Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 13, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 13, 1839 Page 3
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I holding legal certificates of ihcir election, wcro entitled to vote, nnd those only. An tppcal wa tnkiMi from this decision, lint before any quctton was put, the IIni!u again adjourned, 1'UOM iitmoiu. New Yoni:. Doc. G,--Thostenm packet ship Liverpool, Cnpt. Egglrstono, reached thia city yesterday. She lelt on the lGth ult. and bring Liverpool pnpers of Hint date, and London Journal of the day pre. vioti. News of the fniliiro of n largo number of the American banks reached England on llie Gth. and for several day succeeding produced great excitement in (he money market. Its immediate effect wns. to defeat the loan mad'; by Hope Si Co., of Amsterdam, tn Mr. Jniidon. who, however, sub-i qucnily succeeded in bor Towing the requisite iimount in London. United Suites Hank clock instant ly depre ciated in price, from twenty to 6ixlecu nnnnds slcil'iiit?. Cotton had rien about three eighth? of a penny since the Insi quotation?, but the sales were mntly made on speculation, in duced by the fear that the crop for the present seasnn would fall chert in thin country, and that it would not be brought forward until late in the season. There hnd been no increase of demand in the manufacturing districts, m consequence of the protracted depression in trade. The money affairs in England hnd im proved. Foreign exchange- had tnken a more favorable turn. Specie was gradu nltu flnwiucT in from llie continent, and the importation of wheat had ceased. The bullion of the Hank of England having in creased to near four millions of dollar, it wns announced that there wa no further necessity for restrictive measures. I lie opinions held abroad of ihc commercial condition of this country, particularly of the atrocious con-so that ha been pursued by the U. S. Hank, arc ably presented in the English prints. Insurrections of a serious nature have taken place in Monmniith-hire, Wales. In consequence of the lec'iues of one Vin cent, a Chartist delegate, secret n-socia tion9 were formed among the miners and iron workers of Newport and the neigh bnrhood, for the establishment of what they call the Chartit kingdom. On the 3d of November a general rising com menced : the mines and levels in the moun tains were de-eried. and the furnaces blown out. The whole body consisting ol fifty thousand men, from ihc work at Ca crfilly. Ulnckwood, Machan. Risca and oth er places, armed with uch weapons n they could procure, muskets, pikes, axes, clubs, knives, sabres, and pistols, marched upon the town of Newport. As they en tered the street, three cheers were given for the people's chatter, noil a brisk fire commenced on the principal hotel. Bui lets and slugs flew in all direction. The windows and doors of the building being soon demolished, ihev proceeded through the main streets dealing death and dc-truc- tion as they went, when they were met by n body of troops. The firing of the sol diers'wa returned vigorously by the insur gents. The mob, wedged cloo together in the street, and the soldiers safely cn- sconced above, fireng down upon a dense mass, the result may be cnily imagined, j Every shot produced a fearful efl ct, and in the course of a few minutes moro than 20 Chartists were killed on the spot, nnn sev eral others dangerously, anil in many in stances mortally wounded. Finding, how. ever, from the position occupied by the military, that certain death owaited t hem. they fled to the fields. In the cot;rn of the'afirny, Ihc mayor of the town 'a wnunded, and many of the citizens other, wise badly injured. The leoder of this movement, a Mr. Frost, who prole s to hove been a mural orcc man. and who ea been commis-i'ined ns a jtutice ol tne peace, ami uoru juiiu Rnssel. was arrested and commuted to prison shortly after his his defeat. Cj roat numbers of persons engaged in the nfl'iir have been seized and will be prosecuted for treason at tho earliest sitting of the courts. There are indications nf renewed distur bance in France. The accounts received fntnthc French army in Africa aro dis tressing. The troops uro peri-hing of fever by hundred, while the sick arc left wuhout n n y nistnncc or accommodation. One account says that there are more than three lliournnd' sick soldiers in Algiers, without bed or bedding, some being placed in hammocks without matlreses. in which they can neiihcr stretch their limb nor turn themselves: others are lying on strnw. and night and day devoured by injects ; while some hnd no other couch than the bare ground. Woman doiint to dkatii. At l'uston on Mon day nijjlit lait, a woman r.amud Itecd ua burnt In bcalb liy her clolbe? taking fire. Another woman by tbu namo iif.Maner was also found in her chamber on the same evening, with her luce and bosom badly burnt ; sho had retired only about ten minutes when discovered, It is supposed sbu had a fit, as sho was subject lo ibem, and complained if lining unwell fjre retiring. Fr.onil)A. We Icaru with regret that Captain Searle, Quarter Master U. S. Army, was shot at by tliu Indian, while on hi way from St, Angnslino lo l'icolata. Howasattbo lime intlio stage and wa badly wounded, in the hip. He remain in a dangers ous slate. Awhile man, riding behind tho carrhgo on horseback, was first shot. He died ia a bliort time after. hi a it it i i: i) In Slmve.on die 11 December, by llie Hev, II, Foster, Thomas IV. I.aiupbere, uf Slauslcid I,. C. to Mifi Sanih lirigh im. In Ihis town, on iIik -lib insl. by Ilcv. (I. (S. Ingerioll, Mr. SlDM'.Y liAiu.uw to Mita AIaky I'oi'K, all nf ibis place. In I'airfax.ou llie 3d ult. by Knv. Mr. Broun, Mr. J. K, Uiury, of Wmlfoud, lo MUs Caroline Bancomb. In Wesiford, on iho Sill nil. by Kev. B. F, Taylor, Mr. Seymour Father to Misa Murtia Bales. On Thursday evening Iho 5th inst by tbo Uev. J, K, Converse, Mr Clement I'. 15liss,of Jericho to Mis Mary M. J1 rcilcrjcli, of this town. Also on Wednesday lasl.hy the same, 'at tho K.v change Hotel, Mr. Win. Hunter to Miss Iscab Harris. i) ( i: i) In this town, on llie Gib inn. John M. Eldredgc, Etq. aged 0 jenrs. Tho Museum of Religious Knowludgo, a suitable hook for ptotiuuts for all seasons, just rue d by Dec 12. C, GOODUICII. GOODS AND At I he Onli Htore Kent ny C1AN be poiclniM'd u- low u nuy one f in 'he Slnte. whe'her they tell ni cost below co. or at a profit, the lollowing oriiob's vi',: French, English and American prints, from 0 to 05 pence. French and English Merinos from Is. Gd. to MO. Gd. Mohair, crape, and London catnblit ut cost. Plain nnd figured silk, very beautiful, U. Gd. to G.. Black ami blue black do. Plum and figured Alpine, from 7s. Gd. to If! j. Mouselinc do Laine. from 00 to ii0 cts lied and black merino shawls, warran led flee from cotton. Broche and plaid from 1 50 to $5 00 Fancy hdkl's, gloves, hosiery, laces, rib. bon. Italian cravat. P,G and -10 inch gum elastic n-prnders. Broadcloths, ca-simeres and vesting. Sntinttt. grumnnde gray cloth, Irom t 50 to t!7 t 2. Brown and bleached sheetings, from 0 to 12 1 2 per yard. Yarn, wicking, ticking1, and baiting. Colored ll.innol, 40 to 50 cts. Farwoll' shoes, gaiter boots and dan. cing pumps. Hats, caps and buffalo rubes, all very low. GROCERIES. Tea, sugar, mnla-ses, lamp oil, dry fi-li, lobac- ro, pepper, spice, Hinder, salersilns, iiiilniegs. cin namon, iiiishi-, rice, flinch. &n. &c. Alluhonie wi.-hiiii lo piuch.ise anv kind of "nod will find it for llicir intcic-l lo e.ill on P. it lei sun, one dmir cast of Iluwaid's Imtel, where ihev will he cine lo ant lliewoilbuf their money. Iiiulington, Dec. 12. lb.l) NOTICE. rinllE Lessees and debtors of tho town JL of Burlington, will tako notice that their rent nnd interest falls due on tho 1st day of January next. It is expected that nunctunl payment will be made on or before that day. NATHAN B. HASWELL 7'oicn Treasurer. Bii'linglnn. Dec. 13, 11)39. rjjHHE public ury hereby cnutioned not lo -K- harbour or trust my wife. .'J BIG AIL ROBERTS, (who is now in Pittsford, in this state.) in llie expectation that I shall pay any debts of her contracting, as she has. without any just cauo whatever, vol untarily absconded, nnd deserted her bus. band and a comfortable home, contrary to his wishes, and in violation of her duties as a wife. DANIEL ROBERTS, Jr. Vet Milton, Vt. Dec. 5. 1!!39. SL'AGSSMXTEIlSre. Til E Subscribers have taken the Ulack-initb Shnp formerly carried on by the Burlington Mill Company, east of Sidney Barlow's store, nnd nlso the one near the bridge, on the Burlington -ule. where thev will promptly attend j to all kind of work in their line. Par ticular attention given to tlmeing horses, I Carnages and Sleigh ironed in the best manner, nnd large job requiring to bo turned, executed promptly, and in the most perfect manner. A. R. & G. DUNCAN. Burlington Tall. D'c. 13 I!t30. Hiram Clark's Instate. E the sulHcribers having been np pointed by the Hon. the Probate court for the District of Chittenden, com missioners to receive, examine and adjust Ihe claims nnd demands of all per.-on again-.! iho ciatc of Htrnm Clark, Into Millon in said district, deceased, represcn (d insolvent, ami also all claims nnd de ),ams (1f a person exhibited in offset , iimrelo ; and six months Irom the 'av ol ( ,e c n t c hcreol being allowed by said court , for 1 tint purpose, we do therefore hereby " '"t-"-""1- '"'""J DRY notice that c will nllend to thci1, . . r , .,...,, i ,,.,,. i. 'r'l-i .. ci i. ;.. M.i,...'. ;....,.i. i, , .m m.i .. i' u ,i ,,.,! r c', o n he n-t iMmidnys o r ebruary and , , . ,n , i , k m .. i aid dav. Dated this 4ih day of December, A. D. I two. A. G. WIHTTEMORE. ) Commis BEN J. C. WEBSTER, l sinners. .BRISTOL, HOTEIi. . n 2 11 SAMUEL I'll! EDDY, " ESPECTFULLY announces lo the citizens of Bristol and vicinity, and the Travelling public generally, that he lias enlarged, repaired and fitted up his old Kiand, in a i-tylc of elcgauco and cun von ience, not surpassed. He will bo found nt all times ready to supply iho wants of all who may fnvor him with a call, and hopes (by In desire pleae to merit and receive the patronage of a liberal public His Bar-Room, Barns nnd Sheds, are nrranged in tho best possible manner to accommodate the travelling nnd business public. Biiitol, Dec. 10, 1IJ39. Champlain Transportation Co. -1 jW, rjTHE Stockholders of the Champlain JL Transportation Company, uro hereby notified, that i ho nniiual meeting of said company, for the purpose of choosing direc tors for tho ensuing year, will ho holden at. Howard's Hotel, in Burlington, on Thurbdny, the 2d day of January, A, D. IU40, nluno o'clock, P. M. liv onler. P. DOOLITTLE, Clerk. Burlington, Doc. 10, 11139. 3 PAPER. TIHE largest stock nnd greatest variety JL in l lie alatc, for sale at manufacturers prices, by C. GOODRICH. Nov. 15. Wickwaru's building, up sluirs. 5J 7 Louis Dcrvillc's Estate. TEtho Fub-criburs having been ap 1 V pifnted by the Hon. the Probate court f.,r the di-lrict of Chittenden, com mtisioiier lo rece ve, examine, and ndjot the claim and demand of all per-on-ngniijst the estate ol Lmi'S Dorvilk'. late of Burlington, in shiiI disi net, deceased, rep resented iiHolveut. and also all clnlius and demands ol'nll persons exhibited in i ffei Ihereto; and six month from the day of the dal" h'-reol, being alluwed for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby g've nntiee that wo will nllend to the biMiie of out nppointmnii, at the office of Win. Weston. Ein in Burlington, in said Uimct. on uie first Mondays of February and April next, at 10 o'clock. A. M.on each of said day. Dated, this 10 h day of December, A 1). 1039. CEO. B. SHAW. I Comtnis GEO. A ALLEN. sinners. Klipiur. Steele's Estate. WE llie subscriber having been np nointed by the Honorable the Pro- batu Court for llie District of Chittenden, commissioners In receive, examine and ad just the claims and demands of nil persons. J .. ... . . ..... l.'l. 12, ..!.. Inlr, nf ngninsi i no esiniu ummiu. otch-i "-. Hmcshurgh in said District, drceased. rc oresenled in-nlvent. and nlso all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; nod six months from the day of the date hereof. being allowed by said Court for that pur pose, wu do therefore hereby give notice that we will attend to the business oi our appointment, at iho dwelling of Josiah Steele in Hinsburgh in said District, on the first Monday of February and May next, at one o'clock. P. M , on each of said day, Dated, tin Silt day of December A. D. 1 039. JOSEPH MARSH, ) Cummin. JOHN WHEELOCK, sioncr. By the British Queen, rHICH arrived nt New York, Nov. W 23d. we received an interesting1 let ter from Mr. J. Morion written nt the Briti--h College of Health, London, where the medicine of which wo speak below is made. Mr Morison thinks that the rea-on ilmt many in ihi country arc so long in being e.iircil of old-seated Diseases, is 'Hint tjieydo not take large doses enough, ' ond who is a better judge than he who has for jMM M.Uii: and administkukd iiio ctNr. nnd oim:nvici its r.rruc r' ? We believe i)'? reason, the hue one. In case of typhus Fever, bilhus Affections, Cholera morbus, Consumption, Rheumatism, panic. ularlv LVFLAJL1 TO RY R (IE L'.Wl T1SM. Dropsv. Small Pox, Tic DmiJourcau.v, FEVERS OF ALL KINDS, and in many other disens?s, in their worst singes there should be doses nf 10, 15. 20 30 "ond even more Pills administered at ".1 DOSE." It is done with great suc cess all over Europe, and TiiF.nK i where the medicine is most successful. We con. versed with a gentleman in this town, in August Inst, ii was Mr John Morison son of Mr James Morison. the Hygeist, who spent a dnv or two, here, whilst on his travels through the states : he informed us that he was once prostrnied by a fever, we think ho said Typhu Fever; (the name inciters not) nnd vn! pronounced by friends and physicians "near hs end." "pnt reco very." Hi father dismissed the physicians and said "I think lean save him." and commenced with (30) thirty No. 2 Pill, these did not have the desired effect, and he gave him doses of sixty JYo. 2 Pills and continued these doses for several days. until ho was out of danger. Virulent Diseases require large Dnses. Large do ses, in season, will prevent a lung sickness. Mr Lemuel Curtis, known by all in this town and vicinilv: wn laid up with In jlamnlary Rheumatism, had to be lifted into and out ol lieu: tits iimus were swollen verv lame, his pains were very acute: he had been Irving various thing without rc lief: by the persiinion of Mrs Johnson, nrrainst his wishes, lie sent to us for a 1 ,.r M.,,,0.,.,' Mmllnlnro n,wl I,,. '-' , ",,r , .... , . . ' i 1 nem icns rni i ii. n i: uau nil- mini lion nm , from Mr Curtis liimclt, he is hei bo ei'nn rec of concerning it. Mrs. John. ,' . r , , . , son, known to mot of he nhabi an s o dien-o. Inffainatotv Rheumatism, nrd cnii'd gel no n lief, she sent to us for package nf Morioii's Medicine, nnd say 'when I had taken the Jiflh dose, the swelling and the pains began to leave me. nnd iho-e only who have had this disease, can renl.zethe happine of ABSEoXT PA IX Mnrion's Pill cured Mrs Johnon. Wo often think wo never will publih another word about Medicine, but situated as we nre, where wo hnve incontestable evidence of the intrinsic wor h ol MousnnV Pill- and see that they DO cure very many, who in all human probability, would other wise die soon, or drng out a miserable, sickly existence, wn will speak wo will write we will let the sick know where they can depend upon gelling a good thorough-tried vegetable medicine, winch w' cure if persevered in. and used aright : j WQ cnl1 "p"!' "yeasts to renew their in in their vicinity, to circnlntc the Pamphlets, Books and Medicine. "Truth is mighty and will prevail." EXPERIENCE hn established Hygei'in." Many through ignornncn, nnd prejudice, neglect lo use this Medicine: when had they uod it, would have been doubly blest. Every Package sold in Iho stnle nf Vermont, nnd in the town bordering on Lake Champlain in Ihe slate of New York, will be signed in writmg by " PAjXGBORXS,' P.RLYS. MAID" and also by :he sub agcnti selling Ihe same, nnd every sub-agent will haven certificate ol agency signrdhy Dr. George Tuvlor. U. S, A"eol nnd bv ourselves. ' REMEMBER THE ABOVE, Applieal tons for Agencies or Medicine, post paid, prompt IV nnswereil. PANGBORN & BRINSMA1D. Jewellers, Burlington, VI, Slutc Agents Dr Gio. Tavhn 0 New st. N. York, U. S. Agent; sent out by the Briiih College of llenlih. London; ol which Jus, Morison, tit o Hygeist is iho founder nud President. Burlington, Dec. 1BJ9. (JTPapors in which wo adverliso will plcusc lenvo out all old ndverlisuinenls mid insert the above ; adui.m; the names ol the Hiib-ngenls in their county and viciuiiy nnd continue it until the year is nut lo'r i which the ogrcctiicnt was made, V, Si B. pronouncing. i l New French and English iclinnarv bv P. C. Meadows. M."A. of A Dicti tho UnivotMty & Paris-'eoiiliuning mure word than Hover's Octavo Dieli'mitry, and lor sale tit one half tho price of Hover. For sule by (.', GOOUIUUi. Dee. VI. B. h MASON. " 3PORTRAST "PIH.WSlsiB.. Rnnni in Ihc Court Home, oppniHa the enirniKC. Burlington, Dec. 2. Mutual Insurance Company. DELINQUENTS in this vicinity arc informal that they can pity In Ihc sub' sc.riber nnd receive their receipts. iT pnid in IhU month. J JOHNSON. Dtrember?,. 1039. PROVISION BARRELS. OiffJ) gntid article for sale by Shctlium, JVou. 2G. L. M. II AGAR. sr m w & 3a n nnilE Subscriber ha taken the Brick JL Store formerly occupied by A.J. Fuller vSi Co where he is now receiving a gene, nil assortment of mi v noons. mtV GROCERIES. CROCKER V. GMSS AM) HARD WARE, DYE STUFFS, JIEMChYES. SALT, jXAIES, ROOTS AjVD SHOES. FUR it WORSTED CAPS &c SiC. Having purchased his entire S'ock of Goods with Cash during the pressure for money m New York, sonic of the last days of October, ho is enabled to sell them nt much less rate than Goods have usually been sold in this place. The public are re quested to call ami examine In Stock He can aure those that arc in want ol Unods and Cheap Good, that there is no neces- ity of their going to Burlington to buy them. V. 11. IIOLLE Y. Willi'ton. Nov. 29th. 11139. AT REDUCED PRICES. "DROAD, Pilot ami Reaver CLOTHS. ot every description, some as low ns CI per yard. Camlet, Merino and figured goods for Cloaks and Dreses of a great variety of patterns'and at a shade cheaper than cheap. SILKS, rich fig'd changeable plain mode colors, and black and blue black, all at the newest most approved latest fashioned war. ranted to fit and suit price. Bombazine nlnin nnd fig'd. nuke chenp. Alpine, real .'cnuiiie, (not imitation) at the very low price of til. 75 per yard. Bonnets, a case Florence nnd Straw. Also, a few pieces very rich English Calicoes, ree'd by the Great Western. RUFFALO ROBES, FUR CAPS, COLLARS. BOAS, FUR TRIJ1.VLYGS. be. $c all forpnlont HOWARDS. Xovrmber 29. 1R39. BFk Otter Caps, OF a quality Superior to any offered for sale in this Slate and such a must suit every taste : also, Seal ami Hair Seal Caps, low priced Fur Cap, by Ihu dnzen. Lynx Mulls, f-'quirrnl Mull's, and a variely of dark Furs, for sale by Wjj. I. Si:vmoiir. At tbo new brick shoo on Cherry street. Burlington, Nov. 21, lli3fl'. Huntington's Common School Geography and Atlas. f SHE ntteiiiion of Parents nnd 'Poachers is particularly invited to ihe above. For snle by " C. GOODRICH. Nov. 15. Wickwarc's building, upstair. Alo for sale, a general assortment of School Book HAIIt-IlAl It. Inipoi'tant Discovc r y. THE GREAT .MYSTERY FOUXD OUT AT LAST. TTkU. STCIIUVS HAIR Iir.GE.N'nflA- TOB. Dr.Sterrv. after iniieli attention I to the important subject of preserving Iho hu man hair, has, after many experiments, clicmi. cal and physical, been able to discover an arli ele. whiih is now offered with the grcate.-t confidence for tho toilet, as tho best thing ever discovered, from ils softening and penetrating quality, to produce a good head of hair to prevent H Irom tailing oil wnen nannies i apprehended to resloie it when baldrics. has taken place, and lo prevent it from turning gray. It is more nourishing man pomatum, antique oil, or cologno waler. It is a beauti ful article lot ladies curls it makes llie hair soft and lively, and producos uncommon brill iancy. Thousands liavo tested it superior virtues and excellence, and in ovory instance it slauds unrivalled. It is an mlalhblo cure in all affections of thy skin on tho head as dandruff'. Aro. &c. Every family should bo supplied with a bottle of this oil. that by its application to the head ami hair i llieirciiu dreu. tho beautiful nnd ornamental appendngu of a lino head of hair, which natoro ha sup plied us, may be preserved. From tho numer ous certificates anil recommendations received of ils salutary inlluenco, Ihe Doctor feel firm ly persuaded ho has succeeded in producing and nrticlo which will meet iho desired wishes i and approbation of llie public. l or sale, wliolesalo ami retail, ny a. iiitciicock ,t Co., 117 Genesee street, Utica. In Burlington only by .1, t J. II. Puck & Co,, in Vor"cnnobv J. II. BOWMAN, in Millon by WHITNEY, LANDOX k Co., in Georgia by LORENZO JANES. j)2(l TIN PLATE ifce. 4CO BOXES Tin P aler JX Extra si y.p and most approved brands, 35 Bundles Sheet Iron R. G. 21 lo 27 100 do. Iron Wira .000 pounds Sheet Zinc 500 do. Tinned Copper 500 do. Sheet Lend 250 .Square? Wire Vellum. To gether with a general assortment (il'iinners' itrlic'es, all of which will bo sold ut low prices for cash by;. Co. lioatoti Acaihumjs collection ol music. 100 cenics just received by Nov. 28. C, GOODRICH. Koston Acatlcm y's Collection 1 r ( hurei. Music. Ju.t reeM i.v , Deo- IS. C. GOODItlCM. i J . T UYON, O ESPECTFULLY notifie hi cusio to. mors and the public that ho hn re moved Ins shop to hi old stand in St Paul treet, win-re ho will be on hand lo nccom inodnlo .ill who pleae to call, with the latest I'Vhiou. and work douo in a style not excelled by his neighbors. Just received n variety of liroattciotiis. cassiincres, nnd Vesting, suitable for tho season, and for saloon commis-inn. JEREMIAH TRYOiS. Oct. 23. 1P.30. N. B. Cutting done on short notice ns usual. P. S. He would remind ilmse indebted to him to call nnd pay over, as ho wants cn-li. nnd niut have it, peaceably if he can, but forcibly if he must. Bank of Burlington. OTICE is hereby given that n inecc inrr of iho stockholders of the Bank of Burlington will bo holden nt their bank ing house on the second Tuesdnv of Jan uary next, nt 1 1 o'clock. A.M. for the purpose of chooing seven Directors for l.'ic year ensuing By order of the President and Directors. R. G. COLE, Cashier. Burlington. Dec. 0, 1839. N. "LOVEliY & CO. JUST received and i (Tor for sale, FRESH PRUjYES. EjXG. CURRANTS, ALJUOXDS Sf RAISLYS, ALSO, a small lot of first rate Ciikk-e. warranted good, cheaper than offered in Ihi market before. Burlington. .Aon. 27. 1009. LOTBLy&STOLB'OrT Fresh Arrival of Goods. 4 SPLENDID assortment of nlmoct .. every article wanted all bought un der the low preure principle, wilhiu ten days past nt New York. These Goode nre now "SEjLL'G OFF," some below cos', some A'P cost, and some n VERY i.ittm: n&oi'c cost. Farmers nnd other, bring in your "chin p'aters" wo will Jlakc Ihemand give yon Good cheaper than ever before. BJWO JIISTAKEjsy you will find who is sell ng great bargiin , Much goods for little cash, by eallioi' ni iho sign of jX.' LOVELY i Co. Burlington, JS"tw. 23. 1H39. NEW GOODS T HE sub-cr.ber has iut received a general as-nrimeut ol DR Y GOODS GROCERIES, CROCKER Y. iy GLASS WARE, which he will sell iirui-unllv low for earli. HORACE LANE. Bittlinslnn, Oil. If!. U!39. Latlirop, Potwin, & Wait A V j n very extensive block ol lint ih. French and American Drv Goods, Crockorv and Glass ware. Carpet ing, paper hanging. floor cloth nnd matt, nil kinds of Dry Groceries and Provisions Drug nnd Medicines, which thev will sell n Cheap ns the Cheapest for Cash or ex change for most kinds of Produce. Nov. 22d. 0(0 lbs. White and colored Ci tton Thread, Jnt. received by Vilas. Lopmis & Co. A real blessing to Mothers. Nurse Clark's Soothing Syrup fur children cutting leeih. Iho very best syrop known Prepared by one of Ihc most expeneiictd nurse. Direct ion for o-ing and other lo.irnelions enc'oscd. Fur sale nt the Vnrieiy 'ore. P. -V B. HAS Received n n General n-orl incut of DRY GOODS. Also a large supply of GROCERIES. uch as COG.XIAC BRAJS'D Y, CO.M.MOX do. HOLLA.XD GLY, BALTIMORE do- ST CROIX RUM. WIM)WARD ISLAMD do. , ROSTOA dn. WI.YES. OF VARIOUS KLYOS A.XD PRICES. MOLASSES. SUGARS. TEAS. COFFEE, ROBACCO RUM.RAI .S7.V.S. FISH, SPICES. PEPPER, and most other article in tho hoe. Hi hquor and wine were po chaeii principnliy of an importer, nnd selected wiili much care. Tavern keepers will be supplied wilh crudes in their line, war ranted ol the first rale, and on i he lowest term. Those who have never bought liquors nl'hiin, nre pari icnlnrly invited to call and examine, those that have, know where they can do best. Also, dry goods will be sold ns low a they can be bought in the state. Storo oppose S, E. How ard's Church Street. Burlington Nov. 21. lfl"9. Jhnic you a Cough? 70,000 DIE OF CONSUMPTION overwear ni the United Stales, mid millions suffer from troublesome coughs ami cold, that can bo cured by Dr. M. Hitchcock's- Vegeta ble Virgin Cieani Cough mop, a sale mcdi. cal prescription, containing no poisonous drug, and used in an extensive praciicofor several years, will most positively atliiet re- liel, ami save you irom mat awiui disease pulinonaiy eouuin ption.whicli usually -weep into llie grave hundreds orihoyoung, the old the lair, the lovtly and tho gay? Ilavo you a cough? Bo persuaded lo pur rhasoa bolllo of tho Cough Drops to day ! To-morrow may bu loo lato. Have you a cough .'Dr. IlitchcooVs Vcg. otuhlo Virgin Cream Cough Drops is tho only ruinedv vou should tako In cure vnu. For'llin-plain reason ; That in no ono ol the thousand ease where it has been Used has it failed lo rohovu. Price, 7,i cents per bottle, For sale, wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK ,t Co. No. 1 17 Gciirseu bt., Utiea, N. V. Ami by thuir ngeiils throughout tho United Stalo mid Canada. In Burlington only by .hSi J. II. Pi;ck & Co., in Vergeuui's by J, Bowman, in Milton by Whitney, Laiidou Co,, in Gcoij'ia by Lorenzo Janes. fT( .1I,.U- UI;L'S Ulcro Abdominal Supporter. rtlllS new I itt rn nn-rit fur ni" mdie ndient SL euro nf Prolaniis Uteri or Pnllinr? ot tln' Womb, by external npplinii mci, npor , selling the useofllieobjeciioiinhli P'e.nrv. j i eoi fidently rccoinmeiideil in the iiUficleil j a the menris of a perfect retrniion to henlili, it never having failed of performing a cure even under tho most nggraviripil circiiinslnnces. It hn icoeived the derided approbation of Sir Astfey Cooper of LON DON ; Sir Benjamin C. Bre-die: Sir Jatneq Clark. Physician to Hie Queen: Dr. Ash well, Lecturer on Midwifery to Guv's Ho, pit n I ; Dr. Rigbv, Lecturer In St. Barthol omes: Dr. Griffith. Lecturer to Westmin ster Hospital: Dr. Rain-botham. Lecturer lo London Hospital; Robert Ferguson, Lecturer In Westminster Lying-in Ho-pi-tal. Dr. Swealman. Leclurer to Mtddle-rr Iiofiilnl, and senior Accoucheur In Queen Clinrlolto'rt Lying-in-Hospital ; nlso by Hcr,'ry Davies, Conquest: Blundell, Leo, Merfiman. Surgeon Keates &c. by Dr Morenu President of the. Academic Royalo lo Meilecirc, PARIS and Accoucheur to Ihe Duchess D'Orlennsj Profesors Vel peati Marjolin, Paul Dohoi. Sannn and others: nr. (I ill New York by Professor J. W. Fraoci : G. S. Bedford. M. D. Profersor of Midwifery in Univeriiy ihf city NEW YOKKs Professor Delafiehl, Profes.-,ir Francis U. Johnston. I'rrsidont County Med. Society: Lmrcn Hull. pres. Medical society, state ol'Now York: pruf. Jnmes MeNaughlon of Albany: profe'or March, prof. Cyrus Perkins, prof. Donno Drs. Tbo. Boyd, Gilbert Smith. Hoack, Steams, Jiiidlow. Ci-nm, Vache, Power, Grpjvnn, Van Ren-salaer and ninny othor distinguished Pliyicinn in the U. Siatcs. A. G. HULL : Office 4 Veey-st, Aslnr Home, New York. UJ"A constant nipply of ihe above lostro ineni. wild Dr. Hull's Improved Truts for Hernia will be kepi bv ROBERT JIOODY, Druggist. Burlington, Vt. GRINDSTONES & PLASTER. ALirge assortment of Water and Hand Grindstones, and Plaster in any quan tity. coninntly on hand timl for sale by Sol i.k, Wiiitm'.v &, Co., .1. South si. New York, nnd bv the subscribers nt No. 7, L Whair, Boston. SPRAGUE, SOULE &. Co. June 17 j.G m Diseases of the Lungs. Decidedly tho most popular rcmody evor known in America. VEGETABLE PULMONA RY BAXSA2VI i" the most Valua ble remedy now in use forcough colds, nst li ma or phthisic, consumption, w lumping cough and pulmonary affections ofeveiy kind. Jl.i sale is steadily increasing, and ilin proprietors aro constantly receiving tho most favoiab'e account of its effects. The lollowing new certificate arc offered for public r summation. AN INTERESTING CASE. Extract of a teller from .Mr. C. S. Clay. King, slon, Ulster co. N V to llie proprietors. Yours of the Oth inl. was duly received. A remarkable cure was effected by tho Vegelablo Pulmonary Balsam in Ihe winter and spring of 103j. Thnpor'-nn. Mr. Moody, had been sick a long time with ihe consumption. His physicians had given him up. Ho was redu ced so low as lo be unable lo help himself, and wa raising n large quantity of blood whi n I n commenced using Ihu Balsam, which hacffee led a complete cure, and he i now a hale anil hearty as ever he was. Mr. Moody has ro moved from this town, but ho has promised too a mcro detailed account orhi ca'o. which I will forward you. C. S. CLAY. Kingston. N. Y. June 25. 103!i. Extract of a letter from Dr. Jacob Myers. The Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam has hern sold In this county for two years, and tho medicine has gained an uncommon celebrity, for it scaicely in one instance failed nf having tbo desirod effect. 1 am by no means in favor of tho many nostrum, rnol of which aro im. positions upon a credulous public, but trial which I know by use lo be effectual, 1 cannot but help givo my approbation therein. A counterfeit preparation has been offered hem by a travelling Agrnt, of Comsicick. N. V, a'ndtheio i another nrticlo vended hero that is strongly suspected lo bo siuirion. JACOB MYEBS, M. D. Mifflingtnn, Jnniaia co. I'eno. May '.). 11)37. From Dr. Samuel Morrel', lo the Propriclois of the Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam. I am sati-ficd thai Ihu Vegetable Puimonn. ry Balsam is a valuable medicine. It haw been used in thi placo with complete nieces. in an ohtinatc complaint of ihc lungs, atten ded with a severo coujjli. of voice, and iho raising of much blood, which had previously resisted many approved prescriptions. After nieg tho Balsam ono week, thn patient" voice returned ami he wa able lo speak audi lily. This rise occurred miiiio limusincn.ani! the man is now engaged not only in active bul laborious business-. Hespi ctfullv, Ae. y. MOBHELL. II Is now moro than six years sineo I wni brought very lew by an ufl'cetion of the lung, and my complaint was declared to hu ineuru. bio by a council of three physician. 1 was then restored to as good neallh as I had en. joyed lor many years, by using the Vegetable) Pulmonary Balsam. Since my recovery I have recommended the Balsam in a great urn ny eases of lung complainl. and so far a I nan learn, ilsu-e has invariably been followed by much benefit, and in many instances; it hn effected cures which were wholly unexpected, SAMUEL EVEIIETT. Boston, March 2, 11)37. For snle, wholesale anil retail, by J.& J. II. PECK Sz Co., Burlington. Vt. M, HITCHCOCK'S NEWLY in vented SNUFF Thu best nrticlo over discovered by scientific men. in Europe or America, for tho euro nod absolute ruliefol Catarrh. Dizziness of iho Head. Weak Eye?. i Nervous llendnehes. Fallen licknes. Fil, otnl iniauis uouoicu mi ouuiues, pariiai miuch-. of Palsv. Arc. For sale, wholesale and rt tail, by A. Hitch, cock ,1. Co,, solo proprietors, 1 17 Genesee slrcel, Uliea, iiiid by llieii agents throughout this United Stales ami Canada. In Hurling tonlonlv by .1. A'..i. II. I'ECK A: Co., in Vnr, emirs "by J. II. BUWM N. in Millon by 1 Wnrr.Miv, Lamio.n & Co., in Loreno .lni. "1 (Movi i..,, i litKMgt.1 by I '"i'1 I tin. German do, 1 do. M'Xid do, 200 M. Warren's Ileniming's Nee ,10 Gross, Hook & Eyes, 1 00 do, Bone Eyeleiis. For sal Vilas, Loi .mis Si Co. II, j tfc by I N v. I I, 1039,. t

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