Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 18, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 18, 1839 Page 4
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GOODS. 3d Oct. 1039. "UST rocolvod MERENOH, French English, German, SnxoNy,G-4 splendid colours Alpines Frcncli anl English fig'd ' lloinbnzi mcs French and Eng.-. Alpacca C loth , for ladies' clonics, a splendid nrliclo . , Mousolin Do lid ins , Chilly, nnd Salin lAwns f Gro do Afriquo I Hons Gro do Swisa SILKs- Poult do Solo I Gro do Nap I noun Italian Lustrine l oineiicws SHAWLS--Merino, Thibet, Rich Cash mcro.Kayhal, French Tartan, Anirola. Atodo eolor'd Merino. Plaid," Printed Kaybal, Prussian, spun Silk and BrS enco Ladies Rrown Cotton, hlcachcd, Lislo J hrcau, assorted colors, Merino, whito and color'il, Worsted, Silk Hoso, for aio by IJ. W. CATLIN & Co LOVELY & IIURLB.UT, At the sign of N. Lovely Sf Co. Bimr.irsOTON, Vt. A RE now opening- a more extensive ZJL assortment of Goods than is usually, if evor, found in nny one country Store, which ore now offered by wholesale or retail, to suit purchasers, nt reduced prices 1mm former 6ah;t, lor Cash, Butter, or other ready pay, 03 may be agreed upon. To enumerate our assortment would require nine necessarily devoted to distributing thrsf goods to those who may avail them r ' ;a of purchasing cheaper than ever be' 're. We give n specimen of our Goods b' e uimcrating only a lew. 75 pieces Fr., Italian and India Silks, of every color and quality from i yd, to 1 J yd. wido 30 pieces Mouslin do Lain Plain and fig'd Alpines, a great variety Eng. Fr. and American Prints Circassians, Eng. & Fr. Merinos, oil colors Eng. Fr. nnd American Broad Cloths, from l 50 to 10 per yard Eng. and Amor. Gnsimercs and Satinetts A great variety of Domestic Goods, such ns Cottons. -Ynrn, Batting, Wadding, Wieking, Ticking &c. Silk and cotton Velvets, assorted Merino Fringe nnd Trimmings Liberia, Egyptian, Tartan, Highland, Brocheoand Merino Shawls Thread and Cotton Laces Wrought Collars Linen ond Cotton Drapers nnd Table Spreads i 50 pieces Russia, Eng. Brussels nnd American Carpeting Stair Carpeting and Covering Hush Larpeting'. from 1 to IjLyu. wide Carpet Binding and Thread House Paper Sugars, Tens. Molasses, Pepper, Spices, Ginger, Salerntus, Raisins, Rice, Starch (fee. fee. Crockery and Glass Ware Looking Glasses -ALSO-Embos'd, Damak and Wnter'd Moreens nnd Damask Satin, assorted A constant supply of Farwell's morocco and kid shoes and gaiter Boots. Oct. 3d, 1339. Brittania Ware, &c. &c. yfh-have Ten nnd Coffee Pots of V 7 American and English manufacture, of the very best qnnliiics also. MUGS, PITCHERS AND CUPS, Soup Ladles, plated Gravy Spoons, Ger man Silver Fish Spoons, Castors of various kinds, Brittania Lather nnd SnulT Boxes, Brittania Flasks with Cups, for huntsmen, hrgc nnd Btnnll Svrcngcs. SPITTOONS, Sfc, S(c. comprising a good assortment of good art i cles. PLATED SPOONS. Scvcrnl gross of Plated Tea nnd Table Spoons of different qualities, sizes nnd prices, nlso Cream Spoons, Sugar Tongs, Mustard and Salt Spoons, which wo can sell nt prices satisfactory to purchasers, nnd nt prices which no person will like to undersell. GERMAN SILVER. A good lot of Teas, Tables, Deserts, Creams. Sails, Mustards, Sugar Tongs, Forks, Fish Knives, &c. of the best quality, which will be sold as low ns can be had nny where, AND MARKED free of charge to the purchaser. We have whito German Silver which will not TURN YELLOW. PURE SILVER SPOONS. Wo nre now nnd nt nil timeH making in our shop in the rear ol the Variety Store, nil kinds of pure Silver Spoons, which we nro Belling ns low ns pure spoons can be bought nny where, AND NO CHARGE FOR MARKING. TI1060 wishing n superior made Spoon nnd n good silver Spoon, can find it at the Variety Store WATCHES AND CLOCKS hr Bale, of various kinds, warranted to keep good time. We have 601110 very liandsomo MAHOGANY CASED Clocks, which are an ornament to any PARLOR Wo will warrant every Clock to go well. We clean nnd repair nil kinds of Watches rnd Clocks, in our usunj good stylo, at the Vnriety Store. Oct. 4. PANonnrtN & BniNSMAw. Milton Lincoln's Estate. WE the Subscribers, having brnn np pointed by I ho Honorable tho Probnto Court lor the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine nnd adjust the claims and demands of nil per sons, ngainst tho estnto of Milton Lincoln, yeoman, late of Milton, in paid District, de ceased, represented insolvent, nnd nlso oil claims nnd demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months from tho day nf the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that wo will attend (0 tho business of our appointment, nt the dwelling of Anstress nnd Harriot Lincoln, in Milton, in said District, on tho 14th days of December nnd March next, at 10 o'clock, A, M., on each of enld days. Dated, this I4lli day of September A. D. 1830. E. WELLINGTON, Commit., H. BOflRDMAN, ( ,ioucrs, DR. jpSEPII MARSH BEING about to leave town for the winteY,hn,mado an a'rrangement with DOOr.'A. SlVjlTH, who will occupy Ins' office, and whom he lakes plcasuro in introducing to his friends and the public. INTENDING to remain permanently in this place, tenders his services to the inhabitants of Burlington nnd Vicinity, in the practice of medicine and Surgery, 2000 lbs. Maple Sugar, for sale by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Sept. 22, 1030. OLDRIDGE'S BALM OF COLUM t BIA FOR THE HAIR. Its posi tive qualities nrc ns follows : Ijjl-Tdr infant's keeping the head free from scurf nnd causing a luxuriant growth 01 hair. 2d For ladies after child-birth, resto ring the fkin to its natural strength nnd firmness, and preventing thi falling out of 1 no uair. 3d- For nny person recovering from any debility the same effect is produced. 4th Ifused in infancy till a good growth is started, it may bo preserved by attention to the latest period of life. 5th It frees the head from dandruff, strengthens the roots, imparts health nnd vigor to the circulation, nnd prevents, the uair irom ennnging colour or getting gray. ICPNo ladies' toilet should over be made without it. 71 h Children who have bv nnv means contracted vermin in the head, nro immedi. ately and perfectly cured of them by its use. It H infallible. A Case in Point I had unforl Inst nearly all I ho hair from the top of my head, when I commenced thn nun nf ilm Balm of Columbia, nnd have, bv thn use of iwu uoiiicb, nnu my nend covered with n fine growth of Hair. There can bo no mistnko in the matter, as nnv of mv friends con sec by calling on me. J had nlso become quite gray, but had the gray hairs plucked out ond it has crown in ns the Bnltn snys, of the natural color. If mw body doubts these facts, let them call uiio'n me and eeo. I hounlit the Balm of Com. stock f Co., 2 Fletcher street. A. RINGE, No. 19 cocnties slip, agent Detroit lino. New York, Nov. 9, 1838. None genuine without n snlendid steel plato engraved wrapper. Applv to Corn stock & Co., 2 Fletcher street, Now York. For sale at the Variotv Store hv Pn & Brinwfiiaid, Heman Allen, " vs. Curvm Holgate, . h Chancery. Isaac R. Haiuunoton & Er'rs of Samuel Holgate. J THIS above named Orator having filed his petition to the Supreme Court ol the State of Vermont, to be holdcn nt Burlington, within and for the county of Chittenden, ns a Court of Chancery, on the Thursday next preceding the first Tuesday of January, 1G40, setting forth that on the 24th day of August, 1031, ono Samuel Holgate executed to him a mort gage deed of lot No. 51, in the second division of tho original right of Philip French, junior, situated in Milton, in snid County of Chittenden, to secure him for signing a note with tho said Samuel, ns his surety to tho Branch Bank of the United Slates nt Burlington, in snid state of Ver mont, for the sum nf two hundred dollars, bearing date the said 24th day of August, 1031 which tho said Orator alleges ho has been compelled to pay and also to secure to him tho payment of his account on book, ngninst the sajd Samuql of three hundred dollars or thereabouts, which he alleges has not been paid. And further, setting forth that on tho 23d day of October, 1035, tho said Samuel executed his Morlgoco deed of the same premises to Curtis Holgoto, now of Port Defiance, in the stale of Ohio, 10 secure to him tho payment of a note of the same date, fur 704 dollars and 00 cents. And that since that time t lie said Curtis Holgnte has assigned nnd transferred to Isaac R. Harrington of Buflulo, in tho state of New York, said nolo nnd mortgage, who is now the owner thereof. And further, that on I he 25th day of July, 1335, tho snid Samuel Holgnte do censed, nnd that Margnret Holgnte, his widow, and Hnrvny Holgnlo, his eon, were appointed by his last will nnd trstnmcnt, executors upon his estate, who have proved the said will and become legallv authorized to execute snid trust. And praying that payment of his afore said chum may be made to him by some short day, to be set by the Court, and that in default thereof, a decree may be made, foreclosing nil right nnd title which in equity the snid Curl in Holgate, hnuc R. Harrington, or the Executors of Samuel Holgate may have to tho said premises. And whereas, it is made to appear to my satisfaction Hint the nforcsaid Curtis Uoignlc nnd Isnnc R. Harrington reside without this Stale It is therefore here, by ordered that they bo notified of the pendency of this bill, by the Orator causing the 8ubstnnco thoreornnd of this order, to bo published in the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper publishod at Burlinmon nfnro said, thrco weeks successively, the last of which biibii oe nt lenst lour weeks before Hie session of the Court, to which the said bill is made returnable. Given under my hand at Burlington, in the County of Chilicnden, this 10th day of oepicmuor, a, i) 1039. M. L. BENNETT, Chancellor. DIt, M. HITCHCOCK'S NEWLY IN VENTED SNUFF Tho best nrticlo over discovered by scientific Euronn or America, for tho euro and nbsolnto relief of Catarrh, Dizziness ol tho I lend, Weak Eyes, Nervous Headaches, Fallen sioknoss, Fits, nnd infants doubled with Suufllcs, partial shocks of Palsy, &e. For sale, wholesale nnd retail, by A. Hitch, cock & Co., solo proprietors, 117 Gcncseo street, Utica, and by their ngents throughout tho Unltod States nnd Canada. In Burling ton only by J. & J, II. PECK Co.. in Vcr- gonncs by J, II. BOWMAN, in Milton by tvuiTNKY, imnuun etiso,, 111 usorgia by Loronzo Janos, aug2 J A Jt K 8 M IT C II E L I, DRAPER & TAILOR, Corner of Church College-streets. BunttNOTOtf. Junk, 11)39. f 10 PHYSICIANS AND PAT1ENTS.- X Tho Blind Pilos, said to ho inctirnblo by external apphcalions.-Soloinon Havs war. rants tho contrary. His Liniment will euro Wind Piles. Facts aro moro stubborn than thcorio. Ho solicits all rcspoclablo Physi cians to try it upon their pationts. It will do thorn no harm, and it is known that ovo ry physician who has had tho honesty to make tho trial, has candidly admitted that it has succocdod in every caso thoy havo known. Then why not uso it ? It is tho recipe of ono of their most respectablo members, now do ccasod. Why rofuso to uso it ? Becauso it is sold as a proprietory medicino .' Is this a sufficient excuse for suffering their honest patients to linger in distress ? Wo think not. Physicians shall bo convinced that thero is no humbug or quackery about this aiticlo.-Why then not not alloviato human suffer in(? If they wont try it bofore, lot thorn after all other prescriptions fail. Physicians aro res. peclfnlly requested to do themselves and pationts thojustico to uso this arliclo. It shall bo taken from tho bottles, and dono up as their proscriptions if thoy desiro. Lot apply to Comstock Si Co., at tho Drug Store, no. v: riciciicr sirooi near roan, fvcw York SOLOMON HAYS. Sold Wholesale & Retail by Panodohn & Bhinsmaidi ( lbs. mixed Pins. 1 case American do 1 ' London do 1 ' Gorman do 25 gross Hook and Eyes 100 ' Hone Eylctts, just received bv VILAS. LOOMIS & Co. 9 C( Bbls. jYot-a Scotia PLASTER, for sale by P. DOOLITTLE. Burlington, Sept. 20. 1039. 2sT H WG OODS. P. DOOL1ITTL1E HAS just received n gcnernl nssortmnnt of NEW GOODS, which nro offer. cd nt tho very lowest prices. Those wish, ing to purchnse, may find it to their ad vantage to call and cxnmino them. Burlington, Sept. 20, 1039. Cw BUFFALO ROBES. . A FEW bales upper Missouri Buffalo ju.. in, u 111,11 mi run; iuw, ow Sept. 20. 1039. by P. DOOLITTLE. 1 GOODRICH has just received n Vy. large supply of nnner. nnd Iibb on hand 400 Renins, consisting of ouoriinc uemi writing, do English bank Post do Folio do do blue nnd white laid Cap do do do do Letter do Satin Vellum do do Wove do Cap nnd Letter do Salin Letter paper, gilt edge, do Note paper, gilt, various sizes do Commercial post. A vnriety of common Can. Letter. Envoi ope, blotting, coloured Pnpor, &c. &c. Having mode nn nrrnuirement with n manufacturer in Massachusetts for n supply of W mad, paper, by wlnch he recoil I it the usuahcnmmission, ruarantce. boxin" and freight cheaper than if purchased in incw lorK or lJoston, he is enabled to offer it on as good terms to dealers and others as it con bo purchased nbrond. Burlington. 26r7i Sept., 1 039. STRAY STEELl. STRAYED from tho pnsturo of Jed Sawyer in Milton, on or nbout tho 1st of July Inst, a dark red three year old steer, smnlhsli size. Whoever will civo information where said steer may bo found will he suitably rewarded on npplicntiori to the subrcribcr in Westford. or Jed Sawyer in Milton. ISAAC CHASE. Wcslfuril, Oct. 4. 1039. Have you a Cough? 70,000 DIE OF CONSUMPTION evoryycar in the United Stales, and millions suffer from troublesome coughs nnd cold, that can ho cured by Dr. M. Hitchcock's Vcgcla bio Virgin Cicam Coujh Drops, a safo mcdi. cal prescription, containing no poisonous drugs, and used in an cxlcnsivo practice for sovoral years, will most positively afford re. lief, and savo you from that nwful disease. pulmonary consum ption,which usually sweops into tho cravo hundreds of tho voutif . the nl.l tho fair, thu lovely and tho gay? Ilnvo you a cough? Bo porsunded to pur. chnso a bottlo of tho Cough Drops to-day ! To-morrow may bo too laic. Have you a cough ? Dr. Hitchcock's Veg. otablo Virgin Cream Cough Drops is tho only remedy you should take to euro you. For this plain reason ; That in no ono of tho tiiousand cases whore it has been used has it failed to relieve. Price, 75 cents por bottlo. For sale, wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co. No. 117 Gcncseo st., Utica, N. Y, And by their agents throughout tho United 1 States, and Canada. In Burlintrlon onlv b! ! J. & J. H. Peck & Co., in Vcrucnnes bv j. II. Uowmati, in Milton by Whitney, Landon & v-o., in ucorgia uy jjoronzo janes WORMS! WORMS! T0 romovo thoso troublcsomo and danger. X ous inhabitants of tho stomach and bow els, which so often impair tho health and do slroy the lives childron nnd adults, USE Doct. HI. Hitchcock's WORM TEA a. certain and safo preparation for tho romoval of tho vari ous kinds of worms that infest tho human svs tern. Wo say USE Dr. M. Hilchcok's Worm Tea, for this plain reason that in no ono of tho thousand casscs, whoro it has boon used agreeable to tho printed directions, lias it over laiicu. N.B. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Tea, as thero aro many nostrums abroad for too destruction ot worms. For salo wholosalo and retail by A. Hitch cock & Co,, solo nronriolors. 1 17 Goneson si. Utica, and by thoir agents throughout tho United States and Canada, In Burlington by J. & J. II. PECK it Co., in Vcrgenncs by Jt fl. Bowman, in Milton by JPhitnoy, London Si Co,, in Goorgia by Loronzo Janes. aug2 BLANKETS. HEAVY 12-4 Rose Blankets, do 10-4 colored Mackinaw do. bv Ocl. 10, 1030, H. VV. Catlim & Co.J Rev. 1. Coverts' HALM OF LIFE. ANEW AND VALUABLE REMEDY for thoso who aro afflicted with acute and chronic disoasos of tho Lungs' nnd Windnpb This medicine Is suited to all climates and to persons of all ages and soxes, will kcop for any lengin 01 limo, nnd may bo used with por. feci snfoty by porsons in tho most fccbUitato of health, as it contains no ingredients that can impair 1110 constitution undorany ciroura. stances. It will bo found ffroatlv sorviccablo in all diseases of tho Lungs and Brochia, such as phthisic, asthma, whooping cough, uroup, ncuioanu ciironic intlammation ol tho lungs and windpipe. By tho dyspoplic, it has been used with docic'od advantage, and is sorviccablo to persons laboring under debility ofany kind.if used according to tho directions. 10 mo consumptive, it has invariably afforded almost immediate relief, and in several instan ccs has wrought a pormanont cure. It Is not however, oxpectcd to effect a euro upon such as nro in tho last stages of tho disooso ; but oven to such, it will bo found to givo much rcliof.and greatly prolong that remnant oflifo which has become so noatly extinguished by tho dread destroyer. Tho subscriber havlnir w'ltnnscieil with nnin tho groat destruction of tho health and life of bo many of his follow beings by tho above enumerated and their kindred diseases, has with much study, caro and consultation, pre pared l.US valuablo medicine, which hn la wll. ling to submit to the most scrutinizing lest of 1110 mcaicai tacuity, nnd to rest its reputation upon their decision. Ho is ahoady assured, upon their testimony, that it is superior to any thing yet discovered. In confirmation of tho abovo remarks, lot tho following certificates from highly respect ablo physicians bear testimony. To all whom it may concern. This may certify that I havo examined tho Rev. Isaac Coverts' ingredients compounded under tho naino of tho Balm of Life, and believe said compound is happily calculated to relieve persons of all ngos and sexos afllictcd with acute and chronic diseases of the lungs and windpipe, as indicated by coughs, difficult breathing and pains in different parts of tho chest if administered undor suilablo circum. stances nnd in npprnpriato doses. Auburn, Aug. 31, 1839. Josnrn T.PiTNnY, Physician & Surgeon. To all whom it may concern. This may certify that I havo examined Rov. I. Coverts' Halm of Life, and boliovo it to bo one of the best medicines for coughs, consumptions, chronic inflammations of tho lungs and wind pipe, aruLmosl heartily .recommend its uso to all afllictcd with thoso dJsoa?cs. Faycttovillo, Sept. 27, 1038. John O. Shitman, M. D. This may certify that I havo examined tho component parts of Rov. I. Coverts' Ualm of Life, and think it a valuablo remedy for what it is recommended, and consider it nerfrf-ilv safo and judicious in such cases. Auburn, Aug. 31, 1830. N. Weaver, M. D. This may certify that tho Rev. I. Coverts has exhibited to mo tho formula by which ho prepares a medicino called tho Balm of Life, a preparation well suited as nn cxpoetornnt in coughs, consumptions, &c., and therefore wouiu Havo no hesitation in rccommendin as a safo and good medicine. Salina, July 12, iojo. a. 11. flnwcoMB, M.D., N. Y This may certify that I havo examined Rov. I, Coverts' Balm of Lifo.nnd mil nf nnin. ion that its combination and Infrodinnis am suited to acrcat variotv of chronin nflneiinna of tho lungs and bronchia, Auburn, Ail". 31. loau. IJOCt. K. Ilimriiiipvn Thiscorlificsthathavinrroxnminpil ilm I. Coverts' Rnlm ori.ifo in all il componont parts, wo do belicvo it to bo ono of tho best SSZZ rfflffiiS knowledge, and do most cordially recommend its uso to all afllictcd with tho abovo nnmnl uiseases. j w uaniels, ft, L. Salina. W J Lovejoy. M. D, Salina. G Neeuiiam, M. D. Onondaga. h LAwitENan.M. D. Baldwlnsvillo. I ins may cortily that I havo examined tho Rov. Dr. Coverts' receipt for making his Balm of Life, and from my acquaintance with tho intiuenco 01 its sovoral ingredients, should think it well calculated to givo satisfaction in tho diseases for which it is recommended. Utica, Juno 21, 1039. Wm. Morris, M. D. I do hereby certify that I havo examined tho formula of tho Balm of Life, and viow it ns a medicino well calculated for tho relief of Chronic Coughs and Catarrhal aflcctions, Albany, Juno 2J, 1839. John Wilson, M. D. I havo examined tho formula of tho Rov. I. Covcrle' Balm of Life, and approvo of its com. position. As an expectorant it is calculated' to bo efficacious in Chionic diseases of tho Bronchia, and also in indigestion, S R Kirby, M D Now York City, July 1, 1039. 1 cortify that I hnvu examined tho formula of tho Rev, I. Coverts' Balm, &c. and viow it as an expectorant, well calculated for Coughs, Chronic aflcctions of tho Lungs and Windpipe, nnd as a safo and useful rcmcdv. Albany, 25th Juna, 1039. C D Towjjsend, M D 1 havo examined a rccoipt for a compound called tho Balm of Life, in tho hands of Rov. L Covert, antl havo to stalo, that I consider it a safo and useful combination of medicino, calculated to bo very beneficial in Chronic dis oases of tho Lungs and Air passages. Troy, Juno 27, 1839. Avery J Skilton, Physician & Surgeon. I fully concur in tho abovo recommendation. T S UAniiETr, Phys. &. Surgeon, N Y city. Wo cortify that wo have examined lliorecinc for preparing tho Rov. I. Coverts' Balm of U ,' . U"V0 V. 10 , , f a . anl Juillolous combinalion, well calculated to relieve the Life, and bohvc H to bo a safo and judicious cuiiipiuiiiis tur which iim rccomineiiucu. Troy, N. Y. A Si L Strecter, M D This may cortify that I havo examined a rccipo picsontcd to mo by I. Covert. It appears to bo well calculated to raliovo irritation of tho bronchial colls and affections oftho Lungs ond plura and all Chronic disea ses of tho Chest. As an expectorant it might with proprioty bo prescribed in most cases whoro an urliclo of that kind was indicated, R. Glover, MD New York, July 9, 1839. Sold by J. & .. , PECK Si Co., Hurling. Ion, Vermont. Brushes of nil kinds. Hair Brushes ofabout 20 different kindr, Flesh Ilrushcs, Clothes Ihuslics 4 kinds, In. funtH Brushes, Nail Brushes G kinds, Hearth brushes 2 kinds, Shoo Brushes, Brushes for Plato, Lnlhor Brushes, Tablo Brushes, Hat Brushes 3 kinds Tooth Ilrushcs (1 kinds, Comb Brushes or cleaners 3 kinde, Floor Biushos, Blacking,Watch Brushes, French Hair Brush es, constituting as lino an assortment of good Brushes as has over been offered in this Mar ket, many of our Brushes oromado with (ho host Bolectod stiff whito BRISTLES and with roto Wood backs, and nro sold about as cheap as Iho tho tawdry painted Brushos so commonly seen in tho Country, Wo in vito an examination of thoni at tho Variety Staro. PANnmiRM & RniNfiuiin. CopartncrshipDissolved. THE Copartnership hcrotoforo existing undor the nomo V, C. SnMrsoN & Co. was dissolved by mutual consent July 12th. All porsons indobtcd to mid firm, nrn re. qucstod to mako payment to Edward Brin Icy, laic Junior Partner, who is authorized to liquidate all Coparncrship concerns. And nil persons who have claims ngninst snid late firm, will present the same to said Edward Brinloy for payment, by whom the business will bo continued ns nsual, W. C. SriMPsorr, EnwAnn BniNLF.v. WHOLESALE DRUG STORE rTlIIE subscriber recently of tho firm of JL W. C. Stimpson & Co., having ta ken tho stock and stand lately belonging to tho same, now offers for sale on most liberal terms, n very large assortment of DRUGS MEDICINES PAINTS AND 'DYE STUFFS. From arrangements he has entered into, he will constantly be receiving full Impnrta' lions of English, French nnd India Drugs, which, with the following, will be offered unusnnlly low. 5000 Camphor 2 enscs Turkey Opium 10 do Liquorice Pasto 5000 do Liquorice Root 300 do Cnlomol 300 do Red Prccipitato 500 do Tartar- Acid 1000 do Eng. Sup. Carb. Soda 100 Boxes Castile Sonp 200 07.. Sulp. Qtiinino 2 Cans Ess. Lemon 2 do Ess. Bnrgnmot 100 07.. Firs. Benznn 200 do Oil Peppermint 20 Casks Sal Soda 2000 do Arrow Root 1000 do, Turkey Gum Myrrh 50 Bbls. Epsom Salts 20 Bales Bottlo Corks 100 Pncknces apothecaries Glass-ware 50 Bales India Sncnn 25 Casks White Lead 20 Cases Shellac 15 do Copal India 20 Kegs Paris Green 6 Hhds. Madder 50 Bbls. ground Camwood 200 do do Dye Woods 10 do Blue Vitrei 100 Carboys Oil Vitriol. Dealers in Druns. Manufacturers. Phv. sicons &c. aro respectfully invited in null when wanting to purchase, or forward their orders' which will receive tho most prompt attention. EDWARD BRINLEY, No. 3 & 4 South Side Old Funicul Hall, August 2, 1039. Boston. WM. C. ST JM2PS03XT & CO THE Co-partnership heretofore existing under this nnrnc nt Store No. 3 and 4 south side Fnnieul Hnll, Boston, was dis solved July 12, Inst, nnd JED WARD BRINLEY, LATE Junior Partner in snid concern, having boon duly appointed legal successor to the snmo. will conlinuo the business nt tho old stand ns formerly, and liquidate all copartnership obligations. In addition to his present extensive slock, he will constantly be receiving lare importations of 0 0 Drugs, Medicines, Paints DYE-STUFFS, Which will be offered at prices lower than elsewhere in tho city. Tho Patrons of the old firm, the friends oftho subscriber, nnd the public in general, may be assured of his best exertions to please alike in qual ity nnd price. And nro respectfully solici ted to call, when wishing to purchase, as his terms arc more I linn commonly inducing. EDWARD BRINLEY, No. 3 nnd 4 south side old Fnnieul 3m Sep. 10. Hall, Boston. Important to the Ladies. JUST received, nnd for salo by J. ft J. II. PECKS? Co.. Burlington, n lew boxes of Reynold & Parmelv's eclebrnted FEMALE HEALTH RESTORATIVE. If is designed puriicularly for tho diseases peculiar to tho Female constitution. A more efficacious remedy of this kind, has long been wantc-j, as many of those diseas es have baffled thu skill of the most eminent physicians, and nil the remedies heretofore Imvo proved ineffectual, in thousands of cases. This medicine invariably removes obstructions, regulates in most cases of painful, too frequent, or profuse minstrua lion, and has cured the most obstinate cases ol Fluor Albus or whites, nnd as a mother's relief, it is not equalled by any other mcdi. cine. It is recommended by many of the most eminent physicians in the United Slates. Doct. J. Morison, from Colcrain, Mass. who has practiced medicine boipo twenty years at Oneida, N. Y. eays relation to it. 'That it is the best medi cino now in uso. In cases of retintion, or suppression ol tho minscs, I think it will susinin the appellation of specific. I have tried it in the worst casos, with admirable success, nnd I wish for the good of suffering lemaies, mat nil physicians would introduce it in their practice, nnd I have confidence to belicvo they would find happy results, ns I have found the pills to nnswor fullv their recommendation." Doct- R. R. Davis, of Syracuse, tells a similar story. and many others. For further information, you nro referred to tho persons whoso names nre annexed to our Bhow bills, nnd also to pamphlets, left with our naenls for gratiluous distribution. Price $2 per box, containing nearly 100 pills. Prepared ond sold wholesale and retail by Reynolds & t'arineiy, 1'ittsioru, Monroe co., N, Y. Bold nlso by F. Huntington, Vcrgenncs ; Moody & Adams, Middlebury; Jackson & Ketch, am, Brandon; S. & T. Whito & Co., Rutland; D. H. Meachnm.M. D., Walling, ford; A. R. Vail & Co., Danby; I). An drews, Manchester; Merrill & V. D. hpicgel, Bennington; and Willieton & Tyler, Bratlleborough. aug7-ly WHEREAS Clarissa, my wife, has left my bed and board without any just provocation, thoreforo I forbid all porsons harboting or trusting her on my account, I shall pay no debts of her contracting nftcr this dote. ZBRAH BURDICK, Watford, Sept, 30, 1039, BEER. rpHE Burlington Brow cry having been rebuilt during tho past season, will bu put in operation ou Tuesday next, nnd will, in a few doys, ba prepared to nnswor orders for BEEA, to nny cxient, The nppnratus is all now, nnd of tho mtist approved construction; ond il a first rate brewer good materials, nnd a firm resolve on tho part of tho pro prietor to furnish a superior article of beer, can avail nny thing, my custnmors shall find no cause of complaint. The public nro respectfully invited to givo tho new establishment a fair trial. GEO. PETERSON. Uurlinglon, Sept, 20, 1039. J1I1L subscriber would respectfully inform X tho inhabitants of Burlington that by tho earnest solicitation of a number of gcntlemon residing in and adjacent to said town, ho has been constrained to establish a SASII FACTORY, nt Colchester Falls, (ono milo from tho Court rouso,in Burlington,) whoro ho will bo happy to supply all those who may wish to purchase Window Sash or Blinds. His long oxperionco in tho abovo business warrants him in assuring all thoso who mny favor him with thoir patron, ago, that they may depend upon a first rato article, as ho is determined to employ nono but first rato workmen ond his stock will bo of tho very best materials. Orders from a distance addressed to tho subscriber at Bur lington, Vt. will bo thankfully received and promptly attended to. SIDNEY 6iV7r. Co'chcster Falls, August 5, 1839. N. B.-All work warranted lo bo good, or no sale. Any sizo or quantity of Sa6h,fur. nished to order. ,p WINDOW SASII. JUST received 15 20 Si 24-7 by a casements of sash, a first rato article, at 3i and 3J cts. per light. Also.allkindg and sizes, furnished to order. Tinonrfnrnrf-, PI,.). Load, a first rato article, for sale very low together with a great variety of other articles,' as cheap as can bo found at any other cstab, lishmciit in tho place. Geo. Peterson 3 TO MANUFACTURERS & OTHERS. ?jTUIE Providence Wa h-ngton Inurancu Company, in Providence Rhode-I'-'nnil, continue to Insure aga'iiRt loss or damage bv riff, 011 Chiton," Wollen, ant other Manufactories, Buildings, and Men cliandisc. on favorable terms. This Compauy is well known to the Mnnufocturrrs of New-England, and pos sesses their full confidence. The Company was incorporated A. D. 1000. The Capitol Slock is -200.000, all paid in many ymrd since, and'well secured in Bank Stocks ond Real Estate. Tho Directors are. SULLIVAN DORR. BENJAMIN HOPPIN, MOSHS 15 IVES, HENRY P. FRANKLIN, ROBERT H. IVES, ELISHA DYER, CARLO MAURAN. CHARLES JACKSON, WILLIAM BUTLER. Manufacturers and other? wishing for Insurance, nre requested to direct their np. plications (which should bo accompanied with n particular description of tho prop, erty,) por mail, to the President or Secre tary of the Company, nnd the same will ho attended to promptly. SULLIVAN DORR, President. Watuibn S. Gr.r.ENE. Secretary. Providence Washington Insurance Providence, R. I. 1039. ) ly.f. 5 II A I IN-.II A I II . BALDNESS. Important Discovery. THE GREAT MYSTERY FOUND OUT AT LAST. DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENERA TOR. Dr.Storry. after much attention to tho important subject of preserving tho hu man hair, has, aftor many experiments, chomi. cal and physical, been ablo to discover an arti cle, which is now offered with the greatest confidence- for iho toilet, as tho host thing over discovered, Trom its softening and penetrating quality, to produce a good head of hair to prevent it from falling oil' when baldness is apprehended to rcstoio it when baldness baa taken place, and to prevent il from turning gray. It is moro nourishing than pomatum, antique oil, or cologno water. It is a boauti ful articlo for ladies curls it makes tho hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brill aucy. Thousands havo tcstod its superior yirluos and oxcellonco, ond in ovory instnnco it stands unrivalled, It is an infallible euro in all affections of tho skin on tho head as dandruff, &c. &c. Every family should bo supplied with a bottle of this oil, that by its application to tho head and hair of their chiN dron, tho beautiful and ornamental appendago ofafinohend of hair, which naturo has sup pliod us, may bo preserved, From tho numer ous certificates ami recommendations received of its salutary influouco, tho Doctor feels firm. )y persuaded ho has succcodcd in producing and articlo which will mcot tho desired wishes and approbation of Ihe public. r or sale, wholcsalo and retail, by A, HITCHCOCK & Co., 117 Gonesco stroot, Utics. In Burlineton only by J. & J. H. Peck & Co in Vorgonncs by J. II. BOWMAN, in Milton by WHITNKY, LANDON Si Co,, In Georgia by LORENZO JANES. j20 GRINDSTONES & PLASTER AL irgo assortment of Water nnd Hand Grindstones, and Plaster in any quan tity, constantly on hand nnd for salo by Soui,e, Wiutnkt &. Co., 4, South st. Now York, and by tho subscribers at No. 7, L Wharf, Boston. SPRAGUE, SOULE & Co. June 17. i.O.m FIBB INSITKANOB.

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