Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 5, 1840, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 5, 1840 Page 2
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K It 1 1) A Y MORN I .N G, J U N V. 5. ron rnnsiDENT, WM, HENRY HARRISON VICE mESIDCNT. JOHN TYLER. 1o tho-e who are fnniilinr with theo primitive dwelling, there, appealed to Le nothing wanting to awaken nil tho ufucmlions of Lye gone days. n n . t ..iit.. ilm ilnnr Imnir n broom nml a mop aaxe was MloMng in the end of ono of tlic loss proifctinij from tlio corner nnove, niitig n ,.,f,.n ,.J.-i.i.-i..!1'. nn old saddle nnd oiio horse ccar upon cacli side was nailed tho Mfn f vn rioiio wild anini!il, Mich as "coon 4" and rabbity wlnlu on the IKlgc was piacou a sniieiy pa r m deer's liom. Over nil, upon a nw. ningiiillcenl poll-, floated thu American llag, with the namea of linn iun and Tyler." Tlio nsscniblngo then organised, pass ed a. scries of spirited resolutions, listened to an address from Gen. llollcy, ono of STATE CONVENTION. Tlio advocates of retrenchment and reform in the National Government, all' lho Uurrisinn.g, delegates, partook of who are now opposed to titoso l'oyci" some farmers faro, and drank a number of mm measures which oroio , p.ltr;0(ic toMls in oW October." The .ii.u.m. una uvur luiusuu 10 Siiucuui. Ji. short, tho independent and incorruptible Freemen of Vermont tiro requested to meet in Convention af Burlington, on THURSDAY, tho Soil 1 DAY O V J UN E NEXT, at 9 o'clock, by their Delegates, or by Tiir.Msni,vi:s, to nominate Tickets for State Oflicors and Presidential Elec tors, and to concert measures for a deci sive victory and final triumph over tho lion, liV tho President himself, that his views ot political economy, having such ti direct hearing upon the working men, nro strengthened hy the praclicc. o. iwcmy crowneii iicnm in r.urupi.-. Tiiomai Flint, Maiitis Ccnnikoham. following is a good one. Caiiiv It lolls of the hone of the humble, the privalions of tho poor, of toil and danger, nnd W lho emblem 01 kirht TIIK POMTKUli HOKIZON. Washington, May 25 Thu prospect in all direction, if there lo any change, eonlinuos to improve. The Toric., however, aro l.ccoming fully aware of lho do-pciulo condition of their imriv. Tlmv eon-ecineiillv aro JIM hcu'innins to put forth alflheirstiengtli nnd to ilcvolo all their 1 enortries tonvro-t 1 lie .evolution that isfa-t sweep ing lliem into political rum. 'V nin and futile will li! nil iheircllbrK if tho Whig aro lint trno 10 most faithless and imbecile administration ! !!rrfern1 A 1 Into the contcM, as il'ilie election were dependent upon Ihe personal exertions of ilu'in'clvc" alone. J.el them contmiio to do this until victory has crowned their exertion-, and all is safe. The franti: dibits of 'Ioiyi-m in 1 1 1 i its la-t gasp, will nil prove abortive, iind the coimlrv will rewound with notes of thanksgiving for deliverance from its lliraldom. Ilnf, unless this is done, lliero is still n.NfiKi!. Ilnl of ihi- at miiih' other time. Letters to inemlcrs of Contrre-is from nil parts of tho Union, aro full of hone and promise. Mven in South Caiolina there i- a feeling among tho people ihat cannot I c checked, and which, like the en crusted volcano, will -bur-l forth in spiteof nil thu olliirls, to cheek it. This is shown hy the enlhu-i-n-m manifested in Uharlctoii, 111 Ciliiin!iii, in Hamburg, and several otherilacrs in public tucet inss. If proper exertion arc now made hy the Thompson-', the U'srures, the Preston and tho Pinsrce-', lo encourage and direct this popular feeling, even .South Carolina it. elf will -pun. its favorite -011, now that he has iiollnted his fair fame hy yielding to the seductive hl.uidi-liincnts of the man of Kinderhook. Tho palmetto has m-ver vet keen degraded bv worshiping at the shrino of l.oco l-'ocoi-m, nor Jo I leheve it ever will 1 o, if the ri:opi.i; mo eon-tilted. Loiters from North Carolina, ul-o ica very favorable account of tin; oonir-t which is going on in that Slate. Doth candidates fur governor have taken tho held in person, and thu- fir the Whig candidate Inc. it nil Jit-own wav. In Uvniim'.- ilistnol, the cnamre- l.nouzlt Just llr.inwn. Gen. Harrison is emphatically tho patriotic American can. didalc. Tlio violence with which some of his pditical opponents defamo his mi litary character, is naturally enough be ginning to excite tho disgust of many of tho moderate and patriotic Van Huron men. Tito Philadelphia Sentinel an admi nistration journal contains tho following paragraph : "We have keen fretfully complained of, fordo cliningthat method of polil'ieal waifire which relics chiefly upon personal al ilu 01 opposing culmina te., ami of'di-timim-hcd men in tin-adverse paiiy. Wo do not war after that fashion. Wo can ehoo.u that ever cursed and disgraced a freo people. HARRY BRADLEY, MILTON BROWN, JOHN PECK, E. 1'. WALTON, jr. E. P.JEWETT, F. t' MERRILL. May, 18-10. State Com. J questions which previously divided tho country. He had made no speeches written no despatches or letters which circumstance ono, prompted Ritchie tottsk "Where are his spccchcsl Where his despatches? Where the evidences of his salesmanship." Ho had taken no steps to put the country in possesion of his sen timents. Tho People, therefore, had a right to inquire what they were. Not so with Gen. Harrison. He has taken an active and prominent part on every great question for tho last thirty years. Ho has been open as day with his opinions ho has concealed them from no one, but has published them from tho house-top. Every man who can read, can know them by refcring to his published speech our man, and will, becoming zeal advocate his cg ,3 l0tler lllld IllS VOtCS. Ill answer to elevation to trust and power, but we il.uo not ' abii-o the great and good IIH.-H who may compete-. inquiries, he has only to say, as ho docs Willi llim. ..very such hi. 111 1-1111- mui-iij , . .1.1... country i hi talents, his fame, hi-need- ofwi-don. say, "hero are my opinions tlicy IU0 in lho cabinet, or of valor in 1I10 field, nil nio Ins . dinn-rn " countrv's-and she, tho proud iinther of thwo , UlKloigonc no cn.ingc. rite Pilot slates that the course ol Ocn. Jackson excited much clamour at tho time some imputing his silence lo a fear to ANOTHER RATTLE. The British and Tories again defeat ed at riattsburgh. Tho Charter Elec tion was held in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, and wo aro happy to announce the tri umphant success of the whig ticket, throughout, by a majority ranging, as we aio informed, from 22 to 01. This is the first time, we believe that tho whigs have ever carried the town, and, taken in con nection with the fact that Pittsburgh is the head-quarters of the Tory regency in Clinton County, the result is doul ly sig nificant. Old Tip was never defeated on tho "Rattle Ground." Mark that. PLATTSRURGII. The Whig contains a glorious account of the erection of a log cabin at this place on the 28th till. Throe thousand people were in attendance, and the spiiit and enthusiasm manifested on the occasion have hardly been surpassed. Among the interesting ceremonies of the occasion was r.liltiliin. i never more iniiitcd. rover more af- llicled with Kachel-like bereawtiinil, than when ruHiani-m would plnelc them from ler bosom, and tarni.-h their glory." tr CoMroiiT ron Tin: DisTitEssnn. Fel low citizens! ye who arc suffering for want of employment in consequence of the humbuggcry of Ifenton, and tho ex perimenting of Van Rurcn, hear what i Dr. Dit.vcan tho great leader and oracle of the spoils party says to comfort and encourage you : "The yelp of panic, ruin and lislrc.-, is now over-ieadmg the land, and doing it- la.oand i.n.L. i.r tmon the character of our country. Where i- the panio nnd di-tress to l.o fontH? W hero it always will 10 lounu : n 111 011 g tl,,' PKNMLKSJ LOAl'KlW 01' YOUK COL'.N- Titr. 'Penniless loafers I" you look to Gov ernment for too much. "Let tho people Uko care of themselves !" declare bis opinions. I he Legislature of Indiana, composed of his friends, for merly addressed him on the subject, and desired an expression of his opinions. But they could only succeed so far as to obtain a reference from him to his senti ments formerly expressed. The follow ing is an extract of his letter in reply to the Governor of Indiana: ' llEnMiTAon, Feb. 23, 1926. Km l.nvi! had ilie honor to receive your ex cellency's letter oflho liOlh ultimo, endorsing reflation- ot the Senate of Indiana, adopted, as it appears, with a vicwot ascertaining my opuuoii. nn ....i-initi itnllir:il t.mics. The re.pcet winch 1 entertain for the Kxecntivc and Senate of yourrilate, exclude- from my mind tho idea that an unfriendly disposition dictated the i,n,.rm..MinriM which me lirono-ed. But I will confess my 1 egret at being forced by this senti Extra Globe, to continue for six months only, gives tho explanation of his resigna tion." Gr.N. Harrison in 1812. The Pitts burgh Mercury now a strong supporter of tho Administration thus spokcof Gen. Harrison, 011 tho 1st of April, 1812: "We understand information was teccivcd in town, by mail of this tiny, that tho valiant If AH- KibUi, who cominnnucti m mo aciion 01 nppe canoe, ontho7lh of November, lias been appoiut ra lo lead the Kentucky volunteers into Canada. wu liopo it may prove true, unner siieu an no-compli-hed general, wu are certain that they will march with alacrity nnd pride to the field of glory. There i- not a man wet of lho Allegany moun tain", 111 wnom tiie liacuwoousmen nave somiien confidence." fTIf there is vet a lingering doubt in the minds of any of our readers, as to the triumphant progress of the Whig cause, it must bo ellectually removed by tho perusal of such paragraphs as the follow- in', from the Chicago American: JCPT'ho John Orant came into this port with tbecoloiirs oi llnrri-on, I yler, uorwin and l(o fnrin 1 vine among t bo stars and stripes. I'.very steamboat mid vc-el, with one or two exception-, of expedients to extricate themselves from and Tyler. This proves better than the long yarn of the loco foco prcsso-, what they think o'f the policy and measiire-i ol Van Duren in rolntion to the commercial interests 01 mo country. "And Sti. t. tiikt com.:." Tins Unt ied State-., Capt. Cue, i- now in our port, with the banner in-enbed " Harrison and llrform to the rescue of the Constitution and Country :" streaming over her decks. We iinderstnnd that the stenmboat Wi-conin is tho only one that docs not sail under this flag ! Tanoy's circular letter to the banks, in timating this course to them, wo have al ready published several times. The filatc banks wcro never attacked by tho administration presses up to tho explosion of 1837. Tho anti bank war cry was confined entirely to the U. S. Bank until then. Not even Benton, with his hard money schemes, his branch mints, and his streams of gold, had a single word to say about overtrading, speculations or ox cessivo banking by tho States. Tho Globe never intimated that tho issues of bank paper were too great, but talked incessantly about the monster bank, and its oppressions upon the local batiks. Tho warfare upon banks generally was not commenced until after tho put bank de posit system had been blown "sky high." The various schemes resorted to by the administration aro only a succession Public opinion must indeed be strong and unanimous, when (with one excep- M ill., firw.r.t Lakes, bancs out the britiht banner of ! Io;ins imd discounts in a still greater ratio. the blunders in which their rapacity had involved them, and they have invariably made matters worso by every change. They now denounce us as the bank party, although since they have been in power they have chartered bank capital nearly sixteen times as rapidly as was done when Messrs. Monroe and Adams were in power, nnd have extended bank "Democracy, Harrison and Rr.roitM." Let it be remembered, too, that this is in the immediate vicinity of tlio battle grounds of tho Miami, Fort Meigs, and the Thames, where, if the Loco Focos aro to be believed, Old Tippecanoe be haved like a "coward !" From the Si. J.oni- lb-publican. THE FARMER'S DEMOCRACY. Passing a retail store a few days since, we stepped in as is our custom, to have a n.i- -!i.l In I i ni.i.t -nmri-ln?. I.llOllg l Id War rant lho hopeof carrying lhatdi-lriet. In Alain-1 the Tory" memlers from that state, 1 ieoinin'i Porter or the State Administration. 1 1 ),.vv.i-ii Ms :i rnmar au c l.ici meni 10 uenari "i me n.uii u.. .. , r .,,., ri.n. . ,,. ,,.... im. I one too full of meaning that at the great ( '(ctle,y"J""(.,l" N"mij '"u-lto concwhny opinion-1 round "the stove. One of those band-box I Loco Foco gathering in Philadelphia last CI, u',. political or national subjects j but as they rajsc(l duips, a fellow whoso hands were week, not even the poor compliment 01 a were m various v , .0 ... j f , . I as white aivl as soft as a newly made kid . . : 1 ... r'.. m-nni- apiuelieii-ive thai my appearance i.ciore tut pun- j nassui" notice was pant to uinu ioi , , . , ' , niinbiited. a- has alreaJy rrlovc, w as lmitimr about democracy and Having themselves blown up tho bank bubble to bursting, they now talk of dis carding banks altogether, and because wo do not join them in going to this opposite and ruinous extreme, they denounce us as the bank party. Uarmeil, prepared a k-ck-i circular, but a- then . fejmcr in the address nor ill the resolll iM luck would have i, it fell into ihol.ands of the j - ,c ,,, ..I' nmisR or censure for the acts of Gov ernor Porter, lie is passed over with ill Win.'., nnd wn- Jicil in tho Aladi-oiiian. foie"thev could send mauv of them oil' into the State. Tbi- has nipped in The bud tin-eon-piracy to do secretly what tho (ilo! e-denounces tho Whig., for doing openlv. Thcie aio but two Whms from that Statc,'lmt they are a lio-t in thcnr-clve.-, and their weight 'of character. I would put Ibein, wilhout fear, in the scale again-t 1 heir colleague-', that mountain of flesh, Dixon II. Lewi--, and all. themost cutting andcontoniptuoussilencc. lie, at ibis time, may I o altriiniten, a keen the ca-e, lo improper motive:." Such was the case with the Old Hero, when questioned by his own friends, who were in good faith, seeking information. All Gpn. Harrison's friends know his GEN. HARRISON IN ILLINOIS. The Loco Focos of Illinois have been .hard at work for many weeks, in the the presentation of a beautifully wrought J desperate effort to get up a Young Men's flag by tlio ladies of PhuisliurgJi to tlio Stale Convention. But alas for Van Tippecanoe Club. The address of Mrs. ( Buronism, it is no go. The convention Baily, and the reply of Mr. Oilman, were j which was announced to be held at the neat, and happily adapted to the occa- j Capitol of the stnte in June next, has been sion. If tho Whigs of Pittsburgh have J adjourned sine die. The reason given by any gallantry about them, they will see to the "Democratic State Central Conimit it, that that banner waves in triumph next i tec," is the mournful fact that "very few November. The labors of the day com- ' counties have appointed delegates, or pleted, the assemblage refreshed them- shown a disposition to make tho necessary selves at a plain table spread with cold j sacrilsce.'T pork and beans, and other " fixins," and j The editor of tho Chicago Democrat, then marched in procession to tho Court a Van Buren paper, in a private circular, House, where they were addressed by makes the following admission: Messrs. Keese, Swotind, Tomlinson,! "We consider our State as doubtful in Moore, Platl, &, Beckwitb. Dr. ). Us political complexion, as any other in frcd Nelson being called for, addressed tlio meeting, in French and English, upon the blessings of liberty and free institu tions. Those of our townsmen who attended on tho occasion express thd conviction that there is no lack of enthu siasm, in Clinton County ; and this opin ion recent Wlmdoulits that tins was a ut iiui:iiii 1 ..,..,, ll5. pnnm5ns nnv who are dcsi"i on the part of tlio Post-ollico and j ' . CulfJlnZl leaders who not up the 'so very solicitous lo hear from him, that show? And what wonder that tho friends they may have a pretext for voting for of Gov. Porter, smarting under the point ed insult, slould throw such signijicam hints as are to be found in the subjoined article from tho Philadelphia American Sentinel. Rely upon it, the Kty-Stonc SUil i- lost irrevnrnUty U Marti" V Jittrcn. TIIK LATi: TOWN MKK'IING. We 1 elieve much disappointment s felt Ihat Hint 1 r.. 1n u-nrlll a-inu wa-uui i-i.n ..k. which are entertained tovards the eha i..rmwl n.lniini.iiniion oftioviiiior Porter. We do not suppo-e the fair lame f tho tiovernor is at all leonarded by lho omis-ior, hut;CJ-'rO'!- v t.'ii. ivrrnrTS nr Till-. 1'IMV MAY UK BY - ' 1 ,( AVInliwnllinl Was Gen. Harrison over wounded while he had commanded of tho army ? Baltimore Republican. No. Was Gen. Jackson or General Washington ? Louisville Journal. If the question of the Raltimore Repu blican refers to Harrison's command of tho Northwestern army, the answer is wc Van miroinsni. in the store was an old 1 believe right. Rut it the answer is dc Kcntuckian, whose head bore the bios-signed to cover his whole military career, som of some seventy or more winters, j it is wrong. Id: was twice wounded in buying some articles for his farm for all the battle of Tippecanoe; once in the his appearance bespoke him a tiller of neck and once in the hip, but neither of the soil. For some time he paid no at-j wounds very severe, lentiou to the Van Buren champion's de- j Gen. Washington was, wo believe, ne- cirations about the lcderal candidate, 1 vcr so much as grazed by ball or steel ? the old cranny, the petticoat hero, fcc. j and Gen. Jackson was equally fortunato the Union : and nothing but the most ac tivo exertions and perfect organization can save it." The Van Uurenites in Ohio, Indiana, and elsewhere in the west, aro trying to keep their men in the ranks by appoint- in c many of them on committees of vitri asm, 111 vviimuii vuuiuy : iiuu mis 11 1111- , , . , , , V . 1 i lance, and publishing their names as such. in is well tortilied by the result 01 the . , , , 1, 1 . . , But the scheme works badly, for almost -cent election in Pittsburgh. . every western Harrison paper contains more or less of the names of persons thus j published, who coiuj out and declare they arc going for Harrison, and therefore AUSPICIOUS OMKN ! CP While lho Kce-evillo delegation were on 1li?ir wav 10 the log Caluu iai-ing in U11- villag I,., Tl.n.ln.. ..,'.. n,u .,c ilw-.. I.:.,lnrr.'vi 41 1 ll... ....... ,,.7..,... . II, ili.l.'llr.l 1 .-.rn.l III I leireat. cturjutr I tit; a siileiuhd Kagle was seen not far nl.oc one of their Lanueis'. lie took cannot serve on tho Van Buren commit- lull, l-nunis iinillll.l I IK? I. ..III. I', ui. nniui ii.n ... ... . . . , , . fcriled the name of IIAUUISON and then directed, tCCS. We find 111110 ol them lroill 011C hi, course toward.- the ',i.-PiatuburS Whin. 1 n t . Pennsylvania, and wo meet ANOTllKIl OMKN 1 , . , ' f ., ' . . , iCP As iho whig-were firing a national salute, j such declarations daily. Wc liud tho When the llag with tweniy--ix siars, loge iierwun .. ,, .1 1 t A liimrdnn V.ri.i..;-in- the nunc U IlAKKlfON and Itf.l'OJt.M, was rai-el, the sign board of lho Ciistoiii-lioiise loll 10 Ihu groimd as'llie 13 h gnu was liied ! ! thus nidi catina; lliucertniii downfal' of the federal cabal who now hau cuutiol cf n concern", next March, and that it will soon experience a "searching wj'cruuon." lb. APPLICATION. At tho eleefwn in Pittsburgh, on Tues day of this week, the Custom House troops wero routed, horse, foot and dra goons. Now put that, and that, and that, to gether, and draw your own inference. ANOTHER RAISING. The Rutland Herald gives the follow ing occount of a Log-Cabin raisin" at Poultney,. on Wednesday. Sonic days since, arrangements were tnado for tho patriotic Whigs of 1'oiiliney to n-i-iiiUe on the 23:h May, uitho punlie Sipiaro in tho Ka-st Village, nod bring with them materials lo uiect ri "Log Cat in." Accordingly, largo quantities of materials 01 all do-criptions siiimi io inriiio pur iiie, wero brought on tho ground al an early hour, from every point of the compass, nnd men a teuibled not by Iivoh and lens, but by scores and hundreds to lho numler of about 1500 j and such was thu jpirit i.nd energy with which they set About tlio worn Hint y l or x o eioei;, r. i. a sia ciout tul'iu, nleut 20 hy 30 feet, wat compleid ; When the old man had finished his pur chases, ho returned to this pink of mod ern democracy, and looking hint sternly in the face observed him ! But how stands the case with Mr. Van Buren 1 He has been questioned, and he has replied, when be bus condescended xo reply at all, only ny rcrerring ins cno chists to his letters and speeches. On some points, however, of deep and vital interest to the South, he has uniformly refused to give any answer. Tn 1S3G, a meeting of the People of Amelia appoint-! lowed hint through the snow when I , n .,. , :,-,.. i,;m .,i,nnt ' hadn't a pair of shoes as good as that ne- sO MONII ICANT A .Si:cixCT.,aC15 c 1 cue yeiuui uu a ui.i...uv lu ....... , . many who callc.l the meeting looVcd for I he op- . . , slave-trade between the f, ' ' , ' norliinitv of recording their corlidenco 111 and "IS lews Oil lllb nu u tmu ui-idcui. n.u j jmV(J $Qon jmn w,ero vo clnroil't sllOW except in his bar-room battle with Col. Benton, when he received a bullet in tho wrist from tho Colonel's pistol and sundry stabs and cuts from his bowio knife. It "You say Gen. Harrison is a Fcdera- is due to Col. Benton to say that wild listr "Yes." "You called him a granny 1" "Yes." "You called him a petticoat hero?" " Yes, my old buck, what if I did ?" "Why, 1 will just tell you what I fol- wurni attachment to The wic purioti-m wh-ch gtltcs 'Whether or not Congress had the your calf skin; and al: dpoto ,t wc icwas vnlg'o something power to interdict it, and whether it would "that I shall vote lor hi more unfortunate than accident 01 forgetfuliie-s m tho.-o who drafteJ lho re-olmions. .rJ - 0 ilo not profess to le very Unowmg vom ine mini, but we have orr opinion that lho sulliago' ol (lovemor Porter'.- friend- may all 1 o ueeJcil to carrv the stale for Mr. Van l!iiren.TD5 ilthoii'di I don't know 111 for President, or beast affray, the "srmml 1tr.oliiiigoii was tlic aggressor. Hoctester Democrat. SELLING WHITE MEN. The slanderers of Gen. Harrison term his friends British Whigs, but arc them selves the retailers of the slanders of their co-laborers, the British Tories. Tho Ohio Miamian states that tho charge of selling while men into slavery, was first made against Gen. Harrison in 1 1 .1 11 . 1 ,. Mcai 1 r ,.r .... -. bnevnodient to do so. if it had the power? lorany i)ouy,y et ny go.iy, 11 you .101. 1 say --x, u; . m , Incin. ' (l.-it -nii nf ii inn. 11111 I' m:i .-n vnil- 'i was an ENGLISHMAN, who had bccis. vUakcn with Proctor, bu Harrison, and From the Wincbe-tei- Vrsinian. Mr. Hiram llaiue--, formerly editor of theRter.-- burgCoii-lelalioii, (a favorite organ 01 tiw au ministialion parly, ilneatening at one tnu W supersede, the J-.n'.piiier in lho alleetion- ft tnal party,) i- now Hie eilitor 01 a neiurai p-ipw, .. ar," al J'e:erstjurg. 111 a laic niiun.i-i v;) " The Democrat-are, and wondering at the can.-c. u e w ill exn.a n it m -i fewwoid.-. .Snuo thefir-t of lleeeml cr, the Ad-miui-lialion and it- friends have madollnee fitlo moves 011 ihe jiolilieal die ho.inl siilhcicnt lo eondenm it and lliem, for prudence and propriety, in tho e-limation of Ihiuhing men ol both parties. The first wa- tho proceeding oil the jNew Jersey (lue-liou-lho ..ct-ouil wa-ino au,. . ,".," Mr. au iiuren ami ."i. - - wa- Mr. I'oin-ctt's plan for organizing ami nrm- ing Ilie nuliltia. 'lo tlicso niicu u.u.- .-11-cribed Ihe defeat of the Administration party 111 Virg nia at theieceut election an election more important in it-effects upon the I'le.-idential eon te.i tbau auv which has taken or 1-yet to take place in anv'Statc of the Union. ltegreU-an avail nothing now to our ancient friend-: mid it will 1.0 well for them if .1 Le not loo late to gather wis dom for the future from the errors ol the jiast. ....; :..r. . 1 T,. il.t. w..n.,Pirl innnii-f nn wsnnnso ll'l .'' .. t. ' ., . - 7 I""" l,ui,u,s' 1 ",: "'"OUS MilUUUTCr 1uii.B.wrv...u.....1ii..; that s all i have got to say, old unci;, as ..., , i. .. i .... im.. riu c ' tls ill been recciveu to tins nay. iur. a uomiia ( you call me. fjilc Ifnnr i-ernllnr.iinn is not at fault. I The mushroon beiran to apologise, but , Was;hoClmirnm.ioftlieCommUtoolMio!;l'W'n ,,!,s cl'nrlit-v- U now hfs a,t ,. ii- i i- .i ' him chew Ins words over again. ben I office under Mr. Van Buren, and is thus proceedings were pub " J" PPs lmd fi hcd the old man remarked, pi(1 for abnM of thc gallant old Gcn. Ul llll l.l.J , ' ivwt- ..w... ..j I VUli I..III 1.1U1IUI U Xi.ll I 131111 ll X IUUI lll.oi, , refresh our neighbor's memory with them. ' because ho was lighting lor ins country, J (when your Democratic President, Aran ffThc following remarks on Amos ; J5lllu". was doing all he could to assist the . . .... n. enemies ot his country, hy opposing Mr. Kendall s motives in resigning his ofiice, ,md his Aclministrntion. aro from the Eastern Argus Revived,! "If to light for my country makes me edited by V. O.J. Smith, formerly a Van I a federalist, 1 am so ; and, if serving in Buren member of Congress. " ! Vws where- I am well paid, and am in i ii . i i .. i no imnyui "i i" nun , iii.uvu.t ii.u ii ..ii- Kendall is taking ns position, 1 1)cm'0CI,lt. 1 tc you, Li:uano.s', Va.,May 11, 1810, to Tin: r.niTon or nn: s. w. miicinian friu ; Thu Itichmond Knipiirer seems determined. bv (lattery anil lorce, lo carry ine euuiiiy oi mis s.-l fur Van biren. Wo lho umlersigneil, see our ni.nirn cm lho Van llllica Coilllllltlco ol Igilancc, liubli-hcvl id the Kurpuicr of tho 31st March. Vu Wl-ll, lllioilgll ino iiieui.iiii in jinn p-ipi.., u uij. r-l.ilm all L-oimexiou wilh the parly, and lo inform Mr. Kitchioaud all others concerned, that we aio decidedly in favor of Oca. Win. It. Harrison, lor nesweut, a. i. i. .. i. .i.i.ii, David Mun'sut, Ji.iii'.MUiiMuNsur, C.. W. Johnson, ltou.iNB It. Kcinvixc, Okav. From lho Philadelphia (lazette. Till: WAV 'II IKY (10! w. il.n .mil... -i.r.ii-il. si-L'ing nni-names impend ed to the (-all ol a meeting of Van Huieii men held on ihe 25th of May, in Independence .Sipiare, deem it U.ieioour principles to state, expiieuy, inai wu nter signcltlm call, nor autliorizcu omers iu use our iiauiea fur that purpo-e. wenrenoi m lavoi- ol nnv cam uaio lor ine I'ru.ideui-y wlio advocates tho udiiclion of the working man's wnges to n standard ihat must uuil.u tlio poor poorer, and give to lho rich not ohly superior coietiucnco fioiu hi-riches, but in- siiiolohim and to bis children a periieluuy ol wcauii wortoiuan nereniiary lilies will. lieriMilury property. And if any thing could add to lho mor- lilic.uiou which we, as repuLlicanc, fwl at tho profession of such doctrines by thu friends ol tho lrvtcut mumnibtruiion, it would lu lho iiiiiiuncm I'rom the Richmond Whig. IIAHIUSON &, JACKSON. The Baltimore Pilot referring to tho Federal charge against Gcn. Harrison of being in the hands of a committee, addu ces some interesting reminiscences to show that Gen. Jackson occupied pre cisely the sanio attitude when ho was a candidate. Ho not only refused to an swer intcrogatorries, but ho resigned his seat in tho Senate, because he would not subject his motives to misconstruction by participating in any of tho questions agi tated before tho country. To relievo him, a confidential committee was organ ized in Nashville, which undertook to answer all lettcss addressed to him touching public matters. Tho very men who wero then most Nuciferous in laud ing tho delicate course of Gen. Jackson, But still there was and is a very wide dif ference, and that, too, in favor of Gen era.' H. Tho opinions of Gen. Jackson wire not known to tho country on the bailing questions of tho day, or tho great "Mr. inn ill iiiuiLT iiiinsL'ii miu iiieiuo, uui su . ,. .,,.iu r...,l ..1....1.. r ..1.1 ...... , .,- ij 1 . 1 an 1. nni uu, uii" nun iiuiiij in "in 1u1.11 much fur tlio nnnilimr I'rpsii niitinl run- ' I . . '. . J . . . . Cilll- . ,1 , , ,. ,' I,,, .,,,,1 l,ni. vass as for the election that is to succeed X, ' , , '1 ' ,, ... jj j ,,m t 1 .1 o il General abused, 110 wav you can (i. that oj lb- 0 And we now warn the, , , ftui. wliuu Vml tQ country, and the A big party especa ly, , , ,ms fo ,t , -s com)t , that the managers ol the Washington , , . , ..." , , 1 1 ,, ,.,. ,11 1 ..i l- 1 11 1 i) . 1 lliiu uuai uu uui unu siuu, hiiuiu tun ii.u Globe, with Kendall and Benton, and , , , b ,. . , , tli'., ,.,:ii i",. ....... Hair at their head, are fortifying them- j jf t, , lMl CJltch it ccrtain T.o elves and arranging to lead the iorces ot fili voto ! 0Vcl-giivc was for Tom Jef- the democratic party of the country in the campaign that will commence imme diately upon the installation of a now ad ministration, which they now see to bo in evitable, and aro not in fact hoping or ex pecting that they can recover to mr. van Buren tho lost strength and lost hold upon public confidence, which nro essen tial to bis re-election. Time will test the correctness ot our conclusions, l no data upon which wo found them wo will in duo time exhibit to our readers. But wo con sider tho battle of tho next presidency as already tought 111 ellect, and that tlio gamo now being played for the succession consists m arrangements which u.u .uuajj onists interests of which tho Van Buren party is now made up, aro making to conio out ahead of each other in control ling tho direction of tho paity of the pres ent administration in regard to candidates for tho next campaign. Bcnton,Calhoun, and Buchanan, with Forsyth, King ol Alabama, and Woodbury in respect to tho Vice Presidency, have each an inter est somewhat antagonistical to each other to provide for. By the move that Kendall now makes ho means to be, and ill he, a master spirit among them all, and this, ferson, and if f live to givo anolhor it will bo for Old Tip." This is no lancv sketch. At least lour men, residents of this city, witnessed it; and 0110 of tho number, after the old man went out, remarked, " My mind is made Up will vote for Harrison." President Jackso.v, in his Messago of Gth December, 1S3G, says. "To retain the nubho money in the Trea-mry unemployed in any way is impralicable. It ts uesuics aiitnnsi me gemus oj our rnv.r. institution-fo lock up in vaults the Treasure of he naiion," This passage was put into tho messago for tho purpose of putting the seal of con demnation on the proposition in Congress of Mr. Gordon of Virginia, to prevent tho deposito banks from using the money, a proposition almost identically tho same as tho present sub-treasury scheme. That scheme was then repudiated by tho entire Jackson party. They went en masso lor tho pot hank deposit system, and encou- aged these deposit hanks in making loans and not tho miscrublo droppings of tliu(on thu basis ol'tlie public deposits. -Mr. DIALOGUE. Democrat. Win did you not nomi nate a Vice President. Locofoco. Because we are strong enough to elect one wilhout. Bern. Why then did you nominate u President ? Loco. Because . Bern. But really, why did you not nominate a ice President i Loco. Why really, we prefer leaving an unbiassed choice to the People. Bern. Why then did you nominato a President Loco. Why really because Exit Loco. OJlu tho address of Mr. Kendall To 'tlio People of tho U.iitod Slates," that distinguished individual, in the " excite ment of composition," cites tho following instanco of tho "ferocity" of tho Harrison party : While holding n high public station. I have teen my children sprins in terror from their 1 eds at the dead hour of midni-rht, in the belief that gun- wero nreu nuo 1110 wniitow.- ot Uieir cJiamtcr. It wa tho cannon of federali-111 11. tlie street, wheio if myrmidons, hail collected to exult over and insult their father with mock music, tiring, shouts mid groans. Poor dears ! Only to think of it ! Surely it is not too much to expect, that the whole world" will recollect that Amos is not dissatisfied with tho President and that " the Peoplo of the United Stales" will properly rebuke tho wicked Whigs for waking his children out of a sound sleep by singing songs and firing camion ! Let the Whigs come into power, and" wo shall havo nothing but worthless pa per in circulation. Globe. Wo bolieve that you arc tho same con jurer that said in 1835, "in six months af ter Mr. Van Huron's inauguration ns President, gold and silver will be the common cunxney of thepcopk. Louis ville Jour.

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