Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 10, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 10, 1840 Page 3
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thu exercise of its legitimate- functions, to check that enormous and profligate wnstu ill' public treasure by which the t.nrlv HOW III l)0Vr UfU ! Ill PO V OT IS ll - ing inc nuiion i" ui"""'" "'"ii iieccndancv. and I" rciluco thu patron ngn nntl in'fluenco of thu chief executive oflicur, so that hu shall not without the iiiiinu nntl prerogative, ynt exurcmu thu tiilwinniiiil unworn of n Itintr : and H is time fur those who lovu rutioiinl hhurty, freedom na diminished from unhridleil license, and limited, defined and sustained by lawn. which lolcrntu no inlringumcin. io giro theinsplvus to n contest, upon whoso issue depends ihu fate of our country for long years, if not forever. The coalites of I he Tories aro delusion, cor rupt ion, violence, mid fraud. Thou delusion? must he met by the diffusion of light, their corrupt inns, by exposure, and by convincing all who have a a voto to give, that I ho palli of duty H.tho pnlh ol interest : their violence, by firm temperate and determined resistance, and their Iruuds hv tiitiillv watchitiL' and zealously main taining the purity and fairness ot popular elect ton-'. Lot every whig do his doty and wo are safe. A single veto inoysuvo astute, ir even the nation, and every freemen ought to act upon the principle, that the duly ol his natty, uiul the interest of his country is) a rule of action for Ins individual self We may soy.witlithu greatest confidence, I tint the whole West, and the state ol New York, are certain to he united in the sup purl of Harrison and Tyler, nod we need only, that New England Mioultl hold her own. lo ensure u a triumph. The slrug. glo in Vermont will bo a desperate one, on iIih nart of the tones ; with us. ttwill bo nn enerL'ctlc. determined, and confident efl'irt mid if wc are true to uur duty, I lediatu success, and euiisenueut peace a:id pros perity, fur our-elvcs and our country, will be our sure unci suthoient ruwaru Mr. Stacy introduced the following rcso lion ! Resolved, Thnt we cordially approve the course pursued by our delegates at Mar rishur'Th. and. fully impressed with the lie collar iinoiiriuncu ol their ugeney in bring log ti boil t the uiispiuiutis result, wu tender lliem our hearty I hanKi, Which was read and passed. Mr. Adams introduced thu following Resolved. That, a Coumy Cnmmiliec ciui.-ini iur uf live nervous he appointed by ihu 111 imr. tii net in enniuiiet ion with the "uileniHii appointeil by the Statu coo vention, and that tliey be expected to tali measures to fee thai the several towns this county are properly and effectually organized. Winch was read and pn-sed, and the following named gentlemen were appointed George A. Allen, Daniel II. Onion, Wm. R. I'ease, Andrew Warner, of Jerico. George K. I'latl. Mr. Fulleit introduced the following resolution : Raolvid, That the editor of the Free Press, and nil the other whig editors in llie sliile be requested tu publish the pro coediugs el this convention in their respeo live papers. Which wus read and passed. Mr. Ad.ims introduced the following resolution : Resolved, Thai the thanks of this emi vein mil be presented to their 1'rcsident lor the able mid impartial manner in which he has discharged the duller of (ho ofliee. Which wa read and passed unanimously. The convent inn adjourned. EZRA MEECU, President. Wm. A. Guiswomj, ") Nathan Luavkmvohth, I Ai.-ntt La.mho, U H. l'i;MitiN, Amos 1. Coui'ch, David Cook. Luvi SANin:nnN, Samuki. Fletcher, Wm. Wh-ton. ) LuTiiKii M. U Ac; All, Secreluries 13. A. Staissiiuiiy. ) Extract of a letter from lion. Human 1 Allen of ilighgatc: "In rcferrnre lo llio primary object of lids moot injj, llie Iliirriiburgh iiiiinin.itiiiii nl i'.iiidid.iii-s for ihu I'icsidcuey mid Vice I'irsideiicy of lliu IJ. Sillies, I cun only nay tlmt it is iif'ele.if now In dis cuss ii ii v individual picferrnres. A mint highly lespecl.iblo ronienlioii, by n e.nuitu of in.ijjininitniiv, has seen fit In picscnl tu lunies fur ilicto liih oflices llut i (i identified wilh lliu liunor, llie inleiesl, nml llio Idinu ol uur country. Hie unly upprojiriiilcqnenlion, llicrefuie, in mv opinion, fur 114 now tu decide, is, whether by u Ioiij,' pull, n strong pull, and a pull ii 1 1 ou i lior , we BliHlleadci- Mil' 10 lefCIIU lliu COIUIIllllloll, mill 1 1 1 II i i I ; 1 1 1 lliu piipreinacy ot l In; Lav, or by 1 i v i.i ii him unil fiipiiiu- ncss, in cniliiic lunger t In i r pioslintiun. " I lie pi i.u Is inundeelly williui nur lencli, nml nil"! our ivo uiouiilaiiH, our vallu,, and .unlets will never cimui; lo echo uud reecho lliu iniLM of 1 1 itr i iioii mid Tiler, uulil lliu Mile uf Vermont I u proclaimed lliem lo liu its clioiee. Tor imsclf, my dear sir, 1 eo liearlily for llio iioinin.iliuu, unil llii-i tiiiif, t hum I need nut usstno nu my humble effuils will he exeileil ii Us uppuit. llUtMAIM ALLKN." and to adopt as their motto, the sentiment i course permitted between us and other I Atliltlis' Arithmetic jllSt I'OCCiv of Mr Wise. .'The Union of the Whigs for nK '"alld'Tht ' C. GOODRICH, the sake of tho Union." arriving in foreign ships on llie other. I -' . Extract of a Icttor from Hon. Wm. Jar- I Vice ( PrsSh. J CORRElSl'ONUE N C E . We last week alluded lo the letters of several distinguished individuals, received by the chairman of the committee, in an swer to invitations to attend the conven tion. They ure loo voluminous for publi cation entire. And we can now only pub Jicli a few extracts, as t-pecunens of the whole. If an apology is necessary we mutt plead necessity. Extract of u h'tter from Hon. II. II. Roi-s, mi" of the dcleguicb front the statu of New York : "A'lov mi! lo express my enliie conviuliun, in ui'iUiny llio noinin.iliuii of Wm. II. Uiiimmju fur 1'iemiltnt, and John Tiler for Viee I'le-nilem, dm iiieiiiliem cii" l 111 I eoineuliou ueirt inllueiii'ed by nu earner! desim lo inomoiu llie iuicieslr. nml se- :uiu llie iineiiilenny ol lliu Whin pally, "In'eli lliey lielieiu lo lie lUeulilieU Willi lliu pru-'peruy ui our l oiiuliy, and individual iiuleiuucei and I'eelinsi wen; nol ruffeicd lu disliaul lliu li.innouy of their iletitiei aiiuns. " I i.iUi; iiiueh de.iMiie in iifsiiiinj' yon 1 1 t the. feiiliinenu eicpiurred in jmu lunur, in icfuiencu lo one uf lliu dit.liuuilifd iiiduidn.ils ulio;U iMine was jiieeeuled on oce.inioii, ueie mo-t faillifiilly lepieeenled, nul only hy lliu ahlu and leiipeclidilu deli'H'ili: ft uiii )uiir dicli ict, hut nl.-u hv lliu eutiiu ilele.ilion ft out Venuuiit. That a difl'emice uf opinion should exist in u ccuiciition uf dulegalis from iweulV'iMo tlaies composing lliU crcal con. fedeiucy, could nol lieduuhled p.nliculai ly mIiuii the mimes of Webster, Clay, llaiiisua, and Scull were indented fur a choice. Il was then that the imiiiv of our creed was dulv aiipieoi.iled l liriaciplus and not men uliuuld conliul lliu action of 1 1 m l iiFsemUly. , , "A c.uefal mid dolibernto iiilcichanae of opinion imliiceil llie belief I he ofllcu ol Unci ftlu irme could not bo beeloised on any one wilh uii'.iler fcafeiy than llie vcner.iblu paliiui who wu eiluciicd In the tcliuol of Wu.hiiijjlon, Hiid who ciijo)ed lliu confidence of Jefferson and every oilier resident niilil ihu oiL'iinizaiiun of llie iiiescut ilvuaslv, wlio.'e (ioihI of union consists uf n psrliciplion in the gpuiU. " 1 trust llint ilin iiiinniiiiiiv which cliaraclei'ized llie prciruedini: of ihu conienlion will tecurn die coufident'e of llie whole couairy in the pioprieiy ol lliu iiuuiilialiou; nor ran I fur a moment doubt llul llie iutellip,enl uiul independent electors who will be present al lliu hnslou, will ie-eclio llin Humiliation of llio fiulier of lliu West, and thu llciu uf Tj prcunue in u m.nmer dial ili.ill afl'onl conclusive iiiideiiee, if any wcio wanting, that llio pairiolic Matn of Vermont letainson her Hiuud.iid llie motto of lliu defender of thu cuastiliitioii thu country, die whole country, and nothing but llie couuiiy!' U. II UOSS." It most bo ohvinus to every man who hn- "iven a moderate share of attention to llie political action of the federal ud in i n it ration for ten years past, that unless It can be brought to those principles ot honesty and cood laiHi which miirlieil the udiiiiinstriilions o! Wa-hinglon. Jefferson, and Madison, that the liberty of thecotin try will be undermined, and ttio' we preserve the lorin, the substance will be MM. 1 ne duciriiie of const ruing the constitution ' as the President understands it,' backed by the support of his unscrupulous partisans in and out of Congress, is pregnant with mischief. It I reus that functionary from all constitutional and lawlnl restraint, and leaves the many at the mercy uf ibo execu live and his parly. It will fellow us a natural consequence, that their policy will continue to be what it hus been the pur suit of such measures only as are likely to promote the interest ot t lie partv to the utter neglect of those which are adopted to promote the well being of the whole comuiuutiy. Some of the Iruil of this doc trine was shown in the case ol Cluibotuc and Ghnlson, and now again in the case of the N. Jersey members. The constitution and laws of the United Slates, the uniform rules of Congress, and the laws of the separate stules ure unceremoniously set lit detiuuee to secure party ascendancy ; unil, beginning with the President nml gradually descending lo the lowest officer uf the custom house or the post office department, we find them nil loudly supporting every act, however unjust or outrageous which ihu party leaders deem it fur thctr interest to perpetrate. " We thus see that officers which were intended by the constitution to be the executors ol the laws, passed to promote the well being of the community, have be come, in practice, the inure ueuts ol the executive, and are employed as humble tools to support the will ol the President and the party, however destructive their measures uiav be to the best inlertsls of the country. The warnings and the adinn unions ot the wise, ami the petitions of iluisc who aie beiUL' ruined by I lie I r uieas uri's, uvail nut. The universal sulVeriiiiis ol tin: people nie ticeiluil mil, u nil llie voice ot experience, prudence and moderation inn k lo no impression upon their minds. In Mich a slate of tilings if the people- do nol arouse themselves, their rights and uiler estri will be irampled under loot, and they will only have the poor consolation lelt lliem ol rr th'etiiig on ihu happy days thai are past, llul I do nut believe that the sons of our revolutionary lathers aru so opine, so indifferent to the purity of our iiisiilut mils, lliu wellure ol I lieuiselves anil their posterity, as to be willing to submit lo such a statu of things. ' The pure life of Wm. H. Harrison is a guarantee that probiiy, public virtue nnd llie guud of the people, will be the end at which he will nun, if elected to the presi dency; and in John Tyler l hoy will have an honorable, upright and faithful public servant. The services of such men arc all impor inni at this tune to sluy thu mass of liaod, falsehood and Corruption, which is now overspreading the laud, and to the uitelli geuce, good sense, virtue and patriotism of the people we must appeal, to secure to the present und rising generation, the per petuity ot those institutions which lor llie first forty years conferred upon us su many blessings, and winch cuu only be continued to us by rulers us capable, liuuesl und faithful as un Harrison and Tvler WILLIAM JARVIS." A letter was also received from that ven erable patriarch, Hon. Elijah Paine, saying that as he fin il never beuu u nm-ciimmittul tiiuu, his opinions hnve been generally well known on all the great topics in which the country has an interest, and expressing Ins satisfaction with the nomination of Geo. Harrison, lie adds " some forty years since I was acquainted with him, and then considered him as n muu of intelligence, sound judgment mid discretion, and of thu most upright intention." " CONGRESS. No business of importance has been transacted tha past week, except thu ap pointment of committees in the House, lu tins the Speaker has acquitted himself with credit. He has given the administra tion the executive committees, und the wings majorities in must of the other tin port n til committees. About two. thirds of the committees havu wing majorities and whig chairmen. COUNTY MEETING. We have this week given up our columns to tlie proceedings of ihu Into meeting at tins place, lor which we make no apology. They will be generally rend, and with in. terest und profit to all. The address, in partial la r, will command attention, for it discusses subjects of momentous importance, with u clearness uud force which must se cure for it lliu respect of even llmso who would fain evade Us irresistnblo concluMons As with a pencil of light, it puurtruys the onuses nf our present embarrassments holds our present rulers to their just uc. cuuntnbihty and directs n suffering people to the sovereign reined y. Head it, und ask your neighbor to do the same. Thu reso lutions also, and the letters from Messrs Itois, Allen, Jarvis., Swift, and others, breathe the true spirit, und cannoi but in- pire the heart of the patriot with an abid ing faith in the ultimate, the speedy, re demption of the country. Our papers from llie eual ure filled with accounts of the late storm. Gieal damage has been done on the sea coast, end the interior is literally blocked up with snow. A passenger who arrived ut Albany on Friday, in five days from Bostuu, says "a bout twenty miles from Boston he met severul members of the Legislature of the Statu un their way to the Capital, Havel line on snow shoes und drugging their baggage behind lliem on u haudsled Posterity will reurumber such men. IiiiVi' mutually enjoyed plcnsuru and reapei profit by mic!i intercourse lor n great many tons of yenr ! And in reference to our rhtiliarh. our lea, our silk, ami other articles-all the tnon vuluable production!) of the cent nil laud, and without which ye could not exist our Chinese empire look ing upon all men with equal benevolence has permuted these to be mid you for ex- porlttiun hevmid seas, without the slightest stint or grudge, our unly object being to subdue your hearts hy thu extreuio of goodness, thus appropriating to ourselves, as it were, those beneficent principles by whicli heaven uud earth rule all nuturc ; Here I'olluwn a long lamctituiion, that the Chinese will tickle their mouths with an omumpipe; and u threat, that they might hang all foreigners right oil' who smuggled opium. "Wu therefore- now make this ennvenant with vmi to Ihu end that you '"ku th fatal ilrug opium so hurtful to mankind mid and put u slop to n for ever. As we of llie centre I laud prohibit uur people from using it, so it seems just that you prohibit the stibjeits of your honorable county from preparing it. lu respect to that winch has been nlreudy prepared, you will please to cati-e strict search to be mude .ifler it. and hnve il cast into tha bottom of thu sen that within the expunge of heaven and curtli no place be liiriher given "Hy fi.llov. ing out this course of conduct yon will then clearly understand the celes nal reason, did Heaven will vi-il you with none of its jidgments you will hnrinoin tin s I v uccorc with the feelings of mankind. uud our boh Emperor must, know nnd up prove. On the oilier baud the drug being rigidly prul.ilnlei! in our inner laud, in person is now permitted to smoke, so tha even granting that it should hu prepared in your eouiilry, there is no place lo get rid of it, nor mi profit to he reaped thcrby. We of thecelcstial dviiasiv, in subject ing to ourselves the 10.000 kingdoms of thu earth, luve n degree ot divinu majesty which he emn-l trillion! . say nol thai we fulled lo warn vou beforehand "Let the Queen of the said Hon. coun try, on rt'ce pt of this letter, immediately lake ull the circumstances connected with I tie stopping the opium, rush from her dif- lereut seupiirts, uud cuiiiinuiiicale the same in us in rerly. Do not on ary account make use o falsehood or evasion, seeking tu delay or procrastinate. "We most anxiously stand on tiptoe wuiling your reply- Most kinds of .School Books for sale. Produce of iilituini every ills- crinUon received in payment. Jun IJ. C. GOODRICH. TO PKIHTEES. WANTED by the Snb-criber, to whom employment will be given for a lew months, nnu Pre-smaii who is a gtml work man, and two Cmnosiiurs. urlington Jan. H), C. GOODRICH. Save your Birdsoye and Curl jl A Jl Ju 1j . NELSON Si. GATES will pay a fair price for logs of the above descrip tion, delivered ut their shop al thu Fa lis, or in the village. Iiurliugion, .Ian. ii, llJ-10. Gold Bccds &j Silver Spoons, Coustunlly inakmg nt thu Variety bmre. I'AtsnimiiN iV. I'niAs.MAiu. liOST. ON Siiturday lusi, on Main street, n child's circa-siaii Clonk, with a black velvet collar, inquire at tins office. Uurliugtoii, Jan. ti, I ::-). GOODCICH'S CHURCH HISTORY, GOODRICH'S U S. du. THOMPSON'S VT do. For sale bv S, HUNTINGTON. January 10. HMO College titrecl. Anthony Rliodos' Estate. STATE OF I'ERJUOjYT,! lnsTiticT or cimtthmiun. Tim Honorable thu Prohalo Court within und for thu district of Chittenden, to the credi. tors and others eoucernud in the estate ol" Anthony Rhodes, late of Richmond lu haiil district, ducuriPed. W II K RE AS, Wm. Rhodes Junior, ad. minislrator of thu eslalu of said do ceased, hath made apphe-illon to this court, to extend Ibo time limited lor making pay. uient of thu debts of said dei'iuised, "twelvo months from tho 8th day of Januury, IU40, anu tho third Monduy oi'Fubru.iry injxt,liumg assigned for a hearing in thu premises, al tho I.' II. .11 1.. IVHI..T .. , ' , iihii in . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 j 1 1 , uiio ii paving uuun rdcrud that notice thuruof lm inven. bv nub- lishiiur this decree throe weeks successively in the Fruu Press, a newspaper printed ut llur lingtun, hut'oro the liuiu fixed for hearing. a iium;iuio, you are nerouy uoliliuu, lo ap. punr before said Court, al llio time and ulaen aforesaid, thou and there, lo mako objection if uiiyyouiiave, 10 uiu said lime ot pjyinunl be ing further exiendnd as aforesaid. Given under my hand ut Ilurhngton, this thday of Januarv, A. I), l.-.U). WM. WESTON. fttst'Ur. JUoT Pop in und see us nil und we will show yon bow we do. bv offering vou our assortment of Chans, con sibling in part of Curl Ma pie, Grecian Surge and Small Rocking, Common und small Chairs, which we will sell on t tie must reason Ware Room, opposite Old Bunk. Lhurch alrrrl. NELSON & GATES llurlingtnn, January II, IbMO. nlile term's. The Legislature of Massachusetts, is now in session. The wings have to-elected the officers in both brunches. Their majority is one in the Senate uud lliirty-live in the House. The canvassing committee have for some days been engaged with t lie vote fur Governor, but have not yet reported. Extract of a letter from Hun. ljcnjamin Swtli: 'I have made these suggestions without expecting nr wishing io lesson thu impor tance of ihe tariff in your opinion, but for the purpusu of introducing a subject, which I think considering its connection with the land', should have a still more prominent nlncc n: the discussions at your meeting I mean Mr. Clay's laud bill, or the distri hutiiiu ot the uvails ol the sales of the public lands among the stules for the pur- po-es ol internal improvement &c. " This subject should hnve a prominent place, because it is peculiarly interesting to the people of Vermont, because the peo ple can be undo lully to iiuilursliiud its mi puriiiuce and because by Ihu recoinmeu daiiniis of Mr. Van Huron in Ins hist mes sugu respecting thu disposition of the pub he lauds, and by thu proceedings belore the Legislature at Alunl poller lust session, it has beuu made u purty qucsttuu in tin Slate. " 'The pnnplo will sec that if this measure shall bo udopted, it will divert Irom the nrdinury disbursement of the government. n largo sum uf money unuuallv. nut! of corusu increased impost duties will be re quired for the support of the government Hut this bill, ur a melius of equalizing in teriial improvements umoui' tho stales, I uf vast importance lo Vermont This measure is also impor I on t, us it would ex cue in the people ol thu states a strong interest to preserve the public duinain. HENJAM1N SWIFT. A letter was also received from the Hon Tliumas 1). Hammond uniting cordiully in tho nomination of Harrison uud Tyler, and urging thu people of Vertnunt tu follow lliu example tel lliem by Mr Clay, who has recommended a co-dial and hourly support, LIN'S LETTER TO THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND. The conduct of ihu Chinese authorities in tho opium mailer, is most curiuus- Ii seems that thu Governor of Canton was one of the greatest opium smugglers in the country; and his sun wus caught with a large quuulity uf opium, and released by payment uf a bribe of 10,000. On this account, the greut Chung Lin, governor ol the adjoining province of Huo Kwung, came Irom the city of Yoatcheu, with his seven wives, and "squeezed" ull thu opium out of thu foreign merchants. The Emperor's reasuu lor stopping llie smuggling ufopiuin have been iwufulu. lu lliu first plucu hu lust all Ins teeth by eating opium; and inHhu second place, the pur chase of the opium look out uf llio country ull the revenue- derived frum llie sule ol teu so thul if continued, it would upset the government. Tins is thu reason why he ordered Chang Liu to slop it. Lm also had his own reusou for this step. His own province wus u prior one ; Canton was a rich one. Hu hud seven wives to keep, and wanted muru revenue; uud this could unly be obtained by being invested with absolulu sway over Canton. This and thu belief that thu Emperor would back him, caused him in address n long letter to the 'Uarburian Queen Victoria," from which wu gtvu sumo choice extracts:- "It appears thai in thu great reusou of Heaven there h nothing bcltish: it is nut permitted tu injure olheib in order to ben etil ourselves: nay, more, the human mind is nut iliflereully constructed. W hu lliem thai does nut view death with horor, nml exert himself lo preserve Ins life? Your Imnoriiblu country, although separted hv a mighty ocean, and distant upwards of 'JO.000 (Chinese) miles is yet subject tu the same human feelings; there is indeed no man who cannot distinguish between Itlu and duatli, between lliu! which is bane ful and that which is beneliciul. Now, our Chinese empire looks upon all within thu four seas as uf its family, uud our great Emperor, with u goud ness bound less us thul of Heaven itself, overshadows all things, so thut even thu must reunite mid barren regions come within llie scupo ol his lilegivmg uud nourishing uiflui'iicu Since ihu tune that thu res! r ict torn AN HONORALE OPPONENT. We published suine days since un arti cle ,vliich n,meured in the columns of n leading Vun Riiren paper in Ohio, defend ing Gen. Harrison aga msl thu miserable slanders of a reckless pany press. We perceive thai the nominution of Gen. liar1 rison by the Whig National CoiiveiiUon has called from the same journal (llie Ohio Confederate) uuothur article equally mil pendent tu its tone, and every way credit- able lo the maultncsj and honesty of Us author. "VVIial we in iv lliiukof llie ticket tcnileied lo lliu fountiy by lliu Whir; (Jolivenlioii, wu do lint iisriiinu In be .1 111 illt-r of public iunim l.iur.o Xeieilhelei-.-, il i s our 1 ii(lit and pei h.ipd uur dun. lu i-.iy 10 our le.idi'i!', 1I1.1I we believu 11 lo lie lit. si 1 ou!eci lickel wliii'h thai body, as ili-le-'.ilei lliu U lu p.iiiy, llie power lo olfer lo lliu Ainci ii'.oi people. I'wo men le?s exreptiun.ible In die liuiicsl und 1 ui 1 1 lot 11: eonianiv of eonu 1 IV in 1101111 uf 111dlviJu.1l vtuilh could nul pinb.ibly li.ivu been found unions die die 1 1 i-ti s.i rnl s uf ills'. liiisuifliud inei 11, vmiIiiii llio wide coinp.j ol se leuiion. Wei iliv, popular, n iy, beloml hy ilieir ei)iuiuyinen,if a ui.ijoi il) i-li.ill be found in illihokl iliuir mm r.mes lioni lien 1 1.11 rison soul Oir. lyler, fur die hij-lied od'u'es uf die Republic, it may nul itilliurize die conclusion lliev li.iw; not 011I101111 led eouliili'iice ol 1 lie people. The sir.mge coinbi milium, of 11.11 1 y imere.-lj uliich siitmiluu die peri oil, ihe.-e i:iti.eiH lielui o diuir coiiiuri, ; lliu 1 uiii e.-L-nKilive- ulipruiciple and parties some iiHl.iuces loieittu lo each, 111 in.niy lo one ol them, and 111. iv pioilucu ii'Milis. vtluch, in Ihu n uce of iliese peculiar .lusjci.ilionj would lu es bcmi.dlv .n ied, "Il lug h.ippr'ued 10 oh nu luo occasions ,v hen neither ouisell iiorilioje mound m, ueio auneip.i lin? for him llie iuipuiliini puduiu in which lie now simuU bel'me llie counliv, 10 expiess nur opinions officii, ll.11 lisno and 10 Uiot'it Ins hih claims In die lu-neei and couliilrnct- of Ins roiiuimueu. Thu eudeui'e-i ul tiled' emhellidi 111, my of llie biiahlesl p.iReii uf Ins cuuiiIij'h IiUioiv since nearly h.ilf eeiiltirv. To ii-iiu.iI lliem, is nuii'iei' lie hv or dii-pariiito lliem i inod eniel and iinjiid If forty e,us of public si-i vicu,iu h'';h and lespuir Mblu sl.ilinn, In" 11 11 111 1111lh ami allliieni'e, peul 111 loll .mil fiik'hly, .old ended in pnM'iit) willioiil 1 piuadi ll llie.-e ci.i 1 1 1 if-) and seiuces untitle not a lu die honorable i-liniiliou of Ins conn, liymeii, lliu ulimuliH ofpalrioiii: efloit his ce.itrd lo'esid, and puiu and in ijn.iuimoiH ami il ion , in ilH way ul'liiuli and viituutu euileaiui, will suivu no inoie. BOOKS. G R E E N LEA F'S GRAM.MER, KIRKA.M'S do. SiMITH'S d... SMITH'S GEOGRAPHY, OLNEY.S do. MALTE URUN'S do. HUNTINGTON'S do. PARLEY'S do. r.RINS.MADE'S do- PARLEYS FIRST ROOK OP HIS TORY. do, SECOND " do. THIRD For sale by S. HUNTINGTON Sign of the Red Ledger, College Street .luo. 10. KJ-10. ADAMS' ARITHMETIC, THOMPSON'S do. SMITH'S do. COTTON'S do. EMERsONS do, First part. " do. Second " do. Third For sale bv S. HUNTINGTON, January 9, KMO, College Street, r'FHb subscriber is uuxioih to gain ti- dings ot his brother. Edward Rush. who cuni" to this country about two vests since, and resided for a while 111 Boston, since which I hove heard nothing from him, 1 he above reward will be tend lo any per son who will give tulisfnctorv information. of Ins whereabouts, il living, or of the fact of Ins dentil. PATRICK RUSH. Him-sbijrgh. Vl. Dm: 23 1 ;!). Peremptory Notice. npllE partner 1 liip ot Lalhrop il Potwin JL closed '20 Sept. 30. All indebted to them, inii-t pay some part of the amount due. immediately, or the demands will bo ""d. Jan. J. l.0. 3 0 0 S . Porters llhetoriciil Header PORTERS ANALYSIS. AMERICAN FIRSTCLASS ROOK, FIRST CLASS READER, SECOND do. do THIRD do. do. For .-ale by S. HUNTINGTON. Junuurv 10. 1840. College Strict. Administrator's Sale. nnllE Subscriber will sell nt public Auc JL lion, on Saturday, the 25th m.-t. ul one o'clock P. M at the dwelling houso of Widow Lydui drowsier. 111 St George, CO acres uud 57 roods of Land, belonging to llie 1',-iiiie ul Uilbert liruwstur. located on ibo Corner of Shulburne, St. George, nod Willi-iou. known as a part of the Wheeler lligbee farm, consisting of SIO acres of iiimkIow land, fn acres of pasture, four acres of swnmp, with Ash timber, 2G acres of hill Land, with wood and limber. It will be told subject lo the right of dow er of the widow of -aid decerned. JOHN VAN SICKLEN, Jr. Hurlingtoii. Jan. ii. Ih'40. WOULD respectfully inform thu Ladies and Gentlemen of Riirlingtou that hi t school for young Ladies, Missc and Masters under 1-years ofagu wdl corninunce 011 Sat urday, January -lib ul Mr J. Howards. Term.. of tuition :J,nO per scholar for 12 Lessons. Hours ol'alleudaiieo, lioni '2 to ." o'elneh. p. m. W yU "V STATU OF rRRJUOAV, 1MTUICT Ol' CHI I'TKMIBS S The Ilouorahlo thu Probate Court for the District of Clnlleudeii, to all persons con cerned in the T.statu of Anthony Rhodes late of Richmond in said Distiicl.deceased, GREE'I'ING. HT.REAS, Wm. Rhodes Jr. udininis tr.ilor of thu Estate of said deceased proposes lo render an necouul of his adminis tration and present his account agaiiM said estutu for exaininaliim and allowaneu at a ses sion of thu Court of Probate, lo bo hidden at thu Eagle Hall in Willisluu on the third Monday of February next. Tliurefore, Youjara lieruliy noliefid to ap pear bulbiu said court at the limu and plucu aforesaid, and shuw utiuse, if uny you have, why lliu account aforesaid, should nut be al lowed. Given under my liana al Iiurliugion Ibis 7th day ol'Janoary, A.D. lis 10. WM.WESTO.V.iegHrer. ui a. it it 1 i) In Munition, mi the 2d inn. by M. W. Kin-lev. Esq. Mr. Edmund Smith, to- Miss Jullall Lllhrop, hull) of Moilklou. In Wed lord, on Ihu evening of the first, by the R'V. Mr Woodnrd, Mr Smnhen K. Reyiulds uf Uurlingtmi, tn Miss Nancy Worldly, of the former place, In tins town on llie b'lli uist, hy II. IS. Siacv. Ed Mj. James Patterson, to Miss Elizabeth, Lord, both 01 01, Aiuaiis. In Jericho, un thu 7th uist. by Rev. E. W Kellugg, Mr Andrew Warner, lo Miss Emily Graves, ull of thai place. In Uurlingtmi, on llio !ilh uist, by Wm. Wesion, Est). Mr Ahiru Livingstun to Mi-i 6rrillu R. Mead, luuh of Uinlerhill. In this town, on the 2d 1 it-t. by Bishop Hopkins. Mr Richard Gruiigu, tu Miss Uridgei lllack, both of this town. I) I K 1) In Cnlchester. on Ihu 211 th Dec. Martha, wife uf Francis Hand, aged 24 years. lu tins town, on llio 7 1 Ii uist. Emelinu, daughter of Ebcmv.or and Curuline Uriggs, tiged I year uud 7 mum lis. Joseph .Tones'' Estate. STATU OF FERJIOXT, ni-TiucT or chiti:,m)i:n. Thu Hon, thu Prubaiu court for llio district of Mnlieiideii, to all persons concerned in lliu Estate uf Joseph Jones, latn of Underbill, deceased. ii lll.i; I KM WHEREAS, Truman Sheldon, Executor of Ihu last will and lu-lainunl of thu said decua-uil, proposus lo render an account of his adiiiiiii-lrution.und picseut his account against said Mslatu for allmvancu ul a session of thu Prohalo cotirl to bu holdeu at lliu Ro gisler's Olfico in Iiurliugion, on lliu second Wednesday of February A. D- 1040. Thurefuru. you aru iieruhy notilicd to ap piiar hel'oro said court, ut thu limu and placu aforesaid, to show e.uisu if any you have, why the said account should not hu allowed. Given under mv hand at Iiurliugion, in said dislricl,lhis7lh day of January, A. 1). HMO. WM. WESTON, Roister. A i4, -oU .7 . D HOOK UINDHR'S RIGHTS!!! roil IE subscriber has this day received un JL addition lo bis former slock of Sclioal. j'iio.'?, which now comprises nearly all tho HOOKS used in Comiurn Schools, ami lm will sell lliem as low as can be purchased al retail in any Shop in this Stale, and wu thin.-c a i.ucri.i: lower. Also, a new supply of lifBLES, HYMN BOOKS, &c. Which are printed on good pupur and well hound, uf various sizes and qualities, which can hu bought as i.ow us at any liouk Storo in this or any other Slate. Tho stib-criber has made arrangements for Schools Rooks and is now prepaied to say (and lo execute) that hu will furnish sehooli wilh such bonks as they may want AT 0X1-1 V FA-IK'S .XOTICF.i i.owi:n than. -rum- can OniWl.N THEM IN AN V OTlll'.K .MANMJIl. Ifj'A general assortuieul of Stationehv, Account Jioolcs, Albums, ehildrens Rooks. &c. ttc. for sale at ihu Rook Rmdery, sign of thu Red Ledger, College slrcut. by Dec. 27. 13J9. S. HUNTINGTON. A SPECIAL meeting of tho Iloxer En giuu cotupanv will he held ut John Howards. TO-JUORROIl', Suturduy.) evening at half pust 7 o clock. A piiuciiia wuiu reuiuvued from thu pnrt ol Can ton, attendaiicu uf llio luumbiiis is requested. uud uuiiiiiiuniculiuii and coiiunuiciul inter- Jan, 10. GEO. R VAIL. Clerk. STATU OF rURJIO.UV, DlsTUICT Ol' ClHTTi:M)K. ss. Tlie Hon. ihu Probule Court for tho Dis trict of Chittenden to u'l per-nns con ceineit in the Estate of Abel Cunper.lolo of Richuiuiid, in said District dect'iiffd. GREETING. WHEREAS Stephen Cooper, udm'r ol thu Estutu of said deceased proposes lo render mi account of his administration and proem Ins account against said estate for exuuuutitiuu mid ullowuuce ul a session of lliu Court of Probate, to be holden ul thu Engle llall tu Willisluu on thu Ihwd Monday ot February next. Therefore, you aru hereby notifieit lo appear beforo'stiid Court at thu limu and plucu nloreeuid uud shew cause, if any you have, why thu uccuunt aforesuid sliuuld mil be ullowed. Given under my hand a( lluilingtou lliib third uuy ul January A. w. lul- Wm. WutTo.N, Rrgiitev. NEW leethuru superior to uld ones. The iuiiruved mineral teeth do nor decay, und where properly set, answer all practical purposes, tor eating and speaking, and give lliu couiiienunee Ps naiurnl ex pression; while Ilieir uurivalicd beauty is proverbial. JOHN LEWIS, thu mechanical den tist, is prepared lo uocninmodulu individ uals with single teeth, or enure sets, ami he respectfully invites those persons uf' Hided with defective teeth, to give him uu opportunity to do i hem kindness, lie asks no pay, whore entire saii-tuctmn is nol given; and his customers are al liberty tu reiutn the work, with unv reasnnuhhi tune, if it does not un.-wer their expecta tions. He will nl.-1 1 perform any uf ihu various precautionary operations required upun teeth pari'ul'v iifT'oled. '1' E R M S . Teith ul on Cold Pluto, 1 luolh SJ 2 do 10 a do 14 4 do If! 5 do 22,50 0 and over I each. Teetti sel on pivots, i lo :1.50. Filling with Gold 50 cts lo gl. O'ruuing, 25 cts, to Filling with un, 50 cts. Extracting, 50 cts, lieing prepared with instruments adapt. adapted lo all thu various case that occur. hu is enabled to extract without the slight, est injury io the jaw, and with compara tively slight pa in to thu sunject. As an evidence of this, lie would cite tho fuel, that several ludies who havu had full bells on gold, havu had from six to teu teeth extrncied without ri-ing from lliu chair. TOOTH POWDERS and BRUSHES always on hand. JOHN LEWIS. Iiurliugion, Dec. 25, IU39. Gruj Yarn, 200 knots grey ml wh i,e woollen Yum, o-' very linn quality, aUo a small lot ofshakurs Yuru,supunur quui ny.or sain cheap by Dec. 27. LATUliOP, POTIt'LVk WAIT

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