Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 20, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 20, 1839 Page 3
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Houib determined lliat Mr Ajcrlgg's volo should not be counted. Tlie (.'hiiirmnn, John (inincy Adams, then tin elated ihxi Iir rtmiidcied tiik uccisiuk nr the jUlKMBLY At UNCONSTITUTIONAL, llial der (he inlonnnl decision nf the Hireling tlio Cli.iir felt compelled lo slate, that llie vote nfinr. Ajci igg couM nol lie counted. The next qup'liun beniu cm the n.nne of Mr. Maxwell, il via' decided in lde manner ; njes 116, nnd 3 fiom N, Jeiseyi 8 die Iloure determined llie volo nf Mr. M should not lin con in c:l , The qui'.linn wns itirn tiikcn mi Mvts Jlislrd, Slriillnii hiiiI Vim Up, nnd iIip ipIIpip irprir 'ling one rnuli'slnl vino in ih nllii m.imp mil '.ifleciinij the lentil, Hit- Cli.iir iiiiuuunred t ho ilccN ion of llie merlins in he lhal llie vme of llm-e gentlemen should mil he counted. 'I'hn mst-mldi subs.-qupi'tly decided unanimously, 15S Hirudin voting llie toienf Mr Initrisnll should lint Iip coiimrii mid iiii.uiinimisly, 133 mciriler vol Ins lhal lbs voles id llie cnnteslpd menibei ) fiom New Jeney ehould nnl b counted. Tlie question having Iiecn thus disposed of, il wn agreed hy common consent to tke up the rendu lion of Mr. Wise wfiirh in llie following voidt Revolted, Thai the Aciitig Oleik of ihe House shall nioreid Willi (ho mil of ihe members lioni llie different Slates of tlie Union, in ihe way, calling llie names of such meiiihen from New Jersev no hol.l iheirgiihir nnd legal commission from llie ihe Executive of lhal Smie. ( On I hia Mr. Wire culled the pievmus question the vole on which mood 113 to 113; llie Chair voting in the iifliimaiivo the call was seconded, nnd ihe main question was oidercd bv vote of 118 ayes, 97 noes. On the pay-age of the resolution, llie jens nnd nnvs woo taken bv nnior l consent, and thcie appeared Fcni-115: Nays-US, So the reso lution nn nol ndtip'cd. Nr. Ithpii iIipii nfl'eied a resolution. Resolved, That thn llmia-t will proceed in call tlio luimui.l .mm Ipitirn ulin.n ridns lo srnts ale not disputed or romr-sinl ; nnd, nfier die name-of .iirli ,,!,,. nip rullpd. illld llcfoie II .SIPnKPI is elected, they shall provided iIipir he a (iioinm nf such I'lesent, then lienr nml Hiljiijjile upon on- no, tinni. ipioriM or nullifications of nil c.l.iiinunls.- (Mr. Naylor and Mi . Ingcrsull excepted) lo the beats contested on this floor. Mr S.iigeant asked the ea and nnvs, vv Inch weie nideird, and being taken were jens ltiS, najs 92. Such is iIip prnrr-s by which the members elect from Nkw JkiikEY hive hewi ilelf.uiiieu oi men rights to lake part in the organii ilion of the House FRIDAY M O It N I N C, DECEMBER 20, NOT ICR The Whigs of Burlington are requested to meet at Howa-ds, to-morrow evening, 21st inst.. at 6 o'clock, to consider mat ters pertaining to the times. By order of Committee. CONGRESS. Our advices frutn Washington arc lo Sjiiirday evening. It will be seen lhal the New Jersey members havo been exclu ded. On Saturday an attempt was made to clccl a speaker, but unhotil success, and after 'he Gih bn lint the House adjourn ed over Monday. Excluding the N. Jer ecy member, the administration has a majority nf five, nnd will doubt loss elect Dixon I. Lewis, on Monday. The entire week has In? en tnken up in lite dtctission of the N. Jersey care. The Senate, of course lias done not Inn;; in the mean time, beyond the election ol its officer and smile executive business. HIGHLY IMPORTANT. " Gen. Harrison cmnnt obtain the vote of a single New England state, or of New York." Sentinel. This, we presume, was not known at Harrisburgh ; and the Sentinel, in withholding so important a fact till lifter thu convention had adjourned, has betrayed a great want of liberality. Tho delegates acted un der a different impression, and had they been aware oflhe Sentinel's decision of llio matter, ihey might have come to a different decision. To say the least, 1 ' " ' "' " u ",u" i so important a tecrel. As it is, only ono course remains. We shall send tho General a paper con-1 taming the announcement, and ho can exercise his discretion about declining. But if wo recollect riht, some limo in 1S3G, the' Sentinel put forth the following significant prediction: "Martin Van Buren will receive tho electoral' vote of Vermont. Mail; that." We did mark it, and, according to the record, ono Wni. Henry Harrison received the vote of Vermont by somo sit thousand majority! And putting that andiViaf together, wo inferred that tho Sentinel was not an inspired prophet. MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. Mr. Editor It is not my wish to appear before the public, but being drawn in by insinuations and questions in your last paper, 1 shall do so without skulking behind a fictitious name. In tho first article on this rubject, llio writer says he paid tho money lo a director in this town, which could mean no other than myself. This would carry a suspicion that I had kept the money. Tho fact is that Samuel Ilickok gave mo S8,2fl lo pay on policies No. 15171 andi 26805, which was entered on tho treasurer's books,! and I have tho receipts to hand out when called lor; , L . . ,, io,n , hut ho is also accountable to pay No. 18 13j, being $23,33, which is not paid and is tho same on which he claims damage. In this predicament who iVnt-l tempting to divert public utKiitiou ? Tho writer of the first article then goes on lo stnto that more Ihor-. ough means should be taken in collecting, and I hope he and others will tako tho hint. The long tirado about demands unpaid in this and other counties, is almost wholly fUe, and would ho rpiito so, if the collections were fully made. Alo the writer of tho second articlo, ho is entitled to both pity and conitnipt : pity for his ignorance, and contempt for his impudticc. He begins with thu fol lowing ostounding question, which I shtll nuoto in their order. f 1. Are you aware sir, thattii years past tho offi cers oflhe Mutual Insurance Company havo borrowed money on tho credit of tho comp.uiy m highly usurious interest. I havo had something to do with thu company for near seven years, and do not know or believe that tho above is the fact, but if truo, it has been to raise money for those who havo met with losses, "2. Docs this course speak in favor of tlio sound ness of the institution ?" Ans. Mako out your position before you found a question upon it. " 3. If you should loo your building hy fire, nnd llio company rcfuso to pay t ho lo, how would you enforce tlio payment, they having till properly to at tach?" No property to attach!!! Had enough! Up n Ircu now ! IJut my good sir, did yon ever read llio act ol Incorporation, or any other net of in corporation, thu first section of which in this case, ns it utual in others, makes them capnbtu of siloing an I being sued, nnd they havo notes now lo nearly thu amount of $00,000 to secure tlio payment of losses, nnd during 12 years that thu com pany lias been in operation, no suit has been bi ought except in ono or two cacs to decide disputed claims. But poor soul, you nru in trouble, because- there is no properly to attach. If you had ever read tlio 19th section of the act of incorporation, and ara capable of understanding it, you would there find that each direc tor before he enters on tlio duties of his office, must give bonds with surety in $5000, conditioned for llio faithful discharge of his duty. These bonds aro lodg ed in thu ofiico of the Secretary of State, and now amount lo $60,000. One part of the duty of directors is at llio end of each year to assess a tax on llio premi um intcs sufficient to pay all loj3es which havo taken placu during the previous year. Should this, or any oilier part of their duty bo omitted, or exceeded, the bonds will ho liable, ani any ono who has catiso of action, can sue nnl attacli property, as in other cases "I. Aro not all sufl'nrpr, nolimlly ilrpcmlnnt on tlio dlpoltlnn of llio officers to pay their josses?" This question is fully answered above. "5. Did you witness tho di:itUf.tctinn existing in the members of tlio company present tit llio ineetin at the manner in which they were treated?" I was in before the meeting organized, and remained there till after it adjourned. It was organized in tho manner prescribed by law. A coniinitlco, consisting of ono member from each county w as appointed to tnac a nomination of directors. The nomination was presented, and the vote taken on each nominjc hy ballot, and vhey were all unanimously elected. 1 saw no uncivil treatment, nor did I hear any complaint "0. Whv. if tlie conJyanV give satisfaction, was a new coninanv got up in Rutland County, and another ;:Ued for in C aledoina County.' In answer to tlit'.-, 1 would ak, why when Ihero was r,iie bank in the Statu, tic peoplo shouiJ bo so unrea sonablt' as to ask f!r am other ? Mv object in writing tie foregoing, is to show things in their true lihl, and hiving dono po, I shall say no more, unless I am driven o it in felf-vindicaiion. JOHN JOHNSON. SAL'E. The Ladies of the Conrcsn'ionnl Snci oiy will nff-'r their articles .Cor 6nlo at i lie Court limine on JN"ew Year's day. lo com mence at 2 o'clock. Those who fympr. tbize with ihem in then late calamity, are invited to call. 0"Admitinnce tickets I2J cnl, redeem, able in Gnndt For Christmas. PARLEY'S MUSICAL HISTORY. 2 vols, for sule bv .-c. 20 C. GOODRICH. To Musicians. 4 o CANZONETS; mouc nnd word hy Birlmp Hnpktns, jiK piibliched by T)oe. 20 O Goonnicu gi OOD clean live Gee Fialhers. nnd 30 on ds green solid Bere t nnd Ma- pie WOOD PAMlnonN & ItR.NsMAin. 50 ps. of Carpet tog. of va ion quali lies, of Wool, Hemp nnd Cotton, also, Russia carpeting, from 1 to '.J yds. wide. Ali-o. a full a-sorlmeni of Looking. Glasses, house paper &c. for sale bv Dec. 16. N. Lovely &, Co. Pilot Cloth, Broadcloths, cas- simeres, VoIiiiifs. coal lnciii-, Fur, cloth ,.,! v.i,l,, ,.,,,,,ii ri.,n .... ...a tiloves, IJlnck skin (jlovea nuu m ttens, Indian .,1 (ecasins iXie. lor t-nle cheap by I) c '! . LATllito'.P"'rwiN & Wait. H. LOTBL7 2z 00. HAVE just received il new nnd well -elee'eil ti'-orlnient of Dry G'l'dl. Dnj Groceries Crockery. Glatt and Chum WARE. Their entire clock cninpri.-es n vnriely loo exlensive lo pa r t iciiIiipzo, fiif ftce lo ny wo me prepared to sell great burnins for ready cnh. Burlington, Dec. 1U, 1 039. CANADA OVERALLS. Scarlet and groy Canada stock ings a Im of fifi-l quality for sale cheap at the new r -1 n b ' s I m i 1 1 1 o'f" Dec. 20, Latiiiioi'.Potvvin & Wait. Til U E Ftibfcribers request immedtnte X payment, on all debts due said firm. To prevent misapprehension, herenfter, we would say. dtstiiielly, that our object is, to sen principally lor ready cash-and where credit is given, without u specified I line payment is unifuimly expected when called "r'n ,. , '..JJ.J.' Burlington, Dec. 'JO. 11130. " t Lalhrop, Potwill & Wait. yp , mt)m ,.. lia K. ( (j, J. tire In he fniitul nt the above named Cheap eni-h Slum Corner Church nnd College streets, and wo wish not in Con fen I llio fuel, but ihul it mnv bo snrend stll full her and wider, as dotibiless il will be, since the recent good sleighing has been bestowed upon us winch for the ben efit of friends and customers at n distance wo now say has never been better. All such a desire good goods and cheap are in vii nd to examine lor Ihemsci'vcs, as quality U Ihe proof nf Cheapness ull, ynu can only tell by exainiiiniinti nnd compnn son which is llie chenpest, therefore come in with ynnr produce of nil kinds, we will give ti fu t price for it in exchange for any kind of Dry Goods, Grocenet crockery or en'peltng, nnd lor Ihe cash articles if Man cu v o will give such hnrouins as will sur prise nil, even ihnso who sell ai cost or be htw cost will wonilur how Lnihrop, I'otwin & (Kail can ollonl to sell so cheap, but aiuce vvc can atlord il, it tloes not matter to us il Ihey don't know tho fecret, Durlington. Dec. 20, 1039 CLAP-HOARDS, Cnmmnn do. Sf FLOOR do, lor fnl hv Doc. (20 1IICKOK S CATLIX. Christmas' and Now Year's FRESHES. BUUINti Cliiitiinn week we i-lmll In up. Iiiiii.' fur p.Miiniiinttiin nnd mi Id n Ufi'nl variely ol nil I c I mm' n ll for pri'sont in he irivi'ii by Parents, Children, Tiiuhcru I'Mlnm, I'rnnlr, bnendi Jituzldinri. Jile rhnnivx Jlcrrinnts. Apprentices, Clerks Jmirneymin Lawijeti. Jiicton, tlijcils. Jiliinufitrlurers Capitalists ind am. sorts and conditions of air. .v. Wi; ixpt'Ct lo rxh'hit Ihe mot bnntitiful norlin'iil of proti v DOLIjS ot nil c zos tvith Boys n:ul (S'rls, ilmt our yntiitp Friends htivc ever Iwhi'lil ni the VARIETY STORE. Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claws if to linve n lot of them "if he can't find them no where else, no cheaper and prettier ," anil wo think ho cnnnnl ; so children liniii; up ynnr slockincs nnd il you hnvo been good children, the benevolent, merry old gentle innn will nut hnvo n heart to pass yon by. We fhnll have Emories in the hnpe nf Strnwherries, Ka-kets. Pails, &.c. ,pin cushions, buntiliftil stnelliiio; IJiilt'cs, silver cent boxi'o. work bnxef. curd boxes, in littl with pearl, music boxes, Mlver knives, pearl ctillellops. ;iild llinop, RiiM'Wnnd u-rilllljr Del4, wnrk boxes, To lt'l boxes, iniisicnl liKlrntni'tii.-, ltnsewnml Acnunle ntis, which would bo n inunli mlmiri'il (ires out bv some, GOLD WATCHES. would be very ncci'p'nble In nlhrrx. Silver -pomis for othes, clock- for others nnd sunn, we can suit nil we have i-leel fcrew cnidiinns. spool hlnniN, fur lippots, cloth cnp. fur linns, Bill lodnres, grneos. Jump injr Itopes, Toys and Tor Bonk-, perfume hollies, neat nnd pretty Ten caddies ft led with Tea, pocket Bunk's, card nntl card enst's; vvarrgmi, chairs, crnillcs, ball-. Fancy Boxe. &c. A bclti r ns-nrttnet.t nevr crncoil our blielvs nnd eases Iban we expect lo show cm r co-tumors tlnrtti" the Holytlnys. We invito nil our frtentl nntl eosinniprs, nnd nil Ihowe if such there me who have not exmoined nor ns-oritueir about (Jbri-iim? anil N'-w Years, to oive ll.x n ctiU, nnd Ionic, even It they dn nnl wi-h to ptirelinM'. We lire ihccr'd hv tlie,'' prr.'wc nru thankful fori In ir mil at the Vi'i-H1 S"re, PAjrxnonN s,- muxsjiAiD. Burlington, Dee.. 20. li:IO Wm, B. Miner's Estate. WE tho Subscribers, having- been appoin ted by the Honorable- Ike Probate Court for the District of Chitlcot.'en. com missionors to receive, examine and atJjn'-l the claims and demands of all persnn,agaii.s'' Ilia eMulo of Win. H. Miner, Into of Milton in said District, deceased, teprescntvd in koIvci.'I. and also all claims and demands ex. Ilibiled in oflVel thereto; and six months from tho day of tho date hereof, bnint' allowed by said court for that purpose, wo do there fore hereby givo nolico, flnt wo will attend to the business of our appointment, nl the dwelling of Hubenca Mini,r in M'llon in said District on the first Mondays ol'Jaiiuury and 10 o'clock. A M., on caei ('I" said davs- Dated, this 4lh day of Oetobnr.A. D. 1!;39. DAVID 1'. CI.AItK, MAR Coin'rs. STATE OP VRItMONT, ) DlSrutCT of ClIITTKMlUN. i-S. I The Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, to all persons concerned in the Estate of Win. Ward late of MUlon in said D'nlriil deceased, GREETING. WAEREAS Olivo Ward, Executrix of the last will and testament of'said deceased lo render nn account of her tidoiio istraliou, ud piesent her uccounls against said estate for examination rind allowance at a frei-siou of ihe Coorl of Probate, to be hoi at the Kcgister's oflieu in ISuiliuglon on tho second Monday of February next, TniiiuiFniiE, You are huruby notified lo nppear bel'ure s-aid court at ihutiniuaud plncn aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid should aot bo al I owed. Given under my hand at Iliiilinjrlon this 12th day of December. A. D. 111.59. WM WES PON. Register. STATE OF VERJIOJIT. Dl-TIIICT OK ClIITTKMlKN V, The Honorable the Probate Court for the Dhtriel ij Chittenden, to all e.inni rohternid in the estate if Amaa Spalding laic if Jcrico in mid Disrlirt deceased, GREETING WHEREAS Hosea Spalding, admlnislra. lor of thu Estate of said docoiii!il pro' poses lo render an account of his uiliniiii-' trillion, nnd present his account ngaiuslsuid estate fnt examination and allowance at a ses sion of tho Court of Probate, lo bn holden al the Rcgis'cr's ofiico in Burlington on thu so' com! Wednesday of January next. Tiicrkfore, You are horby notified lo ap pear before said court al llio lime and plaeo tiforcsaid, and chew cause, if any you have why the, account aforesaid thuuld not bu al'. lowed. Given under my hand al Burlington this IJtli Cay ol December, A. IJ. lUM. WM. WESTON, liegisler A new French and English Prnnoncing Dictionary hv V, C Meadows, M, A. of tho Uoivcisitv of Pari-'conlniniii'' more words than liuyui's Octavo Dteiiuiiary, and fur sale til one half the price of Buyer. For bale by C. GOODRICH. Doc. 12. Champlain Transportation Co. rilllE Sloekltolders nf tho Champlain A 'I'm ti.- (in r i n l in ii Cnmpnuy, tire hereby notified, ihnl the nuntinl meeting ol stud cumpiiny.fur Ihu ptupose ofchoosing dtrec lors for the ensiling year, will be holden nl Howard's Hotel, in BnrliiiL'lnn. on Thursday, the yd day nl'Junuuty, A. D 1M0, at ono o'clock, P. M. Bv order. i nnni.i't" r.i.ri- P. DOOLITTLE, Clerk. Ulirlington, Dec. 10, 1030. 3vt DRY GOODS ANI) DRY GIfcOCEBfclES. At the (Jm-Ii Sioie Kepi by C1AN be iiiiikIiu.mmI as low ns nny one t in the Stale, whether they sell at cnM heliiw cos, or at n profit, Ihe lullnwiiin arlicles viz.- French. Enclisli and American prints, from 0 to 25 pence. Ficnrh nnd Euirlisli filerinos from Is. Gil. to UK Gd. Mohair, crape, and London ca mlilot at CO't. 1 In in nntl firured silk, very bratilifnl, 4-i. Gd. to G- Black and blue hlack tlo. Plain and fiyureil Alpsinj, fiom 7s. Gd. to UN. Motij-elino de Laine. from 30 to 50 rt. Retl and black merino sha wN, warrnn led f'ee from roll nt. Broi.he nntl plaid from I 50 to J5 00. Fntiey hdkf's, L'love-i. hosiery, lacet rib. boiH. Ilaltnn cravnts. 3G and 40 inch pnm elaslic uspenders. Brontlnlolhs, castmeres and ve.-tinjis. SiitttittU, L'ruinniidu gray clelh, from t 50 to !I7 I 2. Brown and bleached sheetings, from 0 to Vi 12 per vnrtJ. Yum. wiekin lickinrr, n ml batting, ('oloretl llinnols, 40 to 50 cts. FuiwelPrt shoes, gutter boots and dan. Clllif pniiipt. 1 1 at, caps nnd buffalo robcj, all very low. GROCERIES. Ten, fiijir, niol.ies, l.imii oil, drv fih. tobac co, peppei, spire, gnito, s.ileiiiiiH, uulinegs. mu ll. nuoii, i.ihiik, i ice, sioii'h. &e. Uc. Allulioiin- u'i'hmg in puich,ii' anv kind of good mil find it fui their inieicsi mc.ill on I'.it li'isnii, mil' door p.isl of IIiiwhmI'h hotel, whei lliev will be ime In gel ihe woi ill ol their money Kuiliiigtoii, Dee. 12 ISM. ' o tllL public (ire hurehy cnuitiin"d not In -M. 1 1 n r 1 1 , 1 1 r nr triir-t my wife. ABIGAIL ROBERTS, (who is now in I'littdnrd, in 11- pinle.) iii the expecinttntt thnt I shall pay any ilebt-f nf her cnnuncting, as she has. wi'hiuii any ju-t cnu-o whatever, vol ui'lnrily nb-comled. dud de-eri il her hn-. baud nnd a e itnfiiituble home, contrnry to hi wi-lies, and in vin'ilu n nf her ditlier a- n wife. DANIEL ROBERTS. Jr. We-l Milt mi. Vi. I) c. 5 I!I39 r7T 11 E Sub-crihers tin va taken tho JL B'lick-tnt! b Shop 'onreilv earned on by the Burlington Mi'l Company. ai ol Sidney Bnrlnw's stnre, and ul-o Ihe one near ll.e bridge, mi the Bur linginn -itle, where Ihey wi'l promptly attend In all kind-' of work in tlnir line. Par ticular attention given to shoeing horse. Carriages and Sleighs ironed in the best iimnner, and large jobs requiring to be limned, executed promptly, and in the most perfect manner. ' A. II. & G. DUNCAN. Burlinjior, Pa"- H'f '3 IH30 Hiram Clark's Estate. E ihe subset thef having been np nninted bv Die h'"ii. Ihe Probate court fur the District of Ch II leiiden, com. missioiivi.i to receive, examine o, ! mljiiti the c'nims and demnnils ot all persons noaiiisl ihe estate of Hiram Clnik. late ol ,ilton in said diHirtct, deceased represen ted insolvent, and nl-n rill claim-! nnd de mand'.s of nil peri.U exhihiied in nfi'-et herein; ai'id six niimihs Imm Ihec'av ol he date hereol being allowed by "aid court for thai purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice li'.at we will attend lo the husuics of our ajip'iinlment nt the dwel ling of Eliza Clnik, in Milmn. in said (lis trie', nn the lat Mondays of February and April next al 10 o'clock, A. Al. on each of Hid davs. Dated this 4di day of December, A. D. IB39. A. G. WHITTEMORE.) BEN J O. WEBSTER, Comm'rs. LYMAN BURGESS. ) ISAAC 77ARHSB. "STJI AS li e, ved n (ii-ueiai tissortment O. ol DRY-CJOODS Al-u n largo -upplv o' GIM't'EIUES such ns COGNIAC BRANDY, CO.M.VO.Y do. HOLLAND GIN, BALTIMORE do' ST CltOIX RU.M, WIADWARD IS LAM D da, ROSTOV ih. WINES OF VARIOUS KINDS AND PRICES MOLASSES SUGARS TEAS. COFFEE. ROBACCO RUMJlAi SI.VS FISH. SPICES. PEPPER. and most other articles in the line. His liquors nntl wines were pti'cha'ed principally of an importer, and selecied with much care. Tavern keepers will be supplied with articles in their hue, war ranted of the first rate, and on ihe lowest lerins. Tho'u who havo never bought liquor ol" Iiiiii, aro particularly invited to call and examine, lhoe thnt have, know where Ihey nun dobcsi. Also, dry goods will be sold a low as they can he bought in Ihe stale. Store opposite S. E. How nrd's Church Street. Burlington Nov. 21, 11330. Hoston Academy's Collection of t liurrli Mitsie. Just reo'd bv Dcu- li C. GOODItlCIl. DX. M. IHTCIIfOCK'S M:VLY IN VENTED SXU'T Tim best nrlielo ever discovered hy Miuolifie men, in Europe or Amurien, lot thn cuin nnd tibsolute lelief of Catarrh, Drziiiei-s of thn Head. Weak Eyer, Nervous lleailaelius. rallen tiuUiiosi, Fits, and iul'auls tionhlud with Snuffles, partial bhocks. of Pulsy, tVsc. For sale, wholcsaln md retail, by A. Hitch, cock t Co., solo proprietors, 117 Genesee street, Uliea, Mid by tliuii qgents thioitghoiit the Uulli'd Stales nnd Canada. In Uniting. Ion only by J. Ai J. II. PECK & Co , in Ver. gennes'jy J. II. IU)WMN,iu Milton by Wiirr.Nr.v, Lanhon At Co,, in Georgia by Liiri)ii7.o .lune. a ni' li TIlO AlllSOIllll Koowledo, a. suitable n . of Religious suit.iblo hook for iiioscut for Ln seabons. iust ree'd bv Deo 12. C, GOODRICH PORTRAIT PAXSffTIBR. Room in the Court House, opposite the enframe, BnrliiK'lnn. !)" 2 IT w b, a o 4 3$ rjnflE Snb'criher Ids mken tln Brick J. Store formerly neetipi' d by A J. Fuller & Co where be is now tecetvin;; a gene ral usorlmetii of D R Y GOODS, DRY GROCERIES. CROCKERY, GLASS AND HARD WARE, D YE STUFFS, MEDICINES. SALT NAILS. BOOTS AND SHOES. FUR WORSTED CAPS' SfC Sc Having iiitchiised bis enllte S nek ol Goods with Cnh during the pnMire for money in New York, some of the In-t clays of October, he is enabled to sell themi much le-s rates than Goods have usually been Mild in ibis place. The public are nr ci'ie-ited to call ami examine his Slock He can nsure those li nt arc in want ol Goods anil Cheap (JnotN, that there is no neces sity of their going t" Burlington to buy ihem. W. II. I10LLEY. Williton. Nov.eoth. 11139. TT Mi SAMUEL Sp'-il j f 3rX EDDY, TT5 ESI'ECTEL'IiL tinnottnces to the IDL citizens nl Brlol nnd vicinil y,and I be 'Puivellinir public generally, iliut he ha enlnrged. repaired and fitted up his old -land, in n i-ivlo of elegance and conven tenre, not siirpn-srd. He will he fniitid nt nil lim"s ready to supply llie wants ol all who imy favor htm with a call, nnd hope-! (by Ins desire lo please to merit nnd tcceive llie patronage of a Itbern! public. His Bir-Rooiu. Buns and Shed, ore arranged tn llie best possible manner to arc mini. date the travelling and buitness (in ii I e- Biistol, Der. 10. IH3D Bl'k Otter Caps, OK a quality Superior to any ofluit-d for sale in this Slate aim such as must suit evety taste ; also, Seal and Hair Seal Caps, low "priced Fur Cup", hy the dozen. Lynx Mulls, Squirrel Muffs, and a variely of dark Furs, for sale by Wm. I. ScYMoun. Al Ibo new brick shoo on Cherry btrcct. Burlington, Nov. 21, l3ff. PAPER. THE largest block nnd greatest variely in the slate, for bale at manufacturers prices by C. GOODRICH. Nov. 15. Wickwarc's building, up siairs. 077te annals of Medicine do not afford, perhaps more remarkable instances of carts than Ihe following, whiih were effected by the use. of RELFE'S BOTANICAL DROPS A LADY, of Button, was aflltcled with eruptions nil over her hind, face, nnd limly, ntleniieil with nuhl iiupleii-unl itching--, burning- and hlntehes bad Inst llie nails frnm some of her lingers nnd tnes--wtis cured by 3 bot'los of these drop-! A I3ov Suflvo d four years with dread ful sores oo Ins foot, some of which had eaten wholly thro' his loot had his foot opened twice and the bono scraped was considered Dnst relief, nntl his deaih ex pected was cured by taking these drops! A Man in Roxhury Was for years af fl cteil with fool ulcer-', one of which had eaten through his wrist was cured by these Drops! A Cnn.i-- After trying various other Medicine for painful ernpuuns on his legs, tuiil other part-; of hi-! body was cured by I he B 'tnntcal Dr.qw nlnne ! A Ciiii.i) in Iioxuuuv Was cured of a bad tumor under Ins tirin, hy 4 bottles. A Bov in Bo-ton Was many years trooh'ed Willi ulcers in Iih bend, which di-chnrgeil at his ears cured by J Iwtile-. Mi; WniniiT Wns rti'etl ol a bail fever sore on j id Ins leg.-, of long standing, by these Drops, after all other means used had fatl"d. A Ciiii.d Was cured by these Drops, of biles nnd ulcers, souie, of which hud enten lo I he ribs. An Ei.nKni.v Ltnv Who was long nfilteled wnh Lp o-y.iintlso humbly, thai she cnohtiiMt bend u joitti without gu.-hllig ,,u1 nl blniiil-.G b.ilile- cured her. A Yol'.no Ltnv Ol Bo-Ion, wns enred of a violent humor in her eyes, by the Diop. A Ladv in Cii tm. k.stown. Wns cored of a white swelling on her ki'.uu joint, by these Drops and .lebb's L,'tuiineni. A Man in Connkoticut Who hnd been troubled for yours Viy nn olnttuate ktng'sevil. wn cured uv I hese Drops. A Ltnv Was cured of ti terrible case of St. Anilinny'i Fin bv Hu D'ops. A Clllt.o ;l.-n uf n distressing scrolnln. A Pr.iiMiN. Troubled with violent 'J'upttotis. tin the luce, wns cured by these Drnn. nfier various other medicine ami iin-.i imied : uTheso Drnns will cure Ihe most III- veiernte Serofuln. St. Anthony's Fire, Scurvy, Sill Rheum, E'Vep-elas, Lepro-y, Pimpled Faces. Sure Eyes, Scald I lend to Children, O'd Sores or Uicers. Fmil Festering Eruptions. I lutiiors. Fever Snres. (even whim the bone has become callnii--.) While Sweling,(iu couiieclton with JebhV Liiiimeiii,( Veuertal 'Paints, when Merctt ty fulled,) anil nil other disorders nrising liniii an impure slate of ihe blood nnd jui. ces, ti ml are the best Spring and Autumn til phv-te. Price c, nr C hollies for j5. Ask for I)r, Ueltl-'s BoHininil D'ops. kl VPropiired ll' Ki"K' sucecssor in Dr. Cnnvvny, nnd lot sale at Ins Count ing Room, No. 09 Conn siieul, next to .1 K'ddor'-Drug Store, nenr Ciinrori 1 1 n 1 1 . Bo-ion. For sule by J. & J. II.'VECK &, CO , Burltnginu Vt. None genome unless signed T. KiniinrtK nn the outside printed wrapper. Ltrgc discoJitt tu dealetc1. CORNS OF THE FEET. The Testimony the Proprietor is receiving', from various snurits, slating (he attonhk' ing cures iffixled bi means of Ihe highly lehhraltd ALBION CORN PLAS TER, utithd to the constant demand for the article, from all parts of the tnuntru vnrptt lionably proves it to be one of the bc.l things to be. had, ti give immediate case, relief and cure lo Corns on the feet! In proof of read the folhxcing CASKS. A Ladv To whom reference can bo mode, after suffering great p,nn. and inconvenience for year?, Ifnrn Coins, and who in the mean lime was making use of varinus highly celebrated rem"dies, but to no purpose, and had in cnnseqiience ot I he-e repealed disappointments, nearly dec paired of relief, most happily met with tho Albion Corn Piaster, one bux of which. (nl nn expense of only 50 cents) has entire ly cured her Corns I So Bslonisliing wai tin-' cure n-i to induce flrvcial ot the IrtentU and uciohhnrs of the lady lo use the (tame remedy, nnd te'rVi the name good success. An Oi.d GKtm.EMAN Informed an A"etitlhal nfier stiff-ring uncnnscionablo pain anil trouble for years from a Corn, which had resisted every at tempi to de stroy, wnj cured by this must valuable plaster '. A 1'nnsoN so crippled wiin oorna ior forn long time ns to be unable lo walk had to cot holes in Iih shoes lo case hi feet tcov cured by this plaster ! This Plaster gives immediate- relief as soon n applied il dissolves Ihe Corn out root nnd branch without the the least paint Price 50 ct-- n box THK TEETH. nillTISH ANTICEPTIC DENTIFRICE, rnill IS elegant mttcleis pronounced by JL tho-e who u-c it the most valuable T 'lilh Powder they ever met with. It pns.e-se' the peculiar excellence ofcleana tog the'eeih Irom olltuitarous encrusta i inn-, wp limit injuring I he enamel, it im parts a hrnll by freshnes lo the gums, a balmy sweetnes.i to the brenib, and gives to the teeth a beautiful pearly whiteness. The two following testimonials werti received from geni letnpu, (Clergymen) of the Pi-si reipeciabilny. TtiK.oi.or; ic.w. SRMiNAnv.Andovcr Sept d. S-r having made a lull trial of your Annccp'ic Dentifrice, I nm well satisfied ol its elliiMcy to preserve the cleonlinesi and healthy sinteol'the Teeth and Gum, nntl to impart lo ihe mouth a very agrnea blcfcensniioii of sweet ne-'-s. Yours &e. (Signed) J. C. WEBSTER. Andoveh Tmeoi.ooicai. Seminart, Sept. 3d S'f, having for the pnst yer used your Articepiic Dentifrice, I cannot but acknowledge it lobe the most valuable Tooth Powder, especially for the preserva tion of the Teeth, with winch I am ac quainted. I hope it will Eonit bo univer sally used. Your". &c. (Signed) JOHN LORD. Price. 50 cents a box. AROMATIC PILLS ! DR. RELFE'S AROMATIC TILLS FOR FEMALES. For O&ifrtictions, Debility, Hypochondria ire. raillESE Pills cieiin-e. purity, and cause JL a Irue circulation of Ihe blood when in a iiiaiiin-r jni-pendcd, assist the feumln when nature requires it, whereby heallli is established, and the patient belore pale n death, restored lo a lively and anima. led complexion. They are likewise con' dncive lo the healih of married ladies, un less when pregnant, or ol hectic or con sumptive habit, when Ihey must not bd lak'ti. Tlie-ie Pills have been of immense bene fit to the female part of the community. Price, il 50 a box. k4 Prepared and sold hv T. KIDDER.suc cessor lo Dr Conway. 99 Court st up sla ir near Concert Hall, !!"-too. nnd mav also be had of J. & J. II. PECK, &. CO. Burlington, Vermont. None genuiue unlesa signed T. Kidder on Ihe outside pruned wrapper. Large discount lo dealers. II A I U TI AI It, I in porta nt Discover y. THE GREAT MYSTERY FOUjVD OUT AT LAST. nU. STEUBY'S HAIR REGENERA JiJ' TOIL Dr. Stetry. after much allenlion In the important subject of preserving thn hu man hair, ha-', after tunny experiments, ehcmi. eal nnd physical, been able lo discover an arti cle, whiih i now offered with the greatest confidence for tho toilet, as llio best thing ever discovered, from its softening and penetrating quality, lo produce a good head of hair to prevent il i'rotn falling off when baldness m apprehended tn resioiu it when baldness ha taken place, nnd to prevent it from turning gray. Il h more nourishing than pomatum, nollqi il, or cologne water. It is , beauti ful ni lielu I'm ladies curls il makes llie hir soft and lively, and produce- uncommon hrill iauey. Thou-amN have le-led its superior virtues and exenllencu. and m every instanco it slniuls unrivalled. It is an tnf.illibln cure ill all uffeclions nf tho -kin on Ihe head m dandruff, vVe. &e. Every family should bo supplied with u hnllle nl" 'this ml, thai by ila nppliciilimi lo the head noil hair ol llteir chil dren, the beautiful nnd oriianienlal appendage! of u lino head of hair, which ualuru has sup plied us, may bn pre-erved. From the ntimer nits eerlilictitps ami iceoinniendatinns ruciiived nfits i-alularv mlluencu, llio Doctur Ivel- firm, ly persuaded ho has succeeded in ptoducing and article which will meet thu desired wUliun mid approbation of the public. For bale, wholesale and retail, hy A. HITCHCOCK &Co 117 Genesee street, Utica. In Berlln'Mon only hv .1. & .1 II. Pt:eic & Co , in Vergi'tmesbv J. II BOWMAN, in Milton by WHITNEY, LAN DON & Co., in Goargia hy LORENZO JANES. Boston Acadcimjs collection n itiii-io. 100 ceptcb just received hy Nov. '.'II. 11. GOODRICH. Bank of Burlington. TijOTlCE is hereby given that a nicot ic if BiirliiiL'inii will be holden ut t lie ir bank ing house on the second Tuesday ol Jan uary next, nl II o'clock. A.M. for I ho ptupose of choosing seven Directors fur Ibo venr ensuing By order of the President anil Directors, IL R COM3 Cathir.w I Uuiiinslor, Dec. 0 1639.

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