Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 25, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 25, 1839 Page 1
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NOT T II K G I. O It Y OF CiESAll II V T T II E WELFARE OF R O M E BY II. B. STACY FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2&, 1839. VOL. XIII TVo.G4A GATHERING OF THE FIRST CHURCH IN QUINCY, MASS. The two hunurodth utinivorsary of the gathering of the First Congrcgrntional Church nt Quincy, was celebrated on Sun. clay, nt the now Granite Cliurch in lliat town. An historical discourse was deliv ered by the Rev. William P. Lunt. the junior pastor. In the morning, he bronchi the hi-lo-y of tho Church clown to 1733, ontl conelutleil its account to tho prctcnt time, in the afternoon. The discourse was listened to with attention, by n large con gregation, ami we hope it may be primed lor Ui'i reiicral benefit of all who love onti- nnarian research and the church lore of New Encrland. In courso of the service the following original Hymn, written by the venerable ex-President John Quincy Adams, was sung: THE HOUR GLASS. Alas ! hnw sivifi the moments fly 1 How fl.uh the jc.hb along ! Sciiice licic, jet gono nlicady by ! Tho liiirden of a song. Seo childhood, mith, nnd ninnliood pass ; And ago uilh finroiv'd l)rov ; Timf! Time shall be, drain (lie glass But where in time is now 1 Time Is ilia measure but of change ; No picscnt hnnr is found. The pant t lie future fill the range Of Time'!! unceafina round. Whcie iheci is now J In iralms above ! Willi (Jud' atoning Lamb, In regions f Eleiniil Love, Wheic sitscnihioned 1 am. Then, Pilgrim, let iliy joys and tear On Time no longer lean : Hut beaceforili all thy hopes and fear I'loni Earlh's afltT.lions wean. To God ! let voliic ncccnts rise ; Willi trulli with virtue Hie ; So all die Bliss thai timo denies, Eternity thall give. The following psalm from the collection of 1 6-10. (the fust book ever printed in America) nnd of which Pierce in his His tory of Harvard gives the subjoined ac count, was n ln Fling being deaconed jrend and sung, line by line alternately,) in con'iiriniiy with ancient usaeo. Tho fnl hurts of New England were iliatisfied with Iho version of the Psalms then in nee, which was that of Slcrnhold nml Hopkins, and several of the principal ministers, nuiorig tlierii were Mr. Weld nil Mr. EUiolt. of Roxbury, nod Mr. Mather, ol Dorchester, undertook to fur mh one. The fruit of their united labors was fimt given to the world, in 1040, from iheprpsat Cambridge." Piorcc's His lory of Harvard University. I'SALM 102. Tune : Old Hundred. My davs as fdindows decline : And like the withered grass mid I, Dili thou, hold, dost ubidc for aye ; And thy name to Eternity. Tliy years throughout nil ages are. Thou lust the K.irlh' foundation laid I'm- elder lime : nnd heavens be The uoik which thine own hands lne made They perifh shall, but llinu t-lia It stand : 'I hay all us g.umenis dull decay ; And sis a wearing vesnment Tbou shall iheni change, and chang'd are they But thou art ev'n die same ; thy years They never shall consumed be, Thy servants children shall abide, And llieir teed 'dabhshi belore lliee. JSojioii Transcript. LEGISLATURE OP VERMONT. HOUSE. Tuesday Oct. 15. "By Mr. Sanborn, directing tho coin, of Ways and Mentis to inquire whether the salary of Superintendent of Stale Prison may not bo reduced, ur that office abolish cd : adopted. The chnir announced the joint commit tee, on the part of the Houe, rclativo to the revised laws; Messrs. Brown, JJaxtcr, Chandler. On Hun Its, (revised.! Messrs Ktusman, Butler, Sprague, Smith, of Putney, Ells worth. On Clalmt, Messrs Baxter, Huntington, llnzen, Kellogi:, Enger. Petitions. 0( Weft ford ortillery com pany, referred to Committee on military affairs : of sundry inhabitants of Windham and ol Zadock Lawrence and others, laid on the table ; of inhabitants of Pnullney nnd vicinuv for a Hank, to committee on Uank9 ; of Samuel Simonds. to committee on Claims : of Iauc Baldwin and others, nnd Geo. Fisher and others, to comtniilce on tcmperonee memorials; of ArtPinns lilood end others, to coinmittoo on milita ry nfTiiirs. Tho HniiPO proceeded In tho election of auditor in the treasury department, when on nomination of Mr. Miner, CHARLES DAVIS, Esq. of Danvillo was unanimous ly elected. Mr, Chandler called up the resolution, introduced on a previous day by Mr Part. Ttdgo, approving tho sub lieaeury schemo nnd intruding our delegation according ly ; and Mr C. moved an amendment, nil verso to that measure, and accordingly instructing tho Vermont delegation lo vole against it. Mr. Partridge oxpresod a desiro lo nmend tho original resolution bv with drawing the part approving tho specie clauso of tho sub treasury bill, and pro renting U in a separate resolution ; but the motion was overruled by tho chair, un til tbo amendment of Mr. Chandler should fust liavo been disposed of. Mr. Brown said I lint ho was not pro pared either for a discussion or a decision upon this question ; he had not for him self sufllciently examined the sub trcasii. ry bill, and moved to lay the resolutions and amendments upon the I able. After some further discission by Mosrs Fair, banks, Fullam, Dillingham nnd others, Mr Chandler acceded lo the motion of Mr. IJrown, nnd the resolutions were, laid on the table, mndo the order of thn day for to-morrw morning, nnd 500 copies ordered to bo prinled. Adjourned TUESDAY. O'CIOCK, Senate Reports By Iho com. on Education, the bill establishing nn ncodc my m Ennsbtirgh, ordored to bo engrossed and rend the ihird tune By tho commit- on on banks, the resolution relating to mo Windsor and Essex banks, with a. pro posed amendment, which was read, and the report and amendment laid upon the table, on motion of Mr. Cobb. Bills. Uv Mr Converse, lo compen sate the supcrinlendnnt of tho Vermont States Prison ; rend twice and rclcrrcu to the committee on financo ; reported by the p.nrnmittcp. without amendments, and nnsed lo be engrossed. Mr Lawrenco introduced a resolution instructing the com. on miliiary nfTiiirs to acerinin the expense of military court marshals, nnd tho amount of monies ceived for lines, tho last year ; read nnd passed. Thn Senate met llio Houso in joint As scmbly, returned and adjourned. HOUSE. Pei7t7on.--Oi Jabez Hazcn and others laid on tho (able. Rcmonstrnnco of Sam uel Whitnev and others, referred lo select committee nn notilinn ol Philo Hatch tnd others. Of sundry inhabitant of Albany Johnson, nnd Jamaica, to com. on lem nnrnnnn Memorials. Of inhabitants of Cnbot for rechnrter ol too tinim oi i,aic dnnia referred In com. on Bonks. Of sun dry persons of Charlotte and Jamaica, re lerroil to com. on slavery. Bs.--Bv Mr. Brown, for payment ot the militia called out for I he defence of the northern frontier, tho past winter, referred to tho com. un Military Affairs, By Mr Miner, to G. H. Smith, certain Bum. re ferred to com. of Cairns ; in favor of John M. Potter and others, lo snmo committee By Mr Bridgman, relative lo highways, referred to com, on Roads nnd Canals. Resolutions. Bv Mr. Brnoks.instructing General Committee to inquire into the expediency of paying jurors, before justice courts, 0 cents per mile travelling cacti way ; adopted. I he chair aunounccu tno loilowtug com. miltecs ; On so much of the Governor's message as relato td distribution of school money: Messrs Fisk of Eden. Fillmore. Wells, Jnckon. Stack.'Gowdey, Stowt!, Bngham of Brookfield, Parker of Willistoo, War ner of Georgia. Hnrvcy of Pcacham, Cook of Cral'ti-bury. RchntT, Ladd. On petition of Philo Hnicli nnit oiners : Messrs Porter, Hodges, Fairbanks. Mr. Partridge called up his resolutions on the subject of vested rights, this morn ing introduced and advocated them at length. Tho Senate came in, nnd the joint as sembly made tho following appointments. Ciias. K. Williams, Chf Jus Son Court. Stephen Ilovcn, first Assisiunt Judge. Jacob CoM.AMRIt, 2d " " Issaac F. Rr.nnEi.i, 3d " " Mii.o L. Bennett, 4lh " All unanimously, save the 4th Assistant Justice, lor which oflicti, Mr. Bennett. (nominated by Mr. Huntington) received 132 vote and Charled Linslcy, (nornina. teij-by Mr. Brown.) received 119 voles scattering 4, Mr. Brown movpil lo postpone the clcc lion of superinlendant of the State Prison; opposed by Senator Pierpuint and rejected 118 to 92 ; when, Hon. MILTON BROWN, was pledod. (Milton Brown 130. Jepthn Bradley 120. Commissioners of Deaf, Dumb, ana Blind' Charles Hopkins, of Windsor. (Hopkins 131. O. C, Merrill 116.) A- G. Whiilcmnrc, of Milton. (Whittemoro 129. Wyllys Lyman 90.) Jjcnnaru cargeani,ot iwnnciiestor, (Snrgeont, 120, L. B, Vilas 100 ) The Senate withdrew oud the House adjourned. SENATE. Wednesday, Oct. 10, 1039, Praver by Rev. Mr. Sinilh, of iho Muth odtst Church. Dills, Establishing an nendemy nl Enn-burch, mad the third time and passed to compensate tho Suporinlendant of tin: Vt, State prison, read the third tunc and passed. Resolutions. Relating to Windsor nnd E?ex Bank", called up by Mr. Cobb, reso lotion nnd amendment proposed by com mitten on Banks rend. Tho proposed am endmcnt provides fur the appointment ol a committee to visit ihoso hanks, nnd cciluin nil the facts in iho caso and report lo the Lccislaiuro at its pieceni session Mr. Cobb opposed I he amendment, mid preferred the resolution as it came from thn House, with a slight nmendtnont. A debate of some interest ensued, by Messrs Edson urn! Cobb, against tho proposition to send a committee of investigation, and Messrs. hittrtdge and Pierpoinl, in lavnr when Mr. Tracy moved so to amend the amendment, thai Iho committee have dts cretionnry power to visit Windsor and Essex, ur not, as may bo judged necessary Mr Tracy's amendment was adopted. Mr. Edgcrtoa moved so to nmend, that tho conimiitpo bo appointed by tho President of tho Senate nnd Speaker of tbo Houso, instead of by joint ballot of both houses. After remarks by Messrs, Pierpoinl mid Kittridgo, Mr. Edgerlon withdrew his mo tion, and the amendment proposed bv tho committee to the original resolution was ndoptcd, providing for n committee of in vestigatinn, to bo nnpomled by the Senale and the House. Senate Adjuurncd. HOUSE, Prayer by Rev. B. W. Smith. Resolution. By Mr Dillingham, re ferring so much of Governor's message us rolotes to bank lo com. on banks. By Mr Partridge, for the suppression of Finall bills, laid on tho loble, By Mr Porter, referring part ol the Governor' message to nnin. on Military AITdirs. adopted. Bith introduced. Bv Mr Jackson, re pealing Iho net of last year, relating to re tailors of spirit", referred lo cammiltoo on that subject. By Mr Mattock, Tcclisr lering the Bank of Caledonia, referred to com. on Bank". By Mr. Bench, relating In deeds nnd land conveyances, referred to General conimitteo. By Mr rultam, in. corporating the Freehold Bank at Felcli ville, rclcrrod to com. on Banks, By Mr. Slrong, taxing lands in Browningtnn, and Mr Pennnck, taxing Lnmoilie county, re ferred lo Land Tax Committee, Bv Mi Eames in eddttnn In militia act, referred to committee nn Military Affairs. By Mr McLaughlin appointing n commttee to in quire into the expediency of fixing upon some one place lo hold I he courts in Bmi- uiiigloti Co., laid on the table. From the Senate, establishing an Acndcmy in Enos burg, referred to com, on Education ; to compensate Superintendent of Vermont Males Prison, otdered lo a 3d reading lo morrow morning. Tho accounts of Charles D Kasson nnd others ogainsl tho slate wero referred (o com. on Claims. Petitions, Of O Ktmplon and others to cencral Government. Of inhabilnnls of Worcester to common Temperance Mem nriale. Of Wm, Brodford, in com. oi Claims, For tax on Grocnsbnro' and Wor. cester, lo Land Tax Committee. Of citi zens of Duminerston, relative to Putney poor house, lo General Committee. Of inhabitants of Sheffield for bonk of Cale donia.of IFatton Brown nnd 3G0 others, referred to com. on Banks. Ol A. Phelps and of J. Warren and others, for ferries, referred, after some discussion by Messrs Hazen, Brown, JFnrner ef Newhaven, & Needham to select com. of three. Of inhabitants of St. Johnsbury, to com. Temperance Memorials. The resolutions of Mr. Partridge, vested rights, under considerations nt the odjournment yesterday, were laid on the table. Mr. Partridge called op his sub treasury resolutions, when Mr. Chamberlain moved to dismiss tho resolutions. This motion opened the way for a discussion directly upon the merits ol the original resolution which wero in Ihoso words : Whereas, When ihn present cnnstilu lion of tho United States was ndoptcd, provision was mode therein, for a public treasury as n depository lor the public monies, which public treasury, evidently could not have been intended or under stood by tho framers of the constitution lo mean n bank or banks, as very few bank wero then in existence : and whereas it of the utmost importance for faciliating the operations of Iho government that all the fiscal agenla cmploved in the collection safe-keeping and disbursement of Iho public niDtieys, should bo entirely under Ihn control of Iho government, nnd be held strictly responsible to it. for the cor rect and faithful discharge nf their duties under such penalties as Congrces shall by law prescribe, Whereas banks, incorporated by th Slates nrc not thus under tho control of, nor responsible to the general govermont tliorelore, Resolved, That it is expedient there should be nn entire separation of llio fis cal concern of tho General Government from all hanks whatever. Resolved, That our Senators nnd Rep resentatives in Cungress, bo earnestly re quested to uo iheir bot exertions, at the ensuing session nf Congress, to favor the passage of n law Foiinrnliug the fi-cal con- conn of the government from ull banks, nnd for the establishment of an indepen dent treasury, on Hie principles, evidently contemplated by the frnmers of Iho Con stitution, providing for the collection of public revenue in thn constitutional cur rency of the United Slates, viz: Gold and Silver. Mr. Partridge sustained the resolution in a speech nl length, with llio exception of the Specie clause, (iho wnrtt part of the scheme, perhaps,) reserving I hat for n soparnto consideration. Mr Fairbanks followed in reply, nnd had not concluded when the House ndjuurncd. Wednesday. 2 o'clock P M. Senate. Mm purninnt to adjournment onu having no business upon Ihn table. Adjourned. HOUSE. Petitions, Of inhabitants of Brandon and Morri-iiowii, referred to com. on Teui pnranco Memorials; of inhabitants of Bran don to com. on Slavery ; of E. W. Sher man and others, students nf Middlebnry, praying to havo their rights an freemen mnro particularly defined by law, In com of Claims, which will hu noticed when reported to tho House. On pnlition of Abel Phelps nnd others, lor n lerry, Messers Martin, Bridgman Slack. 1 he Houso resumed consideration ol Mr. Partridge's sub-treasury resolutions, Mr Fairbanks concluded his remarks ngtiinst the resolutions, followed by Mr Fullam who opposed both the resolutions and llio motion to dismiss, as ho desired to retain them for amendment ; by Mr. Minor against, the resolutions. Tho latter gentleman had not concluded when (hu House adjourned. SENATE. Thursday, Oct. 17. This morning being the timo for joint assembly, little business, other than tho pu'fontntion of petitions, nnd tho receipt nnd disposal nf a communication from the Governor, trntmniltlng repnrln of the Quarter Master General; of Iho commis sioners Denf. Dumb nnd Blind; of the Auditor in thn Treasury Department: nnd on tho school nnd safety lund, was trans mitted to the Sonaie. Adj. HOUSE. Prayer by Rev. S. Ivellpgg. Mrsirs Fnirbnnk-i nnd Purler were ex cused from the com. on the petition for repealing the rhnrter of tho village of Woodstock, nnd Mesirs Wentworlh and Martin wore nppointcd in their places. Mr Bean of Sharon, presented his crc lentmts nnu wns sworn. Mr Kellogg called up the resolution for joint nsscnibly to elect Srcrelnrv of Stuip, Sergeant at Arm, nnd Auditor of Accounts neainst the elate; Friday morn ing was nxed upon, and tho resolution adopted. bevernl pelitioni werj inferred, and will bo noticed as reported upon. Resolution By Mr Stone, for Thnnk3. giving Dec. 5th ; laid upon Iho table. viusuy ole Wheeler, in addition to no roau ncis, relerred to committee on Roads nnd Canals. Bv Mr Fairbanks, in addition to net incornorniinfr Norlhrield Factory Firo Co. referred to General Committee. By Mr Mntlocks. for relief of Daniel Mccdcr, referred to com of Ways and means. Uy Mr Baxter, taxing Chit lenden Co., referred lo members of that county. 1 ho bsnate bill to compensate the Superintendent of ihn State Prinon was rend a 3d time and laid on tho table By Mr Miner, to divide the county of Ben ninglon, and foitn n new county by the name ol Manchester: laid upon the table 1 he Seualc came in. and the mint asseta uly made the lollowmg nppninlnients: Bennington Co. Samuel Wright, ) . . . , T .. ... . ,, ... Assistant Justices JliVAniiutT ii trr., Richmond Fisk. Sheriff. SamuolAmes. High BailitT. Harmon Canfteld, Stales Attorney Artomas MatlCMin, Judge of Probate for the district of Bennington. Loren Dean, Judge of Probate, for the district of Manchester. John C Robcrie, A'vnn F. Mcrritnan Abrain B. Straight, Commissioners for jail at Manchester. O. C. Merrill. Stephen Robinson. Joel C. Rouse, commissioners for tho jail at Bennington. Moses Mellon, Inspector of Hops. Chittenden Co. Wm. Wood, ) . . ,. Stephen Byington. Ass 1 Ju5t,ces' Geo. A. Allen, Sheriff. Horse Ferris, High BailifF. David French, States Attorney. Charles Rusell, Judge nf Probate. Isroel P. Richardson, Henry B. Stacy John K Urny.jaii commissioners. Levi Whitcomb, Inspector of Hops. OnANOE Co. Daniel Cobb. ) . ... .. Joshua Dickinson, Ass 1 Just,ces' Martin Flint, Sheriff. Josiah While. High Bailiff. EIMm Far. States Attorney. Calvin Ulodgett, Judge of Probate, for district of Randolph. Josiah Dana, Calvin Blodgctt, Elihu Norton, jail commissioners. Washington Co. Wm. M. Pingrv, ? . T . Homco Ilolhster, J Ass t Justices. John Starkweather. Sheriff. Levi Smith, High Bailiff. 1). P. Thompson, Judge of Probate. 1 Ims. Needham, Silas C. French. Wooslcr Sprague, jail conitniisioocrs. J. W. Curtis, Inspector of Hops. Windsor Co. Joel Lull, Sheriff. Barnabn Dean, High BaililT. Edwin Hutchinson. States Attorney. Tims. F. Hammond, Judge of Probate, for iho district of Windsor. Walter Palmer, Eltphalot Dunham, Simon Warren, jail commissioners. The committee nppninted last year to examine and report ns lo the location ol Caledonia county buildings, mado repoil favorable to a renmal from Danvillo. but without dcgnating any place to which the removal bo made. Alter soiiiu discusHon by Mcs-rs Fairbanks, Chandler, Mittorks. and Needham, a motion, made by the first named gentleman, to lay the report on th" table, for tho purpose of being printed, was rejected. Mr Chandler moved to refer tho report to llio members from Caledonia' county, nnd nfier further discussion by Messrs Fairbanks Chandler, Bard, Hnzon. Buscomb and Needham, tho motion was carried. 151 to 50. Mr Hnywnrd called up iho bill rolotive In the placu of holding courts in Benning ton county, and moved its reference lo tho tnemburs from that county: agreed to. Tho report of the Quar. Ma-ter General was referred lo the com. on Military Afl'nrs. Tho House resumed consideration uf Hie resolution on Ihn suh'treasury hill. Mr Miner concluded his remarks ngamst the resolutions, and tho House adjourned. TnurtKDA y 2 o'clock, P. M. Senate. By the commuter! on bills, a bill to establish the boundary lino bat ween tho towns of Weslmmter and Athens; read thn first and second lime ; nnd or dered to hu engrossed and read u third lime. Resolutions. From llio House a resolu tion fixing on Friday morning next to elect nn Auditor of accounts against the State, secretary ol Slato. and Snrgeant nl Arms, in which tho Senate resolved to concur. Reviud Laws. Mr. Pierpoinl, moved thai Iho Setiuin go into cummitlco of the whole, and lake up for consideration the first chapter of revised laws reported by lha committee; McssiB Kituidgc, Robin son and Tracy opposed the motion for tho reason that no rules lor the government of llio Senate, upon Iho subject, ho yet been reported ; advocated by Mr, Pierpoint, for tho reason that tho Senate had nothing else lo do. At tho suggestion of Mr. Kittridgo, that hoi had o resolution lo introdiico relating to this eubtect, Mr. 'ierpoint withdrew hu motion. Resolution. By Mr. Kittridgp. provi ling thnt when Iho Legislature adjourn lo meet at the stole Houso in Monlpelier on Iho first day of January next, for the pur pose of acting upon the report of the com. mittpo appointed by the Gov. to reviso the statuto Inwsof this slate ; and that n com- miltco of Ion from the House nnd five from iho senate, be appointed to examine; the reported laws during Iho recess. Rend, nnd after remarks by Mesirs Kitlride, tobinson, Robinson, Pierpoinl, Tracy and Converse, Mr. Pierpoinl moved that the resolution bo laid upon the Uhlo. This motion was negatived, when the debate was resumed by Messrs. bnlon and Con verse, nnd the resolution pasard, yeas 10, nays 11 : from the House, proposing rules for considering the rpport of tho committee on the revised statutes, which wero read nnd laid on the table, when the senate ad journed. HOUSE. Tho chair appointed the following com mittee on tho petition lor the annexation of a part of Acton nnd Jamaica to Wind ham 'Messrs Smith ol Putiipy, Went worth, Stark, Smith of Londonderry, Now ell. The petition for the annexation of pari of Elmore lo Morrtslowii was laid on the table, the former vote of referenca having been reconsidered. Pefih'on iVc Of fi. D. Barber: Bgainst the right of Mr Gowdoy of Middlebuty to a seal in House, referred to com. of Elec lions. Of certain citizens of be annexed to St. George, referred to com. ol Claims. Petition of 92 voters of Shef field for, and remonstrance from same town against, removing Caledonia Co. buildings, were refe.rrecd lo the members ol that counlv. Claims nf E. B. Whiting and Wm W Goodell against the state, re ferred to com, of Claims. Of Francis Cushman, to cum. nn Roads nnd canals, nl-to sundry remonstrances against his po tion. Bills By Mr Stone, relative lo road nets, referred to com. on Rnnd and canals. By ftlr Hazen to pay Cyrus Wright certain urn. referred lo com. on claims. By Mr Baxter, incorporating Burlington Volunteer Engine Co, referred to corn, on Military Afldtri. By Mr Hodges lo pay R. Pier, point and others, certain sum, referred lo Judiciary committee. The committee on the revised laws re ported certain tesnlutiont as rules for the consideration of that subject -, which were adopted, as follows : 1. Tho several chapters of tho revision shall bo presented to the Scnato by tho commitsiohcrs, and each chapter shall be considered and acted upon in like manner as bills ogreeablo to the rules of the senate and when passed shall he transmitted lo the House of Representatives, nnd (here shnllbe proceeded with in like mnnncr, agreeably lo iho rules of tho House of Representatives. 2. When nny chap'cr shall have been passed the House of Representatives, nnd all questions of amendment between the two Houses settled, it shall be kept by the secretary of tho senate, so that the same miy bo engrossed if necessary, and the final action of the two homes had upon the whole rnvision os a single act. Tho resolution for a committee to inves tigate the Windsor and Essex hanks, was returned from the senate, with a pro. ponl of ninendinent. so as to leave it with tho committee to decide whether u is ucc eeary to vtsil the towns of Windsor and ! Guildhall or not : laid on tho table, on moiion of Mr Dillingham. The Governor by message, transmitted sundry reports on the treasury, on the school and safety fund, on the stale prison, of the Quarter Master General, nnd of the commissioners of the deal dumb and blind ; and 300 copies of each worn or dcred lo be printed for llieuse of the House- Thn com on Education reported Ihn son ale hill, establishing nn academy in Enos burgh, and the bill was passed. Tho Houso resumed consideration of tho sub troaury resolutions: Mr Need ham spoke in iheir lavor. Adjourned. Friday. 0 o'clock, P. M. Senate. Thn President, presented a enmuiunicatiou from the Treasurer in ro. ply to u resolution of Iho spiiaio of the 12th iost., requiring information m relation lo the bonds of bmk directors. Tho treasure.' states, that it bus not been the uniform practice for directors annually elected to renew their bunds, but that on occasions when first elected the directors have exe cuted bonds. The day nf iho reception of the bonds is not minuted and cannot be communicated. Mr Townsley, from I he cnmmilloo to whom was referred n bill entitled 'an ncl relating to the Windhnm County Firo In suraiico Company,' reported tho samo with out amendment; ordered that Iho bill be engrossed and read tho third time. Mr Adams introduced n bill relating lo plpctions. being the first chapter if the re vised statutes; rend the first and second time nnd oidered to bo laid on the table. The senate concurred in tho rules in re lation in (ho passing of iho revised statutes, being iho same adnptpd by tho House yes terday. Tho Senate took up tho revised statutes: chap, 2 'of the organization of tho Houso of Rcpreseniniives,' wns read the fust nnd second tuna, nnd referrod to the com, on elections; chap. 3 'of applica tion lo tho General Assembly,' read (he fuel and second timo and referred to the com. on land taxes; chap. 4 'of the con slruction of slntufes,' read the first and se cond lime and laid on tbo table; chap 5 'of iho promulgation of stotutcH and legisln live journals.' read Iho fitvt and second timo nnd referred to tho com. (n elections, ndi. HOUSE. The chair appointed tho Iblluwinir com. on bills: Messrs Cook ol CraflKbury, and Week resolution. By Mr Wheoler, for distribu. lion of lOih Vol. VllRcnorts: by Mr Richard son of Waitsficld, inquiring n to expense of llio revised sialutcs.nnd whether Iho consider ation of that subject cannot bo deferred ton luturo fossion ; by Mr r isk of Eden, as to ex pediency of repealing the bounty net for the destruction of foxes ; for thanksgiving 5lli Dec; severally paused, JJy Mr Miner, for u. joint assembly Tuesday morning next, lo elect bank inspector and commissioner, reporter of decisions of nip. court, and agent to sclllo concerns of Vl State Bank ; laid nn tho table. Tho resolution this morning introduced, tola. Iivo to taxing lands according to thoir valua tion, was amended so as to refer llio matti'r to the General Committee, and passed. Rills Uy Mr Waterman, addition to act of 1792 relation to disposition ofmoncy raised for roads, &o. rofurred to general com. By Mr Dillingham, repealing aut iucoiporating vil lago of Woodstock, referred lo select com. on. that subject. Petitions, kc Of males and females of Slarksboro', and of W II Shatter and others, on Slavery Petitions; of S Taylor Jr nnd others, to general com.; of I'lisha Hydo nnd others uf Essex, to corn, on Temperance, Memorials. OfG Conger and ofCraftsbury Rifle Co. to com. on Military Affairs; of Jos Chase and others, laid upon tho lable; ofE S Bellamy and others, to com of Ways and Mnnns, tho account of Wm Kidder was refer- icd lo tho com of claims, Tho House rosumod consideration of llio sub-treasury resolutions; Mr Brown conclu ded his remarks in favor of Iheir passage. Higloy and Warner of Newhaven followed against iho resolutions, and Mr Partridga on the other side. SENATE. Saturday, Oct; 19. Prayer by tho chaplain. The Governor transmitted sundry papers which wore read nnd referred aid will be no ticed in thoir order, as reported by the commit tees; relating to tho acknowledgement of deeds in foreign counties; to fugitives from justice; severally referred lo the committee- or. judiciary. Ihlli. By Mr Simonds, incorporating tho Bank of Jirandoii, rnforrod to tho committee oo Banks; relating In bonds of Bank Direc tors, read a third time and passed. Resolution from Iho House, fixing upon a day of Thanksgiving, laid upon tho table. Revised Statutes, Mr Pierpoinl called up Iho bill, reported by tho com, to reviso tho statutes relating lo elections, which was con sidered, tho Sunato acting as in com. of thn whole, reported bv llio com. with a proposal lo'amcnd tho bill by making it tho duty of presiding offlccrx to malio public declaration of the election oftowii representatives, iinmo diatcly on counting the ballots. This amend, mnnl was adopted by tho Senate, and thn bill, as amended, wasread a third timo and was passed ; relating to tho organization of tho Houso uf Representatives, read a third timo and was passed ; relating to the Statu Library, read the first and second times and roforrcd to com. on education ; relating l cortain stato officers, read iho first and second times and relerred to committco on banks , relating to tho formation of county agricul tural societies, read iho first and second times and tcferrnd to com, on agriculturo ; relat ing to county buildings and proporty, read tho and second times and referred to tho judiciary -. relating to county o (Fleers, read tho first and second limes and referred to tho com. on claims. Senato adjourned to Mon day morning next. house. Prayer by Rov, S. Kellogg, Petitions, kc Of citizens of Vorgenncs, Barncl and Bristol, lo com. on Temperanco Memorials ; petition and remonstrance from St. Georgo, rclativo lo annexation of part of Shclhurno to St Goorgc referred to General Committco; account and petition of Ki.ih liailoy, referrod lo com. of Claims ; of Horaco Stowarl and others to com. on Miliiary Af fairs ; of Caledonia and Busses counties, for a Mutual Firo Insurance Co., referred In members of thoso counties ; of 245 voters of Barnet, 331 of St Johnsbury, 31 of Sution. 52 ol'Kirby, 220 of Lyndon.'laG of Burke, 10 ofNowark, for removal of Caledonia Co. buildings, referred to members of Caledonia county; of inhabilanUof Holland, Charlotto and Bridgcwatcr, lo com on Temperanco Memorials ; of Daniol Rawson nnd others, to coin on Miliiary A flairs ; of inhabitants of Fcrrisburgh, against capital punishmonts, lo iho judiciary committee ; from the samo town to llio committco on slavery, ?c jofufi'HU. Prom (he Senale, fur nn adjourn ment in ihe hi of J.inunry next, nnd tho appoint inml ofa joint commiiiee uflo lo lepnrt nl lhU lima nn ihe rerUfd l.nvi; l.iid on the intdo. By Mr Henry, for n coin, of three (u examine iiiln dm rf minion of the uhool fund, paseeJ ; (Merrrt. Henry, Vomi!! & Atvvood, rorumillee j) By !lr I'.iirb.inks for n joint ntfenibly nn Tin-iihy fifr noon nexi in rlcei a repoiier of decisions supreme cuiirl ; I. lid nn llio lable. By Mr I)illi;:linm, ilovo tiii; earh nfimioon region hrrrnfter iiiuil olhcrtviea oiilirnl, in ihn consideration of Ilia reviled sliiluiei ; bid on llio l.ib'o. Hills. By Mr Higley, lo incorporalo a bnnk nt Cnsilctnu, referred to com. on Banks. By Mr Whoelor, repealing part ofthcaci of 1797, filiating lo corporal nun ishtneni; roferred io general com. From the senato, chapiers t and 2 of the revised statutes; referred lo n select com. nf five, consisting of Mos-is Dillingham, Fullam, Miner, Closson and Chandler. By Mr 'icunard, in addition in net taxing lands in Chittenden, ordered to a 3d reading by Mr Gnswold, relating to Limotllo county cavalry company, referred to com. on Mil itnry Affairs. Reports Of enm nn expenditures of slalo houso; gl32.GI2,03 cents, whole cost: gl5,000 paid by Monlpelier, leaving tho amount paid by the stale" $1 17.612,03 cents. Read: of land Inx com bills laying a lax of G cents on lands in Greensboro'; ordered to a third reading: laying a tax of f cunts on lands in Hydepark, ordered lo n third reading. By Judiciary com., bill

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