Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 24, 1840, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 24, 1840 Page 2
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Hero is a large bnltiuca again'. China, which wn. exported in sperm n follows: To II. Inilia. i. 097,.32 To Kin-laud. 1 035.100 Total specio exp. from chinn 0.052 522 Tim linUnnu nrrninsl. tho United H'-Hos Iins been settled by tho tiso "I bills payable in London, which worn readily negotiable sn long us the balance of trade wn. ogmiist Chinn. In 1 1 1 i trade, iliernforn, opium wn Hm great instruincnl by which it wns conducicd. Thu cultivation nf Mm poppy nnd Hie; manufacture nf that drug hns I hero, fnro been sedulously encouraged by tho IJrilish Hist Indii Company in Us provin. re nf I'nntn, II-Daren nnd Malnwa. nnd tho number of chests lint nearly doubled in t ho last ton years, a. indicated by tho fol lowing inhlo' for n series of years, ending n l ho Olsl March of each vunr: Value of Opium delivered nl Lint in, in China. Jrom II! 10 t 11139 :-- Value in dollars. I,'!I7 KM!! 1!!I9 i r.uo i:i2t tft22 1 l!i24 1 1125 KI'JO 1t!27 1!!2f! HlO.9 1 (130 t!l3l J!!32 i car. 1 113-1 1 !135 1030 1 fiP,7 man This tnblo, although P, 057,000 n ooi 200 4 150 250 f, 503 200 i! .100 t:oo t! :ti.i GOO 7 Olit! 030 I! 515 100 7 020 G25 7,000 205 0 010 0115 10 425 075 12.535 115 12 057.157 11.80.1,203 10 93;; 15 022,750 11 050,540 9 655,010 10 539.H7.-i 14 207.330 10 WW, 1 57 it show the tie- liveries at Lint in, doe not show the whole import of opium into China. Lirgo quail title? arc nnu'leil in along the const and tlio whede imi). irl of K137 is valued at t'20 000 000, wherca the Inhlu shows but $14 000 000. The whole, however, thews tlio ''eiienil importance of the trade. Tho Inst statement of the trade in foreign vc nl Canton. pnbl'slicd bv thu Ginercl Cham her of Commerce, 'or the year ending in June. 1038. "Ives the following result:-- Imports: imo Clnnn, exclusive of opium and spo eio, nriuiin, 10 G70 0.07 " U. ritaies, 2,013,30:5 Lrnnrl 13 0r,9,92l 5,191,111 Total. 12,719:00 IS 231,035 in finr of Chinn, 5 511,13.) Inipoi I if opium fiom 1'niiUti Imli.i, i:5,".'i.t,0"0 Ttaliniep iiiMinut Clium, 7,8 12 oO,') Lxp'ulsi of fpecie finni Cliina, S.071,77 j The baliinee noamst the United Slates t tint vrar was ii.1.142 503, winch was pet - lied narilv bv i-pi me. but mostly by bills diawn on' Loudon bv lie U. S. Hank, uud negotiated with the Hong inerclmiitf. nment whom the reputation of the Hank hi nod ns high ns it lien did in Wall htrcel. The loss i f rcputaiinn which that inslitu Hon luii! now sustained, will perhaps, throw renter tlillkel'iPH in the way of American trade them, than the new turn which the opium trade Ii3 taken. Tlio actual lot fiTng",Tury 'ii'e'nig more eonce'rhed in the in- Iroduciion of tlie Tii'key opium, which is imported from Stunn. The severe Ins that has fallen upon tlio Knglish dealers, will cripple tiieir iii'.vptiicntr., and luad to new thflicnltics. All this will lend, in prohnli,' y, to on advancement of the American in'erefis : they have ever etootl Mgo in tho ettimni'on nt the govprnmeni Mure, and a rup'uto with Hie i-ig -u may be the mean of a modification ol the law in favor of American vessels, by winch, ofter a tcniporaiy interrupt ion. tho trade will flourish more than ever. .V. V Herald. ST H A M - UO AT I) I S A ST E II The Plcambnat lcllcn Missouri, bound from New Orleans for St. Louis, whilst wooding about a mile below Liberty, (Hi roi. on the evening of Cliri-tmaa day. took fire and was toially consumed. She had on board a valuable cargo nnd a large number of deck pafscngers. Tlio follow ing letter from the commander to tho owners gives the particulars: hrr.AMiioAT, Dec. 25. '39. "The sieambnnt Hello lauded tin even. ing nt about half pnt 0 or 7 o'c'ock, nt riunur nnn inne nnove moony. II inois, nt a wooil yard. While wooding, nu nlai ot lire n given on tho lower dock nft. Immediately on hearing tho alarm, I start- pit nit, tun, uemg so much crowded with deck posippgers, who woro niakuitr wny (nrwnrd wuh wlialevcr llicv could tnku v tth Hum. n was .-omn limo beforo could reach llio lire. When I arrived there, to my horror, n b'az' n comin through the deck rum I lip I.' tj as lnh as my hi nd I called in my men for unlcr ; n number of them biaried immediately nil Willi UIIUKPip, OOI UK! WIIMI llflpir on on r Hern it soon became impossible fur unv one to remain in the unoke "Some water wns ciitl on I he fire, but to no i fleet. In t ho nf five or leu min utes nt least, ihu wholo boat was one solid blaze ol fire. "Our bent having been landed at the time loriunuiely caved, I believo. everv life, but few or none saved uny portion of llioir oiiggnge "Men, women, and children running nnd screaming, micIi n scenn I never before witnessed, and bono never to ninn 'She is o total loss, burned to the wn. icf'-s edge, and very htilp hnpn of tnving "'7 K ' o"" 'cumin wun utn crow. nnd mako every ifl'irt to save ns much possible." Tlie Hollo wns insured for nhout cj, 000. Sho had on bonrd n lar'ii lot of now tier, which exploded very shortly nfler the tiro wan tmcuvored, mnking a In'nl wreck Nothing but tho fiict Mint -li o was at shorn Fnvetl tho passenger., ns the explosion mud have killed nil. It is said that there waru nearly 200 passengers, chiefly Ger mans; some ot them, it is expected, lost Inrgo amounts. Ouo man hatKl 0 000 in Cold and silver, ond only aved what in the hurry of Mm moment ho could cram into his pockclH. Tho captain woa thu last man to tavo inc uoai.j OTCTIJriLII , II KHII Mill IMII'im APPALLING CALAMITY ! 100 MVl'.N LOST! Kinm the New Vol k Com-, nnd limp of .T.ut. 1G. STHAM-HOAT MIXINGTON iiuknt Tho city win yesterday thrown into n n'nto ot extreme uniHloruniii n, ny iiuom- gtuce of n fatal accident hnving ho. liillin tho stenmhoat IjUXINOTon. which left hero on Monday nfietnnioi, under the command of (Jn tt n in (Ji:oiun: Citiui, on , ... i ..... - j IV.. lirr I1III1I 111(1 Mi onillil!;.""". i. u iiuvu gathered from Caplain lllllard. nlmoHt the (in Iv mrvivnr at leni-t ni prc-ent fippear- nnccs linil in to dread Iroin lln- nwt'nl seenu of denih, from Captain IlimoKs of the New Unveil H'ram limit, who received Caiitnin Hit. i.. mid on board from the Hoop Mi:ncu.vr, Capinin Mi:i:iif.n, who rescued him ami I ruin Captain ol the 'loon (i.v.Nnr.?. who led Soutliport, to which place the Merchant brio g, and whilher hIhj hud returned, Ilia following part'cular ol I his dw: reefing event: The Iiexing'i'ii prnupciileo tier vriyngc until half pact M.veu o'clock in the evening, wjieii being bctwenu h-iluuH iNecic nnd Crime'? Neck, a (ire waj difeovered to have broken out near the iiioIiq pipe, nmnng some halo of cotton which were Flowed i.ear it, or to which nt least the lliimes speedily epread. An aitempt wn then iuqiIu to gel out the (Miction pipe, and by menu til water ihrown from it on the flame, extinguish tliein ; but these hprend with fiich rapidity, that anon all ncce to the engine wis impossible, ami it CDii'inued to work for n time with learful rapidny. Capt. Child.i, it would appear then deter niHU-tl 'o sieer the boat lur the nearest part of tho Lniig !lntid tliore, and he wa. Inst (ecu in tho w lieel!imia at the helm. In fifteen iiiinuitv, however, tho rpgine be. camo immnvablo. ami tlio course of tho boat nrrcfled nbrtut two uuWh frnni llio innti. iierome coininueu to mini uiiiu about three o'clock in the ni.irnitig, when whit remained ol her sank. It were needless in attempt to describe tbo scene of ngoiu.ed conlu-'ion which en sued among the pacsongors, nnd indoed nl on board, as soon us the lire wai discovered. No order wa preserved, or nny attempt made in preserve it. i ho life h"nt which wad oo board w.-h I brown over, forward of the wheel, wus ktroel; bv tho paddles, and broken to pieces. Tho Lexington lind bouts besides, which were launched by tho paici'gcrs w lulu cho wns under full wny, nod immediately swamped Siimo twenty of them v. ho had lilo preset vera about thrill, jumped overboard, and tho rest were last seen ns the flames drove Minn from the higher pnris of tho steam heat, chiming in clusters lo tin; guard-braces, where they hung, till nil went down t" ge'h Capt. IIiLr..vr.i), formerly of llio ship M issi-tTiini. ot Mm port one ot thu pas sengers esetped. When llio progress of the lire wns such ns to lenvc no hope, the pa'sengcrs commenced throwing the tied; freight overboard, probably in the expect n'lon i hat some pans of it would remain floating, and might he the means of saving some of them. Captain II. assisted ihrowiii'r about leu bales of cmtoii ovor board, nnd lenpcil upon ono of llieui. One of the firemen of the hunt also fiiecoi'dod in "i Ming rn tho tamo bile, and these two vc ! r't P up ," m i c ce c d e il' ri n' ' Tee' i i n g 1 1 1 u b a I e bend on to I he sea tilt about four o'clock in the morning, when the bilo caps zed, hut righted again wiMi not li tit Ihcm on it. Until this tiuio Miey lind kept the upper part of I heir Indies comparatively dry, but were now cmple'eley wet to llio l-km. And now the fireman began to dopond, talked of hw wife nnd cnildren, told Cnpl. II. Mint his name uasCov, and Mint he re sided in Oak street, N. Y. Capi. II. en deavored lo cheer him up nnd at last lash ed him lo llio bale, but at ubotit eight o'clock in tho morning hu expired. At eleven ncli'flk, dipt. II. was rescued bv (apt. Metkcr of the sloop Morchaut of S'liithport The saino vessel also rescued Captain Manchester, the p. lot, nnd n fireman named Smith who worn each on a bale of cotlon The fireman says that soon after thu lire was discovered ho sought refuge in the rudder, exprcting tho boiler tt'oulil burst ; but whilst Micro, Iwn boys who could not swim, entreated him to give them Irs plnco, which ho consented to, on comli lion that they would throw him n Inle ol cotton, which wnsi done. Tho bo'ii Mien drifted some distance r.hend of linn, but when her upper works were burned, he ngam flnnled near tier, and s-nw s v of llio pa'i-cugers and crew on pieces of the wreck. I hey however, nil gradually b came cxlinu'led nnd lell ot). Cnpi, Manchester the I'dot odd liulo to the above particulars, he and Mm lire man la-t spoken of were liinliy frozen W e amies n list of in many passenge ns on diihgeni inquiry we could lenrn wo i n hoard. We do not however vouch for its entire nccurnry, Ihoogli in llio main we behevo it ttii ho lound corrcci, n In r as it goes. Capt. Hillnrd tHtiinntrs tho num her of p.'isi-ongers nl one luindu d and fifty: but Cupi. Mnnchcfler says h" thinks I hern wero not morn Mian fcventy live on bonrd; and wo find Mint 1 1 . i - Initer e.-liunle is considered nt the nffiieo of the company to u Inch t ho hnai belonged 1 1 he ihuino.-i correct. What clianco i tlieru Mini anv more have hi en re-cuei1? Cupiain Ilillnni says, lhatnt nbout eight o'clock in th morning n sshooner beniing lo westwnrd pa-i-nd bun while on the bale of cotton, nhout a mile 11' She did mu neo him, hut it h powwib'o the may Imvo fallen Willi sumo of llio other pa-rnger- fl inMng on pieces of the tt'ietk. Tlie eoiifl.ignilloii of Mm boat was seen from Norwnlk nnd Ilndgeporl, no the Conuecueul shore, but Mio Mritu ol the tide &, ico prrvented them , nut Hie r hoai to lo m her nssist nnce, nnd though the n t tempi wns mnile, il was found impo-siblu lo siieceed. From the Long Llnnd (bore, wo have n vet n.i necoiiuir', nnd it is posi-ihle, n tho limns. must have been still mnro visible there, that sumo t'fl'ecliial nMiinnco mny have been rendered In Mm uiiforiiinntu being who were II ml ini' on thu wave?, yel the ea, was so eery high and the colli so lense, Ihnl it t-eoiiH nluei-t a for lorn hnpo. Il i stnted in some ot tho accounts, thai Mm tiller rope worn burned, Thui i not correct. Cnp1. lllllard say., pnaitiveh', Mint the boat nnswered her helm up to lb limn that her engine flopped, nnd I lint lind bIiu nut had metal rods uud chains cornice I1MJ.H. UBULTUIJIi ted with her rudder, it. would Inn;; before have been uspIoss. Tint eho was proviueti with ilium h indisputable. Vet wpcannnlhnt think the Company to which thu hunt belonged am highly ceil surnhlo fur encumbering her dccU with ft much freight nail parlicnlarly with n mam rinl so inflammable t cotton. Doubly censurable am they in the present instance, n we ;now that tint three week' hmic) a fi'O brckn out on board Mil same tmni Mnniin n.n minds on drck. which was not P" u,,,.... ..... . tlllgUISlieil WIIIIOlll ;iMir..Juiiiuiij im?. only is lite danunr of tire always (rrnt on boaril of n elenmbnat. with merchandise nil oruunil. and pp.ukj falling nniong it, bm the dillicultv of getting to the ppnt which ha ignited, become proiiortmnably in creafcd. nnd pn vcnti it being eMinguislind , ilif.urimi . ns it. iialura v will o, before it lia-i gained much headway. Wo will return to the contleratinn ot tins p.wi of the subiect on annthur day. We qH , ,i iui in real er. wi uiu mii n.i in rul" rr 11. p.tionj on the appalling encri. (ice ol liutnnn lite, nun mo inner n'i ' which has been brought home to many, by thii most unhappy occurrence. r.Ut nf PntirnL'ersns fur ? cuccrtitnud t AdolphiH . U irnden. ofih'J Huston and Mnw York Kxprp's Package Car Ullice, having with hint about lil.OOO in ppccie, nnd i',70or j!!0,000 for hrolierfl in Hastem monev. . ,. , Cant. Khf n. S. Kimball, ol aaicm. ninsi'. jUPt nrrivetl from Valparaiso IV P t.V.jlor. of ISortPtl. Kamiiel U.iuv.of Ibo firm ol S. A, Ilcnrv. Mnnchester, llnglnnd. .1. I'orier I'nlt. Jun.. tn uaicm. I'. v.. I'mipo. ol New York. nhnrloj W. Wuoltey, sugar refiner. V.ncl llnatnn. Cai.iain John 1). Carver, or i-iymouio, MriM?.) ol the barque Ilrontee. l,.l, r.r.niit Mrs. Itussel Jarvis. neico and two chil Mr. II. A. Wiruliw, ot I'royitience, reinrnnn' to that city .villi Hit! body of her lui'.-baniCwho Ind dice in New Yotk. .1. Window, ot Jcw i'i "nu in r.., I,nr if Ito-lflO. rimmn .T.unes. tnilor, ot incw xoik, formetlv of Hosion. II. T. Church, IJnllimnrc. W. A. Mason, (iloueestor. Mas MUnrt llnrdioe. Now York Ilcnrv Craig, of the firm of Maitland, Kennedy & Co. of New Yotk . Fowler, of iSew i on; n niiii: Wrentliam, Mn A. Crueu. of the firm of Grccs, & Allen Providence. ft IT Piieln. Slnnington, ionn. 11 W. D iw, ilruoklvn, of Dow & Con N. York. , , , John P.rnwn, of thahrm ol Joun mow St (',. liiitlnn. II. G. Finn, the cnmmcuian, ot iewpori Fl. I. . . Everett, of Uo'ton. M'.iprln. commethan Chniles Neves. Imok-keeper, N. York R pirkelt. Ncwburyport. Mas Nieholl, btowaru oi Steanuoat Ma nrhn-nl I s Vnu Clot, ol Stnningtnn, nrolner of fleorv Van Colt, of Jamaica. L. I John A. Leach. WeMbor.r Mass I ..... .. V, IJ.Ul. Oil, atJSu. Jonathan Lnifiehl, Stoningion, John W. Kerlc, Baltimore. Mr. Walker. do ton in law of Mr Kerle. Air. Weston. do. of tho firm ol Wi'fion and Pendexter. John Corev Foxboiough, Mas Cnni. John How. agent for Huston In Riirnnee Co. John G. Brown, of the firm of Shall Oi Brown. Now Orleans. Ciot. Fo-ler. of Providence John L. Sheafe, of Portsmouth, New llimpslnro. I-nne Davi. of Boston. Peek, of Stnningtnn, Ct Prof. Follen, formerly of llurvnid Uni vcrity. Charle Bracket of N. Y. . While of Botf.n Ilnyt. baggage master . Lee, "I Barro. Mas. Sn pliou Waterbnry.of Hie firm of Mead Si Wiitctnurv. ot fsew Yoru. Ilirnm W. Warner, Loup, and Bli3S, of New Yotk Capt, Theophiliia Smith, of New Bed lord. . Stnvvcsant, of Boston F. F. Dver. Pitis.bnrth, Ppnnvlvania. Abraham Howard, of Ihu firm of Howard Si Merrv. Boston. Pierce, Portland, mate of tho barque Broiiies. Capt Smith, of Dpdhnni. Mn P. (). Swan, supposed to lie a pnsscngcr Willinms, Cold tepring. IN. i N.uib llmckly, Portland Me. David M'Firlaue, maKjol brig Clarion Juuie Walker, and John Gurilon,. sea men. of Cambrulgi port, from brig Ravninnd. Wm.'ll. Wilnn, grocer, of Williams bii'ih. L. I. Into of Worcester, Mass. Pin rick MeXenna, No 7 Monroe si New Yotk, Clerk wuh Donnelly & Uynlt Mr Royal Sihlcv. of P.iwiuckct Mr Crowlev. 2d mnip of Mio Lexington. Mr Charles Ebeile. oflhu theatre. Nielmlas, (colored.) Btewatd of nenuiboni Ma-?achusutts. Mr Joihua Johnson. Mr Thomas James, tailor nf N. Y. for merlv of Boston. Mr P. O Swan, supposed to bo n pa scuger. Cnniam Smith, of Dodhnm, J. Wilkin, Gilberi Martin ami J. Wyclh. SAVED Cnpt, Charlos llilliard, lato of ship Missi-suhii ol Drlenus Cupl. Stephen Manche-ier, llio pilnt, nnd onu baud nnmeti miiiiiii. THE CREW Geor"o Child, ol Sloiiniuglon.Conimnii der Jese Cntmt'iek. of Prnvidence, Clerk, (iiipt, Snphen Maiiuhe.tor,Piol.(tnvcd) II. P. Newuinn, hiew'i'ii. Edw. Thurher, Male, D ivid Crnwly. second do. Corlland lleuipsleiid, Engine, er Win. Q,oimby, sernnd do Murt in Jolin.on, Jos. Rohinsun, (cnlurrd ) Five nlbcrs. H deck bauds and I boy. 1 fireman ono II. I!. Schullz 1 2 wood passerw Chambermaid, Snnn Uulcoinb, LATEIL From tho N. Y. Journal of Commerce nf Saturday : S' Lexington. Tho mii) carrier who came by Mu; Long Nlnml rail road car vci-tPiday, ''brought iiirormotiou that n person floated nhore, nhve, nt n place neir Riverhend, L. L, 35 miles rast of wliuru the d'sasler occurred. He wat unable to give Ins uaim lint the phvsieinn expressed strong hope of hi n covei'y. I ho poftunsier nr bouMiporl, Ct. wrilrii that thu boding of Mr IIeiuptend, of Iirooklyu, first Engineer, nnd Mint ol Job Siindi', head waiter, hr.d been picked up and Inki u to that, place. It is reported bv way of Hritlgepnrt, that a plonp passed wiMiiu I wo or three miles of Ij' Xiugion while burning, but that Hit! Captain declined going lo thu lehef of the passengeri! nnd crew, although solicited to do so by semn of his nirii. It may he so, but at present wo cannot believe that so inhuman a wretch breathes llio breath of life. PoTcniPT. M r Francis Dnv. brother of Mr It. W D tw, (one of Mo1 passengers llio Lexington.) arrived last evenng from Ilrookhaveii, L. 1. which plnco ho lelt nlriiit noon vesterday. From him we ban, Ihai five b idle ha I been found when he left, v Mint nl'l'litlo Up'oe, of Egre monl. Ma-. winch drilled nshom at O'd Point, those of two seamen winch wnii nhoro at Miller'.-; that of n child; nnd ,at of a young man, supposed to he cither Mr Dow or Mr Wnterbury, oi this city. His fnco being covered with ice, which It was loll't it neXPCilieiu to remove mini brniisht to the citv, it wa difficult to id lily h m Willi certainty. Mr Upon had mi a fife preserver, and a mntiilln rope around him, which appeared lo have lieen lnlieu to bomothing and parted about four loot I'roui hi b uly. A piece of similar rop" wn. found fastened to two doors which floated ashore in the same v cmitv. A fur cap wns near bun, Willi a m-'inoratulum in it cnntainiug the name "I'liilo Upson. Capt. Comstock Hunks Mm two seamen tlid not belong to the boat. Thev are probably the two seamen from tho brig lliymond, mentioned in our li.t. The report of a passenger's having drift e( .jlmrf; near Il'ver Head, ntvuit 20 mile cast of Old Field Point, is confirmed, lie had been two dnvs and inght on a bale of cotton, nnd on reaching tho sho'c walked three nuaricrs of a mile to a house. 1 here ho received every attention, a physician wns sent for, nnd there is good rensou to expect M at the mil rer will rccoMr. II is from Providence, nnd is supposed to bo William A. Green, of the firm ol Allen iV. Green. Uo ha written lo Ins mother, or some other friend nt, Providence. Ins power of endurance i nMoeiflnng. 1 ho etoamboal Statesman arrived nl Old Field Point rnrly in tlie lorenooo v terday from HrMgi port, ond after taking in Mii! indies almve mentioned, intended to proceed ea-twnrdn far n Rucr held, nnd leav-! about dark for this en v. She had not arrived when wo went to prp- Ahoul 30 ehesis nnd trnnl: lino eonv nslinro ill dlfl.TPIIt IlOlllts OO ' I" li" Island sin.rP, cuieliy in the vicmi'y oi uni Field Pmnt. Pipcp of wreck nnd fragtripnt ol Ing- "aoe. iV,c. were io ue mci wun oi mori interval; nil nlong the shore. Anient oilier Mnngs was n lady's hat. Mr D. sintc that nl ono time the nimi. ing stcninlmat wa within a mile nnd a half of the L. i. shore: bin probably from i! tiller chains giving wnv,bhe soon rap idly receded. A boat pin out frnni I lie shore at one lime, and rnvvrd two or three miles, but finding tho Lexington was ereasiiiLr her distance, returned, it wn low ude, nnd tloop nnd schooners poult' not be L'ot eiit. S .m . f the inhabitant- say they heard t wo pxplo-ions in llio ingli which they now s uppu.-u to have been caus ed by the burst ing ol ihe boilers. Wo nrc paioctl lo say Ihere H ton much trill It in tho slory mentioned nhive, of n sloop passing near ine uurniug mini, nun nut sioiinm'r to render n-fi-iance. Wo have the name of llio vps-oI and captain, but withhold them until wo receive more exact inform n mn. Till; N. JEIISI'.V MKMBKRS. It uill not li.iiu CfCiptd iilieiiiion ili.n ihn lorn fiicn tiif'r-ses 1I110112I10111 1I11 euiiiiou'i i'i , li.HO mil ilimi-lv fini'lil lo cit'.tli! llio iinpicssiini nl p.tilie atliiiutdl die lorn fn'o cl inn. tins 111 irriMifil .t in tioi iiv of dm liil vnu 111 dm I. IH! I'tiiii'icssinii it clccimii. Widimit (lie nfiiiiipi 100,'fl. 11 some mii 11 inliiin-i.Mi h.iti licro 111. nli ilieir sido of die oiiixtion uoiild lio cnlinH tlili 'in ricn ill iiI.iihiIiiIiiv. Nmv mi lioiil tins f.ifl li.nuia t een 1 ceded by die ulii;s, iliey con lend nnd rtniiil iiep uetl to pitno ilint 11 m.ijoiuy ofllic li-S'il u'les ill llio I. nl i'on;'it'! eltcliun in Xniv Jt i-ey weie c-l f'l' "hi.'- iMinlid itc TIiiiulii' iiii'inliM'.i 1 Iwiip", nod me piepued in pioie, ill il miiiii ilint liiinihcd nnd doily ij ..linen Mem coiniird lor e.icli ofiha loi'o fi I'l.iiin mi in t In it'iiiro in oscnl r I hy die deili of dm luiiiio uf iriiicniininc. till. number fir ex. rociliin llio iioiiiinil ,'tliij.iiiiy 111 fin h 1 t-i 111 11 1 of 1 Iicj e:ii,l I'l.iiio.ini.. l lio mIii' meinlieis Ituiliei' eon 1, ,t,l il.,. 1 nun liiinihe.l mill linen lines i-Iu-uM ho Idliii-lril I", mil die 1I2"II".UC iiIIohoiI m llll! ri.riirt.iliiiiiitii on iiriuniil of die ''103 fnnul pr.ii' ! tin. oiiniflnii of S.ulillo 1 1 !', ulii'ie llio lollni Ini; mi. itililieil. 11 iniinlier of voles for llio nlii'.' p.niiliil.iies l-ikcn toil mi'l 101 upiil niniilici' of li'.nidnleiil itiie lei' o") I'lC" iwtit iiHcilttl 111 ineir kifinl. The ulna firilirr lepicfeoi 1I11I two linn- lied mill oninn .'i oic anen for die loi'n fot'o in iln- linviifli'P ol'ouili Amliuy Uuinlil ho leji-eleil hd'.ui.t! ibo pii'.ioii elteiion lor iicprriiiM w.m illt ".il, finiiiliileiil, loul loii'i and hcciino llio .pn'e mu imniceiois in smi town urn uiitiu ni;iy ifiiiiK nnd etiiiiil fur I ho loco I u-o claim. nit llm vole lnnl,. nllnm. "I'llO llllii I'lllltl'lll! Ill'll Pill PI". die eltriion in die imui of Milliillf. ('iiinliril.iiid .linil- .liniilil hp n't ii'idi', nnd tun liiiniiirtl anil t wile 1I1 dueled fiom di lot-o fnpn iiaic'.UP, 1,,.,. , i, i,,,i.,i. mid ni'iii'oioi iift-lee.iiiiii in ih u imi n. iiml ilccl ui'il on llm fiil iliyof .1,., ,.1.,,. ...... in ,1 1 1 1 v tMinlil it'i-t'iwi mid rutin' lint inle of iilirn. nlilioiih tll! wiiueii opinion of ,.,, ,..,,.. .Mi, l.itt teis, out! of e 11I1 o n i..n ih , ( ih. 11 illicit weiti mil piilillrd in vole uere pim iueil nml l-ud htfote 1I10 f.otl jmlije .i ; n I.'ni.ilh'. Ihu nhi'- nlleso 1I1.U ihi- piune initiiilinii ificiiino v.n openly imiwcd nntl neiiil npnii hy dm j"di:es nml iimifplui of eleelions in lour oilier oiiuiHiip-, nun 1n.11 n i.u." ,l ,- ,.r,,i;,.,i nml cniiftoui Ollv iIIivmI volt'. iv i'i! ifpciveil in orb of iltce lovvn-liip. S'lith mo llio f.tels ih pipnentpil m the hon.i) of irpifucnui- HP liy llm VVlli; incilloei o""i n - Jint) - r.w-i iln..- Ii.ivii iilie.'iiK- ttUKilllCil 1 iV llilllir-ioil "Hi. tl.ivils, noil iliey sinmi u'aly lu pioihico furllier pioof to die riiiuti piupo.p, I'hi MihjePI h u licrn di''o?Pil of in le "our" by lo't'ifiii'Dlo llm conuuillt 0 of clt-eiimi, vvlio mil dciibilcfs roiiiumo n gaud puriion of ilia iction, REASONS FOR SUPPORTING MR. I VAN I1UREN, IN PREFERENCE TO GENERAL HARRISON. We beg the particular attentiun of our readers In the follnwing article copied from the lnt Richmond Eiitpiiror. Wo qivo il verbatim italic, cnpi'nls, ond all. Rend and ri fleet. On the dlh of July, 1033. General liar- ri'tiu delivered n mooch nt Cheviot, in Ohm, strongly letlernl in it character, one t xt ract only, I'roui winch', will our limits permit. lie nays : I have ihns, fellow citi7,nnj, enupnvnriMi to explain lo you (he principle upon winch Hie Government of our Union i formed. I n commend in vou, however, the Proclaim alinu of the Proit'ent of the U. S isuei oothetO'li of D.p,o:r.l)cr lnl, nnd Mm penches of Mr. Webber, delivered in the Senile of the U. 5 nt their laal session of Congress, in nnwer to tho arguments of Mr Calhoun, as containing tho mint em- tiienl nnd satisfactory exposition of those principles that have rrceiiMy been puinisli. Uy issuing that Proe'amat mn, 1 mini; General .Incksou has renderetl n service to hi couutrv tifgrcater magnitude than his splendid victory at. New Orleans." It i well known that the principle nl the Proclam iiioo, a. firl nnd.Tsiood, ex cited in Hie minds of Mio Democratic pinly n deep n feeling of alarm, lint an nu- tho'1. d exp.isilioo wn puhlifhed, n'tiiing it reioovo the feor of tln l''s friend-: yet Gen. llarr.m refers to n "n rontnining Hit) mo-i oh queni nnd sntilnc lory expositions of ihe-'o prmeiple winch hive been repent ly publihpii'' Will Mm people have Gen. llarrimn for Pre-ideni .' 2d' As to In opinion as to tho power of Cot'g'c-' over Internal IinproveineiiN. In If! 25 Mr. Van Huron "laid the follow i liel'oio the S main nf of U. S.' Kllrsnh:td. Tiint Cnngre doe not po e I Iw pnwer to urike rods nnd cinals with the re-peel ive State.' What was General II irrion' opinion .' Ifilll March, 1 7 1 !i, a serie of gi'O ernl re-- oluiion wore argued in llio II. of D. On the 1 -t Remllll lull, v z : That Cougrcs ha pnwer under Hie Consiiintiou to nppiopriale money for Hie conslruoiinn post road, military and nth or road, and of catniN, nnd for Mio im provement of water course.. A yes 90, uoe 75 ilirrivm among I he former 2d. Jierolulinn 'Thai Congro- tin power under Mio Cou.-ti'ution in coniroet po-t road nnd military ronil, provided Mint pnvito properly bo not taken I public use without jn-t eompen-ilion ' ffljnves, 151 noes Harrison among tlu. yea. j.l licsnlitlinn' That Congre ha pow er under the Coiislituiioo, to cou-irue.t roads nntl canals necej-irv for eomirerco h"ltteen the Stale, provided that privnM properly be not taken for public purposes without in-t compen-ation.--A ved 71, noes 95 Harrison among 'he via. lib Jicsnluiinn 'That Coogre-" ha pott-er, (inner Mm Const mu ion, to cnsl i net canal- for military purpo.-p-'. provided thai private proiierty bo Inkeo for any such pnipo-e. wiiiioin Dt mn ii-uig nnd.' Miere'or" iye-31, nnys 'i!)--ar. n's'ill lltm ing the lormer. ,s p.U H. "m N i-hvilie Ilepnblicin, a Wing paper, the folliiwin 'In Il!u0, Mr Van I'uuun voted against a cnu-nig of a urvev to bo uride of tin country between Apnlnchicoln and Ah is-ippi rivers, wuh 11 vie w lo 1 he forma1 inn of no iiiliiod navigation between the same, "(In the qiie.-iioii Mm nve were 10, nay 2(5 among Mm nny nre Macon, Randolph rrient Ilnyoo, Lrnneh, Van I'um'N White : ILi -l mong the ayes are Central Harrison! March 20, of the same voir. Mr Van Huron,'!!!- the Nn-liville Republican led lo stnkooul (roui'he Mil liry Appro prinlion tlie lir-i scciion to wu ; 'pur un eontinuntioii ot the Liimheriniul llond, jJlOO 000. which 'ball bo replaced out ol Mio In nil received, lVc. 'On that ijues' ion for striking out Hi appropriation Mio ayes were 1."), Hit; nay 2 1 . nmnng Hie ayes were nil Mi.1 onm! nb ive 10 "tinned, inc'uding Van IJunr.N and Vvll P"K, side by side ;--r;tone' the unci ti'-n t lamina On tin' .oiu day llm Republican eontin ue to C' mo no, he Mr. Van IIuiu'.n) -vn ted lo str.i;e nut an nppropriniiini ol gjO 000 for in- - huo puriiose ' The ni"' ' "O to 't r ilio (ml wi made h Mr Conn o (Jeorgia, and wn deloaied by n vole ol l. to IO- among the rryev wen ihu tt'eil known Southern name, heinro nu. .lt d. nod ngnin. sul by -nle. V.v Ih.'iU'.N nnd W WTL f'en. ILtrrivm still in the negative, and voted for the Uuuiber laud Ronil. 'On llio fith'of April, complnin 1I10 R publienii. In1 voted ngainst n bill fnr t ini.vuij' th ' ohstructii'ii 111 Ihe S ivinuali River, ' I-e vote wn3(! ayes and : one Al.iciio. 1 117.ewp11.ano vnu rniren, 1 lion ho difiertd Inun Judgo While but 10 good Stat. light Company. Judge Wlnu voted for tho npproprialiuu wuh (leu. liar risen. 'On the Q:Jd April. continues tho Re publican, Mr Van Huron voted ogninH 'n hill nnthor'.ing a suh-cnpi 1011 01 htorlt Mu! LuuisviHo and I'urtland Canal Coin- pan v.' 'Th s hill neverihelcs' passed tho Senate, aves, 20, nays 15 nmnng the nays, nil th Southern nnme quoted before, who voted nt nil. mid in addition. Van Uurpn nnd White- nmniijr the yenv. Ccn. Harrison. Mr, Van llureii on Ibis occa.-inn made a thoit siipeeh, lo Mm eliect n slnted Ihh National ln'elhgcncer of that day. that 'llioaul of the Federal finveriiment could on I v bu nlV-irded to ohj-ct of iinprovcinent in throe way ; bv making n mad or canal and assuming jurisdiction by unking n road or canal, without n-suniiiig juro-die lion, Ipnving 11 to IhoSiatOi-, or by making an appropriation without (hung either. In u' opinion the Government had no right la do either Tins puts General Harrison's Federal notion-, n to this daut'eroiH power beyond ilnubl. People nf Culpepper, will you have him lor rroMdcut. His opinion on tho 'I'Antt'P'.Cienernl Harrison's suppnrl of .1 I'ihiIV lur proiec tion hn been uiiilorm, A lew instances 'nml n llilth) nuthnrily must suffice. "So tar did ho carry his support of a high Tarill', that in 1(127 ho voted in the Sennlo of the II. States against reducing tho duty nf Coffee almot a nccnafy of life lo Mio pnoplo : nmnng 1-1 nays, to a reduc tion nf I'm in 5 to 3 pciim per pnuniLnniI lie was nlso nmnng f! nnys. to n rotluctinn f t hn diiiipt on Tea?. Ho cnpnctl tho chunx of voting for the last high Tariff of 111.29: ami under no duress from onv in unctions from Mio Legislature of Ohio In .In no, he delivered a Speech in Ohm, m which ho say : "It tins boon uinfnrinly npscrlcd by tho opponents of Mio I arid, I hat the establish meet of manufactories hern would destroy the rnntkets of nor produce nbroad. Out when ha- it been: that nny foreign power would lako from 11 any nrticlo but from necpsily ? When tin y have no brrnd of Iheir own rnUing, Miey receive our flour. il preei 1. we have two market : one at home, which we have created for ourselves nod tlie other abroad, which circumtances have given uj, we had not created n hoiim market, and if circumstances, had not created one for us abroad, we should hnve no market for our products, and they would now be rottimr on our band, nsj Mi 'V were a few years since. I believe) that not ouo of the evils which wero pre. dieted from Hie Tariff have happened, and that not out! of Mio advantages which worn promised from it, but have bepn realized; nnd nothing lint, the folly of abandoning it , en 11 bring us baci: lo Ihu hard timet through which wo have passed. A "tun o devoted is he to Mn policy Hint ho dee.lnreH ho will only modify or repeal the tariff: Wherever tlm streets of Norfolk and' Chirlesinn. shall be covered wuh grass,'' and our Sjuthern friend find nu market for their produce, and this state nf things can lie distinctly traced In the tariff. Tin i surely enough ; nnd wo must Comoro- ivopin ol iuipepcr, will you have Mn man for Pmsidenl? olitinn : Mr Van Huron has been aailed without mercy as an abolitionist, although he ha declared, in reln lion lo tho right of abolition in Hie District, that ' 1 do not hesitate lo give it to ynu, nsj my deliberate and well cmi'-ideroil opinion. Mint there are olij"c'ion. lo the exorcce of this power, iigain-i the wihhes of the slave- holding S ntes, fs imperative in their na ture and nhliitinni, 111 regnliiiing Mi" con duct of public men, ai Ihe mntt palpable leanl ('J cnn'.lilulinn'il power icini'il be Again, he ib'olires if elected i'rp-ident : I miisi go into Mn' I're-iili' chnir, the inflexible and unenmprnmiiin opponent of an 1 y attempt, or. the part of (.onrc. lo ubnlim slavery in Ihe District f Columbia, aainil Ihe will nj Ihe slave holding Stale ; nnd n'-o with 1 lie ileierniiiinlion, equally deiidrd. to relt the -hghto-t interference with tho subject in the Stales where it X'st-." Agvn. lu; declares "That it. 1 the saernl dutii of Ihesq whom the pptiplo uf ilie United Sin'e en- iru' Willi the eoiilrol nf it ne'lon, so In use the ei nstitu'.ional pniecr icilh ichiei lhej arc invsted as lo prevent it" Miot n about nbnhiiou in ihe I)i-tric.'l Thus emphatic is Air Van Iiiiren, yet n he denounced n an aboluionisl bv Ho friends of fien. Hnrrioo, who, hn himself refueed, over nnd over nnnio, lo unv whnt ho wnnlil tin Willi slaws lnllie D's'ncl. whn is yoked wuh fJi-nnger n Vice I'rc-i tluit. tin open Abolu ioin.-t, nod who 1 sus tained hy the Abolition party m in iV r tt -1 11 his celebrated Cheviot speeph vvlmtd ie he say, and let us compare Mr Van Ilu. ren wuh linn. Read and judge fur your selves. HARRISON 'Should I be n-k,,i jf Micro 1 no way bv winch Ihe Conors! Government eon aid the cause of pinanci piUon, I answer. Hint it hn Innir been nil object near my heart to see ihe whole of in eii'plu revenue appropriated to that nb- j-'ct. Wnii Mio Kindlon ot ihe State.-) holding Mio kLivps, itiere appears in hip lo be no cnnsliliitinnal objection to Hi being thus appliul. embracing not only Mio cnlo- tr.Z'i'iou nl Mio-e Mint may bo otherwise Ireed, but 1 ho pnrchn-o of the freedom of oilier.-. 15 a zenlou nro-ecnlion of a plan lornied op. .11 Mill ba-i. we mirrht tiolc fortt'iril lo a nny, not very dl-taol, -vheu a North American tun would not ool down no a -Invo.' VAN IllJRKN Letter to .Mr Cicinn in I !!;! l.'.Mv opinion. on the subject of the power of Lorgrpss over stave property in Southern Stnle nre mi well understood by my friends, thai I run surprised that an attempt to iminisp upon the public respect ing them i-lioo'tl be hazarded. The sub ject I-', 111 my judgment, exclusively under 1110 control 01 ine htate Imvernments : anil -1111 imt apprised, nor do I believo that a contrary opinion, tu nn extent deserving consideration, h pel ertn ined in nny part of the U. S. The charge, thorefo c.'lo which vou ha ve hnd 1 he goudnes. 1 1 call tnv al ien! urn, "1 lint I ntu in favor of an interfer ence by Coegre-s in maiiumi ting your s'ave properly, is drsiiiuli! of foundation; so tar from it. I do not see on whnt ntsllio-. rity the fienornl Government could interfere without a fh'tnge of the Constitution, even at the instance f either or of alt the slavehold ing States." Here Harrison openly avows enthusiasm for ihe cnu-o-of emancipation. He says, it has long been an object nenr my heart.' He ha-'no eonstiuii mi'iul objection.' Ho wou'd npp'y ihe ttliolo surplus revenue. What 1 Hu bin Abolition ? for which Mm deopot enihusia-m 1. felt. Vor! ho would tax ns to free our own properly. What is taxing n for llini object but taking llio the properly itself? And Hn is the man slnvcnwncrs Mippnrt in preference to Mar tin Van IJuren. Wiil you people nf Cut. peper do II. Should il bo tbo melancholy destiny of this Great Republic lo have nt Us head Wm. II .Harrison, Hie former triumphs of the Constitution will have been in vain tho innrch of Liberty will be nrrrsted nnd tho friends of Cnnlilutional Gnvern meiit nnd the sacred Rights of man will have in mourn tho heavy dispensation which will n ill ct our beloved country willi n forluno so calamitous unhappy- Rut should Martin Van liureu receive tho Mill'rage of this fellow cifaens ond bo elevated lo tho 'highest station in tho world,' it would ho hailed with joyou. ac. clamatiun iih Mio deep and abiding deter, initiation of a great and free people to preserve tlnno great principles, for which their llcvohil ioiiury fathers fought and bled,

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