Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 15, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 15, 1839 Page 3
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VAI.UAH M IN roilSIATION. fJC3Tiii: Indian Vi:orrAur,n Pills nre n crrinin run! fordinwo in iisuory v.inuiy of arm, bee,iiic lliey llioriiiiSily pMuhu itio Miunacli mid Imwcli.iiiiluni n proper tllsdiarga liy tlin Unas, (-kin nivl kidney, nnd stimulate ilia blood to purif) iiculf. I" oilier word llioy open nil llio lutoiiil drains, mid leave lurunE (the Grand Vhysiciun) ficoio drive disease from ihe body. The iibovc outlets, or drains, nre llio cotnmon sowers of tin: liodv, thronah which all nwbid und corrupt humors (llio c.iti.e of liieiiso; nre carried olTj mid no long iu iliey am nil Kept open, nnd discharge frealy llieir ulloitcd nor tions of Impurity, llio body willcontimto in lieiilth j but when fiom eating improper food, breathing impure nir, fiidden (raiisiiiinu from licit lo cold, over exhaustion or iiny oilier cause, the bowel be. come costive, tlio pores of the fkin becnino clo.ed, or the kidneys f.iil to pciform their (unctions piop. cily, the impurities uliich should bo drained fiom llio body by thrso outlets, will be icliiincd, and con tinue to iicciimiilalo until the body becomes literally loaded with difcaso. If the channels of our mighty rivers should be come blocked up, would not the iiccumulnicd waters find new outlet, or the country bocome inundated ? Just po with llio human body ; if the naltirnl diaius become closed, the stagnant nnd corrrtipt humors will find vent in llio various forms of disease such as Fever, Small I'ox, .Measles, Rhctininthni, Goiin Apoplexy, &c. or Death will end our euA'ciings. Therefuie, when sickness at the stomach, pains in tliq back nnd siilc,piick pulse, burning ekin, nr any other unpleasant sjinptoms, indicalc that one or more of the- natural drains are not discharging freely, nnd that the constitution is nbuut lo com menpo sliugulo fur the restoration of health, no lime should Le lost in ;i tin i n is t er i 114 u few brisk doses of the Indian I'urgutivo (Indian Vegetable Pills.) Ily sn doing, all the functions of the body will be leslored lo older, nnd the foul humors (die causa of every inflammation or pain we sufl'"r) uill bo removed in so easy and natural a manner, that llio body will be icioied as if by a cli.iim. 'I'ho above 1'ilU may lie taken at all times and under AM, ciicunntance, with peifect safely. They suit all complaints and nil ages, nnd are nat ural to the lu) in . 11 constitution as food ; coiiffqupiu. ly they can neeer injure even llio most delicate. Lik'i our food, they are digestible; lliercfore they enter into the circul.nion ami impait nn cncigy 10 llio blood, which enables it to flow with fiecdom ipiiln lo tho extieiniiies, and consequently lo keep the pores of tho skin open. They aro true and perfect purifiers affile blood; because (hey drain all corrupt humors fiom lilo giving fluid. They impart strength and vigor to the whole system, and their effects are always beneficial; became they only remove those humors which aio opposed lo health. Thoy aid and impiove digestion, nnd round sleep follows llieir use : hecauso they cleunso the tomaclt and bowels of ihose slimy humours which not only irritalo and exoilo ilie nmoua sjslem, but paralyz? und weaken the digestive- oigans. In short they possess all the good pioperlics that cm be claimed for any mcdicinr; and wlut is cry remaikable, it is unci ly impossible to uce them without benefit. More than twelve thousand persons enn be refer red 10, who have been fined of cnnplaiutj nppi lenlly nf tho nint ila.igcrom ch.uacter, solely by ilie use of ilie Indian Vegetable Pills. $3 OKr ice, und general Depot for 1 he sale cf the iduuu 1'ills in llio New England Smtea, 103 TKEMONT STKEn I', near court sticet, l!otou, whrre they can he had at wholesale or retail. Agents have been appointed for tit e sale of Ihe I'ills in alinoEt cery town in New England. All letters relative io llio pills must be addressed 1 Inn : "Ar. K. Office iV. A. College of Ilculth, lOSTrcmonl Sheet, Boston, Mass." Burlington, A. IIUINSMAID. Woodstock, llaskcll &. I'almcr ,S Shafts burn, Jona Houghton Williamsville, Charles V Joy--llnminglon, J C llaswell M'rldle bury, CicoH Fish Rutland, Win Fay Duvet Ilirnm Baldwin Bralthliaro Bugn, Brack ott Co U'alcrford, II Cutting &. Cn. Nvubury, Prentiss Knight BclUrl, Samuel Austin jr. Spiinzfield, Geo Washburn Proctorsii'le, Proctor fz Hobiusnu London deny, Smith & Glazier llridgcwatcr, Thus. S'uiligali; GVf.ser, Plnutun O Sargent Windsor. H V lltiblmd E. Poultncy llickok Si. Means Commons. Samuel Ev. eitfi Wilmington, A. B. Child SUnee. Albert Ci'inpi Post Milt Juremmh Wilton St. Jbtrtsoun Luther Jewctt Weston--Jtiliu Wilder Waterbury Persons Lyons Montpelier Win Clarke Ludlow John Dunbar 11 ml Co. Read ing &. Mt.rril.-aron J. P, Strong & Co. Norwich--Baxter & Nnw ton Bnrmtril J. 1J. Uati'ottli Jltcui ter Oliarlpf Ondil Cavendish A, GtNon nnd Son- Guilford--I'hilip iInrtin--7i-ifax3 C. Stone Si. Co. Westminster "Anton Hii'licnc WcnthcrJicld Haily linrtlctt 7rrxrtr Cotton &l Pruuiblc JTairfnx-Alamion Lovrgruvo, MODS. IS SHjESIGKIS IN TIIU .1IAKKET. THE subscriber would inlorin U very many fond cuhtotncrH ilmt lie hau nn hand a Fplcndid nseortment of plroeuro 6lei,'li8. but h single and double, winch he will sell for cosh or pond puper, on renenn. nblc terme. Some of tlio newest style, nnd tome of old style ; eunio cotniuou nnd fcoinii uncommon, to suit puichut-'crH, Cntnu and hoo what he has on hand at his old bland on Pearl street. All kinds of repairing, both in wood and iron work, dono on short notice. Wanted. 50 ?ott of 1 horse Wnjigonllubi wonted, all to bo undo of whito utile quarter stud', 40 sett to be 9 inched 111 lniirth, 10 suit lo be 10 inches in length, not less than G inches nor over 0 through tho bilge. Also 25 Kelt ol 2 horse hubs, nf while oak, 0110 half to bn 14 inches, the other half V- inches in length, and not los than ft inches nor moru thun 10 through thu bilge, to bo turned in good shape. A fair price will be paid, 1 1 0 1 ? in cash nnd half in work nt my slmn. JOHN K, GRAY. Burlington, Nov. 9, 1039. PAPER. nniJE largest stock and greatest variety X m the stats, for ialo at manufacturers price, by C. GOODRICH. Nov. 15, Wickwirc'a building, up stairs. SHERIFFS SALE. ON Sntttrdny llio IO1I1 inst., nt the Cnbinul ynnn nfilin Ula Joliti Abbott duccns'il, (i qiurtii' v ol Cebinut Ftirtilluru consist nn' in pan of OMi ULF.GAMT SIDEBOARD. BUREAUS, DRESSING TABLES, LIGHT STANDS, WASH STANDS, BEDSTEADS, c. nnd uldo a lot of unlininltcd work, wall worth tlio nttriitioii ol'Cnliiiinl Mnltcrx. GliO. A. ALIjUN. Sheriff. Huntington's Common School Geography and Atlas. Tipim attention ol Parents and Teachers -L is particularly invited to the above. Porsnlo by C. GOODRICH. Nov. 15. Wick ware's building, up stairs. Also for calo, u general nseortment of School Hooks, Cheap for Cash. Blue, Green, Brown and Drab, Pilot and Beaver Cloth, for over Coats for tnlo uncommonly chcun for Cash by the piece or yard at thu new i cheap casn more ot Latmhop, Potwin & Wait 9 CASKS Loudon Puis, I tlo. German do. 1 do. Mixed do. 200 Wurrcn's & Hcmminc's Nee dles 50 Grots, Hooks Si FJyos. 150 do, llono Eyoletls. For sale by Vilas, Loumis &. Co. Nov. 14. IMO. Mouseline de Laino. EICll (inured alpine and Mouspline dc L'line. a irnod assort inent of cnlnnm and paltcrtis nil wool will be pold nt uncom. tiiotilv low nrico for cnali. or csclinnrrnrl lor must kinds of produce, by IjATiirtuf, PivrwrN Sl Wait. TIN PLATE &c. 4C0 B0XUS Tin Pialu iX Extra si zei nnd most npiiroved brands. 35 Bundles Sheet Iron R. G. 24 10 27 100 do. Iron Wiro 500 pound? Sheet Zinc 500 do. 'ruined Copper 500 do. Slipnt Lend 250 Squares Wire Vellum. To gcther with a general assortment of tinners' articles, all of which will be sold ut low prices for cash bv Vilas, Loomis,&. Co. Nov. 14. 1839 Highland Shawls. A new lot woollen and wors ted Tart on shtiwl.4 just opened, also French Onsliiutro, and Edinburgh and Tajjlione Sou wis for 6alo Cheap (or Caslml tho new establishment j f IjATirntip. PnTwrv & Wait SILVER WARE. SETT Plum and Swaged Silver Ta bio Spoons 150 do do. Tea Spoons. Together with a general assortment of Crenm Ladles. Silfrar Toorrs. Snh Smunu c &c. for .ulo to (be trade nt ncn, ufuc tutors prices ly Vilas, LooMis,M, Co. Nov. 14, 1339. Muslin Embroidered Bands. MUSLIN Edgings and nmcrlings, em. broidered Bands, Muslin collats new patterns and cheap, fancy handker chiefs und scarfs Glovco nnd Belts, a lull assortincnl at Lathuop. Potwin & Wait- 'TOO DOZEN Spool Thread. 100 do. Cotton Tapes, 50 do. Linen do. 100 Gioes Stny Sacoile. 10 du. Siay Backs. Just re ceived by ViL.13, Loomis & Cu. Ni.v. 14. 1S0O. Haw Silk Hose. FLUCY lined Rnw Silk iloso a new nnd Miportor nrticlo for winlercash niirii und Lambs wool, ribb'd raw Silk, and other kinds of Hosiery for sale cheap for cash at the new establishment of LATimop, Pol win & Wait. 100 r"83' Unction Ma'ches. For salnal I ho"mannfucturnr lnwcat irini'K bv Vilas. Lomm & Co. 20 PIECES Black Gro do Swis Silks. 10 do. Col'd Gru du Naples do. 20 do. Pongee do. Juh ree'd bv Vilas, Looms & Co. Nov. 14, 1IJ39. i CASE French Merinoi, 1 do. English do. 1 do. Embroidered do. 1 do. Alpines. Just received by Vilas, Luo.mis &Co. Nov. 14. 10.19. j DOZEN Merino Shawls, 3 do. Bclvidero do. 2 do Brochu do, G do Mousnlino do Lamo do Justrrc'd by Vilas, Luo.mis & Co. Nov. 14. 11)39. 7 PIECES Printed PongeeHandk'irc'f. ' 0 25 do Searlot do do 20 do Spun Sili;. du 20 dozen Italian Cravats 130 do Col tun Flaggs. Just ro ceived by Vilas, Lou.mis, &l Co. Nov, 14, 1039. C) Z REAMS FooUcap Puper -" 30 do. Ruled and Plain Lcltor do. For sale very Cheap by Nov. 14. 11239. Vilas, Looms, &. Co. 75 DOZ. Rodgers & AndorEou's Scissors 10 do do do Sli nnrn. 20 do Pocket Knivos 50 do Razors. Just ree'd by Vilas, Loomis. &, Co. Nov. 14, 11139. THE BOOK STORE OF thu subscriber is now fully supplied with n variety of publications, buth to interest and instruct. Schunl Books ol every description used 111 uur common schools, and litorury imaituliorif; together with a comploto assortment of stationary, all of which are offered at wholesale or retail on the most reasonable terms. .. D A. DRAMAN. Burlioton, Nov. 0, 1839, HAVE jrcceivi'd ti large stock, nnir cK-tlll." of till' various KW.ra niwl nf llw most approved patterns of Cooking Slaves u'ircuicr wiin 0 linx.l'.nlor and Can ndu plate do. of tho various sizs.-,Having extended this branch nf tlmir iiiuin,.c.. nml spared no pniiw to proeuro Stoves of the mosi npprovcti patterns, I hnrj well mnuti fac'tircd and from stock nf superior quality, thuv believe themselves prepared lo offer dealers and others bettrr bargntiis than were ever offered iu the Slate. ""They in vito the attention of purchasers tu tin? an sortment of Stoves, where they may also find Stove pipe, 111 nnj quantity and of nil IZUS of Ell!'ll?h. AlliertCfiti nod Cnnmln Shcnt Iron-'also Slovo tritntniugs in every variety, such ns Copper, Copper boHotu nnd tin Boilers, Tea Kettle, sheet Inn dripping pans, &c. Hollow Ware for Siovpn.Pots. Kettles, Spiders. Iiv "in &.C.- Farmers' Kettle, I. 1J 2&3 Carrels. Nov. 15, IU39. Gilbert Brewster's Estate. fjpO thu Hon. the Probate Court for tho JL District of Chittenden cotiius thu sub. senber, nilmini3trntor of ilia Estate of Giib'rt Brewster, Into of Po'kopsio in the State of New York, deceased, hav ing ostaln 111 fcuul Dntnet, und repre-r-euts that the persorml e-tnto of said de ceased will not bo Htiflicieul to pay Ihe debts thmoof, und the costs of settlement by the sum of gGOO. And that u jiart of siud ojtatc enoiiot be sold Without iu jury to those interested lit the remainder, wherefore he prnya thu Hon. Court to grant linn licoutoio sell ll'e whulu of the real estate of said deceased, within said (Itbtrict agreeably to the Slatuto 111 such case made and provided. J. VAN SICKLEN jr. Burlington, Nov. 12, 1039. STATE OF VERMONT, Distuict or Chittenden, nn. S The Hon. Ihe Probate Court for the D'n tricl of Chittenden, to the heirs of Gil berl Braester late of Poughkcepsie in the State of New York, deceased, having eilate in said District ; also lo all. per sons interested in Ihe estate of said de ceased. GllKETINfi. WHEREAS, John Van Kicklcu, jr. VV Administrator of the Eitnti! of tlio said Gilbert Brewster hn h presonled to the said Court nn account of his admtnis tration of said e'latu for examination and allowance: nnd hath also represented lo this emilt tlin! til.' nerKfllinl nctnl., nf mill tlccodsed is insufficient to pay tlie just uruh tuereot, aou 1110 expenses ot settliii'.' snul otalo bv the sum of tff.nn 11 nil linlh nppliod to snid Court to fr",iiii him license it bo 1 0 1 1 uio teal l, ;rto ot ,aid ducreseil in snid ditrict. tcnrofontinn Ihnt ri nnrt of said Ritato cannot bo cold without ieju ry in itioso interested in tlin remainder. WllOrefllle Said Court doth linrrhu inter and nsign the scunnd Wednesday ol Do comber next, nt the nffieo of the Register of this court, nt tlin Court H uise uMlur. llllL'ton. in t!3id district, fur esrp.imnnl inn and allotvauce of said account and lor a lull hearing in the preminei. And it is bcrehv llirther nniernil liu mill f'.nui il,i notice be given to the heirs of said decr-astd anu alt persons interesied, by publisliitii tnis aiiDlication and order ihren weeks successively as soon ni may bo, in tlio ercu 1 ress, n newepaper printed 111 liur. hiifrton in said District. Therefore vou nre hrrehv nniifieil in appenr before tho Probate Court nt n bps. sum thereof tn beholden nt the place aforesaid, nnd make objection if any you nave, to tue allowance ol aul accouti!, aild also ullUW nnilrill it nnv vim Inm nirainst the raniiiig of license to sell eaid real estate, or jjive bonus au said Court t-hall direc for the navmnut nf inul dnhii iiirniust said Estnte and all leal cost? of etittlnii' the same. r"-"T Given under my hnnd nml the JILj of said Probate Court, at t, j urijj,lt jn n,,,) district, tin? 12th day of Niuoiulier A, I). UI39. CHA'S RUSSELL, Judge, To the Hon. Ihe Supreme Court next to be Iwlden at Burlington within and for the County of Chittenden on the last Thurs day preceding the first Tuesday of Jan uary KUO. fin HE petition of Armiiia M. Bowen. of ii. Huiltlll'rtno. ill I lie inn, 11. r.f r'l,,'i tendeii ami stuto of Viirinont, respectfully sliowelh; That III thu n Ii ( N., ber 1933, at snid Huntintoii elm wn lawiuiiy joined in marriage to one Smith Bowutl. nnd that from Hint nnri.wl i il.a mootb.of October 1330, she resided with anu iiepi House or the stud Sunt 1 Itniven nt which last inent toned tiuiu thu said Smith absconded ami left the Slute, 11111! oas never since returned ; nor has she heard auv thmr ilefinitn of I liln Kllinn 1I10 month ul Di'ceinb"r of that year. 1 nat the said bnnth Bowen left her without any menus of stumor'. i'ir hnranlf and an iulatit child, tho fn. of thu stud tuarriiifjcj that slit; has 1. - , wholly do. pendant on her own inJu.Ury and the chari. ly of her Iriond frum Oct. 1330 to the present time. That (rotu the tlay of her tnarrtni' to the present tiiuu sho has duly observed and kept nil tho duiics enjoined upon her by thu marriage Covenant, u'uereioro she pray this llonoriiblo Court that tlio bonds of matrimony, ho iweeu her nnd the snul S'muli it, nun., bu dissolved, and she in all things rostnred lo her former lights und privileges. iiuteu at ljuriui'.'ton, uvembnr 9th 1039. ARM IN A M. BOWEN. by W.m. P. Unions, hor Atturnoy. STATE OF rEIUIONT,) C11 itte.mien Onu.vrv. Sd. Ta the Sheriff of the County of Chittenen, his Deputy or either dilutable of Hun tinslon, in said County, Gbeetino. TY tlio outhority of tho State of Ver. JLJ moot you aro hereby cotMBunded to( Hlunmriri Smith Bowen, Into f Huii,iiiton. niores.'iul lo appear hefnre the Sunreum Court next, in ).( Imldeit nt Borlinl mi. wi hui and lor the (juuuiy of CuiUioi'l "ti i'ii the hint Tintr-day pri!i:iilii,rf t'n; llr.t Toe..r'ny of .lanuirv next. th"n nnd Ibere to niHWer to llio foreirtnnir pelllinu ot Ihe -aid Artniiin AI. Brown. Hereof lull not hut lejrnl service and duo return tnuke uccnrdtilit in law. Given under my band at Burlington, in Ihocontilv uf Chl'ltenden IhU 13111" day of Nov. 11)31. M. L BENNETT, Jmlgn nf Sup Court. STATE OF VERMONT, f ClII I'TI'.NDEN CllUNTV, SS ( JffHEREAS it. H mndu to appear to me f that the loregoinr.' pptitionoe Smith Bowpii lives without the reach of letial irne'"w. it is thi'ieforo ordered thai Hie MilHtanci! of thu fnrtvroiiii; petition anil eiiittioti Iih published 111 the Borlinijlou Free Pros-, a newspaper piihlnhed nt Bur linrtfnii, in thy county of Chittenden, two weeks successively, the lns.t of which shall bo at loast six weeks before tlio sesion of the court to which said petition is return, oblo. Given under my band at Burlington, in the cotinlv of Chittenden, tliH I3h dnv of Nov. A. D. HI39. M. L. BENNETT, Jndxa of Ih". Supreme Court CORNS OIF THE PliliT. The Testimony the Proprietor is receiving, from various snurrcs, staling the astonish iiic n iv.? tjf..ct:d lii) means if the hi-rhh cehbrnltd ALBION CORN PLAS TER added to the constant demand for the article, from all parts of the country unquestionably proves it lo be out: of the bejt things lo be had, to give iinmedir.U catc, nlif.f and cure to Corns on the fed! In pro? of which, read the folhwing CASES. A Lady To whom refcrenco can be made, aflor siifi'orini' crent p.nn, am! inconvenience for years, Irom Corns, nml who in Ihe mean lime was uinkir.jr use of vartotH highly celebrated remedies, but to no purpose, und had in consequence of them repented disappointments, nearly dos paired of relief, mut happily tout with the Altitun Corn Pinter, one box ol which (at an expense nf only 50 cent has entire hj cured her Corns I So astonishing was tins cure as to induce several ot thu Irtcitds and neighbors of the lady to use tho same remedy, nnd with the same good success. An Old Gentleman Informed an Agent that after enduring niieon?cinnnble pain and trouble for years from a Corn. which hnd resisted every attntnrit to de stroy, was cured by this most valuable player ! A Pi:nsoN So crippled with Corns for for a long time an tn bo unable to walk had to cut holea in his uIukh to uasu Int. feetion? cured by this plaster ! Hits i'ln-ter gives immediate relief n soon 11s applied it do--olveH the Corn out root and branch without (he the least puin! t'rtcc 5U ctf. n tiox Tim TEETH, nr.msn anticeptic DLwrinucE. rnIHS elegant Hindu is pronounced by iL those who iisr it the mot valuable Tooth Powder they ever met with. I' pu.n-jesei tho peculiar excellence ofclentm iiijj 'lie teeth Irom nil ti.rtnrous encrutii tiutit, wtihoui inioriiig the puatnel. it 1111 parln u healthy freshness lo thu gums, a balttiv Hweelnec'j to tlin breath, and gives tu tli'i tenth a beautiful pearly whiteness. The two following testimonials were rccnvnd from gentlemen, (Clergytnun) of tho first respectability. Theological SEMiNAnv.Andover Sept 4. Sir hnviiig made a full trial of your Anttcop'ic Dentifrice, I am well snli-fiiid of Us uflicacy to prejerve the cleanliness and hcai hy snteof the Teeth and Gums, nnd to impart to the mouth a very agreea ble certsvmu of swot-tup". Your &e. (oimicd) J. C. WEBSTER Andoveu TirKoi.ooicAL Seminauv. Sept, L!d Sir, having for the past year used your Ar.lieepttc Dpinil'riee, I cannot hut nckiii'wlcilgn it lu be the uuut valuable Tooth Powder, especially for the preserva tion ofinc Ti elh, with which I am ac quainted. I hopo it will soon bu univer sally used. . Your. &:. (Smned) JOHN LORD. Priee. 50 Penis n box. AROMATIC PILLS ! DR. RELI'KS AROMATIC PILLS FOR FEMALES. For Obstructions, Debililu, Hypochondria fye. Pfl'SHEiSI'J Pin.i Cit'aiiM'.puriiv. and euio -iL a free circulation of the blood wh. 11 in n manner suspended, assist the female when nnturii requires it, whereby health is eetabliijlied, and tho patient before pale tn dentil, rostnred to n lively and allium, ted complexion. They nro likowisn con' tlucivo to tho health of inarned Indies, uo less whin pregnant, or of hectic or con. sumptivj habii, when they must not bo taken. Thes Pills liavo been ofimmensn bntie fit to tlio feoialu part of the community. Price, $1 50 11 bu. I;4 Prcpateii and bold bv T. KIDDER. uc cosior to D' Co.nvny.99 Court st up Mnirs near Concert Hall, U .iiun. nnd imiv nlso bo had of J. & J. Ii. PECK, & CO. Burlington, Vermont. None genuine unless signed T. Kiddeu on Hie outside printed wrapper. Largo discount to dealers. GOODS A1? QOm POSf ffff. W. A.TMJNT & CO. INTENDING to discoiitintio thu Dry (joods biHiness on thu ls ol May next., now ol)or tiiolr enliru Slock of Dry GuWi at cimt for cask. Their ntsorl inent of goods has been mostly purchased this fall vith rash, nnd nt lower rales than wote ever boloro known. Tho public aro invited to call nnd ex-i aintiu goods and piices und judge fur tlit'tisolves. j I Darlington, November 0, 1039. GRINDSTONES & PLASTER. ALrgo assorlmunt ol Walur and Hand Griiidsiunes, and Plaster 111 any quan tity, constantly on liii ml and lor sale by Soui.e, Whitney 1S1 Co., 4, Souih st. N. w Ymk, und by tlio subscribers at No. 7, L Wharf, Boton. SPRAGUE, SOULE & Co. Juno 17, 1 0 in fi-" ny ESPECTFULLY lenders Ins thanks B.TL to Ins fofiner imtroiis 111 Burliiigion. .lertco and Combridge. for their lineml support Inst winter, mid wjuld inform them that ho intends provided sufficient citcour. ngi'innnt. is given, to open a school for in struction tn Ihe polite accomplishment of Dancing, about the fi'st of nexi month in tho obovo places. He intends also to open a school in E't-cx mid Willislon. The Inte-t tylcof Dancing vill bu taught, and the best music provided. Wnlt7.1ng.Spnn tsh Unices, Quadrilles, Gollopndea, Colli Iioih nnd Contra Uances taught 111 tho latest style, with all the now unpruvi; incuts. Mr. Saunders will nlso provide first rate Mihic for Bills, Parties, &c, dunng the winter, on reasonable terms. Binlington. Oct. 25. 1039 CHEAP CASH yVRE'. HOWARD IS bock nguitt frum New YmU and what ho has learned and dent! for his cuslo iticrs he never did or had 0 cltnuee to do before, lib worked up to his $100 Faculty 7M'ond bought goods so cheap that ut the watne rate if it hnd have been a couple of itunilred dollars more, his customers would have been entitled to their goods free nnd 11 draw back besides from former profits, for Ins cash sjstcm has been found to work so well that Iih money came very near overrunning and who utrely would bo so UUeiy to catch it up and be benehtted by it as Hioso who visit htm the ofienest. So large, so beautiful, so rich and snlen. diil u 11 assortment of goods hu never had befure, and as to prices they aru cheaper than evor bcturo known. His assortment now arriving is um hitherto unsurpassed ono in every possible respect. There i- now innbahly hut few arttclss in the DRV GOODS line but what nmv be had at his cheap cash store CROCKERY. GLASS WARE, LOOKING-GLASSES AND House keeping ARTICLES tn every van ety. A (till assortment nf NEW Carpeting, OIL CLOTHS, RUGS. Paper ILtnmgs. tSf. ,-i;. Also. DRY GROCERIES LAMP OIL, BUFFALO ROUES. FUR CAPS, COLLARS Ermine (ot Ln.lie. (Inul; linings. BOOTS, SHOES, INDIA RUBBERS. Jfi: ,-c. All, all, having been hoii"ht low, will hu sold CHEAP at HOWARDS. Nnvrinber G . 1SI39. Tj S under I he necessity of culling 011 all Ji. indebted to him, lor a s-eit letnent ol account's. Ifthcjdebt is cash, he is in great need of it, and if anything else, let ih have it and see what we can do with 11. I mul pay my own dents, and in order to do so I tmii-t he pmd. All having unsettled ac counts will plenso tnko notice. Burlington, Nov f! I.'!39 (fTlOR THE IMA NO FORTE, selected U- by Prof. Molt, and of the most inter esting character, for tnlo at the Book' D. A. BRAMAN. No v. 0. 11109. The nimble sixpeme belter than the flow shillins'' JW. WEAVER is now receiving . from New York n general as sortment of GROCERIES, (with thu exception of (imIimii hpiriis.) also, dotiirvtic Dry Goods Fork S: Flour. AImi, 500 11:1 trs of BOOTS i"v SHOES, eoiisiftiug of Qalf, Kip. water I rool, I liicl; Boots, mid ahuiist all kind-. sor's, and sizes, of Shoes for men. women and children. Mon and boy CAPS. fye.. all hooglit with cai-h nnd will bu sold lor cash at the lowest market prices. IVimnsUi. Village Nov. 1039. Balsom of Liverwort. "fTOIl selling Doet, Taylor' Balsom of Lie m. encotl, fir Consumilion. Liver Cam- plaints, Coughs, Cotdi, Spitting nf lllnod. Pain in the Si'ln, or IS nasi, Asthma. Pleurisy, Short ness nf Breath, Palpitation of the Heart, l)e hililij, JVcnrusiuss and all diseases of the Lung and Livun. Tho virtues of this celebrated nrticlo has hut recently been toiled in tln.i region stilu cicnl however, has been used, in Chittenden and Addison eoiuinties, to give it justly a iiamn above any inediuiuo, hithuito iiH'oied as a rumcdy and euro for consumption and liver eomplauls t o sliow wliat cures may ha ex pcclod from its use, wo insert a niugIo" ease as published in the New 1'ork Dailv Express, ioveiubcr4,18Jt5 "Tho Balsam nfLivorworl has found hundreds of adtocates, and has produced so large a number ortesiiinoniaN iu its favor ns purhaps (o render furtlirr approba. lion uiiueressaiy. I camiut wilhold my small meed of praisn, knowing mysulf ptu.di-poscd lo cunsuiuplioii, both for peculiar Ibrnialion and hereditary truuniiioii, 1 nought all ineaits lo obvialo this enlamity, and recover a naturally weak constitution. I siumt two yeari at Pisa, m Homo, two years iu Florence, and another 111 tho south of Prance, seeking 1110:111 nine tlio advico of tho Physicians, Last summer I relumed to this country, not recruited 111 health, and perhaps not much, if any worse, ill u 11 when I loft. I had been in tho Heading Rooms iu Europe, American nows.pipfis, containing advertisements of thu Balsom of Liverwort, and resolved upon trying it bonstuil virtue. As soon as I arrived in this country, I used it, und in ihreu ihuhIIh 1 was so well that 1 concluded I could safely pass tho winter here, und accordingly dttl mi, I have need a buttle now and then, through the pabt suinuiur. I nui uuw 111 usgiud health as I can wish to bu ; my cough Iiiih woolly siibildud, ami my lungs havu every fooling ol health. I shall bo pleased to receive any per son, who may wUh for further particulars, at my lodgings, City Hotel, A. A. DKI.AI'ir.l.D. Tho largest itiul most beautiful assortment of Shawls, Fancy llaiidkctchiufp, and Scarfs, at Lyman & lotti's, Oct, 10. NO W O P ENINQ. nn II AN KFtJL 10 our unmerous friondu Ji. &Cot.inui"r.i nnd encouraged by mora than exprcied iiCfc, wu havu been itiiluceil to Htieiid several weeks at Now York, in selecting our Fall nnd Winter slock of Gonds, nt a tune too when wo could buy them low, which will enable us In sell lower than Goods of the snme qual ity havo bueiiHold here before. Wu ttivitu the Ladies and Gent lenieu of this Town and vicinity nut) id other Towns to call nnd'oxntnino uur assortment, whether Ihvy wish to buy or not, Goods will be freely shown, nnd sold as low as they can be pur. chased at any other place, without exception. Our nssortineiit is very extensive und 13 this Fall unusual y Good. Wu Iiiito line Wutcbus Clocks, Jewel ry, und Brittnma Ware; A beautiful si. tuclcs latest style. Alio Silver Spectn cle. English, French. Gorninn nnd Amer ican Perfumery, '2 doz. fine. French Accor il nils. Mont all kinds of Musical lu-iru" fA.. inents and inslrtietiu'n Looks lor them. Finn fancy Boxes and many prett v articles nitnbU for Prcsenta. Brushes 0 111 b s, Cosmetics, Hair Oils, und almost nil nrtic'es cooneetetl with tli'.a depart ment. Pins, Needle Sttllettnes.ScisSsors. Knives Eyelets, and very many other littlo articles of every day' use, Snuffers and Trays. Cantors, Candlp- sticks, Siivcr.Gormon Vjflt "ttver. riotcu nna otn B"I i!r Snnnna n film aM pii- :t1 in 1 1 111 e 1 1 1 . Silk Pur ses, fine Pocket Books Monev Bolts. A Inn"! n-sortincntmcni of v 8 ting and printing Girds, Penci B Paints nulla rubber, inkstands, sand and saml Boxes. Paper Knives, Pen and Pocket Knives. Silver fruit Knives. Rnzors.strana boup and Brushes Stocks, Collars, Bm uoiiis. Lamp Wick of all sizes. Port Cos litis, Manifold Wri' tms, Card Cases. A heauttful assortment of DolU 10 cts. to 3.75. GOOD THERMOMETERS. Court Planter, Ltp salve, Pocket Ink stands. Gold and silver Pencils, Rings. Pins Key. Chains, SnnfT Boxes, 6hell Combs. FRANCOIS MARIE FARI, NA'S Cologne, winch is the best article made we have it of 2 Qualities. Silver and Pluied Cun, Fruit and Butter Knives Tea Caddies, Fish Knives, Sunn Ladles, Wnfers, Letter Stamps. Paper. Ink, Quill Metal and Wood Spool stand', steel and wood screw Cii-mtuus, Tooth Powders & Wash. Itidelhblu Ink warranted first rate. WEDDING STOCKS, Pantaloon strap--, Canes und riding Whips, Battledore-', Graces Cigar Ca- se-i, miirso Carks soothing syrup for children. Cooirli nnd other Lozentres. Poor man's Planter, Mnn-nns PilU end Powder. lays Liniment. Pocket Memo random Book various sizes. Chess mon and Hoards ; Willow Waggons. Chairs & Cradles small Baskets, Ringlets, Nursing' Bottles nnd Tubes, Preston calls ; Otto of rose, itc. &.c; We might goon to almost any extent in enumerating tho articles wu keep for salu but the above will shew thoso who are nut aware, nf the extent uf our variety that wo truly do keep a VARIETY STORE. ( Ve would apprise strangers visiting our "wu, mat wo uiu coiiMauilv mmiufac- luring in oun snoi pure Silver Spooua anil nt us low pri- iVces as the natnu quality can bo bud any where. ?ici And that we continue to repnir every description 'JrJof WA TCHES. as usual f 0V '-;X 1,1 n "ly'e second to 110110. C 1 We wish our friends iv' ' ' ' ifj n customers to under-.JjT.ii-'' stand ditinclly that wo will sell overv de.-criptiouj of Igoods we keep, ns low as any oilier Person. without KxcF.i'7 ion nodus we keep our iissoiimt ut at all times Good, they may save themselves seme trouble by enriuiriri'' for any arttlce thev wi-h for, at tho VARIETY STORE. Many Goods we keep, aro not in sight Arrangements aro made for receiving Goods from New York during the winter PA.Nfillon.v &, BlUNSMAIO. Watch Makers iV Silver Smiths. rni II E subscri JL bcr respect fully informs tho public thai ho hau commenced tho manufaeluro of Boots Shoes of almost all de scriptions in tho shop recently occupied by J. Tryon, in .Strong's building, where ho will bo happy tu accommodate all those who wish for a good article cheap fur cash, no mistake. I). S. RUSSELL. ntir!tnglan,Ort.2d, 1833. 3w ill KS. SICSOUKMQY'S Boy's &, Girl's Rending Hook. flM HE attention ot'Teaciiers is called lo iL this work peculiarly adapted to the pressing wants ot our schools. It intuits a cordial welcome and a warm approval. It I hoped before another year is passed it will he in every school in the state. D A BRAMAN. STRAY HORSE. STRAYED from tho subscriber about two or three months since a black Mere, whitu face- and white hind feet, with bllV colt. Whoever will give information whero they may bo found will confer favor on ihe snh-crihor MAXHAM BLAIR. Burlington, Nov, 0, 1039,

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