Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 1, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 1, 1840 Page 3
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"i I or lirnnrn! iiamninnlQ rhMn iM'."ii(U7. 'lompUins, Governor of thoStatoof Yoik12 rlii...r. ' T'u Democratic Press of December 0, 1813, c0?il,s ,nu 'o'lowinif leading editorial paragraph : -Major General Hnrrion fs this evening to nt td the now llientro in Cliesnut street, to sec Mr. 'nil perform Macbeth. That tho theatre will bo mvded ami that the gallant HAnnuoN, will re live the npplniisc hu so well merit, wo lmvu no juui. yvu regret to learn mat tne ucncrnl H in much of n Imrry to reach the scat of General i lovernincni, tlmt ho cannot accept the testimonials if public approbation which were intended for him 17 mo citizens ol rnnaiieipina." STATE CONVENTION, Tlio last Wutclmmn and State Journal says, " tlio Whig State Convention will (be holdon at IJurlingtoti, tlio last week in 'Juno. Tlio nomination of Electors for President and Vico President of the U. Ktatos, in addition to tlio Stato ticket, renders this convention unusually impor i The season of tho year being gen t between hoeing and haying, is pro' for a full turn out of the people, e; and withal, wo havo every Bssuranae that tho whigs of Burlington will ho prepared to receive tho people with a licarty welcome." We presume that the convention will bo attended some what after tho order of tho day : that is, tho people attend themselves, instead of ending a prescribed number of delegates. The great importance of this convention, wrill, wo doubt not, draw together the greatest collection ever assembled in this fctato; for, we apprehend there nover was a timo when the true patriot saw greater cause for sacrifice and exertion for tho preservation of our republican government, than tho present. Franklin Messenger. Punuc Sentiment. Ono day this week, a vote was taken on the presiden tial question, among the passengers and hands on Loard the canal packet. "&at ucl Woods," which plies between Troy and Whitehall. There were 57 persons on board, and tho vote stood thus: Harri son 55, Van Burcn 2 ! Wo have the facts from a gentlemen of veracity, who waa on board at the time. Comment is unnecessary. O, the "favorite son" ! SOBER SECOND THOUGHTS. In many of the towns in Connecticut neither party succeeded at tho first meet ing this spring in electing its legislative candidates. At tho second election the Whigs have, almost without exception, triumphed. The Baltimoue Ameuican, an ably and judiciously conducted daily paper, which has for many years preserved a po sition of neutrality on questions of party politics, has found it imposiblc to remain neutral any longer, and has declared its adhesion to tho principles of the Whig party. It will doubtless become an able and efficient supporter of tho Whig cause. DEATH OF JUDGE WHITE. A Knoxville (Tennessee) paper men tions tho death of the JHon. Hugh L. White, lato a Senator of tho United States a man of distinguished talents, Bound judgement, great political sagacity, and of inflexible integrity. We have not time to say more of tho deceased, nor is it perhaps necessary. He was known and respected throughout tho nation. Judge White was ono of tho candidates for presidential electors in Tennessee on tho Harrison ticket. Pennsylvania Legislature. This curious body, it seems mado short work of its extra session; and not more short than unsatisfactory. Havine rc-assnm- bled on Friday, both houses passed a joint resolution authorizing tho Governor to uorrow &ZUU,UUU to meet the immediate wants of tho Treasury their own pay nmong tho rest and then adjourned to mc iiii oi may. fX"Wasliington's Head Quarters, ut Cambridgo, Mass. has not been burned down; a barn and cottage adjoining tho head quarters were destroyed. Destruction op Bkock's Monument. Every tourist will remember Brock's monument, which crowns tho heights of 4uecnsion, ana adds so much to tlio pic turesque neauiy oi tne landscape. Yes terday morning about 4 o'clock, tho in habitants of Lowislon and Queenston were aroused by a report like that of tho heaviest artillery. On looking out. a col umn of smoko was slowly ascending from tho tall monument, and and as it drifted away, tho obelisk-hko tower was discov erca to uo rem anu snattercd trom " ttir rcntto foundation stono."--jBuao Com. jiaveruscr. The BniTisn and AMnnicAN Navies compare thus: British, 141 ships mounting 4,104 guns ; American, ui snips, mount ing868 guns. MARRIED AtWinooski villasc. on Monday cveninc last ?y the Hev. J. K. Convciso, Mr. Philip JO. Kehler to Miss Eliza N. Watson, both of this town. Also by the same, 111 this village, on Sabbath evening tho 19th tilt. Mr. Lin an Harris to Miss JWRCAS HARDY. In Shclbnrn, on the 21t tilt., by the Itev. C, rrinuie, HntijsoBop IT0H to Miss rauiE M, VIRGINIA. Yesterday's mails brings us further and more encouraging accounts from Virgi nia. Wo have returns of 68 members. which stand 53 whig, to 15 locofoco, and a gain of ono Senator. Tho popular vote is equally encouraging. Returns uro received from 3G counties, which give a Harrison majority of 2299 whig ma jority in tho samo counties last year, 208 ! Tho samo gain throughout tho state, will give us a majority of six or eight thousand. Tho locofoco majority last year was a trifle over four thousand. Tho Washington correspondent of tho Evening Post gives up tho State. IFrom the New York Anirricnn.1 Virginia Wo congratulate our friends upon wnai lis aireaciy Known 01 mc election 111 the ancient Coinmonwealli, on Thursday last ; u result which this morning, abundantly provo to bu most unex pected to them. We do not give returns which may not be strictly accurate. but Male ns the crnmlrcnl! tlmcf-ir. thnt me uiiun-iuiieji XjUcuiuco visncos wa mvn Rfnii the Whi-js have gHincd tight members and lovt two. Our advices trom Washington nrc, that tho Locofoco members from Virginia nave tin ilinSmm as lost, at least for the present ; for thus far, the " "'B k"' uw:ii in puruuns 01 tne state wnere our utmost nope was to hold our own, relying upon central and western Virciuia for irnini. Those gains wc nrc yet to hear of. n i.smso certain iiini inu popular majority thus far has been lamer for thuwhnri. No doubt is entertained that the Whigs will havo avicur jnajuniy on joint onuot. Switzerland Mn. Stacy : 1 wish through the medium of vour paper to recommend to the notice of the piiblic,tho splendid view of Switzerland, with which they are favored for a short time. It is the most compre hensive rcsorcscntation I have seen "for mnnv.n. day," and cannot fail to bo looked upon with plea sure. The villages, mountains, rivers, nud beau tiful lakes of that country, are all in turn Inid be fore us, and to the student of her IiNtorv, each towering peak is a monument ofsonie"soiil-stir-ring record of the past," and each object, however minute, is rcnlcte with rcinemliranr-L-s nfW km. drcd patriotism ; while the amateur and the artist cannot fail to find a rich treat, to their passion for mc ueauiinii, ami a superior specimen ol ingenuity and perseverance in the study and copying of Na ture not the servile imitation of her lifeless forms, but the norlraits nre of her livin-r l.nnntin n faithful mirroring of her noblest works. In short it is achcan and nuick wav of coiner 10 Switzer land. A moderate share ol fancy will at once tran'T sport us to those romnntio Held, while our eyes and soul revel in the pleasures of her scenery, and we forget for a while that wc are not in our sister land of republicanism. This exhibition is the work of an able artist who was for some time Swiss officer, and who, by his abundant opportunities for studying her beauties, is well able to the task he has undertaken, and happily completed. Let all, then, see that they tail not to improve the oppor tunity oll'cred then to visit Switzerland, in Ameri ca, the fittest place for her noblo freemen, where tier rememnrance snouiu 1 clicrislieU, her sons lironerlv honored, and their eenius risrhtlv esteem ed. W. TO THE FREEMEN OF GRAND ISLE COUNTY. NOTICE i hereby eiveti. that the Whi-rs and ConcrVnlic. ofGr.init Uio Cntintv. will hnlit n meetinirat the Court House in North Hero on the Glhday of May, 1840 nt ono o'clock p. M. for -the purpoo 01 electing delegates to attend a District Convcn-tion to nominate a Candidate for Congress in tne tuiirtn congressional District in this State. Every town should be thoroughly represented, liy order of the County Committee. DIED In Jericho. On Smidav cirenini. tir Ofltli nil.. Mr. K.sTiiEn Hutchinson, wife of Daniel Hutch inson, npcu years In WilliMon.on the 20lh tilt. Miss Drtsct Lfp. daughter of Mr. Alexander Lee, nged 3S years. Go, 20, 20 to Switzerland ! Our Ancient Sister Republic ! GREAT BASSO RELIEVO or THE MOUNT R1GI. or 0 opo.rraDhieal. geometrical and historical plan of tho ninst romantic and classical Dart of Switzerland callod in the history the Cradle of the neivclic liberty. Tho inhabitants of Bur lington aro respectfully invited to attend that beautiful imitation of the home of tho renowned hero William Tell. Executed by a Swiss officor. Exhibition in the Court House. Hours of admission, from 2 in ?. andjfrom 7 to 9, P. M. Tickets 25 cents--Children half price to bo had at tho Ex change Hotel, and at the door. tixpianations will be lurnished every visiter. Burlington, May 1, 1840. TABJETY STORE. PANGUORN &. BRINSMAID aro now oncninrT thftir mirinrr nmotlmnnl of Watches, Clocks. Jewelry, Perfumery, and fancy articles and will be pleased to BUDolv their numerous friends nml Oimnm. tomers with any articlo which can be found in our extcnssive ossortment. wo nava purchased a variety of Goods and expect to Bell them, A few Dackinir Trunks trni two hat cases for sale; PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. Light Infantry Trimmings for the Burlington Co. will bo opened Satur. day 2d of May, Pakguorn & Biiinsmaid, ypness eleca durability of color, is just received and fir sale at wholesale and rotail st the Boot BTonKof D. A. BRAMAN. Gloves in a Nut Shell. t i tTEUR wedding Glovea of atow while kid, M.M Are in 11 nut concealed, But we are (old ilicro't nothing hid Tlmt tliall not ho levealed." "And to if any penile twain Upon hii nupiiul eve, Will cmck tliig magic nut in twiln, The trenuro he'll perceive. ALSO, lor salo Cherry Smnea wWi 10 doi Spoont in iliem, and oilier fancy nrtelei nt lit Variety Store. I'AMGUOKN & URIiVSMAID. Unchangeable Blue In'f, IN small bottles, Bristol Board, Dtiwini Paper, Paints, Camel's hair pincils, Ssbla pencils, Cards &c. receive! at the Variltj Store. Pahobobm Sl Bbireh ad, VVOlCOtt'S UllCnangcablO JtSlueC : I ,m 0IBlrlct' "oceased, re WRITING FLUID which i, rapidly tr dP "2 ex!,ibi "1; "' ,a,'cl8i,ra8 ' king the place of all other inks and fluils t2l hs from i'". flift,i.l,,,!U,J nnd, on account of its cheynness elecance aid u.X, 0' the. of lh? dat? """f LADIES BONNETS.! rfiHE Subscriber havo nn hunt! at their L room at tho Clinton IIouso and oro constantly receiving from their extensivo manufactory at the cast, Ladies Bonnets 01 latest fashions and of every description which thoy will bo enabled to sail at tho very lowest prices. Persons going South would confor a fnvor bv callitu? and oxnm inn h'T goodt and pricei aa thoio will bo nmplo timo hetweon the arrival and depor. ture of tho Boats. Artificial flowors kept as aoovo. All orders will receive, nromnt attention which if not satisfactorily executed tho may oe returned at their risk. C HAMANTcV CO. Whitehall N. Y. Ap. 29th I 140. J OHX IiE ACH & CO. bucces6ora to Loach, Pago & Gilmore, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN WEST INDIA GOODS. WINES, TEAS, &c, &c. Alto, Winter Summer and Refined Mo. 3 Merchants Row,) Boston, Moss. JOHN LEACH, JOSEPH A. GILMORE. For sale as above, nt tho Manufacturers price, WILLIAM BROWN'S No. l, oiuvt-itt rut', SAHSArARILLA COMPOUND or MEAD SYRUP. which waa bo much used tlio paat Summer as a common oevcrago. Boston, April 24. 1840 NEWPAINTSHOP. TAt Shelburn Falls, HE subscriber respectfully informs the inhabitants of Shelburn, and its vicinity, that ho has opened a Paint Shop in tho buildintr formerlv occupied bv Wm. A. Tucker, oa a joiners shop j wbero will bo done all kinds of HOUSE, SIGJVand CARRIAGE PAINTING. in tho neatest etvle and on tho most reason. ablo terms, GEO. W. BROWNELL. Shelburn, April 20. 1fl40. NOW OPENING STRAW Baskets, Fans, Candlestick!, Thercmometcrs, narrow and wide Whalebone, Wicks for natent r,mn. Pi. tola, Gloss Ninnlo Sholls. Shnrmsn T.n,. enges. andPlasterB, Morisons Pills, Stocks P.'olcd and Brittania Ware, Quills, and a groat Medley of other articles, to which additions will bo making as the wants and fancy of customers mav mrrorot , Variety Store. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. May 1st, 1840. Orson P. Wheeler's Estate JSTE tho Subscribers, having been an. " t- pointed bv tho Honnmhi. ih. d. bate Court for the District of Chittenden. commissioners to receive, oxsminn nH ..1. just the claims and demands of all persons uUO,iioi inu cBiais 01 urson 1. Wbceler late 01 unarioue, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and alan n and demands exhibited in ofllat thereto : and six rnonin rrom tne day of tbe date uoreoi.ueing niiowea oy said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give no ..vw,...a, c ,,, aiieim 10 ion tiunness 0 our appointment, at the dwelling of Sbel don Wheeler in Charlotte in.nM ni.i.i.i on tho third Saturdays of September and October next, at 10 o'clock,. A. M., on each of said days. uated. this IGth day of April A. D 1640. WM. R. PEASE, ) , JOHN SHERMAN. C Cota PRINCE ALBERT OF COBURGH. ULL. A Full blooded two year old Bull, will bo kept at my Grand Bazaar, No. 1 Worth street, tho ensuiri season. Pedigree-ha do is ot the improved Bhort horned Durham breed, with a cross from tho celebrated Yorkshiro Dreed, and pronounced by the best judge t" bo tho best for milkers and Dairvinc Qualification. Porfect symetry of form, aptness 10 tiesli, quickness to maturity which renders them the most perfect in the opinion ofihe best of our farmers and the most profitable, the Ayrshire breed not- wiinsianuing. His services must command Fifty Cents pur uow, ono or more, to come with the cow.or else the services will not bo suffered (0 bo performed. Quick and Cheap for uubu 10 my mono, CALEB RICHARDSON. N. B. My professional servicoa aro in market as Ubuol, for reody pay. Burlington, April 27. 1840. Elisha A. Hyde's Estate. Jf TE tho subscribers harinrr benn nn TT pointed by the lion, the probate wuuii iur uiu msirici 01 utntlcnuen, com missioners to rocoive, examino, and adjust tho claims and demands of all nnr.nn. against tho estato of Elisha A. Hydo, late boing ollowod by said court for that pose, we do thcrofore hereby give notice uiai we win atienu to tho business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Lucy H. nyue, in fcssox, in said district, on tho seconu 1 uesuays of July, August and Sep. tcmber next at 10 o'clock A. M. on eacb of said days. Dalod this 23d day of March. A. D. 1839. MARSHAL CASTLE, ) Commit. B. B. BUTLER. tionert. Farm for Sale. THE farm now occupied by Nathaniel Dutlon, in Eeox. containing 9KR acres of Land, of which about 70 acres is intervale land, and tho remaindor of tho Isnd is of tho most dssirablo mmlitv i. uuoicu iur only. aio, buoui 70 t ons Hay now on ths fsrm, will be sold with nr with. 1 c i . 1 , . out ths fsrm. For terms and price enquire of Hickok &. Citmn. Burlington, April 31, 1840. B White Clover Seed OP suporior quality & Amoricnn growth frco from sand and sorrel seed, for .uio at as cte. per lb, at April 20, 1040. HOWARD'S More Now Goods. JUST recoivod, n fuw pieces French Silks, plain and figured Black Silks, rich colored Poult du Sni Silks, Men's Linen Oloves and Block Italian Ciavatts, wniio uotton Hoso. &c &c. by April 23. N. LOVELY & Co. Amos Ilickok's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, DismicT or Chittenden, The lion, the Probate Court or the Dis.

tricl of Chittenden: To all person concerned in the estate of Amos Hickok, latcof Charlottee in laid District, de "atcd, GREETING. 1y fIEREAS, kelson Hickok, admin " letrator of tho estate of said deceased proposes to render on account of hia ad ministration, and prosont hia account against said estate for examination and al Inwanco at a sossion of tho Court of Pro bate, to bo holdcn at tho Register's office in Burlington on tho second Wednesday of May next. TiiEBEronE, You aro hereby notified to appear before said court at the timo nnd place oforcsnid, and Bhew cause, if any you hive, why tho nccount aforesaid nhould not bo allowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington this 22d day of April.A D. 1C40. VVM. WESTON Register. STATE OF VERMONT, J 'Dt3Tnf3T OF CHITTENDEN. AT a Probate Court holdcn at Burling ton, within and for said District afore said on the 20th diy of April, A.D. 1040. An Instrument purporting to bo tho Will and Testament of Joshua lsham late of Sholburne in said District deceased, waa presented to the Court here for Probate by Heman Allen. Esq. of said Burlington. THEREFORE it is ordered by said court, that nublic notice ha rrivpn m all persona interested thorein to appear before said Court, at a session thereof to be holder) at Burlintrton on ihn lfiin rli, of May, A. D. 1040, and contest the pro. bate of said Will, nnd it is further ordered that this order bo published three wnnkn successively in tho Frco Press, a newa pa per printed at Burlington, in this State, the last of which shall bo nrnvintiH In Ihn day assigned, as aforesaid for hearing. Given undor my hand at tbo Register's office, this 20th day of April, A. D 1040. VVM. WESTON, Register. SLACZSKITH. THE Subscriber having recently mov. ed from Alhnnv. ml .......i tbo Blacksmith business, in all its forms, in the now shoo on Mmliunn street, nesr Follett and Bradlev's Rtnrp. woum respeciiuny invite trio inhabitants of uuriington and its vicinity to pivo him n call, as ho is fully prepared to do all kinds ui worn in uis nno, on tno sliortest notice, oeei manner, anu most favorablo torms Ho has for many years past given his par ticular attention to tho Horso ehooinp bus. inoss, and Farriory iu all its branches, mm the long expenooco which be has had, and tbo general information be has derived both from theory and practice, he iceia mny connuent id recommending bitn self to the public. Ho will be prepared at all times to give nis psrsonal attention to all kinds of oi work in bis line Buch as Ironiug Wsg. gons and Sleighs, Ship work, and &c. All kinds of edge tools, made in tho best manner anu most approved style. Ho trusts tnat Uy giving business his undivided attention, anu tne low prices at which he win uo enabled to furnish work, to receive a suaro oi mo public patronage. JOHN SORAGEN. Burlington. April 10, 1840. NOTICE. fpHE Subscriber having purchased tho entire stock nnd tools, and nil Mm claims and demandu, of tho loto firm of LiA at 1'EHSONS, respectfully informs the public that he will continue the ouainess oi CARRAGE AND SLEIGH MAKING. AND PAINTING, at the old stand, and solicits the patronage of the public. Those having any unsottled demands wun tne late tirm will please call and close mo same with tho subscriber. Wm. R. LAWRENCE, Burlington, April 7, 1840. Tklt. M, HITCHCOCK'S NEWLY TM. JL VENTED SNUFF Tho host articlo ovor discovered by scientific men. in Knrnnn or America, for the euro and absoluto relief of vuiarni, uizzniess or tno ucau, Weak Eye Nor vous Headaches, Fallen sickness, Fits, and iniuntswouuicu witu onumeB, partial shocki of Palsy, &c. For salo, wholosalo and retail, by A. Hrrcn cock t L,o., solo propnotors, 117 Gcncsoo stroot, Utica, and by their agents throughout uiu uiiucu oiuios una uanaun. in liurlinrr tonlonly by J. & J. H. PECK fc Co.. in V, genncsby J. II. BOWMAN iii Milton by Whitnkv, Landon & Co., in Goorgia by b - WORMS! WORMS! MHO removo these troublesome and danger. X ous inhabitants of tho stomach unit lum- ols, which so ortcn impair tho health and do. stroy tho lives childron and adults, USE Doct. M. Hitchcock's WORM TE.Io. certain nml safo preparation for tho removal of tho vari ous kindH of worms that infest tho human ays tern. Wo say USE Dr. M. Hitchcok's Worm Too, for this plain reason that in no ono of tho thousand cassos. whoro it has been ucml agrooablo to tho nrintod directions, h as it nvnr laneo. N.H. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock' Wdhh Tea, as thoro aro many nostrums abroad for uiu uuairuuiion ot worms. For salo wholosalo and rotail hv A. Hitch cook & Co., solo proprietors, 1 17 Gcncsoo st ..'.', ' ",ulr "B6"" inrougiiout tlio Unitod Slatosond Connda. In l!n,linin h J. & J. II. l'ECK fc Co., in Vorgcnncs by J. H. Bowman, in Milton bv Hiii..u. i. Si Co,, in Georgia by Lorenzo Janes. aug2 Potash and Cauldron Kettles, of all elzce, for ealo by STRONGS & Co. Extract of a Letter to Dr Geo. roylor, U. S. Agent of the British Collogo of Health, London. N answer to your enquiries relative to tno saina nt ftlorison's vegetable Uni versai mcuicino in Vermont, and "to our Knowledge and exponenco with regard to their beneficial cfTuctB upon those who uso them,' and respecting tho "satisficalion or disealisloction expressed by purchaaors, either to yoursclvoa or tho sub. Agents throughout tho etnto." Wo roply briefly at this timo, but can ot eomo futuro timo givo you moro full, atnplo, and talisfaclory intelligence. RELATIVE TO THE SALES. Tho demand for Morison's 1'ilhi hnn steadily increased from the time we wcro ap. pointed State Agents, nnd contiiiucsjrcafi to increase, of this fact you must know from the amount had of you from year to year. In some counties tho increase wag "slow, but sure," in nthor counting, from caused wo will explain below in Noto A. tho 6alcs increased rapidly and oro to tins timo sus taincd by repeated nnd increasing calls, the met mat tiuring a lima of very groat ami rapid curtailment of all kinds of businoss for tho last six months, wo have rcccivuu mucn moro ftnnh For Morison's Pills, than in ony previous year, shows to us Batiafneionlu. tlmt iim public like them tho moro they know of mum. THEIR BENEFICIAL rfprhts. Aro certainly, very groat, diseases pro- uui uL-u incurnuio, by good physicians, Yield to curative powers, of this first, best, Vegetable Mcdicinn: nnd viv mmtv nimn. don tl.ooW Bleeding, Torturing process of being cured, (being killed it might with proprioly bo called) and comply with na- turc's nlan. VIZ : nnrrriiifr will, VnninI.U Medicines, which III innrn rnnnu llinn ivn cou.d write out upon a Ream of Paper, have been cured tho last vkah in Vermont HYGEIMOdlCin "iad0 by M0IlIS0N 1,10 SATISFACTION OF PURCHASERS Wo never knew anything give b'-ttcr satisfaction than Morison's Pills do. Very many havo expressed their satisfaction to us personally, somo from a distanco have dotiosoby letter: and through tho eub ogente, wo learn that tho satisfaction is general. Wo think wo should be iuslififd by tho facts of the case to cro on and snonk as confidently and oven vauntingly concern ingthia medicine as somo do concerniii" less valuablo medicines. But we aro aware that Mr Morison, wishes end expects it to stand or fall by its own intrinsic worth and wo do not wish to be connected with nn articlo which will not do bo. Wc feol confident that this medicine will continue to bo used more and more, that it will bo appreciated and valued the mote it it used. Our confidence in it is founded upon the knowledge we hove of its effects upon those who hnvo used it, in this town, and through, out tho stato Wo do not expect those who do not use it or 6co it used, to have the same confidence ; tho timo was when wc would not uso the medicine j we did not then believe in continued purgation et-en by VEGETABLE Medicines j wo now know that pmicnts reduced to tho last extremity of weakness nnd debility, even, can tako ibis medicine daily, nnd etill grow Btrongpr. In the Janguago of scripture, wo say, " Wc speak that wc do know," ond testify of that which wo havo soon. Yours truly, PANGBORN &. BRINSMAID, m Stale Agents. Dr. Geo. Taylor, ) U. S. Agent, D. C. IL Note A. Tho causo of tho very rapid incroaso of sales in eomo counties tho last ond presont winter is ascribed by tho nub ogents; to this medicine (Morison's Pills and Powders,) being brought into Juxta. position with tho regular Physicians at a timo wheu thero was eomo Epidemic pro vailing such as scarlet fever or tho like, eo that frienda and foes to tho medicine could seo which was best and most successful, the Doctor or tho Pills. This was tho case in Caledonia County and in 6omo other places last Winter, tho Canker Rash, nnd ocarini rever prostrated very many and tho marked success of tho medicinoin spec, dily restoring to good health thosn who used it, whilst others in tho samo Neigh borhood and sometimes in the same House employed a 1'hysician ond followed his pro scriptions, some died and others wnr rnroii of Scarlet Fever nnd thrown into tome other t ever nearly as bad nnd so on into the Consumption as ia commonly tho case. The Agent informs us that the difToretico in tho nppearanco of Patients who used the Morison's Pills, was too striking to offiird room to doubt which of the two was the host Physicians. p. & B. CAUTION TO PURCHASERS. Every Packet sold in the elalo will be signed by PANGBORNSrfiRINSMAID Jewellers. Burlington. Vt. who aro ante agents. If any are offered which are uot so signed do not buy them. GEO. TAYLOR, Ci Wall and 6 New st. Now York, ogent for the Tnited States, sent out by tho Brit ish Collogo of Health, London, of which Jas. MonisoN, tbo Ilygeitl is tbo foundor and President. CANKER RASH. As I hear that the above disease is pre vailing SB an epidemic in some parts of Vermont, I tako the liberty of stating thai individuals ond families afflict nd With llin disease, will find their confidenco amply ropaid, by rcsorlintr to tbo usa of Mnrinn Pills nnd Powders, unon tho first nnnonr. ancoofthe Disease, and by RELYING upon mem bULELY for a PERMANENT and SPEEDY cure. Use them ilmlv no. cording to the directions upon tho wrapper, until well. Also for tho colds and unm i iirnais, to prevalent, thoro is nothing like this Medicine in preventing if token soon onoughand in curing if seated upon tho Throat ond Lungs. Dr. GEO. TAYLOR, U. 8. Agent OJ Wall et. April 10. New yorki Farewell's Gaiter Boots,Walk- mg Shoes, French Kid, and Walking slips. Just ree'd a full HHortmoiit. -ALSO-Men's Pumps, Miems Slips nnd children's shots, a full aesottmont bv N. LOVELY &. CO. April 101 h, 1840. i NEW PAINT SHOP. HAVE opened n now JPAXJJT SHOP on Church. sl. two doom south of . Lnne's Store, whom Ihov will do all kinds of HOUSE, SHIP, MGjY and CARRIAGE PAINTING, in tho best possible tnnnnor and on terms to suit those who may favour llioni with thoir patronage. (CP Paints, OIL Varnish and PUTTY, constantly on hand nnd for silo. K. a. Hi'AULDING. C 1!. MILLS. Burlington, April 0, 1810. CEEAAX.OTTB FEMALE SEMINARY nnillS Institution will ro-npeo, under JL tho supervision of tho new Board of I'rustece. on Wednesday, the Clh of Ma next, nt Charlotte Four Cornors, Vt. Tbo dcpnrtmuiit of instruction is commuted to tho chnrgo of Miss ELIZA HITCHCOCK, Whoo compelcncv to nutruct in till tha branches usually taught in similar institu tions, o tintinuotcu. siiouiu public patro nage bo sufficiently cncourariiii!?. an assist. nnt teacher will bo employed. i enns of l uilion per quarter, as follows : English studies, including tho higher branches, oo French, Latin and Gruel:, each, ex. t'o. 1,00 Painting nnd Drawing, each, ostra, 1,S5 Board can bo obtained in uleasant famW ilies, contiguous to tho Seminary, for jgl.50 per week, without washinjr. and with it for 1,75. Each quarter will consist of eleven weeks, nnd tho school will continuo for two quarters before thero will bo a vacation. Aa this institution has been translered to tho patronage of tbo Methodist Episcopal Church, tho Trustees malto their appeal to their friends and the public in its behalf, that they mny bo nnnblod creditably to sustain it. Young Ladies wishing to enter tho Seminary as students, oro rocouimend od to call on Rev. A. C. Rice, by whom they will bo introduced to families for board. Tho following gontluiucii cooatituto the board of Trustues: Rev. M. DATES, T. C. HILL, Esq. C. PRINDLE, L. S. WHITE, " A. C. RICE. E. MEECH. jr. " 11- DUNN, It. II. REED. Esq. Dr. L. STONE. S. II. TUPPER, Charlotte. April 0, 18-10. Chainplain and St. Lawrence ST. JOHNS TO MONTREAL. MOTICE.-Tlie RAILROAD COM PANY having erected extensive WHARVES at St, John?, and suitable STORES thereon, being now nearly com pleted, tlm committee of management, iu order to off. r every eticiitirageniont to the important trade nt present carried on be tween the United Statea and Lower Cin ndn, have established tho following regula tion, viz : Firstly. That all freight passing to, or from Lalto Chainplain, per Railroad line, nnd addressed Railroad Wharf, St. Johns, will be allowed tempouauv Wharfage and Sloriigo, free of any charge for tho same. Secondly Tlini by temporary Wharfage and Storage, Ihu Trade will distinctly un derstand is meant, the time necessary for entering and passing the Goods through tho Custom House nt St. Johns, (of which, tho Company cball bo the judge ) To fa cilitate which, the person in chorgoof the Company's Wharf then;, will be permitted, upon his own responsibility, to make tbo necessary Custom House entries, if required at the eamo time, those who prefer it, will be nt liberty to transact their owo Custom Houjo business, or employ wboui they think proper to do so. Thirdly. Tlmt tho delivery of all frirght for Montreal will bs made upoo tbs Wharf there, at which time and place, end previous to tho delivery of such trieght, tho importer or Consignee must substantiate all losses, damages, or errors, whatsoever ; failing which, the company will on no ac count hold themselves responsible for tho some ; and, al! frieght which the Comoaov may be compelled to remove from tho Wharf, into Store for safe keeping owing to tho obsenco or wnnt of due dilligonce on the part of such Owner or ConsTgneo, in causing tho some to bo removed ; will bo clmrgrd with tho cariago and storage of such Goods, ot tho customary rates ,ond, Fourthly, That all freight must be paid for on delivery. By order of tho committco of management, W. D. LINDSAY, Commissioner. Rah. Road Office, Montreal, March 25, 1840. ST. JOHNS, Lower Canada. THE undersigned having been placed ia chnrgo of the Railroad WHARVES and STORES, at St Johns, begs to offer his soivicns to the public, upon his own responsibility.- as a Goneral Agent for tba transaction of nil business, in any way, cot. ncctod with the American Carrying Trade. His charges will bo as follows: On all transaction1) upon which it may be necessary to innko advances or Custom IIouso Duos, back Freights, or othor char, ges, 2J per cent commission. A Custom House Urokcrogo will nlso bo charged, of 2s. 6d., upon overy Entry of Goods, inward or outward, Tlio low rate of these charges makes it imperatively necessary that all Advancee, Commi.8ion, &c. &c. be Daid on tho dolifc ery of tho Goodi. Wm. C00TE. Kail Koad WiiAnr. St, Johns, April -I, 1U40 Ilincshurgh Academy. THE tummcr Term nf this Institution A will commence on Monday, May Uih. It is intended, that t hu courso of Instruc tion 6hall bo such as will tend to fit ono for tho active duties of lifa. Board may bo procured on tho most rrnsoniiblo tonus. FRANCIS WILSON, Secretary. Ilintilurh, April 16, 1 040. MAYO & WAIT Have a supply of fresh spring and euniniiir Scotch giughuiu, perfectly un dressed, nnd very handsome, o few pieces half mOUIIlillZ do. Will bu sold chnan in, cash. a mil tn.