Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 29, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 29, 1840 Page 3
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rins. As many amino dead bodies have been I tlua from ilio Sicainloat Hotel. I 1 he number of burials which Imvo tnken plncu I to-day is about lifly, and many are still in a dan gcruu) ami iiyiug conuiuon. As oon as po'siblo we shall publish a list of tlin name of the killed, wounded, and those Miissinir whoso bodio-! have not I ecu found. Mean whilu we besr. the indulgence of our hind friend nnd patron (or a few days, in which time we shitll be able to Ret our olfice in some order. The Free Trader oillce building ha been crushed in and much shattered. Wu nre all in confusion, nnd surrounded by the destitute, the houseless, the wounded, nnd the dyinir. Our leautifnl eily is battered as if it had been stormed by nil the can non of Ansierlilz. Our t lot tit Hit China trees are II torn up. We are peeled und desolate. The City Hotel, through the kindnes of the proprietor', No.tli Harlow, lisq. has been thrown open to the waundoJ. lioetor Pollard, with his tistiul promptitude, has tnken the Tremont Home for nn additional hospital, Stephen Duncan. Iq. having generously ollered to l.o responsible for the rent. The neighbouring planters nre generously send ing in large pangs of slaves to nsM in clearing the street und digging the dead from the ruins. FURTHER OF THE NATCHEZ CALK. We (Ind in the New Orleans Picayune of the 13lh instant, the following additional particulars of the late terrible tornado at Natchez. We yetcrday recched n slip from the office of the Free Trader, brought by the Diana. It i.s da ted on the lltli instant, imii, niinoiign n noes not irive the iinnies of the killed and wounded, fur nishes additional puriicnlnrs in relation to the loss oflmildinis and property. The Free Trader estimates the entire los of properly to the city of Natchez as more than mi: millions of Doi.tAns! The first estimate made SaflO.OOO. took in thedamace sustained bvluild. jugs alone. When to this is added the immeibc flunnlilics of merchandize, provisions, coods ol various kinds, furniture. .Ve. &e, &e., clear head- ed and practical men think that at leat four mil lions of dollars more would fall short of the ical loss-. The quantity of pork, bacon, butter, lard and vegetables storeil at Hie landing was immense Mnnv ladies lost elesant and valuable wnrdrol e- tind 'were denendnnt on friendship for the initial vestments with which they covered themselves fier they had 1 een reduced to a state of almost entire muinv i.y iiietomauo. The Nineties theatre is a nilc of shanclcs ruin I evoud rceiiverv. The entire saltan, surrounded I y tlie walls, nml partly envercil by the pile of Kaiiroati J'epoi, inie one i me largest ami nouicsi cJi'iccs of tlie km I in any city in tlie Union t fovercd with the wreck of lower, walN mid roofs From this iinmeii'e mass of riilibish.several wound cd per-on-i und dead I cubes have been ilus, and the work of removing the huge pile of briei; and limber was eommeiiceJ on S nidav eveniiitr The. leautifnl and splendid villa of Andrew lirown. Jwp, at winch place tlie mo-t goieou nd sp'endid fete ever got up in Natchez wa fiiven hist year to the cjtv ''nests from Viel.sbur.' is totallv ruined. Tlie cost of its erection was ixlv or 'event,; thousand dollar There appears to le a general turning out of tno citizens 01 tlie nu'ommg towns lortue reuci -of the Natchez -uderer-. llrnnd Gulf, Itodnev nd Vieksburs had each come forward noblv to iheur relief. A yet a viflieient tune lias not claped 10 near oi inu arrival li uie uciegauun J rum mi; city. Sabbath Even ini", lO'.li May. Titr. Denouement. What wo wrote on Fri day, the day after the calamity, has .since proved loo low a computation, und lar too faint a sketch of ihe ruins which hasLcfallen our noble spirited, yet devoted city. The etjmale of a little more than a million and quarter for the damages done to the buildiii merely, may I e nearly correct for the compact part ot the city; nut to cover tlie losol mcrchan dizo. provisions, iroods of various kinds', an turnituic destroyed, there should, in the opinion of some of the practical and clear headed men, lent least four millions more added making the entire Ins- uf property in the citv of Natchez more than FIVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. This estimate, wcl elicve. to le strictly within the bounds of moderation. The immense nuaii titles of pork, I accn, butter, lard and vegetables; Jo-t at tlie lanilniij .wept into the uecp nuJ otx livi'ous mcr would astonish any one not ac quaintel with the nntuio of our trade. There are numerous dwellings m the lower as well as the upper eily, where every item M furni ture and eloihuiir, and ornament, wa- given to the zyratiniii of the whirlwind and Inst irrevo cably. Many Indies j(,st elegant and valuable wardrobe, and were dependant on friendship for ihe j'iii'mI vestments with which they covered themselves after they had I ecu reluced ioa state of almost entire nudity by n tornado which wa writhing "in the sweat of its great asonv," and leapimr fiom tower to tower " with delirious bound." The beautiful nnd splendid villa of Andrew Urown, E-q., at which place the most gorgeous and splendid fete ever given in this city to tho city (,'iiC'ts from Vicksburg last year, is totally ruined. The cost of its erection' was CO or 70 thousand dollars. Tlie mansions of Peter Little, 1'sq. and Mr.-. Linton, on the blutlj flouting each other at ill out a mile distant, outrode the storm, nnd escaped with the loss ofchiiunies and the dismantling ol some of the frieze-, and architec tural ornament. The Natchez theatre i a pile of . shapeless ruin--, beyond recovery. The entire square, surrounded by the wall-, am partly coered by the pile of the Jtailroad Depot, late oiie of the largest and no Llest eddiiices ofihe kind in anyei'y in the I'liicn, is covered with the wreck o'f tower, walls and roof-. From this nnnicii-i; ina-s of rubbish scv. cial wounded persons and dead bodies have lecri due. and the work- of removing the huso pile tf lirici. aim miner lias icen leu pit commence I. From the jimncn-e ruins of Parker's .Southern K.xehamro Mers. Fari-h nnd JIciui- weic dug live, after ncoiihnemenl of an hour or two, and the dead body of .Moe, a must valuable servant : it is posj e iluit there may le one or two moru lodies dill in tho-e ruins. The Planter's Hole', formty called " Our House," uiiaieu on ine nrnw oi uie i mil, was mown down the tirecitiice. .Many men were known to have been in the home at 'the time; and it has leeomo painliilly evident to the senses that the rapid de composition of flesh is going on under the timber cl l hat house. 1 lie .Mississippi j. risins ! ri'nr ! ! riVi'iiz ! ! ! nd the lowlands will tin's summer know nothing but ruin ! ruin ! ! ruin! ! ! The very elements teem to conspire asainst p.. Amid it all, let our conduct le prudent, and our language reverential The meeiing of Tuesday will decide the fate of jaieiiez. mo.-e wno have power ami wealth. will have to declare upon the destiny of the still Wcrffrain from nuMi-bin" nnv e.timnip of il- Io?s d life and property by the tornado of Tliur. 'lay j both are incalculable ; ami fisure.s, though lionoral le orators, cannot now rale the amount of os or the blighted condition of Natchez, Should a rain and a wind come upon ih in u few day-, every 1 uildiug Mill Mantling on our street- will fink to ihe earth, and uli llie city will be no Letter than a heap of ruin-'. People are leaving Natchez every hour, nnd ly midsummer, if the present spirit prevails, we ehall have lillie e.o than a ruined, de-crtel city. We fear that besides ibu destruction wl.icli h:w fallen upon nun-ruinato Natchez, oiher c-nlnmitirs tlie upper Mone-. or I iu mi in with de-poni ency the general destruction of crop-, rattle and other property. Cairo, nt the mouih of Iho Ohio, was wholly under water, r-o much M) , nnu viewing mai mi; hent tiiuir yawN over the Le- vee, directly to tne Meps of the hotel, and the torut aloiiR the htreets. There wrre toveral old lrt ..Tnrf..1 , 1 rl? "'?i' '"r11"- city I.f New York, for 1 he Mim of t?S2,000-ai.d , Ail" , n'l , , 'f "'L'rU VM hT.U'r, f ,c I -Mr- I'nici: has,.oi.,menc,.d .ro(Tedingsaga,.t ibo l?oh?,?S, "'a!1C'0 f,"T "'ft '1 PC C-u-.-eriiiT.eiit for SIOO.OOO. It i- Mated in .some of f 1 X.,?n I . ,', ,eVf t'"IS 7 hP" ""'Nv York paper-'that tin- Mill of Mr. Price', their t Pmi not . Sin rn..,B 8 !'!"r I ' -m,M ,l,al ' tlieir wor.-t, Put not until then. i-liar-ri-.l ilm nn,.r.H,wM,i Stnn nnn .nrf. rnr c.,.. flat boatmen and pilot", passengers on the Gen. Drown, who express tlioir opinion that (lie recent groat Hood in the Ohio, rejoined to the rise in nil the strcnins, must inundate New Orleans and the whole lower country. AT. Y. Couitt. steamboat Yxplosion. SrniNtiMELt, May 11), 1810. As the stcamboalvJrecnl'ield.with several freigh boats in tow, was going up the Conno' lieut on Monday afternoon, and' when near South Hadtcy, the boiler exploded, causing terrible destruction. There were lite hands on board: Capt. Crawford, Mr. Wood, or Uratilel oro', the engineer, Air. win. Laticuy, of this town, machincst and maker of the boiler and engine, Mr.Mo-es Coolcv, olthis town and the lireman. Mr. Wood was instantly killed his body being shockingly mutilated; Capt. Craw ford received such wounds in his head as to cause his death in a few hours; Mr. Lnnccv dangerously wounded in the lower part ol hi 1owoN. The lireman, had not I ecu found this morning, and it is presumed he was killed. Mr. Cooley found him self on board ot one of the freight boats, not essen tially injured. The steamboat was made u perfect wreck, and soon sunk, carrying with it one of the froishl boats. As lhoe concerned in operating the boat nre killed, the particular came of the ac cident is not known. At the tune ot explosion, the I oat vn stopped for a freight boat to hitch on. EtCPIn nddition to wdiat is contained in the let ter ol our correspondent, wo learn that this was the first trip ofthe Greenfield up the river, andlhat lor model and sliced she was not excelled, bhe was owned by Messrs. Sloekbridse, Allen, Root & Co. mid cost about 87,000. The freight boat which stink, was laden with about thirty-live ton tons ol god. J . S. we learn that the lireman, who it was supposed had 1 een killed, was limn j u red- Lathu Fuom Canton. The ship Fbon Preble. Cmlrlin CnnrKFTl. nrrivisl veslnnlnvr frnm (nn!nn having sailed on the 2 1 of February, and biinglng 1 advices about u fortnight later than our last ae- coun.s. 1 ne iMoeiiauc. 01 ine pori, wiiien nau ucen declared by the Hritish, had I een raicd on the 1 'Mowing day, 111 consequence ofthe lit eration by the Chincc "of ihe I!ritlh subject, whose deten tion was the alleged cau-e ot the blocknde. Se veral American vessels then hurried to Canton without cargoes, a circumstance which puzzled the Chinese, the previous arrivals having brought full cargoes, and they in conscqecncc, issued a chop forbidding the Ann McKim, Valps-rai'so nnd Liiilin, taking away more cargo than each had I rought specie 10 pay for, requiring that the specie le in ihe llr.-t instance placed in the possu-siou of the hong merchants. This occurrence had con fennel ninny in the opinion that the Chinese pro ceedings against opium, were in reality caii-ed by the exportation ofSfcca silver, and that the health and morals of the people were a mere pretext. The Hritish Miperiiitendaut had teceive I despatches from his Government, coin eying 10 him their ap pro! alion ofthe course of conduct he had adopted nnd announcing to him 1 he approaching arrival of a large IJrilish force. One of the linti-h ships of war uaci sailed irom (.anion, 111 search, it was mv en out by ('apt. Elliott of tho leinauis of an English ship which he alleged he had 1 end was wrecked on some part of the coast, 1 ut it is sup posed that ihe real object was 10 put her.-elf in communication with the Hritish vessels as they arrived. The Chinec were endeavourihg to purchase three or four foreign vessel- to convert them inlo floating! allene- and anchor them within ihcllogue to ieit the expected attack from the Knglih.Thc general belief among the foreign residents, how- was that the Chinese would submit on the irrival of the Iirilisli forces. The High Commis sioner Linn had been sent to the Province of Tongas Vice Itoy, and another officer hail taken his place at Canton, who the Cliine-e merchants apprclieiuV.l would be still les- favorably inclined toward- them than hi- prc'dece-sor. There was no change in the market at Canton when the Flios Prurlc sailed, and Ihe quoin'ion- for exports wire entirely nominal. Little of interest indeed can now I e expected to icach a from China, until the arriva1 ot the llriii-h squadron. Account- of the occurrences which will then cumm-, will 1 e ex pected wiili great anxiety 1 y the whole civilized world. Whilst on thi- subject, we may add thai Loud PAl..Mi:rSTo.v, the Hritish Secretary for For eign Alliiir.-, on 1 eing n-ked if any diplomatic connniini.'ations bad passed with the Oovernment ol the United estates on the siilueel of Chinese uf- lair-, replied, none oilier than information of a rcqce-t from ibe Ameri an resident at Canton, 10 their imvcrnmcnt, that it would support the pro ceedings of the Hritish. Cornier ft 7iii7. Lathu rr.oM China. An extra from the office ofthe New York Morning Herald, announce- th arrival 01' ihe Kl en Pre! le, with date- from Canton of Feb. 2 I. She 1 rings intelligence that the Kngli-h merchant captain, or supercargo, Mr. Uibble who wa- taken pri-oniicr I v the .ilandarm I oat-, lor trying to smuggle from one ship tu another, bad Lceu released. A- it wa-on Mr. nibble's account that Captain F.lliott declared Canton in a stale of blockade, of course ihohlocl.ado was withdrawn the instant he was surrendered. Wr.-T Point. It i- Mated in the American of la-t eveniiiL', lliat an investigation is now jroins on at Wom J'ouil, 11110 the, moral condition and iliseinlinc of tlie .Military Academy. Certain inn matioii- and char-ire-: bavimr been made 1 y one of ihe individual- ofthe Academic Sta'i; the Secretary of War directed Major Scott, Adj. Oen. Jone-, Col. Cross, and Capt. I)e ilarl, to proceed 10 the roinl, and mvestipite the whole matter. thee oilicer.- are now en fazed 111 their duly, of which the ic.-ult will, we inc. nine, when' known, le communicated oliiciallv toConsre The Ameri can expie e the greatest confidence that the rc Milt will I e houoralile 10 the Academy ; and w bile we tru-t that coiilidence will not I e di-nppoinled, we highly approve occasional investiVation- into the moral eendiiiou of institution- on the perfecily eurrect moral di-eipliue of which .-o much depend-, not only 111 icfcrence to individual but also our national honor. Concord Bank. The New Hampshire Patriot i-ay- "it lecome-i our duty 10 announce to thu Public lliat tlie Concord Hank ha- -loped payment. Dut we are authorized by the President and Director-ofthe laul; to Mate that a re-em examina tion lias leen made ol the finds and hecuriuc- cf the I auk, and 1 lint there can I e no doubt they are ample for the purpo-u of redeeming 1I10 1 ill- and paying ihe depo-iles and all other liabilities of the laid;. It is, therefore, recommended tu the holder.- ofthe lid- not to dispose of them nt a acri lice, a- they may Lo asMired that they will Le paid in full." Tit ron Tat. The Government has com menced proceeding-against Mr. Pnicr:, late'Iaim than he did. It i- r inoured that Mr. Swarlwont mtcnils returning, nnd .suing Uncle Sam for a mil lion of dollar-, because lie mijht have carried o.f a million moru than he dul. NEW YORK MARKET. Fi.oon. The arrival- during the early part nnd middle of the week were large. The canal i- now in lino order, mid the receipts have greatly increased. Notwillistanding tho news by the (iueeii wan very milavorable und the Mipplies large, yet 1I10 Ka.tern demand ha lceu mi very great that price- have leen well sustained at ! 75 uii Luiiiiiiuii iiranu-, nnu yo-teriiay at an advance to b7 lor tienc-ee. I lieic has nlo Icen a do maud, not large, from Franc e. Ohm, vin New Orleans, iiavoeoine in fieely, and sales at 4 C2 ; Southern I'lnur i.- dull. Georgetown. Howard Street and Richmond CoiiiUy 1110 still selling slowly at d 75lo 5. Itye Hour nnd Corn Meal without nllrrntioii. Giiain. Wheat hao fallen-, a sale ha Icen made nt 100 ft-, and nlr.i fiiirni nr. h. 'PImv the lowet price wo have mio-i..! tin- nriiel.. m in years, wi nyc-, n lot 01 16,000 bushel-nt T).!ca long 111 inarm-t, sold nt 50 cts. ; Northern Hvo is selling nl 50,i55 cti. Corn has fallen 10 52a53 ts nt which it clo.fd. This .nN. nf ilm nave been about 'JO.OOO bushels, varying from 1.9. in M clK. fl.nts -17 f,, V..l '. '..1 nl r.. l.2 to fit cts. Oats. 37 for Northern, rind 27 fo teiulhern. Whi.eUeano, MaJJ. Pe!a9,0e 12. Illfiln. nr'itni niw I ' Ss llilricl A(.-..w.i. r..H.l.. A Resignation in CoNcnuas.-Tho I llonorauloKiclinrUDiclule, lncmuor ot the II. of R. from Pittsburg, Pa., lias ad dressed a letter to liis constituents appris ing tliem of tho intended resignation of his scut in Congress. Ill health is tho cause assigned. Vnnv Ominous. Tho Nation Intel ligencer contains the following advertise ment : To ii(WThuIIoiie on Capitol Hill, occupied at preent by the Vice President. Possession will I e given on the 18lh of June. Apply to Henry Daugerlield, Alexandria. ANOTttnn Sign. It is with pleasure that we notice thu fact, that the German paper, "Dcr Deut sche," printed in New Orleans, heretofore a warm, able ami zealous supporter ofthe cause of Van lliiren nnd the administration, has onine out a warm ami zealous advocate of the election of Gen. )!nrrion. The paper of the I81I1 gives the most able, lucid nnd convincing reasons forihcchnnge. Gen, Harrison, the Democratic Whig candidate, who-o name is passing from tongue to tongue, em phatically the people's man, whoe whole life im a succession of patriotic! deeds will hereafter occupy a distinguished place in the columns of the "Do itsehe," his merits will 1 e proclaimed nnd his clniins to the highest office in the gift of tho nation fervently and properly udvocated, St. Louit Jitpublnan Loco-Foco State Conytntion. This body met at Woodstock on Wednes- dry last, in respectable numbers, J0lnson received a nomination for Col. for Vice President, and will, probably, receive the support oi tho Locos 111 Vermont, tf he docs not come out for Harrison. The following btato ticket was agreed upon : Paul Dillingham, Jr. Esq., for Governor. E. D. Barber, Esq. for Lieut, " Daniel Baldwin, Esq. for Treasurer. We arc well suited with tho nomina tion. Monlpclkr Vatchman. TItt'PECAIVOJE CLUB. An adjourned meeting of tlie Tippe canoe club will be held at tho Court House on Monday evening next, at half past seven o clock. 1 ho mends of " Harrison and Reform" are requested to attend. An address is expected, and a patriotic song will bo got up for tho occasion. COMMITTEE MEETING. A Meeting of the Committee of Arrangement 111 view of the coming S'ase Convention, will be held at 7 o'clock at HOWARD'S LOG-CAHIN on Tuesday evening next. A punctual attendauce 01 the "0011111111116 I- requested. GEO K. PLA'IT, Clerk of Committee. A AItl). The Congregationul Church ofWinnoski Vil lage. To Dca. Samuel Hickor, of Hurlinglon. 1 heir thanl.s Itr the donation ol a set of comma nion Furniture. Warrcn II. Marsh, Clerk. it m w. a g c a u Or. A. GOHNEB,, TO Ai jiisi relumed Irmu New York .H..M. wild n fresh biipplv of Groceries) Among which may be found old and y 01111" Ilysun, liyKoucklu nnd Buhen Tkap: Loal, lump and brown Suoar. Wine, Hrnndy, Hum, Gin, Molnt-ses, Flour by the barrel, half barrel or by I ho pound, Codfish, Mack erel ami I Icrr hifj, CutTer, I'kptkr, Sptco. Cloves. Nutmeg-i, (itnjjer, Salurni iin.lltco. cavendish, plur; and pnper 'Pohacco, 13a r nnd (slinvuif; Sonp, Inn.p Oil, itc. iVc. QLSO a jromi amortment ol Dry (Joodi audi n Camcuks, cultuii chilli bed Tick uir and many other articles too numerous tu incut ton. Hiirlinrinn. May "9. 1fl40. A 1.1. poreona indebtcil to tho late firm ofLnthrop, I'olwin it Wail or to Mayo & Wail at their (-tori) at winooski Villnj-o are hereby notified lo make pay. infill to uo ut our Store in Burlin!loi) corner Church and Collcjzn Sirorts. Mayo & wait. mat 17. 1840. HSV-T BOOKS i liisl cvuniiiir received nt the IJooU Store and now for sale very chenp by D. A- UR AM AN. Rnrlinetnn. May 27. IIMO. ST021I3 TO LET. AT Witioo-Ki Villnrfc, the i-turn recent, ly occupied by Lalhrop and Potwin will be let and no-'seesiun rnven immndi. n"'ly. apply lo tho nibcuberfl corner

ciiiircli nud Collegf St. Iliirl nijtnrtr to Cildeon Lalhrop. MAYO & WArP. M.iv QO. i UST received a fn'sli supply of Con jrnsi water, and fur Pn'o by 1hvC9. (J HO I'HTKRSON. STATIONERY. IIAVI'j received, by ihe recent arnvali, 11 Inrjje nnd well assorted slock of writing PAPi:n, nnd Hie iliiT'rppt nn teles of plain and FANCY STATIONERY. ALSO, Aii excellent collection of ENGRAV INGS and illustrated works, of lute pub llCHllllll. Monirrtnl, Si, PmiI.fI.. May 23. NOTICE. I HEREBY five iiotino that I linvo giv en my ton, "Eiij-eno BihmhioH Inn tune and liberty to tiadi and iruiisnct bumncsK for lnnieelf, and bold iriyeo If not nccnuuta hie lor any contracts he may hereafter uinko, nud will nut cUim any of m curniugK, I111 Stephen A Bieeonett. i in r k . Ilincfburph, Mny 11, it!40. Aitrsi, II. 1.0VU1.V. NOTICE All persons hav- nig unsettled account with the mbenher, will plcoso call nnd ecttlo Ihusiimu wilhoiit iint.AV, at Ins blicp on cherry street, Ihrco doors west ofihe now urccling church, wlncn khop is now Kept open for l he ex prosd purpose ol ueUltii" up his old mallciu Wm. I, bETMoun Durlington, May 27, 1840. TQM & &3EEHk Os Ar2SP 2 carfjH 0f& m T II 13 subscriber hm now on hand a gen crul nssoitnicnt of BOOTS & SHOES. Of themiml fasliiunnbleitylu. nnd t horouy It workmanship, which ho otlrs very low lot CASH. I'i. J. 1' A 1 . N. IU All kinds of measure work done at short notice. Buihnzioii, Churcli-st. ) MV 2fl. 1JI40. HAVM returned from New York with their supply of cpntifj find mumper GooiIh, In id in ot tho prenenl iiiiiijuuI low rates which they ato prepared to sell na chenp ns can ho had 111 the country, buy ers nrn rcfpcctlully colictcd to call and re ceivo the pronl, at the store recently oc cupied by Lmlirop & I'olwin comer Church nnd Cullepe atroela HurlllH'Inti. May 2G. Braids, &c. for tho Light In- lantry Ct,s, have cumn. 1'ANcnortN t nntnMAin. WOOL TWINE. May 2(J. for tale at HowAnns. FAR WELL'S SHOES. Jut ree'd a full assortment of Farwell's MV 2(1. Khnna nt UowAnn. Windsor Rifles for sale at the Variety Storr. PArsco'ins & IlniN-MAtn. Far well's Shoes. .(? full nn'ontncut just ree'd and for enle by Mny 29. il. W. Catkin & Co. "Log Cabin & Hard Cider:' A t'tw Injf cabin Bosom Puis, with Ilm barrel oflljrd Cider mibtv liBiidy' and "the etrinu never pulled in"jmt fm lelicd and for t-rik at the Variety Siore. PANG BORN &. BRINSM AID. ' May 2.'i 11140 Verbena Cream lor Shaving, Clarified Riuin, Wirr n'e best Needles, Silver Tliiiiiblen an J IoIh of now Giiods, opening' at the Variety Store. May 2D. Panoboh & HniviMAtn. DISSOLTCEOlir. THE firm ol l-'olluti &, iSiailleys. wbf (lissolviid 011 tho 15th tilt, by mutual consent. All persons indebted are requit ed to make iintnedtalc pnyuieni, one of the late firm will be at all tune present at the con nt ui room to settle and udju-t outstau-din-; claims. T. FOEIjETT. H. BRADLEY. JOHN BRADLEY. Burlington. Mny 12. IfUO. NOTICE The Ihisiucr.-) of tho late firm ol Foiled & Brndlcyn, ill lis va. rioiiB branches will be com iniied by the nti(ltT-ijT net) 111 1 ho nnme nud under tb firm of FOLLETT St 11 RAD LEY. A con tinuance ofthe patronage ofthe numerous Irienils of our late firm in re--pectfiilly soli, cited. T. Foi.i.UTT. John BuAnr.ur. Burlington, May 12, IfidO. New and Fashionable Goods FOR GEXTLEJIEjYS CLOTII1SG. EE Evans has just returned Irom N. Yo'lt wiih n general np-"iri inont , of li 110.1 DC LOTUS. CASS1MERES. and FESTINGS, of almost every rolnr mid dericripiioifr Al-o, TRIMMLYGS. He wil funnd) materials, and make 10 order, giirmi-nts of every description ami Myle. cheaper than con otherwise he obtained 111 tins section of the country. No mis take. Gentlemen wishing lo purchase clothing will do well to call and examine before purcha-ing el.-ewhere- Shop first door South of S. E. Howards store, church Street. Biirlipnion. May 2-1. 11140 DISSOLUTION. npiIEfirm of II. Hyde & Co.. is (hi. day dissolved by mutual consent. The undersigned II. Hyde, will remain nl the Store, as agent fur lliu lale firm, to dispose of the noek of goods on hand, to settle nnd ndjti-t the claims due lo mid from concern, and generally 10 wind up Us nf fairs. All per!oiis indebted, will please to take notice that iminediato settlement ond pavment is expected. 11. HYDE. HARRY BRADLEY. JOHN BRADLEY. Burlington, Mnv 12 HMO. Selling off at Coat, and below. THE Mock of GOODS, consisting f'a full nml genernl n-soriiiieni, belonging n, iC lair linn of II. Hyde & Co. is ollered fur mI at their Store, dead (if Pen rl. hi reel. JUerchnnU St TA V ERX-K E EP ERS,ic invited 10 call, under Ihe us-uniuc.) 1 ia 1 heller bargains may now bo obtained, than has heretolore been ollered in the Statu. II. HYDE, Agont fnr tho lain firm nf II. Hyde &, Co. fin HE linn of A. &. I). Pilkin is this day JL dissolved by mutual consent. Dud ley Pitkin is authorised to settle with all wiio may have uiieellleil ne'ls and receive pnymciit for all debts due to said A. & D. Pilkin. It is most earnestly desired that tins Public nnd friendly nuiicu will bo suf. ficieiu lo eflect immediately nut only a settlement but nlu payment from till who may be indebted to them, ALFRED PITKIN. DUDLEY PITKIN. N. B. The underMgmid will continue lo supply ibofcn with meat who may be posed to favour linn with their custom, lie would sny that ho is not unmindful of the liberal pulronnge, which he has received, nud is confident lliat he t-lmll ho able to meet tho expectation of all those who may give bun a call. D. PITKIN. Cusli will bo paid for Sheep 'U n limes ae as usual. D. P. CHEAP GOODS. AT MAYO &. WAIT'S. PRINTED LAWN.Jacconotdt Mug. im, lor summer drcsio, at very low price. Also very beautiful Chnly and MoiHcline do laino, plain ond fiigurod Silkn. Scnicli Giiihnms, Summer ShawU and Hiinillicfcliii'fs-. Pilot Gloves and Mttli, embroidered Muelin, Collars ond bonds, form 0 port of their variety, oil of winch arc olTurcil at uncommonly low prices) lor rna dy pay, nl the Store recently occupied by Latltrop and I'olwin. Corner Church & Collecc Sis. ) Uurlincton, May 20. j REMOVAL. PATRICK CALLAN, TJ11L0R, hav. i n tr removed from the I'nIU, to the of Pun rl etreel. College Green, begs Itinvo lo iiifunn Ins friends and customers, and the inhabitants of liurlington generally that he i h now piepnred to execute orders in the Tailoring lusincst,n the must fash, iontiblc slyly and on the cheapest terms, lie can also clean ond repair Clothing in the host manner and without injuring the Cloth. Spring nnd rummer fashions on hand. Cuttin; done as usual for others to 111 ukc. Pearl Street, north tide. ) Burlington, JIay 20, 1340. ( TO RENT. A HOUSE a Few Rods South of the Bridge at the Falls on the new Road. Also a miioII nud convenient Store which con ho rented -separately or together with the house. Inquire of C. BENNS. Pearl Si. Mny 21st 10-10. Summer wear and domestic GOODS at about tho Broadcloth nricei. ten other advertisement) at NEW GOODS. i geiicinl assortment ol new and vuy 4a-2i cheop dry good, groceries &c. Jutt rocoived ond for saU by PI1ILO DOOL1TTLE, Mny 14. 1840. 3w NEW GOODS. T HE subscriber is now receiving from Now York n general assortment ol DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY. CLASS and HARD WARE H. LANE Burlington, May 21, 1840. 3w HAVING sold nul my stock and ren ted my shop nn Collin's lone, to Mr John Johnson, I take this method to thtfnk ihe public lor the patronage I have receiv ed and would solicit the polronsge of my It iends nud the public to my successor, whom I have no doubt will spare no pains to give em t tela ct ion . D. K. PANGBORN. JCHIT JCH1T.30-1T CABINET MAKER, at the new shop lately occupied by Mr. Pangborn, respectfully solicits Iho patronage of the public which he will do his best to merit - DIXON & SONS plain Brittania Tea Pots. Rodgcrd and Wostenholnu's Knives, Lamp Glasses for Astral and Brass store Lamps, Wicks for all kinds of Lamps Guitar siring nnd Books. Violin and Vi oluicello do. The assortment and variety ever varying ond ever new, like I be Pictures seen in Dr. Brewster' Kaleido scope is well worthy (he examination of the curious, or of thoso whose ideas and wants never turn from the plain beaten Ulillariun Road if life. We cater lor the public unci believintr thai tho public lb ink oh wc do that "Variety is llietptce of life that gives it all lis flavor." We have got pretty well spiced up nnd ye who wish 0 sprinkling please walk into the Variety Store. PANGBORN & BRINSM AID. Joshua Isham's Estate. E the mb-cr liters having been ap pointed hv the lion, iho probate court for the district of Chittenden, coin missioners lo receive, examine, and adjust ibe claims ond demands of all perrons ngninst the estate of Joshua 1-linin, late ol Shclhiirn, in said district, deceased, re presented insolvent, also all claims and demands exhibited in otT-el thereto; and six months from the day of the dale hereof being allowed by said court for that pur pose, wo cin therefore hereby give notice that wo will attend lo the business of our ntipointmi'iit, nl the dwelling ofthe widow Martha Uliam. in Shelbuni. in said district, on the first .Mondays' of August and No vember next ut 10 o'clock A. M. on each of snid (In vs. Dined liiis 10th day of Msv, A. D. IC40. LUTHER M HAG All, HENRY S. MORSE, LYMAN HALL, Commit . tiunert. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DIpTIUCT OF CI1ITTKM)KN- s The Him. the Probate Court within and for Ihe District of Chittenden : To the creditors and others concerned in the et tale of George S: Hale late of Weslford in said District, demand WHEREAS John W, Hale, adminis. trator nl the cstale of said deceased twelve uiuiiihs from llie 2Gih clay of June next, and the second Wcdnet-day of June next, being assigned fnr a hearing in the premises, nt the Ofiice of the RegtMer of this Court, nnd it having been ordered thai milice thereof ho given, by publishing this decree threo weeks successively 111 the Free Press 0 newspaper printed at Bur liiirjtou, before the nine fixed for hearing. TiiEiiEFonc, You nre hereby notified lo appear before said court nl the time and place nlnreraid, then there, to moke objec. lion if nny you have, In the said time of piiymeul beino further extended ns a lo re told. Given under my hand at Burlington lliia 20ih day of May A. D. 1840. ' Sheriff's Sale. WILL be sold at public vendue on lh 30th day ol May inst. at I o'clock John Howard's, in Bujlingtoo, eighteen two year old Cattle, lo wit onei Dull, 5 steers and 12 heifert, two of them with calves by their Bides. H. FERRIS, Deputy Sheriff. STATE OF VERMONT, t DIsTniCT Oi' ORAM) MLK, Si, AT a Probate Court holdcn at North Hero, within and for said District afore said on the ISth day of May, A. D. 1840. Present the Hon. Joel Allen, Judge. An Instrument purporting to be the list Will ond Testament of Isaac Martin, lata of South Hero, in said ceased, being presented by Abner B. London the executor therein named fur Probate. THEREFORE it li ordered by taiJ court, that all persona concerned therein be notified to appear at a session ol said Court, to be holdcn at the dwelling House ol Jed. I', ljadd, in North Hero, in said District on tho first day of June, A. U. 11140, at one o'clock in the aiternooit and shew cause if any they may have against the probate of said will, for which purpost it is lurllier ordered that a copy ofthe rec ord of this order be published three weeki successively in the Free Press, a nows pa per printed at Burlington, in tbe county of Chittenden, as soon as may bo. A Itutf copy of record. Attest AUGUSTUS JtlNIUHT, Regxttet. FLOUR Rochester City Mill FLOUR, of superior quality and ta spected for sale at HOWARDS. FANS. Palm Leaf, Paper and Feather Fans, for sale at tho Variety Store. PANGBORN &. PRINSMAID. CORNS OF THE FEET. 77ie Testimony the Proprietor it rtceiving from various tourtet, ttating the attonith' ing cures effected In meant of the highlf celebrated ALBION CORN PLAS TER, added to the constant demand for the article, from all partt of the counlrf unquestionably provct it lo be one of th best thingt to be had, to give immediate ease, relief and cure lo Cornt on the .' In proof of which, rend the following CASES. ALadv To whom reference can to made, after suffering great pain, and inconvenience for years, Irom Corns, and who in ihe mean lime was making uio of various highly celebrated remedies, but lo no purpose, and had in consequence of these repeated disappointments, nearly dea paired of relief, must happily met with tbt Albion Corn Plaster, one box of which, at an expense of only 50 cents) hat entire ly cured her Corns ! So astonishing wat this cure as lo induce several of the Iriendt and neighbors (if the lady to use the same remedy, and with the tame good tuccett. As Old Gentleman Informed an Agent that after suffering unconscionable pain and trouble for years from a Corn which hod resisted every attempt to de stroy, was cured by this motl taluablt plaster ! A PersonSo crippled with Corna for for a long time as to bo unable to walk had to cut holes in his shoes lo oaso bia feet wat cured by this platter I This Plaster gives immediate relief ea soon as applied it dissolves ihe Corn out rnoi nnd branch, u-ifiou. the the leaitpaiaf Price 50 cln. a box. THE TEETH. BRITISH ANTICEl'TIC DENTIFRICB. rilHIS elegaul aiticle is pronounced bj JL those who use il ihe most valuable Tooth Powder they ever met with. It possesses the peculiar excellence ofcloans mg the teeth Irom alltartaroui encruita liunj, without injuring the enamel, il im parts n healthy frrshness to tho gums, balmy sweetness to the breath, and give to the teeth 0 beautiful pearly whitrnota. The two following testimonials wora received from gentlemen, (Clergyman) of the first respectability. Theological Seminary, Andoier Sopt 4. Sir having made n full Insl of your Anticeptic Dentifrice, I am well satisfud of its efficacy to preserve iho cleanliness and healthy sinte ofthe Teeth and Gums and to import lo the mouth a very egrosa ble eeiisaiion of sweetness. Yours &c, (.Signed) J. C. WEBSTER Andover Theological Seminary, Sept. 3d Sir, having for tho past year used your Anticeptic Dentifrice, I cannot but acknowledge it 10 be the most valuable Tooth Powder, especially for the preserva tion of the Teeth, with which I am as quaintcd. 1 hope it will sonn bo uniter eatly used. Yours, &c. (Signed) JOHN LORLV Price. 50 rents n box. AROMATIC PILLS ! DR. IIELKES AROMATIC PILH FOR FEMALES. T Obstruction!, Debility, Hypochondria 4-a, HESE Pills cleume, punly, and csu For n true circulation of the blood wb hi a manner suspended, assist the female when nature requires il, whereby health) is fstabliithcd, nnd tho patient before pale at death, rnslored lo a livoly and anima ted complexion. They nre likewise eon ducive to ihe health of married ladies, un less when pregnant, or of hectic or eon. smnptivo habit, when thry must not be token. Tlicso Pills have been of immense bene fit to tho female part of iho community. Price, $1 50 s box. ki Prepared and sold bv T. KIDDER.fua. cesser to Dr Conway, 09 Court st up stitrs near Concert I In II, Boston, nnd may also he hod of J. &. J. II. PECK, & CO Burlington, Vermont. None genuine unless signed T. Kiddeis un ihe outside printed wruppor. Largo discount lo dealers. Hinesburgh Academy. nnHE summer term of his Institution will commence on Monday, My lHh. It is intended, that 1 It u course ol Instruc tion shall bo such ns will lend to fit one (or the nctivo duties of life. Board may be procured on the tnn-i reasonable terms, FRANCIS WILSON. Surttary. Hinetburgk, April 10, 1040.

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