Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 1, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 1, 1839 Page 1
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NOT T II E G L O It Y O F C JF. S A It 1J V T T II E I, F ARE OF It O ill E BY II. 15. STACY- FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1839. VOL. XIII No. 645 THE INNOCENT. BY MISS Mi MILES 1 lovcJ to look npnn die beautiful rind happy lilllc rrealurc al ti is Infant spoils, for it was ic fiejliing to one, who ImI prucil haw hollow m drill's fairest promise;, to tec lite pmila of pcaco upon Ilia face, and to listen to tlic mil ill pushed fiom :i licait a jet untouched by furrow. Then 1 misted liim Iroin his iircwtomcd linnnis ; nnd the closed shutter told that eicknes had laid llie bright ono luw. taw A) a nnd I saw him Ijoi nu lo his last testing place, and saddened I turned from the sight, jet feeling that it was meet that one so pure and loiely should die, when nil carih'a thing were perishing nimmd us, to bloom again in a world that know no blight. JJenntlful boy 1 I see I lice now, The bright hair parted o'er thy brew, And hear that voice of merry stec That won so many hearts In thec ; Although I muy not, day by djv, Watch theo at thy childiVh play ! I loved to look upon (hat face, AVheio no taint of earth had placo To list the laughter sweet and clear, That fell, like music on the ear, And scarce can deem, fair child, that thou The beautiful ! are smitten low. JJut bo tho sweetest flowers will die, The brighpst elais sink in the sk And like the star nnd flower thy srnilo Shed radiance o'er cace path, awhile, Then pups'd away, to seek a home Where pain and "sorrow never conic. In beauty, called awny from earlh Ere storm or shadow dim'd thy palli They give thee pure nnd undcfilrd ! "To God uho gave" a sinless child ! Rausoiii'd ! irdcem'd ! to dwell above, In thai bright home of joy and lore ! LEGISLATURE OP VERMONT. SENATE. Wednesday Oct, 23, 1039. Prayer by the chaplain. Message, from tho governor, communi eating certain papers relating to Die State Antiquarian Society, referred to commit tee on agriculture; certain resolutions from different elates on the public lands ; resolutions from the Slate of Indiana, on the subject of slavery ; severally re terrcu to select committees of three, to bo appointed by the chair. Bill, from tho house; laying a lax of six cents per acre on lends in Greensboro,' twico read and referred to committee on and taxes, Revised Statutes chapter 13, of 'towns, town meetings, and town officers,' rcpor ted by Mr. Swift, of tho committed on ed ucation, with sundry proposals of amend rncnt, which were concurred in and the chapter, as a bill, read a third lima and passed ; chapter 24,of 'courts of chancery,' reported by Mr Converse, of tho commit' tec on the Judiciary, with proposed amend ment?, which wcro concurred in, and tho bill, nfter inquiries by Mr Edgcrton, and remarks by Mr Pinrpoint, Kittridgo and Converse was laid upon tho tabic, on mo tion of Mr Edgerlon : chapter 25. of 'Su preme and Cuunty Courts,' reported by Mr Robinson, of tiie coin, on the Judiciary without amendment, debated by Messrs Pinrpoint, Kittercdgo and Converse, and. on motion of Mr Hemonway.laid upon the table ; chapter 26. of 'Justices of the Peace,' reported by Mr Converge, of Ihn cnm. on tho Judiciary, amended read a tliiul time nnd passed Resolutions. By Mr Ealon, instructing tho committee nn edticution to report an amendment to tho existing law upon the subject, authorising (he distribution of oik fourth part of the public money, for the use of schools, In school districts, in equal proportions, without regard to the number of scholars. This resolution elicited tin interest intr discussion, by Messrs Kittoredge, Pierpnint, Converso and Townslcy, opposed to thu resolution, nnd Messrs Marsh, Edgcrtnn, nnd Eaton, in favour. Mr Noble demanded the yeas ond nays, and I ho resolution was rejected, yea? 2, nays lu- Tho president announced tho committee on t no Kcsoluttons from dillureul stales, relating to the public In mis ; Messrs. Ed gciton, Kittridgo and Eaton. atlj, HOUSE. Prayer by Rev E Smith. Bills By Mr Beach, to annex part of Shclbiunc to St. George, referred to gen eral committee. By Mr Wheeler to pay Anson Davip, nnd by Mr Baxter to pay Chnuncoy Goodrich, referred to committee of Claims. By Mr Partridge, bills rela tive to duties of overseers of tho poor, and rnlativo to fees of town clerks, referred to tho General Comniitllcc. Petitions ($-c 01 inhabitants of nines' burgh, and of Daniel Dale and others, ru ferrcd to Temperance Committee. Re monstrance of Marshal Mason and ot hers, nnd of Wm Coudry nnd othors, to com. on charter of tho village of Woodstock. Of solectmcn of Ripton, to land Tax Com mittee. Resolutions By Mr Minor, appointing Timothy Poster, A. B. W. Tennoy and Leonard Ssrgoant, Commilton to examiuu into tho etato of tho Stalo Prison ond re port thereon : adopted, By Mr Dillingham, inviting L. B. Peck Esq. ono of tho rnviting committee, to tako a acat on tho floor of tho House duro ing the consideration of tho revised stat utes, for the purpose of giving any infor mation desired on tho subject : adopted. Ily Mr Partridgo, deferring all legislation on partnerships, listing laws, banks, poor laws, corporations, road laws, chanceryiawH &c, to tho next session, and to deposit the printed copies of tho revised statutes in the offices of Town Clerks. Ruled out of order by tho Chair, when Mr Partridge appealed from tho decision, bat it was sus tained by tho Huti-c ayes 195, nuns 10 By Mr Stark, for the 1st and 2d reading, (if such of the revised statutes ns have been punted, by their titles only referred to judiciary committee- Reports of Committees Vy Coin, of Ways and Means, chapter 7, 1) and 9 of revised statutes, without amendment; made the order of this nlternuon. By coin, on Roads and Canals, against petitions of Windsor and Woodstock Turnpike Co. and of Slratton Turnpike Co., nnd the pe titioners had leave to withdraw their peti tions. By select com., bill annexing part of Orwell to Whiting, ordered to a 3d reading. Uy Jutlicmty Com. against pctr Iron of Rowland T, Robinson and others, laid upon tho table also against resolu tion un Game subject viz.- abolishment of capital punishment ; also against the bill for tho same object, and it was laid on tho table and Hindu the older fur Friday morn ing ; in luvor ol bill in addition to AI lit tin I Fire Insurance Co. net, ordered to 3d reading. By Com. of Claims, bill to pay John S. Pcltibone $21, laid on the table and made the order lor to-morrow morning against petition of Samuel Simmons laid on tho table. By com, on Education, bill incorporating Metnphrcmogog literary nnd scientific institution, amended and ordered to 3d reading By Com- of Claims, bill to pay Louis Sotilo JMOO 70 for losses occa sioncd by tho intercourse law of 18l2, laid on the table and mado tho order for to morrow morning ; on sundry accounts ris ing under tho militia act, asking to be discharged therefrom, and that they be referred to com. on Military Afi'airs agreed to. By land Tax Committee, against tax on Worcester, laid on tho table. By General Committee, against bill to cn courage tho destruction of crows, dis missed ; against bill relating to deeds and land conveyances, dismissed, 75 to 51 against petition of O. Knnpton and other, and tho petitioners had leave to withdraw Engrossed Bills, For t lie rclicfofGor shom Conger passed ; to purchaso five maps of Vermont for tho use of the House dismissed, 102 to 9-1. adj. 2 o'clock P. M. Senate. Tho chair announced the so lect committee to consider tho Resolution from the State of Indiana, on tho subject of Slavery, Messrs Swift, Adama, and Wa terman. Bills laying a tax on Lands in Greens boro' reported by tho committco, read a third timo and passed. Revised awf--chaptcr 16, of tho 'sup port and removal of paupers,' reported by the com- on the Judiciary read a third timo and passed; chapter 27, of 'common laws,' read the first and second times, and ordered to be read a third time tomorrow morning ; chap, 23, of courts of chance ry,' culled up by Mr Pierpnint, when Mr Kit tredge moved to amend by revising all that part of the chapter which provides for atiapplication to a court of chancery in cases, of the attachment of machinery em ployed in manufactories- Motion suppor ted by Mr Kittridgo, opposed by Mr Rob inson, and withdrawn by the mover, and the chapter read a third time and passed; chap. 25 of 'supreme &. county courts,' called up, amended, read a third time and passed ; chap, 23, of 'process,' twice read and referred to com. on tho Judiciary, HOUSE. Revised Statutes Chapter 3, of applica tions to general assembly, 15 of settlement of paupers, 14 of villages, of promulgation of stalutcs and Icgi-lativo journals 10 of county property, C of seat of government, 7 of tho literary, nnd 9 of counties, were severally ordered to a 3d reading. Chap. 13, of towns, town meetings and town officers, was rclorrcd to the Judicia ry Committee. Chap. 17, of poor houses, being under coonsidoratiun, Mr Partridge moved to postpone it to the 1st day of January next which motion was ruled out of order by tho chair, Mr P, then opposed the bill, for objections to tho bill itself, and also lor the reason that tho mere reading of of this and the olhcr bill repotted bv the committee would nnt enable the House lo act uudorhtaiidingly upon it. Tho bill was ordcied to a 3d reading. Chapter 12. of probate districts, and 2 of organization of thu Homo of Rcprcsen tativcB, were severally passed. The House resumed consideration of Mr Partridge's resolutions on banks, the ques tion being on the motion of Mr Fullam to dismiss ; when Mr Dillingham moved to lay the motion In disnnsson Iio table, & make it tho order for Salurdny morning, agreed to, &, Mr Chandler moved that 300 copies of the aforenamed resolutions, with tho report of tho committco thereon, be printed for tho uso of the House ; after considerable decuesion, motion was laid on tho table, and made tho ordor Saturday morning. Reports of Committees. By Judiciary committee, on tho expenses of thu laws which was rend: (the expense already in curred is 1000.) By thu sarco com mil tee, bill to pay R- 1'ierpoint and others (the revising committee,) g3,500 laid on the table. udj, SENA I'K. TiiunsDAY, Oct. 24. Prayer by the chaplain, Bills, By Mr Bowcn, providing a salary ofglOO for tho chaplain of tho slate prison, in lieu of tho compensation now allowed; twico read and referred to a select com, Messrs liowon, Burgess and Holmes; from thfc house, for the relief of Gerehom Conger, twico read and relcrrcd to com. on military affairs. Report, by Mr Robinson, of tho com. on tho judiciary, that no legislation is neces sary in relation to fugitives from justice, thu revised statutes making tho necessary provision on that subject. Revised Statutes chap, 27, of "common lavr," read a third timo and passed i the chapter relating to 'common schools,' ro ported oy Air Eaton, nt I lie com. on educa tion, with a proposed amendment, which whs concurred in, and the chnpter, nn mo tion ofMr Hemenwuy, was laid upon the table: chap. 30, of 'replevin.' twico read nnd referred to the committco on militnry nlinirs; chap. 1st of 'elections,' sent up from the htui30, with a proportion to amend, in wh'ch tho scnatu resolved to concur ; chap. 2U ot 'organization ot house of representatives,' with n proposal of amendment, in which the sonatn also re solved to concur ; chap. 3 1 , of 'depositions and of witnesses' twico read nnd referred to com. on Judiciary ; chap 32, of 'jurors,' twice read and referred to Messrs Cobb, Chundlur and Fester: chap. 33, of 'now trials' and 35, of vicclment,' twico rend nnd severally referred to Messrs McMillan. Kittridgu and Curtis; chap. 34, of 'olfselts,' reportrtl by Ilr Jou verse, ot tho com. on the Judiciary, amended, nnd ordered to a third reading; chap. 3G, of 'actions ot account, chap. 37, of 'writs of error' ond chap. 33 of imprisonment, severally twice read and referred to Messrs Kitlridgc, Jones and Curtis. Resolut ion From tho house, for tho appointment of n com. of thrco to inquire into the necessity of repairs of the State Prison buildings, read and, on motion of Mr I ownsley, laid upon tho tnb.e; by mr Eaton, of the committco on Education to furnish tho American Antiquarian Society with copies of the public papers of tins Slate. Advocated by Mr Swift, aud unan imously passed. Adj. HOUSE. Prayer bv Rev. S. Kellogg. The chair presented the third annual report of the trustees of the asylum for the insane-, referred to a select com. ot lour and 300 copies ordered to bo printed. Mr Ashley moved to reconsider tho vote of yesterday, dismissing tho bill for tho purchaso of mans; agreed to, anil (lie did was laid on the table, when Air Kinsman offered a joint resolution, authorizing the purchase of five maps of Vermont passed. Bills by Mr Porter for an academy at Hartford, referred to com. on Education. By Mr Closson, in addition to act relating to niarriago and divorce, refcrrrd to the Judiciary com. To pay Louis Soule 380 78, ordered to a 3d reading; annexing part of Orwell to Whiting, passed. Resolution. by Mr Higby raising an en. nuiry as to tho expediency of further leg islation on the subject ot indictment ol towns tor bad roads: passed. Petition. of inhabitants of Charleston and Shelburue, referred to Temperance committee. The bill relating to the Rutland and Whitehall Rail Rond company was made the order of the day for to. morrow morning. Reports of Comitlecs, By com. on Banks repealing act chartering the Bank of Mont pelier, ordered to 3d reading. By com mittee on Military Affairs bill in addition to militia act with amendments, made the order of the day for Tuesday morning next, and on motion of Mr Patridge, 300 copies were ordered to bo printed. By Select Committee, bill for the relief of Henry Damon with tha evidence in the case, laid on the table. Tho House resumed consideration of tho sub-treasury resolutions. Mr. Henry moved a call of the House negatived. 1 he first question being on the motion to dismiss, was negatived : ayes 3. noes 2IG. Tho question then recurred on the amendment of Mr Chandler, viz. to strike out all of the origtunl resolutions and insert tho following. Whereas, tho passage by Congress of the law, usually tienuinmaled thu sub-treasury, would tend greatly to concentrate undue power in the bunds of tho executive depnrlment of the government, therefore. Resolved, that our senators in Congress bo instructed, and our representatives re. quested, to use their exertions to prevent the passage of that bill. Mr partridge opposed the nmrndmont. Mr Thomas moved a call of the House ; not fccondcd by the House, ayes 102 to 95. Tho question was then put, nnd the amendment was udoptcd, ayes 115, nays 107. Tho question was then put, Shall the resolutions pass? A yen Its noes 10G ; 60 the resolution was adopted. The bill to compensate tho suporintcn. dent of the stnto prison was tnken up and discussed until the House adjourned. TirunsnAY, 2 o'clock, P. M. Senate, Revised Statutes chap. 32, of 'juniors, 'reported by Mr Cobb, without' amendment, read a llitrd timo and passed : of 'ofl'jets,' rcud n third lime and passed ; chap. 3G, of 'accounts.' chap. 37, nf writs of error,' chap. 30, of Miabeus corpus,' sev erally reported by Mr Kilttridgo, without amendment, and ordered to n third reading tomorrow.morning; chap. 3G, of 'grants,' ttvico read and referred to Messrs Mc Millan, Kittridgo nnd Curtiss : chop. 40. of 'real estate,' twico read and referred to Messrs Brown, Harvey and Waterman ; chip. 31, of 'depositions and witnesses,' reported by Mr Cobb, and ordorcd to a third reading ; chap. 23 of 'process,' re ported by Mr Robinson, with proposal of amendment, when Mr Tracy, after remarks of some length, moved to amend thu amendment, by erasing from chap tho section rotating In imprisonment for debt, passed tho last session nf the Legislature. Thu chair decided the motion out of order; and thu question after debatu by Messrs Kittridgo, Edgertoii and Tracy, was deci ded in thu affirmative, yeas 24, nays 4 : and the amendment was adopted, when Mr Tracy renewed his motion that thcG3d section be stricken from the chapter, as suring tho Senate, that if his motion pre vailed, ho should then muvo to amend the chap, by erasing tho section embracing tho trustee process of lost session. The, motion to amend was debated by Messrs Kittridgo, Swift. Curtiss, Pierpnint, Cobb Towns-ley nnd Tracy, nnd lost, yeas 9, nnVH 13 flu the courso of this debute Senator spoke of the public feeling in dilum-nt sections of the sate, in relation to tho exisiing trustoo process; and judging Iroin iioir remark we should think the system pretty generally met the public oxecrnMon, especially of that portion of the public who have the misfortune to be poor, Htid for whoso special benefit, tho system was ost;nsibly adopted. J ho chap, was then reid a third time and passed ; chap. 41, of rVircible entry and referred la Messrs Cobb, L handler and Foster. Reseluiion, Hum the House, for the purchase of 5 copies ol a map of this Stale. Tho risoluiioii, on motion of Mr Edgcrton, wn I mil on the table. litll, from tho House, annexing a purl tho of lovsn of Orwell to tho town of Whiting, read twico and referred to the Senators from Rutland and Addison coun ties. Adjuurnod. HOUSE. Revised Statutes. Chapter 24, of chan cery, was once rend. On motion of Mr Drown to amend a proiracted and disul lory discussion arose in which Mr Part ridgo (against the bill generally.) Messrs Brown. Dillingham. Chandler and others, took part. The bill was referred to Judi ciary committco. Chap. 1G, of the support and rrmoval of paupers, waa referred to cotnmitleo ot In solvency. Mr Tylor introduced a resolution for rcferenco of all bills of tho revised btatutcs, to bo referred lo tho appropriate commit tees after tho first rending; laid on the tablo. Adj. SENATE. Fiuuav, Oct. 25. 1039. Prayer by tho chaplain. Revised Statutes chap. 35. of 'jurors,' chap, 3G. of 'accounts, 1 chap 37. of 'writs of error c,' chap 38, of 'habeas corpus,' severally read a third timo and passed; clino. 43, of tho "tessions of courts,' twico road nod referred to Messrs Pierpoint,! Cobb and Converso ; chap, 40, of t ho 'par tition of real estate,' reported by Air No ble, rend a third timo and passed ; chap. 20, of 'replovin,' reported by Lawrence without amendment, aad ordered to n third reading to morrow morning ; chap. 41 ot forcible entry and detainer,' reported by Mr Jones, without amendment, rend a third tune and passed; chap 27, of 'trus tees,' roported by Mr Robinson, that the same ought ant to pass-laid upon the tablo on motion ot' Mr Kittridgo; chup. 35, of 'ojectmont,' 39, 'of forfeiture of grams,' and of 'new trials,' reported by Mr McMil lan, without amendment, severally rend a third time and passed ; chap. IS, of 'com mon bcIiooIs, 'called up by Mr Hemeiiway, who proposed an amendment, providing for the distribution of public school money at the discretion ol towns, equally to all districts, not exceeding unu half the entire sum, laid upon the table. Reports By Mr Swift, the bill annexing a part of the town nf Orwell, lo thu town Whiting, with an amendment, providing that tho inhabitants of said town assent to the annexation. Amendment adopted, and tho bil read a thud time & passed; by Mr Bowcn, tho bill relating to tho States Prison, with proposal of amendment, giv ing the chaplain a salary of 400 aunually. Amendment adopted, when Mr Townslcy moved that the bill be indefinitely post poncd. Bills (torn tho house, incorporating the Meinphreinagog literary and Thcologi cnl Seminary, nt Derby, twice read and referred to cum. on education; repealing tho act of last session, recliartering tho Bank of Montpelier, twice rend and re ferred to cum. on Banks, in addition to tho act incorporating tho Vt. Mulal Fire In-ttu ranco Company, twice rend and referred to com, on the Judiciary ; lo pay Chaun- ccy Goodricli $llf!5 dollars, twice tend and referred to com. on claims : lo nay Lewis Soule tho sum of !3U0,7U fur losses sus tained by the tiomiiicrcourse act of 1GI2, twice read and referred to the com. on fi nance. Resolutions providing for tho purchase of five maps of this stuto, called up by- Mr Swift, nnd passed , to pay Lewis Soule tho turn mentioned, reported by com., and was discharged from the further consider ation of the bill ; for the relief of (Serfdom Conger, reported by Mr Townsley, without amendment, A statement of facts was made in the case by which it appeared that Capt Cungor had been deprived of Ins com mifsion by court martial nnd disqualified for holding any militnry office- in this stato nnd prays to bo restored to his lost mili tary privilege. The Senate refused to paa the bill, repealing tho act recliartering the bank of Montpelier reported by the thu com. on Banks, anJ ordered to a third reading. Mr Ealon, of the Commmitteo of edu cation ; mado a written report in favor of a Geological Survey of this state, at a future timo. Laid upon the table. Adj. HOUSE. Prayer hy Rev. E. Smith. Messrs Dillingham, Hodges, Warner of New haven, nnd Stark, woro appointed a committee on the report of the Trustees of the Vt Asylum for tho insnno. Resolutions Vtom tho Senate, furnish the American Antiquarian Society certniu statu documents: passed. By Mr Part ridge, thai it is inexpedient to rcoliarter any bank at tbia seesinn--inado tho nrder fur to-morrow morning. By Mr Bard, ns to the expediency of enlarging thu number nf Assistuut Surgcnnu in t tho militia, and of thuir appointment by tho commis sioned Officers of lliu rcvoral regiments: utisscd. Peliliuni. Of males and females of Windham, referred to Temperance Com uiitlco. Reports of Committees. Uy committee of Claims ugainst tho petition for a in crease of the salary of thu Chaplain of the Slate Prison : committed to a select com. of three. By com, on Education, bill es tablishing Hartford Academy, ordered to a 3d rending, Bills Uy Mr Parker ttf Bradford, re moving Onlcdonm Ui). buildings to ot, Johnsbury or Lyndon, ns shall be designa ted bv com. hereafter to be appointed by tho rioi:e ; laid on the table, and mado the order of tho day for Wednesday morning. Engrossed bills --In additlun to act in corporating the the Vt. Mutual Firo In surance Co. to incorporate Alcmplircma gog Literary nnd Theological Seminary; to repeal net extending chnrter of the bank of Montpelier .-to pay Louis Soule $330 70 and to pay C. Goodrich gU5 .- severally passed. J o compensate tiie oup porintetidont of tho Vermont State Priton. Taxing thu lands in Cambridge formerly embraced in thu town of Sterling, passed. Mr Brown called up thn bill repealing the 2d section of the act of l(!3r.' relative to tho Rutland and Whitehall Railroad Co.--being the section reserving power to fu turo legislatures to amend or repeal the charter. Mr Partridgo opposed the bill as also did Mr Dillingham, on tho ground that it was a departuro from a general prin ciple well established by previoui legis latures, with referonce to all uctn of incur nnrullons. Mr Hodges uuu Mr. taillnm supported tho lull, for tho reasons that the section, which wr,3 proposed to bo repealed so far dotcrred capiluluts from taking stuck as to render tho act of incorporation entirely useless .- and that, in this instance no possible injury could arise, either to in dividuals or to the state, by exempting the company from tbo operation of thu tectum Aves 20 noes 165.- so the bill was rejected The bill in favor of John S. Potibone was taken up.- Mr Brown moved to strike out 24 and insert CCO : laid on the table The House resumed consideration of the report of the com. on Banks.- and after sotno discussion by Messrs Fullam, Dil lingdnm, Brown, Chandler and others, it was laid on tho table and made the order forr Tuesday morning. t he House resumed consideration ot tne bill for the roliefof Henry Damon, the principal facts proved in tho case were read, and the bill was ordered to a Jd reading unanimously, Adjourned. 2 o'clock P. M. Senate. Bills from the huuse, in nl- (oration nf an act incorporating tho Vt. Mutual Fire Insurance Company, reported by tde committee on Judiciary, wild llie opinion that no such legislation is necessa ry : and the senato resolved not to concur with the house in its passage ; relating to the acknowledgment of deeds in foreign countries, reported by Mr. Robinson, that tho revised statutes supcrcedu the necessi ty of passing tho bill; by Mr. Townsley, incorporating the fFmdbam Comity Provi dent Institution of savings at Brattleboro,' twice read and relcrrcd to committee on finance. Revised Statutos chap- 49, of Probate Courts, chap. 45 of estates in dower, chap, 40. of tills to real estate in descent, twice read and referred to Messrs. Pierpoint, Cobb and Converse. The sonato went into joint assembly, re turned, uud after tho reading end rclcrence of a few chaptors of tho revised statutes, Adjourned. HOUSE. Messrs Dillingham, Ellsworth & Voting woro appointed com. on tho memorial of the chaplain ot tho state prison. Mr Fairbanks was excused from the com. mi tho petition of J. W. Hubbard, and Mr JFcntworth was appointed in his place. Revised Statutes. Chap. 9 of counties. passed. Chap. 27, of common law, was reported : Mr. rarlrtdgo moved to post pone it to the lasl day of the session : sup ported by Mr Partridge, and opposed by Mr Chandler ayes 31 noes 159, anil the hill was ordered to a 3d reading. Chap. 3 4, of nflictts, and chap. 31, of depositions and witnesses, referred to Messrs Need ham and Baxter. Chap. 32, of juries, and chap. 33, of habeas corpus, referred to the intltciiirv committee. Chap. 33, of new trials, referred to Messrs. Brown and Ha zen. The senate having met in joint assem bly tho following appointments wuro made: Orange County. Asa Story. Sheriff. Wu Spencer, Judgu of Probate for tho district of Bradford. Caledonia Co. EQB.Ucl,0r,iA-ist-J-li-John Currier, Sheriff, l.aac N. Hall, High Bailiff. Thus. state's uttornoy. Samuol B. Mattocks, Judge Probato, Salma Davis, Geo. W. Drew, Samuel Sias, Jail Commissioners. Calvin Morrill, Inspector of hops. Grand Isle Co. Cn,Vin S'.h"' f Assist. Justice.. Joseph M. Molt, Garov Whitney, Sheriff. Pardon Duo! High Bailiff. Frederic Hnzen. Etato's atlornoy. Joel Allen Judge of Probato. Wm II Russell, Elihu Parks, Joese Ha- zen, Jail Commissioners. B. S. Phelps, Wm Bremer, Hop Inipec tors. Die joint assembly adjourned In 7Pedns day next. 3 u'cluck P. M. and tho ucnatc withdrew. Satuhdav, Oct. 27. SENATE. Prayer by the chaplain. Rsvisod statutes. Chapters 57 58 59 and GO wuro severally twico read uud re (ferred lo committees : chap. 61, uud 62, severally twice read and referred lo Messrs Cobb, Chnndler and Foster: chup. 63 and 04 severally twice read and ref. to Messrs Swift, Edson and JEJalon : chap. 65, twicn read and ref. to Messrs Noble, Hoyt ant! Jenness : chap. GG, the same reading and referred : chap' G7 twice read and ref. to MctsrB Bowen, Harvey nnd Waterman : chap 30 of replevin, mado the order for this rooming, was taken up, iis provisions commented upon by Mr Pierpoint, and thn chapter again laid upon the tablo : chap. 9 of counties, an amendment by the house, concurred in, and tho chapter passed:- chap' CG of laud taxes, reported by Mr. Marsh, with a proposal to amendment, which was concurred in, and the chapter read a third time and passed ; chap. 55 of the appointment ol trustee of minors. chap 50 of probate bouds &C. severally reported by Mr. INoble, read a tbiru time and nasscd : chap. 47 of wills, reported by Mr Jones, read a ihird timo and passed ! chapters 51 n2 and 53, all relating to the settlement of estates, reported by Mr. Mo Millan, without amendment, severally read a Ihird lime, and passed. Bills from the house, for tho relief of Henry Damon, read and referred to a se lect committee, Messrs Cobb, Coru'erso and Robinson: Incorporating the Mem phremagog literary institution, reported by committee nn education, with a proposal of amendment, which was concurcd in, and the bill wus read a third time and pas sed : repealing tho act of the last session, recliartering the Bank of Montpelier, read a third time end passed : laying a tax of 3 cents per aero on lands in that part ot Cambridge formerly annexed to Sterling : twice read and referred to committee on land uxe: establishing an academy in tho town of Hartford, twice read and referred to committco on education. Adj. HOUSE. Pravor by Rev. S. Kellogg. Petitions of inhabitants f Hardwick, one on slavery, and the traffic in ardent, spirits, ref. to committees. Reports of committees By com. on mil itary aflairs, against bill relating to Cam bridge Artillery Co. laid on the table. By select com. against the petition of Jabea Hazen, and in favor of bill granting ferry to Abel PIioIds. recommitted. By com. of claims against tbo accnuut of Wm W Uoodell, and the claimant naa leave u withdraw. By genoral com. against peti tions and bill for annexation of part of Shelburu lo St George-bill dismissed bill to annex pari of Westminster to Ath ens, ordered to a third reading. By com. on roads and canals, that the directors of Passumsic turnptko company have liberty to withdraw their petition concurred in: against the bill relative to highways, laid on t he tablo. .Engrossed bills establishing an acade my at Hartford, taxing part of Cambridge, Tor the relief of Iknry Damon, severally passed. Resolutions from the senate to prncuro 10 copies of Mr Slade's slate papers for the stale, passed. The bill lo annex part of Orwell to Whi ting was returned by the senate with an amendment, laid on the table. The house resumed consideration of Mr Partridge's resolution against chartering any banks nt this session, when Mr Stark moved a substitute for it, embracing the following propositions no bank to be rc chartered unless on tho following condi tions 1st, to secure bill holders against loss 2d to be exempted from safely fund act 3d to bo subjected lo alteration or amendment at any future legislature 4lli to be subjecied to repeal when the legis lature shall be of opinion that the bank has violated its charter, or so conducted as to become prejudicial to the public interest 5th. to bo allowed to issue $3 for gl paid in Gib, officers to be subjected to penal puiushtnciiifor mal conduct. Mr Partridge opposed tho substitute, and th whole sub ject was made the order for Friday morn ing next. MrSlark introduced a bill to provide for the security of bill holders on the cloning of banks, ref. to a select com. of throe. Mr Brown called up the resolution lor a com to examine the Windsor and Essex banks &c. amendment of the senate con curred iti, A'j 2 o'clock, P. M. Senate.--Revised Statutes chap. 07. reported without amendment, ordered lo bo read the third time on Monduy mor. ning ; chap. 58. of "probate bonds" &c, rend a third time and passed ; chap. 50, read a third timo and pased. Mr Holmes from the com. on land tax, reported on a bill laying a tax on part of Kambnugo without amsudwent, ordered to ba read the third timo on Monday mor ning. Mr Edson from the com. on Education reported the bill establishing an academy in Hartford, without amendment and llio bill was road the third litno and passed. Bill. la pay Lowis Soules the sum therein mentioned, reported by com. facts stated, and tho bill, cn motion of Mr Pin point, laid upon th table. adj. HOUSE. Revised Statutes. Chapter 33. of new trials, read a third lima and passed, chap. 23. of process, ref. to judiciary committee. Chap. 37 of writs of error and audita quo rcla was nail, and no quorum bopig pres ent, 'in adjournment was moved negativ ed, a call of tho house was moved ayes 50, noes 34, carried, and upon the call 121 answered to their names, and further po cucdiugs in the call wore dispensed with.--Chap. 37 was read a 3d tune and rofered to the judiciary com. Chap. 36 of accounts twico rcud and ref. to judiciary committee. Resolution by Mr Brown for tho ro ceplion and referoneo of proposed amend, mcnts to tho Revised statutes. Passed, Adjourntd.

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