Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 17, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 17, 1840 Page 3
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feeini?me stepped forward nud grasping ma by the hand saw. -wen, straiitrer, you nrc inu htm I THIEVES. Wc had a very good Thermometer unil I "Dirt think 1 would have seen you. it I had '...i.,., ..,..,. ,,.. ,i,lnP .,, ,. Wt'iliiosdiiv not made n friend of one ofllioa devil flint over- stoluM 110,11 0111 lloor l,osl 011 " ulLSUjy B-e the mine." "M iinfortiinatufrmnd," I replied, j,rn, Heveral others llitvu Stlfiered a r"i liave been made itwme of tliecirciiniMance that , ... placed von here, and they tirosuchus todolnr mo sillllllir loss recently. It tlio public aro TtZZyVTT- on their g.mrcl, these depredators may he mnmrKS out, as they nra doubtless per- nnd havo a family there they think that 1 am ! soils who would liilVO 110 USO tor the lllStr.l- icau, ami so how every one ei-e , uuuiieynte il,mcU-r.c mistaken. 1 should have written to them, as thu moilts UlOIUseUOS over.'eer told mo I inisli' write, H 1 eoulu irut any that was tlio reason I persuade I tho over-eer lo look out lor nn Atner lean for mu ; and thanks I o to (lod, I have one nt last." lie relate.! to tno llio parlienlars of his hav iip; I ecu taken nt Foil Alamo, m Uexnr, and sent together with two other men, to Lorodo ; from which plaeothey have I ecu removed, Willi a pari of the army that moved to Monlorev and when the troops marched from Monlery lo "Mexico, they were tent to Guadelejnr.i, nud placed in iheiuinu by the Alcalde, at which they hail I een ever mice, ilo wrole by me, a letter to 1 e cent to his wife and children in Tennessee, which 1 pent from Matnmoros, with directions to mail it in New Orleans, teiaining in mv posse-sion aeopy thcrcol', for fear by sonm mischance, it should miscarry. To l.ieut. 'Col. 1). L. Wood with whom 1 met in l.orcndo, 1 pave another copy, which hu promised to publish ; but 1 have sinro'heard ho did not pet in safe, which is the reason 1 write you this by n Mexican, going from here to llatsrop nnd Austin. 1 have direcied him to give it to any American he saw in either place, who would know where to fceud it. in great haste, 1 am, Your humble servant, Wm. C. WHITE. OLD TIP. A Song to ran tune cf nir. 'Old Oaken Docket.' Oh dear to my soul nrc the days of our glory, Tim time honored days of our national pride, When htroc and sta'le-men enoblcd our story, And boldly the foes of our country defied. When victory hung o'er our Has proudly waving, And the battle was fought by the valiant and true For our hemes and our 1 cloved ones braving, Oh then stood the soldier of Tippecanoe. The iron-arnicd soldier, the true hearted soldier, The gallant old soldier of Tippecanoe. When dark was the tempest, and hovering o'er us The clouds ot destruction seemed gathering fast, Liken ray of bright sunshine he stood out before us-, Anil the cloud passed away with the hurrying blast When the Indian' loud' yell, and his tomahawk (lashing. Spread terror around u, and hope was with lew. Oh then, tlirouzii ttie ranus oi uu: enemy uasiini Sprang forth to the rescue, old Tippecanoe. The iron-armed soldier, the true hearted soldier, The gallant old soldier ofTippecotioe. When the cannons were pealing and brave men were reeling In the cold ariiw ofdealh from the fire of the fop, Where halls Hew the thickest and blows fell the quickest In the from of the battle bold Harry did go. The force of the rnemv trembled before him, And soon from the tick! of his glorv withdrew, And his warm hearted comrades in triumph cried o er him, God ble-is the bold soldier of Tippecanoe! The iron-armed soldier, the true-hcarled soldier, The gallant old soldier of Tippecanoe. A nd now since the men have so long held the nation Whotrampled our rights in their scorn to the ground c win nil meir com nearis wiiiih new trepidation anu shout m their ears tins mot lerritilc sound, The nconle ure coming resistless and earless. To sween from iho white house thercekless old crew For the woes of our land, since its rulers are tearless we loou lor reliel lo old I ippceanoc. The iron-armed soldier, the true-heartcJ soldier, l nc gallant oiu soldier ot l lppecanoe. The people are coming from plain and from moan tain. To join the brave bnnd of the honest and free, Which grows, a. ihe lream from the leaf-sheltered fountain, Bpread broad and more broad till it reaches the sea. ISostrenglhcan restrain it, no force can retrain it, Whate'er may resist, it breaks gallantly through, And borne by its motion, as a ship on the ocean Speeds on in" his glory old Tippecanoe, The iron-armed soldier, true hearted soldier, The gallant old soldier of Tippecanoe. So in: ward. Wc will pay tlio ahove stun to any person who will return to us the two vol umes of papers advertised two weeks since, with such information as shall lead to the discovery of the thief. There is now no room to doubt that they were felloniously taken, and we confidently rely upon tlio aid of every good citizen in tracing them out ; for it would ho a re proach to this community if it should be found necessary to discontinue a public reading room, by reason of sticn depre dations. The first volume of the Free Press, and a largo volume of tlio Jhtr liitgton Gttzdlc, published in this town about the close of the war, aro the books in question. It is hardly possible that any one can possess them without its being known to some other individual. Will that individual communicate the fact. OUAAIOTTC FEMALE SEMINARY nnHIS Institution will ro-npen, under JL the supervision of tlio nrw Itonrtl of I'mslces. on Wednesday, lliu Gtli of May next, nt Charlotte Four Corners, Vi. The deportment of instruction ia committed to tlio charge of Miss ELIZA HITCHCOCK, Whoso coinimtniicv to instruct in nil the branches usually tough' in snnilnr instiin. lions, in undoubted, should public patro iingo hi) sufficiently encouraging, nil Quant. nnMuneher will he employed. Terms nf Tuition per quarter, its fallows : English studies, including tlio higher branches. B,0 French, Latin anil Grock, each, ex. tro, tOO Pointing ntul Drawing, each, pxtrn, 1.US Board can bo ob'ninpil in pleasant fn un ities, contiguous to the Seminary, for 1,50 per week, without washing, and with it for $t,75. Each quarter will consist of eleven weeks, and llio echnol will continue fut two quarters before there will ho a vacation As this institution has boon translercd to the patronage of the Methodist Episcopal Church, llio Trustees make their appeal to their friends and the public in its behalf, that tliey mnv ho enabled creditably lo sustain it. Young Ladies wishing to enter the Seminary as student, nrn recommend ed to call on Rev, A. C, Rice, by whom l hey will be introduced to families for board. The following gentlemen constitute the board of Trustees: Rev. M. HATES, T. C. HILL, Esq. C. PRINDLE, L. S. WHITE, A. C. IlICE. E. MEECII. jr. II. DUNN, It. 11. RUED. Esq. Dr. L. STONE, S. II. TUI'l'ER, Charlotte. April 0. 1 fi lth NEW PAINT SHOP. spaotbzbjcI fit msas HAVE opnnnd a now 2.ftSSJ T on Cluireh st. two doors huiilh of . Lnnc's Store, where thev will do nil kindi of nousi:, ami', sir; Jv ami camuagu I'ALV'J IXG, ui thu host possiblo manner and on terms to cuit thuso who may favour them with their patinmgo. jfc5al,ai.ntsi Oil, Varnish and J7;f2T,oi)iibtaiitly on hand and fur sain. It. O. SI'AULDING. C. I!. MILLS. Durlinglon, April !), 1810. nnilB copartnership Imrftuforc oxiHing JL between J. J Stnrr &, II. II. I'usi wick, under the linn of Situr Si Hostwick, is tins dny dis-siilvcd. All persona indebt ed lo the said linn ore requested lo make payment to J. J - Ktnrr, who will attend to the Hi'ltlcnicnt of nil the concerns of the Into firm. The business will hereafter bo continued bv the subscriber nt his old ntoud on Church Street opposite the Jail, J. J. STARR. Uurliugton. April 10th, IIMO. 3w. NOTICE. WHEREAS J. J. Stnrr. without my knowledge- or consent, has invcn public notice of the discolution of the firm of Stnrr & Ilustwick and ordered payment to be made to him . Now, therefore. I hereby give noiico that the same is wholly unauthnri$ed by me, and those indebted to the firm are hereby required to mnkn pay ment to mo only. II. II. BOSTW1CK of Hie linn ol Starr &. Host wick. Ilurlingtuti, April 9tb, 1010. GREAT VICTORY IN CINCINNATI I! The whole regular nominated Harrison ticket, in Cincinnali, has been elected I y nn increased vote of NINF. HL'NHRKl) overllmt ofla.-l vear in ev- erv ward of the city. The largest whig maiority ever polled in that city was 1230 in IMS .it this election the Harrison 'maioritv isHIXTKKN IIUN- DRKI) AM) SIXTY TlIRHIi!! Last vear the locofocos elected fo'ir Ci uncil-incn, llii.s vear the wings have swept the Hoard. The.v were Cj whig candidates 01 areelecled, excepting n eoustablo voted for, by both parties. The greatest exertions were made to defeat the wh,;;-. "al;c, Dt'NX'AK, wnii Hint knocking." SKCONI) CiL'N FROM OHIO. Extract from a Idler, this moment received, da ted Uoavekiml, Slh April, 1810. "We have had our township election, the Whigs have elected their entire ticket, by a majo rity ot 170. to the great discomfiture of the Locofocos." Ohio Coming Nine cheett more for old J ip s Hwt ! A lotterwrom Kavcnna. l'orlageeo Oliio, dated April 7lh, receivcil, says, that town has given a Whig majority ot 37, last year 55 Loco. Several other towns have done likewise. "This county," says our letter, "is right, and no mistake." DIED In this village, on Monday last, the 13th inst. Mr Consider Severance, in the COth year of his age. Mr Severance may be regarded as one of the an cient iuhabilaiits of llie town. There are but few among us who sottlsJ here before him, and those few are rapidly passing away. He was born in tirecnlield Mass l)ec. 1771. Ho came lo this place and commenced business in 1792 almost half a century ago. Since that time ho lias ever 1 een known among us as n good citizen uiiJ nunjlilior, a man of great industry, of strict integrity anil exemplary life. About 1812, under the' preach ing of the" Rev. Mr. Haskell, his mind was deeply and peculiarly impressed with a sene of his own sinfulness anil the importance of per.-onal religion. He then 1 een me n hopeful subject of divine grace and some years aficr united with the Congrega tional Church in this place. From that time, it is believed, lie has ndorned his profession. His ill ness (by pleurisy) was short, but painful. The arm in which he" trusted abundantly supported him and gave him peace. 'The righteous hath hope in his death. InShclbnrn.on tlieOth int. Joshua IstiAM,F.q. a -oldierof the Revolution, aged Si year-. In liranilon, on the Jlnli nist. of upopicxv, noiv CONNECTICUT KLKCTION. Washington, April 8. This day there has Lcen great "weeping, and wailing, nnd gnashing nf teeth," in the loco foco camp of the City of Washington. I know not why, or wherefore, but for about a week past the-e .r,.lr,r l,!iv. (".It ,..rfi.f.!lv .-f u in Connecticut. Mr. 1V.i-.xtis, who pieteiids lo 1 e I act. A. Kuoiiixs, an apprentice to iho Printing n sooth-savcr, remarki-d on Monday, that ho never biisine-s in the 'I elegraph ollice, aged 17 year. Ir,.t n .nrr",.p nn nn ll.vlmn llMil'l... hlvlp ivn At Hollow's r.llls. Oil the Stll l'lsailt (ll Consllllip- inisiakcn "in his erdeulaiioiis on an Flection, tvc. I lion, Maky W. only daughter of the Hon. Horace and that he was certain of succc-s m Connecticut. I I3axler, aged 1G years. Taking all the circnimtanecs of the case into con- At St. Johns, L. C. March 30, Ann Maria, only iiiomiini, l l.nv.. r.rmif. in ii. ...i wliivinn ili!,i ll... 1 daii"h'i'r of Leonard mid Kmilv Pine.agel 13 vc.irs. party had some ra-cally, corrupt protect on foot I At Ciiicinualti, (Ohio,) on the 3 I of this month, which has f.iiUl them. 'There is no other way lo 1 Ciiawxs Hammond. L-n. a leurnel Mem! cr ot account for I ho Midden eonfiilence with which they the Bur, and for many years iho able and indepeir were inspired a few days 1 efoie the Klection. dent J..h'or ol the Ciiieiiiuuti Daily liazejte. About 12 o'clock this forenoon the cars arrived In Wilh-'on, April 3 k Mary Ann Lee, only from Ualtnnoie. Anuinlcr of persons had col- ! daugh'er of Fr ah and L'lnclmo C. Lee, aged 1 Jeeted at the L'cr.ot to hear the new--. Among i year nn l eiglit moii'h others iur. aionroc, n ueprescntative irom tne city of New York. A pa'tenger banded him the JZvening J'osi of Tne.-day, I eiug the hi'ist paper. We opened it hastily. So far as it repeetel the election in, it wa- blank. No allusion was made to the painful subjeci. I imincdiatcly remarked, that 1 neithw wanted lo ice or hear more. The sconce of that paper told the mourn ful talc : Lieo Focoi'sin was prostrate in dust an 1 ashes. The el'i'ct here, upon the destructive', is astonishing. The defeat was unexpected, and on that account is doubly mortifying. Ere sin co dd Mii'ht or sorrowfade, Death came with friendly care, The opening I ud to He i veil eonvcy'd AnJbadeitllossom there. Tun Law op Nnwsi'Arnits. Wo learn from tlio Boston Courier, that judgo Williams, in a late case before tlio Com mon "lens, laid down tlio law in relation to a question interesting to editors of newspapers, as iouows : 1. " Where a subscriber to a newspaper orders it to bo discontinued, and it con tinues to bo left tit his residence, tlio pre sumption is, in tlio absence of any evi dence to the contrary, it is left by tlio subscriber's orders, and upon a promise to pay for it. 2. If a newspaper is left from day to day for a person at his place of business, with his knowlcdgo nnd consent, though without his express consent, and if he lias reason to believe that it is so left under tho belief, though a mistaken one, that ho is a subscriber, and under the expectation that he is to pay lor it, in that caso he will bo bound to pay for it, unless ho gives a notice to discontinue it. Tiif. Way it Wotks The Stcubcnville Herald 1ms been informed that at n recent constable's sale in this county two hundred bushels of wheat were eold for nine dollars. At a sale in lieaverrounty, Pennsylvania, some Anvs inr e. a lot of oats was sold at four cents u bushel I Hay nt fifty cents per ton I and potatoes at six cents per bushel ! The.-o prices are full too high yet for an exclusive specie currency. A man nt seven pence perday could not make very largo purchases even nlliio-c miner iuw j.ri.v-. ,ru. Iiinglon Reporter, Fact. When n feller is too lazy to work (says Kam Slick,) ho paints his name over his door, mid calls it n trivnrn, and like as not hu makes the whole neighbor howl as lazy as mrmeii. Hinesburgk Academy. Tllll summer term of 1I116 Institution MllMmn..l...,,.Mn.l. Ml,,. I I ill. It is intended, that the course of Iaetriie linn filial! he such os will tend to fit one lor ihcnctivo duties of life. Jloaid may be procured on ihe 1110-t reasonable terms. FRANCIS WILSON, Secretary. Hinesburnfi, April 10. 11140. TO REN T The Hollister place, on College green, npply 10 April 10. II. M'JAVKN WUICTU. Clmmplain and St. Lawrence SIAIL St O AD . S7 JOHNS TO .MONTREAL. NOTION. -The RAILROAD COM PANY hnving creeled extensive WI1ARVBS nt Si. Julius, and suitable STORKS thereon, being now nearly com pleted, the committee of management, iti order lo off.'r every ciicouiageniRiit to the important trade nt present carried on be tween the United States nnd Lower Can ada, have established the following reula Hon. viz : Firstly. That all freight passing lo, or from Like Champlain, per Railroad lino, and addressed Railroad Wharf. St. Johns, will he allowed tempo iiary Wharlage and Stornno, free of any charge for 1 ho same. Secondly Thai by temporary VlinrfngG and Storage, the Trade will distinctly un der6lnnd is meant, the lime necessary for entering nnd passing the Goods through tlio Cuaom House at bt. Johns, (of wnict) the Company shall bo tho judge, j lo fa cilitate which, the person in e.hargo of tho Company's Wharf there, will be permitted, upon bit own responsibility, lo make the necessary Custom House eulrics, ifrequired at the same time, those who preler it. will be at liberty to (rmsact their own CuBtnm Houso business, or employ whom they think proper to do bo. Thirdly. That the delivery of oil friegbl for Montreal will be made upon tho Wharf there, at which tune oud place, and previous to the delivery of such frieght, the importer or Coosicnce mils; nuosiani late all losses, damages, or errors, whatsoever failing which, tho company will nn no nc cnuut hold themselves responsible for the same ; and, oil frieght which the Company may bo compelled to remove from the Wharf, into Store for safo koeping owing to tho absence or want of duo dilhgcnce 011 the part of such Owner or Consignee causing the Eamo to bo removed; will bo charged with tho cartaro and Btoraire ol itieli Goods, al the customaiy rates , and Fourthly, Thai all freight must be paid in r on delivery. By order of the committee of management W. I), LINDSAY . Commissioner. Rait, Road Office. ) Montreal, March i!5, 1040. ST, JOHNS, Lower Canada. fH K K undersigned having been placed in JL p.hariM' of the Railroad WI1ARVKS nnd STORKS, nt St Johns, begs in nib his in the public, (upon his own espomwihty a., a Ueiieral Agent lor II111 trnnsacuoti ol all nusiness, in any way. con nccted with the American Carrying Trade His charnra will be as follows: On all tratibactious upon which it may bo necessary to moke advances for Custom House Dues, back ! rcigiits, or other char pes, 2i per cent commission. A Custom HniisQ Brokerage will also hn charged, ol Gd., upon every Entry ol Uoods, inwaid or outward. The low rate of theso charges mikea it imperatively necessary that nil Advances, Commission, &c. &c, bo paid on the deliv ery of the Goods. Wm, COOTK. Rah. Road WiiAnr, ) St. Johns, April 4. 1IM0. ( DISSOLUTION. TI1K Copartnership of the firm nf T. &. G. Conner is ihis day by mutual consent dissolved- All tho?o who arc in dited In thu above (inn bv note or ac count, il'thcy cill soen, will Ami T. Conner who is authorised to settle all account. and ready to wait nn Idem at the old Market house. TRISTRAM CONNER. G1DKON CONNER. Burlington, April 4th, 1U40. Fin HE butchering business, will bo con- tinned by thu subscriber, who an- knowledges! his gratitude to the public genornl'y lor the liberal patronage be hai received lor tlio last c iu lit years, lie in tends to make it nn object to all who wish to trnilc 111 the meat line, to call on him, as he intends at all limes to have his Mar ict house furnished with tho choicest meats that tho country affords. Market houao on Cnllego Si. one door east of J. roller's. T C UN IN till Burlington, April 4th, HI40 CSfooUa ccom Sluction. CHEAP FOR CASH. npUK call for cheap Goods is great now is the timn for bargains all tho goods ot HOWARDS arc bought at the lowest prices and will bo sold on his quick nntl cheap lor cash system this is the lime to get tho moneys worth. A great variety, and largo stock of goods Belling at tho lowest prices ever known in this market. S. EARL HOWARD. Cheap Cash Store. April 17, 1040 A small whim HOUSE, nn the west eido of College Green next south of S. Reed's. I'm-sos-inn given on the 1st nf May. SAMUEL REED BurliiiL'lon, April 15. 11140. Mouseline tie JLaiuc. A good assortment of moiiselinn do laine und Clmlys, for tain cheap for Cash, for example, n good quality of the furuicr all wool nir au coma llio yarn nt April 10th. MAYO CS-WAIT. C A S If "OAID for dressed or undressed Deer JL Russet. Cnlf and Hog SKINS VTWANTEI), a good business f IonsF. irom 6 to 7 years old. S. S. SKINNER. BLACKSMITH. THE Subscriber having recontly mov ed from Albany, and commenced the Blacksmith business, in all its forms, in tho new shop on Madison street, near Follctl and Bradley' store, would respectfully invito the inhabitants of Burlington and Us vicinity to give him n call, as ho is fully prepared lo do all kinds of work in his line, on the shorieat notice, best manner, "nd most favnrnhln terms. He has for many yenrs past rriven his par ticular attention to tho Horse shoeing bus. incss, and Farriery in all its branches. Fn m the long expcneiico which ho has bad, and (he general information ho has derived both from theory and practice, he feels lully couhdeut in recommend nir: him self in the public. Ho will he prepared at all limes to give Ins personal attcnliun to ull kinds of of work in his line such as Ironing Wag gons and Sleighs, Ship work, and &c. All kinds ol edgo Inol. made in tho biM manner and in'ost approved style. lie trusts that by giving business his undivided attention, and tho low prices nt which he will be enabled to furnish work, to receive a share of the public pat mimec . JOHN SORAGEN. Burlington, April 10, l!i 10. NOTICE. rffMIE Subscriber hoving purchased the L entire stock nnd tools, nnd all the claims and demands, nf tho late Arm of LAWRENCE & PERSONS, respectfully informs tho public thai he will conlinuo the business of CARRAGE AND SL EIGH MA KING, AND PAINTING, at tho old stand, and solicits the patronage of tho public. Those hoving ony unsettled demands with tho late Arm will plcaio call and clotc tho soma with Iho subscriber. W.m R. LAWRENCE. Burlington, April 7, 11140. 97HOR snlu nt very reduced prices, sever' . nl diflercnt hizes from i-l lo J5 Printed Thibet do. very Ann ami handsome Printed and Snlin striped Chnly, do. chen ille Shawls and Handkerchiefs all at very low prices for Cash nt April 10th- MAYO h WAIT. MAYO & WAIT Have a supply of fresh spring and summer Suuich rrinhain. norlectlv un- dressed, and very hnndsonie, n few pieces half mourning do. will bo eold cheap lor cash. April 10 Ileal Estate al Auction. THE undersigned, John V. Hale, nd ininihirulor nf Kstm,; of Geo. S. Ilale, late of Wcfifurd, deceased, liaviurr been licensed by Probate Court tor Hie District of Chittenden lo sell all the real osiuto of the Mild deceased, at puh'm auction or pri. vate sale, hereby gives tint ice that he will sell said estate, on Iho SJOth day of April Mist, at two o'clock in the afternoon, nt the store of Hale and Sotile in said Westford, ui puuiic auction, it tno snmo blmll not have been previously sold nt private salo. Tho lands comprise Iho lots on which the house and slo-c of Iho said deceased are situate, nnd also about twenty acres nf val liable land fur farming purposes. Persons wishing lo purchase, by calling on the subscriber may examine the premises, and, receive all Iho information relating iherolo in his powor to communicate. JOHN W HALE, IVcttford, April C, 1040. Administrator. John Lawrence's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District ur Ciiittkmikn, The. Honorable the Probate Court within and for Ihe District of Chittenden. To the creditors and others concerned in the estate of John Lawrence late of West' ford in said District, defeased. WHEREAS Thomas Ilayncs, admin istrator of the cstato of soid deceas ed, halh made application lo this Courl, to extend tho tune limited for making pny inonl ol the debts of eaul deceased, twelve moulds from 15lh day of April next, and Iho 15th day of April next, being assigned for n hearing in thu premises, at iho Ollieo of tho Register of Ibis Court, and il hav ing been ordered iluu noiico thereof hu given, by publishing this decree two weeks successively in ihn Free Press n news pa per printed al Burlington, before Iho lime Axed for hearing, Therefore, you nro hereby notiAcd, lo appear boforo said Courl, at iho tinio and place nforesaid. then ami there, lo make ohjoction if any you have, to the said lime ol payment being further extended us afore said. Given under mv al Burlington this COib day of March A. D. IIMO. WM. WESTON Register Extract of a Letter to Dr Geo. Taylor, U. S. Agent of the Bnli-ti College of Health, London. IN answer to your enquiries relative lo Ihe sales! of Mnrison's vegetable Uni versal Modicino in Vermont, nnd "to our knowledge nnd experience with regnrd to their beneficial elVt Cts upon those win use them," ami respecting Iho "satisfiealion or di'salislaction expressed by pitfchners, either to yourselves or the nub Agents throughout the statu." Wo reply brolly at this time, but can at pomn future time give you more full, ample, and satisfactory Melhf mice. RELATIVE TO THE SALES. The demand for Mnrison'sj Pills has steadily increased Irom the lime we were ap pointed Stale Agents, und continue" tfw.ty lo incrcntc, of this fae.t you must know from the amount hod of you from year lo year. In some enmities the increase waa "blow, but sure, " in other counties, from causes wo will explain below in Nolo A. the sales increased rnpidly nud nru lo this tiinu his tinned by repeated and increasing calls, the fact that during a I line of very great and rapid curtailment of ull kinds of saler), and business fur the last six mouths, wo have received much more (EMail For Mori'on'e Pills, than in nny previous ycor, shewa to us satisfactorily, that the public like them the more they know of incm. THEIR BENEFICIAL EFFECTS. Aro certainly, very groat, diseased pro uounccd incurable, bv pood olwsicians. viciu in curative powers, of this first, best Vegetable Medicine; and very many nbam don tl'.coW Bleeding, Torturing process of Doing cured, (being killed it might with propriety ue called! nnd comply with na ture u plan, viz . purging with Vegetable Medicines, which in irorn cases than we. coitid write out upon n Ream nf Paper, nave b'-en cured Iho r. Ast yeah in Vermool bv ibis Medicine made by MOR1SON iho 11 1 til. ItS T. SATISFACTION OF PURCHASERS Wo never knew nnylliing give better satisfaction than Morison's Pills do. Very many havo expressed their sati-faction to us personally, some from a distance have done-sn by letter: nnd through tho sub ngrtits, we learn that Iho satisfaction is general. Wo think we should be justified by the fncls of the case to go on and speak as confidently and even vnuntingly concern ing tilts mcdinmo ns some do concerning less valuable medicines. But wc nru nvaru that Mr Mnnsuri. wishes and expects it to stand or fall by ita own intrinsic worth and we do not wih to be connected with nn articlo which will not do so. Wo fool confident that this medicine will continue lo be used more and more, that il will bo appreciated and valued the more it is used. Our confidence in it is founded upon the knowledge wo hove of Us effects upon those who havo used it, in i7h"s foion, and through, out tho state Wo do not expect those who do not use it or see it used, to have the some confidence j Ihe time was when we would not uso the medicine ; wo did not then believe in continued purgation eien by VEGETABLE Medicines ; we now know that patients reduced to tho lost extremity of weakness and debility, even, can lake this medicino daily, and still grow stronger. In tho language of scripture, wo say, " SVo speak that wo do know," and testify of that which wo have seen. Yours truly, PANGBORN & BRINSM AID. State Agents. Dr. Geo. Taylor, U. S. Agent, R. C. II. Note .4. Tho causo of tho very rapid increase of sales in some counties tho last and present winter is ascribed by the sub agents; to Ibis medicino (Morison's Pills and Powders,) being brought into Juxta. position with the regular Physicians nt a tunc when Micro was snrno Epidemic pre vailing such ns scarlet lever or iho like, so that friends and foes lo the medicine could see which was best and most successful, the Dncior or tho Pills. This was tlio caso in Caledonia County and in some other places Inet Winter, the Canker Rash, and Soviet Fever prostrated very many and the marked success ol the medicino in svee. dily restoring lo good health those who used it, whilst others in the same Neigh borliood nnd sninpiimcs in iho same llotiso employed a Physician and followed his pro scriptifiis-, feme died and others were cured of Starlet Fever nnd thrown into some other Fever nearly as bad and so on into Ihe Consumption as is commonly the case. 1 hu Agent informs us that the dilterenco in Ihe nppearnncu of Patients who used the Morison's Pills, was too striking to afi'ird room lo doubt which of tlio two was the best Physician. P. & R. CAUTION TO PURCHASERS. Every Packet sold in ihe Mate will lm signed by PANG IlORNSt BRINSM A ID Jcwollcra. Burlington. Vi. who are state agents. If any are olFercd which aro not so signed do not buy them. GEO TAYLOR, Ci Wall and C New hi. New York, agent for tho Tinted States, sunt out by the Bril ish College, of Health, London, of which J.ts. Mcrisom, tho Ilygcisl is the founder and Piubideut. CANKER RASH. As I hear thai the above diseaso is pre vailing as nn epidemic in sumo parts of Vermont, I take the liberty of stating that individuals and families afliictcd with tho disease, will And their confidence amply repaid, by resorting to the use of Morison's Pills and Powders, upon thu first appear anccol'llio Diseaso. and bv RELYING upon Minn SOLELY fur a PERMANENT and SPEEDY euro. Uso them daily ncs cording to the directions upon the wrapper, until well. Also for Iho colds am! sore Throats, so prevalent, Micro is nothing hi; o tins Medicine in preventing if taken soon enough and in curing if seated upon the Throat und Lungs. Dr. GEO. TAYLOR, U. S, Agent Ci Wnll st. April 10. Now York. liclo of HATS, on hand of ibor very best quality and of tho latest New York fashion for sale ot wholesale or re. tail, Tho subscriber would invite merchants! who aro dealing in iho ar lo call and examine his mock before going 8nth or purchasing of those who carry annul tlio article lo peddle, as bo feels con fident that hocan givo llicin Hats that I hey can recommend to those vlm may ngairr purchase ol (hem. Ilia stock in entirely now, manufactured under his own eye, ani according lo the latest fashions. It will give tatisfaction In thoso who rmrchn-n. C. A. SEYMOUR. PearN3t. Burlington, ) Ow April a, IIMO. STATE OF VERMONT, I niSTIMRT or CIltTKNDKN. 4 The Hon. Ihr. Probate Court for the Dis. tricl oj cmtlentlcn : To all personr conurned in the estate of John Lawrence late of Westford in said District, df ceased, GREETING. HEREAS, Thomas Haynes, admin istrator of tho estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of his ad ministration, nnd present his account against said estate for examination and al lowance ot a session of the Court of Pro hale, lo bo lioldcn at the Register's officer in Burlington on tho 15th day of April next. TiiKnEPiuiE. You aro hereby notifiod to appear before said courl at the time and place aforesaid, and show causa, if any you have, why the nccounl aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my band al Burliugion this twenty eigth day of March A. D. 1040. WM. WESTON Register. AT PRICES adapted to modern times, iwo first rate buggy WAGONS, with cliptic springs. A larger assortment of SADDLES. HARNESSES, TRUNKS, BAGS, VALISSES, WHIPS a n d LASHES, Than ever before offered for sale in Bur. hngton. Russet Bridles $? Marlinnlt Twiggs. Rolls, Brushes, Combs, Nets, Cards, Trappings, 1 'okes, and othor articles usual in my business. S. S. SKINNER. 0k Court House Square, 1 Burlington, Vermont, April 9. 1040. ) DURHAM. THIS full blooded BULL, ol the im proved Durham or short horned breed, may be found at Ihe Stanton (or Mayo) Farm, the coming season. He ia not surpassed perhaps by any thing in Iho country, so far as the chance of substantial improvement in our stock, is offered. He was imported with his dam from England, where ho was sired by tho famous Bull Banquo, of tho improved short-horned Durhams bred in that country with so much interest, and so justly celebrated thorp, as superior to all other kinds. The blood of tho animal will at once bo recog nized on examination, by the oyo of a crit ical observer. In addition to this, satis factory certificates will bo produced, or request, of his podigree. and also of Iba goodness of his slock. He has been, tho greater part of the lime since he waa brought to this country, kept in Concord in this stale; in which, and the neighboring towns, his stock is much admired and sought after. His half-bloods, produced by a cross with our nativo cows, command in price, from three to four limes mora Mian our common breeds of the soma age; and his introduction there, is held of great benefit and advantage, lo the agricultural interests of that section of the country. Tins country, no doubt, is well adapted to the rearing ol the beovier oud most ap proved onrnn's, and in this respect, should not bu placed behind any other, for the pur pose of currency to a smaller ond more unprofi'able race. TERMS For one Cow, S3. Iwo owned by Ihe tame person t j, three nnd over $2, each. Application may bo made to me, residing on Ihe above named premises. SAMUEL WHEELOCK. Colchester, April 3. 1840. AVE received a low pieces of rich Mousolaina do Inines, French and American prints, Scotch and English Ging hams, tunable for spring and summer dr Ci tes. ALSO, A full assortment of Burlington mil! co, Broad cloths, cheaper than ever, Burlington, March S7, 1IM0. John M. Eldrcdgo's Estate. TSTLtho subscribers, liavitif been uo- poinied by tho Honorable tho pro- batu Court fur thu District of Chittenden, comniissioiiors to receive, examine nnd ad- jiHt the claims and demands of all persona against thu estate of John M. hldrnlgu.lato ot Burlington, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto ; and six months from the day of the datu hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby givo notice I hut wo will attend to thu business of our appointment, nt tho dwelling of Mrs. Mary Ann Eldredge, in Burlington, in said District, on the third Mondays of July and August next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M.. on each of said days. Dated. MusQSth day Feb. A. D. 1840. ASA 11 EL PECK, ) commit. NATHANIEL MILES, sioner- PUBLIC NOTICE. NEW j&GSNCY. COPY OF CERTIFICATE. Thin Certificate is intended a guaiantee to tho people of tho United Slates thai Lem uel Curtis, Burlington, Vermont, is my Aucnt for tho sale of Bcnj. Brandreth'$ Vegetable Universal Pills, for llio term of onk vn An from the engraved date heroof. And to secure llio public moro effectually from Counterfeit Medicines, purporting to bo manufactured by me this certificate will bo renewed nnnunlly; Therefore no one is my Agent unless he can produc this qualification subscribed in my own hand writing sealed with my family arms and dated within the twelve months preceding. Given at my principal Qflice, 251 Broad, way, in tho city ol Now York, this first day of January, one thousand eight hun dred and forty. Signed, B. BRANDRETH, M. D LEMUEL CURTIS, Agent,

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