Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 11, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 11, 1839 Page 3
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3 ' THE attention of the public is respect fully invited to examine the merits of the "Woolson Improved Cook Stove." Tho following remarks nnd certificates may furnish pome information respecting the stove, where the same has not been in use. , . , ' There ore more thnn stx thousand of Woolson's Patent Cook Slovc in use in New England, which give universal sotis fastion, nnd compete successfully with the various kind' ol Cook Stove in use, not ex ceptmg the latest invented and most puffed. A FunSACE for hard or sou coal or small fuel has been recently attached to the stove, for summer use, in such a manner as to be used in boiling, and also for the baking of small bread, and that, too, with the smallest possible consumption of fuel, being so arranged as not in the slightest degree to interfere with the other opcrn I inns of the stove. Tbii clone is found to nfferd the advantages of an ordinary Cook in" Siovc. and when in use, does not causo inconvenience by giving out heal, smoke or gas. A valuable improvement in roasting has been added to this Stove which will roast moat, fowls, &c. in a more perfect nnd satisfactory manner than can be done in any other way. the old fashioned ten fool jire place not excepted. The oven is war ranted superior to that of any other stove in use, the heat, around the same being more even and quickly controlled than in nnv other stove vet introduced: for such os choose, an elevated oven is added nnd so nrrani'ed as not to interfere with the top of the Stove, being quite acccsiblo and out of the way, and equal to any thing 01 the kind in use. The Proprietor wishes it to bo distinctly understood that the top of this Stove docs not revolve, i'.s construction being such l hat it is the decided opinion of those who have had them in use. llmt the Rollers are at all times in precisely the right place There is to tins Stove un aperture for on unusually largo Holler, so arranged that the heal is applied to the best possible ad vnniane. affording n convenience for heat ing a large quantity of water or for dairy use, superior to any stove yet introduced; whether in boiling, halting, or broiling, frying roasting, of toasting, I hey have in variably proved deserving of the commen dations bestowed upon them, and H is con fidently averted that no other Cooking Stove in the market can do so much busi ness Willi so litile furl in any given space of lime o Woolson's Improved Patent. The top of this Stove being large and of nn even surface, with considerable space unoccupied by the boilers, adds greatly to its convenience and voluc. The construc tion and operation of this Stove being such os to render the top at all limes of a differ enl temperature on different parts of its surface, so much so that while liquids ore boiling in flit bottom vessels upon one part, other pans will be found to vary from boil ing down to blood heat, therefore forming the best possible place to boil coffee, make lea, gravies, &c, and to place conked dishes upon, which it is desirable to keep warm until served up. Persons who have used this Stove, regard the convenience of the lop as nearly indispensable. Extract of a letter from the Hon. Charles Marsh, of Woodstock, Vt, who hud one of the Stoves on trial. Wo ore perfectly satisfied with the ope ration of your Stove, and think of nothing but retaining it. The construction of it is convenient, the principles are philosophical, and in experiment it is found to answer everv reasonable expectation. 'Yours, CI1AS. MARSH. Extract of a letter from Stephen P. Hrecd, Mnnulacturcr. of Concord, N. H. Mr. Wooifcou: bir, 1 have used in my family three or four kinds of Cooking Stoves, besides Moot's Potent, and I have taken considerable pains to inform myself on the subject, and t ho result is, that I con aider your "Improved Patent" for economy nnd convenience, superior to any thing I have seen, and I would not part with tho one I have for double its cost, if I could not obtain another of tin 6amo kind. Yours, STEPHEN P. CREED. Bath, Jug. IG, 1833. This may certify that I have one of Woolson's Patent Cooking Stoves in use in my family, nnd I am of opinion, that for economy in fuel, for convenience in use, and for all the purposes for which a Cooking Stove is required, especially for Halting, it surpasses any other Cooking Stovs that I am acquainted with, GEO. W1THERELL. Manufacturer, Bath, N, II. We, the undersigned, have each of us in use, in our respective families, one of Woolson's Improved Cooking Stoves of the largest size, and we do hereby certify that it is amply sufficient to do the couking end other work for a family of pixty persons, Dim wo mum ii un umuiuui primary impor tance in a largo tavern or boarding house. juha. jiuxTurc, juiuora. Jv. u. David Stewaiit, Amherst, do J iios. Chase, JYiuhua, do. This is to certify that for two vears. 1 used one of "Woolson's Patent Cooking Stoves" in my family, at which timo I lived in a house without fireplaces, or ovens, jjinnd I lie Stove fa No. 3.) performed all the N Cooking, Baking, heating of water for O washing, &c. for a family of ten persons, Q and wa Inn mi amply sufficient for the pur pose. In my removal from Windsor to Ulhis place, I broke up house keeping, and Q ! disposed of my Stove. On recommencing Jjl house keeping, the last winter, I was in- worn recommended by the Manufacturers and Tenders, to try a Rotary Top Stove but after several weeks of fair trial, I was convinced that it was in no respect equal to "WOOLSON'S PATENT," it was not capable of doing near so much business as Wooalson's Stove at the same cost, nor of performing what it did do, so well 1 had the Rotary taken from my house, and ogam purchased one of Woolson's Patent, the operation of which on a second trial, only confirmed mo in the opinion expressed above. A. W. HATCH. Woodstock, n.1035'. This nay certify that, within the last three years I have sold more than one hundred of Woolson's Patent Cooking Stoves, and they have given universal sat isfaction to purchasers. John Hhyant. .Mcridcn, N. II., Sept. 2G. 1833. .Additional Certificates next week.' 500 Woolson's patent Stoves. 300 Albany Premium and Parlour do. 300 0 plalo Box Stoves, for snlo by Oe.l. 11, 1039. HIGKUK fc CATL1N. Milton Lincoln's Estate. E the Subscribers, having been np pointed by the Honorable the Probate Court for the District uf Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of all per sons, against the estate of Alilion Lincoln, yeoman, late of Milton, in said District, de ceased, represented insolvent, nnd also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six mom lis from the day of the dale hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to i lie business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Anstrc.-s and Harriot Lincoln. in Milton, in said District, on the 14ih days of December and March next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each ot said days. Dated, this Mth day of September A. D. 1039. E.WELLINGTON,) Commit S. BO A RDM AN, ( sioners. OLDRIDOE'S BALM OF COLUM BIA FOR THE HAIR. Its posi tive qualities arc as follows : 1st For infant's keeping the head free from scurf and causing a luxuriant growth of hair. 2d For ladies after child-birth, resto ring (he skin to its natural strength and firmness, and preventing tha falling out of the hair. 3d For any person recovering from anv debility the same effect is produced. 4th Ifused in infancy till a good growth is storied, it may be preserved by attention to tho latest, period of hie. SI h It frees the head from dandruff. strengthens the roots, imparts health and visor to the circulation, and prevents the hair from chonging colour or getting groy O'No ladies' toilet should ever be made without it. 7th Children who have b nny means contracted vermin in the head, are immedi ololyand perfectly cured of them by its use It i infallible. A Case in Point. I had unfortunately lost nearly all the hair from the top of my head, when I commenced the use of ihe Balm of Columbia, and have, by tho use of two hollies, had my head covered with a fine growth of Hair. There can bo no mistake in the matter, as any of my friend can see oy caning on me. I had also become quite gray, but had the gray hairs plucked out and it has grown in as the Balm says, of the natural color. If anv body doubts these facts, let them call upon me and see. I bought the Balm of Coin- stock if Co., 2 Fletcher street. A. RINGE. No. 19 coenties slip, agent Detroit line New York, Nov. 9, 1030. None genuine without a splendid steel plate engraved wrapper. Apply to Com slock & Co., 2 Fletcher street, New York For sale ut the Variety Store by Pangbom &. JJrinsmoid, Human Allen, . "j I vs. 1 Cunns Holgate, In Chancery Isaac R. llAnniNOToN Si Ex'rs of Samuel Holgate. J TinllE above named Orator having filed JL his petition to the Supreme Court nl the Slate of Vermont, to be holden ot Burlington, within nnd for the county of Chiticndenas a Court of Chancery, on the Thursday next preceding the first Tuesday of. January, 1040, setting forth that on the 24th day of August, 1831, one Snuiuel Holgate executed to him a mort gage deed of lot No. 51, in the second division of the original right of Philip French, junior, situated in Milton, in said County ot Uhittendon, to secure him for signing a note with the said Samuel, as his surety to the Branch Bank ot tho United States at Burlington, in said stale ot Ver mont, for the sum of two hundred dollars bearing dale the eniil 24lh day of Augus 1831 which the said Orator alleges he has been compelled to pay and also to secure to him tho payment of Ins account on'book, ogainet tho said Samuel of three hundred dollars or thereabouts, which he alleges has not been paid. And further, setting forth' that on the 23d duy of October, 1035, tho said Samuel executed his Mortgage deed uf tho same premises to Curtis Holgate, now of Port Defiance, in the slate of Ohio, lo secure to him tho payment of a nolo of tho eamo dale, for 704 dollars and 80 cents. And that since that time thesaid Curtis Holgate has assigned and iranslerrcd lo Isaac R Harrington of Buffalo, in tho state of New York, said note and mortgage, who is now the owner thereof. And further, that on tho 25th day of July, 1835, tho said Samuel Holgate de ceased, and that Margaret Holgate, his widow, and Harvey Ilolgato, his son, were appointed by his last will and testament executors upon his estate, who hare proved tho said will and become legally authorized to oxecuto said trust. 'And praying that payment of his aforo- said claim mny be made to him by some short day, to be set hv the Court, and that in iieiauit tiiercoi, n uccroo may uu maoe. foreclosing all right and title which in equity tho said CuriN Holgate. lon! It. Harrington, or the Executor of Samuel Holgate may have to the said premises. And whereas, it is made lo appear to my satisfaction that the aforesaid Curtis Holgate nnd Isoac ft. Harrington reside without this Stote It is therefore here, by ordered that they bo notified of the pendency of this bill, by the Orator causing the substance Ihercofand of this order, to bo published in the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper published at Burlington afore said, three weeks successively, the last of which shall bo at least four weeks before the session of the Court, to which the said bill is made returnable. Gicn under my hand at Burlington, in the County of Chittenden, this 18th day of September, A. D 1839. M. L. BENNETT, Chancellor. rriO PHYSICIANS AND PATIENTS. .L Tho Blind Piles, said to ho incurable by external applicalions.-Solomon Hays war rants tho contrary. His Liniment will cure Blind Piles. Facts aro moro stubborn than theories. Ho solicits all rcspectablo Physj. eiansto try it upon their patients. It will do tlicm no harm, and it is known that eve ry physician who has had tho honesty to mako tho trial, has candidly admitted that it has succeeded in every caso ihoy havo known, Then why not uso it ? It is the recipe of ono of their most rcspectablo members, now de ceased. Why refuso to uso it f tiecauso it sold as a proprietory medicine ? Is this sufficient excuse for suffering their honest patients lo linger in distress ? Wo think not. Physicians shall bo convinced that thero is no humbug or quackery about this atticlo.-.Why then not not alleviate human suttcriiigf Jt they wont try it before, let them after all other prescriptions fail. Physicians are res pcctliilly requested (o do themselves and patients the justice lo uso this article. It hall uo tauen from tho hollies, and done up as their proscriptions if they desire. Let ppy to Comstock iV Co., at tho Urug btore, No. 2 Fletcher street near Pearl, New York. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold Wholesale & Retail by Pangdohn it Brinsm.ud; UW' lbs. mixed Pins. 1 case American do 1 ' Loudon do 1 ' German do 25 gross Hooks and Eyes 100 ' Bone Eylctts, just received bv VILAS, LOOMIS & Co APPRENTICE. A LAD from 14 to IG years of age may find a situation as an apprentice at this Office. September 20. 1039. Q Zf Bbls. Nova Scotia PLASTER, for run; ujr I I Burlhiglon, Sept. 20. 1839. NEW GOODS. P. DOOMTTLE HASjost rece ved a general assortment otJVEW GOODS, which are offer- d at tho very lowest prices. Those wish. ing to purchase, limy find it lo their ad vantage to call and examine them. Burlington, Sept. 20, 1039. Gw BUFFALO ROBES. Arhw bales upper Missouri Buflulo I?,, line ,.,r, nn.l I',,. - l ) P.... Sept. 20.' 1039. by P. DOOLITTLE. 1 GOODRICH has just received Vy. large supply of puper, and lias on hand 400 Reams, consisting of Superfine Demi writing, do English bank Post do Folio do do blue and while laid Cap do du do do Letter do Satin Vellum do do Wove do Cap and Leitcr do Satin Letter paper, gilt edge, do Nolo paper, gilt, various sizes do Cummercial post. A variety of common Cap, Letter, Envoi ope. blotting, coloured Paper, &c. die. Having mode nn orraugemenl with n manufacturer in Massachusetts for a supply ot nana made paper, liy which ho receives it the usual commission, guarantee, boxing and freight cheaper than if purchased in New York or Boiton, he is enabled to offer it on a good terms to dealers and others as it car, be purchased abroad. Burlington, 2Gi7i Sept., 1039. STRAY STEELE STRAYED from the pasture of Jed Sawyer in Milton, on or about tho Ut of July last, a dark red llireo year old steer, smallish si7.e. Whoever will giye information whore said steer may bo found will be suitably rewarded on opplication to the subscriber in Westford. or .led Sawyer in Milton. ISAAC CHASE. Westford, Oct. 4. 1039. FAL.L, GOOUS. 3d Oct. 11139. JUST roceivod MEREXOS, French, English, German, Saxony, G-4 splendid colours Alpines French and English fig'd Bombazines French and Eng. Atpucca Cloth, for ladies' cloaks, a splendid articlo Mousclin Do Lains Chilly, and Satin Lawns f Gro do Afriquo I Reps I Gro do Swiss SlLKs- Poult de Soio j Gro da Nap I Italian Lushing ( Sinchew8 SHAWLS Merino, Thibet, Rich Gash moro, Kaybal, French Tartan, Angola, Mode color'd Merino, Plaid, Printed Kaybal, Prussian, spun Silk and Bro. chuo Ladies Brown Cotlon, bleached, Lisle Thread, assorted colors, Merino, while and color'd, Worstod, Silk IIoso, for salo by II, W. CATLIN & Co. JAMES MITCHELL DRAPER & TAILOR, Corner of Church College-streets. Buiu.i.NGTON, June, 1839. LOVELY & HUKLBUT, 1 ;il lite sign of J. Lowly Uf Co. f ' BuitMNcvroN. Vt. ARE now opening a moro extensive assortment of Good than is usually, if ever, found in any one country Store, which nre now offered by wholcsnle or retail, to suit purchasers, at reduced prices from former sales, lor Cash, Butter, or other ready pay, as may bo agreed upon. To enumerate our assortment would require time necessarily devoted lo distributing these goods to those who may avail them selves of purchasing cheaper llion ever before. We give a specimen of our Goods by enumerating only n few. 75 pieces Fr., Iialian and India Silks, of every color and quality from i yd, to 1 1 yd. wide 30 pieces Monslin dc Lain Plain nnd fig'd Alpines, n great variety Eng. Fr. and American Prints Circassians, Eng. & Fr. Merinos, all colors Eng. Fr. and American Broad Cloths, front l 50 to $10 per yard Eng. and Amor. Casimeres and Satinetts A great variety of Domestic Goods, such n Cottons. Yarn, Batting, Wadding, Wicking, Ticking &c. Silk and cotton Velvets, assorted Merino Fringe and Trimming Liberia, Egyptinn, Torton, Highland, Broclice and Merino Shawls Thread and Cotton Laces Wrought Cellars Linen and Cotton Drapers and' Table Spreads 50 pieces Russia, Eng. Brussels and American Carpeting Stair Carpeting nnd Covering Rush Carpeting from 1 to 1 J yd. wide L,arpel Jlindmg and Thread House Paper Sugars, Teas. Molasses, Pepper, Spices, Ginger. Salcralus, Raisins, Rice. Starch ivc. &c. Crockery and Glass Ware Looking Glasses -ALSO- Embos'd, Damak and Water'd Moreens and Damask Satin, assorted A constant supply of Fnrwcll's morocco and kid shoes and gaiter Boots. Oct. 3,1, 1039. Hrittania Ware, &c. &c. liSrL have Tea and Coffee Pols of T American and English manufacture, of tho very best qualities also. MUGS. PITCHERS AND CUPS, Soup Ladles, plated Gravy Spoons, Ger man Silver Fish Spoons, Castors of various kinds, Briitonia Lather and Snuff Boxes. Britionia Flasks with Cups, for huntsmen, large and small bvrenges. SI'ITTOOjVS, vS-c. S(C. comprising a good assortment of good arli clcs. PLATED SPOOjYS. Several cross of Plated Tea and Table Spoons of different qualities, sizP and prices, also Cream Spoons, Sugar Tongs, Mustard and bait ispoone, which wo can sell ot prices satisfactory lo purchasers, and ut prices which nu person will flke to undersell. GERMAN SILVER. A good lot of Teas, Tables, Deserts, Creams. Salts. Mustards, Sugar Tongs, Forks, Fish Knives, &c. of the best qualiiy, ..,l,.l. ,,.,111,. l.l I .. i... i... .1 which will be sold as low as can be hud any where, AND MARKED free of charge lo the purchaser. We have white German Silver which will not TURN YELLOW. PURE SILVER SPOONS. We arc now cud nt all times making in our shop in Ihe rear of the Variety Sinre. all kinds of pure Silver Spoons, which we are selling as low as pure spoons can bo in an obstinate complaint of tho lungs, niton bought any where, ded with a sevcro cough, lossof voice, and the AINU NO CHARGE FOR MARKING, I hose wishing a superior made Spoon and n good silver Spoon, can find it at the varieiv Store WATCHES AND CLOCKS for sale, of various kinds, warranted lo keep good time. We have Borne very handsome MAHOGANY CASED Clocks, which are an ornament to any PARLOR We will warrant every Clock to go well. We clean and repair all kinds of Watches and Clocks, in our Usual good style, at the Vnriety Store. Oct. A. Panoiiohn & BniNSM Am, Leather & Finding Store. 3. a. Looxas HAS relumed from New York with Leather, Moroccos and Findings ol all kinds. Solo Leather frnrr, 10 to 25 cts. n lb. Oak & Hemlock Harness Leather. Oak & Hemlock Skirling and Bridle Leather. Upper, Top & Band Leather. Calfskins, Horse Hides and Hngekins. Thick & linn BOOTS if SHOES, all kinds. A few dnz. prs. Ladies Slips & French Tics, latest faphion. With many other articles in his line of business, ALSO. From 2500 to 3000 firet rote HORNS, and tho best assortment at Lust if Boot Trees, ihat ho has ever befotuoJJ'ered in this market. Burlington, Pearl Street, September 20, 1039. s NOTICE. rrillE annual meeting ol the members A of the Burlington Volunteer Engine Company will be holden at E. O. Loomis' Leather Store, on Monday evening next, nt G o'clock. A punctual attendance is requested. II. HYDE, Secretary. Oct. 5. 1039. WHEREAS Clnrissa, my wife, has loft my bed and board without any jm-t provocation, therefore I forbid ull perrons harboring or tru-itiug hor on my account, I shall puy no deb's of her contracting after this date. ZERAII BURDICK Wertfnrd, Sept. 30. 11!39J POUND, parlor, between the tenth and X twentieth of Sept. last past, a small sum of hard money, all half dollars. The owner may have it by paying for this advertisement. JOHN ItOWAKU. Burlinclun, Oct., 1039. 100 doz. Spelling Hooks. I ;iu tiroes Almanacs lor 1810 tor sale tiv r-"pl 'J'i, "'J VILA. Ij-mi.MIs kV l,o. NOTICE. PflllE sub'criber hereby notifies those - whoso Notes and Accounts arp duo. that payment must bo made by tho 15th of urroucr ncxi wiiuonr ran. Sept.. 2(5. 1039. II. M. GIDDINGS. STATU OF Fim,MOjXT,l DisrniCT up Ciiittendkn. s The Honorable the Probate Court, within and for the District of Chittenden. To the creditors and others conccrnrd in the estate of James JIcfnlyre, late of Jllillnn, in said District, ilci tn.nd. HEREAS Cluiuncey Pearl. Adm'r. do bonis nun of said deceased, hath made application lo this Court, to rxiend the timo limited for making payment of the debts of said deceased, twelve mouths from the 30th day of September, 1039, and Ihe 3d Wednesday of October next, being assigned for n hearing in the promise" ot the Office of the Register of this Court in Burlington, and it having been ordered that notice therefore ho given, by publi.-h-ing this decrco three week successively in the Free Press, a newspaper printed ut Bur. lington, before tho time fixed for hearing. Therefore, you nre hereby nstificd. to appear before said Court, ot the timo and place oforesaid, then nnd there, to make objection if any you have, to the said time of payment being further extended as aforesaid. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 2Glh day of September. A. 1). 1039. CHARLES RUSSEL, Judge. Diseases of the Lungs. Decidedly tho most popular remedy ever known in America. WyBaSTA3L33 P TJ 1,1,1 Q 1-7 A- W RY BAI'SABfl is tho most valua ble remedy now in use for coughs, eolds, asth ma or phthisic, consumption, whooping cough and pulmonary affections of every kind. Hs sale is steadily increasing, and tho proprietors aro constantly receiving llio most favorable account of its effects. Tho lollowing new certificates arc offured for publieexamiuation. AN IN i r.IlKS TliNG CASF.. Extract of a loiter from .Mr. C. S.Clay, King. Mon, Ulster eo. N. Y., to tho proprietors." Yours of the 9th inst. was duly received. A remarkable euro was effected by the Vegolablo Pulmonary Balsam in tho winter andpring of 1035. Tho person, Mr. Moody, had liccn sick a long time with the consumption. Mis physicians had given him up. He was redu ced so low as to bo unable to help himself, and was raising a largo quantity of blood when he commenced using tho Balsam, which hascirec ted a complete cure, and he is now as halo and hearty as over lie was. Mr. Moodv has re moved from this town, but ho has "promised mo a mere detailed account of his case, which 1 will forward you. C. S. CLAY. Kingston. N. Y. June 25, 1030. Extract of a letter from Dr. Jacob Myers. Tho Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam has been sold In this county for two years, nnd tho mcdieino has gained an uncommon celebrity. foritseaicely mono instance failed of having tho desired effect. I am by no moans in favor of llio many nostrums, most of which aro im. positions upon a credulous public, but thai which J Know hy use to ho cllcetual, I cannot but help givo my approbation therein. A I rniintnrfml nrrnji rn I in,. I,.,. ,.!. I I counterfoil preparation has been offered here by a travelling Agunt, of Comstock. N. Y, andlhcro is another article vended hero that is slrongly suspected to bo spurious. JACOB MYERS, M. D. Mifilingtnn, Juniata co. I'cnii. May 3, 1037. From Dr. Samuel Morroll, to tho Proprietors of tho Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam. I am satisfied that tho Vegolablo Pulmona. ry Lalsani is a valuable medicine. It has . been used in this place with rnmnlmn m,p raising ol much hlood, which had previously , resisted many approved prescriptions. After using tho Balsam ono week, tho patient's voico relumed and lie was able lo speak audi bly. This caso occurred some timo sinee. and tho man is now engaged not only in active nut lauorious business, llcspecllollv, ,vc. S. MORRELL. It Is now moro than six years sinco 1 was brought very lew by an affection of tho lungs, and my complaint was declared lo beincura. mo oy a council oi tnreo physicians. 1 was then restored lo as good health as I had en. joyed fur many years, by using tho Vegetable ruimonary balsam, mco my recovery 1 hnvo recommended the Balsam io a great ma ny cases of lung complaints, nnd so far as can learn, its uso has invariably been followed by much benefit, and in many instances it has effected cures which wen, wholly unexpected. SAMUEL EVERETT. Boston, March 2, 1037. For sale, whnlesaloand retail, by J.Sz J. If. PECK & Co., Burlington, Vt. HAIR 11 A I It. BALDNESS. Important Discover)'. THE O tft.i 7 .1 rSI i.H Y FOUMJ OUT AT LAST. D It. STEURY'S HAIR REGENERA TOR. Dr. Slorry. after much attention to tho important subject of preserving tho hu man hair, has, after many experiments, chemi, cii I and physical, been able to discover an arti ele, whiih is now offered with tho greatest confidence for llio loilet, as tho best thing over discovered, from its softening anil penetrating quality, lo produce a good head uf hair to prevent it from falling off when ha Illness is apprehended lorcstoiu it when baldness has taken place, and to prevent it from turning gray. It is moro nourishing than pomatum, aotiquo oil, or colnguo water. It is i beauti ful articlo foi ladies curls it makes the hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brill nucy. Thousands havo lested its superior virtuosi and excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible euro in all affections of thy skin on (ho head as dandruff, iVe. &e. Every family should bo .,,,. nlin.l ...111, n l.nlll., !' ll.iu .,11 ll.nt I... 1 1 nnnlientinn lo tho bead and h'nir nf Ihnlr i-bil droit, tho beautiful and ornamental appendago!CQ",1,inalion' tt'c11 ealculutcd roliovo tho nfu lino head ofhair, which nature- has sup. . complaints, for which it is recominonded. pliod us, may bo preserved. Erom the iiumer- Troy.N.i. A Si L Stuuetur, M D. oiis certificates ond recommendations reeoived T1"3 ,,la"' c"li(V ' l''vo examined a. ofits salulury influenco, llio Doctor feels firm. , ICCII,U piesented lo mo by I. Covert, ly persuaded ho has succeeded m producing1 appears to ho wol calculated to roliovo nnd arliclu which will ment Ibn desired wishes and approbation of the public, For sale, wholesale and retail, hy A. HITCHCOCK & Co., 117 Cienesco street, Ulica. In Burlington only by J. it J. II. Beck Si Co., in Vcrgennesbv J. II. BOWMAN, in Mjlloii by WHITNEY, LANDON Si Co., In Georgia by LORENZO JANES. jy20 THOMPSON'S t'oie 1 4 O TUST pnbli-lied and lor eale in nnv quantities, Merchants, Paper Maker Pcd hirsand all wnnlin" Quantities, sunnli ! ,,n tho best term. C. GOODRICH Burlington. 20t7t Sept. IELfh CORDS of good HEMLOCK v9kJV 77.47 A", for which 3. in c i-i, will be paid if delivered by the 20lh of Oe tohnr next, by E. C. LOOMIS. Pearl Street, Sept. 20, 1039. Rev. J. Coverts' BAMI OF MIF.E. NEW AND VALUABLE REMEDY ft. for those who aro afflicted with acule and chrome diseases of the Lungs' and Winumpk This medicine, is suited to all climates and to persons of all ages and sexes, will keep i' -any length of lime, and may bo used with per Inel. saloly liy persons in tho most leculo blaln ofheallh, n it contains no ingredients that can impair the constitution under any circum. stances. It will be found greatly Rorviccablo in nil diseases of the Lungs and Brochia, such as phthisic, osthma, whooping cough, croup, neute and chronic inflammation of tho lungs and windpipe. By the dyspoplie, it ho been used with decked advantage, and U serviceable in persons laboring under debility of any kiud.ifused ne .irding to the directions. To tho consumptive, it ha invariably afforded almost immediate relief, and in several instan ces has wrought a permanent cure. It is not, however, expee.'ed lo effect a euro upon such as arc in tho last stages of tho discaso ; but even to such, it will bo found to givo much relief.and greatly prolong that remnant of lifu which has hee.omo so neatly extinguished bv the dread destroyer. Tho subscriber having witnessed wilh pain tho groat destruction oftho health and life r,t" so many of his follow beings by tho abovo enumcraieu auu meir Kinureu uiscascs, lins wilh much study, care and consultation, pre pared bis valuable, medicine, which ho is wil Ung to submit to the most scrutinizing test uf tho medical faculty, and to rest its reputation upon their decision. Ho is ahcady assured, upon their testimony, that it is superior to any Ihing yet discovered. In confirmation of llio abovo remarks, lot tho following ccrtificaics from highly respect able physicians b. ar testimony. To all whom it may concern. This may certify that I havo examined llio Rev. I-aa'i; Coverts' ingredients compounded under I'i.i namo oftho Balm of Life, and believe said compound is happily calculated lo rcliovu persons of all ages and sexes aillictcd wilh acute and chronic diseases of llio lungs and windpipe, as indicated by coughs, difficult breathing and pains in different parts of llio chest if administered under suitable circum stances and in appropriate doses. Auburn, Aug. 31, 1S39. Josmi T. I'rr.NUV, Physician & Surgeon. To all whom it may concern. This mav certify that I have examined Rev. I. Coverts' Balm ot Life, nnd behevo it to bo ono of tho best medicine fur coughs, consumptions, chronic inflammations of llio limns and wind pipe, and most heartily recommend its u?e tn all afflicted wM h those diseases. Fayettcvillc, Sept. 27, 1030. Jons O. Siiipjian, M. I). I his may certify that I have examined ibn component pari of Rev. I. Coverts' Balm of Lilo, and think it a valuable remedy for what it is recommended, and consider it perfectly safe and judicious in uch eases. Auburn. Aug. 31. I33H. N. Weaver, M. D. 'fins may certify that tho Rev. I. Coverts has exhibited lo mo llio formula by which ho prepares n mcdieino called tho Balm of Life, a preparation well suited as an expectorant in coughs, consumptions, fee, and thcreforo would have no hesitation in recommending it aa safe and good medicine. Salin.i,.Iuly 12, ISJO. A. II. Nnwcojio, M. D., N. Y. This may certify that I havo examined Rev. I. Covori.-' Bairn of Life, and am of opin ion that its combination and ingredients nro suited to n great variety of chronic affections ofiho lungn and broncliia, Auburn, Aug.3l, 1030. Duct. E. HuMniRcvi). Tliisccrtifiesihat having examined tho Ror. I. Covens' Balm of Life in all its component parts, wo do believe it to bo ono of tho best compounds for roughs, consumptions, chronio inflammations. &o. of which wo havo any knowledge, and do most cordially tccoiiimond its uso to all afllielcd wilh tho abovo named diseases,.! W Damim., M. D. Salina. W .1 Lovimoy. M. D, Salina. C, Nurnii m, M. I). Onondaga. E Lawki'.nri:, M. D. Baldwinsvillo. This m iy certify I lint I have examined Hie Rev. Dr. Coverts' receipt fur making his Balm of Life, and from my acquaintance with tho influence of its several ingredients, should think it well calculated to givo satisfaction in llio diseases for which it is recommended.,.Uino2l. 1039. W.j. M. D. I do hereby certify that 1 havo examined tho formula of llio (Mm of Life, and view it as a mcdieino well calculated for llio relief of Chronic Coughs and Catarrhal affections. Albany,. luno 'JJ, It-JO. John Wilsov.M.D. I hive examined the iWmul.i oftho Row I. Covorlr' Balm of Life, and approve ol'ils com, position. As an expectorant it is calculated lo bo efficacious in Chiouic diseases uf llio Bronchia, and also in indigestion, S R Kiiidv, M D New York City, July 1, 11139. I certify that I huvu examined the formula of llio Rev. I. Coverls' B.tlm. &o. and viow it as an expectorant, well calculated for Coughs, Chronic affections id' l ho Lungs anil Winn pipe, and asa siifo and useful remedy, A'b.inyJotli June, 1039. C D Towxsumi, M D I havo examined a receipt fur a compound called Ihe Balm nl' Bin bands uf Rov. 1. Covert, and have lo slate, I consider it a safe and useful combination of mcdieino. calculated lo ho very beneficial in Chronic dis cases of the Lungs nnd Air passages. Troy, Juno 27, 1539. Avmiv J Skilton, Physician Sc Surgeon. 1 fully concur in the above rccoiniuendalhn. T S I!ai:i;i;ti I'hys. Ar Surgeon, N Y city. Wo certify that we have examined llierccipo for preparing llio Rov. J. Coverts' Balm of J L'lf". ami hullVO It lo bo a Safo and jlldiclou irritation ot tho bronchial colls and alleclions of llio Lungs and plura and all Chrunio disea ses of the Chest. As an expectorant it might wilh propriety bo prescribed in most catca wlioo an ailiclc of that kind was Indicated. R. Gi.ovun, M D New York, July 9, I8J9. Sold by .7. &., 7. PECK Si Co., Burling ii, Vermont. ton

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