the eatl side of Water st., 12 on the west, G on the east side of Front 6t., and 4 or 5 on tho west. 3 o'clock. The firo has crossed Chcsnut st. and nvernl buildings on the south side arc in flames. Ten minutes later. The flames on the west sido of Front st. aro subdued. The wind more northerly. The Sunday Morning News of yesterday totes "that moro than 40 houses have been destroyed. Tho loss is estimated at sUOOOOO to $500,000 insuranco about ii-250,000. Several individuals wero uu- luuhtcdly killed by various mischances, and several wounded." THE NEW GOVERNOR or CANADA Tlic most loyal of the Canadian papers continue to abuse the new Governor, Mr. riiomson, They seem to fear his coming, and arc doing all in their power to preju dice the public mind against him, even before plans of'operation nre known. The appointment is but little more solisfacloty to tho Reformers. and MacKenzio in his Inst Gazette, sends out the following chapter embodying his opinion of the man appointed, the Government appointing, and tho colony over which Mr. Thomson, is to preside. Tho communication between Gov. Thomson and General MacKcnzie is The oppoin'ment of Mr. Charles Poulett Thomson (probably with a peerage) to Ihe elevated niuation successively lield by Kempt, Aylmer, Gosford, Durham and Colborne, indicates n peculiarly critical stntoof affairs in Canada. Some poisons think tho appointment a liberal one, and the tory presses already denounce it ts proof of ministerial enmity to Canadian interests. When it is considered that England is overwhelmed with debt, Ecarce nf cash, cmbarrnsscd with chartism on one side nnd the precursors on another, bur- thencd with tins care of regulating Turkey and preserving lntha in the east. ond deeply engaged in colonizing New South Wales, it might be surmised that she would bo compelled to rid herself of the Oregon and North Last Boundary Questions, tho Can ada Timber bounty, and tho expensive and unpromising job of Canadian government, by abandoning l ho colonies, but wo do not think that as yet she has nny such internum. It may be said that because Mr. rlHimsiiu previous lo 1030 wos n merchant of Lon don. engaged in Ihe Baltic trade, reputed to bo friendly to unshackled commerce, and an ndvocolo of a removal of tho extra duties on Bnltic in favor of Canadian Mm her, ho will now act on his former opinions. Wo doubt it. Ho is, wo think, n younger son of a family ol rank was ini reduced inin parliament for Dover, through the influence of Mr. Humu, as a indicnl, nnd took office under Lord Gray, in December, 1!!30, n Vice President of ihe hoard of trnib'. of which the President, was Lord Auckland. On Lord Melbourne's advent to the premiership he became President of tho Hoard of Commerce nnd n Cabinet Miniver. In 1032, ho was returned by l he manufacturers of Manchester, with Mr. Mark Phillips, as their representative, in opposition In n Scotch tory called IIopi anil the celebrated Win Cohbett, who was run at the snuie lime lor Oldhnui and Man Chester, n nil had universal sullrugo pre. I vailed would have left Thomson fnr behind him. Governor Thomson has been the advocate of Irish and Cnnndinn coercion- waived Iho timber questionpocketed his old freo trndo opinions and steadily up hold Ihe whig government in nil its meas ures during the last 8 or 9 years. lie is a man of business and business habits, prac tical in his views ; but will stand by his order, as Enil Grey said, lo tho last. When tho Editor of this Gnzelto was in London, in 1032, ho had long conversations with Mr. Thomson at his office in White, hall, on tho questions of trade and currency involved in the memorials from Canada to the Kmg and Parliament, of which ho had been tho bearer lo England. Ono object I had in view was to put an end to Iho one, two, threo and four dollar bills, ond allow no bank to issue paper for less than five dollars to oblige tho rliar tered bonks, if they established 30 or 40 lii tie shaving shops or loan offices called branches, lo redeem their notes where they issued them lo prevent juggling by compelling tho bonks lo pay up their cupt lal and oihcrwiso to render these nuisan ces moro lolernblo by cheeking their ex travagant issues, Mr. Thomson agreed withmcin nil this, except as lo Iho one dollar hills, which ho was in favor of, if duly secured. Mr. Edward Ellico agreed with mo on that point nlsn. Tho ministry enva Sir John Colborno instructions in stiict conformity with my demands and tho tory legislature of 1031 all but rebelled in consequence. Tho reform parliament that followed was equally worthless on questions ot curroncy Banks, with liberty to cheat their neighbors wholesale, were their nods and thov cot enough of them Governor Thomson at ono time advocated tho indenendonco of tho Canadas -eo did Sir Henrv Parnoll in his "Financial Ro form." Governor T. asked me once and again whether the Canadas wero not now fit to govern themselves, and frankly ex pressed a wish that they had the power, I was quite careful of my answers, and wo changed the subject. Mr. Spring Rico put tho question to me, but in n more guar ded wny. Governor Thomson borrowed my copy oT tho Revised Statutes of Now York for tho purpose of examining the Inws regulating Montctl Corporations, on which he asked me mony questions. He was thoroughly in favor of Ihe joint stock bank scheme which tins added so much to the financial difficulties of England ; nnd will bo anxious on this sido the sen lo exert himelf to Ihe utmost for tho benefit of the manufacturing classes of England. Mr. Sin nicy, Mr. Labnuchero nnd Mr. Shiol were grcot friends of Canada formerly, but it was nil talk. Tho two former have recently been Canada's most envenomed foes, and the latter has joined them. Sir J. Colbnrno will, wo presume, make way in a military capacity lor hir James Mocdoncll, the now catspaw of Scotland's enemies, whose ancestors liko mine had nt least an opinion of their own at the Sheriff muir, Killicrankic, Culiodcn, Preston Pans and Glcncnc. LowBit Canada, The Montreal Herald of Friday inform us that on Thursday fifty eight of tho Canadians under sentence of death, were shipped on board the steamer British America, to be ro-shipped on board the transport Buffalo, in which they will bo transported to Botany Bay for life. They wero chained in couples, and cscortou lo the steamer by a guard of tho 24th regment. "Thn Upper Canada rebels and brigands," tho Herald says, "whose sentences of death were commuted to transportation for life, arrived on Thursday evening by tho La. chine Canal, ond were shipped on board tho Steamer Saint George, and are destined to shore tho fate of tho other rebels, Both steamboats sailed oi soon as they had re ceived their cargoes." The editor was told that tho parting scene between tho convicts ond their relations was distressing in the extreme, ond caused tears to flow from all eyes which witnessed it. Albeit they wero "unused to the melting mood Twenty-five prisoners nre lo be released on giving satisfactory security that they will leave tho Province in forty-eight hours after their liberation, nnd never return lo it again. Two others, named Lcvesque and Pricur, ore to enter into n similar nr rangement, with this difference, that they nre to remove six hundred miles from the Province. Mathew Carey The following letter is said to bo tho last one written by this distinguished philanthropist. It was ad dressed to o friend, nnd was by him com municated to the editors of the National Intelligencer. "Dear Sir : I send you, by this mail, a copy complete of tho Querist, as far as it has gone I, 2, and 3. "I am greatly below par. I am fearful that the state of the country is hopcle.-s Public morals aro at the lowest ebb; ond private share a portion of the same fate. Regard fur self appears to be the predom niinate feeling. "Every man for myself," ns the Dutchman said when lie had seized nil he could lay his hands on. Prospects have heretofore been very gloomy in some points ol view as at present, but wo could heretofore see "a little cherub smiling aloft," to cheer, us on our way, but no teles cope can enuble us lo seo "a cherub aloft," at present. "My general health is as gond as usual But the feebleness of my limbs r n I her increases. And my remaining eye cannot perform its functions by the light of the lamp, as it was wont to do. I think much on 'Mrs. Thrnlo's Three Warnings.' I loo have my three warnings, not, however, ex nelly the same as hers, i am in n great mcusui e toothless, a cripple, and half blind Rut 1 find no decay in mv intellectual powers ; on the contrary, I agree with the poet, (Pope?) The foul's (Ink collage, bntlrr'd and dccni'd, Lets in new light through chinks which lime lias made. "Yours, very respectfully, Mathew Carey. "Philadelphia, Aug 30, 1039 " ITEMS. A Windfall. Tho Qjiincy (Mass.) Patriot ol'Sn'iirdny, slates that "a voting man. named Lewis Briham, in North- , bnrou"h, about ten days since, in digging for wondchticKs nnenrthed a metal kettle contniniiig near threo pecks, by measure, of old coin, of various denominations, about one third of which was gold ond tho re mainder 'silver. The vessel was so com pletoly dee.. lupoid os to he of no strength and barely to retain Us form. The exact amount of Ihe money has not been ascer tained." The Rev. John Picrpoint, of Boston, has been dismissed from his society. At a meeting of the Proprietors of Pews, the volu ol his dismission stood sixty-three to sixty in the Hollw street Church, Boston. The renson is, that the clergy is in favor of "the fifteen gallon law." This is worse than any act of Deacon Giles. Tho Cincinnati Whig says, no con tracts for hogs havo yet been made for tho ensuing winter, nor is it oblo to ascertain what will be the probable pneo at which tho contracts will be made, but thinks it is evident that tanners nnd drovers must sub mil to In consideroblo reduction in price from last year all accounts from the pork furnishing country speak of moro hogs and better quality this year than heretofore. Mr. Hills, of South Avon, Livingston county, had 200 bushels wheat burnt up in the field where he was threshing it with a machine, and burning tho straw. While ai dinner tho fire got into and consumed his wheat. Massachusetts Judicial Tribunal. Tho nomination of John Mason Williams of Taunton, to bo Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, in tho placn of Judgo Ward, resigned ; and of Henry War ren Esq., of Now Bedford, tp pe Associate Justice of thosamo Court in place of Judgo Williams promoted, was confirmed by the Council on Friday. Chief Justico Wil lioms took tho oath, and entered upon the duties of tho oflico on Saturday. Florida the Peace, Since Gen. Macomb, about tho first of Moy.announceil "Iho war ended," Iho Indians havo killed Forty-six citizens and soldiers destroyed a vnst amount of property and kept the wholo Territory m a turmoil. 1 hit is Mr. Von Btiren'8 wor comment. Mr. Von Bu ron wns toasted tho other day as one who had distinguished himself equally in tho Cabinet and the field. Methodist Conferences. Tho min utes of the severnl annual conferences of thn Methodist Episcopal Church havo been completed, Tho aggregate incrcaso of the pnst year is 44,209 for tho two last years about 05,000. Pnni'ETUAL Motion. Somo Yankee in Ctcinnati, lias discoverd Ihe long sought for Perpetual Motion, and is exhibiting it in a room over I he post office, (a very appro prialo place os we seen by an advertise tn c ii t in the Gazette. It is said tho ni'iv- power is quick-silver. The fellow has stolen the invent iou from the Sub-Treasurers, the Baltimore Chroninle thinks. Rate. At Georgetown Ky., sentence of death has been passed upon two negroes, one of whom wot a woman, convicted of murder, and the other a boy of about six teen, found guilty of an attempt to rape. A Queer thing to he proud of. Tho editor of tho Missouri Argus boosts " that the inkstand from which he writes editorials 13 tho samo from which Col. Benton wrote his celebrated expunging resolutions." Tho Countess of Westmoreland and suitp dined with Capt. Sturois, on board the U. S. Revenue Cutter Hamilton, in Boston Harbor last Sunday. Tough, but True. The editor of the Boston Mercantile Journal was informed by most respectable authority, that there was a few years ago, (and we take it for gran ted there is now) a township among the highlands of Vermont ( Willimstown,we think it is) whero one and the same stream of water runs in two opposite directions, viz: the Southern division into a branch of tho Connecticut, ond so finally into Long Island Sound and the Northern into a branch of Onion River, Iho Canada waters, and tho Gulf of St. Lawrence It once ran like other streams, (within re collection) but the fall ofa tree has effocted the strange result wo hnvc mentioned not stranger perhaps, than some cases of bnl ancing stnes-o nicccquilibr urn that s al . I Rev. Mr. Maffit. Tha Cincinnati Republican states that Ihe Rev. Mr. MaTil is laboring with great zeal at Lawrence burg, Indiana. At a protracted meetiog there had been between two and three bun drcd converts received in the church. So great wo Ihe desire to hear him preach, that all business was suspended, stores nnd workshops closed, and attending public worship was the order ol the day. The Cranberry Beds on Capo Cod. near Barnstable, arc a bone of contention. When the yearly day arrived for picking, stealthy rogues had each carried off I ho best of these berries, The town discovered the poachers eighty in number, and they are to sweat for their stolen ''sosse." Early Snow. On Friday ofternnnn thero was a snow storm at Auburn, N. Y. which commenced about 4 o'clock and continued with little or no intermission un til towards 9 o'clock in the evening. Though tho most of it melted on reaching terra firma yet the next morning a white sheet uppeared spread over the rools of the buildings, presenting a wintery aspect for the close of the first month ot outumn. Judge Buel, of Albany in an address be fore the Stnto Agricultural Society of New Jersey, at. Trenton, urged the necessity of individual example, competition, the intro duction of agriculturalstudics in our pub lic schools, nnd the encouragement of leg islative enacments. S. Crawford recovered 70 damages in the Superior Court nt Hartford on Thurs day for injury caused by Iho careless driv ing of a young innn named Higley. The epidemic ot New Orleans is rapidly abating, the New Orleans paper soy. A LinF.r. "Morton's Hope." n new work just isMied by the Harper--, contains tho following paragraph, grossly calumi noting tho geii'ler sex. The author de' serves to have his head battered with Broomsticks. "Woman is trained so early to conceal' nient of feeling-, that she slips on a decent outward demeanor ns easily ns a glove." Precocious Villany. Bad for Down Fast. --Clement Wyer of Bangor, iged 12, wns stabbed in tho breast yesterday by Fnyette Wnrren, of tho same age, with n Jacknife. The wound was nearly an inch in depth, and would have penetrated the lungs had the instrument not met the rib and glanced. Warren was arrested and is now in goal. Judgo Mud's agricultural newspaper, called Ihe "Cultivator," published in Al bony, has a circulation of twenty thousand copies. This shows the interest which is cherished in agricultural pursuits among the farmers of the North, Tho Scott flag floats at tho mast head of tho Conneaut (Ohio) Gazette, as n can didate for the Presidency. ' Rohan Potatoes" are all tho go in Maryland. Ono man (here planted sepa rately two potatoes, weighing enchn pound, and raised from them 1-13 lbs.' which is rather more than two and n third but-hels; and I have rpason to believe my wholo crop (about 300 bushels) will equal this increase. A twenty gallon law is strongly odvoca ted by several writers in tho Charleston pa pcrs. Tho Mormons talk of erecting a Church in Chester county.Penn. They havo been holding meetings several times a week, for two or threo months past, in several of the townsuips. John Mason Williams is appointed Chief jusiicq ot Massachusetts, Mr. Coates, lato toller of tho Quebec Branch of the Montreal Dank, was on trial in tho Quebec criminal court on Friday last. His alleged offenco was embezzle ment from tho Hank. Tho Boston Transcript soys: " Wo learn from a friend in Huston, well acquain ted with tho Canton trade, that tho Ameri can interest in the opium affair is 1 ,250,000 The Whig candidate for Congress in Franklin district, Mass,, to supply tha vacancy occasioned by the death of Iho Hon. C. Alvord, is Osman Bakor,, Esq., of Amherst, Ho will doubtless be elected by a handsome majority. The Africans. Tho New Haven Her ald says tho Africans nrrived thero on Saturday, and wero remanded to their former quarters in the county tail the, two upper apartments being comfortably fitted up Tor their accommodation during tho winter. They arc treated with kindness nnd seem much attached to Col, Pendleton, their keeper. The Soil of Genesee. They aro raising mo French suinr beet in tins favorite region of Now York to the weight of near 20 pounds n piece, WHIG SPEAKER ELECTED. Wo learn from Montpclier that Carlos Coolidgo wos elected Speaker on the first ballot, by 7 majority. All's well that ends well. WIIIO STATE CONVENVION. Pursuant lo n vole of the Wilis Convention hoi. den nt Woodstock, on tlin 27lhJnne last, notice) is hereby given thai n convention of the Whigs of Vermont, will Ijo liolden al Jlonlpelier on Wed nc.xl.iy 1 lie lOib day of October, lg39, fur the pur pose of appointing five dclf-giites to the National Conveniinn, ia in tnnnt at llnrr isblirgli in December next ; and silto lo ndopt such measures as may be deemed iiccwsnry lo maintain the polit ical integrity of Vermont, ns a patriotic nnd death fist whig date. It is desirable that n delegalion fiom every town in tho date should be present, and the whig ol"llie several lowna which are un represented uy friends of the cause in the legisla. lure, are earnestly desired to send a full delegation lo the pioposed convention. Wm. vvuam, ) . 11. I WALTON, 5 II. BRADLEY, s G T HODGES, t o C PAINE. ! 2 C HOPKINS, ) In Bangor, N. Y. on the 1st insl. by the Rey. Bliss limn.ip, Mr. Sajiuel HUNTiNOTorr, of ibis, in Jlisa Eliza II. Walker, of iho fumier In Jericho, Vt. on the 2Gib tilt, by the Rev. anmuul 15. Kingrlmrv, the Upv Eoenezer C Bino r, of Underbill,' to Miss Lydia B. Sted, kings, of the former In .Supmter.Al.i., Atignsl 27, by the Rev. Philllg G. Edmund, Tiiaddeus Richmond Kendall E--r., formerly of tlii-i pl.ic, lo Mis Mart Amanda A. IIotchins, all of the former place. DIK d In Sutton, on the 9ib till., of consumption, Azro M. ton of Willi.un and A Fiib.ili Hutchinson, aged 18 pars. In Simon on the 20ih uh. Susannah Beck with, consort of the hue Rev. Amos Beckwilh in the SOlli of her ngp. Broad Cloths very cheap for cash at Oct. 10. HOWARDS. COOK STOVES, OF Iho most approved f attcrns. for salo at reduced priuos.nt Oct. 10. Howards. CARPETING. ANEW supply, and cheaper than ever before ofiuro.d, at Howards. Oct. 10. I Aiient for the sale of Farwell's SHOES, in Burlington, Oct. 10, 1839. S. E. HowAnn. ESTRAY. CAME into the enclosure of the sub-, scriber, on tho l't in6l., a rrd two yeor old steer, white on the end of tha tail, with tar no Iho right hip. Tho owner is requested to prove properly, pav charges and tflke him mvav. JACOB ROBERTS. Milton, Oct. I. Ifi3!) Twist Combs and Combs of all sinds. 10 dozen lino horn Twist Combs and all other kinds received nt tho Variety Sloro. 1 ANCnotiN ft URINSMAin. SHELL COMBS. Twist Combs; Quill Back Combs, round back Combs, lung taolh sido Combp, very small side Ccmbs, carvod Combs and othor patterns of finosholl Combs, al'lho Variety Store. Panoborn & Bmnsuaid. FLANNELS. JUST received n few pieces super Eng lish Flannels, 3 4, 4 4 nnd 5-4 wide, by 11. W. CATLIN & Co. Oct. 10. BLANKETS. TTEAVY 12-4 Rose Blankets do 10-4 colnrod Mackinaw do. bv Oct. lO.Jcpo. II. W. Catlin & Co. I S in want of 15 or 20 firsi Rule horses. mares or Geldings, on Tuesday next ihe 15th inst., for which Cash will bo paid, Those who havo grod horses for ale will do well to prrgent ihcm on that day. liitrlington, Oct. It, 1839. 1w KNITTING YARN. SUPER white, bluo mixed, red and clouded Shaker Yarn for knitting, German Crewels, CO different shades of color, bv II, W. Catlin & Co. Oct. iOlh, 1030. NOTICE. 4 LL persons indebted tn the Subscriber; whoso account!) hove becomo due, will please call anil pay the same and save cost, Oct. 1 1. 1030. IjATimorfc Pot win. Brushes of all kinds. Hair Brushes of about 20 different kindr, Flesh Brushes, Clothes liiushcs 4 kinds, In fants Itruolics, Nail Brushes G kinds, Hearth brushes 2 kinds, Shoo Jlrushos, Brushes for Plato, I.nlhcr Brushes, Table Brushes, Hat Brushes 3 kinds Tooth Brushes 0 kinds, Comb Brushes or cleaners 3 kinds, Floor Brushes, Blacking. Watch Brushcg,Frcnch Hair Brush es, constituting as fino an assortment of good Brushes as Jias evor been ofTerod in Ibis Mar ket, many of our Brushes aro modo with tho host solectod stiff white BRISTLES and with rofo Wood backs, and are sold about as cheap as tho tho tawdry palntod Brushes so commonly seen in tho Country, We in vito an examination of thorn at the Variety Storo. Panoborn Si Brinsmaid. boxes Canada Iron, iust rerpivfd bv Vn TwrM it. On.

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