Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 8, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 8, 1839 Page 1
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N O T T If V. ii I. O U Y O F O M S A It 15 11 T ,T II K AV K I, F ARE O F H O M 12 . Ill I imm.xLJ ! Ml JI1JJ.M I III . 1 1 1 III III! " ....mfrr.nnn.ii.u.' .mnmar iBluaLW.MBltnaiWI.i ui.mumiijmii.-,. IIIJllWIWMmrTO.iii ...I. M CM UY II. B. STACY- F ES U ID AY N O VIS M 0-3 13 K. S, 1 S 35. VOSL. XIII Wo. 64G NEW OODS, NEW FASEIlOffg. WOULD inform tiis friends und tlm pub. lie thnt he hai just returned from Now York wilh u complete assortment of BROADCLOTHS, CASSIMFMI'.S AjXD for winter went, which ho considers well worthy tho attention of tlio public. The Goods wero selected with oaro in tlic Now York markets, and lie is confident they will givo satisfaction to all who may need anything in his line. A good assortment ofTJXF.N COLMKS, BOSOVS, STuOKP.aUSi'KNDHIlS, Mo. iia. al.-o oniiilr ntly on hand. Burlington Oct. Ill, lii.39, M. I,. BEOETT PROPOSES to lake u lew students in Iho LAW. His object will bo io givo them n thorough course nf instruction. JJurlinzlim.' Oct. 24, 1339. TTYAS removed his office to n mom over iOL Messrs. Lvinan &. Coin's. Entrance liclwccn Messrs Lyman & Cole's and Dr Moody's. Burlington. Oct. 25. 11130 H. CAUL. VOIiK. FROM GERMANY. TT ATE from Harmony A". F.) Ten JLj ders his medical cervices to the in habitants of Willieton and vicinity. Ill intention being In bottle permanently oinnncst them, ho hope to be favoured with their patronage. I lis office is ot thu Edlmc Hall, kept by Mr. Ravmond in the village of WilhsWm. Wilitston OcU25lC39 ffrUIE Subscibcr being under tho immediate JL. necessity of settling up all his accounts hereby gives nolien that all accounts due Da vit ii. Uus'-ell and due him must bo imnic diatcly paid or they will be put in the hands of (.-has. Adams l-;sq. lor Collection. All nc counts must be paid to said Adams "rnirf none cic-''"but the subscriber" who will be found at all hours of tho day and evening at thu of lice ol'said Adams until tho first of Novem ber next. E. J. ST1MSON. Burlington, Oct. 22. 1839. DRAPER & RESPECTFULLY notifies his Customer and tho public that hu has removed hi 6liop to his old stand in St. Paul sired, where lie will bo on lianii lo accommodate au wno nlcaso to call, with tho latest Fnsh inn:- and work dono in a tlylu not excelled by his neighbors. Just received a variety of Broadcloth cassimeres, and Vesting.-', suitable for the sea bon, and fur silo on commission. JEREMIAH TRYON Oct. 23, 1C39. N. B. Cutting done on short notice a usual V. S. lie would remind those indebted lo him to call and fay over, as bo wauls cash, and must have it, peaceably ifho can, but for cibly ifho must. J?w HAYS' LINIMENT. THE IMLKS. Tho price gl is refun. (led to nnv person Who will use a bottle of Hajs' Liniment fur 1 In Piles, null return the "empty bottle wi'hout being cured. Thee are tho po-inve orders ot the proprietor to tlm agenis; and out nf many thousands sold, noi one has been tin eucsessful. Wt; might iiifort cert ificaies lo any length, hut prefer t but those who sell the mticle should exhibit the original lo pur choper. CAUTION. Nunc can he genuine wiihout the wniti'ii -igniiime of (Jouilock &. Co on a fplendid wtniiping. SOLOMON HAYS. HAYS' Ll.NIMRjyT. Florence, Alabama, Sept. 2!i. A grnllemaii of the highest, minding in tlm. town, who has been dreadfully nlll c'.ed with iho Blind Pile- for tlm last 2G jears. called upon me and freely confessed to me his RiMKiimu. After describing the severity nflbo com plaint, he remarked he had not been so well for 20 years pa-t as hu was at Ihalninnvni. lie had used one untile only of I Inyo' L'ui incnt. To use his own words he said "the whole human family who were thus uillicted ought lo he inadi; acquainted with ibis medicine. " Signed. U L. BLISS, The original letter may he seen where the article issold, No. 2 Fletchcr.btrucl, New-York. Thisarliclu is cotinicrfeitod : look &.sru that it is signed in writing hv L. S. Com- etock Co. All kmd3 of Tiles cured by this article ; warranted or Ihn money ro fiiiK.i d. '( r sn'o whoksa'e'anp retail at tlm Varinlv S'nro hv. I'ANfiBORN & I5RINSMAII). HAVING closed his connexion with Ins former business respectfully re quests thoso indebted lo him to make im inedinto pavmrnt. Ilurliniflnn, Oil. 10. LK(i ISLATUItH OF VERMONT. SENATE, Oct. 30, 1G39. Prayer bv the chnplain. Revised Slatalct. Clicptcrs 1)1, ol tor oielies fur thu siippoi t of tho gofpel and lilernry and other associations, called up liv ftlr i'lerpiitnl, vole to pas rccotisiiiureo, and the chapter coiiuniUed to Mr Swill, for nincndmenl i chap. !)0, of replevin, cad a third tune und laid on iho table on motion of Edgortnn ; chap. Ul, reported by Mr Swill, us amended rend a llnril timo and passed , chap. !53, ol oft'eiices acraiusi the Biiveroignty of tho stale, called op, nod thu question, " ehall i he entire chap, ho tneken out f was deemed to Hie iimrnvi tivo; clmp. 91, ot oHiMides rjganisi me lives and persons of iiuliviiliinl, culled up hy Mr Egerlon. when Mr Cobb tnuved to erase the 4ih Slh and (Jill sections, render- the ofTence of lighting a duel by ali ens of this state punishable with death, Ithoiigh llit! duel be fought without the limits of this stale. Motion to erase, sup ported by Messro Egerton, Cobb nnd Rob ir.pon, opposed hy Messrs Tracy. Kit- tredge, Converse, rierpouit ana hnton, when the molion lo crnso was rcjectcu, yeas nays 25. Mr Cobb then moved so to nmenu loo -ito section as to inane tho offence of duelling punHbablo with confinement in the state puson. instead of punishable wilh death. The chair decid ing this motion lo be out of order, ciling authority fur the decision, the vole not lo erase was reconsidered, to give Mr C. an opportunity lo offer his amendment, winch bo then renewed and atler ueua'o oy Messrs Pierpoint, Converse, and 1 racy and Swill, in opposition Messrs Egorlnn and Cobb then moved 'o cinenu by nini: incr the offence punishable with confine- nient at hard labor for life, lost, yeas,, C, nays 23. Mr Egerlon then moved to uniciid tho 4th section by erasing tho words "within ibis slate;" lost. yeas 15, nav 21 ; the final vote was I hen taken, nnd the chapter was rend a third tune nnd passed chap, of vessels navigating lake Chainp'.ain twice read and reterrcd to Messrs ijav- rence. Townslev and Burgess ; chap. !!C of liccense lo reiailers, innkeepers and victualing homes, iwice read and referred 'o coin, on Temperance Memorials HOUSE. Praver bv llcv. E. South. Rrtohilioti. llv Mr Partridge, Fuspcnd- in'f the rule npptopriaiing iho afteinuon session lo the consideration of thu revised -tatutes : amended, on moiiou of Mr Chandler, fo as to limit it for tho tune be inn and nasod, Bills. Relating lo hawkers and pedlars called op nod referred to General Commit' lee, together with tho petition of Sylves tor Henrv, Jr. and tho bill reported there on. By Mr Wentwoith to pay Cephas Bai lv s25 25 referred in coin, ot Claims. Repotls. The grand list, hv ttie commit toe, together with a resolution dooming the town ot Glastonbury in the sum t v',936 54 resolution rejected, 95 to 57. hy com. on Military, against thu bill lo com pensale lor certain military service bill rejected; against bill relating to the unlit in dot person required to do duty beyond the limits of Ins iuwii. unless within 10 miles of Ins residence,) laid on tho table. By select committee, bill lo repeal the clnrlc of Woodstock villlagc. with an amendment -ubioeting tho net to be accepted by Ihr voters of Hie corporation ' after discussion bv Messrs Needhiiui, Eollam, Brown, M lirr, Warner of Newluveu.unil Dillinghani Hie amendment was reiected ayes 41) ne s 159. M r Barnes of Charlotlo, ohloinid leav of absence after Frnlav morning next Petitions. Of 1st r.Re regimani Frneli Im county, referred io coin, on Military Aff.urt ; ol convention of R,ut!and and Ad dison counties, lor encouragement ol the manufacture of silk, lo committee on Ag rieulture. Thu Enero-FPd bill, altering Hie name of Marion Lovely lo Marion Lamson. wa passed. Adj HIiNA I t-i. 3 o'rlock. P. M Vnuseil Statute? Chan. 92. of vessel Failing Like ("Ininploin, reported by M Liwrence and made the order for to-mur row niorniinr for a third reading : elm 1!!, of enmnion fchools, called up by M McMillan, and tho question being tinted upon the niiienunieni proposeu oy mi Morsh, exempt it'g towns, in curiam cases, Coimrtnei'shii) formed. TTNDER tho linn ot I) Kimball Jr. & J Co. for tho nurnose of buying noil selling Boor &.C IVu tnko tho old mind formerly occcupiod hv 1). &. U A. Kim ball and recently by ). A. Kimball. Thosu viahin,' to favor us with their putronago hall ho accommodated wilh Iho richest tieats the country nfVurds at as low prices u, can be obtained elsewhere, D. KIMBALL Jk lurlinclon Ocl,l5 J. KIMBALL. Bbls. Mva Scotia PLASTER, lor sale by P. JJOOLITTLE Bui'HnslQftt Sept. 20, 1039. 250 fur each dollar of capital slock uctunlly paid in ;" severally adopted without divi t ion. old. Thai the President Directors noil officern of such hank, bu made siibjcel to peur.l pnoi-liiui'iil lor all fraudulent nets in their official capacity." Mr Putt ridge moved a hubstitiite, nub slnntinlly that, in casu nuy person bhnll sustain loss through iho failure of n bank, and such failure bo prudnced by the mis' uiniirigomenl or fraud of the directors, any such director shall bu deemed guilty of swindling and he confined lo hard Inbor in tho slate prison, for ii term to bo fixed by law. Amendment rrjec'cd, and tho resolution wns pn?ed. Mr Partridge moved an additional reio lutnni, that the suspension of upeeie pay ment by any bank, bhall work nn un mediate forfeiture of its charter, proclama' Hon whereof lo be iiinde by the (inventor. Supported by Mr Partridge ; ayes 50, noes 151 ; so the resolul ion win rejected. Mr 1'iutridgn introduced another resold. Hon: that no director sdmll directly receive nnv discount from tho bunk. Before uc Hon thereon, Tho Senate ertne in, and tho loint aacm lily mado the following appointments : Windsor Co. Tamos Udall, iudgn of probato for the district of Hartford. E-ex Co. Wm. Heywood jr.. State's Attorney. Robert Pierpnint.Bank Commissioner. (Pierpoint 123, Pettibone, llfJ, 3 Feat.) .lohn S. Pettibone Bank Inspector, (Petlibone 128, Pierpoint 110. 3 scut Wm Weston Reporter of decisions of Supreme Court. (Weston 120, E. I). Uarbor 119, 3 scat.l 1 ho omt assembly adjourned to 3 p. i Wednesday next. Home adjourned. SENATE. Thursday, Oct. 31, 1839 Prnver bv the Chaplain. Revhcd Statutes. Chap. 79, of private corporations, reported by Mr Trncy, with a proposal of amendment, which wns con curred in, and the chapter, ns amended was rcau a third time and passed, r I tits chapter, provides for prolonging I he csis lonco ot corporations, in certntn cases ihrce years, for tho ptirposo only of win ding up their concerns, 1 Chap. 75, of limited partnerships, providing that per sous may furnish capital to partners in business, nnd be ropnn-ible for debts of the company only lo the amount of iho capital put in, public noiico to bo given of the investment, read n third time nnd passed chip. GG, of masters, apprentices and Ber vants, reported bv Mr Noble, without aiuendii.oni, n'lJ n third time nnd pn chap. 92, of vessels navigating lake chain"- plain, read n third lime and passed ; chap. 04, of husband ond wife, reported bv Mr Swift, nod a llnrd timn and passed; Tins chapter makes some new and valuable provisions for (he protection of tho wives oT dissolute and absconding husbands. chap. 77. of the collection of taxes, reported by Mr I ownsley, read a third timo and passed ; chup. 30, replevin, taken up and passed. Bills. lo pav Lewis Soulo the sum mentioned culled up by Mr Cobb, who staled the fncts in iho case auminarilv, and m ved the reading of a written statement bv tho committee of claims. The claim rowa out of the noninlercourso act of this state, passed in 1312, and adjudged by the supreme court to be unconstitutional. Mr Soulo was ; judgn of I ho County Court, for the coun'y of Grand Isle, nnd acting in Ins official capacity, under that act, incurred the expenses ho n-k Iho s'ato in repay. The bill ufter debate, by Messrs Pierpoint, Cobb. Kittredgc, Converse, Adann and Chandler, was rend a third lime, and pas ei'd. yens 21 , noes G. Resolution far I he appointment of a coin,, of three to visit the Males prison, and make report at the next Fes-don of the Legislature; called up by Mr Kiltredge, amended by inserting tho nnme of Dnv'ul Chandler in I ho place of Leonard Sargcant, when Mr Pierpoint made a statement showing that luilo or no necessity existed for the appumtuien! of stieh a committee. After remarks by Messrs Killredgn, Tracy, Townsley, Egerlon and Bowen, the senate refused to puss thu resolution. HOUSE. Prayer hy Rev. S. Kollogg. Adj. Petitions. Of Jabex llozen nnd others for a ferry, recommitted; of Sylvauu from raising money by tax for Hie suppoit Ripley, recommitted to coin, of Claims ; of of schooU.tho proposed iimendm't was lost ayes 10, noes 1!!, mid tho chapter win road u third timo and passed ; chap. UJ.oi limi ted partnerships, reported by Mr Tracy, without amendment, wlien.tlm Senate went into ioiol nbsoutblv, returned, nnd having disposed of various chapters of iho revised statutes, (which will be noticed ) Senate adjourned. HOUSE. Report of Committees. By cum, of of Claims, ngiiinsi Hie pelitition ol bymf mis Ripley, und he had leave lo withdraw his petition, l'hc House resumed cunsKicration of tho I). N. Dowcy and others of Williainatowii. Mas, (tu prevent salo of intoxicating liquors by citii'.ens of Vi, to citizens of Massiichusoll-.) and of Weathers-field total abstinence society, referred lo temperance committee ; of St. Albans Hi flu Co,, re ferred to com. on Military Affairs. Reports. By com. of Claims, bill to pay Coplius Bailey, and Augustine Clark, for relief of Samuel Simmonds, severally or dered ton 3d rending Bv select com., nntleo, ngainst petition of Zadock Law reuco and others, nnd thu petitioners bad leavu lo withdraw, By General Com mittee, against the bill relative lo umiro- hill repealing the charter of the village of j baiieg persons to retail epiriiuoiit liquors, Woodstock, and it was ordered to u 3d rending. Mr Chandler called up the bill lor the remuval of Caledonia Co buildings j and it was referred to thu members Irom Calo donia county. Tho report o the com. on Bank com ing up, wn3 disposed of ns follows : "2d, 1 hat ail uanKH, cnnricreu or ro chnrlcrod, as n foresaid, he exempted from the provisions of tho safety fund not. '3d. That all such banks bo made sub ject lo tho power and control of Iho Le gislature, SO tliot tlio dinners inereoi muy be at any timo modified, amended or re-nealed. '.HU. niai any eucii aonis suun imi uu (boards of c.vil uullinrily who have nog lecled lo assemble for this purpose, to do it at any timo ) bill supporiod by Mr Bard, opposed by Messrs Necdham, Rich-ards-on of W. Brown, Elsk and Sanborn, and disinis-sed ; hy Fiime com., aguinn bill lo establish east line of Brighton, und it was dismissed ; by coin, on Military Affairs, bill lo pay Ktnb Builey g2G, which was ordered lo a 3d reading; against the accounts of Wm. Kidder, L, II' George, L. W. Fentou, Isaiah Bacon, field officers of lGth Regiment, Reuben Page, Jr. Albert .Slovens, and Hiram Earlc, und they severally had leave lo withdraw; by felcct com. thu bill lo becuro bill holders aguiust losses hy thu closing nf hanks, laid pcrcnllod lo ie6uc more than Itvu dullnrsjou the lablo i by Lnd Tax coin, ogaitidt tux on Charleston, Goshen and Browning tun, and the House concurred : by com. of Wnvs and Means, ngainst Iho pelition ul W. lluhoard lorn renewal or extension of his cnulracl with tho slate, ns to I he Ktute prison, (nn rite ground that IhitS uinl- woukl be better reached in another manner.) nnd the petitioner had leave to withdraw. Engrossed Bills. Repenting net incor porating the village ol Woodstock, reviv ing tax on Granville, severally pa-seed. Mr imllor; on leave, introduced a hill relating lo the statu prison, (for the up poinlinent of a ciuninitiee to mako a coo- met lor letting out Iho labor of the stnlo prisoner, )referred lo n select com. of three The House resumed consideration ot the ioolutioiis on banks. Mr Partridge with drew hid resolution, against, discounts lo cctors ; and Iho first losolulion of Hie ii it ii o r 1 1 y of tho cutiimilluu oil n banks was considered : 1st Thnt in nil future bank charters, the stockholders sha II bu required lo pay io iho lull amount of their capital stock, in gold and silver before I hey go into opcr ation ; und shall not, either directly or in directly, withdraw any portion of the same Mr Dillingham opposed the resolution, when Mr Richardson ol Wnilsfield moved to slriko out the words "in thefull, amount of," nnd ' before llicii go into operation. ' Messrs. Brown and Bullor supported the nincuomeni and opposed I tic original reio Union Messrs Miner, Chandler and Part ridge opposed iho amendment and biippor- led tho original resolution. Adi. SENATE. 2 o'clock, P. M, Bills. Lxtonding an act, laving a tax on lands in Granville, twice read and I'erred to n select com. of three, Messrs Adams, Traev, nnd Edsoo ; altering the; name of Marion Lovely to Marion Lamsom twice read and referred to Messrs Law rence, Townsley and Burgess. Mr Kiltredge had leave of absonco. for thu remainder of the session, from and after Monday morning next Revised Statutes. Chapter 104. of the slate prison, twice read and rcf. lo n select com. ol three. to be nnpoiuteii by t he chair com. Messrs Pierpoint, Convurse and Cobb chap t! l, of inquest of the dead, twice read and referred to Messrs Goodwin, Siutunds and Jennces ; chup. i!5, of public Inuds twicn rend and ref. to Messrs Swill, Edsoti and Eaton ; chup. u!i, ofpound cstray and lost gond-i, twice read nnd rolerred Messrs Noble, Hoyt und Jenness; chap 09, of fences and fence viewers, the haute reading and reference ; chap. 90, of the prcservaton of game and the destruction of j noxKioi p.niinnls, twice rend nnu relerred' to Me-sti) J.awrenc, Townsley Burgees ; chap. 91, of the preservation of sheep e'vorally twice rend and referred to Messrs McMillan. Kittredgo and Corliss ; chup. 30, of Bank's, twice read und referred to committee on Bank:. Banks. Mr Kittredgo, from tho committee-on Banks, reported the bill intro duced by Mr Foster, without amendment, and recommended lU printing, and referred to the next session of tho Legislature. Tho bill was laid upon tlio table ; incur- n ,t... l!..v !..,. I.... ........1 .1, lit" IIIU iJUll.V Ul DlillllHIM, IC;iUlllJU by the commiitce on banks, Hint the same ought not to pa9 : hud upon tho table' Tho vole pas-ing the chapter on reple vin was reconsidered to give Mr Egerlon an opportunity to jtiopose an amendment, which hu offered lo taisu the jurisidction nf justices, nn writs of replevin, to one hundred dollars. Messrs 1'ierpoint, Kit- 1 ridge, and Tracy, opposed the amendment in debate, lor the rea-oo, os ihey appr bonded, u would prove fruitful of ve.vt nous and unprofitable litigation, irhen Mr Egerlon, after remarks by Mr Robiiinn, withdrew his amendment. Adj. HOUSE. Resolution. By Mr Fairbanks, dis charging tho members- of Caledonia Conn ty Irom further consideration ot the ilocu ineiiN relating lo tho county buildings, nod directing the chairman to preserve tho papers for presentation In the next leg islatnro ; supported by Mr Fairbanks, op posud hy Mr Maltoeks, and ot the sugge turn of u doubt, by Iho Speaker, of tho power of tho llonsu to act in tho present slate of Iho case, tho resolution was with drawn. Tho House resumed consideration ol'lho rc9oluiiuns reported by tho minority of tin committee on banks, tho question being on the amendment proposed hy Mr Mattocks, nnd at the suggestion ol a doubt, by the Speaker of thu power of tho House to act in tho present stnlo ol tlio case, rcso lotions reported by Iho minority of tho commiHeo on banks, tho question being on Hie amendment proposed by Mr Richard son of Waiif field, as staled in Hie forenoon proceeding : Mr Coolidgo oppo.-ed tho amendment and odvocaled Ibe orginal ros ci I ii 1 1 on , fnlhuvcd by Messrs Dillingham and Spraguo on thu other sido : when Mtu amendment withdrawn, was and Mr Porter moved to amend by striking out Iho words "full amount ' and insert one hulf. Mr Neodhani supported iho amendment aves 1 17, noes 1)0, so iho amendment of Mr Porter was r.doptcd. It wns further proposed to amend, by adding tho word: "or any portion of iho capilul slook nfler wards paid in ;" adopted, und thu rcsolu Hon was then adopted, uyes 192, noes 10 in too lollowing lorm "That in all future bank charters, the stockholders shall bo required to pay in nnu half ol their capilul sloek in gold nnd si I ver before they go into operation ; mid shall not, either directly or indirectly, withdraw any portion ol tho same, or any portion of tho capital block afterwards paid in." Thu second resolution, requiring bonds of lliu directors, in tho aggregate sum equal lo the capital block in lliu bank, wuu u,pportod by Messrs Fullam und Miner and opposed by Messrs Necdham, Brown nod Dillingham ; ayes. GO, noes 133, bo Hie resolution was rejected. The chair iippumted iho following com. on iho bill relating to Iho state prison; Messrs Hodge". Wnntworth and Bullor. Mr Soulo of Fairfield had leave of ab sence after to-morrow miming. Adj. SENATE. Friday, Nov. 1. Prayer hy tlio chaplain. Revised Statutes. chap. 30, of replevin, at the close of yeaterdjy's proceedings, was di'-'ciiised, en a proposed amendment, and thu amendment being negatived, thu chap, was read the third timo nnd passed; hap. 103, of county jails and Hie confine ment and discharge of prisoners, twico read and referred In Messrs Cobb, Chan r Foster; chap. 105, of I ho collec- lion and dispositlun of fines, costs and re cognizances in criminal coses, twico read and referred to Messrs McMillan, Kittndgo and Curtis; chap. I0G, of restricting cost, twice rend and referred to Messrs Kiltridgn. Jones nnd Curtis ; cbno. 70, of the grand list, reported bv MrTracv, of the com. on the judiciary, with various proposals of amendment, when the senate wont into com. ,,r,f tho whole, und considered tlio amendments proposed by tho committee Alter some discussion, the chapter wns laid upon the table, on motion of Mr Pierpoint. Bills irom the house, to pnv Augustine Clark tho sum mentioned ; for the relief of Samuel Simouds, twico rend and severally rolerred to the com on olaiui3 ; to pay Ce phas Bayley the sum mentioned ; to pay Kiah Bayley the sum mentioned, twice read and severally rel. to the com, on mill lary affairs. Mr Simnnds, asked lenvo of absence from and after tlio present week. Leave granted. Adj HOUSE. Prnver by Rev. E. Smith. Petitions. Of Amos Eddy and other relcrred lo com. on slavery ; of John N Hunt und others, to com on Temperance Memorials. Of G W Ames and others to com. on Military Afi'dirs; of sundry inhab Hants of Wilham-lown, to com. on 1 em pernnco Memorials. Engrossed Bills To pay Cephas Bailey Kiah Bailev and Augustine Clarke, for the reliof of Samuel Simmons severally passed. Reports nf Committees. By Select com hill taxing Lamoille county, ordered to : 3d rendu g. By select com. against bill removing Orleans co. buildings, and it was dismissed. Resolution by Mr Bard, reviving the rule relative to tho revised sir.luies ..Jut)!', d. Bills introduced by Mr Brown, to ex empt inhabitants of Averill from military duty, rolerred to com. on Military AliJtrs Bv Mr Shntluck. increasing the salary o Governor to ci 1 000, and roducing salary of superintendent of state prison lo $500, re ferred to gen. com. By Mr lligley. lor the support of the gospel, referred to judi ciary committee. he Honso resumed consideration ot the Inst resolution reported by the iniuorilv of the com. on banks, viz : That no director or itockholdor shall, either directly or indi.ectly. bo suffered to reCHivo any discouot ul tho bank or banks:. of which they are severally directors or stockholders." Mr Clossan moved to add tho words "for a greater sum thuo 10 per cent, of his slock actually paid in; und in no case shall such discount exceed 1 000 at any onetime, nor tho aggregate of hu indebt- doe lo such hank at any time exceed 3"j000; nor shall aoy oilier person, either ns principal or suroly be indebted to such bank for discount to a greater sum than five thousand dollars." Mr Partridge moved lo amend tho amendment, by striking out '$1000' and inserting '$300.' Mr P. supported Iho amendment, fo. lowed by Messrs Bruwu and Spragoe, against the original resolution and all the aineuiiuients. Mr Jackson moved lo dismiss tho whole subject. Mr Partridge opposed this motion and took occasion to hint that tho parly with whom he had usuully acted seemed entirely lo have forgotten their pledges to the people on 'bank reform.' Mr Need, ham sustained Hie motion to dismiss; Mr Fuirbanks sustained the principle of res I ruining loans to directors nod stockholders, but assented to tho rejection of Iho resnlu. lion on thu ground that this measure of rcfi rui' wns already incorporated into thu general banking law, paEsud at the last 6CSSIOI1. Thu chair here decided that tho question on the omendmcnt to thu amendment, was first in order ; tho amendment to the amendment was then rejected: nnd Mr Jackson moved to dismiss tho original res olution. Mr Miner opposed the motion. and took the general ground that the sccu r ii y nn bond und mortgage, which was thu one now adopted bv tho llouso, was insuf- fl c tit , it had failod m Michigan, anil would probably hero, of accomplishing the mien dud purpose. That provision did not reuch the danger which ougnt to bu removed, viz,, tho monopolizing of tho loans of the bunks hy a few directors or stockholders tho very thing which had been tho cause of every bank failure in New England for the last ten years. Mr Butler replied Hint thu principle of i his amendment was already incorporated into thu general bunking luw Mr Miner explained tins provision was indeed in tho act in addition to tho safely fund net, hut it was now proposed lo rolcuto bunks, hcrealtcr chartered, Irom that act Tho quesliou was then put ; ayes 130, noes 05, so the resolution was dismissed. Mr Hayward of Addi-on requested the liberty here to stale to tho Huusu that he understood thnt the minority rcnorl, jut disposed of, was assented to' but by onu of tho minority. Mr Smith of P. said thoro nftist bo u misunderstanding in this matter, he under- tend that both of the minority ossanteu to the general principles of Iho report. Tho (loveruori by message, informed iho House of sundry vacancies to bo filled, occasioned by Hie resignation of John Walker, ns jail commissioner for Ltimoillu co.; and ot IMnior Oeneral f rancis iu. Phelps, nnd Brig. Genorals Jacob Wafeli- burn and P. T. Kimball. The hill reported hy the com. on Mili. iiry All'nrs wns made thu order of the day for Monday next. Mr Ilaywnrd of r-hsflsbury ond Mf Hcwoh of GInslenbuey obtained leave of absence after lo morrow morning. Adj, BEN A I E. Fuiday, 2 o'clock, P. M. Bill from the house, for tbo relief of Samuel Simons, reported by Mr Cobb, read a third tune and passed. Revisrd Statutes.--chap. 89, of the pre servation of sheep, reported by Mr Kit tredgo, with a proposed ainendrnont, tequi-. ring the restraining of rams and ol diseased. sheep, within thu limits of Iho owners, on penalty of a fine. The amendments wero discussed and laid on the table: chap. 31, of retailers and inn keepers, reported by tho select com., with proposals to amend, the object of which was to dispenso witli the law requiring the posting of drunkards, and the erection of signs, sheds and oat troughs, and lo require greater uoifornv.ty and more care in Hie granting ol licenses to retailers and inn-keepers, and to author, ize the selectmen of the several towns to approbate public houses in which ardent spirit is not suld. Tho amendment, rela. ting to the granting of licences, was lost nnd the ninendmuut disposing with the porting of tipplers, adopted, when Mr Pierpoint moved -o to amend the chapter. as lo "cut loose." as lie rcmarUeo, iron, the whole subject, und leave it where it was when the Temperance retonn moved rapidly on by Iho power of moral suasion, and bufure retort was had lo Legislative action. Mr Pierpoint'! amendment was lost, when Mr Tracy moved so to amend tho chapter as to repeal the law of last session. Mr Pierpoint said Ibis was the object of his amendment, excepting thai it retained thu 'wages of iinriglneouMicss,' revenue raised by means which he was disposed lo dis penso with. At the suggestion of Mr Kil tredge. Mr Tracy waived his moiiou, and the chao, was recommitted for amendment. Bill extending nn uct laying a tax on lands in Granville, read a third Hint nnd passed. Adi. HOUSE. Revised Statutes. chap, 63, ofdivorco amended, 3G, ot accounts, 37. of writs of error and audita querela, 72, of money of account und interest, 31), of habeas corpui, 54, of escheats, 53, of parlition and distri bution of estate-". 34, off-jolts, amended, 40 of partition of real estate, amended, G7, of illegitimate children severally re ported, read the 3tl nine and passed, chapters 40 ot title to real estate by descent, 47 of wills, 45 of estates in dower and hy the courtesy. 13 of towns lowri mooting and irmu officers, amended. severally reported and ordered tu third reading. chap. 2G of justice? of the peace, reported and under consideration at the tune of thu adjournment. Adj. SSEiNATK. Satukdav, Nov. 4, Prayer by the chaplain. Z?i7i--from tho house, to pay AugiKtino Clarke for services, and for counterfeit, money, received while he was Treasurer, read a third timo and pised. Mr Foster called up Hie bill, authorizing banking associations, and moved that 500 copies bu ordered to bo printed. Motion carried, yeas 15. nays ii. Rcvisd Slatules--chii). 40, of partition of renl e.sluto; chap. G3, of divorce, severally sent up from (he Inuse with proposals of amendment, the amendment to chup, 40, concurred in, and in the amendment to chap. G3, of divorce, tint Senate resolved to nonconcur; chni. 105, of the collection and disposition of lines. &c; chup. 10 1 of restricting cost, severally reud a ihird tuna and passed; clmp. 90, of the preservation of game nnd destruction of noxious animals, la id upon Hie table : chap. 59, called up by Mr Robinson w ho proposed an amendment, exempting deb's on bond from the stale of 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 a 1 1 o 1 1 , as in the existing bUtute. Thu proposition to amend was advocated by Messrs Robiuson and Tracy, opposed by Mr Pierpoint, nnd Mr Kiltredge. and losi, when tho chapter wus laid upon tho table. Adjourned. HOUSE. Prayer ny Rev. S. Kellogg. Mr Canlield of Arlington, obtained loavo of absence alter Monday next. Resolutions by ,Mr Harris, dooming Glaslenbury in the sum of $500--ruled out of order by iho chair. By Mr Lvnde, for meeting of iho house after Tuesday next at hull past 3 A. M rejected, Thu senate returned ihe bill annexing part of Orwell tu Whiting, wilh au amend ment, which was concurred in. Mr Slur I; culled up tho bill for socuring hill holders on the closing of banks, and it was made lliu special order for Tuesday morning. Tho guncral cominitteo requested to be diicharged from further cnnuidoratiou of the bill relating to salaries of certain offi cersgrunted, sod the bill dismissed. Mr Butler culled up Ihe bill oboliihing capital punishment, und supported it in arguments at length, denying both the right and expediency of punishment by ueaiu. Mr Warner of Newhaven, followed in a spirited speech in support of Ihe bill, mainly upon thu grounds of expediency ;

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