Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 25, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 25, 1839 Page 3
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COMMUNICATION, Mr. F.niTon Not llin Icnst anion;; the grnlifi rnilun, upon ilin l.tlo pJotioiH iilinnpli of llie friends nl'onler nml (jonil yoi eminent in I tio election nfii .Speaker nf llm lloiifo of ltciiecnlii tiies, will lie of wIiiipmIii" the gin.111, llm mhlcrfnges nnd die filsclmndi of I tic Cxeeulivc liirelmi; In jour vill.iuo the corrupt nml ennl pres whoa (dime li h been mifpnriiiglv pl.isletcd lipon fomc of I lie f.tiri'M nml noblejl ch.tiiicleis of which our sinto or niilion ran boast. No mime Ii.h been inns.iried, n lepiil.ilion tontmbleniifh ml, no character loo pine fur the malinanl, nml ihc nnlilticJiiiiR fsloliooil wilh winch (illhy fewer irrniril lo ovci flowing tincu lliu commencement cf iho laic political cnnlesl in ibis elate. Thai the iidlicicnts of a meir.enury nml fill, ing faction flinuld he violent and rcrk lea in llic prosecution of llieir cml, experience ha inujlit tn lo expect ; lint ii lias been reserved for the picicnl occasion to call forth lif piny of vindictive nnd innlignunt oppo-dlion, nf sli.unelc?' icfort lo plan ilile lies, nml of mean nml cowardly attacks upon spotless privato character, In which llm political Itislnry of the stale can furnish no parallel. Tho causes ol the apparent purees of that parly are Ion well known mid timlcrsiond lo require it rccilnl here J hut t lie certainly of their downfall ran cosily lie read in iho cnnvnl'ivo slm? pic which cliaraclnizcd llieir la't bnfllml and de feated effort to lake ndvanlacc of the security into which llic people have suffered the ccrini'niy of victory lo lull tliPin. Tho parlizans of nu Jllective Monarchy can now predict their fate with le.ison nl le corlainly. Willi a slant and dcupaiiing cfioil, ninile nl the cxnonso ofevcrv feclin'' nnd principlo which oiiijlit lo actuate l he bosom of honorable men, they lmr- inado fuflicient impression upon llic bul warks of liberty lo nrniiso llie guaril nnd put iho cilndel in a pos'iine of defence. And those of iliem who live lo pco the terininaiion of unrulier cam-! pninn, will fee also ilio folly and futility of llieir thnil-slshied hope that the partial viclory which j ihey have obtained this car, is n forerunner of u I evolution in llic principles of the people, which will place them at the helm of the slate. The peo pie of Vermont are not fond of innovations or innovalniR. They nro unwilling lo make n change of rulers unless they are convinced the change will Ijo for i tic heller. And now let any man out of iho charmed circle of Executive patronage, say wiili what face the pnnizans of Martin Van Huron can nek for office at the hands of iho citizens of Ver mont. Is It for his zeal for their welfare mani fested in conniving with coirupt demagogues to cheat llieni out of iheii-share of the pnlilic lands, for the purchase of western votes fur himself and Ids succCfSuiJ, duly "appointed"! la it for the integrity nnd economy displ ied in the management of the imblin innnev. hv which this state ha? been ntso cheated out of dm foiuih instalment1 Is it for his wcisn than despicable liurkling lo the vUvelioldeii of the sum h, in ilcc.l.u ing, uitn into lent oflirionsncss. that no means devised tonmelio. rate the condition of I lie nniiced slaves, should meet his ronl iippiob.ilion If nnneol the claims nbove mrniimied an: slronz rnnnzli lo impel t lie people 10 his Nippon, ilien lei him despair, for no inducement chti bo found Fudicienlly poweiful lo balance the deep nnd abiding indignation wilh which die people uf Vermont have watched the course ol this timcseiviog demagogue. and seen Iiim i eadv lo sacrifice llieir inteicstg lo his own sordid and selfi-h plans of aggrandizement, tlis minions bale done llieir hel, anil nie b.ifll 'I ho stale is el eiect and if the people do not fail to take w.miin" fiom iho eicnis of 1 he laic contest, it m iv iein iin so forever, laughing alike nt the iiicidioiis lies of n pensioned pn-ss, and the noienl cold Ola niodtliilt'il inliniinstialion. JAX J. JBENNI3TT Infflielcilwilli tj"prnsy. nndFO liortitily, thnt JUS In Inln. n lnu Olid -nt M ill h Cntl lit tint llPllil 11 tolllt th.! LAW. Ills object Will bi) lo j-ivu out "r blnn.l G hot iI.m n iliiiroiioh cnttrr-u ..f itiMfiietien A Yvy. I,At.v--Of Inn Burlington, Oil. '-21. MI30. P1; cored her. ttui. was cured her eyes, by thu TTTAS rutnuvcil Ins ofiicu lo n mom over JOL Mcshs. Lyman & (lulu's. Entrnticu tint wcon Messrs Lyman & Colo's nnd Dr. Momly's. urlinton. Oct.. 25, 11(39 FROM GIMJUAJYY. T ATE from Harmony JV, 1'.) Ton kJLA tiers his medical ecrvicci lo tho in habitants of Williston nntl vicinity. His intention being to settle pettnnticiitly nmotiL't them, lie lionon to he favoured Its ollicu is at t lie with their patrnnnnc I'iaoli) Hall, kept by Mr. Iloymoiid in tlio Scurvy. Silt Itliriun, BrycpselaF, Leprosy f n violent humor 1 Yr.Ativ in Cir.inf.r.BTnwN. Wnn ctirctl of n whilo HWi'lhnr on Imr knot! joint, by IIiphu Drops nnd .IcbliV liinunont. A Man in Connkcticui who nnu hocn Iroiiblril for yearn by nil olntinalu kini'V rvil. iva enrfd bv thoso I)rnH. A Ij,nv Wn cured of n terrible ensu of St. Anthony'-" Kiro, hv the )tt,s. A Ciur.i) Alpo of n ilist rcssing scroinii. A'oN Troubled with violent nipt ion? on the fnne, wn cured by Hippo Drfip--, nrter various amor mcuicmo uuu had fnilnd ! Thcsn Drop will corn Hie most ttf uelernlr. Ke.rnfn n. St. A 111 liony fi l' ir.-, LTMAH & OLE TT.T1 A VT, fi'lurnod from I'.iftun nnd New El J J; with n inoro o'liiiile'e nscrl uii'iil itl'UOOlJS 'ban limy Imvo i ver b I'utiJ olli-rcd to the imblm i whuli I bey lire now opening nnd oil' r for sale, for caj-ji nl much k'Srf price.-" tlian they tin vi; over huou nbln lo ofior I hem. In consequence ol (Jinn! haviiifr been tacrilicod tit Anclion, l hey wore finittriali! in mailing their pur clini"" Willi enh-h, at a tune of the greatest pri.ure, at tbetr own pneee. Lntlics nntl Onilpuinn can now buy us many jinotla at Lymnn i& Colo's for ono dollar, us they could formerly have bought for one dollnr nnd twenty five to fifty cunls. Please call anil en what we can chow you in the way ni WH' GOODS. Our assortment is loo extcni-tve lo etiunieralo article.-'. Oct. I ft. Tho Inrncst and most boiiutilul I (W-kai as tub culai'Esto villnoo of Williston Williston Oct. 25 1039 rjniin Subscibur boine; under tho immediate .B. nocossity of sottling up all his accounts hereby cives notico that till accoiiuls-uuo Uu vis S. Itusscll and duo him must ho immc diately paid or thoy will bo put in tho hands ol cjljas. Adams IS so. tor (Jollcction. Jli ao counts must bo paid to said Adams "and none oilier '"but the subscriber' who will bo lounu at all hours of tho day and evening at the of. licool'said Adams until tho first of Novem ber next. D. J. ST1MS0N. Burlington, Oct. 22,1839. SPORTSMEN ATTEND ! SHOOTING MATCH. rmiE subscribers would inform the pub- JL lie and especialy the sharp shooters of Huntington anil the adjoining towns Unit (iFonoiA. In i ti i i if f n cnuniiej ilie vote slnmls fur Doiiglieily, liig,504G, for M 'Dnimld. locfoco r'j-J. I he same counties in I&J7 dS.; nml t luciifoco howing a w li lo.-s of 1239 tiuda lucofoco loss of 547. The Right Hon. I'onletl 'l'lmmoii, the fiovernor (Jeneial ol llie ('.mad i', and General J.ick-nj n tin Kouiinaiiiler in chief ofllie foicc, ariiied nt Que (jcc on llie Ij Ii. CrJ-The trial of lenselaer Van keii'selaer in the Ciirnii Court of die Iuiied .Slaie, on ili.irge ol reiting on fool a oiililaiy rxpediliun nganiHl a foreign goieriiiiieni, h.ts icsiilicd in his cimviciioii. Pimnlod Paces, Son; Bye, Kcalil Head in Children. O'tl Sore or U leers, 1 mil Pesterino- Rrnniions. Mumnrs.Fevcr Sores. feven wbnn Iho hone has becnniB caHnui.) White Swpling,(in connection wniueuus Linimont.f Vonerial Taint?, when Mercn- ry failed,) and al! other disorders nrising from nn impure state of tho blnod nntl jui ces, nntl nro the best Sprmj; and Autumn al nhvsic. . , I'ricn s?l. or 0 bottles for 5. Ask tor Dr. Relfp's Hotnnical Drni). "Prepared by T. KinnEit, sunccfsnr to Dr. Conway, and for enlc nt Ins tnuiit inrr Room. No. 99 Conrt strcot, next to J. Kidder' Drug Store, near Concert Hall. 15otnn. For sale by J. & J. II. I J-jUIv &. CO., Uurlington Vt. None genuine unlc?s signed T. Kidder. on t tin onliddo printed wrapper. Lnrgc uiscojnt to dealers. ' Hiev intend holding a shooting match at J. HAYS' LINIMENT. U. Dykes, in Huntington, on ihu 30th and nnHH PILHS. The price il is refun. 31st dnys of Oct. inst. at which tunc and JL ded to nnv person who will uso a place they hopo to be able to turntsli a lot bottle of Havs' litnimanl fur the Piles, onu of fine Turkeys whereon those who under- return tho empty bottlo without being stand boring for lowl's flesh can have op- cured. These ore the positive orders ol Gold Watches and other G oods. WE havi! received soino very pretty tiud Cotid Le Pino Watches, jew clled, warranted to perform Well. Wo havo fine Gold Patent Levers, CUESS MHJV. I ml in Ink; Dattb'dtirrs nnd Shuttlecocks or P.irds. 12 DOZEN Hav's Llnatneni which will cure oil kinds ol Piles, if it fails to do so the monuv wn.r, nr. nr.TurtNKi) : nlo more ol Kiicrman's POOR MAX'S PLASTER, and Sherman's Cough and Worm ond Cathartic Lozenges which give good sat ishiction to purchasers. ALSO. 41000 loorlk nf Morisons's Pills which arc daily more and more used and are in higher estimation than any other medicine ever introduced to the world. We have a beautiful assortment of Goods at tho Variety Store. Ilenienibcr Iho place, for it is the only place in town to gel iho nbovn article gcir time. PANU15U1UN to IJKLNSiMAlU. Oct. 10, IT.39. uortunitv of trying their f kill- inn ii i m m main t t v I uu 1 1 in niaivQiiauu, SOFOMON JOHNS. Hnnlingtoii. Oct. 17. I!!39. 1"B 0 m A TT."!5 tho proprietor to tho agents; nnd out of many thousands Bold, not one has been un successful. Wo might insert certificates to any length, but prefer that those who ecll the niticlc bhould exhibit the original to pur- chaser-, CAUTION. None can bo genuine without the written siTcaturc of ConMock J. rn ESI'ISCTl-'ULLY notifies his Customers Sb. .....I ll, .l,lin thnl Im linu rninr.vnil ll t si hop to bis old btatid in St. Paul street, whero &. Co on a splendid wrapping be will be on hand lo accommodate all wr.o please to call, with tho latest Fashions,"! and work done in a stylo not excelled by his neighbors. Just received a variety of Broadcloth casriimcrcs, and Vesting?, suitablo for tho sea son, and lor sale on commission . JEItEMIAH TIIYON. Oct. 23, 1839. SOLOMON HAYS HAYS' LU1MEJTT. Florence, Alabama, Sept. 28 A gentleman of the luliest standing in tins town, who haheen dreadfully nillictetl with llm I) 1 1 ml Piles for tho last 2C years called upon mo and freely confessed to mo Ins situation. After describing the seventy of tho com N. H. Cutting done on short notice as usual plaint, he remarked he had not been so well P. S. lie would remind thoso indebted to for on, years pa?t as ho was at that moment aM-ortuiDiit of Shawls, Fancy Ifandluiioliiel'H, md Scarfs, nl Lyman to Cole's, wot. in. BO Dioeos of almost as many tliU'ereut kinds for Ladies Cloak sluHV.uud of. all tho variwus names iti llm t.-nialuguo ol tho day, at LYM AN ii COLE'S. Oct. II!. 233, (t)i pieces of fi'f'd Alpine?, (ig'd Saxmiv, ilonhlo nntl unglo width. 10 ps. super F:utich Mouseliu do laiue, 20 pieces do Scotch and EugliMi nil wool. Oct. III. at LYMAN (c COLE'S. Figured Alpine. T fftpicces figured alpine of supc " rior quality, new and beau tiful patlcrns just opened and for sale uncommonly olicap at the new cheap cash establishhment of LATIIUOP, l'OTWIJf iC WAIT. Thibet" cloth. Pink, liirlit bluo and Chorry coloured Thibet cloth of beautiful quality for children's dresses just re ceived at the new cheap cash store of Lathuop, Potwin & Wait. him tocall and ray over, as he wants cas-h, and must havo it, peaceably il Uu can, but lor Riblv if ho must. 3w Kloi'EMKNT Mr. l-'rii., ho look n lerv nc I i o p,in in the iloin ol'ilii' llntrtxbiii; limb l-i-l ivinlcr, nml ulio win ipunidi-il for hi. zeal by lie inc .'iiiiioinii d enller.ior of mlh nt i'liil.iileliihi.i hint nlifCunileil with about ip'.'jO.OOO of this money of llie Stale. I he collector lit ( 'oliimhui is .ii.-d n del.iu it lo the nmoniit of slsii'cn or eiliuen iIigus.iikI dulUi i. llm rhhwi Chronicle. N. Y. H I A 1 1 1 L V. OtiT 19. Flouk. Thi h is been a most .tctue ueek in Flour. In die e.irlv i:ul ;i spuit to iun li,ifn u.n ni MiilV-.-icil, nn I liolili.'u met I i -i r fieclv. 1'ioin 23,000 lu 30,000 lil.lrf. h im- been taken, nnd ne.irly nil fouiliern, nl u -j a ti oil. lint litlle ue-tein line nml cnniTiineiillv bin liule done. We lemn that in lliicily nlune, nlmui 50,000 b.ureU o( fl'uir have been inpened din in llie inc-eni uivk,i The fhiiiinenls uillheicu Iiim vv, nnd nolu-iilHUinlui!' llie ndvnnecil ii ice, ilwi iirliulo is puich.iBi'd with pitam ness ami limited lioin lliecuuiitiy with all pus eihln tle-p.iich. (irtAlN Thein lnue been n few parrels of Wheat in ni.iikni, which weie fold nl 121 lo 123 rrnis, wliii b is nn nilv.ince. So litlle rum h i come in die nilicle b.i.i advanced fiom 73 to S3 reniH. lii in at 43 lo CO renin. Provisions The stork of I'oik is l.irge, from 8 to 10,000 bills, 'l'lic-fiilt'j are flentlv, witlmut anv r.liane oriiricc, BleM lu, ri une 11 a 124 Of Oeef there is a l.irger stork than is requited for llieieason, .Some new has mine into m.iikel but in h spoiled condition. tu, Express. nosroN. Provisions All kinds ure dull, and quotations poony Mistaincil; 1UU lilils Wenieni n l-sh I'mk good quality, enlil nt uucnoii, $13 per libl. 4 ins. Wool The dt'in.iiid coulinucs exlicini-lv limit en, anil niles too small lo quote from nsn wlioli-'.ile price. Uuotation? me in u arent me.isure iioiniiial. nitlRllTON. Prices, lieef Cattle. Former prices were not Eiistninrd un the eecond ami third mimI'iiv. We quoie first qu.ilitv, 7 25 n 7 73. Second quality tizsiio vj. nun: quality. t UU a u lo. Stores Sake were m.ide ul prices verv unrqual nnu lower man last wecK. wo quote vcirling ji n iu. i wn jcar out i t n zi. Cows and Calves Sales 2 j. 32. 43. nnd G3. Sheep Tho pi ire of pells h.n tinre l.irt week very materially declined, and the few lots puld were nt reduced price. Lots weio rulil nt 1 C2 x vi, z j, z nu, ami a uu, Swine A lery few hales only were effected few lots lo peddle u ere sold nt 4 J for sows, nnd CJ lor liarrous. At retail 0& a U lor sows, .mil b& :i fur liiirrnws. lie that ho hai just returned from New Yotk with a completo assortment ol liliOAOCLOTJJS. CASSIMEIWS AXD I'ESTLVGS- suitablo for winter woat, which ho considers well worthy tho attention of tho public. I he Goods wero telocted with caro in the Now York markets, and ho is confident thev will ;ivo satisfaction to all who may need anything in his line. A .rood assortment ofLLNCN COLLAIIS, BOSOMS, STOCKS, SUSl'LNDLRS, &c. itc. alo constantly on hand. liurlini'ton Oct. l!5, l!iJ9, N K W (JOODS, As NEW FASHIONS. OULl) inform his friends and tlio pub- He bad used our htittlo only of Hays' Lini men'. I n usu Ins own words he said "tlio whole human family who wero I bus afilicted out'lit to be mad-.- acquainted with this medicine. " Sinned. R. L. UL1SS. Tho ori''innl letlor may bo seen where the article is 6old, No. 2 Flelchcr.streci , cw- ork. This arliclo is countorfoiipd : lonk sen that it is signetl in writ'inn bv L. S. Corn stock Co. All kinds of Piles cured by this art tele : warranted or tho monuv re- (iiihIpiI. For sale wholcsale.'anp retail at the Variety Hioru bv. PANOIinilN & RIMNSMAII). KNITTING YARN. UP Hit white, blii'! mixed, red and ' cluudiid Shaker Yarn for kriittuiir (lorman Crewels, GO dilVi'icnt shades of ml ir. hv II. V. & Cn. John Abbott's Estate. K tho Suhseribors, having In on ap OH. A. EilTMBAlLiL TT'TTAVINli closed ln- coniicxion with ilJlhts fottner business rcsncalfuUv ro pointed by tho Miinurable i be Probate quests Uioso mdobied to hint to inn Court lor tho District uf Chittenden, commissioners to receive, rxau me nnd adtust I he elaims and demands of all per ons, against tho estate ol Joiin Aouoit, lalu ot Ourliiilon. in said District, !c ceased, represented insolvent, nntl also all claims and demands exhibited iu offset lliurulo; and six niontlis from tho day the dale hereof, Ijuiiij; allowed bv said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby ive notice, that wo will attend lo the btifines of our apiioinliucni, at the dwellm'' of Lucy Ann Abbott, in Hurltti'' ton. in said DiMrict, on the 2d Tuesdays of November and January next, nt 10 o'clock. A. iL, on each of said day Dated, this 9th ilnv of October A. D. 1039. JOHN JOHNSON,) (J MO. A. ALLEN, f Commissioners THOMAS MILLS. module invment. ItiirHntnn, Oil. If!. NOTICE. IILHF.HY fiivn noticu that I have ivcn my sou l'iti;tJi;illt;iv lilAUV , his time mid shall tint claim auv of his earnings, oi bo rcs;nm.-iblo for anv conliacts mado hvhini aflnrthis dale. " 111A U1X15Y. llssex, Ocl. 10, U)39. I)K. HULL'S Utero Abdoniiiuil Supporter. rinniS new Instrument (or mo radical JL euro of Prolapsus Uteri or Falling of I the Womb, by external application, super- sedinr; the use of tlio objectionable rc-ary. is corilidently rccomtneiuled to tho nliltclcd as Iho means of n perfect resloratlun to health, it never having failed of perforining a cure even under tho most ar;ravnicd circumslances. It has received I be decided approbation of Sir Astlcy Cooper nf LON DON; Sir IJi'pjatnin C. I5rot!:e; Sir James Clark. Physician to the Queen ; Dr. Ash well, Lecturer on Midwifery lo tluv's IIo pital ; Dr. I!ib Lecturer to St. Uartliol otness; Dr. (Jrillilh, Lecturer to Westmin ster Hospital; Dr. Itatm-botliam. fiecturor to London Hospital; Robert Ferniunn, Lecturer to Westminster Lying-in Hospi lal, Dr. Sweatman, Lecturer lo Middlesex Hinpiial, and senior Accoucheur to Queen C'harloite's Lying-in-Uospitol ; also by Henry Davies, 6'oiiqupst; lilundell. Lee, Merriman. Surgeon Kcaies &.c. by Dr Moreau President ol the Academic Uoyalc do Medccine, PARIS and Accoucheur to Iho Dnchivs D'Orleans; Professors Vel- pcau Marioliu, Paul Dubois, Sanson and others; aril in New York by Professor W. Francis ; O. S., M. 1) Profersor of M idwiferv in University llie city NLW YOKK; Profetsnr Delafield, l,infL-riir 1'iaiieis U. .lolinslon. President Cotintv Meil. Socicly; Lmrens Hull, pres Medical t-ncielv, slate ul New iotk: pud, James McNnoblon o( Albany; profetsnr March, prof. Gyrus Perkins, prol. Doane Drs. Thus. Itoyd, llilbcrt Smith. Ilosack Stearns, Ludlow, Cirsatn, Vache, Power Grnvfon, Van Renrsalacr and many olhe disiinguishetl Physician in the U. S'ates A. G. HULL; Office 4 Ve-ey-bt, Ailor House, New York. Uj"A constant stipplv ol the above Itistru ments, wilh )t. Hull's Improved Tru fur Hernia will be kept bv ROHERT'MOODY, Drugght, RtirHnglon, VI P.. W. lircwsler Muldldnirij. ). II. Prenti.-s James Porter Rutland. jy Mousclainc do Lai no. Plain Colored and plain Black Mouselinc do laino of the finest quality all wool for sale low at the new cheap cash store of. Lathuop, Potwix & Wait. Students and others can find the greatest variety of rich fig'd ami plain sat. iu STOCKS, all patterns, cheap. Oct. l!l. LYMAN & COLK. (L00 north west Bullalo Robes at thirty per cent less than lat years prices, mporior quality. LYMAN Ai COLL NEW GOODS rinllL t-ub-cr.bor has iii-l received a JJ. enrnl iti)'iiiiniii ol DRY GOODS GROCERIES, CROCKERY. Sf CLASS II ARE, winch he will sell uuurunilv low lor oafii. HORACL LANK. Uwlinslnn. Oil. 1!t. 11139. UZP''tc annals nf Medicine do not afford. Copartnership formed. FTNDHR tho firm nf D Kimball J J Co. fur Ihu purpose of buving and selling Uccf&c. IFn lake llm old mntl formerly ncccupied bv D. &. D. A. Kim A few ps. doable India Silk, Turk, satin plain and fig'd blue black, Oro ele bwiss, fig d and plain, gro do naplcs ulU, lot sain by LYMAN k CUM-:. Dvi"ht Dean's Estate. WE the Subscribers, having been appointed h th Ilonorablu the rnbate Court fit ilia District of Chiilen den. commission' rs in rcc. ive, exumine and odiust the claims and demands f al nersiiiis, n rjnitist the urta'.e of Dwinht Dean, Into nf Burlington in said District deceased, lepreser.ied insolvent, and nisi all claims nnd demands ex hibiicd in offset thereto ; and hx monilis Iroin the day ol the data hereof, bcinn allowed by tnid Court for ibal purpose, wo do tbereforr hereby give notico, thai wn will attend to the business of our appointment, at lb lwelling of Ilermon W. It. Dean in Bur ui'Mon in said District, nn the seconi Tuesdays of January and February next at 10 o'clock, A M., on ench of said days Dated, ibis 1 lib day of October. A. D 1C39. LUTHKlt LOOMIS. Cnmmis J. VAN SICKLIN. Jr. (sinnert iuxco m p a r a n r, e r o o t ii PREPARATION THIIIE Utopian dreams of thu alchyinist aro A, and a remedy discovered for thu JOOIIIACIIL. aim prescrviu'' tho important and beautiful appendages of iho human evitem, ly Iho u.-o ot llio .i,7C A'ETIC ODOjXTICA, which by its attract ivo, purilyiiig and strengthening quuhlies removes all extraneous substances from Iho Icelh, md pn.-t-orves Iliem iu llieir natural brilliancy, and tho gums in soundness and beauty. It is ascertained Irnni experience that when used, tho tooth will novcr decay but remain till iho lalc-st age of man, with their natural wear. When they nrudceayed. its progress will bo arrested, and tho teeth proserved ti-id prevented from aching. All this has been douo in a multitudnof instan ces : anil more, in inousanus oi eases, nervous WOULD respectfully return his thanln to Ii 13 friends and patrons for their inony favors, ond would a Mo inform the in thin be has received n new nddlllon to Iim HOOKS AMD STATIONERY, AXJ RLYDLYG STOCK, and would solicit a continuance of their patronage which tins horctnforii been so liberally bestowed, hoping by attention to his business lo merit t he Kunc. Among his stock may be found the following, viz : Bibles nf every size from the Qwirlo lu the Piarl, in various binding; Watt's Select Hymns Wmchcll's Watts Methodist Ilymnt Prayer Rooks O'nfis Geography Smiley's do IluiUinglrn'i do Drinsm lid's do Peter Parley' dn Adams' Arithmetic Smith's da i Thompson's do Colborne's do Smith's new Grammer Kirlcham's do Webster's Dictionary Worcester's do A. M. First Class Book First, second and third Book of History National Reader Rhetorical Reader First Class Render Second do do Third do do English Reader C00 Spelling Books, chenp by the dozen Children's Bo In in a great variety American Gentleman do Lady Manual nf Politeness Ratios Word lining Lady's oxon Book do Gentleman's do d Crockett's and Dmomtig's Song Books Comic Almanacs tyc. 6;r,. An mini Bioks in a great variety, and if not on hand, made to order on short notice. PAPER!! Cap, Letter, A'vlc. Bank Cap, fancy colored Tissue, and a great variety of other paper of a good quality and fair price Blue and Black Fluid Black and Red Ink Gold and Silver Ink Bl'iik Ink Potcder Ink Stands a good assortment Indelliblc Ink, with and without prepara tion Large and small Printing Cards Visiting Cards and Card Cases Sand and Wafer Boxes Letter Stamps and Folders Drawing Pencils Camel's hair Pencils Pencil Leads India Rubber Wallets and Pocket Bonks Port Folios and Scrap Books Memorandum Books Slates and Pencils Together with n great variety of article too numerous lo mention, rlcaso call at bales Cotton Sheeting, Spirting. " addintr, Batting ond coiion yarn. 300 Pieces French. I-Jnglish, Scoib nnd American Printed calicos frum C4 cts per vnrd, to the highest prices. COO yards of Fiournd and P ain Merinos. A great variety of rich Vcstiwis. For sale hv LYMAN & COLL, Wanted in exchange for goods the Book Bindery on College Street, at 1000 yards firov Cloth, 500 yards llm nel. ' 1"'' s ign ot in.- uea imager ".000 pair Socks of the best quality. Uct. 10, 1039. Elnathan Higbcn's Estate. ' 25 pi's, of Ladies fine Shoes Sn7 13 Ihu subscribers, hnving been op. j"1" suppers assorica qualities, also mco fo pointed by Ihu Honorable the pro bate Court lor the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine nnd ad-ju-i thi! claims and deiuanus of all persons, ngain-it the estate of Elnathan Hibee, lalo of Shelbiitn iu said Dislrict, deceased, represented insolvent, and uUo all claims and demands exhibited in i(!Voi therein; and six mouths from tlio day of ihu dale hereof, being allowed by said Court fur that purpiwe, we do therefore hereby give nonce, that we will attend to the business of uu r appointment, at i lie dwelling of the widow of iho said F.liiathan llighce in Slie'hurn, in tnul Distr'd, on tho sreotid . Mondays ot January and April next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each t-aul (lavj. Dated, this 9Ui davofOct. A.' D. LISO. mis. sinners. J.T ps. Broad Cloths and Cas- Minures, at about two thirds tho lormer prices Beaver and Pilot do. LYMAN A: TOLL. J. VAN SICKLIN, Jr. ) Cmn mtiv viuiwiM i crni, pen,,, mine re.a.c V; - bil, ,, rpc(,,y ,jy ), A. JCllillinll. TllOiO Ann ihtfolkmng.htrt ejected by wUhm , ,nJr JH wi thelr )alrnna,,n , , . . , shall bo nrcntomodaied Willi Ihu richest UUlAiNlLAL JJ iv Jr o meals the country nfi'urds nl ns low prices A LADY, of Boiion, was nillictcd with as can bu obtained elsewhere. Btirlingtnn Oet,l5 D. KIM BALL Jit. .1. KIMBALIi. iti a it n i i: i) In thi; town, on 'I'nesil.iy evening, by II, Ii, Stacy, Kk. Lkwis Stone io Sana Je anvcnnk both of l'latlsbiiii-h, N. Y. i 1 1: i) In Binrtbiireh, on the 30th ult. Air. John WKF.n.nged 77je.irs. In lliiii-flniruli, on the 21 nt inst. Lyman Don., win, only child of Dr. E. I1kkciii:h, nged two jears nnd three months. In (JeoigM, on the Mill inst. Capt. Ilcuben Evarls, in die 7Cih ol his use. eruptions all over her head, face, and body, attended with most unpleasant itch iti"?, burniii"-1 and blotches had lust the nails from soinu ul her lingers and tnns was cured by 3 buttles of these drop-s A Boy Suffered four years with dread ful sores on Ins font, some of which hud eaten wholly thro' his foot had his font nnnsidnr.-d n,t relief, nnd bis death OX- "j"1" ''lu rC)ort of n CoillinitleiJ appointed peeled was cured by taking these drops! rjMHFi Sii ckholder.-. ol iho Burlington JL Mill Company are hereby notified lo j meet at thu office of tho Cumptiny in Cob i Chester nn thu ltlth day of November A. D. 11139 nt 9 o'clock A. M. to consider u d act NOTICU. Tho Annual Meeting of tho 2d echnnl District Temperonco Society, will bo hold eu on Wednesday evening next, nt the School House near tho Gldridgu place, al half paBl six o'clock. An addross is ex pected from one of tho Physicians in town, nd a general aitendanco of tho people in the vicinity is desired. October 23, A LAD from 14 to 10 years of ago may xl find a situation aa an apprentice at mis uilice. September 20, 1839, A Man is Roxnuuv Was for years af fliclnd wilh foul ulcers, one uf which had eaten through Ins wrist wad cured by theso Drop?! A Liiii,n-- After trying various other Medicine for painful crnptions on his legs, and other parts of his body, was cured by tho untauical Drops aluuu ! at a meeting nl said Stockholders on Mm I7ih of August last, and to transact any further proper Business. DAN ILL S i LAIINS, Jn., Colchester, Oct. 1-1. 1039. Iw Copartnership Notice. rpilH subscribers rjivu nutice that thev JL have associated with them in business Mr Joseph Wait, lato of the firm of Watt & A Child i.n RoxuunY Was cured of a Tabor, for tho transaction nt tho L'enoral bad tumor under Ins arm, by 4 bottles. Dry Condi, Grocery &. Proviiion business, A Boy in Boston was many yenrs and will hureaftor conduct business at their troubled with ulcers in his head, which nld stand under the name & firm of Lalhrop, uiectmrgeu at ins ears--curcu uy a iioiucs. I'oiwm fii Wait. Their Storo tins been JJin WuiaiiT Was cured ol a bad fever recent Iv and entirely refilled and improved sore on ono of his legs, of long Btanding, by and they aro now picpared with a very ex- theso Drops, alter all oilier means used tenstvo assortment ol woods In accummo. had failed. dalu llieir friends nnd etistoiuurs on Ihc verv A Child Was cured uylheso Drops, lowest terms for cash, or most kiniM of of biles mid ulcere, eoiiio of which hod country produce. GIDHON LATHUOP. eaten lo tho ribs. HIJNRY W. POTWIN A Elderly Lady- Who was long) JOSEPH WAIT. Brushes of all kinds. Hair Brushes of about 20 dilforenl kindi, riefh Brushes, Clothes ISt u lio -l kinds, In- Innllinnlin flimnv nl'lmil l.nanl ', ' fllllS 1 1 r II sites. Ka ll 1 1 1 II lies G Ii illlls, llcitrlll I'fV.'etnnllv eniml lu-llm nsn of ibis iho ! brii'-hes 2 kiiuM. Shoe Driishes, llriihes fort most popular dentrifneo iu America. And Plate. Laihur Brushes, Tablo Iltushe, lint A t(U,, C)lp.. rt lectcd India Rubber over Shoes, for Ladiex and Mi-scs, .10 pairs gentlemen's do, a few pairs ntco gailer shoos and dancing Pumps, at Oct. 10. LYMAN & COLK'S. iliram Clarke's Estate. STATU OF VERMONT, ) Uivr. ok Chittenden, ss AT Probate Cutiri, holden nt Burling ton within nnd for raid district, on the I2 li day of October A, D 1839. Pre sen.', the Hon, CI is. Russell Judgo. An in-oinmciii, purporting to be the last will and icsiami-iit of Hiram Clark late of Mil. ton in said district, deceased, being presen ted lo the Court here bv Lbjah derrick ami Linus Bascnm lite Executors therein named, for probite; ll is ordered by m il Court, that all persons concerii'd lliereie, be notified io appear nt a sesssion of said Court to be holden Ht tho nfTiCQ of the Register of -aid ('nurt in Burlington in aid distiici, on ilu- --eeond Wendesday of November Ai I) 1039, nnd shmv cause, it any they may have, n j n i ti tho probato of said will, fur whieh purpose it is further nrilett'd, thai u copy of the reconl of this order bu published three, weeks succes sively, in '! o Free Press, n newspaper pnnudnt Burliiioton n- soon as may be. the public, so far us they havo bccotnu nc Brushes .1 kinds I uoin iiruslies h .Kinds, c nmli Alleel Wm- WESTON Register. Iiiainlcd with the munis ol this tooih pow- lirusiics or eiuunois . iim, nnw mimn-- RIOiMOVAL. f Wail Iteinmrd liU der. have made uso of it as wo havo sold, Blaclsing.Walcii lirtisnes.i-reneu uair ... .1 i 4 nn nnn i.. c .a nnnwt tt 11 1 inif find nn nsenrtment nl fnml yiHi i a soon i'.r; . ioskimi w,ur i.ue of .he m l U VJUOIIllCil. l UU, III l.'OIIUIIISIUII, WIIUIU .111(1 I III il.-li-.- - , who is mo young tauy or goniie.unn, nyo.ti.c et, uiai.yu. "vr, , .T' . , i nock of(!uo.lMo rfio.e ol l.i op & l'oti imlk- ion Ibnl v:i hies n liiimit iTii set r.f IitI b. best su ccted stilt white BIllblLLS and , ,,.....,.,. ..i.... i,. with niMi Wood uncus, ami are as cheap as tho ihu lawdrv painted so couiiiiouly been in tiiu Uotiutry, wo in vito an cvaminalion of thoin at Iho Varioty Storo. Pi.Noiior.N Drinfmwii. sound guui.-, nnd a swcot breath, inorothan fifty cents, that will bo longer deslttulo ol a box of Dr. M. Hitchcock's incomparable Magnetic Odontica? For sale, wl-.olcsohi and retail, by a. Hitchcock Co., No, 117 (iencseu slreot, Utica. N, Y. And by tneir agents throughout iho U. Slates and Canada. In Burlington only by J. Si J. II. PBCK k Co.. iu Vcirgeuncs by . I. II. Bow man, in Milton by B'hiinoy, Latidon Sz Co,, in (Joorgia by Lorenzo Jaucs au2 BEER. fllUE Burlingion Brew--L cry having been rebuilt during ihu past season, will he put in opurnlion on i'tiusduy next, and will, in a few day-, be prepared lo answer orders for 33 SB A, to any exl cut . Thu apparatus is ull new, nnd ol tho must npprnved construction; and il a first rata brewer good materials, and a firm resolve nn thu part of the pro pricier to furnish n superior article of beer, can avail any thing, inv customers shall find uu cause uf complaint. The,; public aro respectfully invited tu givo thu; nplv establishment u lair trial. GEO. PETERSON. lb I LL S and . .nrnp).( . f Oltuiih nnd ('..liege flreem, uhcre lie will ro sold nbmit , je i(l,j,j,y , fvis ,j fripd.s nnd nuioineis, betntc lilted brushes 1 ill in eier pieparrd in tUow iliem a veiy E STRAY. CAME into Ihu enclosure of tho sub scriber, on tho 1st inst., a red two yenr old steer, while on ihu end nf the tail, with tar on thu right hip. Thu owner is requested to prove properi v. puv eharnes and tnko htm away. JACOB ROBERTS. Mtlion, Oei. I. 11139 Twist Combs nml Combs of all kinds. 10 dozen finu horn Twist Combs and nil other kinds received at thu Variety Sloro 1'ASCnollN IlltlNSMAIII. S1II3LL COMBS. Twist Combs ;(iuill Bjck Combs, round back Comb", long moth sido Combs,vury small sido Combs, carved Combs and other patterns of fine shall Combs, atflhn Variuly Store. Panqiuihn : IIuinsmmp. 1 TUST received n few pieces fiiper Eng l?' Iitli Flannels, a 4, 4 4 nml 5-4 wido. by 11. W. CATLIN & Co. tt'n-ni! aji.01 t.iienl ol'Gnodj, More New Goods. "JUST Hoceiveilat the newly fit a' ted store of Lathuop, PoTWiir & Wait, a very extensive assort ment of benutitul and rich goods suited to the present npproaching season which will be freely shown at all times and sold uncommonly cheap for Ca h, or Exchanged for most kinds of country Produce,their friends and customers- are invited to examine their stock and judge for themselves, NOTICE. A LL p 'rsous indebled to the Subucribem whose uccuiiuf hive brcoino dun, will plen-e call nnd nnv llii.-. ainc and tuvecost, Oct. 11,1030. LTiinop& Potwin. boxes Canada Iron, just received by V 1 1. ., Loomh di Co.

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