Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 24, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 24, 1840 Page 3
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F !l ! I) A V M0 It N I N (5, JANUARY 21. ron lMir.sioENT, WM. HENRY HARRISON vice rnnsiiiKNTi JOHN TYLER. TIIK PUHLIC LANDS. It is extraordinary that tho iiucst'ion of thu public lands should excito so littlo attention. Jt cannot ho that tltoro is any want of interest in tho subject, for tho people of this State are not unmindful of what concerns their interest. Ft cannot ho that the public lands are considered as u small affair, for truly it is a momentous interest. It must arise from the fact that it has not been brought intimately to the knowledge of tho people, and that from this circumstance, they have not a clear conception of it. The history of tho public lands is full of interest, and places the character of the first founders of our constitution on envi able ground. Tho war of the revolution was closed, the first attempts to form a national compact had failed, the pressure that had bound these germs of Slates to gether being removed, the elements of order were dissolving, and tho most dread ful state imaginable seemed to await them. In this state of fear and anxiety, and dark foreboding, the project of our present constitution was started by tho great men of that day. Hut strange as it may seem, it did not command tho assent of all some hesitated, some doubted, and some opposed. All had made common cause in the revolution they had given their sinews and their blood. It was thought that all should share equally in the bene fits as well as tho glories of tho revolti tion. Hut it was foreseen by the poor states, and by those who had no lands beyond the Alleghanies, that some of the states would be great gainers by the adop tion of tho new government. It was per ceived that those unmeasured wastes be yond the houndsof civilization, would soon become valuable and pour into the treas uries of the great states uncounted mil lions, and they demurred, It was then the spirit of genuine patriotism burst forth, and the conduct of tho great stales has given them a claim to admiration that should never bo forgotten. With a promp titude that showed they were in earnest, they executed conveyances to the United States of their countless acres to be held by the United States in nitfnr the. licnc Jit of all the slates. Tt was a glorious deed, and while it filled up the measure of the world's admiration, it secured the adoption of the constitution. It is in vain to speak particularly of the value of this national treasure. Its acres cannot be numbered ils value cannot be appreciated. It is the richest treasure that any nation on the earth can boast. It is the patrimony held by the Union for the hundred states that will cluster around it at the end of this century, giving protec tion, security, and happiness to one hun dred millions of souls. Is it to be matter of debate whether this trust fund is to be preserved, or whether it is to he squander ed in the purchase of inordinate power'? There is hut one answer that can honestly be given. We arc not only false to those who created this trust, but false to our selves, and false to our country, by allow ing it in any measure to lie diverted from tho use of the whole Union. Every man who considers national faith as binding on him, or national character worth pre serving, should bo ready to .shoulder his musket to defend this domain from the hands of spoilers, come from whence they will. What then are wo to think of those who are not only ready to rob tho nation of its jewels, hut pursue it by a systematic plan that in tho end mint corrupt those on whom (ho bounty is lavished. J lo who is false to his friend is branded as infa mous ; and has tho time como when a public functionary can bo allowed to es cape with impunity for tho high handed robbery of tho nation 1 Tt cannot be tho nation will not allow it ! Vermont has a direct and great interest in this matter. Situated as we are, in tho interior, wo cannot expect great out lays of public money for national works ; but if wo aro permitted to receive the sharo to which wo arc justly entitled from tho sales of tho public lands, wo might forthwith commence active plans of great usefulness and of undoubted benefit to tho State. Wo might placo our schools, iicadomics, and colleges in tho most flour ishing condition wo might adopt plans for the encouragement and improvement of our agriculture, and we might go for ward in the geological survey of tho Stale. With these great projects and many oth ers languishing for want of the means of encouragement, it is absolutely sickening to recollect that ut our last legislature any one could ho found so lost to all fine feel ing nay, to a sense of shame as to ad vocate throwing away the public lands. Hut so it is. The history of selfishness is repeated from ago to age ; and ho who would sell the national domain for political stock, is but repeating tho act of him who sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. Hut let us turn from this miserable picture, to contemplate one that appears so glorious, so full of satisfaction. See Gen. Harrison, first negotiating with tho Indians for their title, and having paid them to their satisfaction, then projecting those schemes which by their foresight and prudence have brought whole slates into existence, and given an impulse to civilization in the North West, without a parallel in tho world. See Mr. Clay, with unrivalled power, recalling the nation to a sense of the importance of the domain, and with high-sotiled integrity, laboring to appropriate to each stale ils proper share. The heart is cheered with such instances of more than liomnn excellence, and the dark hack ground of a President putting the title deed of the nation in his pocket, only adds lo the intensity of the brightness of tho picture. VAN HUH EN vs. HARRISON. (tWo refer the reader to an article in an another column, from the Richmond Enquirer, in which the reasons why the south should support Mr. Van Huron, and oppose (Jen. Harrison, are clearly set forth. Gen. Harrison, it is proved, is in favor of internal improvements, a protec tive tariff, and of gradual emancipation. It is also clearly proved that Mr. Van Huron is hostile to all these measures ; and THEREFORE the south is urged to support him. We say, let every tariff man at the north read this expose.-, and then say whether he is prepared to vote for a "northern man with southern prin ciples," and for such reasons. It may not bo amiss to remark that the Enquirer, next to the Globe, is considered the most influential administration paper in tho Union. (t'Aok youv noiijlilior to rnml (he article. THE AM I ST AD PRISONERS. The decision of the District Court of the United States now sitting at New Ha ven has been pronounced in the case of the Africans of tho Amistad. Judge .Tudson declares the negroes to be free, with the exception of the boy Antonio, who is a native of Cuba, and has exprcs sod a strong desire to return. In regard to the native Africans, we aro gratified that there appeared to the mind of tho judge who pronounced the opinion, no conflict between the laws of the country on the one hand, and the great princi ples of justice on the other. The rea soning by which he arrives at the conclu sion that these men are entitled to their freedom under our laws, and that there is not even a tolerable pretext for sending them back to the island of Cuba, strikes ih as irresistible. The opinion of the Court decides the following points : That the schooner, being taken on the high seas, the District Court of the Stale of Connecticut has jurisdiction of the case that Captain Gednoy's claim is properly prosecuted in that court ; that his claim for salvage is just, lo bo estimated at one third of the appraised value of tho vessel and cargo, and that the claim of Green and Fordham, of Sag Harbor, who pre tend to have first taken possession of the vessel and cargo, cannot lie allowed. In regard to tho Africans themselves, tho Court decides that ihoy cannot bo subject to any claim of salvage by Captain Ged- ncy; that they are liozal negroes, ortAf ricans just imported from their native country, and not slaves according to tho Spanish law, and by consequenco not the property of Rue, and Montez and that therofoio the demand made by tho Span ish minister for their restoration, to bo tried according to tho laws of Spain, can not bo complied with that the boy Anto nio, being a native of Cuba, and having expressed a strong desiro lo go back, is to ho given up to the government of Spain with tho vessel and cargo and that tho Africans shall bo delivered to the Presi dent of tho United Slates, to bo convoyed to Africa, there to bo consigned to tho agent appointed to receive them and send them to their homes, under the act of March iJ, 181!), and an unrepealed sec tion of a law passed in IS 18. FIRE. A small building, situated at the upper part of Pearl street, owned and occupied by Mr. C. Reims, as a tailor's shop, to gether with the wood-shed and barn ad joining, was consumed by fire on Wednes day night. Tho (ire. is said to have acci dentally originated in tho barn. REASON RESUMING HER HELM. We observe that the administration party in Windsor county have called a meeting it Norwich of those in "favor of reform in iho State and national administrations." riic following article from the Windsor Statesman, a leadingadministration paper, indicates the views of the party in that section, and is highly creditable to their patriotism and intelligence. Here is a full admission of the whig position, that the administration is profligate and corrupt. I.rt in now lake n "l.tnce til i nr iniinnnl xixii dillire, mill ten wheiht-r ni.iltei tippciir imv I, fi ll) llm irpml of dm M't'iWiiiv ill' the llciijinv. tcrcnllv Mil'ini'.liil In roii;(icl I fiinl llm lolliniti;j IICIIK (II I'XpCIMIIUUCS : q q q q q 3 Civil, fnicisn, nnil mifceil.iiicou.i, fur llii! iliipi-liifl (in liter., 2,(11!). COS 23 Mililniy, furiliKo fimt quarters, 10,7lil,7.'J!) 21 iur lluce first nti.ulcrs, -1, 71:!, 701 57 Total. $19,005,003 01 ll then finiii official nuilmi iiv llm ex prml 1 1 it 1 1- fcir nur f.i il. iiiillliuy, nnil n.iuil ilo piuimcnis, dmiii only lliu'e qti.n lets of iltn fiil car, u;n ttiiiPli'Pii milium-', -i X I ' fivi; lliiiii.'.iiid, ijjlit tl'ill.iM nnil out! cpiii, II the ixeiise.4 fur Im IiiiiiiIi (punier plitinld be in ilio cone i.itio, t lit! in, mini iur the whole cnr uiukr tlie.-e dcp.u tinents n ill lie us follow- : Civil fuieign nn. I miscellaneous, $4,"(il.fS5 25 .Mihniiy, J;J,:577.2I5 01, 5,892, 12(1 00 S23.S31.2G0 25 A t n I ill amount of twenty-lluee million, eiitit litimlipil nnil lliiilwmp. llinn-nnil, lui hundred mill sixty iloll.iis, and luenlylhn eenis, in, for Hip espeiisfs nailer the tlep.o linenis of mil, mill Imv mnl tin v til ! I unnM now nsk, do ihn cpeii. 1 1 1 ( t'-s look like Mi fiVi-nm.m rronoiov,' iilmnt uliu-li so much h saiil I If I do nntoini'li mio.dic, the wlmli! 'inimint of cnipiiiI itiu (' under llm fori". !!oin:j di'i.iitniiin'i, dm i ii the fo ir e.os of Mr .it fTi-ietm'-' adininiiiimiiiii, did not amount to what is now expended in mm And now w lii-tt is I lie hone? ty nfirti ty jiolitiial lenders, ulei me i-nn-M.mtlv ill. none; llii- Symi Sinn of Jifferaoniun economy, while their whole pun-lire i in dnei't wol.ilion of hi" pi incip'e-i, and n libel on lii irpiitaiiont 1 am aw.iic ilin ihe I'lcsidciil in hi-i ipri-nt incs'.iso lo rom-iPm slum'' Iv ri coininend-i a ngnl eciiiioinv in the expri.diiinc-i nf ill" e,tici iniir-iit. This is well : Inn ha- he point, rd mil one single Hlhject of lelmm 1 Hhs lie piopo-ed lo I educe Ihe i-xppndilm ps in any one dep.ii linenl of ihe govei miit-nt 1 he lerom mended a lednetinn ol'iliinu idle and ii-rles officers in the iniln.iiy and n.ival tlep.n intent, whiili li ne lieen for jcaia, ciiing out the subsUmee of ihe pen. pie, w nlioiit lendei nig any ennc-pondm;; peivice who, in fine, anil in ic.ililv, aro jim ns much pro pinni-is, n? the half p.iv iifiiceis in I'm I. in I. 1 he In-xe he li.n done none of lliei-e thinju. U Ii.ii ihe-i, il in. iv a.-ked, i ihe use ol lliese I ernmmend.ilmiu In piapiiee rr.inniny 1 I aiHicr, it lonk-i well on pip,i. ii ii -1 niiwrver, 10.11 mi! lime H oe.n, when s;eiieial reeominenil.itioiu, wiihoiit any for ii-.-poinlin' prariire, will not iMii.fv a iilnoii ami nili-lligviit people. ISow it will he pnoiili i-n ty leadci.-i endeavor to lliuist, die hl.ime on their opponenis the people will sleinly iripiite radical lefmin. A J U'FERSOMAN DEMOCRAT. STKA.M liOAT DHCISION. The fjrtlfntt Republican con'nins n tlrci firm recently made in Waldon county, M". winch establishes the Inw upon n point we hnve in vrr seen conlctded bufnri', ami is iinpnrinnt lo Ihe owners of stuanilioaii ntttl the travellm" public generally nlth(iu"h there arc but few who, under tho crciitn (stances Pel forth, would expect I heir faro tn be paid back. The following U the ro putt of the case, made by a lenl gcnllo man fur that paper.- jW.ix) ScrrtKMi: .Tunicr.u, Co urn. Dkckmiikr Tnn.M, KI30. Win. Unmet, vs. John Ii. Coijlc, Thw tvni nn iiciimii fur Inlsii! iinpri-iininiMit. alleged in have on can red nn hoard of tin; Meaincr Portland of which llio defendant was caplntn. Tin litcls. as HifCloeil ii v llio cvulenci', wor that tin' plaintiff won n passenger on board of llm limit from Portland to lin-ion in tin: fill of 1007, nnil when ctlled upon for hit f ii r refused to pay it. claiming n right in Itee. because, on n former trip of tho boat Irom Iiosti'ti In PoitlainJ, he had paid lor a pns-ngu he had not received. The del'en Icnilnnt, when ho arrived rtt I!ii-tnu. tin lamed him nn bnnrd nearly an hour, for which detention the action was brought. i uu right oi tun neiemiaiii io no mi was not preii nded bv his counsel, and the qurs t ("ii before the jury was merely what dam ages t-linnld bu recovered. It was proved that on i Im trip from Ifostnn lo Portland, when the plninlifl was n pa-senger and pan ins inrc, nio nnni was otii'geii io put into Cape Arn fhrongh ires ot iveat her, anil tho Mono incensing nnil Ihe harbor hemr full, was obliged to put back to Ilo.-ion While at (Jape Ann llm plaintiff 'nlused in go back, and nt his requtx was put a-liore l'n trial, the, Court ju'od (bhepluv J. nn; Hding) thai when n jinssengcr goes uu bonul a bout, and this boat is detained on tho pnHsugu through Hires of weather, or iH obliged lo pui hncl; nn that account, nnil tho pnsonger leaves tho bout, there being nn fault in it On rn weakness, or Irom beiii7r overloaded, he has no right in reclaim thu money Im has paid. Such being this law, the jury returned a verdict lor tionium datnnijcc The damages wcrn one dollar and twen lijftvc ccnlt fer costs FLORIDA WAR. ibis controversy, undertaken without jtimliubli) cause, nud carried nn in Ihu most expensive nnil di'-gracniul iminiier, now it would seem, to bo brought In n cliifn by the aitl of henntor Denton's hill "to provide for the nrtned necupai ion mid sell lenienl of n part nl the Territory. Tin prnjeci is in grnni 1 1 tmttlcrs, nut exceeding in number ten thousand men, n hie in hear anus n lummy of linen him dred and twenty acres of land, upon ihe conditions Fprcified in the bill, Among i tho prnviflinns in thn bill, tho settlers arc in addition to tin; Innd, In hnvo n year's nil inns, n, be provided with nmmuiiitinu and arms, nud an allowance for c I thing lor one year 'I'lio -eitleuienlH nre tn lie lit stations, from 40 In a 100 men lit. ouch and llietr duly is to remain at th" stations, and dolciid them ngnini the Indians. For tliii serviee, government tiro to pay m land, ns n liouuiy, four millions ol dollars, e.Miniattng llm land at the lowe.t pneu nt wnicli thu public lauds urn run Imr'X.-'il tn bu sold. Ileyood Mils, they am to have a year's Milium1, aruw, ntttl nloihiog, for :t r which will irrnnllv nmrenso tho ns ponsi of this army' of settlers. Anil i then: is nothing in the project than appears upon the I'nee of the lull, tin- whole servici! is In lie Ihn defence of the stulloni nt whic'l the settlor tire In he p'aeetl, which inu't mean, il tin stntmns are ntlacked by the Indian.. Ot ouum!. if llm Ind aiis do mil iit'nck I Ii c tn . Ihu settlers will have nothing In do but to cultivate- gnin and vegetables fur their own support or lo sell to ot hers, flow long the war will lnt, no man can cni'i"cniri! ; but under these, delensivt! operations, it may connti- iie until ihe pay may not In extravagant if the service rendered shall bo of nnv value. Iiirt il it is b'on'Hii In n close, ns it ought to be, liefnro mint her year has pa-sed by, it will be the dearest content that ever was carried on ngniriM n hnsiile power, lint wo shall be as much mistaken ns any body ever was, if then: h not sntne- ll'ing lititlier in view by the nuthor nf iIih tneaj-nre. than n tuero defence "f military

i-laltoiis, created, nsit would seem, for the sole purpose of being defended. Wo have no doubt it is iiiiemled that these cn'uuis's shall ho in-trucli d lo t-hoot down InilritH ns the western hunters do bulfilocs 'nnil bears, under the character of game, wher ever they find them. Such a nlun may have a tendency in bring Iho war even tually, to a close ; and then! will be one advantage in doing it in Ibis way, and that is, when thu Indians are killed off, the g"Vt rntnent will not need in be at any ex pen"! for transporting Ihciii beyond too .Mississippi. At lite same time, the introduction of ten thou-onid settlers to to Plurtda. may have reference to tho establishment nf that territory as a State. Such a number nf inhabitants will help them lorwnrd materially towards that nbj'Xt ; nnil tin adillMon of two senniors ami one represpu intivr. to the Von liur' ii forces h Congress will be a matter of loo much importauci io In oeerlookeil by n dwindling pirty. I!nt ilia ncpctsitv nf resnritng to such ti measure, to eiiab'e the gnverntnent subdue a hand'iil nl snvages. ninountmg at the most, to but n few linndreds, is in a striking degree, disreputable to the conn, try, as well as lo tin government. Tins war, m all its concerns, has been cnuiluc ted in n miserable manner. Such n tho inellicacy of iho War Department, th head of ihe military forces, nod of the utliutnisiraiinn, jointly nud several, that vear alter year has parsed away in a wnr- larc against n remnant ot n tribe of In dians, in which millions of money, and hundreds of lives have been Micnlicr nnd yet there is no mnro prospect of pe-iee with thu Indians, Inan there was the second yenr of ih" war. Having proved tin i r utter incapacity lo conquer, they nre about resorting in n volunteer system, and a most extravagant expense, for ihn nccom pli-bment of an object, which should have been brought to pass years. ago.-Co; Goto' fAivrur. Accmr.NT. .Tank, only dangh lor of Mr. Henry Iingwurlhy: of this vil lage, aged ilireuyears. was burnt to death yesterday nf'ernoon, by her clothes taking fire, while lelt. for n few minutes atone. It is thought thu fire, caught the child's nnron, as it ultcmptcd to u.ij it as a "h-il dei" in opening Iho s'ovo door. Jliddo bury Press. a nouBM-i .murdi:r- Wo learn frrtn the Georgia .Messenger that tho following horrible occurrences took place at Ainerictis. in Similiter conn ty. on I he night oft he 9Hi of Deremher "George Robertson, n cand'date for 'her1 iff. struck John Knuiney, the present slier iff, across thn brad Willi n Howie knife and wounded him srverely. Kitnniev then shut Robertson through i he body, nod es caped into the ynnl ol Mr. Gore's hotel nnd crept under the) hon-e. Ho was pur sued by James Shearn. with a pistol, nod after sotnn st'arcb, trjeedlivthe blood to his hiding plnee. Kiminey begged him not to kill bun hut Shearn shot him deliber ately t hrongh I ho hoilv Rohrlson sur vived his wound a few hours, and Iviminev about two days, Sliearn mad'- his e-capo nnd also mini her individinl hy iho name Win. Sims, who was involved n$ acces sary to Ihe murder.' Ci.r.Aitrint.i), (Pa ) Dec. C We learn that n 'nan. living in Urady town-.hip, nf the name ol Ross, a tailor by trade, commuted suicide by banging him self wiili a pair of leather lines on Tuesday lat. No cause has been n--igueil for l he rash net. rhe decea-ed had lived in the neighborhood for Miiiio t line, bore a good charnctor, nud was ngid n IiiiL 25 years. We nl-o learn that he had in bis pocket nt the time he commuted the net 000 in cash flncAT I,i:nroiiMA.Qi: A loconmiive engine, limit by Me.-srs Ha-1 wick iXi Ilarri -nn, of i'hihideliihi.i, whose perfoi inanco wo uoliced a lew days since ns having binuglii over tho Reading Railroad n tram ol sixiy.niuo cars, brought in yesterday nver tho sumo road, cihlysix- rars Among th3 items conveyed wen, fifteen hundred and sixteen burreli of Jlmr, and si clu one Ions of iron tho gross lond cut) veyed e.velii-iyo of engine and lender, being tnrre hundred and J arty seven tons, ot "10 pounds Thn tune occupied travel ling between Reading nnrt tho in- terserlinn with thu I'hiladolphn nnd Columbia Railroad, nt Peter's Nlnnd, ex elusive ol delays nt depots and water sin lions, was by the watch, lour hours nud foriy miuiitesi being at an averagu rate ol nearly t wolve miles per hour. Tho eitgino u-ed. inclusively, an1 hriicitii cunl, anil blew nlfsteuin ihu wholo tune. ( Tins performance of an eniine, weigh ing. including fuel and nnd water, only ton and Ihreo nniuler loin, is believed to be without p u r a 1 1 c 1 1 Pn7. U, S. Gav. No leas than liccnltrcishl printers lost tboir liven nt l'1nnniu's itintHncru in Texas. Printers nrn always nninng tho first lo diti into nnv nfi.tir where thu liberties n( (heir 'How men are at flake, or the yoke of tin pprcssor ner ds to bo broken. I I V. I) In Mllinn mi ilio mill hut., Mr Ilr.Tsr.v fj. Ife of II U'ulliii'ittiii. I'linleu le llo.ton lint l((iietril 'it:. Min.' nsor.rfl wnmxa room . will be oprjii for Ihu intrurlinn uf Ij.iiliei and Ocitleinen In WRITING, on Monday evening iNMA'T. and ho lurzard.i nothing in assuring sAtUfaetinn and success to all who tuny honor him Willi their pattnu. ago. Hero is in phco for a devnlopeinent o!" the lystcin.but tlio'o who wWi lo iinprovu in writing, lo nrniiiro syst-m and tiniloruiily. and a graceful, faeilttniis nud rapid hand writing, aro confidently requested lo examine the system and judgn for themselves. Lesions lor thn present cotnuteiico at v n'olocli, V. M. Terms, for ton leninim, inula dm rilationcry, oni.v Jl.50. Wtithvs llnom in Cbiircli st. lain the slore ot all .v: I auor. liurlingtoii, Jan. 21, 1810. STATU Ob' Flill.UOjXT, J nisTnic r nt' (.'tit iti:mkn' The Hon, the Probate Courl, for tho District oT Chittenden, I o all persons concerned in thu I'stalo of David Goodhue, Into of Un derbill, in said Distiicl, deceased, giu:hti.g. WIIKItnAH, Oliver Gundhue, ndininis Iralor of llm RMnlo of David Gonuliui!, lain of Underbill, aloresaid deceased pro puses to render an account of his ndininis tralion ami present his necounl against said estate for exauiiiiati'in and allowance at a ses sion of the Courl of Probate, to bo holden nt thu Uegi-ler s Oiricu in liurlingtoii on the second Wednesday of IVbruary next. Therefore, You arc hereby uoliufid to ap pear before said court atthetiino and placo aforesaid, and shew e.niso, if any you have, why thu account aforesaid, should not bo al lowed. Given under my hanri at Tltirlinglon this 2:d day of Jauu try, A. D. HMO. WM. WF.STON, Repute. Corninissionci's' Notice. For Ihe Deuf and Dumb, and Ulind. rnIHi undersigned, appointed by the .tL 1,1'g-slatiire of Vennoitl to Miporio lend all millers nnd things relating in tho care nnil education of the Deal nud Dumb, nnd iPmd, of this State, be-eby give no tice, that they w II hold a nvoiing nt " nieilctl's Hotel" in Jloiulton. on lite Alneleenlk dmj of February A. D. lfl-10. al 10 o'clock in llm forenoon, for the pur pose nfacMng on appl'cnlmns in behalf ol the unfortunate youth who may need the beneficence of ihn S'a'o for ibeir relief. ('iiAni.r.s IIot't:ts, 5 Commissioners nf A. (J. WntrTKMoni:. (7ic Deaf S; Dumb, Ii. Saiic.i'.ant. ) ond Ulind. Windsor January 1 IIMO. N. 15. The Commis-uiners respect fully reque-t all Iho publishers of Newspapers in this Smtti to insert Iho abuvo notice. VERMONT ACADFJIY OF JIEDI CIA' L IECTURHS will commence in this m A stitution on the 2nd Thifsilnv nf March, HMO, and con t in nc 13 weeks. The follow'ng are the professors : Theory and I'metine nf Medicine, Ilnr aco Green iM, 1) New York City. Anatomy and Phvsinlogy, Robert Nel son. M. D St. Albans, Vt. Chotni-try nod Phartn.icy. James Had ley M. D. Fairfield Medical College, New York. Principles and Practice nf Surgery, J. Rrvan. Philadelphia. Materia Medici anil Obs'etr icsj, Joseph Perkins, M. I). Castleton Vt. Mediml Jtiri-priidencc, Ralph Gowdc v. M. D. M.ilillebury Vt. The fee for n' the courses is Cj-,0, Mat rienlatinn fee tj.'i, Gnidtiation tee, $15 Price of Hoarding as low as in nnv country villnge. Dr. Nelsnn will give a private cnnro on Anatomy nnd Physiology, commencing the first week in January. There will also be a reading Term a' this Institution during tho interval of lec tures, winch is ie-igned to furnish the Medical Students, advantages superior to any other count rv place. JOSBIMI "PF.RKINS, Registrar. Casilolon, Dec. W.'M Eli Thnyor's Estate. STATE OF rEI,VOA'T, DisTnice or Cmitti'.m)i:n, Thn Hon. the Pn bate Court toriho Dis trict of Chiitenden, to n'l persons con ci-rned in the -Isirito ! Kit Thayer, late of i'hclbnrne, d- ceased, GRRKTINfi. tSIinitRAS, fivmnn Hall. Hvceutor of V the lat will and testament of F.ii Thaynr, deceased, prupo-ps to render nn nrcniiul nl his ndinili'si nil ion, and present Ins account agonist said F,-i;iti! for nilovv mice nl n ses-inti of Iho Probate Coit't lo be holden nl tho R. gi-'er's i-llien in llor lingtnn on the second Wedne.-dny ol Feb runry next ; Tlierefnri you are hereby noiilieil tn appenr before said court at Iho tuno and place nfore-aid, and show cause, il'itnv yon have, why the said ac count should not he nllowed Given under inv band nt Rurlington in said tin r ict tins fili day of Jaiiunrv.llllO W.M. WFS'l'ON. ncz'iilcr- STATE OE FEn.MO.Vr, DisTltlCT ' l' ClUTT I'TKN, SS. Tho Hon. tho lion, Iho Probate Courl for tin! d stricl of Chittenden, lo all persons concerned in Iho estnio of Levi Chapin Into of Iturhngion. deceased, ur le-ia-e. gri;i:ting. Y57IIF.RM.3. lieuben Rockwell, nil i ministra'nr nf the U-iiiti! of the snid deceased, pr. poses tn render nn nc count of his tiiiuiiutstrntion, nutl present hi- account ngatnst sntd estnte for allowance nt a se-siim of -nnl eiinrt to Im holden at the Register's ofiice in said nurliiigtnn. nn thn second Wednesday nf February next ; therel'orn, yen nrn hereby untitled tn iippenr beforo saul court, a', the lnno nnd place aforesaid, In show cause, if tiny yen invo. why thu i-nul nccniint shnulij not bo nllowed. (iiven under my hand at 'a;il Rnrlinnton this llili tin v of January, A. 1). ltt-10, WM WBSTON, UesUler, 7 ANTKD by the .Subscriber", lo wl itiiploymeni. will be given fur n leer months, ono 'rctnan who nt a gnml work man, nul two ('nntpiisiiiirs. l5orlingho. .Tan It). C. (U)ODRICtl. FOJKjirffTfiriara fob. BA KIM I1AKI. being ,i,t i pav,j this -t etion.i Iforn lb" fnl'owing nrn. eles fur sn'e nt very reduced prices, ti tbnse who W- nl I hke lo purcllUSt. I .YICi: UUREAU, 1 CO.V.70.V ,., 1 HAIR CLOTH SOFA, A UEDSTEAPS. 2 nO'.EA' CIl.HRS. I L.I Rf!E ROC FER, I, ,h 0 TAUr.ES I WASH STAND, LOO FIAT, C LASSES. 1 IIAA'DSO.ME PARLOR STOFI!, I 2d SI'.F. COOK ,1,, A (jutintilij nf Since, Pipe- AhoOm Pleasure Juggy Wtg"0't, ucarhj mw. 33 The above has been purchased withm t wo years new, nnil most of it is but n ver Utile damaged, if nnv. All I Imso ind 'bird in Inm by nntc or no cont, tnii-t niiiko imineiliato payment, nn-l hy so doing will save cost. C UJ T T JB U S For sale, by C. IIAYNES. Jan. 17. BY HAND, via. New Haven, wo Im rrceivi-d n few dc7.' hollies of I!-v Water. Also. Col'd Cream, Ladies Pnlf , Gobi Mininitire Settings. Gold Lpu- Watches, &c. Sic, at the Variety St"" . P.en & Uiunsmaii). Jan. If! 10. NOTICE. "TT hercbv give nnlteij that I havo gir- lL my two sons. R. M. and I,. S. W7ih -. by, their time, to net in all things as if tin w ere nf lawful age SILAS WITI1ERBY. Fs'ex. Jan. 1, HMO. Superfine Flour for Sale by Jan. ir,. stongs &. cu. NOTICE. r-pHF, CORN CRACKF.R at Ho' J- h- ll's Falls is now in good order I business. SERB WHITE AT. TFlZA; geiniintj Italun spr.ixo il'IIH.-V. jL may ho had of Geo. P. Marsh. Jlurliiigton, Jan. 9, 18-10. Joseph Jones' Estate. STATE OF FERJIOA'T, ? m-TOICT or CIMTEM1EV. ( The. II in, the Probate court for the district, i ('biliendeii. to all person.? concerned in t'1 F.siato of Joseph Jones, late of Uoderlp , deceased. GREETING. WHEREAS. Troman Sheldon. Execii- r ol'lhe last will and testament of II- said dercT-ed, proposes lo render an accom '. of his adnnui-tration.and present his accoo . ngauisl said Eslalo fur allowance at a sen- i of ihn Probate court tn he holden at the 1! gi-lirs Ollico in Rurlington, on iho seem d Wednesday of February A. D- 18-10. Therefore, yon aru hereby notified to no pear beforo said court, at iho time aod pi n -aforesaid, to show cause if any you have, why thn said account should not bu allowed. Given under my hand at nd dislriot.thUTlh of January, A. D. 18-10 VM. WESTON, Register. Arthony Rhodes' Estate. STATE OF FERJIOA'T. ) i)t-Ti!icr or cin iTK.Minv. 'I'hn Honorable the Probaln Court within an I for iho district of Chittenden, to tho crt.-di. tors and others concerned in tho estate ' Anthony Rlnnles, of Richmond in s i ol district, deceased. W'II..REAS, Win. Rhodes Junior, m'. minisir.iior of the e.-tato of said i!t ceased, hath inado application to this cent', to extend the time limited for making p-n . mcnt of the debts of aid deceased, Iwei- , months from the Sth day of January, I: .--. anil the third Monday of February m.-.l,tiuu . as-ii'iicd fern hearing in Iho premises, at lb--Eaglo Hall in Wiihsion, and it having bt otdcred that notice thereof he given, by po lishing this decree linen weeks sncce-siveh . i thu Free Press, a newspaper printed ut IJi.. IniL'loii, befoio the liinu lived for hearing. Therefore, you arc hereby notified, to a . pour before said Court, at the time and pint aforesaid, then and there, lo niako objection any you have, to the said lime of payment l -ing firlherexlended as aforesaid. Given under my hand at Burlington, th.s 7th day of J.iuuarv, A. I). IS 10. W.M. WESTON, Reiner. STATE OF FER. 10.17' Dt-Tiitc r or Ciiittk.mik.n ss. , The Hon. iho Probate Court Iur tho Di' t'K'.l nl Chillenilen tn n'l persons en" cetoed in the K-taiu of Abel Conperja of Ricbiiiond, in saul Dt-triet deceaser, GREETING. "HF.REAS Siepben Cooper, odm'r i V V ihe E-tati! of said deceased propos to render an account of his ndminisirntie , nnd pre-eut Im account ng.nust said esln for c. n 'ii i n n 1 1 u n and allnwance at a sessn nf tin- Cnuri i f Probate, In bo holden r, ihe Eagle Hall m Willtston on the thud Mon.l.y nl February next. 'I'nerefnre. you nre hereby notified t" nppcar before said Court at tho time on I place iiiorpfaiil,and shew cause, if nny have, why ilio accotitil tiforcsaid bllum-l lioi bo nllowed. Given under my hnnd nt Ilnrlington tins third day of January A. 1). 11110. W.M. We-to.v, Register. Most kinds of School Books lor sale. Prnducn nf alnmst every di-.. criptton received in payment, Jan 11. 'C. GOODRICH. EOORS. ADAMS' ARITHMETIC, THOMPSON'S do. SMITH'S do. COTTON'S do. EM ERGON'S do, First part. " dn, Second " " do. Third " For ae bv S. HUNTINGTON. January 0, lfi-10, College Street,

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