Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 8, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 8, 1839 Page 4
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50 pieces of almost as many (liferent hinds for Ladies Cloal: stuffs, and of nil tho various names in (lit) enlnloguo of the day, at LYMAN & COLE'S. Oct. Hi. pieces of iig'd Alpines, ilgM Saxmiys, (loublo and tinglo width, 10 ps super French Muuseliu do lainu, 120 pieces do Scotch and English all wont. Oct. 1U. at LYMAN & COLE'S. Figured Alpine. jpicccs figured alpine of supe rior quality, new and beau tiful patterns just opened and for sale uncommonly cheap at the new cheap cash establishhment of Lath nop, Potwin & Wait. THIBET CLOTH. Pink, liaht blue and Cherry coloured Thibet cloth of beautiful quality for children's dresses just re ceived at the new cheap cash store of Lathhoi) Potwin & Wait. Mouselaine de Laine. Plain Colored and plain Biack Mouselinc de laine of the finest quality all wool for sale low at the new cheap cash store of. Latjiiiop, Potwin &Wait. Students and others can find the greatest variety of rich fig'd and plain sat. in STOCKS, all patterns, cheap. Oct. HI. LYMAN Ai COLE. 100 northwest Buffalo Robes at thirty por cent less than last years prices, ruperior quality. LYMAN &. COLE. A lew ps. double India Silk, Turk, satin plain and fig'd Lluo black, Gro dc Swiss, fig'd and plain, gro do naplcs silk, fui sale by LYMAN & COLE. bales Cotton Sheeting, Shirting, JFaddinp, Batting and cotton yarn. 300 Pieces French, English, Scolh nnd American Printed calicos from G.J cts ))cr vnrd, to the highest prices. 000 yards of Figured ond Pmin Merinos. A great variety of rich Vcslinzs. For pale bv LYMAN &. COLE, Wanted in exchange for goods 1000 yards Grey Cloth, 500 yards Han nul. 2000 pair Socks of the best quality. 3 ps. Broad Cloths and Cas- sirnorus, at about two thirds tho former prices. Beaver and Pilot do. LYMAN & COLE. More New Goods. TUST Received at the newly fit " ted store of Latiikop, Potwin & Wait, a very extensive assort ment of beautiful and rich goods suited to the present approaching season which will be freely shown at all times and sold uncommonly cheap for Ca-h, or Exchanged for most kinds of country Produce,the:r friends and customers arc invited to examine their slock and judge for themselves. NOTICE. ALL persons indebted to the Subscribers whoso accounts have become doe, will please call nnd nay the snmo and save cost. Oct. 1 1, 1839. Latiiboi' & Potwin. (f)j boxes Canada Iron, just ruceived by Vilas, Loo.mis & Co. !NOWS THE TIME! WATCH Repoirmg done on tho short est notice and in the be&t maunor possible by an old hand, who is perfectly acquainted with tho Constitution and dis nase9 of Levers, Laptnes, Repeaters, com mon Watches, &c , and who will ri;doe their disordered tysleius to n perfectly sound and healthy condition. Leave them at L. Curtis' nnd sec. Also, jul ree'd a most pplcnuid assort ment of FAA'CY SOAPS, COSMETICS, PEllFU.MRllY, CUTLEUY, SUA rLXG'-APPAIlATUS. J SILVER SPOONS. ) ( lettered free gratis, for nothing, $ Spoons of Iht real British Plate. JEWELRY, &c. Which will bo sold choapor than piirh articles ever huvo been in this market Walk in and look for yoursolvo. LEMUEL CURTIS, Agent. (Sign of tliu Watch.) Opposite R. Moody's Store. SSr& lljs- mixed Pirn;. 1 case American do 1 London do 1 Gorman do 25 gross Hook and Eyes 100 ' Bono Evletts, just received by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co KNITTING YARN. CJUl'ER white, bluo mixed, red and clouded Shaker Yarn for knitting, Gorman Crewels, CO different Bhnde ol color, by II. W. & Co. 250 Vvs f Ladies fino Shoes and slippors, assorted qualities, also nico so lectnd India Rubbor over Shoos, fur Ladies and Misses, 60 pairs gentlemen's do. u fow puirs nico gaiter shoos nnd dancing Pumps, at Uct. 1U, IjYMAN & UUbt'. S. FAIili GOODS. 3d Oct. Ili39. JUST received MERENOS, I rcncli, English, German, Saxony, G-4 splendid colours Alpines French nnd English fig'd Bombazines--French :ind Eng. Alpacca Cloth, for ladies' cloaks, u splendid article Motisolin Do Lains Chally, nnd Satin .awns f Gro do Afriquu I Heps Gro do Swiss SILKs- I'oull do Soio .1 Gro do Nap I Italian Lusltiug I Shichews SHAWLS Merino, Thibet, Rich Cash mere, Kaybal, French Tartan, Angola, Modu cnlor'd Merino, Plaid, Printed Kaybal, Prussian, spun Silk and Ilro chco Ladies Drown Cotton, bleached, Lislo Thicad, assorted colors, Merino, whilo und color'd, Woistod, Silk IIoso, for sale by II. W. CATLIN & Co. LOVELY & HURL BUT, At the sign of X. Lovely Sf Co. BlMU.IiNGTON, Vt. ARE now opening a more extensive assortment of Good. than la usually, if cvnr, found nny one country Siorc, which are now offered by wholesale or retail, to suit purchasers, t reduced prices from former sale, for, Butter, or other ready pay, as tuny bo agreed upon. To enumnrnle our assortment would require time necessarily devoted to distributing these goods to i hose who may avail them selves" of purchasing cheaper thnn ever before. We give a t-ppciiucn of our Goods bv enumerating only a lew. 75 pieces Fr., Italian nnd India Silks, ot every color and quality from i yd. to yd. wido 30 pieces Motiflin do Lain Plain nnd fig'd Alpines, n great variety Eng. Fr. h rid American Prints Circassians. Eng. & Fr. Merinos, nil colors En". Fr. nnd American Broad Cloths. from 2l 50 to 310 per yard Eng. nnd Amcr. CaMmeros nnd Satinetls A great variety of Domestic Goods, such as Cottons. 'Yarn, Batting, Wadding, Wickmg. Ticking &c. Silk and cotton Velvets, assorted Merino Fringe and Trimmings Liberia, Egyptian, Tnrtan, Highland, Brochce aiul Merino Shawls Thread nnd Cotton Laces Wrought Collars Linen and Cotton Drapers nnd Tabic fapreads 50 nieces Russia, Eng. Brussels and American Carpeting Stair Carpeting and Covering Rush Carpeting from 1 to 1 yd. wide Carpet Binding and J bread IIoum; Paper Sugars, Teas. Molasses, Pepper, Spices, Ginger. Salnrr.tus, Raisins, Rice. Siarch &c. &c. Crockery and Glass Ware Louking Glasses -ALSO- Embos'd, Dnmn-k and Watcr'd Moreens and Dania-k Satin, assorted A constant supply of Fnrwcll'a morocco and kul shoes r.nd gaiter Boots. Oct. 3. IJ!39. SASH FACTORY. Till', subscriber would respectfully inform iho inhabitants of Burlington that hy the earnest solicitation ofa number ol gentlemen residing in and adjacent to said town, no lias been constrained to establish a SASI1 FACTORY, at Colchester Falls, (ono milo fiom tho Court Burlington,) where ho will be happy to supply all lhno whomav wisli to purchaso Window Sash or Minds. His long experience in thu abovo business warrants him in assuring all those w ho may favor him with their patron, age, Ihat they may depend upon a first rato article, as ho is oetcrmined to employ nono but first rato workmen and his stock will bo of tho very best materials. Orders from a distauco addic.-scd to llm subscriber at Bur lington, Vt. will bo thankfully received and promptly attended to. SIDjXEY SMITH. Co'chnter Falls. August 5, 1S39. N. U. All woik warranted lo ho good, or no sale. Any smo or quantity of Sabh,fur. nished to order. if WINDOW SASH. JUST received 15 20 tz 21-7 by 9 casements of sash, a first rato article, at 34 and 3 cts. per light. Also.all kinds and sizes, furnished lo order. Ticondcroga Black Lead, a first rato article, for nalo very low, together wilh a great vaiicty of other articles. asehap as can ho found al any other estab. IMiinent in Iho plnrn. Ono. Pi-.tbrbon S MX BP J Dlt. M. HITCHCOCK'S NEWLY IN VENTED SNUFF Tho best articlo ever discovered by biicntific men. in Europe or America, fur tho euro and absolute relief of Catarrh, Dizziness ol tho Head. Weak Lyes, Nervous Headaches. Fallen uicknoss, Fits, and infants liuublcd wilh Suufllcs, partial shocks of Palsy, fce. For sale, wliolcsalo and retail, by A. Hitch, cock fc Co,, solo proprietors, 1 17 Genesee street, Utie.a, and by their agents throughout tho United Stales und Canada. In Burling ton only hy J. x.J. 11. I'LCK fcbo,, in Ver. irntnics bv J. 11. Jiuviuu, III miiion uy Wiutnuv, IjANIjon ; vo., in ueorgia oy Lornnzo Jnnns. aug The largest and most beautiful assortment of Shawls, Fancy Handkerchiefs, and Scarfs, at Lyman tte Cole's. Oct. Ill Brushes of all kinds. Hair Brushes of about 20 different kindf, Flesh Brushes, Clothes Blushes -1 kinds, In. funis Brushes, Nail Brushes C kinds, Hearth brushes 2 kinds. Shoo Brushes, Brushes for Plato, Lather Brushes, Tablo Brushes, Hat Brushes 3 kinds Tooth Brushes 0 kinds, Comb ilroslics or cleaners 3 kindf, Floor Brushes' Ulackiiig.Wateh Brublics,Frcnch Hair Brush es, constituting as lino an assortment of good Brushes as has ever been oflorud in Ihis Mnr hot, many of our Brushes aro made with tho host selected stiff whilo BRISTLES nnd with rosu Wood backs, and aro sold about as cheap as tho tho tawdry painted Brushes so commonly seen in tho Country, Wo in. vito an examination of them at tho Varioty Store. Panquorn St Bhinsmaid, ConartncrshipDissolvcd. 1 THE Copartnership heretofore existing under I lie narno W. C. Stimpson & Co. wus dissolved hy mutual content July I 'Jili. All nersons intlobted tofaid firm, nro rc. quested In make pnytnent to Edwurd Brin ley. lalu Junior manner, who is uunmnivu to liquidate, all Copametsliip concerns. And nil persona wuo nave ciniins huhim rind late tint), will present tho same to said Edward Brinloy for payrnoiit, by whom t!io business will bu continued ns usual. VV. C- Smmpion, KmvAni) 13b.ini.ev. WHOLESALE DRUG Li mllE subscriber recently of the firm of JL W. C. Stimpson & Co., having ta ken tho stock and stand lately belonging to the same, now offers tor sale on most libnrnl trrins. n very largo assortment ot DRUGS MEDICINES PAINTS AND DYE STUFFS. From arrangements he haa entered into, ho will constantly bo receiving lull Importa tions of English, French and India Drugs, which, with tho following, will be otlcrcu unusually low. 5000 Camphor 2 cases Turkey Opium 10 (In Liquorico Pnsto 5000 do Liquorice Root 300 do Calomel 300 do Rod Prcclpitato 500 do Tartar Acid 1000 do Eng. Sup. Curb. Soda 100 Boxes Castile Snap 200 oz. Snip. Quinine 2 Cans Ess. Lemon 2 do Ess. Burgomot 100 oz. Firs. Benzari 200 do Oil Peppermint CO Casks Sal Soda 2000 do Arrow Root 1000 do Turkey Gum Myrrh 50 Bbls. Epsom Salts 20 Bales Bottle Corks 100 Packages apothecaries. .GIaeswnro 50 Bales India Sncna 25 Casks White Lead 20 Cases Shellac 15 do Copal India 20 Kegs Paris Green 0 Hbds. Madder 50 Bbls. ground Camwood 200 do do Dyo Woods 10 do Bluo Vttrol 100 Carboys Oil Vitriol. Dealers in Drugs, Manufacturers, Phy- sicans &c. aro respectfully invited to cull when wanting to purchase, or forward their orders which will receive tho most prompt attention. EDWARD BRINLEY, JVb. 3 Se '1 South Side Old Fnnieul Jlnll, August a, l!i39. Boston. fill HE Co-partnership heretofore existing JL under this name at Store No. 3 and 4 south side Fnnieul Hall, Boston, was dis solved July 12, last, nnd EDWARD BIIINLEY, liA 1 lu juninr Partner in said concern, having been duly appointed legal successor to iho sumo, will continue tho business nt iho old fctand ns formerly, and liquidate nil coparlnnr.-li:p oblinnt tons. In addition to his present extensive stock, ho will constantly be receiving large importations of Dntgs, Jllcdich'cs, Paints 4 DYE-STUFFS, Which will bo offered at prices lower than elsewhere in the city. The Patrons of the old firm, the friends of the sub.-cribor', nnd tho public in general, may be assured of Ins heal exertions to please alike in qual ity and price. And aro respectfully solici ted to call, when wishing to purchase, as his terms arc morn than commonly inducing. EDWARD BRINLEY, No. 3 and -t south sulo old Fanieul 3m Set). 10. Hall. Boston. FIRE INSUKAKCIS. TO MANUFACTURERS it OTHERS. iUlE Providence Washington Insurance vssi. Company, in Brovtdeiico Rhode Island, cont inuu to Insure ngaut loss or damage by fire, on Cotton, Wollen, and other Manufactories, Buildings, and Mer chandise, on favorable terms. 'This Compauy is well known to the Manufacturers of New-England, and pos sesses their full confidence. 'The Cnmpnny wns incorporated A. D. IliOO. 'The Cnpital Stock is 200,000. all paid in many yenrs since, and well secured in Bank Stocks and Real Estate. 'The Directors arc. SULLIVAN DORR. BENJAMIN IIOPPIN, MOSES B. IVES. HENRY P. FRANKLIN, ROBERT II. IVES, ELISHA DYER, CARLO MAURAN, CHAIU.ES JACKSON, WILLIAM BUTLER. Manufacturers and others wishing for Insurance, are requested lo direct tlioir op. plications (which should ho accompanied with n particular de-cripiiou of tho prop erty,) per mail, to the President or Secre tary cf the Company, and the tamo will be attended to promptly. SULLIVAN DORR, President. Waiuiun S. Giikknk, Secretary. Providence Washington Insurance Comnanv's Oflice. Providence, 11. I. 11130. ) ly.f. 5 GRINDSTONES & PLASTER. A L ugo ussorlmunt ot Water nnd Hand x. Grindstones, nnd Plaster in any quail lily, consinntly on hand nnd for sale by Soui.e, WiitTfiEY & Cn.,4, South st. New York, and hy (ho subscribers at No, 7, L Wharf, Boston. SPRAGUE, SOULE & Co. Juno IT, i 0 m LYXCA1T & COLE HAVE returned from Boston nnd Now , York with a more complctu assort mont of GOODS than thuy have ever be foro offered to thu public I which ihey arc now opening and offer for sale, for cash nt much less prices than they hove evur been oble to offer them. In conseqiienci! ol Goods having been (acrificed at Auction, they were fortunato in making their pur chases with cash, at n tuno o( tho greatest pressure, nt their own prices. Ladies anil Gentlemen can now uuy as mnny gooti.i ai Lyman & Cole'd for ono dollar, as they could formerly bavo bought for one dollar and twenty five In fifty cents. Please call and sro what wo can show you in ttio way of DRY GOODS. Our assortment is too extensive to enumerate nriicles. Oct. Ill Gold Watches and other Goods. WE havn received 6omo very pretty and Good Le Pino Watches, jew elled, warranted to perform well. havo finu Gold Patent Levers, criEss ,;1:jv. India Ink; Battledores nnd Shuttlecocks or Birds. 12 DOZEN Ilav's Llnatncnt which will cure all kinds of Piles, if it fails to do so the mosky will uk itETUnNED : ni"o morn oi tiiiertnnn s POOR JUASf'S PLASTER, nd Shcrmon'tj Cough and Worm nnd Cathartic Lozenges which give good sat isfaction to purchaser. - ALSO. 41 000 worth (if Jlot isons's Pills which ate daily more and more used nnd nro in higher estimation than any oilier inedicmu ever introduced to the world. We havo a beautiful asoortmnnt of Good at tho Variety Store. Remember the place, for it ia the only placu in town to get the above nrttclo gen Uilie. PAINGUUlllN Ci miUNHOI AID. Oct. 10, 1039. Dlt. HULL'S Utcro Abdominal Supporter. TinlllS new Instrument for tho radical JL cure of Prolapsus Uteri or Falling of tho Womb, by external application, super soiling the usu of the ohicclionnblo Pe-sary is confidently recommended to thu nfilicted as tho means of a ported restoration health, it never having failed of porforrniu a euro even under tho most nggravntcd circumstances. It has received the decided approbation of Sir A?tley Cooper of LON DON ; Sir Benjamin C. Brodie; Sir James Clark. Physician to the Queen ; Dr. Ash well, Lecturer on Midwifery to Guy's Hos. pital ; Dr. Rigbv, Lecturer to St. Barthol omew; Dr. Griffith. Lecturer to Westmin ster Hospital: Dr. Ramrbothnm. Lecturer to London Hospital; Robert rerguion, Lecturer to Westminster Lying-in Ilo. - tn - tal. Dr. Swealmau, Lecturer to Mitldle-ex Hospital, and senior Accoucheur to Queen Charlotte's Lying-in-Hospital; nlso by Henry Davirs, Conquest; Blundell, Loc, Mcrriman, Surgeon Keatca &.c. by Dr IMnrnnii P r priiIh nt nt I lu A en (Inline XI o vn In do Mcdceipo, PARIS and Accoucheur to the Duchess D'Orlenus; Professors Vul peau Marjolio, Paul Dubois, Sanson ond others ; ar.d in New York hy Professor J. W. Francis ; G. S. Bedford, M, D. Profbrsnr of Midwifery in University the city NEW YOKK; Professor Delafield, Profestor Francis U. Johnston. President County Med.Socicly; Laurens Hull, pre?. Medical society, state uf Now lork; pro!. James McNanghlon of Albany; profesor March, prof. Cyrus Perkins, prof. Donne Drs. Tho-i. Boyd, Gilbert Smith, Ilosack, Stearns, Ludlow, Cissam, Vache, Power, Grayson, Van Rcnsalaer and mnny other distinguished Physicians in the U. Slates. A. U. HULL :--Ollico 4 Vi-ey-st, Astor House, New York. (DA constant supply ot ihe abovo Instrn inonis, wuh Dr. Hull's Improved Trues for Hernia will ho kept bv ROBERT" JHOODY, DrwfqiU. Buriii.glon, VI. E. W. Brewster Middltbunj. E. H. Prentiss .Montpelier. James Purler Rutland. jy IX CO Jl P A R A B L E T O O T II PREPARATION. rfflHE Utopian dreams of tho alehyniist aro JL rcalizied, and a remedy discovered for tho TOOTHACHE, nmi preserving llioso important and beautiful appendages of tho human system, bv tho uso of tho MAG NETIC ODOXTICA, which hy its attract ivu, purifying nnd strengthening qualities, removes ail extraneous substances from tho Iceth, md preserves them in their natural brilliancy, and tho gums in soundness and beauty. It is ascertained from experience, that when used, tho teeth will never decay, bill remain till tho latest ago of man, with their natural wear. (Then they arc decayed, its progress will bo arrested, nnd thu teeth preserved and prevented from aching. All this has been dona in a mullitudenf instan ces : and more, in thousands of cases, nervous toothache (that climax of pain) has at ouco been effectually cuied by thu uso of this the most papular dentrifrico in America. Am! thu public, so far as Ihey havo become ac quainted with tho merits of this tooth pow der, havo undo uso of it as wo havo sold, within a short lime, about 20,000 boxes of thu Odoiiliea. And, in conclusion, where and who is tho young lady or gentleman, ayo.lhc individual that values a beautiful sot of teeth, sound gums, and a sweet breath, mora than fifty cents, that will bo longer destitulu of a box of Dr. M. Hitchcock's incomparable Magnetic Odoutiea? For sale, wholcsolo and retail, hy A. HITCHCOCK iz Co., No. 117 Gciic.-co strcot, Utica.N. Y. And by their agents throughout tho U. States and Canada. In Burlington only by J. & J. !l. PECK & Co.. in Vergenncs by J.H. Bow nun, in Milton ly I'iiituoy, Laudon & Co., in Georgia by Lorenzo Janes. aug2 BEER. rnillE Burlington Brow JL pry having been rebuilt during Iho past season, i will be put in operation on Tuesday next, and will, in a fow days, bo prepared to answer orders Inr Miitit, to nny extent, 'l'hu apparatus is all new, and of tho must approved construction; and il a first rato brewer good materials, and a firm resolve on tho part of the pro priotor to furnish it superior nrticlu of beer, can avail nny thing, my customers shall find no cause of complaint. Tho public aro respectfully invited to givo the new establishment fair trial. . GEO. PETERSON. ' John Abbott's Estate. WE tho Subscribers, having been op pointed by tho Honorable thu Prnbalu I Court lor llio District of Chittenden, cominiasionors to receive, exaunno audi adjust tho claims nnd dcmntidH of all per- sons, ngainst tho e.-tnto of John Abbott. lalu (It UurllllglOII. Ill snill JJISiriCt, CO- 1 ceased, represented insolvent, and nUo all claims und demand exhibited in offset thereto; nnd t-ix nninih.i from tho day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Jourt for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that wu will attend to the busitK!S-i of our appointment, nt the dwelling of Lucy Ann Abbott, in Burling ton, in said JJisl net, on the 2U I nesiiays oi November nnd January next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this Ot !i day t October A. D. 1039. JOHN JOHNSON, 1 GEO. A. ALLEN, Commissioners THOMAS MI'.LS. ) Balsom of Liverwort. 1ST. & CO. AGSSflTS FOR Kollin Doct, Taylor's Balsam of Liv cruorl, for Consumption, Liver Com plaints, Covghi. Colds, Spilling of Mood, Pain in tho itide, or ISrcasl, Asthma, Pleurisy, Short, mss of Breath, Palpitation of thu llcurl, De.' Inlily, Acrrcusncss and all diseases ot the Lunos and Livi:it. The virtues of this celebrated articlo has but recently been tested in this region suffi cient however, lias been used, in (Jhitlcudcn and Addison conunties. to givo it justly a naino abovu any medicine, hitherto offered as a remedy and cure for consumption and liver couiplants To show what cures may ha ex pected from its use, wo insert aninglo cam as published in tho New 1'ork Dailv Expresj, November-!, 183G "The Balsam ofLivorwort has found hundreds of advocates, and has produced so largo a number of testimonial in its favor as perhaps to render further approba tion unnecessary. I cannot withuld my small meed of praise, knowing myself pic-disposcd to consumption, both for peculiar formation and hereditary transmission, I sought all means to obviate this calamity, and recover a naturally weak constitution. I spent two years at Pisa, in Itomo, two years in Florence, and another in tho south of France, seeking mean time tho advice of tho best Physicians. Last summer I returned to ibis country, not recruited in health, and perhaps not much, if any worse, than when 1 lelt. 1 had seen in tho Heading Rooms in Europe, American nows.papers, containing advertisements of tho Balsom of Liverwort, and resolved upon trying its boasted virtue. As soon as I arrived in this country, I used it, and in three mouths 1 was so well that 1 concluded I could safely pass the winter here, and accordingly did so. J havo used a bottle now and then, through tho past summer. I am now in as good health as I can wish to be ; my cough has wholly subsided, and my lungs havo every feeling of , health 1 shall be pleased to recoivo any per , sou, who may wish for further particulars, at t my lodgings, Oily Hotel. A. A. DELAKIELD. JI A I ItH A I 11, I T in H n i- t n n t 1 5 a n n r n i t l . . . ... ...... .... GREAT .MYSTERY FOUND OUT AT LAST. TThK. STEIUIY'S HAIR REGENERA JLr TOIL Dr.Stoirv. after much attention to tho important subject of preserving iho hu man hair, has, after many rxpcrimculs, ebemi cat and physical, been able lo discover an arti cle. wludi is now ottered wilh the greatest confidence for tho toilet, as thu best thing over discovered, from its softening and penclratin quality, to produce a good head of hair to prevent it Irom lalling oil when baldness apprehended torcttotoit when baldness has taken place, and to prevent it from turning gray. It is more nourishing than pomatum, antique oil, or cologne waier. It is a beauti ful article foi ladies curls it makes Ihe hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brill iancy. Thousands havo tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in every instanco il stands unrivalled. It is an infalhblu cure in all affections of tho skin on tho head as dandruff, i&c. &c. Every family should bo supplied wilh a bottle of this oil, that by its application to tho head and hair of their chil dren, Iho beautiful and ornamental appendage ofa finu head of hair, which naturo has sup. plied us, may be preserved. From tho numer ous certificates and recommendations received of its salulary influence, tho Doclor feels firm, ly persuaded ho has succeeded in producing and articlo whirl) will moot thu desired wishes and approbation of the public. For sale, wholesale and retail, bv A. l.lTCICOCK'& Co., 117 Geneseo street, Utica. In Burlington on!) by J. & J. II. Puck & Co,! in Vergeiiuesiiv j.ll.llUWJi.U, in .Milton by WHITNEY, L WDON & Co., in Georgia by LORENZO J WiSS. jyCO .IFOEIiSrSB I "'HO remove theso troublesome and danger- JL mis inhabitants of the stomach and bow - els, which so often impair tho health and dc slroy the lives children and adults, USE Doct M. Hitchcock's WORM TEA 1 certain and safo preparslion for iho removal of tho vari ous kinds of worms that infest tho human sys tern. Wo say USE Ur. M. Ililchcok's Worm Tea, for this plain reason that in no ono of the thousand casscs, where il has been used agreeable lo tho printed directions, has it ever failed. N. 15. Ask for Dr-M. Hitchcock's Worm Ti:a, as thoro aro many nostrums abroad fur the destruction of worm. For salo wholesale and retail by A. Hitch, cock i. Co,, solo proprietors, 117 Genesee St., Utica, and by thuii agents throughout tho United Slates and Canada. In Burlington by J. J. II. PECK & Co., in Vergenncs by J, ! I llowmaii, in millun by ( hilney, Lnudon Co,, in Georgia by Lorenzo Janes. nugQ Copartnership Notice. fTnllE subscribers give notice that ihey JL haveassociated with them in business Mr Joseph Wuit,laio oftho firm of Wait & 'Tabor, for tho transaction ol the general Dry Good-, Grocery it Provision business, and will hereafter conduct business ut their old stand under the name &. firm of Lathrop, Polwm & Wait. Thoir Storu has been recently and entirely refitted and improved and they aro now prepared wilh a very ex tensive nssortmont of Goods to accoinino. datu thoir friends and customers on the very lowest terms for cash, or most kinds of country produce. GIDEON LATHROP. HENRY W. POTWIN, JOSEPH VAIT. NOTICE. I HEREBY givo noiicolliat I havo given my son FREDERICK BIXBY, his time, and shall not claim any of his earnings, or bo responsible for any conti acts mado byliiin, after this dato. Ill A U1XBY. Essex, Oct. 10, 1039. TO THE LADIES. TUST received, nnd for snle by .. S( J. V II. PECK f Co. Burlington, a few boxe - i ol Rnynnld-i & ParmelvV celpbrntsd FE.MAIX IIEALI'II HrfS't'OllATlVE. " designed particularly lor thu diseases pcculin r to iho Femalu constitution. A ""ro uiia-uuiuus ivmvuj oi inuo, nas long been wnntc-J, ns many ol llioso dioas cs have baflled I lie skill of t he most eminent physicians, and nil Ihe remedies heretofore have proved ineffectual, in thousands of cases. This medicine- invariably removes obstructions, regulates in most cases of painful, loo frequent, or profuse inuistrua lion, and has cured tho most obstinate case ol Fluor Albus or whites, and ns a mother's relief, it is not equalled by any other medi cine. It is recommended by many of iho most eminent physicians "in the United SiatCH. Duct. J. Morison, from Colorain, Mass. who ha practiced medicine surou twenty years at Oneida, N. Y. says in relation to it. 'That it is tin; best tuedi cine now in use. In cases of relinlion, or suppression of Iho minscs, I think it will sustain the appellation of specific. I have tried it in tho worst ca-cs, with admirable success, and 1 wish for the good of differing females, thai all physicians would introduce it in their practice, nnd I have confidence to believe tin y would find happy re-i lls as I havo found the pills to niiawer lu'ly their recommendation." Doct. R. R. Dnvis, of Syracuse, tells n similar story,. and many others For further information, you nro rcforrid to the persons whoso names are annexed in nur i-how hills, and also to pamphlets, Ir ft wit!, our agents for gratituous distribution. Price $2 per box, containing nearly 100 pills. Prepared and sold wholesale and retail by Reynolds dr. Parmelv. Piltslord, Monroe co.. N. Y. sold nlso by F. Ilunlitigton, Vergenncs ; Moody & Adam-!, Middlebury ; Jackson & Ketch, am, Brandon; S & T. White & Co., Rutland; D. H. Meachatn.M. D., Wallin. ford; A. R. Vail & Co.. Danby; D. An drews, Mnnchcsler; Merrill & V. D. Spiegel. Bennington; and Williston & Tyler. Brnttlobnrough. au7-lv Diseases of the Lungs. ucciucuiy mo mosi popular remedy ever known in America. GBTilELZJ PUZ-TflONA- IIY SAL G A3V2 is the most valua ble remedy now in uso for coughs, colds, asth ma or phthisic, consumption, whooping cough ana puimonary anections ol every Kind, its salo is steadily increasing, and the proprietor arc constantly receiving tho most favoiablo account of its cliecls. The following now certificate are offered for public examination. AN INTERESTING CASE. Extract of a letter from Mr. C. S. Clay, King. ston, Ulster cn. N. Y to the proprietors. Yours of the 9th inst. was duly received. A remarkable cure was effected by tho Vfjctablo Pulmonary Balsam in the winter nmf spring oflO'35. Thu person, Mr. Moody, had been sick a long time with the consumption. UU physicians had given him up. lie was redu ced so low as lo bo unable lo help hint-elf, and was raising a large quantity of blood when ho commenced u.-ing iho Balsam, which has effec ted a compklc cure, and he is now as haie and hnarly as ever ho was. Mr. Moody has ro moved from tins town, but ho has "promised inn a mere detailed account orhis, which I will forward you. C. s?. CLAY. Kingston. N. Y. .luiioC!5, 10;3!j. . Extinct ofa loiter from Dr. Jacob Myers. The Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam has been sold In Hits county for two years, and Iho medicine has gained an uncommon celebrity, font seaiccly in onn instance failed of having Iho desired effect. 1 am by no means in favor oftho many nostrums, most of which aro im positions upon a credulous public, but that which know by use lo bo effectual, 1 cannot but help give my approbation thereto. A counterfeit preparation has been offered hero by a iravelliug Agent, of Comstoek. N. Y. anil there is another articlo vended hero that is strongly suspected to be spurious. JACOB MYEIIS, M. D. Mifilinglon. Juniata eo. l'oini. M.iy 3. 1837. From Dr. Siniuel Morrcll, to tho Proprietors of the Vi-gulablo Pulmonary Balsam. I am satislied lira Iho Vegetable Pulmona ry Balsam is a valuable medicine. Il lias been used in this placu wilh complete success in an obstinate complaint r( tho lungs, alten ded with a severe eoiih, loss of voice, and tho raising of much blood, which had previously resisted many approved prescriptions. After using tho Balsam ono week, tho patient's voice returned and ho wns able lo speak audi bly. This c tso cecuried somo time since, and tho man is now ongaged not only in active but laborious business, licspectfullv, Ac. S. MOIt'ltEI.L. It is now more than six years since I was lirnn.rhl virv I. ,v In. 9ii r,!7,.li,,,, ,,fll... I,,,,,.., I aml ooifiphint'was declared to bo incura by a ccuiicil ot 111 ' l'n restored to as gi Ihrco physicians. I was ood ftcallh ns I had en. joyed for many years, by using thu Vegutablo Pulmonary Balsam. Sineo my recovery I havo recommended the Bilsain in a great ma ny eases of lung complaints, nnd so far as I can learn, its uso has invariably been followed hy much benefit, and in many instances il lias effected cure which were wholly unexpculcd. SAMUEL EVERETT. Boston, March Q, 11137. For sale, wholesale and retail, by J.Sc J. H. PECK k. Co., Burlington, Vt. Jlaov. you a Cough ? 70.000 DIE OF COXSUMPTIOV every year in the United States, und millions suffer from troublesome coughs and cold, ilu: can ho cured by Dr. M. Hitchcock's Vegeta ble Virffin drain Con -h Dions, a s-iTn innli- eal proscription, containing no poisonous drugs, and used in an cxlciisivo practice for soveral years, will most positively afford to. lief, and savoyou from that awful disease, pulmonary cousnm ption, which usually sweeps into tho grave hundreds of tlioyoung, tho old, tho fair, thu lovely and tho gay? Havo you a cough.' Bo persuaded to nur rhasoa bottle of tho Cough Drops to-day ! 'To-morrow may bo too Into, Havo you a cough .'Dr. Hitchcock's Veg. otablo Virgin Cream Cough Drops is the oply remedy you should take lo euro you. For this plain reason ; 'That in no ono of tho thousand cascj whero it lias been used has il failed to relievo.- Prico, 75 cents per bottle. For sale, wholesale anil retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co. No, 1 17 Goneseo st., Utica, N. Y, And by their agents throughout tho United Slates and Canada. In Burlington only by J. & J. II. Pkck & Co., in Vergenncs by J. H. Bowman, in Milton by Whitney, Landon & Co., in Georgia by Lorenzo Janes. BTJFFALO 3.0BBS. A FEW bairn upper Missouri Buffalo Robes, jiiht ree'd and for pale low, 6w Sept, 20, IU39. by V. DOOLITTLB.

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