Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 8, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 8, 1839 Page 3
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TUB MARKETS. New Yonic, Nov. 2 Money L still very scarce rind lluce to four per cent, per tnonili Is !" in? fur first rale p:ipc The hanks ore doing nil ilicy can list nil that is iirkcd, by any means nml tilings, though Pflinawliat carier cailicr in ilie week, have fallen back to llio prcsfitrc of lam week. Great tiling", hoivcier, by way of remit tance: will be dono in (lour. Wo (ball send off 1,500,000 bbk which will pay ten millions of our foiejgn debt in that nitlclc. Tlie pales of Genesee flour h.ivo rnntimicd for export tn n t-omideniblo extent nt 75, llwnigli in Fiimo cases nt less. wheat Fold tit llSe, Ohio US cash, nnd cargo of Virginia 123c. sixljyl.ijs. Northern. Hurley fallen to 72i73c. Southern Oats mid nt 33, nnithem, in lota, nt .13 to 4 1 ; southern Corn G7 by weight. To dry flour rontiiiiics to sell ficclynl 5G2i75 for (Icnctre, siiul Ohio nt 5 50 to (i2. UninHTO.s, Oct. 2S. At maiket 1175 beef rattle, 2100 stores, 5200 sheep, nnd -173 swine-. Sacral hundred bcrfcatile, two or tin cc thoinand sheep, nnd BCicinl hundred stoics remain untold. llcef cattle Prices have declined, nnd e ie tluco our (niotatioiis ; first quality $7 to 7 23, second quality O.iG 50, thiid qn ilily .1 73a5 00. Purr-liascr generally refused to pay dinner pri ces for stores, consequently a less number fold th, in was expected from the number at maiket. Wc noticed sulci at Ics than former quotations. Cows nnd Calics-sulcs 23, 2S, 3G, -10, .17, 50, CI, nnd GS. Sheep, dull, nnd n large number unsold. Wn quote 'lots ui $1 50, 1 71, 1 SS, 2 12, 2 37, 2 50, 2 S3 nnd 3 12. Swine. Nearly all at maiket were of the first quality, nnd in consequence of the short supply at maiket, sales weie made nt tin advance nn former prices. One lot to peddle, nidiniry, moio than half sows, sold lit -1J ; wis lot n.-li for sous, nnd 15 j for bilious, mid i-'cicial lot nl a u.L At, letail, 51 iG for sows, nnd GJw for Imiious. Ai.nxANDCii'.s weekly messenger. Mr. .Stacy 1 have jnf letuiiicd finm N. Yoik, nml tmd n tin rr sent tne liy Mr. A lexmil.'r, I'on mining an ediiinial 1 1 ply to my i-ointiiiiiiii-atiu.i published a I'r.w weeks sinrc in t our paper, bin it is so long I cannot n,k ou to pulili.-li it. Mr. A. s.-ivs he irceiicd nil my Icilris but the one rnclo viug tin.' uioiiev, and that he aiHweii'd lliem inline' I hclieic him, iind now think that tome Tost Master i-iolo the fimy lo!!.ii I mil, mid ihe ten dolloi s Mr. Ten nfciiil torn, and llien stopped the snh'tipiriil leltcia sent in In .Mr, Alexander. What other iiifcirncc ! to be diawit, imiler th'! eh c iim-l.ini'pj 1 Money is mailed heio to Mr. A. whiih lie does not icceive; but ho docs iceeiio several lellrrs of enquiiy urn! iiiisucis nil of them I iv mail, and yet nut one of these an f.wtr.i have been received by the persons to whom they were addressed. Air. A. will tliete. ton! peireiio that 1 had no other way of gelling an iiikhpi' ft om him except Ihrnugh the pu-s. 1 should tegiel lo have fllr. A. suffer in consequence ; lull ho will bear in mind dt -spcr.ile raes ffiiue timcii nqulie pawn (id What safety cm iheie lie in sending money finm hens lo Pliilt delphi.l 1 Id the inquiiy of innio than fifiv. .1. E. BUlNa.UAIi). NOTICE. Tho Congregational Ghirclt. at Burling, ton Falls, will bo dedicated, mi SaVnrilav, tin! 9Hi hist . at;.v o'clock, A, M. Sermon by Rev. J. K. Converse. D i'A tain of t hi flips, will lake place immediately, aftiir tin! dedication. 31 A It It I K 1) Al Esfcx on ihe SUl nil bv the liev. J. K. Con vnise Air Amos J. .Snnison ofKrrCN,N. Y. lo iJis (,'h.u lollo I.. I lay lies of ihc foiiner place. In Milton by 1$, C. Webster V,-t. nn tho 21tb nil. MrE'i 15 a i nuui ioMri Ueiev Aim. ill of Miilu". i) i r: i) In Slielhtu no on the 2Gl!i ult. Mr Al iron Holla biid, lined 29 p.iih. At lMlnw,! I'alls, on the IStli iu't. Mi.-S II A it. tuirr Hhm.ows, il.tughicr nf the I, ue llubbaul JJelloiis of Wnlpnlc, aged 21 eats. THE BOOK STORE OF llio subscriber is' now fully supplied willi n variety of publications, both to interest nnd instruct. School Hooks of every description used in our comuniu echnols, tinil literary institutions; together with n complete assortment of stationary, all of which nro offered til wliolosalo or retail on the most reasonable terms. D. A. DRAM AN. Burlington. Nov. 0. 1330. IS under the necessity of culling on nil indebted to him. for a eci t Icincnt of accounts. If Ihejdebt is cosh, he is in great need of it, and if anything else, let us have it nnd sec what we can do with it. I mui pay my own debts, and in order to do to must bo paid. All having unsettled oc counts will please tnko notice, liurlinstnn. Nov fi. 1339. GOODS AT 00&g WQTL &MJU II. W. CATKIN & CO. INTENDING to discontinue tlie Dry Goods, business on the M of May next, now oll'er their cntiro Stock of Dry Good at cost for cash. Their assortment of goods bos been mostly purchased tins fall with cash, and al lower rates thiiii were ever before known. The public are invilcd to call anil ex amine goods and prices and judge for themselves. MRS. SIGOUHNHY'S Boy's &, Girl's Reading ooIc. TF1IIK attention of Teachers is called to X this work peculiarly adapted to the pressing wants of our t-chools. Jt merits n cordial wclcnmo and n warm approvnl. It U hoped beforo nnothur year is passed it will bo in ovory school in tln stnto. D. A. UltAMAN. Nov. 0, 1D39. STRAY HORSE. ITRAYKI) from Ihc subscriber nbnut two or tbrco tnontlis since n black Merc, white face and while hind feet, with 'a bay colt. Whoever will give information whero they may bo found will confer n fnvnr on I he subscriber MAXIIAM I1LAIH. Burlington, Nov. U, 1039, JUST received a few pieces super Eng. lisb FlatinelF, 3 4, 4 4 anil 6-4 wide-, by 11. W. CATLIN & Co, II' Jl DJCir-J- SCHOOL $IU GTrot'Qc SnuntJcufl Tp l'iKI'EOTFULIiY leuder.-i bin thanks liMi to Ins runner pnlrons tit Iinrlinytoti, .lenco nutl Cambridge, for their liberal support Inst winter, nnd wnitbl inform tliem Hint lie iniuuih provideil snHiLMent oticntir. ngpinnu is given, to open it echool for in siructinn in tho polno ncconiplMhineut of Dancing, about the lirsi of next month in the nbovu plnces. lie intetuls nlso to open a school in E-'scx ant! Wilhston. 'J'lie Inlcst slyluol' Dancing ,vill bo taught, tmd the best iuuin provided. Wnlf.nig, Spati ish D inccs, Quadrilles, Gallopatlcs, Colli Iioih nnd Contra Dances taught m the latest style, with nil Ihe new improve, incut?. Mr. iSaunders will nlso provide first rale Music for Ualh, Parties, &c, during tho winter, on reasonable terms. Uiirlington, Oct. 'J5, 1039 ClIEAl' CASH STORE. HOWARD IS back ngnm from New York nnt! what ho litis learned nnd done fur his ctistn. mors he never did or had n chance lo do beforo. He worked up to bis J400 Faculty Tits and bought goods so cheap that nt the siiuii! rati! if it had have been n couple of hundred dollars more, hw customers would have been entitled to t heir goods freo ntd a drinv back bende from loriner preliv, fur In- ctt-h system has been found to work well that hii money came very nctr ov'prruiiuing mid who surely would bo so likely tn cmch it up mid be benefitted by it a-i tbo-i' who vt'll bun the ofieticst . 'f largi', sit beautiful, so rich nnd splen. did mi absortiurnt of goods bo never had before, and n in prices they nro ehrnprr than ever before known. His iifs.irlinont now arriving is mi hitherto unsurptmed one in every possible respect. Tiscr.- t imw probably but f''W nr'icls-i in tho DRY GOODS Inn- hut win! uinv hr bad n. his ihnp nnk si re CROCKERY. GT.AHS WARE, LOOKING -GLASSES .'LVD House keeping ARTICLES in every van i'tv. A full ii'--nrim"nf iifJYEll' Cuvpding, OIL CLOTHS HUGS. Petpr.r ITnnxinzs, cS-c. Stc. A ho, DRY GROCERIES LA.UR OIL, BUFFALO ROUES FUR CAPS, COLLARS is- Er.nhr. lor Lube- eheik Imiog. ROOTS, SHOES, IjYDIA RUBBERS, be c. All, M.i., ALL.Unving boon bought low, will he sold CHEAP at HOWARDS. jYovemher G, 1039. WRAPPING PAPER. A 'I' Wholesale or retail, lor falo at the x.u. Uuok Store of tho subseribrr. D. A. 11 RAM AN. llnrliiinlori. N"V G. 1330. TOOR, TIIK IMA NO FORTE. selecip.I LL bv Frot. Aloll. nod nl'tl.,. mm:! ini,.r. eing cbaracier, for sale nt the Hook omre. D. A. HRAMAN. Nov. G. 1039. Moses Rubles' EsUitc. S'i'l'i- !-ul)-t; r i li, r-s, having been op V ii iintrd bv llio Ilniimnlili' llio nro. bale Court for the D.-'rtrt of Chittenden, commissioners ,, receive, examine and fidjtiM Hie claims and dcinads of all perons, ogniost the estate of Moses RuggKi, hit" ol West ford in said District, di-cer.sed represented itisnlv.'til. and ul-n nil claims ami demands exlub'lcd in ( fi'sel thereto ; and six mouths from the day of the dale hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do 'therefore hereby give notice, that wo will intend to tiie business of our appointment, nl the dwell ing of Hepsibah Uuggles. in Welf.ird. in pnitl District, on the 3d Mondays of De cembor and February next, at 10 o'clock, A. D., on ench of said dnyn. Dated, this ut day of 'November. A. D 1039. JAMES MORSE. ) Commis MACKSON J5URD1CK ( siouen. Lucy Allen's Estate. JTSryE Ihu Subsuribers, hit ving v en np ' V ininted by the Honorable ihe I'robnio Court lor tho District of Chittenden, commissioners tn receive, nnd ailju t the claims and demands of nil per- i-oos, ngnnisi tne e.-iate ot Lucy Allen, late of K"eseville, New York, decens. ed, rcpreseiiM .1 insolvent, nnd also nil claims and demands exhibited in o filet thereto; and six months from Ihc day nl tho date Hereof, being allowed by "said Court for Hint purpose, wo do therefore hereby mve notice, that wn will intend to Hie bu-iness of uur appointment, at the dwelln :r of Geo. I!, hliiim, in Si. George, in said Di-trici.on the 23d day of MaTch next, nt 0 o'clock, A. M. Dated, this "3d dnv of September A. D. 1039. ISAAC IMG BEE, (Commis- COIi. SMITH, s sioners. The nimble sixpenm better than the flow shilling. J XV. WEAVER is now receiving from New Yurlt of GROCERIES, (with the exception of ardent spirits,) also, domicile Dry Gooih, Pork cS- Flour. Also, 500 nuirs aUiOOTS Sc SHOES, consisting of Calf, Kip, wntur I'roof, Thick Hoots, and nliuo,t all kinds, sorts, and sizes, of Shoes for men. women and children. Men nnd bovs rn is x.,. all bnugln with cash nnd will bu soid for cash at the lowest market prices. H'timoiki fitage. JVov. 1039. GRINDSTONES & PLASTER. AL rgo nhsortiiu'iil ol Water and llnud Grindstones, nml PluMer in any ouan- lity, constantly on baud and lor sale by Sot.'t,i:, Wiiitmiv & Co., 4, South st, New Yoik, and by thu subscribers ut No. 7, L Wbarf, Jloston. SPKAGUE, SOULE & Co. Juno 17, o in JfOW O P ENI.,VG . rinllANKl'MJIj to our numerous friends JL iSiCtislomers nnd encouraged by more Hum expected pucees, wo have been induced to spend several weeks at New York, in selecting our Fall and Winter sloek of Goods, ut n line! Ion when we could buy them lovi, which will enable us to sell lower than Goods of the snme qua! ity have been sold here before. Wo invite the Ladies and Gentlemen of this Town nnd vicinity and ol other Townn to cull titid'asnminu our assortment, whether they wish lo huv or not, Good.s will In? freely s hown, nnd sold n? low in Hihj can be pur. eltascd at any other place, without exception. Our nss .runout is very extensive nnd is Ibis Full iiniisunl y Good. Wo have fin Wn'cbes ('locks, Jewel ry,L'latei and llrittntiin ; A beauliful ns- irrm 'wZgymrA nl uold tnclcs latest style. Also Silver Specta cles. English. French, Gormnn and Amcr ican Perfumery. '1 do-., fino French Accor dions. Moat all kinds of Musical Instru ments nnd instruction JJooks for I bent. Fine I'nncy Boxes nml many pretty articles HUtlnble for Presents- Hrushes 1 r. i. .. r f,. Ay " " " a, ousiuuiics, "Vt-t' Hair Oils, nml f.l.iinsi all nrticlns ct.nnccteil with thin depart ment. I'ins, Needles Stillcttocs.Sctsssors. Knives Lyeltts, and very many other little articles of every day's Snullbrs and Trays, Castors, Candle Micks, Silver, Gentian I r-ST . " s. ) i r 1 1 n r n I . Kill; Pur .-' f,uiii; l oei.ei. ioul. Money Belts, A Inrj'o n-sortinoutmeiit ol v s ling and printing Cardj, Penci's, Paints india rubbc", inllniids, sand and sand li'i.VP. I'aner Knives, l'eu nml ' Knives. S.lver fruit Knives, Razors, straps buan nnd IJriishu.t Stocks, Collars. o wirns, Lamp Wick of nil sl.e?. I'orll'no "lios. Manifold Wn Cases. A beautiful assortment of Dolls 1!) cts. lo i.,75. GOOD THEIUIOJIETERS, Court 1'hiih'er, Lip tulve. Pocket Ink s'auds. Gold iiik! bilver Pencils, Rings. Pun Kevs. Chains. SntilV Do.vcs, el)fi) Combs. ' FRAN EG IS MARIE PARI. NA'S Cologne, which is the best article made w 1 1 n v it of 2 QuoIiIicf. S.iver mid Plated Cut)-', Fruit and Butter Kntvcr Tea Caddies, Fith Knives, Soun Lulles Wafers, Letter Stamps. Paper, Ink, Quill Spnols steps, metol nnd Wood, tteel and wood screw Ciis-hion--, Tooth Powders & Wash. Indelhblo Ink warranted first ra'o. WEDDING STOCKS. Pnuialnnii rtreps, Cnnes mil! lidtirr Whip--, Battledore-. Grnro, Cigar Cn sns, Nuro Clnrks soothing i-yTup for eluldreii. Cough and niner Lozenges. Poor tiinnVi Pitn-tor. Mon-oni Pills "ond Powder. Ilayp Lioiineiii. Pocket Meino randum Bonks various sizes. Chess men nnd hoard : Willow Waggons, Chairs i Cradles small Unlets, Ringlets, Nnrsu. 0i bottles and i ubes. Prefton sails ; Otin of rose, &.c. lite; We might go on lo almost any cxieii' in eniimer.inng iho articles we keep for bfili; but the above will ci.ew tho.-e who nro not aware, of the extent of our variety that ue truly do keep a We would iip,rt.e strangers vii iUng our ' "wn, inni we ore coiiMnntlv manufic- luring in uuu shop iuru Silver Spoon-, and nt as low pn ees ns the tame nun lit v nun lie tin. I any where. And that we continue to repair every description ' WATCHES, as muni ('. v vp a m n htvle second lo none. v'V' Wu with our friend vfU-r1"1 customers to under- wo will srjll every descriptionj of Jgonds wc keep, tirf h,wns any oilier Person, without nxcnerroN nnd ns wo keep our assortment nt all tunc Good. ;uy may save themselves k.iiio trouble by inquiring (ut tiny orlilc ibev wi-h for, ni the VARIETY STORE. Many Goods ue keep, are not in sight Arrangements are made for receiving Good from N -v York during the Winter". PASfilMIlN &. I'ltlNSMAIl). Wukh Makers. Silver Smithi, A LARGE quantity of Stnvri S,- Pipe will he sold at AUCTION on the Court House Square, on Saturday llio OHi of Novomber, together with u !a of other property. )( TO PHltSONS Al'I'LIOTIH) AVlTII t Ji e Ii h e u m a tis m ! A't) medicine criryil introduced lo public notice fur this painful complaint hits been wire gen' crally successful, ami more highlu approved than the celtbrulcd Jcbb's Rheumatic Lini' mcnt. LNTEUSr.TING CASKS. Ex tract Jrum an Editor . Sir, "For eigh teen months 1 wan'nlUiotod with tho Itboiunu tinn, oviiry endeavor overy medicine within roach was used, hut without effect, until I procured this Liuimoni. After using two hot lies, and pint of a untiroly.ciirod mo." Physician in Pennsylvania writes "Jcbb's Ithctimatin hiuininul has been Iieno fieinl in every rase in which it if as umd'.'' A Southern A 'tnl writes "Send mo a fur thur supply of Jcbb's Liniment. a j ,,,, rojmtu here.' A WnsrmiN Aount writus; I am ouijof Jcbb's Linitucnt, uud it is much thought 'of, here by persona who have used it," ! U 'f. Card Mr. , of (his city, lost tho use ol his limbs In conscqucnco of exposure to wot and dump, could not got out of bed fornix weeks 'J boiilo oftho Liniment, and a few doses of Holfo's Asthmatic Pills, restored him to per fect health in 14 days! j An or.i) Gcnti.uman was sevoroly afflicted I with a violent pain in his back for many I years, which bent him nearly doublo,was per fectly cniod by one bottlo of tho Liniment, and walks upright as any person. .Iran's Liniment 'It is worth(said an aged I .Minister who had experimentally tested its stirpnsv-injr virtues) 'its might in gold'.' Dti. SeAi.tiiNo lof Lyndon, Vl. writes; "Jcbb's Linijiiiint has nfl'cctcd a very decided cure in a neighboring town. Esquiro G was afflicted for sonio limn with Rheumatism in tho hip and joint, alter taking medical advice, and making uso of all the nostrums in this part of tho country to no purpose, wan completely cured bv '2 bottles of th is Lin Iny,nl:' .(Signed.) " P. SpAt.Dtxa. This Liniment will not only bo found one of Iho best romedio for lthouinatisni, which itrclioveaiuimcdialcly.Tiid which it frequent Jy cures in 24 hours, although of years stand ing; but also for sprains, numbness, stiffness of the joints, bruises, chilblains, &c. Pi ice 50 els, a Bottle. EYE WATER. DUMFIIIES' celebrated Eye Vatcr, is now sought after, and successfully used as nno of the best remedies known for sore, infi.uncd or weak eyes, its virtues are un-uipa-sod, ns many can testify, and which a fair trial will prove. An Almost tIorcr.i:ss Casc.-Am old. Man. Who had linen so dreadfully afiliclcd with snro and inflamed eyes, owing to llio constant running of water from them has been com pletely cured by tit id Eye Wato:. A low hours, sometimes a few minute? use of this Eye Water, has relieved and cured cases of day's and week's standing and that too ul'tcr other applications had failed. Prico L3 cents n bottle. 1;3 . Prepared and sold by T. KIDDER,suc. cnesor to Dr Conway, 99 Court. st up stairs near eoncert Dull, Boston, mid may also had of J. fz J- II. I'KCK & CO. Utirlinglnn, Vcrinont. None ncmiine unless signed T. Kiuncn, on the outside printed wrapper. Largo dLomint lo dealers. KS-C1IUA1 AST1IH ClIUAl'EST.O UTOUIiD respectfully return his thanks vv lo his ft lends nnd patrons for their many favors, nnd would a No inform them Hint be has received a oeiv addition to hw BOOKS AND STATIONERY, AND BINDING STOCK, and would solicit n continuance of their patronage which hns heretofore been so liberally bestowed, hoping by attention to Ins business to merit the s.ime. Among bis stuck may bu found tho folk, wing, viz: Bibles of every size from Ihc Quarto to the Pearl, in various binding Wall's Seleit Hymns IVinchcll's Walts Jihlncillst. Hyn.ns Prayer Books Olney's Geography Smiley' s do luntinglun's do Jirinsmuid's do Peter Parley' 's do Ailums' Arithmetic Smith's do Thompson's da Cnlborne's do Smith's new G rammer Jiirkhtim's elo Webster's Dictionary Worcester's do A. .11. First Class Book First, second and third Book or History National Render Rhetorical Reader First Class Reader ' Second do elo Third elo elo English Reader COO Spelling Books, cheap hy the dozen Children's Bo ks in a great variety American Gentleman. do Lady Manual of Politeness Ratios Word Young Lady's own Booif. do Gentleman's do do Crockett's and Doicning's Song Books Comic Almanacs .-c. Aciaunt Bmks in a great variety, and if not on hand, made lo order on short notice. PAPJEEL!! Cap, Letter, Note, Bank Cap, fancy colored Tissue, and a great vnritty of other paper of a good quality and fair price Blue and Black Fluid Black and Red Ink Gold and Silver Ink Black Ink Powder Ink Stands it good msnrlmenl Indettiblc Ink, witk and tvithoul prcpura lion Large and small Printing Cards J'isiling Cards nnd Curd Cmes Sand and JCafcr Bote Letter Stamps and Folders Drawing Pencils Camel's hair Pencils Pencil Leads India Rubber Walleh and Pocket Books Port Folios and Scrap Books Manor and urn Books Slates and Pencils Together with u great variety of articles too numerous to mention. Please call at the Book Bindery on College Street, nt lint sign of Iho Red Ledger. Oct. 10, 11)39. HP) IlEsubscri JL bor respect fully informs thu liblictbal huhas commenced thu f3S maiiufacluro of Jioolsty Shoes of nlinnst nil .1... scriptious in iho shop recently occupied by J. Tryun, in Slioug's building, where ho will bo i i- ii .i , i. . . o.iiiy iu uiuijiiiinuujiu uu iiiumj iviiu n un lor a good article cheap for cash, un mistake l. S. RUSSELL. Burlington, Oct, 28, 183s. 5vv ifim i 11 Clmrlcs Stevens' Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Drs-tutcTor Cimttkmikn, ss. AT a Probate Court, holden nt Ilur lington within mid for srnd D'-tricI on Hie "29th day ol October A. D IH30. Present, the Hon. Chas. Ru-sell Judge. An instrument purporting to be Iho hist will mid testament of Charles Stevens, late of Richmond in said district deociued being presented to Hie Court here by Riifiis Slovens, thu Executor therein tinned, for probate! it is ordered by nnd Court, Hint all persons concerned therein bo notified to appear at a sesssion of snid Court lo be holden nt tho Englo Hall Ta vern, in Williftoii. in .aiil disi net, on the third Monday of November A. D. 11139. nnd 6hcw cnuso, it uny they may hnve, ngainst tho probatu olstnd will, fur which purposes it is further ordered, that a copy of tho record of this order be published three weeks successively, in the Fne Pres. a newspaper printed ut Burlington us toon ns tnnv be. A tree ropy of record. Attest Wm. WESTON, llegutcr. Jonathan Gillit's Estate. E the Subscribers, luviug been appointed by Ihe Honorable the Probnic Court for the District of Clntten den, coiiionssirinerH to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of nil norsons. ngainst (bp ci-lotc of Jonathan Gillit, late of Charlotte, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and nl-o nil claims and demands exhibited in oll'sel thereto ; and six months from the duy of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do Iboreforu hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appointment, nt the dwelling of Snrnh Jmio Gillit, in Char lotte, in said District, on the firbl Mon days of December and February next, at 10 o'clock, A M.. on ench of said days Dntcil.ibis I9'h day of October A. D. 1339. BENJAMIN PEERS. ) Commis CEORCE SHERMAN ( W. Joseph Ferris' Estate. SWEtbii sub-cribers. having been op VV pointed by tho Honorable the pro bate Court for the District of Chittenden, commis-ioners to receive, examine and ad just the cl.iinia nnd demnniis of all persons, ngainst the estate of Joseph Ferris, late ol Wilhston. in said District, decensed. repre-ented insolvent, tintl al-n all chum anil demands exhibited in efiVjt thereto; and six mouths from the day of tho dnti hereof, being allowed by snid Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give not ice, that we will attend lo thu bigness of our appointment, at Hie dwelling of Hie widow of thu haul Jo-eph Ferris, in Williston, in Mild DUirct. no the second Monday of April next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. ou '-aid day. Dated, this 9lb dnv of Oct. A. D. 1339. J. VAN SICRLIN. Jr. ) Commis ELIJAH PHELPS. sinners. V , , , R, T Vl, "y rliry that I have examined person can have an adequate idea of Ihc, Rov. I. Coverts' Balm of Lifo, and am of opin nslonnhinz rcluf which Dr. Relfc's Aslh . ion that its conihio.niim .,,,il in,,,,i;.., .... mallear Consumptive Pills give, in Con - tmplmn, Onugh, Colds, Asthma , Dijinilti r Breathing, Wheezing, Tightness cf the fast, Vain in the side. Spitting if Blood, of Chest, Kc. A J air trial only is necessary lo con. mice persons suffering from these complaints that this is one of Ihc most valuable mcdr rincs yd discovered and this is the teUiino- mj of relieved palicnfs. a rrvTt pVav irVi.':. st., . , n, . ...'i,.."...U "i, OX. recuntlv observed to the Proprietor, thai recuntlv observed to the Proprietor, thai be believed these Pills had l.epl him alive for tho last two years. Many others give similar testimony. A Letter stales 'Tho Aclhmatic Pills give such astonishing relief in cases of Cough, Common Colds, Are. as no one can believe, unless they mako tho trial." Important Testimony. Thoro has been, (writes an Agent) an unusual call Ibis winter for Relic's Asthmatic Pills. Applicants pronounco thorn u valuable, medicine, and say they cannot find it substitute." A goung Lady Was threo years afllictcd with a violent cough, pain in tho side, spit- tug ol blood, and disturbed rest at night and was restored lo perfect health by taking two boxes. A case of Asthma Ol' thirty years stand ing, was cured by these Pills. A Gentleman Who bad been for years afllictcd willi a violent cough, difficulty of breathing, iVc. was cured by llieso invaluable Pills. An Agent utiles "Your Rclfu's Asthmatic Pills,' gain credit dailtj.'" j A Person Who had not laid in bed for 4 years and could sleep only at interval, on ac count of cough,,dlfficully of breath ing, iKre. was cured by a few doses of tho Pills iey sleep was restored on the second night ! A I'hys'nian writes, .After all other medi' cincs have tailed to give relief in consumptive cases, 1 havo found the 'Rclfu's Asthmatic Pills' most excellent !' Extract persons afllictcd with lung complaint.--, in various stages of thu dis cise, after triing ev 'ry thing else, have used these Pills with the must happy success.'' A F anarkable Cise. A lady who wa given over as past recovery, nnii her death daily expected, was raised fioiii what was ex. ncctcd would bu her death bed, and from tho borders of thu grave, by Pills and du-elaredl.ei-wisliihalh.liii could proclaim to tho world, thu worth of this iuvaluablo medi cine. " Such am tbn valuable ornnei-ltps nf oflheso Pills in Coughs, Colds, Asthma, I "I'lho Lungs and plura and all Chronic disea DifTicully of Breathing, lloarsoncs, Whoczing "I-"1" Chest. As an expectorant it might .Spitlitiir of Illood and complaints oftho Liiu generally, thai numerous penous lelieve fioiu llieso complaints, pronounco this the best modicum thuy ever met with. Common colds removed in a lew hours Pricu $1 for whole Boxes of SO Pills, and 50 cents lb? half Boxes of li VvU. k Prepared by T. KIDDER, solo pro prietor nnd successor lo Dr Conway and may bo had al his counting ror,m,99 Court-si, up stairs, iioai Concert Hull, Boston, and also of J. & J. II. PECK, (Si CO, Bur- lington, Vermont, S'ono genuine, unlesssigned T. Kinunit on the ouisidu printed wrapper. Latgo discount to dealers. ESTJIAY. CAME into thu eiiclosuro of llio sub. senber, ou thu 1st nisi., a red two year old slrer, while on thu cuil of I In: tail, with Inr mi lb u right hip. Thu owner is nijiicsted lo prove proper) v. pav charges ami luku bun nwuy JACOB HO DC UTS. Miltun, Oi 1, 1339. ltcv. 1. Coverts' BALM OF LIFE. ANEW AM) VALUABLE REMEDY for thoso who nro afllioled with acute nnd chronic diseases oftho Lunos and WiNlit'irfi This mcdlcilm is suited to nil cliinnles unil to persons of nil ages nnd sexes, will keep for any length of limn, and may bo used with por feet safely hy persons in the most fooblo stalo of health, ns il contains no inarcilionts tluil can impair the constitution undorany circuit), stances. It will bo found greatly survicoiiblu in nil diseases of tho Lungs urid Ilrocbiii, such as phthisic, asthma, whooping cough, croup, acuta and chrunio inllummatiou of I lie lungs anil windpipe. By tho dyspeptic, it has been used with decited advantage, nnd is scrviccnblo to persons laboring under debility of any kind, if used according to iho directions. To tho consumptive, it has invariably afforded almost immediate relief, and in several install-, ccs has wrought a permanent cure. Il is not however, expected to effect a cure upon sucU as are in the last stages of the disenso ; but even to such, it will bo found to givo much rclicf.and greatly prolong that remnant of lifo which has becomo so neatly extinguished by the dread destroyer. The subscriber having witnessed with pain tho great destruction oftho health and lifo of so many of bis follow beings by Iho abovo enumerated and their kindred disenscs, bus with much study, care and consultation, pre pared bis valuable medicine, which bo is wil ling to submit lo the most scrutinizing test of llio medical faculty, and lorest its roputallon upon thoir decision. I la is alicady assured, upon their testimony, that it is superior lo aoy thing yet discovered. In continuation of tho obovo rotnarks, lot tho following certificates from highly respect nblo physicians hour testimony. To all whom it may concern. This may certify that I havo examined tho Rev. Isan Coverts' ingredients compounded under tlin uaino of Iho Balm of Lifo, and bolievc said compound is happily calculated lo relievo persons of all ages and texos atllictcd witU acute and chronic diseases of tho lungs and windpipe, as indicated by coughs, difficult breathing and pains in different parts of tho cheat if administered under suitable circum stances and in appropriate doses. Auburn, Aue;. 31, 1839. Josmi T. Pit.nuv, Physician & Surgoou. To all whom it may concern. This may certify that I havo examined Rev. I. Coverts' rialui of Life, and beliuvo it to bo ono of tho best medicines for coughs, consumptions, chronic inflammations of iho lungs and wind pipe, and most heartily recommend its uso to all afflicted with those discas-cs. Faycttcvillo, Sept. 127, 1 U33. Jon.v O. Siiipman, M. D. This may certify that J have examined tho component parts of Rev. I. Coverts' Halm of Life, and think it a valuable remedy for what it is recommended, and consider it perfectly safo and judicious in such caes. Auburn, Aug. 31, 1833. N. Wi:avck, M. D. This may certify that the Rev. 1. Covert has exhibited to mo tho formula by which ho prepares a medicine called the Balm of Lifo, a preparation well suited as un expectorant in coughs, consumptions, Sies., and therefore would have no hesitation in recommending it as a sale and :ood medicine. Salin.i. Jolv !. . suited to agieat variety of chronic affections oniio lungs and bronchia, Auburn Au" 31 1333. Docl. E. HtiMriiiicvs. ' Thisccrtifics tint having examined Iho Rev I. Coverts' liabn of Lifu iii all its component parts, wo do beliuvo it lo bo ono oftho best compounds for coughs, consumptions cbronio inflammations, tea. 0f which wo havo any I knowledge, ami do most cordially recommend to all afllictcd with the abovo named atscises. J v Uanicls, al, u, Sahna. i w I I ,... t i c.i- G Nkcihiam, M. D. Onondaga. h Lawiirsqc. M.D. Baldwinsvillo. This may certify rhat I havo examined tho Rev. Dr. Coverts' receipt for making his Belm. of Life, and from my acquaintance with tho iiiiiuence oi ns sevorat ingredients, should think it well calculated to givo satisfaction in. the di.-cascs for which il is recommended. Ulica, Juno 21, 1C39. War. Morris, M. D. I do hereby certify that I havo examined the formula oftho Ralm of Lifo. and view it a a medictno well calculated for llio relief of Chronic Coughs ami Catarrhal affections. Albany, Juno 2J, 1839. John Wilson, M. D. I havo examined tho formula oftho Rov. I. Coverli;' Balm of Life, and approvo ofitscom. position. As an expectorant it is calculated" to bo efficacious in Chronic diseases of tho IJroiiclna, and also in indigestion, S R Kirbv, M D New York City, July 1, 1839. 1 certify that I havu examined tho formula oftho Rev. 1. Coverts' Balm. &c. and view it as an expectorant, well calculated for Coughs, Chronic affection? of the Lunesand Wmrinlnn. and as a safo and useful reined v. Albany, 25th June, !339. C D Towxsnxo, M D 1 havo examined a receipt for a compound called iho Balm of Life, in the hands of Rov. I. Covert, and have lo slate, that I consider it a safo and useful combination of medicine, calculated to be very beneficial in Chronic dis eases of iho Lungs and Airpassages. Troy, Juno '21, 1839. Avnuv JSkiltok, Physician & Surgeon. 1 fully concur in the above recommendation. T S iUriitin-i', I'hys. it Surgeon. N Y city. Wn certify that we have ox.nninoil the recipe for preparing tho Rov. I, Coverts Balm of Lifo, and buhve it to bo a safe and judicious combination, well calculated to relievo tho complaints for which il is recommended. Troy, N. Y. A & L .STiineiua, M D. Thu may certify that I have examined a recipe pieNonted to mo by f. Covert. It appears to bo well calculated to relievo irritation ol thu bronchial colls and affections willi propriety bo prescribed iu most cases where an aiticlo ol thai kind was indicated. R. Gi.ovntt.MD New York, July 9, 1839. Sold by J. .. PECK Si Co., Hurling. Ion, Vermont. NEW UOODS TinnE subscr.ber has just receivd t .a. general assortment ot DRY GOODS. G ROCERIES, CROCKER Y, Sf GLASS fVARE, which he will soil unusually low lor earn. HORACE LANE. Bin lington, Ort. , il!39. SIIEL17 COMBS. Twist Combs; Quill JLck Combs, round back Combs, long tooth siilo Combs, very small bido Crmbs, carved Combs and other patterns of liuusholl Combs, itt'tliu Variety Htore. Pa.nohoun Si llRiNsHAin. Twist (Combs and Combs of all kinds. 10 dozon fine horn Twist Combs and all olhor kinds iccmvud nt tbn Vrioty Stonu

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