Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 1, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 1, 1839 Page 2
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SENATE. I Monday, Oct. 23, 1039. Prayer hy tho chnplain. Bills. Liying a tax on part nl lands in Cambridge, rear) a 3d timo and passed ; Air Edion called for a Incts, which vvns Given by Mr Unlaws, nf (lie com. on Land Taxes, showing that tho lands proposed to bo laxftd were originally a part of tho town of Sterling. Mr Edson could seo no raaion why a part only of the lands in any eno town should bo taxed ; bill laid upon tbo labia. Revised Statute. Chapter G7,of 'illcgi. timato children,' read a 3d timo nnd pas ted ', chap. 33, of 'new trials,' from tho Houss with a proposal of amendment, which was concurred in: titlo 33, of 'crimes and punishments,' referred, to Mess re Picrpoint, Edgorton Adams: I it la IS. of 'regulation of tradn jn corlnin cases.' em bracing oight chapters, on motion of Mr Kitlridgo i chap. 63, of 'divorce,' reported by Mr Swift, with nf amendment, which was concurred hi, and llin chapter was read a 3d timo und passtid ; chap. GO, of inspection of provisions and manufac tures,' twice read nnd referred to conimi tteo. Tho remainder of tho ftirenoon was principally devoted to i ho rending and re. farenco of chapters on tho regulation of trado incortain cases. Adjourned, HOUSE. Prayer by Rev, E. Smith. Messrs Smith of Wilmington, and New fill, obtained leuvo of absenco after Wednesday morning. Resolutions. By Mr Haywood, for ad journment of tho Legislature on tho 1 et Wednesday of Nov., also for printing tho revised statutes one copy for each town ; laid on the table. Dy Mr Partridge, rais ing an enquiry as to additional legislation relative to laying mil roads ; passed. By Mr Thomas, for printing tho resolutions odoptod rdativo to tho Militia: pasecd, Reports of Committees. In favor of the accounts of Cophus Daily, J. Busheo and they had leavo to bring in bills. Against tho accounts of E. Mcllcdy, A. G. Chad wick. Wm E. Trask, Bishop ond Wins low, E. B, Whiting and E. Maxham.and they had leave to withdraw. By com. on Military Affairs, in favor of the petition of S. D. Gale, and ho had leave to bring in a bill; against the bill relating to Lamoille Co. Cavalry laid on the table; that it is not expedient to increaso tho number of surgeon's mates and provide for their ap pointment by tho commissioned ofScora of regiments. The Senate returned tho, bill incorpo rating the Mcmphrcmogog literary and theological seminary, with amendments, which wcro concurred in. Tho resolutions on banks, introduced by Mr Partridge, wcro mado trio ordor for to morrow morning. Tho bill to compensate the auperin der.t of the stato'B prison, after some dis cussion by Messrs Nccdham. Hodges, Fullam, Brown, and CloEson. waa made the order for Wednesday morning next. The bill to eettlo tho boundary lino be lweon Westminister end Athens, waa read e 3d time and passod. Tho minority of tho com. on Bnnka mado a report, which was read, bid on (ho table, and 300 copies ordered to be printed for tho uso of tho House, Mr Partridge called up his preamble and resolutions relative to vested rights ; Mr Brown moved to refer them to a select committee of three after discussions by Messrs Brown, Partrulgo and Chandler, tbe latter moved to dismiss tho resolutions; after further discussion, it was moved to Jay tbe motion to dismiss upon tho table, and make it tho ordor for Monday morn ing next nyea G8, nays CD by count. The eyes and nays were then taken ayea 73. naya 83. The question then rccurred.shall the resolutions bo dismissed? Mr Part ridge opposed the motion Adj. SENATE. 2 o'clock, P; M. Revised Statutes chapters 50 of es tates in real property, 63 of contracts, 47 of mills, 57 of limitation of criminal prose cutions, 44, of probato court, 45 of estates in dowor, 46 of title to real estate by de scent, 60 of conveyanco of real estate, 72 of money of account and interest, severally read the third timo and passed. Chapter 58 of limitation of real and personal action, reported and laid on the table. Chapters 74, of pedlars ond 70 of weight of grain, ordered to a 3d reading. Referred chap. 7f5, of towns, &c. to Messrs Kittridge, Jono and Curtis ; 79, of private corporations, to Judiciary com mittee , 77, of taxes, and 82 of tho Sab bath, to Mossrs Lawrence, Townsley and Burgcs ; 81, of societies of tho gospel, to Messrs Goodwin, Simonds and Jcnness. Adjourccd, HOUSE. Revised Statutes. chapter 31, of depo sitions ond witnesses?, was ordered to a 3d reading Chaptors roforred, viz : 41, of forcible entry and detainer, to Messrs Warner ofNewhaven, and Kinsman ; 39, of forfeiture of grants to General commit tee ; 35, of ejectment, to Messrs Dilling ham and Miner ; 35 of supremo and county courts to Messrs Chandler end Hodges ; 40 nf partition of real estate. In Messrs Fullam, ranter ot uruuloru, lleutieiu, Bard ond Kolloetr. Adj. SENATE. Tuesdav, Oct. 29. Prayer by tho chaplain. Bill for the relief of Henry Damon, re ported by Mr Convoreo, without amend tnent, facts stated, by which it appeared that tho petitioner was nt times subject to mental derangement ; that in a fit of de rangement ho li n (1 murdered his wife, the inothur if MX children, five of whom were mentally deranged; hod been convicted ol murder, and prays for a commutation ol punibliineiil from death to solitary imprii oiunerit in the states prison. MrEdgcr. ton opposed tho bill, and eofd that ultho' bo was opposed to capital punishment, yet, while tho laws ol tho stato sanctioned it, lie waa opposed to interfering with decis ioni ol our judicial tribunals, Mr Harvey poke a abort time in fevor of the bill, when Mr Tracy, who had bon counsel in thecals, addressed the scnute in a most feeling and eloquent manner, in favor ol tbo patisgo of tho bill, and the bill passod tha Unrd timo. Revised Statutes, chap. 70, of the weight of grata ; chap. 71, of grist mills; chop. 73, of tbe lime of paycaiut of sundry contracts ond of action on negotiabla in-' strumqnts; chap, 74. of pedlars: severally read a third timo and passed; chap. 18, of school district?, common schools and school fund, taken ii), nnd an amendment pro posed by Mr Hcmcnwny dividing tho pub lic monoy, not to exceed ono Imlf, equally among the districts, nt tho discretion of tho several towns, without regard to the number of scholars". Tho amendment was supported by Messrs Hcmonvvay and Cur t is3, in remarks, opposed hy Mossrs Jcnncss, Townsley, Kittrcdgo and Picrpoint, nnd rejected, Mr Marsh proposed another amondmanl in tho bill, exempting towns, in certain cases, from raising money for tho support of schools; supported, in dc halo, by Messrs Marsh nnd llcmcnway, and opposed bv Messrs Converse, Swift. nnd Kiltritlno, v.'hon tho'bi!l,on motion of Air McMillan, was laid upon the table ; chap. 78, of town and other committed, reported by Mr Kiltrcdgo. lead a third lime nnd passed : chun. 42, ol the levying of execution1-, read a third timo and passed; chap. G8, of thu inspector.! of provisions and manufactures, reported by com,, with proposal of amendment, which was con enrred in, when Mr Townsley moved to amend by striking out all tho several sec tions relating to tho scaling of leather. Motion lost, and the chapter wns read a third time, and passed: chan. 43, of tho 6essiotiB of courts, reported by Mr Picr point, without omendment, read a third time nnd parsed : chap. 05. of guardians and wards, reported hy Mr Noblo, without amendment, read a third timu and passed; chap Gl, of frauds &c, amended, read u third timo and pasecd. Resolution from tho house, fixing upon n timo (or tho election of Bank Inspccloi and Cuiiimifsioner, &c, in which tho sen ato resolved to concur. adj. HOUSE. Prayer by Rev. S. Kellogg. itcjorution -by Mr Miner, for a joint assembly Wednesday afternoon, to elect bank commissioner nnd inspector, agent to eettlo concerns ot Vt. Stato Bank, and rcportor of tho decisions of tho Supreme liourt: passed. Bills introduced by Mr Tcnncy, to in corporate Newbury Mill nnd Manufactur ing co , rclcrred to com on Manufactured. By Mr Flak of Watcrvillo, repealing thu militia act ot IG37, relorrcd to select com. of ono from each county: by Mr Tyler, to incorporate t-ronvillo J urnpiku Co,, refer. red to com. on Roads and Canals. Bv Mr Smith of Monkton, altering tho name of Marion Lovely, ordered to a third reading. Petitions of inhabitants of Clarendon and Covondish, referred to Temperance com. Remonstrance from 40 inhabitant of Jamaica, against the petition of Zadoc Lawrence end others, referred to com. on that subject. Of Ehjah Morso, to com. on Maims. Reports of Committees--bv com on Mili tary Affaire, on tho report of tho Quarter Master General: acceptod. By Land Tax com. against tax on Bloomficld, and tho petitioners hod leave to withdraw. By select committee, on school futid: Amount of fund, 30th Sopt. last. 132,450 31 luumicu 10 estate iw.JI'l Ul " to individuals, Eecured by mortgage 34,125 04 Loaned on personal security, C.441 4G By 6e!ect com on that part of the Cover nor's message relating to tho income of tho surplus revenue, a bill relating to common schools-laid on tho table nnd mado tho order for Thursday morning next. 1 he House resumed consideration of tho resolutions of Mr Partridge, rdativo to vested rights, tho question being on their dismissal; ayes 120, noes GO, so tho rcsolu. lions were dismissed. The House resumed consideration of the resolutions reported by the com. on Banks. 1st. Resolved, Thnt no bank ought to bo chartered or rechnrtcd by tbe Legisla turo of this slate, without requiring thu stockholders of said bank to furnish secu rity, by way ol bonds, with rcspon6tblo signers, or bonds with mortgages, bccurcd on unincumbered improved real estate within this state, to double tho amount of tho capital stock of said bank, previous to tho commencement of operations under their charter ; tho security of each stock holder to bo double the amount ul his own stock, and the said security, to bo given to, and lodged with, tho treasurer of the couu. ty, whore tho bank may bu located, or to ond with tho treasurer of the stato, and tho sufllicicncy thereof, to be judged of hy tho judges of tho county court of Mich county. Mr Partridge moved to add a proviso : that no such bank shall issue billn of a less denomination than 3. Mr Pnrtridgo uip ported the motion und Mr Brown opposed it; Mr P. rejoined, followed by Mr Need horn against the ainundinont: ayes 12, noes 1 02 so tho amendment was rejected. Mr Stark moved a substitute, substan tially ns follows : No bank to ho recharlcred unless on tho folluwing conditions ; 1f(, to secure bill holders against loss ; 2d, to bo exempted Irom safety fund act; 3d, to bo subjected to alteration or omendment at nny tuturo legislature: 4th, to bo subjected to repeal, when llin Legislature shall bo of opinion that tho Bank has violated itn charter or to conducted as to become prejudicial to the public inicresis; 51 h. to be allowed to is-ue ?3 for l paid in; Gth, officers to bo sub- jcclod to punishment for mal conduct. Mr Dillingham opposed ihu substitute, on tho ground that tho first branch indica ted and pledged tho llousa to support no specific schema of security. Mr Fullam also opposed tho substitute ho was 111 fnvorofthe resolutions nf tho committee, co far as they went. Alter remarks by Mr Partridge, tho amendment was rejected, without a division. Tho resolution, nu reported by tho com. was then passed ayes 182, noes 18. adj. SENATE. 2 o'clock, P, M. Rovlsed Statutes Chapters 83 to 102, all rotating to crimes and punishments, reported by Mr Picrpoint. of tho com. on tho Judiciary, with various proposals of amendment, winch wero considered, und tlio chapters severally disposed ul as fol lows : 92, read a third fun 0 und passed; chap. G3. of offences aguinst thn sover eignly of tho stale. Mr Edson moved that tho chapter be so amended us to sub stituta imprisonment, for death, in caso of treason. This motion elicited dobito, and finally resulted ia in withdrawal, by the tho mover, nnd a motion to erase tho 931 chapter, motion lost, when Mr Edson) renewed his motion to crnso the word. death. Htid substitute therefor, imprison' mcnl for life in the slate's prison, carried, 1G, to 13, and the chapter ns amended, was reported In tho snnalo, and on the ones lion, will the Senate adopt thu amendment recommended by fhO cummitleo on the whole, Mr Edson demanded the yean and nays, and it was decided in the offirma tivo, yeas 16, naya II. Mr Converso then moved that tho wholo of chap, 93,rc lating to treason be crasod. This motion was supported in dobatc by Messrs (Jon. verso nnd Picrpoint on tho ground that the general government only could have .iiri-dtctinn of tho offence. On million of Mr Tracy the title was laid upon tin table, Petitions, of soldiers of Wcathjrsficld by Mr Brown, read nnd referred to com, on military affuirs : of Smith Stevers and others, tor on alteration in tho criminal code of tho stale, reported by com. adverse to tho petition. Revised Statutes chap. 82, of tho ob servance of the sabbath, read a thirl timo nnd paused ; chap- G9, of weigh t: nnd measures reported by Mr Brown, inten ded on motion of Mr Edson, read a third time and passed; ; chap. 81, of socie ties for tho support of '.the gospc and literary nnd other o3sociaiions, reported by Mr Simonds, read a third timo and passed ; chapter CO, of the general libt, twice rend and roforred In select commit tee, In be named by the chair: Commit tee, Morsra Tracy, Townsley nnd Marsh. Chap G5. of limited partnerships, twico read and referred to committee ; chap 30, of replevin, laid upon the tabic Bill from the house, laying r. tax on that part of tho lands in Cambridge, for merly Sterling, called up by Mr Edson, debated by Messrs Picrpoint, Marsh, Ed. son and Convene, whun tho senate re fused to pas9 thu bill. Adj. HOUSE. Mr Keith of Sheldon obtained lcava of absenco from mid uftcr Friday morning next- Tho chair appointed tho following com mittee on the bill repealing tho militia act of 1 030 .- Messrs Fisk or Watcrvillo, Fill more, Smith of Londonderry, Jackson, Slack. Jcwctt, Winslnw, Wnrner of Jeri cho. Carpenter. Stoddard, Hawlcy, Cook, of Craftsbury, llibbard, Corbin. Revised Statutes Chapters passed through the first reading ond referred, viz : 45. of the probate court, to Messrs- Butler and Martin 43, of estates in dower and by tho courtesy, to Messrs Smith of Berk shire and Clark ; 46, of title to real estate by descent, to Messrs Closson and Jack son ; 37, of wills, to Mcfsra Miner and Iligley ; 72, of money of account to judi ciary committee; 4C. nf letters testamenta ry, &c. to Messrs Hnzcn and Kellogg , 57. oil imitation of criminal prosecution and actions on penal statutes, to Mossrs. Chandler and Holt ; GO, of conveyanco ol real estate, to Messrs Nccdham and Hay ward of Addison ; 59. of catatc3 in real property, to Messrs Kinsman and Hays ; 50 of inventory of proper of deceased per sons &c, to Messrs Chandler and Hodges; 51, ot payment of debts and lcgacicB of de ceased person, t" Mcssra Chandler and Cleveland : 52, of rendering accounts by executors and administrators, to same committee. 55, of trustees for minors, &a, Messrs Dillingham, nnd Bridjman, 54, of escheats, to Messrs Smrk, and Hast ings : 5G. of probate bonds, &c to Messrs Fullam and Wontwortli, lib, ot latin tuxes, to Land Tax Commtlce ; Gl of frauds and perjuries is contracts, &c to Messsra Needlmm. and Wnrner of New haven ; 43, of 6essions of courts to Judi ciary Committee : G5, of gunrdioni and wards, to Messrs. Dillingham and Haven; 70, of standard weight of grain, 71, of grist mills, to com. on Agriculture: 62, of marriaffp. to McsrB Miner and Rice; 53. of divi rce. to Judiciary Com. G7, of iliegitiiinto children, to com. on Manufnc tures ; 73, of time nf payment of sundry contracts and of actions on negotiable in struments, tu Messrs Dillingham and Dean Chap- 74, of pedlars, was twteo read, laid 011 t nu table .md madu tho order for to-morrow morning. Adj 's"i; FRIDAY M O 11 N I N" G, NOVEMBER 1. THE SUISlTvEArfURY BILL. It will be noticed in tho legislative journal that tho resolutions nppioviu of llio fub-lioasury bill, and iustiuctin tho lepicscntnlives in ruu;ic$s,fioiu this stale lo vote for its ,as.o in congees, havn been niiu'iidcd Fo'nstn instinct ihcui to vote u;niut and of course disapproving of thu bill. The history of these resolutions is this. Mr. Pai li iilco, veiv won niter iho session commenced. iulioilueed llitm to llic house, und in llio coiiire nf proceedings, Mi- Chauolcrof U ooihtmk moved lo nuu'iid them in tho shapo in winch llirv p.i scd thus im iiius tha tallies upon llin mover ami Ins par tv. Wo have no doubt that dncciiims camo liimi Van liiiicu, vvhcllier diicctlyoi iudiici'llv, no mat ler, lo his w'iiL'.wuikcrs in ibis tate, to have such i evolutions liioulil befoio the letslaiinc. Mo duiiblless ihuiigbl, U' upon tho e.toiicsof tho lie.Kiiry.fed papers, hu had a tuajoiily of lot lovvcis in thu Vcimonl leislatuio ; but he has now louiid on i his mistake. Ho cannot drill tlm pcupln of Vcimout into his srhemes fir enslaving ti ml oppiessins llio people of ihu rounli y, nnd of put tin;! ii power into his hands hardly (.quaMcd by that possessed by tho despots of Eumpe, There is loo much Elhau Allen in ilioG'iccn Mountain llojs to submit their necks to llio iiou yoke, ulbeil, liu has commissioned unions 'hem evvnims of customhouse officers, ns diill teie nils to Ibreo ami lo flatter them i uilopi his nefarious projects. And llierc said ofiiccis !i:uo been nt Muinpulicr, eaucusin; with and aiding llieir party to tecuru the passage of the uhuvo naineil lesolutiuiis. Now, ns llio in troduction of llio resolutions into lite Houso bv dm Van lluicn paity, implied lliat their paity bclictcd in l lie i i;;lil lo iiittincl mid die nblicniion of tlu institiclcd to obey, how can Mcssri. l'l.E I'CIIEII and .SMI TH, they beinj ol thai patly, icfusolo obey iho insliiictions of llio l.eis l.iiiue. They must, for ought wo can bee, tvv.illow tho d"ru I'icp.iieil by llieir paily lor llio vvhi rrfii vsciila lives. Mail; ono moie poinl in llio histuiy. I.o iliil.ilion iho subject was called for by llio Van Union party ; und ihey m managed, ns in Keep it

elslit or len il.iys III tlm Iioiisu in spilt) ol Ihu i lloils All and rUUTMEIt ANOU, bill 111 Dl.llKCT of iho Whi-s in e.e.1 it out of llnivyuyld liiaku,I1NImA:CK Ayu KMnAItllASSMK.NT of loom fur ilia It'giimi.itu business llin session. , , utic-lv irru Thu Van Do, co men did most of llio tnlkina, and , . onU lIUMf-nss, I. IIIIC. y irru hw.llrsi the pcoplo of the stato between , ' concuilablo with tho public interest. We uml liu,.., iIi.,m.:,ihI u i,.iu iim i fir ij I., i urn I sihall sec no return olforiuor tiuica til it fur lisirnlng lo iheir speeches, by which ihey hop oil in ciiim llim elitlil ol lyranny oiuwil tlm lluoal of the wliigi, Caltdoniun, It will bo recollected that tho committee ! on Banks ie composed of n majority of Locofocos, which has imposed upon them the necessity of showing their hand and explaining what they mean by "bank re form," as they understand it ; but, like all other humbugs , when put lo the test, it turns out that the "reform" isn't what it was cracked up to be beforo tho election. Smilio has backed out, ''bank reform" has evaporated, and thosa who relied upon locofocoism lo fill(thcir pockota with gold and silver, aro beginning lo estimate tho promised "reformation" at its real value. There is 0 class of persons, however, who arc not thus to bo humbuged with impu nity, and with whom tho leaders will have a fearful account to settle. The following from ono of the leading, and probably the most influential locofoco in this region, will Ecrvc as on indication of the contempt with which tho report h received by those who supposed tho leaders wcro acting in good faith, and had a feasible project which they intended to carry out. "Shall n man ask for bread, nnd receive a Btonei?" says his Reverence. Mr. O'Callaghan is mis taken in supposing that the report is ac ceptable lo all parties, or that it is to be the basis of futiiro legislation; but never mind wc arc willing ho should haven rup at his locofoco brethren in his own way. Report of the Committee on Banks to the Le tistalure of Vermont, in 1S39. Whcrcm lonort is said lo meet die appro bnlion of ;ll pnrtira in llint .'iiigusl iifjcmblago, nnd 19 like l- lo he adopted a 1 lio bsi9 of si new pjslcin of b.taking which will iifR'ci llic interest ol" nil cliifEes, llicpuar ns well u llis lirli, nil pereans li!Q 11 light 10 rxpicfi lliuir opinion lliemipon. Fust, llio licpoit declines ;" '1' panics nnd "piefsincj 1110 grc.uly iijiji.iviilcd liy llio fueling " llint llicio ia lo lilt! I.ill.liolilcr (ill llin pifrcnl " condition of tuuking) no poitiie nnd intnin "ultimata security ;" nnd n liltle nfier " Wp " oulil 10 conclude lliuse ptnvuoiiis imcniled " ns Kifcn.iuN, which Ii.iyr liiilici lo bcpn iiictTcct " mil, w ill, with mom piriti.ibility, if not certain! v, " proc no hereafter." Ulijcrve, lliat llio cnniniii. tec pinpuen mi lemedy wluteu-r for nil those de fective li.inka now in existence, 1l1.1t nflmd un ve entity nt all to tliu hill liolclcr ; llirv would allow tlicni In I'omimte on Union;: their bilUnnil purclms iii up nil the piopcrty they can I.1111U, rattle, piodiicc, Ur.., nlilioui;h titer c be no tfcni iiy what an- 10 the biil liuldcu. The only icmedy or rcfoim which the commit tee propose, 1 ennuis somo fierli ciop of h:iks wliicli llipy in contemplation, iz: " That " no bank he cli.uicied or ircliartcrcil in 1 lie ftnle " nf Vctmonl, without icqnirinj llio MockiioMei3 " to furnish seuirily, hy way of bon N, or bonds " with motives eecurnl nn nnincumlicicil im " proved teal eslatc w itliin Vermont, in double t lie ' amount (if capital Block, of Faiil bank uml tlm " said teem ily lo be i v cii to, mi l Inilzot u iili llin " licasttrurtif the county or ; nnd llio suffirini. " cy llicicoflo bu judged of by the judges of tlm " county rouil." Consctpicutly, happy Vermont will liavc, co existent with omi another, two mcr.ics of bank' lliconenow in boiiu, dial nffoiil no t-ermiiv lo the hill holder, nnd iho now crop likely lo cptin2 up will ntimiliiilu lr Spenk'-r n Slate ttl'I't. ronnon ilia ccneinl bankintj PjMeni, that will b , . (ur ln3UU,. C) M, U.'i:uns 0f juU, rfll.n EMI.,,ri,,.r " ' I Now ohicno ili, a tbo new banUi likely to Ftsirt into esislPiicc nffutd no Fcctnity than the bonds und mortgages in tbo hands of llin state tic.utiicr. Killier the bill holders will haic u lei 11 upon sold (icasurcr, or ihcy will not. If any of die bill.huldc.r ntandin in need of epecio is not rnipowcied todcmiml it nf the Flalo tieasuter, if limy cannot pub him fjr ihs tpecic wheneicr they have ,-i miml, how will it avail litem lie ti.i-a ill llis hands llio bonds and iiini't"a"cs nfoic- f -'I!,!. "VlVtT 'I'0 "'i'1 "e;nmcf ",,,lf'.,y demands of all s tie bill holilnn then thn Male be- comes ntuvvctablc fur nil nnd ciciy b ink that will arise on the new banking sv,strui ; then llin cnipn. unions vv ill ceap all tho profits of tbo bank while lite people nt l.irgn will the responsibility and danger. Happy Vermont ! wh it u sn.iic ia l.ud for j on by sumo wily politicians ! ! Ono observation moro and I shall havo dono. Who will enjoy llio profio of tho mortgaged estates during tho cxistenco of the bank .' Tho bankmcn, ol course. And as they aro authorized to isstio paper monoy to twice tho nmount of their capital stock. Iho yoarly profits which they will draw from pa per money willho twice as much as tho pro fits arising fi'm. the capital stock or from Iho mortgaged c.-.latos: they will, lo all intents and purposes, bo authorised hy tho Legisla ture lo treble their income. Is this fair iilav .' Is it eons'istont with public justico lo rant to moniedd eorpoiatious tho privilego of enrich ing themselves in thin tnaniiur, whilo tho rcsl of tho community enjoy no such privileges; to enablo tho rich lo crow richer from Iho spoils of tho pcoplo .' Indeed, I cannot avoid thinking that thu bank uommitlco in Muni polier by devising such insidious scheme aro either fools blind tools in tho hands of the cunning adorers of mammon, or olsn ctalty knave?, hoot upon forming themselves and their parly into bank corporations under this novo) system. JEREMIAH O'CALLAGHAN. B3Tho legislature in joint assembly on Wednesday last elected Robert Picrpoint bank commissioner, John . Peltibone bank inspector, ond Wm. Weston reporter of decisions of supremo court. A I'ncnicTio.v Vunirico. Mr. Web atcr, in hia great speech, upon tho Sub' Treasury Bill in 1837. predicted a ec cund suspension of too Hanks if tho gov ernment should continue its. war upon thcin. The following was hia language: "Sir.wo may nlk as much aa we plcaso about tha resumption of specie payments, but 1 toll you that, with Government thus warring upon tho banks, if resumption should take place, anotiikk suspension 1 mm woui.u roi.r.ow. It is not war sue cccsful or unsuccessful, between tho Gov. ommont and tho banks ; it ia only it.aci:, trust, commiii'.ncu, that can restoru tho prosperity of tho country Tina system of perpetual annoyanco to the banks, this hoarding up of mnney which tho country demands fur its own iicccsi-iiry usei, this iicccshtiry usei ! bringing of l lie whole revenue to act, not in bo AU ANDONKO -Ar.TOOKTIIKR AUAMJONEI),' Uev. J ackjon i not dead. TWENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Wo copy tho following statement shew- ing tho Btrnngth of parties in tho popular branch af Congress, as nt present consti tuted, from tho N. Y. Journal of Com merce. The two last columns show tho politics of tho members of tho last Con gress from tho same districts, 26th Con. 25th Con. W. V. B. VV. V. B. 3-21 12 3 1 - I 3 2 4 1 2 G 2 G G - G - 10 18 10 18 8 II II 8 2 5 5 2 9-18 - I - 1 21 19 10 30 8 2 8 2 1 1 1 - 1 - 5 - 5 G - - G 9 12 5 16 G 7 8 5 7 G 10 3 11 2 12 1 2 5 6 1 2 3 2 3 2 - 2 - 3 5 4 4 121 114 109 126 Louisiana Illinois Missouri Vermont Maiuu New Jersey Pennsylvania Ohio South Carolina Georgia Arkansas Ncw-York Massachusetts Dclawaro Michigan N. Hampshire Connecticut Virginia N. Carolina Tenncesco Kentucky Indiana Alabama R, Island Maryland 2 vacancies f in Mofg. ( 2 do. in S. C. 1 do. in Missouri j 123 117 113 Including the eight mrmbes 127 who peats nrc disputed, viz : 5 Whiga in New Jersey, 1 do. in Illinois, 1 Van Iltiren man in rennslylvania, and 1 do. in Virginin there nppenrs to he a Whir majority of 7 Including also the 5 vacancies, (concern ing winch there is no doubt,) there is n Whig majority of G. Tho two members from Mississippi, who are to bo chosen on 4th and 5th of next month, muy increase tho majority to 8, or diminUh it to 4. Should Mississippi elect Whigs, nntl should all the disputed members be excluded tho fir-t instance, there would be a wlnjr majority of 4. On the contrary, should Mississippi elect Van Huron men, and all tho disputed members be excluded in the first instance, there would be a lie This is on tho opposition tint all tin members vote agreeably to our clnstfi cultou of them. Dnt there nro n few ohiifl on the Whig side, who ennnot be depended mi with certainty, such ns Mr. I' i -1 1 t nf North Cn'oltnii, John Campbell iil'S.Milh Carolinn llio Clnbc claims I hem Imlli lor the Admiiiisl ration and prehap n pint of tho Georgia delegation. The probability is, thnt tu order Hi secure tin 1 voles of thu st tni-n, the Van Hnrpnilf. (.-Q rolltltl. VinciNA. The Richmond Whig con cludes a short nrtie'eon the question of the Presidency, with tho following remarks; 'The Whigs of this State prefer Mr Clay, nnd they intend to go lor him, believing lum to be the striiiiirest man, and having equal, if not superior, claims to all others, to the elevated station, liut it the IS a Hon Inl Convention, to which llio decision ol (he question has been referred, shall select General Harrison or any other good Whig, they will chccrliilly acquiesce. They go for tho cotnmo;i cause, without regard tu men." Nr.w York, Oct. 28. Stocks declined, still the feeling abroad is decidedly more buoyant. Money is scarco, yet tho merchants pay their notes promptly in general, ond lew failures occur. Safoty fund nnd free bank notes not pro vided for, have .-old ot G dis. but otic or two brokers have money to buy at all, Certificates of deposito from interior banks nro very diffieu't lo sell, Exchange on Philadelphia, 12i discount, do llallimoro, !lil2 do do Richmond, 10,il2 do do Mobile, ltla20 do do N Orleans, GuG do do Charleston, 7ul0 do do I'rov. (bills) OalO do Thoro have been considerable sales of Flour for shipment, western nt gG, nnd not in perfect order ot $3 9J i Ohio go 7ja88 llye Flour 25. Corn Meal COO bushels western Wheat sold at 124 a 12.ic. each, and 130c time. Sales were mode ol Northern ltye,75c. North cm Oats, 4Ga47c. and Southern 30u39 Northern Corn liOaGSc. Pi.ATTsnuncii, Oct. 2G Wo regret to announce that Col. PiuncE nnd his regi ment (tho Ul U. S. Artillery) nro ogain ordered to Florida. Tho head quarters of iho regiment has been at rlattsburgh for tho last year; aud the ofiiccrs and men havo donu much to prevent aggressions and havo materially aided in preserving order on this wholo frontior. Only one company is to remain in this section of country half of it at this post nnd the remainder at Rouses Point ; nnd this is to bo llio nnly regular forcn on tho frontier from Maine to Sackutl's Harbor! Thero seems tu be an impropriety in this movement, at a season of tho year, when it may bo apprchonded that fresh distur bances will break out, and tho scenes of 1037 nnd tl again bo enacted. Col, Pieuue's regiment has served more than threo years in Florida, with very dis. tinguished credit to themselves and honor to tho county. Tho only reason that can bo oflurrd for their being ordered back agianso soon, is, tho anxiety of the govern, lucnt to avail itself of the services of officers who hive the boit knowledge of tbe coun- try, nnd who havo tho greatest experience in 'Florida warfare.' They go from us with tho best wishes of our whole commu- nil y for their success, health and happiness. Republican. Q.oi:tiKc, Oct 23. His Excellency tho (JovKn.von GENxuAtj embarked last evening at 5 v. m. for Mon treal in tho Canada steamer which lefi tho wharf this morning at 3 a. m. ills bxcellunoy was accompanied bv Kir Richard D. Jurksnn commander of tho Forces. Mr Murdoch, Civil Secretary also wenl up with His Excellency, nnd wo understand tho principal officers of tho Civil Departments have received orders to proceed to Montreal. Tho Governor General visited tho legis lative buildings bclorc Ins departure, and it is reported that he will spend somo timo in Quebec, tins winter. Tho Military Head Quarters will proba bly continue at Montreal Ilia Excellency Sir John Cor.nonNK embarked for England, this morning at II A. jr., on board II. M. S. Pique, which got under way ehortlv after, nnd was towed down by tho Si. George steamer. Lady Comiohnk and family, Co Rowan, lato Military Secretary, and Major Goldic, Civil Secretary accompany His Excellen cy. Sir John accompanied by Sir Jajiks McDonem,, Commandant at. Quebec, thn Staff, and Hends ul Departments walked from I'aync'is Hotel to the Kings Wharf, where the principal Inhabitants had assem bled to pay him this lntt homage of thoir esteem. On Ins stepping into the boat, bo was cheered by the cmwda assembled on the wharves nnd the Tcrraco of tho old Chateau, and saluted by tho Citadel aud the ships of war. No Governor ever left Canada for whose character the loyal inhabitants entertained a greater respect. FtnE in Tin: Coal Mines at Pictou. The Acadian Recorder, of 19th inet, received at City Hull News Room, yester day, by the schr. R. Smith, contains a slip from the nffico of the Mechanic & Far mer, dated Pictoti. Oct. 10. G P. M. giving information that on the 17th nt 2 P. M. pit No. 4, in the Albion mines look fire while blasting, which continued to spread until evening when a violent explosion took place, producing so greal concussion, that two houses were lilted Irom their founda tion, and one of them shattered to pieces. Somo of the inmates of the latter had not been found at a late hour in tho evening. Ileforo the cxplrn-ion o dense column of flame was rising from the month of iho pit, from 70 to 100 feet high. At 10 o'clock, a dt'i-poich arrived al Picion for the firo en U ituj company, who left in n steamer with iheir engine nt midnight. When the des po'ch led the pits, they were removing the jjomU from the siorc adjoining. A part only nf tho hor.-es wero civid. After tlavligbt on the tilli. two immense colunir,, nf il ice ilnrk fin 1 1 k I' nro to Ihu air. show ing I hni I he lire hud already extended lo another pi. The lo in lh" Mm ng A -to-en' mo nni-i be tinmenst!. li'islon Daily Alias, Oil 2G. S, II- Holler. V. I!, m o'octe.l f Con gres in Richland district, South Carol na, vacated hy the resignation ol Mr Elmoro, otihc sumo politics.- Thero was very little contit, nnd but few voles wcro polled. J'utler, is n Sub'Trcftsury man. Thompson, V. H. i elected to tho Vir girita Senate, in Kanawha district, in place ufSiniili reigned. The Richmond En quirer now claims n V. 11. majority of six in tbe Senate. .V. Y. Jour. Com. NOTICE. Tho Congregational ChU'-ch, nt Burling. Ion Falls, wtil be dedicated, on Saturdav, the Dth int . nt rt.nrr.v o'clock, A, M. Sermon by Rev. ,1. h . Converse. O'A sale of thn slips, will take placo immediately, alter the dedication. m a n a i e i) III Troy, N. V. on llin 27th till, by the Rev. Noah I. caving, Mr, John (. Dm by to Mis Alinira M. D.icti, fotmeily of this town. i) i r i In Beiicr, P.i. no tho 4th uh. Mrs. I.or.isn. It. wifi' nf t'niTTi:,M)i:.N ,M uiuiirr of ihu place, in iho 2Slh vcur of her nge, while on a usil tu her llieuils. In ibis town on Saturday last, Louis Dcrville, aged 51 yens. At lloiikiiiion, N, V. on I lie 14th till, widow l'sllier Tost. (gfr-iv1 V -vl A LARGE quantitv of Stove Sf Pipe will be sold nt .' UCTJOJV on the Court House Square, on Saturday the Dili of Novnmber, together with o ,'ct of oilier properly. Nov. 1. The nimble sixpence better than the floio shilling. NEW GO ODS. JW. WEAVER is now rccoiving from New York n general asKorlmcnt of GROCERIES, (with tho exception of ardent spirits,) also, domestic Dry (ioods, Pork Sc Flour. Also, GOO pairs of HOOTS cV SHOES, consisting of Calf, Kip, water Proof, Thick Hoots, and almost all kinds, sorts, nnd sizes, of Shoes lor men. woman and children. Men ami beys C.IPS, ij-c, nil bought with cash and will bo sold fur cash al tho lowest mnrkut prices. Winooski Filiate. Abu. IG39. rW II E subscri JL her respect fully informs iho public that ho has jflgen commenced tho &ifinanufacturo of Boots &f Shoes of almost all de scriptions in tho shop recently occupied hy J. Try on, in Strong's building, ivhero he will bo happy to accommodate all thosu who wish for a good article cheap for cash, no mistake. 1). K. RUSSELL. Burlington, Oct. 28, 1833, Sw