Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 15, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 15, 1839 Page 1
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N O T T It 15 G L 0 II Y O F C A f A 11 IS V T T II E W U L F AUG OF ROME BY IX. B. STACY FKIBAY. POTEBiiSBS, 15, 1839. VOL. XIIINo.647 Prom llio Albany Cn Uivst tor. TWi IATE JESSE IUJEL. Sinco the Inst publication of the Culli vator, (loath lias abruptly terminated the existence o( its well-known nml respected Editor. lie sank, oftor a brief struggle, beneath a severe illness, which seized him while absent from his 1'omc, and engaged in the pursuit of his favorito occupation. Ho breathed his last, at Datibury, Connoc ticut. on the Oth ultimo, in the sixty-second year of his ago. This sudden bereave ment has called forth sympathy of the cn tiro community; and while others are ex pressing their sense of the common loss, it seems fitting thnt the paper, which ho first established, and in which he delighted to thu last, should furnish some tew memen tos of his usoful life. JESSE DUEL was horn at Coventry. Conn, on the 4th of January, 177!!. In early boyhood ho removed with his parents to Rutland, Vermont, whero became an apprentice to the printing business, in the office of Mr. Lyon. Thcnco he went, at the ago of 18 to the city of New-York, re mained there during the prevalence of tin' yellow fever, bought out his time, and hav fortned a partnership with Mr. Mnffit, it Troy, ho there established the Budget. In 1801, ho married, moved to Pinighkecp 6ic, and commenced the Guardian, after wardB exiled tho Political Barometer. In il'jOS. lid, came to Kingston and established tho Plcbiati. In 1813, he settled perma nently in this city, and commenced the Albany Argus. He continued to edit thai paper and to discharge the duties of Slate Printer, until 1821, when he retired to his farm in the vicinity of this city. Subse quently to this period, ho represented the county for several years in the Assembly of thcStato; received, in 1830, the support of the whig party of New-York, for the offico of Governor : and was, at the time of his death, a Regent of the University. In these soveral stations, ho manifested i eoundness of judgment and a purity of pur pn?i', that won fur him tho respect of all pd'ties, and tho reputation of an eminently honest man- nut these incidental interruptions were nevor suffered to divert his attention, for any length of time, from the great object of his interest, the advancement of ngricul tural science. From the period of his re lirement to his farm, this favorite pursuit engrossed his lime and thoughts. To this ho devoted the energies of nn active and well disciplined mind, and that others might fhare in the fruits of his study and experience, ho established in 1833. the monthly publication which has met with bo much favor from the public. Success crowned theso praiso-worthy and plulan thropic exertions Tho subject of ngricul turn began to attract more general mid enlightened attention. Sister societies sprang up in all directions, zealous in thi" good work, and among the firct r.cti of their official existence, was usually tin1 election of JESSE BUEL as on honorary member. His fame was soon woftcd across tho Atlantic, nnd there, too. stmilcr dis tinclions were showered upon tho man u'Iiobc life otic! labors had been attended with such practical benefits to his country and to the wor d. Thus in 1821, lie was elected an honorary member of tho Mas eachusctts Agricultural Society; in 1820, of the Horticultural Society of thnt state ; in 1830, of the Monroe Horticultural Society r.t Rochester, and of tho Stato Society of Stutistiqucs Untversellcs at Paris; in 1831 , of the Charleston Horticultural So ciely, in South Carolina ; in 1832, of the Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden Society in Massachusetts, and of the Hamilton County Agricultural Society, at Cincinnati in 1833, of tho Tennessco Agricultural and Horticultural Societies ; in 1831, of the Horticultural Society of tho District o Columbia; in 1832, of tho Philadelphia So cietv of Acrriculluro ; and in 1830, ofthc Albemarle Agricultural Socioty. In 182-1 ho was chosen a corresponding member of the London and Now. York Horticultural Societies; in 1833, of the Lower Canada Anricultural Society; in 1830, of tho Royal and Central Society of Agriculture at Pari ; apd in 1830, president of the Horticultural Society of tho Valley of the Hudson. This brief enumeration affords the best evidence of hia devotion to the interesta of agriculture. Of the consideration in which his counsels and instruction woro held, at homo and abroad, tho rapid increase in tho circulation of the Cultivator is eatiefactory Dropf. ilia OWn practical skill was fully " ' ' attested, in the coiiver-inu of thu barren sand hills nn which ho spilled niton g-ir-don .spat of unequalled beauty and fertil'ty. Theso congenial pursuits brought with them that peace of mind, serenity of tem per nnd kindness of disposition, which maJo him in so eminent a degree, the firm friend, the kind neighbor, thu indulgent parent, and the devoted christian. But from the seme of his useful labors--from all these tctidfr tics, he has suddenly passed uwny. Returning springs may give fresh bloom and fragrant blossoms to the plants in his favorite nursery, but the sltil ful hand and tho watchful cyo which cher ished their earliest growth, aro now Un tenants of the tomb. Thu clod of the voile.' envor his last remain; but though no earthly summer can rekindle, with its genial warmth, their vital spark, a heavenly season shall ere long impart to them a new principle of exis'.encc, and the flower which Time destroyed, shall flourish in unfading beauty throughout Eternity. REPORT ON GHOI.OGIfJAl. SURVEY. Ol' VERMONT. To the House of representatives iiotu in session. Your committee cm cdticniiuu, in whom nnd re fmi'il portion of l lie Uovcrnor's message which leferj lo a geological, respectfully ie port, Tli.u llicy have had l lie same under cnnsideia lion, and me stianglv impics-cd with l tic impor l.inr.c ofthc nbjrcl. The .lilviiningpa of such far ms am no looser iinihlcm.ilirul. They lint c liccn Ion" completed in many of llin slalrs of our Union, unit am now in pinjirts in icvv llnniptUuc, lNew Yin k, anil fomo of ihu wcctein f tales. The effect has lieen, in New Jersey, lo tender her banco plains (he innt productive laud in the Flair, lo in crease iheir va'ue from five lo lliiuy dollar.-" an neie, and to iclain upon them nn imluf I limu nml pinspc oils population, who moil-about lo aban don iliem for llio more fcitilc prairies ofthc west. In .Massachusetts, an impetus has been given lo every branch of .igiirulluie, and means of improv ing their Foil have, hern dhcovercd, which hip nlieady added much to the vvcillh of her intelligent l.nmris. le.nlls Have Hern proilureil in Maine, and New llauip'Iiirc has hem mi iiiiii.Ii impiecd with llie aihaiiP'jiri cnnfeircd upon her neijjlibois, llml Iir has this tcusuii cninmeiired si similar Rinvey. I'niliihly in stale in ISciv En;,', furnishes a belter Held fin llio KCuhgipt ihau Ver mont. Her li r.if iirr-M aheady dcielop-'d aie of incalculable value, and would, if tlm pas ses. ed the means nfeu-y access lo mat huts, pin dure an income neatly equal lo that derived finm her agricultural ptoducls. I ton , llio most valuable i) all iniucinl', i-i fountl of an excellent tpiahty in many pat lit of the Male, ami would, uiili'itil ilmilii, tdiuiild this bitivcy lie made, be bieuhl lo light in in my oilier places, uhcte il exi-ienre is not now 6iif pecli il. Of her t uftile, her s-ialt; hmi-e fiiruifhi s a beautiful and iuipet i-h.ihlo sample, Aheady s-he exports every vniictv of in it hie her nunirics of fi cf-diouu and Male, ato heenmini; eoinrpi" of vve illh, .mil &Ue could now stork nil ihe woi Id will) eoppeia?, tin articlo of indis-pennhle impoilance lo our m.innfariurcrs. ll cannot he supposed lliat all hrr mineral rcsourrea have been disclosed. A "political s iirvey will point out ivlicto tlie-c nnd oilier valuable minerals are lo be foii"hl, and, here Ihev may be. tcaoualily cxpccled lo be. fe'.ind. 1' has been too much llie c ii-lom lo ronpiil er a seolnnieal finvey met elv ns a tnatler of seicn- lie. intcrc't ; that us onlv nliject was lo examine the reveral link foimatinns, ilelciiiiinc llie older in vvliii h ihey aio siiitaied, a.reiiain their mineral lonienls, anil fiom ill'-1 1 1 1 1. r 1 1 1 , 1 1 i f 1 1 lo nvpithtow some old ihenrv or establish si new one with teaaid to ihe eaiifpo which have opeialcil lo preduru Mt'li nrriingemnit. 11 your conmiiilec v u e 1 the sub jeel in lliat lihi, they would nut, ceiiaiiity, in tin: inoent plali! ol our itea-uiy, unit no oilier t eve. una but dot ived fioni ditecl Inxiilion, impose the (le'lilest liuiilen on Hie people lo piomme il, I'hcv would leivo it lo individual ciitcrniist!. Iliu iin'.ieiiie (il i-erniimv e.ili'olaitil lo increase the i c.;iiiii !( (it mo ia-p.ivei , anil inns muter llu; itppuit of eiivei nment less nneiout. they fei I iiuii. fled in iccomiueiidtui; si Miiall sipinpi laiimi. Tho KPrilngi.t of iMaine esiiiiaird thai inorr than the. whole expen.-i ol ihu utvey hid been au-d lo I lit! Halo, by pulling an miJ m ih,. tiiiiinalo iliin' far in tnei st U in plares whi'io ihey vvne uevei Uiiowii lo exil, and to ihe w.xtu of money in code tvoiiuj lo tcnilir oies piodui'.live vvlticli me Piiinelv vsihieless. I'm thu siddiiion vvhirh il finriilir-" to the u:t ruhnral lesonrces ol a country, n vvhsit lendeis n ininvlrdR ol ils "colony preuliily t :i n t , v has lo il l nut only will ihe rucks which fin in thnctiisl of the cai ill, lull villi lltPhoil which oveisiheui, and which is fiiiiind Irum llicir di'tu. ' (("ration. I'.verviocK lotmsn irculiar soil wlttrli vaiies in productiveness iicconlii' lo lite m.ilcri. ils of vvhiih il h eoiniinsttl, mil which naiurally prodiircs n veoeialiiin pcruhario iltelf. 'I'ltu iu mains of and vrcluhu tlcrompo'ilions, fm in, in ihe course of time, n very imporiani ii'io I if nt . I Ins is luuuil lo exi.t tit vei v tliiTfieiit pro. poi lions in di!Teieii soils. IStil impcrniit sis this malerial is, its (juaniity farnii'lies no e'act ine.iSa in c of ferlilily. Il may cxi't in u sl'iif which mi nis it lor llie 1 1 r 1 1 r I .-1 1 1 1 1 r i i t ol eeilam plants, unit inpiiirs ihe addilion of some nilmaii(e .which will produce a chemical rh.inelhal vvtllid.ipt it In llu: mil tti ti of the crop inieoded lo be r.iUed, Thus peat meadows, compojCil riilitcly ol vcclablo ie. mains, piotlucu nnthitii; but coarse jo, but when mixed vvnh oilier Fuil, (nun tit- must piodue. live lands, mi l may ho convened lito u itiosl yal. u.iblo maiiutc. Tho mineral cuuKtils of tho soil mc ol no Ic.s impnriauce. Whest' cannot lie tais. rd nit u soil de.Milute of lime, ulilo Indian ruin leipitres but htlli!. I'tol, llicheoilc t Ks. that lacis iiulml seem lo vvacant llu: mnclimoti lliat without lime in some form, land will mil pio- dace any valuable vejjeiaiiou." Without chemical ;inal)t)i, it can with no cciiainly ho delermitifd lliat any soil, although snuilul upon liino toil' coniniiii a Miflicit'iil iiuniiii. v of lids article. Il the nrielnal soil may have Icon washed away, mid mother denosilcd in iu nl.iee. This vvne found to I tho ftct In Miissacliusetis thn land iu tho lime siono dUlricl, ponemini' hut I111I0 moiu oftliii sub sliince ihau tlimoic piiuulive purlioiu of the stale, Tho vegetable, principle is not ihu s.mi" iu all soils, nml on this iii-emiot diffeteut uents art) t(tiiircil to render il itclivo, fioine hinds ie qulio Itiitt), olhcrs politsh, These urn not now fiippoicd to uct as fiiruiihtiir on itppropriam slim ulut lo llie plant but by pi otitic i t n clicntlcal change in tho nutritious part oflhu toil. Without Ilia aid of or thu light of fxpotieiee, llio practice of llio nriritliuriit must bo cntiicly empi rical. While some soils arn deficient in ipcclable mil- leu, otheis 1110 found composed ulmnsl entirely of this inillcrinl 'I'l...,. I,.,. ...... ...... I . Ir. nt linillL' ronvcried into a moat excellent inaiiiue. In Mas ,.,,cl,,,"l, ''l'ek;ind linsheeii ditcoveied, wliicii I in wunderfully ferillliing in ilsoperitlioni upon d'c ndjtcenl land. Thn effrCM of llin survey in thai fluio have nlreadv brcotiK! nppairut. I mtn-nt ipi.itittii'M ol r.irtli, niton ml in;; in venetatiie ami piiih:-.ln; it atlcr, mve liet-n iituoveien in iter low- I. mils, wheio il has been ucciimul.ilin fur nsc.-t i mid in inaiiv places bed' ol marl h.ivp been loiinil Iiencaill, which Fltpply ihe nrcc.liy niiifinl iiitrdiriils. I'ltu fm tticr has taken udvauiasn of theso diseovci ie, and by iriin-puilnig ih" Ima lit lite hill nnd the hill lo the Ik, iintiicusoly incicas eil lite, letlility of Imlh. A uroloTical Fitrvev im'il I bf imperfrct wltlrti did not nu.ilw.c all the v.tiiely of soils in llio faie, pointing mil the m.iit't ials iu winch ihey sue d'li-i-ienl, nnd the meilmils by which ihey iii.iv be im ptoved ; anil it must be imtch los Mirres-lul ih.itt it lias been olsewhrto, if such mcaiH of mij-i o t am tint fuiinil near at hand. Thcie me coiHiileratioits of minor iinrnrlsiiir", whic'i in ordinal v ceasous wotdd jitsiifv lite adop tion of tin- lucasurc, bill vvhtilt it t this lime id licncral emhai rassiiient in inonetaiy nff.tiis, have bad no iiilluenco in I'm tiling the opinion of vonr cotnmi'ie. They havn viewcil iho nbjpct merely in a pecuniary light, n? one of men: loss nnd ".tin, nnd Ihcymc constrained lo say, thai ik ti manor of economy i.lnno. money thus expend ed would pinvo llio iilu.-t pn.fil.iblo investment thai could be made. The expemo of snrh a survey has, iu the opinion of j our coinuiiliee, been over eslitoaled. Th-y be lieve that nn expeniltluit! of $(),000, extended over n period of!! veais, would be Mifficicnt lo romplelc it in tho most pet feci manner. In iYlassacliu.'ciN the whole cost, aside fioni piiniitijj, was only ahntil S'!),O0(). They consider $2,000 iH '""c'1 n co,ld be piofilably used in one jcitr, nnps mote ihau one geologist bo employed, which does not seem do sitnlile. The bill sKCtimp.injiug ibis icporl, put vides for such n sum hut docs not icipiitu the whole should bo expended. Knowing willi what tclueinncc lint leptcsenla lives ol llio people fur llin first time apply die peo ple's money lo si new object, sind sensible of the many demands upon ihe public purse, il wns not without many foieliodings, vour coinmitloe ronln tied lo recommend mi uppinpriation til litis lime. Rut lite subject had been so fn (pienlly pre.-cnicd in executive ine.-sagcsa to fortner le;;isl. nitres, had item so much di-rits-ed miiong the people, and to. ceived such Keiternl sipprob.iiion nt iheir hands, lliat ihey do not consider llicy shoultl do josliro In vour liotiniable body, w Im committed this mallei' to Iheir charuc if ihey did not submit si di-tinrt pioposilion in jour aclion. If it shall he finally concluded that lite lima has not yet at rived lo' the rummrnrr.mcnt of this suivey. ihey can only hopn that th.i importance of the object mav not heovei looked, in v iew of the iiiienonableness of llio te coniniciid.itiou, and that il may sit a future period, bo renewed under inoie favomble au-pices. R. GO W DEV. for Committee. LEGISLATURE OV VERMONT. SENATE. WcilNKfUAY. NOV. C. Prayer by the chiiplnin. Mr Eiicrloii riinvt'il to reconsider the vole passing chapter 103, of county jail.'. c. on which the yens arid noys wore de manded nnd wore nves 17, ninn f : 111111 also thn vote repealing tho ainenilmpnt ox tending the Iiuimh ofjnil vnrd.. which "bei ted an nmmnlfil tin.) It nailiv ' itiip-min lv Mnssra Tracy, Cunverse, Cobb and Itobui- Bon in lavor, nun ivicssrn rierpoini nun Townslev 111 oppo"iiinu, when ihe qiirsiinn I) 0 i 1 1 ir taken the nyei were IG. nuys It) ond tho vote wn? reciin9idered,when on motion of Mr Convoke the chapter wns laid upon the table. Chapter 59, nfcMates in real property wns received from 1 he House with prnpoinls of amrndtnont in winch the Senate concurred : also chapter 43, of sessions of courts with scvcrol amendtnontfi. tho first ndoplod, nnd tho clmn'er laid upon the table. Mr McMillan prcsi'iitod 11 potilinri from Ercnch .Morrill nnd 00 other, prnyitiu for the usinblishmrnl of it cavalry company referred to com. on military affairs. Hcviwl Statutes. Mr Converse called up chap. 70, ol the grand list, and proposed nn amendnieiit to the I Oth section which was adopled. Mr Adams moved to amend iho -Mi section by (-tri'dii" out that part winch exempts: IioihpIioIiI furniture, nut exceeding 500 in value from taxation; Mr IVrpnint moved to amend tho amendment by -1 rikiog out the words "not cxcepdiiitr $500 111 voluo" which wn negatived. Mr tbb moved lo insprt i00 in place of $500 tipgai'iveil. Mr Piofpnint moved to in Pert $500 vvhirh was adnptpd. Mr Law. renco uinvetl in amend so as to exempt all furniture except Pianos, Sofas, Carpels, Mlve'r ware, lnoking-glnsses, I iuippwcps. clocks, nnd mnlmgany nlriirs, which the President decided out ol order and Hip question rccurrmg on the paesago of the original amendment it was negatived. Adjourned, HOUSE. A petition of 50 iiihnbitttntn of Greens, boro for the nnnnvaiioii ol that town to Caledonia county, was referred to thu gen cummittco. MrShnttuck introduced n bill increasing the pay of members ofthc house lo $2 per day, which was read and dismissed. Reporli of Committees. by cnmmilloo of ethical ion, 11 report tin tho subject of the public lands, concluding with n series ol resolutions favornblu lo a division cf the nott proceeds of the public lands tmiong Ihoscvara! states; which, on motion of Mr Chandler, was laid on tho table. Ily Mr Dillinghnm, from select com. bill iixino Hilary of chaplain ofStntes prison a: $100 per annum, which was ordered to n third reading. By soled com. against repealing Ihu military net of 1037; Mr Purlridgu moved to 1 Fm it? 3 tho bill supported by ' Mceus Partridge nnd Spruguo, opposed by , iwchsrs v ibu ui v 11 1 u r v 1 1 1 u ami liVans, ami rejected ; when thu bill was laid nn the tutiiu nun tiiuuo 1110 order lor to-morrow morning. Mr Fairbanks called up tho bill, appoint inga committeu to make a new contract u to thu labor of slate prisoners, and moved nn atncndniont limiting thu timo of tho con tract to tlirco years opposed by Messrs Ilntlor, Brown and Partridge und ncga lived, Altor tho auoption of Hevurul nmend" incnttj of minor importance, tho bill wat passed. Tho bill repealing tho act chattoring the village of Woodslock, wos returned by thu Seiinlo proposing to requtru (he assent of u majority of thu voles ol the corporation be fnr j'i'rt art shall take eft'uet. MessrH l'lirt'idgo. Nncdhnm nut! Riowu opposed tho amendment, and the House refused to concur 'herein. Mr Partridge called up the hill relative lo the mil) m reported by the eonimi'tcc on inih'nry iiffi trn. Sundry ninendnii'tHs re' pnrtod by the coinnuttoii wore adopted, when Mr Hazard moved nn amendment, repealing all parts of the net providing for thi' drawing nf any money frrin thn trea sury, to piiv for military services. Messrs Iliidges.Eisk of Wnlorvilh and Minor sup ported the amendment, opposed by Messrs Prrtridge, ftpragtio, Kendall, Hrown and yiwitluplc .ayes 41. hops 1 51 ; so tho arnuiilmetit was rejected. Tin' amend ni'M't of ihe comitiitiec, (providing for drawing moopy Irom thu Iron-Miry when necessary to pay nflieers nml musicians tor services el drills) wns adopted. adj. HEN ATE. 2 n'cler!:, P. M. I The it'soliitinn providing lor hiring out the labor of thn thn Slate prisoners was rptn tied from the Hoo'c with proposal of niriPMilmputs ; which woro concurred in. The bill to repcnl the net incorporating the vulngo of Woodstock was returned from (he house, with thn amendment adop. ted by the Senato, providing that the bill shall not take effect unless by the consent of n niniiuilv of the voters of said village non-concurred in. An inquiry into the laote of the case was made by which it ap peared thai the parlies 111 the village wore, nearly equally divided for and against the repealing of the net of incorporation, mid that it was very t dnubi Inl winch side was the majority. Mr Cobb moved to lay Hie subjt'i-t iipno tho t si b 'o which was upgativpd, when nftcr some discussion by Mfs.-rs Pierpi-int.Tritcy and TuwiHey for, and Messrs Cobb, Curtis and Egerton against the amendment, the Senate re solved not to recede from it, ayes 15. nays II. The Senate went into joint assembly and on return. Mr itowen called up the resolution Irom the llonse for joint ossein, blv this nttprnon,, for the purpura ol elect" me curiam inilitiiry'ollicers, and moved to amend by postponing U till next. Wptluc day which was adopted and the resolution concurred in. JlevitHl Slatutei. chapter 0. of certain statu officers was returned from the llnn-i' with ce-tain nuii'iidinonls in winch the Sou ale concurred; nlo chtip.' 411, of tho sps sions of courts, nod the amendments! con curred in; chapter S3, ol licenses 10 retail ors, iiiii. keepers, &c. was rend a third time and pni:tl. Mr Converse up chan ter 103, of couniy iiils, (Sic. and on the amendment extending the liuiiti ol jail ofJt. I.) '110 Mill 1 01 llio CO'iinv. "I" nv nivro 13, nays II. so the nniendinent was idopted and the chnpter passed. uiij. HOUSE- il o'clock. P M. Mr Grover asked Icavo ol absence ofier hi inorrovv "'niitcil. Mr IJ.nlov introdo. . eed n joint resolution lor tho ndintininmnt on Thnr.dnv ihe 1 -1 1 It laid nn tlm table. Jlcvised Statute? chap. 109, of oaths, f! of certain stato nflicer, were each read 1 ho tlnril tiinu and pnssd. M- lirown called up chap. 24, of chance-, rv. a id moved to strike out seciion-..23 ami . '2G. p-nviding that a creditor may file a bill in eluncery against n debtor in jail, to com j pel tSo discovery of properly, money or chose 111 uclnm (whether in thu tlebtors -j nossjtsion, or lieltl in trust tor him.) and filiovonng the court of chnncory to pro vent the 1 rnnsfer of such property, and to d-cri'f fatisinction to the creditor.- which vni5 tsiipporied by Met-srs ilrowti and Need I. am, find agreed lo. Mr Brown also moved to strike out the f)3d and 04' ii sec tions, providing t bat a decree, of conveyance releiti-o, or ncquti'iinoo, in eao of nun coin jdianco of the party ii'niust whom such de. creo la made, shall have tho sumo effect as li the conveyance, release or acquittance had been duly executed: nppnetl by Mr Dillingham, supported by Mr Brown, and ugrend to. Mr P.trlridgo adtlrespd the Hotiso or.i'usl the whole hill, lull iwed hy Messrs (.'onlidgp, Chnndler anil Dillinahiim nil the other side, and the bill was pas-ed. The Senate rami! in nnd tho joint assem bly made the following nppoiiitmeuts : Lmnmllc Co. Win P Sawyer, j til commissioner. On mot inn of Mr Neeillmm thu joint as senibly adjourned to Tuesday afternoon nest, 3 o'clock. adj. TiturtsDAV, Nov. 7, 1039. SENATE. Prayer hy tho Chainpliiiu. Rlr'iSwifi, of thu comtnitleo to whom was referred the resolutions from the Statu of Indiana, relating to Slavery, madu 11 written report, which was read, uud the accompanying resolution passed. iThu report and resolution will bo publishud in a nit 11 ro paper.) Jtcviscil Stnlules. Chap. 100, of salaries and fuel, twice read and referred to u se lect cuiiiinittno of two, for examination. Committee, Messrs Adams ami Junness; chap. 70, of tho gonorallM, culled up by Mr Coob, considered in comnittltu ol tho whole, and agitti laid upon thu table : Mr McMillan moved the reconsideration of Ihu vn',0 ot yesterday, passing thn chup, relating lo jail and jutl yards, lo cmbraco thu turntory of tho county. On this ques tion Mr Robinson demanded tho yeas and Hays, and it was decidedin llio negative by tho ens in" votu of the President, after - explanatory remarks, giving his views of the dillicultics into whicli I10 thought the I amendment calculated to tnvolvo debtors ami tlietr tiouds, especially in casus wtion debtors lived upon thu mil or hunts of the counties : chapter 00, of Banks, taken up, when Mr Piernoitit advocated thu prinei- pio that the capital should nil bo putd in, hofnro tho transaction of business, Pho qtiosliou wus upon tho striking vut uf 30th section, which requires the paying 111, in ni'vnr nnd gold, of the entire amount of capital, or of rednctnrj 'ho amount of capi tal actually paid in. Tho recommendation to eroso this -oction, catno from tho com. nn banks, and wos advocated by Mr Curtis of that com. who ihotti'lit that tho public would be safe, with one hnlf of tho amount ofnnpilnl paid in. Mr Pirrpotnt replied lo Mr C' and insisted upon n thorough reform, nml ample and undoubted security to the public. Mr Tracy nppopd the nro position lo erase, when Mr. Cobb moved that the bill be laid upon tho table, mid 500 copies ordered to be printed. At tlm suggestion of Mr Pinpoint, Mr C. withdrew his motion, and addressed the Senate in t-omo general remarks, upon the subject of Banks. The debate wos con tinned, lor some time, by Messrs) I icrnmnt, Tracy nndConverse, in oppniition to the proposition to erase, nnd by Messrs Curtis, f..obb, Egerton nnd tlobinson. in lavor anil bel'oru the question was tukun. the Senate, Adjourned. HOUSE. Prayer by Rev. S. Kellogg. Messrs. Cheney. Partridge, Smith of Londonderry, and Jewitt obtained leave ol absence after tomorrow morning, The resolution for a joint assembly, to elecl certain military officers, was sent from the Senate with n proposed amend ment wh eh was concurred in. Reports of Committees. By com. of Claims, bill for tho relict of Ira McLoud. ordered to 3d reading. By Gomirnl Com- uiittee, against, bills relative to nogs, and n luting nt laud taxes dismissed ; lull al lonng name of sundry persons, ordered to 31 rendini;- By Select Committee, bill granting a furry to Abel Phelps after some dui-ultory discussion by Messrs Hazen Brown nnd others, a motion to dismiss was negatived. 102 to 97, nnd the bill was laid (inside table 92 to 90. By coin, of Claims, bill to pay Jeremiah Busheo $9. ordered to 3d reading. By com. on Banks bill rechartcriog Bank Caledonia. (security 00 bond and Mortgage required on GO days suspension ofspecte payment, injunction to bo issued nnd a receiver of assets to be appointed to collect avails thereof nnd ap- piy tho same to redemption of bills, the bonds or mortgages to bo holden to make oood any deficiency ; debts of tho tionU never to exceed double the nmount ot cap ital stock ; one half of the capital to be paid i" gold . nnd silver before going into operation, and not to be withdrawn fraudulent transactions punishable by no- onsoni.icnt; no fractional bills lobe issued; future legislature m have control over the charter. 1 The bill wns rend a 2d lime, when Mr Partridge arose. as he said. 10 enier In nrotcst asainst charterinc or recharier in" unv bank al tho present session ; laid nn ihu tnble until tomorrow morning, 70 to fiO. Bv same committee, bill chartering Iho Freehold Bank at Eclchville. hud the table and 300 copies ordered to be printed; nlnn bill chartering Rutland Co Bartk al Pouluiey, laid on the tablo till to morrow morning. By select com., agonist tho petition of Jebrz Hazen nnd others. and it was laid on tho tablo uui il lo morrow moNting. Knzrimed Bills Pasted Fixing salary of chaplain of iho stale prison ; to pay An son Davis $G0 ; annexing part of Norwich to Thotloril -, to pay uzias aeymour sou The petitinn of Orson Thnyer nnd others was referred to com. of Ways ami Mean The Senate returned thu Woodstock corporation bill, insisting on 1 heir amend inent : on motion of Mr Partridge, the House insi.-ted on its disagreement Mr Brown introduced a bill appointing a collector in i.ho town of Stowc. winch was referred to the Judiciary Commit tee. The House resumed consideration of tho militia bill, tho first question In unon an niiipiidinent offered by Mr Fn-k ol Wnterville. pioviding first, that no person shall be required to go beyond the liunti- of Ins own town to do military ilntv (ex cept to regimental reviews;) and 2d that inhabitants of towns containing lu-'s than 25 persons liable to dn inihlniy duty, on being unrolled nml equipped, shall be ex cniiH Irom doing dutv 111 timo of peace. Mr Kendall moved on nineudinent to the amendment, providing thai whero inhabi touts of two towns are joined in one coin pany, the persons in cuch town, may meet by themselves within their own town, for ordinary company training, Messrs Ken dall. Pnrlridgo nnd Brown supported too amendment to thn amendment, opposed by Messrs Fi-k of W.. Walker ot Whiting Fisk of Eden nnd Eames. Mr. Bard sug gested a modification, by requiring a ro nuesi of a majority of the members of any 0110 town and also excepting meetings ol the company lor election of officers which were accepted. Adjourned. 2 0 clocK, r. J. SENATE. In consequent of thu temporary ab sence of tho President, from illness, Mr Converse was called to tho chair, by vote of the Setiutc. Revised Statutes Chap. 20, 21 and 23, reported by Mr Goodwin, nil relating to roads and bridges, wero severally reud 11 third lime and passed. Hill relating to tho Rutland Kail Road Bank, reported by Mr McMillan, that the same ought not to pass. Rejectod upon a third rending. Tho motion pending at tha adjournment, lo erase from the bill relating to Bnnks.tho provision requiring all tho capital, in gold and silver, tu be paid in, bofuru thu issuing of hills, was resumed, when Mr Townsley madu the intiuirv whether any Senator expected or de6ircd thu whole of tho capital stock paid 111, in gold nml silver, to remain suited down 111 the vaults of thu hank ? Mr Eames inuved lo nuieiidfoasto exempt Mr Cobb said somu dulmio had uecu hud 1 colliers while actually engaged in burning upon Iho question, but for himself ho could cool, rejected, 41 to 30. Mr Burringlou nut daitcu the 011 lit u locu. fuco, to iliallptopoeod to anioudsu as to put the oquiva- tunc. Mr Tracy explained, and soul he advocated tha principlo that Banks should not hove a factitious capital, purporting in have $150 000, when Ihey had but 50 000, Mr Harvey tnatlo some enquirers whether bills of specie"! paying banks might not ho received os capital stock, with equal safety as gold and silver ? Mr Pierpotnt replied that all the Bcction proposed to ho strick- out, was, that Banks should not bo chartered with a capital of $150 000, when only a capital of $50 000 was all that wosj needed, or dcsuetl. Ho was for plain common sense legislation, giving what wm asked, or needed for the public accomoda tion, & no more ; and calling that by Itn right name. As to keeping specm on hand, that question wn settled by tho law. requiring the specie to be paid out. from time to time, for the redemption of the bills of this bank, as it might be demanded by tho bills holders. Mr Tracy said Ins ob ject was to keep the capital, always good. if paid out, replnco it. It need not remain might be in constant circu'a- tion, and bearing banking intorest, Mr I ownslev said Ins inquiry had been satis factorily answered ho desired nothing but ample security to the public, and that upon such terms as would give banking institu tions a reasonable profit, permanenco of character, ond consequent confitlenco in the public mind. I he debate was further continued by Messrs Robinson and Tracy. when Mr Edgerton called for tho reading oftho bill. When the question was put upon erasing the section, and negatived by a large vote. Mr Pierpoint then moved so to amend the chapter that no stockhol der be permitted to receive, on loan, a, greater sum than two thousand dollarf. Mr Lawrence moved so to amend the amendment, as lo allow no more than fivo per. cent of t he amount of capital paid in, to bo received, 00 loan, by a stock-holder. This motion was debated by Messrs Law rence l ownslev, Cobb, Robinson, Jeuness and Adami, and on motion of Mr Tracy, laid upon the table. The Hotiso sent up tho bill, repelling tho act incorporating the village of Wood stock, adhering lo their nonenncurrencr. Mr Pierpoint moved that the Senate insist upon the amendment, carried, yeas 15, nays II. Adjourned. HOUSE. Mr Partridge proposed to suspend for this afternoon the rule of the House, devo ting the aftarnnon sessions to the revised statutes; agreed lo. Ilcsolulwns. Requiring tho assent of ten members to second n call Tor the yens and nays rejected. Excluding debate on motion to lay upon the table withdrawn. Providing for evening sessions hereafter. lo eonsider the revised statutes adopted. Bills bv Mr Hodges, from com. of Wuysand Means, making appropriations raising a lax of 3 cents 00 thn dollar for support of government, ond authorizing tho treasurer to borrow a certain sum: seve rally read twice and laid on the tnble. The Houso resumed consideration of the militia bill, and the discussion was renew ed on the amendment offered bv Mr Ken dall to tho amendment of Mr l-Vk of Va terville. Messrs Partridge and Rice sup porting and Mr Fisk of Watervillo oppo sing it ayes 107. noes 94; so thu amend ment was adopted, and the remaining sec tion proposed by Mr Fisk of W. was with drawn. The amendment as amended, was icjected, when Mr Miner moved to amend by releasing certain exempts from the pay. incut of on equivalent ($3) in money sup ported by Messrs Miner and Brtdgmon. op, posed by Mr Partridge. Nordham, Burd & Kendall, and rejected, 171 to II. Mr Watte moved to strike out $3 and insert $2 rejected. Mr Bard moved to amend, so as to makn the money paid into the town treasury by exempts, subject to the order of tho Quarter Master oftho regi mentMr Thomas moved to add, 'to bo disposed of in the same manner as is provi ded 111 the act for the dispos.tmn of money raised by fines' accepted, and the amend ment adopted. Mr Richardson of W. moved nn amendment tu exempt members of cavalry companies which wero disban ded by thu act of 37, and are not organ izedrejected, Mr R. also moved to strike out the section for annual regi mental reviews hereafter ; withdrawn, when Mr R. moved to substitute "onco in ten years" for annually. Supported by Mossrs Richardson of W. Dillingham, Wheeler of Mont poller, opposed by Messrs Partridge and Thomas, and adopled. Adjournod to half past 6 P. M. HOUSE. Thursday Evening, Nov. 7. Mr. Fairbanks usked leave of abscuco after to-morrow morning; granted, Jlililia Act Mr Richardson of Waits field moved to amend, so os to provide for nllicar's drills once in two years, instead of annually, supported by Messrs Dillingham Miner, Fairbanks and Eames, opposed by Messrs, Brown, Partridge. Sanborn Ken dall and rejected, yeas 07 nays 00. Mr Sanderson then moved to dismiss tho bill, which was lost by a larg-e majority. An amendment reducing the adjutant generals salary from $250 to $150 per year, was then tried and rjected CO to 51. .Mr Wa terman offered tho following amendment to the bill to bo added after the 8ifi sec. which was rejected. That the Quarter masters and Quarter mas'.er Suargents of tho soveral regiments who may be pros ecuted for tho Levy and Collection of any execution or amercement to them directed, shall bo allowed pay for all costs or liabilities by them incurred, in the do fence of iho same, and tho swcral stales Attorneys in their respective counties, aro hereby required to aid and assist them in their delonce, at tne expense ol tho state. "T

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