Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 6, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 6, 1839 Page 3
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COMMUNICATIONS. Oflico of tlio Vt. Mutual Firo Insurance) Co. ) Monlpolicr, Dec. 3, 1639. ) To Iho Editor of tlio Prco 1' rcss, Sir: In your paper of tho 20th tilt. I noticed a paragraph headed tho "Mutual," in which "ono of tho Insured" thinks tho condition of tho company might to bo inquilod into ; as ho says a largo amount of our paper is under protcat in Burlington, and infers that it may bs so in other placns. For tho information of tho inquirer and tho public, I would stato that tho Directors aro not awaro of having any paper under protost except what is, as they suppose, now at Uur lington, and had the toriter, as wo presume, of tho urticlo, and other members of the company paid their assessments which wero all due and ordered to be paid by the 16th of October last, tho Directors would havo been able to havo honored all their acceptances at ma turity. As it is, they can only say, that all tho funds which have been paid to tho Treasurer havo been faithfully applied in tho settlement of losses ; that ev ery exertion has been undo and is still making to col lect tho balance of assessments, and that no tiino will bo lost in making application of the money as soon as rccoived by the Treasurer. If the reputation of tho company suffers, it ii by reason of tho negligence of its members in not promptly paying their assissmcnli, and not for want of exertions by tho Directors to sus tain its credit. It is no cay matter to collect, in theso mbarmssing times, glG.OOO fiom over twenty thou sand different individuals, and thoso scattered broad' cast in every town in tho stale. A DIRECTOR. Mr. Editor : In the List Free Press there ia itatemcnl signed "One of the insured," insinu ating that tho diicctora of the Mutual Ins. Com pany are dishonest or unfaithful in the discharge of their duty in omitting to pay iho debts of tho com pany. A sufficient reply to the above is, that at the Hose of each year the whole doings h.ivo liern publbhed, and if they show any misconduct in tho directors, let it be pointed out. But "One of the insured," admits l lie directors can only collect ihr? nsecsr-ineiiis at ill" end of the jear, iifier the losses have arciued, iiud that the loffes nre to be paid out of lliofe collections. Now i lie fact is this saint m.m has not paid the instalment of 1S39, on the cl.iini about which lie is grumbling. And, Mr Editor, if the fktill of this same geuileiuiin was not ns thick as were formerly the slaves of Bur lington beer barrels, lie would not tliu exhibit tiinitcif before ibc public. , Amitiikk of the Insukeu. TUB MARKETS, f Boston, Nov. 29. Wool Prices havo within the past 3or 4 weeks, gradually declined and quo tations must bo considered as in a great measure nominal. American, common to 4 blood ' i " it it ti ii PulleJ Wool, fciipcrfine No. 1, Lamb-.' No. 2, " 45 SO S3 47 3j 45 33 PROVISION MARKET Provisioas. There is more demand for Beef, and considerable has sold at quotations. Kales of old ut nt about $?1 perbbl less ; Pork, Lard and Hams are Very dull, and still declining quotations will bo found lower. Butler, best " firkin Hems, Boston, do Western, Lard, bet do AVetttm, Ucif do Corned do SmoVed Pork, Uoston, do whole ho"s 20 a 23 Bacon IS a Chicken 13 a Turkeys 2a Geeso 11 a HI niton 10 a l.amb 7aal2 Tripe 10 a 11 Pigs Feet, Ma Cheese, 8 a 10 Eggs Si a 6 Beef Tallow 8 a 10 11 a lii 11 a II 9 a 3 a G 6 a 7 10 a 8 a 10 Sail 20 a 2i 11 a IJniaiiTO.v, Monday, Nov. 23. At Market, SjO Beef C'attlo, 370 Stores, 1500 Sheep, and 000 Swiuu Pjiices. Betf Prices were about tho same as last week fjr a like quality. Wo reduce our quota. tions from last week's, which wo quoted too high on eomo qualities. A fuw choice catllo were sold for something moro than our highest quotations. Wo quote fisrt quality $7 ; second quality 'G a G 50 ; third quality 4 73 a 5 0. Barrelling Cattle Mess gj SO, No. 1 5. Stores We continue our last quotations, viz year, lins $10 a 12 ; two year old 915 a 2G. Sheep A few lots only were told, at $1 SO, 1 75, g2, and 2 25. Swine One lot to peddle at 44, and ono at 33 and 43c A very few only wero retailed, on account oftho weather Gkai.v. The market is without much alteration from last week. Salt's of yellow lUt Corn at 70c while G4 n G5 ; Northern Oats 41 a 47, Eastern 40 a 42, and Southern 3G a 37 per bushel. Bran and Shorts nro dull ; sale oftho former at 25, and latter at 30 a 32 per bush. cash. Provisions Beef is rather improving, with a good demand. Tho quantity of now packed so far this sea Eon is small. Pork is without much alteration, dull ; 6alcs small, and mock large. Tho Providence Journal of Tuesday eaye: "It will seen by an advertisement that tho Providence Dank redeems its bills in Fpecie on demand. Tlio Block stone Canal Bank and tho Arcado Dank havo also advertised that their bills ore The attention of capitalists is is invited to the Sheriff's sale advert ieed for Wed nesday next. The cataloguo includes a lltl UI arllrl unlilnm nit.. roil nt mil. . ale moil nf ivliirli nrn unlnnkln ..f il.o,. Congrei aitembled on Monday, and it is Pickens, of S. G. will hn i.ii.w..n K.,, by the Administration pirty. Sitll thu Vole will be a very close one, and it is uiougni me Wew-Jomsy returned Mem bers must bo deterred from vo',in to en sure this result. The last accounts urn in svur ui iiih Aiim nia rn inn ii...u a ---- .nullum. in nan inp r m a.nn. i nt:- Members will bo on hand ; so will proba bly be Mr Crary of Micigan, who was expected to be detained by severe illness ; while the Wbiga loss one yoto by their failure to ik. . choic, ia u,o FBklin District' Mass, Wo hear, however, that Mecsra Reed and Calhoun of MaH. who have hem) go ill Hint their aoacuiiablo ol lendancu at Wiishiinjlnn woe tlcHpaircd of, have so far recovered thni they will be du ly on tlio ground. The voto will be n very lull mil!, iiltliouoh Iho opposition have but slender hopes of success, JVtto Yorker, rirANtcsoivi.NG. There in nothing like nil old fnshloncd New England Thanksgiv ing. We have no fellowship with the man who does tint Invu and rcveronco tins pecu- linr institution' nl (ho North. A thanks. giving sermon is worth half n dozen other sermons; something uncommon is expected nntl the man who hns the talent to turn this expectation lo (moil account, can do six times as much good as usual. And then tho family gathering ono thanks giving day-night, have a zest which is unknown at. all other seasons. It is the grand jubileo of rclaiionship, and none should intrudn who arc not connccied by kindred or affinity. And Ihen there ih the r last I urines and plum puddings, and the mince put handed down as a part of tins lustituiion from lime iinmetnunal, should he considered, Dr. Grnhum tint withstanding, as inseparable aitendonts. What N. England niun who lias wander ed abroad, dues not cast back a lingering look to the homo of his youth, on tins hal lowed day ? If thero ia such an one, his soul has become callous with vice, ho has lost tlio finer sensibilities of llio soul and ha become insensible to its most refined enjoyment. Wo regard it as ono of the golden bauds that bind society, and es pccially the social family circlo together, and when this annual is forgotten or disre- gareed in New England, tho will have passed Hie ncine of her prosporly and will he fast descending into the grave of fallen repu Dlics. Essex UuseUe. i) i i: In Willifloii.on ,e 2(iih of Nov. 1839. fnnnerlv of lline.-bini:li, Mia .S.iinh Heath. Wilis of Rutin i Reich, in hei, nfier .i long sickneas of j iniiniin. limn in ixewinilloiil l.oiin. l'limers in I'l.ittshtiinli inc. irqucsied, &c, At liriidfnid Vt Nov. 20, Gent-ml .Micnh Bar ion. Aged 76 (-ars, mid 8 inonilm. B. K MASON, Room in the Court House, opposite the entrance. Burlington, Dec 2. Mutual Insurance Company. DELINQUENTS in this vicinity arc informed that they can pay to the sub' scriber and receive their receipts, if paid in llus monlli. J JOHNSON. December 3. 1P.39 Sheriff's ia!e. WILL be sold at public Auction, on Wodnestlny, the 1 1 Is December, 1039. at the American Hotel in Burlington, a large aiimoni uf valuable prop'rly, cm sistuig ol Cattle Horses, Carriages, liar, nesses, Jink uuil Bedding BOOKS, Instru ments of Mumc. iSic. to'wn : A larri-imij very valunblo Theological IAbrary. A suiall Church ORGAN, of superior tone An excellent PIANO FORTE. A LArtnu collection of PAINTINGS foine rare nnd valuable pieces. A L S O (50 MATTliASSES, 50 PILLOWS. 70 WHITE QUILTS, 30 .S7;i-c BEDSTEADS, 3 HORSES, ii COWS, 4 Yearlings, and one three year old, 5 SPRING CALVES. 1 Btir-iuclie and Harness. 1 double Lumber Waggon &? Harness 1 Ng7e Waggon cy Harness and 1 running gear for pleasure SLUIGH All sums under $IOO. cash, one hundred and over, three months credit, for bankable pope . Sale in cniiiiiienee nl 10 o'clock A.M. GEO A. ALLEN, Sheriff'. Burlington, Dec. 3. I!JU9. Administrator's Sale. nriHE Mib-crtber will sell nt public JL Auction, on Saturday the 30'h tnst. at 1 o'clock, P M. the house nod lot be longing in the estate of Levi G- Pike, lo caled near Peiinini'in's in Colchester, und known as Hie Bucke place. Tho property consists of a house, i-ht.p and out buildings niii half an aero ol land, and will he Mild 'object to mi nnetiinliriinee ufihreu hundred ilnl ars. Term- innitn known nt the time of Mile. ROBERT WHITE, Admin'r. Shelburne, Nov 15, IU39 fjyi'ho above sale stands adjourned to Saturday, tho 7th of December. 1839, at Willoy's Tavern in Colchester, at one o'clock, P. M. Ii. WHITE, Admin'r . J. TR YON, DRAPER & TAISOR. RESPECTFULLY notifies his custo mers and tlio public that ho has ro moved his shop to his old stand in Si Paul street, where ho will bo on hand to accum mndato all who please to call, with the latest Fashions, and work done in a style not excelled by his neighbors. Just received a variety of Broadcloths, cassimeres, and Veslings, suitable for the reason, and for salo on commission. JEREMIAH TRYON. Ou r. 23, 1839. N B. Cutting dono on short notico as usual, P. S. Ho would remind those indebted to him to call and pay over, as ho wauls cash, and must havo it, peaceably if ho can, but forcibly if hn must Bank of Burlington. NOTICE is hereby given that o meet ing uf the stockholders of tho Bank of Burlington will be holden at their bank ing houso on Iho second Tuesday of Jan uary pext, ot II o'clock. A.M. for Iho purpose of choosing seven Directors fur tho year ensuing By order of the President and Directors. Burlington, Dec. 6, 1839. r' rilliE subtcriher having completed hie JL large and comtnndiooi shop, resprct I iniiy iniorms ins customers an u ttio itiotic generally I tint he is now ready to execute nny unlets with which they may favor htm in Ins line. Ironing and Repairing, In all Us branches by experienced and skilful workmen, to as to give cntiro satis faction. Axes and Edge Tools of a auperior quality, mado lo order. HORSE-SHOEING. By men who understand their business Hcwould call I lie attention of those having horse-" with good feet, (nnd who wh to keep iliem so) to the fact that many horses nro spoiled or rendered unfit for busincrs by the bungling or injudicious, manner ol finning thrin. By many years practical experience in this branch, and his intention now, tlio sub-it:, iber hopes to merit a con tiniianco of that patronage which has been so liberally bestowed. FARRIER V. To this he will give his personal alien lion, and in tho treatment oftho dtseasns to winch the horse subject, he will endeavor to give satisfaction. The Ftibfcrtbcr earnestly rrntirsts all those indebted to him lo make immrdi ate payment. P. P. Markham. Shop, No. I Mechanic's yard, entruncc from Collegnor (Jlitirnh ftreet. Burlington, Nov. '29 1839. $r w w b 2a m THE Subscriber has taken the Brick Storo formerly occupied by A, J. Fuller &. Co where he is now receiving u jjene. rul ussorlineni of DRY GOODS. DRY GROCERIES. CROCKER Y, GLASS AND HARD WARE, I) YE STUFFS, MEDICINES. SALT. NAILS. BOOTS AND SHOES. FUR &? WORSTED CAPS Sfc.SfC. Having purchased Ins entire &ock ol Goods with (ash during tlm pret-uie for money in New York, some of the last days of October, lie is enabled lo sell them at much less rate than Goods have usually been mid in this place. The public are re quested to call and examine Iih Slock He can assure those thai are in want ol Goods and Cheap Good, that there is no neces sity of their ginng to Ilorlinrrtno In buy I hem. W. II. IIOLLEY. WillWton. Nov. 29th. 11139. AT REDUCED PRICES. nllOAD. Pilot and Beaver CLOTHS. ol every depcript ion. souiu as low ii. gl per yard. Camlet, Merino and figured goods for Cloaks and Drosoos of a great variety of patterns und ut a shade cheaper (linn chenp. SILKS, rich fig'd changeable plain inotie colors, und black and blue black-., all nt the newei-l most approved laict fashioned war ranted lo (ii and suit price-. Bombazine-, plain nnd fig'd, quite chenp. Alpine-, real genuine, (not imitation) nl Ihe very low price of gl. 75 per yard. Bonnets, a cum1 Florence and Smw. Also, a few pieces very rich English Calicoes, rte'd by the Great Wer-'ern. BUFFALO ROBES, FUR CAPS, COLLARS BOAS, FUR TRDUUNGS.Scr.. See all for sale nt HOWARDS. November 29. 11)39. PROVISION LiARRELS. fffofifo "'Mlc Oak BARRELS a 2iV!xif rood article for sale h Shelbum Nov. 2G. L. M. II AGAR. Miron Ilolabird's Estate. WE Hie Siib-crihers. having been ap pointed by the Honorable the Jm. bale Court lor I lie District of Chittenden, eoniiin. loners In receive, examine and ad jiM Hie clattiN and (leinand-i ol all person against iho e-itatu of Miron Holabird lain of Shi'lbume in snid Di-l rict , deceased. represented insolvent, and alio all claims anil ileitninds exhihiied in offset ihnroto; and six months from tho day of iho dale hereof, being allowed by said Court for that piirpo-e, we. do therefore hereby give notice, that wo will attend lo the husuie of our appointment, at tho dwelling of Os. car F. Hiiluhird in Shelburne in said dis trict, on the 2lsl days of January and Mav next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on euch of said days, Dated, this 21st day of November A. D. 1039 JOHN TABOR, ) , H.S.MORSE, Comrs, STATE OF VERMONT,) ClIITTHNDBN CoUVrV SS. S The Honorable Ihe Probate Court within and for the District of Chittenden. To the creditors and others concerned in the estate of Eli Thnier.lute of Shelburne, in said District, deceased. OJHEREAS Lyman Hall, Execiitorof the last will nnd leslnincut of said deceased, hath mailo application lo this Court, to extend tho tiuio limited (or making payment of Ihe debts and legacies ofhBid deceased, twolve mouths from the I'levenlh day nl December next nnd llio thud Wednesday of December next, being assigned for a hearing in ihn premises, at Iho Oflico of the Register of this Court, and it having been ordered I hut notice thereof be given, by publishing ibis decreo ihree weeks successively in Hi Free Prcss.a newspaper puuled ot Burlington, before Ihe tune fixed for hearing. Therefore, you aro hereby notifiod, to appear before said Court, at Ihe tune and place oformid, ttieii and there, to make objection if any yon have, to the said lime of payment boing further oxlciidd as afore nni. Givun tin tier mv hand nt Burlington this 5lh day ol November A. I) l!)39. WM. WESTON Register. A CERTAIN CUllE FOR THE ITCH!! EpNo article ever introduced to public notice lias beenjnuna lo answer a belter purpose, or been more highly opproved, than the justly celebrated DUMFRIES' ITCH OINTMENT. So great and extended has become its re putation, thnt dealers nro ordciiug it from all parts ofthn country, as a remedy which gives their customers thu highest satisfaction. A Stuiient? Connected with one of our Li'orary Institutions, whoro this loathsome disear-e had nppcnrrd, observes, that Dumfries Itch Ointment exterminated it. aflcr various other applications had failed to do so, and it bod in ennsrrjuenco gaiuod a reputation in that Seminary, and vicinity, as llio&(.st rem. all human fur the Itch? This preparation fur pleasantness, safely, and expedition, easo and eerlainty, is iinstir pard, if equalled. It does not contain the least particle of mnrenry, or oilier dangerou iiiL'rcdienl, and iiiav ho applied with petfeel safety lo pregnant females, or to children at the breast, nnd it ciires(linwover inveterate, in Onk noun's ArrLiOATinN only! And no danei from taking cold. Price, 25 crnl a ho, with ample directions. RELIEF FOR THE PILES! IJEltSOXS afflicted with tho painful and Iroulilcsoino ooniptaiut of Iho Piles, nre infnrrrcd that they may obtain immediate relief ly the use of that invaluable locdieino Dumfries Remedy for thu Piles. In proof of its ellicacy. Pi.ctsi: iicai) tiic ror.LowiN'G cash! " I was cinfined to my room (writes a relieved patient) about threo weeks with lliH trouble some ccinplaitit, when untieing the advertise ment of Dumfries Remedy for the Piles I was induced ro try it when lo tnv greai relief comfort pari of a box of each, tho Electuary & Ointment effected an unliroand permanent cure as it is now four ycariMnce and 1 have liau no return oftho complaint fino3 although I was aeoasiennlly troubled will it for yours hoforo usioir thu remedy." I'ricu $1 for both articles, Llectuary and Oimtnont, or 50 cents for either whoro but ono is wanted. Valuable Physic! PR. RELFE'SANTIBILIOUS PILLS. IROiM the information tho Proprietor is - receiving frnm various source, of ihe excellent effects of these Pills in coin plaints of Iho stomach, bowels, head. &e. they are unquestionably aiming the bet articles of phyiic, however ce'ebrated, for los of appetite indigestion lis.llosne.-s, licad.nelie, cosliveness, flatulence, rholie, bilious affec tion", A;c. 1'iicc, 50 cents a box. 5 Prepared and sold by T. KIDDKB, sue coskor to Dr. ("onway. 99 Cour si. up Hairs near Oonrerl Mall Boston and may also he had of J, lc J. II. PECK & Co. Burlingon Vu ioi o geluino unlos signed T. KIDDER on the outside priuled wrapper. Large discount to dealers- IBPk tier Caps. OF a finality Superior to any oifeied for sab: in this Stale and such as must -nit every tasto ; also. Seal and Hair Seal Caps low priced Fur Caps, by tju, dozen. Lynx Mull's. .Squirrel Mull's, and a varieiy of dark Furs, for sale by W.m. I. Suvmouii. At the now brick shoo on Cherry stieet. Burlington, Sow 'Jl, lu.ill'. Huntington's Common 'School Geography and Atlas. glllE attention ol Parents und Tenehers IS particularly invi'ed in the nhove. For sale by C. GOODRICH Nov. 15. Wickware's building, up stairs AN-o for sale, u general assortment of School Books. O CASKS London Puis -1 1 do. Ger riniill flo. 1 do. Mixed do. 200 M. Warren' & Hemmitig's Nee dles 50 Gro-s, Honk & Hyew. 150 do, Bone Eyelet lo. For f.tlc by Vilas, Ldomis &, Co. Nov. 14, 11139. II A I K II A 1 U. I ni p o r t a n t D i s c o v e r y. THE GREAT MYSTERY FOUND OUT AT LAST. DR. STCRRY'S 1 1 A HI BKGHNnRA TOR. Dr.Sleiry. al'ler iiiucli .mention to the important subject of preserving the hu man hair, has, afler many experiment, eheuii. cnl and physical, been nblo to discover an am cle, who h is now ollured with the grimiest eiiiiliileiico for llio toilet, as thu best llnni,' ever discovered, from its softening and penelraling quality, to produce a good head of hair to prevent it from falling oil' when baldness is apprehended lo rettoru it when baldness has aken place, and lo prevent it from iiirumg gray. It is more nourishing tlinu pomatiuir, antique oil. or colognu water. It is , he.iuti. "ul arlielo foi ladies curls it makes the hair (oft and lively, and produces iiiicoinuioii brill iancy. Thoinands have tested its superior virtues and e.vcellunce. and m every instance it stands unrivalled, Ii isau iiifalliblu cure in ill affections of the skin on tho head as dandruff, ifcc. &u. Every family should bo supplied with a buttle of this oil, that by its application to llio head und hair of their chil dren, thu boauliful and ornamental appendage of a fine bond ofhair, which nature has sup plied us, may bo preserved. From the numer ous certificates anil tecoiiiinciidatiiius rccoived ofils salutary influence., the Doctor feels lirm. ly persuaded ho has succeeded in producing and arlielo which will meet thu desired wishes and approbation of ihei public. For sale, wholesale mid retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co., 117 Genesee street, Utica. In Burlington only by .1. it J II. Puck tc Co,, in Vorgeuues hv J. II BOWMAN, in Millou by WHITNEY, LANDON Si Co., in Georgia by LORKNZO JANES. jy'.'O TIN PLATE &c. BOX US Tin I'lates IX Extra ti-ze- nnd must approved brands, 35 Bundles Sheet Iron R. G. 24 100 do. Iron Wiro 500 pounds Sheet Zmc 4C0 to 27 600 do. Tinned Copper 500 do. Sheet Lend 250 Square Wins Vellum. To gether with a general assortment of tinners' urtic'e. all ol which will bo sold ut low pricoj for cat!) by Vi&A3,Loomi,& Co. N. LOVELY & CO. JUST received and i ffer lor sale, FRESH l RUNES, ENG. CURRANTS, ALMONDS if RAISINS, ALSO, a small lot of first rate Cuuir., warranted good, cheaper than offered in tins market helore. Burlington, Nov 27, 11139. Huston Academy s collection of music. 100 copies ju-l received by NoV. an. n, Goodrich. LOVELY & HTTILLBTS'T Fresh Arrival of Goods. A SPLENDID assortment of almost every urliclo wanted all bought un der tho low preuro principle, within leu days past nl New York. These Goods aro now "SELLING OFF," mine below cost, some A I' cnt, and souiu a VERY mtti.k &orc cost. Farmers nnd others, bring m your "shin plasters" wo will flake Hieiiinnil give von Goods cheaper than ever be'ore, OTNO MISTAKE rp yon will find who is sel'nggreat bargiin", Mnci goods for little cash.' by eallunr ni no -uni of N." LOVELY if Co." Burlington. Nov. I! 5 111.19. NEW GOODS THE sub-cr.bcr has ju-t received r genernl iin'iinen' ol DRV GOODS GROCERIES, CROCKER Y. (f GLASS n'tJ(h, which ho will -ell iinu-uailv low lor e.i-n. HORACE LANE. Burlington, Oct. Ill, Iti.ig. Latlirop, Potwin, &, Wait MAVE ii very e.vieiiiive Stock of Brit Hh, French and American Dry Goods, Crockery and Glas ware, Carpet uig, paper hanging-- fl mr cloths mid malts, all kinds of Dry Groceries and l'rovi.-ion Drug-- nnd Medicines, which ihey will hell as Cheap as the Cheapest 'or Cash or ex change for most kinds of Produce. Nov. '0(Q. lbs. White and colored Cotlon Thread, Just received by Vll.AS, Lnr-Mis ife Co. WATCHES. rf OLD and silver Patent Levers, extra "OT jewelled, of the uio-t approved ma. burs. Gold and -ilvur fepuie wntche-, line finished. Silver alarm, and cnmiuou wmches. Peisons in waul of good watch es. can be supplied with tnnse of ihe lies' qua lil y, and at ns low prices as in any oth er market, at the Varieiy sinre. pA.Nfinnn.N &, BniNSMtti). 4lr Bales 4-l lJrown Shooting 10 do 3-4 do Sinriiuj.'s. 12 do Tickings, fir sale u' Boston pr:ce. bv Vir,.s, Loomis & Co. Nov. 10. 1fW9. Real Mosaic and enamelled Piim'inn Pins, "old harp pins, and n very yrenl variety ol oinor ninus ; some very liretly pearl, jet, emerald and other Finger Riiijis. iilaiii fine iroli ring's, and many other kinds ul the Vmeiy S'ore. P.VNCDOllN k BaiKSM.MII. 4000 Crockett, Comic & PecT- nle's Almanac-, lor i;40. by S. N. D cken -on, uttui mn uirr adveiiluri s, sprees. -criin-t and wild sports in the west, mid lilt; und iiuiniiers in the back woods, for sale to the trade at publisher's prices VILAS, LOOMIS &. CO Nov. 19 Clocks with Looking-glasses-Nice iiialioiiany ca-ed striking clucks wul and without lonkinir ola-ses; for !!. 9, nnd 10 oolhus, Our nustooiers will plea-e oh serve Hint we will sell n ooil looking L'h's and clock toeeiher, for u bout tho sunn price Ihey would have In pay lur a loi ;in ola-snl Iho same Inn-lied Irniue. I tin: who intend to buy n clock Hn- full, wi mil reroi it iiiney lane a iooi,iit mir muv tissoii inent nel'ore ihey purchase. Ala ho. rrtov Iriiined sirikinr and alarm clocks very loiv: all warranted to keep ooii time At iho Vuriclv sturo. P.wnnou.v &. Biuns.-m.ui). 32 Cases English and Ameri can Prints. 5 do hleiichfil Sheet inrrs and Sbirlirirs. 2 di Broad Cb"hs just teceived nnd for -nle by ', Loojiis &, Co. Nov. 1 9 J VAO. A real blessing to Mothers. Nurse Clark's Suothinir Syrup Inr elu.'dren (mttniir leeth. Iho very best syrup known Prepared by one of tho most experienced nurses. Directions for n-iuu und other iiisininiions enclosed. Fur tub' nt Ihe Variety siurc. P. & B. MAS 1! e- ived n a (i. niiiui itssorl inenl of DR Y GOODS Also n laryu suiplv . I GBCCEIUKS Mich as COCNIAC BRANDY, COMMON do, HOLLAND GIN, BALTIMORE do ST CROIX RUM, WINDWARD ISLAM!) do, ItUSTOA do. WINES OF VARIOUS KINDS AND PRICES. MOLASSES SUGARS, TEAS COFFEE, ROBACCO RUM.RAl Sl.iS FISH, SPICES, PEPPER. nnd must other articles in thu line. His liquors and wines, wero u chased principally of an nnporier, nnd seleeli d with much care. Tavern keepers will ho supplied with articled in their line, war ranted of thu lira rale, nnd on Ihe luwesi lerms. Those who have never boiii'hi linn irs ofhini. tiro tiariicularlv invited to call anil examine, llmse ihat have, know where Ihey can do best. Also, dry goods will bo mid n low us Ihey can be boueiii in Iho stale. Sioro ouuodllo S. E. Huiv aril's Church Street. BiirliUL'lon Nnv. 21. -11130 PAPJSR, 1 rKMUu larcebl iuck and erentesi varioly' J- iiilho .tutu, fur tulo ai lUHniiliioiiireru I'fices. by V, GOODRICH. I iuv. ia 'LYiciwnrc'B uuuinr;, 041 6luua.,Ur8uio Janei. I) It. HULL'S Utcro Abdominal Supporter. rfnlllS new Instrument for Hie rudit-a1 JL cure of Prolapsus Uteri or Falling of the Womb, by external application, super seding ihu usuiif'ihf objectionable Pe- nry. h ooiifidently recommutiilud to iho atilie'eii as tho inentM of a perfect reMorntiun tn health, it never having failed of perloritiiu a euro even under iho most aggnvnti 1 circiimstnncea, It lint received Hie ib e ii l approbniion of Sir Astley Cooper of LON -DON; Htr Beiijamin C. Brodie; Sir Jaioea Clark, Physician in the Queen', Dr. Ash well, Lecturer on Midwifery lo Guy's Ho-j. pilal; Dr. Rigbv, Lecturer lo Si. Barthoi omcssi Dr. Grillith. Lecturer to Westmin ster Hospital; Dr. Ram-boHuim. Lec'tiror to London Hospital; Robert Forgo n, Lecturer to Westminster Lying-in ll ispt tal, Dr. Swealman. Lecturer lo Midi le rx Hospital, and senior Accoucheur to Queen Charlotte's Lyiog-in-Hospiiiil ; also by Henry Davtes, C'oiique-t ; Bluudell, Lee, iMorriiniin, Surgeon Keates &c. by Dr Moreau President nl the Acndnmto Royulo de MedeiMi'e, PARIS and Accoitcheur tj thy Duchess D'Orlenns; Professori Vi'l peau Marjolin, Paul Dubois, Sanson and olhers ; n:d in N W York by Proms t J. W. Frnnei-; G. S. Bedford. M, I). Profrrsor of Mulwitery in University Uiu coy NEW YOKK: 'Professor DelnhVld, Prnfi-.-iir FriincH U. Johnston. Prendcbt ('ouniy Med. Society; Lnurens Hull, (irr.s. Medical society, sure ol New York; pr if. lames .McNaughlnii uf Albany; professor .March, prof Cyrus Perkins, prof. Douno Drs. Tho- Boyd. (Mliert Smith. Hosack, S'enrns, Ludlow. Gi-.ato, Vnclic, Power, fir.ty-nii, Von II. ii iiliior and tunny other distinguished I'l.v-ieuiiis m the U. Stnlia. A. ti. HULL :--Ollice 4 Veoy-fct, A.stor House, New Yqrk, QTA coiislant Mipply ol ihe above Instra nieiits, with Dr. Hull's Improved Trues lor Hernia will he kept liv ROBERT MOODY. Druggist, Burlirg'or. Vt. GRINDSTONES & PLASTER. All rjre assortment nl Wiilur ans' ItjnJ Gi ii.dsioncs, and Piaster in nny quan tity, cnn-t.mtly on tin nil nnd for tj by Sol'i.b, Wiut.nky &. Co., 4. South 6t. Now York, and by the tubdcribers ut No. 7, L Wharf, Boiin. SPRAGUE, SOULE &. Co. Tune 17 i C m Diseases of the Lung's. Decidedly llio most popular remedy cvur known in America. m DC"? 33Zi3 SUIrorTA- S"it BAT C5A3TS is tho most valua ble, remedy now in uso forcou'ilir, colds, nstli ma or phthisic, coii'iimption, whooping' cntiijli and puiinoiiary all'cctions of every ItimJ. ltn sale is steadily increasing, arid the proprielorw aro constantly rcceivinj; tho must favorable account of its elTccts. Tho lollowiny new certificates are offered lor public exnininati AN INTERESTING CASE. Extract of a letter from .Mr. C. S. Clay, Kir jj Kion. Ulster eo. N. Y., to thu jiropnetur.'. Yours of the 9th inst. was duly receive J. remarkable cure was effected by tho Vc.;c!tib! I'liliuoiiury Balsam in the winter and sprir: oflu.!."). Thu pcrstm, Mr. Moody, had be sick a luiii; tune with the eoiisumptin . II piiysieians had iriven him up. Huwaxrid ceil so low as lo be unable lo help hiinst If, ai was rai-iiie; a larfjn quantity of blood wnen couiinenccd usiiitho Balsam, which haseiTe ted a cmi'phlc cure, and hn l- now as ha e a hearty as ever ho was. Air. Moody h r moved from this town, but hn has pro o 9 me a mere detailed account orhis case, v'i c 1 will forward you. C. S. CLAY. Kington. N"Y. June 25. ll!3lt. Extract of a letlnr from Dr. Jacob Mvers The Vcjrolablu Pulmonary Balsam has bt sold in this county for two years, mid n inciliciuc has ".'mice! an iiiicoiiiiuoii eelehri lo-it scaieely in one instance failed of ha v. k the de-irnd i H'ccl. I am by no means in ta of thu many nostrums, must of which are i . positions upon a credulous public, but tn which I know by use lo lu effectual, I cann i but help eivn my approbation thereto. preparation has been ofTcicJ I. by ii inn cllui"; Ayenl, of C'oinstnek. i , and llieio is another arlielo vended hero Id is slronjjly inspected to be spurious. JACOB MYEBS, AI. D Aliniiiietnu. Jnninia eo. 1'eiiu. AIny 'J. P.. ' From Dr. Samuel Mnrrell, to tho Proprnjio of thu Veeetable I'ulinnuary Bal-uin. I nm satisfied thai Ihe 'e;ulab!o I'uln. ry Bui-am is a vnluahlu medicine, iUu been ii-i'd in tins place with comnleie su. , ' in an oh-tinale complaint of the lung's, a ded with a n'vnro con jh, loss of voice, an 1 t raisimr of'iniicli blood, viiich had pruvi. , re.-istud many approved prest-ripiiomi, Al'i iiMiij; the IJ.ilsain onu week, llio palii 'm voice ri'lurued and he was able lo speak ,vu lily, 'fins euMi ci-euried some tlino since, n the man is uoiv enaeed nni only in uluv but laborious business, llespcetliillv, A-c. S. MO It'll ELL It Is now more than six years since 1 w brought very I. w by nil all'eclion of thu In.i. and my couipl iini was dnel.iied u, bu iuciire blu by a ecuncil of three physicians. I r then restored to as rood iicilih as I had e joyed for runny years, by iisinj; thu Veota: I'lihuoiiar) Balsam. Since my recovery f have recommended the Bil.-am ill u 'reatni. -l iv eaes nl'lunir eoinplainls and to far a-) r can leirn, its Use has invariably been follow e by lunch benelll. and in iiuiiy instances it !a eil'celed cure.- which were wnnlly unexpecie j SAMUEL EVERETT Boston, Alareb 2, Ib.n. Pur sale, whole-ale and retail, by J.& J, II PECK" .V: o.. Il'irliiieiiin, 't. ( hcajr-.fbr Casi. rr Blue, Green, Brmsn and Dr ib, Pilot and Beaver Cloth, for Ciii'ti for sale iinc'iuiuonlv thcap for Ce. t by the piece or yard at the uete A- thed Ktih Store of Lath nop, Potwin & WfT. f5l VrTI QT K. AI. Ill t'Clli OCK'S MEWLY IN MJ VENTED SNLPF Thu bust artic 1 ever discovered by Mieutilie men. in Eim e I "r Auieriia, fur Iho euro and absolute toh -i t 1 l-tartli, Dizziness ol tlio lle.ul. Uoalc l.v ' Nervous lleudacbos. Pallrn nekness, Kits. i '." " ,u,uu pmiiui.m of I'alsy, iVe. Pur salo, wholos'ilo ind rrtail, by A. Hi cock b Co., solo proprietors, 117 Gut" Ulreel, Utica, i.ud by Ihen ,ii;outs throui ,uni()y by J.&J. II. I'LC'K &Co . m jjnimcs by J, II. BuWM AN, in Miltu,, Lamion & Co , in Qetg

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