Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 15, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 15, 1840 Page 3
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Alint von should iro fur diminished wairos. nnd the i-oiiriirj Miy you shall tfo fur diminished wui;o ! Aitam Mr. l'rixtdti drew u liuppv piciuro in inu llli of March, IS tl. Ho supposed that I'nneu ol Democrats, Martin Van Huron, to bo hero in ln voa-li mill four liur-us. l-ollowinu; him eouies Amos Kendall, iinJ sitececdini? him Uvi Wood "bury with hisetnptv basr, and still behind llie-e worthies, the head of the War Department, Mr. Poinsett, tho author of the system for two hun dred thoii-iuid militia ami tlmtv-four bloodhounds. I southern how, said Mr. Pro-ton, in my mind's Vo. They come fiom Washington -arc seen at 1'Vll's Point now nt Canton ami .-oino one mv to thu part v there is tho race eour.-o where mot the Nutiouul Convention in Slav laM. Airain. Mr. Pioioii chanscd hi manner, ami In u bur.t of eloquence which electrified lu's heaters exhorted them to co into tho posusion ol '.he ad-inini-tration of public, nlliu'rs with clean handaiul honest hearts; anil lirt ufull to proscribe thatsy. lein of proscription that hail dishonored the country. Let ns wash tho ermine anil purify the scats ol (.'ovcrninent. Mr. Preston ulso nude n happy ul i, .,,.. in i ?i H Mill n 1 1 iq. ili,.i,ln,i.rliii:iii. citizen mill J ircncral. In many respects Harrison was liko hilt), hut tho spectacle ol selecting mo luiniiuu American citizen to rnlo over the nation wns ol the mora! sublime, and far eclipsed any thing in (Jreeian or Honinn hislorv. In General Harrison, said Mr Pro-ton, in con clusion, 1 Lelievo in a tier lime we. may ho ahlo to sav, that the country has a second Wiihini.'toii in thu second Harrison. When this day come-, timl God spred (he time, for ono I will ho content rest satisfied leave the held of lahor and say like one of old "Now, Lord, Idlest thon thy servant depart in peace, for mine eyes have teen thy glory." Mr. 1're-ton wn Iblloweil hy tho Hon. S. I'. Ponth.iiil of New Jersey, who .nado u brief mid eloquent adilre-s. His" allusion- to New Jersey were very happy and wo legist that wo are without room lo iiiiMisli'lbvui. , .... , v .Mr! i!f tm Vk'v. followed with a toreihlo and Mirring appeal. Oiher.s would have spoken, hul the hour ndnionMied an adjournment. Tho Pro-idem then announced that tho lateness of the hour and the fntiaiio which they had under gone rendered it neces-iiiy to stipend further pro ceedings of the dav, and ho snhmitlod a motion that the Convention adjourn to meet on Tnc-day morning, 5th instant, in Monuiniint Square, at 0 o'clock. The Convention adjourned accordingly nt four o'clock FRIDAY MORN ING,M A Y. 15 THE GREAT ASSEMBLAGE. Wo have given up our columns today to an account of tho immense Gathering of the People at Baltimore. We need not invite the reader's attention to the narration, for tho subject is too replete with intense and absorbing interest, to be passed over. It is an event that will form an epoch in the history of the nation, and well has it been compared to the great gathering of tho people in the Champ do Mars lo swear to the Consti tution. Instead of a meeting of a few Jiiu.dred delegates from dill'erent sections to compare notes, as originally contem plated, we have an enthusiastic assem blage of 20,000 freemen, Irotn every stale, territory, and district in the Union some of them travelling fifteen hundred miles, to pledge to each other and to the world, thatthe constitution shall be up held and the country redeemed. Let those who can shut their eyes to such evi deuces, doubt the result. None others mn. We are indebted to the polite attention of one of our delegates, for the followin letter, which came to hand one day too lute for oui last paper. It will, however, be read with interest now, and we take tho liberty of giving it to our readers. Bai.timoiu:, May 4, 1S40, Dr.n Sin: The Convention of whiir young men, was organized to day, by the election of Mr. McMahon of this city as President, together with Vice Presi dents, Secretaries, &c. whoso names 1 am tinable, with ono or two exceptions, to give. The assemblage of delegates from every State in the Union, and from tho District of Columbia, is vast, beyond all previous calculation. No means are yet prepared to ascertain accurately their number, but the lowest estimate I have heard is 20,000. Tho city too is full of gentlemen of distinction, as invited guests, and they have united with the convention in tho proceedings of tho day. Among them is Henry Clay, Daniel ITcbstcr, Mr. Preston of S. Carolina, Mr. Wise, .Mr. Bell, Mr. Waddy Thompson, Mr. Southard, and many other members of Congress, as also gontlomen in private lifo of high character and respectability. Tho individuals whoso numes I have mentioned, severally addressed us, and in it strain of eloquent zeal mid power which I have never before witnessed. These gentlemen consider the question settled, and openly avow tho belief that Gon. Harrison cannot be defeated. Ono ex pressed his solemn convictions, that were llto publishers of newspapers throughout tho union, ono and all, to abandon him, and ndvocato tho reelection of Mr. Van Huron, it would not avail tho littlo magi cian, for tho people had taken tho matter into their own hands, and were beyond tho control of tho pross. Tho exhibition of to-day, would uhnost of itself, warrant such a belief, for wo find thousands of young men, from tho most distant sec tions of thoJnion, making this long jour noy to pledge thomsolvos and thoir states, to tiro support of lho Log Cuhin Cnndi date. Indiana, for instance!, is said tot . IlilVO over OHO iltlliaml delegates, mill ' . , . ii i . ... 1 .-mm t icy must ltavo travelled sonto loUO J I miles. rl ntly thu pcoplo ltavo tuken tins mattUl' 111 hand, and ItaVU UOOIllOU tho administration not only to u do lout, hut will brand litem as tho guilty authors of till tho evils which now oppress tho countn . Tho procession to day is adinitttnl on all hands to have been tho most imposing spoctaclo cvor exhibited in this or tiny other country. So said Mr. Clay, Mr. Webster, and Mr. Preston. Flags and Hanners, on which tho ingenuity ot' inon , , . . . . i had wrought tho most happy and appro priate devices, accompanied tho delegates of each and every state, while log cabins on wheels, hung over and around with an tho utensils of a forest life, and the skins I and carcases of beasts and birds, were tho line. The Convention was holden 1 in a beautiful open space, heretofore oc-1 . 1 1 ' .. 1 copied as a raco course, about 3 miles i ' , . , ,i " ', , , . , from the city, and although the delegates; on the march were formed eight abreast, the mighty procession is said lo have stretched itself more than two miles in length. Hut my poor brain must be ex cused from attempting a description of tho grand pageant. Tho subject is beyond my reach, and I much doubt, if it is not beyond that of any other man. Wo are indebted to the kind hospitality of a private citizen for lodging the Ver mont delegation, numbering about 20 delegates. For the tune being, Baltimore, say her citizens, belongs to the convention, itid most generously and profusely does she administer to all our necessities. We meet tomorrow at nine o'clock, tnd shall probably complete the work in the courso of the day. I Those who know best the politics of Virginia, and understand the appliances ! . 4i... n,...:,ii . I,,,,. ; I,:.. : terest, pronounce tho recent triumph of the whigs ajguiiranteo of her future course. Virginia, says, is ours lor Harri son, l no same is confidently declared of Pennsylvania and Tennessee, by their respective delegations. It would cer tainly seem that ;. mighty revolution had airly commenced its aim to correct the great errors and misrule of the party in power, and place the country once more in bands who will administer the govern ment upon the principles of the Consti tution. God speed the good work, is the ardent prayer of all good Whig". Yours, truly, T. F. "A SI UN OF THE TIMES." The Philadelphia American .Sentinel, tho leading Jackson and Van Huron paper point of prevailing, the New York dole in Pennsylvania, holds tho following Ian- ' .mtinn of ! cimii. forward :mri vntpd udtli guagein reference to the Whig Young ; ,10 90, making 1H2 in the negative, and "ll"e ' staunch supporter ol tholed Mon's National Convention. The Sen- , tllHS (,(;ft,,tcd the nomination of a candi- , ?rn Administrulion, has formally given thiol is the organ of the State Administra tion. Is there not a meaning in this ar ticle 1 Tun (iukat Wuirs Convkxtion. Ualtimoro pie.-enicd a scelio ye.-teul.iy of liumuiiro interiji History mentions no such iriulierint; of peojilosineo tlrat in tlits Champ do.MniMo swe.trto lho Consti tution. Whether wo speal; of ihu number- present their houtidle-s euthiisiani, or lho va-l territory fiom the inosl di-iuut poiut ol which they u-sein-hled, wo inay, us chroniclers of pa ins; ocnis ineniion it us'u siirpa-siirj; iinssenut, and thrillm ileinousir.ilionof thoi'niensiivofthat (eelins; which auinialeN lho supporters ot 'Gen. Hairion. Tho number of delegates in uttendaueo l- e.-liinalod nt about 20,000 nnd every state in the Union wits re niesouted. Tho iuiuieuse a-oinhly was addie cd by .Mcstr.-. Weh-ier, Clay, Jcilinfc'cTj-'eanl, l'ie;on, .Southard and others THE UALTIMORE MURDKR. Tho Baltimore Sun, (neutral) gives the following account of the murder of ono of the whig marshals in the young men's procession at Baltimore, by a gang of locofoco desperadoes. "The particulars ol thi" melancholy and dis graceful ulf.iir are ihefc : As the piocessiou were piocce.llllg ttowil l.iuimon: siiuri, ii g.uij; hi ii.iii. Blown bnjs vvern inarchins; up, carrying on the top uf u pole a stuffed (iipne, lepiujeiithiR llurrifon us n petticoat liein,uiid when they inriiel near How. ai (I street ihcy allenipled to form in with lho pin. cei-sion : Mr. Lnnghlin ftcpptd out of the r-inkn with a view lo slop ihctil, hcn Im recount the blow oier lho head head fiom a stick, which de. iirivnl him of life. An impiest was liclil over llic body by A. II. Oieenfield, Unp, coroner, and ihe the jtny lemriied a verdict, ilitit he came in bin dciiih by a blow from n stick, In ihe Ii.iiiiIh of foiiio percsn unknown to lho jurors, l.ausjhlin "lied ill' mo n iiiBiauly, beini; only able la whisper ton friend who carried hi in into a house near bj ; "I DIB A IMauTTR TO LlBKBTV A GLORIOUS IH'ATH " He hat left n wife and four children, ono an in. fiint. Ho was n respcntnhto mcrltnuiu, n cnrpeif ler, residing oa Frdernl Hill. The excitement hi the cily in very girat nt this wanton anil bimal murder. We feel hi present unprepared to com. meat upon it. The act iuelf ppe.dts in a l,injungo ihan which we can nild nona strongernor is it eauy lo find any terms fit to convey lite feelings of indignation and horror which such an outrage nnt tirnlly Inrpire, The luneral was attended mi lho (idi. The del egates lo llm Convenlinn iillended, wearing crape, and Ihe tUnilardt were In mourning I Iiuto neier bkcii niijr ining en solemn am; inipoaing u proces sion of freemen, to the number of ihoiiiiiuds. ful lowing one who periihsd, n it weto, in sight of liieiiaiivcriinco ol ills country from ileiipotic sway : liturdrcd by the minions of ilia ilnnniiu nariv against whom ha was coinbaitlng ; inhering rniind his eittvc. and when the minister of (Sod pionoune. cd lho funeral riles, and prajed ha might be tuKcn to ine uofoui oi ins saviour, the rcfpontiie "Amen'; fwi;o ti " bii.hw, tho deep pitho,. wtih which n fed limn the bps of nil, opened the fjimnln of iimhv ii licnit, nnd caused in,niy ii "i. nib chci k lo he with tear. ... , r . ,, A 1-tilncilplion nislnnlly tnkcn up Tor the ,.,., uf l0 r,UIliV) ,, WB lll0 Mpiy , V (hat ovcrljS.OCO wan contributed on the spot, WIIIO SYMPATHY. Tim members of tho Whig Young j Men's National Convention contributed $8000 to a Ku.vt) for tho support of tho family of Mr. McL.vuiiiii.i.v, ono of their Marshalls, a mechanic of Baltimore, ' who was wantonly kilted hy u Van Huron Destructive, whilo in tho discharge of li!u ilnlv Tim I'miil wna lil.-u'nil ill 1 1 If ! , ,. , . hands ol Mr. MoMahon, tho President of tho Convention, in trust for tho sup port and education of tho children of'tho ,j ,C0Kse(j Contrast ihh of g(JntJl.oslty wh, tlfj of t(j Presi(lmit oftllo Uni. tetlStillcsat his ,..1!roiUlt atTonllevvall,la. Qn Em Q fi( . r l0 llonor Mr. Va.v Huniw, . .. ... .. , . Ir lost his arm and his eye-sight, and is lelt, ,,. , , , ihaimed aiid'-helpless, with a destitute ... , ,i ,'tL. n't,., .., ; 1....,., ,,J ...V, .o . , deprived of its means of support. After languishing six months, he applied to the President for relief and received from tho man who rolls in wealth and revels in luxuries, the liberal, generous, grateful donation n TWENTY DOLLARS. Alb. Journal. The Van Bunns Convention at Bal timore has proved abortive. Its only os- tensible purpose the nomination of a 'candidate lor the Vice Iresidency it bus failed lo effect, and it has ended in I disappointment, and real if not open dis sension. It is vain to say that it nomina ted it candidate for President. It was l)00,'b' wm'th wl,iI t0 bri" t0Sill-'r g"tcs 110111 Parls 01 1110 u 111011 10 a11" nouncc Mr ' AN Um as a candidate Jor rc-wecuon unless indeed it was to comrauici ttic rumor tuai no was to ue date set up in his place. Hut that was not tiieobject. It was supposed that Col. Johnson could be coaxed into a with drawal. Tho Richmond Enquirer an nounced last full that he had withdrawn, and praised him beyond measure for his magnanimity; and the Convention was got up to nominate a successor to him. Hut their blandishments failed. The Colonel would not retire; and they have boldly thrown him overboard. The con vention was divided on the expediency of a nomination being (according to tho rule hy which the convention voted) 99 for and 90 against a nomination. New York standing off. Hut, when the propo sition for a nomination was thus upon the duto for the Vice Prosidencv. Wo state ,, , r .,,. I , ... i lliuu mui.) iiiviui iia iiiiuit;! ui iii.-iui , , 1 1 . . ,. . ,. . and as public journalists lor the in- formation of our distant readers. W make no comment on them. Wo leave it to the dis jointed members of the party ' to settle their difl'erences in their own w.'iv. National Intelligencer. Mr. RiHmi.r.H, U. S. Senator from Elaine, Has renounced an mueniMi. .u.u l"''t tho administration. More coining. VinniNiA. A fewadditioiiitl returns of, voles a u received which, only go to swell tho whig majority. There is no mistake about Virginia either now, orinNovent- LAMOILLE WHIG. This is the title of it new paper to bo published at Johnson, on tho 1st June. Mr. Poland, the Editor, is a young man of estimable character and lino talents, and will, wc aro assered, render accepta ble sorvico to tho people's cause. Lot his heart bo warmed and his arm nerved by a l.boral patronage, from tho whigs of this as well as other sections. A sub scription paper is left nt the Reading Room, nnd wo hopo to sco it filled up. Those of our business men who deem it an object to advertise nt tho north, will find tho Whig a profitable medium, ns it will doubtless have an cxtensivo circu lation. "Uphold thoso who sustain lho interest of tho country" is a sound maxim. 05 Vnn Huron's name appears in tho Argus this morning "solitary and alone," as a Candidatu for Prcsidont ! What was ouco lho great and powerful Jackson party, has, under tho auspices of Van Huron, split into factions so discordant as to bo iinnblo to agree upon a candidate for Vice-President ! Alb. Journal. Kortliu IJiirlington Free 1'rO' b. "Did Viwmv neu r tires' Mas hecn hoth siinir mid :, Dui I will prove thai this is 1'ahe Uefoie I go io I ed. SlieV lonif endured King Van's control, Yes she's Mihlmtted long Hut this election fully proves She knows that she was wrong. Uuttrimr, though she's said to I on Mi tiiy thing is plain Bhe's said us lonld as votes can say We're tired of Martin's reign. Van lluren pronmel "yellow hoy.-,'' lie gave them lo his minion--, Who follow meekly in his wake, And loveieuce Ins opinions. lie took from us our pajier hills, And s,ra vons 1 einy King Not what he prolui-ed "yellow hoy.'," Ho gave us "not u tiling." The fact is thj, hu's hrokeour hanks, And hrol oour .Merchants too, He's rode ihe ,soeieign peoples' 1 acts Till they 're completely blue. Hut now we've ri-en in our strengtli, Wo'ie uii','hiy in our ire And we'll dethrone this petty King, And .-how that wo can tire. Virginia's fully n'red out, And her oleciiims show it, She's liicd ol liocofoco sway, J.iet Loeofucos know it. I'll take a cup ol cider now, I've proved what I have.-aid-- A Health tu (ieiil ial ilan'isonj And iiuw I'll go lo Led. IJiirlington, May 7, 1810. I). Front lho Alh.iny Evrnlng Journal. Whig Victory in the Capital of the Em pire State ! The Whig banner floats triumphantly in every Ward!!! The Whi of h.uc gone iritinnilianiiv ihrounh with ihcir ch.irler election. The Caniiol of the Empire Slaie Simula proudly c.pci. I'lti:rtK 13 A WHIG .llAJIHlirV FUR AlDMtMKN IN cvkry Waiiihn Tin: (;i rv ! Kveiy u.ud in the city h.ts iiini'.ised itn Wlif jj tn,iui uv since the 1 l.i't chatter oIr:i mi). Wc carricj the nil v by one liumlicd mote m.ijurity than ue in l lie fptin,' ol"lS3!). Iliidts h irnnmili. I he OIJ Kcncncv m.idu their l.isi, cxpit mi! cfToi t. They knew and fell inilci's lltcy colli I nuke ashuiv ofslicnglh here once the of their power licrn, ulieiu they once eicrv thin,; their own way all was out with Van Btiren. This, ton, was the the t'toiviiinj: jntina elcriion. The "I.I.-H uuu" was In hi filed here, Thcv ll cirfoie brnuchl cv- try inlhience to But' il was an impotent ef fort an uniiv.iilhiv itritugle. The iadoinil.iblu 'Iiir tirl without oi'iiiiiiz.itioii, but in 1 1 1 iz 1 1 ppiril and, in.-liril in the pullHand tc. cineil a victory wot thy of llieiuselves, ihs city and llicir cuusc. Tho Anivorsary ol tho Seigo of Fort Meigs was celebrated with great pomp at Now-York, on tho Sth hist. More than ten thousand persons participated in tho festivities. Gen. Scott, in reply to an invitation to attend, returned the follow ing patriotic note. New.Yoik, May 7, 1310. Dear Sir. I hnve ihe honor to rcceiic otir initatioii to he ieenl lu.nuuioiv at lho 27ih amiiier.'iirv of(!cn. Il.irriton's vicloiv oer lie combined Uiiti.-h and Indian futcca ut Foil Meign. I blionlil he wry Icippy lo lip w. lit ou on ll.e p.i triune ocrusion, haling hecu tiijeelf a solilicr, in it iliftiini ilt'lil, in llic E.tiiic, and havini;, from aneailyihiy, aluajs stood in ihu rcl.iliin of a fiieud lo llie ilistiiigtti.'hcd Gencriil v luue ilred jou propose to relrbrnlc. Unl I nin under orders lor a fpecial duty which will compel me to Icuic ihe city lliis cicniiij. l' in.ikc my apology, with my coniiinicnlf, acceptable to llto committee of u'hich jou are Cli.iirmau, and believe me, with hih ic.-pcct and csicetn. ' Your nlirdii'iit rei'ianl, WIM'ICI.D JjCOTf. KKorc 'Bcmocratic !!-Aclions." It will bo perceived by the subjoined letter, that Sn.vvrou Ruciiub, of JNIc, t i.: it ... .i... ii i. , .. i m JU""J" i caiitiiuates. v o congraiuiaio me inends ( t ol tho good cause upon this, and the j f 1 oil indications of tho rosist- ,css l"'0'" ot llamsou ail(1 1Jul'''- . Tho ,rab(;'' campaign seems likely to l,,. ii. i..i.i r.i... 'Pi bo tho Battle of the Thames over ap-ain. The nicrceiiiiriesnnd Swiss Guards of the Government will bo drawn up like Brit ish Regulars, to make a show of fi'dit ,JIt Ql t,(J Jrst cll?irgo ()f o(, Ti),s iuoun tLd llH1gunSf tlpy wiu brcak ., dispBrsc "ll lroctions Wasiiinoton Crry. llav 2. IS 10. Genllr-nipn I lereived the invitation it "ai lend the Filling of the iN' Cnnieution of llic big Vninig Alen, ai one of its giiesM," with which you h.ivo honored me, "in behalf of the Dehaips fiom the cily of ISalimioic." Il would afford me p.iiisfictinn in hu present on inteieiling occasion, wuuld in public duties pciinii. " The necessity of a change of incisure wiih a view lo the lehefnfa people fiifleiing Ijejiind any former example, is now m,inilesi lo all, if not ao ktiowli'ded by all. Nu small poriinn nflhore whu aided in bringing into inwcr ihe picseni iiietiinbcut of thu Incentive chair, have wilnc'ted with painful diiiaiiiioiulmciil lho netliiiaeilv with which lie li.n petsrvercd in fouling upon lho rountiy aspirin of iiH'iiMiicsilesiincmo n hi lien inicie..s anil iiiIiioih lo the enterprise and business of the pcopln : And lliey have M.'.-uUed, ns the only me.iiH left ofia)iug tlui piiigriFS of ihniu incisures, to aid hi calling finin reliiemeiil a diuinijuuhcd,whosecnlihieiiPii liiiliiolisni.gri'iii wi'iloin and sound reimli. priueipleii, luue sccurrd for lutu llm higlicst re. rpect anil cnnliilencu. I lie niuno ol II akkison Ii;h iinitualcd tho whole esiuilry with hope. It h;iH loused an eiilluiiiaitn which pervailei all grndL's and classes ol llm people. That ciiilniiia-ui, ch.Kicni'il by W'ifCcniinscU mid hallowed by p;ili iuii.iii, will bo the animating ptiueiplu of the "National Convin linn." Itrflccling, as its members will, ilia ptinciplen and feelings cf Hie gip.ii m unrilv ol'llio neonln ihru'niu lie Union.lheii didihi'riilioiis will bntio Iivh nalinaal in llicir diameter than paliintiu in ilieir design ; and will lend, it In confidenlly believed, lo haiinon. i.o and invignr.iie lho rffursis uf lho nation lo place lho Kxecuitvo gmcrtuuenl in lho hand uf one who has outer vet diiuppoinlcil ihu expcctaiinns of Iih enunliy, I In wlm, liy htslaavery in lliu field, in. deemed the honor of the iiallon, when heliajrd by iieantpry aiiu cowariltce, will noi i,iu in correct Lv his w lilniu i lie emus of llm civil iuluiiuiuaiioii 1011 "ft (ioveriuuenl under which lho coiuilty is tcveicly suuei in si. Thanking tlm Dalegates from die city n llallimuin" for ihclr gratifying invitation, nnd jou, gentlemen, fcr lliu ucccpi.ibln terms in which il id couve.vcd, 1 have I lie honor in be, with bin cere legnrd. Vuitr ob'i, seivi, JOHN KUGGl.IiS. To Neilson IV, I'-q. ond mheri. rou riinstoKNT, VM, HENRY HARRISON VlCC rilCSIUCNT. JOHN TYLER. The friends of Harrison and reform, who arc in favor of the Presidents being elected rott o.vt: tiium om.y, arc request ed to meet at John JfowanVs hog Cabin, oh Monday evening next, at seven o'clock, to make arrangements relating tu Ihe whig stale convention to be held in June next. Timothy F. SntoNf!, 1'W Town Committee. SPECIAL ELECTION IN BEDFORD, Thmiiih th.-hindnsoi u fnoiid to whom wo nro indol.iH for the iiifornuitioti, wo arc ennNH lo ivo uio rratil villi; intflliui'iivo Hull .Minor a-li- j iLiilislt. tho whiir I'liudulnlc in lledl'ord ootintr. lo lill the vni-nni'v occasioned hy tho expulsion bf Colonel .Mi'I.Iwlo, has Leon 'eleelod hy about seven hundred nminnlv, over his radical compe titor, Mr. Wilhaiii'Mclionnld. Co!. .MuKluoo was elected lat votir, hy a majority of nearly tluec hnndied. Tfii then, is an aetiial VVliiur ira in in one sin ill eoiiulv, ami the mo-t dciuocralie in the tato ot uearlv One Tlioiheind. '1'lto ivu!t of tin" election n a decided indication of the slicnirth of tJeii. JlAi'.niso.v in the Key-Stono Slale. and du- inon- tiaUNihal i u .-hall carry it hy 20,000. i'ii- utueipiud uazeue, Can the Sentinel inform us who is the "regular" candidate for Vice President. 31 A ll ll I U I) In Catnl ride, h the Kev. D. Wanen. Mr Amo Unhurt, of WiMlbrd, lo .Miss ( 'larrissii O. rullmg- toii, ot u. 1) I K D In this town on Saturday, of Canker Rash, uvm . sou oi ii in. ii. i jms, n-se.1 7 moiitlis, STATE OF FERMOXT, IJISTKICT 01' ORAM) I.I.E.SS K AT a Probate Court liohlmi at North Hero, wilhtti and fur Fntd District afore, said on the Cth day of May. A. 1). HMO Prrtient lliu Hon. Joel Allen. Jude. An Instrument purnorlinrr to bo the last uiiu i uMiiiiiuiit oi isonc iiinriui. late of South Hero, in sa.d district, do. W.ll 'I' . -r i . . ceased, bfjinp; presented by Abncr H. Iiattdon ihe executor therein nuinod fori Probnlc. I rrjHRItEFORK it is ordered by 6aid, iL court, that nil persons concerned liiorein bo notified to appear at a fofion' of enid Court, to bo hnlden nt the dwelling hniiso of Jed. P. I.add, in North Hero. said District on the first day of June, A. u. lo'iu, at one o'clocic in tho atternnon and shew cause if any they may have Gainst the probate of fa,d will, for which purpose it in further orderod ihnt u copy of the rec ord of tins order bo published three weeks successively in the Free Press, a now pa per printed at Hiirhngton, in lho county of Chittenden, as soon an may be. A true copy of record. Attest AUGUSTUS KNIGHT. Register. DISSOLUTION. nnnHfiriu of II. Hyde & Co., is this day ihisolvcd by muiual consent. 'I'l,., II It. ..I !ll . , , , r . ' , V . dispnsi! of the siocl; of "nods on band, to settle nnd ntlju-t the clniuiB dun to nnd from concern, nnd generally to wind up its. af fairs. All persona indebted, will please to take milieu that immediate settlement and pavuicnt .3 expected, II. HYDE. HARRY I5RADLEY. JOHN Hit A DL BY. Burlington, May 10, If5 10. Selling off at Cost, and below. THE slock of GOODS, consistinp; of a full and general ntsortincut, belntn;inr to the Into linn of II. Hyde &. Co. is nlliired for sslont their Sloro. huntl of Pearl. street. Merchants Si T.l FERX-KK EP ERS. are invited to call, under the nssiir'anco that better bargains may now bo obtained, than has herotolore been ollercd in tho State. H. HYDE, Agent for the Into firm of II. Hyde & Co. NO T1CE. JJ JL, jr T U 1' ' iii-N $0 enll on ren tlM'fV ePfffW tlio lot . ubscribor will rcasonnblo terms J n .. I, I, 5 U,;, J avern house reonily tiactaj P(,,i( cnulaiiiing abou" nno aero, or seventy. livu if desired by the purchaser. On which is FOUR BARiYS. TWO SHEDS, ami a Smidt ORCHARD, which in capable of producing npplra for futility use, timl if wanted hu tuny have the l'KUUY, with the prnmisi'B, and a liberal pay day will bu given lor thu grcuter part of the purchase money, Tlio place is so well known, it in ihutighi needless to givo any hirtliur description. JOHN S. LARRA1JEE. Shorehmn, Jltuj 1(140 Millinr.nj and Fatten Goods. ;(V MOST splendid, beutiiilul nnd utag Aea niflcont mnortinent of every descrip lion of Millinery Articles, such as fiunnels. ?.., ,.;.,,., r ,,.. ,j ,.;;... '',.,, c .. r... ...i..i. i. ,i i . mings, S,-c. tyc. winch will bu sold to cus. tomurtt or to the trade nt tlio new cheap prices fur cash, Tho nssorlinout of Fancy Goods is en. Inrged in every department nnd the great increase of distant purchaser is now cal culated for nnd will be fully ncciiininndatcd at t lit? new pricca at HOWARDS, XHSSOLTJIION. 1 1 li r tu oi 11.1 1 u. & Utuillcys. wtirt dissolved en ihu 1 5lh nil. hv mutual ciiiiscm!. All niTson.-i mdi htoil urn rrourst. ' oil to iiuiltti 1 1 ii in (I nt t c; payment, one of Ihu lute linn will uu tit all litnu present at lliu co ii ii I i ii mom to Bcltle nntl ndjnst outsluu-din-j cluims. T. FOLLBTT. II. imADLHY. JOHN UUADLEV. ISurlinjjlon, .May lv!, KJ40. NOTICK Tho liu-niicsj of tlio lato firm ol Follott & Brad leys, in its tv nous branches will be continued by the itiitlrrsirrnod in tho nninu nnd titular lho firm of FOr.r.KTT ft UllAnt.EY. A cou of the putronnu of lho nutnoroug frauds of our lutu linn s renpect fully 8Qli citud. T. Pom.ktt. John UitAin.ur, liiirlintjion, May 12. IhMO, DISSOLUTION. Hill H copfirtiiprsliip heretofore existing "!. undor tho firm of 7iiam $ Jluttelf, wm dissolved by mutual agreement on tb9 Ctli of January, !U40. All business por taining to thu partnership, trill bo adjusted by the senior partner. J. 13, liiun. NEW GOODS. TlilIK subscriber has jnit received from inurlfct a lull slock of sprint; ana summer Goods, odnptcd to Ihe wants of Ibp country, which will be disposed of on ytf rcodunublc terms. His stock eoibtttctf f general aasorttnput of DRY GOODS. DRY GROCERIES CROCKERY, GLASS WARE. HARD WARE, oils, PALrrs, tit. Tho public arc respectfully iult4 tp call and examine for tbctnsclvcf. J. D. IS HAM, Shclburn Fulls, ) Miij 13, 10 10. FZsOTS Rochester City Will FLOUR, of superior quality and to spected for fo!u at HOWARDS. Paper Hangings. 600 Vr tnostiy now patterns, tor sale at May 14 HOWARDS. A largo supply of rich colours, and deiui ble patterns, for ealo at HOWARDS. BKOADGLCTHS anotl or lot of new Druud Ctotlu at the AuU Turin' Cd a day labor, quite too cheap ruia ou- prices at the money store bv May Id. HOWARDS. o i 1 feumnicr wear and domosUff GOODS at about the Broadcloth pricM. (sec othor advertisement) at. May 11. HOWARDS. , r r TTJZTZlZ i?!l.EliW trDUUSt A ff1-'1"-"11 assortinent uf now and vtty clleaP ,lry gods' sroceriei Sic. jua mirccelvcu ouu tor sale uy P1JILO DOOLITTLB, Muy 14. 1840. 3 BONNETS. TUSCAN and English straw Bonnat of tho latest fashions, just rccetodj and for sale very cheap by P. DOOLITTLB. May 14 1C40. S? New and Fashionable Goods FOR GEA'TLEJIEjrS CLOTHLYQ THI K. Evans iias juat returned from N. York with o general assortment, ef 1 ROAD CLOTHS. CASSIJUERES, tai I' Lb I JJ GS, of almost every color aod i description. Also, TRIJUILYGS. Ha wil furnish materials, and innke to order. garments of every description and ilyl. cheaper than can otherwise bo obtained in this section of tho country. No mir take. Gentlemen wishing to purchat clothing will do well tu call and examine before purchasing elsewhere Shop first door Smith of S. E. IlowanU store, church Street. Burlington, May 24, 1040. N. Lovely Co. have just ree'd and nre now opening a largo asorU men ot Fancy and staple Dry Goods, Drjr Groceries, crockery Ware, and China Ware. Largo mahogany franio Lookinj Glasses, Rush mattings, Cotton and wool Carpntings, which will bo sold for cash m Cheap ns the cheapest. Alio a very largs assortment paper hangings vory low, Tkm public aru invited to call. IS now receiving from New York b' usual supply of goods consisting of ) must every article in the grocory llui with domestic div gnods and PORK. FLOUR, Fisri, SALMOXSic. Sec. Also. 500 pniru bonis and Shoes, making a line assortment of lho above named article-, winch wore bought with cash and will b sold lor cash ni thu lowest mnrkot prici Winonski Village, Mav I5thl010. Trj If E subscriber, having lho prsiant si) week udded several buudrsd vola. ol honks to bis stock, uud expecting monthly cxtousivu Npppltos, embracing moil of th4 Faliuible Works pnbliHhed in the country' hopes to make Ins storo worthy tho atlan lion of his friends ami thu public, Mer chants nntl others inuy rest assured Ihny can purcluin! during lho prrsent very uio price of IJui.kt much to their intorost. A large (isiortmcnt of every variely of Paper, Letter and Foolscap pnpur, luled uud plain, vay cheap. Stationary of all kimh ; School and Childrcns' liouks, nn cxtensivo aestirt uieiit. A few copied ol Burrs life, mid limes of an hon, . A. H RAM AN. May 1 1, 1040.

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