Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 25, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 25, 1839 Page 2
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commuting t he punishment of Henry Da,l man mm death to imprisonment for life in the stain prison : aiior some discussion uy Messrs Sprnguc, Chandler. Fullain. Nerd, ham Dillingham, llutlor, Brown, Wnriipr of Newhnvon, Hard and Hazcn, the hill was rrcnmmitlcd with instructions to the commiMoc to report the evidence- in the case. Mr Chandler asked to be excused from the commute on the consideration of the above bill i request grained, and Mr Bard was appointed in f 1 is place, Iiy com on Roads mid Canals, Hie bill requiring surveyors of roods to ma ho return on or before the 15th of March instead of in the month of April, laid on the table; bill re pealing act to lacilitnlu thu rendering of turnpike toat's tree roads, ordered to a 3d reading. The Treasurer, in compliance with a rosolulion of the House, presented on abstract showing the condition of the state treasury ; which was read. Adjourned to Monday morning. SENATE. Monday, Oct. 21 Prayer by the chaplain. Revised Laws.'VUc general committee 4o whom had been referred certain bills of the revised statute?, made report, without amendment, and the fbllowinc bills were severally read iho third lime and passed. relating to county property ; relating to iho promulgation of statutes and legislative journals ; relating to the organization of counties ; relating to the formation of Pro bate districts, rcud and laid upon the table; of towns, town meeting's and town officers, -read and referred to thn Senators cemposing the coinmiitoo on Education; of 'Villages,' read twice and referred to the Senators committee on Rands and canals; of the construction of Statutes, colled up by Mr Fierpoint, read a third lime and passed; of Mho settlement of paupors,' read I wicu and referred to the Senators composing the committee on the judiciary ; of iho ' support and removal ol paupers,' the same reading and reference ; of 'poorhoufcs.' read twice and referred to the Senators composing the committee on ogriculturo. The resolution from the house, for adoy of Thaksgiving on the 5th of December next. wo8 read and referred to the com. on Education, Senate adjourned. HOUSE. Prayer by Rev. E, Smith. Daniel Ashley .of Hartlond presented his credentials wasstvorn nnd took his teal. Resolutions By Mr. Partridge, declar ing that it is expedient to postpone the consideration of the revised slatdtes to the next session, and providing for furnishing each town with the printed copies of the revision ; laid upon the table. By Mr Brown, for a committee of three to make further enquiry into the stato of the tree eury : passed, Tho resolution for on nd juurned session was made the order for to morrow morning. Petitions. (c Remonstranco of sundry voters of Windham and of Gardner Jeni eon and others, referred to select com, on annexing part of Windham to Jamaica. &c. Petition Irom males nnd females, town of Chester, reforred to cnmmittco on Tern perance Memorials; Of 244 votcrs.of Wa tcrford, for removal of Caledonia county, Tho accounts of Albert Stevens, Hiram Earle, officers of iCiti Regiment and oth ers, referred to committee of Claims, Bills. Prom tho Joenate, to settle boun dary lino, between Westminster ond Athens, referred to General Committee -, in oddi'tion to act incorporating Windham Co. Mutual Fire Insurance Company, re ferred to select com. of three, and Messrs, Stark, Wells & Lynde, were appointed the committee. In addition to act taxing land in Chittenden tax lands in Hyde park severally passed ; repealing act for rendering turnpike roads free roads.passed. The Governor, by message, communi cated the report of: lie Supcrintendnnt of tho Vermont Stntc Prison, end an abstract of orders drawn by the auditor of accounts egainst the sta'e ; which wero referred to com- of Ways and Means. By Mr nam. in addition to ocis rr aiivn m iln-nr ces. ix monnths residence in this state u quired of (petitioners ;) leferrcd to the Judiciary Committee. Reports of Committee Bv com, on Military Affairs, Bill for relie'fofG. Con ger, ordered to a third reading. By com. on Manufactures, bill incorporating East Poullney Iron Co,, with on amendment. A minority of the committee also rnndn a report, ogainst the bill, on iliu ground that tho private properly of stockhold ers was not holdcn ; bill and reports laid on the table, By General Committee, bill relative to hawkers ond pedlars, laid on tho table. The House resumed consideration of the sub-treasury resolutions when Air. Part ridge concluded his remarks in favor of tho resolutions, and in a general delcnco of General Jackson nnd of his succesfor's udmimsi ratios. When Mr. Partridge conncludod the House ndjourncd. SENATE. Tuesday, 2 o'clock. Message, from the Gov. transmitting the Adjutant Gencrols report, referred to tho com. on military olTairs. Rills By Mr Piorpnint. incorporating' ..the Rutland Rail Road Bank, rood the first nnd second times, and roferred to tho com. on Banks; relating to 'certain state offices,' reported by tho com. on Banks, without amendment read a third time and passed. This bill is among tho revised statutes ond requires the secretary of slate to sign Proc lamations and Military commissions; of 'applications to the General Assembly ;' ordered to bo engrossed and read a third time; of 'iho settlement of paupers,' report ed by the commillcc on the Judiciary with, out amendment, read a third timo and passed; of 'county officers,' reported, with proposed amendments, which were consul, ered in committee of tho whole, thu first amendment non-concurred in, Iho second coneurred in, and thu bill, as amended, roporled to the Senate, read a third lime and passed; of 'Probate Districts,' report ed by tho com. with proposed amendment, which were adopted, and the bill read u third time and passed. Bills. From iho House, repealing Iho act-rendering turnpike roads frreo roads, referred to the corn on roads ond canals ; laying u lax of 3 cents per acre on lands in liio town of Hydepaik ; in addition to an act laying a lax on lands in Chittenden, severally road twice and referred to com. on ibiiu taxes The senate rcolvcd In concur with llie IJouso in requesting Iho Governor to np. point Thursday the 5th day of December next as a day of Thanksgiving. Reports. Mr Lawrence from tho coin, on Military affaire in obedience to a resolu tion of tlio eennte, reported the following expenses of Iho Military establishments for tho last year. For Courts Martial 110 00 For Military Drills 4,909 44 To the Adj. and Insp'r General 175 9fi For printing commissions, &c. 1 G 1 49 $5,3G4 09 Raited Statutes. 'of poor houses,' re ported by com. without amendment, read a third tune and passed; of 'powers and duties of school districts,' read I he 1st 2d limes, and referred to com. on education; of 'instruction to the Deaf nnd Dumb, and i he Blind,' read twica.nnd referred to com. on education; of 'laying out, altering and discontinuing Highways and Bridges,' read the first nnd secend times and referred to the com. on roads an'd canals. uilj HOUSE. The chair announced iho following com mittee, to report on tho stato of the Trea sury: Messrs, Brown, Norton, and Martin. Petitions Of Windsor and Woodstock Turnpike Co., to committee on Roads and Canals ; of inhabitants of Ryegste, to members from Caledonia country; of sun dry voters of Woodstock, to select com mittee on the fit; I it ion for a repeal of the charter of tho village of Woodstock. Resolutions. Mr. Dillingham called up the resolution, to devote ntteinoon sessions to thoconsideration of the revised statutes , Mr. Partridge moved to lay tho resolution on tho tabic, and supported iho motion, opposed by Messrs. Tenney, Dillingham and Miner. Motion rejected, when Mr P. moved In amend, by substituting his resolution, for a pnsponement of tho -whole matter to the next session ; the motion was ruled out of order, and the original rcaolu lion was passed. Revised Laws. Tho House then pro cceded to the considerotion of titlo 1, of the revised statutes, concerning elections, which hod been opproved and reported by the comittee; iwice read and ordered to a 3d reading to morrow afternoon Title 2, Chapter 2. of tho organization of tho House of Representatives; amended by fixing the time of meeting of the House at 10 A. M., and ordcrsd to a 3d reading lomorrow afternoon. Chapter 10, of county properlv, was referred to General Committee ; titlo 5, Chap. 9, of counties, and title 3, of the scat of Government and public property, were referred lo com, of Ways and Means. Jit I c -2, chap. 5 of promulgation of lavs, was referred to General Committee ; chop. 3, of construc tion ef statutes, was laid upon the table; chap. 3, of applications to tho General Assembly, referred to com. of insolvency; chap. 0, of certain slate officers, was re ferred to the General committee ; chap. 17, ol poor. houses, referring to General com mittee ; chap. 15, concerning paupers, re fcrrrd to Judiciary committee; chap, 12, ofprobte districts, referred to Judiciary Committee. The G overnor, by mcssoco transmitted the annual return of thu Adjutant Gene ral. Bills. By Mr Hodges, repealing part of oct nmending tho act incorporating the Rutland and Whitehall Roil Road Co,.ro ferred to coin, on Roads and Canals. By Mr Aldrich. to establish east line of Brigh. ton, referred lo General couimillce. Uv Mr. Rice, relative to witnesses referred to the Judiciary coin. Adj. SIJNATU. Tuesday Oct. 22. 1039. Prayer by Rev. Mr Fowler, of Green field. N. II. Mr Robinson asked and obtained leave of absence, for Mr. Harvey, from and after tomorrow morning, until Saturday morn ing next. Bills By Mr Fester, providing for the incorporation of Banking Associations. This bill was twice read, and referred to the committee on Banks: repealing the act rendering turnpike rnads, frco roads, read a third lime and passed ; laying a lax on lands in Uydepark ; laying n lax on lands in Chittenden, severally read a third time and passed. Message, from tho Gov. transmitting Iho rion-HCcepianec, by Gen. Martin Flint, of the office of SherilF ol the County of Orange. Revised Statutes chapters 3d, 19, 14. of 'applications to the Genera! Assembly,' of -instruction to Iho Deaf and Dumb and thu Blind,' and of 'Villages,' were several ly reported by committees, read a ihird time and pacsed ; chapter 21, of 'High ways and Bridges ;' chapter 22,of 'Ferries,' chapter 23 of 'Turnpikes.' were severally twice read and referred lo iho committee on roads nnd canals; chapter 2 1, of 'courts of chancery,, twicu read nnd referred to the committee on Hie Judiciary. adj. HOUSE. " Resolutions By Mr. Brown, authorising the com. on Tempernnco Memorials to oc cupy tho Hall or the Houso ol Rcprescnto livcH for its sittings : opposed by Messis. Fisk of W., &, Hodges, and rejected, By Mr Bard, instructing the committee on Education to incorporate into tho revised statutu that part of tho old oct relating to superintending committees of common schools ; Mr. Bard said ho introduced tho resolution merely to tea the opinion of tho Houso so that the cam. may be advised on the subject. Tho resolution was op posed by Messrs. Parlridgu and Hodges, and rejected. Mr Bludget had leave of absenca from and alter tomorrow morning. Bills. By Mr Fairbanks, to pay Jos eph Rollins, rolcrrcd to Com of Claims, By Mr Hazcn, lo provide for the payment of certain olficcrs ond soldiers called out on Iho northern frontier, 1030 9 ; referred to com. on Military Affairs. By Mr. Mat tocks, relativo to imprisoned paupcrB, re ferred to Judiciary Coinmmitteo. By Mr. Lamb, reviving lax on Granville, roierrcd lo Land Tax committee. By Mr Butler, for Iho relief of A In-1 While, referred lo com. of Claims. By MrSprague, repeol ing 3d section of the act of 1 030, abolish, ing imprisonment for debt, referred lo Ju diciary committee. The engrossed bill taxing land in Greensbuip' was passed, Petitions. Of trustee of Nowburv Seminary, lo com. on Education; of A. Bingham and others, against tho infliction of capital punishment read and roforrcd lo the Judiciary cotnmilteo ; account of Rctr ben Page Jr., anil Petition of Lebbous Egerton, roferred to com. of Claims Ro monstranco of 50 voters of Sheffield, against removal of Caledonia cuuntv buildings, referred to members of that county. Account of Isaih Bacon, to com mil ten of Claims; petition of Nchemiah Bradley and others, of Pcacham, for a re charter of the bank of Caledonia, referred the commilco on Banks; remonstrance of 100 voters of Barnct against removing Caledonia county buildings, referred to the members of that county -, of inhabitants of Worcester, to com. on Slavery of 340 inhabitants of Middlebury, and of inhabi tants of Windsor, relerred to com. on Temperance Memorials. Reports of Committees. By com. on Roads and Canal., bill relating to Rutland and Whitehall Rail Road Co., the object of the bill being to repeal the scdion of tho former oct which places the charter undor tho control of future legislatures: Mr Duller moved to dismiss tho bill suppor ted by Mr. Partridge and withdrawn. Mr Brown moved to lay the bill on the tnblo and make it I lis order for to morrow morn ing; ogrecd to. By com. on Education, bill for purchasing five copies of Hutchinson's new map of Vermont, ordered to a 3d reading, 07 to 32. By Land Tax com. bill to tax lands in that part of Cambridge formerly a part of Sterling ordered to a 3d reading By select coin, bill in addition to an act incorporating Windham Co. In surance Company, ordered to a third reading- By corn, on Banks, a scries of resolutions, which will appear hereafter; laidon the table, made the ord"r of tho day for Thursday morning, and 300 copies ordered to bo printed. By judiciary committee, against action relativo to slat uto of limitations. Mr Partridge called up his resolution? relative to tho militia : Mr Bard said he was in favor of tho resolutions, ond such was their importance in hi estimation, that the voice of tho Houso should bo de clared in the most solemn manner ; he therefore called for the yeas and nays, The resolutions wero parsed : ayes 21 1; noes 5. Tho Governor informed the House that Gen, Martin Flint declined accepting the office of SherilTof Oranpe county. Tho Senate returned the resolution for Thanksgiving, with a proposition to amend which was concurred in. The resolutions of Mr. Partridge on banks having been reported on by the committee, and considerable discussion having arisen on amotion to lay on the table and print them, Mr. Fullam moved to dismiss the resolutions, and sustained ihu motion. Mr. Chandler opposed the motion to dismiss, on Iho ground that this series, with those of tho bank committee, Bhould ho logethor considered. After some few remarks from Messrs Needliom, Partridge, ond Warner, of N. Haven, the House adjourned. 2 o'clock, P. M. Senate. Revised Statutes -chapter 25, of Supreme and County Courts," twico read and referred to com. on Judi ciary, chapter 20. " of Justices of the pence," a similar reading and roferenco. Tho senate went into joint assembly, returned, devoted the principal pnrl of l ho afternoon to tho reading ond disposal of the revised statutes, which will bo no ticed as they nrc acted upon, and ailj'd House. The Houso resumed conside ration of Mr Cartridge's ru-oltittons on banks, ond they were informally laid aide for iho purpose of proceeding lo Iho or der of I ho day, viz .- The Revised Statutes. Chapter 1, of elections, was road n third tune, when Mr Brown moved to commit it lor amend ment by striking out the 03d section, for punishing persons voting when knowingly unqualified. Messrs Brown nnd Rico tup ported the motion, opposed h Mcsrrs Closson, Warner of N. Haven. Nccdhom, Bard and Dillingham, nnd it was rejecicd. After various amendments, the bill was pascd. The senato came in, nnd the joint as sembly made the following appointments ; Addison County. Samuel H. llolley, ) T .. Davis Rich. Ass 1 Jusllcea Win. B. Martin, ShoriiT. Harvey Goodrich. High Bailiff. Ozins Seymour, Stale's Attorney. Sninuel Swift, Judge of Probate for the district of Addison. Harvey MuikiII, Judge of Probate for tho district of N. Haven. John Picrpoint, Elliott Shcrrill, Ilosea Willard, commissioners for the jail nt Vergenncs. Joel Dnoliltlo, Dorastus Wonsler, Ira Allen, Commissioners for the jail at Mid dlebury. Iranldin Count. Cornelius Wood, ) . .. , -Augu-ius Burl, Aes' Julicei!' Deems R. Bogue, Sheriff. Penbody Keyes, High bailifi'. Orlando Stevens, State's Attorney. Win Bridges, Judge of Probate. James Davis, Jasper Curlis, Bates Tur ner Jail oomis'rs. A. G. Tarlton, Inspector of hops, Essex Co. Azariah Webb, Jr. ) , . , t .. Moses Morrill, AsBlft' Justlces' Geo. E. Holmes, Sheriff. J. II. Hopkiusnii, High Bailiff. Win. Hcywnod, Jr, Stale's Atl'y. Jos. Glcason, Judgo of Probato, John Dodge, Royal Cutlor, Isaac Cum nnngs, Jail coinmia'r. James May, Hop Inspector. Mr Hibbard objected to tho nomination of Mr Hcywood oh State's attornoy, on tho grounds, first, that he declined being a candidate for (ho office, and 6econd that his connection with iho Essex Bank, un der present circumstances, rendered htm objectionablo ns a candidato for Iho office. On motion of Mr IIolmcH of the senate, thu nomination was referred back to tho county convention. The joint assembly adjourned lo three o'clock, P. M. Friday next, ond tho senute withdrew. 0"A lillle daughter of Harlow Ilnntinglon of Shufisluiry, aged about 7 jears, was lecenlly cruttied to death under a cart loud of potatoes. WHIG STATE CONVENTION. At a Whig State convention, held at tho Free Church in Montpelier, tho IGth day of October, 1039, pursuant to a call from the Slate Control Committee, His honor David JI. Camp was called lo the Chair, and Albert G. Chadwkk, was appointed secretary protcm. On motion the Chair appointed Messrs C. Paine, R. Picrpoint and Julius Converse, a com. to report lo the convention a list of officers. On motion, Messrs Wm Sladc, Solomon Foot and O P Chandler, wore oppoinlcd a Committee to report a scries of resolutions for tho consideration of tho convention. Tho committoo appointed to nominate officers for tho convention, reported tho following t David Jtf. Camp, President. Samuel C. Gxafls, Jcdediah II. Harris, James Bell, Samuel II. llolley, David Crawford, Heman Allen, Moses Strong, William Steele, Vice Presidents. A. G. Chadwiefc, E. A.Stantbury, E. II. Billings, Secretaries. On motion, Messrs Wm P. Briggs, C. Pnino, S. Foot, E. Fairbanks, ond Wm Weston, were appointed by tho chair a committee to notninato a Slato central com and a corresponding com, of one from each county. On motion resolved, That the delegates from each congressional district meet du ring tho recess of tho convention, to agree upon suitable candidates to bo presented to the meeting for Congressional delegates and substitutes to the Whig National Convention, to bo hnlden at Ilarrisburgh on tho 4th of December next. Adjourned till 0 o'clock. The Convention met pursuant to adjourn, ment, and on motion, tho reports of the Congressional Districts wore made, which were adopted, as follows : Districts. Delegate 1st Wm. Henry, 2d S . llolley, 3d Andrew Tracy, 41 h Wm. P. Briggs, 7th Charles Paine, Substitutes. Calvin Townsley, Wm. Nash, A B W Tenney. Harry Bradley, V. r. Walton. Hon. Wm. Slado, from tho committee appointed to draft resolutions, reported tho following. Resolved, That tho protection of the people ogainst tho assumption snd exercise of undelegated power, for which our fathers contended in 1770, is thn great object for which tho Whigs of tho United Slates are contending in 1039. Resolved. That the encroachments of Executive power, undor the administration of the National Executive Dynasty, during tho last ten years, has been carried to the extent of a practical destruction of llie balance of power as established by the con. stitution of the U. S, having subjected the Executive agency of the Senate of tho U. Stales, ond thu legir-latinn of Congress, to the control of thn Executive will, and aim. ed ai tho like subjection of the legislation of all the States ofthis Union. Resolved, That this Convention regard it ns among the highest of the politcal du ties of iho people of the U. States to resist' by all consl Hoi innnl means these encroach ments of power, and to endeavor lo restore and jTiainlnin Iho just halanco of tho con. stitution which they have destroyed. And since union and harmony are indis. ncnsable to securo success in this great struggle, and givo effect lo thn principles for which iho opponents of power ore con tending. Resolved, That wo entirely concur in the necessity for the proposed National Convention at Ilarrisburgh. on tho first Wednesday of December next, for the pur. pose of selecting a candidate for tho office of President of the U, S.-, ond that wo entertain full confidence that, in tho sacri fice of personal preferences for iho promo Honor tho public good which, wn trust, will mark Iho proceedings of that Convcn Hon, a candidate will bo selected who will command thn confidence of all iho Whigs in iho U Slates; and that there will be thus secured tho election of a successor to (ho present Chief Magistrate, who will bo content (o be the coustitulional President of the U. States, instead of tho head of a party, and in whose administration full and triumphant efleel shall bo given to the great and noble principles lor which tho Wings of the U. Stales arc con lend ing. These resolutions were called up in order, and ably nnd eloquently discussed by Don. Wm. Slade, Hon. Heman Allen, and James Boll, Eq. and adopted unani mously by iho convention. Hon. Heman Allen, introduced the fol lowing resolution, which nfior a few spirited remarks by (ho gentleman, was passod : Resolved, That we will give our hearty support to such men, concurring with us in opposition to the measures of tho pre sent administration, as shall ho designated by the convention at Ilarrisburgh, as propor candidains for the high offices of President and Vice President of iho U. Slates. John II. Prentiss, then presented the following resolution, upon which bo com mented at some length, ond it was adopted: Resolved, That wo behold in the Sub. Treasury scheme a project for on over shadowing government bank, sought lo be established by law ; with on uncertain capital ; subject lo the control of the Na tional Executive; having agencies located in vnrious sections of (he country; its cap ital founded on Iho credit ond the revenues of the government ; its issues, paper for tho people, its receipts gold and silver for tho office holders; and, though last, nnt least, many nf its oflicors, if wo may judge from thu past, men whoso right hand will not forget its cunning, and whose uniform prayor is that their left hand may not know what their right hand doeth, So. bcr though convinces us of its practical evils, and ogainst tho measure wo declare uncompromising hostility, now and jorevcr. The meeting was next addressed will) much interest by iho venerable John Her rick, a soldier of tho Revolution. Hon. W. P, Briggs then presented the following resolution which called forth from the Hon. Heman Allen, n concise and lucid exposition of the attempt to give away tho public lands to the States which they lie, ond thereby deprive the "old thirteen" of their blood bought rights. Ho was followed by iho mover, ond the resolution was adopted. Resolved. That the project of the Ad ministration to reduce tho price of the public lands already too low with the intention of finally ceding them to the oiaics in which they no, is a wanton vio lounn oi me vested rights of the Old States, who claim their portion of those ianos, os a constitutional patrimony and is nothing but a gigantic bribe, corruptly sought to be held out by a venal dynasty astho price ofvoles and influence in those States to be benefitted by tho measure. On motion, it was voted that iho next convention bo holdcn ot Burlington, i no committee on tho nominations of otatcand County committees, then bro't in I heir report, which was ns follows : For Stale Central Committee. Harry Bradley, Milton Brown, John Pcck,E. P. Jewfctt. Charles Lyman. E. P. Wnltm,. ir For Corresponding Stale Committee fur the -v.. ,.. i -i! .... .'. ..ohiu,uumih w. i uweiey, vinu ham: A. L. Minor. Benninpton: C. Finn kins. Windsor; C. W. Conant. Rutland: A. B, W. Tenney, Orange; Wm. Hazard, Auuison; H. u. Kecd. JPashington ; Wm. fFeelou. Chittenden: W P.Sawyer, La moille : A. G. Chadwick, Caledonia: E. v. I'rentiss, Orleans : J. S. Foster, Frank lin: G. Webb, Essex : S. Adams, Grand Lie. Which report was unanimously odoptcd uiu junvenuon. On motion Resolved. That thn nrnneod ings of this Convention be signed by tho President, Vice Presidents and Secretaries, anu puuiisiied in all tho whig papers in iijih oiaio. Tho Convent ion then adjourned. DAVID M. CAMP, Prcs'l A.. G. CriADwrcK, E- H. Brr.r.tNGs. S Secretaries. E. A. SrANscurtY. ) FRIDAY MORN I . G, OCTOBER 25. Tho proceedings of llie whig state con vention will be found in another column. Tho assemblage was large, and its procee dings characterized by a spirit of unanim ity and zeal which promises well. The whigs of ihe stale are awake lo ihe great intcterests of tho country, ond will not faulicr in their duty for the coming year. Wq continue our journal of legislative proceedings in detail, as reported" by the Watchman, to which paper wo are indebt ed. The House for tho past week has been principally engaged in the discussion of Mr. Patridge's sub-treasury resolutions, and tho Senate upon the revised statutes. It appears to bo now understood that ihe latter subject will be disposed of at tho present sitting, which will m consequence bo prolonged beyond the usual period. Tho appointments for this county, it will be seen by reference to another column have been made, and are with one excep tion, the same as last year. The locofocos carried the hop inspector. Report 6oys that Mr. Smilie has notified the locofocoD that ho shall not ogam be a cand idote for gubernatorial honors. Ho is alarmod, it is t-a id, ot the idea of coming within three thousand votes of an election, Ho might however give himself no unea siness on Ihisscoro, as no one supposes he would bo in tho least danger another year. 0From Iho carefulest inspection of the) legislativo proceedings, we can discover nothing in regard to tho "contested elec lion." Momr.K appears to be a doomed city, In addition to the horrors of tho pesti lence, it has been visited by a succession of conflagrations unprecedented in tho Ins. tory of the cuuntry. Six destructive fires have occurred since tho 1st of September, and three of ihem in as many successive nights sinco the 7th of Oct. Fourteen squares, containing six hundred houses, have been destroyed, including banks, ho tels, churches, and other public buildings. The amount of property destroyed is esti mated at over two millions. Not less than one thousand persons are thus turned houselccss upon tho world, and their pro perly destroyed in many instances after it had lcn removed to a supposed place of safety? Powder appears to have been tho only successful weapon, of defence. More than twenty houses were blown up. Soveral persons, suspected as iucondiarios, have boon arrested. Fihe. A small dwelling houso on Maid. enLanc, owned by Ambrose Atwaler, and occupied by B, 11. Walker, was burned down on Tuesday afternoon. The fir a is supposed lo havo resulted from ashes do posited in a wooden vessel the day before. Tho family wero from homo at the time, and returned only in season lo witness their 53 dwelling and most of its contents in flames. We have heard Mr. Walker's loss stated nt about $200, and Mr. Atwalor's some, thing more. No insurance. Both tho sufferers ore industrious mechanics, who cannot well afford In loso even this small sum ; and wo are rejoiced lo learn that a handsome contribution was promptly sub scribed on Iho spot. ASHES A bushel ofashes applied lo a corn crop will doubtless produce its bushel of corn. And yet wo very much doubt Iho economy of saving ashes, in wooden vessels for wo are satisfied thot the avorago loss to tho community for every bushel thus saved, is not less than fivo dollars. A houso to eytry hundred bushels is a low estimate ; and no prudent man, wo are persuaded, would guarantco a house thus exposed for ten per cent, on its value. This being tho case, it becomes a point of some interest for every house-keeper, not provided with a suitable receptacle, to determine whethor the saving of ashes is not a matter of doubtful economy. In all probability thero will be ten or a dozen dwellings destroyed in this vicinity tho coming winter from tho cause referred to, and our object in allu ding to tho subject now, is merely lo in quire of the reader whether he means to bo the subject of tho next paragraph. If not, he will in future unless provided with a safo vault deposito his ashes in the street, or what is better, upon his garden. In moderate proportion, they are an excel lent manure on our light soil, and thus ap plied, ore richly worth tho market price. If, however, tho (,gudc wire," insists upon making provision for her soap in tho spring, and nothing better than a combustible ves sel is to be had, bo sure to locato it at a respectful distance from any building. A temporary covering is ample protection from tho elements, ond if it burns, Iho chances aro that your houso may escape. The devil laughs outright, when ho sees a prudent man saving ashes in a wooden vessel. FROM CHINA. New York Oct. 21 Tho ship Horatio, Capt. Howland, arrived on Saturday night in 125 days from Canton, bringing us highly important accounts from tho Celestial Empire down to tho 1 1th of June. The English trade with China had been entirely suspended, nnd tho last of the American ships, ihe Horatio, has arrived. W e annex a variety of extracts from tho Canton papers, giving an account of thn proceedings of (he 'black mud," ond other important matters. It appears that thesu measures of the Chinese government arises from the progress of Tcmperancu Societies. Opium is tho article whirl. iho Chinese use for intoxication instead of whiskey or rum. The 'special edicts' of Lin resemble, in intent, therefore, tho fifteen gallon law of Massachusetts, and it appears from Ihe result that ihe 'tetolnl lore' of China have mastered the rest bf thu celestials. It is said that the British frnv.. erment will send a force against China, and compel them to repeal their 'tctotal' law and eat their 'black mud' again. It is not impossible but something curious may lake place between the British and tho Chinese. On one side is the British power in Iliudostan, on the oiher her power in Australasia. Between themthev miiThi h able to carry the war into Peking herself. Teas will bo scarce in Europe, and very probably high, in a year or moro. Thu value of thu 'black mud' destroyed - j Lin, who is a regular locofoco. and fifteen gallon man, was equal to 7,500,000. His Imperial Majesty, tho brother of the Sun and cousin of the moon, gave directions not to send tho 'block dirt' to Peking, pro bably thinking ho had quite a supply of dirt of their own manufacture. Herald. Canton, June 4th, 1039. Tho following Proclamation from tho imporial commissioner and his colleagues has ended all speculation ns lo the method of dealing with tho extorted and surrender ed opium. " n Imperial edict lias been rrcehed." " Tshistn and Ids collcogueii have reported lliiu iliu opium on hoard llie itoio chip, has been surrender ed, nnd requeued il nuy h sent lo Peking to he ilcsli ojed. This .ifl.iir h.ia been extremely well managed, and I, t ho emperor, ceriainly Imvr no sn.picioii ilint tlieie U nny deception or glossing; in liio mailer; but ua lu liio rc(iiet die opium sli.ill be sent lo Peking lo lie deilrojeil, I consider dial the distance ii gieal and ihe ro.uls difficult, nnd il would require iho flrenglh of loo in.iny of ihe people; tlieiefuro dirro is no necessity to send it to Peking. Lin Tshisen and his colleagues nre lo iKsemble liio civil iiml military officers and destroy the opium before llieir ce., lints m.iniresling to iho niitMe duelling on llie ie, coasts ami the loreign ers of the outside nations nn awful warning, Ut. ipect litis Obey liiipecifullu." To immediately despatched civil and military officers to iho Bogue, and fixed the 22d of iho moon for them lo superin tend the excavation ol a stone lined trench, into which the opium is to bo thrown, and mixed and slirrcd up with unslaked limo and rock salt, and bo thus destroyed beforo the eyes of all Iho civil and military officers, and the dregs bo then cast into iho sea: for the nativesof iho sea coostsond the foreign ers of the outsido nations must bo made to know how greatly the anger of the emner. or has been excited: and lo learn that even orduro is moro valuable as a manuro fol tho land than tho smoking mud. A epeciar proclamation. 4th moon, 19th day, iMay 31.)

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