Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 22, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 22, 1839 Page 4
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JVO W O P E NING . THANKFUL loniir numerous friends fSiCnstorners tinit encouraged by inuro til R II (XM.'Clftl sllCCO--, WIJ 0VU( been induced In suend several weeks nt Now Yuri., in m'!"CI m; our Foil nnd Winter uloek nf G imis, nt n Din" Ion when we could liny Ilium low, wliitsb will enable uJ to sell lower than Good. of Ihe snme qnnl ity havo been sold hero hefnro. Wo invite the Ladies nuil Gout lemon of this Town mid vicnity nnd of other Towns In cnll nnd'exntnine our nssnrimcni. whether they wish to buy or nut, Goods will bo freely' shown, mid sold as tow as they ran be pur. chased at ant other place, without cxicplion. Our nssortuieiit is vciy extensive nuil if tliH Fall unusually Good. We hnvo fun) Wiiiclics Clocks, Jewel ry, uuil Britttitmi Wuru ; A beautiful ns- toclos Intc9t stylo. AIo Silver Specta .clcs, English, French, Gorman and Amor 'cun I'ufinmery. 9. doz. fine French Accor dions. Most all kinds of Musical In-trii-(A, menis nnd iiutruijiion Blinks fur t limit. Fitn t'nncy Boxes mid many pretty nri iclcs suitable i... i... ti i jA iim i (.'Minis. I'msnes t, o 111 ii (i, uoamoncs, flair Oils, nnd nlmnsi nil nrtich'fi cntmoelod with this depart merit. Pius, Needles Siilleltocs, Scissors, Knives Eyelets, nnd very iiimy oilier little nrticles of every day's use. Troys, Castor.-, Candle slicks, Silver, German silver. Plated nnd ollr er Spoons n titio as- diriment. Silk Pur scs.finc Pocket Books r)t)fiv Beits. A larp-o a sorimeniinent ol V8 tinji and priming Cards, Pcncis Puinls India rubber, midlands, Kami and sand Ilexes, Paper Knives. Pen mid Pocket Knives. Sliver fruit Knives, Rr. ds. straps foiap nud Brushes Stocks, Collars. I3n' coins, Lamp Wick1 of all sizes. Port Cos hos, Manifold Wri ters, Card Cases. A benutilul assortment of Dolls 18 cts. to $3 "5. GOOD THERMOMETERS. Court Plaisier, Lip salvo. Pocket Ink piands. Gold nnd silver Pencils, Rings, Pins Keys. Chains. Snuff Iinxes, shell Combs. " FRANCOIS MARlH FARi, NA'S Cologne, which is the hurt nriicle inndo wo hove it (if 2 Qualities. Silver nnd Plated Cup", Fruit and Butler Knives Ton Caddies, Fish Knives Soup Ladles, Wafers, Letter Stamps. Paper. Ink, Quills Metal nnd Wood Spool stands, steel nnd wood screw Cushion, Tooth Powders & Wash, lndellible Ink warranted first rate. WEDDING STOCKS, Pantaloon strap-, Canes nnd riding Whip, Battledore--, Grace3, Cigar Ca fos, Nurse Clarks soothing syrup for children. Cough nnd other Lozenges. Poor man'n Planter, Mnnsnns Pills mid Powder. Hays Liniment. Pocket Memo randum Books various sizes. Chess men nnd Boards ; Willow Waggons, Chairs & Cradles small Baskets, Ringlets, Nursing Bottles nnd Tubes, Preston sails ; Olio of rose, &c. &c; We might goon to olmo-t nny extent in onnmonuing iho articles wo keep for sale hut Ihe above will shew those who are not a ware, ol the extent of our variety that wetrulv do keep n VARIETY STORE. Wo would apprise strangers visiting our Town, that we aru consinntlv manufac- t h r i n rj in nun shop pure Silver Spoons and nt ns low pri ces as I lie siitno quality can bo had And that wo continue to repnir every description qf WATCHES, as mual in a style second to none. Wo wish our Iriends vnrS-i si "lond customers- to under- V8LZ&23& stand distinctly that wo will sell evorv ile.-criptinnj of lijunds we keep, na liwni nny other Person, without exception and H9 wo keep our ii9sortment at all Iiiiicj Good, they may save themselves smno trouble by enquiring tor any artiicn ihov wi-h tor, ni the VARIETY STORE. Many Good we keep, are not in sight Arrangement'' are made for receiving Goods from New York during the winter. P.ANfinnnN & BltlNSMAII). Watch Mtkeri & Silver Smith. rjn HEfubfcri JL her respect fully informs tho public thai ho has commenced t Ii o nianuiacluro of Boots Shoes of almost all do. ecriptions in tho shop recently occupied by J. Tryon, in Strong's buildin;,', where ho will ho happy to accommodate all iIiomi who wiuli for a uood articlo cheap for cash, no mistake 1). . RUSSELL. Burlington, Oct. 28, 1838. 3w MRS. SIGOUU.NHY'S Boy's Girl's Reading Book. THE attention of Teachers is called to this work peculiarly adapted to iho pressing wants ol our schools. It merit 6 n cordial welcome and a warm approval. It is hoped beforo another year is passed it will tie in every school in the stale. D A. BRAMAN. STRAY HORSE. S' TRAYED from tho subtcriber nbout two iWm or thrco miinths since a black Mare, whito faco and whito bind feet, with a bay colt. Whoever will give information whore they may bo found will confer a favor on Iho subscriber. MAXHAM BLAIR. Burlington, Nov. 0, 1839, Snuffers and nny where. mmma NEW GOODS, & NEW FASHIONS. WOULD Inform his friends nnd the pub. ho dial lie hai just returned from Nuw Votk with a rnnipleto asforlinmil of H 110.1 OCLOTim. C.INSIMEIIES AjXD vnsrhvas- Miilnliln for winter wcai, which ho ronsiders wiill worthy tho attention of Iho public. The f-Joods woro Kolcetnd with earn In the New York markets, and he is confident thnv will give satisfaction to all who may need anything in ins line. A good assortment of LINEN COLLARS, BOSOMc", STOCKS, SUSP i:NDi:its,.&c. iVc. iili.ii constantly on linnd, Burlington Oct. Ill, 1li39, FA1"GOODSr 3d Oct. lt;:3!). JUST received MKKENOB, French. English, German, Saxony, G 1 splendid C')loll TM Alpines French nnd Emjlifh fig'il Hoinbnzines French and nun. Alpaeca Cloth, for ladies' cloaks, a splendid articlo Mouce.lin Do Lains Ciially. and Satin Lawni f Gro do Afriquo I Bops firo do Swiss SILKs-J Poult do Soiu IGro do Nap Italian Lustring ( Sinchnws SHAWLS Merino, Thibet, Bieb Cash mere, Kaybal, French Tartan, Angola, Mode color'd Merino, Plaid, Printed Kaybal, Prussian, spun Silk and Bro r.hco Ladies Brown Cotton, bleached, Lislo Thread, assorted colors, Merino, whito and color'd, Worsted, Silk Hose, for salo by II. W. CATLIN & Co. LOVELY & IIURLBUT, At the sin nf jY. I.ovehj if Co. ) BL'llMr5T0N, Vt. ARB now opening a morn extensive ni-fortinent of Goods than is usually, if i'vnr, found in nny on country Store, which am now offered by windfall or relnll, to nut purchasers, nt reduced prices from former sale--, lor Cndi. Butter, or other ready pay. as may be agreed npnn. To (.'niuneinlt' unr iisortmeul would require limn ifVcossarily rlevoied to distributing those goods to those who may avail them selves of purrhn--ing cheaper than ever before. Wo give a fpecunen of our Goods by enumerating only a lew. 73 pieces Fr., Iialinn and India Silks, nf every color mid quality from i yd. to IJ vd. wide 30 pieces Monslin do Liin Plain nnd lig'd Alpine", n grent variety Eng. Fr. nnd American Prints Circassians, Eng. & Fr. Merinos, all colors Eng. Fr. and American Broad Cloths, from 1 50 tn 10 per yard Eng. and Amcr. Cnn'meres nnd Satinetts A great variety nt Domestic Goods, such n Cottons. Yarn, Baiting, Wadding, Wicking. Ticking &c. Silk nnd enlton Velvets, nsnrted Merino Frmge nnd Trimmings Liberia, Egyptian, Tnrtnn, Highland, Brocliee and Merino Shawls Thread and Cotton Laces Wrought Collars Lmcn nnd Cotton Drapers and Tabic Spreads 50 pieces Rn.ia, Eng. Brussels and American Carpeting Stair Carpeting mid Covering Ru-li Cnrpeiing from 1 to I J yd. wide Carpel Binding and Thread Iloii-ie Paper Sugars, Teas. Molasses, Pepper. Spices, (imger. Salerntus, Raisins, Rice, Starch I'ic. ic. Cmcknrv and Glass Ware Looking Glosses -ALSO-Embno'il, Damask and Vnter'd Moreens nnd Dania.'k Salin, nsuripil A coiinut supply of Farwoll's. morocco and kid lines nnd gaiter Boots. Oct. 3r. it::!o. SASH FACTORY- THE subscriber would respectfully inform iho inhabitants of Burlington that by the caniesl solicitation "fa number of gentlemen residing in and adjacent to said town, lie has been constrained to establish a S,SIl FACTORY. at Colchester Falls, (one milo from tho Court i7oiiM!,in Burlington.) where ho will bo happy to supply all thoj-o who may wish to pureliaso Window Sash fir Winds. His long experience in Iho above, hiisiucs warrants him in assuiiug nil those who mny favor him with their patron, age, that they may depend upon a first rale article, ns ho is iiutcrminnd to employ nono but first rate workmen mid his stock will be of iho very best materials. Orders from a distance addressed to the subscriber at Bur lington, Vl. will bo thankfully recoived ami promptly attended to. SIDjYEY SMITH. Co'chesttr Falls, August 5. 1839. N. B. Alt woik warranted to bo good. or no sale. Any size or quantity of Sash, fur. nishcil to order. If WINDOW SASH. JUST rcccivod 15 20 Si 24-7 by 9 casements of sash, a first rato article, at 3j ami 3i cts. per light. Also, all kinds and sizes, furnished lo order. Ticonderoga Black Lend, a first rato articlo, for salo very low, together wilh a great variety of other articles, us cheap as can bo found at any nlucr cslau lishmcnt in Iho place Geo. Pctuiison DB, M, HITCHCOCK'S NEWLY IN VENTED SNUFF Tho best articlo ever discovered by scientific men. in Euronu or America, for tho euro anil absolute relief of Catarrh, Dizziness of tho Head, Weak Eyes, Nervous Headaches. Fallen sickness, Fits, nnd infants Doubled with Snufllos, partial shocks of Palsy, fce. For salo, wliolosalo mil retail, by A. Hitch. cock & Co., solo proprietors, 117 Gcnosue street, Utico, and by their agents throughout tho United States and Oanndn. in Hurling tonlonlv by J.&J. II. PECK & Co., in Vor. pennesby J, II. BOWMAN, in Milton by Wiiit.nuv, Landon & Co., in Georgia by Loronzo Janes, nug2 $Ii GeoTjjc Snunticufl TT ESPECTFULLY lenders i,h thanks to Ins former puirons in Burling'on. .lerico nnd Cnmhriilge, for Iheir hliernl support last winter, nnd would inform them that hi) intends pruvnlfiil siiinciout rncour agement is given, to open n school for in struction' in tho polito aceoniplHhinntit of Daneing. about the first of next monih in tho nhovc places. lie intends nlso to open a school in E-"?ex nnd Wilhstou. The latest Myloof Dancing will ho taught, nnd Iho best music provided. Wnlizing. Span ish Dinces, (iundriHes, Gnllnpades, ColiL lions and Contni Danr.e.s taught in the latest style, with nil the new improve ments. Mr. Saunders will nlso provide first rnte Mii'ic for Balls, Parties. &c, during the wtn'er, on rensnnable terms. Burlington. Oct. 25, 1030 BR. CA2Xi VOIC, FR 0.-1 GERMAjYV. H" ATI! Irwin Harmony N. Y.) Ten jLA ders his medical services in the in habitants of Williston and vicinity. His intention being to sotili; permanently amongst them, he hopes to be fnvonred with their patronage. His oflice is at the Englfi Hnll. kept by Mr. Raymond in the village ol Williston. Williston Oct. 25 1039 rnO remove theso trnnblcsomo mid danger- JL ous inhabitant!) uT tho Htomach and bow els, which so often impair tho health and dc strov the lives children and adults, USE Doct M. Hitchcock's WORM TEA a curtain and safo preparation for thu removal of tho vari ous kinds of u nrnis that infest Iho human sys tern. Wo say USE Dr. M. Hitehcok's Worm Tea. for this plain reason that in no one of tho thousand casscs, wlmrc il has been used agrceablo to thu printed directions, lias il ever tailed. N. IJ. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Ti:a. as there are many nostrums nbroad for the dnst ruction of worms. For i-alo wholesale and retail by A. Hitch. cock & Co.. solo proprietors, lli Gnncseusl, Uliea.niid by theii agents throughout the United States am) Canada. In i!urlington hy .1. & J. II. PECK & Co., in Vcrgcnncs by J. !!. Bowman, in Milton by Whitney, Laudon K Co., in licorgia by Lorenzo Janes. aug'j 50 pieces of almost as many dillurctit kinds for Ladies Cloak MufT-f, and of all tho various names in Iho catalogue oflhc day, at LYMAN & COLE'S. Oct. 10 3t()) nieces of fig'd Alpines, fig'd Saxonys, iloublo and siuglo width. 10 ps. super r .ench Mousclin du lame, 20 pieces doSeolcli ami l.ngll.Mi all wool. Oct. 10. at LYMAN k. COLE'S. M". Ij. BENNETT PROPOSES to lake n lew studenls in the LAW. His object will be to give them a thorough course of instruction. Rnrlinsl'in." Oct. 21. 1039. Twist Combs and Combs of all kinds. 10 dozen fine horn TwNt Combs and all other kinds received at the Variety Sloro PANxnnriN & uhinsjiaid Tbo largest and most, beautiful assortment of Shawls, Fancy Handkerchiefs, nnd Scarfs, at Lyman it l oi.e's. Oct. Ill Students and others can find ihogroainsl variety of rich fig'd and plain sat in STOCKS, all patterns, cheap. Oct. l!t. LYMAN it COLE. 100 north west Builalo Robes at thirty per cent less (ban last years prices, superior quality. IjIMAN iv. COLE. A few ps. double India Silk, Turk, satin plain and fig'd I.Iuo black, Gro dol Swiss, fig d and plain, gro do naplcs silk, for saloby LYMAN .CCIL" 3i bales Cotton Sheeting, Siurting. Jrnildint.', Batting nnd cntinn yam. 300 Pieces French. English, Scoth and American Printed calicos from C.J cis per yard, to the highest prices. COO yards of Figured and Plain Merinos. A great variety of rich Vesting. For sale bv LYMAN & COLE, Wanted in exchange for goods 1000 yards Grey Cloth, 500 yards llannel. 'J000 pair Socks of the best quality. prs. of Ladies fine Shoes and slippers, assorted qualities, also nico se lected India Rubber over Slides, for Ladies and Misses, AO pairs gonllcmen's do. a few pairs nico gaiter shoes nnd dancing Pumps, at Oct. LYMAN & COLE'S. llTi' ps. Broad Cloths and Cas- siuiercs, at about two thirds tho former prices, Beaver and Pilot do. LYMAN & COLE. HAS removed his ofiicu to n room over Messrs. Lyman & Colo's. Entrance beiween Messrs Lymnn Si Colo's and Dr MoodyV. Burlington. Oct. 25, 1039 The nimble sixpence better than the flow shilling. NEW GO ODS. JV. WEAVER is now receiving . from New York a general assortment of GROCERIES, (wilh tho exception of ardent spirits,) also, domestic Dry Goods, Pork Sc Flour. Also, 500 pairs of BOOTS &: SHOES, consisting of Calf. Kip, water Proof, Thick Boots, nnd almost nil kinds, sorts, anil sizes, of Shoes fur men. wnmon and children. Men nnd bnys CAPS, Sfc,, all bought with cash and will bn sold for cash at thn lowest market prices. Winnoslci Village. Nov. 11139. MUSIC. FOR THE PIANO FORTE, selected by Prof. Molt, and of the most inter esting character, for salo nt Iho Book Store. D. A. BRAMAN. Nor. C, 1030. LYMAN & OLE eAVtJ returned from Boston nnd New York with a moro nmnptu'.o assort nient of GOODS ihnn I hoy have ever ho foro ofi'ored lo the public i which theynro now opening nnd offer for sale, for cash nt much less prices than Iheyliavu ever been nhle to cider them. In cousecjui'iicu ol Goods having been sr.crificr-d tit Auction, they wore furl una t c? in making their pur chases with cash, nt n time nf the grcatrsi pressure, nt their own prices. Ladies and fieni lumen can now buy ni tunny goods .V Lyman &, Cnle'n for tine dollnr, ih they could formerly bav bought for one dollar and twenty five to filty cents. Please call and ep what wo can show yon in the way of DRY GOODS. Our assortment is too pxter-ivi to eniimeraii nriin!. s. Oct. II!. Utero Abdominal Supporter. rRlIIlS new Instrument (or tin radical JL cum nf Prolapsus Uteri or Falling of the Womb, by external application, super seding the nee oftbe objectionable Penary, is confidently recommended In the afflicted ns tho means of n perfect relorntiuti to health, it never having failed of perlorming euro even under the most aggravated circumstances. 1 1 has received the decided approbation nf Sir Astley Cooper of LON DON; Sir Benjamin (. Brodie; Sir James Clark, Phystciun lo the Queen ; Dr. Asb well. Lecturer on Midwilury tn Guv's Ilns. pilnl; I)'. Itiobv. Leclnter to St. Barthnl omes"; IJ r. Griffith. Lecturer to Westmin ster Hospital: Dr. ilain?l)r.ibam. Lecturer to London Hospital: Robert Ferntion, Lecturer tn Westminster Lying-in lto--pi tnl. Dr. Swealnmn, Lecturer lo Middlesex Hospital, nnd senior Accoucheur to Queen Charlotte s Lying-in-ilpspilnl ; also by Henry Davics, Conquest; Bluiidell, Jjpp, Mcrriman, Surfroon Kcatea &c. by I)r Moroau President of ibe Academio Royalc do Medccire, PARIS and Accoucheur to the Duchess D'Orleans; Prn!bnrs Vel pcau Mnrjnlin, Paul Diilinie, Satwnn nnd 'itbers; and in Nov; York by Professor J. W. Francis ; G. S. Bedford, M. I). Profersor nf Midwifery in University Ihe city NEW YOIvK: Professor Dolafielil, I'rofesMir Francis U. .lohnston. President County Med. Society; Laurens Hull, pres. Medical society, stale of New York; prof, lame- McNaughton of Albany; profcsor March, prof. Cyrus Perkins, prof. Donne Drs. Thus. Boyd, Gilbert. Smith, Ho-ack, Stearns, Ludlow, Cist-am, Vnche, Power, Gray.-on, Van Ren-salacr and ninny oilier distinguisbeil Phvsiciaiw in the U. Stoles. A. G. HULL :--Ollice Veey&t, Aslnr House, New York. DITA conslnnt supply of ihe above Inslrii incuts, with Dr. Hull's Improved Trtirs for Hernia will be kept by ROBERT'MOODY. Druggi!. Burlington, Vl. Vi. W. Browser .Wddlebunj. Vi. II. Prentiss .Monlpnlicr. James Porter Rutland. jy 1.1 y INCOMPARABLE TOOTH PREPARATION. THE Utopian dreams of ihe alchymist nro realizied, and a remedy discovered for Iho TOOTHACHE, and nrcscrviio' Uioo important and beautiful apiicndai'CRof iho human system, hv tho uso of ihe MAG- JYETIC OnOjY'flCA, which by its attract - ivc, purifying and strengthening qualities, removes all extraneous substances from tho tenth, mil preserves them in their natural brilliancy, ami tho gums in soundness anil licauly. Jt is ascertained Iroin experience, that when used, tho teeth will never decav. but (remain till the falest age of man, with their natural wear, ff'heiilhey arodccaycil. its progress will bo arrested, and the teeth preserved and prevented from aching. All this has been dono in a niullitudeof instan ces: and more, in thousands of cases, nervous liintlinr.ho fthat climax of nain) has at on re. been effectually cuicd by iho uso of this the most popular dcntritriec in America. And the public, so far as they havo become ac quainted with tho merits of this tooh pow der, have mado uso of it as wo havo sold, within a short time, about HO. 000 boxes of IhoOdontica. And, in conclusion, where anil who is tho young lady or gentleman, aye, the individual that values a beautiful sol of teeth, sound gums, and a sweet breath, moro than fifty cents, that will bo longer destitute of a box of Dr. M. Hitchcock's incomparable Magnetic Odnntica? For sale, wholcsolo and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK k. Co., No. 117 Gcnooe street, Utica. N. Y. And by their agents throughout tho U. States and Canada, lu Burlington only by J. & J. II. PECK Si Co,, in Vcrgcnncs by J. II. Bow man, in Milton by Fhilnoy, Landon Si Co., in Georgia by Lorenzo Janes. aug2 Ilmw you a Cough? TO.OCO DIE OF CONSUMPTION every year in tho United States, and millions sufior from troublesome coughs nnd cold, that can bo cured by Dr. M. Hitchcock's Vcgcta bio Virgin Cream Cough Diops, a safo medi. eal prescription, containing no poisonous drugs, and used in an extensive practice for several years, will most positively afford re. lief, and save you from that awful disease, pulmonary consiun plinn,which usually swoops into tho gravo hundreds of tlioyoung, tho old, tho fair, thu lovely and tho gay .' Have you a cough ? Bo persuaded to pur chnso a bolllo of llio Cough Drops to-day ! To-morrow may bo too tale. Have you a cough .'Dr. Hitchcock's Veg. otablo Virgin Cream Cough Drops is tho only remedy you should lako to euro you. For thin plain reason ; That in no ono of tho thousand casci whero it has been used has it failed to relievo Price, 75 conts per bottle. For sale, wholesale anil retail, by A. HITCHCOCK Si Co. No. 1 17 Gonesoo tt Utica, N. Y. And by llioir agents throughout llio United Stales and Canada. In Burlington only by J. Si J. II. Puck it. Co,, in Vorgcnncs by j, II. Bowman, in Milton by Whiinoy, Landon & Co., in Georgia by Lorenzo Janes. NEW GOODS THE subscriber has just received a general assortment nl DRY GOODS GROCERIES, CROCKERY. Sf GLASS WARE, which hu will sell nnu-iially low fur cash. HORACE LANE. Burlington, Oct. 13, 1030. SHELL COMBS. ' Twist Combs ; Quill Back Combs, round back Combs, long tooth sido Combs, vury small sido Combs, carved Combs and oilier patterns of fine shell Combs, at Iho Variety Store, Panouqun iVBiunsmaid. j GOODS AEOrOST FORI (f fy. , yif. W --Us S 9(, I M. W. CATITilJKr (DO. NTUNDINd tn iliscoiilinne the D.y Goods bii-iuess on Un; lu ol May next, now nil -r their entire .Slock or Dry (hod at cost for cash. Their assortment ofl irnmU !in4 llniin M.Mallu l.nrrl.n.l 1 1 . , fnll.COUIIIS WlllpieaH! I a KP IIOI ICC. with cadi, and nt lower rnlo9 than ever helore known. Tho public nro invited to call nud ex- nmino goods and prices and judgu for themselves. ISurlinxInn, November 0. 1039. giundstonesIT'plaster" AL-irgu iissortiiieiit ol Wnter nnd Ilnud Grindstones, and I'lnsler in nny citinn- tiiy. cnnsinntly un band nnil for sale by SoL't.i:, Wtii r.M'.y & (Jo., 4. Smith si. New York, nnd by ihe subscribers nl No. 7, L Wharf, Bodon. SPRAGUE. SOULE&Cn. .Tunn t7. i 0 m Balsom of Liverwort. TT. 7tQW37S St CO. AGBKTS IOIL selling Doct, Taylor's Balsam of Lie . encort, for Consumption, Liver Com plaints, Coughs. Colds, Spilling of Blood, Pain in thu Side, or Breast. Asthma, Pleurisy, Short. 7Jf?s of Breath, Palpitation of tho Hiurt, Dc- ;(();. Acrrcusncss and all diseases ol Iho Lonos and Livkii. Tho virtues of this celebrated articlo has but recently been tested in this region sulfi. ciont however, has been U'icd, in Chittenden and Addison conunlles. lo give it justly a name abovo nny medicine, hitherto ottered ns a remedy nnil euro for consumption and liver complanls To show what cures may bn ex pected from its use, v.'e insert a single case as published in Iho Now 1'ork Dailv Express, November!, 1830 "Tho Balsam of Liverwort ha" found hundreds of aihoeales, and has produced so largo'a number of testimonials in its favor as perlups lo render further approba. lion unnecessary. I cannot wilholil m.v small meed of praise, knowing myself pic disposed to consumption, both for peculiar formation and hereditary transmission, I soii"hl all ni"ans to obviate this calamity, and recover a naturally weak constitution. I spent two year at Pisa, in Home, two years in Florence, and another in tbo south of France, seeking moan time llio advice of the best Physician". Last summer I returned to this country, not recruited in health, arid perhaps not much, if any worse, ihan when I left. I had seen in tho Beading Booms in Europe, American nnw.papcrs, containing advertisements of t Ii n Balsom of Liverwort, and resolved upon trying its boasted virtue. As soon as I arrived in this country, I used it. and in three mouths I was so well that 1 concluded I could safely pas? the winter here, and accordinjly did so, I have used a boltlo now and then, through the past Fiinimcr. I am now in asguod health as I can wish to be ; my cough lias wholly subsided, and my luus have every feeling ol health. 1 shall be pleased to receive any per son. who may wish for further particulars, at my lodgings, City Hotel, A. A. DELAFIELD. Moses Ruggles' Estate. WH the subscribers, having been np nuititeil bv I hn Honorable the nro bate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners in receive, examine and 1 adjust the claims and ilemaiN of nil pcron. , against the estate of Moses Buggies, nte j "I Wpstfuril in snid District, deceased, represented insolvent, nud n!o all chiiiiis 1 and demands exhibited in offset (hereto ;. 1 nnd six months from the day ()f i,r tnc . hereof, bcinf allowed by said Court for mat purpose, we i do therefore hereby give notice, i hat wo will attend to the business of our npnoiiilmeni, nt tbo dwell ing of Hepsibah Buggies, in Westford, in said Di.-r.ric. on the 3d Mondays of Dn cenihernnd February nexi , at 10 o'clock. A. D-, on each ol said dny. Dated, this 1st ilay nf November, A. D. JAMES MORSE. ) Commi.? MACKSON BUIID1CIC s sinners, " Lucy Allen's Estate. E the Subscribers, having been np pointed by lb" Honorable ihe Probate Court, fur the District, of Chittenden, j commissioner to receive, oxairine audi ndjusi iho claim" and demnnds of nil per sons, ngainst I'm cstnto of Lucy Allen, late nf Koeso. 'In, New York, deceas. ed, represent) ! insolvent, nnd also all1 claims nnd flnn'inds exhibited in off-otj thereto; and s x iii uiihs from the dnv of ll,n .Inln !,n,n, I nlU...n.l In. "en i1 I Conn fur that rpnse. we do therefore hereby give noio-o, that wo will attend toj mo onsincss oi i ur appointment, at inc1 dwelling' of Geo. B. Ishnill. Ill Si. George, in said District, on the Q3d day of March next, nt 10 o clonk. A. M. Dated, this C3d day of September A. D. 1030. ISAAC HIGBEE, ) Cnmmh COL. SMITH, Monerf. II A I It HAI It. T f t flionnvni'V important U l S C O t, l . THE GREAT MYSTERY FOUND 01 painful, ton frequent, or profuse nunstrun TN qTppy?-5 m'am? rrrrvritl lion, and has cured the mo--t obstinate eases D TO8. D t fJer aSmn, " Pf I'o ,.,e important subject of preserving the hu- Si b . y "f o man hair, has, afler many experiments, ebcini.. C"'L' 11 18 rtl-u" '"liiulu u ,, cat and physical, been able to discover an arii i most eminent physicians in the United do. is now offered with Iho greatest. Slates. Duct. J. Mnrisnn, from Colerain, confidence for iho toilet, as llio best thing evcr Moss, who has practiced medicine soron discovered, from its softening and penetrating! twenty years nt Oneida, N. . says in quality, to produce a good head of hairto i rclalion'to it. 'That il is the best mcdi proventit from falling off when baldness is cino now in use. In cases of retinticin, or apprehended to rcsmro il when baldness has suppression of the minses, I think it will taken place, and to prevent il from turnino; sslrlj., t(,0 appellation of specific. I havo gray. It is moro nouriislnnf; than poinatnni,1 trjcj it in thn wor?t casot, with admirable autiquooil, or cologno water. It is a beauti-i gllccC!!pi nn(j wif, for the good of sufi'oring ful articlo for ladies curls it makes the huir fcma)c3 ,)at n physicians would inlroduco soft and lively, and produces uncommon brill- , , .. . DrBClcennii I have confidence 'rimi.ciifiu mvn insinii ns Riinnrinr virtues and excellence, and in every instanco il stands unrivalled. Il is an infallible euro in all affections of thy skin on llio head as dandruff, &c. Sic. Every family should bo supplied with a boltlo of ibis oil, that by its application lo tho head and hair of thoir chil dren, tho beautiful and ornamental appendage ofnfniohcad oT hair, which naturo has sup. plied us, may bo preserved. From tho numer ous certificates anil recommendations recoived ofits salutary influonco, tho Doctor feels firm, ly persuaded ho has succeeded in producing nnd orliclo which will meet tho desired wishes ami approbation of the public. For salo, wliolosalo and rotail, by A. HITCHCOCK Si Co., 117 Gcncseo street, Utica. In Burlington only by J. & 3, II. Pkck & Co,, in Vorgonnesbv 3. II. BOWMAN, in Milton by WHITNEY, LANDON & Co., in Georgia by LORENZO JANES. jy20 D. K. F1NGBORN ITS under the necessity ol calling on all J. indebted in him. fur n smtlemcnt of ncc0,ln1?- iriliu lrbt iscnb. he ism great 'iccii ol it, nnil it nnyininr: else, lot us nnvo 11 n,,(1 FC0 wl,1Jt w" Ml! 'io Wl.11' ' ,l"J uw", "l",r' "' F" 1 ln"q 1,0 i""lL AM bavmg uu-cttlcd ac- Burlington, Nny 0. 1030. THE BOOK STORE OF the subscriber is now fully supplied with n variety of publication, bulb lo interest and instruct. School Books of every description u-cd in our common school, nud litcrnry intitiiiions; together with n compliMe iissorinienl of sintiotinry, all of which arc ofl'ired nt wholesala or retail on the innst reasonable terms. D A. BRAMAN. Burlington. N"V 0. IP.3D. SILVER, WAKE. c A SETT Plain and Swaged Silver Ta ble Spoons 150 tin do. Tea Spoons. Together with n general nosortment of Cream Lidlcs, Sugar Tung, Salt Spoons, -c. iSic. for a lc to the Irndo nl tnanufnc turors prices hv, Loomis,&, Co. Nov. 14. 1339. -r r . l -r JLlaCclSCS Ul tllU JLiUlllio. Decidedly tho most popular remedy ever known in America. EGSTiiBX.S', PUX,rZOI7A- W RAX-SAX1! is tho most valua ble remedy now in uso forcoughr, eulds, aslh ma or phthisic, consumption., whooping cough and pulmonary aircctions of every kind. Jt salo is steadily increasing, and the proprictor.i are constantly receiving iho most favotablo account of il effects. Tho lollowing new certificates arc offered for public examination. AN INTEBESTING CASE Extract of a teller from Mr. C. S. Clay, King, ston. Ulster co. N. Y In tho proprietors. Yours oftlic9th inst. was duly received. A remarkable cure was effected by tho Vegclablo i iiiinnuary liiisam in Hie winter and spring ofl!!3a. The person. Mr. Moody, bail been sick a long time with the consumption. His physicians hail given him up. I In was redu ced so low as to bo unable to help himself, and wai raising a largo quantity of blond when ho commenced using llio Balsam, which hascfTee. led a complete cure, and ho ii now a ha e and hearty ns ever ho was. Mr. Moody has re moved from this town, hut ho has "promised mo n mare detailed account orliis, winch I will forward you. O. S. CLAY. Kingston. N.Y. JunoCS, 1G3!!. Extract of a letter from Dr. Jacob Myers. Tho YcgeUblc Pulmonary Balsam ha' been sold in this county for two years, and tho tncdicino has gained an uncommon celebrity, for it scairoly in one instance failed of having tbo desired effect. 1 am by no means in favor of tho many nostrums, most of which aro un. positions upon a credulous public, but that which I know hy uo lo be effectual, 1 cannot but help givo my approbation Iherclo. A counterfeit preparation has been offered hero by a travelling Agent, of Comslock. Y. andthero is another article vended hero that is strongly suspected to be spurious. JACOB MYERS, M. D. Mifilingion. Juniata co. Perm. May 3. lt!3T. From Dr. Samuel Morrcll, to tho Proprietors of tho Vegetable Pulmonary I!alain. I am satisfied that the Vegetable I'ulmnna. ry Balsam is a valuablo medicine. It has been ucd in Ibis place with complete success in an obstinate complaint of the lungs, nltcn- ded wilh a severe cough. losof voice, and tho raising of much blood, which had previously , resntoil many approved prc-criplinns After using tho lialsam ono wecK. llio paiient s voice returned and be was ablo to speak audi bly. Tliis case occurred some tuno since, and the man is now engaged mil only in active but laborious business. Ilespcctfnllv, .Vc. S. MORRCLL. Il Is now moro than six years since I was brought very low by an alfection of Ihe lungs, and my complaint was decl.ued to bo incura blo bv a council of threo nhviniaris. I was then restored to as good health as 1 had en- .joyed for many vcars, by using llio Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam. .Since my recovery I havo recommended the in a great ma ny caes oriung complaints, and so far as I can learn. ilsuc ha invariably been followed by much benefil.and in many instances it lias effected cures which were wlmllv unexpected. SAMUEL EVERETT. Boston, March 2, 1037. For sale, wholesale and retail, by 3. Si 3. II. PECK Co., Burlington, Vt. TO THE LADIES. UST received, nnd for sal" by .. ' PECKS? Co . Burlington, a low i'pmhp npu rii irTnn itive .. ; .' ' , .Jr,lr,..'np.. inr the ilisenseq peculiar to the Female constitution. A more cliicncinus remedy of ibis kind, has long been wiuiteu, n many nf those difeas cs hnvo hnflled the skill of tin most eminent physicians, nnd all the remedies heretofore Imvu proved inelVectual, in thousands nf Cases. ins llictlicino invarianiy ruiuuvi" ni.s,r.,,,,jni,,, rpirnlatos in most cases of . . . . - , . .. to believo they would find happy results, as I havo found tho pit's to answer fully their recommendation." Doct. II. II. Davie, of Syrocuse, tells n simitar story, and many others. For further information, you arc referred to tho persons whoso names arc annexed to our show bills, nnd nlso to pamphlets, left wit's our agents for gratiluoiifl distribution. Price $2 per box, containing nearly 100 pills. Prepared and sold wholesalo nnd retail by Reynolds k Pnrmely. Pittsfurd, Monroe co., N. Y. sold nlso by F. Huntington, Vergcnncs ; Moody & Admits, Muldlebury j Jackson Si Ketch, am, IUnndons S. & T. White & Co., Rutland; D. II. Mcncham.M. D., Walling, ford; A. R. Vail & Co.. Danby ; I). An drews, Mnnchcsier ; Merrill & V. D. Spiegel. Bennington; nnd Williston & Tyler, Brntlloborough. aug7-ly

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