Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 21, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 21, 1840 Page 3
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THE HOLY LAND. Wo Imvo no hesitation in recommend ing Mr. Lunds lccturu on tliis subject, us wortliy tbo attention of every individual To tbo young reader of biblo history it cannot but be profitable, and there are few indeed among the elder class, how ever familiar with sacred history they may be, whom it will not interest and in struct. Mr. L. has lectured two evenings to full houses in the Court-Houso, and at tbo urgent request of numbers who could not gain adiiiitiance at the last lecture he, has consented to repeat it again on Satur day evening, at the Unitarian Church, which has been kindly oll'ered for the occasion. Wo occupy an unusual portion of out paper to-day with congressional proceed ings ; but the subjects and the occasion seem to require it, and wo are confident our readers will bo satisfied with the ap propriation. Tat: N. E. Uoundaiiv. In a lecture lately delivered at Portland, Maine, by a gentleman well informed on this subject, it was staled that the two forts built the last season by the British, commanded the St. Lawrence, the St. John's, the St. Francis, and the military road of the State of Maine. These forts are now garrison ed with three hundred and fifty men, in stead of twenty-live as Sir John Harvey stated. Our own defences are said to be useless, and Fort Fairfield is of such a character, that nothing can be said in its favor. The Portland Advertiser observes on tbo lecture, that " the evidence presented was overwhelming, and went far enough to satisfy the most kindly-dis-posed.nmong us that wc had been out jnanamvrcd by tlio over-reaching sagacity of our friends the British." Tin: Boundahv Qukstiox. There is an extensive rumor simony the friends of the Administration in this city, that Mr. Van Burcn has been in possession of the ultiniutuin of the British CJovernment for home days or weeks past, and that the result .in, the British (ioverinnent will not give up an inch of the territory they claim. We don't believe a word of this ; it is only got up hy the friends of the Ad ministration to stave oil" the excitement occasiuued by the revulsion in commercial allifirs. Mr. Featlierstoiiliaugh and Col. Mudgtt had not arrived out when the last accounts left England. We conversed with'both tlieo gentlemen just before they liTr, mid they stated positively that Ureal Britain would come to no decision in the 'matter until they arrived out ; and they entertained not the least doubts of an amicable adjustment beiutr ellected. There is an excitement got up in Canada, another in Now Brunswick, and another in Mnine; but there is no more danger of a war than nbat the Heavens will fall. Alaiiama. An Election has just been Jield in the City of Mobile, which resulted 'in the Election of the Harrison candidate, 'by a majority of near five hundred. Wonder if they Know Old Tip, oh" south. TIIE GREEN MOUNTAIN BOYS AWAKE. Harrison meetings have been or are about to be holdenin nearly every County 'in the State. The Franklin Messenger of last week comesout with a call signed !by hundreds for a meeting at St. Albans the 20th inst. One is to be holden in Bennington soon, ono in Orleans, one m Rutland, and one m Caledonia. Then .have been meetings in Washington, Wind 'ham, Windsor and Chittenden Counties .all numerously attended. "The worl goes bravely on." GLORIOUS VICTORY ! A Whig Governor for three Years i the Old Dominion. The Steamboat mail, in bringing tbo Courier &. Enquirer of Saturday morning furnishes us with tho cheering intelligence that the Virginia Legislature made choice on the eighth ballot, ol Thomas W. Giln or as Governor ol that Commonwealth for three years from the 81st of March next. Mr Gilmer is ono of the most firm and unflinching Whigs in the Old Dominion. Ho is -tho present Speaker of tho House, ;und has been for years the Whig candi date from the county of Alberinarle. There appears to bo an incurracy in tho .statement of the vote in the Courier tS" Enquirer. The following wo should should infer to lie tho correct version : For Gilmer, (Whig) 88 McDowell, (Tory) GS Nicholas, (Tory) V Scattering, (Whig) 2 Gilmer's majority over all others, J Total Whig majority. It is a fact wortliy oV observation, that McDowell did not receive tho full party vote of tho Tories. Ho is ono of tho most thorough-going hard money Loco Focos in Virginia and in addition, tho brother-in-law of Thomas II. Benton. Tho refusal of 12 of tho Loco Foco members of tho Virginia Legislauiro to sanction his ultra radical notions, is omin ous of tho Conservative feeling abroad in tho Old Dominion, oven among those who have not yet had tlio courage to kick entirely out of tbo traces. The star of tbo Mother of Statesmen " is indeed onco inoro in tbo ascendant. Well may her patriotic sons rejoice with exceeding gladness at the brilliant prospect of her ultimate and complete regeneration. With ono of her sons the Whig Speaker of the House of Representatives in Congress, and now with a staunch Whig at her own helm, she may bid defiance to the howl ing tempest of Loco Eocoism that has long raged over her. The wings of Vir ginia will now go into tbo spring election with the fullest assurances of success. Tiini:i:cnr.i:its l'oit tiii: Oi, Dominion, and tiii: l'ltonuuss or II.utitisoN and Kiu'oitM ! lioston Atlas. Great preparations are making for the Harrison mooting at Richmond, Virginia, on the i22d inst. Henry Clay will be present, and the Whigs of the Old Do minion will como in throngs to welcome the great orator and statesman of the west. Tbo Governor of Virginia has ad dressed a message to the legislature, com municating the resolutions passed by the legislature of New Jersey, and comment ing with deserved severity upon the conduct of the House of Representatives in dunvinir their seals to live of the regu larly returned members from New Jer- The Whig Convention which assembled at Nashville on the third inst nominated their late Senators, Hugh L. White and Ephraini H. Foster, as Electors from the State at large. WASHINGTON AND HARRISON. Man' points of resemblance have been suggested between the characters of Gi:.v. Wasiiixcto.v and Gn.v. Haukisox. Neither of these distinguished men was a soldier by profession. By profession and practice both were lanners. Lach ol them took up arms when his country was in danger, and laid thorn down when the danger had passed. They were equally conversant with the rules and usages ol savage and civilized warfare. the lirs't campaign ot each was against the North Western Indians; Gi:xi:iiai. Washington under Braddock, on the banks of the Monongahela ; Gi:x. ll.ut nisoN under Wayne on the banks of the Miami. No two officers in the American service were ever entrusted witn the same extent of discretionary power. Gi:x. Washington was almost absolute lrom the peculiar circumstances of the country during the revolutionary struggle. Gen. llAintisoN was equally absolute lrom the unsettled character of the territory, where his campaigns were fought, and his dis tance from the scat ofgoverninent, whence his orders were to come. The power thus necessarily entrusted to them, was not only never abused, but was exorcised with such singular moderation, and just regard to right and law, as to conciliate the aflbctions and win the confidence of all upon whom it operated. There have been statesmen as profound and generals as successful as either, but Washington and Harrison are without peer or rival, in their forbearing, and self-denying use of power without check and almost with out limitation. You will in vain search the public or private life of either for a single deed of violence, of a single act inconsistent with tho duty which they owed to their country and its laws. Gen eral Washington drove Cornwallis to York-town and when the ocean opposed his further retreat, captured him and his army there, and restored Virginia to the confederacy. General Harrison drove Proctor into Canada, and overtaking him on the Thames, captured his army there, and restored Michigan and Ohio to the Union. Each victory was decisive of the war, in the part of the country whore it was gained. After the peace of 17G5, Washington resigned his commission and retired to his farm. Harrison after the treaty of Greenville, in 1795, also resign ed his commission and retired to his farm. The invasion of Massachusetts by a British army in 177o, called Washington a second time into the military service of his country, which, after the war was successfully ended, ho a second time abandoned for the peaceful fields of Mount Vernon. 1 ho invasion ol Ohio m 1812, by Proctor and bis Indian allies, a second time called Harrison into the military service of his country, which after two vears, having recovered the honor and tbo territory which Hull had surrendered, ho a second time abandoned lor tho peace ful fields of North Bond. When tho country was almost destroy ed by the feeble administration of a de fective government, in 17S9, Gen. Wash ington was called from his plough by the people, to bo President of tho United Sta tes. And now when wicked men have got into place, and a selfish and dissem bling demagogue is abusing the power and patronage of tho presidency, that same people in 1811 will complete the parallel, by calling Gen. from his plough to bo in liict as well as name, tho PEO PLE'S PRESIDENT. AN ELOQUENT RECORD. Wn.M.iAM H. IIahuison was born in Virginia on tho 9th Feb., J 7711. In 1791, when 19 years of age, was appomteu iy Washington aneusign in our infant army. In 1792, ho was promoted to tho rank of Lieut., and in 1798 joined tho legion uuiler General IKaynoand in a fow days thereafter, was selected by him us ono of ins mus. On tho iMth of August, 1701, he distin-1 Capt. Marryatt says that a Now York guished himself in tbo battle of the Miami, or always walks as if ho had a good din aiul elicited the most fluttering written nor before him and a constable behind approbation of Gen. Wayne. him. In 171)5, ho was made a Captain, and was placed in command of Fort Wash- SiNtiut,AiiDi:Aru. On Wednesday of ingtou. '!,st week, while a trial was progressing n 1797, ho was appointed, by Presi- il,.,,,u 'ssion Court at Philadelphia, one dent Adams, Secretary of tbo North ol' tbo jurors engaged in the cause, re Western Territory and cz oficio Lieut, cptested that the Court would adjourn in Governor. consequence of the sudden death of one In 1797, ho was chosen a delegate to 0,llis 'ildron. Ho stated under oath Congress. 1 tMilt ,h(! c''ill had accidentally bitten its In 1801, ho was appointed Governor tongue the previous evening, but went to of Indiana, and in the same year, Presi- nud iu good spirits. During the dent Jellerson appointed him sole Com- ,mJnt l'"1'0 unfortunate bled to death niissioner for treating with the Indians. from fJlc wounds on its tongue! Tbo lu 180!), ho was re-appointed Gov. of -onrt in consequence adjourned until next Indiana by Madison. , On the seventh of November, 181 1, he trained the GREAT VICTORY of TIPPECANOE. On the 11th September, J81Lhe was ,., l,l I,,, tt "i- ... -..... ..I....:., Chief of the North Western Army. On tho 1st May, 1818, tho siege of Fort Meigs commenced lasted five days, and was terminated by tho brilliant and suc cessful sortie of Gen. Harrison. On the 81st of July, 1818, the battle of Fort Stephenson occurred. On the 5th Oct., 1818, he gained the splendid victory of the Til AMES, over the British and Indians under Proctor. In 1814, he was appointed by Madison ono of tbo commissioners to treat with the Indians, and in tho same year, with bis colleagues, Governor Shelby and Gen. Cass; concluded tho celebrated treaty of Greenville. In IS 15, he was again appointed such commissioner with Gen. McArthur and Mr Graham, and negotiated a treaty at Detroit. In 181b', ho was elected a member of Congress. In January 1SJ8, ho introduced a res olution in honor of Kosciusco, and sup ported it in ono of tho most classical and eloquent speeches ever delivered in the House of Representatives. In 1819, he was elected a member of the Ohio Senate. lu IS2-1, ho was elected Senator in Congress, and was appointed in 1825, Chairman of the Military Committee in place of Gen. Jackson, who had resigned. In 1827, he was appointed Minister to Columbia, and m 1829, wrote his ininiur lal letter to Bolivar, the deliverer of S America. Of him Col. Johnson (Vice President) thus spoke in the House ol Kepresenta tives whilst a member of that body : "Of tho career of Gen. Harrison I need not fpeak the history of the West is his history, ror lorty vears ho has been liidentihed with its interest, its per us and its hopes. Universally beloved in tbo walks of peace and distinguished by his ability in the field. During tho late war, he was longer in actual service than any other General officer ; ho was, perhaps, oftener in action than any of them, and never sustained a defeat.'''1 Such is tbo man, who still enjoying his untarnished fame and glory, and standing on a proud and lofty eminence whore neither malice nor envy can assail him, is now summoned by bis grateful countrymen to leave tbo quiet walks of private hlo to guide the council ol the nation, " and deliver the country from the dangers which encompass it. " AND HE WILL BE HER DELIVERER !! PROTECTION. The following ' amusing anecdote in relation to tho early history of " Beet Sugar" is related hy a correspondent cf the National Intelligencer, who is urging this suhject upon tho attention of the American people. 1 am very seusihlc of the great obsta cles always in tho way to the introduction of any new culture, or even innovation of an old custom. But 1 have lived to see many great interests which were tit first reckoned preposterous, and even ridicul ous, overcome the ordinary obstacles, and in no great while prove suiircct'of indivi dual and national wealth. Among tho instances of this kind, I cannot refrain referring t0 om, which affords a very stri king illustration. WheiiBonaparto found his empire cut oil' by tho superior naval power of an enemy from intercourse with tho West India Colonies, and other sour ces from which sugar could bo obtained from abroad, he determined that this luxury, and even necessary of civilized life, should ho made from tho soil of France. He accordingly ordered pre miums to those who succeeded in making it, and the beet was soon extensively cul tivated. But his attempt was scoffed at by many who thought themselves very wise. One of the wits of tho day pub lished a caricature representing tho Em peror and Empress seated at their break fast table, each stirring a cup of codec with a sugar-beet. Their young infant, the young King of Homo, was there also, with a sugar-beet clutched in his little hand, whilst his nurso was saying to him, "Suck it honey, papa says it's sugar." But all tho dibi ts of wits and other oppo nents could not turn Nupleon from his linn purpose, nor prevent tho ultimately triumphant success of the sugar culture, which is now so nourishing in Franco that, to prevent the utter destruction of her West India Sugar Colonies, she is obliged to impose a tat upon sugar made at home ; About 700 of the Winnebagoes have r mum niU inn.- nun mU tiiulur tliu British government, ruilier tliiin( fniii'iilu tu tliu WoM, aecordiiiir to tlieirt treaty with tlio I'nitcd .Suites. 1 unimy. Tin: Fitr.sur.T. Tlio heavy rains and mild weather of the last few davs have " .mu Ka "um "l 1 1 I... ... .1... HT..1 !. I Jiuusiuu iuvers, ,auu uavo caused an ex- tensive Hood m tho Hudson, opposite this city. We learn also that at the vil lages of Waterford and Lansinbtirgh the water has reached a greater height than has been known lor years. The Rail Road Bridge across tho north sprout of the Mohawk, near the former place, has been carried away, and much damage has been done to lumber and other prop erly exposed to injury. The water is still rising rapidly, and there is every prospect that the river opposite the city will be clear of ice. Troii Whiis, Feb. 11. The Freshet. Owing to the heavy rains on Sunday and Monday, the ice in the rivers which empty into the Thames, has been pretty much all broken up, and on Monday, in the evening, it came rush ing along with great lury, and now lies piled up at the head of the Thames river some lOorlo feet high. The rise of water has been very great, the lower parts of the stores lying on the border of the river being entirely overllown. iho bridge at Jeweit City, and also 2 or a bridges in Windham, we learn, have been carried away. Much anxiety is felt by our citizens at the result of the next mo vement of the ice. Norwich Aurora. Boston, Feb. 15. Flour I'lierc ii:ivc been furl her iirriviils ol Ohio the past week iimuitntiii!; Id about 500 libln The flock sit ni.ukct roiiiinues ett i euu'ly limited for lliu season, iniil llie demand id chit-lly liinilcd In I lie piesent ivanis nl' ilie r.ule sales li;ie I ecu fur (ieiie-io $7.J 71 timl I'lnl Hilcliliiii GJ, rath llnvviiril nieni 7J .1 7J, mid oilier ile.-ciiiliiiiis ol'Ssmnliein $7. 4iimm. cicmIii. (i'iiain Tlicie Iiih bei ii nn I'uri tier mrivid since our lil tepoil, iinil ilieitt is" iioiib now icii. lining iillual. Tliu iiil vaiicu of ueek H fully iii.iiiiliiin ed Miled of Vullmv I' Corn 7S a 0 mid ilnie 7j: er bushel lliu demand for live h,u iinniuved ami ilin lart tnUa uere in.ide at EUo per lin-hel for S'onlliei 11, c.irli Del.1n.110 Oald -lie per I)II,-IH'I, IMfll. IJltiGirro.v, Monday, Feb. 10. Al market, 317 Uci'f Callle. G10 tslieep. I'licr Heel' Can In Our iiuoioliom last week for dial ntiahiy should haio been S7. in-iend of 0 J, as leponeil. Wo pioie lliij week, fust tiiajiiy, 7: eeeond quality, G 25 a G 75; lliiid quality ,"1 25 a 5 75. Cows ami Calves Very few at maikel, and no salt 3 weie mil iced. ftlieep Owiux In tlio largo number at market la.-l weik, price did not niiicli advance. We quote lots al 2 50, 3, 3 75, and $5. Sswine None at inaike:. m a 11 it 1 1: i) In Kcrri!nirgli, 011 lli C1I1 inst., by llie Rev. Mr. Dunn, air. Gen. tireakeniide nl Cliailotle lo Jl 1.!, fcili. iliiMli A. I Mild olllie lurnier place, lu ibid village, on Tnc-tlav l.itt, liv lliu liev. J K. Conwita-, al bis own 1 evidence, Mr LollENZO I). IIaI'OOOu, ol .SliM.'ivrbm v, alatj., to MUd SAUAH S. IIODGKS, of Willislon, Vl. I) I 1: 1) In ilil town, 011 Sund.iv, Feb. 16, IMrn DETSY I'. I.OVKLY, wife ol Nolle Lccly, Iq. aged -14 COTILLION PARTY. The fourth will be held at Howards, on Tuesday even in;' I' eu. Jill. Mr. Lund respectfully informs tho citizens of Burlington and vicinity, that by special lotpiest, ho will repeat his Historical Lecture, at the Brick Church on Saturday evening, February 22d. This will positively bo tho last Lee lure in this place. DM. W. SI'OONBll. now in Burling, ton, will uiientl immediately nnd promptly to all calls for professional aid. lliu cloy will be limited to u few days ; ho will be found at I. Shalluck'rf Hotel. Fob 20 HMO Mil. I'urron ie.-piclfuiy annonncos, talit ho will leach wriling ut his writing Uooin.onc term titter Monday 2-ltb instant, and will entertain app'icalion ibr instruction till that time, nnd no longer. Feb. 19th HMO. Burlington Female Seminary. rijlllK Soring Turin of this Institution will JL eotninenco 011 Wudnesduy tlio fourth of March- LOST. A old watch key, with u black slrinir in it. Whuovor will return it lo this olficu bliull be suitably rowarded. SEED WHEATS A few bushels of spring seed wheal, of Superior quality, forsalu by J. it J. II.l'HCKA: CO. GRASS SEEDS. TTBRUS Gl ASK & Cloven SKKD, XJL lor aolo uv 1IIUKOK iM UATLIN. Feb. 20, 111-10. STORE TO LET AND Stock of Goods for Salo. rillB undersigned oiler for sale the cn JL lite Stock ol Dry Unodd, Groceries', Hint l'rovitiiont,cnutained in the Store late ly occupied by l.utlirop & I'olwin al Wr uuubki Village. Tins id u li htrato blond Ibr lliu abavo lino of bus.uess, uud the l'retcul it, nil excellent opportunity lor any one piit'itOHting n small capital lo continue the biisincbi, us lliu Ktoru has a good set of Customers, For temir-, which will be made very favorable to the purrhamr, apply in Feb. JO, 1030. MAYO & WAIT. Nova Scotia Piaster. HIE fiiiliiuriburs i.ffi.'r lor snlc V.00 Tons! of Ploster. Thov will commence muling nl lliu Mill .it Wlnooskt Falls mi Monday next. A person will ho at I lit: Mill to deliver U price for Cash. $10 pur ton. FOLLETT &. BRADLEYS. Burlington, Fill). '20. 1(140. FEBIIITA.KY 20. IIURRITTS GEOGRAPHY of the II EA VESTS. Win KINS ASTRONOMY. comstocks rninoso i r. COMSTOCKS CHEMISTR Y. FUNTS SURVEY. WATTS OJT THE MIND. BROWNS CONCORDANCE S;c. c-c this day received by tho Subscriber, mid will bo sold ns low tin ihoy cut) be bought in (bid Stole, no inMnki'. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. Burlington, Vt. College Strict STATE OV VERMONT, I l)ITIUCT fir OlltTF.NUr.N. ( The Probate Court for the District nf Chit tenden, To nil person' to wham these prevents shall rnme. GREETING. LUTHER :MOORB. ot UulclaMur, in mid Di-lrici, guardian of Guorgo Mooru, nf Urotikllultl, nnd Lewis Monro, of Cnltjintcr, mull! infnntx, nnilfr thi ngu of twenty-uno ypnr. mid Maria S Moore, of Colchester, n female infant under tin; ogi of eighteen years', having reiri,jeiilcd to 1 his court that thucaul Gtiorgu, Lewis nnd Marin nru seized in c imiinri in I heir own right in fee, of the one equal undivided ninth part of the following docribetl par col of land situated in YVillistoii, in ili' county of Chiitijndi'ii, on the north t-idu cf the Wititiocki Turnpike, nnd is bounded on the soiiili by said Turnpike nnd 011 the casi nnd west by lands of Ruswnll Morion, and on the north by land of Lesior Hall, con tnininrr one acre nnd n half of land with n dwelling houxi and barn thureou, and arp oho seized in common, iniheirown rijjh' in fee, of one equal undivided ninth part i f two huntlrcd anil thirty three equal iindivi tied ten hundrHilih pans of forty acres if land situated in suul V 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 on 1I10 Minth ulu ol said Turnpike, and is bounded on the? north by taid Turnpike, on t ti onr-t by the rout! leading mmiiIi from Mild Turnpike to tho dwelling Iidiimj ot ISunuoii ljcc, on the south bv luntl of fanl Lee, and on the west by land of Geo. W. Chittenden. It is hereby orderetl that salt! application stand for a hearing before said court at a t?e-ciin thereof, to be holden at the officii of I he Register of enit) court m linrhni'inn, in the county of Chittcuden on ihe Fecund Satur day in March A. D. 11M0. nnd that notice thereof be given by publihmg ibn order. embracing the Mib-tnncu of said e it ion. in tho Burlington Free I'ress, printed at ltd r lington, two weeks successive! , the last of i-n id publications to be not leco limn two weeks previous lo Hiid day. r --r Givi'n under my hand and I he sen I jL. t5.j nfsnid Court, nt Burlington, ihi I 1 ,,(,,, ,nv , p(,h A D U!)0 CIIARLKS RIJSSBLL. ,urge. Sherman's Worm Lozenges, AUK lliu greatest discovery ever made, for dispelling the various kinds of worms, thai so frequently and distressingly annoy, hothchil ureu ami adults. '1 hey aro an infallible rem. edy. and so pleasant to tho taito that children will take them as readily as a common pepper. mini l,ozoii;o. jMany tfipeasei ariso lrom worms, without its beiii'' suspected. Some times a very ironblesomu couirh. iiains in iho joints or limbs bleeding at the noi-c, kc. Sec, uru occasioned hy worms, anil will be easily cured by using this celebrated medicine. Tlio following symptoms indicate the presence of worms, viz: headache, vertigo, torpor, dis turbed dreams, sleep broken oil by friu lit and screaming, convulsions, foverishuess, thirst, pallid hue, bad taste in tho mouth, offensive brcalh, cough, ddllcult breathing, itching at too nose, pains 111 the stomach, nausea, squcatnishncss, voracity, leanness, tenesmus, itching at the anus towards night, ami at length dejections of films and mucus. One is a dose for a child tvvo years old two for 0110 lour years; three for eight years ; and five I'm an adult, and should be repeated every morn ing, or every other morning unlil relieved. Head the following letters : New York, March S, 1839. Deaii Doctoii, According to your icquest, wo have used your Worm Lastngtt in several cases of worms, and found them uniformly successful. Wo havo no difficulty in getting children to lako them, as they aro perfectly pleasant. Wo shall tuo them in our practice whenever occasion tillers, heliuving them t., bn Ihe best vermifuge uudieiuo in use. Wo have aNo used your Soda Lozongcs very ex. tensively, and lintl lliem fully 10 answer thu purposes you recommend lliem for. Wc uru yours, respectfully, V. Wr.FKS, M. P. V. Shaddock, m. d. G. It. Gheen.m. d. New Youk, Feb. 1830. Dr. Sherman, Dear Sir: Ono of my da ligh ters, aged 17 years, was troubled for about eighteen inonlhs with a hacking cough, bro. ken and disturbed sleep, &e. Shu was fast wasting uway, although she oat quite hcarly. Several physicians attended her without anv benefit. From reading thu directions aceom panying your Worm Lozenges, describing the symptoms of worms, 1 thought shu might ho thus troubled, and accordingly procured a box, which, to my surprise, perfectly cured her in ono week. Thov nru a most excellent medicine, and I believo my daughter owes her lite lo them. Yours, ie. Janb IIuMi'iiniivs, ij Mercer st. Sold at tho Variety Store by PANG 110 UN .5- lUUNSMAin, Jewellers, Hurliniitoii. Vt, FA KM FOR SALE. Pinll l' subscriber oilers to kcII Ins eMun JL btvo Inrin, situated in Ilinoshiirgh. on the stage rimil from burlington to Mid dlebury, consisting of nearly 100 ticres of land, together with nil the necessary Inriii tug utensili, the buildings situated thereon, and 11 largu stock, consisting of -1 or 500 sheep, und hot ween U) ami 50 cattle. Said larut is loo well known to need any limber description; 11 is urobably second to none iu the Slate. Tlio buildings tire insured for between J nnd $ 000. I'KTKIt 11. BOYNTON. Hlncfburgh, January 2!), 1(140. All of Jr. 8her man's Locn- ges and other preparaiinns for sale ul tliu variety store, tiy I'AMiiumN I.V Uut.N.-M.tit), Jewellers, IJurlinslon, I t. Superfine Flour for Sale by Jun. 15. STRONGSI&. CO. . . . ..""" i low Dusnuis genuine Italian Spring Wlii'ii lnr hhIc bv UDNEY II. PENNIMAN. Clclinci,r. Fell 7'h. UUO Save your JJirdsoyo and Curl M A 1 JLi E . NELSON & GAT MS will pay n fair price for logs of the above descrip tion, delivered tit lliutr shop at iho Pull,ur in 1 tu vuinge. Most, kinds of School Books lor sale. Produce of nlinost every ills- crintinn received 111 payment, Inn . U. GOODRICH. A lot of fresh Cod and Haddock juat received and in priui'j order, for snlu at the Market lintm- - nlso first quality ul' salmon. D. ICimiiai.i. Jr. k. Co. mti, NOTICE. riM lib subscriber has loiiud on his ftoro X floor a few Bank notes. Any person who will give satisfactory evidence of ownership, shall have said money by ma. ling application lo J. W. TURNMIt. Cimhrh!c. Ftfi, 12, HldO. HEED. CLOVMR mid Uv.nit SEED; for sale, also GOODS rhap at I'Vbniiirv 13. H!.() HOWARDS. Revised Statutes, of Vermont. inn Revised !statute-i ot this state, passed . by the Legislature- at its last session, am now in piess and will be completed with all possible dispatch. As the stale will havo none for sale, or for cistriQuliou in the Slate, all wanting the book must buy. Specimens of print wilh proposals for price, Sic, will bo sent lo every Ioumi in the Mate, and those lirst ordcritig from agents, will receive tho first cof ies ready. Any one w slung to reccivo tho heels as they aro printed, will have lliem sent hy mail weekly, stitched in covers, for .Jly'jU on application lo the subscriber. CIIAUNCEY GOODRICH. nitrliiiL'tnn, Feb. I, Hill). Charlotte S. Piatt's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, District or Ciiittk.mien, S BE it remembered Hint at a probata court hold. 'ii at Burlington, within nnd for the di-trict of Chittenden, on tbo 10th tiny of February, A. 1). HMO, present iho Hon. CharhH Rus-ell. Judge of gold Court, an inst ruuient purporting tube tho last will uud testament of Charlotte S. Plait, late of Milton, 111 said district de censpil, wus presented to t he Court here bv George K. Piatt one of the executors therein named. Tiieretore it is ordorcil by the Court aforesaid, that notice be given to all per. sons concerned 1 herein 10 appear before said court at a session thereof to bo holden at Burlington, within nnd for the district of Chittenden, on the second Wednesday of March. A. I). 18-10. nnd eotue.-t Ihe pro. hate of said will. Ami it i-i lurilier ordered that ibis order be pnhh:lied three "'eekn successively in the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington in this State, the last of which publicat ton shall be previotH to the day assigned as aforesaid for a hearing. Given under my baud at ihe Registpr's. office, m Burlington afurpsaid, tins 10th day of February A. D. HMO. Wm WMSTON. Resivtn; Paul liabcock's Estate. h the subscribers, having been ap pointed bv the Honorable the pro bate Court fur the Di-trict of Chittenden, coinniKsioners to receiv.-, examine anil ad jut the claiiiH ami demands of all persons ugainst the e.-tnte of Paul Babcock, lalo ot Jerictio, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and al-o all claims and demand exhibited 111 tT!-et 1 hereto ; and six mouths from the day of Ihe duti hereof, being allowed by said Court, for 'hat purpose, we do therefore! hereby gives notice that we will attend to Ihe business of our appointment, nt the dwelling of Horace Bnbcnck. in Jericho, in -aid Dis trict, on the second Mondays of February and July next, at 10 o'cluck, A. M., 011 each of said d.iys. Dited, tin- 12-h day Jan A D. 11540. TRUMAN BARNEY; commit. ZEBUl.ON GIBBS, v sionrr. f.l DIC. HULL'S Utcro Abdominal Supporter. THIS new Instrument for Hie radical cure of Prolapsus Uteri or Falling of Hie Womb, by external application, super selling the use of the object loiiable Pe-sury. is confidently recommended to iho n tllict ed ns Iho mean of 3 perfect restoration tu health, it never having fulled of performing a euro even under I lie uinM aggravated ctrcuinttauces. It 1 1 ri - received l he decided approbation of Sir Aslley Cooper of LON DON; Sir Benjamin G. lirodie; Sir James Clark. Phystciun to the Queen; Dr. Ash well. Lecturer on Midwifery to Guv's Hos. pilnlj Dr. Rigbv, L.'cioicr lo St. Bartliol-omess-, Dr. Gnlliih. L.cturerlo Wesimin sti;r Hospital; Dr. Ramsbotham, Lecturer to London Hospital; Robert Ferguson, Lecturer to Westmin-ler Lytng-m llo-pi-lal . Dr. Sw. allium, L etur. r to Muldle-ex Hospital, ii ml senior Accoucheur to Queen Charlotte's Lying-in IloPpual; also by Henry Dnvies, Ciinqneji ; Blutidell. Lee, Merrimau, Surgeon Keutes tSic. by Dr iMoreau President ol ihe Academic Royalo do Medecipe, I'ARIS and Accoucheur to the Duchess D'Orleans; Professors Vel peau Mnrjolin. I'.iul Dnbms, Sanson iiml otliers;--ii'.il in N. w York by Professor J. W. Franei'i ; G. S. J5.'dlord. M. I). Prnfersor nf Midwifery in Univer-iiy iha fitly NEW YOKK : Professor Deli.fleld, Professor Francis U. Johnston, President County Med. Society; Laurens Hull, pres. Medical Mietety, slate of New Yoik; ptof. Juuies MeNaughlon of Admny; prnfi-sor March, prof. Cyan Perkins, prof. Dna'nc Drs. Thos. Boyd, Gilbert Smith, Ho,-nck, Stearns, Ludlow, Cissiim, Vuche, Power, Grayson, Van Ren.-saluer and many oilier distinguished Physicians in the U. Stutes. A. G. HULL: Ollice d,, Astor lluutc. New York. 0A eonsiaut supply ot 'he above Instru ments, wub Dr, Huli'-j Improved Truss for Ucriuu will be kepi by ROBERT MOODY Orient, U,(rlt L'lf it. Vt

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