Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 1, 1840, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 1, 1840 Page 4
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THE JEWS. A writer in Blackwood, in tlio course of nn olo('iont arliclo on the .lows mul Jorusaloni, sttitca that tho population of Judcn, in its most palmy clays, did not oxcoed '1,000,000. Tho mimhoru who entered Palestine from the wilderness wereovidontly not much more than three; and their census, according to the German statists, who arc generally considered to Jjo correct, is now nearly tho same as that of tho people under Moses about three millions. They are thus distributed : In Europe, 1.91(3,000 of which 033, 000 arc in Poland and ilussia, 453,000 arc in Austria. In Asia, 72S.C00, of which 300,000 aro in morocco. In America, North and South, HJOO. If wo add to these about 15000 Sama ritans, the calculation in round numbers will bo about 5,180,000. This was tho report in 1S25 the numbers probably remain tho same. Tho writer remarks : This extraordinary fixedness in the midst of almost universal increase, is doubtless not without a reason if we aro oven to look for it among the myste rious operation? which have preserved I3 raol a separate raco through eighteen hundred years. May wo not naturally conceive, that a people thus preserved without advance or retrocession ; dis persed, yet dwellers in all ; every where tnsulted,yct every where influential; with out a nation, yet united as no nation ever wasbeforc or since has not been appoin ted to offer this extraordinary contradic tion tiio common laws ofsociety.and even the common progress of nature, without a causo 0110 of filial bevevolcnco, univer sal good and divine granduro I He observes further : " The remarkable determination of European politics towards Asia Minor, Syria, and Eygpt, within these few years; tlio not less unexpected change of man ners and customs, which seemed to defy all change ; and the new life infused into tlio stagnant governments of Asia, even by their being Hung into tho whirl of Eu ropean interests, look not unlike signs of tlio times. It may be no dream, to im agine in these phenomena the proofs of some memorable change in the interior of things some preparatives for that great providential restoration, of which Jerusalem will yet bo tho scene if not the centre ; and the Israelite himself the. es pecial agent of high transactions, which nall make Christianity the religion ot all lands,restore the dismantled beauty of the oarth, and mako man what bo was crea ted to be " only a little lower than the angels." A correspondent of tho samo number of Blackwood, thus paraphrases some of tlio predictions of Malachi : A sound 011 thcmtnpnr.-, A omul at the gate, 1 hear the rotiixl lioness ! Howl to herniate. Ill the thicket at midnight, , They i oar lor the prey That (-hall-glut their red jaws i At the risinirofday. j For wrath is ife-cciuliu; On ZyonV. proud tower; i It shall comu like a cloud, It thai! wrap lil.e a shroud, Till, lil.e Sodcin, the sleeps In a sulphurous shower. For 1 ehold ! the day cometh, When all shall lo llamc; When,Zion! the !-ae!;clotli Shall cover thy name; When thy bar!: o'er the billows Of death thall 1 e driven j When thy tree by the lishtniu??, i' earth thall 1 e riven ; When the oven, iiuUndicd fly mortal, shall burn ; And like fliufi thou thalt glow In that furnace of wo ! And, diht as thou wert, Thou to dust bhalt return. Th the darkness of darkness, Tho midnight of ton! ! No moon on the depths Of that midnight thall roll. No starlight shall pierce Through that hle-chilling haze ; No torch from the roof Of the temple thall blaze. But, when ltrael is buried In final de-pair, From a height, o'er all height.", God of tioi 1, Light of Light, Her tun thall ari'e Her great Sovereign ho there I Then tlicMiar!;!cs of flame, From his chariot-wheels hurl'd, Ehall smite the crown'd brow Of the Gal of this world I Then, captive of ages ! The trumpet thall thrill From the lips of the seraph On Zion's sweet hill. For, ventured in glory, Thy monarch shall come. And from dungeon and cavo Shall ascend the pain slave Lost Judah shall rise, Like thu soul from tho tomb t Who rushes from Heaven 1 Tho angel of wrath; The whirlwind his wing. And tho lightning his path, His hand is uplifted, It carries a sword : Tis Klijah I ho heralds The march of his Lordl 6un, eink in eclipse ! Earth, earth, shalt thou stand, When tho cherubim wings Hear the King of thy kings I Wo, wo, to the ocean, Wo, wo to tho land I Tis tho day long foretold, Tis tho judgment begun ; Gird thy t.word, Thou most Mighty ! Thy triumph is won. The idol shall bum In his own gory shrine, Then, daughter of nnguMii , Tho day.-nring shall uhino I Froud Zion, thy valo With thoolivo bloom, And thciniisk-roso diStil Its bwcetdews on thy hill j For earth is restored, Tho great kingdom is como I Niuut. Tlio ancients mado night tlio mother of gods, nnd she is yet tho parcnt of godliko thought. Mousclino tic Laino. AH nssortmt'iit of mnuseliiii) do 'nine mid Cholys, for sale cheap lor Cnsh, for example, n good quality of tho former all wool fur 40 cunts ilio vnrd nt April tOMi. MAYO e WAIT. pvililM A small whim IIOUSI'J, on Ihri liilSLL. wott Ptiio of College Green, i iu st hiiiitli of H. Reed's. Possession iven on the 1st of M.iy. HAMUttL RUED. lur luitrt on , April 15. I IMP, CASH tn PAID for dressed or undressed Door, Ruuci. Calf and Hg SKINt? Hu'If ANTED ,n good bit'ines, from 5 to 7 vrnr old. K. R. SKINNER. JUJT i'op in anil sec us all nnd wo will show you how wc t)o. by offering you our assortment of Cbniis, eon wsting in pnrt of Curl Ma ple, Grecian Large niul Small Rocking, Common nntl small Chairs, which wo will sell on tlio moat reason Ware Room, oppuiila Old ablo terms. Dank. Church Street. Also, on hand a few of Living ston's PATENT FANNING MILLS. KELSON & GATES. Burlington, Jnnnarv t', lfi-tO. HATS, on hand of thu very best quality and of the latest Wow ork fashion, for sale ot wholesale or re. tail. Tlio s ti b s c r i b e r would invito merchants who aro dealing in tho ar- liclo of to call and examine his stock before going south or purchasing of thooe who carry about the article to peddle, as he fuels con fident thot ho can give them Hats that they con recommend to llinso tvhn may again purchase ol them, ilia Hock 13 entirely new, manufactured under his own eye, and according to tho latest fashions. It will givo satisfaction to those who purchase. C. A. SEYMOUR. Pearl-at. Burlington, ) Cvv April 2. I (M0. s riY 4Ai Q AT PRICES adapted to modern limes, two thbt rate buggy WAGONS, with cliptic spring?. A larger assortment of SADDLES, HARNESSES, TRUNKS, RAGS, VALISSES, WHIPS and LASHES, Than ever before offered for salo in Bur lington. Russet Bridles $ Martinals Twiggs. Rolls, Brushes, Combs, Nets Car'di. Trappings, Yokes. nm nthor articles i . . 1.....T. siri.MMP.n USOQI III III y UUSIIIPes. uuihhuh. Court Mouse Souare. 1 Bw aro, i Burltngt, Vorinenl April 9, I s-10 WINDOW SASH. r"?t JUST received 15 20 & 24-7 by 0 casements of sash, a first rato article, at 34 and 3J els. per light. Also, all kinds and sizes, furnished to order. Tlconderorra Black Lead, a first rato arliclo, for salo very low, together with a great variety of other articles, as cheap as can be found at any other cslab. lishmnnt in tho plnco. Gno. Peterson BttJIMMJi. THIS full blooded DULL, of tho im proved Durham or short horned breed, may be found at tlio Sianton (or Mayo) Farm, tho coming season, lie is not eurnassed perhaps by any thing in the country, fo far as tho chatico of substantial improvement in our Block, is nturcii. no was imported with his ilain Iroin liiigiann, where hu wa riirnl by the famous JJnll Ilanquo, of tho improved short-homed Durhaiiis bred in that country with eo much interest, and bo justly eelobrated there, as superior m all other kinds. The blood of tho animal will nt once Uo recog nized on examination, by tho oyo of a crit ical observer. In addition to this, satis factory coriificatc.i will bo produced, on request, of his pedigree, anil also of I bo goodness of his stock. Uo has been, tho greater part of tho time since ho was brought to this country, kept in Concord, in this etatc ; in which, and tho neighboring towns, his htock is much admired and sought after. His half-bloods, produced by a cross with our nalivo cows, command in price, from threo to four times mom than our common breeds of the samo age; and his introduction thore, is held of great benefit and advantage, to the ogricultural interests of that section of tho country. This country, no doubt, ia well adapted to tho rearing of tlio heavier and most ap proved annials, and in tins respect, should not bo placed behind any other, for tho pur poso of giving currency to a smaller and more unprofitable raco. TERMS- For one Cow, $3, Uvo owned by tho samo person $3, three and over jW, each. Application may bo mado to mo, residing on tho above named premises. SAMUEL WHEELOCK. Colchester. April 3. I fblO. Nova Scotia Plaster. THE subscribers nflor for salo 200 Tons of Plaster. They will commence erindinc at ilio AT ill at Winooslti Falls on Monday next. A person will bo ni the mill to deliver it prico for Cash, $10 por ton. FOLLKTT & I5RADLEYS llurlingtnn. Fob. 20, 11M0. PLASTER. flUUUIMl) iNovn ucoiio 1'inMor in V3T bags, barrels nnd bulk, nt 10 per ton. J. oi J. II. I'UUJt oi Uo. Rurlinzton, Mirch 0, MM0. HAVE a lew bushels of Herds Grass Seed very superior quality grown in Franklin county N. Y. which llicy offer lor salo at a low price. Burlington, March 27, 1040. mm TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS Silk & Straw Goods for Cash ffnllE subscriber calls tho attention of JL Country Merchants lo his rxicnsivo assort mi'tii. of SILICA STRAW GOODS, which have bean selected from fresh 1111. purtntioiis and manufactures with thu greatest care, which ho offers for cath. at. thu lowest market prico ; among which will bo found every stylo and quality of SILKS, Jt Hi RONS, VELFETS. EMUROIDERIES, LAC US, LACK VEILS. SHAWLS and FANCY HANDKERCHIEFS, A complete assortment of Leghorn, Tuscan, Florence Braid, strata With a great variety of To till of which ho respectfully solicits Ilio ottominn of Merchants visiting Now York, believing thru the prices nt which they are offered will satisfy t hern that they cannot purchaso to belter advantage in the tnarkot. A. M. FREEMAN. 1 13 I'earl'st. Hanover Square. JHno York. March 15. 1IM0 Ow EAISEDlor; and put up bv Joseph lirock &. Co. nt the Seed JMnbl'sh tnent, connected with tho New Erglaud Farmer Officii, Hoston. nnjfA.M u.rAL flowhr seeds. 50 lbs. RUTA RAGA, just ree'd und for solo by htkua us oi uu., Mgsms March C. 13-10. GRASS SEEDS. TTTTERDS GRASS & Clover SEED JLLjI for salo bv HICKOK & CATLIN, Feb. 20,1 fi40. Uiflo and Shot GUN. A FINE finished heavy Windsor Rifle ; with n shot Barrel, also, which can in a tnoinpiit bo attached to the slock ; they aro in the hands of a good gunner, "true shots." for sale with 1'istols, Shot Bans, Powder Horns and Flnsks and other art i clcs in tho line at the Variety Store. Annl 10. PANfiimns Sl BniNMAin. 1st. of April 1840. Howard's motto promulgated April 1222, ichat was it ? 'Twus up and doing, go ahead, quick and cheap for cash, and no Imprisonment Jor debt. HOW consistent it bus been is known by customers. The course for a tiinu was novel, but is now in complete ac cordance with the times. Up and doing is still necessary ; Quid; and cheap for Gush equally so; non imprisonment has become the almost universal law of the land, and Howard, as usual is yet progressive in go ing on thinking a head for n further im provement of the condition of matters and things in general ; while for the present us usual, lie is punctual on the first of April in having his stock of Goods replenished in all that li charming, beautiful, fashiona ble ond neccsrary for the soring trade, which have arrived since his recent rn'iirn from New York. The crcat commercial emporium of the New World, which lias been so luxuriously supplied bv arrivals of ships and Steamers from tho entire cir cumference of the Globe, and enabled him to mako a selection worthy of tho best 6et of buying customers known, who have al ways paid todav, and saved their credit for to-morrow, by which means they have al ways had their goods cheap, because thev enabled their Merchant to buy at the low est auction prices and ho in turn bringing them good bargains. The assortment of goods in tins Store is generally very large and nn increased number of cash buyers may be accommodated, together with all former customers und their friends end oc- qiiauitnncrs, ot the Grand Bazaar, Cheap lor cath, btoro of S. EARL HOWARD. Have plaid woollen and worst ed shnwls that they will sell very Cheap for Cash, Foino with Datnatk figures in the plaid, that ore very handsome and tincinn miinly cheap. April lOih. BE?OOHE3 SHAWLS. TiOlt taio ut very reduced prices, sever L nl different sizes from 2 to i5. Printed Thibet do. very line and handsome Printed and Satin striped Chnly, do. chen ille Sliawls ond Handkerchiefs all at very low prices for Cash at April 10th- MAYO It WAIT. (Erootffj fuoiu Suction. OM1HA1P FOJT8 CASJHT. nPllE cull for cbenp Goods is groat now is tho tune for bargains all the goods at HOWARDS are bought nt tho lowest prices nnd will no sold on his quick and cheap fur cjeh system this is tho time to get the uionevs worth. A great variety, and luruo diOcit of goods selling nt tho lowest prices ever i; n own in this market. S. EARL HOWARD. Cheap Cash Store, April 17, 1 1140. DISSOLUTION. THE Copartnership ot the linn of T. & G. Conner is this day by mutual consent dissolved- All thoso who ore in debted to the above firm by note or ac count, if they call socn, will find T. Conner who is authorised to settle nil accounts, and ready lo wnit on ihem at tho old Market house. TRISTRAM CONNER. GIDEON CONNER. Burlington, April .lib, 1C10. THE butchering business will bo con tinued by the subscriber, who ac knowledges his gratitude to the public generally for the liberal patronage ho has received for tho last eight years. He in tends to make it an object to all who wish to trade in the meat line, to call on lnni, ns lie intends at all times to have his Mar ket house furnished with the choicest meats that tlio country affords. Market housu on Collcgo St. ono door enst of J, J. Potter's. T CONNER. Burlington, April 4th. 1010. Superfine Flour for Salo by Jun. 15. S3TRONGS & CO. THE VARIETY STORE jB&, very fine collection of goods in tho line of Wntchcs, Clock. Bosom Pins, Ear Rings, Finger Rings, Ton Pots, Castors, Coffee Pots, Britlaiita Pitchers nnd Tumblers, Violins. Flutes and other MiHical Instruments, Violin nnd bass viol Strings, Pegs, Bridges Riuiii. &c. GERMAN COLOGNE, nnd most kinds of approved Perfumery, Soaps, Hair Oils, Lip Salvo, Pomatum, Powders, Court Plmstor. BRUSHES, of nil thn various kinds in use, such as nail, Tooth, Hair, Clothes, Hat, Floor, and scmbbing Rrushcs, theso last we particu Inrly recommend to nil who wish to clean House this spring without spending all their Btrcngili. A beautiful assortment of satin and bom bazine stocks, linen Collars nnd bosoms, silk and india rubber suspenders, pantaloon ptrnps, boys clolh cops, from 75 els to ! Engravings and Pictures for Frame mid Iransfcring, Plates of the present Prcsi dent, of (Jen. Jnckjnn, Napoleon, Lordj supper, Napoleons Death brd, &c. &.c. RODGERS' CUTLERY. such ns Razors' Knives. Scitsnrs, Lancets, &c. Tooth Poicders Tooth Washes, Jap nuc.-o Lotion for tho face, for removing Pimples and Eruptions. Tweezers, Tooth Pick", Pencils, sci-nt Bnttles, snuff bores, Honks and Eyes, Netting and Mesh Nee dies, Knitting Pins, Hair Pins. Dressing i'iiis, linmp Wicks and (jlasses, Hod Tape Notorial nnd Transparent Wnfcrs, common Wafers, Percussion caps and Pills, Vest springs, cards and card coses, Pocket books Aloncy Belts, Ivory and India Rubber Rings for children, willow choirs, woggons and cradles, Chalk and slate Pencils, spirit Levels, glass Pens. Pen Makers to make a Pen at one cut, o cherry with 100 spoons in it. Boxes which will expose their con tents when opened, intended for the amuse. mont of young nnd "grown vp" children. Cushions, Emeries, Snaps, Stubs, Paints, camel's hair Pencils, small toy and Blank books, red and black INK, India Ink, tis sue and letter Paper, Bristol Board and colored drawing paper. Folders or paper KNIVES, Fish Knives and gravy Spoons, German silver and plated spoons, an excel lent lot. SILVER SPOONS, Constantly making in our shop and marked without charge. GOLD DEADS, Gold Chains, gold Watches, do Spectacles and Thimbles. Carefully denned and repaired us usual. WHITE SATIN STOCKS for weddings and other occasions. Stran gers and old acquaintances are invited to drop in upon us and see whether there is any thing lo supply their wants with at the Variety Store sign of the spectacles and watch, where the best Medicine in the world is sold viz. JU ORISONS PILLS c POWDERS W" also sell Sherman's Cough and Worm LOZENGES, and Poor Man's Plaster, a large generous good Plaster for 121 cts ! ! Those of our neighbors and friends in town and out who have never called, or who have not called lately are invited to call and sec what wo have for sale at thn variety tore. PaNGBOHN & ISniNSMAIO. Burlinglon, March 6. 1840. Melbourne. PURE blooded Ayreshire BULL, short-horns, three years old, recently introduced into Vermont. This noble animal is now held ready for the accommodation of those who may wish lo improve their breed of neat cattle. A view of him will convince tho experienced breeder of his 'good points' and character; as he has good symmetry, good color, limbs and horns : is largo and active : good na lured, orderly ond quiet. A single cross of the native breed (even were it carried no further) with this animal, will prove of in calculable advantage to the stock of this vicinity. It is the opinion of competent judges amongst us, and of a majority of English and Scotch breeders acquainted with this country, that for our climate, state of pasturage, keep, care, and market, this breed is preferable to tho much extol- led Durham, see Cultivator, Vol. 4, being more hardy, requiring less care, nnd le"ss keep: and even excelling in combining tho two and rather converse qualities of being good milkers and of fattening readily. TERMS For one Cow, J3 00 for two gj 00 and for three nnd over g-2,00 each (the plurality being owned by the same person.) Partic. ular regulations made known at the stable. Ho will be kept on Dr Spooncr's farm, 1-4 of a mile soulli of tho college, on Han cock street. II. AINSWORTII. N. 15. A certificate of the purity of the minimi's blood will bo produced: and nny detection of deception or fraud in this ro. sped shall cxhoiierate all concerned from charges for his services. II. A. Burlinntnn. March 15, 1840. NIflW GOODS, March, 1840. K ILOVEIiY & CO. HAVE just returned from New York with a choice selection of Fancy Dry Goods, making llioir assortment vory desirable, for all who want at prices aston ishuigly cheap, so that the Poon as well as (he Rich can obtain a share at this well known astonishment. A very few articles aro enumerated Borcbazinos, superior to any ever before offered by us. Silks, Pongees, Ginghams, Mlk Scarfs, an elegant article, Alpines, Zephyr Worsted, or Cruel. A beautiful nssortmenl English, French nnd American Prints, Merino and Broche Shawls, some of superior quality. Also--Leghorn and Straw Bonnets, MissesTtiscnii and Rolio do C lien ic 1 Cords, Ribbons in almost endless variety. NOTICE. J7 E havn a very few small accounts of tf G, 10, '2, 25 cents and upwards, which wo wish paid, as soon bb possible, Those having occnuntsngaiust us will plcaeo present tlioin. I anguoun tv. liniNSM.un, April 10, 1010. TO REIN T Tho Ilollistcr place on College green, apply to April 18. II. LEAVENWORTH SHERMAN'S COUGII ARE tho safest, most suro and effectual rem edy for Coughs, Colds, Consumptions, whoop, ing Cough, Asthma, Tightness of tho Lungs or chest, ko. foe. Tho proprietor has novcr known an Instance where they nid not givo perfect satisfaction. Several thousand boxes havo been sold within tho last thrco months, rcnlnring to health, persons in almost every stago of consumption, and thoso laboring under tho most disticssltig cold ond coughs. Thoydo not check nnd dry up tho cough, but render it easy, promoto expectoration, allay tho tickling or irritation, nnd rcmovo (ho proximato cr exciting causo. They aro mado from a combination of tho most valuahlo ex pectorant, or cough medicines, and aro un doubtedly superior lo every thing in use for thoso complaints. Hundreds upon hundreds of certificates havo been ofiercd of their won derful virtues, from thoso who havo been saved from nn untimely grave, and restored lo perfect health, by using them. Dose. Ono lozenge is a ooso lor an adult and may bo repeated from threo lo six times a dav. as required. Children, ciirht years old, half of ono: four years, a quarter, nnd so in proportion. Vciy small children or infants will tako them best dissolved in a liltlo water. Should thoy act as an emetic, or produce nausea, the doso must be lessened lo what (ho stomach will boar. Half of ono will generally bo sufficient to take bclbio breakfast, as tho Hlomach is then more easily sickened. No ill effects can ariso from an over dose, as it will causo the stomach to reject it ; and although not a pleasant sensation, will bo found lo afford relief. Whcro thore is much pain in tho breast or side, ono of Sherman's Poor Man's Plasters should ho applied over tho pari, and worn till relieved. Ifallciuled with coslivcncss, a lew cathartic or laxative Lozeogos, or any mild cathartic mcdicino, should bo usod as occasion requires. Ex-ShoriiT Parkins was cured in two days, of a most distressing couih. Mr Burton of Providence, Mr Shaler of Boston, Mr Rivers, Mr. Combs, Mr Wallaco, Judi;c Peters, Mrs Coleman, Mrs. Richardson, and hundreds of others of tbi3 city , havo called to express their surpriso and commondation of tho speedy relicfand cures effected by thciio truly won. dcrful Cough Lozenges. Doctors Smith, Vandenburgh, Comstock, Harris, Brigliam, and several others of our most distinguished physicians, have used these Lozenges, in tiioir practice, with invariable success. Tho medical faculty uniformly ap. provo of them, as the best cough mcdicino in use. Mr Kendall from Vermont, visited this city last fall, intending to go South, in hopes of mitigating a severe couirli anil pulmonary affection, that ho had been troubled with for several months. Ho had tried, as ho supposed every popular remedy, without any roliof. Ho was induced bv a friend, to purchrso a box of SHERMAN'S COUGH LOZEXGES, which to his suipriso, afforded him :rcat relief in a fow hours, and in ihrco weeks restored him to perfect health, so that ho relumed homo to liis family rejoicing. Mrs. Jenkins of this city suffered from a severe caso of consumption for nearly two ycais sljo was given op by her friends as past recovery, and was expected daily to breathe her last, for which sho was happily prepared, and had disposed of nil her worldly effects; sho tried Sherman's Cough Lozenges, with a view of soollunir her dyinir moments. To her surprise ux well as liur friends, she felt greatly relieved alter Ilio lust doso, and continued In grow better daily, until about ttvo months, when she was able to walk lo visit nor neigh bors. Shu is now well, and a living witness that Sherman's Cough lozenges will euro con sumption. Sold at the Variety Store, by PaNOBORN & liniNSMAID. Jexcillers, 13urlin?ton, ft. A CERTAIN CURE FOR THE IT Cliff EFNo article ever introduced lo public notice has been found to ansicer a belter purpose, or been more highly opproved, than the justly celebrated DUMFRIES' ITCH OINTMENT. So great and extended has become its ro- putation. that dealers aro ordering it from all parts of the country, as a remedy which gives their customers tho highest satislaction. A Student? Connected with ono of our Literary Institutions, whcro this loathsome disease had appeared, observes, that Dumfries Itch Ointment exterminated it, alter various other applications had failed lo do so, and it had in consequence gainod a reputation in that Seminary, and vicinity, as tho bcs rem. edy knownfor Ilio Itch? Tins preparation lor pleasantness, salely, and expedition, ease and certainty, is unsur passed, if equalled, ltdoesnot contain tho least particlo of morenry, or other dangerous ingredient, and mav bo applied with pcifcct safety to prcguant females, or lo children at tho breast, ami it cures, nowovcr inveterate, in One hours application only! And no danger from taking cold. I'rico, 2j cents a box, with amplo directions- RELIEF FOR THE PILES! 3 ERSONS afllictcd will) Ilio painful and . Iroublesomo oomplaint of tho Piles. arc infmncd that they may obtain immediate roliof by tho uso of that invaluable modicino Dumfries Romodv for iho Piloa, In proof of ilsrlhcacy. 1 LEASK RKAD THE FOLLOWING CASE! " I was confined to my room fwritos a rcliovod p-.ticnl about thrco weeks with this troulilo simo ccmplnint, when noticing tho ndvnrtiso- mint of Dumfries Remedy lor tho riles I wis induced ro try it when to my grcai rdiof & comfort part of a box of each, tho Electuary & Oinlniont effected an cntiro and pjrmancnt euro as it is now four yoarssinco and I havo had no return of tho complaint sinei although I waB accasionnlly troubled will it for yoars boforo using tho remedy." Rico Sl for both articles, Electuary and Oirlmont, or 50 cents for cilhor where but onois wanted. Valuable Physic ! m. RELFE'SANTIBILIOUS PILLS. 17 ROM tho iiformation tho Proprietor is . receiving, from various sources, of tho oxcllent cffucti of Ihoso Pills in complaints of ho stomach, bowels, head. &c. ihcv aro uniuestionnbly among tho best articles of phwic, howrver celebrated, for loss of apOlllO inUlgUSUUM liailUAnilUiiK, iiuuu.acue, coiivoncss, l'dlulcncc,cho!ic, bilious nffeo tiois, fcc. JPrico, 50 cents a box. 5 Ircpartd ind sold by T. KIDDER , sue. ccor ti Dr. Conway. 09 Cotir s. up starB neir Oonccrt Hall HoMon and may nls. bo lad or J, Si J. U. PECK & Co. Burlinglci VU Nonejiluino unless signed T. KIDDER or tho ritaido printed wrapper. Largcdiscount to dealers 1 , rvr ncnamua A v.. t. v - the Rheumatic fyf No medicine ever vet introduced lo nuhli L .' jur mis painjui complaint nas ueen mojeg crally successful, and more highly apprj than the celebrated JebVs Rheumatic ih'.f moil. ' INTERESTING CASES. Extract Jrom an Editor. Sir, "For clg", teen months 1 wa3 afllictcd with tho Rhoumi tism, ovcry endeavor cvory mcdicino with, reach was used, but without cfTect, untift procured Ibis Liniment. After using two li tics, and of a lhird,it cnlirely.curod rra A Phyrician in Pennsylvania writes 1 "Jobb's Khrtimatic Liniment has been ben( ficial in every case in which it teas cdl" . .'7 Southern Agent writes "Send inoa furl thor supply of Jchb's Liniment. It Is in hlglf repute hero.' A WnsTMiN Aocnt writes!1' I nm out ol Jobb's Liniment, and It is much thought oA hern bv persons who havo used it." Mr.-, of this city, lost tho uso of his limbs in conscqucnco uf exposure to wot and damp, could not not out of bed for six wnoks 2 bottle of the Liniment, and a fow doses of j llclfu'n Asthmatic Pills, restored him to per feci health in 14 days! Jk oi.o Gcnti.eman was Ecvcrcly alluded with a violent pain in his back for many yens, which bent him nearly doublo,was per fectly cured by ono bottle of tho Liniment, nnd walks upright as any person. Jean's Liniment 'It is worth(said nn aged Minister who had experimentally tested ilsj surpassing virtues) 'ils might in gold? Dn. SrAi.niNO ! of Lyndon, Vt. writes: ''Jchb's Liniment has effucted a vory decided! euro in a neighboring town. Esquiro G -was nfllicled for some timo with Rheumatism in tho hip and joint, after taking medical advice, and making uso of all Ilio nostrum in this part of tho country lo no purpose, was completely cured by 2 bottles of this Lin Imcot.' (Signed.) P. Stalding. This Liniment will not only bo lound ono of the best remedies for Rheumatism, which it relieves immcdiatcly.and which it frequent ly cures in 24 hours, although of yoarsstand ing ; but also for sprains, numbness, stiffness of tho joints, bruises, chilblains, &c. Pi ice 50 cts, a llottlo. EYE WATER. DUMFRIES' celebrated Eyo .Water, is now sought after, and successfully usod as one of tho best remedies known for soro, inflamed or weak eyes, its virtues aro un surpassed, ns many can testify, and which a fair trial will prove. An Almost Hoi-eless Cask.-A old Man. Who had been so dreadfully afflicted with soro and inflamed eyes, owing to tho constant oniiing of water from them has been com 'Ictolj cured by llii Kyis Wale:. A few hours, somotimcs a few minute use of this Eye Water, has relieved arid cured cases of day's nnd week's standing and that too after other applications had failed. Prico 25 cents a bottle. k3 Prepared and sold by T.KIDDER.suc ccesor to Dr Conway, 09 up stairs near concert Hall, Boston, and may also had of J. & J- II. PECK & CO. Burlington, Vermont. Nono genuine unless signed T. Kiddea on tho outside printed wrapper. Lariro discount to dealers. 5 0"77ie annals of Medicine do not afford. perhaps, more remarkable instances ofcun than the following, which were effected 6y t7ie use of RELFE'S BOTANICAL DROPS A LAD Y, of Boston, was afllicted with eruptions all over her head, face, and body, attended with most unpleasant itch ings, burnings and blotches had lost the nails from some of tier ringers and toes was cured by 3 bottles of these drops ! A Bor Suffered four years with dread, ful sores on his foot, some of which had eaten wholly thro' his foot had his foot opened twice and the bone scraped wa considered past relief, ond his death ex pected wns cured by taking these drops! A Man in RoxnunY Was for years af flicted with foul ulcers, ono of which had eaten through his wrist was cured by these Drop! A Child--After trying various other Medicine for painful ernptions on his legs, and other parts of his body, was cured by the Botanical Drops alone ! A Child in Roxuuuy Wns cured of a bad tumor under his arm, by 4 bottles. A Boy in Boston Wns many years troubled with ulcers in his head, which discharged nt his ears cured by 3 bottles. Mn Wrioiit Was cured of a bad fever sore on one of his legs, of long standing, by these Drops, after all other means used had failed. A Child Wns cured by these Drope, of biles nnd ulcers, some of which had eaten In the ribs. An Elderly Lady Who was long afllicted with Leprosy, nnd so horribly, that ho could not bond n joint without gushing slit of blond G bottles cured her. A Young Lady Of Boston, wns cured of a violent humor in her eyes, by tho Diops. A Lady in Ciiaiii.f.stown. Was cured of n wlnto swelling on her knee joint, by Ibesn Drops and J.'bh'o Liniment. A Man in Connecticut Who had been troubled for years by an obstinate king's evil, was cured by these Drops. A Lady Wns cured of a terrible caso of St. Anthony's Fire, by the Drops. A Child Also of a distressing scrofula. A Person Troubled with violent eruptions on the face, was cured by theso Drops, after various other mcdicino and had failed ! V'fieso Drops will euro the most in velerato ScroRila, St. Anthony's Fire, Scurvy, Salt Rheum, Eryepselae, Leproiy. Pimpled Faces. Sore Byes, Scold Head in Children. Old Sores or Ulcers, Foul Festering Eruptions, Humors.Fevcr Sores, (oven when tho bone has become callous,) White Svvolling,(in connection with Jebb'e Liniment,( Venerial Taints, when Mercu ry failed,) and all other disorders arising; Irom an impure stato of the blood and jui ces, and aro the best Spring and Autumn al physic, Price jgl, or C bottles for p. Ask for Dr, Rello's Botanical Drops. Ul VPrcpnrcd bv T. KiunEn. to Dr. Conway, and for sale at his Count ing Room, No. 93 Court street, next to J. Kidder's Drug Store, near Concert Hall, Boston. For sale by J. &, J. H. PECK &CO., Burlington Vt. Nono genuine unless sinned T. Kidder. on tho outside printed wrapper. uurgu uibcouiu to dealers. V

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