Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 11, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 11, 1839 Page 4
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AT H 0,W A R D S . Mr. Howard. Good morning Mr Smith. Jlr. Smith. Good morning Mr Howard, New Gunda iiL'ain I see, when did you go. ft. Just after election, the aurora burulis night. S. 1 recollect it well, wo nlwnys obcrve such opiienranccsot our lioutu mid examine the books on Ilia subject. . li is truly interesting In do so. Oh Ihrtt night how grand H wns, beyond all conception in jnifict'tii ly heiiuiil'iil. The Luminal!) Arch, its melting nwny nnd dm seminal ing itself throughout the I lyivoria. nnd mrming one va-t. ciinopy suflie.iu'iily spacious to lake under iis expansive nnd nmplu Inlds nil Ilia 'inhabitants of earths what could buvo been more oxhiliraling to tin' humnu mind. S. I enjoyed it much, 'I was seen at a grent distance. . Yes probably nil over the U. Slates, nnd particularly by the passengers of ihe grand siennu'r Grent Western on her pa, sago from Europe. S. Ha. tin. Iin, Groat Western, you al ways have something In say of her. II. Indeed I should, on her first nrrival I Faw a new era lind commenced, agreeing with my idea of mailers anil things in general, up and doing, go a-hcad, quick nnd cheap. S. Hm then they Tax you pretly well for it. . Yre sir. I was n-scs--ed for selling goods cheap t$100 a pretly round lax, and higher Ihnn any other retail store in the United States. S. What was I hat for. . li-ciiuse Hie Listers had the power nnd thought me a fi subject to make nu example of. nnd prevuit if possible, the monopoly of inn much i rude in one More. Well I hoard your business was in creased i rid you made a great deal of money by it . Just exactly so. I pricked up my ears brushed my hair back nod went to work in good earnest, nnd what think yon I did. .9 Sold a great many goods. IT. You are right. I had to go o New York seven times last year, and ii wa acknowledged by the Ladies, that I kept up with the fashions, which you know re quires quick .vork now n day. S. They say you always keep the newest fashions and best goods. . Ft has always been my wish to do so, nnd keep un the name ol the Grand Bazanr Arcade Cheap ''ash S'nre. S. Great names great many goods great customers and evur so many clerks, always busy nnd yon taking the mouev. . Yes sir nil that may bo said. I uc every exertion to do justice to t ho estab lishment nnd accommodate1 costomers with 1 lie best, and such articles of merchandize as they desire, nnd have hhowed cheerfully at all limes free of charge or sell cheap for ca-h. S, Your store and n-nrtincnt is one of ihc greai curiosities of Burlington. I like to come here when in looks sohusy nnd cheerful Our neighbours 1 find al most all trudo here when they pay cash for goods. . Business is prptty good, I he wool nod dniry of Vermont hasniudc it rich. and our customers are increasing, and mike it ne cessary lo keep more kinds and a larger Block of frond?. S. I see tnv wife and daughter nre buy ing already, do your clerks sell as cheap as yoursalf. II. Ye? sir, sometines a little cheaper, so as to sell quick und hnve new goods often come let ih go nnd see. (-27 Important to the Ladies. JUST received, nod for sale by ,. J II. PECK Co . Burlington, n lew boxoc nf R -vo'ihU i& I'nrriiolv' reVI'nt"d FEMALE HEAL I'll UESTOIUTIVE. It is designed particularly lor the di.-euso. peculiar to the Female constitution. A more efficnciou-i remedy of ihw kind, has Img been wnniey, as many of those diseas es hnve baflled the skill ol' t he most eminent physicians, and all the remedies heretofore have proved ineffectual, in thousands ol cases. This medicine invariably remove" obstructions, regulates in most cacs of painful, too frequent, or profuse iniiisl rua tiun. and has cured the most obstinate cases of Fluor Albus or whites, nnd as a inntlier' relief, it is not equalled bv any other modi, cine. It is recommended by many nf the most eminent physicians in the United Siaies. I)nct. J. Miirisnu, from Colers'ii. IWnss. who has practiced medicine feme twputy years at Oneida, N. Y. says n relation to it. 'That it is the best medi cine now in use. In caf es of rctmlion, o suppression of tho onuses, J think it will susinin the appellation ol specilic. 1 have tried it in the wnri-t cases, with admirable success, nnd I wish for the gond of suffering females, that all physicians would introduce it in their practice, nnd I have confidence lo believe they would find happy results, as I havo found the pills to answer lullv their recommendation." Doct. R. R. Davis, of Syracuse, toll n similar story, and many others For further information, you are referred lo the persons whofe iiamcs are annexed to our show bills, and also to pamphlets, left wii our ngents for gratituoua distribution. I'nce S2por box containing nearly 100 pills. Prepared nnd gold wholesale nnd retail by Ilnvnnlrla Parmely. Pittsford, Monroe co., N. Y. sold nlsn by F. Hnnlinglnn, Vnrgcnnes : Moody & Adams. Mnldleuury ; jncKnn ci iveicu am. Brandon: S & T. White & Co., Rutland ; I). II. Menehnm.M. D.. Walling ford: A. R. Vnil&Co.. Danby: I). An. drcwa. Manchester: Merrill & V. I). Spiegel. Bennington j and Willistnn & Tyler, Brnlllcbnrough. nucv-lv NEW GOODS. DIAMOND Cement, lor cementing Glass &c, best German Cologne, Gold fob Chains, btM Iiondnn Thcrmomn ters, which aro graduated !u 40 degrees below zero, at tho Vnrioty More. Sept. 20. Panoiwun & BniNSM.wn. ps. C-4 English Merinos. 70 " 34 dn do Just received bv, Loomib & Co, Sept. 20 1030. gross Wood Pocket Combs, 300 Tin faced Pantaloon Billions, just received by Vilas, Loomis & Co, Sept. 22, 1330. NEW AND IMPORTANT DISCOVERY. DR. PHELPS' COMlOUXl) TOMATO PILLS, ENTIRELY VEGETABLE. A NEW AND INVALUAULE MEDICINE 1'OU AM. DISEASES AltlSING FROM IMPURITIES OF THE I1LOOD, Morbid Secretions or tlic IiIVEH and STOMACH, ALSO A SUBSTITUTE FOR CALOMEL; As a Cathartic lit FEVERS and nil BILIOUS A1WECTIONS." These popular Pills being a combination of a newly discovered Alkaline substance, extracted from the TOMATO PLANT, with other vegetable substances which have been found to modify and diffuse its' effects, are believed to be the Alterative and Cathartic Medicine ever discovered. They have been abundantly nnd success fully tried, and have received universal approbation for Scrofula, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Bilious Diseases, Gravel, Rheumatism, Coughs, Colds, Injlucnza, Catarrh, Ken-mis Diseases, Acid Stomachs, Glandular Swellings of all kinds, C'osticcncss, Colic, Headache, &c. They are an antidote to Contagious and Epidemic diseases ; prevent the formation of Bilious and Liver affections, Fever and Auc, etc., in those who reside in hot climate-., and low nnd marshy countries, and are the best Cathartic that enn be used for those local ities. Seamen will find them an infallible remedy for the Scunw ; and Travellers, the best medicine they can use to counteract the dangers of exposure in unhealthy cli mates. For ordinary FAMILY PHYSIC, they are universally approved, as the best ever olfercd. Am a DIETETIC or DINNER Pill, one taken half an hour after dinner, will sufficiently stimulate the digestive powers of the stomach to a healthy and invigorated action, nnd they arc found extremely serviceable for those who indulge in long dinners, or lnte suppers, or immoderately in desserts or fruit. The peculiar virtues of the Tomato Plant, have for a long time attracted the atten tion of the Medical profession and the Public: and a lively interest has recently been directed to the future development of its active powers, and its Antibilinus nnd Altrr- alive qualities; which the Proprietor is now happy in being able to grutily and pre sents his Pills to the Public, with ihe full confidence of their being the most safe, anil valuable remedy ever discovered ; adapted to all cases, where Nature is disturbed, and when any of the Junctions do not perform their natural on healthy action. Numerous certificates of cures, from those who have taken them, and the testimony of several Physicians, who have prescribed ion. The rapidly increasing demand for, and the universal approbation bestowed upon them, is an additional evidence of their merits and usefulness. In presenting this article to the public, the proprietor was influenced by the hope, that a medicine prepared with much care, and strict regard to the Chemical and Therapeutic properties of its several ingredients, should tnlte the plate of the thousand and one irresponsible nostrums of the day, with which the country ii deluged and from the favor already bestowed upon it by physicians and others, he feels justified i)i expecting this result. Sf" For a full account of this interesting discovery, testimonials, mode of operation, &c. gee pamphlets, which may be had gratis of all who sell these I'iIIh. None are genuine without the written signature of G. R. PHELPS, 31. D., Bole proprietor, Hartford, Conn. Orders for these Pills directed to the Proprietor, llnrlford, Conntcliait, (post p?id,) or to HOADJiEY, lMIEMVS, A Co., Wholesale Drmrcisis, 112 Water-Htrttt, Nuw-York (irmeral forwarding agents,) will be promptly attended to : and a liberal discount made to those uho'huy to sell again. Sold by mithnriwd Agents in most of the cities and towns in the United States. tVjK. M another and hrery different article, hna rmntly been advertised nmlfj the head of " Tomato Pith," the public will kc the necessity nf being particular to inquire for' "PHELPS' Ciihu omul Tomato Pith." Price 371 and 75 cents' per box. (tpFor sale, wholesale and retail by J. & J. II. PECK,& CO. and retail by Robert Woody, Burlington, Vermont. BEER. r"H1HE Burlington Brew--D- cry hnvinf; been rebuilt (turinrr the past season, will be put in operation on I'tici-day nexi. and will, in a frr dny, be prepared to answer ordem for 232223X1. to any ex'ent. Tho apparatus is all new, and nl Ihe most approved construction-, and if a firtt rale brewer pood materials, and a firm remlvo on the part of the pro pnclor to I'urtiifh a Mtpertor article of beer, enn ovail any ihinp. my cunternerH shall find no caii.e of complaint. The public arc respectfully invited to give (he new establishment n fir irinl. GKO. PKTGRSON. Iurlwp;lnn. Sept. CO. 11130. Thompson's Eye Water. BY req'ieM we havo brought on snmn of 1 Ins celebrated ICye Water, said lo be Hie be.-t in u-e. Al. n few bottles of Godfriy's Cordial for clnhlien. Sept. 20. PAHfiiioiiN &. Biwns.maii). tirWiUiX?. A Valuable P i r m f ';fesS;,IJ:iA ajL lymir dirccllv 53" eoninirniir; ahuut I wo -XKrjs ,r. houilred acres bonier----aP ,,, 0)t n1( Clllliniand. 102 an extensive view of WeMport liny. There i on i h c premises a wharf, ueed for the rpeeptmn of lumber in ihu winter, to which boats can come at hII (.ch'-'Uis; the land is of pnod qiialily, iilumi niic hulf un der cultivation, the residue llnckly coven d utth liard limber. The eiiiiiiiiHndiug sit nation of the property, its proximity to Lake Champlatn, anil suscepiibly nf arr-at improvement. Bnd the larpe quaniuy of liard wood upon it which is daily becoming more valuable offer uncommon iriducernenN to a farmer about lo locale, or in any purchaser, ih a safe investment. Tille indisputable For terms apply to S. Mvnictc. Wedn'iri. Kcsn.v co N Y. 'f tf IVKS uotieu lo his friendti and cuslo- mors, t tin i lie has jiial returned from New Yoik with n largo nnd tienuiiful assortment of rich, seasonable and fabhiun nbl" Goods, Filch as : Rich fiu'd Silks dn plain do Rich (Jlnsce (changeable) do Real Irifh poplin or Tahinet. a very durable nnd rich article for dresses, plain and figured. A pruat variety of Mouselino du lainn and Chnly dresses ; among them are some small fig'd for children. English. French and American Calicncs. Chillis, CaBsimcres and Vestings, With a great variety of other Goods, usually kept in a Country Sioro, which will ho freely shown and sold very cheap for cnh. Sept. 20. WINDOW SASH. JUST received 15 20 fz 2-1-7 by fj casements of sash, a first rato article, at 3j and 3J els. per liellt. Also,ttlll(ill(ls and sizes, furnislied ... ! ILrrjrtlrnv.u ';:- iiiiii'ij n;, ,,;, tii,. Lead, a first rato article, for sale very low, together with a great variety of oilier articles, as cheap as can bo found at any nlbcr cslab. lishmcnt in tho placo. Geo. PnTKnsoN 2000 lbs. Maple Sugar, forsalo by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Scpl,22, 1039. it.vt a.-, lyinj; direct IV in i$?tyffit!fttvi$ ii'litu;- village nf West- S purl, IJ-H'X counly N.v. I them, all concur to corroborate this opin Jireh Isham's Estate. E the Sub-icriberH, having bi en ap pointed by the Honorable the Probnte Court for the District of Chittenden. cotntnisiriner to receive, cxnrr ine and adjust the claims and demands of oil per sons, against the estate of Jirh fiham, late of Shelburn, in said Dijirtcr, de ceased, represented insolvent, arid nlso all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; andsixmonihs from Ihe day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Conn for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to Ihe biisines of our appointment, at the dwelling of George B. lsham, in Si. George, in said District, on Alnnday ihe 2.1d dny of March next, at 10 o'clock. A. M., on said day. Dated, this 23d day of September A. D. 13J9. JOSEPH MARSH, ) Commit. ISAAC HHillEK. ( Sherman's Worm Lozenges, Are the greatest discovery ever made, for dispelling Ihe various kinds of wnrrrn, Ifint so frequently and distressingly annoy, hnlfi children and biIiiIh. They'are nn inO.ll). hie remedy, uud so pleasant lo the taMe that childien will lake them ai readily hi, tl cinnmiiti peppermint Ivir.(!iij;e. Many fji.i-cn-es Mpi) from wurm, without lis heiog riifpedcd. Sometiinus a vmy irnubl some coiigli, pkiiih mi (he joint or limb-, bleeijiny at the nose. &c tic., nre occasioned bv worms, uad will bo easily cured by using this celehuiiRil medicine. The lollovring sympliuiH mdicnio the presence of worms viz: headache, vertigo, torpor, disturbed dreams sleep broken ofr by fright, nnd screammg, convulsions, foverisinu'ss. I hirst, pulhd hue, h,id IihIc in the monili, ofllrosive breath, cougli, diilji'ult breathing, itching at tin.' no!', paiiH in the stomach, nausea, equeamishucsb-, vnraciiy. leanness, tenes mus itching at the atitH towards night, and at length dejections of films and mucus. One U a doae fur a child two year old two fur ono four yeais threo for eight yearB and five for an adult, and should he repeated every morning, or every other morning until "relieved Read the following letter: New York, March 3. 1339. Denr Doctor. According to your rn quest, wo have used your Worm Lozenges in several cn-es nf worms and found iheiu uniformly successful. Wo have nn ddlicul. ly in gelling children to lake them. as they tiro perfecily pleasant. Woshall use them in our practice whenever occasion offers, believing them to bo the best vermifuge medicine m use. Wo have also tued your Soda Lozenges very extensively, and find them fully to answer Ihe purposea you ro commend them for, V. WEEKS. M. D. W. SHADDOCK. M. D. G. It. GREEN. M. I). Snld wholesale and ret nil, nt Dr. Slier man's medicaid) Lozenge Warehouse. 100 Nassau si. New York, nnd at tho Varioty Slum, Burlington. Vt. PANr.nnnN& BniN'MAin. DU, M. HITCHCOCK'S NEWLY IN VENTED SNUFF Tho best article ever discovered by scientific men, in Europo or America, for iho euro and absolnto relicfof Catarrh, Dizziness of tho Head, Woak Eyes, Nervous Headaches, Fallen sickness, Fits, and infants tioublcd wilh Snuillcs, partial bhoclts of Palsy, &c. For salo, wholcealo and retail, by A. Hitch, cock & Co., solo proprietors, 117 Gcuosce street, Utica, and by their agents throughout tho United Stales and Canada, In Hurling. ton only by J.&J. H. PECK &Co in Vor. ponnes by J. 11. BOWMAN, in Milton by Wuitncv, Lanuon & Co., in Georgia by tioronio janoB, CopartncrshipDissolvcd. rjHE Coparlnnrsliip Imrntoforn existing A under the name W. C. Stimtson & Co. was dissolved by mutual content July 12th. All perrons indebted to said firm, nre re. qucstod lo make payment to Edward Brin ley, late Junior Partner, who is authorized In liquidate nil Coparner.-hip concerns. And all persons who have claim against said late firm, will nrescnt the same to said Edwnrd Hrinlcy for payment, by whom the business will be continued a nunl. VV. C- SriMrsoN, EtnvAnn lllllNLEV. WHOLESALE DRUG rTjlHE subscriber recently of the firm of JL W. C. oiimpsoit & Co., having ta ken Iho stuck and stand lately belonging in Ihe same, now offers lor sale on must liberal term", a very largo assortment of DRUGS MEMChVES PAINTS AND DYE STUFFS. From arrangements he has entered into, he will constantly be receiving full Imporla tinns of English, French and India Drugs, which, with the fallowing, will be offered unusually low. j-,000 Camphor 2 cases Turkey Opium 10 do L'quorice Paste 5000 dn Liquorice Root 300 do Calomel 300 do Red Precipitate 500 do Tartar Acid 1000 do Eng. Sup. Carb. Soda 100 Boxen Castile Soap 200 07.. Snip. Q,nmino 2 Cans Ers. Lemon

2 dn Eis. Iliirgamot 100 oz. Firs. Benzan 200 do Oil Peppermint 20 Casks Sal Sodn 2000 do Arrow Root 1000 do Turkey Gum Myrrh 50 Bbls. Epsom Snlts 20 Bnlea Bottle Corks 100 Packages npotlu caries Glass-ware 50 B-iles India Snena 25 Casks While Lead 20 C.ises Shellac 15 do Copal India 20 Keg Pari Green G Ilhds. Madder 50 Bhla. grnund Camwood 200 do do Dye Woods 10 do Blue Vurol 100 Carboys Oil Vitriol. Dealers in Drugs, Manufacturers, Pliy sicans &c. nre respectfully invited to cull when wanting In purchase, or forward their orders." which will receive the most prompt attention. EDWARD BRINLEY. jXo 34 South Side Old Fanieul Hall. Jluxuit 2. UI39. Boilon. WZH. C. & CO THE Co-partnership heretofore existing under this name nt Store No. 3 nnd 4 south side Fanieul Hall. Boston, waa dis solved Julv 12. last, and EDWARD BRINLEY, LATE Junior Partner in said concern, having been duly appointed legal successor lo ihe some, will coniinue the business at the old stand as formerly, and liquidate all cnpartucrr-liip obligations. In ndilition to Mis present extensive stock, he will constantly be receiving large importnticns ol Drugs, Mr.dicbic.Si Paints 4 DYE-STUFFS, Which will he offered at prices lower ihnn ehewfierc in the city. Thn Patrons of iho old firm, the friend of the subscriber, nnd the pubi c in general, rnny be assured ol ins hest exertion- to please nlike in qua! it v and price. And are respectfully sohci ted to call, when wishing to purchase, as his term-, nre more i han commonly induciri". HI) WARD BRINLEY, No, 3 and 4 south sule old Funicnl 3m Sep. 10. Hull, B o-iion. GRINDSTONES & PLASTER A Luge assort moiii of Water and Hand Grindstones and Plaster in any riuan lily, consiiuit ly on hand and for sale by our,K, WiitT.NK.y &, Co., 4, bonlh el. New York, and by Ihc subscribers at No. 7, L Wharf, Bo-ien. SPRAGUE. SOULE & Co. Juno 17. i G m Anti-Slavery Earthenware, a new pattern well adapted to remind Iree. men of their own rights nnd enjoyments The above with a general slock ol CHINA GLASS iV EARTHEN WARE, offer, ed for sale at wholcsnlo lo country mer chants on as good terms ns any hniii-e in the city, nt 37 Wnler si. FIELD Co. New York, August 30, 1039. Ow SILK AND FANCY mil s At riVE per cent, advance on the cost for CASH. finilE subscribers would apprise Mor JL chants, visiting Hie cily ol New Yo;k for thn purchase of Goods, that owing to t Ii u difficulty of making collections nnd llui high rnlenf exchangee, fhey have crime lo thn conclusion of confining their sales hereafter exclusively lo CASH. As an inducement to purchasers, they offer their large ond well selected ossorl. ment ofSilfc and Fancy DRY GOODS, at 1'ivi: por cent, advance on tho cost for Cash. From their long experience in the busi ness and the facilities Ihcy havo in procu ring goods nt tho lowest prices, purchasers may havo n guarantee that their interests will bo prnmnted bv examining their slock. ADDOMS & CUNNINGHAM, No. 225 Pcnrl. corner of Piatt (Is. Nc to York, Sept. 10, 1030. 1m DR. JOSEPH MARSH BEING about to leave town for thn winter has made nn arrangement with SOOT. A- SXVXXTHi who will occupy his office, and whom ho taken plensure in introducing to his friends and tho public. INTENDING to remain permanently in tins place, tenders his services to tho inhabitants of Burlington and Vicinity, in BUff?jtuc practice of medicine and Surgery. SASH FACTORY. THE subscriber would respectfully Inform iho inhabitants of Ilnrliiiyloii that by tho earnest solicitation of a ntimhor of gentlemen residing in and adjacent to said town, Sio has been constrained to establish a SASII FACTORY, at Colchester Falls, (ono mile from tho Court foiiscin Burlington,) where lie will ho happy lo supply all tho.o wlio may wish to purchaso Window Sash or Illinds. llh long experionco in the above business wnrrants him in nssuting nil Ihnso who may favor him witli their patron, age, that they may depend upon a fust rate article, as ho is determined lo employ none but first rale workmen and bis stock will bo of Iho very bet materials. Orders from a dislanco addressed to llm subscriber at Bur lington, Vt. will bo thankfully received nnd promptly attended to. SIDNEY SMITH. Co'chcster Falh, August 5. 1839. N. B. AH work warranted lo bo good.or no sale. Any size or quantity of Sash, fur. nished to order. tf UNEXAMPLED MAMMOTH SCHEME. THE following details of a Scheme of a Lottery, In bn drawn in Dreeinbcr next, warranto us in declaring it lo bn UNPARAL LELED in the history of Lotteries. Pni.Es to tho amount havcnivcr before been offered to the public. It is true, thero arc many blanks, but on tho oilier hand, Ihc extremely low chargo of $20 per Ticketthe value nnd number of Iho capital), and the revival of thn good old custom of WAnaANTiNo that evenv Piiizn shall nu Dhawn and Sold, will, wc arc siiro, givo universal satisfaction, and es. pccially lo Iho Six Hundred Prize Holders. To lliu-u disposed lo adventure, wo icenm mend catly application Lcing mado lo us for tickets when the Prizes aro all snld, blanks only remain tho first buyers havo tho ben chance. We. therefore, emphatically say DELAY NOT! but at once remit and umsmil to us your orders, which shall always receive our immediate attention. Letters to be ad dressed, and application madu lo 8Y1.VKSTKH & CO., l.lfi Uroadmay, iVfto York, (ff' Observe the number, l.jlj, $700,000!!! $500,000!! $25,000! ! G prizes of $20,000!! 2 prizes of 15.000!! 3 prizes of $10,000 ! GRAND lir. Ah ESTATE & BANK STOCK LOTTERY1 OF I'ROl'KK I'Y SITUATE IN N. ORLEANS. tnTTie Fnhrst and most .Magnificent Sdiunc ever presented to the public, in Has or any other Country. TICKETS ONLY 820. Authorized by an act of the Legislative As sombly of Florida , and under the diicctiom of tho commissioners, acting under the same To be draun at Jacksonville, Flor. Dec. 1. 11(39 SCHMIDT & HAMILTON, Managers. SYLVESTER k Co., 156 Broadway, Neit York, Sole ,'lgtnl. NO COMBINATION NUMBERS ! ! ! 100,000 Tickots, from No. 1 upwards in suc cession. Tho Deeds of tho properly and Ihc stork transTeried in trust to tho commissioners ap. pointed by the said act of Iho legislature of Florida, lor Iho security of the prize holders SPLENDID SCHEME ! ! 1 I'nizn The Arcade ?& I'tct. 5 inches', ! lines, on Magazine st.; 101 feel, II inches, on Natchez si.; 126 feet, 6 inches, nn Gravier st. Rented nt about $37,000 per arm. Dollars valued at 700,000 i I'rize. uuy Hotel lo. lect on Common street; M6 fcct,C inches, on Camp at. Rented at $25,000 valued at 1 Prize dwelling House (adjoining the Arcade) No". 16,24 feel. 7 inch es front on Natchez street, rented at .$1200 valued at 1 Prize do (adjoining iho Arcade) No. l!i,2.j feet front on Natchez st. rented at $1200 valued at 1 Prizo do. (adjoining tho Arcade) No. 20, '23 fcot front on Natchez st, rented at $1200 valued at 1 Prizo do. No '.M. North cast corner of Basin and Cii-lom houso slrcots '10 feci f'roiil on Basin, and -10 feet on Franklin 127 foot deep in Custom House street, rented at $1500 valued at 1 Prizo do No, 21, fionlh west cor ner of and Ciislom-liouso sis 02 feet, 7 iiiehei nn Basin, 32 fcot, 7 inches on Franklin, 127 feci, 10J inches deep in front of Custom, houso Etreel rcnlcd at $1500 valued at I Prize do. No. 339, 2-1 rent, ft inches on Royal street, by 127 fent. II 500,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 inches deep rented at $1000 1., valued at 15,000 1 Prize 250 shares canal bank stock SI00 each 25.000 do 200 do commercial do do 20,000 uo 15U oo iMcclianics' .v Traders' do do do 100 do Cily Bank do do do 100 do do do do do 100 do do do do do 50 do Exchango Bank do do do 50 do do do do do 25 do Gas light Bank do do do 25 do do do do do do 15 do Mcchanics'nnd 15.0110 10.000 lo.ono 10,000 5.000 5,000 2.500 2,500 1,500 Tradors' do do 15 do do do do 1 do 1,500 20 do each 10 shares of the Lousiana stale Bank, $100 each, each prizo $1,000 20,000 10 do each 2 shares of $100 each, cacn prize $.uu,oi ino uas liiglil Bank 2,000 20,000 20,000 200 do each 1 sharo of $100, of tho lianK nt Louisiana 200 do each 1 sharo of $100, of tho iow urieans llanlc 150 do each 1 sharo of S100 of tho Union Bank of Florida 15,000 G00 1'RIZF.8 81.500.000 TiUKETS g20-JYO SHARES. The wholoof tho Tickots. with Ihoir num bers, as also Ihoso containing tho prizos, will bo examined and soalcd by tho commissioners appointed under Iho Act, ptoviously to their ucing pui into ino wncois. uno wnccl win contain the wholoof tho numbers, thootlier will contain tho Six Hundred Prises, and tho first GOO numbers that bhall bo drawn out, will bo entitled to such Cnizu as may be drawn to Ha numuor, and tho lortunato holders ol eucli Prizes will havo such property transferred to them immediately after tho drawing, unincum. vcred, anUKitnout any u eduction : DR. HULL'S Utcro Abdominal Sunnorter. rjlIUS new Instrument lor tim radical JL cure of Prolnosus Uteri nr rMlin nf the Womb, by external application, 6uper scdinir the use of thn obieelmnnhln lnnru. is confidently recommended lo the afflicted na thn means of n perfect restoration to ncaitli, it never having lailed of performing n euro even under ihn most aggravated circiinmnncc.''. It hoi received the decided approbation nfSir Astley Cooper of LON- uun ; mr iienatiiin o. lirodm; hir Jntnea Clark. I'llVHieinti In llin OiipmO' Tr. Aali- well, Lecturer on Midwifery lo Guy's IIos. pitnl; Dr. Rigbv, Lecturer" lo St. Barthol omew; Dr. Griffith, Lecturer to Westmin ster Hospitol; Dr. Ilamsholhnm. Lecturer to London Hospital; Hubert Ferguson, ijeciurcr to Westminster Lying-in Iluspi tal. Dr. Swenlman, Lecturer to Middlesex Hospital, anil senior Accoucheur to Queen Charlotte's Lying-ln-IIospiinl ; also by Henry DavieH. Conquest; Blundell, Lee, Mcrrtman, Surgeon Kcatea &.C. by Dr Moreno President nl Hie Arm! omin I? nun Ir dfj Moriecwo. PARIS nntl A the Duchess D'Orleans; Professors Vel- peau Marioliri. Paul Dubois. Sation anil others; in New York bv Professor J. W. Francis ; G. S. Bedford, M. D. Profersor of Midwiferv in TJnivorsii u Hn oily NEW YOKK: Professor Delofield, l'rofes-or Iwnticis U. Johnston. Prestden". County Med. Society; Lniircn? Hull, prea". Medical society, slate of New York; prof. James McNnughion of Albany; professor March, prof. Cyrus Prrkin. prof. Dunne I)rs. Tims. Bnvd. Culherl Smith. Hrwnrl Slearns. Ludlow. Ci-sarn, Vnche, Power) urayson. van llensalnor and many other distinguished Physician in the U Sate8. A. G. HULL : Office 4 Veey-it, Astar House, New York. CPA constant supply of ihc above Instru. mcnis. with Dr. Hull's Improved Truss for Hernia will be kept hy ROBERT JFOOD Y, Druggist, nurtiiiglnn, Vt, E. W. Brewster Mddlebury. E. II. Prenliss Jliintn'.tici: Tampa Porler Rutland. jy ,jy Balsom of Liverwort. ?T. 7,OV;3.TL- & OO. AV,J TS FOR selling Doct, Taylor's Balsom oLii' Lrwurl, for Consumption, Liter Com plaints, Coughs. Colds, Spitting of Blood, Pain m tho Side, or Breast. Asthma. Pleurisy, Short, nest of Breath. Palpitation of the Heart, De bility, Ncncvsness and all diseases of tho I." and Eivna. Tho virtues of this celebrated articlo has. but recently been levied m this region suffi cient however, La- been used, in Chittenden and Addison cnnunlici. to give it justly a name above any medicine, hitherto offered as a remedy and cure for consumption and liver eomplanls To show what cures may ha ex pected from its use, wc insert a single caso a published in thn New Fork Daily Express, Novembers 1836 "The Balsam nfLivenvnrt has found hundred, of adioeales, and hat produced so largo a number of tr.tirnoiial.-t in its favor as pniliaps to render further approlu. "ion iinnrrenaiy I cannot willicld rn'-mmiil meed of prai-o, knowing myself pio di-p.-rd lo consumption, both for peculiar formation and hereditary trariMn Minn. I sought nil means to obvialn this calamity, and recover a naturally weak constitution. I spent two years at Pi'a, in Rome, two years in Florence, and another in Ihc south of" France. Merkin" mean time thn advice of Ihe best Physician" Last summer I returned to this country, not recruited in health, and perhaps not much, if any worse, limn when I left. I had seen in tho Reading Ronms in Europe, American now.pnpers. containing advertisement of Ihc Bali-om of Liverwort, and resolved upon trying its boasted virtue. As suon as J arrived in this country, I used it. and in three months I was so well that I concluded I could safely pass tho winter here, and nccordinjly did so. I have used a bottle now and then, through the past summer. lam now in as good health al can wish to lie. ; my cough lias wholly subsided, and inv linmli-ivr. nni r,.ni,.,.. health. 1 shall bo pleased to receive any per son, who may wish for further particulars, at my juugirigs, ouy noici, A. A. DELAFIELD. F J SftffiJ IK SU it AN CJB . TO MANUFACTURERS & OTHERS. (TftllE Providence Washington Insurance a Company, in Providence Rhode Island, continue to Insure against loss or damage by fire, on Cotton, Wollen, nnil other Manufactories, Buildings, and Mer-. clinndisc. on favorable terms. Tins Company h well known to tho Manufacturers of New-England, and noa ses'cs their full confidence. The Company wns incorporated A. D. 1000. The Conital Stock is 4200.000. all paid in mouy yenrs since, and well secured ill Bank Slock nnd Real I-lnln. Thn Directors are. SULLIVAN DORR. BENJAMIN IIOPPIN, MOSES B IVES. HENRY P. FRANKLIN, ROBERT H. IVES, EL1SIIA DYER, CARLO M AUK AN. CHAHLES JACKSON, WILLIAM BUTLER. Manufacturer? and others wishing for Insurance, arc renuesled to direct their an. plicalinns (which should bo accompanied with n norliculor description of tho nron. orty,) per mBil, to the President or Secre tory of the Company, and the same will bo attended to prompt ly. SULLIVAN DORR, President. Warren S. GnERtsF., Secretnnj. Providence Washington Insurance ) Company's Office, Providence. R. . 1030. S ly.f. 5 THOMPSON'S FARMER'S ALMANAC 1 8 4. O JUST published nnd lor tte in any niianlilies, Merchants. Paper Makers. Pedlars and all wanting quantities, supplied on Uio best terms. C. GOODRICH. Burlington, SGth Sept,