Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 18, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 18, 1839 Page 1
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NT O T T II U GLORY OF CESAlt BUT T II E WELFARE OF U OMI3. BY II. B. STACY. FRIDAY OCTOBER. 18, 1839. voiv. xiii No. 64;; PARADISE AND TDK PERI, (abridged.) "How happy," exclaimed ilio child of nlr, "Are die holy Spirits who wnnder there, Mid flowers tliilt nevfir bIkiII I'mln or fall ; Tltoitsh mine nre the guidons of caul) tin) tea And the stars themeclvei have flowers for me, One blossom of Heaven omtilooms them ull ! Go wing thy flight from star to star, From wot Id to luminous h oi Id, ns far As tho universe spreads its flaming wall; Take all tho pleasures of all tho spheres, And multiply each through endless jcars, One minute of llcuen is worth thorn nil !" The glorious Angel who was keeping The gates of Light, beheld her weeping; (She wept to think her recreant raco Should o'er have Joit that glorious placo And, as he nearer drew and lislcn'd To her sad song, a (car-drop glisten'd Within hisejelids, like (he spray From Eden'ajbtintnin, when it lies On the blue flower, which as soma say Blooms i)6 where but in Paradise ! "Nymph of a fairg but erring line !" Gently he said "One hope is thino, 'Pis written in the Hook of Fate, The Peri jcl may be forgiven TVho brings to this eternal Gate The Gitjhat is most dear to Heaven ! Go, seek it, and icdeem thy sin : 'Tis sweet to let the pardon'd in !" Rapidly ns comets run To ill' embraces of the Sun, Down the blue vault 1'cri flies, And, lighted cartlnvaid by a glance That just then broke fiom morning's eyes, Hung hovering o'er our woild's expanse. When o'er the vale of IJalheo winging, Slowly, she tota a child at play, Among the v wild. flowers singing, As rosy unit as wild as they ; Chasing will) ragcr hands and eje?, N The beautiful blue damsel flics, That dunned round the Jiifsuniinc Menu, Like winged tlowcis nr (lying gems ; And, near the boy, who, tir'd with play Now nestling 'mid the ruses lay, She saw a wearied man dismount Fiom his hot steed, anil on the brink Of a sm ill biuret's iieiic fount Impatient ding him clou n tothiiik. Upon his blow S'liMt-uly ficiee a mixture dhc, Like thunder clouds, of gloom and fire ! In uliirh the Peii's cje could lead Datk tales of many a iiitliless deed ; The itiiu'd maid (lie sliriuo'd Oaths binl;'ii and the ihreehhold stain'd With blond of guests ! ifterc written, all, J! Lick as the damning (hops that fall From the denouncing Angel's pen, Ere Meicy weeps them out again ! Haik ! the vesper calls ta praer : The boy has starteil fiom ihe lied Of flowers, wheie he had laid his head, And down upon a fragrant sod Kneels with his fun-head to the South, Loping lit' eternal name of God From purity's own cherub mouth, And looking, while his hands and ejea Are lifted to the glowing skies, Like n stray babe of Paradise, Just lighted on that flow'ry plain And seeking for its home again ! And how felt At, the wi etched Man, Reclining there while memory ran O'er many a year of guilt and strife, Flew o'er the dark flood of his lifo Nor found one sunny resting-place, Nor brought him bark one branch of grace ! "There was u lime," he said in mild, Heart' humbled tones "thou blessed child When young and haply pure as thou, I looked and pray'd like dice but now" Ho hung bis head each nobler aim And hope, and feeling, which had Blept From boyhood's hour, that instant camo Fresh o'er him and he wept I he wept ! Blest (ears of soul-felt penitence! In whose benign.redeeming flow Is felt the first, the only sense Of guiltless joy'that guilt can know. And now behold him kneeling titers By the child's side, in humble prayer, While lite same sun-beam eIii'iics upon The guilty and the guiltless one, And hymns of joy proclaim through Heaven The triumph of a,eoul forgiven ! There fell a light more lovely far Than ever came from sun or star, Upon the tear that warm and meek, Dew'dthat repentant sinner's cheek ; And vfldrtie enraptured Peri knew Twas a bright smile the Angel threw From Heaven's gate to hail that tear Her haibingcr of glory near ! "Be ihls," she cried, as, tho winged her flight "ftly welcome gift at tho gates of Light !" Joy, joy forever I my task is done The gates arc pass'd, and Heaven is won ! O ! am I not happy 1 I am, I am Farewell, ye odors of Earth, that die, Passing awny like a lovcr'd sigh ; Joy, joy foiever ! my task is done The Gates are pass'd und Heaven is won, Willitton, Au. 21, i,rn, Suicide from Apprehension of Death Mr. James Lalloy, of tho firm of Lalloy &. McCrackan, proprietor of an cxtensivo ehoe manufactory at Norwalk, Ct., and also or a heavy establishment in N, Orloans committed 6uicido on Tuc6doy night at Tommany Hall, by taking laudanum. From tho evidence boforo tho coroner, on on inquest hold upon tho bodv yesterday, H.appears that the deceased was a native pf Ireland, Bged 45 j that his only relative in this country is a brother, residing in this city. Ho arrived here about three weeks since from New Orleans, and took lodgings at Tammany Hall, Ho wan seriously in 'disposed, and upon consulting physicians was pronounced to bo in a hopeless decline. Thin communication seemed very much to depress his spirits, and induced, to all on. pearanco, the rash act of swallowing four ounces of laudanum an emntv phial of that size, labelled laudanum, being found by bit bedside. On hid lablu was a letter, saying, thu physicians had pronounced his doom, and that lie should die suddenly ridding tho request that he might be buried in the clothes ho wore, and not be subjcclcd to surgical examination. Tho verdict of tho Coronsr'a jury was, "dcccQjfd came to .his death by taking laudanum, while laboring under a depress ion of spirits produced by sickness anil physical debility." JV. Y, Jlmcr. Farming at the West. In La Porto county Indiana, tho Whig states ns a sample of the tnndo of farming in that re gion, that one farmer is" seeding 500 and another 800 acres to wheat this season. Wc have p ten been surprised that men who can command, eay $5,000 in cash, do not enter into tho business of raising wheal in tho western country, instead of risking t hoi r means by hazardous shaving in the eastern towns. A section ol ii'r.t rate government land, acres fl-10 can bo bought lor gllOO. To break it up, harrow it iV,c, il prairie, will cost about $2,000. To fence it in one field will cost perhaps 4 nr $500, certainly, not to exceed tho latter sum; und the seed will coa $500 more. To har vest the crop, with t tic present scar city of hand, will cost at the outside not tun re than glOO with the aid ol modern improvements, machines, &c. it could bo done for less. Here then wo have on og. grogatc of cxponsea of $5,800, including the first cost of the land, and the labor and expense of breaking it up and fencing. At tho lowest estimate the land will yield 0 bushels to the acre 25 and 30 is con sidered an nvcroge crop, but taking the lowest, and from G-10 acres we shall have 12,800 bushels of wheat, which at only 50 cents a bushel give a net proht to the produce, oyer and above every expense, of 1,G00. The profit in all succeeding years can be nearly treble. What business will yield such returns on the capital invested, with so much certainly and so little per plexity , LEGISLATURE OF VERMONT. Oct. 10, 1839. SENATE, 9 o'clock. A. M. 1 he Senate convened agreeably to tho const tuit ion. Mr. Camp called to order and took tho chair. Prnycr hv the Rev. B. W. Smith. The names of the members were then called and the oath of office administered by the Secretary. A motion was made that an the name of Mr. Iletnenway, sena tor elect, from Orleans Co. had not been called, it be now called and that he bo allowed to lake the oath, which was ac cordingly done. I lia President then nominated and the Senate nppninted the following gentlpmcn canvassing committee, Messrs Hoyt, Chandler, Picrpoint, Tracy. Simoiids, Cnbb, Marsh. Curtis, Foster, Adams, Me MiHan, Hemenway. and Holmes. Mr Williams was elected Secretary, and Mr. Weston assistant becretarv. The Senate made choice of Rev. B. W Smith for Chaplain. A petition was presented from soventy voters of the town of Derby, praying for tho prohibition of tho sale of ardent spirits laid upon tho table. A joint resolution was then introduced by Mr Lawrence, providing for a joint as scmbly for the election of County officers on Friday passed. Mr Waterman was appointed ns an ad ditional member on the canvassing commit tec tor Lamoillo co. A message from tho houso that they were organized, and ready to proceed to businces, by the appointment of Hon. Car los Looltdge, Speaker, and F. F. Merrill Esq. Clerk pro tern, In return r. like meshBgo was sent to the (louse, and also that the Senate had appointed a canvassing commute. Mr Lawrence introduced a resolution that the President, members and sccrctn ncs of tho Senate, each, be furnished with one copyvof either of the dailies printed in this village, they might choose passed. It was moved and agreed to, that when the senate adjourn, it adjourn to 3 o'clock l . M. The following gcntlemon were appointed a committee on Rules Messrs Picrpoint and Cobb. By McCobb a resolution ordering that there be providod to be printed COO copies of the Directory and Rules of both Houses for the uso ol the members thereof passed. Senate adjourned. Oct. 10. HOUSE, 9 o'clock, A. M. Agreeable to law and usage, tho House of Representatives assembled in the Rep resentative's Room, this day, at 9 o'clock, A. M., whon the members elect, having been called to order by the secretary of State, and having presented their creden tial?, wcro qualified and took their 6cala. When the Home, in accordance with an act of last session, proceeded to organize by the choico of a speaker, for tho eeeaion, and a clerk pro torn. Mr Ncedham moved tho appointment of two tellers, and Stephen S. Brown, and G. T. Hodges were appointed. Paul Dillingham Jr., Esq. was nominated by Mr Patridgo, and Carlos Coolidgc Esq. by Mr Minor, for tho ollice of Speaker, and the ballots being taken, stood as follows: For Coolidgo 110 " Dillinghnm 109 Mr Coolidgo was theroforo declared clec. ted, received tho oath, thanked tho House in a very handsomo and appropriate man nor and assumed tho duties of tho chair. Ferrand F. Merrill and O. H, Smith, Eeqrs,, were nominated for tho office of clerk pro tern, and tho ballots, Messrs t ul ler auo Ncedliara being tellers, stood. For Merrill 1 15 fi " Smith 110 Mr Merrill was therefore declared clec. ted i when Mr Hodges wns oppointcd to inform the Senate of the organization of tho House. And Mr Miner lo communi cate the same to the Gnvornor. Oiiimutiun of Mr Fullam, tho rules of last session wcro ndoptcd, fur the timo be. in ry, for this eesion. Mr. Bard offered a resolution authorising the Spenltor to invito the different clergy men of Mnntpelier, to attend divine service ach morning in tho House, in rotation, which was adopted. Mr. Brown ol St. Albans proposed a joint resolution for the appointment nf n committee ol three to investigate and re port mi the tumita and management ol the banks of Windsor and Essex, which was adopted. The House then proceeded lo the clec- lion of a Clerk for the sossinn, which re- stilted in the choice of Mr Merrill by the following veto For Morrill. 115 For Smith, 109 Mr. Wcntworth moved to proceed to tho choico of an Aisistnnt Clerk. iIr Ncedham moved lo lay the motion on tho table, which was lost, and tho first mo tion was withdrawn. Tho following gentlemen wcro then nominated ond appointed a canvassing com mittcc to count and Eort tho votes for state officers, viz : Bennington co. Mcssrn Miner, Gilbert, Cnitficlt!. Windham, Messrs Wcntworth, Bridge- man, worth. Windsor, Messrs Fullam, Closson,Litch Rutland, Messrs Hodges, Jackson, Nor ton. Addison, Messrs Huntington, Ncedham Warner. Orange, Messrs Tenney,Bigclow, Wins low. Chittenden Messrs Baxter, Barncs.Par kcr. Washington, Messrs Wheeler, Carpan ter, Cushman, Caledonia, Messrs Fairbanks, Mattocks, Stoddard. Franklin, Messrs Smith, Brown. Soule Orleans, Messrs Clcvoland, Rcdficld, Strong. Lamoillo, Messrs Butler, Fisk, Stone. Essex, Messrs Aldrich, Hihbard, Rich Grand Isle, Hazcn, Corbin Wadsworth. Adiourncd to 3 o'clock P, M. SENATE, 3 o'clock, P. M. Senate met Purdtrant to adjournment. Mr Egc.-ton appeared and took tho oath of office. A message from the House by M Morrill, their clerk, that they had passed a joint resolution, that both Houses meet m joint assembly at 4 o'clock tins altor noon, for the purpose of receiving the ro port of the canvassing committee. ben ate concurred. Also a resolution appointing a joint com mittno of three forthe purpose of enquiring into the concerns and management ot the the Windsor and Essex Bank, and also the probable amount of loss to tho public if stiiil banks have failed. Un motion ot Mr Tracy, laid on the table. The Senate then rapaired to tho Hall of Representatives. On motion, Mr Camp expressed his acceptance nf the office of Lieut. GovcrnoL' and took tho oath ot olhce Scnato Adjourned. Houso 2 o'clock P. M, Mr Miner offered a joint resolution for the meeting of both Houses this afternoon to rcccivo tho report of tho canvassing committee. Adopted, Mr. Patridgo offered a resolution do claring it inexpedient to charter or rccharlcr banks this session unless under conditions in substance as follows : 1st Tho private property of stockholders and directors shall be lioldcn tor the rc demptinn nf all bills issued. 2nd Tho failure of banks to redeem their bills in specie to work a forfeiture of their charters, 3rd Commjssionorfl shall beSprnvided to tone cnargo oi mo eneciR ni uuniis which shall fail or suspend payment, a 4th Officers of Banks, in caso of loss to individuals by tho failure of their banks to he adiudged guilty of swindling and sen tenced to the Stales Prison, unless able to exculpate themselves from participating in the acts and measures which occaeioncd such a loss. 5th All bank charters to bo subject to repeal and amendments by the legislature When, after explaining the object, of Ins resolution, Mr P. moved to loy the 6 rune on tho labia to bo mado tho order the day for to-morrow morning so or dcrrd. Messrs Dillingham, Fullam, and Chan dlcr wcro appointed a committee to report Rules. Pursuant to joint resolution both Houses convened when ilio report nt tne canvassin committee was received and read as follows viz: For Governor S. II. Jcnison, 24,011 N. Smilio, 22,257. Scat. 34 For Lt. Governor D. M Camp. 24,008. O. C. Merrill, 22,200. Scat. 23, For Treasurer. II. F. Jones, 24,520, D. Baldwin. 22,271, Scat. -W U. A resolution wns recoived from tho Sen ato providing for tho publication of 000 copies of a directory designating boarding linuRcs, rooms &o. of mcmbors, which was adopted. Mr Fisk of Watorville offered a rcsnlu lion to furnish each of tho members and officers of the Houso and Senate pno daily and one weekly newspaper, published this Villago which was adopted. A resolution wan received from tho Sonato appointing to-morrow olcrnoan for going iffln county convention?, nnd Saturday for the i ircting of both Houses to appoint county officers, which was laid on the tabic. adjourned. Friday. Oct. 11, 1839. SENATE. Met pursuant lo adjournment, prayer by the chaplain. The President announced tho appoint incut of a committee un bills Messrs Jones and Hcnicnway. Mr Pierpoint, of the committee on rules, reported lite rules of the session, with proposed ninciidtnciit.-', after which amend, inents wcro made, and the itilrs ndoptcd. Mr Tracy railed up the resolution rela ting to the Windsor and Essex Banks, which wtis read, und after remarks by Mossrs Pierpont and Tiacy, was referred to tliu committee on Batiks. MrKitlritlge called up the petition of eorU' n inhabitants of Durliy, relating to the e.iln of ardent Kpirtts. rcad.nnd referred In a select committee of he appoint cd by the chair, On motion of Mr ltitlriugo, the senate Adjourned. Friday uct. 1 1. HOUSE. Prayer by Rev. E. Smith. J?ciotfi'o)is. By Mr Brown, of St. Albans, btindry resolutions requiring the I rcEsurcr lo report the amount paiu tor tho Statu House, and from what fund ; the amount, if any, now due ; thu amount of debt due from the state, and at what time incurred ; the amount and situation of the school fund adopted unanimously. Bv Mr Partridge, approving what is called the Bub-tretiEiirv scheme, embracing the specie clause, and instructing our delega tion in Congress to sustain the mcasuro laid upon the table. Mr Partridge called up his resolution on banks, introduced yes terday, and movod'lhat it be made the or- ler of the day lor ftlonuay morning next ; ao-rced to. By Mr. Kellogg, for a joint nssemblv at 10 o'clock, to-morrow mom ing, to elect Secretary ot aiaio ; iaio on the table. PttUions. Of Jabcz Bennett and Wm Ilnll ntnl others, for a commutation of punishment of Henry Dana, relerrod to n kr eel committee ot tnrcc. ui ueo. vv. Bullock and others, to com, on Ronds and Canals. Of Camhridgo Artillery Com pany, referred to committee on Military Affairs : of Dollv Hatch and others, on slavery, to a select commiuon ot live. On motion ot Mr Miner, tno nouso pro. cooded to the election of Assistant Clerk- Mr. Mnrtin nominated John L. Buck, of Norihfield. and Mr. Patridgo nominated G. Eastman, of Johnson. The ballot Messrs Sanborn and Chandler being tel lers, taken ns follows : Mr.JJuok, 117 " Tfaafman. ill When John L. Buck Esq. was declared elected and 6Worn. On motion of Mr. Ilnyirard, tho House proceeded to tho election of bngrosstng Clerk. Mr. Hodges nominated Oel Btl linn-B. Esn. of Wnodstock. and Mr. Pnrl ridro nominated L. Poland, E-q. of Mor ristown. The ballot resulted thus, the tellers being as in tho previous ballot. Mr. Billings, 1 10 " Poland, 111 Oel L. Billings. 1 When Oel Bilbinos, Esq., was declared elected and sworn. Mr. Havward called up the tcsolution from the Senate fixing the timo for county conventions and appointments : Mr, Hodg 03 moved to amend so as to fix upon oalur day afternoon at 3 o'clock for county con ventmns and Monday morning next, at IU o'clock to elect county officers ; amend menl adopted, and the resolution passed. A communication was received tro tho Governor, announcing the appointment of Goo. B. Manser, Esn, Secretary of Civ 1 1 and Military Affairs, ntid informing tne House that Ihe annual Executive Message would bo transmitted at 10 o'clock, to morrow morning. Aujourncu, SENATE. Friday, 2 o'clock P. M. A communication was received from the Governor, announcing his acceptance of tho ofiico of Governor, tho appointment of Geo. B. Manser, Secretory ol civil ond military affairs, and informing the Senate that ho would communicato Ins nnnuai Messago nt 10 o'clock to-morrow morning Resolution returned Irom the iioufc proposing 60 to amond that tho days fnr connty nominations nnd appointments, read Saturday and Monday, instead of Friday and Saturday, in which tho Senato concur red. On motion of Mr. Noble, tho Sonato proceeded to tho appointment of standing Committees, ns follows: On the Judiciary Messrs. Tracy, Rob inson and Converse. 0 Claims Messrs. Cobb, Chandler and Foster. On Education Messrs. Swift, Edson and Eaton. On Agriculture Messrs, Noble, Hoyt and Je tin ess. On Manufactures Messrs. Bowen, liar vey and Waterman. On Elections Messrs. Kittridgc, Jones and Curtis. On Military Afairs Messrs, Lawrence Townnloy and Burgess. OnJloads and Cannlt Messrs. Good win, Simon ils and Jcnnnss. On Hanks Messrs. McMillan, Kittridgo and Curtii. On Land Taxes Messrs. Marsh, Hem cuway and Holmes, On motion of Mr Lawrence, the Senate adjourned. HOUSE. Bills By Mr Wheeler, to credit Au gustino Clurlto $11 (or counterfeit and uncurrent bills, received by him when Treasurer! also to pay him $45 for services to itiu Bvuiu uuer iiib lunu ui unice nau expired referred to Committee of Claims. I resolutions Vv Mr Miner, fixing on Fucsday next, 10 o'clock, A. M. to choose an Auditor i by Mr Hedges, fixing on Tuesday afternoon next for a joint assembly choose JuUges of the buprcmo Court; by Mr Fisk of W. instructing tho commit tee of Elections to inquire whethdr nny members of the Houso ore holding offices under Congress; by Mr Rice, instructing the Judiciary Committee to inquire into tho expediency of abolishing capital pun ishmonts, and report by bill or'othcrwiso; by Mr Miner, fixing on Tuesday" afternoon t for tho election of Commissioners of Dcnf and Dumb, and a tmperintcndanl the Vermont Stntc Prison which were severally adopted. Mr Partridge offered n resolution and a preamble setting forth that Vermont, had never received her proportion of money appropriated by Congress lor internal im provement, and instructing our delegation Congress lo urge n law to refund to this state such sums as shall amount to our full proportion. Mr P. then explained ot length the objects of the resolution, staling that the proportion belonging to Vermont, would be about 300.000, if a fuir distribution nf the sums appropriated by Congress for intornnl improvements were made ; when alter some discussion between Messrs Fairbanks and Fullam who would tnko time on the subject, and Messrs Partridge and Brown opposing, the resolution was adopted, yeas 12 nays 1 1. Mr Gowdv offered a resolution instruct. ing our delegation in Congress to urge n law providing for a distribution among the stales, ofthc proceeds of the sales of public lands winch was referred lo a 6clcct Committee. Tho committee of Rules made a report of rules for Hie session, which was concur red in and the rules adopted. Adj. SENATE. Saturday, Oct. 12. Prayer by the chaplain. The President announced the oppoint- ment of officers of tho Senate, as follows : Henry Nutt, door keeper. Martin S. Brown, ass. door-keeper Charles Williams, Messenger. Committee on Temperance Memorials Messrs Kittridgc Swift, McMillan, Eaton and Cnbb. Resolutions By Mr Robinson, in relation to Banks, rend and passed: from the House, designating Tuesday next for ihe election of commissioners of Deaf and Dumb, Su perintendant of the Vt. States Prison, and for the election ot Judges of the Supreme Court, in which the Senato resolved to concur; relating to internal improvements; read and referred to committee on claims. Tho Governor communicated, by his Secretary, thp annualiifipssago. which was read, and on a resolution, by Mr Swift, the Secretary was ordered to procure the grin ting of three hundred copies for tho utf.of uiu oi.'iiuiurc. nui. a HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Saturday, Oct. 12. Prayer by Rev. S. Kellogg. Petitions. Of 45 voters and 1 females of Hydcpark, relative to traffic in ardent spirits, laid onHhc tabic ; of Abel White, fnr pay (or services in tho revolution, to the com. on Claims ; of Sylvester Henry, for alteration of the act relating to haw kers nnd pedlars, laid on tho table; ol F. W. Sheldon and others on slavery, referred to com. on that subject ; ofSylvanus Rip Icy, committee of claims : of Newell Hall and others, to a select committee of three; of John Jone3 and othors to com on slavery. Mr Butler on leave, introduced a bill abolishing capital punishments, which was referred to the Judiciary committee. Mr Warner of Newhavcn called up the temperance memorial thi morning presen ted, and moved in reference together with the others on the same subject, to a select committee of one from each county, agreed to. Mr Manser, Secretary of Civil and Mili tary Affairs, presented tho message of the Governor which was read. On motion of Mr Bard, GOO copies ofthc message were ordered to be printed. . The chair onnounccd the following se lect committees: Relative to commutation of punishment of Homy Damon, Messrs Chandler, Brown and Fullam. Relative to proceeds nf publio lands, Messrs Gowdoy. Cloeson niitl Bridgema'n. On slavery, Messrs Miner, Smith of Put ney, Walker of Whiting. Norton, Choney. Resolutions, By Mr Partridge, a scries of resolutions, declaring iimoug other things, the necessity of a well organized militia, the duty of Congress to provide an organization, embracing payment to the militia by tho general government, and( in structing our delegation in Congrcssfito support such n measure; laid upon tho ta. ble. By Mr Fairbanks, referring that part of tho Mcssago relating to education and geological survey of tho state lo tho com. nn Education ; adopted. By Mr Brown, instructing the com. on Agriculture to in' quire into'tha expediency of appropriating a sum of money to agricultural socictic?,tn be expended forthe promotion of agriculture; adopted. By tho same, for tho appoint, ment of a committee of one to report Uio amount paid by tho state for the elate jious'o adopted, and Mr Brown was appointed thu committee. By Mr Miner, referring that part of tho message rclalivo to distri biition of prncccds of public lands, to tho school committee rasied on that subject; adopted. By Mr Richardson of W. rais ing an inquiry whether tho offico of Re porter of tho decisions of tho Supremo Court should not ho dispensed with or tho sajary of that officer reduced; adopted, Bv Mr -Butler, innuiring into thu expedien cy of requiring debtors, pleading the statute of limttuiiojis. to make oath that tho debt has been pffal; adopted. On motion of Mr Dillingham, tho Houuo adjourned unlil Monday morning next. SATUrrtiAr, 2 o'clock P. M, Senate. Petitions One from sundry inhabitants of Brnttleboro', one from inhab itanls of Whitiitghnm and Halifax, otto from females o'f Whitingiwm. ond three from sundry inhabitants of Luncnburgh. were introduced and severally referred In the committee on Temperance Memorials, when the 6jtiatc adjourned. GOVERNOR'SMESSAGE. Fellow Citizens of the Senate and of fie House of Representatives: In obedience to Ilio Constitution of our Stnlo wo are ngain assembled lo transact the public business. By diligent attention to various other duties, by enacting tuch laws os the wantn of our constituents rt quire, by electing to offico such men us nro capable, faithful and honest, by equaliz ing the public burdens und by nUtn'ntstcr ing the government with a due regard to frugality anu economy, wo give goou evi dence that wo entertain n proper ostimotu of the responsibilities of our several sta lions. The general prevalence of health, the benignant smiles of a merciful Providence on the labors of tho husbandman, nnd tho prosperity which has attended our citizens in the varied pursuits, demand a grateiut remembrance of that Being from whom cro all our blessing.". Circumstances, which, a few months since, in a ncignuoring btaie, tnreateucti lo disturb the friendly relations subsisting between this country nnd Great Bnmn , have happily through tho wisdom and mod oration ofthc rulers of two countries, been put in a train of amicable adjustment. TUu result, to a nation Itka ours, whoso babits and pursuits mike it nt all times their in tercst to be at peace with the rest of tl o world, and whose inclinations corrcspord with their interests, is u matter of Einccrc congratulation. The continuance of the political distur bance in the neighboring Province of Can ada., and the allctlged cruelty with which the contest had been carried on, was mado the apology for a system of incendiarism ofthc mosj reckless and desperate charac ter, on ujfcronticr between this State and Canada.ffho design of the perpetra'ots of those mutual acts of nggrcssion, wab evidently, to provoke ond exasperate the public mind, and thus bring on a statrow feeling between the inhabitants of the tfW! countries which would ultimately result in war. The continued succession of these atrocious acts from December to April, goco far to show that those engaged in l hem, on both sides of the line, had this object in view. In the progress of this disgracelul bu-iness, a number of tho tin offending citizens of this state have been subjected to heavy loss by ihe destruction of their buildings and other propertv by fire. In coVKnucnco ofthc alarm oSsinned ibyjthcso repeated acts of violence, Briga. flier General Nason und the civil author ities in that vicinity deem it necessary, on three several occasions, to call out portions of the militia to protect the persons and property of our citizens, ant quiet public apprehension.. I was early apprised of the fact, and without delay assumed the (res ponsibility of ordering the dcliveryfof arms from the Arsenal for their uso. The first detachment, called out in February, after remaining on duty several days, was, at my request, relieved by regular tioops, mus tered into the service ofthc United States paid and discharged by order of Major General Scott of the Army. Application was made to tho officer in command at Pittsburgh, to have thesame course pur sued with those subsequently called out. I linvf not yet been apprised ofthc result. In February last, one George Holmes, charged with the commission of on ntro' cinus murder in the Provinco of Lower Canada, was arrested in the town of Bur lington, and thcro detained to await tho result nf a demand upon the President of the.Umted States for his surrender to the authorities of Canada as a fugitivo from jut-ticc. The President, in thu obsenco ot any conventional arrangement on this sub ject between this country and Great Brit ain, declined inieriering or complying witu the application ; upon which tho governor of Canada addressed me on tho subject. and requested that, in accordance with tho laws of nations and the comity horcloforo subsisting between the Stale of Vermont and Provinco of Canada, the said Holmes might bo surrendered to the authorities of that Province that ho might bo tried for tho crime with which ho wns charged, Considering the practice which had heretofore prevailed between the 'authori ties of that Province and this State which so far as I could ascertain, had been in favor of surrendering, on application, per sons charged with utrociotts crimes and also tho consequences which must inevita bly result lo thu inhabitants of tho respec tive territories from a contrary decision, I was induced to make an order for tho dolivery of said Holmes to tho Agent of the Canadian Government, Tho execu tion of this order wai provonted byjavrit of Habeas Corpus from the Supremo Court of this State. '.Tho authority of tho Ex ccutivo to make the surrender, and conse quently ilio obligations of national law on ilio subject, wcro by some denied. Tho legality of the order, I understand, is now in a course of judicial investigation, This may ban proper occasion to remark that, if the laws of tuitions and tho comity which is supposed lo subsist bet ween two countries at pcaco, whose territories nro contiguous, do not warrant the excrciao of tho power necessary to make surrender of atrocious criminals escaping from ono gov ernument to the other ; if the foreign felon can force himself upon us, claiming prolec, lion under our laws from merited punbjli,

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