Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 15, 1840, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 15, 1840 Page 4
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KEEPING TRUTH IN THE DARK I A very good widow lady loved porter ay, dearly, and one day just iwslio was receiving half ti dozen bottles from llie man who usually brought her ihe com forting beverage, alio perceived (O, horror !) two of the grave elders of the church, approach her door. .Sho ran the man out the back way, and put the bot tles tinder the hod. The weather washot, and while conversing with her friends, pop went one of the corks. "Dear mo!" exclaimed the good lady, "there coos the bed cord it snapped vesterdav iust the same wav: I must have a new rope, that's sarlin." In a few moments pop wont another, followed by the peculiar hiss of the esca ping liquor. The bed-cord wotild'nt an swer this time, but the good lady was not at a loss. "Dear me" says she, "that black cat of mino must be at some mischief there. S'cat you torment !" Another bottle popped oil', and the porter came stealing out from under the bed curtains ! This was the hardest case of all to get over but our good old soul was yt't "on hand." "O dear mo !" said she, "I'd forgot' it's the yeast! Prudence! come hero and takeaway these bottles of yeast!" Picayune. Don't Ki.r.r.i' with youk Cuand- MOTiinn. Transferring of vital powc A not uncommon cause of the lossof vital powers is tho young sleeping with the aged. The fact, however explained, has long been remarked, and it is well known to every unprejudiced observer. But it has been most unaccountably over looked in medicine. I have, on several occasions, met with the counterpart of the following case : I was a few years since consulted about a pale, sickly and thin boy, of about live or six years, lie ap peared to have no specific ailment, hut there wasas lowand remarkabledecline of ilcsli and strength, and of the energies of all the (unctions, which bis mother very aptly termed a gradual blight. After in quiring into the history of" the case, it came out that ho had been a robust and pletho ric child up to his third year, when his grandmother a very aged person, took him to sleep with her ; that he soon after wards lost his good looks; and ho had continued to decline ever since, notwith standing medical "treatment. I directed him to sleep apart from the aged parent, and nresenbed chance of air, &c. The recovery was rapid. It is not with chil dren only that debility is induced by this mode of abstracting vital power. These in good health should never sleep with sickly persons. Mouschne do Laine. A good assortment or inmiscline do tninc nml filinlvH. for sale cheap for Cash, for example, n good quality of the former all wool for 10 cents t ho vatd at April 0lli.RIAYOyjvir1- TO HBOT. , A small while HOUSE, on the west sido of Collogo Green, next south of S. Reed's. Possession given on il.o 1st of Mny. SAMUEL HELD. Burlington, April 15. HMO. TP AID for dressed or iindrpssod Deer, B It.iaaPl. Calf Ollll ll02 SKINS n-tiir.n.XTi:n. n no ml bit-miese Innsn, from f, in 7 vrnm old. S. S, SKI NN Bit. BKOCH13 SHAWNS. FOR sale at very reduced prices, sever, al different sizes from $2 to g5. Printed Thibet do. very fine and handsome Printed and Satin striped Clialy, do. chen ille Shawls and Handkerchiefs all at very low prices fur Cash nt April toil.- MAYO fc WAIT. iH able form". JU3T Pop m nnd see us ull and we will show you how we do, by offering you our ossoriincnt "f Chnirn, enn sisting in part of Curl Ma ple, Grecian Large and Small Rocking, Gomnion and small ChaitH.which wo will sell on the most reason Ware Room, opposite Old Church Street. Also, on lmnd a few of Living ston's patent fanning .Minns. NELSON & GATES. Burlinglon, January !t. HMO. HATS, on 'liaiul oi inc very best quality and of the latest New York fashion, for salo at wholesale or re. Iidcribor merchants who ore dialing in the ar ticle of lo call and examine his stock before going south or purchasing of those who carry about t in article to petiole, n lie leeia con fident that he can give them Halt thatthry enn recptnoiond to t hose vho may again onrclinso ol litem. His stock is entirely now, manufactured under hi own eye, and nrrwir ilinir lo tho latest fashions. It will ivc satisfaction to those who purchase. C. A. SEYMOUR. Pnnrl.ql. P.lirlinrrtOll. ) 0V April 2, IC40. s DISSOLUTION. rilHK Copartnership of tho firm of T. JL & G. Conner is this day by mutual consent dissolved' All those who are in iloliinil m iho tibovo firm bv nolo or ac count, if they call socn, will find T. Conner who is authorised to settle all accounts, and ready lo wail on Ihom at the old Market house. TRISTRAM CUNiNtill. GIDEON CONNER. Turlington, April 4th, 1040. THE butchering business will bo con tinued bv the subscriber, who ac- ;oowlcdi'cs his gratitude to the public generally for ihe liberal patronage ho has received for the last eight years. He in tends to make it an object to all who wih to trade in the nmat line, to call on him, as he intends at all limes to have m Mar ket house furnished with the choicest meats that the country affords. Market house nn College St. one door east oi j. Potter's. T CONNER. Burlington. April 4lh. 1 040. V-V-Vj. . zf latest JNcw Yor Xxf ' fnr salo at whole vlrp.f ; 3 1 a 1 1 ' T ho s u b xMiJ.'S;" would invite A T PRICES adapted to modern limes il. two lust rate buggy WAUUiNo with cliptic springs. A larger assortment of SADDLES, AccmnxT. A man yesterday, while hurrying in great speed round tho corner, met two" ladies of his acquaintance, and pulling of his hat forgetfully, the following load of frieght tumbled about the sidewalk: Two apples; seventeen old letters ; se veral unpaid bills, one of which 81,25 was receipted; one clean shirt liosoin and collar ; cigars ad lib ; a bottle of sarsaparilla syrup ; a number of tho Bos ton Notion ; ditto of the Brother Jonathan half Dint of neanuts: two pair of brown drilling pantaloons ; and a Harrison song book. The articles wo understand have nearly all been recovered. Picayune. Gnonrui'HY. A London weekly paper informs its readers that "thetwo Govern ments of Washington and Maine arc ex- coediii'dv embarrassed in keeping the people of their respective provinces, from actual hostilities upon tho litigated ques tions of the American and British fron tier ;" and that "Her Majesty's troops aro stationed there to prevent vessels pas sing bctvrcn Ncw-llruusioick and Lower Canada." An English country journal "regrets to hear that recent disturbances in Albany threaten a repetition of the late border tear jure. HARNESSES, TRUNKS, RAGS, VALISSES, WHIPS n n d K rfV-" T.ASFTES. Thnn ever before offered for sule in Bur hnrrion. linnet Bridles &; Mir limits Tw'unrs. Rolls. Utilities. Combs, Nets Cards, Trappings. Yokes, am olhor articles usual in my business. . o oauMiuu. Hnnrl Uniisn Knnnrn. 1 " Burli n my ousinnss. o. o rt House Square, i ingt, Vermont, April 0. Ifi-tO. ) WINDOW SASH. JUST received 15 20 & 24-7 by casements of sash, first rate article, at 31 and 31 cts. per light. Also, all kinds and sizes, furnished to order. Ticonderoga Black Lead, a first rato article, for sale very low, together with a great variety of other articles, aschcap as can be found at any other cstab. lisl.ment in tho plaro. GcoJVmisoN DURHAM nnillS full blooded DULL, of tho im Jl. nroved Durham or short horned breed, may bo found at the Stanton (or Mayo) Farm, the coming season, ue is not surpassed perhaps by any thing in I lie country, so far as the chance of substantial improvement in our 6tock, is offered. He was imported Willi it is nam irum jiugi""", where be was sired by the famous Bull Bauquo, of the improved short-horned Durhams bred in ihat country with so much interest, nnd so justly celobraind i here, as superior to all other kinds. The blood of the animal will ut once bo recog nized on examination, by the eye of a crit ical observer. In addition to this, satis factory certificates will be produced, on request, of his pedigree, and also of the goodncsi ofhis stock, lie has been, the greater part of the time 6incc lie was brought to this country, kept in Concord, in tins stale ; in winch, and the neighboring towns, his 6tock is much admired and sounlit after. His half-bloods, produced by a cross with our native cows, command in nricf. from three to lour limes more thnn our common breeds of tho same age; and his introduction there, is held of great benefit and advantage, lo the agricultural interests of that section of the country Tiiis country, no doubt, is well adapted to the rearing of the heavier ond most op. nrnvnd nmnn Is. nnd in this respect, should not he nlaced behind anv other, for the pur pose of giving currency to a smaller and more tinprofiiable race. TERMS- For one Cow, 3, two owned by the same person g5, three and over 2, each. Application may bo made to me, residing on ihe above nanu-d premises. SAMUEL W HEP-LOCK. Cntchrilcr. April .3. in 10. Melbourne. PURE blooded Ayrcshiro DULL, shorthorns, three years old, recently introduced into Vermont. This noblo animal is now hold ready for the occommodation of thoBO who may wish to improve their bract of neat cattle. A view of him will convince the experienced breeder of his 'good points' nnd character j as he has good symmetry, good color, limbs and horns : is largo and active : good tin lured, ordcrlv and nuiet. A single cross of the native breed (even were it. carried no further) with this animal, will prove of in calculable advantage to the stock of this vicinitv. It is tho opinion ol competent judges amongst us, and of n majority ol English and Hcotcii urccuers acquamieu with this country, thai for our climate, Blato of pasturage, keep, care, and market, this breed is preferable lo the much extol led Durham, cc Cultivator, Vol. 4.J being morn hardy, requiring less core, ami less keep: and even excelling in combining tho two and rathcf converse qualities of being good milkers and offatlrning readily. T E R Jl S For one Cow, g3.00 for two g3.00 and for three nnd over g2,00cach (iho plurality being owned by thu same person.) Partio. ular"regulations made known at the stable. Ho will be kept on Dr Sponner's fnrm, 1-4 of a mile south of the college, on Han cock street. II. AINSWORTH. i N. B- A certificate ofthc purity (of thcj animal's blood willJbo pfoduccdi'atid any detection of deception or Iraud in tins rc. spect shall exhoiioratc all concerned trom charges for his services. H. A. Burlington, Jtlarcli la, 1U4U. SHERMAN'S COUGH I Shnririfin's Worm Wnnrrns. I ARE tho greatest discovery over mado, for dispelling tho various kinds of worms, that so frequently and distressingly annoy, hothchiK tlrnti nliil nilnllf). Tlmv aro an infallible rnm. ARE the safest, most sure and effectual rem- c,iy( an,i s0 pcaSanl to tho taslo that children ody for Coughs, Colds, Consumptions, whoop. w ta0 j,cm ns radily as a common pepper, inj,' Cough, Aslbma, Tightness of tho Lungs lnjnt Lozenge. Many diseasci ariso from or chest, &c. fee. Tho proprietor has neyor ( worms, without its being suspected. Some Itnnwn nn inslnnco whoro thov rlid not givo times a vurv Irniiblcsomo coUL'll. pains in tho porfect satisfaction. Several thousand boxes I phla or limbs, bleeding nt tho noso, Slo. &c, have been sold within tho last throo months, nro occasioned by worms, and will bo easily restoring to health, persons in almost ovcry ' cured by using this celebrated medicine. Tho slago of consumption, and those laboring following symptoms indicate tho prosonco of under tho most distressing cold and coughs. , worrni, viz: headache, vertigo, torpor, dis Thoy do not check and dry up tho cough, but tnrbed dreams, slcop broken off by fright and render it easy, protoolo expectoration, allay i (.-creaming, convulsions, fcvcrisluicss, thirst, tho tickling "or irritation, and rcmovo tho pallid hue, bad taslo in tho mouth, offonsivo proximate or exciting causo. Thoy aro niado breath, cough, difficult breathing, itching at from a combination of tlio most valuablo ex.jtm nose, pains in tho stomach, nausea, poctoranl, or cough medicines, and arc un- pqneamishncss, voracity, leanness, tenesmus, doubtcdly supetior lo every thing in uso for itching at Iho anus towards night, and at thoso complaints. Hundreds upon hundreds : j0ogth dejections of films and mucus. Ono io of certificates liavo uccn oitercu ol tiicir won- a dosc, for a clnld two years out two lor ono NEW GOODS, March, 1840. W. IiOVBIiY & CO. HAVE just returned from New York with ct choice selection of Fancy Dry Goods, making thoir assortment very desirable, for all who want at prices aston ishingly cheap, E' that the Poon as well ns the Rich can nbtnin n share at t h 13 well known establishment. A very few articles aro enumerated Borcbazines, superior to any ever before offered by u. Silks, Pongees, Ginghams. Silk Scarfs, an elegant article, Alpines, Zephyr Worsted, or Cruel. A beautiful assortment EnglUh, French and American Prints, Merino and Broehc Shawls, some of superior quality. .lsoLeghorn nnd Straw Bonnets, Misses Tuscan nnd Rolio do Chenicl Cords, Ribbons in almost endless variety. NOTICE. S7 E hove a very few small accounts of f 6, 10, 12, 25 cents nnd upwards, which wc wisli paid, as soon as possible. Those having accountsagainst us will please present them. Pangborn ei Uhinsmaii). April 10, 1H40. PRINCE ALBERT OF COBURGH. There is a girl ol "sweet sixteen," m Ohio, who cuts two cords of wood per day. Being at school, not long ago, she is said to have settled somo dilVcronce botwecn herself and tho master, by trim tiling him out of tho house, and closing thu doors ution him! An Ohio editor thinks such a "companion in arms' would ho a idorious remedy for thoso "hard times." IP: aro inclined to think however, that many men would conside such 11 remedv a vorv dangerous one to say thu least. Transcript. NEW PAINT SHOP. SPAUStBSPJU fit FrSESi&S a AVE opened a now PJIX"JT SHOP on Church. si. two doots south of IT. Lane's Store, whero they will do all kinds of HOUSE, SUIP, SIGjY and VJllilUJiUK PAIXTIXG, in tho best possible manner aim on terms lo suit thoso who may favour lliem with their nalionase. (CT Paints, Oil, Varnish and PUTTY, constantly on Hand and lor saio. It. G. SPAULDING C. 15. MILLS. Durlin2lon, April 9. 18-10. Tho following from tho Louisvillo Journal is too good to bo lost : On Monday last, during the progress of tho election in Now Albany, a rather elderly gentleman from the country camu into that town, and, in a tone of some concern, thus addressed a little group of persons " Una any 0110 ol you tell mo, gentlemen, how my two sons have voted? 1 am afraid they have left me." "What aro your politics ?" asked a tall Kontuck iun nrosont present. "Oh I am a Van Huron man," said ho. "A Van Bureu man!" exclaimed tho Kentiickiau "well, that accounts for your sons leaving you : tho only wonder is, that your wifo hasn't leU you loo ! ! !" Emiction. Tho latest ac counts aro that tho Harrison "hard cider" is a leutlo tho smoothest articlo thoy over did tasto m thoso uiggms. inoy aro "coming it ttrong." Boston Ttantmpt. Full bhoded '3 year old Bui.r.. will be kept 'al my Grand Bazaar, Nn. J : North street, the ensuing season. Pedigree- his dam lis of the unproved short ''"'X. 'horned Durhnm timed, with cross from the celebrated Yorkshire breed, and pronounced by the best judges to be the best for milkers nod Dairying. O ion Perfect symetry 01 term, aptness to flesh, quickness to maturity which renders tliem inc most peru-ui m u.u opinion of 1 he best of our farmers and the most profitable, tlie Ayrsuiiu urut-u nut ivilhelnnilinir. His services must command tijlij Lents per Cow, ono or more, to come witn 1110 cow,or cIec the services will not ho suffered to bo performed, (.imclc and lineup lor Cash is my mntlo. CALEB RICHARDSON. N. B. My professional services are in market as ueual, for ready pay. Burlinglon. Aprjl 27. 1 040 Nova Scotia Plaster. rinHB subscribers nfl'or for sale 200 Tons JL of PlaMcr. They will commenco grinding at the Mill at Wiuooski Falls on Mnndnv next. A person will bo at the mill to deliver it price for Cash. gtO per

ton. FOLLETT &, BRADLEYS. Burlington. P"h. "- '"JOj Hinesburgh Academy. mllE summer term of this Institution will commence on Monday, May I lib it is intended, that the course of Instruc tion shall be such as will tend to fit ono for the active duties of life. Hoard may be procured on the most reasonable terms. rllAlt;i WlljfsUlN, ocereiary Hinesburzh, April 10, 11140. MAYO & WAIT Have a supply of fresh spring and summer Semch gingham, perfectly un dressed, and very handeome, a few pieces half muurning do. will bo sold cheap for car-h. April 10. SHERMAN'S ROYAL IIEPATINE. For liver complaint, inundico, ohstruc lions peculiar lo females, dyspepsia, &c. I'HILADKMMMA, l' CO. I'l, liiJU. Dear Doctor In compliance with your request, I have made use of what you des ignate, thu "Royal Hepatmo." in several cases of Liver complaint, some of which wnro of the most o'2ravutcd character. In every in?tance it lully answered your re commendation. I had much confidence in it when you first made mo acquainted with its composition; but 1 was not prepared to expect such speedy and decided action as resulted from Us use. 1 nave also useu 11 in five cases of obstructed menstruation, two of which had assumed the appearance of what their friends thought a hasty con sumption. In every case, your medicine operated like a charm, restoring to health and youthful freshness, all to whom I ad ministered it. Hereafter I shall rely sole ly upon it, in my practice whenever I am called lo similar cases. C. SHEPPARD, M. D. We have u?cd the Royal Hoiiatine, in several cases with uniform success, and concur in opinion with Dr. Sheppard, as toils utility. G.M. WEEKS. M. D. T. MOR1SON, M. I). Sold at the Variety Store by pANonunN Si. Brinsmaid. f4 Jewellers, Burlington, Vt. dcrful virtues, from thoso who have been saved from an untimely grave, and restored to perfect health, by using lliem. Dose. One lozcngo is a doso for an adult' and may bo repeated from thrco to six times a day, as required. Children, eight years old, half of ono: four years, a quarter, and so in proportion. Vciy small children or infants will take them best dissolved in a liltlo water. Should they act as an emetic, or produce nausea, the doso must bo lessoned to what the stomach will boar. Halfof ono will generally bo sufficient to take boforo breakfast, as thu is Ibnn moro easily sickened. No ill effects can ariso from an over doso, as it will r.nnsn tin! stomach to roicct it ; anil altliougli not a nlcasant sensation, will bo tounct to afford relief. Whero there is much pain in the breast or side, one of Sherman's Poor Man's Plasters should ho applied over llic pari, anu worn 1111 relieved. If attended with costiveness, a few cathartic or laxalivo Lozenges, or any mild cathartic medicine, should be used as occasion requires. Kx.Shoriff Parkins was cured in two days, of a most distressing coub. Mr Iturton of Providence, Mr Shaler ol Jlnston, iir uivors, Mi. Hombs. Mr Wallace Jndsro Peters, Mrs Colfiinan. Mrs. Richardson, and hundreds of others of this city , have called lo express their surpriso and commendation of tho speedy rclicfand euro elleelcti uy tnesu iruiy won. derful Cough Lozenges. Doctors Smith. Vandonburgh, Conisloclt, Harris. lirh'ham. and several others of our most distinguished physicians.havo used these Lo7.cugcs, in tiicir practice, with invariable success. The medical faculty uniformly ap. prove oflhcm, as the best cough medicine in use. , . Mr Km Hall from Vermont, visited this city last fall, intending to go South, in hopes of mitigating a severe cougli arm puimona.-y affection, that he had been troubled with for several months. Ho had tried, as ho supposed every popular remedy, without any relief. Ho was induced bv a friend, lo purchrsc a box nf STTF.n.VAN'S COUGH LOZENGES. which to his sui prise, afforded him sreal relief in a few hours, and in tluco weens rosiorcu him to perfect health, so that ho returned homo to his family rejoicing. Airs. Jenkins of ibis city suffered from a severe caso of consumption for nearly two yCars- pjo was given up by her friends as past recovery, and was expected daily to brcatho her last, for which sho was happily prepared, nml Imd disnosed of all her worldly effects: sho tried Sherman's Cough Lozenges, will) a view of soothing her dying moments. To her surpriso, as wcllashcr friends, she foil greatly relieved alter too tusi ooso, anu coniinuuu m grow better daily, until about two months, when sho was able to walk to visit her neigh bors. She is now well, and a living witness that Sherman's Cough lozcngi.j will euro con sumption. Sold at the Variety Store, by Pangborn it Brinsmaid, Jewellers, Jhtrlinston, Ft. Farewell's Gaiter Boots,Walk- mg Shoes, French Kid, and Walking slips. Just ree'd a full nssoriment. -ALSO- Mcn'e Pumps, Misses blips and children's shocd, a full assoitment bv N. LOVELY &. CO. April 10th. 1040. PLASTER. ROUND Nova Scotia Plaster in bai'a, barrels ond milk, al 10 per bulk, al t 0.1 11 11 .,nr- p. r, Burlington. March C. HMO. HaVC plaill WOollcil and Worst ed shawls that they will sell very Cheap for Cash, some with Damask figures in tho oluid. that aro very handsome and micom inonly cheap. April 10th. (ftootffj fioro Sltictiou. CIIEA.1 FOB CASH. rpHE call for cheap Goods is great now is tho time for bargains all tho goods at HOWARDS arc bought at tho lowest prices anil will bo Bold on his quick and cheap for cash system this is tho time lo get tho moneys worth. A great variety, and largo stock of goode selling at tho lowest prices ever known in this market. S. EARL HOWARD. Chtap Cash Store, April 17, 1040. nriHE Subscriber having recently mnv JL cd from Albany, and commenced iho Blacksmith business, in oil Us forms, in the now shop on Madison street, near Follott and Bradley's store, would respectfully invito tho inhabitants ol Burlington and its vicinity to give him a call, as he is fully prepared to dn all kinds of work in his line, on tho shortest notice, best manner, and most favorablo terms. He boa for many years past given his par ticular attention to the Horso shoeing bus iness, and Farriery in all its branches. From the long experience which ho has had, and tho general information ho has derived both from theory and practice, lie feels fully confident in recommending him self to the nublic. Ho svil bo prepared at an limes 10 give his personal attention to all kinds of of work in his line such as Ironing Wag. crons and Slcirjlis. Shin work, and &c. All unds 01 cuiio tools, mauo 111 1110 uusi manner and most approved stylo. Uu trustH that by giving business his undivided attention, ond tho low nricus ot which he will bo enabled to furnish work, to receive a share of the public patronage. JOHN SORAGEN, Burlington, April 10, I R10. GRASS SEEDS. XTERDS fiHASS & Cr.ovun SEED XX for solo by 1UCKOK & CATLIN Feb. 20,1040, TO THE LADIES. UST received, and for sale by J. Sf J. 11. PECKS? Co.. Darlington, n lew boxe-- of R yiiold-" fc ParmclvV colebrated FEMALE HEALTH KES 1 wu.i iv&. It is designed particularly for the diseases peculiar to the Female constitution. A more efficacious remedy of this kind, has lonrr been wanted, ns many of those diseas es have baffled the skill of the most eminent physicians, nnd all the remedies heretofore have proved ineffectual, in thousands of cuscs. This medicine invariably removes obstructions, regulates in most cases of painful, ton frequent, or profuse minstrua lion, and ha1 cured tho most obstinate cases ol Fluor Albus or whites, and as a mother's relief, it is not equalled by any other medi cine. It is rocoinmendcd by many of the most eminent physicians in ihe United States. Dnct. J. Morison, from Colcrain, Mass. who has practiced medicine some twenty years nt Oneida, in. 1. says in re at on to It. 'Tliat 11 is mo uesi mcui- cine now in use. In cases of rctintion, or Hiiiinri'ssion 0 1110 niitibt', 1 iniuiv 11 win sustain the appellation oi tqiuuiuc. unvc tried it in the worst casos, witu aumirauiu nd 1 wish for the good of Buffering females, mat an pnysicipus wooiu iniruuuuu it in their practice, and I have confidence to bclicvo they would find happy results, as I have found the pills to answer fully their recommendation. Uoct. K. u- Davis, of Syracuse, lolls n similar story, and many olhera. For further information, you uro referred to mo persons kmum names are annexed to our snow uuis, unu also to pamphlets, left with our agents for gratuitous distribution, rrice $apcr oux, containing nearly 100 pills. Prepared ond sold wholesale and retail by Reynolds & Parmclv. Pittsford, Monroe co., N. Y. eoIiI niso by'F. Huntington, Vorgcnnes ; Moody & Adams, Middlrbiiryj Jackson & Ketch, am, Brandon 1 S & T. White & Co., Rutland j D. H.. Meacham.M. D., Walling, ford; A. R. Vail & Co., Danby; D. An drowa. Manchester ; Merrill & V. D. Spiegel, Bennington; ond Williston & , Tyler, Braltleboruuglr, aug7-ly A CERTAIN CURE FOR THE ITCH! ! O'A'o article erer introduced to nublic notice him !,cen found to answer a better purpose, or been matt highly approved, than the juslhj celebrated ,., DUMFRIES- ITCH OINTMENT. So great and extended has become its ro pulalimi. that dealers aio ordering it fron nil parts of tho country, as a remedy which gives their cusiomars llio nignrsi saiiMucuuu. A Stuukst .'Connected with ono of our Li'ernrv Institution!., where this loathsome diioaso'had appeared, obcrvrs, that Dumfries Jlch Ointment exterminated 11. niiur unuus other applications had failed to do so, and it had in consequence gained a reputation 111 that Seminary, and vicinity, as tho bcsl rem. cdi Unownfor tho Itch? ' This preparation for pleasantness, safety, and expedition, caso and certainty, is unsur passed, it equalled, uuousnui uumani ..u least patticlooi morcnry.ui i"ui uuuuuo inirrnrtinnt. and mav bo applied with poifect safety to prcguant females, or lo children at the breast, anil it curos,uowuvui mvuiuiu.,,,.,. Onu noun's application only ! And no danger from taking cold. Prico, 25 cents a box, with ample directions- lour years; thrco lor eight years; andlivolor an adult, and should bo repeated every morn ing, or every other morning until rolievcd. Road the following letters : New Youk, March 8, 1839. Dear Doctoii, According to your request, wo havo used your IVorm Loscnges in several cases of worms, and found them uniformly successful. Wo havo no difficulty in getting' children lo tako them, as they aro perfectly pleasant. Wo shall uso lliem in our practice, whenever occasion offers, believing them to bo tho best vormifugo medicine in uso. Wo havo also used your Soda Lozongcs very ex. tensivcly, and find them fully lo answer tbo purposes you recommend theih for. ' I I ) Wo arc yours, rcspcctiuiiy, V. Weeks, m. d. W. Shaddock, m. d. G. R. GllHEN.M. D. New York, Fob. 1830. Dr. Sherman, Dear Sir: Ono of my daugh ters, aged 17 years, was troubled for about eighteen months with a hacking cough, bro ken and disturbed sleep, &c. Sho was fast wasting away, although she oat quite hearty. Several physicians attended her without any benefit. From reading tho dircctious accom panying your Worm Lozenges, describing tho symptoms of worms, I thought she might bo thus troubled, and accordingly procured a box, which, to my surprise, perfectly cured bor in ono week They aro a most excellent medicine, and I believe my daughter owes her lifo to them. Yours. &c. Jant. Humphreys, 8 Mercer st. Sold at the Variety Store by PANGBORN .5' BRINSMAID. Jewellers, Burlington, Vt. LTTie annals of Medicine do not afford, perhaps, more remarkable instances ofeurm than the following, which were effected bij the use of RELFE'S BOTANICAL DROPS A LADY, of Boston, was afflicted with eruptions all over her head, face, and body, attended with most unpleasant itch in"s, burnings and blotches had lost tho nails from some of her fingers and toes was cured by 3 bottles of these drops! A Boy Suffered four years with dread ful sores on his foot, somo of which had eaten wholly thro' his foot had his foot opened twice and the bone sciapcd was considered past relief, and (ns death ex pectedwas cured by taking these drops! A Man in RoxnunY Was for years af flictod with foul ulcers, one of which bail eaten through his wrist was cured by these Drops! A Cinr.n After trying-various other Medicine for painful eruptions on bis legs, and other part of his body, was cured by the Botanical Drops alone ! A Child in Roxuunv Was cured of a bad tumor under his arm, by 4 bottles. A Boy in Boston Was many years troubled with ulcers in his head, which discharged at his ears cured by 3 bottles. Mn Wright Was cured of a bad fever sore on one of his legs, of long standing, by these Drops, after all other means used had failed. A Child Was cured by these Drops, of biles and ulcers, some of which had eaten to the ribs. An Elderly Lady Who was long afflicted with Lepmsy, and so horribly, that the could not bend a joint without gushing out of blood G bottles cured her. A Young Lady -Of Boston, was cured of a violent humor m her eyes, by tho Dions. A Lady in Chaulestown. Was cured of a white swelling on her knee joint, by these Drops and Jebb's Liniment. A Man in Connecticut Who had been troubled for years by an obninato king's evil, was cured by theso Drops. A Lady Was cured of a terrible caso of St. Anthony's Fire, by the Drops. A Child Also of a distressing scrofula. A Person. Troubled with violent eruptions on Ihe face, was cured by theso Drops, after various other medicine and had failed ! "V'Thesc Drops will cure the most in vnlerate Scrofula, St. Anthony's Fire, RELIEF FOR THE PILES! 1 PERSONS afflicted with the pamiul and , vnlerate fcicroluia, at. antnony s r ire iroublesomo oomplainl of tho Pilcs.aro , Scurvy, Salt Rheum, Eryepselas, Leprosy informed that limy may obtain immediate 1 1 Pimpled Faces. Sore Eyes, Scald Heai .. H . .1. I,,., ,,inilii.inn ... ni..l.l ni.i t" , ITIo.i.o V,, rMinPliv tlm uso of that iuvaluublo incdioiuo Dumfries ltomcdy for tho Piles. In prooi of its clficacy. Pl.UXSr. READ TIIC POLLOWINO CASP.! "1 was confined to my room (writes a relieved patient) about thrco weeks with this troublo somo complaint, when noticing iho advertise ment of Dumfries Remedy for iho 1 tics 1 was induced ro try it when to my grcaj rolicf Si comfort part of n box of each, the Electuary & Ointment effected an ontiro and permanent euro as itisnow four years sinco and I havo had no return of tho complaint oi.,nn niiimiKili T was accasionally troubled with it for voars beforo using tho remedy.' Prico $1 for both articles, Llcctuary and Ointmont, or 50 cents for cithor whero but ono is wanted. Valuable Phjsic ! DR. RELFE'S ANTJBHIOUS PILLS. T71UOM tho information uio rroprtoior is 4 ...,,;,.!,,. from vmious sources, of tho excellent efVocls of llieso mis in couipiauus i- ii.n uinmnrli. bowols, head. &c. they aro i.nn.mctinnnlllv aillOU!! tllO llCSt articles Of physic, however celebrated, for loss of appeii.o......g ,,,",-;,' COSllVOnCBB, liai..,w..ww,w - lions, Arc. Price, 50 cents a box. k5 Prepared and sold by T. KIDDER, sue Head in Children, Old Sores or Ulcers, l-oul Festering Eruptions, IIumors.Fcver Surcs, (even when the bone has become callous, White Swelling, (in connection with Jebb'a Liniment,( Vcnerial Taints, wnen mercu rv failed,) and all other disorders arising from an impurostate of the blood and jui cos, and aro the best Spring and Autumn al phvsic. Price gl, or C bottles for 5. Ask for Dr, Hello's Botanical Drops. kl VPrcparcd by T. Kidder, successor to Dr. Conway, and for sale at his Count ing Room, No. 09 Conrt-strcot, next to J. Kiddor's Drug Store, near Concort Hall, Boston. For sale by J. & J. II, PECK &.CO., Burlington Vt. None genuine unless signed T. Kidder, on the outside printed wrapper. Large discount to dealers. Whito Clover Seed OF superior quality &. American growth free from sand and sorrel seed, for sale at 25 cts. per lb. at April 90, 1840. HOWARD'S Moro Now Goods. UST received, a few pieces French Silks, plain and figured Black Silks, rich colored Poult du Soi Silks, Men'a nnicnr III lir. lUIDVUi ni. siuirs near Ooncert Hall Boston and may also bo had of J, Si J. H. PECK Ar. Co. Nono golu no unless signed T. KIDDER Linen Gloves and Black Itahln Ctavalt.. on tho outside printed wrapper. WJ,louCtOB w LIVELY & To Largo discount to dcaloxa' 1 J Apnl 2J. N, LOVLLY & Lof K.4.