Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 22, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 22, 1840 Page 3
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FRIDAY M 0 U N I N G, M A Y. 2a Geoiuib W. llAnunn, tlio Tory Post Master of Montpclicr, and Nathan B. IIaswki.i., tlio salaried supcrintendnnt of tlio Break-Water in this placo, and a staunch Jefferson Democrat during the 'last war, liavo tapped the drum for a .'general rally, at Woodstock, of tlio oflico holders in tliis state. And wo liavo no 'doubt that tlio Marshall and Custom House Ofliccrs,Post Masters and Pension Agents mado quito a rcspcctablo turn out on tho occasion in point of numbers. These patriotic gentlemen, perceiving no doubt, that their term of office is most likely to expire some time in the courso of next March, probably wish to signalize their gratitude to their chief for the libe rality with which he has scattered tlio loaves and fishes among thorn heretofore. Or it may bo those paid patriots' arc so deluded as to believe that by an exhibition of so many long visages at one place and at tho samo time, they can excite the sympathy of the People and induce them to spare them a short time longer. But gentlemen it is "no go." The chilli Jingcrs of death arc on you. Your 'lurid' countenances will proclaim to all who see you that you know your doom is scaled. The decree has gone forth,and the tkoi'LE say "O. K !" THE KITCHEN MANIFESTO. Amos Kendall has resigned the office of Post Master General and has engaged to enlighten the people of the United States on the beauties of Loco Foco Democracy, through the columns of the Washington Globe. Amos modestly dis courses after this wise on his motives and Intentions, which he supposes to be of trrcat importance to the Nations und Kingdoms of the earth: I wMi toMitMV i he whole world that no di ticfiu-tion with the President or his administration, iioindiioition to render it the utmost support in mv nowur, nodMriM of it measures or its tlc-it?ns has had any elllft in determining me to preler a private ton public .-tation. On the contrary, my confidence in the President, in Ii is integrity, hw principle--, and his limine?, have tnereaaod from the day I was lirst ollieially u-.-ocialed with him ; any relations with every mend er of his Cabinet liavo lieeu iniiformlv of'a inot friendly character i (iiul my devotion to the meat measure which have been, and still are, siMiuucd hy the Administra tion, knows no abatement. I lie leaning prmci i)Io avowed hv the P.-cident 1 look upon as es sential to the preservation of liberty and a Govern ment of tln nwmk' : ami if I had suiMiOsed that my resignation could endanger their success, I fliould iiiivo clinic lo cilice as 1 would to lite. To what an extremity must tho fortunes of the President be reduced when it be comes necessary in order to sustain him, to employ such a character as Amos Kendall to certify to his capacity and patriotism. And how kind it is in Amos, and modest withall, thus to assure the whole vniversc of his undiminished confi dence in Mr. Van Btiren. When before, in the history of this Government, has it over been found necessary for a retiring Cabinet officer, publickly to proclaim his "confidence in thciiitcgrily and firmness" of the President of the United States? Docs not this eagerness in Amos to give Iiis certificate of good conduct to Mr. Van Burcn indicate that there is "something rotten in the state of Denmark1?" PENNSYLVANIA. I Blnco tho Harrisburg nominations tho Whigs havo won from tho administration tho states of Connkcticut, Ruodh Isl and and VmoiNiA all of which gavo their last electoral vote for tho Tories. By tho following which wo cut from tho Phila delphia National Gazette it would seem that Pennsylvania too is coming. These returns show moro than A thousand net gain for tho whigs within six months in a district which hardly casts 1000 votes in all! ! ! As our neighbor of tho Sentinel is so good at cyphering can ho inform us how many more such victories it will re quire to ensure tho Key Stono Stato to Matty? From the Uedford Knquirerl BEDFORD ELECTION. "clow we give a list ot the Whig and Loco Foco majorities at tho elections of last October nnd last week. We do it to stiow the increase since last fall, nnd for the purpose of assuring our friends that correct principles nre beginning to gam the ascendancy. The vole given was not o large as that of lat (all, but of those who remained at lmme. and did not attend the election, we assert without hesitation, n majority were opposed to Van Huron ; and it all had turned out, the aggro- gale majority in the county lor our caiuimato wouiu nave been neariy a iiiuusanu. Air, C llcdfordlloroiigli,13 iietiionl T, llellasi, Ucihcl, liroad Ton, Colerain, Cumberland V'. Dublin, liireeiilicld, Hopewell, Lickins creek. M'Counellsburg ISnnicr. Providence, 131 St. Clair, C Sideling Hill, Southampton, union, is is. Wooillicrrv, 35 S. Woodberry, 212 1830. Whig. L. F. 84 rU.8 10 B5 00 40 70 62 4 1G 20 57 00 80 40 107 est Whig. 4 45 37 .e Si ei 14 03 15 49 30 210 4 30 81 "io7 1840. L. F. 27 2 3 13 "l70 ttA now paper, bearing the cogno men of "Tho Spirit of tho Ago," has been started at Woodstock, under tho ed itorial supervision of Caleb O. Eastman, lato of tho Lamoillo Stato Paper. Wo suppose it to bo the object of this publica tion to support the waning fortunes of tho Toricst Tho typographical execution of the paper is very creditable to tho pub lishers. Tho salutatory extends through several columns and, so far as wc read, fully sustains the reputation for candor and ability which Mr. E. established while at the head of the State Paper. Tnn ltnciU'TioN in Baltimouh. A correspondent of tho N. Y. Express writes that tho hospitablo editor of tho Baltimore Patriot, Isaac Monroe, Esq., opened his very comfortable Cabin, for the full ingress of every member of tho Press, and to others who chose to join hint. There was a plate, a knife and a fork for every visiter and the string of the latch was not pulled in to any visiter. Many of the Whig editors were there from dif ferent sections of tho country, and among them some of tho veterans of tho Press. We hope for an opportunity to return in some small measure tho kindness of our brother of Baltimoro und of our Whig brethren. CONNECTICUT. The Legislature of Connecticut assem bled at New Haven on Wednesday the Gth inst. In the Senate, in the absence of the Lieutenant Governor, Mr. Ilendco was chosen President pro. tern., and Nelson Brewster, Clerk. The House elected Charles J. McCurdy, of Lyme, Speaker, and Jonathan A. Welch, Clerk. On Thursday,Governor Ellsworth delivered the annual executive speech, from which we learn that tho admin trative aiiairs ot tlio totato arc m a most prosperous condition. Connecticut is free from debt, and possesses in the Trait sury the sum of 1S.544. This sum, with thr avails of u one cont tax, dividends on bank stock, and sundry other other small cceipts, arc sufficient to meet its ordi nary expenses, which do not vary much from SSO.000. The School Fund amounts to 82,040,000 ; the dividend made last year was S103,345,which has been divided amongst 82.C7C children. Tho State Prison is in a flourishing condition : num ber of convicts, 159 ; profits last year be yond expenses, $4,500. The militia numbers 40,000 men, who ore generally well armed and equipped. A. great portion of the messago relates to finance, banking, the embarrassments of the country, and tho policy of the Gen eral Government. The condition of tho Banks in the Stato of Connecticut is thus presented : TORY ECONOMY. Let no one fail to read tho letter of Shawniut concerning the princely expen ditures of Martin Van Buren. This i the man who abused the Administration of John Quincv Adams for its extrava gance, and promised tho people retrench ment if they would raise him to power, Tho people listened to his promises They gave him the reins. But instead of retrenching he has augmented the Nation ol expenditures from thirteen to thirtynino millions of dollars per annum. The let tcr of Shawmut gives the particulars, dc tails the items of this extravagant increase of expenses. It shows how tho honest yeomanry liavo been deluded by tho cry of 'Reform,' while millions and millions of tlio People's money havo been sqnan tiered in purchasing Brussells and Turkey Carpets, gold plate, and French bedsteads to adorn our Republican palace. Nor is this all. But ornaments and gew-gaws o the most costly kind, such as arc seen only at tho court of Victoria, must bo brought over from Paris to set off tho 'East Room" in a stylo sufficiently gor gcous to receive tho Aristocratic nabobs of South Carolina whilo Cologno water nnd Otto of Roses arc imported to pcrfumo tho red whiskers of your Democratic chief. And this is the man who curls his haughty lip to deride the honest pov crty of the scarred and war-worn veter an of the West. Let no freeman fail to rood tho letter ef Shuwrnut. "From the report of the Bank Commissioners. you will perceive that they have discharged their duties willi vigilance, and. 1 believe, wilh great lidelily. Thcdeiail of their proceedines shows their acquaintance with the subject committed to their trust as well as tlieireiiorts to discharge its deli cate and high rcsponsibilties-. It exhibits like wise to the liublic eve the condition of our Rinks' i-ei meir report lie careiuily perused, (lie broad range of their Dowers be considered, and the ex- tent to winch these powers have been exercised, nnd we may be sau'sfisd that these inanitions are soimdnd deserving of general confidence. Hanks are assailed too eflen without cause, and in a man. tier prejudicial to the whole community. They are .SIUV.UJ itn-miiicu wan iiiu pruspcruy ui oi an clas ses: until oflate.tbev have been considered bene ficial to all j and I see no reason to doubt that they are now struggling to sustain what remains of en terprise and credit." The House of Representatives on Wcndcsday nominated the Hon. Jabcz W. Huntington, of Norwich, to tlio Sen of tho United State, in placcofMr. Belts deceased. At the first balloting, he re ccivel 112 votes, out of a total of 203. Necessary td a choice, 102. The Sen ate have not yet acted upon tho nomina tion. On Tuesday, by a vote of 102 to 98, tho Hottso rejected a resolution giving tho election of Justices of tho Peace to the People, and on Wednesday, by a, still larger majority, negatived u proposition to givo the election of Probato Judges to the People. N. Yorker. MR. PRICE. Fow men could land on our shores o greator notoriety. Sinco his departure thcro is not a press in this country that lias not mcntioneu Ins namo in a variotv of ways. It was declared by many that lie would never return. Yesterday, how ever, no landed at White Hall, with wuo anu hock oi nine ones, llo never looked better, nor appeared in finer spir its. Ho has rctnrned to meet his accu sers face to faco, and invites tho most rig id scrutiny. Ho declares he doc not owo tho Government ft penny Star. CONGRESS. in the Senate, on Thursday, the Vice President presented u Report from the Navy, giving some details and explanations of the Annual Expendi tures of llie tiovcrnincnt from 1829 to 1810, in answer toa resolution previously adopted. A mo tion of Mr. Hubbard, to print 30,000 copies ofthu iicpon, i in an animated uenate on the charac ter of the Expenditures of the Government, in which Messrs. lienton, Hubbard, Drown, Preston and others, participated. in the nou.-e, the greater part ofthc day was consumed in the discussion m Commilce of the Whole of Mr. Adams's bill to insure the more faith ful execution of the laws relating to the collection of duties on imports-. Hefore the debate was brought to a close the Coniniiiti-u m.i'. nml ilm House took tip the amendments of the General Ap- piupriaie uiu, in which tney concurred by u vote of 73 lo 43. In iheSenale on Friday no business was tran saeled worthy of notice, and that body adjourned until Monday. In the House on Friday and Saturday the discus sion of Mr. Adams's bill was continued. The principal speakers were Messrs. Adams, Lincoln, Sergeant, Hriggs, Hollinan, Curtis, Monroe, Illicit, Vanderpoel, Underwood and Craig. The particular subject of debate was the amendment to llie Dili section, and the substitute proposed by Mr. Adams. The amendment tirovides. tlm't "whenever n suit against any Collector or other oiuccroi ine customs, i()r uiu seizure of goods, wares, or merchandize, unlawfully imported into the United State-, orforfcilcd (or the unlawful entry ot the same, shall bo tried in any court of the it Slates, in which suit is involved any question of iimics mi miioiiiuu oi goous, wares or merchan dize, no person having the same interest with that orthe party to the suit, inthu question at is sue, shall be competent as a witness on such trial. unless called to testily bv the n i-i.n nm- l was oljected to the proposition that it was subver sive ui vuiiiiiiuii lawniid oi individual rights. The question was then taken on the motion to sin'Ui; uui uiu scv-uuii .uiu msfii uiu luiienuincni. it was intended uy tne opponents ol the motion, in case the motion to strike out nnd insert succeeded, then to strike out the motion as nuicndcd. The vole was -J'J lor the motion, mid CD against it. As there was no quorum, the House adjourned. On Monday the same discussion nnnimnnl the whole day in the House. The motion to strike out tlicuth section and insert Mr. Adams's amend inenl, providing that, in n suit asmVt the Col lector, for goods, seized for fraudulent importa tion orentry, the lesiimciiy of merchants interest ed in the question involved in the suit shall not be taken, was agreed to. Mr. Knelt then moved to strike out the section, as amended, but it vasot. A debate followed on several points, involved in the measure, and, at length, the bill was reported to me iiuuk, wiiuoiii iuriiier amendment, air. Holmes, of C., tooktholloorto speak in oppo- iiiou in uiu inn, una ine iioiiseihcii adjourned. In the Senate a Message was received IVnm il,n President, in answer to the resolution of Mr. Hen ton, calling for the names of all officers, agents or contractors who had sold post drafts orexrhaii"ed them for notes otany banks. It aiiiicars that Mr. Denton had derived information from one Joel Crittenden, residing in Georgetown, a kind of iisciii ur employe oi me uoverninent. that abuses have taken place in relation to the sale of govern ment drafts, which induced the call he had made. On the motion to print the answers of the dillercnt agents, .Mr. Denton took occasion to denounce in unmeasured terms, the Hank ofthc United Slates ot rensylvauia, which he charged wilh sending agents all over the country in search of govern ment agents to buy up government drafts. Mr. Webster said thought if the naents of the govern ment had acted corruptly in selling drafts, the cor rective was with the executive, and neiil not nnll iori:i denunciations against an institution over which the government had no control. The light given by the papers presented thereto-day, allbr ted the best commentary on the present vitiated slate of the currency, which so much needed a corrective. It was in vain for the government to attempt to pav snccie in anv case, when ilu no. ncral currency of the country was not specie ; it would always end in having one currency for the people and another for the government, while the uuers ui meson and ine honest producers ot wealth were always sure to be llie iuiured nam- 'Ph.. document was ordered to be printed. A private bill vM-ui-u uuiisiiii-raniu interest, it was lor thu relief oi uannan wighton, a widow ol the first oilicer killed in the Ifevolmionnry War. Mr. Webster, Mr. Preston and Mr. Crittenden, were eloquent in its support. It was opposed by Messrs. Denton, Hubbard, Allen and Calhoun, but was ordered to be engrossed by a vote of 31 to 9. In the Senate, on Tuesday, the bill establishing a system of uniform bankruptcy was called up by Mr. Wall, who spoke at great length against the bill reported hy the committee, which provides only for voluntary bankruptcies. He was followed by Mr. Clayton, who defended the report of the com mittee, of which he is a member. Mr. Tnllmadge introduced n resolution inquiring into the expe diency of a grant of land from the General Gov ernment to aid Ncvv-Vorkin making a railroad so ns to connect the waters of Laku Ontario with Champlnin, parallel with the waters of the Kiver

Si. Lawrence, and to enquire what elli-ct tho same wouiu nave on me transportation ot tne mails and munitions of war. In tho House the discussion of Mr. Adams's bill was continued. Several amendments were ollered by Mr. Holhiian and others, but Mr. Adams Mren uoiislycontended against all amendments, and the bill was ordered to a third readiiur, nnd linnlly passed, suiistantially as reported. lh vote was yeas 122, nays 00. Tins is a majority much more decisive than that hv which some of the most im portant measures havo been carried. Whatever may do the citeet o thu lull on tho revenue, it is decidedly unpopular among the importers, ns is ovi'denced by the measures they havo adopted in this ciiv and elsewhere to secure its defeat. On Wednesday theScnatn was occupied with an nnimalod discussion of tho General Dankriint Law. Tho House was cnc-aircd on the subject of the Printing of Congrcsi tut n6 action was had In'i citncr iiuiuti Tiuai. ot CoMMouonn Elliott. Tho Court Marshall for tho trial of Com modore Elliot,' assembled at Philadelphia on Monday, and consisted of tho following officers : Commodoro Jacob Jones, Pres ident, Commodorn Lewis Warrington, Win. M. Crane, John Downcs,and James Renshaw; Captains Charles V. Morgan, David Conner, John D. Sloat, and Georgo W. .Storcr ; John M. Read, Esq. District Attorney, Judgo Advocate. The substance of tho charge is as follows : Cruelty, under certain well-known cir cumstances, O Passed Midshipman Bar tan, in tho Mediterranean ; unoflicer-like conduct toward Lieut. Hunter, at Port Mahon, in the island of Minorca ; carry ing from Port Mahon to Norfolk, on the ship Constitu.ion, certain jacks, jennies, and other ani.iials, thereby disabling the ship from full and effective service in case of emergency ; unofiiccr-liko conduct in instigating and aiding in a subscription on board the shi) to present him with apiece of plate, andin having the inscription for that ono enctaved on several additional pieces ; cruelty in decreeing unusual and excessive piuishment to certain seamen under commind; not using, during mu tinous conduit on board the ship in Hamp ton Roads, ail means in his power to sup press the sane ; and on the succeeding day, causing tho crew to bo call together previous to discharge, and expressing his satisfaction and approval of their general bchaviorduring the voyage. Tho preliminary matters wcro got through with on Monday, and on Tuesday Lictitcnats Hunter ar.d M'Blair were ex amined. The cxamiiution ofthc former occupied more than two hours. The trial will probably continue for several days. A Ri:mc or the Or.ura Timk. Tho Editor of the Salem Observer has been shown a relic, from Wenham, which he pronounces a rare and undoubted piece of antiquity, which has como down from tho times of the Puritans. It is a Vane of rude workmanship in copper and iron ...:.t. iuo a. !. nr... wnn uiu nam xuoo cut mruugn a, v on- ham was Inst settled in 1643. The first meeting house was built near tho ancient uurying ground ; and tins vane was put upon its spue m lObo having been sent irom an iniiiviuuai m iMiciaiul to ins brother in this country. In 1754, the sc cond meeting house was built ; and Jacob Crowinshield, who then owned a farm in Wenham, was a benefactor to a consid erable extent towards the cost of its crco tion. This vane was given to Mr. C. and then placed upon a tree upon his farm where it remained until within a few years. It is a rusty old fellow one hundred and fifty-two years old ; and and has stood the buflctings of the winds and storms a century and a half. It has seen, and conformed to, many changes in its day ; although it has remained substan tially unaltered ; a thing of gicat incon stancy, but of long endurance. Sheriff's Sale. WILL bo sold nt public venduo on tho 30th day of May inst. at I o'clock afternoon, at John Howard's, in Duilington. eighteen two year old Cattle, to wit one Bull, 5 steers and VI boilers, two of tlicin with calves by their sidrs. II. FERRIS, Deputy Sheriff. TTA VIWC until Mitt in u sum!; nnd rrn ted my shop on Catlin's lane, to Mr John Johnson, I take tins method to thank tho otihlic for tho patronage I havo receiv ed and would solicit tho patronage of tny friends anil the public lo my Bucccpsor, whom I havo no doubt will eparo no paitis to give satisfaction. D. K. PANGBORN. CABINET MAKER, at the now shop lately occupied by Mr. Pangburn, respectfully solicits tho patronage of ihe public which ho will do his best to merit- DIXON & SONS plain Briltania Tea Pots, Roditera and Wostcnliolmes Knives, Lamp Glasses for Astral and Brass ftoro Lamps, Wicks for all Guitar 6trine ond Books. Violin and Vi olincello do. The nseorttnctil and variety wer varying and ever new, liko the I'iciurcs eccn in Ur. lircweters' lvaloiUo ecopc is well worthy Iho examination of iho curious, or of ihoso whose ideas and wants never turn from tho plain bcalcn UUltarian Road nf life. We cater lor tho public and beliovinc that tho public lb ink as wc do that "Variety iB tho spico of life that gives it all its flavor." Wo have got pretty well spiced up anil ye who wish a snrin'klini' nlcaso walk into tho Variety Store. PANG HORN & BRINSMAID. DISSOLUTION. TUB firm of Fulleti & Bradleys, wad dissolved on the 15lli ult. by mutual consont. All persons indebted are request ed to make immediate payment, one of tho lato firm will be at ell time present at tho counting room to settle and adjust oulslan ding claims. T. FOLLETT, II. BRADLEY. JOHN BRADLEY. Bnrlineton. May 12. 1040. NOTICE. Tho busincsi of tho lalo firm of Foiled & Bradleys, in its va. nous branches will be continued by tho undersigned in tho name and under the firm of FOLLETT BRADLEY. A con tinuance ofthc patronage of the numerous friends of our late firm is respectfully soli, cited. T. For,r,ETT. John BnADt.Er. Burlington. May 12. 1040. NEW GOODS. CjlDNEY BARLOW has received general assortment of goods at hit Id Store on Pearl street winch will be sold cheap cnouzli. N. B. Wool received for uoods. Burlington, May 20lh 1840. DISSOLUTION. RlHE copartnership heretofore existing under tho firm of hham Sf Russelli was dissolved by mutual ngreemont on tho Gth of January, 1040. All business per taining to the partnership, will bs adjusted by the senior partner. J. B, Isiiam. NEW GOODS. 8TRIIE subscriber has just received from market a lull stock of apring and summer Goods, adapted to the wants of tba country, which will be dieposed of on very reasonable terms. His stock embraces a general assortment of DRY GOODS, DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY, GLASS WARE. ITARD WARE, OILS, PAINTS, tft. Tho public are respectfully Invltad Id call and examine for thsmiolvce. J. B. ISUJiM. Shelburn Falls, May 13, 1040. s FANS. Palm Leaf, Paper and Feather Fans, for sale at the Variety otore. PANGBORN & PRINSMAID wines ATi-EriTiom. The first meeting of the TirrncANor. Ci.un, of Burlington, zoill be held at the American Hotel, on Mondaii evening next. All true friends of the Old Soldier m this town, whether members of the dub or not, are requested to attend. MARRIED In Westford. on the 14th in?t, by Rev. J. II Woodward, Mr. James Nichols to Mi.s Janu C Putridw, both of WiNlford. Joshua lsham's Estate. TrE the subscribers having been ap Tt pointed by the bon. the probato court for the district of Chittenden, com misiioners lo receive, examine, and adjus the claims and demands ot all persons against the estate of Joshua Iiham, lato of Shelburn, in said district, deceased, re presented insolvent, also all claims and demands exhibited in offrct thereto; and six months from tho day of tho dato hereof being allowed by said court for that pur pose, wo do therefore hereby give notice hat wc will attend to tho business ol ou appointment, at the dwelling of the widow Martha Isiiam, in Shelburn, in said district on tho first Mondays of August and No vcmber next at 10 o clock A. M. on each of said days. Dated this ICtli day ot May, A. U. 1U4U, LYMAN HALL. NEW GOODS. fTIHE subscriber is now receiving from X New York a general assortment of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY. GLASS and HARD WARE. 11. LANE Burlington, May 21, 1840. 3w. rpHE firm of A. & D. Pitkin is this day JL dissolved by mutual consent. Dud- ley Pitkin is authorised lo settle wilh all who may have unsettled ac'ts and receive payment for all debts due lo said A. & D. ritkin. It is most earnestly desired thai this Public and friendly noiico will be suf ficiont to effect immediately not 'on I v i settlement but also payment from all who may bo indebted to them. ALFRED PITKIN. DUDLEY PITKIN. N. B. Tho undonigned will continue to supply thoto with meat who may be dis posed to lavour him with their custom, ho would say that ho i9 not unmindful of the liberal patronage, which he has roceived anu is comment that no shall bo able to meot tho expectation of all those who may givo mm a can. d. im 1 IvlN. vCash nill bo paid for Sheep Pelts at times as is usual. D. P. BONNETS. gjTWSCAN and English straw BonnoU of tho latest fashions, iust rccoived and for salo very cheap by r. DUOJL.ITTLK. Mayl4lC40. a STATE OF VERMONT, DtSTntCT OF CHITTENDEN" The Hon. the Probate Court within and for the District of Chittenden ; To the creditors and others concerned in the es' tale of George S: Hate late of Westford in said District, dectastd WHEREAS John W, Hale, adminis. trator of tho estate of Baid deceased twelve months from the 2Gth day of June next, anu tho second Wednesday of June next, boing assigned for a bearing in the promises, at the Office of tho Register of this Court, and it having been ordered that notice thereof bo given, by publishing this decree three weeks successively in the Free Press a newspaper printed at Bur lington, before tho time fixed forbearing. Therefore, You aro hereby notified to appear before said court at tho lime and place aforesaid, then thcro, to make objec tion if any you luve, to tho said time of payment betno further extended as afore said. Given under my hand at Burlington Ibis 20th day nf May A. D. 1040 DISSOLUTION. THE firm of II. Hyde & Co., is tbia day dissolved by mutual consent. The undersigned. II. Hyde, will remain at tho Store, as agent for tho lalo firm, to dispose of the stock of goods on hand, to settle and adjuit the claims due to and from concorn. and generally to wind up ila at fairs. All persons indebted, will please to take notice that immodiato settlement and pavmont is expected. H. HYDE. HARRY BRADLEY. JOHN BRADLEY. BurliDgton, May 12, 1840. Selling off at Cost, and below THE stock of GOODS, consisting of a full and general assortment, belonging to lbs late firm of II. Hydo & Co, is offered for salo at their Store, head of Pesrl. street Merchants Sf I'AVERN-KEEPERS, nvited lo call, under the assuranca toil bailor bargain, may novy bo obtained, tbtQ has heretofore been offered in the Slate. H. HYDE, Agent for tho late firm of H. Hyde Si Ga REMOVAL. PATRICK CALLAN, TAILOR, hav. ing removed from the falls, to tho hoad of Pearl street, Collego Green, bogs Icavo to inform his friends and)customcrs, and tho inhabitants of Burlington generally that he is now prepared to executo orders in tho Tailoring Business,'n the most fash, ionablo stylo and en tho cheapest terms. Ho can also clean and repair Clothing in the best manner and without injuring the Cloth, Spring and summer fashions on hand. Cutting done as uoual for others to make. Pearl Street, north side, ) Burlington, May 20, 1040. TO RENT. A HOUSE a Fow Rods South of the Bridge at tho Falls on tho new Road, Also a small and convenient Store which can be ronted separately or togothcr with tlio houio. Inquire ol C. BENNS. ' Fear) St. May Stat 1810, STATE OF VERMONT, ) DISTRICT Of GUAM) ItI.E, SS. C AT a Probate Court holden at North Hero, within and for said District afnrc. said on the 8lb day of May, A. D. 1840 Present Iho Hon. Joel Allen, Judge An Instrument purporting to bo tho last Will and Testament of Isaac Martin, late of South Hero, in said district, de ceased, being presented by Abner B Landon the executor therein named for Probate. THEREFORE it is ordered by said court, (hat all persons concerned therein bo notified to nnncar at a session nf said Court, lo he lioldcn nt the dwelling house of Jed. P. Ladd, in North Hero, in said District on the first day of June, A. D. 1840, ot ono o'clock in tho afternoon and show cause if any they may have against the probato of said will, for which purpose it is further ordered that a copy of the rec ord of this order bo published lliroo weeks successively in the Freo Press, n news pa per printed nt Burlington, in tho county of Chittenden, as soon as may be. A true copy of record. Attest AUGUSTUS KNIGHT, Register. NOTICE, THE subscriber wili soil on reasonable terme the lot on which bis Taveru bouse recently stood, ou Larrabee'a Point, containing about one acre, or seventy. five if desired by tua purchaser. On which is FOUR BARNS. TWO SHEDS, and Small ORCHARD, which ia capable of producing apploe to family uio, and if wanted ho may bavs tb FERRY, with tho premises, and a liberal pay if will be given for the greater part of tn purchase money. The placo ia so wall known, it ia thought needles to give any further description. JOHN S. LAKKAUEU. Shorehnm, May IB40. Millinery and Fancy Goods , olUbl splendid, beautiful and mag nificcnt assortment of every descrip tion of Millinery Articles, such as Bonnets, SMs, Ribbons, Laces, Artificials, Trim uiings, Sfc. S(c. which will be sold to cus tomers or to the trado at tho now cheap prices for cash. Tho assortment of Fancy Good la en larged in every department and the great increase of distant purchssors is now cal. ciliated for and will be fully accommodated at tho now prices at HOWARDS' FLOUR, Rochester City Mill FLOUR, of superior quality nnu in spected for talc nt HOWARDS. Paper Hangings. S00 ps. mostly new patterns, lor sale at May 14 HOWARDS. A largo supply of rich colours, and desira. ble patterns, for salo at nOIVARDS. BROADOLOTHS-anoth- cr lot of new Broad Cloths at Iho Ami Tariff Oil a day labor, quite loo cheap ruin ous price al tbo money stnrn bv May 14, HOWARDS. IS now receiving from New York bis uiunl rupply of oodi coininling of aU most every article in the grocery llne with domestic dry goods and . PORK. FLOUR, FISH, SALMON Sfc. Ceo. Also. 500 pairs boots and Shoes, making a fino assortment of tho above named article, which wero bought with cash and will be sold for cash at tho lowest market prices'. Winooski Village. May l5lh 1840. WThllE subscriber, having ihe pretefft U week added sevoral hundred vols, ef books to bis stock, and expecting monthly extensive sppphes, embracing most of the; Valuable Works published in thocounliy hopes to make his storo worthy tho alien lion of his friends and tho public. Mer chants nnd others may rest assured thoy can purchase during the present very low price of Bonks much to iheir interest. A large assortment of every variety of Paper, Letter and Foolscap papor, lulod ami plain, very cheap. Stationary of alt kinds ; School and Children' Books, an extensive assort ment. A few copies of Burrs life, and times of Harrison, D, A. BRA MAN. May 1-1, 1010.