Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 13, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 13, 1840 Page 3
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Communication. manor to In true test, will llic Durham yield : I ureal n return In flesh,, or milk, fur the nmoiiin Mr. Editor Tho remarks you niado t of food consumed, ns any given ''reed J 'jj'1 relating to tllO flllO Ayrslliro nllimal, vniiclrig popularity, In a coimiry wliern tlinrn iiro ... I II . r.n Clinnl,nP urn inmij viu IciIm grpHtly cxrollliii! our own in llllllll(lo lately introduced liy Doct. bpoonor, aro (o f cn( rt)i , c()i i)mg 1)em , nilkil)g I ho iiinoiint ol IdoiI ie- of it. Ho disclaimed tlio duty, and eta nicd tho power. What then, did ho ro commend 1 Why, a sub-treasury' measuro which contoinplittes tho creation . .. . .. !!. .. . .r f.i ... t,l tint nt filli Kti.lin flfiru niirl llio vnrv USt. Ullt UOloro PUUIIC opinion IS properties, limy nuest. i iio hihoui u .11 wun ... u... "-V ' . .... united bv him. llieicfurr. forms no ohhcllon lo the L.ii.....! t r im,Mi .1.H.MPI in t in milttor. S t 110t 1UU1C10US ! nr,wl Klin I It,,,-, n n soil, in hi " uisuiiiaumuiu . .""j e !,,:. iviili n vinw in tirrivn at lu,re lale' "r 1,9 n eross with others. cnougli to pay thorn a measure designed for us to inquire, with a view to armc ui T1)n nnt nn.v . i )CC0,ider eJ la. will J ... .... some rational conclusions, what slock is the rcromuicnded cross, mpply ui with working to reduce tlio price ot labor ana tno price W mhmtnd to tlio admirable .razing " ' , 1 -' ' . ' , ot property, and ol course to n.agni.y tno ,,,,. ;,. ,l,Ipl,.i f.l vn? T in ililliroVCd rl,,lly 1110 teason iissiueii mr ins imh "h u rueil 01 IirUSCIH IIIUC.JICUIICSS wmiu u country in winch w o li c . i uc inipiou. nf J , f , purpose in his native country, , , ,. .u iiUpl.rli..1.. iri.vrPNll,.rAl.i.nioov..ltialiio enuances mo vattio oi ins own s.u- pp. (or the butcher, to ho retained wlthpiofit ary .Qm fifty t(J au hundred por cent, fnnror five, fur llie yoke Tlieru can ho but J , , . n cnrn.,,1 tn nn ntlmr breed of cattle: Hulo .lo.ilit, ihai tmlicil wlili our imrtiier, nut yiy rims 5tfl,gfe mcnsura oi n ainiurfr nuiuiii- though among the highlands of Scotland, ofwoiking cmilo will bo pioduced. Tl the Ayrshire tho proft ncss But beforo wo place them first in Ver- T)iirluimi linvn nvor been held ill England i. hi c.irlv maturity render him loo valuable onliaiices m.i l.l l Uirpp ami tno more acccssimu puns ui oiuuuuu, Imt i( I little nroi.s mill active . , ... ,, l,rnnr, i i.j.nirr.. r-i 1 fl. t1 ...... .1:.,.. . , being a smaller animal, lias wioi.o labor ouffitto cninpersale for their latdier 0 . , . i , . inntur Iv. w i h ze. Ti'Ci inz properties, nnu w- iiiu ouiuuiui, iius iiiuuuuaiuu i ouu-huu.-j- jrenco, on account of tho steep- ' r,'; v , , ' ,'l0 cro.Vwili loe linto, nml ,..,.. ... - . .... fn and barrenness of their pastures. probably nothing of the neiiviiy nd, i,,i u ,y j . r. j. (""" " i . . IHLIIISCIVCS I VS IllUUUIft IIUW SlilllU, IIIU mont, it will bo well for us to compare our rich, comparatively level, and fcrtilo pastures, and the case and facility with which tliov can bo traversed, to tho steep barren, arid almost inaccessible pastures of the Scotch Highlands ; where through the obvious necessity of tho case, the Ayrshire cattle arc nrefercd. Indeed so rough, steep and barren, is a great por tion of that country, and so high and pre cipitous aro its its blufls, that but a frac l..f,,i; .1,1 in. rurripil. iii iiioiluoe the most valuable biped ofwoiking cattle, experience can whigs arc powerless minority in Congress alone determine. rpi,,,;,int ,lr(1ct. ,!,: tlw. of1- A...l I""" l- " .........Ji, W.V. .. ministration majority docs nothing, and, forsooth, Winslow is mad but wo do not exactly understand why. lie should " define his position," and inform the public what ho would have Congress do. V K I D A Y MORNING, MARCH, 13. "HARD CIDER." Our town election took place on Mon day last, and for the first tune in ten years was contested measurably on political grounds. tion over one fourth part of it, with an were routed and overthrown. In every overflowing population living on its in- instance where tho whigs rallied as LOOK TO HOME FOR ALL THAT HOME CAN GIVE. Harrison. This sentiment elonucntlv expresses Of course the Loco Focos L,1C w,)0,c American Svstcm Tiatsys. tern aims at tho dcvclopemcnt of our own resources, tho encouragement of habitable points for ages, has ever been party, they carried their candidates by an American industry, and sccuriiiir to our reduced to pasture, or any other use, for average majority of about fifty votes. own pro(juccrs tiC bonolit of a homo agricultural purposes. Now when we We elected our Town Clerk, two of the market. With tho importance of this compare Vermont to such a country, we three select-men, three Listers, two polic no js d jmDrcssed than see a vast diflerence indeed, the con- Trustees of the public money, and the Gclli nAuniS0 alui fow 1UC11 :11(juc(i trast is so great, that we cannot avoid tho town Treasurer. Glory enough for one ,mvn cxprcsscd themselves on the subject conclusion, uijercm anu ncavicr nay. with more clearness and force. Hardly breed of animals, arc better adapted to T- fntmv!n vai.nt!np. .lisnlav of a pa-c of our historv for fiftv vears. but our soil. Ours, like the pastures in Eng- bears record of his semhnents. At home, land, arc justly celebrated for their luxu- ... , ' abroad, in Conirrass. n,,l at thn l..Kt!. i ii r t inritv." in t in csfint.inr.l nl hriitnv; ' o tj-i nam grasses, anu are goneraiiy ot easy -v. - , , , , ,.- llllu.nvo . . .ii.. .i .? pnnni'sntj tup. p.vtiiitsi.ism" pnr ' ", aucuSS ; CSIHJu..y ... two or u.rco uer oi - h AR1S0N tN VErSToN'IV' advocate of tho protective policy ; and we rownsui uuruuring upon me laKC. l here lia8 nodonot ueen a concerle,! - . - .!., i annlnniwl movement anion? t tie writes in inn ota e to carrv J o all ilie town oflic at the March meeilnz, nnd to for a tariff voto on the rrotind of instrnr- improved Durhams, further than that thoy E tions. Mr. Van Buren was known to be Lowry received assurances from head fct. Uien the order of .urrender made in piirinanee , , , of ntch demand or teuel, wmild havp Hinnnnied quarters, that when the agency was trans-1 10 n agtttmtnt bet vipeii the Slate nt Veunonl forred fro... the Rank of Burlington, it..Std: "ttkSlSro would bo invcn to him. In the mean time, tho member from tho oth district wanting to pay oil' an old political debt, procured tho appointment for Augustine Clarke, and beforo the Marshal got wind of tlio matter, tho books, papers and funds, were on the way to Montpclicr. riiis was not to be submitted to. A new cflbrt wns made, and about the ides of March, Mr. Lowry again received notice of his appointment as pension agent, in place of Mr. Clarke. The member from the 5th district, however, was not long in scenting out the treason. It was more than flesh and blood could bear ; and if report speak true, Gen. Fletcher had a regular flare up with tho department. He threatened to resign his scat and go home, revolutionize his district, and raise tho d 1 with tho administration, unless Clark was reinstated. There was no time for chat. The administration had no members to spare, and the matter must bo reconciled. It was finally acreed to divide the agency give Clark tho East and Lowry the West side of tho Mountain. So the next mail after Lowry received his appointment, he received notice of being razeed one half, and how long he' will be able to hold on to tho other nioity, is uncertain. In the mean time, Clarke pays all the pensions, as heretofore, and will so continue, until further notice. have been held as superior to all other test of merit in the election ofiown officerc, eome opposed to the tarilT in 182S and his Vii-nnflc .lmrn ,i, f., r ,i, . of our friends may have been caught napping. In ' . " ' ' .v.v.u, 11..V.H, ui mi. iiiumry, 0l,er ppe8 llie i-e(la ,.,ve (,,lrn, ,ieir f,gCr9. By state had to instruct him to vote for it ; nnfl Its itT-nrliir'ti.rnnfiftc .wl..,1 . the followini! extract of ii letter from the head- , . n . . . ... . ..uupi ' .,... of,alrUn:,m in SlBle. .... ...:- Diu uc.i. Harrison's constituents never their growth: and beforo WC roicct them may have a foreliifieof their fate next fall. All . . - .1. "r i. .i f. i. ...!ni nnrl nvnrlnnU- tlin t..imnnV nrUin,, frnm 1 e lavor we aSk that I he leJ. wit Keep on Willi . .. .v their nouc, and bliuier. It will inaKe us prose. the experience of tho best herdsmen of this lytei in all ouarterg. , ., . . . , mo iiii9 nave snown inoir nanus, and, had we not better try it is t0 bo ho bd ial iB all lhos, towns u;htr'e the cxperimont and see whether they will March tncetings have not yd been held tlio LfcmocraiH may nil ue un ino grounu runuy not also be superior for us ; or at least, whether a cross from the blood, will not make the improvement, which we so much need and desire, in our stock1? With a view to present some of the distinguishing traits between the improved Durhams, and other breeds, particularly the Ayrshire, I wish you to publish the following extracts, from an essay on Cat tie, in the February No. of the Cultivator, 2840, written by Henry S. Randall, Esq .of Cortlandvillc, N. Y. fiaving thus given a hasty etimmnry of the prin to act as tho occaoion may require. If tho feds wish to carry politics into tlio town elec tion, contrary to llic usual custom , tho Donio. crals will meet them, and nay, Lmy on, Macuiili, And curst bo lie who Aral cries hold, enough Up to this period the whigs had not designed to make the town election politi cal. But in tho face of such a challenge, they could do no less than rally a little for the emergency, and accordingly a few notices were sent to different parts of the town on Saturday, requesting the whigs to be on the ground. It was the general cipal facia which lend to thro-v light on the main dcsil'C, l.OWCVCr, llOt to make tl.C election iqupitinn before in, viz.. "what breed of cattle umoit projtiaoie," we proceed to elate our con victiom on the eutiject. That the common cattle of tho country do not ipoJeti Hie greatest nttuinatile combination ol ex celleiiciefi. will readily bo admitted. A selection ofilieiit present very desirable rjiialities for the political, and on Monday morning a com mittee of whigs met the loco focos at Tamany, and proposed an equal division of tho officers. This was declined, and dairy and the yoke ; but in feeding properties, and at tllO OPClfui" of tl.O polls tl.0 wlligS vail0riullu in curlv ni:ilnr!lu. limit nria A i I O 1 " full blooded Durham bullock will go profitably to found tllCIUSelveS compelled to tako tl.O me uutclier, at lean two years eailier than l ie r , , , ,. , .,t:,i,. :,,,: American, a decisive consideration to the gra.ier : fieltl politically, but Without organization, undlalihough the former is thegreuier!con?uiner, the or CVCll Concert US to candidates. On extrn food required by him, will weigh but little gainet the no or een one year's additional keep the Other hand, the loco I0C0S wore per- .Bu. .wi.h.i.nJ!n. nil ,ha. mav be -m fn, J fcctly organized, had a regularly nomi- Against them, it U to the bett cross with selected natcd party ticket, and were furnished .iiiiuiitiB ui iiiu luiiiiut'ii imui, ic'iftiuiiiiy nnu ex pense being taken into consideration, that the com 'liion American lanner must look for the moil pro fitable breed of raulc. In this proposition ve Avith 10 be distinctly understood. We do not intend lo asiert that the produre of any cross wo might thus make, would surpass in value breed already in existence ; but the entire substitution of n for -etgn variety for nur own, presupposes un expen .dilute of time mid funds utterly out of the niiesnon. The question then is, with what breed is this Ameliorating change to be effected I On a careful with PRINTED VOTES throughout Under theso circumstances, they were met, and routed, horse, foot and dragoons. Even Haswcll, "tho most popular man in Chittenden county," was, in this "'appeal to the people," supplanted as treasurer, by a larco vote. Indeed, there was a comparison of the characteristic merits and defects 1 1 i r m 1 1 1 1 .1 . of our own cattle, with Hie correspondimr ones of good (loal of ,1!ml C,dcr "rank on that -oilier varieties, wo arrive unhesitatingly at the rlav liv mnn wlin lmvn hiiim nrrnetntnnfl must look for the basis of the desired improvement, to champaign, J srui. Willi lliu f-fc.uil UI liciciuiu, ivuuiti b.ici ! I flnnl-r. Will tlif. V.AiitiiiAl 1 firnm ilk nn nrniinrl Pa . I lie divaifi. nnil ill-a in.i -V""'- " v uiisimji had occasion for such an interposition. Ho has not only gone right himself, but has contributed, in no small degree, by his public speeches, his votes, and his private influence, to give a wholesome tono to public sentiment. We last week gave an extract from one of his published speeches, iind wo copy to-rlny nn pvtrnrt from an address of his in 1831, in which be endeavors to illustrate tlio indirect effect of protection upon business gener ally, and particularly upon tlio mechanic interest. It will be read with approba tion by every tarilT man. The following extract from the late address of the Van Buren State Conven tion, to the people of Virginia, completely fortifies our position in regard to Gen. Harrison. We copy it from the last Richmond Enquirer. Thirdly . Gen. Harrison is the advocate nf a j. any jor protection ana was the strenuous supporter of the iiffi tariff policy of the Ad. ministration of the younger Adams. The prool to sustain this objection, is as con elusive, as 111 the preceding instance. It is tn he lottnd, not only 111 Ins vnie for the Tariff o( 1S23, not given tinder the influence of iiniruciioii, Imt in his unifnrin votP3 upon r lie fiihicot. hImIp in Congress, nnd his own free and voluntary declara. lions upon many occasions timnug nihers, no relcr you to I lie lollou-ing liner extract Irom a speech dp livered by him, hpforp tlm "Hamilion rnuniy Agri cultural toociety ol UI110," in June, 1S31, On that occasion, nfu r advocating theTarifTat great Ipngih, lie fiijs, ' I believe, that nni oneofihe evils whirh " were predicted from 1I10 Tariff, have happened, nml ll.-.F .,,,1 nn .!, ...I ...... V "Mi- 1 ii'ii-iiiuiri which were promised Irom it, hut have Iippii realized ! B "ut the folly of abandoning it, can " bring us back lo the hard limes iluougli which " we have nassed. " Bui this ifl not nil. Sn iln. vnied was he in its support, that he declared, ns follows, in nllinion to n remaik made by Mr, James HI. Garneil, that llie effects nf the political quackery of t,e Tariff " had been 10 rover the streets ol Norfolk with grass. Ann. Harrison ntier insisting npnn the benefits of ihn Tariff, adds: " It may lie asked, whether, under nnu rirrum. " stances, I umild he willing lonbaiiilnn tlieTarifft 1 niuwer wiinout liesiiniaiion, in the iifliriiiativp. ' Whenever the sireeis of Norfolk nml Clinrlfiifin " shall he rnvered with grass, nnd our Southern Alderney, is not 10 be thought of: llie Ajrshire or this as "proof of enthusiasm for Harrison ill 'ricnd find no market for their produce, ami this the Long Horn, possess no excellencies that the ,. ,, . . fmie """S" rn hi distinctly traced to ilie Duihnmdocs not possess in n greater degree : and Vermont, and accept it as a "foretaste" " .lar'H..' would then instantly give my voice for !!,u'cr. . ,Iornf- of the fate of Loco Focoism "next fall " " Z tHll 'ZVl1.!. compared with the improved race, areas the crude .ore to the manuleclured and polished metal. tfxper ..nee. ,. . tea, y prove,., mat tt.e cross CoNORESS.Wfi can't give any of the proceed Between me shiimhi iiiiii our common race, is a !. .1 .i.t, .itmiiinl Imrlv Inr u ,p, .moit.jud.c.ous one, and example, are not wanting r((lMrg w0(,, n0l ,,.,nk for , ., ' bef(ire-,,cm still ihink that its rontinnance would be bpiipficia to a majority ofihe American people." Indeed si pxppssivp was (ipncral Harrison in his support ui mo 1 hi ui. c. ac. ac, of it in our own country. A few years since, a hull ired by Wje Comet, was introduced into Homer, nnd his progeny are remarkable for their seize, tbeauly, aud milking properties. They are but few, as most ol our people 111 mat period, who gave n thought to the subject of the improvement oftlieir cattle, and they were not numerous, preferred the cloddy buttocked Yorkshires Yet, there is perhaps not one of llie immediaie descendants of this bull, that would not be re-idily selected out of a large Jurd .of the best common cttile, fur ill superior fceauly of form, We have already alluded to the change effected by the farmers of Ayrshirn on a poorer breed, by -a Short Horn cross ; nnd there can be no good .reason why the American farmer, with the same kill and perseverance, may not be equally suc cessful. Indeed there ure cmde Durhams already among us, which there can be no doubt equal or cxrel llie Avitlnro in every ilcsiraoie point. The Durham, ns we have beforo remarked, re nuires more feed than our small native cattle, This, his superior site, would lead us in expect, liul though a greater, he is a more promiscuous con.ti tner, the coarsest quality of hay or straw beini readily devoured by him. In Entland. straw, will a very sola II allowance of lumens, constitute his fticlutiie store keep in winter. But to bring this the frivolities nnd slang which appear to occpy llie lime of the Honorable gentlemen. They have now been in session three months, ai an expense in Uncle Sam so far of 8175,000 and have onlv passed one law a law for paying themselves. AfWirifi. Stephen S. Brown is endeavoring to prop the locofoco causo in this district with pillars of salt. As a specimen wo copy Ins communication from tho St. Al And nrav what did tbn Snntinnl ovnnrt b:u,s liaPr company it with Mr, Confess to do ? What did tlm Pml,lont bw,,t s '"'"cd and sensible reply. Wo propose? what measure for tho rclicf of sll0,,ld tllink Mr Drown would not tho pooplo 1 Did ho suggest to Conerass Uga"1 atlom,)t t0 mstruct U, pul,,,c' "ntil any measuro of relief, for the agricultural, 1,0 ,ms ,niM, ,,in,sf acquainted with at tho manufacturing, or tho commercial101 u' le!Uj'g facts pertaining to Ins embarrassments that weigh tho country down 1 No. Theso great interests aro not even alluded to in tho message Did ho proposo to "regulato tho currency," or furnish us with a circulating medium adapted to tho people, tho business, and tlio institutions of our country ? Nothing subject. PENSION AGENCY, "ire she goes, and there she goes." Thoro aro somo curious circumstances OScnator Buchanan has two infalli ble cures for the evils by which this coun try is now burthencu. 1st. Make ccrv State prohibit the circulation of all bank bills under twenty diktats. 2J. Jlcduce our nominal to tie real standard prices throughout the twori. The "real standard prices" for labor in "eighteen out of twenty-two foreign gov ernments" consulted by Martin Van Bu ren in preparing his mode, of a specie Sub-Treasury, average fton, 12 to 25 per day. Wo do not doubt tint this would be entirely acceptable to of the General Government whose salaries aro enhanced by every successful cflbrt to bring tho prices of labour and produce down to a specie standard but what say our mechanics and working-men, the bono and sinew of our democracy, to such a proposition 1 Will they go with the Whigs for a healthy credit, a sound cur rency, and fair prices, or with the Loco Focos lor tueir "pcnsji credit, perish commerce, down with the Hanks, and down with the wages" system'! HOLMES. This individual, it will bo recollected, was arrested at this place about a year since, charged with the murderof Taschay :it Kamouraska, L. C, and on application of tho Colonial authorities, Gov. Jcnison issued an order for his surrender. The execution of this order was arrested, how ever, by writ of habeas corpus, and the question came up before tho Supreme Court in July last. Messrs. Maeck and Van Ness appeared for Holmes and ar gued the case at great length against the authority of the Governor to surrender. Mr. Adams, on the other hand, maintained the power, and insisted upon the duty of the Executive to surrender felons. Tho court sustained tho Governor. The case was then carried up to tho U. S. Court, by writ of error, and again argued by Gov Van Ness in behalf of Holmes. Tho question, however, seems not to have been decided there upon its merits, but dismis sed for want of jurisdiction. This leaves tho matter where it started, in the hands of the Governor. Since tho above was in type, wo have been furnishod with the following extract of a letter from Washington, dated March 5th, which wo publish for the sake of the mformationtioii it contains. Wo do not agree to all its conclusions, nor approve its temper. Gov. Jennison will not be driven from a just discargo of his duty. "The Judges of the Supremo Court of the UnilPil Slates, vesterdav delivcied their opinions in the case of Dr Holmes, brought up liy writ of error from the Supreme Court of Vermont. I'hero being an equal division niiinng lliein, the judgment helow is ronsrqiienlly affiimeil ; but it will be imeresiing in Know Hie grounds ol the several opinions expressed upon this occasion. Chief Justice Taney delivered an opinion in winch Judges Story, McLean and Wayne roncur. red. This opinion is erv full, nnd displays extra. ordinary ability, sustaining the jurisdiction of the court I y writ ofeiror, upon tho judgment of a stale court in the rate nf a lialieas corpus, and sustaining also tlm exclusne power of llie general government over the subject nf surrendering iugiiivr from jus tice lo foreign governments. Theso four judges, iherefire, were in favor of reversing the judgment of ilie stale court. Judge Catron concurred in the first place in tho opinion prepared by tlm Chief Justice, nnd thus n majority had agreed to icverse the judgment below; but this Judge, in 11 manner somewhat unnccounta. ble, afier two nrlhiee weeks of ugteemrnt, sudden. ly changed sides, aud that upon 11 very singular, not to say frivolous, ground. He delivered a separate opinion in which he admits that he "concurred for a time" with the Chief Justice and his three oilier ns.oeiates : and ho founds his change of opinion there was a demand nn die part of Cnnad 1, it will lit mice l) seen that the judgment of lb1' sunn roiirt has lieen condemned, and would have Demi Inrinally icveised, by 11 majority ol this riuirt, but for tho accidental omission in llie rrcoidiifii notorious fact, nml which the four Judges first named did not consider material in make nut llic unconstitutional agreement. It ought In be mlded, however, that those Judges nlo decided the catn upon other nnd broader grouiuN than llic prohibition alluded in in the nonsiiiutioii nf a Stale entering into an agi ce ment with n foreign power, I'liey considered that ground stifhYienl. and said that an ngreeinent In tnr- render Holmes nnil nccesarilv bo supposed, even without any evidence of n demand on the part of CfiiunJa. liul they nhcrwiiriN enlered upon llie broad around that llitsnibipct belonged to the fir elgn intercourse of the country, and wns cxclusivo In the general government. Ju'lgo Thompson ulco predicated his dissent upon the want of evidence In the record of liny demand by ihn Canadian niilhoiilies. Ho said it might lane been n "self moved act" on the part rrl Gov. Jenison to order Holmes to bo taken tn Canada Hp stated further that there was no evidence of the State having patted any mo upon the subject, or of having given Hny authotily lo ihn Governor ; that tho act must be viewed as the unautiort'scrf and arbitrary nit nl tlm Governor, nnd ns fitich no authority had been exercised under the Slate which was repugnant to the Cunstilutinn of ihc United States, and that, therefore, there wns no question in the case of which this Court could take jurisdiction under the 25th Section of the Judicial Act of 1789. He also argued largely to prove that thoro existed no power or obligation to nirrender fugitives from other countries except by treaty ; that the subject rested wholly on comity, ant) wan a question between one nation and another, " Judge Barbour pursued a course of reasoning eomewhat similar to that of Jtttlgo Thompson. All the Judges decla red they had no power to decide whether the Governor's order was or wn not oon irary to tho Constitution and Irws of Ver mont, but so far as fair and plain inferen ces con bo drawn from their expressions, they all consider the act lo be 0 most un warrantable and outrnrrrjous violation of law. and of the personal liberty of the citizen. " Prom the above it will bo seen that Governor Jenison, and our three Judges by whine t.dvice he acted, and who after. wards sustained Itttn. are placed in n deli cate and responsible position. If they suffer Holmes to be carried out of the coun. try, they may have cause to rezret it to the latest moment of their lives. Is it not their duty to delay the matter until they shall have examined the opinions of uMcn 1 nave been speaking ? " Melbourne. A PURK blooded Ayreahire DULL. shorthorns, three years old, recently ml nullified ititn Vermont. Tins ntiblo ntiiinnl is now held ready for the accommodation nl'lhosu who may wish) In improve their breed nf neat cattle. A view of lntn will convince the experienced breeder of his 'pond point' nnd character; ns he line good t-ytntnclry, good color, limbi and horns , is lnrn;p nnd active : good na lured, orderly nml qui 'I. A tingle cross of the tuilive breed (even wcro it carried no further) with this nntninl, will prove of in calculable ndvontngc tn the stock of this vicinity. It is tlio opinion of competent judges amongst us, and of a majority of Hnglish and Hcotch breeders acquainted with Ibis country, Hint for our climate, elate of pasturnge, keep, cost, and market, this breed is preferable to tho much extol led Durham, see Ctiltivaior, Vol. 4, bainjj more hardy, ri-quiriot; less care, and lest keep; and even excelling in combining tho two and rather converse qualities of being good milkers nml of fniiprnng readily. T K R JU S For one Cow. 43 00 for two $5.00 and for three and over 2,00 ench (the plurality Dctnp; owned by tlm same person,) fartic. ulnr regulations made known at the stable. (Ic will be kept on Dr Spuoner's farm, I -4 of a mile south of llie college, on Han cock street. H. AINSVVORTH. N. 11 A certificate of the purity of the animal's blood will bo pioduced: and any detection of deception or fraud in this re. spect shall cxhunernte all concerned from charges fur his services. H.A. Burlinolon. J)Iarch 15, 18-10. STRAYED FROM the subsaribera on the 7th. inst a large sized black Cow, with several large while spots upon her. lour years old and gives milk, whoever will return her or give information where eho may be found shall be suitably compen sated. D. KIMBALL Jr. & Co. Rnrlington. March 12, 1040 Most kinds of School Books lor sale. Produce of almost every dig cription received in payment, Jan 0. U. GOODRICH. www GEO. A. COMER, HAVING purchnscd thp stock nf goods lately owned by B. F. McFarland. consisting of Wet and Dry Groceries, Dry Ooods, Croolcery, Hardware, See. Sec., and having made large and fresh additions thtrelo, by recent purchase" ot the present nF.nucnD prices, now offers the sanr to purchneprs.on such terms ns he feels confi dent will satisfy all those who mnv fhooe to give him their pntrnnogc, or desire to purchase nt the lowest rates. Intruding to mako it a permanent estnblishmont, ho will pursue that course which shall secure tn him the continued patronage of those who lavor him with their custom. Just received a Inrge quantity of Hr.nns (jiiass bEED, perfectly clean, and low for CBMI. Store lately occupied bv B. F, McFar land, adjoining Franklin Hotel, south west corner of Court House Square. Burlington, March 10. IC40. will, tl,n Into ltUtnrv nf tl.ic """"V 'P ".8 Mel U'at U doe. not appear in ,w .,w . Governor Jenison crum of pationago in Vermont. warrant that any demand or It SCOms request had been made on the part nf Canada for 1 me fiirrenuer ol liolmts. ilie expressly declares that early last summer, our noighbor ( that had the record furnishtd any evidence of thai Jan. 15. Administrator's Sale. fllllLi heirs, creditors, and all persons JL interested in lite estate of Alfred Day aro hereby notified that Ihc administrator of satd estnte,will sell, on the 1st Monday of April 1G40. at one o'clock V. m. al John Howard's Hotel, at public vendue to the hint bidder, the inessungo nnd lot nppur tenant, for several years past occupied by the late Widow Day, situate near the bridge at Onion River lower falls in Bur lington. The premises wil1 be sold in gros or in sepnralo parcels as will best euit purchasers. ALSO, said Administrator will at the same I into sell nllthe intprest of said estate in a certnin lense of wnter nnd privilege at said falU. IFm. Ii JIUjYSOX, Atlm'r. Burlington. Mrtrch 15. 18-10 G-AKLSiT SEEDS RAlsLDior; and put up by Joseph JJrcck & Co. nt the Seed Establish ment, connected with the New England Farmer Office. Boston. ORNAMENTA L FLOWER SEEDS. 50 lbs. RUTA BAGA. just ree'd and for salo by STRONGS 6i CO., Agents. March G 1340. PLASTER. GROUND Nova Scotia Plaster in bogs, barrels and bulk, at 10 per ton. J & J. H. PECK & Co. Burlington. March 0. 1040. GRASS SEEDS. HERDS C.RASS &. Clover SEED for sale bv HICKOK & CATLIN, Feb. 20. IH40. DR. V. SPOONElt. now in Burling, ton, will attend immediately and promptly to all calls for professional aid. His stay will be limited to a few days ; ba will he round ot I. Shattuck's Hotel Feb. 20 1840. SEED Vf HEAT. A few bushels of spring seed wheat, of Superior quality, for salo by J. &J. II. PECK ii CO. FIR. ' LY .'I ARK FT. WE have received from Boston and New York this week nn addition lo our assortment ; among tho New Spring Goods may be found some small articles which have lately been enquired for, viz : B. &. B. B. drawing Pencils; stout shell twist Combs ; long shell side combs with fine short teeth ; very small shell side combs with fine teeth ; Horn twist Combs; white Wax in nent cakes lor wn.xing thread; Black snaps; very nice plated Hooks & eyes; Cosmetic Cold CreBm for chapped Face, Hands or lips, and to ue after shaving to prevent tho face from smarting chapping &c. Black nod while Court Plnister ; Lin salve; fine Stocks; stock Buckets &c. &c. We aro constant ly receiving additions and intend lo keep every little article wanted. Wo have "Slew's improved sovereign Balance," tn weigh and guage sovereigns and halt rov ereigns ; suro to detect counterfeits. Va rious kinds of articles at all times to be had at the Variety Store of PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. March 4th. 1840. SEED. CLOVER and Ur.nn- Grass SEED, lur Mile, also GOODS cheap at Februa ry 13. IB40 UPWARDS. TO llic linn, the Probate Court for the DiMricl of Chittenden, comes iho sub criher John V. Hale, Administrator, of Hie esiateof George S. Ilnle. late of West ford, deceased, nnd represents that the pel Jiinnl estate of raid deen-ed will not be sufficient to pay the dchu and charges of Administration nnd hereby makes appli cation to stntl Court, for licence to sail the real estate for that purpose. J. W. HALE. Burlington Feb. R. 11540. STATE OF FERMONT, ) Dt-TiiicT or Chittenden ss. ( AT a Probate Court hidden at Burling ton. in said Distnei, nn the SHh. day of February. A. D. 1G40. It is ordered that nn account be taken of the debts, and -proceeds of tho personal estate, of said said deceased, and that the heirs and all persons concerned in snul estate be notified to appear before said Court on the 16th day of March next at iho register's office in Burlington aforesaid, to give bond for the payment of debts, and show cause why licenso as ufnresnid should not be granted, and that such notice bo given by publish ing the above application and this order three week1? successively, as soon as may bo tn the Free Press n newspaper printed in Burlington, in said District. Given under my hand, the day and year first above written. Wm. WESTON. Register. Thimble Manufactory. IN addition lo our other Silver working ing wo havo commenced making heavy pure silver Thimbles of the Canada Pat. tern, so that those who wish can have a thimble made an heavy and thick ns they plpase at our shop; wo will make them with the round or threo cornered holes. Wo make also Spoons, Nursing Tubes, Sugar Tone; Coffin Plates, Rings, Beads &c, at the Variety Store. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID March 4, 1040, Suporfino Flour for Salo by STRONGS &. CO. Nova Scotia Piaster. THE subscribers offer for sale 200 Tons of Plactcr. Thev will commence grinding at the Mill at Wtnnoski Falls on Monday next. A person will be at the mill to deliver it price for Cash. $10 per ton. FOLLETT& BRADLBYS. Burlington, Feb. 20. 1840. 1840!! BURRITTS GEOGRAPHY of the HEA FENS WIL KINS ASTRONQJV V. COJISTOCKS PHILOSOPY. COJISTOCKS CllEMlSTR Y. FLINTS SURFEY. WATTS ON THE .MIND BROWJS CONCORDANCE Ste. Stc. this iky received by Iho Subscriber, and will be sold na low ns tlioy can be bought in Ibis Slate, nn mistake- SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. Burlington, Vt. College Street.

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