Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 7, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 7, 1840 Page 3
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null thnt lliu authors ntid friends of lie report warn not ready to meet tho argu ments with which I ho distinguished gcntlo man of the opposition nonnilei) II, mi the very spur ol Ihu occasion. Mr Grimily, however, went ho for in l ho ilulonco an to di-clnmi. must emphatically, nny design l injure the Stnlcs, or to rcbuku or infill them. Very liliely not. Bui whnt signify nil those disclnimors. when Ihu whole Ion. ilency nnil enil of llinnclH of Ihu coniiiut U'O h lo do t Ins injury unilgivo I h la olloiicc ? Willi regnrd lo n gross error in the re port, in staling theiimuiinl of the debt of Louisiana. Mr Gnmdy virlnally niliniiied thnt he hnd taken up the report ot a New York Cuniptiollor, Mr Flogg, foi his nu- i"nri,y- ... In n brief, but pungent rejoinder, .Mr Crittlenden reinforced, whnt 1 understood, were Ins former objections to tho report The States nf the Union nru held up, in it invidiously, us being in debt to the n mount of Tten Hundred Millions of Dollars! und lest iwiv of the evils of such a Mate of indebtedness shnuld escapo tho notice of the world, they are commented on with oil 1 ho pmdignlity of language nnd illustra tion: iiiul when the committee arc asked for tho grounds of their statement, they cnu show none. But the chairman tells the Senate ol'a calculation thnt hasgleaned faintly on his memory and it was the bast of this structure! How, (Mr Crit. tcmli'u asked could a stnlcsmnn come into the Senate, and venture to announce to the world his opinions on this ntnsl impor tant anil delica'o subject, without being 'fciire of Ins grounds .' He repented, that nil disclaimers 'to tho contrary notw ithstnrding, thnt 'this report wn, in substance nnd tone, in its whole nun and object, n gross indig nlty lo die Slntes. Suppose n mini were to fro on to charge and proclaim to every one he met, that one of his neighbors wos immensely in debt, (nnd that too without knowing anything certain about Ins coutli lion) and thai neighbor hud better not I come to him for secuniy, for he should not get il would ihut not bu regarded ns offensive? That is a similar case. Have the Slates nsked the Government lo bo come iheir security ? When ? Where? What Stale? They have not osked it. Yet they nre brought up here in view of the whole world not for punishment ; Oh no ! i hey nre not caught by the heard and shaken, or by thu throat and cuiistruiued but ihey receive lectures nnd auimadver sums in a most circumlocutory manner, and the whole world is told to mark well that thnt they nre greatly in debt, nnd Hint their Government will nut become i heir se curity ! Mr Crittenden made no motion : but be expressed Ins hope thnt the majority would see ihe propriely of recoinmtnng this re port, with instructions to inquire into the tacts; und nscertnin how much was the amount of the whole debt of the states', nnd how much was the part of each; nnd stole ihese things not with ambiguous ver bosity, but plainly nnd specifically; so that if the Cuinmitcc were deiafetumcd to act the churncter of Mentors tho country nn "lit have correct information. Mr Betiinn, though not a member of i he cnnmmicc, had. I dare say, much to ilo with Us work. He now rose, and s fter a few explanations, proposed the printing of "the hirgest number of copies that has ever bpon printed of any document." no less thno thirty thousand .'! ! He further moved I lint the report should be made the order of the doy for next Monday. Mr Southard next got the floor; and nsked the chairman of the committee, where he found the proposition for assum ing the Siule debts, which he had been combatting so industriously ? Mr. Griimly replied, lhat notice had been given by a member of the House of Represeniuiives, of Ins inientiun lo bring torwurd a measure of dial kind. Mr. Southard. -'And whnt is the gen t Ionian's ground for action by us in the Senate! To anticipate and countervail a proceeding m thu other branchof Con Kress? After commenting very properly on this indecorum lo the House of Representatives Mr Southard proceeded to show 'the in evilably injurious effect of the promulga tion of the report with the bancl'ion of the Senate. Mr Smith, of Indiana, followed witli some judicious and forcible remarks against the whole proceedings. Mr Brown, of N. C. spoke a short time; hut he ndded little or nothing lo what had been suid by his abler friends, Messrs. Ben ton nnd Grundy. Mr Preston then rose and followed up the attack on this poor report with a speech of great ability and eloquence. Hodcuicd the jurisdiction of Congress over tho Slates in this mutter; and condemned the pro. ceeding ns an attempt at little else than issuing u commission of bankruptcy ngniiist mem, lie exposed vorv clenrly the deln menial cfl'ecls it must have on the interests of his own State of South Carolina pnrticu. larly ; und of nil ; and of the General Gov. eminent itself :--for ho reminded tho au thors thnt largo sums belonging to the Government, or for which it was trusted, were invested in these State stocks. He reprobated strongly the magnifying of the debtH of tho Slaies by l he committee -, nnd adduced several flagrant instances of tins mischievous exageratiou. M r Preston asked whul right they had to imagine that Hie Slates were coming lo nsk this boon ?--Who says lhat South Carolina is coming ? Who says that any Stale is soliciting your favors? What would ihey come lor:1 Whut hope would bring them to your ex hausted '1'reaeiiry ? Do they not know that every uccusution of imprudence, of prodigality, of culpable extravagance wilh which you have vituperated them, is iruo re6pccling yourselves? Are they coming to your iron chest for what they know is not there. He objected most strenuously to the Senato givjng any sanction to this report. Let il bo printed, nud it will in twenty-five iluys bo on every banker's tablo in London. Every broker there will forthwith try to hedge himself. It will be another violent blow against American credit, and bring down all our blocks in llio European market. Afior Mr Preston finished, there was t-omu conversation about striking out cer tain purls of tho report before printing it, and especially thai which staled the in debledness of Louisiana. I Mr King of Alabama then rose, nnd moved to recommit the report, with ins-truo ; Hour! to drilio nut the t-inlemeiiiH concern- . is ing the debts ol particular state , On linn proposition, Mr Webster look 1 the Hour: nnd, bv a speech of tiucominoii I force, gnvc a settler lo tin; report lor the present lit lenst. Ho nnd he wns certainly lor sending it back to the committee j and for keeping ii there; for in Ins opinion, it. was (ho must extraordinary document, ever put forth by wise and reflecting men. When he looked at tho t mie of its introduction the circum stances the absolute abscenco of any necessity for it, he could not but regard it as the most gratuitous, uucnlled lor, and nidi-creel paper he had ever seen in Ins life. Very many of thu States huvo henvy nmouiils in foreign mnrkets his own sinto, Mnssnehusotts had and shull the world be told bv this Senate, thnt the Legislature of Hint State has ovurburlhcucd itself with debt ? Sir, (continued Mr Webster) I renounco entirely anu nnsoiuieiy ine logisiaiiou oi these gentlemen, or ol" any body else, on this matter. I protest uguiiist their put ting arguments into the mouths of others, to use against the Stales of this Union their insinuations that there is danger of the States not fulfilling their obligations. It is admitted they am pay. Why then do "onllemun go out of their road lo say t hu cucu to llio lionlermg biotos. 1 he eili Slates will not do their duly. Whv lor of the "Cosmopolita," remarks, that touch their concerns nt nil? Who brought thesuexirnordinary powers might ultimate this subject here? Whereloro do gentle- ly eompromit the relations of Mexico with men stand op in the Senate, nnd rend us friendly oalioiis. loot! arguments ugainsl cases which no man "The Supreme Government has resolved bus brought forward, ami which no inn u in , brought forward, mid which no limn in e couiurv is wenk enoiiL'h to maintain?! i In, noonirv is HTiik eiioo.'li to maintain ? Whnt is the object of these swelling and inflammatory resolutions, urrnyed in gnudy and flimsy rhetoric, put forth, and support ed, and to bo quoted in every foreign couo. try? He could conceive of nothing more detrimental to the interests of tho Stales, and of the country Ho instanced tho caso of Louisiana, about which Hio committee had so signnllv blundered. What, ho asked, was there of justice or slatcsmanliUe conduct in iinigiii- lying and showing up the amount ol lis debt ? He was glad lo see that the major ily themselves had become alarmed at their own work in this instance. But why, if any thing ol this kind wns to be done, hnd not the committee put iheir inquiries to llio slate authorities ! Would Ihey hnve dared to do that? No: they know Ihe impropriety of it. Yel, if any thing was to be done on (he subject, lhat unquestion ably wns the proper met hud. Mr Webslcr delivered his remarks with great animation and earnestness of maimer; nnd he was listened to with deep attention. He concluded by suggesting to the commit, lee, thnt if they did inula: a should be in five hues, and simply declare that the resolutions of the Senator of Missouri, hud no application lo any case before the Sen ate. After emtio conversation between ,Jlr Crittenden nud Mr Grundy, the question was tuken on the recommitment, and car ried in the nlfirmntivo without a division. Mr Cullioun did not open his hps on Hie subject, 1 ho aennto immediately ad. juurncd. DESTRUCTIVE FIRE. New York, Jan. i!9. About 10 o'clock last night, a fire was discovered m the up per purl of the four story brick building, No. HI Pearl street, occupied in ihu lower part by Messrs. Shepard & Fnrquhnr, as a dry goods store, and in the tinner pnrr bv J. M. Ilnydcn, a dealer in linen, and Mes srs. J. V. Greenfield &, Son, for storage of crockery. The budding, together with the contents of the upper pari, was entirely destroyed. Tho fire communicntod lo ihe adjoining building, No. 79 Pearl si., occu pied by Messrs. Jnck-on &, Duer in tho lower part as a dry goods store, und in t ho upper part bv Mr. Alexander S.illon. nud Messrs J. V. Greenfield &. Son for storage of crate-. The building, with the contents of the upper pari, was also entirely do slroyed. No. 1)3 Pearl si, occupied bv Messrs J. tfc J. F. beymuiir, us n crockery I store, was, with its contents, entirely de stroyed. 1 No l!5 Pearl street, occupied by Messrs Wolf i Hiorichs, in the upper part, und by Messrs. Tweedy, Mnzier &. Co, in the lower part, both dry goods dealers; their stock was saved, hut considerably damaged by water. No. 133 Pearl erect, was owned by Mr. Obadiah Holmes. No. 77 Pearl street was occupied by Messrs J. V. Greeplield k. Son as u crock cry store, which, with most of its contents was entirely destroyed. The contents of the lower floors of the buildings destroyed were principally saved. Tho buildings destroyed wore all large 1 storv lire proof stores, running through from Pearl to Sionn street. Nos. 77, 70 nud ill Pearl street, were owned by Mr J. V. Greenfield, und cost g 10 000 insured lor g'J4.000. Messrs. Greenfield's stock destroyed, is estimated at about 30,000, insured. Mes-rs, Seymour's loss is estimated at about 10.000 -insured. The Pearl Street House was ul one time m imminent danger. GREAT FIRE AT WILMINGTON, N. C, Wilmington, n. c. Jan. 17. With a henvv heart wu sit down to tho task nf making a brief record of onft of the most disusirous fires with which our devoted town has ever been visited. At about two o'clock this morning the nlarm was sounded, nud proved lo proceed from the store occupied hy John Dawson, nt the norlrienst cornor of ihu Courthouse. The Courthouse itself wns soon on lire, us were also the buildings adjoining Mr Daw son's. Tho flumes progressed iheuco wnh terrific fury, in nn easterly and nurthorly direction of thu square in which the fire originnled, and in n few minutes caught in the buildings in Irnnt si. in n westerly dtrec linn The progress of the lire wus then in overy direction (mm n common centre: south however, nothing wns burnt bin tho Court House. In othor tlircclinns indicated, no barriers could lo interposed uniil Ihe iwo squares immediately northwest nf ihe Conn houso were entirely destroyed, with Ihu exception of the Rank nf Cupu Fear and two email houses next north of it, on the former square, and, nnd three brick build-1 iogs on Ihu northwest ancle of the latter, The whole number of Ituildinus destroyed . nb'int one hundred nod till y. including : tin.' oliko ofilie AdverU-er nnd Chronicle, 1 he Custom Imti-o, und Hie Clnreiiden mid Kesloii s hotel A great ileal of goods nnd furniture were got out of the booses and stores, although I lie bus of properly of those kinds is im mense. Mirny of tho buildings on these two squnres were nmong the most vnlunblu in town, and on these two wns done probn. bly throe-fourlhs of lliu business of the place. Wo have hoard no critical osti mutes of ihu uggrcgute lo3S, but nru inclin. ed to think it will sum up to nearly live thousand dollnrs. Whul pur Hun is insur ed n unascertained. Thus has Wilniington received nnntber blow to her prosperity, that many years will not serve lo rocover tier from. Pnoji:cTT.i Invasion ok Tkxas iiv Mex ico. We copy I mm the "Cosniopolitu," of the 4th ol December, n paper published in Mexico, the following couimunicut ion from Senor Almnnte, tho Secretary of Wur to tho Notional Congress, lie inks that extraordinary powers be granted to I he President for a unliinry expedition ngniiist Texas : and thai ho be authorized to uu politico.mililnry measures for the Reduc tion of that Republic, as well ns in refer- to prepare another expedition, and to oft to prepare another expedition, to the usurpers of Texas, pen to the usurpers ol J exas, pence or war, pardon or punishment, nnu nt every hu-,-ard, lo compel them to return to the bo-om of the Mexican family. The President arnestlv desires the en. operation of the Congress for this palmitic object, by giv ing him tho extraordinary powers which are reqin-ito for Us accomplishment. 1 1 lie government and overy citizen of Mexico wishes to ptove to their enemies, I heir determination nnd their power to sus tain Hie rights of the country. The criur tun I adventurers of Texas have committed nets which merit the severest punishment. Their views have extended beyond what was cxpecled ; and now llio whole Mexi can unt ion, desirous of promoting thy in ternal tranquility ol the btute, demands n uarauleo tor this repose in external seen- ritv. To Texas wo must chiefly direct our attention Us perfidious inhabitants eek to promote their fortunes by the ruin ol Mexico, The fertile and beautiful land of thai province have excited their cupidity These must ho recovered nc every ri Willi this view, tho President, with tho advice of Ins council, has directed me to submit to Congress the following measures: "I That tho Government he author ized to incur any expense for the reduc- i inn of Hie department of lexas lo the Na tiounl Union. "2. That all polilico'mililary incarures be authorized, with respect lo this province and Us limitrophe States, that they may be deemed necessary loefi'eci Us pacifica lion.";- Tim Mexican journals assert that the scheme of the Texans to support the Fed eralist party ni Mexico, nud to encourage the separation ol" the Stales. Anew Re public is propu.-cd to be estubli-dicd by Ihe Federalists to be called tho Republic of iorih Mexico. It will comprise Hie de partments of Tamauhptis, Zicalccas. Du rango. Sinaloa, Senorn, Noevn, Leon, Couliuila. Nuevo Mexico, und th c Call forinas Washington Globe. WESTERN WIT. Wo do not recollect that we have seen nny illustration of tho extravagant, more trnnscendently ludicrous than thu follow ing, copied Irom n Iiufi'ulo pnper, said to have been uttered by a live Jloosicr : Stranger I expect you are about the tnllosl kind of n coon there is in Ihoic dig ins. lour little Jjuttalouiau walks right mto things like a equash vine into a pota - ... ,,-ifi, to patch. 1 come down ihe other day in the steam boat Clenveland. She's a pretty fixin Golly! ami she n Riiinshor .' Once coming down, a strenk of lightning followed three miles und bettor. The captain see it was gaming on us a little, so hu told the man lo starboard the helm nnd let it go by. It did go liku n horse, and wo were so near it that thu deck passengers smell brim stone. The captain felt a little cheap, ut first, about liming u heal him, and said Hie steam wasut up ; but I told bun he did perfectly right to turn out, as there was so many women on board, and then there wns so much iron Hint it drew tho light mug am! helped it along. So it wasn't fair play. You should have heard tho thunder thnt come along after it. It would hnve given you u new idea for one of your arli clcs. Porhapi ymi d( nt know whero I come from. Give us your fist nuw and I'll tell you all about it. When I'm homo, I slops in Chuclinh.ikeo diggins, in ihu state of In - diann. We raised nn nlmighiy crop ol wheat this yeur, I reckon nigh upon four thousand bushels and a sprinklin of corn, mils, potatoes and garden btiss. Yon could hear the earth groan all around our settle ment. Ihe crops were so heavy; and lhat ! wlml f,,VCH rl!"-' 10 ln stories about earth quakes. It wns enough to make a voung earthquake to hear corn grow. as it did ; and as to the potatoes, I'll be skinned alive if ever I saw any thing like it. Why, any one of Hicin warm nights, you just go out "mm a patch of fifty ncres, close to Hie house, nud hold your ear down, you could hear llio young potatoes quarrelling, and Ihu oiu ones scolding al thorn because they didn't lay ulong nnd slop crowding. 1 cal- ciilato yon didul. raise such crops in these parts. Why, one day one of our squnsh vines chased u drove uf hugs more lliuii half n mile, nnd ihey ran and squealed us il llio oiu uuy was alter them. Goon. Capt. Scoit, of tho U. S. Army arrived in this cily few days since on his way to Florida. Tho capiuin is nnu of of Hip best shots in lliu world, in fact the very best, rind is the bamo gentleman epn ken of hy Marryait in hi Dinry, as hav ing been recognized hy an old coon whilo limiting in(ho"l'iir West" Astheslou ry mux. the Cnptnln treed the com d while io lliu uet of alining, the vurmiut uuir out j voor name Scoll ?" Vcs." "dipt. Scott ?" "YlJH." "Ciipt. Mnrtin Scott." 'Well, ymi need'ut shonl. I'll come right down ii ii tJ knock under ut once. I'm a gone coon." Without endorsing thotuilh of this sto ry, we know thu Unptain to be u brnvo mid meritorious officer, undone who, Irom Ins long experience, wilfpnder much n?sis taucu in the Eloridn wnr.-jV. O. Picayune. THE Essux Lveoiini will liold its regular lncuting on Wednesday evening next, Folnirary 12, at tliu Academy at six o'clock P. M. Orator L. C. liutlor. Qur.s rio.v : Is it right to embrace till classes of persons in a .Society to put down any particular sin ? .Disputants Win. W. Cilley, affirmative. W. M. .loyner, negative. N. 1$. A general attendance1 is res pectfully requested. Jl. .lUYNl-.U Secretary. m a it it i i; i) III Cliai liillr, on Tnrliy l ist, hy lie Rev. E. V. (iijuilinaii, Air. ulh,iniel of Jul iclw, lo Mis. l'ullv W.i din;;, of llio foriurr pl.iuf. i i i: i) In lllia tmvn.on ihe 5ih inl., Ehenrxcr Crni- iiein, con of John und .lialild.i 11, ISaulow, ngud 11 iiioiiiIh. ".So fides die lovely blooming flower." In I In loun, on JS.iiui cl.iv the 2jiIi nil., of (Jon- siiinplion, Hilt. Wlioil.i l.oni-;i, wife ol llii. on 1. Han iiiiMuii. Dnnnu tier illness she wns led lo frcl i lie- hpi"Iu nnd linpui lance otitic Siniionrs dfclariilinii -Yo innsl ho born ns'iin " .Slu- orc.t. siim.illy rnHril her hull! il.iny lilr to lier liciU'nli; in 1 1.1, ul in Iter lliu hunks which rli- li.ul nlunim'il I'loin sjabli.illi School lint! ulni:li ofit'ii nll'ecicil her in lens. Hit mtxici icsj coiiiinuod lo iiicmmm! until she fell ii In.ul widiiii her bienst wiili which sliu said she I'niilil nnl die in peace. A hunt n week be- I'm c her ilu.ilh, ilie load ul tpiilt w.i icmmud, nm! from lime the r.oiiliinii'd In leel iininli.'i i iipieil peace. Al limes she wn exiicmelv hapnv. nnd v.asnfien engaged in piauT, ni.d lepealrillv liiokn mil siniie npinnprinle. Iimiiii's till her mice became, eshaiMcil. Hit friends have I lie cunsnlalinii ul beheiiiL' lhat rhi! died i cconciled In (ioil lliimih ,i ('niciftVd lleilt'omei', mi J iheir oa id her caci 1.1-nnj (j.iiii. Com. In W'lllislon, on ili(-29lh Dpcenibnr, ilrs. Harab Shaw, w if'e of Daniel fjh.iw ril'ilns linvn, iicd -9 jeais. .She lias left her pla fill infant, her beieav ed husband nnd iiiiiiickiiis lel.ilinns lo nioiini her ili'p.nliiie. After n lingering sii kness, which she sustained with nnlv cliiisiian patience, tlm ic-dmied in tiinuiph, her body lo ihe dust, in full hupu of si lininiH immurOihly. Com. In Tii-c.iIoujii, Ala, on die Dili ult. H.irlon IS' Kjler, formerly of liiadfuid, Vt. REQUEST. THE person having in Ins possession No3l, 1st part vol. 16, nf Edinburgh Encyciopedn , belonging lo Guy Catlm, is requested In return the same. A few bushels genuine Italian Spring Wheat lor sale bv UDNV H. PENNIMAN. Coleheater. Feb 7lh, US40 WOOD. - ANTED by tho Subscriber, n few curds Green hard wood, in exchange for Cooks or binding. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON, P.-h. 5. 1040. NOTES ! PRINTED Rlnnk Notes nently bound of different forms, also Memurnnduin Rooks of various sizes, together with a general assortment ol'necouoi Hooks lor Sale by S. HUNTINGTON. Feb. 5. 1IM0. CWVge Slrcrl. Revised Statutes, ol" Vermont. rjpnr: Revised Statutes of this statu, passed JL by the Legislature nt its Inst session, arnnow in picss and will be completed wilh ull possible dispatch. As the stale will have """u for sale, or for cistriDution rn the Slate, all wanting tho bonk must buy. Specimens of print with proposals for price, Sec, will bo scut lo every town in the Mate, and thnso first ordering from agents, will rcueivu thu first cor ies ready. Any one wishing to receive, the sheets as they urn printed, will liavu them sent hy mail weekly, stitched in covers, for $1,50 on appheniion in tlm subscriber. CIMUjXCE' goojjuicu. llurlington, Feb. I, HMO. LOTELY & ETO.L3U! AT iheir CHEAP CASH STORE. cast side church st. continue to sell Goods, wholesale and retail, ut reduced prices. Their stock of goods is extensive nnd well adapted to the present season, having been mostly purchased at N. York, since the cheat tai.i. on Ihe prices ihey are enabled to offer great inducements to purchasers. Our grnteful acknowledge, ments nre tendered to a generous public, for Iheir liberal patronage hitherto, hoping to merit nud secure nn increase of the slime, by keeping nl ull liiiie.-, nn extensive vtirti'iy. of such articles as arc wniiied, ut '.fair prim Feb. G O HI EAT B ABIGAILS at MAYO & WAIT'S. ATHiobioro rec'iiily occupied hy La llirop, Poiwin & Wail, will bo found n very large ns-oriiueni of DRY GOODS. CROCKERY & GL.'ISS IF.'IRti, Which nro offered in prices far below iheir value, llioir slock is composed nl Rrund Cloths, Cassimerfs, Valines, Pilot and Heaver Cloths, Calicoes, Silks. .l7en'io, liombazines, jig'd Jl linnet, Chalys, .Name. taine tie Inine, Riblons, Laces, Scarfs. Jlandkerchirfs, Shawls, Linens, Cottons, nud almost i:sery urticle lo he Imiml in uny Dry Goods store, nil of which MUST be sold with Hio leust possible delay. The ul. leimon of iliosu wishing in buy is solicited. February 7. 11110. All of Dr. Sherman's Loxon- ges und other prepurulinns for suit- ul Hie variety siorc, hy Painiuiorn & Hiuissmaiu, Jewellers, liurlivgUtn, Vt. Gen Samuel llomtnn, bus been su severe, ly wounded in a duel, ut Texas, Hint it is thought he cannot recover. Pcltiah Russell's Estate. WB Hie siib-cribeis huviog been ap pointed bv Ihe him. Hie probate court fur llio di-lrint of Chittenden, cum inis?inuers to receive, examine, nnd adjust lliu cIiiiiih nnd demands of nil persons ngnin-l Ihe I'slulu ol I'elliah Russell lulu of Richmond, in stud district, deceased. renresenled insolvent, nUo all claims mm demiinds exhibited in offset thereto i nnd six moiiHiH from llio dnv of ibo date hereof being nllowed by snid court for that pur pose, wo do therefore hereby give notice Hint we will uilend to Ihe business of our nppniiitiucnt, nt Hio dwelling of Wuloiv Sally Russcl in Richmond in said district, mi the Inst. Mnndyx nf March nnd Junn next at 10 o'clock A. M. on each of said da vs. Dated this 30ih day nf December. A. D. 11139. RANSOM J ON US, ) Cnmmis- filpd .IOSEIMI il. l ALL. U''nvrt. Paul liabcock's Estate. WE the subscribers, having been ap pointed by !he Honorable the pro bate Court for the District of Chittenden, nommissinnnrs to receive, examine nnd ad just Hie claims and demands of nil pormns against tho estate ot I'iiuI liabcncl;, late ot Jericho, in said District, decen-ed, represented insolvent, and nl-o nil clniuis and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six mouths from the day of thu dale hereof, being nllowed by snid Court for hul purpoje. we do therefore hereby give notice Hint we will attend to the business of our nnpoinl inent, nt ihe dwelling of Horace Hibcock, in .lericho. in snid Dis trict, on (he heeond Mondays of February und July next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, Hih 12th dav Jnn A D. 1!M0. THU MAN 1JA II NEY I cmnmis f4 EUULON CilliliS. ( sinners SHERMAN'S ROYAL HliVATI.VK. For liver complaint, juundice, obstruc tions peculiar In females, dyspepsia. &c. I'liu.AiH-.i.i'iiiA, Feb. 1-1, 1B39. Denr Dncior In compliance with your request, I have made use of what you des ignate, the "Royal Hepaline," in several cases of Liver complaint, some of which wore nt the most aggravated chnrncier. In every in-iance it lully answered yuur re cnniinendniinii. I had much confidence in it when you tirsl made me acquainted with Us cnmpiMliuu; Out 1 was not prepared lo expect such speedy nnd decided nciiou ns resulted Irom its use. I hnve ulso used it in five cnsuM of ob-tructed menstruation, two of which had assumed tho appearance of what their friends thought a hasty con sumption. In every case, your medicine operated liken charm, restoring lo health ami youthful freshness, all to whom I ud mini-tored il. Ilereufier I shall rely sole ly upon it. in my pruclico whenever I am called to hiunlur ca-es. C. SHHPPARD. M. D We have used the Royal Henatiue, in several cases with unifoim success, anil concur in opinion with Dr. Sheppard. lo its utility. G. M. WEEKS, M. D. T. M ORISON, M. D. Sold at the Variety Slore by pAf5H0I!N &. HltrSMAII), f-l Jewellers, Rorhngioii, Vt. Jl CAREFUL examination of the contents of this sheet is rcicctfully soliciltd from ull person. II AYS' LINI 31 E N T . 1'II.KS. i It does cure SO cases nut of 100. IT is now used in ihe principal hospitals and the private practicu in our country, fust and moat certainly for ihe cure of the Piksnmi nlso extensively and effectually in lo bailie credulity, unless where its effects nre witnessed. Externally in Ihe follow lug eoinplmnts. For Dropiy Creating extraordinary absorption at once. Swellings-Reducing them in a few limits, Rheumatism Acute or chronic, giving quirk ease. " Sore Throat By canceri, ulcers or coins. Croup and Whooping Cough External ly nnd over the chest. Jill liruisei, Sprains, and Uums- Curing in a fuw hours. Sores and Ulcers- Whether fresh or tong standing, und fever sores. Its operniioo upon adults nud children in reducing rheumatic, swellings, nnd loosen ing ouughs mid tightness ol the chest by relaxation of I ho pints, hns been surprising beyond conception. Tho common remurk ol those who have used it in Hie Piles, is. it acts lilte n charm." Skk Hint il is t-igncd on Hie wrapper in ivriling COMSTOCK & Co. Sold by Hie duz. or single bottle (nl tho eomo nnco it is eeld in New York,) bv PAN GIJORN &, URINSMAID, Jewellers, ul the Variety Store, Ilnrlinginn where can nlso he had lliu R.u.m ok Colu.miiia foi the Hair. AUK tho safest, most suru nud effectual rem edy for Coughs. Colds, Consumptions, who-jp. ing Cough, Asthma, Tightness of the Lungs or chest, Szu. fcc. Tho proprietor has never known nu insianco whuru ihey did not givo perfect satisfaction. Several th ntis.ii i il in,, . ... havu been sold within thu last ihreo months, reMorm- iu iieann, poisons m almost uvery biago of consumption, and those labonn"- under the most distressing ,;0d and coughs. i uuy uo noiciiecK and dry up tho cough, but roudur it eusy, promote expectoration, alhv tho tickling or irritation, and reinovu tho proximate. (,r exciting cause. Thoy am made from u combination of thu most vuluublo ex. pcc'toraul, or coul'Ii medicines, und urn on. doubtedly supoiiur lo overy thing in uso for llioso complaints. Hundred), upon hundreds of cerlilicalcs havo bucn offered of iheir won derful virtues, from thusu who havo been saved from an untimely grave, and restored lo pcrleci health, by using Ilium. Dose. Ono lozungu is a dusu for an nduli and may ho repealed from ihrco lo six tuuus u day, as required. Children, eight yoars old, haU'ol'oiie; four your, a quarter, und so in proportion. Veiy small children or infants will tako Ilium best dissolved in little water. Should lmy acl ns nu uuiDlie. or piodute iiniibua, the doM) must bu lessoned to what tho bluinach will buar. Halfofono will generally bo sulliciunl lu take before hieakfasi. as thu oloinach is then mote easily sickened. No ill PlinRNL.'SCqUG 11 lUMBEIIIi' I ufTuet.t can ariio from an over dose, m ll will s naiisn Ihu stoioach to reject it ; and although not n pleasant soiisallou, will bu round lo all'urd relief'. Whnru ihern is much pnin In Ihe breast of side, nnu of's Poor Man's I'luvtclsi should 1 1 o a 1 1 1 1 1 1 e rl over tho pnrliind worn till rulinved. Ifatloudod withcostivoncss, a fuw Cathartic or laxutivu Lozongos, or any mild cnthurtic medicine, shuuld bo used as occasion requires, Ex-Sheriff Pnrliins vias ertrod in two days, of u most distressing eou?h. Mr Hurlon of Providuiieu, Mr Shnlor nf IlnMon, Mr Itivem, iMr. Combs. Mr Wullacu, Judge I'oter's, Mm Cole man, Mrs. Richardson, and hundreds of others of this city, hnve culled lo cxpross their surprise and commendation ul' thu speedy ruliefand cures ufYeulcd by thosu truly won derful Cougli Lozenges. Doctors Smith, Vundonbnrgli, Comstock, Harris, IJrigham, nud several others of our most diitiuguished physicinns,huvo used lliesa Lozenges, m their pruclico, with iuvnriablo success. Tho uii'dical fueulty uniformly ap. prove of them, as the beat coagh medicine in use. Mr Kendall from Vermont, visited Ibis oily last full, intending to go South, in hopes of mitigating a severe cough and pulmonary nfieclinii, that he hud been troubled with fuf several months, lie bad tried, ns he supposed nvery popular remedy, without any ruliof. Ho was inilneo) by a friend, to purchrso a box of sriMlM.W'S COUGH LOZENGES. which to his sin prise, allurdcd him great ruhof in .1 few hours, nod in ihrco weeks restored liiin to perfect health, so that ho relumed hoini) to his family rejoicing. Mrs. Jenkins of this city suffered from a sovoro ease of consumption for nearly two yeais slju wus given up by her friends as past recovery, and was oxpecled daily to breather her last, for which sho was happily prepared, and hud disposed of all her worldly ell'ucts : she tried Sherman's Cough Lozenges, wilh a. view of soothing hnr dying moments. To her surprise, us well ns her friends, she fell greatly relieved after llio first dose, and continued to grow better daily, until about two montlii, when she was able to walk lo visit her neigh bors. She is now well, and a living witness that Sherman's Cough lozenges will euro con- sumption. bold al the Variety Store, bv l',N(inouN & IIrinsmaid. Jewtllers, llurlington, Ft. Superfine Flour ior Sale by Jan. 15 STONGS &. CO. 3M: ,p 7 V. V?M It Vf? ripill' partnership heretofore existing bo JL Iwecu Gideon Lnlhrop nod Henry W. Potwin is dissolved, and the subscriber is duly authorized to settle all claims for and against tho partnership. Thu partnership lately exist ing between Lathrop, Potwin and Wait, is also dissolved, und all the goods and stock of the firm have bce.u sold and delivered to Messrs 3VIAYO & WAIT lor Ihu benefit of Ihoinsoives und other creditor,' of the firm. Thu subscriber indulges a hope that by a prompt sale of tho goods, Messrs .Mayo and Wait will be enabled not only lo pay and in demnify themselves, but havo a large dividend fur other cieditors. Tie; subscriber purposes to remain iu town until tho business of the firm is closed, und will bo ready lo lend all tho aid iu his power to settle Ihu accounts and pay to uvery ciedilor Ins utmost duo. Thoso who owe thu concern will sco lliu absolutu necessity of speedy payment. GIDEON LATHROP. Cc3Noiicp is herein (jien lhat O. Lihrnp i fully .inllinrised by me In sellle nnd wljii-u lite nf I'.iim of Ihe l.ilo linns of l.ullinip U I'oluiu iiucl of Lniluop, I'm A-in & Wmi, ut uboe sinted, unit for piirpnm to use inj name, sis coinifcied with llie p.iriiieislnp. II. W. POTWIN. Uurlington, Jan. 30, 18-10. THE subscribers havo entered into copart. ucrship under thu name and titlo of MAYO & WAIT for Ibo transaction of thu geuoral Day Goods business, and have pure.hastd the stock of llio lute firm of Lathrop, Potwin & Wail, nud will continue the business ut thu old stand, corner of Church and Collego streets, and also at Winooski Village. Thny havu on hand a largo assortment of GOODS, which Ihey are prepared In sell uncommonly cheat for cash or approvid credit al wholesale or retail. Country Merchants wishing to replenish their slock of goods during llio wintur. can havo an opportunity of duing so al this establishment on ternm moru favoorablu than is usually afford them so near lioiuu. All thoso wishing to buy will do well lo call and see; for wo ussuro them thai we willgivo ii nr. at auto vins. Burlington, Jan. a0. HENRY MAYO, JOSEPH WAIT. BOOTS & SHOES. 3. 25. PSATT, 3Joot xV Sfjoc fHattri'. TENDERS his acknowledgements to tho public; for the liberal patromgo ho bus received llio past yuur and solicits u continu ance uf their favor. Hu has now for sale u large and crcelhitt stock of Gentlemen's calf HOOTS sewed A- pe'"cd. do DANCING PUMPS. Women's leather BOOTEES k. SHOES. Men's and lioyVTIIICK BOOTS. All kinds ui' 1SOOTS Sz SHOES inado lo order, nm! warranted to bu ready whun prom ised. Notwithstanding hu does not do u credit business, ho has several small bills duu him fur work done in 1839, hu ussiirus thosu con cerned that small us llioir bills are, hu is in nacAT want of tho money, and hu earnestly requests them to setllu their accouiiU with tho Shoe .Water, IM.VEl) L l TEL Y, Burlington, January 27, 13-10. FAEiM FOR SALE. r"ip HE sub-enber offers in sell his exlen JL bivo larm. siiunted in Hint'sburgli. mi the stage road Irom' Burlington to Mid dlebury, coiisisiing of nearly .100 acres of hind, together wilh nil ihe necessary tunn ing uleiisiU, Hie buildings situated thereon, ond u lurgo slock, cniisisiing of 4 or 500 sheep, and between 40 uml 50 cuille. Suid l.i nn is ton well kouwnto need any further description : u is orobably ecnnd lo iiunu in Hie Slule. The buildings are insured for between 3 nnd $4 000. PETER R. BOYNTON. llinesburgh, January 'JU, ifMO. R. PERSON finds it necessury n, utteud a class in ihe afternoon na well as evening, to ncvouiodalo all who wish to profit by big instructions in I'eu man-hip. On und nfter Monday next he will ntiemV his classes ut his. Writing Room, ul 2 and 7 o'cluck P. M, Tkhmc. for 10 Ic.'ioiif, including blaiion. cry vJ 1 ,50,

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