Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 14, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 14, 1840 Page 3
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V II I D A Y M O It N I N H. V iT.RUAIIY 4. PENNSYLVANIA. Wo publish in another column, Gov. Porter's special message to the legislature in reference to banks, and the finances ol the state. It seems that the state was under the necessity of raising 8800,000 to meet the interest on their debt. A proposition had been made to tho banks for n loan, which was declined, for the reason that a bill had already passed one branch of tho legislature compelling them to resume specie payments on tho loth of February, or forfeit their charters. I.osuinption was out of tho question, and a forfeiture of charters at the present mo ment idvolved too many serious conse quences to tho community to bo dwelt upon witli composure. Tho day arrived the interest was not paid, and the state was dishonored. Under these circumstan ces, ho communicated to the legislature the message in question, in which he repu diates the doctrines of locofocoism, and avows his determination to regard the in terests of the stale in preference to the interests of the party. His language is bold and fearless "I fed liminil In :iv, regardless nf nny dentin, ci.tuon uliiih in n li! tinuml fin ill fiom inn ler. llut I belietc, if I'm riL'nr.iiH ii p?Hmii nf iMMiiir be adapted lococire the p.twnriil of llie linik, iinuipdialch lilt! cieilil nf the. .Stale inuJl nuil will lit! erintily mill iIUii; limxlj iiffected I et mi ,if in. inrc lii! nivrn In llic public. lit it uilliln a le.ifnii.ihte tune, if!niiiiiiiini vill lake place, it u ill llien he. peiinanciii. This, of course, has drawn down upon him the unmitigated wrath of the ultra radicals, who arc ready to burst, for lack of terms to express their indignation ; while he is sustained by Speaker Hopkins, and a fair proportion of the influential members in both branches. A meeting of those in favor immediate resumption, and consequently now directly at issue with the governor, was held in Philadel pliia last week. No less n person than the notorious (,'eorgc M. Dallas, presi- deil. The meeting was addressed by the Chairman, the infamous C. J. Ingcrsoil, anil others. Resolutions were passed, approving of the passage of a bill compel ling immediate resumption, and the spee ches wore to the same effect. It appears, therefore, that an attempt will lie made to push the resumption liill through, in opposition lo the views of the Governor. Most, if not all, the persons who took an active part in the proceedings, were members of the Muhlenberg branch of the democratic party. The whole afiliir wears- the aspect of marshallig anew tho old Wolf and Muhlenberg parties for ac tion. Governor Porter is a man of too much real .spirit lo be deterred from his purpose, when ho has onco resolved, even by such formidable admidable ad versaries as G. M. Dallas and C. J. In gepoll. There is no possible chance, therefore, that Governor Porter can, by any means, be driven from his present position. And even if the legislature pass tho resumption hill, as it seems they will attempt to do, in spite of his opposition, ho will not fail to put his veto upon it. Still less have wo any reason to suppose that the Muhlen berg faction will change their ground after thus voluntarily coining forward and as suming it. The Keystone, Pcnnsylvanian, Times, Evening Post, and Now Era, have nxcom municated tho Governor and his allies from tho regular locofoco party, and are showering upon bis devoted bead tho bit terest denunciations in copious profusion. Tho following from tho Evening Post will servo as a specimen. "Wbolhor Governor Porter lie corrupt mid vena' or lunal and pusillanimous, or only Joolhh and deludid, wo earn not to inquire. Cowardice and u tuhicsi in public men, often jtroduco nearly all tho bad consequences of corruption. 'Il may pecin to Governor Portor very lino to cover up his apprehension of merited ro proacli with a show of contempt for (ho opinions ofhisconstitucnlK, whoso just ex pectation ho has disappointed, hut i ho rick will not pass. Sony within tho citadel of liix new allies, ho may about his defiance to hi" old friends as loudly as ho pleases, hut ho will not cicapo tho infamy which attends Ihoi-o who desort a just cause in a moment of need. As this is strictly a family quarrel, wo do not feel at liberty to interfere with it, any farther than to keep our readers ad vised of its progress. "Old Tipp" will bo at homo in Penn sylvania, and no mistake. SitNATort Pimm's, it will bo observed has addressed tho Senato at some length in dofonco of tho Vermont resolutions asking a division of tho proceeds of tho public lands among tho States. The speech willdoubtlos'3 ho reported at longth and wo shall lose 110 timo in laying it be- I r -,..wi.. 'Pi... Wnat. :........ IU1U lllll IU..K. lit. IT Ui'lllllglUII tui- rospoudent of tho Iloston Atlas, in illu sion to this subject says "Mr Phelps, it "will be rerollected, is a now member of "tho Senato, and this was his first set "speech. He succeeded remarkably well "and made a favorable impression on the "Senate. Ills remarks were characterised "by good taste, and manly vigor of thought "and style. His manner is calm, digni fied and forcible ; and well adapted to "the meridian of the Senato chamber." WILL 1STON M E ETING. The young men's call for a meeting of "those who are not prepared to ho made "over at tho dictation of party leaders," like to have bred n riot in tho loco foco ranks. The ofliee-liohlors swore they would not stand that. They had borne tho brunt of the battle, served their coun try without hope of reward, and were yet willing to continue at their posts. They were not, therefore, to ho imposed upon by boys. Accordingly, tiio Marshal, the breakwater agent, and Custom House Department wore on the ground at an early hour, and had things cut and dried before the youngsters got there. A beard less youth of near fifty years, presided, assisted by a number of venerable fathers and to while away tho time, a younger member was called upon to ridicule Gen. Harrison. The resolutions, b:ivin-r lmnn supervised by tho leaders, were not in tho least pugnacious, but such as indicate too clearly the fact, that the young men who adopted them were on this very occasion "made over to party leaders." At all events the "party leaders" are chuckling over the result, while some of the javenils begin to mistrust that they were gum'd, after all. SIGNS OF THE TIMES. The Ohio Confederate, a " State's Rights " paper at Columbus, and the Cincinnati Republican, tho strongest Slip portor ()f Van Burcn in Ohio, li out for Harrison. The " State's Night's " party although small in number, have held the balance of power in Ohio, for the last six years, and if they unite with the Whigs, the success of the latter is certain without the aid of any seceders from the Van Burcn ranks. Every sign therefore in Ohio is favorablo to tho pros pects of the Old Hero. NEW-JEIJSEY CASE A Washington correspondent of the New-York Commercial Advertiser, savs there will ho no preliminary report of tho committee on Elections, in the Now Jersey case until the full investigation is accomplished. Four of the committee were for reporting the commissioned members entitled to their seats on their commissions, four others were for repor ting the Tory remonstrants elected, with out any evidence of it, while tho chair man of the committee opposed both pro positions. New-Jersey, therefore, it is main 1111 represented l,n rn.nainder nf the' apparent, must rem probably during tho present session. The joint resolutions of the Legislature of tho State, protesting against the right of tho Representatives in Congress from other States to exclude the commissioned members from New Jersey have passed both Houses, and been transmitted to Mr. Hunter, of Ya., " who presides over tho body called, by courtesy, the House of Representatives of the United States. These resolutions, it will be perceived by reference to the proceedings in Congress, tho Speaker re fused to present to tho House, and for the reasons set forth in his letter to governor I Pennington. We have little doubt that this question will bo kept along in its j the Statesman, word for word, and letter present shape till the close of the session, for letter. Tho communication was de and then referred back to tho people. voted to two subjects stale anil national Tho following extract from tho procee- j expenditures. Wo copied all that related dings before the Now Jersey Legislature,! in reference to the Millvillo votes, furnish es a pretty fair indication of the kind of votes by virtue of which the Locofoco writer. This tho Statesman complains members claim their seats : of, and with singular impudence charges Pngo fi Q,. Did n majority of tho judg us with garbling" his "smuggled" arti cs and inspectors declare thnt they would Li., 1 'pi, ,. , . receive tl e vote of alien, if thnv worn in-l C'! J 1,0 t,Uih "ntl ,U w""c ,llltl1 1S hnbitnniB oftbri township, nnd bad paid n tax, or word to Hint effect ? A They did, if they had resided in the county n year ; I did not hear any thing ea'ul nlinut paying n tax. Q,. Will yon etnto how mnny aliens vo ted after that ? A. I believe thcro wern twoniyciglit. Page 21. Jlloys Mcndschocn sworm ; Q. whom woro you born ? A. in Ucrmnny ; I liavo never been naturalized : I voted nt tlio last election in Millvillo township- Pogo22 Wm. Kelknback, jr. sworm Q..1 Where was you born .' A. I was born 111 Germany, I have never ben naturalized, I voted ot the last election hold 111 MiIIviIIp. page 24. .iVwir. liucknpc sworn : Q,. Where were vmi born ? A. 1 wn Intra in Frnttco. I have never been nnl unitized. 1 voted ot tlio election 111 Mi'lville. l'iue 2j Drtnicl Garrcit sworn . Q. Whure wore you bin 11 i A. I was bnrn in Gerntnny. I hnve not liccn tintiiniliy.nd. I voted nttlie. InM election. HiMi. .lory gave me the ticket. I never heard of such n man 01 Jazksan, nor of JIarlin Van Ihtrrn. Vni'o '20. Peter Snyder sworn: Q,. Where wore you born ? A. In Frnncc. I voted nl the Inst elec tion in MiHvill I have not been natural ized. I don't remember rkv of the tinmen gold and diver I knnw-tho paper I know In... twit" I lunv, I, .p., tolmr., llw null! ntwl 1 it .11 ii ..i" t . i .. . i I Pivor ot, and I Mil lilt o it he lies . I voted , that tlckclbecanoI wnntedn bank to tiring more gold nnd silver the ticket I voted wnsl called some kind of n ''cral" ticket I ' tbn'l know whnt kllld of a "crnt " Because tho legislature of New Jersey , , , , , , ,, , rejected such votes, the legally returned members have been excluded from tho i House, and Congress is now about to inss lmnn ;i ntinr.ttnn dnnulv nivnlviin' 1li( ' ! " 1 1 1 , i interests of the State, while she -is yet unrepresented. Can a grosser outrage lie conceived 1 CALHOUN AND BENTON. Wo copied a few days ago, says tho National Intelligencer, from tho Charles ton rnniMne n tnftnp Tfettinii fmni ibis city, announcinr: to tho friends ol Mr. r, ,. i i i ...I i Calhoun the brightening prospects ol that j gentleman " throughout tho Middle States and Virginia," for the Presidency. It is proper, therefore, to let our rca-1 ders see what is said on the other hand for Mr. Calhoun's reputed rival for the succession. Lt is only lliroucli these re velations of friends to tho different aspi rants that we can obtain occasional glimp ses of the political chess-board. A cor respondent of the St. Louis Gazette, writing from Washington, says : " IVoplo tall: nhotil iis effects tho coali lion oflMf. Calhoun with tho Admrnistralion upon I ho prospects of Mr. enion. Mr. Run ton's frionds jjivc themselves no ".easiness. llie Fan Burcn ;artyshnll be triumphant in 111-14. and Mr. Jienion ho then living in sound health of in'tnd and body, ho will ho tho President of the United Slates. say litis not as a partisan ; lor I t-co cnotirrh ol all the creat men hero lo repel me from every tiling liko a hearty attachment for any ' second, and last pages of the Sentinel of ilium. JSiit Calhoun has destroyed hi insult i..,..,, i,. n..,i, . . , p., in popular animation; no coalition and no i , '""o too strongly of "cor- court intrigue can poibly lift him to the tain nameless articles" to invito any S.m'",' p" n,!,l'i1!"" c'JVcls,t V ,!Vhstirring"-unloss, indeed, one was in write 'lebabod' on Iih banner, and ejaculate 1 ' ' 'The if lory lias departed. ' And this be may search of tho "best pieces." do as well in 18 50 as in 1841. After a number of unsuccecsful ballot- j iIxdStoribal I.ECTUKK. mgs, the senatorial election has been post- On Kiid.ij pvenin.i; nf List week. Mr Lund Khvp poned indefinitely, and will again go to!;,.?' tiie people. This will fender tho sprit"-! 'Unstinted hy ulimtt forty splendid li.iifp.uent . .. ii.. . ,T ... & i l,iliUin?s, rellccied upon c.inv.1,-1 hv me.iiH nf llie election (lollbly interesting. Mr RlVCS m.mii: l.inlern-e.ieh painlin; :.pp u'mily ncemn ins lias HOW OVei-V tilinrr -it st-.l-n tmnn tlio f,"'''"'n nl" fl""1 " '" 70 ""'te fen. Wilh'tlie n.isnoeu tiling at staue upon tlio r;.(,Pj,lj,1(),c,11lei.u.,1I1(lv j,,,,,,;,,,,,,,, ,,;,.,,(,!, result, and, like Talmadge, he will outer . lr is lllp hM " teen. , . . , j Bin whilo Ciillief.vnn.l ie?ii ieis li visitor in n heart and soul upon tho contest. As ho i mcw ni.ieitif,ileni -t ii fe je.ns m-n, Mr is fully committed for Harrison, this com- bination of circumstances will have no Heads bad influence on the fall election l'l- TENNESSEE. General Ai.r.x..m:i!, of! j Kn,)V' 1,as boca u,' lor, from Tenne elected United States mmnicnn In (lw. iilnr-o ,,f ' 1 Hon. Hugh L. u urn:, resigned " There is n R.irhled article solii" the rnnniU of llie whi; papeis, which is put nf n rninniiinip.i. linn smuggled into the tl indsor Statesman, hy Foine peixni nnilei ilin 1411 ol .1 "Jefll'iMin ian Democrat," The t-nililrd slitteiiieiils 01 ijjin.illv appe.iied in llie Hiirliiigion Kieo l'lej,, iVind sor Statesman. Wo must express our surprise at tho above remark from the Statesman, for wo have not been in the habit of looking to that sourco for such disingenuousness. What does tho editor mean by "garbled statements V Will he show wherein wo have "garbled" the article, or dono in- I justice to tho writer? Wo copied tho I paragraph alluded to, as it appeared in to tho latter subject which embraced more than half of tho wholo article and this too, in tho preciso language of tho , Mifiicient for our purpose, and when wo cannot (juoto an opponent fairly, wo will not quote him at all ; nor will wo, be cause wo cannot answer him fairly, ac cuse him falsely! DISAPPEARANCE. (tTho halfway house between this ; ' 0,t v01"t "went down," on Tusday 1 with all its contents. Four persons were , 111 11 iU ,no tlino wild hnrely escaped ono of them through tho roof, MASSACHUSETTS. The act repealing the. license law has passed both branches, and become a law. M'KENZIE. The following is M'Kotizio's indignant reply to the intimation of Mr. Van Huron that the President would grant a pardon, il'tho British authorities were willing. I will necr petition nr ntiilinnrn olhets In peti linn mi l!iijtili Cnlniiinl llntemur In enable mi ,inci lent I'lcaiilent In ideas me limit ill" balance nfiin iiiijni itnil p.nlinl peiitenie of 1111 A mi'i fjiiinl nf .lii'lice. If till A itini if.-in people liiiil (itcriuncnt cannot nui llnil in lights without per tniinn nl Mr. I'nnliM 'I'lioHi'iin, I'll never ilrgtitilp litem liv nidunj; it. I tin opposed lo llie union of leiiililican mill tmin.iicliiriil Imces In (bate Win. .Inllll'lnil lllttllll lllp I llllll'lt lllll lfl.lllll., 1111(1 I (IcilV llii' j'linl ini iil icl inn of l'i t'iilenis mill povpiii'iik ,n J, r(illn,Vi ,. lR lin( Vil HnirnV. hcrninc'pi ivnie inl'omiailnii confitiiis si ltd i,e Ncwpnpets inhiiii the fuel, linn lin mkmml. i-itgnl ulion in ihi mite ili.ti lie Imd ukcd lin; IiIicmv nr en liiin I'lccoli ihph, since tvnt oter finin .'nil llrnrv nf it f.iMif In llinnpli, null nn 1 lie" jui-spniiiii iii'Cmiml.i nuiiu.iiiit'H In n in.inniT nsii'Pil nl iIip. 8.1111P linv'npipr In liliprnle hip uilli , ,hp,n ,,i il,. Ibin.h (5i.un.or in C.iind.i. 1 "p''" l""cd i" t-ll this. r, T, , .."r-m i President J5ates, late ot Middlcbury . .. . .... (college, lias lieen elected clia)liiin to the House, at Washington. Cnrtpoi atios I'tiiNTtNO. Yesterday o tin. (pit llii! tin' I innilllil'iil nf Irc.i'tiry pnp llntt ru:r ringed niir lipi. I.ikn n in in Inking liis fiii'i iIiho of medicine, I nolicrd iin ifieru nn mv sjclein. In nlinnt mo linnri llipip.ifief, I (lif('.ncicil n mrniig pinppii'ily in lie, fl.imlpr mill clieal, n feplin-; una ki new in me, ill it I fell qncer under lis npeintinn. 1 now cm iiinli'iotmnl llie. pi ()((? I I ulilcli lil.tir of llie (ilnhc, mill llie oilier ur'.HH of twiii tunica, .iNpi.iv uii senim for lyins, iti.nk- (I i his, mid nhmiii" ilieir opponents. llcnnctt's Morning Herald. Winslow, wo understand, has received an appointment to publish the V. S Laws, and is hereafter to share in tiie spoils of the Post Office. The public need not therefore be surprised to witness similar demonstrations in that quarter. The propensity is natural with tho Sen tinel, and with such a stimulus, great al lowance must bo made for what appears in that paper hereafter. Certain nnmele." nrtinle will not liar slirrinj ; they nliv.iys unell tho worre for it. iIip "rci liliciite" on our first p ine lu d.ty, and co if sncli i8 not ihe Sentinel. We will take tlio Sentinel's word for it. To say nothing of the delicacy of tho allusion, tho comparison is certainly a strung one ; and the contents of the first ! .Eff ' ZZZZZZ XI environs ' !'pp1' 11101 1 CI 111 llcuhrs, loo, n full i(uv of the I. mil m il'ahviinc. uiih its Mrre.1 ?nin.iiiis, iis li.illnweil j .'remnsnn. Ues ,, nil p,.ds. il3 ,,,v ?tn,,,N .,,,,, prr?-e.l liv Ihe Ik!cciiici'h leei die f-e,! of (Jali- lee, whne wines uric Implied lo hy the Miicc nfCln'M llie (.mien nf Geilifen.ine the frpie (if llic Cineifisiiin llie yi.eensiiin. Xr.-v &e. l''"b i Cinift nml ',u of ilia u'i.s Men, is ic.ipmii priiinm?,, 1111: noes 1101, nl iiicll, ilisnlooe nnieriv nnd Inwlincrs of ron(litinn. wtiicli the sriipniio Iiiiinrv pirrriit. '1 lie moral influence ofntrli 11 leelure in .tnv apido finin llie fund ni insiriirtini uiticn , 1.. imparts in ins ngirpn hlc uiiiiiner, an the views me niere f-ivelv prci-eotei!, i' unnh a lliniu ind nl the eoininon oider of vi. hibitiniis. Mr I., lepe.ited his lecluie, hv ppceiiit rf(ui, nn M11111l.1v cienlni', hcfoie a full liiinse. Mr. Lund will lecture at tho Court House this evening. ririahion, jlfinid.iv. IVh, Alninikct, 213 Reef Caiile. 1100 .Sheep, and 70 .Swine. Price licet (J.111I0 A rinall itilviiiicc was ef fected, and a yoke nr iuo piurliard nit .Snliiid.iy may liawt hiouglil tnnie ihan our est (piniatinns. We (pinie fiisi (pt.iliiy, (i "( ; fcrninl qu.iliiv, (i .1 (j .10 ; third cii iln ; 0 a 5 lo. n.nicllinil'C.illle .Mesri."0 i No.' 1, $0, Cows mid Cilies tjilS, 33, 3(i, ami -10. Sheep The prices nhmiucil l.tst ueel; wern linnlly msinined, Lots well! fold at 2 - J, 3, 3 23, 3 73, ! 33. Swine A pait.oftlinse nt iniiket were from the iieieliliuihoud. About 23 only weie peddled ni li a (ic. Boston, IVb, S. Flour Atiivals nto prevenled hy 11.1t isnlinn lipini" (ilniiiicied hv ice, and prices h.ivo iidt.iiu'ed in ('(iii-iqiirnee. Then, is a fair mpplv now, 111 in.iikcl, lint kliniilil the anivnls lie pin, ill, tio Idet x look fur nn niKance, Tlio nilv.iuee which is n-Keil clied.eil ilin ilein mil and s ites inn li"li, ficnefre ciuiiiiion brands. On 7 12, nml 1'iiicv, 7 23 per hid. The pi niciiul a.iles nf eood .South e e m lUiiiR nt 0 75 si 0 S7 per lihl. rndi. A ale nf llntv.iul street in,nlu e.iilv 01 ilin week nl l$7, nn i-linri cieilil. Tim 111.11 kct closes niuei lied, mid linlilers me firin al hijlier pucra, (iiaiit 'I he iniivals Ii.ivr heen tery liijht fir leu nr luelio d.tts, and the Flnrk nf coin is neatly exhausted which has ncc.iioned 11 rniniileralilo nduiure. A car;;ii nfSniillieio whitn polil yrsier (I iy nl 73e. per Im.liel, ltui Iniln 1I0I114 in U.iin. leu of 2 a .jOUO liiwliels .Sniilliern, at 1- a -Ilin per tnislicl, ci'li : pi ices clou; tery iiiisellli'il, nml depend much nn ilin ui 1 Ilissiaied that TWKNI'V.I' OUK nianitfir- liniiii esliildii'liuieiiis in I'atternon have eniiiely fiupeiiilcd ilieir nper.iiions, and thai lint ineii, ui, men mid childien wliu were l.ilely emplnu'il in llicm, me idle, idle, nnd many of ilii'ui liteinlly dcpendeni upnn charily for their rrj scanly nllnuaiicn fur dailv fund, '1'iiilv de die New Voik Times temaik thai New Jeuikv is do'imed to sjinan hcncaih ilin lil.isn'n clfecu nf federal inisinlft wiilinut lieiui; peimiileil In havn 11 hate n fair lipariu upon llic tlnor nf Cnnress, And tvlnil i said nf P.uleifon is alun nun nf ptery ndter inatiufiicliiiiiii; di.iricl in llio rounliy. Il is no martel llierefnin llnil ilin t'iirniei dn 'not (1 11 I 11 market foriheir produce, Xtwark Daily Ad-vertinr, Front llie Iinff.ilo D.iily Journal, An I NO IDF. NT AT TIIK FaTI.". We lenru from n ciirrctinndent n t llie FiilK Hint I here vn n t'etternl turnout nf the CUizeiisol that place. dnV bel'iire yesterday to see n live (leer lake Ihe awlul pliinnt;. The deer w n driven lo Ihe linn; about two nnd n half uiiios obovo the FalN. 0. tni eltuplv pursued bv fportsmen nnd hiiuniN, hi; look In the ice. nnd ventured out so far, that the portion on winch be loot! broke oil from I ho tnnui body, nod (lnnlcd out into ihe stream. Ho wa waft down the ftrrntn very irrtillv until he reached the rnpnlt, when Iih frnil ntppori soon broke in pieces, nntl ho wn Icll to st rui'slo for life in I ho moil torrent. He finally succeeded in renching n small ilnnd. which iiinnv of our readers in.iv remember, near Ihe head nf Gont Island, nnd between Ibnt. nnd the Canada shore. Nn person has ever been on t be ifland except when the ice lodges nrottnd Hs Imnd, nnd forms n l.'iud ol n dam, which admits nf n hnzird. on? paiifnc' At lite present time the riv er ta ns open as in midsummer, yet Robin, son, who disi inntilsbeil lum-ielf lat sum. tuer bv Iih darntij in rescuing Clin pin, re- Milved. to ro over in n hoal and bring t lie ib'er off He made Ihe attempt, but vn not nblo lo chin I ho island. Mr Win. Conklin. accompanied by Mr Monger, then determined to. They rowed out in the rnpids below the i-'laed, thinking lo get into lite eddy nt Us font, but while contending with the Strang current, one oar broke, and with Ihe speed of n rnce horse I hey were iiHlntitly hurried to the brink of the precipice. As they pasted over a small bar Conklin jumped mil, and succeeded in stopping llie boat, the water being only waist deep. Alter regaining their proM'nco of mind, they storied agntn and by means of their .single oar and n pole, landed on Goat island just above the Full. Tho deer still remains on bis rocky islet, Wo lenrn from n correspondent nt the Falls, ilmt the. Deer which oUracied so much nt tent ion the oilier day by Iih voyage down the river on n. cake nf ice. was on Saturday driven from his place of refuge, nnd forced lo lake the tremendous leap lie was frightened from the island, on which he had remained so quietly (or the Ins! week, by some persons coining on the ice that had lodged on llic bend of his island, and between that and Gont Ilond. Kec. mg these nnwelcnme guets invading Iih quiet abode, he retreated to the fnrtber Mile, of the nlntid nntl lenped lino the rapid-. After swimming about twenty rods towards the Canada shore, lie locked nbnnt and swnm directlv for the precipice. He was Instantly dahed down the perpentlic ulnr height of one hundred and sixty feet, yet carni! op to the surface of the water nhvo. Ho made Fevcrol attempts to swim hut in vain. Overcome by llie plunge nnd chilled by tho coldness ol tho water, he finally submitted to tho mercv of the cur rent, lie is still to be seen fl tatitig in nn eddy nt the foot of Goat Island. NOTICE. THR sub-enber ims inuud on his store Hour a few IJnnk noted. Any person who will givo satisfactory evidenco of mvuership. shall have said money bv rna. king application to .1. W. TURNCU. Camlridrc. Fib. 1. 1 fMO. SEED. CLOVER and Heiuh Guasi SEED, lor title, also GOODS rlimp nt Febronrv 13. 11140 HOWARDS Charlotte S. Piatt's Estate. STATE OF VEIIJIOjXT. ) Distp.ict or Chittenden, s BH it reuieinbered ibnt at a probate court holdeti nt Ilurlington, within nnd for ihe district of Chittontlen. on the 10th tiny ot Febriinrv. A. 1). l'MO, preseni tltc lion. Charles Riisr1I. Jtnln-u of said Court , nn inst riiment piirpnrttiic to bo llie f)l w ,, , 1(,s,nne(U (lf Charlotte . ,,,., ... ., ,, . , . , ,. , . , Plait, lalo of Milton, in paid district d censed wa presppted to (he Court here bv George IC. 11 at t one of the executors therein named. Therefore it i" ordered hy tho Court aforofaid. that notice be given to nil per. fon-i concerned therein to appenr before paid court nt a Feton thereof to bo holden nt IJtirlington. within nnd for the district of Chuienden, on ho second Wedncsdnv of Mnrch. A. D. I G40. nnd conien the pro bate of paid will. And it is funhernrdered thnt tliK order he piibhslted three weeks successively in Ihe niirlingtnn Free I'res- a newspaper printed at nnrlington in this State, the last of which publication shall be previotH to the day assigned as aforesaid lor a bearing. Given under my hand at the Register's office, m llurhngton nfiresaul, this 10th dav of Februnry A. D. lfMO. Wm WF.STON. Reiaer. Paul IJabcock's Kstale. WE the Riilncriber.1, having 'joen np pointed bv tlio Honorable tho pro bate Court for the Dutrict of Chittenden, coinmisinnerii to receive, examine nnd nil just the claims and demands of all person ngninst Urn otnti of i'anl llnbcocl;. Into ot Jericho, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and nUn all claims anil demands exhibited in oll'sot thereto; and six mouths from the day of the dale hereof, being allowed bv snid Court for linl purpose, we do tbereforu hereby give notice Hint wo willnltenil to tho bimnesn of our nppotntmcnt, nt 1 ho dwelling of Horace Hahcock, 111 Jericho, in said Dis trict, on the second Mondays of February nnd July next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., on each nf snid 1l.1v. Dated, this I'.'ih dav Jnn A. D. 1040. TRUMAN 'HARNKY ) commit ft ZUHLH.ON CMI1!S, ( .vmnci-v Revised Statutes, of Venuont. r I inn Hovised Statiitci of this slato, parsed JL by tho Iiogislaturo at its (art ne-snion, nronow in ptos.s and will ho completed with nil possihlo dispatch. Ah thn Main will bavu 110110 fortalo.or for tistribiition 11. the State, all wanting tho book must liny. Specimens of print with proposals for price, &c will ho sanl to every town in tho Mate, and llinni liist orilering froin arrcnts, will recclvo tho fust cor ion ready. Any 0110 w'shiog to recnivo tho sheets as they are printed, will havo them sont hy mail weekly, Hitched in covets, for $1,50 011 application in thn subscriber. ciu UAvr: v a oou man. Rtulingtoii, Feb, I, I lilt). MnnriNn ok tup, iT.oiM.n1 In nlieihenre Hie irotie'l of n Imije miint"'" nf the friend: nnd mppoiler nfOnn. Wsi II. Har MISOM, uc lierrliv trUn nniire lli.n n turplini; will lie held lit tho Cdint llnine, ill St. A IIi.iii. nil rilUltSDAV tiii: 20nr n.w nr KKUKU RV hut. nl 10 nVlok A. M,, fur llie pniine nf res pntiilin In llie iininuial inn nl the line Aiilioinil Cnnveiiliiiii, nnd til'i'lieilhil n more full exprewiim nf pnlilie riphilnii in lliiJ ie.nilv in lel.tllnn In the pineedlinaiinil llie lemill nl llie snne, inn! nl nilnpllii nieh nie.iiue a fh.ill then and there bti lIlDiinlil exiled irnl In ill" piiecrfs of llie rih jeeH nfilie Deinoernlin U'ln p.uly H A IIKISOM AND KF.rnti.M. A llie nlijee.t of llie tneelinj i not to lrannrt in v tiiiine ilileh exeliuivelv rniirern llie penpln nf I'niiikliii Cninily. lite Whigs of Chiiienilen, (irnnd ll. I.n iMnille, Orlpiin, mill oilier rnini lies in this .SliHe, are icpeetfii'lv hiviled lo til lend. In lieti.ilf of the Cnmniiltee, IVb. 1. 1840. c Vitus Kr.iTir. nt A u i: I H I In Mnnlpelier, mi llie -lilt lint. Iiy Uev. Mr. Kellnji, C I., Kimpp, r,-(, nblor of llie Vnleenf Kteeiloin, in Jli I'liiiny (y.irter, d inglilcr of Col. Al'el Cutler. I I P. I) In New Ynik, nil "11 .1 .iiiiinrv, llr. l'.iniel!n lliirllnit, wife nf Snmiiel lliiillinl, V.'(., fornteily nf 1 1 iiiejlini nil A lotoffrcsli Cod and Haddock just received and to prune order, lor ab' nt. the Market linnsp nlun first quality of -alinnti. D. Kt.MiiAM. Jr. Co. Mr. Smith, at Howard's asrain. TJOIV.IIII). How do yon do, M r Smith? I nin glad to see you how have you been thin long tune. Smith. Quite well 1 thank you. nnd very busy 10 getting up Ihe yenrs stock of wood, and doing up ihe tlirnhiitg. so I have noth ing lo do now but to see Hint the sheep nre well taken core of. read the newspapers, period caU nnd bonki, and go n visiting, inlk over mailers nod tilings in generol, and lake comfort. I tvns oyer nt. mv son John's lat evening, to n little kind of a sociable visit with n few nf the netgbborF, nnd I don't know when I hnve been so well pleaded n I wns there, with the tidy, neat npiiearance of every thing about I ho house. Ah! he lin got n goi d wife, she under "lands housekeeping right well nnd is a woman of good judgment, lo the cnurso of the evening the convcr-ation wns upon lite liirniutro ibnt she nnd her mother bo't of you the first of the winter, it really did me good. n wi! nil went round the house nnd looked it over, to -co bow well they were plened Willi their bargains made at AV. Howard's Grand Bazaar Store, in Hurlingioii, nnd lo hear litem recommend 115 all whenever we wanted t buy anything; (rom a store to bestin; nnd g.i ") Howards. The firt tlung to he shovv il was their cnok sjove winch was of the same kind Mr Howard goi for hi own use, nod sorely nn one ever had n better one. It would not. she said without help. nnd of it--ef, keep tho hoii-e clean, weh Hie do' lies, or do the cooking, but then you could do nny mid all such things bv it, (of which wo Imd 11 'pleasing visible and ihe b.-sl of palatable, vidence.) nnd there could be another stove just like it got nl Hnwiiril-, if wanted sho said V" ry cheap. Then their Crnclczry, Glaii Ware, Knives S; Forks. Simons, .Ser vers, nn.d all Mich things 1 lin t filled up their pantr,' ami loe;"tl .o mce. wns front How nrds, ntidilien when wo went back ngatn in'o 'he oth.-r room, there was the Carpet, Looking Glats nnd Candledkks woro all ngaui from the same plac, the Paper on tho room and 1 ho window curinin-. wn. jn-t so too, nnd in fact there was nothing hnrdly about 1 ho house, but thai you sold ihem or they got close by, Ihe Chairs wore bought r'gbt opposite your More, their Cabinet Ware just nti'h of llownrds Wo bad qtiile 11 loog chit chat (ihoiit it, nnd agreed there was 00 place like yours lo go lo buy every hind of goods, fur yon bad been mi long in the business thai you must under stand both buying and selling pretty well. Howard. Your early attention 111 bust ness has I nnt very glad given von n lit tin le'i-iue to enjoy the great muss nf rending, news of the day, nnd an opportunity of vi iling your neighbor's, which -hoiild be ever ralinoally improved, it helps to keep np 11 great good leelmg and an interchange, of ideas in society, I hat is commendablo be yond nil conception, Anil ns I perceive I hnve been honoured in one of your evening conver-'alions. by being favourably mention ed, I hope, tbotild any call for goods on the strength of such recommendation, thru they may be'y well sattttied with their good bargauw, nnd b" ns liapny in their enjoyment, as 1 Hunk 1 hnve rea-on to bclieve'yonr son John, to be with hw new wife nnd home. 1 see uty clerks, nru nil bnsv. and I must attend upnn that new lot of customers, jut come in please ex cuse me for the present. Smith. Oh, yea ! certainly', I am glad to sen von fo busy. Howard. Yos sir, pretty busy, I nm sel ling so chen) nown-dnys here, sir, is tho Inst New York paper, just come. Mr. Smith. Thank yo, thank ye, just whnt I like, don't let ine keep von Iroiti your business. Ahem, nbein, (lakmg out his spectacles,) its ti great treat to get u late paper. A few bushels genuine Italian Spring Wheat lor bv UDNKY II. I'FiNNIMAN Colchester. Feb 7lh. Ifl-tO. NOT I5S ! PRINTl'.D ll'ank Notes neatly bound of (ItlVeriMit I'orins, n'so Memorandum Hooks of various s ,es, together with 11 general assort uient ot neeniiiti llnoks for Sale by S. HUNTINGTON. Feb. 5. ItUO. College-Street. AllofiJr. Shcrnmu's Lozcn- ges nntl other iirep'irniions for sulo nt tho variety rIom by I,Ar:itou.N & Uui.n.-.'u.mi), Jewellers, Ihirlington. VI. Most kinds of School Hooks lor sale. I'roduco of nlmost every di! crintion received 111 payment. Jnn 11. C. GOODRICH. S 1?. S3 OWII B A.T. fWMlll gonuiiiti Italian tthino WUF..IV Xl may bti had of Geo, l'. Mttttii. Iluilington, Jan, 0, 1840.

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