Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 6 Aralık 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 6 Aralık 1839 Page 1
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NOT THE GLOKY OF CSAR IUT T THE WELFARE OF ROME. VOL. XIII No. 650 BY Iff. B. STACY- STANZAS. Toll not ilio bell of dcilh for mo When I nm dead Slrcw not the flowery wreath o'er me, On my rnM lied. Let fiiciuMiip'a tncrcil tears On my firth siaye Clemming with peril Id my bier, When 1 tun dead, IVo el iz.ltti pi otic array Of pageantry ilifpl.iy oly tc to rprend. Lot not the. busy crowd be near When I nm dead Fannin! with nnfell sighs my bier Sighi quickly cped. Let deep impiefsiniH rest On some fond, faithful In cast Then u ic inv meinrny blest When 1 nm dead. Let not the d.iy ho wi it Love will iriiii'inbcr it, Untold, mi?. lid. Fom"A Now Home Who'll follow V THE SCIENCE "oF BORROWING Neither n borrower nor a lender lie! For a loan oft Uc both itself nnd fi lend; Aud borrowing dulls the edge of husbandly." IUMI.UT. This good ndvicc finds little regard in Michigan if frith is to bo put in the follow ing sketch, from tlio amusing work vc nntirnl rm SntltrdnV. It ellOWS 10 wllOt lengths thu prnclicu may bo carried, nltho' tlioro may, tlotibtlcss, be fount! nomo in these parts who would lend babica. CHAPTER XVIII. Lend mo yout kaus. Shakespeare. Grnnt graciously what you cannot icfiisc safely. Lacon. "Mother wonts your eiltcr," paid .Mis? lonllte Howard, n young lady of 6ix years' standing, nttirett in a tattered calico, thick ened with dirt; her unkempt locks Fhog glmrr from under that hidcuus substiiulo for n bonnet, so utiiversnl in tho weFtnm country, a dirty cotton handkerchief, wliich it wed, ad nauseam, for ell Eorts of pur-noses. Mother wants ynur sifter, and she says ho miesscs vott can let her have some sugar and tea, '081160 you've cot plenty This excellent reason, cause you've pot plenty," is conclusive as to tho sharing with votir ncifflilmre. Wlmovor comes into Michigan with nothing, will bo sun to better his condition; but wo to him that brinne with him any thins like on appear ance of abundance, whether of money or mero household conveniences, lo have th"tn, ntid tint kn willing In i-harn tl.ctu in eomo sort with tho whole community, if- an unpardonable crime. Von mtist It til ynur best horn) to qui que r.c sou, to go ten mikf I. ,11 cwl i.nirli in I tin d.i.L'KUt nirrlll. f r a doctor: or your team to travel twenty nfter a "gal;" your wheel-barrow, your shovels, your utensils of nil port?, belong ing, not "to yourself, but to the public, who do not think it necessary even to ask n loan, but take it for granted. Tho two saddles and bridles of Mnumculc spend mobl of their time travelling from Iioiims lu Iioubo n-manback; ttntl 1 liavo uclually known a Ft ray martingale to bo traced to four dwellings two miles apart, having been lent from one to nnnthor, without a word lo the original proprietor, who sat waiting, not very patiently, to commence a totirncv. Then within door.", nn inventory of your plenishing of till sortP, would (.ctircely more than incltttlo the articles wiiicli you eolicitnd to lend. Not only art; till kitchen utensils as much your neighbor's m ynur own, but bedstead, beds, blankets, sheets, trnvel from house to hnuec, tt ploasnnt and effectual mode of securing the perpetuity of certain efflorosent peculiarities of the t kin, for which Michigan is becoming almost as fnmous ns thn land ' 'twist Maidenlnrk nnd John o'Grnats.' Sieves, sumo'iliing. irons and churn, run about oj if thoy had k p ; one brass kcttlo is enough for a whole neighborhood ; aud I could point to ill crodln which hns rocked half tho babies in Rlontocuto. For my own part, I have lout my broom, my I breed, my tape, my spoons mv cat, my thimble, mv f cissurs, my shawl my bIiocs; nnd hnvo been asked fur tny combs and brushes ; and my Inibband fur hisFhaving apparatus nnd hi pniiialotions Hut tho cream of the joke lies in the monncr ol tlio thing. It is bo Etrnij'lit forward nnd honest nono of ynur hvpo critical civility and eorvilo grnt Untie ! Your true republican, when ho finds that you pncsn any thin' which would con tnhuto to his convenience, walk in with 'Are you going to uso your horfes to day?' if hnrEcs hrtppuu to bo the thing hu needs. 'Yes, I shall probnbly want Ihetn.' 'Oh, well; if you want them 1 wos thinking to net 'cm to go up north a piece.' Or perhaps the desired articlo couica within the fcmnlu department. 'Mother wuntB to get porno btittor; that 'ere butter you bought of Mies Burton this worninV And away goes your golden 6toro, to bo repaid, perhaps, with eomo cheesy, greasy bluff, brought in a dirty pail, with, 'Hon! ve your butter !' A girl camo into borrow a 'wash dish,' 'because wo'vo got company.' Presently he eomo back: 'Mother Bays you've rnrgol to send a towel.' Tho pen ana ink, and a sheet o' paper and a wafer, is nn unusual request: and when tho pan is returned, you oro gen rally informed that you sent 'an awful bad ncn. I have been frequently reminded of one of Johnston's humorous ckotchen. A man reluming a broken wheel barrow to Quaker, with, 'Hero I'vo broke your rotten wheol'barrow usin' on't. I wish you'd got it mended right off, 'cause I want to borrow it strain this afternoon.' Tho Quaker is made to reply, 'Friend, it i ball ba dono:' nnd 1 wish 1 possts cd moro o( hit spirit. Jj ut I did not intend to writu n chapter on involuntarv leant; I hnvo a story to mil Ono nl'mv boot ncghburs is Mr l'lnlo Donblediiy, n long, nwltwnn, Inmost, hnrd working Moinnnnp, or Mnitioto i suppose, one might rny ; on gond-naltirod, Unit he minht bo tnitn!irn for n riinplntou : but thai must ho by tlmfti ihnl do not know him. He is quite nil old t-cttlnr, enmc in four years ngo, bringing with hun n wife who in to him vinegar hiillluto oil-cruel, or ns mus'nrd to thn ttignr which i- u-ed loFofleti il biting qualitii't?. Mra, Pmihli! tiny has tho (.httrpest cyert, thu t-harpfni nose, tho ehn'ieat tongue, the pharpest elbows, nnd nhove nil, the tharpcsl voieo that ever "penctintctl the in' prior" ol Michigan. Kho litis n lull: Htrnight, bony figure, in contour potnowhat resruibhng two hartl oak planks fastened together nnd 6' nnd on Oiit; em!; 11111', strange to t,ay! r,he wns full five und thirty when her tua turn grncet nil rncteil tho eye nnd won tho nftvcltons of thu worthv l'lnlo. Wlint eclipse had come over Mr D otiblcilay's iimiiiI fttgnctly when ho mntlo choice of his Poll v , I nm run- 1 never omild guess; but ! is certainly the only man 111 the wide world who could possibly huvu lived with her : nnd he makes her a most excelled' liu.-band. I wna Fitting one morning, with my neighbor Mrs. Jenkins, who ia n Fister ol Mr Doublfdny, when Dctsfy, Mrs. Dou btcdny'ti 'hired girl' came in with ono of the Miingles ol l'lnlo s bnntliworu in nor hand, which born in Mr Doublcdny's well known chalk marks Conif! tpiick, I'nnny! And In inn tho Granny, For Mi. Dunlilo- d.ij'd iii trouble. And the next inteiligencn wns of a fino new pair of lungs ul that hitherto sileul niansinn. I called very foon nfinr to tnke n peep at the 'latent found;' nnd if tho nop prcfFcd delight of tho new papn was n treat, how much moro wns the pnfteurd appect, tho wnmnnizd tono of the proud and happy mother. I never saw a being so completely tmns'brmed. She would nlmobt forget to answer mo in her absorb ed watching of tho b'cath ot'the little .sleep, cr. Even when trying to hu polite, nnd lo sny what lh orctision demanded, her yes would he withdrawn from tho tiny fticc. Converfctition on tiny subject but the ever new llinno ni''hnbien' wan out of the question. Whatever wo began upon whirl ed roii nit pooonr or later to 1 ho one point. The needle may tremble, but it turns not with the less cntis-lnncy to tho pole. As I past for on oracle in the inciter of inn nnd nnep. I had (iron.- t , itiitiinni cation with mv now happy n'tghbur, who Ind forrot'eii to pe thl ii T hu 'jatnl, learn- tl to let IletM'V hav time to put. nnd ontiMed the tuglilly pcotiring of 1 Ins fl inr, st fo much datripiHVK nitglit bo bnd tor the buby. Wo were 111 deep consultation 0110 tiiornui'T on eomo itnnnrltiut point touching the well-being of ihia foIo object of Mrd. Dnnbledav'd thoughts nnd tlreami, when the very Fame little lanihu Howard, lirty aa over, presentetJ liersoll. bhe pat down and startd awhile without speaking. a I'ordinmre : and liuui mlormed 11.1 Hint her mnthcr 'wanted tMtra Doublcdoy lo let r hnvo her baby for n litilo while, can Benny's mouth's mi pore that.' but t.ho had no limo (o'fini- h her i-entenee. 'Ln:a mv hm;v ! ! : ntid lier ttitcrnnco f.iiletl. Tito 11 w mot her' 1 filling' forlnnnti ly too big lor Pp"rch. nntl Innlhe ly di-up,iearod U- f tcs Mrt Doiibh'dnv fi itetl her lougutj. Plulo, who entered on tho ins-tnni, hurst into ono ol Ins electrify ing laughs with "AfU my rouy To lend her dolly !" nnd I could not help thinking that ono tniiBt come 'Weal' in order to learn a litllo of every thing. The identical glass lube which 1 nit 'red Mr?. Howard, n.? a Fub tiiute for Mru. Doubledny',? bnby, nnd which had n 'ready, fail as it in, thread h! tho conn ry for miles in nil direction, i-, evi n ns I write, in tie mnnd;a man on horoebncl: comes from foiuu whero icar Dinforth't), and oj-Im in myj lenoii3 whispcrd for but I shall not tell wlint ho ealj it. Tho reader must eomo to Michigan. tlenrments, we received letters from Eng. htnil,nnno ncitig the death or my wife's father, nnd soliciting mo (o come to Eng land imnicdinir'ly.for tho purpoc of settle nig up tho affairs of the decerned, nnd ro reiving my portion of the et-tatc. I imme diately ninths preparations lor tny depar ture, ntltl leaving ioy wi : immici 111.; prelection of an intimate friend, whoso name was Henry Anson Willough'iv, damn him ! I sot sail for England. My business deininctl mo longer tnun 1 tinticr pnted. nnd I h"gan to feel the imm intense nnximv 111 regnrd to my family. Thu let ters which I received from my wilo grew brief and niifrcqiient. Eometimet startling with llietr abruptness. ju?t neion' the linal steiw in reaard to my wif'P portion were about to bo completed. 1 received n teller from America, written by no old fri-- id of my fnther p family, warn ing me to hasten hotnt) if i would prcs"rve my fttl tiro happiness nnd tho honor ol my wifo! Imngino my dismay ! I hurried homo leaving my btiriness nil unsettled, nnd arrived in t'uno to find my hearth des- -date, mv wifo cloned with mv friend Willunrhbv, nnd my boy my darling buy in the Orphan Asylum an object of public, chnriiv ! " Willutighby hnd rrpresontod himself ns n rich p'unter from Alabama, nnd that he wns Fointirning tit tho north for the pur nose of rrirniniiitr his health. Placing my child under proper protection, I fl"w in pursuit of Hie destroyer ol my peace ith my henrt bur; ting with revenge At Jlfontcromcrv. fAla.l I learned that Willonghby hnd been there in company with n Indy, who ho colled his wife that ho had been for years n notorious black leg nnd swindler, nnd hud gone to Mobile, enving his wile my wiliij ochind, in circumstances of destitution. Alter wait ing for sometime, nod hearing nnthing from her bnso paramour, sho borrowed money of some of the citizens and followed him. Mad with rago and nnd disappointment I pursued. At Mobile I Inpt nil traces ol the villain nnd his wrotched victim. I I proceeded to New Orlenns ; nnd making inquiries of the different bonis, I was told by lite captain nt one 01 mem engngco 10 ninnins to af Ijoiii?: mat a woman an swering the description I gave, had gone up thu river on his boat miiic time since. I immediately embarked for thn place. ir; nnd mv money being nenrly exhausted I wns compelled to tnko pn-sngc on deck. I nrrived hero 111 a stato of complete des titution: nnd being unable to learn nny thing ofniv wife or tho villain Willough- hv.l beraui" di-coura,''t;d nod dulfiirtenod. Tim hntll' wni mv resort. I minli'tl with the vih'l of the vile : and, lust uigbi was perstiailod by several nlhers, lo vinit n houn of ill'foino. I enicred--:ind the firt object that met my gaze was my wije resinning her tender cheek, which 1 nati not suffered "even tho winds of Heaven to vif'n too roughly," to di?gusting cares ses. Sir, sir, I beeamo mnd ! I can tell nn moro. but that I rushed from 1 ho house, invoking the most impious maledictions upon mm who had been the cause, ot such misery nnd'ongtii.-h ; nnd found myt-'ell tin mnrnintr in tho r.ituation which you be hold mo. Sir, nnthing which you can in flict will bo a punishment to mo; ntut yon enn bestow no greater favor than to tin 111 v life I hnvo lived ton long 1 am tea dy lo die." He was discharged. Till DEVOTED WIFE. TRUTH STRANGER than FICTION Wo copy tho following detail from the doings of the Si. Louu polices office, as reported in tho Bulletin of tho Old inst. Wo doubt not ii istruo In every particu lar. George Mortimer Wanheell, a gcntnol and intelligent young man, of nboui thirty years 01 tige, was brought up this inornin on n charge being drunk 111 thu st reels, and distuibing Hie pence. IJo pleaded guilty to tho charge, and evidently labored under the greatest emotion. When re quested to givo eome account of himself, hu replied : "Sir I have now arrived at that ex trcmity of degradation which, long ago, I beeamo satisfied would ono day or other bricefmo my 'pnsiiion, Sir, ' I 'do nol'Mio' hove 1 was born to this. In my youth, when l lirtit started in tho world, my pros pects and my hopes were ns bright ns thn sky which bent over mo I married 11 beautiful wifo when I was twenty eight years old, and had acquired a commlorohlo competence. Sir. I need not tell you how Moved her ! Ieeoby your couutcnanco that you you know somotlnng of human nature, and nruulready satiffiml that 1 uui not a cn in mi) 11 loafer that I have been driven to me prepeni extremity uy some extraordinary circumstances, iiut I will proceed with my E'ory, Two years after I wan married to my wifo -who was n young English luily of handsnmo expectation anu had u bouuli iful uoy to blues mo wiluhia lutioccnt cn Sho wns a beautiful girl. When I first paw her sho was Fianding by tho p'ulo of her lover nt tho marriage nllar. Shu was filiirhtlv naln vet ever nnd nnon, ns tho eercmonv proceeded, n faint lingo ofcrini son crossed her beautiful chock, like the r fleet inns of tt euneet cloud upon tho elca .atersofa hike. Her lover, ns ho clasp d h T hand within Iii3 f wn, gazed on her for a ninnvut with unminglcd admiration and Ilio worm el oucnt hluod shadowed tit imerva s his inaniv Inrehcau, nnu 'meitcti into beauly on his hps.' And thev r?avo themsehvs to ono anolh or i'i thu presence of heaven, and every heart b essod them as they went llicir wnv rcioictng in their lovo. Yeard pnssed on. nnd l again saw iiicpc lovers. They wesro seated together whore iho light ol Milliliters sunset stole throng tho half-closed nnd crimson curtain, lendin n richer lint to 1 ha carpeting, nnd the ex qmsito cmholli-dimculs of tho rich and gor iiontia nparlinctil rime had slightly cnnngcti tiioni in out wnrd nppearanco. Tho girlifh buoyancy of tho nun hnd indued given placo lo the grace of perfect womanhood, nnd her lip was somewhat pnler, ami a mini lino enro wnn porcepiihle on her brow. 11 hit-baud s brow, too. was marltod some wlint moro decnlv than his ago might war rant ; anxiety, nuib linn und pndu had grown over, nnd left their trncca upon it a Filvcr lino was mingled with tho Hunt his hair, which hud become thin nround his tetrples, ulinost to baldness, lie was reclining on 11 pplcndid ottoman, with his fncu half hidden by hh hand, os if ho feared that tho deep aud troubled thoughts whiql oppressed hun wore visible upon uis lea lures. 'Edward, you are ill lonight,' eaid his wifo in tt low, sweet, halt inquiring vuicu ns sho laid her hand upon his own. Itidiflurenco from those wo lovo is torn bio to tlio sensitive bosom. It is as if tho sun of heaven refuted its wonted cheerful net?, and glared upon us with a cold, dim nud forbidding glance. It is dreadful to fuel that tho only being of our lovo refuses ask our I'ympalhy that hu brnoda over thu teohngs winch ho ecorns or lours to re venl dreudful to wntcli Ilio convulivo festurefl nnd gloomy brow tho indefina bio ehadowd of hidden motions the invol untnry nigh of uorrnws 111 winch wo aro we ratmot know. The wife e9nycd once more. 'Edward,' (aid flic, slowly, mildly nnd affectionately, 'the tune hns been when you woru willing to con lido ynur secret joys nnd Borrows to one, who hns in-vcr, I trtit, behaved your oniifiilcnce. Why. then, my dear Edwnrd, Hthi.scriiel reset vc? You nro troubled, and rol'oi) to tell mo the cause. Sni"thing of returning tenderness For teneil for nn instntil tho cold severity of iho inisband'rt features, but it parsed away and n bitter Ftnilo wns his only reply. Time pnssed on, nnd tho twa'ti were senamtcil from each other. Tho husband ot gooniv ninl nloun in the damp ctsll of n duug"on. Ho had mingled with man whom his heart loathed, ho had nought the litirro and wronged spirit of his laud, and had hroalhod into them Iho madnoss of venue. Ho linililrnwn hi.spword against his country : ho hnd fanned rebellion to n flime, and it had been quenched in human blood. Ho had fallen, and wns doomed to die tho death of n traitor. Too door of tho dungeon oncned, nnd n light form entered nnd threw herself into hi9 arms. Tho softened light of sunset foil upon the palo brow nnd wasted check of nis onco beautiful wile. 'Edword mv dear Edward,' said sho, have cotno to save you ; I have reached von nffer n thousand difhculties, nud thnr.k God my purpose is nenrly rxoculed.' Misfortune had sollened the proud heart of tianhood. and ns tho hu-band pressed his pile wife to Ins bosom, a tear trembled lis eyelash. 'I have not merited tin indies?,' ho murmured, in tho choked tours of agony. lihvatd,' said his wito, in on earnest. . aint nnd low voice, which indicated cxtrttne nnd fearful debility, wo havo not moment to loso. Uv an exchange ol garni'iitfl yon will bo ublo lo pass out un noticed. Ilaslo or wo may bo too late. Fear nothing for mo. I nm, a womnti, I Uev will not injure me for any cltoris belnlf ofn husband dearer than I lib itself.' Uui, Margaret,' said the husband, 'you look t-ully ill. You cannot breathe the air of thin dreadful cell.' '01', speak not of me, my dearest Ed ward,' said the devoted woman, 'I can on dure tny thing for your poko. Haste. Ed ;ud linste, and all will be well," nnd she aided with trembling hand, lo disguise the proud lortn of her husband in tho female arb. Farewell, my love, my preserver,' whip pored tho husband in the ear of tho (lis, uisctl wile, tit tho officer Fternly remin d (lie supposed lady the lime allotted to visit had expired, rnrewpll all moot ninin,' responded his wil'c-and I liiuband pn-sed out uns'ispccicd, und ctrnped the enemies ol Ins life. rltey did meet again the wifo nnd the lsbttnd ; but only ns the dend may meel tho'nwful communion of nnnthor world. Affection had homo up hor exhausted Fpir until the last purpose of her exertions wns accomplished in the safety of her bus. bind ; nnd when tho boll tolled on tho itorrow, and the prisoner's cell wns open ed, the genrds found wrapped in tho hahil itents ol their destined victim, the pale but beautiful corpse of tho devoted wifo. How is ibis Brili-h feeling nnd nttnch mnnt, which appears to pervade our gov. ornmcnt nnd Congress 10 bo accounted for. Our grand aires cnrtainly did not pnsfoss it, or wo never pliould have had tho war of 1012 for free hade nnd snilors' rights. Has tho character of the American people changed, and tho fooling of patriotism become nxtinci ? Lot iho events upon our frontier, whore people nro ppoclntors of tho scenes in Cntiadn, nrul the feelings expressed bv Ilium nn pwer this question IIuw then does it iiappon, that our national government in till its branches, appears to counteract, even by force, the natural, honest patriotic impuheM of Iho pcoplo? It is. wo appre hend, brcnuso the government has misln- k-Mi Iho vnico of the noisy whig or federal party, for public opinion ; nnd tho interest of the commercial clnsscn for tho interns! of the whole nation. And President hns made whnt wo consider a mi-lnke, in nt tempting to follow what he supposes to be public opinion, in n matter of national feel ing. In matters of domestic policy it is right for tho President to follow public opinion, when it is clearly expressed : but in our foreign relations, ho t-hnuld never forget, that lo him it entrusted tho cus. undertake to eny they ore not; and the proof of (air ossortion in derived from Ihc overt acts of the pcoplo of Maine and tho expressed feelings nl least ol a great ma jority of our citizens residing on tho bor ders of our extended frontier. It is in fact the old commercial fedoral feeling that nnpnnrs to influenca the government and Cungrcss, to which tho democracy who nro always pntriotic ore decidedly opposed. Our government has nssumed, unwittingly we hope, the old federal ground ; and the -amc feeling nnd policy, that objected to Emmctt and MncNiveu being permitted to lake refngo in this country, now operate! against Mackenzie. LAWS OF VERMONT, Panted al the session of the Gtneral semblij, iu October and November, A, D. 1039. Resolved ly the Senate and How qf Representatives, That tho Secretory of Stole be directed to cause to bo published ns soon as may be, in all tho nowepapers in this State, not exceeding two in any one county all tho chapters of the Revised statutes which tnko effect before tho lat tody nnd preservation of the national honor of July next, except chapter 27 and 100: and the expression of the indigenous feel- and such Secretary is also directed not to tngs peculiar to tho people of ihw country, publish the Revised statutes in the usual hvcry nation certain prominent patriotic lurm, but deliver tho same to the revmng characteristics, which nr usually expressed cnmmitle for publication, agreeably to tho hy'an ideal pcrsomhcniinrr In Franco it is Revised bintutes. Johnny Ctapo ; nhngland John Bull ; and l'asscd November 18, 1839. in this country Brother Jonathan, And the chief magistrate of this country should nlwnjs remember, that ho is the represeir tntivn of Brother Jonathan. And also, that this Jonathan 13 a very conceited, self sufficient character, who is not afraid to fight with nny one .- who has an hereditary Courl Bia bo nnnuly ned wilmn d C, L. KNAPP,Secrelaryof Stale. REVISED STATUTES. CHAPTER 43. Of the Sessions of Courtt. Sec. I. The sessions of tho Supreme prejudice against John Bull ; boastn thai ho has flogged him twice, ond that he can do it again any day. Jonathan also is n democrat dyed in the wool, nnd has great contempt for monarchies aristocra cios, and think-1 this government tho wis est and best of any in thid world ; and he considers any nation fools and cowards, if 1 hey don't fight for and enjoy tho some for the respective counties, in this State, at tho times and places herein named to wit . At Burlington, in tho county of Chit tendon, on the Thursday next preceding the first Tuesday in January. At St. Albans, in tho county of Frank lin, on tho toconri Tuesday of January..1 At North Hero mine county of urand blessings. And to accomplish that object js0 on t,c third Tuesday of January. At Middlcbury, inlho county of Addi son, on the fourth Tuesday of January ; and on the successive Tuesdays after tbo fourth Tuesday of January as followa.- At Rutland in the county of Uutlaad.on Iho first. At Chelsea, on the third Tuesday of June nnd December;" At Bennington and Manchester, alter nately, in the cuiintv of Bennington, com. mcnciing at Bennington on the second; At INowtnnc, in the county, of Wind ham, on.the third; At Woodstock, in the county Windior, We copy tho following articles from the New-York Reformer, nn ndministrntion piper. There is now nnd then a collar press that has itulepcmlcuco enough to speak out on this subject. OUR BRITISH RELATIONS. forbidden lo purliciualo, whusu clmtcltr ''2'1 UI wroDg, Tho cabinet of old John Adams, it nll known, felt a strong sympathy with tic IVitish government and Rufus King, r,ur Minister to bngland, under that nd niniehniim, formal'y and oflicinlly protos d against permitting t lie Irish rebel limmritt nnd Mnc Niven, from being n How, ed to eomo to ibis country on the ground tiat thev having been guilty of treasonabl practices against the British government al hum', would neces-nrily bo bad o'iiizmis in tin country. Anil our government, in pro scenting nnd punishing Mackenzie, nro apparently influenced by tho tamo feeling und sympathies, now that then npciatcd iiDiin Iho old federal Cabinet ot John Adams Is not this true ; and is it tint t t-lnrllin.'' foci? That tho present minimis nation, which professes lo bo practically democrnltc, should feel nnd net on (hi subject precisely like tho old federal nd- uiiiiHtrntiou ol John Adams (hat openly nnd publicly repudiated democratic princi ples nnd peiitimeiits. Wo have already noticed mo lonnot the President's message and tha ppeochea of Iho leading members of Congress at Ihc timn of passing tho neutrality law. We neod only refer to iho proclamation of the President lust year lor prout of tho oxis leucQ of this British sympathy on Ihc part of our government. If tho President had actually held I lie ofTico of Vico Roy of this county Imm tlio Untish lueen ; instead nl ilial of Preeidcnt uf iho United Stales I ruin tha American people ho could not have. stronger language or taken a more ofl'ttctual wuy lo sppress tho insurrection in Canada and to preputu ato tlio despotic sway of Great Brillan over that ill fated country. Indued so thoroughly euti'ficd was tho British aristocracy with Ins efforts in this instance that the Duke of Willing tot: paid him a public compliment in the Brilish llonso of Lords. Thun wo havo thu letter of invitation from tho President to Lord Durham a political uct undoubtedly othenviso it was senseless nud ridiculous. This ulsu can ho considered in 110 other light Ihnn us n gratuitous effort lo conciliate somebody, eilhir the British government or tl)i) whig pnrly in this country who J wnya support tha government in all Ho p'eit DSI0U3 mall citgo wlieiler ho is willing to lend them a helping hand at any time. Wo bo to tho president of this country, who misrepresents or run. counter to the instincts of Brother Jona than. Ha may succeed in baffling him for u time, but in the end he must, tail : and tho page of history will record the fact. AND OUR BRITISH RELATIONS. Wo have shown in our preceding nunv her 1 lint Mnck'-nzlo is imprisoned end punished by our government,, not because our government is able lo punish n friend less moneyless unprotected foreigner, who soui'ht nn nsylum in this country from the on tho fourth tyranny ond despotism of his own; bull At Chelsea, in the county of Orange, on nro not nble, nntl daro not make the at- tilth: tempt to punish their own citizens, who At Montpolier. in tho county ofj vr ash have been guilty of tho 6&mo olience. The tngton, on the eix'h, qnes'io n then crises whether it is rgkt At Danvillo in the county of Caledonia, and proper and comports with our national on the seventh ; honor. 10 continue his punishment under At Guildhall, in the county of E'tex, on these circnmtanros. Wo put out ot view the eighth; ihc validity of his trial, or Ihc policy of At Irasburgh, in tho county of Orleans tho Inw under which ho wns convicted : on the ninth ; nntl shall only consider thn matter ho far At Uydepark, in tho connty of Lamoille it nnv bo said to nhect the character ol on the tenth our government, nnd our national honor. oec. 2. I ho several county courts It has always uppenred to us that the shall be held in each year, within and for foreign relations of this country have the respective counties of follows. been too multifarious, ever pinoe our gov At Bennington and Manchester, alter. eminent wns"csttiblislied It seem lo be the nalely, commencing at Bennington, on the clicrncter of our people to over legislate first Tuesday of December and second in every thing. Unneccsarv provisions Tuesday of Juno: aro introduced into our treaties with tor- At Nowfano, nn tho second Tuseday of eign powers, ami laws passod hy emigre.- April and September: to carry thrni into cff'ct and especially A Rutland, on Iho second Tuesday of thoso with uroat lriiain uniloriniv timtl April nntl hepteinhor: in to condition?, for which the British At Woodstock, on the last Tuesday of government can give no equivalent. We May and November: scm to be ho very happy to get out of a At Middh-bury, on the second Tuesday war. that wo arc willing to impose volun- June nnd lieccmscr tary fetters upon ourselves lo prevent us from engaging in another. Of this char ncter nro nil treaties, nnd laws made in re lation to them, between Ihc I wo countric And it is under tho operation of tticli law. that Mackenzie is imprisoned, nnd our country is plnced in such nn undign fied At Burlington, on tho last Tuesday 6avo one in Mrach and August; At Montpolier, nn tlio second Tuesday of Apt il and third Tuesday of November: Al Danvillo, 011 tho first Tuesday of Juno and December; Al Guildhall, on tho last Tuesday of position, in relation lo tho nfi'iir in Cana- May and tli rd Tuesday of December: da. What can possibly bo more degrad- At Iras'jurgh, on tho lourth Tuesday of ing to our national honor or our charactor Juno nnd December, as n nation, lliiin I In motives assigned by Al St Albans, on tho second Tuesday of our government nntl congress for passing April nnd September; tho "neutrality Inw." Tho President, al- Al North Hero, on the first Tuesday though ho slates tho caso nnd its difiicul after tho fourth Tuesday in April, and on ties very iniriy, seems nimost rentiy to go the tonrth Tuesday in beptem'-or. into fits, with npprehen-innsnf tho terrible At Uydepark, on the Becond Tuesday of consequences of n war with Great Britain Juno nntl December. And grnye senators and members ot Lou br.c a, In all writs, nrocosscs, rccordt gross of all parties, riso successively in and judicial proceedings, civil and crimio. their places, nnd pronounce deprecatory al, the day on wliich any of tho terms of monologues ngninsl such a dreadful ca- said courrs Is to commence, may bo desirr lamity. Tho law passes almost utiaui nated as tho first, second or other Tues. niously: nnd it is under tho operation of days, or other day of the week, in tbo Iho same recrean'. spirit that wo art) per month in which Iho same snail happen. milled to enjoy tho grand and magnificent Sec, 4. Whonevcr tho limo of holding spoctaclo uf seeing our army chaso Bill cither of tho ecsionsoftho supreme or Johnson in his canoo about the Thousand county court, is or shall be altered by law. Islands, or nobly repel Iho French rcfu- all suits, actions, complaints, informations, goes nl tiowor uanuun irom seeking an indictments and all appeals, writs, pro asylum from tho blood. thirsty Colburn. cesses, recognizances. & all other maltora And tho whole powor of magisttacy m pin that may be pending in said court at tbo in requisition, to hunt up soma straggling nmo of such allcrtion, and all other niattera rofugeo ami punish him by wuy of example by law returnable to such court, at the While in tho meamiunt the Caroline out timo uf such alteration, nud all persons and rago is allowed to bleep undisturbed by parties (hat may bo renuired to appear or a murmur or complaint ; Iho Muino buun attend said court shall be returned and dory question is 'install! quo aulo bnlluin, I entered, appear answer nnd have day in and is so to remain "ad infinitum;" our court at tho sesion thereof 10 be holden on fisherman very recently aro plundered, nud tho day designated by tho law making such driven by violence from the lulling grouud guch alteration, guaranteed in thorn by tho mo.u formal niiAPTPii n treaties, without either complaint rr ro. LHAl IMC u. monstrance ot) far us we aro pormitod to I'rocest. know. l. The ordinary modo of process in civil Aro tho people of this country actuated c"''f' '". x rovoral courls in this flitta, Iho Minn reeling on rh- L-aur-h of "p wr'' ''"' "r ' by r i- i 0 r V" I'll j C'-UIUU II) liiO i

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