Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 17, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 17, 1840 Page 3
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FIMDAY M O II N I NO. JANUARY 17. I'OII 1'HESIDENT, WM. HENRY HARRISON vicr. rnr.siiKNT. JOHN TYLER. TImi n ililTi'ii'iiro nl opininn IidiiI(I exin in a comciilimi nf iIbImim f.nm Iwnily lun Males i-oinnnmin? ibi litem cnnledci ury. i-nii'd ""I I'C iluiiblfMl-fi.irnriiUi Iv "ben iIicii.iiiim.iI Nelislrr, Cl.iy, ll.itrinnii Hinl ftsrnll. "CH" pieccntcil fur 11 dinicr. Il un ilit-ii I'lirity of ""i' rinil w.n ! iippieeiaicd-lli.u pinilple, nnil nut men ihnuld conliol llie ncunn ol nofiiiblv. II. II. Itoss' l.cinr. Pihnchm.hs -Ni not Miitf, is an ex pression often used, mid sometimes with out any fixed moaning. It is a republi can boast, and it would bo well if it were always the foundation of republican prac tice. Hut like many other axioms in politics, having their origin in our pecu liar form of government, it is uttered to be abused, and repeated but to be rejec ted. An inquiry into its full import is a more grave subject than may at first be ima gined ; and though it can only be touched upon now, it may not bo amiss to dwell upon it for a moment. It leads us back to the origin of government, the principle on which it is founded, it use, and its ob ject. Government is an ordination of that being who formed man a creature of so cicty, and gave him a nature which can only be perfected in society, and is the great instrument for the preservation ol that society. It is as indispensable to so ciety as society is to the perfection of man's nature ; and hence both are means to an end, and that end the happiness ol man, as a rational, moral, and accounta ble being. That government is best which most effectually calls out the powers of men exalts their intellects, purifies their hearts and protects them m the enjoyment of the fruits of their labor. The principle on which republican government is founded, rests on man rqualili. This is a great truth a truth worthy to be engraved upon the heart. It is a republican truth, and, if honestly acted upon, would loosen every throne in Europe. From this truth Ave deduce as corollaries the principles that all power proceeds from the people, and is to bo exercised for their benefit that government is a means of executing their will that the object of it is their own advancement and that rulers are but their legal agents, acting by delegated authority, and responsible for its use These principles form the basis of our government beautiful in its simplicity sublime in the grandeur of its origin, and eminent above others in the character of its object. The importance of these principles will be apparent, if we retlect that thousand of years rolled away before they were discovered, and that even now we stand alone in the practical illustration of thorn. In the freest government ex cept our own, the principle is roversed, all power is considered as emanating from the throne, and that honors, privi leges, and emoluments, are in the nature of grants, nay, that tho protection of nat ural rights is matter of clemency. There is something sickening in all this. Wo ,,t !,!, crmm.r fl.'.t if ,1 , . , r ,1 , . I from that sturdy independence which is tho essence and glory of republicanism. It is a Christian truth that all men are brethren. It is a republican truth that they are equal ; and poorly has he learned the first lesson of his horn book who has yet to learn that the admission of these principles is a pledge for his political con duct. In this consists the superiority of of our government, that while power is considered as emanating from the people, it brings the duty home to every individ ual to see that it is properly exercised. In tho perfect discharge of this duty is to bo found the demonstration of the great problem of man's capacity for, self-government. AVMioever discharges this duty faithfully, gives the most effect ual aid to tho causo of human improve ment, while ho who omits it is guilty of a great neglect, and ho who acts in oppo sition to it commits a species of treason against tho allegianco to himself. In this mode of viewing tho subject, tho maxim of "principles and not men" implies a duty, tho duty of personal exer tion to carry tho principles of republican ism into practice. Every whig will admit this doctrine, and so far as ho has tho power, will act upon it. If wo needed any exemplification of it, we have it at hand in the doings of tho llarrisbtirgh convention. This is not a fit occasion to attempt any sketch of that convention, but the result shows the working of re publican principles that men can cheer fully give up personal preferences for the good of the country. It is a beautiful illustration of the force of principle, and shall stand in the place of a thousand ar- uiuents to prove the soundness of repub licanism in America. This convention will bo long remembered, nnd the lesson it teaches is full of interest and full of hope. Many who had watched the course of the idministration, ami observed the artful manner in which they attempted to carry out their designs, began to fear. They aw, or thought they saw, that the interest of the nation was not the first object that their great object was power, and that to obtain this, the people were insensibly drawn into the support, not of principles, but of men. For a time it seemed their success was certain. JMon every where lppoarod to take delight in the success of their leaders, and to be insensible to the outrages they wore committing to obtain tho nscundencv. But fear has now given place to confidence. We know that the great mass is sound, and though it may take a long timo to bring all back to the true republican ground of " principles and not men," yet it can be done. Peo ple art) beginning to see they have erred, and a conviction of this is the best guar anty for success. " IIauuisox and Tvi.r.n" is the watch word, from one end of the land to the land to the other. The wings are per fectly united, and cheered by the fairest promise, while the administration has to strain every nerve to keep its discordant materials together. Every mail which arrives adds stronger confirmation to the propriety of Gen. Harrison's nomination. All over tho great West the news has been hailed with enthusiasm, and the fol lowers of Van Huron are deserting him in crowds, and hastening to enlist under the banners of a Chief whom thoy know to bo worthy of leading them to victory. The greatest unanimity prevails in tho ranks of the opposition ; not a dissentient voice is heard ; and even the press of the administration, usually so rife with slander and uIuim,-, 5 stiuck (tiunl). Tho follow ing is from the lUudisonian, the conserva tive paper at Washington : Tbt llur slinrirli iinininnlinn lalcc.i bn- vmnl nil .ninci'pliim nl it.- mvn Irn'mln. The pi'puhir movi'int'iit will finny UmjII to bp irro.-Hiibli! Lfciifocnifin. Vnn Hnrrir ir-in ntul CnlhnuniMii will ho -wepi by tho bniird. We liavo hunril nl innvi'inunti nml pri'pnriitiniH nf Hie uri'iit.'ssi irilnrf--t nnil which nihl iimil'Ii Id Ibn nlrcnily vnrv favor, nbli! nniriirii s- nl iiiiccv- Time will Miuw. A Van lliircn Hi'iiiiinr has ilcclaruil in Una mi v, hw nnininii that Ilairi-nn will -wi'i'p Ohm bv CO. 000 innj inty nml carry Iniliiinn ami 1 lliimis wiilnnii anfflbri. Tl.e lirrlMiniiiii pany l-t increasing bcynnil illi'ariiri! Fur rsnnipli'. mri miliv iil'ttn Is, in dim p'nee vu bav..- bi'aul nf, Imvij nbair ilnmlfil Van I'.nriMi. mill ppniisi'(l Ilic cini.-i' nl Ijibn'iy.iiiiil lbi Cnili il iilmn. I Inn ml s I hi' hall in pvh'v ihreci inn anil vicinry is t lie word. .Mntlixnuinn. AVE H ST EH AM) HAUKISON. Tho following infamous paragraph vas manufartured and put in circulation by the State Paper at Johnson, and has since ! '"J, "'" U,U" l'l"Cl"","" been copied into tho Sentinel and otnerl. ''V ' ;' r.l; "f-h S iif. .' . , null il(.il.iinbli'. It will lie mmmi linn iim small lights ol loco tOCOISin, Willi ItS Slllta-! I'fbt nf I'cni.Jv.ini.i mn..uuu lo i he .inn nf ble accoinpaniinent of capital. Dmxiil Webster's opinion of 11 m. Ieny ci isfjii. Air. Wi liMfi , ulien .obi il in 1S:!5 if lie wniilil lie pl.neil mi llie I..OIII' iicUpI Willi (ii-ii, H.11 r cnlii' I : "I caiinni lie "iiillv nl nni net 1, ifnlie I : "I cannni lie "iiillv (if nni net ih .1 .Ii ,11. In 1I1 .11 -.,1....,..,. , I ,,, ,l. ,.l I tinii (ifn 111. in in llie 111 crldpin'v ulio h nmlv die ii'inpi nl' In.- li n A more infamous falsehood was never coined. There is not even the shadow 1 1,"1-' J muisum n -ii.iM of ,. , .. . . , iho Crolj. rie.i.ui y lo.siein, 11N. Y. Cnai. Adv. ol ii foundation for it. IUr. Webster's! opinion of Gen. Harrison bus always been j COXG'IIKSS. the very reverse of that indicated above ; I Since iho organization of Congress, and had it been otherwise, no man he- little appears to have been done. Tho lioves that ho could have been guilty of, Iiolitlays, embracing tho days of Christ tho harsh and indecorous language hero mas, are by the customs of that coiiimu applied lo a war-worn veteran. Ho has. "'O'i Coveted to amusements and recrea- always entertained a high respect ibi the Council, mill fivon iillmi'nd Ills 11:,,,.,, .,, ,)c lsc(l Vic(J p. , ' ',, S!imn ticket with Harrison, in Pennsylvania. But Mv. Webster has not left us to infer what his sentiments aro on this subject. Sinco his rolurn from Europe, ho has boon honored with a public testimonial at Hus ton, on which occasion ho expressed him self fully in regard to men and things. Tho Hoston papers of Saturday contain a particular account of tho festival, from which wo extract the following paragraph as pertinent to tho present inquiry : Mr. Webstfr llionroNu, nnd after n mrmt eni InisjorH ic greet ing I ruin his assembled fr lends, replied, in n very happy manner, tollirj remarks of the President. He spoke in warm frm of approbation of the liar' j rnhurg nnminn io. l.on. llnm.nn mo ynff. Hi- liml Fi'fved wuh li in hut li in 1 1n is II.iihi' nnil ihu Kcmiif.nnil o-uld u-n'v " lllJ H'fllTII, 111- IVI'KOIUTV. III' CAI'ACtTV. nnil In u ilfliVmMTITTlONAl. !) UTIOAI, VIHWS. Ili-wn- nVn miin lied I linl nni lung bill f.Mi illy negligence on I be 1111 r 1 nl Iih friends cnnhl prevent I i 1 fit from being Ibi' next pro-odcal This, it strikes us, meets the case, and covers the whole ground. JJut wo venture to predict that neither the State Paper nor the Sentinel will ever make any cor-I rectum of the matter, but continue to re- j assert .i,e original FALSEHOOD ivom this time till the election not without a I "i''1'1;;11 ;'' nf Ourbm n-miiii-miii! ! .. , .mil Ili'liriiM! jjliirv. At is; llif.ii liuiin Hutu! blush, however ; for even loco locoism t innm-m. rim nn.n mul, mmihuj fur p.i-i cannot altogether stillu the impulses or,; nature. Que re How much credence will an1 intelligent community hereafter give to c ' ' such prostituted organs. NEW YORK. We are happy to announce that N. P. Tahnadge was triumphantly elected U. S. Senator on Tuesday last, by a majority of eight in the Senate, and ten in the House. The people willed it, thrice and again, and at last they are heard and obeyed. Thurlow Weed has also received the appointment of state printer, in place of E. Croswell, who has held the ollice six teen years. The Argus whines about it, and complains of precipitancy in the mat ter. The Albany Uegency are finally used up ; and all the people say amen. We have devoted a whole page of our paper to Governor Seward's message, to which we would direct particularattention. MASSACHUSETTS. The committee on elections has repor to the legislature that Marcus Morton has precisely the number of votes necessary for an election a majority of one. There is a minority report, however, against Morton's election, on the ground of informality in some of the returns Tho majority report will doubtless be sustained, and Morton proclaimed Gov ernor. This is a hard case for Morton, as he will have to resign a life appoint ment worth three thousand a year, for tho poor privilege of being Governor one year, and then dropped. JMI'Oltl'ANT I'P.OM Pn.VI.VA.N'I. I Ins l.i'trisltttni. ol IVnns ;ifeinb!ed al lliini-lini nn Ine--(l.i). (njncial 'I lium;i-t V UnUfiH. nl Iiiicm rnnniv. win rli.ii.cii 1'ie'iileiii (if ino feonalp. hy n vine nf Hi in I) c :hi for Mr I rn.-c, lliu ni" oanilin ill' nnil z ji nnci in". Win llnpUin.s of nslibiinii cniiiiij j w;u "eireied rpe.iher ol llm ilnn.p ol lif'ni...cin,iiipK, wiiliuni .my rniicei led oppuiiiiiti. Ind.-eil iheie. sceiiis lo h.uc lif'i'ii h lliin am iiil.iiin. nf nifnilieis al (lie opi ninu rn than one Iniiiilrrd. The fiiel biui. iiph mined in die Sen.ile, nfier ilic nrs.iniz.uiiin, uiu n fi'iie of elion' l.uiffit-nliilion.', nfl'eiril by Mr. I'einn.-e. litu llm ine'.ii;e of Onveninr Pnrler i llie nio5t ini m '.ml nlijerl lo be iinli'd, n in i niii lone in ii'jj.iul lo si'ieiiil of llie pupil ir ilnrli hifw of llm il.iv p'iinlir, uu iiip.iii, willi Uu Fiippmlri ti( l i llie liiliiiiiii-linllnii 13 mor-l inii'M ei'lcd. ! Cnv. I'.iii.r was P...,.i...iiciiiy .1.,; cnilniate of llie ulna (Ipiniieiaev nl I'eiin-j Iv.nn.i, :nd it uns expi Pli d lb il lie wiiiild pn-b ilien- mil ml; nml ami eieilil nuliniH In llie eMieini' wij,'e nf ilefn ne liieiio'. linl be li.tji ntn dune sn. On iln run. Iiinv, hi inc.-i-iii;'. .in Minin of in liMUiie-i innnlv ciin.pi v ilivi', nnd tve puvlil'l ii will Till lilr ii pnii'ipe incUei into lliu .uliiiiiii.-liiiliini cninp al U'.i -liiniini, Tim nn ?e opeiw wilh nn allminn In llie t'n, 51 ,ii elil srciir- uliiib wen' pn.icicil ,il blitn in neienilipr nf ISSS, in llie liallnil'ihe l.l.nn,.'. 1 1" not .in iipiilni'l fur, llie (.iii'iniir ,n Ii-.hi .-iimI;j linliiluenily nf I lie ciindiicl of llie linln... and ilium ihe pi i ni iim bi.inie npnn "iln.-e j i i : i - T a"nd fun IV 'oii 'rimtJs m', j SIX IIUXI .F,) A,I SIXI'V- I'llllKH )U.. I' .mil dial iIipip is n ili limpiii-i in ihe iiMcnne "i "" nnue, In iiippi IIIi! Inleie-I nl llie ileln .01, 1 I hiIipi- f.iiiii.f", in llie iitnninii of (I.M, Al 1 1, 1. ION I hiIipi- (iii'ii-(w, in llie iitnn (il I V-SI'.VI'.N' l'IOi;..'Ali SI'A'I' V I HH.N'DltP.II AM) I'Olll'Y 'I'lHiF.i: HOI.- i.wt abi iilumcm. 'I'liu mi.ii;e ei 1 ins n fnm dni('ill(. nf Al, Hi ' inlinillM 1 ,0 In "I'llPI'll, lull s.l.s 11111I1111.. nflii.s n.n i-niip 111 n..r. tiou, in which iho Members -seem quite willing to join andleavo their public duties to chance or future diligence. The in terruption in tho convoyanco of tho mails has caused tho news to lag, and will con tinue to since it is understood that tho rout between Washington and Now-York has been so changed as to require twelve hours longer for its conveyance between those places, in conseqiioiico of tho in creased compensation demanded hy the railroad companies on tho regular route. Of tho proceedings in Congress, we havo seen nothing for many a day which has oxcited all the interest which is called out by tho sketch of a discussion between Mr. Ci.av and Mr. Camiou.v. Thu lat ter gentleman evidently feels the awk- w;,i - (ltioss ofliis position ho fools lluU lio looked upon us fine who has prostituted (.vorv iiroteiision to consistency, decency. r . . , . ,." . . .. ""' rui uu; iiiiuimiiun; uisiiiiiiuu .11 a corrupt alliance with the Federal Ad ministration. HONOR TO Till HIIAVH. Wrj liml ihn following compliment In our countryman mill 11 1 1 ; 1 1 1 r . .1. I'. Miller. 111 1111 extract from 11 wnrls nbmil in la pub' linliutl hy Mr. CntiuiH, untitled "the Hi'inry f tho Itegoiifrnt ion nf Greece." jirvnvl:!;:;,;:;,::!;;!;:;:; 31 j ft. mi ilic 111111I1 nl' M.ncii l!i. 7. 11 i, unit nl l.i'l over. i'iiiiii' mill, lir 1:1, uh I urn, he cnuM mil) lite I11111I1 nl' 1 lie linn, 1 lc 1I11I mil liw; In m ''J" ' 5 h. i.ic.n..iy Ucn- rln mill in III" ii'.ii In eei 4. (iii'ik. (itrecc imMi-iI ii few d'leinlcn bum Aincricin i'iiiiii". A 1 1 1 r ininli in i Iih i.l.iml ofSji .i ciiin. uu iiii.i.iiim 1 1 1 . v .i (or nnil ile.ith i.l'n name nf l.i-f.irliu-i'iM, In lino, ci:i v en mil inn I'm i Mi ni .1 I'.'iv ii Hit it, .mil (lift (e h.H lint lin null en ibi'in. IbiUfM'r limy c.iiiniilf;:pf'i'l "ii'.ii nllcniinn ubil.l inn iiicilpit u.iri luu iiii nrjloi'irtl I III! briirl nllln1 Aii.hi iciiM u-.i-M'iil. M illi'r, nf Vrimmil. Up u.i. lull nf funi i nnil mill b I ucil bv i lit: r-nluii.'.', II Mil ill I ). 1 1 1 1 1 llfwlllllll III! OHIIIIMItllt'll. III! (tl-l in Riii.fil bini-olf nl Aii;n, uliiii1 bu li.ippi'nrd In bo rnvcir.l unli 1ihi bv n r.tiimni b.ill' I'eniin lb.ii llirj uniilil liiink li i til lu-l : In- Fboulcd In libli.iiul, "nolliirg ! niiiliin' r la-i-p mi !" JOSEPH HOE.

The case of this individual, convicted last August of burning the Congregational Church in this place, came up before tho Supreme Court, at its late session, on exceptions to the proceedings in the court below. The case was argued at great length and witli much ability by Messrs. Adams and Pr.eic for the prison er, and Messrs. ?I r.ctc and K .sso., for the government. The proceedings in the County Court, however, were sustained, and Hon has been sentenced to live years imprisoumsur. And here we cannot omit to express our surprise at such a sen tence. It i-i in our estimation a perfect burlesque on the idea of measuring punish ment by the enormity of crime. Here was an individual convicted of a crime ol the highest magnitude to which the law has attached the .severest penalty short of death- convicted too, by testimony so conclusive that the jury hardly loll their seats ; and yet the court has seen lit to visit such a conviction with tho merest punishment awarded lo petty crimes Jlideed, at the very timu of passing' thi.-i sentence upon Joe, a simple fellow who had been caught with a counterfeit bill in his pocket, and who pleaded guilty and ! threw himself upon the mercy nf the court was sentenced to iw yt-ara inqirisoument. Four years for passing a counterfeit bill, and Jive for burning a town ! What else is this but a bounty on arson'? and, what a trifling with the feelings and interests of a community whose temples and workshops ive one after another, in rapid succes- sj01, fallen before tliu torch of the incen- ' dlUI'V. ! " " t?"The Union question has been car ried through the Assembly and Legisla tive Council of Upper Canada, by decis ive majorities. En the Council, there were 14 in favor, S against ; and in the Assembly, '2D yeas to 17 nays. Tho i Governor General, in his answer to tho ' " I -,ngraiiilatos the people on theadopiionj ot (hi., measure, and the advantage to he i . . ' ij 1 j ,.,.s I ! .. ! 1 (; I) Wllluiini nn ihn 10. Ii iiki (if itie mcivli's 1 1.1... 11 r i.'i, 1... 11 .11... 1 1 1" t ' ." : n,i. m.. ( 1 I "ill 21' In dm iiiimi nil llie 1 1 ill iinl. S.initicl, fim nl J.iii.i'. Sinn, nt'd nine nimulis. C"3 jI! j;:a 5;n'ly. Till! lllilll Hill III' lll'lll .it lluu. nil's on WciliK'8. day ricniii' nexi, 'Jl'.l 111-1. Boxor I.'liio'iiKi ('ompany. rH Ho adjourned inei tin;; will be held al.l. .. lloward.1. 77 .V v''iAVAT, at hall" past 7 o'cheli CCO. U.VAIL, Clerk. January 17, HMO, ANNUAL MEETING. rBtllll IMeinbtUri of thu liui luigimi Fire L Company nru hereby uotilieii In meet nt Juhn lluwnrd's Hold, on WmU neiiday evoning iiuxl. (22d ini'l.) at lia'f pasi i-1 x o'clock, in make clmico of ten VVordi'iis. n clerk and Treasurer In hear and act upon tho repnrlrt ol I he part yeni, nnd, generally, In triuisiict any other neccsarv hu-;iiiei:, J." N. I'O.MFdlOV, Cleric. Jnnnnrv M. I!l.1!l. Suporiino Flour lor Salo hy .lun. 1.1. STONOS &. CO. N OTIC 13. TIIH CORN CltACKHlt nt I bill'tf Fulltf in now in good oidui hllHilief-H, TWMtK genniuo Italian rritiMi WHEAT, JL may bu had of Oco. I'. IMarsii, Uurliitglun, Jan. 9, 181(1. C U T T 3B H& S t1.r Falo, hy C. IIA YNI'S. .Inn. 17. AMI), via. Nuw llavon, wi Invi 13 rrm Wnt-r. Also, (JfI'tl Oi'iiin, l.nilii'. I'iiIF. (f.ild iMiiiMinri' .Scitin'H. (iiibl I"imii. Watchcn &u. &v... at llm Varmly Store. I'AMIIIiUlN (Si IlllINfMAID. Inn. IfltO. TT linrchy givn it'll if" I hat hnv" jjtvnn 11. my Iwn whim, It. M. nnil Ji. S, VVilhfr. by, ihi'ir iiinij, In (id in all Uiiiigo as il'tliey were nf lawful ngf SHAR WITIIHIUIV. Kp. Jan. t. HMD. (yoniinissioucrs' Notice. ir I he. Omf nnil Diimti, and I Hind rrnlin il in!.-ir m-il . npiminlf'il bv llm J. lji'g .-jlainri' of Vcrnmnt In Mipi'rin 'lid all mailer- and I Iilir- rrlnltng in Hm cam nnil ciluualinn nf llm I) 'til and Dumb, and liliiid, nf iIih Stalf, liorcby givi; mi lice, thai limy W'll hold n niouiing at ' ntndell'-i llnlil" in Jlniitltim. on Ihf .iVinrturiit'i itay of' I'ttirunry A. D. 1 11-10. at 10 u'cltiuk in ihn forcimnn, fur llm pur piisi (ifactini; on appl'caimiH in Imhalf nl i ho iinlortiitl.tii! ynnl b who mav rmed the lii'iipfiooiH'i' nf llm Sia'f for ilmir roli"f. ClIAIir.i:-' IInl'iJi.N3, "1 Cnuimistioncri cf A. (i. Urm iTKMom:. Wtc Dmf Dumb, li. SAlUiUA.NT. ) 'in' Blind. Windsor January 1 l(!40. N. H. The ConiiriH-inimrH rpspcci fully rrqnc-i all I he publi-liiTi nf Newspapers in lliis Stale In i;i.-prl llm nhnve imltci'. BA. K I M ISAl.l. being about In Inavc I Iih M'nlion.otVi'ri llm following aril ole for sa'e ni wry rrdnci'd price.-:, lo linp irlm l I'lfi' in pnrchasi. 1 C.O.M.MOA' rn i HA I II CLOTH SOFA, .t i;i:i)stkads nozi:.y ciiArns. i la it en noch'nn, I S.UALL fo c taiilf.s i WAsirsTAsYn, LOO KLYC a lass ;.?. I ILLYDSO.VU i'A 11 LOU S'l'OFi:. i 'M sizk cook do A qimnlily of Stove Pipe-Ahn--Onz I'lcmurc liugij Waggon, nearly no Tim .'ibnvf ha bnpti pnrchaspil within two year new, and inn-it of it is hut a very 1 lib' f'ainaf oil. if any. All ih"i"' n i! b'pd in him by noli; or ac- cn.'.ni. iiiti-l nitiNf iniuiPiliaii Qpnyiiitiin, nnd hv n fining will --avc pn-t ri:ii.,vojrT aca on.MY of jifjjl cim:. IKCTUIM'jS will coninioiipp in llm in J st i' til mil on lin; 2nd Tlni'-day nf Mnrcb, IIMO.nnd nmuitiim I" week:. The follnwing arc llm profe-von . Tlmnry and I'r'ifi ic- ot M .'dicinn, Hnr ad' (Jrern M, J) New Vorl; Guy. Aitntnmv and l'hyinlgv, liob'.'rl iWI in i. iM. 11 Hi. Alba n--, Vf". Clemi-fV anil I'bnrttiacv. Jant" Had V .M. I). I'alflield Medical '(Jollcgy, New V. rlc. I'rincuilp nnd Practice nf Surgerv, J. 15'van. I'liilndi'iplna M'l'oria Med'ci and Oh,''lr ics, Jo-oph I'ffhins M. I). (Ja-ilelon Vi. Medicil Jurl-priidencp, ltilph (Inwdov, M. 1). iM.ddlehury Vt. The foe for 11 'film courses i (.,-,(), Mat rioulalinu f.'i' .), Oailuatmn fee, .1", Price of linatding as lue m in any cuiuil iy village. )r. r.T"l-on will give 11 firivalo nnurf! nn Aliat'iuiy and Pliy-mingy, cuiiiinuiiuiug Ihe first wcel; 111 January. There will al-.i Im 11 reading Term ni 1I1U Iimiluimii ilii'ing llm interval of be-lure-', which is de-igued 1.1 liirni-h ihe Medical Siudi'ii's, advantage Mipt.'rmr in anv 01 Imr couni rv pbipp. JOSHPIl '!'!;!: KINS, Itcgi-irar. Ca-ili'ton. I).c. IH.iti Eli Thayer's L'.'slalo. STAT: OF VFJiJlO.YV. I Distiiict of Ciirr-n:.M)!;v, s Tim Hon. Hie l''i' C'l'iin birihe l)i I ru'l "I Ciul lein'i'ii, in n'l pe.-ons on c rn.'d 10 ihe Il-taiu ol U'i Thayer, lale nf .Siie'linrnc, d. ci.acd, nil Kirn Nti. .;7J7IIi:ili:AS, liVinan Hall. Kveen'nr , f V V n la. i wll and te-laumnr ol l''l Thayer, decciii-eil. propo-if'-. lo render an account t In-adiullii-i rai ion, ami pie-eni hii account njjain-i an! H-ialo for allow" aiice al a t-es-ioii nfilm I'mba'c (iuirl lo he hidden al llm Il 'gi-ii'r'i i llbm in I! ir I imlou on i he -ecoiul W-dim. day ul I'Vh ruary ni'N'l ; Tlmrcl'nri' you are ben by ni.tilied tn li..'on' wn ill conn ai llm Hum nml pbn.'i ainri'-nid, and hbnw cause, if any you have, wby ihu aid nc con nt should mil be nllnwed (Jiven under my baud at Itiirliiiglnn in Foiil tliitricl lliu 1.1' I il.iv ol .laiiuarv.llilO W.M. WINSTON'. Itrzht',- STATE OE FERMOXr, ii. ,. i . . l ' I " I OIL I I - II I l l I I 1., Tim lluu. ihe Hon, l'robiite Count for I he il si net n Cbi. tendon. I" all petKonn cnncerni'd in tho esiam of lcvi Clin phi late of liiirlinginn., ill testate. GRCKTINC. WllBRUAS, Iteuhen Rock well. nd tniniiilraior of llie llatu nf the hniil decased, pre pm-rs in render an nc cuiuil of Iih ailiniuisiraliun, nnd pre-eni UU account against Mild e-iale fur allowance al a -e-sinii nf tiunl court to be hidden nl i lio Register's oflicn in unid IJnrliuniun. nn Ihe second Wudneiiduy nf I'ehruary next i I herofore, ymi uro hereby nolil'md In appenr brbirit Hind cnurl, a, thu tune nnd place nforonid, ludhnw riiiit, if any vnn have, why lliu enid ucuuiuit should not he allowed. (liven under my hand ot fnid Jinrlinntuii Ibid llth dnv nf January, A. 1). 1 1110. W M WKSTON. Remitter. to ?:amTSKS. WAN'l'KDby Ihe Sub-criber, In whnni rjiiployineui wi'l be given fur a few inniilh, out) I're-smaii who is a good ivork man, and two ((uupusiiuri. fc Hurlinglon Jan 10, 0. GOODRICH. Administrator's Sale. rrpHH Snhnirihi.'r willsell nl public Auc JL imn, nn Stilnriliiy. thi;y"ih inr-t. at mm fi'fj'ncl:. , at iho dwidling hniurr1 of Widow ,vdm ISrt'WHler, in Si (Junrco, GO tieriM nml VI rnrnlrt nf fjnnil, hijlniiging In I he IJii'iio nf (ti.licrl Hrmvulor. lopnieil on Iho Conmr of Khi.'lhiirni', S'l. Gonrge. ami Willi-inn, luinwn n-i a purl of I hi' Whct'lcr IIiglM'i! farm, cnn-isling nf 20 acri.M of iiimhIimv Intnl. tni ncro of pailnrf, Innr aeriH nf fwnuip, wuh Ah limhirr. 20 acriM of hill Jj'ind. wuh wood anil Umber. It. ill he wold Mihjpci in Urn light of iluw er ol Uiu widow nfnid dfccn't'd. JOHN VAN SICJvLIJN. Jr. I!iirlinlon. .Inn. 'A IfMO. .lofippli Jones' Kstate". stjiti: ol-' yniJiojYT, j DI.-l'UICT UK CIIITIIMlKV. ( Tho Prnbatu noiirl for llio district of ('hilii'iidrn, lo all pcr-tfitit concurncd in thn lNliiln of Joseph Jones, lain of Underbill, di'ci'iisf'd. OUKKTING. WIII'.IUOAf, Trnnian Sheldon. Kxncntor of Ihu last will and tcylaiiiciit of tho faid decpasud, prnpovtu to rondnr an account of his iuliiinii-trntinn.iuiil pic.-o'iit bin accnniit aifaiiisl said Hstatn for allon anco it' a cosjiioii ol'llii- I'rnbali' ijonrtlo bu holdun at iho lie "Mrr-i OflV'u in I'lurlitigiiin, fin iho second WVilnrsihy of Fcbrntiry A.I)' IfMO. Tlii r.'l'i.ri'. yon am iirreby imlified In ap pr;ir hr-lori- sail! unnrt, al Ihn tnnu and placo alores.tiu, in snow rinr! il any yon have, wby the said account slionld not bu allowed. (liven iitulttr my band at said dislricl,lhis7lli d.iv of Jannarv, A. 1). HMO. V.M. WllS'l'OX, Iitistcr. Ar.thony lthodos' Estate. STATi: OF FEKJIOXT, ) IM-TlllCT'dK CltrrrBMJEM. Thn Monorablo llm Probate Court within and for the flislrict ol'ChilleniliMi, to Iho credi. lors and olheist concerned in lliu c.'talo of Anilioiiy Itli'iiles, laiu of Ilicliinond in said ili.-lricl, deef.'ipfl. VJJTII It I'AH, Win. Ithndci Junior, nd. V iniiiMr.iinr of llie estate of said do ceased, halh tuado application lo lliiti court. to extend Iho lime limited for making pay. incut of tho drhN of i-aid deceased, twclvu uioutln from Iho Slh day of January, HJ40, anil thn Ilurd Monday nf Fubruury iuixl,being n-signrd for a hearing in 1 lip premises, at tho I'.iulo Hall in Withoou, and it hiving beon oidrred Ibat nolire thereof be given, by pub li.bmg Ihii decri'e three weeks succeMvely in llie Five 1'res'', a newspaper printed ut Uur. bngloii, befoii! the lime licd for hearing. TmTi fori', you .ire hereby notified, lo op. ppar bnl'ore said Couil, al llm lime and place afore-aul.lhi'ii and lliere, lo niaho objection if any you have, to iho said lime of payment bo ing f.irthcr extended as aforesaid. (iven under my hand al Uurlinglon, this 7tli day of Januarv. A. I). 1M0. ' WM. WFS'I'.V, fimiitrr. STATU OF FIIR.UOjYT, ) niTiticT oe cmrii'MiDS' The Ilonc rabln lliu Probate Court for tho Dislriel of Chittenden, lo all persons con cerned in llie HMalu of Anthony Rhode lale of Ilicliinond 111 said DiMncl. deceased, G IIF.KTING. 7HF.UF.AS. Wm. lthodos Jr. ndininis V V ir.iior of tho i;.--tal(! (If said deceased propsses to render an aecouiit ofliis ni) minis tr.ilinii and prriuol Ins aeeoiinl against said estate for examination and allowance al a sus sion of ihe C iiirl ul Probate, lo bu holden at the F.ngle 11. ill in HYIi.-luti 011 tho third Monday of February next. Thurefore, You sits hereby notiefiil lo ap pear befoie said court at the tune and placo afore.-aid, and shew eaue, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid, should not bo ul lowed. (iven under my hand at Iltirlington this Till day of January, A. I), lli-10. WM . WUSTQS, Register STATH OF riCli.VO.MT, 1 Hl-TltlCT Ol' ClIITTi:.M)E.N SS. f, The Hon. I lie I'rnbali: Court lor tliu IJis trici nf (JllUli'oden In n'l persons con ee'iiet! in lb' Kstaii: of Abel Cooper, lain nf llichuioiul, 111 said Di-inct deceased. (iKHKTINCf. WIICIIP.AS Siephen Cmper. ndin'r nl Hit.' ll-i 11 1 o nl Kind dci.'c.i'od propnsen 10 render an aeo mill of his niliiiiiiisi ralion and pre-eui IikiiccouiiI ngauirl said cslnto lor e.xannnalinn nnd allowance nl n m'xsioii nf lb" Couri i f l'robaii'. in 1m holden a', llm Haile II ill III Willislnn on lliu third Monday nl Februnry next. Tnerel'iire, you uro hereby notified to appear before .-aid ( . 1 1 r I at Ihu I line and ii'iiee .HorcMinl and sbew cause, if nny ynu I'll Vi. w by tin 11 cu mil 11 line.-alii -should no' h" allowed. fiiveti under inv hn"d ni liiirlinginn this third day nl January A. 1). HMO. W.m. Vi:-T'in. Iltziiter JUo'l' Pop in and ,-ne us al tiud we will hbnw you how we flu. by i ft'iTinir yon our liscor' infill ol ('hail-, mil- t-i-Mi.g in part of Curl Ma pie, (i'fcinn yurou and Small R.'ehmi;, Coiuiuou and p-ni'i 1 1 Chair?, which wo will yi'll on l he inn-l reai-'nn. Ware Room, opposite Old term. Hank. Clairrh Strrrt. Also, on hand ;t low of L ivin g- shm's I'ATEXT FA.Y.LYO ,'dtLLS" NKLSON & (lA'I'IW. r,ll'linu.nii, J imia'V II. I li 10. Sitve vonr Hirdsoyo and Curl Trs-ff a 'S3 . 7,?. 'FkTHLSON & tiA'I'KS wil pay a fair Xri in id.' fur Ion-ol ihe above dotcnp nun, delivered at their "hop at thu Falls.ur in i ho village. Hurlinglon. .1 ii ii- !!, IfllO. Most kinds of School Books lor sain. I'mducu of almusi every dis cripliun received in navmenl. Jim 11. 'C. GOODRICH. ADAMS' ARITHMETIC, TllOMl'SON'S dn. SMITH'S do. COTTON'S do. KM Fill SON'S tin, First part. " do. Second " ' (In. Tlllfil For salebv S. IlUiNTIN'GTON, January 9, HMO. College Stnet. Ciold Bocds &, Silver Spoon, Coiutuutly making at lliu Variety l'.riUi)US &, l,nlAM wo. i iH m i nbt

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