Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 15, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 15, 1839 Page 2
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paid hv Qua k emit $2 instead of land road n ilnri limn, yean 10, nays 10; of led--Mr Green moved to strika j 1 1 1 o proilnd nni ol i!lt, twice read ntitl ru-. lont to bo i3 reioded out mat pari requiring cumins i" itiv . - ,.oi,u to hn fiiniimlml nt. tlui cxiif-niB of chan. 107, ol calories and fenf, reported by HiDtc rejected--when the bill paeaud to, Mr. Atlnm-. with propiixnl of ntui'iiilnieiii, bo entrrossed SEN ATM. FniDAr, Nov. 0. Prnyor bytlin Chaplain. Bills From llio House, to pay Ozios Seymour Ihe sum of gOOa statement of fnctw was made, and iho bill ordered to bo road a third tuna ; to pay Anson Davis the mini of gGO twice read and rolerrcd to Com. oil claims , to annex part oftlio toivn ol Norwich to iho town of Thetford twice road and rcferrpd to Com. on Judi ciary; o hill providing for n chaplain to iho Vt. Slate Prison and fixing his salary jJtOO twico read nut! rclcrrcd to Com. on Judiciary. Mr Swilt introduced n refutation for sup plying county clerks wilh copies of t lie Vermont report passed, Reports, Mr Adams reported iho bill to incorporate the Windhnni county Prov ident Savings I nsl it ii i iuit, Willi on amend ment providing that iho charter of the institution thrill bo under tho control of nny future legislature, to niter, amend or repeal, which was adop'ed. Mr Egcrton, nnc of the. committee, observed thai ho was opposed to the paosago of tho bill from tho consideration that tho institution wuulil not answer tlia ends iniondcd mid that ho could not petcoivonny horirfit w hicli would nrisc from it Mr Townslcy observed that he did not expect thero would liavo boon ony opposition to tho bill, but as H appeared otherwise, ho moved to lay it upon the tnblo for furiher oxamination, which was done; by Mr Bowen, the bill laying a tax on Lamoille county road a third time and paesed ; by Mr Robinson the bill annexing a part of the town of Norwich to Thetford ordored to bo read a third time. Revised Statutes. Mr Jcnncss called up dipt. 70, of the grand list which was ro ported to tho Senate as heretofore amended by the Senate in Com. of tho whole. Mr Cobb moved to strike otjtlio proviso to the 10th section which provides that when o person shall mako affidavit beforo the as sessors of tho amount of debts owing by him, ho shall specify tho amount of each debt and to whom owed, which was sup. ported by himself and Mr Egerton, and op pnscd by Messrs Pierpoint, Uobinson and Tracy; on tho question, the ayes were 0, nays 20, and the amendments to the chap, were concurred in. Mr Pierpoint propos ed an amendment to the 12lh section which was adopted, Mr Chandler proposed nn amendment to tho same section which was also adopted, when the chap was laid on tho table. Mr Tracy called up chap. CO, of banks, and tho question pending being on the adoption of iho amendment, provid ing that no bank shall loan to any stockhul der an omonnt exceeding 5 per cent, of the capital stock paid in, the amendment was withdrawn. Mr Tracy mnvod to strike out the 34th section, and insert one provi ding that tho wholo amount loaned out to ell tho stockholders shall not exceed 15 per cent, of tho capital stock paid in that no individual stockholder shall have over g-2000, and shall procure as security two good and rcsponsiblo men who ore not connected with tho bunk. Mr Tnwnsloy moved to striko out 15 per cent, and insert 25, which after some discussion was nega tived. Mr Cobb moved to insert 20 per cent, which was lost. Tho question then recurring on tho original amendment it was adopted, and the chop, reported as amended by tho Sonato in Coin, of the wholo, when Mr Eaton moved to lay it upon the table negatived ; and on tho question will tho Sonata concur in the amendment, tho ayes were 20, nays 7. Sonato adj. HOUSE. Prayer by Rev. E. Smith. Messrs Miner, Fuller and Kendall ask. pd leave of absence aftpr to-morrow granted. Reports of Committee. By Land Tax committee, against a tax on Mount Tabor, and the petitioner had leave .to withdraw; tor n land tax on Ripton, and the petitioners had leave to bring in n bill. Mr Tyler introduced n bill, in addition to tho millitia act, relative to rifloinnn doing duly in standing companies, which was or. dcrcd to a third reading. The bill repealing the charter of tho vil lage of Woodcock was returned by the Senoto, that IIouso having resolved to ad. hnro to its amendment. Mr Dillingham moved to lay it upon iho tabic; motion op posed by Mr Chandlor, and ogn'cd to. A report and resolution, from tho Sonato. in reply to a resolution ot tho Slato of Indiana which deprecated .any interference wilh the slavesiatcs, on iho part of the free Btntos read and laid on the tnblo. Tho discussion on the bill abolishing ca pital punishments was resumed by Mr Itico, in support of tho bill when Mr Sunburn moved to dismiss it. Messrs Drown and I'ard advocated tho motion to di-mi;?. op nosed by Messrs Bullor and Nuedliniu The motion was rrjocted, CO to 87, and the IIouso. ad). Fiuday. 2 o'clock, P. M. SENATE. Revised Statutes, Of courts of cnanccry relumed from the IIouso. with propositions of omondnient in tho first of which tho Senate resolved to concur, and in tho re maining amendments iho Senate resolved not to concur; chap. 00, of hanks, called up by Mr. Pierpoint, when Mr. Hcmmen. way had leavo to change his vole, as ro corded in tho forenoon, and tho yeas and nays being demanded by Mr. Egerton .lie said ho was not quite roady to kill banks, otid believing tho chuptcr, with its present provisions, would have that effect, ho must vote against its paBsagn. Although he had always been opposed to tho clmrloring of banks, ho was not now prepared to an nihilato thorn. IIo preferred a gradual reduction. He approvod the main princl. Dies of the chapter; but belioving no body of men could bo found willing to accept of a charter under its provisions, he must re cord his voto Bcainst it. McssrsCnnvcrso, Cobb, Curtis, Eaton, Pierpoint and others participated in a spirited discussion of some length, (of which notes wcro taken, and may bo published, aa we have leisure and room.) Hi to pay Anson Davis the turn men tioned, reported by Mr. Cobb, with a state rnenl of the facts in the case, and commit which wni iiPL'alivod. mid an oiiuuidiixMit proposed by Mr. Pierpoint, adopted. Adj. HOUSE. Rcviicd Statutes Ordered to a 3 rend ing, Chapters 21) of hind faxes, 55 of ap pointment of trustees for minors mid othor persons, G5 of guardian and wards, GO of inventory ol property of deceased persons. 52 of rendering accounts of executors and administrators. Passed,--Chapters 51 of payment of debts and legacies of deceased persons, 73 of limn of payment of certain contracts, &c. 35 of fjeut incut, 79 of privato corpo ral ions, 70 of towns nnd other couimuni tics. 30 of forfeiture nf "rants, II of coun ty nflicert. 10 of support and removal of paupers. 00 of weights and measures. Tho Senate returned chapter 02 of mar riage, nonconcuring in the amendment doing nway with publication of intention of marriage ; tho Hou-jo receded from its nmendmont. The Senate also returned Chap. 7-1, of chancery, refusing to concur in striking out tho sections empowering tho court to compel debtors to disclose money, proporly or thing in action &c. and also tho section giving decrees full effect,, whether or not tho party assents against whom the decrco is made; after considnrablo discussion by Messrs Need ham, Coolidgc, Fiil'am and Dillingham. for recoiling Irom the Iir6t amendment, nnd Messrs Brown, Chandler. Rico & Sprngue against receding tho flouso rclUFCil to recede, 05 to 113. Adj. K.TunnAY, Nov. 0, 1C39. SENATE. Prayer by the chaplain. Revised Statutes. Chapter, of weights nnd measures, returned from tho louse, with proposals of amendment, in which the Senate resolved to concur ; chap. 1 10. of tho growing of silk, reported by Mr. uowen, without amendment, rcud a third timo and passed; chapter 34, ol effects, sent up from the houso with proposal of 'amendment, which wore considered, and the chapter laid upon on the table ; chap, ter 70, of tho general list, called up by Mr. Adams, whan Foster moved to amend the section requiring listers to apprize proper, ty at its true value, by erasing the explana tory word?, "as property is set off on exo eutions." This amendment woh odoptcd when Mr. Foster moved further to amend the chapter by erasing the provision for appraisal as of property set off, and insert. nig in lieu thereof, "at Us just and true valuo in money." Adopted. On Iho ques tion filial! the chapter be read n third time, tho yeas were II, nays 15. So tho chapter was rejected; diopter 107, of salaries nnd fees woo ordered to be engrossed, read third time nnd passed. Bills. Mr, Townsloy called up tho bill establishing an institution of havings nt Braltleboro', when Mr. Swift proposed nn amendment, of eraseing tho clause ninpow csing the corporation to hold real estate in buildings, other than aa security for debts ; amendment adopted, and tho lull passed to bo engrossed; yeas 22, navs 3 ; annexing a parr of tho town of Norwich to tho town of Theiford, rend a third tune and passed; to pay Ozias Seymour tho sum mentioned, read n third tunc and passed : extending the charter of Hie Hank of Rut laud, reported by Mr. McMillan, of th committee on banks with proposals ol amendment, hy striking out nil niter section first nud inserting fifteen more tedious; the sections proposed lo be Hlrickeu out and iho sections to bo inserted, were read when Mr. Piorpnint moved an amendment to one of tho sections, proposed by the committeo to ho stricken nut, uo lo restrict tho stock. holders and directors, that no ono of i hem shall at nnv time bu indebted to tho bun!: over 0 per ct'iit of capital ; op' posed, by Massra Egerlon, Jnnuess nnd Cubb. Supported by Mr Pierpoint, who said (ho directors and stockholders were willing lo accept tho amendment he pro nosed. Adjourned. HOUSE. Mr Bascomb called up the report and resolution?, from tho com. of Education, on iho public lauds, nnd moved its printing ; mot ion opposed by Mr. Needhain, and withdrawn. Messrs Green, Ruber's, Gillrl and Eager obtained leave of aliseuco ufier Monday morning. Petitions. Of land holders of Greens boro' for on nbiloiiient of lax, &c refer red lo Land Tax Coniinitti'o ; of Emory Wheeled; nnd others, and of Asahul Hub bard and othors, to Temperance Coin initlpo. Uncrossed Bills Passed. To pay Jcro min li lJushco g9, for relief of fro Mi'Lou l, altering iimu-ii of certain persons. Rt'la ling to riflemen doing duty in standing companies, (130 to 51,) to credit ihe Super iutondont of Iho state prison gC50. Bill. In pur eh a lie: of leave, a hill tax ing hinds in Ripion, ordered to a 3d lending. Resolutions. Uy Mr Brown, for prucur. ing finm tho Gonernl Government pay ment for military services on tho northern front tor, adopted; from the Senate, furnish ing Vt. Reports to CouutyJtJl1 irks, passed. Rcpnrls of Committees, Hy Military Committee, against iho account of Ephruiu Maxham, nud tho IIouso concurred; bill appropriating 1-150 for militnry services on tho northern frontier recommitted. By com. ol Ways and Means, bill for tho relief of Clin-. Bellamy nnd others, and of Orson Thnyur, ordered to n 3d rcading- by same com. tho report of Superintcndaiit and Lhaplain nt tho statn prison, rocoui mending tho printing uf 300 copies of ihe Ftimo, which was concurred in. By Eolect Committee, against bill relating lo stain prison, (Houso bill) and it was dismissed By com, on Military Affairs, hill mcorpo rating Burlington Volunteer Engino Co., ordored to a 3d reading. By com. of Ways and Means, aganst bill for relict ol Daniel Mccdor, and it was dismissed. Tho resolution of Mr Partridge, that it it inexpedient to charter or rochartor uny banks at tho prosont session, together with sundry amendments on motion of Mr Dil lingham was dismissed. Bank Bills Rechartcring tho Bank of Caledonia ,- Mr Mattocks moved an amend mont, that Ihe debla of said bank shall not exceed tho ninounl of deposited in specie together with twice the amount of the ono or two unimportant otncndtiicnt s, tho bill wni ordced to n 3d rending. Tho lull for dividing thu income upon ilm public money (surplus revenue) being under cniifiiilnrntiun, nn ninmiduient wo morrow morning. nfl'-red for dividing uno hnllr qually among licsolulwns.. By Mr Barllell, for Hip tho blank wan filled up with "g3,G00," and tho bill was pat-sod. The report nud resolutions on Iho pnhlic lands wi-ru made the ppccial order for to the districts, nnd ouo half according to Iho number of tchollars ; adopted, 100 to 31. Mr Hard moved to dismiss thu bill. ftip ported by Mr Sanborn. Rodfiold, Butler, Thomas, llndges, Jackson, Chamberlain and Dillingham, nnd opposed by Mcnrs Tennoy and Wheeler of Alontpulior nyo3 70 noes 100. Mr Il.izurd moved a proviso, requiring districts to keep n school two months at their own expense beforo being entitled to receive a share ol this fund; rejected. Mr. Goiidpy moved to strike out "ono half" of the fund divided by dis tricts and insert one quarter opposed by Messrs Fisk of Eden and Rice, supported hy Messrs Gooiley and Follam; rejected 95 lo 51. The bill was ordered to a 3d reading. Mr Alvcrson obtained leavo of absence after Monday morning. Adj. 2 o'clock, P. M. SENATE. Mr Tracy and Mr Rutiintnn, hod leave of absence from mid after Monday morning next. Bills to nay Rich Bavlcy ihn sum men tinned for I he repmr of cannon for the Hnrdwiuk artillery company. A otnto ment of facts in the case was called for. from which it appeared that tho tta'e had furnished tho company with cannon mid carriage; that hy neglect of former officers and tho uso of enrnage occasionally for agriculitirul purposes, thu cannon fur cele brations, repairs had become necersory. Tho presont captain had procured t'le rc. pairs, paid the bills, and charges the eamo to thu state, rightful owners of the proper ty. Yeas 7. Nays 10. Resolutions from tho Hous", requiring tho Treasurer to oscorlain the expenses incurred by this stale, on the iio'theru frontier. Laid upon tho table. Adj. HOUSE. Leavo of absence wa granted to Messrs McLaughlin, Dwinnell, Cook and Lake. On motion ot Mr Brown, tho rule lo devolo afternoon to the revised statutes was suspended for tho present, nnd tho House look up the bill to incorporate the Rutland Co. Bank nt Poultney; Mr Gow day moved an additional section, requiring the cashier, when required, to exhibit lo (lie bank inspector thu list ol sluckholders, with their sureties, thu amount ufthoir in dcblcdnc'-B. &.C.. adopted. Mr Chandler moved an amendment no officer or stock holder to bo indebted to a sum greater than six per cent of its capital slock, sup ported by Messm Lhahdlor and llndges, and opposed by Messrs Brown, Dillingham nnd Butler; ayes 93, noes 49, so the nnicndinant was adopted. Mr Hodges moved io change the title. "Rutland Coun ly Br.nk." to r7ie Ban!: of Poultney agreed to. Mr Chamberlain moved to limit thu time of suspension of specie payments Irani "sixty" to lliirty days, niter which bill holdura may notify thu proper officer and cause an injunction to bu issued, &c, negatived. Messrs Clark, Brown, oprngnu Butler, und Sawyer Mipported, and Mr Hodges opposed I he bill, when n wns or dered lu a 3d rending. Adj, SENATE. Monday, Nov. 1 1 . Prayer by Rev. E Smith, of the Moth odnt Church. Resolution, By Mr Eaion, providing thtit tho tiencrnl Assembly ndinurn witu. out day on Friday November 15. Mr E tun tnid that his object in presenting the resolution, won to liaslon n proportion lor adjournment, and procure the ropnrls of committees. lie inquired of the cluiir jfi tho nomuiittcp appointed upon tho Iniliire of tho "Essex &. Windsor Banks had made report. T.ho chair replied that no repent had been received. Tim resolution wn Ituu upon the table, dooming tho town offihui lenhiiry. in tip' eiini of g935 54 cnlV'd up by Mr Pierpoint, wln-n M-r Cubli inured lo uuii'iid, hy cra-ing yOuj.Sa and murting in lieu thereof. &100',00. Mr Eaton moved tho hi in of gOOO.OO and Iho quottoi vn stated upon this as thu largest sum nnd enrrird, wli'-n thu resolution, rid niiR'nded, was laid upon the tublc, on motion of Mr Cubb; directing the committeo on the Judiciary lo report n hill abolishing capital punishment indrliiiilcly postponed ; rcquir- iho Treasurer to mako nn nstiinutu ol the expenses incurred by this State, on the noilherii frontier. Concurred in. Revised Statutes. Chapter 5'J, tif limit n lion of real mid personal actions, and right of ouiry ; chapter 80, of buuki severally read a third timo and passed. Bill. incorporating nn instil ill inn of sav ings, nt Brnitlebnro, read n third timo und p:ip"d ; ex'cuding iho charter oftho liiul; uf Rutland, culled up by Mr Pierpoint, who proposed an amendment, restricting the Huckholdcrs in loans nnd ns provided in the chapter on banks, in tho revised slatute.i ; limiting them to 15 pur cent, of tho capital paid in, nor to exceed thu amount, m nny one timo, of g2 000. Amendment ndoptcd ; when Mr McMillan muvcilso to iiiuend tho bill that iho Usues oftho Bank never cxccd tho amount of deposits and double tho n mount of capital stock actually paid in. Tliisniiieudinunt was accepted by Mr Pier point and adopted, when Mr Cobb moved an amendment, requiring the Bank, semi annually to pay in lo Iho 6tnto treasury ono half ofono por ccnt,uf thu capital Block, in addition to ten per cent, of tho nutt profits already required by the bill. Bill und amendment laid upon tho tnblo on motion of Mr Egerton ; lo pay Anson Da vis '.ho sum mentioned, reported by Mr Cobb, with a propostiou to amend, as tn its tphrascology, which was adopted, and the bill wns read a third time, and pai red; nltering tho names ofcortnin persons roferred lu the committeo on military affairs. adj, HOUSE. Prnyor by Rev. B. W. Smith. Bills By Mr Allen, relative to tho militia referred lo com on Military Affairs; hy Mr Charitnn, reviving act taxing Jay, ordcrud lo 3d reading ; by Mr Redficld authorising Orleans County Judges lo soil a part of tho county property and purchaso snow, npiiuiiiiineiit. ufcom. ol'ih.'bnuiiirps ; ndop d. By Mr. Ilndiros. no bill to bu intro duced after Wednesday morning next, except by a committee ; adopted. Bishop Giiiswoi.ij. -Tho vcnorablo Bishop Griswold, in his address n few weeks since, to the Diocesan Convention, observed that eiuco he exorcised thu Epis cnnal office a period of twcntvuight years, ho had admitted ono hundred and forty-eight to tho order of Deacons, and ono hundred and eleven lo iho order of Priesl8;nnd during iho sumo period he had administered tho riio of confirmation lo nine thousand eight hundred and fitly throu persons . and in thu samo timo must hayo tra veiled about seventy thousand miles. - Warren Star. FRIDAY MORN ING, NOVEMBER 15. tad. The bill was ordered to be eng(oesed capital stock paid in; ogrevd to, and after NEW YORK ELECTION. Tho Whig thus announces tho result : ''We nnnoiinco with tho moat unfeigned salisfactiun that tho "Empiro Stale" is redeemed from the hands oftho spoilers. Alter a cnnflict of ten years duration, tho Whigs of Now York havo at length ccr ricd thu slate most triumphantly, reached Iho consummation of their highest hopes, and achieved the grcatcat victory over recorded in tho political annals of the country. Now York is now n Whig State in nil departments of her government. A Whig Governor, a Whig Senate, n Whig House of Assembly, nnd of consequence, the complete control of the political power and official patronago of the stale, are tho fruits of this triumph. The strugglo has been long and desperate; nnd until the last three years the Whigs havo encountered a Fcries of disastrous defeats that discour aged tho efforts of the most disciplined veterans in our ranks. But notwithstand ing they have for years experienced revert?, cs that would have dismayed tho stoutest hearts, the cause of iho people has finally triumphed, and they once more breathe tho bracing atmosphere of Freedom. " Tho revolution which is thuu gloriously perfected, it will ho remembered, commen ced two years ago by tho election of a Whig House and a handsome gain in the Senate. Lust year it was carried forwnrd by tho election of n Whig Governor and Assembly, und still n gain in the Senate; this year tho Senate is purified, and n wholesome majority maintained in t ho House; llius demonstrating that the "so. ber second thoughts" of the people aro efficient. List year the Scnato stood, 10 loco fnco, 14 Whig; now it stands 19 Whig, und 13 loco focos. In the House tho whig mojoriiy is 0 or 10, which, dc. ducting thu 13 members chnuged in the city of Now York, leaves the result the same us Inst year. The city last year rent 13 whig members: this year the loco fuco ticket ban succeeded by about 1000, which mukes n difference of 20 votea in the house. Thu majority, however, is amply sufficient, and tho country at largo, has grout reason to rej'iico and give thanks to the Whigs of New York. run voice or new-vorkj This nolilo .Sum has iijiiin proclaimed lirr fiim flitli in W lii piinciplc--. mill lier steadfast opposi. lion lit Van I'iiimiiin and misuilc. SnUicicnl ic ItniM aio lorciw-d to unrrani llio dcclaialioii iliat niitu ulutaiulin!,' the iiiipiuiTdrnted clloiid uf our opponents, nnd l lies many niheiro ciiciiin-tnnccs under which vu lalioicd, Tin; stuknoth or the aur.AT Wuio I'Aitrv in Tin: H.mpiuk .State STANDS UNKIl'AlUr.Il ! Tills uluiluili ic.'lllt U ihn mute yruiiftiii hrriui'Q llio 1'icjiilent himself (li''il into ili political nicna nnd eleuiioncticd fur his parly in almost every scr.iion of h'n Slate. It is not to lis dunbtcd that hu felt llio liopi-l'.'nu?3 of u ic-electiun, or oven a re-nomination, so Ion; ad UU nntivo .Stale continued her opposition. It was of llio liiEt impoilanrp, ilieicfoic, that Ids fiiends should ho ahlo In slmvv, as the result of tho Nnvem. Iu:r rlcetinn.a involution in favor of Van l!urrni.-iu. Tn r fiViit this eliei i-lii'd pnrpoo no means vveie left min icil. Tim l'i ciideiit hinirulf eommenceil llio canvass, nnd spent llirco tnoulln in lriiveuin tho Stale, vistlinK every imporlnnl point anil endeavor. ini lo conciliate every interest. I'hk c.-sions nnd lereptiuiu wcro got up fur political cfiecl, ami dm IVopIn vveie inviied to come and hiiu upon Mania Van lluicii, an if in M. min Van linmi ilirioweu; sotncMipeiioi nut ilmlc, worthy llieir especial ml iniratiua. On llieso occasions Rieat pains vveie taken lo get loi'tlicr l.oc iiiscmlil.ige, und it was ho.iitfull) prool.iini"d tliesn vvcru hut an ear nest uf thu overwhelming ma jorities which would alien I him ot ihe I'oll. liesides ihn supposed pcrscnal influence of llio Picsidcni, nil tho imtal weapons ofu practised and unsciupuluus pally vvcru put in requisition. In i.ll the doubtful and closely. contested coiuiliej, piodiginu cfl'urts vvcio made lo film somo slight favuialili! change. Tho 'njien soii' of it Tony .Mi Han Debt' was cliaunted in full chorus by (lie vvlmlu I.ocu Toco pack. A evsictil ol lasalion that won lil 'ci nib and cuiso posterity.' was decluicd lo he ilitt inevil.ililo coinriiiences of Whig ascendancy. Invention was racked lu furnish stories thai should alarm thu l'coplu und iuduco them lo vvitddraw fi out t.'iu bland ird of the Whigs, Hut nil iheir plans Imvo signally fai'ed. The Will? 11. inner still waves in iiiumpli over tho Em pit o fjinie, Thu lliiul mhvr ihousht of her uu changed electors is us litllo pul.iiulilu in the intnioiis ol power us was ihu second, Mnilin Van lluicn, llio 'itllio .iiugiutan," lias exli uuln! all his urls nnd Vet without cflect. His n.ilivu countv icnils lli reo Whig members lo the Assembly I His na llvo District clccia lluco Whig Senators I His ii.ulve Slate declaies for ilie great Whig causo ! New Yoik nguiti rrhukrs and rejects hor solf slyled mvuiiib son,- lite wings iitrougiiout llio Union rejoice nt tins auspicious result ihit, bril limit victory, ll Is but lltu fore.iuunernfihe over whelming liiumph of lite Whigs hi 1840. Wo pledge the vote of ilm Empire Stuto to the nominee recent election. Tho atnte repnsia in tho arms of the cninhinnd factin, FndernliFtn, Aboiitiiiiiui, und (yon'orvntistu. They priibab'y carry G uf tho It ncniito tlistriclK und ti ii'i'j irt'y in thnt li'dy of Irom 0 lo II. In Iho 11.11180, the (l'mooraiB hnvc elected CO mumbor(, nnd tho federalists CO, being u Inderal majority of eight in that body." Doctors Dit'KEn -.The Homo Sentinel an approved echo of trie Albany Argus, I hua attempts to account for the recent defeat of Van Uurenisiii in this Stale : Tho result is vet iinnnrinln. Wo have lot iho Senate und probably the Hume, 'lltu rabid und insuiin doctrines of n portion of our parly in ihe city of New Yoik havo lost us ilioits.incU of votes iu t lie country. Tho New Era revived, on the contrary is clearly of opinion that, If the State is defeated by Iho enemy, it ia hecriU60 tho people nnd thotr dastardly trimming press havo not followed our lofty example. If they nro defeated, it is their own fnult'-'it is because they nro blind ly and timidly groping behind tho advaiv ting light of the agc. We trust that theso jarring interests will bo bo fur reconciled that Iho Sentinel will cither swallow "the rabid nnd insane doctrines oflho Ern," or tho Era nbandnti 'its lofty example," and become ns ''trim1 ming" as tho Sentinel. On whichever ground this "conlition" ia doomed to another and yet moro overwhelming defeat in November 10-10.- Albany Daily Advertiser. iNt'onMATiOK Wanttd ! Anxiom innuirics uavo tieeu made within u day or iwo past lunching the wheic.thoutt of a 'MALI.' vvhicli came rolling into lilts bl.tte fioul I'cnnsvlvania und Ohio in thu fitsl part of tho nicsent month. This 'I5A1.1; started fienh fioai New York on Tliuisd.iv ntoiniug Ml, but Ii.t9 not since been heard from. WIiopvc will icturu llio said 'J l,L' lo its nppiopri.ite in Uriks rotinty, (sinco it cannot be kept "in motion.") will icreivc tho lhaiiUs of the disconsolate owncii. Albany Daily Advertiser. Falsi: Alaum ' Our citizen vveie startled on Saluidiiy evening h; the ciy of fire und the ringing of hells. On lurnii g out, a huge lull of 111 0 was seen lolling down litalu stiucl, Rearing llio mono " Tnu UMrint: Statu has stopped this iiai.l." rite, juki vvu3 relished uliko by victou and vanquished. S'j, MASSACHUSETTS. Wo have returns from 58 towns in thU Btate, which show a very considerable gain for tho locofocos. Iu thcun towns Everett's loss is about 300 and Morton's gain over 3000! The Boston Atlaa ex presecn a doubt as lo the result. The atri ped pig has not been idlo. CONGRESS. In a few weeks the (-ess-ion of Congress will commence, nnd when wo take into conMileriUion the peculiar embarrassments oftho country, the tunny exciting questions lo bu discut-aod. together with Iho tuppnscd length of tho eessinn, wo have n right tinnier that it will brui session liferent nod p'-cuhar inter''-t. Thu mp port which th mil Treat-ury has received in thu recent in the South and Wcht and thu converts made to (his extra ordinary experiment, growing out of Iho eiubarms.-men's in th'- currency, warrants llio opinion thut it may become n law, II i his in to be the final result, wo tint it may become so without further lo.a of I, me, All the imiiieiii men of llio nut ion have expressed their opinion on this divorce of the Ciuveruuii'iit from tho people; iheir votes urn on record; prophecy rc main-' io bo fulfillid. If tin; administration has the power in Congief-s lo pnPa thu law lei it go forthwith into operation, in order that i's ('fleets may bo Iho sooner discov ered, and tho peoplo awakened finm ihrir dclu-niu. 1 here is no ncccdsiiy for delay let the people know the worn nt once. THE MAUKUTS. Nr.w, Nov. 9. Mosby Thrro Is no luiproveinrnt whatever in iho s into of llio ftloney Market. On iIip ronlrary, money U ns light and close ns ever. The n.inka discount next to nothing. Paper is cnnMuntly sel ling in thu street ul 3 and 4 per cenl n month. Cut off as the mcrthiiniH are from iheir Southern Ex changes, theio never was a period when so great sacrifices were made as t prrscnt. The ordinnry securities ure almost hi end. The sacrifices now made and making hy those who gel funds on from ihe 6otiih nnd west nre nnp.irnllcled in the history oflho city. Our Kttnks sustain themselves, nnd will, at iho sacrifice of n great portion of llio mer chants. A vast amount of paper is renovved in a privnio way, to avoid a public exposure. I'LOon'I'lie demand for Cuglaad lias fallen off, hut Ihcio has been uu activo demand for France, l'i ices however, have not improved ; on the contra ry have rather fallen tff. Western has come into iii.ii kct freely, nnd has been taken nt $5 C2 a 575; Ti oy 5 75, Ohio 5 CO. Of Suulhern Ihe stock is light, hut the holders of Gcorgclovvn keep up ihn prico to C 23. The supplies arriving are very largo now, nud will conliuuo (o be so for a week or two lo come; ilia seison is however near a closo. On Air,' Several parcels have been sold, viz. 1000 bush. Virginia Wheat nt 12SJ els; 2.100 do. 1IC, and COO Wesicrn nt 118 els. live has declin ed, sulci nt 70Jcts. which is a fall of 5 els. Oatu nro also dull nnd lower. Sales of Barley lit 63 cts. corn is ulso lo'.'.cr; sales of Southern and Jersey at G2 a 75 cts. Pnovisio.NS Beef is coming into market freely, but firm sales. Sales ot Old 1'otk 10 a lGi for Mess. Toil; in the Hog is arriving, hut it is smalt. Boston, Nov. 8ih, I'luttr The market a littla lower; demand good. Sales ol 200 bills Bnliimore City .Mills nt $C; C00 do Georgetown G 12: 250 do Howard slicet G 12; 200 do Alexandria 587 ; nnd Genesee G 01 a G 07 for common brands, all cash. Grnlii Sales of jellovv Corn nt 86c. nnd vvhita 73; Southern Oats -10c. und Northern 50. Brighton, Monday, Nov. 4. At muikcl 1420 Beef Cattle, 1250 Store, 4303 Sheep, und 670 Swine. Several bundled Beef Cattle, and more than two thousand Sheep remain unsold. Pkices Beef Cattle We again rcducn our (imitations, to conform ro sales, viz first quality, G 75 a 7; sreond quality, 5 75 a 6 23; third quality 4 50 u 5 25. Barielhng Catlle All Ihe barrellers were at market, but we have uo kuonledgn ofu single ox being purchased for barrelling, und we are author ized lu state, that in consequence of tho slate oflho market abroad, and money affairs, tho barrcllera reftwe to pav a farthing more than $5 for Mesa Cattle, and other numbers in proportion ; nor will they contract now lo pay nny thing moiu for Cat. lie, to he dclivt-ied two or t lit ee weeks hence. Stoics Sales dull, and , rices heielofore obtain ed not sustained. We quote yearlings, 10 a 13, two j ear old, 15 a 2G. Cows and Calves Universally dull ; we noticed only iwo sales, 27 a 54. Sheep l'i ices hav further declined; we quoin Iota ni 1 50, 1 G2, 1 S2, 1 92, 2 23 mid 2 50. Sw inp Lots to ped.llt! wcro inheri at 4J u4Jo for Sows und i'.J ,t 5A fir Bat tows. At retail 5 u G for Sows and Gh a 7 for B.iriows. Tr.ciiMCAi. remam:. A printer obaerv inif two builifn pursuing nn in."'innui but distressed uu'hnr, remarked, "thai it wad a now edit ion of ' Too Purism's of Lilera lure,' iwibound but hnl pressed. Ill A 11 it I K I In this town, on I lie III.-! nit. hy IneTtcv. G. G, Ingrisoll, Mr I.VSA.NUSll I'ULLEK, lo Miss Sa buixa Turrt.i:. In Allium, by Stephen Iloxsifl Esq. on Ihe IO1I1 iiii-i. Mr William N. Thomas in Mitt Doll? Ann Il'.ISll, both of Milton. At l'latt.-liuts.b, by Kpv. Mr White, Mr Edward Monti!, io ,Mis Bourn. i I. daughter of Gieen Saw jer, Esq. of Suuih Hero, Vt. rcforred to General Committeo; by Mr 101 Ul" llar"''8ljl"Bli Convention hv twenty thou. Sanborn, relating lo raxes on bank, refer- "JU"" -" "iy mmmr. red to com. on Banka. 1 1)0 Albany Argun thus auuouucai tba Mr Dillineham called up Ihe bill com- j rcault of th oleclion : ptuniing tbe.commltleato revtet tbokwi;! "W biva at length tht rmlt of th Tun T,nirr.---Ilutnor paya that (Jen. Hamilton of iJotitii Carolina, Itaa cotno nut 111 r'n, .,f Iiii.l, tnrlfT I, n, l,n .. .. I I liVdlllt ioll,IIV Wilf. 1)01112 I Iieil II W illtlW, I II illl tllB ... relations nt life, she ever enjivcd ihe vvai in regard convinccu (ii rs uccccSlty uy Ills Jnic Vifilt j 0f all who knew her. ros-cssed nl a muni ol ingii- I) I K O On iho SOth tilt. Mis Hannah FF.nnis.'of this lovvn. Ali I', lemoveil fioin IS'urlh Salem, N. V. into this vlcinilv not hmg nficf Ihe close ot Iho to England, it h also Baid that John C. Calhoun has oiim to thoeamo views. Wc do not know what degree of credit is to be attached lo the.-o reports, but it is certainly time that Mr Calhoun changed lo gome, thing ; ho has Mot turned n 6ummer'Sctt these eix nionijiti. Wo t-hould not bestir prised to sec hu come out an abolitionist yet. OTA man bj thu iiaiiiu of Gcrrnrd.frorn Itle aux JVulx, Lower Cnnndu, bro't his vvilo to Duct Wolfred Nelson, now refill inti'in thiri villaj'", for advice on a diw'afo in lir.-r riuht breast, from which on Wed-iict-dny la-t llio Doctor removed n cancor oils t iiiiio-. vei;:!iiu!! upwards of 15 ouueett Thu e o 1 1 1 j l q i n t originated Irom the Utah of a bayonet. and other injury to the part, by fomo ol Qieon Victoria's loyal nnd gal' lant vulunluers iu the ntitumn of 1037. The poor wouiun is doing well. This is but one (f the hundreds of victims of tho brutnlit) of the voluiiteerH, to whom llio cruel Co burno jjave unrestricted li ci'iituv and diviidl'ully did these bad nieti execute their tnhalluwed mission. -I'a.s-burgh Whig- Tho LoiiisviIIj Journal, which must have its joku whatever thu subject, obiorves that if tho rumor of Gen. Jackson's ilcnlh bo Irue, Mr. Vun Biircn is bound by his promise, to tread in liis footsteps." A deaf and dumb person boing asked his idea ot forgiveness took the pencil and wrote "it u ihe odor which flowers yield when trampled upon." Mercantile Journal. "Sir, do you mean to say that I lie?" said a perfon lo Frenchman. "No, earo : I say not dat you lio ; but, saro, I say dal you walk round do truth." Pork Market. JV". i.-Tho Concord, Courier, Nov. I. says; A drove of fino ihoata wolging about 80 ii, nnnli. was sold in town list weok at 4 1-2 cents per pound, which ii but one half of what iucb property commanded ou yar tinea. er older than is common, she letnincd her powers in u icm.ukable desieu lo iho close of her long lifo. With nn iinili-tuibed faith saviour who-o ii.imr! f ho bail ptoffs.'eil for n longer perioJ than that nlloticd to m,inH life, the peacefully fell inlfcp ajed 91 and S months. Printers in N, V. nnd .Mass, are icquesieil lo nnlire, Com. Theodmc Sedjvvtck, of Slorkbridgo, Mas. while nddrcf sin? a public iiii'eling at l'illsfield, a day or two since, w.i seized whh a fuddeu lush of blood io the head, nnd shortly nftcr expired. fjNTENDING to Continue tho Dnv B. Goons business, oftor their gondii which wcro bought with CurIi during tho irt'tiunduus prer-urii in Now York thia Full, nud bfing under thu neccsjiiy of rais ing Ca.-h, they will sill their goods at a Ic?? prico than any of their neighbor who ndvortifo their coods nt cost. Uurling'on, Nov. 14. 1839. NOTICE. THE partnership heretofore pxinting under tho firm of Stearns & Palmer ii thjs day by mutual consent dissolved, and all demands due to or from Iho snid com' patiy arc lu be closed by tho said Palmer, l'i I j I STEARNS, ALBUM' W. PALMER. Burlington, Muy 6, 1039. Carpets. A Fresh supply just recoived of carpeting and Hour cloth, and will be sold i7tenj for Cash or Exchanged for most kinds Country produco by Latiiiiui', Potwin & Wait. Administrator's Sale. TUB subscriber will toll at public Auction, nn Saturday the 30th inst. at 1 o'clock P. M., the liuu-o and lot be longing in ihn estate of Levi G. Pike, lucntcd near Ponninmu's in Colchester, and known as tho Uaeko place. The prop, orty consists of a houso, shop and Wit buildings, and half an acre of land, and will be sold subject an toincumbrance of three hundred dollars, Termi rnaeo known at tho timo nf sale. ROBERT WHITE. .MminiirrateH Shclburn, Abt. 16,1830,

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