Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 27, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 27, 1839 Page 3
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silent spectator. But hp could not rcmnin1 pilcnl I nni, aid he, hnro to rentier honor to those who nfinr performing a mot n r1ti out sc'vice in t he National Convention, nre bout in return lo their Constituents Yon gcti'lcmen said he. have madn a groat nnd a patriotic sacrifice, you have traveled at nn inclement season of the year, some ef you a thousand miles, to perform what may be considered n high and important duly. I am proud to hnnor thnse who have thus honored i he country those who at great sacrifices, have left their homes for the public good. Your body win composed of men of great weight of character nnd talent, and yon arc here ftcr having travelled the length & breadth of thn land in this public service. There cannot be a single doubt as to t ho acqui. licence of the Great Whig Parly nf the Union in the reult of your deliberation. It was your fortune or misfortune In meet wilh various opinions ; but meeting nnd deliberating, as was designed, you hnvc mode a unanimous nomination. Surely, aid Mr. Clay, it becomes no member now loobji'ct to what was done. It ilin Iriends -or favorites aro disappointed, they are bound lo forget their disappointment they are bound by every cnnidcral'nn of patrio tism by their hopes of changing and dp--pirnying this corrupt Administration : by heir desire to est n hltslt a purpr and boiler "Government, to acquiesce in the numina t'ton which has bcpn made. "If," continued Mr. Clay, wilh great flsrnestnefs nf manner, If I havo friends: 'friends connected wilh n by tUn tie- nf h)nni), by nny regard nfcomioon Irleml'liip; if I have any ono who lnvp me : I assure them that they cannot do me a better ser vice than to follow my example, and vnip heartily n I shall for the nomination which lias been made." (!mmeue opploose.) "Talk not of sacrifice." said Mr. Clay. What is a public man worth to the cnoti- -trv : in what does he show hi patriotism, if he is not always rcadytn sacrifice h'meffor his country. Thorn hns been no sacrifice. Wo have not been contending for Henry Clav. for William Henry Harrison, for Daniel Webster, or fur W infield Scmt No! wc havn been contending fin principles. Not. men but. principles, are our rules of nciion. Look not then to liar, ri'biirgh, but to the White House; not to the nomination, hut lo iho mountain of corruption which it i designed lo over throw, nut to the man who hn been nom inated. but lo llie (loihe nnd Vandals ai the Capitol. William Henry Harrison and John I yler are medicine which will curt us of the sacrific-'. if sacrifice there b. bill there is none. Go hump then, gentlemen of the Convention, remembering what you nave seen here. Tell your constituents nf the nomination: of a bleeding Constitution ; oflhe Execu rive power against which wo are waging n war ot extermination : of Executive fa vnr ; of ooe President noininaiing his sue c'sso', and that successor his successor. Tell them to put forth all the energies thov posess lo relieve the land from Ihe curse winch upon iij and if ihey can then ton indifferent, from that moment they cease 10 oe patriots. A REBUKE. The nomination of Gen, Harrison seems in nave iiuiuu i iiu aumioiHi ration piesses frantic, and they are vieing with one mother in the bestowmeot of ribald abuse. The Sentinel, we observe, i.a sin golnrly excited, and calls the old Hero "nn imbecile old dotard." "a granny,'' iSfC. fyr. 'Wo would rather see them adopt a candidate of strong commandm" talent sucli as IIr. Clay is ac. knowledied on nil hands In bo than lake tip an IMBECILE, SUPERANNUATED DOTARD like GRANNY HARRISON. Bur. Sentinel, To this course, however, there are some honorable exceptions, and we are pleased to quote ihe following from the New Jersey Herald, a Van Boren paper. The IVhio Nomination. fn nnnoiincinj ilii nommniiori iu oeir ip.iners, we. imk? ocimsioo 10 lei II he known allium"!! we slul! onnose ii to I lie lipi of our ability, ei our apposition shall he fiiir nnd honorable. We ilo not inirnd In retort lo tlm sl.indeis which, we are sony to snv were iiiqiiien in ny some nl our parly, n-nnl urn. Morrison alien n niiiylnl.ile liefure, We lie lieve him in lip a high minded hiii .hi hniim'iihle nan, linn one tiy nn iiipiim woriliy nl dmMrnizp ment in point nl inlent. We know that he has "done I lie Slale some service," as well in ihe rivil stations he has occupied, as "in iho tented field And we now invite the particular atten tion of every honorable man, of whatever party, to the following eloquent vindication of the old soldier, by the "Ohio Confede rate," a strong Van Uuren paper. GENERAL HARRISON. "A superannuated and pitiable dotard." O.S.BulIetin. "As tho petticoat general passed thro' town." Dem. Spark. If wc did not enlertaio a high respen for ihe papers from which we have made the foregoing quotation, wo would ovoid tho liabilities lo which wo know wo are exposing ourselves, when we lake oxcep. tion to these expressiunR. But it is pre cisely becau--o wo esteem them influential and worlhy journals, that we aro not at liberty to forbenr the n'jiecitnni which we have against them, or of iho imputation of a inuit-iiuuing disposition. Can it be, brethren, that the cause which you espouse, the principles you ad vocate, or the succoss even of lha man whom you prefer, car, only be secured by the use of such means as this ? Arn iho truth, and tho beamy and the power of Re Publicanism to be established by detractory aspersions nf individual character? Are V an Buren't claims to the. retpeel nnd hi'hene - VeoPle- nnd ' bcmninlaZr"S le Puhlk "rvice, only to tonlumelioust?rl m Jie8re.9 a",ltd b'J tar favor ? glment f h,! rimU m PPU' thing. Diwe.ty'Sjy J 1,0,0 Ker,'"r t,,,H ment, of the ic tf,ve'' f bU f,r ' m; id. of the phrenZf:n,'(w"hn,,,,l7sl your party attachment a,Xr,"c,., .,llo,W ngondor--as8ume iho J "'7"t" ,n frame of mind which so woi ""r K8.nor,ous and enlightened c.i.zcn, (and f"9 ,ho, '""i calmly answer .he eon , , S '..are) 8 1,1 whom you .re describing as ti, General-a lupemnnunted nn,i n;P. .XCQr tnrdr Yourselves will answe-.K; not on compulsion-poluical .ipiration, Z H mw, yourselvee will answer moil f,8n,. ly, he is a tried patriot, nnd it worthy citi-1 sen,' ay, "seven limes tried is he" in iho tho ordeals of firo nnd of walur. While yet n slrippling, you will say he gave him self to the arduous service of his country : he excliantd the jmji nnd the tnfely ofami Iij and home, for the perils and Ihe hard, ship of a dreary wilderness and a savage enemy. Pnr forty years, thenco forward, did ho devolo himself to his country : in peace anil in war, in danger and security, in the camp and Ihe closet, in tho Senate and In Ihu batllo-field. did lib serve that country in true fealty and untnrnislied honor until, even now, grown grey in that hard servico which has brought him nothing but a glorious rcpulntidn anil a conscience void of offence against tho obli gallons nl patriotism, ho stands, in his old age. nmotig I ho millions who -urround him, a" model of official parity and uncorrupkd integrity. And Ihu is the toil-worn soldier and honored ciiiZ"U who is described as a "superannuated anil piliable dolard," and a "petticoat General"!! Brethren, if wo believe annther to be Ihe belter statesman ,let us say so. If we think Iho aged patriot entertains opinions and sentiments adverse to tho important interests of our country, let us canvass unrcorvodly those selimcnts anil opinions, Hut. in the itnmc nf humanity and gratitude. let us not txunt. the tear worn veteran wilh the decrepitude, of years, which come lo nil or humrn emit, nor loucii mifft ruae unjeci ing hand, his hard. earned garlands, won on many a bloody field, where men fought!-" ftonilnnipii. timro is a vast difference be tween the gooHivquill and Ihe death deal- in!? sword a iniility cootrast between thv sufferings nnd I he dangers nf a tented fieli, nnd ihe nlt and easy life of the critic who despises it. When under the impuUo of political acorbuy, one (eels prono to disparage I lit jui claims nf General Harrison to tho con. i-itloration nl the people, there are two cir. ciimtancoj, the recollection nf which ought it would seem lo nrrcsl ihe incipient pur- poo. It should bo remembered, in Ihe first place, that two ijears have just gone by, when a majority of the citizens of Ohio would have raised him to the loftiest post of rerponiibtlity nnd honor nnd that such nn erpresiion of popular opinion it entitled lo some weight, in estimating individual char aclcr. And in iho tecum! place, let it not be forgotlrn (by future generations it will nut ho.) thai from Iho service nf tho State, continuing through all the active years of a Icngiheiied lilu. he retires in poverty. When the fact becomes so cummun ih no longer lo be remarkable, let. his country men cease lo hold it as a token of Harri. son's worth; but while as yet it remains the solitary instance, save one, in which the love of money has been totally lost in the noble love nf country and honor, let it ho acknowlediipd as ihe proudest monu. ment of his greatne--, and the best memo, rial of his virtue. Ohio Confederate. II there is any thin blood left in Wins low's veins, it must mount to his cheek at such a rebuke, from a political associate. The editor of the New Yorker who was himself present at Harrisburgh in closing his account of the Ihe proceedings, says Auuresses ot thanks were tendered to iho Convention by Mr Merrill of Pennsyl voni i and Jndgp Huntington nf Indiana, fur tho gratification accorded to the wishes o! those Slates, with a-surances that the Wliij; parly should not have cause from them n repent, it h condescension ; while eloquent exhortations to harmony and zeal wen; maile bv Ale-srs, Sprncue ol Mas--. Simuiuns of R. I. Voe of Maine. Briggs nl'Vt. Boardman of Conn. Gen. Wilson'of N. H. Hun. 'eier R. Livingston of N. Y. Topper nl Jlnq. Whitehead nf N. J. Ililhiird of Ala. Bale of Michigan. Russell ot Mo. iNewinn ol i'a, nnd (lriihiimo of Louisiana. We will revert but to two expressions which were deemed peculiarly happy Iho nne a hurt of eloquence Irou'i the venerable Peter R, Livingniori, the in iiuiole and anient friend of Mr. Clav. who closed his niiliigium on the character of thai rvaicnian with the words "I envy Kentucky! fur when ho dies, she will have hisa-hes!" A ihnll of electric sympathy with the aged veteran ran through the as semblage. His remarks wero character ized by the highest order of eloquence : nnd when he spoke of hunsolf as trembling on the brink of iho grave, and only watting to see the cnuniry delivered from what he deemed misrule and corruption before ho took his departuip, his hearers could scarce restrain Iheir emolions.-Mr. Uriggs closed a brief response on the part of Vermont lo the nomination presented, with an allu sion lo iho uncnnqiiered niiitudo ol that Slain, and her determination to maintnin that aliunde until her Electors appear nl Ihe doors of the White House to demand its surrender, likelier Eathan Allen nt,tlie L'ntrn f Ticondrozn, when ho demanded the surrender of that fortress "In iho name oflhe Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress !" FROM EUROPE. New York Dec. 21. The Liverpool packet ship South A.MEntcA. Caninin Bailey, was telegrapheu on Friday after noon, and in the course of the evening we received through tho kind alleniinn ol Captain Bailey, the files of Ennlish nanersJ seni us ny mo conveyance. Their dales are lo the 21st from London, nnd 22d from Liverpool. The letter bair had not reached the post office last night, nnd being in con sequence deprived n our private corres- pontience, we aro compelled to have recourse lo the public journals lor the extracts we subjoin. Judging from these, wo do nnt think that any material change has occurred in the slatn of ofTuirs, sinco our last advices. Wo should say the London Money Market has assumed a more healthy appcarnnce, and that the Cnilnn Markot at Livorpnol maintained itself far better lhan was antici pated by the most sanriuino. Tho inferi ority in the quality of the lata Wheal crop, i n pnniiineni rcmarn in evury statement which wo read, coming frnin tho different markets in tho United Kingdom. Amer ican Stato Securities aro sadly depressed, and on lhee "ihe conspiracy" has had a most baneful effect moro so, wo think, than wos agroeabie to nno nf the parlies lo it as it will bo seen, that they have found it necessary to obtain nnd publish opinion of Mr. WKnsTKn, in reenrd to the legalily oflhe debis contracted hv tho States. Tho Queen nf England, it would appear i certain, is lo be married lo her couin. tho second son ol the reigning Prince nf Snxe Coburg, in Mny next. In the political situation of t lint country no chonge is per ceptibln. The leaders in Mm laic Giirlit Insurrection ore prosecuted wilh unrelen ting ricnur, Much alarm had been exci. ted in nil classes by the temporary indispo' silion nf ihe Duko nf Wellington, nh alarm cnminensuratc with the eminent ser vices ho has rendered his country. There nre some indications that although Iho Government has refused In indemnify tho owners of tho Opium destroyed by tho Chinese Government, tliny intend to adopt hnslilc measures towards that country. These however aro not of n character so decided as In justify any positive conclu sion". The BriiiMi army having completely truinphed in Cabnol, is returning to its former quarters, leaving hnwever n Miffi cienl fnrce in tha cnoquered country In support the policof Ihu Government. Frnm France there is nothing important. The derangement in our Banking syniem has, however, ns might bo suppuped, nnt been without its effect on our interests in that country. The situation of Spain seems little im proved, notwithstanding Don Carlos has left the sceuo oflhe conflict. Madrid whs menaced with an insurrection, nnd trnops had been summoned to the capital by the Government to nverawo tho population. EpAnTnno has for the present given up Ins purniit. of CAiinEnA, and the Count u'EefACNE, a celebrated leader of the Cnrlisls, has been murdered. Between (he Porte and Mehemet Ali. matters remain in their former position. Courier. AMERICAN STOCKS. Above two hundred million of Ameri can stale stocks is now hold by foreign capitalists, and recent occurrences hnve creatoil sonio suspicions as to their sound ness. It has even been questioned whether i elate had power to contract a debt ebrnad. The Barings havo addressed a letter to Mr. Webster, aking his le;al opin'.nn on the subject. To which Mr W. replies at some length, giving an unqual ified nffifinative--that the slates have full constitutional power lo create loans, both at home and abroad, Wc quote the con cluding paragraph. Ihopelmay be justified by existing circumstan cesto close this letter with tlio expression of an opin ion if a ni'ire scneral nature. It i, that I believe tho citizens of thu United States, like all lionct men, repaid debts, whether public or private, and whether at hone or abroad, to be of moral as well as local obli patioi, ; and I trust I may appeal to their history, from ihe nifinent when those state? took their rani; anion" llie nations of tho earth, to the present time, for proof that this lioliel is well luniuleil : au:l il it were pn-si ble tl.atany one of the states should at any time so en. tirely loso her self-respect and forget her duty as to violato lliu faith solemnly pledged for her pecuniary engagements, 1 believe there is no country upon eartli, not even that ofthii injured creditors, in whirh such a proceeding would meet wilh less coiintenanco or indul gence than it would receive from tho great inas of ihe Ainetienn people. I havo thu honor to be, gpntlcmen, your obedient servant, DANIUI, WEBSTUIt. CONGRESS. No message yet. Sinco the election of Speaker, the house has again been occupied in tho discussion of the New Jcrs?y case, on a motion to admit the cer tified members to (lie oath. Tho question was taken on Friday and decided against thuir admission by a votoof 110 to 112. A motion was then made to amend the rule requiring iho viva voce vote for clerk, printer, &c, and, pending thedebatoon this question, tho House adjourned. We shall doublcss havo the message in a day or two. THE FAIR. We can do no less lhan invite all who have leisure, to "pop in" and sen what the Indies nre about at the Court House, on New Year's Day. Rumour sailh that Ihe "Bazaar" and "Variety Shop" will be outdone, for once ! But however this may he, it will furnish a convenient and filling occasion to indulge juvenile curios ity to unbend for an hour tho stern nrni of business, and give play to the kindlier virtues. Whatever might bo said of such occasions in general, tho present is one nn which tho ladies present a fair claim : Their "beantifuPnnd holy house, wherein " their fathers worshipped, is burned up " with tire, nnd all their pleasant things " laid waste." And now with i ho united fruits of their industry nnd economy, they seek to nid in rc erecting iho allnr, and adorning the temple of Iho living God. Give them a sixpence; and whether you gel your money's worth or not,"ye'll niver be the poorer on't." We have seen some very fino setts of artificial teeth, manufactured by our ingen, ons townsman, Lewis; and if wo may believe Iheir proprietors, they answer a very valuable purpose. And then, tho effect. 'Pun our word, we have almost lost track of tome ofour old acquaintances, through Iho regenerating influenco of a new set of ivory ! Dcntisiry is purely mechanical; ond John Lewis is beynnd dispute nno nf the most ingeninus mechanici in thn country. There is, therefore, no good reason why ho Bhould not succeed in his new vocation; for, notwithstanding the hard timos, there re few person who will consent lo 'gum it' when, for a few dollars, ihey can stud their mouths with Pearl. PbOOBESS or THE AnTI-BaNK PARTV.--Thn Virginia House of Delegates, that is. ilm popular branch have, by a votoof 80 to -10, legalized iheir bank bus pensions till March 1. 1310. What says friend Ritchie, Ihe anti-bank champion, to this? Does it ailiilir that Virginia is eontrnllml hv hnnr.l nr WI.I. RagJBarons COTILLION PARTY. Tim secnud will bo held nt Howard's, on Tuesday evening. 31 si insl. A PARODY. "I won't nr. a nun." Oh is it not a pity such gentlemen as I, Should be shut up in n prison, to pine away nnd die? 'Causo I don't pay my debts, 'causo I toonV pay my debt. For I'm so fond ofhtcro that I cannot pay my debts. The Rtnlcmcn in Yotk, say its fihionablc there, When they will not pay their debts, for logo lo Jail and swtar And tlicy don't pay their dcbls,and they won't pay their debts, And llicy say they'vo been unfortunate, and cannot pay their debts. They are up lo things in York ; but I bate to go to Jail, Vet 1 shan't pay my debts; O I cant pajs my debts, l'or then I should be pcnylcss O I will not pay my debts. 'Tis strwigo, fulki arc so barbarous 0, I do not like Ihu law, Hutam.iti without tho Cah is but a man nf straw, So I won't pay my debts no I shan't pay my debts, 1 or it would be my ruin. u, l cannot pay my uebts. So jailer open then tho door,and turn tho Key and lock it, 1 shall come out agentleman,with money in my pocket And I (.Inn'l iny my debts, if I can pay my debts ; my creditors may way umillc; but I will not pay my ikMs ! Hail ! jf l.ufes Ini! ! ye swains What irojec.l now heets jour bruins 1 To gnu encii oilier joy nnd glpe, You bull thould liolic wild nnd hep. 1 1 . S I ! c steeds, nnd sleighs and hells, lle.idUng dashing through ihe dells , II. lil ! je iliingliipi lull ! ye sons Tnke 10 Npw Yp.iiV ridi atone ; I'm ic gno l niUirn giie heed, And ( licMv "l.u kle up" niir slenl, And i night uiu'll drip In Kllen's door, Wliie. nt oft nn'p been hp fore And iIipip in less lhan h.ilf n "inmit" You'll lind jour seat with Ellen in it. The fid inquiry "Whiiher (ly, " To j.Hp the !iiIr anil plcasp iIip pvp, " To find sumo gift, si) nop, so been, " As none but )un deive, I ween I To which iIip d.uiifpl, in a tiirp, Nor raiing n straw iihnui iIip prirp, t .Sns-"l o ihp I.ADlE.S' I'Airt we'll go; " Wheip's more tn see nnd more lo know ' Thau's hem ibis sidp ten jpars or so." Like wnnianV tongue, hers, In siiivirg half llu- list In tnire Of all iImi's odd in ihe Ladies' Fair, Which all would see that rntei'd there. Thus "(lifis for f,ud!p, gifl" for men, l-'nr Jew noil (link, juid S.iiiiiPii. or -i....'. j -i.. Will be lo hp fpen in dip Ladies 1'iiir. Invisibles, titxslei tuns CiKtnrds, r.tUes. iinil fuiry hiitilips, ISoois for pins, nud Hiinc-M slips. Fre.-h I1l.111c111.u15p "liip, New twine, coid. mid etrnel hags, ('oilers, ciifi', mid cups and nJ, Smoking rnlfee, new nnd sweet, Neeillp books, mid cnbbagp nets, Tnilel riiidiinus, h.ibipy' stockings, ( I'lie llinught of wludi isveiv t-hiuking !) Toui.tloes, link lenips, mid rlienies, Acoinn, npinus mul p irawberi ies, And ihuiisiids on len tlinii'.inds more, If lime were mine lo call diem n'er ; Lelleiii, loo, fiom nngel Ii.hhI, Heut no 1I011I11 bv inagit'. wiuiil, Ladies lell ih will bp llieio Addrerneil to ymt, "wilh speed and care." HastP e, ihen ! nn longer slav Quirk ! to dip Fair wnliout delay ! tiaily let ihp horses i-lip, Free the rpins mid ply iIip whip, Till von fliall find the hniir is past And j nu me nt the i'aiV at.Usl. Thpre 3 nnll ses n gala dav ; Fifiy maidens fair hear cwny ! Anil u.inglit pxeeeds their numal Urifa To tn.ike die il.ty a pleasant life Tn lliosi! who iniieh ipspeci I lie Fair, And all Mirhsuiely will hp ihere. For where, 1 iifk, pray lell in whre, II you'cii Holiday in spttp, You'll (.prttd ii half so well ns there. Whore what you eal 'ufart, nnd Fair All dial's heril or done ( wheie 1 Keho mi'weis "Wheie, O where," Li 11 1 111 ih Fair, die LADIES' FAIR. mm.. SANDERS S7SrOULD resueclfiilly iiHorm tho Ladies t T and Gentlemen ol' Burlington that his school for Vfiins Ladies, Misses and Masters under 12yenrs of ago wdl cniumonco on Sal urday, January 4th al Mr J. Howards. Terms of tuition pur mholar for 12 Ln,s.uiis. Hours urntiondauuo, fiotn 2 lo 5 o'clock, r. m. FRENCH TABLE COVERS. A few very Rich French stump ed Cloth ruble Covers, 0 new stylo, nud nncunimonlv nrh, will be cold L-hunp nl J)en. 27. Latiiho?, Piitwin & Wait. Burritt'sGeography of the Hea vens )ust ree'd by (J. uOOIJltluH, Dec. 26. 1039. Grey Yam, 200 knots grey and whi.o woollen Yani,u'' very lino quality, also a small lot ol'shakurs Yarn ,supoiior qual ity, or salo cliniip bv Dec. 27. LA'rilRO'P,POTl'hk WAIT. Parley's Geography, 300 just received by C. GOODRICH. Dee. 20. 1039- LAMB'S WOOL HOSE. Ladies' white Lamb's wool hose, gentlemen's do, mixed half Hose, Merino, Buckskin and Hunting (J loves, a new slylu nnd cheap, al tho cheap cash store ol Latiiiiii Putwi.n &. Wait. Wool $ PorlCj will bo ree'd on Debts nnd in exchange fur Goods at cush price if dolivuied soon. Alfo wanted in ex change for goods ; Butter, Cheese, Corn, Itye, Oats, BuaiiH, 1'cas and 1000 Wool skinn al fair prices, by LYMAN . COLL Burlington, Vt. Doc. 27, 1039. Ill ii if M 1ft 0 5?H H DBMTTIST. NEW leeihnre superior lo old ones, Thp improved mineral teeth do not decay, anil where properly set, anwnr nil prsciieal purpofos, lor eating nnd speaking, and give iho countenance u natural cx prpfsinn; whilo their unrivalled benuly is proverbial, JOHN LEWIS, the mechanical den- Ht, is prepared lo accommodate inch vid uais wilh nngle Ipplh. or entire sets, and ho respectfully invites those persons af flicted wilh defective leeih, tn give him nn opportunity In do them kindness. Hp asks pay, where entire satifactinn is not given; ond his customers! nro at hbcrly to return ihe work, with nny reasonable time, if it docs not answer iheir cxppcln- iions. ue will nl.n perform nny of Ihe various precautionary operations required upon teeth pariiallv "nffeclpd. T E It M R . Teeth set on Gold Plate. I toot h 1 do 3 do 4 do 5 do C and over 10 14 18 22.50 $4 each. Teeth set on pivots, 2 lo 3.50. Filling with Gold 50 cts lo gl. Cleaning. 25 els. lo gl. Filling with tin, 50 cts. Extracting, 50 els. Being prepared with instruments adapt. adapted In all Ihe various cases that occur. he is enabled to extract without the slight, est injury lo the jaw, nnd with coniparn lively slight pain to tho subject. As an evidence of this, ho would cite the fnct. that several Indies who have had full 80it on gold, have had from mx lo ten tenth exirnn'ed without ri.turr from the phnir. TOOTH POWDERS and BRUSHES always on hand. JOHN LEWIS. Burlington, Dec. 25. HJ39. Jl K D nOOK niNDRIl'.S UIGIITS!!! TI1K subscriber has this day received an addition to his former Mock of School on;?, which now comprises nearly all ihe BOOKS used in Cninmrn Schools, and he w'fll fell llieni ns low as-ran bt purchased at retail in any Shop in this Slate, and wo think a i.kf.ti.i: lower. Al.-n, a now supply of BRLES, HYMN BOOKS, &c. Which an: printed on eouil paper and well bound, nf variant sizes ami qu.i litie, whirh nan bo bought a? I mv as at any Book Storo in this or any other btatc. The suh-criher has made arrangements for Schools Books and is now prcpaicd lo say (and to cNecule) that ho will furnish schools with such hooks as they may want AT OXE 'WEEK'S NOTICE, low Kit than, tiiev can .Or.TAIN TlltIM IN ANV OTHER MANNKIt. (CPA penrral assortment of Stationary, Account Jionks, A I burnt, ehildrens liuoks. kr,. kc. fur sale at the Book Bindery, sign of (ho Kt u Ledger, College si teel. I.y Dec. 27, 1839. S. HUNTINGTON NOTICE. rHlHE public nre hcrebv nonfied that I lisve not nliscnntled nor deserted mv hughailll Without n iuoi mh-o nn.l Cr,tnl r -u I i,nUn lived iii danger of mv life thn -ix years-, and bill a short lune before I In ft he threatened my life not for ihe first time neither, hut I have lived with him in lion .voulil rpliirm hilt have iven up nil hopes and ihuik if I have friends I hntl better May wuh I hem ihnn lo live in misery. But whrii I left linn it was particularly njreed on nut to impeach nne another's character in the least, but he has now bv the influence of a mean pelt iforrrcr posted me. which he sol emnly prumwed never in do, and by so do ioj he ha- lorfeiied nil claim on me n a wile. 1 therefore caution nil women again! hnving nny Ihiiirr i,, (0 with him whatever but inure particularly young ladies nt the age of fifleen. fur here by tin- ihey can see Ihey will nut fall into iho hand of n pro lector but the hands of a tyrant. I leave this fur the public by painfullv subscribing myself. ABIGAIL ROBERTS. Chittenden Vt.. Dee. CO- IIIM subscriber h nuxiiuis In gum li -- dings of Ins brut her, I'M ward Rush, who cmne lo i Ins country nbniii uvn years since, and resided fur n winl in Ro'slnn. since which I have heard untliing from him. Tho ahove reward will be nnid lo any per son who will give satisfactory informal ion, of his whereabouts, if livinrr, or of ih fnCi of his death. PATRICK RUSH. Hinesbnrgh. Vt. Dec. 25, 11139. Clarissa ITol lis tor's Estate. STATE OF ri:R,MOA"T,l DI-TIIIOT Ol' CHITTKNDKN. Tho Honorable tho Probate Court within and for tho district of Chittenden; lo tho eredi. tors ami others concerned in tho cslalo of Clarissa Ilollisler, lalo of Burlington in said district, ddceased. II L UK AS, Henry Leavenworth, ad. t v minisiralur ol iho cslalo ol said do, ccaed, hath madn application to this court, to extend Iho time limited for making pay. incut of tho debts of said deceased, twulvo months from tho 2?d day ol'Jauuary, lt!40, & tho third Wednesday of January next, hein" assigned for a hearing in tho premises, nt the Oifico of iho Register of this court, and it having been oidcrcd that notice thereof bo given, by publishing this decree threo weeks successively in iho Free Press, a newspaper printed ul Burlington, belbro tho lime fixed for hearing. Therefore, you aro hereby notified, to np, pour bofore said Court, at the time and place aforesaid, then and there, to mako objection if anyyounavc,toiiicsnui tiiuu ol pjymcnl be ing further extended as aforesaid. Given under my hand nt Burlington, this 123d day of Decomher, A. I), 1539. WM.WKSTON, Register. Charles Steven's Estate. WH tho subscribers, having been np pninled hv the Hounrnhln the pro bain Court for tho Dmrict of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine nnd ad just Ihu claims and demands of all person against llie cslalo nf Gharli s Slovens, lale ol Richmond, in said District, deceased. represented insolvent, nnd nl-u all clnims nnd demand exhibited in nflet therein; nnd six months frnm tho day of Die date hereof, being allowed by said Court for 'hot purpose, we do therefore hereby givo nniiccthat we will nltpnd tn thn buines uf our nppninlmcnf, nt lh' dwelling of Nancy Stmona, in Richmond, in aid Dis trict, nn ihe first Mondays nf March nnd May next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., on ench of said days. Dated, this30ihdav Nov. A. D. 1R30 E. B GREEN, ) rnmmh. ELI BROWNSON ( rionnt, BROKE into tho en. Ml closure oflhe subscri- vPSf v oer on or about too 1st of September !at, one red and whilo Jltifer, supposed lo ho about 2years old, largo si.n. short horns, with a long tail, tho owner is requested to prove properly pay charges and tako her away. IW. Ii. BCIvKLt.l, Milton, December 1G. 1030. For Christina?. "OARLEY'S MUSICAL HISTORY, vols, for sale bv Dec. 20 C GOODRICH. To Musicians. 4C) CANZONETS; music nnd words -1w by Bishop Hopkins, just published by Dno. 20. C GnnnniCH. W-aSSTTED. GOOD clean live Geese Feather, and 30 en'ds green solid Beech and Ma ple WOOD. PANr.nonN & munsmaid. SO p. of Carneting. of various quali ties, of Wool. Hemp and Cutlnn. also, Uutsin carpeting, frnm 1 in ijyds. wide. AIpO. n lull nsorlment ofLooKing-Glasse-i. house paper (Sic. fur sale by Dee. in Lovely . Co. H. LOT2SLT & OO. JTAVIi just received a new and well IS. selecieil norlinent of Dru Goods, Dry Groceries. Crockery. Glatt nnd China. H SUitj. I heir entire slock romprisea a variety too extensive lo particularize, suf fice lo say we arc prepared to sell great bargains for ready cn li. Burlington. Dec. Jti. lf!39 COXA DA OVERALLS. Scarlet and grey Canada stock ings a lot nl firM quality for sale cheap ot the new establishment of Dec. 20, Latiihop.Potwin & Wait. The Museum of Rolisrious Knowledge, n suilablo hook for presents for nil seasons, just ree'd by Dec 1. G. GOODRICH1 PAPER. THE largest slock and greatest variety in I lie state, for snle a! inaoufncinrers prices, by C. GOODRICH. Nov. 15 Wickwarp's building, up stairs. SASH FACTORY. rWy II K subscriber would respectfully inform JL the inhabitants: of Burlington thai by Iho earnest solicitation of a number of gentlemen residing in nnd adjacent to said town, he has been constrained In establish a SASH FACTORY, at Colchester Palls, (one mile fiom iho Cour oni-c.iii Rtiflmglon.) uhorc ho will bn happ In supply all tho-e who may wish to pnrchas Window Sash nr llthuis. Jlis lung cxpcrieni in thu above business warrants him in assuiin all those who may favor him with their palroi age, thai they may depend upon a first rat article, as ho is octermincd to employ non but first rate workmen and his stook will In of iho very best materials. Orders from ; distance addressed to the subscriber nt Bur liugton, Vt. will bo thankfully received an promptly attended to. SIDNEY SMITH. Co'clnster Falls, August 5. 1839. N. Ii. AH work warranted lo bo good.o no sale. Any size or quantity of Sash. fur nished lo order. t Kev. 1. Coverts' IS ADM Of ILIFE. ANEW AND VALUABLE REMEDY for llioso who aro afilicled with acute and chronic diseases of iho Lunos' and Wi.sdpipi; This medicine, is suited to all climalcs and lo persons of nil ages and sexes, will keep for any length nf lime, and may be used with per feet safety by persons in the most feeble slnto of health, as it contains no ingredients that can impair the constitution under any circum. stances. It will be found greatly serviceable in all discuses of tho Lungs and Brochia. such as phthisic, asthma, whooping cough, croup, acuta and chronic inflammation of iho lungs and windpipe. By the dyspeptic, it ha been used wilh decircd advantage, and i serviceable tn persons laboring under debility of any kind.ifuscd according lo ihe directions. To iho consumptive, it has invariably a Horded almost immediate relief, and in several instan ces has wrought a permanent euro. It is tint however, expected to effect a cum upon such as arc in Iho last stages nf the disease; but oven lo such, it will bo found to givo much rclief.and greatly prolong thai remnant of lifo which has hoeomo so neatly extinguished by the dread destroyer. Sold by .. i .. . PECK Si Co., Burling, tun, Vermont. SHERMAN'S COUGH LOZENGES do Worm dn Anpuihi Lozenges, fur singprs, Camphor dn fur Headache, Suda Lozenges for Dyspepsia nnd Heartburn, Cithariic Lozenges; Royal Hepaime and POOR MAN'S PLASTERS Wo have nhundant evidence nf the good effects of Sherman's Cnngh and Worm Lozenges, and hu I'nor Man's Plaslor'a; and from the established reputation of these, feel warranted in tecntiiinending llm nthers nhnvi named. They aro prepared by n regular Physician, and we are fur, nished with Circulars iu which is published tho active ingredients, in I rue prnpiirlinn which he uses m making each orlicln above named, and also others which hn prepares. We will supply any Medical innii with a circular upon application wo have Convened wuh Physicians of Ibis and oilier places, who inform us, i lint ihosu ne excellsnl Medicine. Wo have thn Cough and Win in Lozenges and ihe Plas. lers for snle by ihe grots, dozen or single, ot the Varicly Store. PANr.nonN fi Brinsmaid. Boston Academy's collection of music. 100 cepies jusi rfc-'ved by Nov. 28, C. GOODRICH.

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